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devastated friend. Her baby has MRSA?
Do you think a facial mole is unattractive?
Spots; getting rid of them?
what is 6 minutes on a sunbed equivilent to being in the sun?
Does thyroid problems causes acne and greasy skin?
I have white section that does not tan after sun bed, what medication do I take to get this fungus to go away?
Does using a sunbed improve eczema?
My daughter has a Mole im worried about?
I got a small oil burn on my face at my restaurant yesterday ...?
i have got some rash on my arms near the biceps area and elbows and chest , what can that be?
Why has my skin lost it's shine and how can I get it back? :(?
I pick at my zits constantly which causes scaps! why can I not resist the temptation of letting them heal?
I have these red dots on my forearms...can you help out?!?!?!?
How long does it take for skin whitening?
Cracking knuckles, the bones getting larger?
Blood pressure question?
Is this a callus on my finger from a pen/pencil?
How come every time I work out I feel like I'm going to throw up?
What's Going To Happen?
i have a temperature of 38.7 degrees celsius?
What type of fibromatosis grows on the top of the foot?
Boyfriend sweats during sleep everynight and the sheets and doona and pillows are soaked! I can't sleep!?
Do you need Insurance to go to the Dentist?
Is our society over-medicated, in your opinion?
I have bad circulation in my legs and hands and they always fall asleep. what do i do?
Can I wear headphones with a new ear piercing?
What's causing my frequent headaches?
Critically discuss different aspects of Immunisation?
How to get rid of flu quickly?
A question about Parotid gland tumors?
Flu or cold? How to get rid of it?
How do you get type 1 diabetes?
Hi. I had an ECG and chest x ray done and was told I had cardiomegaly...?
how to stop the itch form frost bites?
what can happen if iam prescibed sodium volproate for epilepsy and other take drugs like rivitril and heroin?
What is wrong with me?
i need help with my doctor and his students?
HELP ME! sinus infection AND concussion?
how to sprain my ankle on purpose?
How to heal ligaments in arm?!?!?
My friend tore his ACL on purpose?
how to remove pus from lip?
What's your favourite cold remedy?
why do alcoholics get aggressive when they have drink in them?
is this a sprain or just a real bad bruise?
i got electrocuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is lumbar disc protrusion?
ice or heat or both for bulging disc?
how do you move up and get more pay if a nurse?
I fell down my stairs. I think I injured myself. Help and Advice needed.?
Can you get a pinched nerve in your finger?
Can you wiggle your ears, have you any other bodily quirks?
What can I do/eat/drink to stop me from feeling sick?
How much money do massage therapists make?
fractured ankle help!?!?!?!?
What is that gunkey stuff that comes out of your mouth when you cough?
should i stop smoking if i enjoy it.?
When you tear your hamstring, or pull the hamstring muscle does it feel like a charlie horse?
Are you jealous that i can eat tons, sometimes even 2 dinners a night and gain nothing in weight?
can you sneeze with your eyes open ? and if we can't why not?
How can i stop a cut from leaving a scar?
I'm experiencing pain behind my knee when my knee is fully straightened?
when do most teens get body hair?
What kind of scar(s) will I have after ACL replacement?
do you think its a valid cause of depression...?
Replacing Depression, Anxiety, & self conciousness with acting crazy?
I need help I think....anorexia althetica maybe be in the rising...or something else I'm not sure..?
Do you think I have ADHD?
help me with depression?
Do I have post partum depression or some sort of disorder?
Whats the Difference?
can you please help me figure something out! im so frustrated?
How do you get over insecurity!?!?
what are symptoms and possible cures for being bi-polar?
what is a repressed memory?
genetic depression and anxiety and having children?
Panic attacks?? I know this sounds silly, but, I haven't been able to leave the house without gum for 3 years.?
what type of disorder must you have to be placed in an institution?
am i dying!!!! please help!!!?
Well i have alot of trouble focusing in school?
what is the difference between social phobia and agoraphobia?
I fear i am becoming everything i never wanted to be?
Is my mind playing tricks on me?
How do I control my addiction?
why am i still in pain after 4 months?
what is the real name for ICOLI?
what is health informatics?
what virus is CDT.?
I got stoned and I'm really warm?
Plantar fasciitis?
is parkinsons disease a terminal illness?
On a visit to my optician I mentioned that one of my ears were a little higher than the other ?
Could I be legally and ethically permitted...........?
what are the white lines on my finger nails?
i think i have athletes asthma?
People with asthma: READ?
at work a massive amount of bleach was used and i was exposed to the fumes for two hours. it made me feel ill?
What do my symptoms sound like?
pains in middle of chest?
wat does it mean when u spit out blood?
Too much thyroxine, dangerous?
i keep these pains in the right side of my chest and the bottom left of my Adamond i had this for a long time?
I'm sick... please help me.?
Chronic acute chest pain- whats wrong?
My fiance is coughing up mucous?
When I workout and breathe with my mouth closed, my hearing cuts out when I breathe through my nose?
Has anyone else had a MinPin with a Chronic Bladder Inflammation problem? What did u do?
How do you stop blood clots?
about coronary heart desease..?
whats rehabilitation?
my hip keeps cracking?
Please Help!!! I can't go to sleep at night?
Does your pharmacy call the doctor for you if there is a problem with the prescription?
Why is my face twitching?
i haven't had my sleep for 3 days help?
Why do my muscles get sore when I'm sick?
my nails are ridged? they look like raisins?
How can I get MEDICAL INSURANCE while I'm unemployed?
Help, How can I get better sleep ? ;(?
What would cause a blackout for a 14yr old girl?
Housemate is an obnoxious sleeper?
Will sleeping only 4 hours wind up making you more tired if you need 10 to really feel rested?
