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Why don't antibiotics work on viruses?
I am 17. My parents are making get the flu shot. I refuse to take it. Can they force me to take it?
Red veins in eyes?
do contact lens have glare like glasses do?
How do I get rid of this headache without taking pain killers?
What is the best way to die without pain ?
when i go outside in the cold my hands become numb and swollen reallybad, and it doesnt go away?
what is the cause & the cure for a headache?
What is Double Bypass Heart Surgey?
Growing Pains, what can I do about them?
Why is my chest hurting?
Is there something good for really dry lips other than chapstick?
Diabet: What happens if I don't take my insulins for days ?
why does my medication?
m 39, 6' tall 260lbs. 78 blood glucose test?
is hep c contagious to the family members?
Swine Flu Is Now In My Area. Have you had it Yet?
What's the best cure for hangover?
why do I cough and vomitt after food?
I'm scared of driving, i can drive but I'm just scared! any ideas? i think its a panic?
I'm scared i'll choke on my vomit while sleeping?
Why does a cough sound different when there's flem?
what do i eat to help clear my eye sight?
how can you make your eyes red?
I keep seeing things in the corner of my eye that look like a brown spider/moth. they're never there. Why?
I took like 50 pain relief pill but I didn't die yet!?
does getting your ears pierced hurt?
How can a person who's cholesterol is fine, blood pressure is fine, exercises, eats right have a heart attack?
i have pain on my heart sometimes.. is it just being tired?its not all the time.should i worry?
does losing weight lower high blood pressure?
what are various ways to prevent a heart attack?
HIV transferred from basin? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have shingles! but where from?
My throat feels like it isn't draining! Help, I'm going mad.?
Is it possible to be allergic to weed?
my ear is bleeding!!!!?
how can i stop cutting its so bad how badly i do it?
testing for chlamydia?
i have been having problems with discharge and its smelly, but i dint want to go to my doctor?
Are contacts scary to put on?
How does drinking water help lower blood sugar?
best hangover cure?
What's a healthier brand cigarette?
my sons school has been hit with a confirmed case of swine flu. should i send him to primary school?
How can i catch a cold before thanksgiving and i can't pretend ?
Quick! Flat Plastic Bean? Immediate 10 pts to first correct answer ?
Do u think it will be ok if i sleep in my contacts 4 one night?
Do you think it's silly to getg blue contacts even though i have blue eyes?
Can you wear sunglasses over contact lenses?
URGENT!! Please Answer?
I just took 6 Oxy Cotton and 21 ibuprofen.. what should I do?
My grandpa just had a heart attack and there's "permanent damage"... what does this mean?
my heart feels really weird?
Is it possible for a 23 year old to have high blood pressure?
i injured my tailbone in oct of 08, why does it still hurt?
I Stapled my Eye. HELP!?
How can you quit smoking when you really don't want to but have to?
is my blood pressure of 210/122 in the middle of the working day normal or freakish?
My girlfriend won't eat and has a persistant migraine, what should I do?
Do painkillers really work or is it all in the mind?
How Can i Get Rid Of A Headache FAST?
I've been under a lot of stress, please help!?
wat's the best thing to do when you burn your finger?
How do you prevent cavitites?
What causes these symptoms?
last night my boyfriend got into a large sneezing fit all i could say was''bless u'' wat should i have said???
Swollen Ankles and Feet?
Anyone else got insomnia? It's 1.12pm where i am, ahhhh want to be asleep.?
What's wrong with my eyes?
what does it mean if your iris's are small?
Are contact lenses suppose to feel so uncomfortable?
one of my contacts riped can i still wear it?
If you test negative for HIV then does that mean you are also negative for AIDS?
Do you think people over exaggerated about the swine flu?Need your opinion..?
Swallowing GUM? is this ok?
What's a good inexpensive way to whiten teeth?
If i build muscle, will i lose fat?(10 points)?
is this a heart attack?
Is this possible??? I'm in pain! nurse/doctor someone?
hart disease?
Something is causing my heart to hurt?
I accidentally sliced open my jugular and now it’s spraying blood everywhere. What should I do?
Help with contacts? it wont let go of my finger!!!?
im nervous about contacts?
I just got my contacts today...?
what is my eye color?
Do I need to get these glasses?
my sugar was 154 what should i do?
what are some symptoms of diabetes?
Should women who shave wear an arm band to show that they have a STD?
IF You Catched AIDS, How would u feel?
What's the best way to deal with multiple bee stings to the face and neck?
It's been 3 1/2 months since I gave birth and still no period. I'm nursing. Could this be why?
any advise on giving up smoking?
what is the best way to get Relief in stress ?
I hurt my lower back, what can I do to make it feel better?
Migraine trouble and resolution....?
Is it ok to combine Tylenol (Acetaminophen), Advil (ibuprofen), Asprin ( acetylsalicylic), & Aleve (Naproxen)?
Is there such a thing as people being allergic to Avocado?
what are the symptomms of a stomach ulcer then?
What's the best way to deal with seasonal affective disorder? You know...the winter blues...without medicine
the drug of acid help please?
What can cause a ear to bleed?
Isn't it good now the smoking ban's in that we can stand under a dry bus shelter without harming our health
My eye hurts when i blink but there is nothing inside it?
Questions About Contacts?
why has my eye colour faded?
Is Glasses and Contact Lenses Prescription the same?
How can I get rid of acne scars?
hey guys i've been worried a little with the swine flu?
What was your most 'memorable' trip to the Emergency Room?
I have a great job, a partner who loves me, enough money and my health. Why aren't I happy?
really need to get rid of this love bite befor tomoro?
How do sleep when i can't sleep after watching horror movie?
My blood pressure is 141/66...isn't that a bit weird?
is heart attack and heart disease the same thing??
heart palpitations scaring me- help?
