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Is Addiction a disease?
Why is my poo orange?
Does anyone have or has had acid reflux? If so, did you have nausea with it, especially early in the day?
please help with these symptoms...?
what medication is given to somone with rheumatoid arthritis?
what are couses of HIV/AIDS?
why has the superbug mrsa only been around for the past few years? i mean years ago it was never heard of?
Help! I think i am currently having a seizure.?
How Many People Suffer From Any Form of Insomnia ?
I'm 15, can i go to the Doctors alone? (UK)?
My mum's threatening to take me to the doctors because I'm not eating as much help?
what eating disorder does this sound like?
How dangerous is a full knee replacement op?
if a normally sighted person goes blind what colour do they see? complete darkness or white?
I think I may have gall bladder disease. They found one gall stone and I keep feeling sick, bloated?
Air filter HEPA with or without carbon?
Congestion Question?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I think that I may have had a Heart Attack during the night, still feeling pain on left side,?
How can I reduce this fever?
xshould you go to school if you have a cold?
The palm area under my first finger is swollen and bruised, why?
Can anyone share thier information on BELLYBUTTONS?
what is popping?
Is it true that if you put sugar in your socks, you'll get a fever?
How many x-rays can you have before the radiation becomes a danger?
What to do about sore throat?
I still have a buzzing in my ears and its been 22 hours since I left the club which started it. Is it normal?
I am 14 and i have a line of dark hair on my stomach like a snail trail and i am girl wat can i do it is soooo
I have man-flu. What do I do?
PAIN RELIEF~~Can anyone please give me the name of a really good strong prescription painkiller. I have used
feel ill after a sleep in?
i got drunk yesterday and now im worried?
what can i do?
why do doctors call what they do practise?
I get a strange continuous ringing sound in my ear sometimes?
Do I have early signs of pneumonia or is just a cold?
What does it mean to have little white dots under your fingernails?
i'm losing my?
are guide dogs allowed in the room whilst a client is having a full body massage?
Infected piercing :(?
Why do I get paranoid when I smoke weed now?
Is stammering is a disability?
Can any one tell me how long does cocaine stays in your system?
Why does it feel really nice to scratch Athletes Foot with sandpaper?
Everyday break outs .Please help.?
How can i get rid of my mosquito bite scars on my arms?
Does anyone know any remedies for heat rash?
Today I have blotchy purply legs like a baby. What does this signify?
How is the best way to get rid of warts on your fingers and toes? Where do warts come from and can they spread?
what is it? chicken pox? just a reaction? WHATT!?
Any good cream that helps to clear up scars?
what doea disease mean?
ive had a mole near my mouth for a few years, just recently it has raised out an started hurtin....ADVICE PLZ?
changes to the epidermis caused by hormonal conditions?
Whats the difference between a wart and a skin tag? im confused now :S?
why are teenagers more prone to spots?
Treatment for facial wrinkles?
how does a 16 yr old develop a blood clot?
is my albuterol making my bronchitis worse?
Is asthma and the proper documentation enough to get me discharge to any degree?
How do you get rid of a swollen cheek caused by an abscess?
itchy red bumps 2-3 days after shaving?
how do I strengthen my weak immune system?
Its considered to be an advantage to have lungs with increased capacity ,because with increased capacity?
is a bunion skin or bone and how do i get rid of it ?
Is this normal? Please help?
i have a chest pain thing ?
what exactly causes sharp pains in a persons chest?
Where can i get help about the mold in my workplace??? Please help!!!!?
Where can I buy a oxygen tent for my cat?
Ok, the weather is changing yet again, and I am sneezing so much, more so than a cough or wheezing.?
phlegm on throat on my 3 year old baby?
Doctor Nurse GP? Any help would be lovely.?
hemoglobin was 7.3 the following day i had it check and i was dehydrated and my hemoglobin was high?
How do I know if i have a cold and not whooping cough?
I have vomiting problems?
Heartbeat Thumping in my head?
Shortness of breath. Can anyone help?
is kerosene heater safe for indoors?
whenever i get a cold i can never get over the cough, and I will coug for weeks. why?
How are surgical blades sharpened?
Is this a good letter for quitting my job in the PO?
I have a pain that originally started in my armpit but now its mostly all down my left arm. ?
Should the mental health and alternative medicine sections be merged?
I have had very flat feet and have recently started have hip and back pain. Is it time to seek out a doctor?
Please help me if you can?
I have constent "Charlie Horses" from my hips down sometimes in my hands? What is wrong?
Is it ok to take Midol before an endoscopy?
dunno what is wrong with my neck :S?
Have been taking tylenol w/codeine for post op shoulder/back pain. thinks it's now causing constipation. what?
should i go back to the doctor for my knee?
i ate a sub earlier and all of a sudden i got hot and threw everything up should i go to the hospital?
I did something very strange to my knee?
i have very tiny head pains, could it be serious?
Will I die? Theoretically, if i accidentally took 17 diazapam tablets.?
It's getting bigger on the back of my head?
I'm having unusual knee pain with symptoms that don't seem to match any injuries I can find.?
i have a stabbing pain on and off through out the day in right side?
My calf muscle in my leg hurts. Why?
Shoulders are really knotted?
what causes severe muscle pains and stiffness in both calves that only occure when walking?
Any help? My mom is..?
Can eggs cause migraines?
what color should i get my cast?
what to do with kneecap!!!?
Please share your ankle sprained experiences?
why does my back hurt?
lower backache - how to recover?
broken ankle?? help??? ah?
My foot still hurting...?
Its hard to bend my knee. Help?
i have torn ligaments and tendons in my foot nearly 3 years ago, its flaired back up, what do i do?
Ahh, how do I help my ankle?
I'm going to get ACL reconstruction surgery soon...?
