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how to treat a cough after open heart surgery that is not pulmonary or reflux related.?
i'm in excruciating pain help me please.?
why does my heart beat hard and slow sometimes?
muscles sore after gymnastics?
What could cause heel pain?
I have a sciatiac nerve pinch. The doctor has prescribed Lortab 10mg for this.?
My back hurts like never before?
BP has been high...help im worried to the extreme?
Heart Palpitations from K2 Will I be able to smoke weed again?
Blood Test for liver - Retest?
is it normal for your doctors surgery to ring up and ask if you smoke?
Does anybody know whats wrong with her?
Why do I have numbess & weakness on left side of body along with some confusion?
Can't sleep at night only sleep during the day?
Wife has spot on brain, Does it mean a tumor?
why do i have dark circles under my eyes?
Why do I get dizzy every time I look around?
How do people crack their jaw?
How does reading before bed help make you fall asleep faster?
Is there a lying position that'll help coughing?
I have a question about Carelink?
My eyesight is pretty farsighted and i wanna have my good eyesight back w/out any glasses. what do i do?
How do coroners prepare for funeral those mutilated and stinking bodies that have been found months later?
Called for an MMR vaccine and I am 22 years old?
Is it ok to use alcohol in cooking if I am on metronidazole?
How to get rid of headlice? :/?
Struggling with IBS Symptoms?
hole in the heart swine flu?
if i just touched the door of HIV patient room rub into my eyes if fluid is not fresh then can i get HIV ?
A question about antibiotics and being emotional?
swine flu vaccine for my partner?
11 month old child possibly has swine flu?
Swine flu in rutland!!?
Should I take time off?
re swine flu vaccination in the arm.will there be a oral alternative for children who are petrified of needles?
How much l-lysine can I take for cold sores?
what is antibody 'e'?
Shivering Cold And Warm Help Please...Tonsil bed?
Best spot cream/ sport remover to use?
What physiological parameter does the P-R interval in an ECG represent?
my hands and feet are sooo itchy!x?
Bladder prolapse exercise?
Why do I always wake in the morning with a huge..........?
how can i stay awake?
how can i get a cast on my foot?
Are these heat spots or not! Please help me !?!?
what is the main couse of?
Any tips if i cant get to sleep at night?
Is it normal to loose your mind when you get hungry?
If I have a stressful day my face and ears go red , what is going on here?
If I don't clean my glass(spectacles), will it infect my eyes?
Is it a cold I have or something else?
What is the best way of relieving a bloated stomach and bowl - without meds?
Does dyslexia exist?
What harm has17years of weed smoking done to my friend?
What is it like to have a General Anaesthetic, are you fully asleep, and is it scary when they give you it?
what can i do to wake up on time?
Is it all right if I call my wife 'mate'?
Anyone called in sick this morning and not really sick?
Leg Jiggling?
side effects?
What do you think is the worst drug to get addicted to?
whats the least painful way i can break my lower back ? serios answers please?
Why do we have ears.......?
When does hayfever season generally start?
HOW DO I GET RID OF RED LINES in my eyes and dark eye circle bags?
Im getting my bikini line waxed later...?
what is a good over the counter for arthritis for my finqers?
what is wrong with my knee?
Acne Scars?
distal radius surgery?
Painful knee, what could it bee~?
The inside of my right knee hurts?
What are abnormalities found in x-rays?
weird feeling in arm after going to chiropractor?
is my hand and arm broken ?
How long does it take for a frature left foot bone to heal??? Should I rest more?
What is wrong with my ankle?
Should i wait for my physical, or go to the dr's now?
Muscle spasms and boxer fracture?
Nerve damage .? how do get it?
Throat injury muscle trauma help?
Good ankle brace for gymnastics?
Ok I sat on this girls hand, HELP ME?
How long do pain killers and muscle relaxers stay in your system?
shoulder pain after fall in basketball... please help?
I broke my ankle and have not put a cast on it . I feel no pain and can walk on it .Is that okay ? Normal?
Questions about pneumonia aftermath...?
My asthma has been getting worse and worse.?
i have chest pain why?
i just coughed up blood o.o?
what are the effects of mold on someones health?
have trouble swallowing.?
IS there any side effect of Electric room heater?
what are the four main vital signs and what are the normal ranges?
Is it okay to stop taking Singulair?
Should Kabiven be given to someone suffering pneumonia having had 3.93l of IV fluid the previous day?
Cant breath when sleeping?
Have you ever had a sinus infection that causes pain only when you move your head?
my ribs/ lungs hurts and i cnt breathe normally?
hurts to breath from the neck up. headache and back ache...worse when i breathe?
I had some bloodwork done and it showed that my carbon dioxide levels were low. What does this mean?
suntan sprayed in the eyes?
Where can I buy a second hand hyperbaric oxygen tank in the UK?
HELP Crisis?
What is St Johns Wort?? How does it help??
Help Me!!!?
When should my brother go back to work?
weird throat burn?!?!?
is there another way of getting rid of tonsil stones?
my daughter has lp disease and the docters say they cannot treat it, she is only 8 years old?
do i have a medical condition.?
How long does weed stay in your system for?
How do I moisturize my lips?
Is 2 days of no sleep really dangerous?
does kidney stones cause indigestion?
My girlfriend has low blood pressure and is always getting faint, dizzy.?
how do you know your haveing a panick attack and not a heart attack?
help me choose between pt and ot?
i got tattooed a few days ago, but i couldn't finish because my body kept twitching.?
sleep health queston?
I can't hear through my right ear. Help?
How can I convince my doctor that I really need to be put on medication to help me sleep?
Can Oversleep causes fatigue?
cardiac stress test question?
Stroke Due to blood pressure?
i have a drug test in 20 days will i pass if im a frquent smoker?