Can worrying cause the thing you are worried about to happen?
Can I kill myself using citalopram?
terrible wrist pain in right wrist?
What kind of exercise shall diabetic person do?
blood sugar @ 40 and i'm home alone!!!?
is it true that diabetics get skin tags?
Coughing my guts up, meaning?
how can i break my foot (don't ask)?
i am sick my trout is sweeling up why?
About 5 years ago, I started having reactions of abdomen(stomach/intestines) swelling, breathing difficulties?
How can I get my nose to stop running?
How do i stop sneezing?
Where do you like to go to relax, rejuvenate, and refocus?
If you see someone who is obese, do you think negatively or don't even care?
Please tell me what to do about an ingrown toenail... my toe's completely swollen and I'm in so much pain!!
Does getting the flu shot mean you can not get the flu?
is there a website were i can put my symptoms in and find out what i have got?
Is it possible to get whiter teeth naturally and without using any chemicals?
Do you have white,straight teeth?
Could the swine flu become just as devastating as the bubonic plague?
Swine Flu vaccine - is it safe? (UK)?
Do I have insomnia? I can't sleep!?
why is life unfair?
Floaters in your eye?
I need a cigarette from stress. Should i have one??
I took a diet pill and now my heart beats are really fast.. is this dangerous ?!?
are these signs of diabetes?
Does wine really lower your blood sugar?
infomation needed for diabetic child going abroad?
I'm having a birthday party today and I have a really sore throat?
What are the symptoms due to the exposure of carbon monoxide?
Do I need antibiotics for a chest infection?
I have really bad migraines once a month. ?
help! whats wrong with me?!?
Worst physical pain you've ever felt?
What is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of a cold?
When should I get glasses?
I don't have any antacid in the house; until I get some, what can I do for heartburn?
please help me i have really bad heartburn?
What causes charley horses?
What is Oxycontin? I hurt my back a few months ago and I'm in a great deal of pain?
have you ever cryed when you are taking a dump because of the thickness of it?
Hand shaking is not a good idea with the Swine Flu outbreak. Alternative to shaking hands as a greeting?
do i keep my child indoors when she has chickenpox?
Is there something wrong if lie in bed thinking of the ways to kill myself?
What happens when a person's hopes and ideals collide with the harsh realities of a cruel world?
Isn't alternative medicine Pseudoscience?
Do you think a size 16 is fat?
How much does Miley Cyrus weigh?
What do I do if some one passes out from low blood sugar?
Bleeding cut...Help Fastt!?
Is hands sanitizer edible?
why do we clean our teeth in the morning?
I have a weird blinking problem?
HELP! I'm sick! I need help, there's something imortant coming!?
Is smoking marijuana less harmful than smoking cigarettes?
What should i do for a burn?
Am I allergic to fruit?
my nose wont stop bleeding?
I am allergic to dust mites, should I replace a 15 year old mattress?
what are some ways to treat h1n1(swine flu)?
What happens if your allergic too ciggerettes?
my FRIEND has had pains in her shoulder and neck what would cause this?
What is a yeast infection??
My sister is dying and she needs my bladder?
how do you know if you have the swine flu?????
Is it true that a healthy young person should not get flue vaccines?
How many ppl would typically die in a pandemic befor there is a cure?
What part of the body controls your allergies?
I really want a hamster, but I'm allergic to cats and dogs. Will I be allergic to a hamster then?
Is it possible to be allergic to dust?
I have a terrible congested nose and need a way to breathe?
What disease has devastated Africa in recent years?
Was swimming now ear hurts?
This is gay what do you think?
Why is everyone answering questions? does alot of people have the swine flu and are laying in bed?
my mother received infected blood and died shortly after.Is there any thing I can do about it?
How come some people die of swine flu and some don't?
I know that swine flu is contagious, but how can you catch it...?
How to get rid of really bad blackheads on my nose?
My friend is having nosebleeds.?
sneezing at school?????
Swine flu vaccine please?
What are some good ways to avoid catching germs at a large public school?
I have a serious disease, when is it a good time to tell the person you're dating or going to date about it?
what would happen if you dont wash your hands at work?
I get sick every few weeks with symptoms of nausea, chills, fatigue and nausea. Doctor doesn't know why?
my friend think she needs to LOSE weight. i think shes CRAZY. what do you think?
I cut the nail "to close" on my big toe and it hurts when I wear my shoes. What would you recommend??
how do i solve this problem? If 6 out of 10 patients admitted to the hospital are discharged in three days or ?
What kind of mask will help protect against the Swine Flu? Also, do they burn the bodies?
I've recently learned I'm allergic to wheat...everything has wheat...?
My dog is allergic to cigarette smoke?
I just sneezed 8 times in a row! @[email protected]?
I need mature answers ,When did you smoked your last cigarette, X - SMOKIES?how did you managed?
Shortness of breath, Chest pain and chest tightness.?
Why do i react so bad to weed?
my snoring is becoming worst. can somebody tell me whats the best cure for snoring?
If a person is accused of doing marijuana?
AM I FAT???????????????????? ?
how much should a 13 year old girl weigh at the height of 5' 2"?
How do you die by Cutting your wrists?
i have a soar thoath and a dry cough. Do i need to worry about the swine flu?
Which vaccine is better for swine flu?
Could using a Asthma Inhaler cause you to not feel right?
I've just cracked a Stella.... anyone fancy one?
I eat a lot and I dont want to get fat ... so can someone please HELP!?
does smoking help loose weight?
My throat is really itchy. it's also feels like it gose to the inside of my ears?
What's the best way to make a mosquito bite stop itching?
SWINE FLU - When should you go to the doctor?
what happpens after you die from swine flu?
Is 'Swine Flu' just a seasonal influenza, or is the media correct we should be scared?
