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i'm having huge anxiety and paranoia and phobia problems?
Is this ironic (anti depressants)?
Urgent : Is this mental or psycho problem ?
what is the first thing on your mind upon waking?
How to build confidence?
Weird Bloody Noses!?Help!?
My 5yr old daughter had ear tubes, tonsils & adenoid surgery.?
Does this mean your short?
Why does my left leg sometimes go really warm all of a sudden?
Saw stars but didn't feel dizzy?
I think something bit me under my eye...?
urge to urinate all the time?
Legs keep falling asleep?
Ears ringing, runny nose & pink eye?
how to get a dreamless sleep?
Please help..............?
my right nostril is blocked?
What does it mean if I have been coughing up mucus consistently for about a year.?
Do hyperventilation and the resulting hypocapnia cause brain damage?
I need help reading my son's blood count levels!!!!?
Well that is basicly my question , one time I went to the dr and he said my bp was real high but said its cuas?
my husband has been coughing up green plegm for about 7 months now?
have a nebulizer Health Care Solutions on it; how can I contact the supplier of the machine?
four week cough.....?
Is it possible that sleep apnea may contribute to night leg cramps?
How can i Cure a Urinary Tract infection Fast from Home?
I have huge amounts of mold in my attic due to a slow leak from my ac furnace in my attic.?
What causes these symptoms.?
i have just discovered i have hepatitis b, but i am also bullimic, do you think it will make my hepatitis wors
Can anyone tell me more about link of tea tree oil to mrsa and sammonella?
septicaemia any after affects?
job vacancy,s at birds eye lowestoft?
Does anyone know where I can get MRSA death rate statistics that are recent?
Should I stretch my ear again?
I need a doctor to answer my question, please!?
Shin pain when jumping and running?
Why does is my knee giving me so much pain?
pain in underarm area on both side?
why do my ankles hurt every morning?
Sore Stomach, please help!?
My mom takes an advil everyday, sometimes 2. What are some of the side affects?
The right side of my back has been killing me because of skateboarding how do I stop the pain?
What could these symptoms be if there is severe CRAMPING from knees down to toes?
should doctors be required to do x rays to check for healing?
Strange leg pain. any clue?
What does this sound like, ear problems, stress, etc...?
What is going on with my feet?
ok why is my throat hurting on one side...?
Arch of foot hurting?
allergic reaction to shampoo?
What's wrong with my wrist?
i have horrible knots in my back?
Why does my son's eyes keep going up and sideways?
Do you think my foot is broken? Read the details please.?
injured nail but not bruised, will it fall off?
Bruised and swollen hand?
ankle pain, without twisting it. any ideas?
What pain meds did you get for a broken clavicle?
Just wondering if this cut with need to be looked at? (Not too serious of a cut)?
I fractured my knee, how long approx will it take to heal so I can run again?
Taking Lexapro Question?
What is this called again?
which SSRI is known for least amount of constipation problems as its side effect?
How can you fix a lazy eye?
So.. Yesterday at gymnastics I kneed my self in the eye and now my eye help?
buying lenses from internet is better or shops? which wn is more safe?
whats the best MRP for me?
Reasons to Consider Euthanasia?
Is it normal to still be tired a week after not smoking?
why does this happen?
My friend has to wear a knee brace until he stops growing. Why?
My boyfriend has Neurocardiogenic syncope and I'm scared?
sleeping too much,no energy,need help?
Unexplained swelling in my facial lips.?
What is causing this to happen to me?
Do we require less oxygen during sleep as compared to awake?
Burned food fumes toxic?
smokers pain in chest?
Please how can i get ride of "Geographical Tongue" ?
Why do have I got spots around my mouth?
Do I Have Post Nasal Drip ? ?
What type of cells does bacteriophage infect?
pls pls can anyone tell me what r the symptoms for STI ?
how do I stop the pain?
I shocked myself on a power outlet?
Do You Think My Thumb Is Broken ?
I hit my head really hard on metal..?
concussion? skull fracture?
Last year I suffered a ruptured medial ligament and tendinitis.?
looking for nearby charities to help pay for a back surgery.?
Why is Image Everything?
have you ever had head lice and nits?
What's the best way of shaving your foreskin?
who thinks "doctor frank" is a real doctor???
Do you look?
Am I going to become addicted to Hookah? PLEASE HELP ITS CRITICAL :(?
Please Solve My Health Symptons?
I take cocaine nearly everyday, and today i rubbed my nose and i felt something 'snap' inside my nose?
How come some suicide attempts by slashing the arms work and others fail?
why did you?
Should Doctors be given a taste of thier own medicine?
is it possible to drink only blood but not water?
gals only please answer this?
I have an eyelash growing under the skin on my eyelid. Can a doctor remove it?
Angina or Acidity, after a year of angioplasty?
I had a nicotine pacth to stop smoking and it fell out in less than 24hrs can i throw on another one?
What To Eat After Heart Bypass Surgery?
What causes Systolic number to be high and the Diastolic number to be about average?
Resting heart rate 64 one day 88 the next?
is amagnet bracelet harmful to my pacemaker?
Am i dangerously ill?
Worried about my dad, who's in hospital.?
Why is my heart slow after three mountain dews?
Hives from Celexa (Citalopram) anyone?
Worried about being antisocial these days...is something wrong?
Im scared i might have depression?
why do i always think of dying?
ADHD. Does Omega-3 really help?
should i be embrassed about having ADHD?
Can Lithium do this to me?
Help Please concentration PROBLEM!!!!!?
What do these things tell you?
Suffering so others don't have to?
Helpp. Please........?
My friend was institutionalized recently because of suicidal tendencies. Which institution could she be at?
how to cope with loneliness?
how do i get someone admitted to a mental health asylum?