REALLY bad pain in shoulder blade. Please help!?
Treatment options for "Osgood–Schlatter disease"?
Should I be concerned about pain here?
What could I have done to my back?
Is my toe broken? What do you think?
Large reddish warm bruise?
Dislocated/Separated shoulder symptoms?
what do you think about drugs?
What's a good way to release my stress?
Antidepressants/adhd medications that don't contain SEROTONIN?? Please Help!!?
I think I have an anxiety problem, what's going on?
How much cocaine you need to over dose?
how can i stop from having panic attacks i take meds but i want to do it with them ?
Im afraid to talk. What should I do. Its really crippling me.?
advice on relationship with crazy mother... ?
Do you think I am being paranoid?
Back to school please help me?
Do I hae anxiety and/or depression?
What is your thought on ghosts?
I cant breahte through my nose, may have something to do wtih nasal spray?
I have a purple bruise on my right breast, there is no plausible for me getting this bruise, what could it be?
How would you survive (zomibies) if 28 days later was real?
How to relieve the symptoms of flu?
What is TB of intestines..Is it contageous?
Should i go to the Doctor?
Vertigo headache and nausea? ?
Leg Pains , What is it?
Strange chest pain on right side?
Sharp Pain behind my knee?
My ears keep crackling and itching...?
weird feeling in my throat that makes me wana thrwo up?
huge lump on skull appeared when i woke yesterday?
I need a doctors opinion, my father just had cataract surgery and has been having headaches for a week.?
i have a pain can anyone tell me what it is.it hurts and i want to know if its worth the docter visit?
My hip's been hurting for 2 years straight. No relief. What's wrong?
bruised tailbone pain...way after the injury?
What is the difference between typhuus and typhoid?
Any more information on the Panton-Valentine Leukocidin MRSA infection?
Cold Sore Patches?
Is anyone else feeling ill?
Urinary tract infection (male)?
I am having trouble breathing could it be due to the air quality in my apartment?
Hey how did my asthma go away for good?
How long does inderal works?
I have a cough and when I breathe it sounds like a squeaky door when I breathe?
Why does my daughter get a sinus infection every time she gets sick?
Docter says I have thick blood, how to make thinner?
endoscopic sinus surgery.?
what over the counter med can I take for excess mucus in my throat?
can having a cold give you bad breath?
had a sinus infection...now developed a cough about 4 or 5 days later?
What's wrong with my lungs/chest?
Can an on going ear infection cause...?
My nose bleeds every time i take a shower what could be the problem?
is taking lentils atleast once a day harmful?
Can an allergy to grass pollen cause heavy amounts of phlegm in your throat?
Am I allergic to milk?
Do I need talk therapy with medication.?
How can I keep from zoning people out?
how long does the fluoxetine increase take to work?
Depression, and its different forms?
Hi,this is really hard for me to say, but i am 17 years old and have imaginary friends.?
stopping anti- deppression meds?
Does anyone else feel like this?
Drug ratings & experiences?
REM sleep loss = memory loss?
Do you think this is normal?
Am I having a panic attack?
Whats wrong with me!!!!!?
How long can you live with Alzheimer?
Why can my rib move, any suggestions?
how much force does it take to break your neck?
What happens if you have a double jointed shoulder?
cant lift up front toes?
ow my eye hurts come look quick! please?
whats causing my knee pain? could this injury have caused it?
should i go back to see this doctor?
sore ankle/foot what is it?
What could I do to help heal my bruised palm?
Hit in the head while asleep?!?
How to prevent a scar?
Treatment of dandruf in hairs... For a girl..?
I have a small lump on my eyebrow??
Is my ankle popped out?
Have lower right back injury - Vicodin Makes Me Sick?
Has anyone tryed Proactive?
Is it possible to repair a 7 years old flexor tendon here in the Philippines?
how much would getting a hand surgery cost in the Philippines with flexor tendon in my index finger?
I think I may have a stress fracture in my foot, how to know for sure?
what can i use to remove,lice and every kind of scratches ,is annoying my dog,he has little little red lice,an
please help me.. im in alot of pain right now, are there any doctors or nurses who could give me some advice?
Pros and Cons of Bunion Surgery?
Sweaty Hands ? HELP PLEASE?
Help! Hives, and a rash, VERY WORRIED!?
Why does my foot hurt?
Why would someone with a sprained ankle still be able to move his/her toes?
Is it ok if i breath backwards?
my dads muscle popped up?
how to get rid of alopecia?
Skin Grafts - Can skin from plastic surgery (tummy tucks) be used for victims suffering burn or trauma injury?
Acne question ?
Best way to get rid of spots QUICKLY?
Whats Wrong With my skin and is it serious?
anyone know how to get rid of scars?
my heart hurts when I take deep breaths?
What are these attacks that I'm having?
This is about blackouts, please help.?
How do you use an oxygen tank regulator?
really bad stomach problems at night...?
How do I get free insurance until I can get my health back so I can work again to pay for insurance?
Dark discolouration on toenail?
What does fainting feel like?
whats the most suitable mattress for a bad back?
my tongue as gone black,well more purple is thisa sign of anything?
For the ladies....?
What is the worse panic attack that has happened to you?
Are my legs normal? They don't touch each other at all when i put my ankles together?
Is it possible that you can be sick on cigarettes?
Takes me so long to get to sleep at night!?
Do you men mind when a Womens body changes after childbirth?
paracetamol, scared help?
why is my self esteem so low?
what is the best thing for me 2 do before i go to the doctor?
Can in ear earphones cause excessive ear wax?
is there any scientific evidence why smoking should be banned in public places?
not feeling my best at the moment....?
i loved to be put in the bath by my girlfriend and covered in baby oil. wants your advice on this?
Is this starting out to be anorexia?
Drink driver dilemma?