How to get rid of teenage acne?
why did michael jackson change his skin coulor?
How can we cure hangovers?
If I took 2 hits of marijuana tonight.....would that show up on a drug test in a month or two ?
ummmmmm.....................is my cousin fat?
i am doing 100 crunches a night but im just can't seem to lose the weight...?
If your mind thinks you're losing weight, will you lose weight?
should I got to the hospital?
Swine Flu Disease/Pig flu virus?
Is sneezing one of the symtoms of swine flu?
is asthma contagious?
I've got psoriasis on my finger nails, can I get rid of it?
what's the best way cleansing my system of toxins?
What are your tips for saving money on fresh fruit and veg?
I'm 15 years old boy & I'm 5'7 180. Am I overweight or unhealthy?
Im peeing out blood.?
Something is making my skin itchy. Will applying rubbing alcohol help with the itch?
what would happen if i took this?
What happens if you roll a joint with just weed in it?
how many joints can you roll a with a 1/4 oz of weed?
natural remedy for a headache ?
Can I die from strep throat?
Do I really have pinkeye?
Every 10 seconds, someone in the world dies from AIDS.Every min, 1 new infections occour how can WE stop this?
how do you get rid of a sports rash (jock itch)?
I sweat alot for no reason, please help me!!?
has anyone ever gone to a doctor that was rude and nasty to them?
Is there any legal 'highs' i could prepare from household items?
What are shrooms..........?
can homeopathy medicine cures ailments for children?
Do you find showers relaxing?
I think I may have swine flu, i have some of the symptoms but am unsure in what to do next, what should i do?
What can I take for digestive troubles?
If smoking is so bad for you then how come..?
I've been very?
What are the symptoms for swine flu?
What has happened to the carbolic smell of hospitals?
I have the stomach flu and can't stay hydrated. Please help me, I am meserable.?
65,000 people to die from swine flu?
I fell off my bike and landed on my head... concussion?
Is my dad gonna be okay?
why doctors hate natural cures?
Is there an answer to this?
I'm extremely thirsty all the time?!?
Do You Think I Might Be Lactose Intolerant?
bloody nose constantly....is this normal>?
People with depression only: What do you do to help your depression?
Do you think you have a unique fear?
Is pedialyte good for the stomach flu?
hand foot and mouth ??
How do you avoid touching your face?
do i have the symptoms for the swine flu?
Why dirt under my armpits?
Ive Taken 16 Paracetamol... What Will Happen?
I'm kinda. Worried or scared or something.?
i just wrote a suicide note..?
how do you reaaaaaallly get rid of the hiccups?
What is Parkinson's disease?
what are the symptoms of spine flu?
what r the symptoms of swine flu?
what sickness did i get?
i'm scare that i will get a tongue infection [help]?
Taking both Erythromycim & Amoxicillin?
Will salt water/ocean water infect a wound?
proactive? thier commercials look fake.some say it works, some say it doesnt.. . .should i buy it?
I want to get rid of my acne right now!!! please help!!?
What to do about a VERY painful sunburn?
how often do you smoke weed?
How do I overcome my addiction to anti depression pills that make me want to kill myself?
What is happening to her?!?
What's the point of being alive?
What are some arguments for and against homeopathy?
Does my hand need to be cut off?
Does it hurt getting braces off?
I get four wisdom teeth removed in ten hours and I am nervous.?
what would happen if i smoke weed after getting my tongue pierced 2 days before?
can a doctor lie to you about the seriousness of your illness?
My son, girlfriend and I have all been bitten by bed bugs at a hotel! Should we sue the hotel?
My child has acne?
Is this dangerous?
I had a wisdom tooth pulled about 2.5 hours ago. I've been biting on gauze since then, but it still hasn't
What about braces!!?!?!?
Does this really work? x?
i sleep a whole lot yet i am always tired at school?
i dont know if im alive?
what can i eat, i have a cold?
i am so sad. i'm really depressed w/ family troubles , please help?
everyone says im too nice?!?
Are these normal things to do?
im thinking about breaking my rib...?
what was your biggest "ouch &$#*&:>?^@ !!!!!!! "?
Bladder infection?
I've been itching my scalp lately and i've been losing alot more hair than usual what could be the cause?
Is it true about my coldsore.?
Getting braces soon and need to know what to do? Help?
What do I do I don't think I can handle my job anymore due to mental illness?
I feel like suicide, I don't want to live any more?
Odd question: Has anyone ever accidentally injected rubbing alcohol into themselves before?
what are the ill effects of masterbation?
What can you do about warts on your knuckles about the size of a pea??
do you know of any remedies to calm ones' nerves?
What would happen if i unsuccessfully tried to kill myself (UK)?
is my friend bulimic or is she starving herself?
how long does it take teeth to grow back?
can some one help me about my breath?
Whats the best relief that you've found out after you've gotten your wisdom teeth removed?
I'm worried that I might have Bipolar disorder...?
Suicide be a good thing?
Do i have the swine flu?
My boyfriend has really bad Acne on his back and chest, does anyone have any tips? I mean its horrible!!!!?
What causes acne?
What are some effective treatments for eczema?
Yesterday was my first time doing weed. I'm still high?
I am stopping smoking on 1st Feb, has anyone used the nicquitin cq pathches?
My mother in law smokes a pack a day, and her cough sounds like she's struggling for her last breath?
What are asbestos and what do you know about them?
why should i stop smoking?
Do braces hurt?
who enjoys going to the dentist and who dislikes it?
How do I stop eating?
Am i FAT (pics)?
why do people react like this?
OMG is this Swine flu ??? I am very worried !? PLEASE?
What do you think of swine flu?
What does it mean to be 'committed' into a hospital?
i keep thinking that there are people in my house. how do i overcome that?
what are the first sign's of insanity?