Can you have a heart attack now?
muscle and bone twinges,dull headaches,itchy skin,eyelid twitch,pins and needles?
My stomach/sides hurt and I'm not sure why?
Ive been getting headaches most days for a week?!?
I'm having pains....from my jaw...Anything?
is there a way to help swelling go down around the eye beside icing it?
What is wrong with my ankle? Do I have gout? ?
what can i do make my back not hurt no more?
what causes stomach pains when you drink something?
should leg excercises be avoided if you have a blood clot ?
Sharp, stabbing foot pain that lasts only a few seconds?
what happens after an open laminectomy?
My mom has fibromyalga, and hurts a lot,?
Ear Pain -- What are the best remedies night B4 Doc Visit?
i have a weird problem.....help?
Breast implants?
Lady`s do you wax??? Guys do you like a waxed????
cav any one help me, i need to list three health and safety risks linked with food preparation.?
i have a painful verucca i have tried bazooka that verucca still there?
Very tall needs advice :(?
should weed and ecstasy be legalized?
what is the purpose of wax in our ears?
What's the best cream to treat teenage acne? Also, any diet tips to help it, please?
What are the best sleeping pills money can buy?
Why do people take LSD?
What is the best thing to line your stomach with after you have sick constantly with bile.?
I have a NHS card?
Is there a difference in effectiveness between cheap paracetamol and branded?
OOH Gross! My flatmates don't wash their hands after using the toilet. What to do?
How do you manage stress and high levels of anxiety?
Will Cocanie kill you?
Please help Xander_F is following me...?
Ladies? After how long is the best time to make love to a woman?
Please help, I desperately need a kidney transplant, Ms Minger is a perfect match but she wont let me have one
How painful is it to burn to death?
My grandmother of 80 is becoming increasingly deaf; she cannot hear the tv, radio, conversations etc.?
Lower right side pain?
i wonder what tendons do?
What exactly is luxated Patella and it be fixed?
Top right of my head feels bruised. I awoke at 3:00am with headache?
percocet and vicodin drug lab doctor results?
I took my Plug out of my ear?
What's wrong with my hip?
The doctor gave me 2 shots on both arms but only arm is sore..?
how long does flucloxacillin take to work ?r=1258825826?
where do you get boils usually and why do you get them ?
Question about herpes?
My son has the dreaded "Chicken Pox"?
food poisoning costocullidium?
hi - is there anyway you can tell............?
Is it true that swine flu has reached Germany, where it passes from pigs to humans VIA DOGS?
If i go to Tenerife for six months,can i get six months prescriptions of my doctor.?
ringworm-caught from feral cat- advice please?
How soon can i start wearing mascara again after an eye infection?
Why wont my swollen tonsils go down?
will swine flu evantually effect everyperson in the world?
Help getting over cold? Any tips?
anybody know about a tablet for ear discharging?
Do you think that it is quite possible to...?
Does anyone know if i can get treatment from a chemist for pinworms? Or do i have to see a doctor?
Where is Trichinella prevalent?
HELP Im REALLY scared!?
third cold in the last 7 weeks - tamiflu given just before xmas?
in las vegas a health centre shut down as are reusing syringes and 40,00 people will have to be tested?
How do you overcome rock bottom & when are you able to see hope?
Anyone have both depression and anxiety was put on prozac or knows about prozac?
I've never gave up this easily before. Help :(. What do I do ??
how can you tell if you have add or adhd?
How does one know if if he/she has a short attention span?
the way you react to things?
Any suggestions for math anxiety? I started a math class after not taking math for over 20 years!?
How do i become less emo?
Does this sound like depression?
why is it i get sad about my bf but not about my family?
do u ever feel depressed?
What is going on to my sleepz?!?
Good sleeping techniques?
i hate my self.=*(?
could i be bipolar?
Why do you like being a Therapist,Psychologist,Couselor?
Agoraphobia self help books?
Sleep deprivation HELP?
I'm having a 48 hour EEG has anyone had it if so what do you bring???
What have i done to my shoulder?
to find out if my big to is broke its is swollen and it hurts to touch and walk on?
should she go to the hospital?
My boyfriend was kicked in the stomach by a horse and threw up blood?
Really upset stomach over nothing?
how do you stop blisters itching ?
im allergic to something but i dont know what it is?
How does bile do these things?
what does faeces mean?
weird tingly feeling in lungs?
I've had severe back problems for around 20 years with 2 surgeries.?
chest pains when swallowing?
my doctor gave me a myrin p for my bronchiecstasis?
i have a really bad cough...please help me?
how do you know if you have a sinus infection?
What happens when you cough up blood?
does weak lungs have something to do with flu continuously and asthma?
Am I sick with something bad?
how to stop my little brother from smoking cigarette's?
Do I have fluid in my lungs?
how do i treat a sore throat sinus mucus that is yellow to grey and a bad headache.?
what to feel next when the mucus plugs comes out?
What does high ESR in the blood mean?
best medicine for asthmatics with allergies?
Bed uncomftable at night best place ever in morning?
What is this blood taste in my nose?
what is post tonsillectomy supposed to look like?
Why do peoples feet go to "sleep" and how can you get your feet not to go to sleep?
Spider veins on my cheast?
damages of chest binding or is it pneumonia?
Dizzy Spells and sickness. I need help!?
pain in my back that wont go away?
Slept Late Today, around 3 AM and woke up around 1:15PM, and I've got work tomorrow at 8:00 AM, How do I...?
Why does my top right eyelid "twitch"?
Could I possibly be Anemic?
Why is my eye twitching and why am i weak?
allergies and anxiety...really need help with this cuz its really affecting me functioning.?
headaches and the contraceptive pill?
why do bones heal faster than muscles?
Earring stretching "problem"?
My wrist/forearm is hurting?
