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How can I breathe better? (Without surgical procedures!)?
Does anyone know about infant asthma?
I feel one nostril blocked and when i sniff i get a bloody dark mucus come in to the back of my throat what is?
What do I have, and should I go to the doctor?
Do I quit and travel?
been sick for almost two weeks!!?
I'm having dry cough every five seconds,whats wrong?
I was given prosak by my doctor...?
can I work out after hospitalization?
Sore nose with Cpap does it wear off?
I have a five year old female min pin. I think she has kennel cough. What can I give her?
My mother when sleeps,during sleep she can not feel her hands and shoulder?Is is Blood Circulation problem?Ple?
What would happen if i keep twisting?
knee problems??????????
im getting worried, please help me?
Is it possible for my arm to develop tissue necrosis if I sleep on it too long and cut circulation?
What do you do whilst receiving a love bite?x?
how much will it cost for a nose job?
Can I suit for personal injury when I'm getting worker's comp?
I tore a ligament in my finger and the doctor told me to do various exercises three times a day?
Why compress sprained ankle?
I have a "ball" in my neck?
problem with my head recently?
Injured knee? what do u think i did to it?
How does a beheaded chicken run around?
whats the procedure? first time fracture/break bone?
I've had a bruise toenail for 4 months!?
How do youu sprain,fracture,pr break your wrist! Please help!?
Unbearable pain in quad's ?? Please help !?
what is asipheta, given to children 50 years ago?
My heart has been beating really fast off and on today, any ideas what it could be?
How Do you get the smell of vomite out of ur nose??? PLEASE HELP!!!?
What would happen if................?
Fluid on knee: What happens if not drained out? Prognosis?
pink bump in my eye near tear duct?
throwing up almost every other night?
Left side is harder than my right (more info in detail)?
What color do you think my eyes are?
Glasses trouble, please help!?
Tonsillectomy ...........BEER?
yesterday i was at work and i swallowed brake fluid because it sprayed in my face and got in my mouth?
When does death occur?
Ways to fall asleep fast?
Is it possible to learn how to shake your eyes, or do you have to be born with voluntar nstygmus?
i get migraines when i do headers in soccer is there a way to stop them?
how painful is sinus/nasal surgery?
who to see about head and neck pain?
Knee Pain when Driving please help?
i have this knot that keeps getting bigger next to my left ear does anybody no what it good be?
i pulled my left groin. should i continue to weight train with my right leg only or just wait 2 weeks.?
how to get rid of shoulder pain?
Relieve Chub Rub Pain?
what are these rash skin reaction things i have?
Microwave burned out and nasty fumes?
Whats wrong with my elbow ?
I am a male professional,aged 58. I have been experiencing a right shoulder pain since last two weeks.?
pain in chest when i eat like i swallowed something without chewing?
Vibration in head??leg soreness?
Do you have a bunion? What have you done for it?
Please help........ ..............?
Foot problem! please help!?
excrutiating headaches? don't seem to go away?
Pains in my lower right abdomen?
Why does my head hurt?
Intense pain when shaving, legs never get smooth, red pores, pain after shaving.?
groin injury doing dunks?
please help me...heel problems?
coughing and pregnant?
My foot hurts please help?
Why am I having severe muscle pain?
Sharp pain on my left side?
what happened to my hand? sound serious?
when you want to runaway how do you feel better?
i need help going to sleep
i just pull a all nighter,and i have a feeling im going to crash in a couple of hours,what can i do?
good way to relize stress
OCD help, please
How do i tell if someone has a food disorder?
Is anyone satisfied with the services for schizophrenia in your state (vocational, cognitive rehab, etc)?
The name of a place In Indiana
Where does depression come from?
Why trade one disorder for another?
I think a lost love has warped my view on life?
I'm out of control with my eating disorder.. what should i do now
How do i gain self confidence Fast?
shall i write about my own family member stuggle with depression on my MSW personal statement?
I'm going crazy! Please, help me.
Confidence boosters?
who has a physical disability or ailment that they live with but still manage to live a normal life?
I had my haircut this morning and the hairdresser cut my neck with the scissors. What should I do about it?
my contact lens always dry up. Need help?
why do i always bump in to things while walking?
How can you make scar tissue more elastic or flexible???
What's a quick way to stop smelling of smoke?
is there n e more ways to stop smokin?
Can you simultaneously rotate your feet to the opposite direction of your hands?
Marijuana and it's problems outside the health circle?
hi any advice welcome please?
Why do growth of nails and hair continue for hours even after death?
Does it hurt?
Ex-smokers, I really need your help!!?
any suggestions to help a sore throat?
why is it okay to smoke while driving a car but get a fine for eating a choc bar...?
well i think non smokers are being selfish?
How to cure anemia quickly......?
Help With Sleep Trouble?!?!?
extremely concerned about my body? (pictures)?
what to do if i have a headache (but don't want to drink tablets) ?
i have really bad asthma, and for the last four days its got really bad, what to do?
Can a lung tumor attach to your spinal cord or muscle?
Jammed finger in a door a week ago. Swelling's gone but nail is a rainbow of colors & puss is coming out. Help?
Does my sister have a concussion?
grinding cracking hurting knees with a torn meniscus plus condromalasia?
I had to walk in the cold yesterday and now my body aches and i got a light fever. should i see a doctor?
Protect hands from physical injury?
Middle finger won't stop hurting when stretched...?
Why does it hurt to kneel nearly two years after ACL reconstruction?
i dont know if i sprained or tore something in my knee?
Why does my big toe hurt on the top left side of it? is it an ingrown toenail?
Possible neck/head/spine injury. help?
I think I fractured my foot/toe? Please help!?