I am depressed and I dunno what to do?
I feel petrified ...?
how many of you are ?
Social Anxiety: Adderall or Klonopin?
Foods with Nitrates bad?
Why can't my contact lenses stick on my eye?
Why did I have hypothermia right before exams began?
Is it ok to take Halls while on Zythromax?
Why did I sleep so much after I took 40-ish ibuprofen?
How can I get to sleep?
do i have diabetes or something else?
Is muscel twitching dangerous?
Nursing name ideas for business?
What's the best way to record myself sleeping?
I get 12 hours of sleep a day, but I still get tired?
what is the next step after a CNA?
symptom: feeling of rumbling / vibration below my ribs, over on my left side, deep inside.?
should i be asleep right now?
how can i get more energy in little sleep?
i really need some help... am i going crazy ?
Kaiser or UnitedHealthCare in Northern California?
I've been playing guitar a while, but I got this sharp pain all of the sudden, why?
How can sommeone underaged get a physical?
I need help with a back injury? ?
i keepgeting a pain behind my left eye?
feel like throwing up much too often.right now its the worst its ever been!help!?
austio arthritis what can I do for exersize that will not put me in severe pain.?
what causes people to sleep with their eyes open?
trying to quit cigs,How long does it take for nicotine to be out of system and not show up in a blood or urine?
I was at a concert last night and I hurt my knee really bad.?
my back? what is wrong with it?
Blood under my toe nail?
Trouble breathing when laying on back?
What are the herbal treatments for sinus infection in children? Please provide me the details.?
can acetone burn your lungs?
Should I get new meds for this coughing, chest tightness?
Pains in chest when breathing out deeply.?
whats the difference between candida and candidosis?
What food did John Inman catch hepatitis from?
What is wrong with my foot, got stepped on?
so i pulled my toenail off?
Could my finger be broken?
if i keep hitting m nose will the bump on my nose go away?
Blocked vein in the heart?
what should your cholesterol be?
What is the best treatment for mild Mitral valve colaps?
do i have OCD???????????
Depression and Epilepsy?
Can you councilor send you to a phsych ward?
has anyone had recuring depression for a few years ?
Why is my mother bullying me?
can you also hear voices and see paranormal from epilepsy medications? ?
Memory loss/ADD/ i don't know what's wrong?
depression or something else?
please help me read below i have anxiety and depression and have thoughts of killing my self , medaca?
From your personal experience, describe what it means to be anxious during depression?
What does disturbia mean?
Is traumatic events in my life causing memory loss?
What do people mean when they say ''Flight or Fight'' related to Anxiety?
how to overcome depression?
throwing up on purpose?
what are the affects of sertraline?
How did Xanax work for you?
I need good sinus doctors?
How to get rid of severe eczema on legs ?
Blurred vision, ringing noise in ears ?
ring resized now i`m allergic to it?
Hi! Mum was diagnosed march with LD Small cell lung Ca. She had 6 chemo vepesid and cisplatin.She was much?
do i have chickenpox..?
Putting your own saliva on your spots helps prevent them?
Really bad pain, need more answers!!?
I had a face and neck lift 6 months ago. The face lift fell and so did my brow lift.?
I have a REALLY bad cough, it burns.?
flexing right arm back scapula POPS OUT?
unusual lump on right foot?
would a mouse eat loratabs?
i have osteoperosis pretty bad and want to know about riding a motorcycyl?
what have i done to my knuckles?
My neck and back started hurting suddenly?
will a bruse go away in one day?
A problem with my head?
I have been having pains in my ankle whats wrong?
Is Zanaflex used for back pain(not spasms)?
ankle swelling and leg pain?
wierd charlie horses?
What are the causes of recurring foot pain?
i been getting painful cramps needs help?
what is a good kind of insole I can buy for working out?
Any ideas what is causing my stomach pain?
This is going to be a weird/hard question to ask (about my ears) !?
you know how people sometimes bite their finger nails when they are nervous or something? >>>?
What kinds of sounds do physician listen for with a stethoscope and what do they mean?
How long should my packing stay in my leg?
what kind of flu does this sound like?
What is causing my body to twitch?
How I can make myself look more awake?
what are some examples of employment laws in healthcare?
how to i sleep with my mouth closed?
sos..!an expert about x-ray in chest and smoking!?
Whats the most effective cough medicine?
Feels like my breath is taken away from me for a second?!?!?!?
My eye is acting weird, can you tell me what's wrong with it?
has anybody had vasculitise is it life threatening how is it treated and can you make a full recovery?
where does sickle cell trait come from?
What is Parvovirus 16, is it the same as B19 (Human)?
Anyone got a good comeback to 'Have you shrunk?'?
height for males?
I feel sick .........?
5 days without smoking. When will the cravings stops ?
How can I make myself sick for school tomorrow?
HELP!!!! I sleep to much?
what age group is more prone to wet dreams?
Ive recently quit smoking marijuana?
Stomach Pains - please help?
Anyone awake???
is there a term for being addicted to food ?
Sniffer or blower?
What are these the symptoms of.......?
I was away for 3 weeks....?
Well the next one is do you have any bad habits?
Going on a school trip - slightly embarrassing snoring? Help!?
Why do mondays come round so fast grrr?
Whats the worst accident or injury youve ever had?
Daughters hand cold and swollen from sleeping with bandz on!!?
Will i have major problems in the future if i have had lock knees my entire life?
Pain on either side of my thigh?
Achilles Tendonitis Question?
Does this sound like a stress fracture? Should i go to the ER?
need some advice on how to help my gf?
i have pain on the left side lower back what could this be caused from?
Is there such a thing as having a phobia of going to sleep?
Can anyone tell or does anyone else have this problem?
