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Should I worm my Children?
do you think that maight be problrmatic to do the vaccination for hepatitis A during a interferon treatment ?
are there set stages to the flu?
can probiotics cure gonnerhea of the throat?
what do these symptoms mean?
Im a support worker should i have the hepatitis b vaccination?I do a lot of personal care.?
Can you take lemsip max cold and flu whilst your on antibiotics?
what types of vitiams can you give your cat to strenghten their immune system?
some help with viral meningitis please?
my girlfriend and i ate dinner together last night and now she is showing signs of food poisoning...?
i have hydrocephalus is there any one else with it?
can you get a stye from swimming pools?
RE: Bacterial Infections...?
Why is my throat sore on just one side?
Taking Statins - Can't Take Echinacea?
say '"yes" if you have heard of the charity HOPE HIV?
why is a cold always 'going about'?
Is it normal to have only one infected tonsil?
My wrist realy hurts and i dont know what the problem is?
i have lost my toenail of big toe and was wondering if i could swim with toenail gone?
Do they make a microwave that a pacemaker can be around?
very high blood pressure?
Is there anything you can take to get cravings away?
my b/p is 172/106 should i go to the er?
is 55 a good resting heart rate for a 21 year old female works out sometimes ?
is there something wrong with my heart?
cost of a ecg gel(let it be any size)?
Is it safe for young children to sit around in wet clothing?
What is the point of a coldsore?
do blood tests hurt - the ones in your arm...?
what to do to induce my Father elderly to take his medicine?
Facial Warts - What should I do ? pls. help?
Holter monitor results?
pain under left breast????????
Holter Monitor Results????
best + quickest way to get rid of a cold?
Is this just a bug?
Does this sound like sciatica?
Do you think anti-depressants really do their job?
can being over-stressed make a person be physically sick?
I have been having very severe chest pains. I went to the emergency room,doctor& cardiologist.?
My Friend Has Heart Problems? (plz read)?
i have heartburn but dont hav any thing to get rid of it. Any ideas?
How can I get my girlfriend to stop smoking!?
presuming u havnt just eaten a fried egg wot is the matter with u if u burp and it smells and tastes like frie
My grandpa is throwing up blood what should i do?
Why Can't I Sleep ???????
Kind of gross but true..?
Why does my sweat sometimes smell like vinegar and sometimes like ammonia?
Please Help I am Really Scared :(?
Has anyone actually ever died from embarrassment?
why is there blood in my stool?
Give me names?
How do I deal with everything, migraines, anxiety attacks, depression?
What is wrong with me lately?
I'm better but my friends seem to not be....?
what are some examples of things that a person may do if they are mentally ill?
How will it affect my career if I am diagnosed as depressed?
Can my baby feel my depression?
i imagine myself killing other people around me. is this some kind of condition?
What lifts your spirits when you feel down?
trouble breathing?
fear of clowns?
what flower essence is best for overcoming addiction?
WHAT should i expect going to a psychiatrist appt for ADD?
what do you call it when u get either extremely scared of knives and blood and also cn get obsessed with them?
I'm feeling down today can you help me?
i think i might have pink eye its thursday and my eye has been pink since monday it itches a little?
help with eyes its driving me crazy?
my lips are itchy, could i be allergic to something in beer?
question about broken elbow?
How do you know if you have a pinched nerve in your neck and how do your treat it?
Poss broken pinky finger?
Pulled muscle in leg and hasn't gotten better...?
A bit of mash potato got in my right ear?
Wound not healing right on hand?
where to buy med wrap?
I got both of my knee ligaments torn 3-4 month back, and i was told that rest was the option! But no.?
Why is my Broken Toe from 2006 peeling and changing color?
Checking for Scoliosis?
Is my sternum cracked or bruised?
embilical hernia surgry repair?
How does a nerve fire?
How do i help my stretch marks fade?
when im angry or upset my neck go's red and blotchy. dose anyone eles have this problem?
sore lips please can someone help?
What drugs' name starts with a P and ends with "-ene"?
Knee Problem-Please look for more detail...?
Can u get both minor bachache and ribache if u sleep on ur stomachs floor?
smoking patches too strong?
Sore throat and cut lips?
medical help please !!!!!!!!!!?
How to get my sleep cycle back to normal?
Really constipated and have the runs took fybogel (laxative)?
what is wrong with me........?
I went off anti-psychotic risperdal and cant sleep.?
Can anyone help me with some facts?
HELP!...Dark knee problem!!?
i've had two oral surgeries in the past two weeks (details below) and i just cant seem to feel better?
Eye twitching (what does it mean]?
Why can't my grandmother breathe on her own?
Is there such a thing as a citric acid allergy?
Sick enough to go to the ER?
23 years old w/ Chest Pain?
Anyone know of treatment for chicken pox scars?
I have used Pedialyte more than for 48 hr period. What is danger?
During an asthma attack, does the Ph of your blood increase or decrease?
itchy face, no rash.. help please?
what happens if you take colpermin right after 4 quality streets?
why do I get colds all the time?
how does a stroke affect your nutrition and your dietary intake?
There's this spot kinda thing inside my nose, and it keeps coming back?
What should i do if i cant breathe deeply without coughing?
a blister has appeared on my top lip?
Diabetes type II - could this be?
What does HYDROCORTISONE do? anyone =./?
What virus do I have? lower back pain, nausea, dizziness.?
what, if any, childhood illnesses in the 1920's could cause long-term breathing difficulties?
how to get rid of the red marks left by spots?
Where can I buy black and white striped toothpaste? My little boy wants some.?
How detrimental to you health, is smoking ~5 cigarettes a month?
what happens if i take six ibuprofen tablets in one go at the age of 14?
i think my daughter has worms?
I have been feeling dizzy and unsteady for the past couple of days. What could be wrong with me?