Could I still have appendicitis?
What does it mean when your hands feel swollen?
My left wrist hurts, what could it be?
can a glass sliver go up you blood stream?
I did a split but i pushed myself too far and slightly tore my hamstring. What is the best way to heal?
Question regarding Grade 2 Ankle Sprain I suffered?
Any advice about my little boys scalp?
can anyone recommend anything for Psriosis of the scalp? I have bad dry itchy scalp for years ...?
what is the cause of a white tongue?
im preg 17weeks, prob is there chickenpox...........?
Can you remove verrucas with gaffer tape?
help with adult acne?
My face keeps burning up...?
Why do new shoes give you blisters?
How do you get rid of massive blisters?
why is my skin so shiny?
Is this how arthritis begins?
why do I always vomit when drinking alchol?
Dry skin rash, how do I get rid of it?
what could be the cause of this irritation?
Why are my arms and legs so itchy?
Does anyone know how to get rid of bad spots? they seem to be more like blisters some of them?
is thyroid cured wth medication?
is there anyone out there at all that knows how to get rid of spots?
I am becoming nothing but SPOTS?
when i sweat i get small clear blisters on my body?
Is vitamin b5 good for acne?
I have just been diagnosed with swine flu?
what is the best treatment for Parkinson's Disease?
Why is there a flu season?
How can I get rid of a cold?
so is gallbladder or gallstones a serious illness?
School sickness question?
whats the best way to get swelling down after a week?
Worried about my neck?
Bone Aches and Pains?
Anyone know if 1000mg of apsrin is an overdose?
Really bad back pains!?
Dealing with Migraine?
Menstrual like cramps but my period left last tuesday?
I havent eaten in about 2 days & a half and have not been drinkin 2muchwater & puked & throat is now hurtin y?
I have a constant ear pressure that's mildly painful.?
Stress? I experience sharp pain, off and on, under my right side rib cage and around to my back when stressed?
what hurts worse? answerss please!?
i heard one time that you can get social security at an earlier age and just get less money every month?
What to say to to get medical weed?
Had 1 small bite of poppy seed bagel, drug test for new job in 2 days... will I be okay?
How good is Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO of IL.?
Do steaks suppose to have stuff inside that is looks like spider webs?
why do my hands get numb?
Tiny bump on hand...what is it? please help if you can!?
Can I take Midol Maximum Strength (1 or 2?) 4 hours after I took Nighttime Sleep Aid (diphendyramine)?
Swollen lymph nodes/glands question?
What's wrong with my knee?
What happend to my knee?
i think i might have hurt my shoulder a little bit,help?
How do I retain my natural skin colour?
how do you get rid of tonsil stones ie tonsiloliths?
Very strange symptoms...?
I'm allergy to petrol smell.?
are these night sweats normal? and how do I prevent them?
Am i sick? Or just sinuses?
I have dry patches on my skin?
What are the causes of blurred vision ?
does a colonoscoptomy hurt?
whats the name for a bent spine?
Do you have a hang over?
How long will this feeling go on?
Can you name a medical condition when a person is normal one time and then they go crazy suddenly...?
i hold my breath when i am drinking or sitting down will holding my breath cause any damage to my brain?
What does it mean when you can hear your heart beat in your head all the time?
Understanding Heart People I Need You 0ne MoreTime!!!!?
My mother had a few chest pains last night with a bad head + nausea today...help!?
Cholesterol Question.?
my tongue ring gets annoying is that cos its bruised?
What do I do with a hurt neck?
Can you explain to me why the pain is getting worse?
consistent pain in my right side?
Sharp and dull chest pain and heaviness makes it hurt to breathe and talk, aching lymph nodes...What is it?
a description of how the respiratory works?
are vicks vaporub and metholatum the same?
When you don't eat on time and starve do you get Chest Pain?
How to drink robitussin?
is the smoke hazardous?
im having chest pains, can this be chest congestion?
Sharp chest pains what is it?
Wearing a Tennis Elbow Brace during PT?
My hands tingled then went numb on a rollercoaster is this normal?
How long before your suppose to recover from a herniated disc?
Why am i getting these random bruises?
do i have a concussion?
is the lead still in my hand and can it do me harm?
What is your physical potential after an ACL surgery recovery?
how do i get a pulled muscle away in two days?
my ankle pops that ball thing on the middle of your ankle pops?
How do you cure a calcium build-up in your foot?
will my stress fracture ever heal?
I hurt my knee on the 23, and it still aches. Should I see a doctor?
sprained wrist.........?
i got x rays last night. will this show the fluid in my knee?
i have scoliosis. recently, i was taken off my brace. can i do sit ups now?
Can You drive after having hernia surgery, like drive myself home?
Do you think my elbow is broken?
Some remedies to heal a diabetic wound?
Is there a sickness bug going around at the moment ? (UK)?
Is there a cure for the swine flu?
Have you ever suffered from chickenpots/measles?
if you have ur tonsils out is it true u can never sing again ?
Could you tell me what mono means please ?
What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?
as swine flu is now a pandemic don't the schools have to close?
Worried about prednisolone?
What can I do to not catch my brother's tuberculosis?
isn't the uk government being pessimistic about setting up extra graves for swine flu?
Swine Flu?? Can We Still Go To Spain?
Really sick help thanks?
If you have Blepharitis are you still able to work on computers?
i went to the doctors and he said.. :?
Does anyone here take citalapram also known as cipramil? Why do you take it and does it work for you?
What food is best for constipation?
is a 5ml. spoon large or small . small as in teaspoon?
Swollen lymphnodes? Please help?
I felt starved when I woke this morning and when I ate something I felt sick?