I can hear the sound of running water, i feel dizzy, light-headed, and my vision is blurry?
how do you know if you have an anurisum in upper stomach ????
feeling really ill...please help?
the whites of my eyes have pale yellow patches.Is this cholestorol & how do i get rid of the patches?
Ever had the hiccups?
Why are people so critical of others and why are they so sarcastic. does it make them feel superior ?
what did your parents do when they found out you smoked?
What are the links between Epsom salt and Autism in children?
Concerns for my Bestfriend, what does this all relate to?
Please Help I'm Begging You Please Help!?
is it possible i could be anaemic?
I have sleepless nights trying to remember the difference between amnesia and insomnia?
Whats the difference between parkinsons and dementia?
Wat should u do 2 get rid of a bad cold???
does that make me unlovable?
brain tumours?
Is my eye bloodshot?
I think i might have Cystitis will it go away by itself?
Any way to decrease back pain?
i need a doctor in hollywood florida who is sypathetic to helping me get ssi disability.?
Can you get high off of aciclovir?
what are viral infections?
what is inter-skeletal myalgia?
I feel light headed and i kinda black out a little and i feel like i could sleep for ever!?
what effects will changing demographics have on health care cost and services?
How would I tell if I have a hernia?
hey I need to get one off my ears syringed,for am army medical in feburary. Should I get them done now or say?
I'm a 41 year old male and I have a really hot feeling from the inside out, especially while I sleep.. ?
Why is part of my lip numb?
Why doesn’t the king go to some nation that has national healthcare?
Is this heartburn/GERD? Im freaking out!?
If I sit still I fall asleep what does that mean?
itchy,irritated ears and Sore, itchy throat?
When getting my blood drawn?
eye swollen for no reason?
can u harm your lungs from holding weed in ur mouth?
asthma or brething problems?
anybody know about inhaling fumes...bongs?
what are these chest pains?
Why am I having a hard time breathing?
manatees respiratory system?
Anyone know about toxic mold in the house?
I have a sharp pain in my right lung?
Is Yaz really that dangerous?
could it not be asthma?
Lately underneath my chin has been hurting also the side of my neck what is this?
what is in rolling tobacco?
do we get cough when we eat curd?
pathogen injected IV, ATB first produced?
will tussin cough syrup non-narcotic, alcohol-free get u high?
I have sleep apnea and I was told I have the breathing problem when I go into dreaming.?
A pneumonia reoccurence question..please answer =[?
Sick for over 2 months...what's going on?
cold symptoms on and off for 4 weeks?
What conditions might cause filtration to be reduced?
can we prevent heart attack with healthy lifestyle even if there is a strong family history?
Shooting pain on left side of chest... what is this?
Mild chest infection and playing Saxophone?
how to develop selfconfidence ? ?
help cant remember things?
Psychiatrist Interview?
does any one know a link to an article abut a person who was suffering from a mental illness?
Rosacea and suicide ?
Why am I afraid of confrontation?
Why i have become dormant and afraid after expressing my thoughts?
i need help with my Addiction?
Social anxiety and stress relief?
What type of Doctor am I suppose to be seeing?
depression and sick of it?
i can predict moments of my future and they come true.?
Any comments or things i should know of on fear farm?
I feel emotional can you help me?
how can i stop being so lazy?
Have you ever been addicted to something?
Why do i have a huge spot on my arm with liquid in it?
Don't we lose a fair amount of blood from biting skin or nosebleeds or small cuts + wounds?
Aftermath from shin bump, anyone know if it's serious?
My ankle cracks every time I walk and it hurts. Am i going to have to get surgery?
Lower Back Pain dull pain when sitting and standing sharp pain getting up from sitting or out of bed?
Help me with my ankle please...?
what joints are affected by knee surgery?
if you cut your hand while wearing a glove, should the glove be cut?
Is my wrist fractured or sprained?
Hand injury in boxing please help.?
I was hit in the shin with a softball, and have alot of swelling and bruising.?
i electrocuted myself?
My toenail fell off.. finally. What should i do to keep it clean for growth?
Sore rib cartilage From Weightlifting?
if i keep hitting m nose will the bump on my nose go away?
Pulled muscle around the heart/chest?
Daughters hand cold and swollen from sleeping with bandz on!!?
Can "Carpal Tunnel"Cause your Hands to go Numb/asleep on you a lot of times? Without your Wrist hurting?
If a disposal in sink and if u a finger in there when on what would happen?
how do you develop large knuckles?
why does my head hurt so bad?
I have this problem the left side of my body is slowly but fast is going numb? Help?
why do i have leg pain?
horrible headache throughout the day?
why does my right knee and left knee hurt?
tension headaches on antibiotics?
Will levaquin caplets, 500mg, help an abcessed tooth?
Chest bone is bigger on left side than right?
Pelvic lower back pains from track?
Pain on right side and across chest?
Neck and mouth pain, help?
Do you release enegery by cracking your knuckles, neck, and back?
Can stress cause a leaky heart valve?
getting surgery next week?
How to break your leg?
constant stomach aces help me?
My leg fell asleep???
hey..got hit on my head..no noticeable symtoms except little pain..no bumps...or anythin else.................?
My leg pain is not getting any better!!?
why does my heart hurtt?
What should i do to help my dad remember things?
Getting tingly feeling when putting head down...help!?
am i growing properly?
i felt dizzy,blurred vision,really hot and sweaty,nauseated,and almost couldnt controll a bowel movment?
whats the best method for relieving muscle pain?
HUNGOVER..somebody help me!!!?
what age do hot flushes start?
how do i get over a fear of balloons?
can mouldy bread make u sick as in vomiting?
How do you get motivated ?
Head massage or shoulders which one do you like the most?
I wake up during the night.What to do?