I smoke and I love it sooo much, and as such I know I need to stop, what is going to get me to healthsville?
How do I get a ............?
I've really been considering suicide.?
Why can some people eat as much as they like, but never gain weight?
i have a cold?
what causes a white tongue & sore throat?
how do you induce a coma?
I just had a hot bath.When I stood up,I felt dizzy n fainted on d bathroom floor.1st time ever that I fainted?
any migraine sufferers?
what would you like to do on our first date?
i have an apple stuck in my throat for 8 hours now and idk what to do?
Why are my anorexic thoughts a childs voice?
Stretch marks...good/bad? male/female? cause?? history??? what are they??
Can you tell me why people smoke?
How much does breast enlargements cost in the UK?
What should a child of ones temperature be?
is there a stomach bug going round in UK?
Swine Flu Vaccine - Will Boots or Lloyds chemist be offering a swine flu vaccine?
what are these symptoms please? any help?
tested positive for influenza A is this swine flu or ordinary flu?
what's the future for orangutans?
Tammy flu tablets, shape and colour please.?
Does anyone know if Horses can be affected by Viles Disease.?
Swine flu to reach 100,000 cases a day in 4 weeks?
What is Milk Thistle and how can I get it?
feline aids?
Is Swine flu as big a worry as bird flu was?
Bronchitis & working out?
secondary abscess after having a dental abscess?
What are the chances of me catching a stomach bug?
how much does it cost for a vaccination for hepatitus A if your under the NHS?
What are the similarities and differences of HIV and Asthma?
After having Swine Flu how long are you contagious for?
Is it possible for a 'cold'/flu to give you a swollen face?
How can parasitic fungi and other organisms be removed from the throat and mouth permanently?
Why do I keep getting colds?!?
is this a problem?
i feel kind of..?
Please help!?
Where could I find a mental health proffesional willing to answer some questions over email for...?
How do you go back?
help please ?
To report a counselor at a rehab for not being professonal?
Symptom of Paroxetine/Paxil/Discontinuation Syndrome?
Does this sound like some kind of mood disorder to you?
need help with depressive problem?
is it a solution if i take sleeping pills, or should i see a doctor?
Should i call off work ?
bipolarism setiing in at 33 yrs old???
Is it normal to have little melt downs?
Is Munchhausen's syndrome different to craving sympathy?
Getting over someone....?
cold in 106heat?
How do you deal with stress?
huggies movers diapers causes rash?
I'm on Diane 35 and would like to stop.?
how to make my lip better?
Does this have anything to do with a broken leg?
my belly pierced and after a few days it riped :/?
i hurt my back, now i have been on bed rest for about 3 wks and can barely moove, help?
Cutting and self injuries?
If your skin gets ripped out,meaning there is only flesh remaining,will you die because you can't remove waste?
About my Meniscus Repair?
I think i may have broken my nose a long time ago?
Deep cut on finger, healing.?
My foot is all swollen?
please help.. c1 backwards? im scareeedddd.?
Does workers compensation lawyers sent to IME?
I cut my leg a few days ago...its still numb?!?
torn meniscus in knee......?
Did i brake my finger?
permanent damage to ankle?
what involves manually applied forces to restore alignment of a fracture?
knee injuries-happend in basketball.?
I apparently have two signals going to my heart instead of three- what do you know about this condition?
Did water make me ill?
help quick plz, i was clening and mixed clorox and dettol and some other bleach and inhaled in by mistake?
feeling sick constantly?
What was the longest time a breast cancer patient survived?
ear lump in my earlobe?
Is it possible to have a Stroke and Bowel Cancer at the same time?
How do doctors treat antifreeze poisoning?
How to get rid of spots.?
early twenties, suddenly im getting spots when i havent before. why?!?
I have a friend who has unexplainably developed a painful whitish tear/hole in his tongue. What is this?
how do i get rid of cut marks?
My blood pressure is going up. Should I be concerned?
How do you distinguish between a heart attack and bad chest pains?
my heart hurts ? why? im 14?
How to get rid of spots on my back/chest?
what does dermatological tested mean?
Roaccutane For Acne 16 years old?
has anyone had botox on there forehead?
psoriasis has anyone found the cure that really works?
allergic reaction?!!?
i have extremely painful blisters in between my toes, any advice on how to treat them?
Whiteheads on upper arms?
What is this bump in my ear?
How to get beautiful clear skin in a couple of days, if that is possible?
i have a scar on abdomen that was done by nhs. Will they repair the look of it?
disappearing mole...does it matter?
Are the effects of getting a Tan from the sun and getting Sunburnt from the sun different or the same?
Do you get a prescription for accutane?
i have lumps under my skin on both shins, no pain with them, wondering if anyone had similar?
should someone's health dictate how you treat them?
what happens if u take 4 paracetamol at one time?
Is this true or just a myth?
How long will it take before this ecstasy tablet kicks in ?
where can I get methamphetamine? Is it legal in UK - where is that legal?
How will you prevent yourself getting to hot today?
can you drink the night before you go nder general anesthetic?
who else has yahooitus?
Why does my wee smell like sugar-puffs?
what are the benefits of vitamin E ?
i have been under a lot of stress recently... what is the best way to cope with it?
Rude Doctor!?
Is it wierd that.....?
One for the boys.......?
Who do you rely on in a crisis - shoulder to cry on and trust?
Why do I have a runny nose since my nose job?
'Kelly Osbourne has slammed the way overweight people in the public eye are perceived.'?
Why is yawning 'contagious'?
Am I Crazy?
Why do I get nightmares when sleeping at dusk?
is there anyone on here who can help?
Looking for someone else who has had or no somone else who has had stress related seizures, and nose bleeds?
What is this i feel??
Where did my motivation go? I feel useless, help!?