Random Vomiting ????
Speech therapy for Funtional Dysphonia on the Internet?
Very weird feeling in my knee when laying down?
memory loss in teens?
dizzy constipated just not feeling well.?
Is it normal that my left ear doesn't hear as well as my right ear?
How does the right hand & handling of pick affect playing & how can i increase the speed of my left fingers.?
when taking your at home blood pressure what kind of chair should you sit on can you sit on a coach to do it?
dizzy after exercise?
how long will pain last on a cartilage piercing?
Im having a weird pain?
Torn Ligament & Bruised Bone?
my wird foot pain im only 14 what is wrong ?
2 and a half months after graft to my top hand UP to elbow on top of arm,the pain is fubared in my brain. help?
My back really hurts...?
What is my groin pain?
difference between cyclobenzaprine and cyclobenzaprine HCL?
Why does my arm have an unexplainable pain?
I have aniexty but i dont want to confront my doctor about it are there any meds i can buy in a store that...?
vyvanse increase? dosage question?
What can I do to cope with my stress caused by my perfectionist thinking?
My brother can't sleep! Help us?
Insecurity- is affecting my Confidence-and making me more negative for all that I am positive even?
Do you think I am being overworked?
Can someone give me some advise please?
does bupropion give you the same effect as zyban?
how do you tell if your depressed?
Ok, Im on the verge of dropping out of college...can you help motivate me not to?
why am i feeling this way?
how much should i be sleeping?
I am 18 years old. My girlfriend is out of the country and i am beginning to feel separation anxiety.?
What sleep med should I switch to?
Are hangovers worse while on Effexor?
please help me I'm feeling paranoid, helpless and obsessed over this small matter its affecting my daily lifes?
I take paxil & have for the last 3 years. I am severly overweight (at 5'3 I am 214). I want to lose but..?
please help me. i cant take it anymore?
HELP IM SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Anyone heard of aneurysms/strokes leading to mental illness symptoms (paranoia)?
Can a person have whiskers?
What i does the spleen do?
How tall will I grow at most?
why do doctors ask you to get undressed behind a curtain if they're gonna see you naked anyway?
Why is blood in the human body warm? And what makes it warm?
is Denise a nice name?
Are laptops harmful?
dont tell me to stop i just want an answer! lol?
why does your nose run but your feet smell?
please help really bad itching all over?
I want to take this ectasy but im having doubts, should i take it?
scary thing that happened yesterday?
how to get rid of consipation ?
Constant Tiredness?
Most hated bodypart ?
Marijuana - how long does it stay in your system?
Do your thumbs effect your balance?
Can I change to a different GP surgery in the same area?
I am concerned, should i be?
What paint can I use to make a foot/handprint of our grandson which is safe to use?
What is the general view on the use of marijuana?
im 15 years old and keep getting migraines/weird feeling in head?
Excruciating knee pain - what could it be?
Bruise & shooting pain back of left leg.?
Ketoprofen or Orudis,how well do they help the pain?
Cortisone shots for shin splints?
hydrocodone detectable?
is cracking your back bad?
How long can whiplash last?
I dislocated my shoulder...?
Whats wrong with me? I had my gallbladder taken out and it didnt help.?
If your neck is out of alignment could you still be able to move it?
there's someting wrong with my stomache, whats wrong with me?
Can I bump up my Parafon Forte(Chlorzoxazone) 500 mg. because its not working.?
how can i fix this Ear Problem?
strange pains in my chest any help?
how to make bones stop aching ?
poor posture pains? help!?
my knee has been hurting?
Can new eye makeup cause allergic reaction?
Mold Inhalation effects?
Need help, how can i get rid of spots on my back?
how do you get rid of yellow/white head spots??
Could eating a lot of chocolate be making my eczema flair up? ?
how do i get rid of a group of spots on my chin fast?
hi im 21yrs boy n have stretch marks on arms n legs n it is increasing very quickly plz hw can i remove it?
if i drink loads of water, how long will it take for my teenage spots to go away?
Can anyone recommend a good cream for age spots?
Brown mole turned pink?
Left eyelid is swollen...?
weird rash...could it be shingles...?
Do broken blood vessels ever go away?
how to get rid of spots/dry skin?
Has anyone tried dudu-osun african black soap? and is it good?
what should i do?
I always have cold hands and feet?
how do you get ri of spots on your face?
What is the best way to get rid of black heads?
what does it mean if you have a rash on your arms , chest, and back im scared ?
I have red blotchy spots on my tongue and it constantly burns, what could this be?
does oil of oregano cure sinus problems?
is phnemonia contagiuos?
clogged nose every time?
I just went to the doctor I have a sore throat and laryngitis and he said it's a cold and gave me twoprescript?
Any Asthma experts please help?
Coughing almost constantly for about a week? should i be worried?
if you drink after someone with pneumonia?
I'm sick, but what do I have?
is pneumonitis the same as pneumonia? if not what's the difference between the two?
Physiology-respiratory system?
true or false Respiration is referring to the act of breathing?
Dot on my chest x-ray?
My dad had a stroke over the summer...now he is coughing up blood what do i do? or tell him.?
Earlier today inside of chest felt cold (as if it were heart).. what does this mean?
I have the strep throat and the strep test never came back.. Yet?
How to get rid of a spot, using home remedies ?
How to get into rehab and can I get in on nhs?
how to get rid of a black eye fast?
hey im a young and overweight i am now developing diabetes i dont want to get it how do i stop it?
I've got a fever and feeling very sick when i'm not doing anything, what can i do to get rid of it?
Is there "cure for heart disease"?
high diastolic and low systolic 11/10.2?