Who remembers the Bionic Man?
its 4.50am and have woken up feeling so faint, went to the toliet and nearly fainted?
Would you trust a psychologist who had stretched ears and a stretched lip? (piercings)?
Should i see the Dr about my foot?
How do i get rid of the tape or plaster residue?
why do we have days when nothing seems to go right?
would you take care of a hobo for a day?
im just turning 16 and im only 5'10 is that ok(im a guy)?
Help me if you can im feeling down?
I'm thinking about visiting the UK, but have been told you can't buy certain medicines there if you get sick?
kidney failure-what does that mean????
does anyone know how to cure a fear of spiders?
Food poisoning, would i have been ill by now?
I am starting a new job tomorrow, but I can't stop vomiting!!!?
repeated urine sample?
why are my ears are ringing?
medical operation?
My ankles are both swelling up?
I have Gall Stones...?
corrective surgery on kids?
My husband has a lump on his skull, any ideas what it may be?
what are the signs of diabetes?
For the past few days I have had problems breathing, a tight chest amd dizzy spells?
I have a swollen stomach which feels hard to touch and a stitch in my side that comes and goes- any ideas?
Can a doctor mistake diabetes for epilepsy.because of the fits?
am i allowed in the army if i have one kidney smaller than the other?
I have a constant reccurring numbness in my right big toe also hard dry skin on the toe and a very poor nail?
mouth cancer and radiotheraphy?
i just dont understand my mom is in so much pain nothin helps her she been to the doctor they aint helping?
Why is this happening? Is this normal?
I think I have broken my kneecap or something but...?
Why do my knees make a cracking noise when i squat?
An odd place to get a stomach ache. Help?
are there drug interactions with acetaminophen and naproxen?
I have herniated discs in my neck?
help! my arm is killing me ! why ?
ultrasound of abdomen with iv contrast? afraid?
Low blood pressure?:S?
Spit landed on my lips?
How do I get my voice back?
Does smoking weed give u tingles through out your body sometimes?
i can't wake up after a reasonable about of sleep-what can i do?
are there any gluten free breakfast cereals?
Long hair/thread out coming out of my body?
how long should I ice for?
Sudden light headed dizziness and fear?
What do you think this mean?
why do I always get a runny nose whilst sitting on the toilet first thing in the morning?
Quit smoking a pack a day but still take a puff off one a day - health risks?
is depression a mental ............?
Is this normal? Waking up confused!?
i need help with stress?
How does teamwork improve your mental health?
What's Wrong With Me?
How stressed do you get??
I feel like I'm "tripping".?
Car anxiety (about mental health)?
i think i have ADHD, but how can i get my mother to get me help?
chronic sleep problem & depression?
I cannot leave the house... please help?
Prozac,what are your thoughts?
Anxiety/depression. GAD. What's the difference?
i got no idea what this symptom is please help?
Can Anxiety cause a feeling of faintness (to the point where your vision starts blackening)?
How do i get rid of this mucus!?!?
What can you do to lower your stress level during evaluations?
help with an unproductive cough?
sore throat that will not let up?
Increased sleep in Elderly ?
What could be wrong with me?
Can smoking a piece of paper once have any effects?
Cant help my self feeling sad?
Could I have generalized anxiety disorder?
bi polar and trying to move on?
Increase cardio and oxygen intake?
cats illness +nasal dripping and blockage?
Do I have pin worms? please help?
Is this laryngitis or Bronchitis?
How long does a "Viral infection" last?
Can airborne allergens cause Bronchioconstriction?
Asthmatic/smoker increasing phlegm; what are some other affects of smoking than lung disease?
Random nose bleeds...then coughing up blood?
Really bad cough? Please help!?
Did I dislocate my kneecap?
groin problem..................?
PLEEEEEASE HELP?!?!?!?!? :((((?
Sharp pain in upper back after cartwheels?
concussion please help?
Did I jam, sprain, or break my finger?
if you break your leg, can you still wear jeans?
Could my foot be broken?
Ice making an injury hurt more?
can any damage be done if you got kicked in the tail-bone?
After how long do you begin to lose muscle mass?
Does toe nails grow back?
How do you know if youve dislocated your sholder?
How to get my body back to the way it should after a gunshot in the rib?
Swollen bruised toe, please help?
Do i have to go to hospital and will i stay there?
Why is it that when i play basket ball, 10 minutes in the game i have a nauseous felling?
sharp nerve pain under breast?
i was rear ended a lil over 3 years ago and we have not settled yet. I got rear ended 2 days ago. can i sue?
could I have broken my foot?
Questions about adult tonsillectomy, post-op.?
a person who is sleeping but just couldn't wake up no matter how loud you bang the door outside.why is it so?
why do i get off balance sometimes?
For three years in a row i had massive swelling in my face for about five days each year what do u think it is?
When should the swelling go down ?!?
i have just missed 2 days work because of pain from my neck down to my feet?
Can anyone help me explain what my MRI report is saying?
i have this horrible pain in my arm and I dont know what it is? ?
sharp pain under rib cages?
Neck problem!!! PLEASE help!?!?!?
ibuprofin 600.. will it help with the pain for sinus infection?
Why do I keep getting a pain?
Tightness where my leg attaches to my torso?
i have pain on my right half head on my right eye?
a question about my my foot heel corn.?
Bad headache for 2 days now. only on right side of head?
how many ibuprofen pills would hurt?
Does taking Excedrin Migraine and Maxalt cancel each other or have side effects?
Painful rash on my knees?
I just took 6 paracetemol, decided I didn't want to die and hacked abour four back up. Am i going to be okay?
Why does my back hurt? D:?
How is my hip going to heal?
on tablets what does 1G5 mean?
Changing blood pressure readings?
What causes you to hiccup ?