What is up with me??????????
What soda pops has the worst effect on our teeth?
I sm getting Braces tomorrow. What color(s) schould i get?
Is swallowing your gum bad?
What is the best age to try heroin?
Does anyone have any plan should the Swine Flu mutate into the Rage Virus?
Does cold water harm the face??
has anyone else got?
I am bi-polar and can't stop smoking marijuana?
Does laser teeth whitening hurt?
Can you die from having a tooth pulled?
has anyone had a recent root canel? Does it hurt!?
why am i such a waste of space?
She’s always taking my happiness? Help?
I'm i too skinny????
i hate running! but i have to do something. HELP!!!?
I need a hang over cure badly!?
Alternate Depression help?
Concerned about swine flu?
Why does the UK have the highest number of Swine Flu cases compared to the rest of Europe?
If you had or have braces, how long had/have them?
tooth ache what is best 4 it please don't say dentist?
OUCH!!!!!!!(tooth pain)?
Would my parents know if I call the suicide hotline?
I'm worried about my boyfriend?
What's the best way to heal a raw nose in like a day??
I just found out i have six differnt allergies. boy that sux. anyone else with allergies?
Has anybody else gone through what I'm going through?
I Feel lonely Somewhat depressed?
Where can i get tee tree oil from?
ways to build immune system?
Help. I'm having terrible acid reflux. Please share natural remedies or foods that will decrease it.?
where can I buy sleeping pills?
Totally random, boredom question: What brand of toothpaste do you use?
Why do I have really bad breath?
brushing teeth with hydrogen peroxide ?
Why is swine flu now infecting humans?
I have a patient that was raped by an AIDS patient.How should I manage her regarding prevention of AIDS.cyesis
My mom asked me if I want to go to the mental hospital...?
Will the Internet kill AltMed or feed it?
Paste or Gel, which do you prefer?
Swine Flu? I'm Terrified!?!?
Do I Have Strep Throat Or The FLU Or Something Else?
If I pee red, does that mean I have swine flu?
is smoking a really long form of suicide?
can you die from ADHD?
if i stay up all night?
How can I prevent dryness,and cracking behind my ear and under my earlobe?
doctors visit worried!!!!!?
Can you die from a paper cut?
What is some good over-the-counter Nausea medicine?
Desperate for some shrooms can i eat the ones in my yard?
I'm taking ibuprofen 800mg and i still got pelvic pain any tips on how to stop the pain?
How can I make my pee change colors?
I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday...?
i get braces tomorrow but i don't know wat color 2 get an suggestions? (im a girl)?
my husband brushes his teeth ALL the time but CAN'Tget rid of the bad breath..?
why i dont feel like the one who lives?
should i go to my doctor?
bad breath?
Am I Too Tall ........?
What's the best way to stop snoring?
How to get rid of heartburn?
Can you have allergic reactions from Weed?
how do you overcome shyness? I am so shy :(?
i need help fast i feel very depressed?
Are allergic reactions contagious?
When i drink alcohol, my face goes red. What does this mean?
Why do I pretend to talk to people when I'm alone? I think i'm crazy!?
Can you admit yourself to a psychiatric hospital?
How long till my wound is healed?
how long does it take!? ?
I am swelling right above my right eye. It feels like I've been punched, buts there's no bruising. What is it?
Do I need to get the Shingles vaccine if I've never had chicken pox?
A homeless person spit in my face?
Is it possible someone could be never sick with smallpox?
intestinal virus or food poisoning?
whats good for a sore throat?
do you think chiropractic really helps?
suicide is on my mind all the time, medication does not help, trauma to family is the only reason I don't .
Smoking marijuana while on antidepressants?
i cant be bothered anymore!!?
Do you think I should get on the medication? HELP?!!?
i'm depressed. what's the best way not to think of sad things?
I am 14 and am 5'7.5 and weigh 135, is this average or underweight or what?haha?
Wisdom Teeth?
What is the best medicine for insomnia?
Is there any natural effective remedy for a mouth ulcer. I've tried rinsing with salt in hot water...?
i am addicted to eating tissues,what can i do to stop eating tissue?
i'm always moody, depressed and sad?
Will, someone please explain to me....?
Im very insecure.. i don't know..?
Do you suffer????
how do i get rid of strech marks?
tingly lips help?!?!?!?
My ear is clogged with blood?
Is self-harming just a bridge to suicide?
Anyone else feel like this?
Do you think that TV is taking over your life?
Swine Flu or Mexican Flu...most of these people weren't near any pigs but they were near other people?
I've got the flu, any non alcoholic home remedies?
The cotton in my tooth smells!?
why am i being socially excluded from society?
Why don't I enjoy things like I used to?
How can you help a depressed and suicidal man who doesn't want help?
Will overdosing Definently Kill you?
I'm really skinny , how can i gain wight fast?
how can i lose 3 pounds in 6 days?
Sore throat?
Taking a survey for smokers and non smokers about smoking- can you please contribute?
I have bronchitis and I'm having problems taking big breaths,my chest hurts,and I can't stop coughing HELP!
why are people so scared about swine flu?
It's NOT "Swine Flu" people get educated!!?
How can I keep my toddler from getting the swine flu?
wat are symtoms of the swine flu?
I suffer from Mouth Ulcer ! ! ! ! ! !?
how to stop yearning for death?
When's the last time you had a nice long chat with a cactus?
Would you consider smoking an addiction or an abuse?
Wisdom teeth pulled?
Is 14 too late to get braces?
Help !I'm in my 20's and have just developed spots!?
Can mosquitoes transmit AIDS like they transmit MALARIA ?
Will you have the swine flu vaccine when it comes available?
Im fighting an infection that i hope kills me?
Should I finish these old antibiotics?