Is it bad to drink paracetamol before going to sleep when drunk to avoid a hangover?
do medical bills say the time on them?
still feel weak after sickness bug?
What is a mini heart attack?
I know humans can get Myxo but could the Mozzies carrying it produce a more severe bite in humans?
help with making my skin feel nicer for tomoorrow?
Do i have a heart problem or am i just unhealthy?
How do I stop this viscous cycle?
How can i get rid of noise anxiety?
what is kellman syndrome?
is face primer bad for your skin if its made in itally?
Regular injuries, Rashes, fatigue. What are these symptoms?
Beauty Spots Keep Appearing..Why? Help?
my son is suicidal please help with situation
how do u know when you're being brainwashed?
Has anyone been on Depakote? Can you tell me if you liked it?
When I inhale, my right lung hurts. Any ideas?
cause of righthandsided body pain(head to toe)?
How long does it take a level 1 mcl sprain to heal?
Huge pain in lower back? Sports injury?
can pulling on ears stretch them out?
What kind of ankle sprains require crutches?
Need help with bruse?
My toe hurts bad help?!?!?
Pain/Soreness after being rear-ended?
What happens if you get hit on the back of your head hard?
Landed flat footed after jumping a fence and can't walk. Do I have a bad bruise or might something be broken?
What is dead leg?????
did I break my foot??? hurry please!?
I really need some answers?
I have this big scar on my toe how can i get rid of it?
How to make a broken wrist stronger?
am I going too be ok?
muscle issues please help!!!!!1?
Cut my eye with scissors?
how to heal my burn fast.?
Studies have shown that there is no direct correlation between lung cancer and Marijuana. Do the research....
I feel sick?
If I stop drinking alcohol?
How safe would it be to drink 3 measures of whiskey in one go?
What could this Yellow ring under my eye and on my eye lid be? Please help very worried?
Symptoms? any help would be brilliant.?
im getting my tonsils taken out next week and im really scared...any advice??
Whats the best drug you have ever taken?
Whats your opinion on showering every other day?
Flu or just a bad cold?
have a 3-year boy who refuses sometimes to eat.He weighs12 kilos only.I'm really worried.What can I do with h?
I was sick the other day and at the end i coughed up A LOT of blood, Any ideas what this is?
advice on removal?????
Question for people aged 30-35?
Upset stomach - what gets rid of it?
does drinking alcohol (only a couple) affect antibiotics (amoxicillin and clarythromycin) and how?
can't sleep?
what happenes when you get constipated?
What are the long-term implications of an addiction to coffee?
chronic cough- is it worth going to the doctor?
i feel so very ill today as i have a chest infection,what can i do to ease the pain its causing me?
What is the normal amount of times in a year one should shave down there?
Holiday in the merton hotel on the 29th July-5th August?
will smoking a weekend before being put under a general anesthetic effect me?
Are these normal sinus infection symptoms?
How to clear up throat congestion?
How long is the treatment for pulmonary edema (water in lungs)?
I been having Shortness of breath?
help does she need to go to hospital help?
do crickets cause asthma?
what is the difference between angiitis and true vasculitis?
My brother and his breathing problems?
wheezing on breathing out?
do i have asthma???? i cant catch my breathe?
When I blow my nose nothing comes out?
Does anyone know the name of the drugs prescribed for adults with acne?
What are the small black dots on my nose?
whats this condition called?
blackhead strips dont work!!?
why do some people have a blakish,purply tongue?
i hav mild sunstroke - advice?
urgent help please moles?
Is aluminium bad for skin?
what is the best antiperspirant?
are there any ways to get rid of scars?
Does anyone know what's this white line on my nail? Plz Help...?
how do i get rid of spots?
how do i get rid of my spots?
face warts how to get rid of them the fastest. help please.?
Does Disposable Razor give you a rash on your chest after shaving your chest please give information thanks?
Could working in front of the Computer all day cause more Wrinkles around the eyes than usual ?
i av sore/chapped lips, i often use vaseline but still go red and sore is there anything else?
Why do I have itchy bum?
I need to cure a split fingernail?
Can I darken my skin?
bottom of my foot hurts?
What should I do if my tongue is burnt real badly on hot water?
How do concussions work?
My dog is having pains and i dont know why or what?!?
had a shot of gravol got big purple bruise, slowly the pain is moving down from the site about 6 inch?
How long does it take for a black eye to go away?
muscle issues please help!!!!!1?
my jaw is really hurting bad?
i poped my shoulder back into place?
Fracture or invisible bruise?
I was playing football and i fell, rolled and landed on my arm on the concrete and now i cant bend my arm?
Is there anything wrong if my knee joint is shifting and starting to buckle?
What to do about swelling foot that is tender to the touch?
i have a tingling sensation in my forearm?
Can genes be removed.?
ocassional sudden vision loss?
After testing a drug for a pharmaceutical company i am now having extremely weird side effects, advice?
Does Pilates Make You Taller ?
why do i ashamed?
i have a stomach that sticks out a mile what can i wear to hide it?
does pineapple really speed up a persons metabolism?
I know your gonna say its bad but I just wanna know why..?
Is it good to take 3 mins of COLD shower at the end of a HOT one?
Why do u av wet dreams and ejaculate ur load wen u are asleep?
when did you realise you were getting older?
How many of you people Wear white underwear, and get skid marks in them?
Does LSD (acid) have any long term side effects?
If you found out you only had...?
im scared to sleep!?
I think i may have lost my memory. Could it be proved that someone is faking amnesia?
do we dream every night if yes why do we not remember every dream?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold/flu ?
I think there's something wrong with me...?
Will wearing leg/knee warmers be bad for circulation...?
what causes a chalky taste in your mouth?
Will eating chilil for lunch one dya and lunch again the next may you feel fat and bloated?