Is Tea Tree Cleanser from Body Shop good?
What happens if a healthy person takes 88mcg of synthroid?
Gluten free diet, celiac disease ?
Callous Disregard - anyone read it?
I have been feeling sick and being sick for weeks now and i don't know why.?
Spots and rash on arms (10pts)?
I think i have food poisoning?
What is an acne paste?
How do I get rid of these blisters on my...?
Still itchy after sunbed ??
Apart from Bazooka, is there any way to cure or prevent verrucas?
Red Spots all over upper arms?
i am a tan and i have cream coloured spots on my face..and they are itchy and spreading over my neck and back?
clear blisters on foot?
What Causes Stretch Marks?
Help! I'm on my 2nd month of accutane, and i got my eyebrows waxed, it ripped the skin off, what do i do?
betnovate... Is it any good for curing eczema of the scalp?
Does Retin A help in scar removal or to fade out?
Why do fleas land on me, feel like they are biting me, but leave no marks? Are they really biting? Why not?
Acanthosis nigricans...darker skin areas; neck;armpits etc?
How do i treat Rosasia - i have had it since i was young - do i have to get laser treatment?
i have a friction burn on my skin in a delicate place due to?
Red mark on nose.......?
How to show commitment in paediatrics?
Can anyone who is in the medical field for the spine and neck please fill out a survey?
Why do my feet burn?When im trying to sleep?
Is .5 mg enough to put my worries away and give me some sleep?
Will food always get stuck in my throat now that I've had a tonsillectomy?
How do I stand or walk When I'm dizzy?
wat would cause intejestion that causes burping?
why do i sleep so much?
It's been almost 50 days since I smoked weed, smoked weed daily for three years. Going to test myself.?
how much does a cocaine addict use during a day?
what is sperger's syndrome?
my daughter has constipation... she said there was something like an elastic band?
How do i know if i have liver damage?
So depressed? I feel like dying, my life feels its getting worse and worse ?
Why back pain and how to deal with it?
i have this kind of lump on my throat on the right side of it?
Why is my right wrist hurting so bad?
Pain at the end of urination?
What could be the cause of this pain?
Does cirumsicion hurt?
Why does my leg hurt?
Im 16 and have on/off hip pain.?
lower right abdominal pains?
Laser Surgery on Knee?
I don't know how to tell my mom I think I have anxiety.......?
Im not Sure if i have OCD, someone please help?
why cant i sleep? i always feel ill?
What happens when I take prozac?
Fainting Phobia PLEASE HELP!?
What is the name for the disorder of mothers who gain attention by making their children sick?
Teen Weed Use Questions (please help... paranoid)?
Friend who cuts, Help?
Help please... ?
How should I deal with stress?
whyh cant i remeber things from yesterday?
How can I control my emotions?
What is the difference between reactive depression and major depression?
Does high stress cause violent behavior?
I feel so empty.... ?
It in regards to a Psychiatric patients ?
Is it depression? or just plain PMS?
I need some insight, I'm really scared right now. Is this anxiety? Has anyone felt this way, ever?
can being poor lead to depression?
a question on reflexology ?
I am around people that make me upset and angry?
having truouble breathing?
How can I stop a Flu from getting worse?
is it possible to overcome depression without medication?
my daughters b/f has got bad shakes when he handles things?
antibiotics and drink?
What does marijuana really make you see?
Do cigarettes make YOU high?
Do you know if you can have breast implants on the nhs ?
is this normal i fainted after an org asm and cryed?
Can a gas leak cause medical problems?
Blood test and very nervouse. need some advice please. 10 points for the most helpfull advice :)?
If I snort when I laugh does that mean I have swine flu?
What should i do? im really really ill (runny/ blocked nose, headaches chesty cough etc) but tonight i have?
if on anti depressants does ectasy still work?
why is it when you go for a poo you always end up doing a wee aswell?
I have been feeling generally unwell for a few weeks now, very low energy levels and very tired. I hurt all ov
please help. sounds odd but when i look down for a few seconds my nose runs! its just getting annoying!!!!?
Is 80 the new 60 now?
Cold Hands?
Can you be allergic to air???
my dad sais that he has a brain tumer the size of a golf ball?
Does anyone know about this?
What will happen if you take 4 tylenol at one time?
Have had a headache for over 2 weeks 24/7. ?
after neck fusion c4-c7 2 months later having trouble swallowing and no energy need help.?
so recently ive been feeling tired and falling asleep alot with no reason and pulse increase what do i have?
if a hole in the heart runs in my family should i get checked....?
Is an inferior infract the same thing as a heart attack?
Torn stomach from vomiting?
which is right ? nerve injury on my little finger or nerve injury in my little finger?
should i go to the doctor?
will my toenail grow back?
My eyebrow piercing pulled?
fell on back month ago took xrays 2 days ago they said vertabrae is badly bruised and have severe back spasms?
I think i pulled my shoulder muscle (deltoid) but not too sure. How should i treat it? (excercises, and such)?
Is my nose broken or bruised?
My knee fells werid when i walk?
Has anyone had a Bostrum procedure?
How bad is a sprained ACL?
is possible to tear a muscle when you sleep?
what does it mean if i keep getting headaches off and on for the past 3 days, especially when i workout?
whats da worst injury youve ever had?
How can you tell if you have a sprained ankle?
Strained muscle dancing?
Why can't I bend my left knee like my right knee?
operation today but hes got a slight cold?????.....?
my daughter got kick in the shin saturday and now its swollen and a bump no bruising showing and then her knea?
what would cause me to wake up with muscle contracting,teeth chattering and very cold?
hiv and visa applications for usa?
how much does a medical report cost in ireland?
can a bulbous nasal tip be corrected in rhinoplasty?
does 116 text messages per day work out to be 8.3 per waking hour? if so how many hours D'ijon slept each day?
why am i so tired............?