Its been 3 weeks since i sprained my ankle. ?
Does anyone know what I can do to get circulation in my hand?
Why are times so down and hard these days?
My whole left side of my body feels tingly?
could i have torn a ligament?
My son's tears are red. Is this blood? What causes red tears in a human?
I keep getting ill, whats wrong?
Was this nurse a bad nurse?
24" head circumference.?
Sore throat, any advice to sort it out?
Do your eyelashes grow ?
Ibuprofen(Nurofen) side effects? Anyone else experience these?
Is rolling your tongue hereditary? Can you be taught to roll your r's?
ooh my belly is gaining so much weight ,that i look pregnant tips on how to get a flat stomach?
Can a divorced dad challenge the medical treatment of his child?
Is it true that your ears never stop growing? Look at old people,their ears are huge!?
I have a lump in my throat that won't go away?
i have really smelly wind lately??
Why are peoples feet ticklish?
taking 2 hours or more to get to sleep every night? what shall i do?
How is this fair ???
Why do I sneeze a lot in the mornings?
why is it that when you see someone yawn you yawn eswell?
Whats a good cheap medicine for tonsolites?
What causes an increase in diastolic pressure during / after exercise?
Do I need to leave this ECG Cardiac Event Monitor while I'm sleeping?
strokes and commas?
I dont like going out to do stuff no matter what it is or who its with i avoid the situations as much as i can
How can you achieve a better memory?
is this normal?
Does this sound like a compulsive disorder to you?
Do annoying little things that happened stay in your memory sometimes?
Prozac Question?
I've got OCD, I want to have it treated by the doctor, but I'm afraid that the treatment involves something
how long dose withdrawals from poroxtine last?
why is klonopin so addictive?
can someone that has to deal with someone with panic disorder and agoraphobia tell me how bad it is from their
I cut my index finger last night right where my knuckle is and now it's really swollen.?
Does wearing sweaty clothes cause back pain?
My toenail is removed, now what?
I had appendix surgery. After how long is it okay to drink alcohol?
Is the shocking sensation in my foot serious?
[email protected]'s: i can't move my big toe up.?
is my wrist re-fractured?
Do I have to go to the doctor for a brused rib?
since sciatica can come back...?
Broken bones and rehab?
i have a ganllion cyst?
How to know if your foot is fractured...?
How do you know if you dislocated you knee or just teared a ligament?
Are there any signs that your knee is going to blow out and if there is what are they?
If someone weighing 200 lbs needs crutches, will two crutches that can support 100?
Have i broken my foot?
Swollen tonsils for months, keep getting reoccurring tonsillitis, what now?
should a doctors surgery remain open if they have cases of typhoid and bubonic plague amonst there patients?
Could I have caught her conjunctivitis?
Have i got conjunctivitis?
Will i catch it or is this the early signs?
how would you prevent spanish flu?
i want to ask about cirrhosis of the liver.?
Are weevils dangerous?
my 2 year old daughter is recovering from chickenpox,?
yesterday i got some fairy power spray in my mouth , is it dangerous?
Sore throat. Two white lumps at the back! any ideas?
What are the symptoms of Hay Fever?
Do i have tonsillitis?
is it food poisoning?
what is non-specific urethritis?
I am researching salmonella, as i have had it..?
who was Gaetan Dugas.?
will i get sickness bug? can i stop getting it?
Please can someone explain to me that by taking the following is beneficial to someone with pernicious anaemia?
Looking after your skin?
Is a prescription required to buy Nasonex Nasal Spray?
How many treatments for Iontophoresis to work. (Constant Sweating)?
Tussionex cough medecine?
Recovery time from VATS Lung Biopsy?
Chest pain, back pain, shortness of breath, what is wrong with me?
Anyone heard of Bipap used for asthma?
Why is it hard to breath all of the sudden?
sickness from home mold?
Why has my Digestive track been hurting for 3 months?
coughing up blood, blood from nose, puking? please help me asap!!?
why there is low oxygen supply at high alititudes?
my pectorial rib cage sticks out on the right and it normal on the left, help!?
how are three ways you can take steroids ? [health homework]?
dissy,loss of sight and loud ringing...is this weird?
Does gymform duo really work as the tv says so? ?
Is there anyway my parents can find out my medical history?
Need Help:Sleeping Problems?
Why am I tired at like 7:00PM but not at 3:00AM?
why have my fingers gone fat?
Is it healthy for all of my joints to crack / pop ?
Fiance starts on side but ends up on stomach during sleep?
Dizzy spells in hospital!?
What tests are included in a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel?
How often should I clean my nape?
is there any thing that will make my runny nose stop besides medicine?
Help o feel sooo bad :( !!!!!!!!!!! please?
Early morning sneezing with running nose?
Are allergies to birth control common?
My cat is having an allergic reaction to Front Line what can I do for her?
Why is my throat closing up (having trouble swallowing and breathing) and my head spining?
Somethings wrong with him but i dont even know what.?
I feel so sore, and also?
Eating Icy Hot Pain Reliever?
how can i solve this stomachache?
my ear hurts help me please?
what did i do to my arm?
I have herniated discs in my neck?
pulling a muscle in gym class?
Are these pains normal with anxiety?
How can I avoid/ treat stiff muscles.?
help! my arm is killing me ! why ?
What could be wrong with my ear?
how do i deal with the pain caused by others.?
I have lost the user manual to my Lifemax Digital 2 Channel TENS Machine can any one help please.?
Something is on my chest..?
will will I have pain forever in my back if I get metal rods in it?
Recently I've been waking up middle of the night with extremely painful knee pain...?
It feels like needles are poking me.?
I ate my poo, is that bad......?
How many of the listed tablets would i have to take to Die???
Ringing ears and tiredness?
Why am I ill so often?
do contacts take getting used to like new glasses?