OCD Help Now?
need help with HIPPA law?
How should I deal with loneliness in my situation?
Has anyone tried Depakote for seizures?Have u had success with it?How long does it take to work?
What's wrong with my eye?
felt something burst at the top right side of my head?
Can water be bad for your health?
I start a new job tomorrow and I suddenly have a cold! What do I do?
Would it be better to sleep until I wake up or a time frame that's a multiple of 4?
pleaseee helppp! I can't sleep!?
How to give yourself a fever?
Will I be able to sleep tonight?
Could This Be Anemia?
why do i get mad for every little thing?
Sleeping Problems... Please Help!?
Should you use your arm to break a fall?
What's the meaning of the percentages in rubbing alcohol?
Is "Day Nurse" suitable for vegetarians?
can i buy antibotics over the counter?
is their a flu bug going round uk?
has anyone on here had swine flu with underlined health issues?
can anyone tell me were i can buy antibiotics for koi carp?
swine flu cases rise again is it a worry?
To whom it may concern, how do I shot web?
why do people with emphysema often suffer from heart problems?
Tonsillitis Question?
My cousin has Rubella, if I go to visit them, can it be spread through me to my mum who has weak immune?
my son has a nasty virus need advice?
Is steosis curable and if so what is prognosis?
plz hlp!!! i went to the doc today about my breathing.. and he prescribed me a ventalator and a pill called?
find it hard to breath after a period of time jogging, more Information below?
hospitalized for dehydration?
All of the following caused anxiety during the 1950s EXCEPT:?
dry eye, not responding to treatment?
Don't fancy the normal flu or swine flu jab.?
how do you get tonsillitis?
Is radiator fluid toxic when inhaled?
If we breath "pure oxygen" is there any problem for our body or health?
I have had some pressure on chest area for the past day and a half, I am having a bit of a hard time breathing?
what are the symptoms of having the seasonal flu jab?
can someone who have had chicken pox in the past transmit the virus if being exposed to an ill person?
What does a Urologist Do?
please answer my last question!,its about MRSA!?
what could this be...?
Can conjunctivitis be caused by not enough sleep or eye-strain?
expert health people or doctors...........?
how do i get checked for asthma for cheap?
Is any one been prescribed 'Multaq",?
I had pneumonia on october 11th and its been two months. I still cant breathe well, why is that?
Sick with sores in throat?
My nose feels blocked, even though I'm not sick..what can I do to breathe smoothly? =(?
was this laced?
What might this be...? (suspect OCD but not sure)?
Why do I feel this way?
i lost intrest in everything and dont want to be with anyone ?
Do you grow taller then your Mum?
i am about to give up smoking?
Can someone pass out just by seeing the sight of their own blood?
MY ear is swollen !?
can sniffing a high odour solvent thing give you a headache and a nosebleed?
I get a lot of earwax build up - to the point where ....?
How can I help the teenager I look after?
If you could have plastic surgery with no worry of cost, what would you have done?
How can i make myself...?
How much alcohol do you drink and how often? What is your weekly intake?
girls fanny-question for girls and guys?
Can low calcium levels cause muscle cramps?
how tall were you when you was 15 and about to turn 16?
Legally, what is the minimum amount of money anyone is expected to live on?
How come American's can so easily guess weight?
Every time i go for a bath and try to relax my heart beats really fast and i mean fast,why do u think that is?
hi i have a lump up my nose what could it be?
Anyone else feeling poorly today?
Am i unusually tall for my age?
How can I improve my posture, which at the moment resembles that of a Zombies?
Does anyone love picking scabs?
Any helpful insight on a broken foot?
Sprained ankle wont heal?!?!?
i got my nose pierced like 3 months ago?
Pulled groin... need to heal it ASAP?
treatment for swollen eyelid?
Help tumor or iron deficiency?
Last night i couldnt get to sleep until about 3 am i went to bed at midnight.?
My brother "choked me out" several times last night. What can happen?
How long does it take for for a rolled ankel to heal, its been almost three weeks.Still limping.?
Short, black ,thick line on my toe? ?
Inside of my nose is cold and tingly?
How long does it takes for a tendon injury in the hand to heal, and will they fully recover?
About Sleeping Problems!?
what makes you dizzy when you spin?
Will I get locked in syndrome, really scared?
Could this be related to a back injury?
Not sleeping, fainted, some questions? ?
broke pinky toe 9 months ago, didnt heal properly, have some form of arthritis. can the doctor do something? ?
Are there any free clinics in miami,florida?
Is it ok to stay up all night?
Does doctor-patient confidentiality apply to minors? - in the state of ohio?
Diagnosis for a woman?
Causes to raise money for?
ow long does it take for it to be out of your system?
Was playing basketball then all of a sudden..back started hurting...feels like im paralyzed?
whats wrong with my foot?
Really dizzy spells, any suggestions?
Talk to online doctors for free?
What will help very sore throat?
Pain in chest, upper back and arm. I carry my 8mth old a lot. Normal ekg yesterday. Is it from holding him?
What is COPD lung disease and how do I treat it ?
I've had pleurisy for 6yrs now, and I'm planning to get pregnant with 2nd baby, what precautions should i take?
what are the cause of a Pneumonia?how can we stop it?
Mucinex DM maximum strength-does it cause a person to urinate more than what's regular?
When do I take my Apo-Doxy? Daytime or nighttime?
4 1/2 year old suddenly started snoring...? i snore so maybe its heridetary, but she has never snored before.?
Which factors promote compliance with respiratory disorders?
why does it feel like something is stuck in the middle of my chest?
My 13 month old is having congestion and breathing problems. Along loss of appetite and diarrhea. What to do?
how did they treat asthma in the 1700s?
Does color contacts make your vision worse?
Everytime i go to speak..?
HELP ME??????????????
anatomy of the heart?