HELP? left arm and heart pains?
Why exactly are 9/11 first responders having a hard time with health care?
i cant sleep..what to do?
my right eye lid is a little lower than usual?
What could be wrong with me?
why does it take me such along time to fall asleep?
Questions about sleep numbness?
Sleeping problems?? HELP!!! please!!?
Does anyone have a diagnosis?
WHats wrong with my pinky finger?
Nerve problem, left upper shoulder area?
anyone got any quick fix for cold sores??/?
My ankle hurts when it gets cold and when it rains?
Bilateral lumps beneath jaw?
I sprained my ankle 3 months ago, and now, my ankle is still swollen, and it feels loose. What should i do? ?
What are the syptoms from bleeding in your brain?
Is tingling in your toes normal from a sprained ankle?
I think i have Carpal Tunnel but my doctor doesn't think so, do i need to get a second opinion?
My right foot externally rotated after a high ankle sprain?
Should I go to the doctor for this or let it heal?
How to restore the muscles on my cheek?
Can a full thickness wound regenerate without any scars?
What are the chances of a 100% recovery from a Bennett´s fracture?
side of my groin hurts when i walk?
I hit my head and i feel cold and nasous?
Should I go see a doctor about this?
What does it mean when you see two girls wearing black while being in a coma?
what soothes a throat better?
i had a fight with my frnd 3 days back and now i cant move my jaw and my teeth hurts.I cant chew anything.?
Ankle hurts please help!?
does using an ice pack help knots?
can anyone please help me!?
i think i did something to my pointer fingerr broke/bruised?
Water Infection: Should I go to the doctors?
How do you know if stitches are needed?
About footcramps....?
What is the best hand sanitizer?
Could this be an infection?
is it the flu or somthing else?
My boyfriend keeps getting impetigo on his mouth, how can he get rid of it?
Can you catch anything from buying second hand clothes?
What do you think of doctors who wear ties and carry the same unclean pen to every patient?
Whats mono mean?
This sickness bug in the lincolnshire area..?
How do I get rid of a cold fast?
Is it possible to get swine flu and have no symptoms?
Is cheese good for colds and sore throats?
Swine Flu Question.....?
chicken pox - what and when is the contagious bit? Ta?
what are the common causes of uti's?
Your view on people who cut?
I think I have depersonalization..?
I'm dealing with some serious substance abuse issues but can't find help in my city. ?
has anybody else noticed ppl stopped being happy and started being miserable towards other ppl if tdk them?
Antisocial proplem ?
depression and anger?
I think I have anhedonia..?
do you think I have hedenophobia ? how should I treat it?
How do you deal with depression ?
What do you do, if the only thing that is stopping you from killing yourself is guilt?
Kind of strange and weird!?
Will depression last forever?
What form of anxiety is this?
Having trouble sleeping? ?
I'm so stressed out these days and don't know how to handle it?
am i going mad? seriously?
Help, How to deal with Dependent Peronsality Disorder?
can someone please explain what sleeping realy is??
How do I book a doctor's appointment? (I'm 15)?
banning smoking from resturants pubs public places as bad for health?
Would anyone use Johnsons Baby Wipes to remove make up?
This is a genuine question and is not meant to offend anyone?
When I run out of anti acid tabs! and in agony is there any alternitive at 3 am!!!?
B.O Problem?
does anyone suffer with panic attacks?
how long does canabis stay in your system for?
Motivation help and finding direction in life?
i've just had my blood test come back, and i have a high glucose level, what does that mean.?
Can my blood test see I been smoking weed?
How can you make yourself sneeze?
The first thing you know?
i used to be a marijuana user, how long does it take to leave your system?
are you a stairs or a lift person?
how can i lose weight and keep looking good with 3 kids?
Why do men pass wind so much?
Why do i feel sick and dizzy everyday?
How to get rid of smelly b.o?
when your sleeping at night and you wake up all sweaty and stickey does this mean you are getting old?
I have many red spots on my body since last night.?
is it true that they dont take tonsills out now unless you really need them out?
Why is my cat constantly licking himself , usually in certain places on his fur.?
I am experiencing severe seasonal allergies...would a Bikram Yoga ( hot yoga ) class help me sweat it off ?
Is my son allergic to milk?
How long do I have to wait for a allergy blood test results?
Why do I wheeze and my breathing gets tight when I'm NOT around cats or dogs?
Swollen eyes and pregnant?
Spot And Blackhead Help Needed!?
How to stop hiccups??????¿?
Tinnitus Help Please!!!!!?
Burning chest when I cough?
What can I do about this burn? Will it scab over?
frequent chest painns?
I have been diagnosed with life threatening blood clots in my lungs-due to Seasonique Birth Control pills.?
My daughter had couple ears infections for the past couple years and my pediatrician think it is because of th?
Is it just Bronchitis?
Can air leak from the lung can be cause by bubble sitting in the lung that wont show in cxray?
I had a fever last night & now i just have a bad cough..?
Sinus headache-like symptoms?
If i take 60 tablets of avil 25 what will happen?
joint pain.. is there anything i can do? a diagnoses?
What's the longest you have been off work because of illness?
I sleep early, but feel tired in the morning until one day later?
rash, break out.. something on my face? help.?
Skin problems - advice?
I have a very sweaty back. What treatment could help me?
what does it mean when a mole changes colour and is very itchy?
Worried about mole removed on face?
Spot problem, please help?
anybody using aloe vera gel on dog with skin problem amd homeopathic pills?
where can i get acne/spot tablets ?
How do you keep feet warm.?
Is Hydroquinone legal in the UK?
I have a second degree burn on my hand how can I get rid of it?