I want to introduce the idea of Edible Food Vaccine against malarial Parasites! Can anyone guide me for?
Is an ARNP the same as an NP?
It is legal to charge a ridiculous amount for copies of medical records?
Would I be able to find a temporary Health Plan that covers everything?
Going to the doctors?
I keep twiching while i sleep?
What do you think is wrong?
How can i get CME for Medical Professionalism?
sleeping insomnia?
what reasons other than being pregnant would you be sent for an ultra sound test?
how does a hearing aid function?
i have dizzy spells all the time anyone know any reason for this ?
Has anyone had really bad veruccas on their feet as a child?
Why do i feel like this?
im female and at the moment, im suffering terrible itching down below. what is causing this ?
waking up in pain every morning?
I am suffering from anal bleeding when using the toilet?
when I take my sons pulse it regularly misses a beat why?
Compulsive sponge eating?
Sharp pain near heart?
High Blood Pressure Remedies/alternate Medicines?
I started getting heart palpitations?
Why is it that my cousin always spits mucous from her mouth ?? It's been this way from since ive known her.?
i read that it's better to expand chest and bring in abdomen when inhaling, but?
What is the recommended dosage of Cipro to treat a urinary track infection?
Could it be Pneumonia?
Coughing up mucus!! help!?
Constant coughing when I was a kid. What does that mean?
What structure stops mucus from entering the lungs?
what does it mean when your throwing up blood?
need a good ENT dr in San Antonio?
do I have cystic fiberosis?
is it possible to provoke a...?
My husband has sharp pain in the right side of his chest.?
Can asthma be made worse by lack of sleep?
Drum triggering question, Cheapest best way to trigger?
I cough if I breathe out all the way?
Chest and thigh pains?
Pain In Upper Abdomen?
hi...i just had my appendix takin out at 3 a.m. this morning and it doesnt hurt at all...is that normal?
why do they have you wear a lead jacket during an x-ray?
what could be the cause of my ankle pains?
I broke my ankle almost a year ago pretty good. The doctors said that i need surgery but unfortunately...?
How long does glandular fever last?
I think I may have a problem with picking skin?
Hard bump on the back of my head?
Frothy sputum why do I have it ? ?
good way to treat and prevent blisters in boots?
Really itchy scrotum?
I keep getting small and big lumps behind my ears?
Any thoughts on why my skin is like this?!?
What is the best way to treat cellulite? I am not fat !?
is there a special brand of make up for people with exsima and sensistive skin?
How Can I Cover Some Of My Moles Up?
Why do I have to put on lotion?
Is there anything you can get in the UK for fungal infections of the skin which actually works?
ladies - banana or cucumber -which first hit the spot?
Why did my doctor prescribe Fucibet cream for psoriasis in my ears?
Does anyone know a cure for really dry skin?
Is there any cure for chilblaines?
How do I get rid of my spots/blackheads?
my body is vibrated (my hands, legs, and sometime mi body as whole) since last 4 yrs. Wats z cause &solution?
i had my daughters ears peirced on friday they seem to have gone very red! How can i help her from infection?
GenRX Docxycline acne antiobiotics increase the sensativity of skin to the sun?
MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM-treatment needed!?
woke up in the middle of the night shaking?
How many people die in their sleep every night ?
do i need to go to the doctors?
cant seem to get healthy!?
how to make yourself tired in 20 minutes?
I feel like im going to faint or fall over?
I have an infected lip I think...?
Can I buy OTC sleep aids if I'm under 18?
Taken off of Prozac and feeling more depressed?
Whats causing tingling in my back & chest?
On average how many hours do people sleep when they take nyquil?
Why am I still tired after about 10 hours of sleep?
are sales on naturak mood/sleep aids limited to just the 18+ group or can anyone buy them, Ex:Nyquil?
Has taking an SSRI actually helped you overcome OCD? What is the trade-off?
will my lips go black if i smoke weed ?
what would you think if your wife/partner came home with a tube of k y jelly?
When i was younger i used to get small bits of yellowish soft stuff coming into my mouth which, when crushed?
what does having a blood test tell you?
is my mole cancerous?
what does gross haemolysis mean?
Why do people get sea sick? What happens, really?
who thinks it is so annoying when the person in the toilet doesent change the roll?
clozaril-when does the dosage increase?
Why do I have a constant headache?
how do you stop going red?
Why is it difficult for depressed individuals to make decisions?
Cure Anxiety Symptoms?
How do you regain your...?
Can meditation help a person fall asleep?
is clicking my toes normal?
how does one deal with ones lady garden?
While on holiday i suffer with constipation. Can anyone offer suggestions to give predictable relief? Thanks.?
Constipation question...?
my dad drinks three quarters a bottle of wine a night. I stis too much?
is it normal for a child to lose weight after sickness and diarrhea?
english german translation?
I Need Energy!!!?
stress and anxiety whats the easiest way to get rid,cheers.?
Desperate: Who Do I Turn To?
when will this pain go away?
How can you tell if someone has been abused?
I quit smoking over 2 years ago?
I keep getting nose bleeds! My dad thinks its stress because of my GCSE's... What do I do? Is it stress?
Why do humans reach for junk food when they are feeling down,when they know?
I'll answer questions every day between 5 and 6 and all weekends sorry no prescriptions.?
How many chins does a normal person have?
Help! I've just discovered a bone in my leg. What should I do?
Can anyone give me some incentive to go to bed? No rude please.?
help, I keep coughing?
dextro energy is it suitable for anyone?
How can i tell if i dislocated my finger(pointer).?
Should I be hearing little cracking sound's on my brases? (Read and i'll explain)?
My head is reconstructed and i hit it about a week ago..?
Do you think my rubs might be bruised?