Could my Dad have lung or mouth cancer?
lump on face not a real lump but like skin thickening but looks like a lump?
brain damage :'( ?????????
Can the coldsaw virus ever leave your body?
Why have i recently develpoed an allergy to lip gproducts?
cold and chest remedies?
what are the sideeffects of using antibiotics even there is no bacterial infections ?
feeling unwell is it a cold?
How malaria is spread globally?
Urgent - swine flu, (2) united states, (3) on the plane?
catching infections throught your ears?
If I retire from the NHS at 56 how much will I get?
why do i get this after having flu?
i have PINK EYE !?!?!?
is 7.16 white cell count high?
At what stage in the illness does the flu stop being contagious? (if it ever does)?
I have just recovered from campylobacter my son now has it some 10 days later how?
Got bitten by some insect on holiday in Tunisia in October. ?
What does "You have a moderate risk of developing gum disease mean?
Could a Kitten be the cause of his death?
Sniffing niquitin lozenge?
Help. I think I DIDN'T get the BCG vaccine?
What is the difference between symptomatic HIV and AIDS?
Extreme tiredness after Shingles..?
Is swine 'flu the same disease as Swine Fever (which kills pigs)?
i have a temp of 101.2 im achy i have a headach and i feel sharp pains could i have swine flu?
If you come down with Swine Flu how long should you keep away from people?
what other infections can you get when ....?
if a resting potential becomes more negative, the membrane is said to be?
Why your heart rate goes faster?
Do i have heart problems? Im a 25 year old male?
Do people have continuous pain up their arm and chest when they're abou to have a heart attack?
Pulse always over 120 (Electrophysiologist Question)?
Risk of Heart Attack?
My doctor had recently suggested that I get myself a blood pressure monitor to monitor my pressure. Digital?
My heart stops beating?
How can I lower my colestrol?
What to do!?
forgetful latley?
Am I doing too much?
does the flashjack feel good?
My question concerns meds for psychiatric and emotinal problems.?
how do i get back to sleep after being sleep deprivated?
How do I get rid of my free-loading alchoholic sister-in-law?
why does keep happening?
does exercersice cause addiction?
How to get over my fear of death?
Am I infatuated with this girl or am I truly in love and heartbroken for life?
Someone explain zoloft to me please and why it feels like it just abrubtly stops working sometimes??
Steroid use..........?
I want to give up smoking?
health and safety?
Is alcohol a dangerous drug?
is it wrong to have a cig to clear your tubes when you av bronchitus?
I Should Be Asleep - Who Else Should?
My finger nails keep splitting, I have tried lots of products on .the market without result. Any help please?
How long does Cocaine stay in the blood system after being snorted?
is coca cola addictive?
Smoking and drinking. After 50 years |I have managed to stop smoking!!! I now want to reduce my alcohol intake
Why was I charged so much for my GP's signature?
Have you ever been sick through your nose?
how long does a bone fracture take to heal?
Does anybody else.....?
do people get depression because of an eating disorder or does the depression caus eating disorder??
Why don't Americans wear elasticated underwear to hide the fact they all live in McDonalds?
Why do I go yellow?
How can I grow taller? what food can I eat?
do multi-vitamins actually work?
I have had numerous tests, yet still experiencing severe abdominal pain which has become more frequent?
Heartburn & throwing up?
Can you suffer a black eye from a fall?
PLEASE HELP, Knee angle (picture)?
Why can't one drink Advil Pm after 10 days?
ha what shuld i take or sumthing ?
Valium hasn't worked for me and I took 2 tablets for a cystoscopy. What am I do it. I don't feel the effects.?
Worried about possible brain injury?
I swallowed alot of Anbesol?
there is a pain on the left side ?
Why does my Hip Hurt After Walking ??
numbness in hands and feet?
What grade is my ankle sprain?
Where did this bruise come from ?
How can i break my wrist without it hurting really bad?
cutting the posterior root of a spinal nerve would....?
i seriously hurt my foot its my left one and i heard a snap on the very left side?
how long does condromalacia patellae?
Can I play in my game with this jersey finger injury?
I fell off my bike, have a big bump on my knee size of an tennis ball, what is that?
I broke my 4th and 5th metarcels in my foot. Why do I need a cast up to my knee? Also, how tall my crutches?
back fracture of lower lumber?
why cant i sleep like i should?
4 days after my nose being hit my eyes started to bruise. is it broke?
What's a good way to get to bed on time?
I need Help carrying groceries from my car to my apartment.?
Strange finger cracking none stop for a minute?
i want to sprain my ankle how i tried hitting it with my hand and many other things but it wont work?
My sister has a health problem? Help?
do the veins on back of your hand have to look the same in both hands?
Will sparks fly if I hit a laptop with a baseball bat while its charging?
NHS letter for when travelling to Greece?
What's the best thing to do when you are hungover but can't sleep?
I woke up early in the morning and i seen something with my right eye so i rubbed it but it was still there -?
Why am i coughing so much?
still no better after medication?
Discuss the dangers of smoking from a toxicological perspective?
how can you tell if you have a ear ineffection? I also been coughing for along time now.?
cough and congestion?
if there is decreased surface area for diffusion how will this impact diffusion and how does it impact hypoxia?
I have had bowel problems for some six months. Doctors and specialists can find nothing (after investigations)
Sara is a 25-year-old female. Her typical resting heart rate is 70 beats per minute. What is her target heart?
Allergic to antideppresents?
Tonsillitis is getting worse when on antibiotics?
does anybody know what a loculated hypointense retroperitoneal lesion is and what the symptoms would be?
how long after stoping mirtazapine does all the side effects go?
Mosquito repellent, is there one?