How do I stop this?!?!?
Does teaching mothers to read decrease infant mortality?
I need a bit of help....Is anyone open to be an E-Psychiatrist for a while?
help with depression?
how to treat social anxiety disorder?
Is it possible to develop a photographic memory? If yes, how?
am I addicted to this?
Should I go on medication?
how do i deal with stress?
How to treat social phobia?
what are symptoms of depression?
How do I feel emotions again? ?
my grandaughter is seventeen years old and she has down syndrome. she talks to herself all the time ?
hi dont know if on correct pageone eye lid very red and dry flackey skin tried golden eye no improvement jacki
Why can't I sleep a lot when having mono?
side effects of Avelox?
i keep getting waves of chest pain?
My asthma has gotten worse... Will it get even worse?
Would breathing affect ct scan?
Daily pain in left lung? What is it?
how will health reform in 2014 work?
why cant i breathe right?? is it my asthma?
Prednisone Dose Pack for Sinus Infection?
Why are Chronic Kidney failure patients at higher risk for pneumonia?
Possible Sleep Apnea experience?
can you die for smoking krypto?
ok I smoke weed and now I it feels like heads is expandable!?
My friend dont like cough drops..what should she use?
if i cured my lazy eye then will i get better sight automatically?
is it ok if i take tylenol flu night time and drink nyquil to fall asleep?
Why is it so hard to find a good doctor?
Legs growing??? Please help.!!?
What is the lump on my knee?
Does medication that is taken regularly show up in blood test results?
why is my big toe numb?
When you have finished doing your business (number 2) in the toilet, do you wash hands after pulling pants up?
what is in cigarette papers?
My nose gets really stuffy when I sleep but I cant take any meds for it what can I do to clear up my nose fast?
Urinary Tract Infection or something?
serious diseases?
can you tell me if fungal hyphae can kill humans,exactly what it is and does and if there is any treatment for
I have been affected by Middle Ear Infection for last 3 months now, several courses of antibiotic taken, help!
Can Mobile Incinerators Aid in Bird Flu Outbreaks?
is it true that your eyes blow out if you sneeze with your eyes open?
If in the UK do you have private health care?
How can I exercise my eyes after studying my lessons a lot?
insect bites...?
Can you have a nose job at 16?
my voice is going... i can hardly speak..help ?
What are your feelings on the "opt-out organ donation" system ? Right or wrong?
How do you treat poor blood circulation?
i think i have piles help please?
Suing UK hospital for medical negligence - any advice?
i have a bad headache can anyone give me advice?
How do u stop hairloss ?
Why doesn't the skin around my eyes go brown when the rest of my skin tans?
How to stop sweating as much?
why do we get told to drink lots of water when we are ill?
can mold, fungi, mould growing in the flat be unhealthy for our 2 months old baby?
Cold sores do you get them?
has anyone got a simple home remedy for itchy scalp please?
What's the difference between your arrse and your elbow?
How to Stop A Partner Snoring...?
what best deodorant or antiperspirant?
Could my nose be broken?
Is my cheekbone broken?
Lump that won't go away, what could it be?
who can help me with my toe?
I think I have torn a muscle, what should I do?
Metatarsal bone question?
pain above my knee and subluxation of my patella?
can i ask my orthopedic for a smaller cast than i do now?
fell on knee: when to go to doc?
What could be wrong with my finger?
How to get rid of ingrown toenail before it starts forming?
Is it possible to have a tendon get caught on bone?
What's wrong with my ankle?
how to make my side from stop hurting?
sprained wrist wat should i do?
Hit my head and now have an indentation.?
had my 2nd concussion today within 2 months should i be worried>?
Does the thought of death scare you or alleviate you?
Question about this Phobia/Disorder?
What exactly are anxiety attacks?
I am depressed and really want to talk to friends about how I feel but how do I make them understand?
How does a spouse help their spouse with depression?
How many alcohol and drug related death occurs each year in the USA?
Have you ever been led on by SSI SSD representative?
Tough time with money, depression, Life?
What should I do? I still feel inadequate?
Seriouis anger issues?
What do you think is happening now in the U.S. Do u think we are going to go through depression?
Is it weird that when I'm upset...?
Panic Attacks and Halloween Horror Nights?
chronic self-doubt.............?
what is wrong with me?
How do you know if you are mentally suppressed?
sun lamp or vitamin D for seasonal depression?
Free or Cheap Professional Anger Management Counseling in LA Area?
wellbutrin side effects?
Vomiting only in Morning?
how do i get rid of this pain and what kind of plant was it?
Back Pain When I sleep? Help?
my toe hurts!! help please!! this is serious~~?
Will I be taking on too may commitments?
Is it normal for a person with epilepsy to....?
how do i reply to people who have replied to my question?
my partners bad breath in the morning!!?
Why is my urine bright yellow?
Can Multiple Sclerosis effect a person mentally as well as physically?
Tinnitus Help?
my son 6 years old fall on his back and since that time his his eyes is continuously flickering ?
Are We Drinking Bacteria free Water?
I have like black eyes perminantly?
i have been diagnosed as having crohns disease?
people with Downs Syndrome?
do i have food poisoning?
I did a wee sample and have blood and protein in urine - is this very bad? Also doing blood glucose test?
Why am i coughing? and how can i stop?
breast biopsy checking calcification spots in the left one.?
Is having no appetite common with an external ear infection (Otitis Externa)?
how to remove bad sinus?
i keep smelling smoke what is wrong with me?
Sore Throat Remedy?!?
Who has sleep apnea? Are you always tired?
did my deviated septum surgery work?
Breath-holding spells?
What's the best way to add humidity to air from a tank meant for breathing?
stop breathing when im about to fall asleep and wake up with intense breathing like theres holes in my lungs?