What's the fastest way to reduce my stress?
Aren't bad thoughts the main cause of mental illnesses?
I'm moving house soon, do i need to change my dentist or can i stay with the one i have?
Why can't I afford to go to the dentist?
Since teeth are bones, why don't other bones need to be brushed for maintenance and to prevent decay?
what is swine flu.....?
I'm afraid of the dark!! what do i do?
best cough medecine?
Giving up smoking tomorrow..?
if you smoke....what is your...?
i had a fight with a friend and he choked me now i have a hard time swallowing?
Rinsing after wisdom teeth surgery?
How much would it hurt if I extracted a broken, aching molar myself?
I have to get two of my wisdom teeth out and...?
How do you cope with depression?
whats the best natural cure to stop feeling sick?
Is weed a one hit and you're hooked drug?
What do I do about these Migranes?
has anyone ever fainted while smokin weed?
Is It POSSIBLE!?!?!?! {EASY Points, PLZ Read}?
Just got braces?
I just turned 34, can I still get braces for my crooked teeth?
is it painful to have an enema?
whats weed like is it safe to take?
Weed smokers and ppl wit weed knowledge.?
can you die from liver failure?
Does anybody know a practical cure for dry lips (mouth)lol?
Im 18 years old and my face is full of acne scars. is it too late to get them removed? and what methods?
What is this sickness I got?though u duno..pls jus come in and see if u gt tis b4..?
Is it possible for a non smoker to die?
how do I stop my cough at night? It's keeping me and my husband up.?
How do you tell if your Big toe is broken?
I think I might have a broken finger?
Can swine flu kill you?
Why has my doctor offered me a flu jab? And what will it do?
Does anyone else not care about swine flu?
I have swine flu, how long will it last?
Dentist! Scared of NEEDLES! ?
what home remedy can I do for a toothache?
What do you think of loners?
st johns wort, help me please?
Why is my Acne on my Face like this?
Can marijuana make you sick?
Diabetes newly detected,What to do?
How do you know if you have bad breath?
Have I got Conjunctivitis?
my 14 yr old is running a fever of about 103.2 thats the highest its gone should i worry about swine flu?
swan flu, help please?
Can I get swine flu from this?
How to fix blood-shot eyes?
My son is coughing up yellow/ green mucus should he go to school?
whats are some good color combinations for braces?
poll:what coulor braces?
What causes Sudden chest pain in teenagers?
Cure to anger, depression, negative feelings?
I'm afraid that my boyfriend will hurt or kill himself if I break up with him..........?
How can I get rid of bad acne?
Why do conventional doctors doubt homeopathy?
Should i take ectasy please help?
why does my boyfriend burn when he passes water and when hes just moving about? it's only started a few weeks
do u class dying as being a disabilty its a simply yes or no answer?
How do i make my sore throat feel better?
my left kidney hurts?
I have been diagnosed with swine flu, now what?
if you were left out in the cold?
if we're vaccinated against a disease does it mean its not surviving in our society?
I really need help! Is this chicken pox?
How do I get the gross taste out of my mouth?
Do you think I'm developing the swine flu?
I just got braces but they didnt put the coloured bits on-atm they look like plain metal-HELP?
How can I cure my fear of public speaking?
How do we live a meaningful life?
Who or what comes to mind when I say?
Going to work with a cold...?
If i havent smoked weed for 6 weeks and going am i clean by now?
Chest pains for a healthy teenager?
What wrong with my heart?
I have Cardiomegaly. What is it?
WHy does my nose feel stuffy and kinda filled with mucus, but when I blow it, it's dry?!?
Could I be allergic to the sun?
smoking weed - paranoia?
ive suffered from depression for 6 years am just wondering why does my family ignore the illness?
natural cure for eczema or extremely dry skin?
Do you think marijuana should be legalized?
Am I Fat? Average? Normal? Skinny? (PIC!)?
what is it called when you cant feel pain?
Get rid of flu diarhea!!!?
was i tested for the swine flu?
is swine flu just another over dramatised disease that will never effect us?
Possible depression: what's the best way to ask for help?
My mom is diagnosed with diabetes, please help!?
i know im under depressionn and ..?
I've just given up smoking...day 3 today...will power is fading fast...any suggestions???
I am scared to get blood drwan tomorrow morning, what can I do to relax myself?
i've got a massive cut in my arm, can i sew it my self?
Ear infection-Ear ache- Or Something Dental related, Need Help! please.?
was on a 3 day drinkin beinge,no eatin r sleepin,have a pain on my left side wen breathing,stoped drink 4 days
Is it EVER ok to intentionally vomit?
What do you do.....you have a terrible cold & you are running low on toilet tissue?
How do I tell my parents that I want to see a psychiatrist?
How long does it take for stitches to dissolve after you get teeth pulled?
Getting Braces Question?
Is Kevin Trudeau, the author of 'Natural Cures they don't want you to know about', a scam artist?
what does it fee like when u have the flu?
Can the flu kill you?
How do you get rid of a cold?
How many needles do they give you when getting braces?
Should there be a cure for death?
Anyone know what Bengay is?
How can you get rid of back and neck pains without taking medicine?
What should I do for a swollen bee sting?
Found a pill in my son's closet?
why are doctors never helpful?
I am so suicidal. All I think about is deth. I want to die so badly?
Braces?! Second visit. what's next?
do braces hurt etc....?
What is a good alternative to toilet paper?
Am I bipolar?
takin ACID TRIP for the first time? what to expect?
Voices in my head....?
my 13 year old sister cuts herself?
Do i have a problem?
How do you disinfect a wound?
Is there a swine flu vaccination?
How is it legal that a Mexican child with swine flu was brought to the US for treatment?
Do you think I have Pink eye?
help me with my knee?