My eyes are really dry...?
would you wear what i am?
what can i do to stop my hair falling out?
Trapped nerve in my back?
if im cold and keep shivering on purpose, will it make me warmer?
can i go blind by wearing my contacts?
hangover treatment ???????????
Is it normal to get headaches from wearing contact lenses?
A question for ex-drinkers/alcoholics?
Can my employer sack me for taking time off sick with a doctor's certificate?
I keep needing to urinate why ?
Can't stop being sick after taking an overdose?
I woke up a few nights ago and couldn't move. I felt like I was completely paralysed and couldn't breath.?
is this normal when i orgasm sometimes io faint or start crying?
Is 5'4 short for a 15 year old girl?
BABY*CAKES......Is that a name or a song?
I need a pooh?
How can I stop passing wind through my bottom??
How many times has tap water been through our system????
Why do I sneeze whenever i eat chocolate or mints?
Sinus Help Please!?!?!?!?
Septum perforation?? Help?
Ovary Removal Operation Details?
how does dust effects your lungs?
doctors and other health professionals from the united kingdom?
I gave up a job because I was in danger of getting silicosis. How do I make sure it is on record if I contract?
boyfriend and chest pain?
I hold my breathe when I walk past a dirty side walk?
Losing weight and don't know how?
Most of the time I feel like Im underachieving allthe stuff i do.can any 1 help me fix this?
Depression/ Anxiety..... help....?
Can someone help me?
Who has an anxiety or panic disorder?
What are the behavior symptoms of schizophrenia? Explain.?
Can you call a physician's referral line for a psychiatrist or is it only for primary care docs?
Why depression at night?
I feel empty.?
Help!!! Whats it like? PlEASE READ!?
tiredness n weakness?
What was your experience with Lithium?
Question for people on Zoloft (kind of a survey)?
Can people ever recover from PTSD?
Why do people in the U.S. take such pride in being sleep deprived when it causes so many problems?
My sister is depressed and possibly bi-polar, where should she go to get help?
New eating problem...?
Why are my legs so painful?
someone punched my friend help?
Nerve problem question?
hit my temple playing basketball!?
I sprained my ankle in football...questions?
I have a sudden hard swelled spot in the bottom of my foot behind the fourth and fifth toe.?
Could my ankle be broken?
How the nerve moves the eyebrow my itself?
My daughter's ear is bleeding from inside. What is wrong?
I Pop My Knees and it hurts to walk?
Hurt ankle playing soccerrrrr?
When will i see sit up results?
Is my wrist sprained?
Nerve damage in my hand?
do you have to be clean before you can get into rehab ?
How to tell if your knee is broke?
If I have a patella dislocation, is the cure for it most likely therapy or surgery? /:?
Descrilbe the special tests used in evaluating the lumbar and sacroiliac portions of the spine.?
What do 2nd degree burns look like when healing?
pain right in the middle of my chest,what could it be?
Does anyone here have severe coughing spells due to acid reflux?
Is it normal for your chest to hurt after you've smoked a cigerrate?
so i collapsed and ate everything?
I used to smoke for a number of years I have been having burning inside my lungs and middle to lower back?
Can i completely clear my lungs of any signs that I had an attack of tuberculosis.?
is mucinex a downer or upper?
im always cold!!!! shiverrrr?
I am taking zpak an antibiotic for my bronchitis, can i take mucinex dm, or nyquil cold n flu with that also?
Chihuahua possibly has some type of worms. My 3 yr old has been exposed. Is this harmful to my child?
My daughter who is 5 months is on medicine for ear infection. She has 3 days left on her medicine. Is it?
If you take amoxicillin without doctors orders, is it ok?
I Have A Serious Problem?
I have a weird tingleing in my chest sometimes and also in my hands what could it be?
What virus/bacterium causes diarrhoea?
MRSA should i be worried?
How many people in ireland are estimated to get swine flu in ireland?
Getting rid of colds quickly!?
What are the differences between swine flu symptoms and those of "ordinary" flu?
Im sick and ive got an exam in 4 days please help!!!!?
Sore nose and mouth?
Throat And Glands Help Please......?
Do you think that the number of deaths due to Malaria will be reduced soon?
Can I be infected whilst at work?
can you catch nits of a pilow or dose it have to be hair contact with someone who has them?
Why does the wintertime bring the vomiting virus?
MMR JAB red mark?!!?
Swine Flu Infor Please?
Some kind of stomach bug? what do i eat??!?
Prevent Malaria - Travelling abroad?
who would i tell to report injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences in a hairdressers?
I just took a 7 hour nap...?
I work in retail so I am on my feet all day at work. Is it better to wear knee-his or trouser socks for good?
Appearance after 3 days of no sleep?
So weak ! What is going on?
If I don't sleep tonite, how can I re-organize my biological clock tomorrow?
Can i get a prescription refilled?
A really quick pulse? (click for more info)?
Is this growing pains or something else?
Does Regence Blue Shield cover HCG injections?
how to get medical records?
My Iron level is 15.8, what does this mean?
Why do I get so Nervous and my face go red ?
I shaved my armpits the other day and now theres some irritating red rash on them?
Why do I get spots on my face whenever I eat fruit?
I was born with a very small mole on the back of my neck i was wondering can these be dangerous?
Verucca problems?
veruccas !!!!!?
What's good for "Irritable Bowel Syndrome"? Sometimes I can hardly move with it.?
What is claustrophobia? Is this curable or can be treated?
Red patch on my face without bumps?
how to treat skin rashes and inflammation?
man has Hepatitis B and a women has Hepatitis C what's the risk?
is nivea good for you skin?
Constant Chest Pains ?? :(?
how can i get rid of shine that occurs in the day?
I have a drugs question?
How do I hide the weight I seem to have gained in my stomach?