Can plastic surgeons drink heavily during surgery?
what are the best acne pills ?
can u get beauty spots/birth marks removed?
help with sore mouth, lips?
dr frank can you help?
What to do about dry skin?
My whole body is itching. Why?
How to stop reaction to white gold ring?
is it possible to be paralyzed from the waist up but not the lower half of the body?
How long will it be before I can run again after breaking my ankle?
Diagnose my pitching shoulder injury please?
What are the lasting effects of ACL surgery?
Why is there a bump under the skin on my thumb?
Hip pain, Please help.?
Should I be in a sling? And what should I expect from an orthopedic doctor?
Should i lift weights today?
Yesterday, I fell and broke my left hand. The doctor called it a Bennett´s fracture.?
Sprained wrist won't heal?
when you have your nose broken what can make the black eyes go away faster?
what can i do to stop nose bleeds after i listen to the doctor?(that advice doesn;t work btw0€?
problem with my lip.?
If you had a finger cut off, would you go into shock?
Do I have Boxer's Fracture?
What is wrong with my wrist? I think i might have dislocated it.?
Broken 5th Metatarsal.?
what happened if you don't treat a broken fingure?
name the dangerous foods which promote the risk of heart diseases?
What's the most common reason for severe backache?
Tingly legs - I can't keep still when they start to tingle?
Does anyone know what the smell of burning heroin?
What is the best vitamin to take to increase nail growth?
If i found a cure for the common cold,?
Life after the FLU...?
are my nosebleeds caused by highlow blood pressure?
what is gastroenteritis?
Schools to be closed in the UK in September to stop swine flu?
what is the situation with the swine flu vaccine?
i think i have swine flu?
Is it possible that, if cancer mutated, or a virus triggered it as such, it could become an airborne illness?
hepatitis c . what proffesions can you not undertake?
is there a delay between atrial and ventricular contractions of a frog heart?
What's The Worst Flu You Can Get? 'x?
reoccurring headache with soar throat?
sharp under right arm flu like symptoms?
do i need a sick note (uk) if i have been off work since monday?
please answer!! very important what does these symtomps mean?
What is an equine disease?
What is the quickest and easiest way of giving yourself a life threatening disease?
How do doctors check for worms?
Could I have had swine flu with these symptoms? Temperature over 38° for 24 hours, vomiting, muscle aches.?
On average, how many times a year do you catch a cold?
My friend is HIV positive...?
Is there a way to stop a virus before it spreads?
Might I have swine flu?
white blood cells?
What are the most common things that might cause you to snuffle?
Pain on right side under my ribs?
tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy?
Can I take prescription motrin and drink Red Bull?
Is it bad falling asleep crying?
I get headaches every time I work my body?
Major Hallucinations. Mental Disorder?
do i have ADHD??????!!!?
Im I crazy?... I think so?
GAD and going to college.?
I'm about 95% sure i have and Social Anxiety Disorder, help?
if somone drinks acohol will it help them to sleep?
sleep paralysis problem. please help?
who is entitled to cobra health insurance?
Bad reaction to Ciprofloxacin?
I think i am addict to food ?
weird dream? is this sleep paralysis?
is it bad sign when your legs get weak and easily injured when your hungry?
at a crossroads please help me choose the right path to take?
Young but unhappy with life?
People who can help me with my cutting.?
How can I stop freaking out about college?
What is good for anxiety?
What do you think? Do I have a problem?
Why can I not gag very well?
in need of some dermatological advice?
Huge, swollen, spot problem??? Plz help!!!!?
I have a ear infection and the antibiotics they gave me haven't been working. what do i do?
i use to smoke marrbrow cigs couldnt afford it so went to cigar cigaretts..$1.00 pack I like it more?
I have swine flu & I have Ashma! Help.?
What is this bump on my leg?
best thing to get rid of spots?
I keep getting red marks that hurt ?
how long does an allergies last?
Feels like something is in my throat when I swallow?
Eyelid issues?????????,,?
worries about my eyes?
waking up with shortness of breath?
Is this mild bronchitis going to go away soon or should I go to the doctor?
i am having tonsillitis since a week, how much time it takes to be cured.?
how do you get rid of a mild case of astma?
Why am I throwing up blood?
What is the possible diagnoses for this?
throat tightness & very mild shortness of breath (feels like i'm not getting full breaths)?
chest feels weird when i exhale sometimes.?
How do you get a EKG???????
How do i get rid of a Cough.?
Should I have gone home on an ABG test that came back as 54?
How do you get rid of a lingering cough?
very sick, weak, fatigued?
There is a ticklish feeling in my throat?
why has i been harder for me to breath?
how to i get my body back on track to sleep/nap through the day what can i use is melatonin ok ?
I hurt my leg last week, right below my knee. There's no bruising or swelling. What could I have done to it?
What is the best hour to wake & sleep 4 optimal energy? And ideal minutes to exercise/ week e.g. 45 min 4x/wk?
Extreme thigh pain ?
dealing with pre-exam anxiety?
Do I have indigestion or something else?
what can i do to stop nose bleeds after i listen to the doctor?(that advice doesn;t work btw0€?
arm hurts after giving plasma?
i got elbowed in the nose it didn't bleed hardly at all. but now i'm dizzy. is that normal?
should i get a second opinion on my knee injury?
What do doctors do for a torn tendon in my pinky ?
Can I get surgery instead of wearing a back brace?
Pain in side of calf helppp!!?
Can the sciatic nerve affect your balance?
Knee Pain, Help Pleaseee?
What makes your back pop or crack?
Ok I am using the BRAT diet for my 2 year old?
if someone's eyes gets ripped out of there sockets do they see black?