How do you treat winter vomiting bug?
i got this rash and i dont know why it's been the for 3 months now help please!?
is truvada and keletra alone enough for pep medication?
my eyes are red, dry and sometimes sore underneath, what could it be?
can u get a visa if u have an operation in your windpipe,that may be cancerous?
Can you catch herpes just from kissing?
i could feel my heart beat?
I don't know whats wrong with me?
i think i am depressed and im 13 can i get some help?
fears meet tears and both meet my little friend:Panic attack?
good psychiatrist in new delhi?
Fear of throwing up?
Where can I get free self help books online?
Am I suffering from depression?
My mind is drifting away
Do you listen to music......?
Should I take medication if I am Bipolar?
help with anger control management
Mind/Body Illness question
Is it possible for a teacher to go back to teaching after a fatal accident.
pill that puts you to sleep but while sleeping you live another whole life?
If you eat 1 real meal a day can you get anxiety and depression?
when im sleeping i have alot of trouble
I am leading a team in a memory walk for Alzheimer's,
How do I stop myself from going go to old ways?
Counseling from the doctor??
Can head lice live on pillowcases?
2 year old has eczema..?
acne scarring?
red spots?
any one no a good cream for sensitive skin but i am getting spots and blackheads yuk?
anyone who knows anything about burns?
very painful face with red spots that bleed. hard thorn like substance comes from them. Started in Austraila?
ive had diarrhea for 5 days please help!?
is it normal to feel even worse after taking?
Help with my cold :(?
Why is travel immunisation important?
Is MRSA and C-Dif leaving our British Hospitals and going into Nursing Homes?
Anyone had food poisoning this New Year?
How long does the HIV virus survive for in Chlorinated jacuzzi? (2.5ppm)?
re answer to a the question about viruses?
flu for 4 weeks temp still up at 38.5?
why it is important to talk about aids and to protect yourself against diseases?
How do i find where i got Food poisoning?
What is the main means (vector) of transmission of malaria?
My 4 year old daughter is just recovering from Scarlet Fever now she seems to have a urine infection?
HIV TESTING for my cousin. Could they have been wrong?
i mean that am taking 2 rubella vaccine injection nd why,i had miscarriage?
could my eye infected?
What is something you can die of in 1903? (Plague, flu, etc, etc)?
chest pain during exertion.Just ate turkey sandwich 2 hrs. previously. It went away upon sitting. Indigestion?
I feel like there is always a cramp in my foot...?
how to make money by going to clinics and letting them run tests on you?
My wife needs a left foot gas pedal mechanism as she has a paralized right foot.?
please answer QUICK!?
when you sneeze why do people say?
hi sunbeds are they really dangerous ?
"Kitten Soft" toilet paper? How can they be sure?
Is there a reason why i am so itchy?
Eating disorder........?
Anyone had breast enlargement?
The soles of my feet are REALLY orange, and always have been-WHY?!?!?
adult nappies?
has your panic attack ever made you be sick ?
Help!!! Am I having a disease?A sickness? An allergy? Please help T-T?
Are these seasonal Allergy symptoms?
Am I Allergic To Eyeshadow?
What's your experience with Food Allergy Testing?
What is this sharp pain in my chest?
Upper respiratory illness?
silicone or saline water?
How can I increase my lung power and do an exercise to increase my heart rate without aggravating back /knee?
what does it feel like to have fluid in your lungs?
What are the symptoms of immune system failure?
did i just have an asthma attack? please help!?
CANCER: Why does the media, often, not report what TYPE of CANCER has killed a personality announced dead?
what are the symptoms of brest cancer?
would there be any damage to me if i inhaled burnt stinky smells in my room for a lenth of time?
How much Vitamin B12 should I take if I take daily colchicine for FMF.?
Are steroids addictive?
how long does it take to recover from pneumonia?
how does smoking effects the respiratory system ?
I just sniffed a sharpie......................?
I was just wondering if anyone out there has the problem that I have with your asthma?
what is a septum??????????????????????????????
Is it safe to drink after the shake has been regridgerated then left out for 2 months then now cold again?
when i sleep i wake up and cant catch my breath?
my sebaceous cyst has burst what should a do?
what is this pain in my chest?
19 year old female with chest pain?
What are heathly ways to avoid sleep for a week ?
Could I have a pinched nerve?
is this a sprained ankle ?
Is my wrist broken or sprained?
Head Problems???????
whats wrong with my wrist?
Fell and banged my knee?
My ankle is swollen should i practice or not?
Ear pain, listens to music?
what should i do about my knee? please help 10 points?
Ways to cure a ripped/overly stretched inner thigh?
How do I keep my leg from getting blood clots? (More Info in details)?
I need to come up with a scenario of a patient injured any ideas?
Why am I dizzy when I move around or when I'm still and things around me are moving?
Is it better to be and Ortodonist or a Doctor? and explain why please?
Knee Injury, advise on knee brace and activities.?
Recovery from tonsillectomy ?
Finger tips numb and white, can't see my veins.?
What is the effect of injecting blood and bubbles....?
Over night jobs.........?
I just burped and powder came out?
How to get rid of a cold overnight?
Why am I dizzy so randomly like this? Please help.?
Am I Having Abnormal sleep ?
Is it normal to not be able to talk on the cellphone while in a moving train?
what makes veins pop out ?
Feeling sick from medication.?
mri confirmed two choroid fissure cysts which is causing compression or atropht on the left hippocampus what?
Health Issue, really scary and confusing.........................?
I have back problems can anyone help?
how to heal a strained attendant and arch....?
I had an accident in '02. Since then, I find random things to be sour. Is this b/c of my brain?
Is it normal to see floaters seven years after a mild concussion, with a few seconds of blacking out?
best route into medicine?
what is enchantress & how is it cured?
Help! My face becomes red every time I use any facial cream?
I've been told I have Vertigo, but my symptoms don't match! Help?
question about lactose intolerance?
what causes a puppy to foam from the mouth and sneezing?