Hernia...? Please help?
Extremely tired, sore throats, and head aches?
How do doctors collect stool(poo) samples?
I need fancy names for a clinic?
Why am I suddenly really dizzy?
At what time during the night do you sleep deepest?
How can somebody look at you and tell whether your unconscious/passed out or if you are just asleep?
I wake up multiple times a night?
How to get rid of White heads?
If i drink nothing but water with every meal every day how long will it beuntil my spots have almost cleared ?
Could anyone tell me how to stop spots leaving marks on my face and how to get rid of marks left by old spots.
White patch on my face? Been in the sun and it won't tan. Please help?
Imodium help please, took 2 about 1/2 an hour ago & back on the loo!!!!?
I have MS. I'm currently on Rebif-Beta Interf'n. can barely walk. Are there any other drugs that can help?
what are these syptoms?
My daughter thought she had an underactive thyroid but tests have proved negative.?
my girlfriend is pregnant 9weeks but her body hurts all over why?
How long will cocaine show up in a urine test if you were a heavy user?
i want gastric bypass surgery - my doctor is very unsympathetic - what can i do?
Kidney infection?
My step sis is still dazed 2 hours after seizure.....? Is It normal.....?
Under-Active Thyroid Advice?
Hives-like rash all over body coupled with intense oesophagal pain?
if you get swine flu is it garanteed that you will die?
if your eyes are twinged yellow, does that equal liver failure?
How to get rid of conjunctive eyetis?
I get regular nose bleeds sometimes more than one a day.?
Endoscopy: better to have it done via a spray without sedation or better with sedation?
What are the diffenent levels of mental illness?
Help... Too Depressed.... Can't give up on my ex...?
Mental Abuse Emotional Abuse. of a mentally ill person?
I have a nervous habit of repeating peoples names in my head when I am near them. How do I break the habit?
Home alone and can't sleep took 150 mg of diphenhyramine?
What's wrong with me?
How to push my self ?
why does this happen.?
How can I deal with past severe bullied experiances?
What should I do??????
Symptom of Child Molestation during Adulthood?
sleeping problem someone help me!!?
Why am I so scared...?
What do I do about depression?
my thumb is painful when i stretch it?
nerve problems in the face?
my chest hurts when i throw up?
Closed my pinky in the trunk of my car. Eventually got it out. But now a completely blue fingernail. HELP!?
I have a cold three days before surgery, will I still be allowed to have the operation?
question about smoking?
when you have a cold what makes you feel better?
I can't ever fall asleep?
Am I sleep deprived? Please help!?
I've had a cold for months now ... what's up with this?
Reasons late night/early morning vomiting occurring every couple of weeks...?
Blacking out after smoking weed?
what dose smoking taste like?
i have herpes on my lungs?
Why are inhales bad for screamos?
Nasal Discharge with blood in it.?
Long term ammonia side effects?
Coughing up Mucus , What is wrong with me?
i have a foot fetish?
i keep needing the toilet every 5mins.?
how long does marijuana stay in your system?
IBS suddenly worse, need advice please?
which is better to increase circulation, steam room or a sauna?
y is it that i can only orgasm when i am on top?
Health and safety question for Chemical industry?
should I call 999, or just go to gp tomorow?
Cant sleep! help?
English friends: if a citizen is on NHS, and needs orthopedic surgery, will they be put on a waiting list?
If you knew foetuses can think and feel, what would be your opinion about abortion?
I've got a really really sore throat ??????
Is Terminal illness......................?
Who can save a Wretch like me? no really who can help?
What is this Crystal Meth stuff?
why do i sleep so long?
How to get motivated to go to they gym?
Did some of you muppets take my question serious RE poisonin my neighbour?Muppets!?
I was at the mall today and feeling so faint and dizzy, what is wrong with me?
Has anyone ever tried wheat grass?
Bmi is in 20's fat?
I need to go to the poo..?
Is it possible to test negative for hiv at 6 months?
Why do bulimics have puffy cheeks?
I felt a small lump in my right breast on the upper side 9 years ago i was 16years old then.i have seen three ?
I am coughing until I wretch and can't sleep because of it. Is there anything I can do to help?
How do i prevent dryness of my hand?
Pulmonary embolism treatment?
Is this really Eczema?
Anyone know anything about C7 Complement Deficiency?
What do you think of this EPQ idea?
Headachey after fall...but thats it?
is it normal for my bones?
Do you experience the "popping sound" when you partially tear your ACL?
Is my nose broken....?
Hip joint pain after i heard it pop.?
If You Break A Vain Is It Fixable?
when you have an ACL reconstructed are you gonna be about the same speed as you were before you tore it?
I used a qtip and had instant pain about 2 weeks ago. Now it's bleeding, do I go to a doc?
If I can do this exercise without experiencing pain, is it likely that I did not damage my ACL?
What is wrong with my ankle?
Will my Big toe always hurt?
is ur madication good for someone who feels dizzy all the time?
Why do I have ear pain after certain loud sounds?
multineuron disease?
Why do we get a runny nose when we have a cold or flu?
My friend has BLACK BLOOD.?
Could you get lead poisoning from chewing your pencil when you were a kid?
Is marijuana a drug, and if not what is it?
what huntingtons disease?
What Disease Has The Symptoms O f Leg Tapping And Memory Loss?
is it wrong to lick windows?
My eye has recently started the odd twitch, feels like an unvoluntary flicker...anyone know what causes this?
have thyroid problem am finding it hard to work?
what is drip as a medical term?
i feel sick please help?
Why do I keep getting so dizzy?
HELP NOW!! Sleep problem?
quit smoking help: I try to quit but cant. I'm joining class tomorrow. MY biggest issue is crabbyness?