I got punched in the tummy...?
What is wrong with my stomach?
Who on here likes to cut themselves?
What actually happens when a bruise forms and how does it heal?
How bad can IBS get?
can you die from insomnia?i have just been diagnosed with it an i am very worried!!!?
why are u still awake?
Lots of small lumps on the inside of my lips, what could this be?
how often do u poo?
I take it that if you bite your nails to a certain extent, they will never recover?
How are some people straight haired and some curly?
what is it ?????
im a 14 year old boy and im only 5ft will i grow much taller?
How long does weed stay in your system, that it would show up in a urine test?
Why do we die in alphabetical order? Check it out in your local paper obituries-very worrying!?
Please someone explain!! (anorexia)?
Why is it that in the UK....?
Heartburns, too much oil?
how do you get your voice back after stressing it?
As a full-time college student, how can you get health insurance for free?
Lower left back pain and constipation?
little sleep. should i try to go back to sleep and how to stay awake during day?
Why does my son have to constantly clear this throat when eating?
What exactly is a "rainbow" blood test?
Why am I always so hot?
Where can I buy a male compression vest?
I have sleep apnea and my mom doesn't care :( help!?
How do I get my voice back?
medical advice for knee fluid leakage?
did you ever break a bone if yes write all of your expirience and how it felt ?
How to Quit Smoking ?
hi im wooried for my son wat this flu?
Do i have swine flu or not?
Why did we stop naming flu after countries?
how do i know if i have swine flue or a normal cold and where can i get tested in london ?
what are vitamin e deficiencies?
once they get a vaccine for swine flu will we all be safe?
I would like to hear from people who have been affected by MRSA.How you ended up with MRSA?
what is wrong with me?
why are chicken pox called chicken pox?
Can you get Aids/HIV..?
Can we trust vaccines (swine flu)?
Is the bug 'step aureus' also known as MRSA?
When you have a fever, why is it important to remove blankets and covers?
Should you drink booze if you have flu?
white spot on my tonsil...what is it?
Tips for treating the dreaded chicken pox?
has anyone had the swine flu vaccine?
reasons why children should not have the MMR vaccine?
What can I do to boost my immune system?
Why do i get like this at school?
how to fix a depressing life?
how do i reclaim long term incapacity ?
how do i find my old self again?
Is it true that no one in the world likes to hear noise (bad sound with loud)? W-E-L-L................?
My lifes going downhill any advice??
My friend is suicidal and I dont know to help?
The People In My Dreams/ Nightmares?
why does less sleep feel like more but more feels like less?
What are NON-DRUG medications for people with ADD/ADHD...?
What ADD/HD medication are you taking or your child....how has it worked?
Need help getting out of a funk...?
What kind of seizure do I have?
how to calm a worry freak?
going to a naturalpathis doctor for a allergy test...has anyone ever gone?
OMG my throat is sososo itchy! :(?
If I'm allergic to pecan trees......?
Why am i allergic to my dog?
vitamin e iu advice please help?
Sprained foot and now blue toes?
Anyone in Southern California who has been injured by taking a drug off label? ?
why does bad weather somtimes make old injuries hurt?
bad perspiration..HELP!!?
Re-injured ankle, pain when first putting weight after sitting?
My knee burns, I don't run or train any sport?
Is breathing from mouth seriously bad when sleeping?
Please, Please help sinus problems!?!?
How accurate is an electrocardiogram and the word of a cardiologist? I have a serious concern.?
Difficulty breathing in the morning?
do i have fluid in my lungs?
How can Salbutamol cause hypokalemia?
What is tardine dyskinesia?
can anybody help with tonsillitis?
Please read ! My Right Lung feels like its not working properly.?
pain in left part of chest?
How to rid of constant cough.?
What Is Pompe Disease?
What are the herbal treatments for sinus infection in children? Please provide me the details.?
Does having Emphysema = Having a disability?
how can i tell if i have athsma?
I have pneumonia and my antibiotics arent working, should I be scared?
What to do for pink eye?
Help, home remedy for fungal nail infection?
Spots! Advice and Help Needed?
How can i get rid of spot marks?
If you have psoriasis on the skin & you have an x-ray taken, do the thick scaly patches of psoriasis show up
Tabs Of Skin At The Bottom Of Fingernails?
why can't people with psoriasis enter the army?
Face and skin?
how did i get ezcema?? :S?
Why am I so Itchy after Gall bladder removal?
I have white patches all over my body?
HELP! What is the best face wash or way to get rid of blackheads fast?
what can I do to get rid of eczema on my face?
Dry skin on elbow help...?
I have had a load of hives come up on my body but i cannot work out what the allergen is!?
Ok serious dilema my legs are killing me...?
Would Manuka honey help to clear Eczema?
EWW!! please help, my feet are driving me crazy?
Scars on my forehead from spots?
what to do if you have vitiligo?
Can Canesten Oral Pill be used for the treatment of ringworm?
How can I stop this!?
I had gotten hit in the forehead on Saturday and today is Friday and it still hurts is that normal?
Got bikini wax now 6hrs later area feels warm (like fever)?
3 days ago i got kicked and hit these are my symptoms?
My Son feel and hurt his wrist, should i take him to the ER?
If you tear you LCL, would your foot be turned more inward afterwards?
Rolled ankle sprain or not?
extremely sore back and shoulders, ongoing problem, help?
how do i strengthen my ankle and the place where your foot connects to your leg?
My legs hurt when I walk and I can't bend them?
My foot has been hurting for more than two weeks Help?
after working out, latly ( for the past 2 weeks) my left arm has started getting really shakey after lifting?
My knee is really bothering me?