How do you know if you have a broken toe?
Do you sneeze in your hand?
Should I get a breast reduction?
I need a cure for hiccups!?
Does anyone else get a build up of smelly gunk on the back of their earrings?
What can I take for constipation?
Is melatonin supposed to make you sleep or become awake?
I get headaches ALOT...?
Be honest! what do you eat eachday ?
when i get up everything goes black and i stumble or fall what is this?
does snorting cocaine make you forget the night before?
Do you really know when you are going to die?
Are there any medication I can get without prescription to help with alcohol withdrawel?
how quickly can you get addicted to cigarettes?
why do i smoke so much shisha (hookah)?
what do i need to eat!!?
When you take iron pills does it make you iron clothes faster?
is it true our ears never stop growing?
Can you die fro ma heart attack from smoking weed? And bad side effects?
Please help me out?
Best treatment for ADHD?
Which really costs more?
i think i have Articulation disorder can anyone help me without going to a therapist?
Is there any kind of foods or drinks that may cause psiarosis to worsen?
Pain on my left side right below my rib cage and I'm on my period?
who treats muscle injuries?
is it possible for your ears to go back to normal?
Shirts to buy for a broken arm?
Meniscus injury. Help on whats going on in my knee and how to treat it?
How does a nerve fire?
Not sure what pain in my left knee is?
Very sore and im sick after an injury... ?
Can I have tennis and golfer's elbow in both elbows ?
Sore back? Hurts when I breathe?
is it possible to pull a muscle in your back? if so how do you fix it?
I spranged my arm, should i go back to gymnasctics?
Injured big toe has swollen up?
If you know you are going to be injured, and so take aspirin, will the injury then hurt less at time of injury?
tailbone / coccyx injury?
has anyone tried the enlast enhancement lubricant and how did it work?
Please help, Im in pain?
how to know if you got Fractured Kneecap?
hit head hard on cornor, bleeding help?
Found Out I Have Anemia Last Week Need Comments?
Do you believe in the healing power of Crystals?
is this low blood pressure??????????????//?
Why does my back hurt so bad when it's cold?
i have an interview for a band 5 on a cardiac ward what might the panel ask?
sleep issue. can only sleep for 3-4 hours then cant fall back to sleep until 4-6AM. what should i do? meaning?
I think i have a breathing problem?
Do i have a hernia? Help?
Can varicose veins cause one foot to be cold?
Something Weird Happened to My Knee?
Sleeping problems-really tired all of the time?
Snorting poppers in a club?
I think I have insomnia, yet when I told my Mum she just told me I was putting it on??Help!?
Had headache all day, just got intense buzzing / vibrating feeling from base of neck through whole head, :(?
sigmoidoscopy (camera up the bum) and time off work.....?
How can I obtain free medicine samples?
can you help me understand medicare coverage?
How Much Water is Dangerous (Water Toxicity)?
worried about flu jab and have you used fleet street clinic? flujabs.org?
What helped you quitting smoking?
Can you get a cold or flu by getting physicaly cold.?
Is smoking illegal for 16 year olds?
growing old,whats so wrong with relaxing and showing your age?
what do you need to eat/drink to grow taller?
How addictive is Cannabis in the long term?
I Need To Make Myself Throw Up!?
ear syringing...sorry?
taking warfarin n.c. and using alcohol?
state the two ways in which micro-organisms cause the symptoms of the disease?
Is it ethical for a Dr. to date a family member of a patient?
Why has swine flu so far seemed to have impacted anglophone countries more than others?
Is there a drink that can lower cholesterol?
What is the survival rate for a pilonidal abcess removal operation?
What are your opinions of HIV and AIDS?
I coughed up loads of blood?
Nursing question: What policies and procedures do you have in your workplace to reduce MRSA?
Could this be flu or is it just like a virus?
How do AIDS occur?
haemolytic anaemia who named it?
Disadvantage and advantages about MMR vaccine?
What are the causes of fast heart beat?
how long will i live, i have had 22 colds in my life. i'm scared!!?
What workplace could a man suffer a heart attack and lay to die only to be found dead more than 7 hours later?
What are the symptoms of Anthrax?
How quickly can you get over the flu?
can my baby catch glandular fever?
Bad Tonsilitus and I had mt tonsils removed 14 years ago?
im 19 and having my tonsils out ?
could it be glandular fever?
Why do we have to cull animals infected with foot and mouth disease as it is not fatal.?
I am researching salmonella and something is puzzling me..?
symtoms of apenndix before bursting?
Whats wrong with me???
is there something on his mind?
does anyone know of adult mental health inpatient services in springfield, mo?
Depression or not?
i'm having trouble concentrating on school work...?
i basically just started taking xanax and i really don't feel much with two mlligrams.?
I've been having a terrible time sleeping since I had our daughter. Should I talk to the doctor?
REALLY Stressed out!?
Music sensitive?
Just wondering(social phobia)?
Where are all the mental health professionals?
think im dying?
Lexapro O.D? help!?
Would a psychologist help me with...?
Am I Suffering From Paranoia........?
are these muscle spasms? ?
Ouch one of my fingers just fell off and it doesn't hurt what should I do?
should i go to the doctor for my wrist?
what does ibuprophen do to the pouch if taken?
Eye blurred vision help?
I have hazel brown eyes.. is theRe anyway i can get blue eyes or green without contacts or surgey?
How do you put in eye drops while wearing contacts?
My eye appears very red?
Do you think I have a concussion?
A bit of toenail advice please?
Are these symptoms of muscle tearing?
i have a nail in my hip but it dosnt bother me so can i go to the army?
Partial Meniscus Removal Recovery Time?
should i condition with sharp pains in my back?
My shoulder pops like three times when i move it in any direction and hurts really bad.?
How long is recovery for disc surgery? Does it work? Cervical 6-7, bulging.?