Medical Health Issues? Possibly heart related?
Confused??? Chest pains REALLY NEED HELP?
What is a healthy blood pressure range for a 16 year old girl at 5'7" tall?
How do I no if i'm having heart problems or just stress?
Does my mom have a heart problem?
what is a consultation reportin a medical record?
If I wake-up between 3am-5am I sneeze uncontrollably, at 5:30 or 2:55 no sneezing. what is wrong?
How to treat a broken thumb?
Fractured Finger???????
Can a cortisone shot in the shoulder make your neck hurt?
Can my foot be broken if i can move it?
His heels cannot touch the ground?
back neck???????????
Blood clot in the leg?
Groin area hurts when i walk, help?
Whats wrong with my shin?
i got pushed into galvonized metal fence today and my head kicked in?
I really need advice!!!?
I have an ingrown toenail problem?
Shoulders hurt after P.E. exercises?
I have a cold and it's hard to breathe?
Causes of asthma, I might have it?
What could i have With Cough & Lungs hurt?
Is it ok to swallow blood?
3 weeks Sore Breathing, lost voice, coughing, green mucous, green stool!?
AHH what do I do? I lost my voice from a cold?
Cystic fibrosis??! Or?
I feel very sick, and don't know what i have...?
What could be wrong? (cold & cough related)?
Child coughing in sleep?
Can anyone give me their experience with serous otitis media and loss of hearing?
My girlfriend has Cystic Fibrosis and I don't want to get her sick?
7 mont old baby pneumonia, still showing up on xray after 2 weeks medicine?
what is the number of doctors now and a hundred years ago?
can an unborn baby pass sickle cell to its mother?
Where can I find pure, unadulterated Brewer's Yeast in Singapore?
Why dont I walk in a straight line?!?
is becoming a sleep lab tech a good career?
Tingling in fingers after driving 16 hours?
Getting up in the morning?
get cheated by medical health centre!?
I'm really tired but I can't sleep?
HELP, Health, insurance!!!?
What would happen if you inhale something sharp in the nose?
weed help please thanks?
Isn't it a bad idea to not rest extra when you have mono?
need medical help please?
OK ive got a school medical question?
I don't know what's going on with me I'm very moody I can never sleep and I feel dizzy..?
How do you cope with an identity crisis?
My Dad died a year ago this Monday quite suddenly?
how to do that????i'm nervous?
want some thoughts ?
i need a consoler but?
How do you go about committing someone for psychiatric treatment? ?
my ex is mentally disabled & can't work. not enough S.S. credits for benefits. Only SSI, any help available?
Truck Driving and Depression?
What should I do about a friend who might possibly be depressed?
hi! am i dreaming or is it that i am experiencing something else?
If I say it enough, I'll believe it??
why can some people take psychiatric drugs and some cannot?
people get checks for anxiety?
can anyone relate to a relationship making them feel suicidal and depressed?
Don't know if i want to get better (depression)?
Help with Social Anxiety????
Will I suffer nasty effects .......?
How do I know if I would be a good nurse?
If an ear gets blocked with wax from time to time?
What do you think of the health service in this country?
Why are my feet so bad?
whys it that when i finish having it i faint?
How do people stop snoring?
Do you know what a Podiatrist is? If so what do you think they do?
why do we get headaches?
Rhesus negative bloodtype??
i have recently been standing up and going dizzy but it is everytime i stand up and i dnt genrally stand up...
I have noticed wrinkles on my upper lip, could you please tell me what cream I can use to get rid?
what pain killers can you take with prozac?
What does the appendix do?
On average, I take a dump 3 times a day. Can anyone beat that?
Where can I buy a Fake Doctor's Sick Note?
giving up smoking tips?
What is wrong with my lips???? Photos included?
Why do I keep getting palpitations?
Could someone please explain Fatigue to me please :) ... As in Anemia?
A Question about laser pointers?
Do quack anecdotes work both ways?
is it possible to crush your skull with your bare hands or between your legs?
I had pain killer injection done in my bum after tooth extraction more then month ago and area is still blue..?
my knee is killing me pleez help?
what is wrong with my lips!?
got hot steam in my eyes from oven.?
How do I go about getting a mole removed? do I go doctors or what?
frost burn on my face?
Blackheads And Spots!?
My hamster has dandruff all over his skin
why do i get purple skin?
How to get rid off white spots in corner of nose?
i was wondering?......?
Is it better than riches, to scratch were it itches?
varicose vains?
how to remove stubborn blackheads on face?
anyone else here from the uk got sunburn? Got it yesterday, I fell asleep in the sun and fair skin..?
I have a lump under my arm pit?
How do i get rid of spots?
Would going on the pill help my acne?
overnite my hands came up with these purple bruises?
It is said your body renews itself every seven years. if so could the damage caused by sunbed use be repaired?
My face is all red and blotchy and itchy....?
Is it possible to insert Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles in black ankle boots?
what group of muscles allow the tibia to shift forward?
How long does it take for scratch marks to go away?
Tingling and cramping in right foot and toes please help?
can breaking your back years ago cause chest pain ?
safe to take out my piercing for a few hours?
Have you had bunion surgery? Need some info, please?
How do you ease a pulled muscle in chest?
Did I dislocate my knee or was it a subluxation?
Got really bad diarrhea.... ?
common injury to clavicle?
What is the difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease?
Embarrassing but serious may be medical? please help is can!?
can my fingers get crooked by popping them so much?
meee making a FAKE CIGARETTE!!!?
can somebody please help ?!?
can you become a EMT/paramedic at 18 when you cant do your C1/D1 license to your 21?
I sleep in a different position?
hemarroids? help please?
I have a neuroma on my toe. Are there any shoes that could help stop the pain?
fever, sore hands and feet?