I believe I have a bacterial URI?
what can I do for a scratchy throat and dry cough?
what is the part affected during you have colds?
Can't breathe properly, dizzy in shower?
what is causing all of these symptoms?
my sun consure started throwing up clear flem and is having a hard time breathing please help!?
can 1 ct scan of the abdomen cause any damage to much radiation?
Strange lump appeared on upper lip?
Unusual Rash problem......................?
what is graves disease?
whats the best treatment for athletes foot?
What Causes Cholesterol , Sugar & High,Low BP ??? The COmplete INformation On How It Happens ?
I have a really sore throat :(?
function of transudate?
I'm a 15 year old girl, and I've found a lump?
where can i get duadopa treatment?
i have red dots on my leg what could they be?
Best medication for bites?
What can i do to get rid off/stop getting spots/blackheads?
How has it been proved that Agent Orange caused birth defects?
what causes abscesses on the body is there any way to prevent them?
What is the use of lodosorb Ointment?
i am trying to find, a derilogical hospital that only deals in skin rashes.sue?
Sunburn on scalp, next day yellow puss weeping from tiny blisters on scalp what is it? do i need a doctor??
Can anyone tell me the side effects of using drugs whilst on Ceftibuten?
We've had lice in our hair for over a month...what do we do?
possible migralepsy in 14 year old?
Is sleeping on your side bad for your back?
This week got told have low salt levels were my level was about 124 but gone back up to 130 what causes this?
How would you design a surgical waiting room at your hospital?
What happens if you drink water that contains natural gas?
looking at myself in the mirror my right side is wider from neck to shoulder then my left is this okay?
I need help, the best advice that could be offered?
how can I tread heartburn, dyspepsia, and belching caused by energy drinks?
Tired 24/7 pleeeaaaasssseeee help!!!!!!!!?
how long does it take for a dislocated knee to heal?
Tiny black dot on the white part of my left eye?
puedo llevar lentillas sin necesidad,solo para cambiar el color,y que no me afecte el ojo?
Can parents, one A positive, the other AB positive, have a baby whose blood type is A negative?
I'm itchy all over. My scalp, skin...everywhere...what could this be?
wher can i get Temazepam(Restoril) 20 mg without a g.p's prescription?
Hair colour?
What is the deal with caffeine?
i have terrible smelly wind every single day without fail,what can i take to get rid of it?
when is my sciatica gonna be better?
I have 20/20 vision?
i scratch a mole on my back and it started to bleed will anything bad happen?
Why the long wait?
How can I slow down the affects of alcohol in body when drinking?
What effect will i have if i TRY some cannabis and will i have long term effects?
I got stretch maks on the tops of my thighs, how do i get rid of them?
Why does your nose itch?
Does jumping or hanging make you taller?
how do you get rid of spots quickly?
what's good for anxiety?
can you show me exercises that help me grow taller?
What makes you chafe?
My outlook on life?
HELP my dentist wants to break my jaw ?!?
ways of improving eye sight?
How many beads do I need to go down to to get off of Effexor?
how do you make a chi ball!!!!?
Is there a name for this phenomena occurring during sleep?Details below...?
How do you force yourself to enjoy something?
more issues with my ankle?
got slapped really hard in the upper part of my arm close to shoulder?
What can I do to releive/treat my ankle tendonitis?
Elbow tendonitis cure?
What have I done to my arm?
elbow tendonitis still after a month rest?
Why did the cop make me put my hands up and get on my knees and then behind my head?
im having pain in the lower part of my left lung and left shoulder?
I hit my toe and have a problem now- read description!?
Football Hip Injury Help?
I fell down the stairs I think somethings wrong?
swollen foot with bruised big toe?
seizure question?! PLEASE please answer or help me?
Foot problem. Something serious or no ? Help me please. (:?
What are sore spots on muscles?
when your legs are swollen?
Settle a dispute please?
can lymph nodes become swollen and then stop being swollen after a while?
i have a depressed immune system and want to pep it up myself without visiting the doctors. What can i do?
Doctors cant find out what is wrong with me? weight loss, lost appetite and unwell?
i am terrified i dnt no wot to do?
what causes dizziness in a man?
do i have hemorrhoids ( Ew i know D: )?
Do fatty foods oil you're joints as my father would say?
Under Active Thyroid Question ?
iam 17 and i have headache for one year please help?
when people die from a smoking related disease should the coroner.......?
burning ears, HELP!?
septum deviation surgery?
i need an antibiotics,does moxyvit forte 500 could help?
How does the acne remove?
What is your skin type?
How can I manage or get rid of the hard, peeling skin on my feet?
does being overweight increase your chances of having high blood pressure?
ive picked my wart....?
Parkinsons disease specialists in south east?
what is wrong with me any doctors or nurses please answer?
sle please help got swelling on all body..?
are there any diseases/illness that are caused by drugs that can be cured by transplant?
When can I start doing normal things again after Glandular fever?
a bacterium called chry. indologenesis and its implications for health?
TB/Polio vaccines, are they really for life?
Is pnuemonia contagious....?
My wrists are cold most of the time, even in summer, I use heaters freq., why is that?can that be treated?
public health and cultures?
is it rearly dangerous fairy power spray or is someone playing silly beggers?
I was told I have asthma and I am trying to force deep breaths and have a bad cough. I used a peak flow meter?
swelling or puffiness around ear, spreading to cheek and below eye. similar to insect bite allergy?
What am I allergic to, also is my cut infected?
Nose issues!? Is it bad to crack it sideways??!!?
Twitching during sleep?
Bottoms of my fingers turn blue like ink?
feeling tired all the time?
Would a sip of wine show up in an ETG 47 hours later?
what do you think it is?