What causes my sore tongue with white spots?
Am going to cuba and want a strong sun protector for my lips as i suffer with coldsores from the sunshine.?
Know a great scar treatment for my face?
Skin Tag Removal Help?
Chest pains when breathing?
Do I really have asthma?
is asthma curable?if curable how it is?
Do I still have asthma?
Best way to get rid of a cold.. or speed up recovery?
What are some ways to get a guy to stop smoking?
Bilateral Pneumothorax?
i have trouble breathing?
Ive had nasal congestion for about 4 months now.I have to use nasal spray three or four times a day?
Should I talk to my Doctor about having a chronic raspy voice after gardening weeks ago?
does spitting get rid of viruses?
whats the best cure for coldsores inside the mouth?
sore throat for over a week?
Could I have a stomach ulcer?
Glandular fever....?
Should i get a nasal operation or not?
Swine Flu and Pregnancy... Breastfeeding?
Can I get Malaria from a mosquit bite from Fuerteventura?
Overreacting to swine flu?
How long do throat infections last for?
swine flu question answer needed?
Hepatitis C genotype1?
how does swine flu affect the public services?
Throat Infection And Antibiotics????
GP certificate what shall i do?
29 weeks pregnant and got swine flu?
can someone give themselves an illness?
catch it.. bin it.. kill it ...?
What treatment did they give to people in a coma in the 1800s?
Ill; nasty throat, weak, aching - what is it?
Is there anything you could be 'lacking' in, nutritionally, if you get cold sores?
Should I stop taking the Metronidazole tablets my GP prescribed? I am having severe side-effects.?
Where can i get a smoke from?
Why am I immune to hangovers?
Giving up smoking....?
Help I'm bored, tell me something funny!?
How dangerous is smoking weed?
why are glasses called bins ?
Cut on the hand?
Whats a good medicine for diarrhoea?
Why do i need more sleep in winter, than in warmer months?
oh god its so HARD?
question about alcohol consumption?
panic attack?
I have been left with a over hanging belly after carrying twins can you get a tummy tuck on the NHS?
how do i know if a girl i like is addicted?
panic attacks.?Help Please?
To what extent do I NOT help a wheelchair bound person.....?
where can i get new nosepads/pieces for my new glasses?
What causes black or very dark stools?
any 1 know a site to buy lsd?
Help? Heart problems...?
My resting heart beat is 55 is this bad...?
systems of a heart attack?
how can you reduce high blood pressure in black men with out medicine?
First time,help with glasses?
Eye Test Worried/Embarrassed!?
Headache that wont go away.?
What did i do to my kneee?
weakness in arms and legs.?
Ive had a pain in my left bicep for a day now an a numb left thumb anyone know what it mite be?
Did I break a bone in my foot? Last night I fell and wtwisted my foot playing volleyball. It hurt so bad I was?
i ave a cast bc of a messed up ankle should i keep my pants leg covering it or should i leave uncovered?
I have a question about my wrist injury?
Name the most common joint injuries?
im getting a cast tomorrow and i cant decide between neon green and black or, black and purple.?
I think I hurt myself at volleyball... is it serious at all?
knee hurts after I stopped working out?
what could be causing me back ache?
Lump on my neck please only medical pros only?
is it normal to pee immediately after you drink water?
Is it better when you're tired to take a nap during the day or to wait to go to bed early?
Blood Pressure-is mine good or bad?
Where I can buy a toiletries at SDSU (san diego state univ.)?
Why does my knee feel weird when I'm about to sleep?
Cartilage Infection??
Its almost 4am im not tired and im bored, my friends r all asleep:(?
Sleeping issues, is it bad ?
feel like something stuck in my throat help?
why does this happen to me?
Do I have OCD? I have a REALLY BIG need to be sqeaky clean!?
whats a good skin product to get rid of redness?
Medical Genius Help Please!?
How to heal a broken heart?
I have been sick on and off and i dont know why...?
When I sneeze there is a strong smell of honey, others smell it also. WTF!?
If Hepatitis A, lives for 16mins in chlorinated water of 1ppm. How long will HIV virus survive for?!!?
if i was heart dead for 15 mins then given cpr and a shot of adrenilin and i?
......................i have disaccoiative identity disorder and
How do I change for the better?
I'm worried about constant headaches?
Do any people with Bipolar Disorder have psychotic dreams,who don't do any form of drugs?
On sunday I took an overdose of paracetamol, I am 15 and I took 20. I spent the night and monday throwing up?
Abnormal fears of sickness, being left alone, or getting hurt?
if you have a cavatie can you take it away? even with professional help??
i need help urgently...please... and i am not overreacting
Would this be considered a suicide attempt?
Off smokes 9 weeks with the patches this is 1st week without patches and I feel I want to smoke more then ever
Can or should I go to the ER for this?
I keep getting anxiety-brought on
how do i convince my mom to take me to a doctor for ADD?
Have you noticed that your anxiety has increased significantly since you've started taking Effexor XR?
if the body is fit then = a healthy mind,or does the healthy mind come first for a healthy body?
Why do our feet feel cold even though our bodies are warm?
How much would someone hurt themselves if they stopped eating?
how do you get someone who is depressed to get up in the morning
How easy is it to get prescriptions refilled?
please help me im terrifed
my mother spent all of last nite vomiting,shes going hot and cold,and has a terrible headache,is this a?
My 12 year old son had a chest infection at xmas, now he has another cold shall i take him to docs now or wait
How to cure a bad hangover?
A friend of mine tells me she has been diagnosed with?
How do you cure a sore throat?
why do i keep getting chest infections?
I have a BAD pain under my chest on the left side, i can barly breathe. is it a broken rib?
Crying/screaming in sleep?
what are the side effects (good and bad) of being on anti-depressants. how will they make me feel?