How does an autopsy come back undetermined on a 2 year old?
Pill that defeats need to sleep?
Pain in my legs....spreading to my back and whole body.?
What Causes Shakiness?
Can I drink alcohol after Atrial Fibrillation?
Chest pains and hard to breath?
Why does my heart beat so fast?
What are some good ways to deal with allergy induced asthma?
Sore throat only on one side?
Anyone had an adverse reaction to anesthesia in surgery causing continued pain & breathlessness & recovered?
How long does it take for second hand smoke to leave your system?
How to get over sinus infection?
is it possible to have six seizures in one day and then just be normal?
Should I go back for a doctor visit?
Remedies for getting rid of a KILLER Sore throat?
exercise and pneumonia?
Why am I always so thirsty and out of breath?
Heavy breathing and fatigue?
I accidentally mixed meds?!!!?
Is it normal to have a panic attack from smoking Mr. Nice Guy?
why do i have chest pain (ASAP!!)?
Ribs pop when i cough?
i can't 4get events in my lyf, i can ezily memoryz somting,do i hav eidetic memory?
Woul someone be kind and help me??? i think i have eating disorder..... ?
can i get antidepressants from my main doctor?
How to toughen up...?
when do you know if you need a dose of xanax?
What do bi-polar people act like compared to people who have depression along with ADD?
Please tell me when how is my carer, presently I am facing some troubles?
what is moicrofialga a muscle disease?
how does the innate immune response influence the adaptive immune response against bacteria and viruses?
mmr vaccine?
my husband has been diagnosed withpulmonary fibrosis but is self employed he finds it difficult to work fullt?
caring for mum with lung cancer?
Will my tinnitus go away?
A question about Parotid gland tumors?
what is anaemic?
i feel really weird and unwell. plz help in 12?
Would you rather sneeze from your ears or cough from your eyes?
Do you think the stress is to blame?
is depression an actual illness?
Ever feel like your heart misses a beat ?
Why do i get upset stomach almost every morning after ive had a cup of tea then im fine for rest of day, ?
How effective is St.Johns wort in treatment of depression?
Can anyone diagnose this?
Why do nurses/doctors smoke?
sufferers of cold foot?
What is the best way to remove Earwax?
average shose size?
When you have a blood test, how long is it until the blood sample begins to clot?
are there any dangers to taking too many vitamins?
how can i stop this disgusting habit?
why am i always tired?
i really need some help before i do somethink bad. PLEASE!?
is there anybody else out there with a migrane?
how come most men r more nastier when they drink,?
What can I eat?
the knee is stabilized on the anterior side by witch muscle?
Could my toes be Sprained/jammed or broken?
What do all these small muscle spasms mean?
My Knee cap keeps on hurting?
what does it mean when one of the bones of your wrist is sticking out more then the other?
I have had this rib/chest pain for over a month now...?
Do I have to keep the tensor bandage on?
could you fracture your wrist like this?
I burned the roof of my mouth a week ago and it isn't healing?
Bluish Nails what might it be?
getting bad sleep, not waking up good, thoughtlessness, etc... depressed?
How to not catch a tummy bug?
What do you do if you have to use the bathroom during a sleep study?
Is it possible for me to become a paramedic in the UK or in the USA if I am a hungarian?
how much do u really pay at the doctors appointment? even if u got medicaid?
Silly question but can mouse droppings/ mice affect people and make them sick or stop fertility?
i got bit by something on my arm what would i have to go to the hospital?
if sleep with your legs tucked into your body while sleeping does your legs not grow?
how badly can only 2-3 hours of sleep a night mess you up?
Really bad, sore hiccups?
the doctor wants to send me for a sleep test?
I think my three year old daughter has a squint eye should i take her to the doctors first or for a eye test?
My mouth ulcer won't go away, help!?
Why is AIDS a controversal topic?
I have a swollen throat and ear ache but only on one side of my head? Should i see a doctor?
I'm not comfortable with my drug addict/alcoholic MIL around my daughter. what do I do?
a doctor...? please i need help.?
how do u get rid of a cough?
what does it mean when you have chest pains,can't hardly breathe,and trying to gasp for air?
Why does anxiety cause chest/ribs pains?
I have a REALLY sore throat?
is this in anyway dangerous?
Wheezing and coughing REALLY badly. Help??!?
difficulty taking deep breaths?
what does a chest xray detect?
my 2 year old has a horrible cough a stuffy nose and a sore throat . her presription meds are not working?
how do we take vital signs?
What might be the matter with my coughing?
been sick for 2 weeks now...?
My daughters breathing seems very raspy, although she acts perfectly fine, should I bring her in to her dr?
has anyone used the aveo tsd for sleep apnea or snoring?
I cannot smell except for when I'm on steroids(asthma). Does anyone know of alternative pills?
Need a doctors perspective...?
what happens if i call the crisis line or teen help line thing
my mental health isnt getting better...HELP ASAP
Could I have a Blood Clog?
bad memory lost someone help drugs to.
obsessions... please answer...................................................................................
which psychologist???
How do I help him cope with my loss?
why and what would make him do that
i keep haveing these horrible nightmares..
what can i do to give myself nightmares?
I need help, i have an eating disorder and i don't know what to do.
i feel hyper all the time and cant get to sleep at night and cant concentrate??
Who can help me,an unhappy mother?
earthquake sleeping probs?
Lack of apetite, gas, nausea, terrible anxiety?
flu jab,is there more than one flu jab,one without swine flu in it.?
what the effect if accidentally ate fungus on cake?
best way to get rid of blackheads?
Wat are the symptoms of hiv aids?
I am 8 weeks pregnant and have breast cancer i had 2 radiotaion treatments and found out and stopped?
Why do I have a cough but no other symptoms?