Why do I always get SEVERE STOMACH-ACHE if I play soccer or run AFTER eating a lot and fulled?
My Seven-Year-old brother got bit by his hamster what should i do plz quick?
Does chiropractic care work?
How do you convince yourself to believe something you don't want to believe?
I'm Getting My Braces off!!!?
REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY Scared of Dentist?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the quickest way of getting high blood pressure down?
I'm about 250lbs. i want to get down to 120 by the end of this year..?
help me, I just got my byetta for my diabetes. I can't give myself shot.?
What's the maddest disease or illness you've ever had? What was it like?
strange bruise won't go away?
my 8 year old brother keeps getting high fevers...?
Can you catch swine flu from bacon?
should i be worried about my daughter?
pus pockets in throat?
Help with Rusty Nail!?
Daughter seeing school counsellor?
TMJ tmj tmj tmj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i have a really bad headache help?
I never go out side.?
help! im drowning! the water is up to my neck what should i do?
Acid reflux???
Can dog's have allergy ?
When you're young what does smoking to do you?
I gargled Hydrogen Peroxide and water yesterday, now I'm spitting blood. What happened? Will it stop?
Sore throat problems please help?
My wire in my braces moved from the left more to the right...Help?
Why can't they design a type of toothpaste that would work for 8 hrs to eliminate the smelly morning breath
why my teeth are yellowish despite of brushing them daily?
Why does my tongue hurt so bad, please help! :-(?
Today I hit my head EXTREMELY hard and am having sharp pain in my head, so do i have a concussion?
help! I cant hear after cleaning out my ear!?
My friend got stabbed by a pen. What do we do?
PIEARCED EAR... i could use some help fast!?
what does bile in urine indicate?
You can get HIV anywhere in the world right?
My eye has been twitching on and off for the last couple of days...How do I get it to stop?
Do i have a chance to sue my doctor or the lab? ?
How many agree with me?
3 or 4 questions about marijuana? !?
Should I go to hospital with a stabbing stomach pain?
I have a lump under my arm, one on my ear, and one on my forehead?
Will the dentist know if i smoke?
Is is hard to kiss with braces.?
Can a dentist know if i smoked?
How do I care for my tongue?
how do i stop...?
when i was young i was depressed!?
Do these thoughts qualify as 'suicidal'?
why should i not kill myself?
Almost every morning when I wake up, my stomach feels like it wants to throw up. Why does it feel that way?
Do you think depression is contagious?
hygiene question-are we all washing our hands enough?
What really makes you breathless?
does it hurt getting braces off?
Are my teeth straight? Do you think I need dental braces?
how much does it hurt to have teeth pulled?
Is autism anything to be ashamed of?
Sleeping Pills????
I sprained my ankle on monday and still hurts a week later, what should I do, don't think I sprained it.?
I want to become this type of doctor, I went to the hospital and the doctor checked my knee.?
Does anyone know what to do when your sick,dizzy and throwing up? like what to eat and drink?? ~Bella~?
how to make canker sore feel better?
Are Bracers Hot Or Not?
I had bad toothache, has gone but numbness & painful lump on jaw and tooth sensitive, should I worry?
Best Antihistimine?
what's going on?
is this pink eye?
I'm addicted to Yahoo Answers, help?
how can i reduce my anger (plz don't ask me to meditate)?
how do i get water out of my ear?
I'm looking for non-medical help for depression.?
I've never hit someone in the face before, does it hurt ?
My mom's finger is swollen and her ring is stuck to her finger. Should she go to the hospital?
What is a pervert?
I have been coughing for about 2weeks is this a normal cough or its something serious?
Can smoking cause real threat to vocalists' voice or is smoking bad for vocalists?
I have a friend who is addicted to 'yahoo answers', Help?
i want to runway but where too?
I have to check my windows and doors to make sure they're locked at night about 6 times every night?
I cut myself....?
Do getting cavitys filled hurt?
how can you lose pounds only in 30 days?
Why can't you chew gum if you have braces?
my health teacher said one in every ten teens has HIV. that definitely cant be true right?
Cure for constipation?
Constipation remedies?!?
why is suicide considered wrong?
I saw a movie now i am totally frightened?
in extreme pain....PLEASE help!!!!!?
i got bitten on my foot & toe by an insect it itches like mad...i tried tiger balm & all the other?
Whats good for burns?
When ur pupils dilate, are they getting bigger or smaller?
A Q for Depressed people: What helped you come out of it?
best sore throat remedy?
Other than an antibiotic, what can I give my son for swimmer's ear?
Someone mentioned my son might be diabetic any answers?
Can a diabetic have too low blood sugar?
BRACES... please help?
Is a tongue being white really bad?
Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?
Braces help, pleeeease?
When you're feeling down: What things do you do to help you feel better?
have you ever fell down the stairs?
Why does elevating the leg help when you have a leg injury?
Swine flu on clothes?
How can you tell between having a cold and allergies?
allergic reaction to laundry soap?
i need a braces exuse?
Why do my gums bleed when ever there barley touched?
I'm getting my braces tightened for the first time tomorrow, how does it feel?
When a doctor takes a urine sample from you for in illness.. does he check for other things like pregnancy too?
Okay please dont think this is disgusting but i have to know?
I can't get fat... what's my condition?!?
why is cocaine so popular?
Why is it when you don't feel like smiling , and you smile anyway you simply feel better ?
I'm 18 and have pain in my heart, what should I do, is it serious?
Am i paranoid?????
Do you ever lie to make yourself feel better about yourself, and then you have to keep track of all your lies?
what is the number one homeopathic remedy for stomach pain?
anyone can offer advice for stopping smoking, i am quitting on 4 may 2007 and would like some suggestions?
if laughter is best medicine than what is crying?
am i crazy.........?