I keep having random sickness?
is it possible to draw in your sleep?
Girlfriend weed Problems? Please help?
Chronic sickness only at night?
not sure what it is help?
Would this be an ear infection?
i cant eat an always want to sleep is there something wrong wiv me plz help?
My nephew keeps doing this weird thing with his legs..?
I am trying to quit smoking?
If i gave you £1,000,000 to spend on the nhs what would you spend it on and why?
The Palms Of My Hands Are Peeling...?
i have flea bites on my foot and they are really sore what can i use i feel itchy every where else help?
Eczema is out of control :(?
Acne scars?
bruise help?
best acne treatment?
skin problem, plz help..?
Rash on bottom where the cheeks come together. Makes walking painful. What is the cause and solution?
What the best moisturiser...?
ok this is sooo embarrassing but does anyone know how to reduce the appearance of reddish stretch marks?????
i am drinking loads of water to help calm down spots,how long do you think it will take till its clearer?
My skin probs, need help?
should i come off my prescription medication because my husband told me to?
Query regarding footwear in snowy conditions?
second time breast cancer?
my son's temperature?
How do i get rid of this? :?
How Come my acne goes away after Ive been on holiday? but comes back when i come home.?
if you scratch a hair bump, is it normal for it to bruise to spread and darken?
It was back in March this year that my mum was diagnosed with mild copd. She had spirometry tests but doesnot?
Stomach Pains. What is Wrong With Me? ?
Panic attacks, long trip tomorrow?
Bad Experience on Celexa?
Pay off my credit card debt or pay for therapy?? HELP?
ADHD, ADD and OCD questions?
why do i always feel empty?
What's wrong with me?
Poem on self-mutilation?
How much do good Psychiatrists charge in the UK.?
What would you like to ask?
ED-NOS is driving me mad!!?
Omg what is wrong with me!?
can anyone have separation anxiety disorder?
i have a kyphosis problem?
Whenever I go up the stairs my knee kills, Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
Ouch....major heart burns!!!?
Does anyone else with "double joints" expirience soreness? (knees especially!)?
osgood schlatters ???????
What heals heel spurs? It's like walking on a nail!?
I get hurt in my veins of both leg and arm sometimes, what should i do????
what is this on my upper right arm?
I have horrible pains between my chest what do i do?
My neck is in pain! Help!?
ok my dentist hygienist told me to take 4 ibuprofen and 2 Excedrin is it ok?i think my body is saying no help?
i live in indore. m suffering 4rm nerve compression on right side. what shud i do ?
anixety and off balanceness??? SOMEONE HELP PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE?
i had a cold sore and i want to know something?
i have constant spasms and whenever i move my shoulders they vibrate/shake?
Unsure About Severe Hamstring Pain?
I'm really worried about my chest pain, any ideas what it is?
Help Chest Infection or more HELP!?
i need hand surgery asap but no one accepts my insurance (staywell) i need help =(?
How long will my ankle take to heal?
What to do about a wound on my thumb?
Was I wrong to mark a test on the doctor's order form?
I need a safety slogan for 2011?
how do you take care of an injured mole?
How bad my MCL injury is?
i have a fracture in my thumb?
ok i hurt my big toe on my right foot?
My brother hit the back of his head?
Hit in the head... Doctor?
My bottom ribs are hurting...any ideas?? thank you:)?
might have internal problems?
I have a headache- it feels..weird? It's above my nose, on the back of my neck and my eyes ache. What is it?
i broke my finger and my mom didn't take me to the hospital for some reason and now i can't straighten it?
Will my voice change if I have a nose job--even if the bones are NOT broken?
My shoulder is hurtin?...help?
help!!!! felt like i was electrocuted/paralized while sleeping!!!?
can anyone tell me whats wrong with my knees?
what helps athritis knee pain?
Do migraines affect the way you focus on things?
My throat and tongue hurt?
How do I release pain?
What can i do for the pain in my knees?
back pain hurting need info?
do I have High cheek bones?
Weird headache problem..help...?
Help, Acid reflux/ulcer pain during school?
Iam 57. I've been getting a burning pain on my left thigh off and on for about a month. should i worry?
Chest pain while running.?
What is going on?!??!?
Can house spides hurt you?
childs swollen tonsills are losing small pieces, is that normal?
what is under active thyroid ?
What are the best supplements for keeping a liver clean?
Tonsillitis or glandular fever?
What do you think this could be?
my mother who is 78 years is having an operation on friday for obstructions in the bowel [ strictures]?
how to break an egg using finger pressure?
I've found a lump on my shoulder; what is it?
why do my hands go red and itch when I hold a hot cup or wash up in hot water?
I have a mark that looks like a burn but i have not burnt my arm.?
How do I get rid of my spots?
What's up with my arms?
told 3 year old son has heart murmur been refered but will take 6 weeks i feel he needs to be seen sooner?
causes of bringing up blood?
what pathogenic organisms can make an exotic animal ill?
weather for chest infections/?
Help!!!!!! my nail on my thumb?
can i significantly raise my iron level in 2 days?
How many days of work can I miss before having to get a sick note?
why do i feel like throwing up, and how can i feel better?
Suddenly falling asleep?
Has anyone tried Berocca?
July 2010 Expiry Date Gaviscon?
what makes u fall sleep..cold or hot temperature and why?
Have i got vertigo? please help?
Medical Test And Smoking?
How to get rid of smokers lips?
why do my fingers let go of my cup of tea without my knowledge its like they have a mind of there own also?
Why When I Put My Head On My Desk, Do I Feel Like I Need To Belch?
how many days after tonsillectomy can i eat mac&cheese?
Is this an eye infection?
I have nails that a thin and spit alot, any ideas of what causes that?
waht can smokeing do yo your skin?