Can you catch the flu off someone if they're not showing symptoms?
Can hand distonias totally heal in time?
What's worse than knowing someone with a bum you just wanna bite and and squeeze, but knowing you never will?
do you believe psycics?
why has my cat stopped meowing?
what would cause itching on my head and dont say headlice as i am near bald?
how do you get rid of a cold, really quickly?
Where can I buy at pill/tablet crusher (NOT a pill/tablet splitter)?
Tried all usual remedies for hiccups. Anyone any new ideas that may help?
are cocodermol tablets addictive?
I bite my nails alot.. Need to stop?
Is an Outpatient...?
Help me mind my ways.?
Electric shock, from plug?
'total hip replecement' what is it?
Stayed celibate for 7 days! Who's impressed?
What is the most effective natural deodorant on the market?
Can i drink if i am on antibiotics?
what is a sty(in the eye)? how do you get rid of it?
Is it okay for my body temperature to be this low? Or is the thermometer faulty?
Is it a good idea to go bed at 8.30 pm and wake up in the morning?
why does my stomach hurt after i eat?
How can i get better? I have tests in two days... i got a cough and blocked nose and its really bad.?
Skin question........
Out of 100% how effective is Bio-oil?
Can I have a birthmark removed?
any remedies for athletes foot had for years?
weird things?
oily skin and acne?????????????
my feet itch between and near my toes is it athletes foot?
Can alcohol clear up spots?
Can you get rid or make a scar fade within like a month? How? HELP! PLEASE!!?
Strange rash?
reaction to applying toothpase?
my cat keeps pulling out his hair?
get rid of scars quick!(4days)?
Effective ways of treating Keratosis Pilaris?
Do wrinkle fillers work to sort out bumpy skin, such as the forehead?
Is it free to get a skin mole removed on the NHS?
how can i fade stretch marks in 5 days?
what is some good advice or there any suggestions for osteoarthritis in the knees and back?
where did tourniquet get its name?
sometimes it hurts to flex my arm, im right handed, cant flex my left arm?
Is my finger broken or sprained or just bruised?
Toe sprain??????????????
I keep thinking of someone who passed away, are they resting in peace?
why wont the contacts fit?
was hit on back of head with glass by female and received 3 stitches, whats the charge?
Smoke weed and kidney infection/UTI? Okay?
should i go to a doctor (bruised tailbone))?
Can anyone give me the lowdown on PreExisting Conditions? How it works now, and how it will if Obama's plan s?
Dull stabbing pain under left breast..?
What's this random pulse in my leg?
did this doctor do medical malpractice & negligence?
Why do doctors knock on knees with the little hammer type thing? How does this affect the nerves?
Great tips for getting to bed early?
antibiotics and sinus infection?
What Causes Death? Help Please?
my nose is crooked need a surgery?
anything in common-bird,schwarsenegger movie,a recurrent cello work,1.2 million seconds approximately?
Bypass surgery? How's it performed?
my son 8 mont hi safaring with pneumonia please help me witch is the best hospital ni hyderabad india?
chest pain and discomfort?
I haven't smoked weed in awhile because I'm on prohbation but my friends smoke from a bong in front of me and?
Does anyone have loads of skin moles?
Do I have the beginnings of flu or is it just a cold?
what is the cause of hair loss in women?
What caused the hairloss I had as a child?
what is the right mg for salbutamol ventolin anti asthma syrup on a 3 yeras old?it is ok for flu right?
axilllary hyperhidrosis help!?
Spots on and around my chin?
I have a hard time breathing, do I have asthma?
I think I may have asthma! Any humans want to help me out?
Shaking Breath when sighing?
Am I depressed or stressed or what?
social anxiety? what works?no meds/ no bs docs?
I have extremely weak lungs even with an inhaler?
what are symptoms or stress?
when i have an asthma attack why to i cry?
How can I get light headed with out smokeing at any cost?
im 17 and i having a chest pain in my upper left chest that comes and goes and i am worried?
Whats wrong with my lungs?
when i breathe in, my chest hurts and i get light headed?
things to help me cope?!!?
Why do I feel tired when I smell someone smoking cigarette?
Is it possible to have another pneumothorax (lung collapse) after having surgery to prevent it?
I have never received TLC in my life and I am not going to get it, help me out of this sadness? ?
Why am I this way around people?
EEG Test Haircut Effects?
Are specific thoughts that run thru your mind (that bother you) all day & nite called obsessive thoughts?
has anyone LOST weight while on celexa?
what is wrong with me?
im terrified to go on antidepressants but..?
What will happen if I use Luvox together with thioridazine and Imipramin?
i seriously need help....?
SSI and binder and binder?
should i go to a psychiatrist?
Does burning human flesh smell like roast pork ?
I had a blood clot which caused quite bad DVT several years ago. Should I enter this year's London Marathon?
what is a blood test like?
liver...alcohol...can it hurt?
My mum has just been told she has 'bugs in her blood' - does anyone know what this could mean? Thx alot
My mother has permanant migraines, Please help, can You help us?
are all viruses infectious?
I recently had a blood test and was told my anti-bodies were very high. Are high anti-bodies a good thing?
What are the symptoms of your appendix going to burst or that its infected ?
have underactive thyroid on 25 mcg levothyroxine have put on weight can i take extra tab to loose weight /?
pain, can anyone help me please?
London Stomach Bug?
Aching Arm from MRI Contrast Mistake?
has anyone ever jumped off anything and sprained there foot .?
air was blown into my ear and now it feels stopped up..whats wrong?
I traveled to South America this summer, am I eligible to donate blood plasma?
i wonder why my nose hurts when the weather is cold?
How much time do I need for sleeping?
Sleepwalking: What's the funniest thing that's happened to you?