Exercising on shin splints?
i got my nose pierced like 3 months ago?
Pulled groin... need to heal it ASAP?
I can't raise my arms and my tailbone hurts when I bend over?
do you need a cast for a metatarsal stress fracture?
My arm was hit very hard near my elbow over 10 years ago and the pain still comes back from time to time.?
Can we defecate in up-side-down position?
How sick would you get if you ate food tainted with poo?
I felt my shoulder pop twice,I now have pain in the back of my shoulder?
Inappropriate sinus tachycardia and supra ventricular tachycardia...?
I just drank extremely old water, and I feel sick?
REFLEXOLOGISTS: why work the kidney for an eye problem?
Any Good Creams To Get Rid Of Spots?
If a skin mole is risen from the surface, does this mean that it will drop off completely? If so, when?
Do i need treatment?
What vitamins are good for your skin?
Anyone ever had a mole surgicaly removed?
plz gv me some advice about accutane?
how can i get rid of my dipration????????/?
What is the best way of getting rid of spots and acne?
Ive got something yellowish next to my nail. Any idea what it is.?
Acne just really annoys me.?
Itchy rash Question Details:?
How do I quickly get my lip to heal?
Stretch mark obsessed?
Get rid of spots, quick and easy!?
The heel of my foot is dry, and crusty?
im starting to get spots?
how do you get rid of a double chin?
How to get rid of teenage, hormonal acne?
What do I have on my skin?
Excema - coming up in red rash ?
I need some information about sunbeds as i will be a first timer.?
What is causing my loss of hearing?
how long should i wait to eat?
You need a doctor baby, you scared?
When I am resting in bed I often awake with bad circulation to my hands?
how can i sleep better. im always having a hard time sleeping cause it takes me a long time to fall asleep?
I wake up every night?
How long should a modular mattress be out in the community?
What am I going to do since?
Is it bad to work out before bed?
Which causes higher blood pressure while exercising: Water or Gatorade?
Sttreching before bed?
Are vocal sprays bad to use?
Doctors listen to the sound of heart vibrations using a stethoscope. The vibrations are caused by the flow of?
Why does my chest or heart hurt sometimes?
what are 5 major facts about heart disease?
Was this a heart attack?
Does anyone know the recommended daily sugar intake for gestational diabetes?
if your starving yourself does it still class as an easting disorder even if your over weight?
why is grass green?
I was at my Nephews last night for?
I've given up drinking and smoking..so why doesn't my skin look any better?
Why does hair seem to grow everywhere now?
what happens when you die.I know what happens to the body but what about the self?
why do I sneeze when I look at the sun??
why do my fingernails, especially thumb nails keep splitting and flaking, I eat a vegan diet,?
Heartbeat in stomatch :S?
Why do they......................................?
I have felt sick and dizzy since Thursday,like motion sickness any ideas?
I've had a headache for about a week, any advice?
what is the biggest joint in the human body?
Advice on working in this heat?
i accidentlly took an overdose on paracetemol...?
does anyone know how to get rid of shaving rash round bikini line? i have little red spots there?
will taking Calcium tablets (800mg) every day make me grow taller? im 22yrs old.?
circumcised or natural?
Why is there an aching behind my eye?
I get drunk really quickly...?
What could it be?
Can one have 'toe surgery'?
The deepest i can go.?
can the brain be tired ? or renewed ?
nerveous stress and anxiety?
Anxiety meds.....are there any over the counter meds or are they all prescription??????
why can i never sleep?
How come this keeps hapening to me?I feel like i have been there before, but get this?
What goes on in a Dr.'s Mind?
Why do I have memory loss?
Can anyone explain this brain scan to me?
i have terrible OCD i need help..?
has anyone ever took both Amitriptyline and prozac?
what's going on in my life???
where can i find primary sources of the different effects of antidepressants?
can you get ssi for depession?
do you ever feel uninterested in everything?
A problem...?
Can i take Anti-Anxiety and ADHD medicines together ?
why is is that...?
Something About My Tailbone...Helppp!?
whats wrong with my shoulder?
when i press on my adomed its a ball or something and hurts what is it?
Constant hip injury would like some help please!?
Best way(s) to get to sleep quicker?
BURN! ouch help anyone?
Is it possible to not be able to drink cold milk?
Could my symptoms be caused by a food, or other allergy?
What could be causing my Type I Hypersensitivity?
How to cure allergies? And figure out what you are allergic to?
has anyone had a bad reaction to medication or something else?
Do I have a seafood allergy?
Adrenaline shots effects?
how to stop sneezing from a cold!?
How can I shift my sore throat?
rodent detterent?
Is there a bug going around?
Failed Bloodtest....we want to know how?
does flu affect your period?
Can you catch an illness in the poles?
I have just found out that my daughters friend has go MRSA. They have very severe eczma. ?
Is there a bug going around?
Worried about causes of low white blood count.?
If there was a zombie outbreak?
What are the signs of mono?
Can you get repeat bouts of the norovirus stomach bug in the one winter?
Any tips for easing chickenpox symptoms in children???????????????????/?
What could these symptoms be?
My side of foot hurts.?
I am having ACL reconstruction surgery tomorrow and was wondering how bad pain is afterwards?
Feeling dizzy and light headed. Could I be anemic?
How bad could your eyes get swollen if you don't sleep for 3 days?
Why does my nose run when its cold, but only when I exercise?
why cant you take a sleeping and a laxitive the same night?
just a quick medical question?
Why does my ankle constantily crack when I walk?
is it normal for my legs to fall asleep all the time?
Hey I just got in drug court I smoked last night I have 34 days till my court date I been smoking lil one hitt?
Does hypnosis REALLY cure sleepwalking?
What to do about a bad back?