Is This a Good Sign For My Leg Strain?
I may have broken my nose? Where do I go?
Can bruising your bone stunt growth?
what do you do to take numbness away?
Landed on my neck in Gymnastics?
Pain going up my neck all the way through my ear?
Why does my blood congeal/jelly/clot so quickly?!! Help!?
Can a hangover set in 24 hours after you drank? Even if you slept and woke up and were fine when you woke up?
my mom is smoking how do i put her out?
Please answer (or try to)?
Does anyone get unusually pale after they roll?
What causes joints to crack or pop?
How can I stop twisting into painful positions while I sleep?
Can you be treated at the hospital with out I.d ?
Huge Blood Clot comes out?
My hand randomly goes to sleep when I lift it or reach for something?
What is the best way of getting rid of nits? My daughter (11) hates having her hair conditioned and combed?
is chewing gum bad for health?
Women only answer this please.?
My boyfriend smokes but I want him to quit! Advice from smokers needed?
How much does Chronic Irrigation cost?
What happends when you are asleep?
How do I change 75kg into pounds?
In your opinion, what is the worst illness to experience?
what are breast's made from?
how can i make myself more tired?
Bunions - the bones on the sides of my big toes are sore and starting to stick out why and how r they cured?
Does anyone know what this cause of death is?
Anybody else got a numb bumb ?
Why do I have dark crescents under my eyes?
I get pain in hands and feet when I eat meat, why?
Any ideas on what could be causing my coughing episodes in the night?
Feeling poorly for two weeks now and doctor isnt much help!!?
Could persist tiredness/low energy indicate a medical problem??
how do I get rid of urine smell (human) in a flat I own tennent went mad before they took him away?
Why do my feet smell???
Sharp pain in left side of chest?
Do your tonsils dissolve when you reach a certain age?
What can i do to change this????
Depressed 14 year old. Help please?
What problem do i have? :S Help?!
how can i stop cutting myself?
alcholic brother needing help.
I'm looking for some songs
How do i improve my memory?
How to handle my morning allergies?
Whats wrong with my lower body?
i'm a 21 year old male pain in right thumb?
Anyone out there had a leg or foot cramp lately?
What's wrong with my foot?
Ow, my head is throbbing... ?
is it true that the closer that you live to the sea the bigger your ear lobe is ?
Pine needle causes rash?
Should i let my 2 year old have the swine flu jab?
VITILIGO..............Or something else?
Heart diseases? project help.?
Quick ways to get rid of impetigo?
what is this mark on my face?
Which ginseng is best to use for concentration and energy?
what is good to take for a horse thoat?
what are the possible medicine for ST D's.. what are the signs and symptoms and cause and effects.?
Tonsillitis - Dr prescribing IV and lots of medicine, is this right?
is taken diazapam 5mg dangerous while taken norco 5/325?
Kindly suggest any herbs for a 40yrs old woman to keep her fit and pains away?
What did I do to my upper chest/ ribs?
Can doctors find DM in your system?
Lung Pain after just getting over bronchitis?
Does this reconstruct alveolar in copd patients?
How long for this injury to heal back to normal?
My toe is extremely tender to the touch, bloody, and swollen?
how is the pumping of the heart regulated ?
i have alot of wind and passing it all day ...?
My 16 month old daughter has a snotty nose and the same stuff coming out of her eyes.?
im so self conscious now?
i need a doctors excuse?
i have a really bad cold?
What kind of massage do you like?
When were you last bitten?
if you had to have your leg surgicaly removed?
why is it raining just now?
My little girl is feeling really tired, no energy, I am concerned?
has anyone ever coughed up little white things that stink from throat?
Pain in my side?
why do some people get hiccups alot more than others?
is my school alooud to make me do a drug test?
can an 8 months old baby live in the same flat with a dog?
is there anyway of getting me up in a morning as i,m a very deep sleeper?
I'm A Girl, I Have Protein And Blood In My Urine. What Does This Mean?
which one would it be?
My jaw keeps shifting place at night and I can't open it very wide unless I mess around and click it back into?
marijuana and seeing the truth?
Is it true that the bits that look like carrots in your puke is actually your stomach lining?
What is the best/quickest way to deal with piles??
how can you stop a sweat patches on your clothes?
My fingers are stiff and crooked and I can't sit them flat on a table like everyone else can.?
After somebody scratches you, will the bacteria from his nails go into your blood and cause problems?
my arm has been falling asleep lately. but the thing is im not applying any pressure to it.?
is biting your lips and mouth bad?
Why do my fingers swell up after being numb?
What kind of sickness is this?
I'm tired but I can't go to sleep!?
medical question please help?
Could i have OCD???????? *PLEASE HELP*
I just want to SCREAM!!!
how likely is it that I would get withdrawal symptoms
can a nursing home take property if you have a will
Can a psychiatrist diagnose and treat himself?
Mid life crisis? Drive emotionally a lot?
i cant sleep? grr answer must be 20 characters lol
question about eczema?
If you slept with a girl and noticed she had a big soft lump on her perinium what would you do?
6 weeks pregnant?
Can you help me with a small problem I have.?
has anyone evr had shingles?
Excema prob ?
lump on my body!!!!!!?
How to get rid of spots and red marks within 5 days???
I'm fed up about how I look-spot help please people!?
Do you have vitiligo ?
Itchy lumps on palm that turn to dry skin?
Swelling lips? Please help!?
Is there anyway to get rid of stretchmarks?!?
freezing cold hands and feet?
bitten or something. HELP ASAP!!!?
I have a red rash appear on my arm, it was really hot and itchy at first now peeling. what was cause?
Why are my feet and hands always cold?
my toe nail is leaking puss..?