Plastic surgery Good or Bad ?
Antidepressants how long do i take them for? Advice/Help? Your experiences?
Good Night to all who are going to sleep ... any messages before i go to sleep?
Menopourse,What are the symptoms and the help?
What happens to you when you smoke weed?
i feel sick 10 mins after eating?
whats the likelyhood of getting a docters note? plase help me x x?
In what way(s) do you take care of yourself?
I'm a untrained nurse and when i work nights i'm asked to wash 2 patients before 7am is this against the law
Dust? Household dust? how can you prevent it or control it?
can i take the powder out my capsule medication and swallow it like that?
is vision correction surgery safe?
pls. help me eliminate my 8-month old dark scar that i got from a boil because of shaving...?
Snoring - is there a acupressure point which will stop snoring?
how can i improve circulation in my hands and feet?
Bogeys: Do they have nutritional value?
what is best to do if you have a food poisoning?what can you take or drink?
Can numbness on your skin (abdominal and leg areas) from a traumatic brain injury cause an abnormal ecg?
Chest pain heart related or not?
my head is beating like a drum?
how would circulation be affected if your heart becomes tired like a hand?
how long should dilation last?
If you have an allergy to milk can you use a product that has a milk derivative in it?
What does anyone know about Reiki healing? Is it very powerful & do you have to get the setting right?
what could cause these types of bruises on my thighs?
What is cold sore in our life?
Is sweating pointless because the sweat sits on the skin and is re-absorbed into it?
Somebody please please help me!!! What's wrong with my skin?
what is the best treatment for deep acne scars?
my son had these red spots come up on his hands anyone know what it is?
I have really dry skin...?
Is sweating good for spots????????/?
Psoriasis. Any tips to help clear my psoriasis?
anyone got any advise on getting horrible cold sores off my lip??
can any1 pls tell me what is best for treating scars?
anal skin tags, can they be removed?
my husband has a toenail fungus infection, any remedies? we cant afford the price of stuff in the chemists.?
Big spot on my chin. It won't squeeze or anything! Its really red and quite big, help?? Please :)?
Excessively sweaty forehead?
Why is pus coming out my bellybutton?!?!?
Ever used ROACCUTANE anyonee??
i have veruccas on both feet and 2 on my right hand wat do i do?
is it ok to pick and scratch my head until it bleeds in places?
I have a blacktoenail on my bigtoe and feel pressure what do I do?
my husband's foot started swelling on top,right where his big toe bends.?
sprained wrist playing rugby?
How long will I be on crutches in a cast with ankle broken in 2 places? Dr. doesnt want to say, but I think it?
i got burned by a marshmallow 2 days ago?
What does a bump on your head that doesn't hurt after you hit your head mean?
Have trouble bending my arm?
Have i gained muscle or what??? Please some advice?
Hand amputation occured to a good friend of mine..in desperate search of bionic hand..any advice?
I shut my hip in my car door, should I get an x-ray? Details inside.?
How would you define my eye color?
Is it safe to take Colpermin tablets without being prescribed? I think I've developed IBS but I'm unable?
tooth abscess but is getting treated?
Cure for sore fingers/chilblains?
Im allergic to something upstairs in my house and my skin is itching?
how many antibiotics does the UK Consume?
What is the quickies way to get rid of a cough and cold?
A phone number for medicaid in the state of florida?
sore scratchy throat and cough?
How to check both kidenies?
copper smoking pipe...?
Is drooling during sleep a symptom of a bigger problem?
what does this sound like?
I feel queasy after smoking weed or drinking?
help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>?
I have bad pitting edema in my right ankle (and some in calf). Began early Oct. No injury/blood clot. Ideas?
What do anti-depressants do for you? Do you think I need them?
I have no one to talk to...?
Shaking while you cry?
I get really nervous..help?
Strange, sporadic wrist pain with pressure or rotation.?
If you're BI-POLAR and taking your meds then are you no longer bi-polar while on meds?
am i okay or weird or?
memory problems??????
Finding trouble in expressing myself verbally? Should I be concerned?
I'm 13 and out of no where i get a 30 second headache?
is it normal for stimulants such as adderall to contrict blood vessles? ?
Stomach ache question?
i have a friend that needs a prosthetic leg but doesnt have a lot of money can anyone help me ?
What is the pain I am experiencing?
Help i don't really know what to do?
sharp pain in throat ?
how can i stop thinking about suiciding?
My neck hurts. How can U fix it?
I don't know what to do?
Haldol question for anyone who knows about it or who's taking it?
Medication to calm down ( important ) ???????
Bad memory for faces?
Are Clinical Drug Trials safe?
do i have an eating disorder?
my stomach hurts. what could it be?
Is there any medicine to dissolve the blockages in a heart. Instead of bypass dissolve the blockages?
My wife has blood in her vomit?
one can be scared to die???
Where are the lepers?
what is the best way to get rid of a Cyst?
should i come off my prescription medication because my husband told me to?
when was the last time you was crying?
What should I do about my blocked nose?
i have a really weird neck? [pic inc]?
What should I do with the remainder of my life?
How can I stop, and will it grow back?
how bad is the drug 'extacy'?
Why does my urine?
i have constant numbness in my fingers?
I have man-flu and have pulled a sicky so i don't have to go into work tonight , is anyone else on a sicky ?
does st john's wort really treat mild depression?
What class drug is codeine phosphate?
why do i cry on purpose?
how much does it cost to see a chiropractor.?
i can't sleep well!!!!!!?
Could my toe/toes have been broken?
How much damage is done by smoking? 10 points.?
whats the best way to clear blocked pores?
Are there any woman here that are happy with their body?
Is this a respiratoy problem or what?
Is my grandpa going to die from pneumonia?
Respiratory Infection?