If you go to a country where you could get malaria...?
why blaming mexico for the swine flu?
I feel like I'm about to get the flu, how do I stop it before I get worst?
i have got chicken pox wht to do?
It's that time of year....Flu shot question!!!?
MY ear hurts and I can't hear well?
Tylenol Overdose!!!HELP!!! Took 50 500mg pills 30-32hours ago....?
Who's with me in burning down all the grass in the world?
Is it rare is you have allergies or rare if you don't?
i ate rat poison.. nothing seems to be the matter. should i just get on with it?
Why is it sometimes that u drink alcohol but u dont't get drunk if ur not in the mood?
What are some ways to overcome lazyness?
is there a medicine that helps with shyness?
am i fat?????????
How can i lose wait ?
This girl gave my boyfriend herpes?
How can you tell the difference between a Cold and the Flu?
Is it possible that i have rabies?
Does the 'flu jab give you 'flu?!?
Is it possible to get chicken pox more than one time in your life?
Can I Catch Rabies From a Passing Car?
What's an immediate remedy for a twisted ankle??
Why can't I ever get my cuts to stop bleeding?
wisdom teeth pain?
what is the best mouth wash?
Nettle sting- really painfull?
I got sunburned last week on a saturday, and i'm suppose to go to six flags this friday. What should i do?
Are you as sick as I am about people saying the H1 virus is a bunch of hipe?
I have terrible pain in my right foot and leg and sometimes my back, what is it?
what is the best way to treat headache?
i dont know if its a phase or just me?
What is an anurism?
What was wrong with me?
How do I cure constipation?
What is the best kind of toothpaste?
How do you make your teeth whiter?
can u giv me sum risks and benifits of having children vaccinated against serious diseases?
is this normal I'm 28wks have mucus plug with blood and a lot of pressurse?
Is it dangerous being around someone who smokes, but isn't actually smoking near you?
how to improve my digestion in natural way ? plzzzzzz i'm literaly suffering .......plzzzzz do suggest !!!
What's a good way to get a bee sting out?
should i be worried about his insect/spider bite?
What's an easy, non painful way to get a splinter out thats WAY in your skin, and a way where's not way in you?
What's the best and easiest way to reduce cholestrol?
Is my muscles hurting good? How do i get them to stop hurting?
pulled muscles in chest wall.?
do i have the rights to demand the nhs operate?
What are you afraid of the most when going to the dentist?
Do I need braces??? Please no rude comments!!!?
I accidently drank a root beer float a little over 48 hours since I got my wisdom teeth out?
if i have a cavity would it be best to cover it up right away?
Headache, sore throat, but no fever?
Eating's for a Sore Throat?
I don't like myself?
what are the side effects of insomnia?
Should a Man Ever Cry in Front of His Children?
What's a quick and easy cure for a cold?
Had a phyiscal. was this a normal thing?
How do I heal my thumb which has been slammed by a sliding car door?
How long should a finger be swollen after injury?
I have red spots on my face from an allergic reaction, if i told my doctor what would he prescribe me?
Ways to fight a cold real fast!?
What is the best way to deal with summertime allergies?
why does drinking milk make me feel sick?
Daughter allergic to cats?
how in the world do i kill myself?
i think i have a problem?
is it safe to eat tooth paste as a mint?
im 18 years old and im thinkinq about qettinq braces?
my tooth is wiggling?
Are We getting Ripped Off?
There's a splinter in my mom's hand and we can't get it out. It's stuck in horizontally. What should we do?
my kid has a tiny dot on her stomach and a huge red circle around it. i ts a little puffy.What kind of bite is
Having swine flu symptoms?
Can't swallow pill!!?
What's in the middle of Nowhere?
What's the best way to cure inflammation?
My legs always hurt after karate...?
I am always scared that I'll die?
I'm contemplating meth (pls. I need only mature responses)?
i'm 13 years old and i cut my self and i have cuts on my wrists what do i do when my parents see them?
Do you think it's acceptable to take a "Mental Health Day" off from school or work?
why am i so jittery?
What is type 1 diabetes?
can hiv be spread by french kissing?
How can I tell if my wound is infected?
is my thumb ok from last night?
I can't get my ring off.?
Ideas on what to tell my mom about why I got a concussion?
what homeopathic remedy can control the hypothalamus?
I want to try weed but I'm afraid of is dangers...?
So who else in the uk has a really sore throat right now ?
Why do I feel like I can't breathe well?
Braces Why do my teeth still hurt ?
How do you like to relax or unwind after a busy day?
I've been made a safety officer in my job any tips on carrying out a fire drill?
help! 've been bit by my cat. whats the first aid.?
My little sister is really sick, what can she have?
can't use bathroom, may have hemroids?
What is the medical condition in which someone is obsessed with cleaning?
I just suddenly became allergic to my blanket:/ Any suggestions?
What the best thing for an asmatic person?
What causes nose bleeding?
what do you do when your allergies get soo bad you can't see?
Where on the body does chicken pox first appear?
can i get HIV by drinking from somebody's drink if that person has it?
i am so sad last few days i don't know what's came over me...?
For 10 Points::::Name.............?
what is worse , ? ADHD or schizophrenia?
if your close freind started taking druggs would you still be their freind?
Chest pain, what could it be ?
Back pain???
My throat hurts soo bad and i want it to go away! what should i do?
testicale pain what cause it?
What is the best way to whiten teeth?
Is brushing your teeth once a day okay?
Twitching thigh muscle?
I have a Barbie Corvette lodged inside my rectum and it's starting to hurt. Any ideas for extraction?
If you're broken your ribs, will it be REALLY painful and not be able to breathe properly?
How do you get a eyelash out of your eye?
When I jog, I can't get my ashtma to stop, what do I do?
Why have british women got crooked teeth?