What causes constant dizziness?
why do i go to sleep late, and wake up really early?
Why does my knee crack ever since I hurt it?
A Caregiver in a Nursing home or A Home?
Sore throat and really bad taste in my mouth.?
I keep yawning but am not tired?
Can someone explain to me what and DO is?
If you give an alcoholic a new liver...?
Are black&milds worse for u if u inhale?
Have I got a muscular sprain or is it something else?
experiencing, ears popping, falling asleep legs, and muscle spasms, ?
Way to get rid of hiccups?
if when a child sits on your lap,, and then you stand up,, where does your lap go?
Exempt from drug testing at work?
I s hit the bed last night, what do u think of that?
why can't you sneeze with your eyes open?
Major problems with constipation?
how to lighten your complexion?
Changing of the weather causes nosebleeds?!?!?
spot troubles?
How can I wake myself up?
I was just wondering where your splean is?
How many times do you sneeze?
doctors, nurses, and people who work in chemists/drugstores please help? or anybody !!!?
does giving up chocolate have any side affects?
Do blondes have blonde pubes?
Should you sleep with your chin over or under the duvet?
Excessive drinking.?
Is this normal?
help .... spots!!!?
What's worse: bad breath or bad B.O?
very sick!!?
whenever i wear my contact lenses my eyes gradually turn red!?
Am i on my way to a eating disorder?
Self Therapy References Online?
Boyfriend is Depressed?? Its affecting our relationship, what do i do?? HELP?? =(?
withdrawal from antidepressant or something else?
I was taking off Klonopin aug 8 because it seemed to be depressing me and making me feel sick like it was all ?
How does clonazepan compare to ativan?
How to help my Panic Attacks?
Panick attack help!!!!?
Kind of depressed....?
what kinds of food help tackle depression?
I have asthma, a low cortisol level and have been on Prednisone for 33 years.?
what is a horses vital signs AT WORK?
chronic bronchitis? help please?
breathing problem i need help :S?
Quick question about x-ray?
Shortness of breath. Feeling that no air is passing through the throat into lungs?
what is the name of the iv drip that starts with the letter p?
My 17month old drank some non toxic bubble solution?
???????????what is pcp what does it do to u???
i recently found out that my kidneys are backed up what can i exspect and what treatments?
How bad does a chest piece hurt?
i went swimming today, what happenes to the water in my lungs? where does it go?
What is the best medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Help with my Carbon Monoxide alarm?
Why do you think vital signs vary constantly?
questions about chest left pains?
can't straighten my finger!?
I'm not sure if i had a minor concussion...?
how to know if i have a broken nose?
tfcc sprain, still hurts?
why does my right ankle swell at the end of every day?
Should I get a re-cast?
How to fix Posterior Tibial Tendonitis?
So I cut my index finger to the bone while cutting ribs..I went to the doctors and I got prescribed 1000mg?
MY CHEST HURTS bad. like REALLY bad?
nerve impingement treatment?
skin and moles removal from USA?
Will a doctor give me a prescription for a mild case of acne?
Nose problems. Posted earlier but am trying again!!?
what are the causes, symptoms and treatments of Huntington's disease?
Can you get chicken pox twice?
I have labyrinthitis...?
Armpit lump, what could be the problem?
Do I Have Blood Poisioning/Ink Posioning?
1 yr old legs giving way, lack of balance and 1 leg seems longer than the other?
my dad just benn discharged from hospital died 2hours later colaps lung, can i get his medical records?
I have one kidney?
wot damage can cannabis cause to you bode?
where can iget a liver funstion test?
Mri scan appointment?
i took 10 ibuprofen last night and now i feel really ill?
What is ME the medical term?
why do i keep going to the toilet?
My poor girlfriend Is poorly - advice please?
my son is nearly 3 he keeps pooing his pants what should i do?
my doctor has diagnosed me with depression can i get disability benefits?
Is my friend bulimic?
Kidney Stones?
panic atacks and heart health?
I have an irregular heartbeat?
T Cells (immune response)?
What good and bad bacterias are there?
what are the three different types of measles that you can get?
can hernia be detected in an executive checkup?
Central venous catheter infections?
Has anyone considered building up the Immune System with high proteins for HIV patients?
Does wearing a brace ruin your joints in the long run?
Am I going to die tomorrow?
Deterioated disk in my mom's neck.. please read.?
I'll be very happy with a size 10 foot whatever it takes.?
Do particular vodkas contain wheat? (Coeliac)?
Can someone get sick from certain smells?
treats swallowing whole?
lately its been hard to breath after exercising and i dont know if its allergies or asthma i have smoked weed?
Am I allergic to watermelon Cantoloup and bananas?
Are there any organisations in the U.S that would sponsor someone from the caribbean with health issues?
sweating problem, i oversweat so much.. help?
How to not be as tired?
Where can I find a free clinic in South Florida?
How many hours of sleep do you need to get rid of baggs under your eye?
On my eyesight i got a 20 out of 200. I could only see the big E! Is that bad?
Which one should I buy: A memory foam mattress or a regular firm mattress+a memory foam mattress topper?
I get plenty of sleep but I tend to black out and still be aware of my surroundings.?
In your own words explain one way that genetics affect puberty?
Does Anyone know about veins?
plz help!!! over the last few days, i have ben feeling really dizzy, and yesterday i got a really bad headache?
What is wrong with me?
White spotted vision, dizziness, sweating.?
Can I transfer my Adderall prescription between doctors?
Has Biotin worked for anyone else?
why is it important for a medical coder to reveiw documentation throughly for most integumentary procedures?
what r legal duties of publicly and privately owned hospitals to maintain emergency services?
any bi-polar out there?!?!?