Any methiods to heal/speed up the process of bruises on the face area?
Keep getting static shocks from my own clothes, or paper - anyone know why or what to do?
is this normal thinking behavior
Is there a type of seasonal depression that occurs in the course of one day?
Body Image Disorder?? Answer Please!
What is wrong with my throat?
what does it mean therapeutically when tuberculosis is describe as MDR TB or XDR TB?
i've had sinus problems since i was in 3rd grade now im in 8th grade thats a long time?
I'm snoring bit Louder, I want to avoid Snoring, Please tell me running and swimming shall help me to avoid?
smoking marijuana worsening my ....?
I experienced symptoms of cardiac arrest 3am last Thursday - extreme pain in the middle of my chest, breathl?
is colitis caused by stress?
How can you get rid of a terrible cough!!??!?
Hypnotherapy advice ??
My lungs hurt when i cough.?
Im having a constant pain in my chest?
Sharp Chest Pain.............?
Disadvantages of Respiratory therapy?
Army ROTC and asthma?
Im going to a party, but i am on Oflaxacin antibiotic, will drinking be bad for me?
Is This And Ear Infection?
can promethazine cause depression i was prescribed it for a caugh?
can i still get pregnant if ive been exposed x ray radiation?
I think i burnt some plastic, is this dangerous?
Does This Really Work To Cure Asthma?
how come i breath hard when i run?
how do you get rid of canker sores.?
how should i go about it?
I hit my head on the door frame of my car tonight as I was getting in...do I need to see a doctor?
What can you use that you have at home that you are guarenteed to get high from ?
i need help really badly?
any store for colored contacts?
The swine flu will not kill us ???
Do I have the Swine Flu?
Swine Flu: What's the worst that could happen, and how likely?
What should i do..i havent been able to sleep for the past 36 hrs i have been having hot and cold flashes ?
Will I always be this short?
Is it bad for your knees to crack constantly at a young age?
Anyone one know these medical terms?
problem regarding my right ear?
How can I prevent or stop the flu from getting worse?
i sleep >>at aleast<< 12 hours?
What is this "condition" or "episode" called?
What is this knee condition called?
why cant i breathe in fully?
Ear Infection? What's wrong? Worried.?
What is causing little spasms in my arm and shoulders?
What's wrong with my knee?
Is this normal?
Will my doctor............?
Skin Problems - Yasmin Pill?
lemon juice on scars?
Does anyone suffer from urticaria?
Get rid of spots overnight?
chicken pox, little spots, big problems?
i have chicken pox scar on my forehead?
i need help with my stretch marks?
is exfoliating my face going to do anything about my acne?
Side effects of my medicines. Are they curing or causing my problems?
ingrown toe nail help :(?
Do Sunbeds work how long will it take to get a good tan?
I Have Had Bad Spots For Nearly 4 Now Help!?
I am a 15 year old boy who suddenly have got a quite pink-red nose?
i have dry skin and oily to but am prone to redness and i have sensitive skin?
Can someone help me to get rid of painful splits in my thumbs? ?
any one know anything about Cortisone?
bad mood with stress?
what are the early signs of opiate withdraws
Why I am so depressed? I have one month doing nothing. Please help me!!!
Have you gotten relief for extreme anxiety? help needed!
I'm afraid of feet to a really high point. Is that bad?
what am i gunna do????
My mom is on Aricept for AD think it worked for about a year>not working now i need help
What's your opinion on this?
At what point does paranoia become a psychological disorder?
my life is wasted...so trapped
I think I have a sleeping problem or something
making a website on cutting?
depression or not? help
For teens who have been, or are depressed, and have gone to therapy for it, did it help?
my uncle died im so scared?
anyone have these side effects with adderall?
Horrible Memory loss?
How do i stop smoking?
Lost my voice how do i get it back?
I get bad headaches when I go without coffee, Is anyone else addicted to coffee?.?
Should organ donor-ship be compulsory?
Im starting to hate myself??
High Temperature?
night everyone take care and keep smileing?
What are the symptoms of food poisoning?
why do we not sneeze in our sleep?
Anyone get panic attacks after drinking heavily? Do you know how to get rid of them?
I am trying to give up smoking, going 'cold turkey'. Any tips?
Major hangover problem! Much help needed?
What is calamine lotion good for??
lager, beer or cola?
What can i do to increase my chances of growing?
Need more help.. Tips for the morning anyone?
help i cant stop smokin?
Hang overs?
Why am I always so tired?
What can i do to fall asleep quicker?
does the sun shine out of my backside because my teeth are so white?
Im having the worst year of my life so much wrong and its getting me down i feel so low?
can you ask and pay for your own brain scan in england?
Very fast heart beat?
I can breath through one nostril at a time. What is wrong?
Ive been hacking up mucus, help!?
I have a three week old mini schnauzer that keeps coughing up mommas milk--like foam. whats wrong & can i help?
Is pneumonia contagous? if so how much?
Cures for Bronchitis?
I have been having many troubles, including throat and nose?
Itchy throat causing cough... is there a cure?
do i have symptoms of laryngitis?
Apart from smoking, what else is a bad thing to inhale?
remedies for sore throat and cough?
Have you ever milked a cow...?
Body aches & chills help?
walking sound effects?
guys what causes sinuses dirt, dust or cold?
Is my thumb broken or bruised?
Both my big toes hurt like crazy if i push off to hard on them it feels like they seperate.?
Who else has eczema?.. 10pts?.......?
help me what is wrong with me?
Really bad skin... never had this before... need help?
Medical Help? Are these symptoms worth worrying about?
whats wrong with my wrist?
Why do both my shoulders hurt ? why does it happen?
I really need help someone, help me?
Headache - one spot - strange now and then..?