What are some good exercises i can do without a gym or park close by?
um 14 and 150 pounds?
How Much Will It Hurt to Get My 4 Wisdom Teeth Removed?
whats a really good allergy medicine that is not non-prescription???
Is there anything I can put on my daughter's nose for soreness after she has blown it over and over again?
am i allergic to alcohol or something?
my nose was bleeding,what could it be?
Can someone help me??? could this be a kidney infection?
What's a quick easy way to distinguish between type 1 and 2 diabetes not using age of onset?
Should i cancel my trip to london because of swine flu ?
swine, bird flu whos next?
Need a solution to remove my wedding band (ring) from my 9 year-old son's middle finger. It got stuck real bad
what to do when feeling depressed?
I self harm, but i'm not depressed. is it so wrong?
I really want to be dead.?
This is so weird, please help?
Are there any quick and simple solutions for a sore body?
driving me isane?
Help! I've cracked my neck and now it's very painful to move!?
Who is nervous when they go to the dentists?
To old for braces? My teeth are quite bad. Im almost 32 and afraid to smile.?
Does any type of alternative medicine actually work?
Why is natural/herbal medicine so controversial?
Should we kill animals for meat?
I'm lonely and depressed?
Help! I can't pee! HHHEEELLLPPP!?
how to wash myself after ?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
I get Itchy..watery eyes and my throat itches and my skin itches because I'm allergic to Dogs?
everytime i eat dairy products my stomach hurts really bad but im not lactose intolerant. what could it be?
I've been depressed for awhile now...when will this end?
my boyfriend went to buy some cigarettes...Wednesday evening...he isn't still come back???
I am 15 and I am 5'2'' and a half. Any tips on how to get taller?
what should i do to improve my weak eyesight?
Am I weird?
What's 'Deep throat' mean?
I am 24 year old married, frequently feel very sad without having any reason and feel to die,?
Can I go without sleep for the rest of my life - Is their a way to train for this?
Is there a particular time of year that gets you down?
best cigarette brand to start smoking with?
what happens if you swallow a toothbrush on accident?
cystitis is it possible in a 5 year old?
Last night I woke up and my arm was dead, why?
What could be causing discomfort in my arm? I'm also experiencing back pain, neck pain, and headaches.?
FOOT CRAMPS!!! Help!!?
Is this, or is this NOT child abuse?
I'm not feeling Well?
Hi, My Foot Is Falling Off! What Do I Do!?
Why is Marijuana bad for you?
feeling blue...HELP?
If you have a bladder infection can you drink a lot of water to get rid of it?
I'm wondering why so many of you are so upset with the media coverage on the swine flu?
Is swine flu over exaggerated by Media?
How have antibiotic resistant bacteria envolved?
What does Chicken-Pox look like in Adults? How long will it last?
Did you forget to take your vitamins?
does anyone here get severe allergies?
Any kind words for a sick person?
My adult tooth is loose !?
iS bAKiN SOdA bAd 4 UR TEETh?
I have a bad habit of picking my ear ring?
Homework: Louise weighs 58kg, how many 500mg paracetamel tablets must she take to relieve symptons of a cold?
I've had a Headache since 11/28/06...and it wont go away!!! please help?
Is it wrong to smoke weed?
Would you ever smoke weed?
ex husband got sweet revenge on me?
Grandma with cough, lasting long and with blood?
My 4 yo was stung by a wasp & I don't know if I should take her to the Hospital.?
terrible sunburn! help!?
best way to get rid of acne?
how do you move on without getting hurt?
Does everyone have a smelly day atleast once out of a year?
neck pains - please help?
for the past week i have woken up with diareah each morning. what is wrong with me?
i am on probation and will need to pass a drug tast in twenty days. whats a way to flush my system from weed?
Is praying for the sick a form of alternative medicine?
what does blood in your urine mean?
What do you do when you are just fed up with everything and everyone?
bloody nose?
Help, I'm dying?
How do I boost my immune system?
how do you make your self exercise?
Is losing weight worth becoming unhealthy?
why do i get full fast and then i'm hungry a half hour later?
My eye is red and swollen...?
What will cure my cold?
Do you think marijuana should be legalized?
Do you think i'm pathetic?
Does anyone wish they could.....?
I smoked weed a lot, and now I'm worried??? (Please help!)?
about the supposed SWINE FLU epidemic...?
Swine flu in her school?? help...?
Quick way to treat bladder infection?
whats the difference between viruses and bacteria?
Did you have swine flu yet?
Lower Back pain and foul smelling urine. Are they related?
If someone had a really bad toothache could they go to the emergency room?
how much hours of sleep should a person have?
My urine is Yellow, is this OK? if not, why is it like this?
I'm depressed for no reason.. why?
omg help me out guys!!!?
Help i'm really scared :(?
Do you think Acupuncture works better than Western Medicine?
Is it true you can ease the irritation of thrush with 'live yoghurt'?
What is getting high like?
question about braces?
Dentists, love it or hate it?
can a naked rat take anti-bioitics? for an eye infection?
how to break a leg plz tell me?
What do you do if you have a lump next to your ear?
is this an allergic reaction?
I want to get allergy tested and I don't know where to begin?
i accidently cut my finger help?
Ruptured Eardrum Question?
Voices in my head... what do I do?
Am i under weight or over weight?
cant stop eating. . . . . . Help!?
do you think my thighs are fat?
Do you think Im Fat?
people are saying I'm anorexic :( ?
Is there a connection between “snoring? and “sleep apnea??
How often do you smoke Marijuana?
What are some good home remedies to cure a cold?
What was your best vacation that didn't cost you an arm and a leg?
did i take too many painkillers?
codeine vs hydrocodone?
What can I do to make muscle pain go away?
Is cold sores a herpes virus?