Do you think I made a mistake telling some of my coworkers I was on ADD Medicane?
i cant beat my pop addiction help?
Mind, thoughts, another state of mind (help please?)?
All Klonopin users please answer?
I need to release some stress off of me,and I cant.Any advice on how I can?
seroquel and sleeping excess?
anxiety help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is mental health, what are the characteristics, behavior, and abilities of someone mentally healthy?
does anyone has a good advice for someone who has quite bad ocd?
ever look at an object and it looks as if its a mile away?
mapsfjvybkbdcmgfccd nnnnvbnnnv,mb?
My mind has gone to pieces!!!! PLZ HELP??!!!?
Can someone recover from their eating disorder on their own, or is professional help always necessary?
About anxiety and depersonalization.?
my foot gets stuck in this position?
Eye floaters blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah?
What did I do to my ankle?
what's wrong with my nose?
What Drugs Have You Taken ,How Old Was You And Wat Was It Like?
i have little white worms?
I'm ill and I have to stay of school for a while what can I do to entertain myself?
My pee smells weird.....kind of like ham!!!!?
i have a really really bad cough whats the strongest and best medicine for it?
Weird Toungue :S !?
why when your turning grey?
If a website was asking for a penny for a good cause would you cough up?
Why do i feel tired after 12 hours of sleep?
what to do with prolonged nosebleeds ?
Am I short for my age? ?
Strong coffee gives me a really bad stomach ache, Why?
How does speed make people lose weight?
i know it sounds weird but...?
Phobia of feet??? help?
Mozzie bites in the UK?
why sneeze?
Why can't I stop sneezing?
Why do I feel so weak when I wake up?
what happened to me the other night please help!!!?
Smoking and smokers cough?
is it normal to get a cough after a cold? and...?
Restrictive Lung Disease?
Burning smell at night, can't smell it during the day?
fluid in left ear and nose bleeding?
Why do I have so much gas and bloating with a cold/sinus infection?
Rotting food and other disgusting smells--- chronic fatigue?
What caues blood in your mucus.?
My grandmas house had an infestation of mice... READ MORE?
whats wrong with my throat?
Cough in one year old with chronic ear infections.?
Am i in trouble? vicodin and cough syrup?
Can you work out your chest on Sunday if you worked it out on Friday ?
Please help! Constant dry cough that has lasted over a year?
Need Help Panic Attack And Now I'm Really Sick And Nervous?
side affects from flamaldehyde?
Why do people throw up from smoking?
Are two anomolies on 20week ultrasound serious?
For the last two months my bowel movement has changed.?
Sometimes when im sleeping I can't wake myself up, and i panic. What is it?
Do i have an eating disorder?
i have a recurring sore throat and antibiotics havent really worked so my gp has asked for a full blood count
why is my friend fainting?
can someone tell me if they know what is ment by being a blue baby when you are born and what causes it?
how does SHINGLES start in adults?
Symptoms of dehydration?
is this normal ?
symptoms from flu jabs?
Kidney needed - End stage URGENT?
Why do I always get dizzy spells?
simvastatin 40mg any one else on this tablet?
why do people when they get old start to smell fusty? Have noticed that even home smells like this, why?
help please!!!! my hamstring....competition what do i do??
Left Atrial mass???????????
Is my blood pressure in good health?
if you already had a cranial aneurysm, can you have another one?
Unknown cause of chest pain?
What are heart attack symptoms?
why has my heart been beating fast this whole day?
SOS.. chest pains and some...?
What is the treatment option for Sinus bradycardia post AWMI Holter done ..resting heart rate 23 at mimn?
i had blood clots now have varicose veins anything to help with them im only 25?
Is my heart too strong?
mebeverine fybrogel?
can my child get measles if they have had the MMR?
what is the shortened version of dipara-amino-phenylsulphone, a drug once used to treat leprosy?
Am I allergic to bananas + dates?
Why can't you nail them?
Help, any tips for spotty skin?? ?
I have itchy red bumps all over my stomach?
Blocked nose and phlegm?
During a spasm is it normal for eyes to roll back into the head?
I keep getting headaches and they're not going away?
i have a chest pain it feels like someone punched me but no one did when i breath in it hurts when i bend down?
how to stretch my back?
When I run, my right shoulder always hurts? Is something messed up with it? Help plz.?
Do I have carpal tunnel?
My wrist has been hurting on and off? Why?
stinging pain near appendix and kidney?
sore knees ??.........?
constant ear pain!!!!!!!!?
i took one dose of pain killer ip 132 for my ankle, am i ok to drink tonight?
what is past life therapy?
Why do I feel this way? could it be my depression again?
Adderal side effects?
16 and slowly turning introverted?
Generalized Anxiety Disorder ?
A little HELP, I'm addicted?
how do you wean yourself from presciptiiondrugs>?
im on efferox xl..on my 3rd day......??
question on addiction?
essay on ADDICTION.. help plz?
I am a aspie is there any support centres?
Schizoid Personality Disorder & Mental Health Act?
Anybody here suffer from schizophrenia, like me?
convince parents you NEED ADD meds?
hi im 18 years old and in the evenings iv been feeling really dizzy, feint and sick?
hi, I am working on nursing care plan, and I need 3 problems for orthopedic person?
Why do I need to visit my PCP to get a referral?
how can i find best pediatrician in hartford?
What is the best Solution of bowl Cleaning.?
What is colloidal oatmeal and how does it soften skin?
I have a headache. But its not a normal headache...?
what causes rectum itch?
What is wrong with me?
Can antibiotics make your ears and throat itch?
i feel like a always have to crack my ankles, expecially my left one. i constantly crack them. whyy? helppp!?
In desperate need of information please!!!?
Anal leakage or sweat?