For a few years, I have been having a severe stabbing pain in my lower right back...?
I have a pain in my heel when/after i run?
any ways to relieve pain?
what could be wrong with my knee?
ouch.. someone wanna help me out?
Muscle / Tendon pain?
My sciatic and back pain is worse in bad weather. Anybody have a technique to deal with it?
I'm having problems sleeping because of pressure going on with the back of my head whats wrong?
Has any1 had a Epidural steroid injection for back pain and if so did it work for u or not? and why?!!?
Have had stomach ache for 4 hours?
what is this headache?
I have uber bad writer's block right now how can i help releive it?
get rid 0f a cold fast????????
4 hydrocodones, 2 pitchers of beer, 2 shots....said by future mother-in-law, will take away the pain she feels?
Ear pain in left ear...NOt EAR ACHE .....a continuing pain for the last 3 days..I am 60?
How to make crutches hurt less?
Do you think i possibly may have broken my foot..?
How do I know if I fractured my ankle?
Over exercise head injury?
i have pain in the front of my left ankle, i walk with a limp and it hurts whenever i may put pressure on it?
What should I do about my wrist after a fall?
i got hit in my eye at basketball practice and now its red kind of pink is that a oink eye?
really bad unexplained knee problems? Please help. :(?
What's wrong with my jaw?
Could my arm have been permanently damaged?
can this cause a wrist injury?
If some one injured me and it left me permanent scar can I sue them for the removal of the scar?
My finger is broken!?
What in the world did I do to my knee?
Planning on having arthroscopic knee surgery?
Why are my calf muscles hurting so bad?
what is ivorsicular disease?
My friend is on a bridge and will not come down, what do i say?
i can hardley breath please help not a trick question
Is this ok for an 80 year old to do?
what can happen if you have high blood pressure and leave it untreated?
What is a home remedie for a stomach ache?
can you get hypnotherapy for stopping smoking on the nhs?
One of my contact lens doesn't seem to fit correctly?
can blepharitis cause crossed eye?
How can I get back to falling asleep on time?
What is the "Hospital VAT Number"?
help.. Spider veins - busted blood vein in left leg what can cause this and should it be checked?
Ear popping and sinus related help!?!? Please, 10pts?
Do I have a Urinary Track Infection? Help!?
Could someone please answer my question?
Why am I unable to fall into a deep sleep?
smoking and nursing facilities !?
Trying to figure out what happened?
Brownish color under toenail?
Charging too much? Is this fair? Can I get out of it?
Why Am I Sleeping In So Much?
Hi, My hands are like getting where it hurts to use them,and cant move two fingers Does any body have this?
Guys, it's almost 2 AM and my throat freakin hurts!!!?
Any homemade relief for joint pains?
Can't get rid of the headache..?
what causes lower right abdomenal pain? severe and recurring. any kind of pressure makes it worse?
ugh.. my head ache is killing me, can you answer this plz?
Ear Piercing.. stinging/painful?
Hips dislocate and causes severe pain. Doctor told me I'm too flexible...?
clicking / grinding outer knee!?
What are the risk invovled with Cordisone shot in the lower spine?
did i injure my achillies tendon?
ive been sick since wednesday its now saturday?
Im sore and have pain..?
Help with Back Pain had several procedures?
pain in upper abdomen.?
What's wrong with me? I've traveled 70 hrs in the last 10 days, which has really taken?
Abdominal Pain and Sensetivity to light?
how do you loose weight on your upper arm?
bump on left side of stomach?
My wrist hurts!! how do i heal it faster?
:'( what shall i do ?? please help?
Medical condition??!?!?!?
What causes your heart to start racing suddenly?
Doctors, nurses, etc. My blood pressure is REALLY LOW! Help please(:?
What Is This Condition? Help?
These heart pains/ beats are making me concerned :( ?
i have heterochromia, does anybody else?
Questions about blood clots in the leg...?
i am 45 and my sys. is 129 dia 83 and pulse is 110 is that right?
what do i do? i feel so alone
what is bipolar disorder? what are its symptoms?
ok, im a very negative thinker because every time i think positive something goes wrong, help?
I am scared of the A.C.T
What's it called when your paranoid about everything that can go wrong?
i am very unhappy and dont really feel like doing anything
A question about sleeping
I am always paranoid about my race , i live in a white area and im not white
I have been taking 150mg a day of Zoloft for 4 years.I want to stop taking it.How do I safely taper down?
side effects of zoloft
what to know when decided on a mental therapist
How do you gain motivation back after working so hard to get something?
It depresses me knowing that my parents get depressed
Know of a condition that could cause one to say a word, when one meant another word entirely?
Has anyone ever woke up, start to move and like u feel like u're going to blackout...
Cure for oily complexion?
how do i get rid of spots, i hate using all these products like freederm, clerasil cause they do nothin for me?
I always have cold hands and feet?
something for the lips?
Can u get addicted to co-codomol?
Smoking grass...?
Can a human take a shower under 70C ?
I think my gf cut herself - what do I do?
What should I do now.......?
what is the longest you have ever held your breath?
What foods are good to eat to bung you up?
I've bruised my finger from a fall, is amputation advisable ?
How can i go about getting a diagnosis for aspergers?
cigarettes, which are the most unhealthy? cigars, roll ups or normal cigarettes?
I keep on being sick after eating..?
does any1 else feel they av got 2 point in life they dont know what 2 do-or is it jus me?
why has my mate changed?
why do some women sell like fish?
i have acne too! please help and im no teenager!?
wots wrong with my legs?
How do you make yourself faint?
How can I stop my husband snoring???
What is witch hazel?
i have used a pregnancy test and it was positive then i used one today and it is negative am i pregnant?
Is there a cure for swine flu!?
what should i expect?
i have a hard time breathing but when i cough or breath my neck and ribs and chest hurt?