Baby flu & booster shot???????????
its a school night and its 1 oclock. cant fal asleep. pull an all nighter or what?
Double vision withnlights, headaches, ringing ears?
How to get rid dry pus on chest ?
resting heart rate in humans?
can i catch swine flu from a micro pig:S?
How long do lung cancer patients live for?
What's wrong with me? Do I just have a cold?
Feels Like Lump in back of throat cause of GERD?
sore throat???????????
second hand smoking! marajuna and tobaco?! help please?
how can I get rid of a dry cough really fast?
am i at the end of my bronchitis?
difference between itchy and sore throat?
Please help me with my halatosis due to bad digestive problems?
who wants to find me a picture of the liver and kidneys both effected by smoking?!?! :)?
immune to throwing up?
nicotine causes addiction and?
Can you get mucus covered in blood?
vision problems! grr?
I have chronic nasal congestion?
What does it mean when your chest hurts and you get random pains?
My daughter has a croaking sound come from her throat.?
i think i have Asthma but i dont know so answer asap?
what does it mean if you and your partner breathing really heavy when you kiss?
i am 17 and male and have psoriasis?
I have had a VERY itchy purple-red rash on my legs for five days now. What is it?
help, my toe is swollen?
Dry Skin. What do you think is the best face cream to use? Or any other remedies?
How do you deal with a cold sore?
Do you think that it is really unfair that some people have acne?
stretch marks are they supposed to hurt?
This May Sound A Bit Disgusting But...?
i am 14 and just noticed pink stretch marks on my bum?
Are some people more prone to stretch marks than others?
My skin is awful.....?
terrible terrible skin?
i know this is an old boring question.but what is the best way of getting clear of spots(acne)?
could my psoriasis actually be ringworm?
Is there anything you can eat/drink to speed up the healing of cuts?
has anyone had a mole removed?
How strong is oxycodone compared to hydrocodone?
what area can an OTA work?
Carisoprodol and Soma. Anything Like Valium?
can drinking too much pop cause bladder problems?
Truth About Shin Splints?
can taking four tablets of regular strength tylenol help you fall asleep?
what are the effects of hypo and hyperkalemia on ecg?
is 106 too high of a resting heart rate>?
Can drinking a monster energy shot kill you or make you have a heart attack? He's drank soda all day and then?
I need help with this ASAP!?
I broke my wrist in menorca in october flu home now pins and plate just wondering when can i drive ?
alza 54 with tylenol?
Left arm gets extremely sore.?
Sick basketball team...not getting any answers?
is hocking bloody loogies bad ? [ please help]?
Im young, overweight, and have been experiencing arrhythmia- is this serious?
My back has been hurting since i had a vena cava filter placed what could be the cause?
Possibly heart-related? Uncertain and already saw a dr today?
does a cardiac defibrillator cause pain to an individual once implanted when it shocks the heart.?
Atheists, Are you aware that a lot of people just stop breathing while they are asleep and die?
Anyone else out there falling asleep @ there desks/computers?
When should I be wearing my Glasses?
i think i have overdosed what do i do?
in the uk ,should sun cream be made available on the nhs ?
Ways to un-tired yourself?
why do i sneeze when ever i go out in the sun?
i have a pea sized lump on the left side of my neck just below the hairline?
I'm 15 and i feel so much more active at night than through the day?
is marijuana good or bad?
How can I make myself faint without anyone noticing that I'm trying to make myself faint?
how long does canabis stays in your body?
Is having just one cigarette a day going to have an effect on my health?
Why dont you yawn when you're asleep?
Going to smoke weed...?
why do i want a pee as soon as i get into the bath or pool?
Is this normal (ear trouble after a cold)?
The last couple of days i've been plagued with wind.. Seem to have somehow lost ability to "belch".. Any one
STAGEFRIGHT. please give me some help.?
am i suffering from what i think is depression?
Do you ever feel like you don't fit in?
What would be the effect on children of being raised by semi-catatonic parents?
i was on lexapro and my doctor took me off while increasing welbutrin xl from 150 to 300. i am so dizzy. help?
anyone know of a good book?
Weening down Wellbutrin and maintaining productivity?
This is so horrible..Please help?
Has anyone heard of becoming allergic to xanax and klonopin after being on them for years lately whenever?
have you ever felt a little jumpy at night and felt like someone was in your house?
Anxiety attacks?
who could be a victim of abuse?
Sleeping Problem?
sleeping problems ?
Making me eat food :(?
Afraid To Tell The Doctor?
I need help?
What to do when having anxiety, panic attacks and un easy feellings?
May need to be admitted 2 a psych hosp in NC. Anyone been to any and have any comments/suggestions. Plz help
whats wrong with me--heLP???
Could I still have appendicits?
I went to a concert last night, and now one ear feels plugged. How can I help it?
ACL injury recovery tips?
my son just run smack into a wall and has had a massive lump on his head.?
What happens she your in coma, i mean how is it all done, for book...?
I had whiplash after a RTA 2 months ago, I've still got upper back and neck pain, what should I do?
Problem with my foot? When I start running or something I all of a sudden get weak on that foot and it hurts?
does anybody have spondylolisthesis? what grade and how are you treating it?
How to make build my muscle some few days ?
I have pus coming out the side of my finger and it really hurts to touch it. What's wrong?
what sleep aid has worked well for you? i need help?
should i get these removed (with pics)?
how to get better sleep?
Holding pee in Need info ?
how much would a BUCKLEY'S cough sryup bottle be worth if buckley himself signed it?
arm pain, serious or not?
Heart palpatations and weird vein beating? Should I see a doctor?
Can anyone tell me what these are and if i should be concerned?
Is the hernia coming back or has it came back?
Why do I feel unbelievably tired about 1630 in the evening?
I haven't been able to eat muck at all lately. Can anyone help?