Why when my boyfriend fingers me it's like TOO much pressure that I can't keep doing it?
what to do bout chapped lips?
What is wrong with my toes?
why do i get pain in my shins after walking for a small while?
please tell me i have a mole in the middle of my chest?
head lice nits?
Who else feels depressed with the bad weather we have had all week?
why is it when somebody yawns it makes me yawn aswell?
I have woken up with a cold this morning. How can i get rid of it quickly?
What did I do to my ankle, and what kind of shoes should I wear to walk around campus tomorrow?
How long to broken toes take to heal?
Can the inside ball of my ankle be broken?
why does plucking my nostril hair make me sneeze with alarming ferocity?
What is Anxiety?
Where can i purchase a foot splint?
possible injured UCL/elbow?
could i have pulled a muscle in my knee?
Knee brace for Torn Ligament?
I have pain in my shoulder but i can't make sence of what caused it and what type of injury is it?
I fell of a 35ft bridge and landed side ways on my ear. Lost my sense of balance , ear hurts, is it busted?
is my hand broken or just hurt?
A few months ago I received a pennicillin shot in the arm that was extreamly painful at the time.?
Concussion boredom issue?
Is my ankle broken or sprained?
back problems and headaches?
does anyone know of a herbal sleeping which is ok to take when i have been drinking?
Hayfever-The best way to clear it?
How can I stop my glasses hurting the back of my ears?
Hernia surgery around three years ago?
Annoyed with lower back!?
Knee always sore, and when I sit in a certain position it pops out?
Why am I always like this?
I stubbed my BIG TOE several times. Please HELP!?
Is it possible to internally open a cut that has healed on the outside?
Something wrong with my big toe!?
my foot keeps going purple and i have a swollen ankle?
Impact Knee Injury Advice?
i feel like my throat is being constricted. it only happens when im travelling by air.?
Coughing Up Mucus and vomiting.?
Lemonade causes mucus secretion?
My 30 year old daughter has been running a fever of 102 for the past three days. Her fever drops to around?
What can I do around the house since I have Rheumatoid Arthrtis?
Heat exhaustion statistics ?
Hi everyone I had a question about SVT Does anyone have it and if so what are your symptoms?
why does the blood from my mensrtual cycle not clot anymore? Stress?
I'm 12 And 254 pounds !?
Very worried please help!!!?
Is this a heart problem? Should I be worried?
Have you ever had surgery?
is there a possiblity of cardiac arrest by quitting cold turkey?
can you get paranoid after consuming caffeine?
What could be wrong with my grandmother? BP: 96/53, high heart rate, history of A-Fib & fluid around the heart?
If I had a blood clot once, what will happen if I get it a second time?
why does my arm keep twitching?
Whats a sedation like? Scared..?
I've had some serious pains?
What's wrong with my knees?
what can cause constant pain in your upper leg and groin areas?
Back pain! help PLEASE!?
Why do i feel needles and spikes on my back?
Is taking an airbag to the chest healthy?
side pain problem ?
My dog is suffering terribly with allergies, itching and scratching?
Tell me about venereal diseases, how they start, their treatment?
I know i'm depressed...?
suicide question. might seem kinda weird?
how long would it take for lexapro to completely leaven fr your system after being on it 8 months?
Possible Alzheimers?
what are the side effects on people who come in contact with a biological waste?
do i suffer from depression?
how i will protect myself from a patient with mental problems?
My psych wants to admit me to an eating disorders unit... even though my weight is nowhere near underweight!?
Halo!my mother has been sick for almost 12 years with some kind of stroke.she cannot manage by herself.help?
Good vitamins for Depression/Mood?
How short does hair have to be for lice to go away?
Can I go to the Doctors on my own at the age of 15?
can you use psyllium to clean your system of weed?
How much does healthcare cost in Venezuela?
Getting off Ambien? No sleep last?
Advice on a life changing medication?
Ok all of a sudden my fingers are falling asleep for almost everything i do. help.?
Racing thoughts?! Help me!?
Yesterday I tried to take out my contact but it wouldn't come out.?
what can i do about my sleep walking and sleep talking child?
Why do my hands shake?
How much does a CNA make in a year's span?
Can teens as young as twelve years old take Centrum chewable's ?
how many cigges have you had this morn with your morningcuppa?
Really Personal question?
WHY, when sunbathing are legs ALWAYS the last place to go brown?
what is the approximate temperature for a person with a fever?
Do head lice cause anaemia????????
Snoring, how to stop it?
My daughter needs help and advice.?
why do i always sneeze when i eat polo mints??
i think im addicted to dihydrocodiene, what can i do?
my sore throat?
Which famous person...?
Im trying to give up smoking, help meeeeeeeeeeee its driving me madddddddd?
why would anyone?
why do i sneeze about 5 times when i wake up? every moring?
4 year olds heart beat - very fast. Doctors, nurses please..?
What would you do to stop a friend smoking?
Does anyone know if you can still get tonsilitis after you have had your tonsils removed?
How to make your vein's stick out in your arms?
Why cant i swallow food?
can mp3s damage your hearing?
I have been sick 3 times now and i hate the feeling can anyone...?
how to get rid of an eye twitch?
Heavy school bag?
Nauseous at school. ?
can pain pills ease hunger?
Pain in left side of chest ?
Does any one know of some plastic surgery sites and sergeons i should know in order to do some research? ?
Bruised and swollen hand?
I always control my breathing?
I need help...chest pains...?!?
i got a rash on my upper lips after i hair removed it with hair removal cream plz helpp its very bad?
I have just had the results of my Thyroid Function test. The TSH is 6.5 and the T4 is 19.5.?
can i check the degree of my contact lenses in the eye shop?