Does anyone else think the UK have gone totally crazy about Health and Safety?
Does fresh air help anxiety?
how to remove burn scar mark?
can eating cherries regularly help ease my joint pain (fibromyalgia)?
I have give up alcohol after 8 years of alcohol abuse Ive gone cold turkey i am taking vitamin supplements ?
Am I the only one who takes 3 hours to sleep?
Is 28 years an old age?
I am tired all the time ?
how can i stop myself waking at 2am?
Panic attacks im sick of them!!!!!?
I can't swallow tablets. How can I learn?
How is it possible, that so much blood comes from something the size of a peanut in a period?
what do you call it when your toenail is yellowy and flaking a little?
£500 Chiropractor treatment. Is this too much?
What gives YOU energy?
Have you ever taken Prozac and?
TB jab at school?
why do i sneeze all the time?
Should the doctor's word "patient" be changed to client ?
my tonsils hurt a bit do i have to get them removed? this is the first time they hurt?
Is it true that when its hot people need the toilet but they wait until its cold to go?
How can I raise my blood pressure?
What do you do when you get depressed?
What's Going on: What should I do?
Does anyone else have intruding flashbacks all the time?
Depakote and weight gain?
Chlidren can frenquently seem clumsy. This normal and sholud not be treated like a personality problem. Why?
Has any one with ADD or Dyslexia, etc been to college and gotten extra help?
Do loners runaway from a person that they have a major crush on ?
I see people, but I'm not a schitz am I?
what do you think about this?
why is my short term memory so bad =/ ?
do i attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or not?
What does it feel like to be truly happy with life? Not just happy for a moment, but genuinely happy?
Should I just stop trying?
What is this Condition Called?
Does anyone else have "night terrors" or walk in their sleep?
Is this sleep pattern ok?
What are daily life, adjustment, patient abuse and problems with the families of the elderly in a Nursing Home?
Can the doctor give me anything for excessive sweating from my face?
can ne 1 give me a good natural remidy 2 get rid ov blackheads?
bitten by a kitten?
Lips always feel dehydrated!!!!!?
How can i get rid of my blackheads?
acne acne ewwy ewwwy ewwww?
Tying a knot around a mole?
Vicks Vapar Rub On Athletes Feet?
treating excema?
What are your top ten tips for getting rid of spots and black heads?
wierd skin discolouration :-S?
yellow skin?
is B COMPLEX good for acne/spots???
Does Cannabis Smoking Cause Acne?
do you care about skin couler?
Headlice - the school is infested - is there a natural cure please?
peg feeders?
can an enlarged liver stop me producing children?
what could this be in my throat?
can you chew gum before a chest X-ray?
Light headedness and dizziness, even while trying to sleep. Please help?
Cold feeling in my throat?
Anybody survived from pancreatic?
i have been breathing problems lately??? help!! have heart problems as well?
urinary tract infection?!?
what are foods needed for person who have pneumonia?
how long will it take to recover my lungs from 3 years of smoking?
its been 8 days sence i smoked last and i still feel "high"?
can u test positive for pot from just second hand smoke?
Blood in Phlegm? Causes/Reasons?
Is It Bad To Swallow Blood?
what are a couple of well known companies that help you to quit smoking?
what is the difference between definition of pulmonary disease and definition of COPD??
How can i kill the bacteria on my scalp to cure dandruff?
A 40year old with asthma had an allergy shot and left the doctor's office in an asthma attackl?
is it possible to be allergic to cigarette smoke?
am i having an allergic reaction?
i need to tell my mum i need an x ray how though?
How to care for cracked ribs?
Do I have a concussion?
what temperature is needed for toes and fingertips to fall off?
Pain about 2 and a half inches above my ankle?
I have had a uncontrollable muscle spasm in my thumb for a while, what could be the problem?
I need help with my arm, it always gets pulled when I play certain sports?
Has any one had this knee surgery done?
Anyone know of someone who has broken both bones in their arm and not had it casted?
How to tell if my thumb is broken?
whats wrong with my shoulder? please read additional details...?
What should i do about my nose?
I went to this doctor 2 months ago, and I asked if they accepted blue cross blue shield, and they said yes,?
numbness on the toe from wearing a new shoes last May!?
why did i mess up my knee in a football stretch drill?
Need help on what type of treatment is needed?
Need help with a knee injury?
ok so ive got flu and a virus which makes my jaw hurt?
Why does my skin sting?
Is it mouth cancer or something less serious?
Can you drink lager when you have Celiac?
what are the chances of contracting glandular fever?
Do you Spit or Swallow.........?
I was brushing my teethes then i felt something in my heart then I fainted in the flour why I'm 16 ?
anyone know a cure for acid reflux and heartburn?
do you class uk size 12 as fat?
why do i bleed a wee bit after doing a number 2?
what is he best and safest way to remove a verruca from a child's foot ?
have you ever phoned in sick just because you had a hangover?
Why do people feel sad??
Removed tonsils?
If i smoke 5-6 cigarettes/year, is there any chance that i become addicted?
How do i make myself sick?
How do i recover quicker from a cold ?
what is the worst part abt having a MRI scan?
how do your finger nails know when to go white on the end?
How can i make myself be sick?
is it true that people with ginger hair bleed more?
what human medicine can i give my dog for allergy and pain ?
when will I die and what will happen afterwards?
Do you have any fears or doubts about becoming an organ donor?
why do we say god bless you when we sneeze?
do you notice my sticky out ears (do they look normal)?
I've just quit smoking but have developed a nasty smokers cough?!?
I have a red spot in my eye, like a burst blood vessel, do you know what this may be?
Is waking up to a dead arm normal?
how can i grow taller at the age of 14?
HELP! I'm having strange visual anomalies! URGENT!?
Waht should I do if I am depressed?