What do my insides look like? HELP!?
Legitimate online doctors?
acne breakout!! please answer!?
do chilblains have to be shiny?
Can third hand smoke harm you or your skin?
Breathing Problems, Sensation of Insufficient Amounts of Oxygen / Breathing in a Paper Bag?
I have a medium sized bump on my tonsils.?
How to get rid of keterosis?
How to avoid heart disease?
How to avoid cancer??????
can you sue for medical malpractice on incorrect hernia proceedure?
struvite stones urinary infection?
It is normal for your glands to still be a bit sore a couple of weeks after a bad virus?
what are the symptoms of the cold and the flu and how do they differ?
is it problem wbc is more than 16000?
i think im getting a cold?
Is there anyone who hasnt had chicken pox? Or has?
what is bcg vaccination?
i got an awful fright please can someone tell me what to do?
what is HAEMOPHILUS INFLUENZAE? how do u get it? and how is it treated?
my friends boyfriend has an illness.it sounded something like colius?
what is the most effective and or recently discovered drug for combating hay fever?
leg amputation due to bone infection?
Can metronidazole or doxycycline make you feel dizzy?
Could i have Crohn's disease?
I have a sore throat... please help!?
common cold puzzle?
what is a primary immunodeficiency manifesting with autoimmune phenomena?
what is schroving disease?
where is the best eye hospital in england?
Why do i get dizzy after i smoke?
I've been taking hydrocodone the last few days for chronic pain.Question, can the side effects be low fever?
Why are diseases so dangerous, especially airborne?
Cyanosis, what can you tell me about it?
commonrisk of basal pneumonitis?
when i sleep i have chest and lung pain. i fell it all night while i sleep or whenever i sleep. whats the prob?
what are respiration tissue?
what lymphatic structure does mono attack?
what is the acronym for a heart/lung revival technique that rescues someone from death or unconsiousness?
What effect will happen if i leave smoke permanently just now (instantly)?
the functional unit of the lungs where gas exchange occurs is the _________.?
Theres a Lump stuck in my throat?
MILD chest pains-20 yr. old...4/5 days...what's up?
persistent stomach aches?
The only known human pathogen that preferentially attacks the peripheral nerves is?
My chest hurts every time i take a deep breath, or lie down or bend, I've been to the Doc and he doesn't know!?
i am having blood work in the morning?
i want to give plasma?
Can you use photocopies of your evidence for an HC1 form, does it depend what the evidence is?
what would happen if i snorted mucinex?
Bruised Lump On My Arm; Its starting to hurt and tingle whats this mean?
How can I make my nose not dry?
welts / hives on my body?
Sharp pain in my heart? Not going away...?
I have Bassets that itch all the time?
Why is hard to keep your eyes open after 2 or more sneezes?
Numbness in lower legs when walking?
28/m, my heart pauses during the night on a holter monitor screening, is this normal? help im scared?
why can't she take it seriously?
can you give me a scenario... an application of cognitive theory?
please help ASAP?
i am looking for a poem called "addiction". i found it while in counceling.?
my mother was diagnosed with biopolar disease over 20 yrs ago?
Are there perm. side effects to certain drug uses?
What are ALL the side effects of fetal spectrum disorder? please?
if i o.d.???
Question about Lexapro?
What does it mean to obsess?
i need a real job desperately. i want to find an epilepsy job where i can help people who have it.?
question about *delusional disorder*?
How do you go about asking for help?
Does major emotional abuse leave you very materialistic?
Delirium or something eles?
I can't sleep?
I had a stress fracture in my heel (the doctor said it flared up on the MRI) in early July!?
Sprained, fractured or just whining? ?
rotator cuff injury in my right arm?
Fell and have a bump?
i broke my wrist and fracture below my elbow i dont have money to pay for a cast can i get free medical anywhe?
i've never had freckles so i wouldn't know but do people?
Pretty gross question BUT....?
Dandruff Prob...HELP?
Someone says banana skins are good for psoriasis. True??
Please tell me what this is!!!!!!!!?
I have a birthmark on my hand. My mom thinks I should have it removed. Does anyone have any suggestions?
submandibular salivary gland enlargement?
Red, rough, stinging, itchy & flakey skin around eye?
I have a new spot/mole on the side of my face! What is it?
Why do i need antibiotics to cure my dry eye syndrome?
how to get rid of sore lips?
I cant sleep no matter how hard i try!?
Olfactory Hallucinations (Phantosmia)?
Does sleep help headaches?
Sleep Deprivation Test, going to attempt to stay awake for 72 hours STRAIGHT?
Pleaseee help meee! I dont know whats wrong :(?
Has there ever been anything that has been tried to treat brain capillary telangiectasia either...?
blood pressure question ??????????????
i don't want to go to sleep cos I don't want to wake up.....?
How bad can a knee dislocation get?
I smoked weed about a week ago, the day after Christmas. I haven't smoked since then, and I've been using the?
I am one centimeter dialated help !?
Low hemoglobin....shaking...is it related?
will my sinus infection go without taking the antibiotics?
Coughing, mucus, sneezing... but no "cold"... what's wrong with me?
a 2mm nodular opacity within the left lung base?
I have been fighting a stuffy nose and sore throat and congestion for about 3 weeks now.?
why does it hurt to breathe :(?
can a sinus infection be without fever, just a big pressure in the head and face and a nasal congestion?
Has anyone been getting sick from these FSC cigarettes?
How are Rigor Mortis and Twitch the same? and How are they Different?
Recently diagnosed with polyps in my colon,All safely removed.Any diet suggestions?
Sore throat and spitting up blood?
Appropriate cardio respiratory endurance exercise includes all of the following EXCEPT?
why is one of the warnings on the cough drops this?
what does cough syrup feel like?
E Coli Question - sensible?
what does these symptoms mean?