Which do you prefer? or which is less likely to cause someone to wonder what happened to my eye?
could anybody tell me what melanomas?
How do you get rid of a recurring Pyogenic Granuloma that has caused Osteomylitis and amputation of a big toe?
Does anyone know any good remedies for dermatis?
How can I reduce puffy eyes and face?
I am 30 years old.Can i use the the home peeling for my problem skin?
where should i keep my neti pot?
why dosnt my eyes get red?
My heart feels like it makes a slight flutter before I burp?
Why would a healthy 19 y/o male suddenly be diagnosed with hypertension?
My heart hurts and i can't catch my breath?!?
is atenolol right for extraventricular arrhitmia ?
Heart transplant news from Freeman Hospital New Castle?
My heart is beating weird ..help?
I have an irregular heart beat can I still join the Militar?
Chest Pain when dancing?
Does anyone know much about super 7 hi-potency probiotic tablets?
Does any one know of any alternative treatments for type 2 diabetes?
where is the best place to buy kratom from?
function of transudate?
Calcium channel blockers reduce the influx of calcium ions it the heart muscles and thus reduce cardiac output?
I have psorisas does anyone have any tips on how to treat it?
allergies itchy red neck chin and face?
Cure for stomatitis aphtosa?
Can you tell me how you remember to take medicine?
Fluoxetine side effects are the same as what I am being treated for?
nightmares won't go away. help?
mental illness? manchausen?
Why do people kill themselves?
When will this depression go away? =/?
how do i get over my anxiety and depression?
Possible cure for depression?
How do you get rid of chronic depression?
in the movie "Stranger than Fiction" what mental disorder did Will Ferrel have?
Took Klonopin for two weeks...?
What is the best way to relieve really bad sunburn?
Eye Pain in the morning?
Haven't smoked weed in 38 days except one bong hit on day 11. Am I clean now?
When doctors describe patients in letters to other doctors, what do they really mean? (more info)?
Sharp shooting pain in upper back, right side, near shoulder blade?
my elbow cracks every time i do chin-ups?
Need ideas to help people quit smoking (for 24 hrs anyways) for American Smokeout Day 11/18?
Is a registered nurse salary high in canada?
Jus quit biting nails for 6 months?
Indigestion wakes me up every night.?
What exactly, if anything does milk do for you when you're intoxicated?
Donated blood, now showing these symptoms?
can anyone please help me?!?!?! severe problem!?
The sides of my neck are swollen and it hurts bad when i bend over?
just show me proper work on a spreed sheet learner?
is something wrong with me?
is picolax and duculax same medicine?
My husband was taken into hospital on Friday and told he has Atypical penumonia probabe causeby Psitticosis?
what are the health risks from feral pigeon droppings?
can i drink alcohol whilst taking prednisolone tablets?
Does anyone know any household cures for nose infections?
best way to lose weight around my stomach...?
I think I have a drug problem. I am desparate to get off the weed. When I try I get agitated and depressed.?
I love having my feet massaged, is there any device that could do it for me?
Can you drink alcohol while on antibiotics (Amoxicillin)?
when i sneeze i do so in a quick fire of group of between 4-8 at a time. why so many in quick succession?
Whats the difference between a europeen girl en phillipine girl?
How the heck do old people shrink?? surely this is physically impossible???
Ear infection PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!?
my rottwieler lab mix 8year old male has a wet cough with foamy vomit and an eye infections?
How much do ear piercings hurt ?
If we can ban advertising for drink and cigarettes because they damage our health?
Im having minor Chest Pain? help?
had my first ever wet dream last night - supposed to be white? it was red WTF?
Im scared of dieing is that normal?
Feeling Sick -- What do I have?
What is insomnia & how do you know if you have it?
What are good ways to reduce stress?
why when you sleep longer to you feel more tired?
i am taking prednisolone tablets at the moment but they make me feel shaky and a headache and tired is this ok
4 hour rule in A&E - do patients really receive the best care this way?
Is there any health hazard with white smoke coming out from window a/c ?
If we are supposed to be bare-foot, why does it hurt so much when we stub our toes?
Can I use my Symbicort Inhaler after the 120 doses are finished?
Where are the common places people miss when washing their hands?
what does hydrocotizone do?
I have been on Advair for my asthma?
going on a plane with a cough?
when a GS is in heat, does she lose her appetite?
I woke up this moring to my daughter eating black moldy applesauce she hid.?
How can I tell if mold is effecting my health?
any doctors here need help got bronchitis for over a month?
y did he stop breathing?
steroids where can I buy them?
Is this a bad problem?
What should I do about my leg?
how to calm down an ear ache from sinuses?
my back and neck is sore my head hurts my ear feels clogged what should i do?
Odd question... Double Jointed?? Dislocation?
Recent blood test showed that I had excess Iron , is it ok ?
i noe cracking nuckles is not good...?
I got bit my something and it HURTS?
I was stabbed with a pencil when I was a child (accidentally) and it left a black dot in my skin.?
in grown toe nail, had surgery now i can barely walk?
How do I remover a scar?
Should i get a ankle or knee brace for basketball?
Broke both hips in Nicaragua, 2 yrs. ago still can't walk, daily pain . Medical denied, Help pls?
Clicking above knee (in the quads, above knee)?
Why is my shoulder hurting?
Does it hurt to get your nose done?
Head and neck pain in the back of my head for two weeks, I'm scared somethings damaged help!?
Any help with my ankle please?
Is it bad if you had a concussion before and you get hit in the head hard a few months after?
Pain in Left knee sudden but have previous injury to same knee... help please?
Is it bad to take a splint off to shower?
is my finger stoved or dislocated?
How do I fake an injury?
My finger is swollen, but it is more the bone that is swollen, any idea what's wrong?
Is high potassium dangerous?