Urgent questions on skin!!!?
How can I get reffered to a dermatologist here in the UK?
Cetraban cream and my 7 week old!?
My friend has this weird coughing...its been the 7th day she had it...what could it be?
waking up heart racing not knowing were i am (sleep apnea?) mabe?
define facobsen syndrom?in which?
What could be wrong with me?
smoking may damage the respiratory system because deposits from the smoke can:?
My 3 year old has been running a fever of 102. and under for 4 days.?
helpppp? will my phone workk?
does any one have the child on singular?
how might a respiratory care practitioner use his or her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and microbiology to?
is smoking pot less harmful than smoking cigarettes?
Burn inside of throat from smoking?
could i still have done damage through smoking?
Do I have lung/breathing problems?
what are the normal hemoglobin values?
My dad has 177 over 93 blood pressure and it is hard for him to breathe should he go to the hospital ?
Enlarged pulmonary artery?
is 102/63 blood pressure with 65 heartbeats per minute bad for a 30 y/o female? physically she is very petite?
My mom suffered from cardiac arrest this morning?
High Cholesterol is it a mistake?
what can i doo next ?
Which one of these injurys is worse?
My ankle is feeling limp after football?
Anemic bruising, any way to lessen it?
where can i find a clinic in chicago that remove cast from my leg?
I think I dislocated my knee yesterday. Would appreciate some help or advice.?
What is wrong with my toenail?
How can i tell if my wrist is broken?
Is my nose broken fractured or bruised?
I have acute sharp hip pain after running, what is the cause?
The back of my knee hurts when I straighten it?
Minor, Not using insurance, Needs to go to the hospital? Nurses and Doctors answer especially!?
i harts my ankle a few years ago at work i fell and couldn't leave to go get it check out?
Why am i getting a tingling feeling like i hit my funny bone when doing pushups?
I fell on my wrist while playing tennis today.?
Help cam someoe tell me whats happening to me?
Drinks and foods to have with a sore throat?
I HAVE A QUESTION!!!!! I need to know if my tics are due to taking Lexapro?
The back of my head is uneven??
what are some injuries taht you can get in a car accident and survive without looking abnormal?
what should i do if i fractured my finger today in football ?
What the best chapstick in the world i mean like that u could buy at the drug store like walgreens . ?
why is it that my friend hits my bicep and then theres a big bump for like a couple minutes, then it just goes?
Knee issue. How can you tell...?
Is my foot broken/fractured....?
Can you see in a blood test that you smoked if you haven't smoked for 30 days?
Nauseous all the time?
Neurological spelling problem?
Help - Getting urge to empty the bowel more often?
Can I Know more about Harmone Replacement Therapy?
I want to quit smoking how did you do it?
Marble size lump on left side of neck?
What would a doctor do if you have not eaten anything for one day and through next morning?
Cannot sleep on stomach, helppppp?
What drugs relax you / chill you out (without prescription)?
Will I grow any taller?
Do fingers always smell bad?
What's wrong with her?
when i eat chocolate i....?
If you felt alcohol was taking over your life, where would you turn to for help, excluding the AA?
can you tell that i have big ears?
Am i too underweight?
explain what is meant by the term polypharmacy?
am i drunk?????????????????????????
What are the health benefits of drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday?
Do you think life is difficult and why>?
who is self-conscious about their feet?
someone can help..i suffer with terrible ansiety and panic attacks..?
need help!?
when I poo, white runny mucus comes out as well as the poo, what does this mean? It doesnt hurt.?
Is there any way to make yourself grow taller?
Is it best i stay home today?
· What treatments or remedies do you follow when you have a cold?
how long does it take to feel like myself again?
too serious...errrrr?
stealing addiction and recovery?
I need company links which develope devices for alzheimer and dementia's patients. Thank You?
With ocd I need help figuring this out.?
i have short time memory problems, what should i do to make it better?
i have been on 20mg paxil. felt great for a year. one day, i got so angry and stressed. it AD relapsed. why? ?
Is my personality weird?
I have a friend who is Mentally ill, and he will not seek therapy,and he scares people and gets into trouble.?
Im so confused.....i need help....?
What is this disorder with me?
Is this a sign of depression?
How can i prevent this?
I wanna buy fatal vision gogles?
Question about my nose?
why are my legs so tired?!?
is there an insole for flat feet that anyone would recommend? ?
Severe stomach pains...help?
Can somebody tell me what this pain was caused from- vomiting, diarreah, abdominal cramps, fever, fainting?
who to see for jaw problems and head and neck (into chest?) muscle problems?
Iam 28yrs old and I have a severe neck pain. ?
i got a cut and it started to scab up everything was fine... this morning i woke up and?
Unusually high sweating?
Childs Body Odour Problem?
how can you lower you cholesterol quickly doc wants me to take stat ins i don't like what they say about them?
frothy poo, achy limbs and severe tummy pain?
how do you live with someone who has epilepsy?
How to stop heart palpatations?
chest squeasing 15 years old?
Sometimes i randomly cant breathe?
What are the chances of MRSA reoccuring in the lungs?
i took two twenty mg adderol last night and i didn't sleep at all and for some reason i think im hallucinating?
When using the "pursed lip" technique for shortness of breath--?
What's wrong with my boyfriend if he's coughing up blood?
ear infection. loss of sound?
I really want to know what can help me get rid of my spots- Cheaply!?
i think i have split veins on my face and way of getting rid of it?
Serious itching on the outside side of my foot...?
i have warts,but i don't want to have them removed painfully any one now how?
Ultimate cure for Verrucas?
How to get rid of a sty ?
Red blotches on my feet....?