Do breathing problems tie into bad chest congestion?
is it ok to wear more than one nicotine patch?
how can i treat emphyzema?
too frequent burping?
i was wondering if wine coolers are?
What hydrocortisone cream can be used on the groin area?
Anxiety sensations always coming back, why does this happen for no reason?
why do i still feel dehydrated?
Does someone know very good face creams for very dry and allergic skin?
Medrol (methylprednisolone) mix w/ Ibuprofen?
what can you do to your neck muscles if you yell too much or too loud?
My left arm is numb what could this mean?
is lorazepan one of those?
Should I be worried about liver problems?
How much does a corneal transplant cost on the NHS?
got thrown from a horse and having strange dream like deja vu's and unreal experiences..doctors, help!?
my mom has serious depression..?
How to control anxiety??
please help me anyone?
Has anyone experienced Adderal helpping depression?
I feel like i need to do something but i dont know what that is and i think its bad. Any suggestions???
Help With Relaxation?
Why do I obsess about punching a window and then do it?
Should I Get my two weeks notice.....?
Can you help me fill the void?
How can I manage bipolar disorder without taking medication?
I always have nightmares.. what can i do?
im freaking out! help!?
How can i over come this fear?
what happened to me?
Are unicorn sheds avaliable in Unicorn Nation yet?
Dealing with stress?
nhs patients charter?
could you distinguish between colonies of bacteria, yeasts and moulds? How?
is enzymes made by amino acid?where is they made?why sometimes they dont made?
Headache, tired, and weak?
Im 6'2" 210lbs smoked weed 4x per week for 7 weeks. havent smoked for 6 months. will i pass a urine test?
Not well please help whats wrong?
Husband has hickupps when he sleeping..?
What will they be testing in the other blood sample?
What International health organization that can be ?
Help, Blood Pressure?
Advice for my dad. Lung Infection.?
Need to stay awake and alert..help?
I suddenly have a few white heads on my chest area is this normal or wht is the cause of this?
How do you get rid of spots?
I need a cream that wil get ride of my 9 verrucas without going to the doctors help !!!?
What happens to the hands when ALOT of handwash and liquid is used regularly?
Dandruff problems HELP!!?
anyone know of a good pillow that dosent make you sweat!!?
I'll try spelling it properly - SUNBLOCK?
bumps that loook like chicken poxs?
Micheal Jackson History??? What was wrong with his health ... please heelp?
Why is my back so itchy tonight?
How can i prevent spots?
damm think ive just had an alergic reaction help!?
Small Lumps?
Mole on face bleeding?
What could be causing dry lips?
Is it safe to cut hairs that are above a mole on your skin?
A mole on my thigh has recently become slightly sore?
I'm on Iron tablets. Is my poo meant to be black?
How close are scientists to developing cures for AIDS and Cancer?
How soon can I fly after a hip resufacing operation?
how long does it take for a cold sore to heal, and what good?
what does an ingrown hair look/feel like?
Whats the purpose of your appendix, gall bladder and tonsills?
What helps cure sty in the eye?
is there a reason, coloured "down syndromes" are rarely seen, if at all ?
Easy homemade insomnia cures anyone?
Please help, this is kind of embarrassing?
Name that illness!?
Cures for a cold?
Is it a problem to have a little blood with poo?
Nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, please help?
2 year old with a smelly ear!!!?
i have just asked the question about the burning toast thing , can i just add i havnt got a toaster.?
Blood coming from my bum?
what do you know about autism?
my sons best frend has just got glasses my son has glasses but his frend needs a hearing aid now too?
People who have had a succesful lung transplant...?
Doing 2 sports with Asthma?
what is malignant neoplasm in rectum?
Nurses and their Behaviour?
Donating blood?
My daughter is going for an operation to have her toncils removed.?
do paraplegics sleepwalk?
how does arm hair know when to stop growing?
do these really work to get rid of spots?
What are some good home remedies against constipation?
How can I get to sleep??
Does Pete from Big Brother have ADHD?
Has anybody had a cyst removed from there eyelid?
My friend has cancer...but she won't tell her family?!?
All psychoactice drugs cause what?
What's up with my panic attacks?
Three questions in one! Heart bypass operations...?
Will I be okay?? Urgent need of advice?
Swollen ears 6 weeks after piercing?
What is wrong with my eye?
My eye ball is sore when I touch it or blink too hard?
does damage spine can be healed?
My arm and forearm really hurt?
Back Pain & X-ray Results?
Is this an effective excercise to determine ACL damage?
does having strong muscles prevent bruising and big bumps from forming?
did you have an ankle sprain and your ankle never returned to it's regular size?
did i break my pinky?
please answer how to break your wrist playing basketball?
how do i care for a ripped fingernail?
I'm not sure if my wrists broken?
I can't pay attention.
Is this a mental illness? Or am I just really lucky?? Lol why should I try and fix this?
I just found out I have low blood pressure?
Why can I feel my heart beat?
What is dilated cardiomyopathy?
Is it safe for me to get a tattoo/piercing if I have a Small Ventricular Septal Defect?
is breath holding activity dangerous for people with heart disease.?
19 and I got High blood pressure....?
can bone became soft with radio fragrance ?
Everything to know about crack?
What should I do about school? And why is this happening?
Which is the best for me ?
Do I have allergies or a cold?
Nyquil help me sleep and sick?
weird feeling right before i'm falling asleep?
Random pain around abdomen?
Lack of sleep :( help?
i am experiencing bet wetting problems has anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
Do dried cracked lips heal on their own?
Blood donor question please don't judge?
what is hiv-2 window period ?
What are the pros and cons of a DPT immunisation injection for 13year old boy who has been immunised in the pa
where i can buy raw materiel for mosquito killer?
red eyes since 3 weeks?