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ive been having this pulsating feeling in my neck that radiates through my whole body. what is it?
I have a pain in my lower chest everytime i swallow food or liquid. what is causing it?
Where to position a bed?
how do you know when you have elbow tendinitis?
I woke up and the tragus of my ear was hurting. Its been two days and it still hurts. Any ideals?
I have a sore knee and ankle, what is the problem?
Does anyone know why my foot hurts?
sprang ankle pain after torn ligaments?
pain medication question?
Am I having migraines? What is the point of having an MRI?
pain in my heel ?
knee injury?? help please?
how do i deal with loosing loved ones..?
I am thinking of switching from cymbalta to wellbutrin.But I dont have any more cymbalta to ween myself off?
can someone just tell me if this is just my ocd or not because i still feel guilty or is it a ocd thing?
Does anyone know of a good GP in melbourne who can help me with my depression?
What else is there...?
what mg of topirmate should i take to lose weight?
Galvanic skin response?
Brostrom procedure +Gastroc recession + plantar fasciotomy recovery time?
Why do I throw up all the time?
why do i bite my lips in my sleep?
I sleep a lot, i sleep at 12am and wake up around 12pm! Is this bad?
erratic sleep patterns cause health problems?
Anyone familiar with Tegaderm?
how to fall asleep?????
Sleeping with boyfriend with a drainage tube?
Mercury Thermometer Broke in Cast Iron Pan?
Is it okay to eat a Sonic Blast when nauseated?
Sometimes it burns when i peeee?
Is death worth dying for?
How can you pass wind discreetly?
what do i tell my mom she thinks shes gonna have a heat attack?
I had a seizure last night, any advice?
sore throat? any remedies!! really cant eat its too sore :(?
why do people on this site trust the medical advise of strangers when they have there own doctor?
Dandruff... a real big problem?
Help! My friend needs an excuse!?
What is the best medication for a nasty cold?
If your run down what are the symptoms? (seriously)?
I'm really depressed now on hearing my anti-depressants are no more effective than placebos. What can I do...
I get a bad pain in my rib cage area please read.......?
Do I have to tell my employer the nature of my doctor's appointment?
Why cant I apply my eye make-up with my mouth closed?
Girls puberty age 14..?
Ear infection what should i do?
Change contacts diameter from 14.5 to 14?
Help! I was sitting around a fire last night and now my lungs really hurt, i cant sleep!?
Im not sick but my one of my nose holes is stuffed!!!!?
is cough 1 of early hiv symptom?how to know cough caused by throat or lung infection?
How do I know if i have pneumonia, bronchitis asthma or tb?
Im having trouble sleeping?
how not to run out of breathe easily?
How to fix a torn volar plate?
how do you tell if you finger is broken? (pinky finger)?
i just turned on my Central heat unit and i have been waking up with head aches what could it be/?
Ankle pain? What should I do?
How do i build back and shoulder muscle?
Which nerve would arise out of the lumbar plexus?
Will soaking my feet in warm epsom water for 15-20 minutes everyday reduce swelling from a bone bruise?
Jammed finger a month ago?
I hit my wrist on the door handle..?
Immediate help please..?
question about ankle sprain?
What can be done to help repair and alleviate pain from a damaged nerve?
how bad does dislocating your ankle hurt?
Okay, so my left arm goes numb when I hang droop my head down, normal?
Concussion?!? Please help!!?
I hurt my ankle in a wreck?
What is worms that are inside your body, and what happens?
best friends friend has swine flue, and he went to see him?
does anyone know if there is a tick epidemic in the southwest of england as my dog has caught quite few lately
can fleas cause hair loss in humans?
MMR -has anyone used or can recommend a clinic that does the vacinations individually?
Is it possible to catch a sickness bug before the infected person is sick?
Is Tonsillitis...?
my dog has sickness and diarrhoea from all pain killer and inflammatory drugs?
What illness is this? What's the best cause of action?
Tell me some information about Food Poisoning?
Questions on Shingles?
is there a sleeping bug out in the uk ?
so how safe are we and what and whom should we believe, could this new flu virus, affect us all?
MRSA variant has entered food chain what should be done to stop it infecting us all?
Calling all cyst experts!?
How come there are so many ill eagles? Is somebody deliberately poisoning them?
swine flu V next sale?
what i would like to know is how a doctor can diagnose you with swine flu over the phone ?
i think i might hav tonsillitis but i'm not sure please help!?
My husband has been diagnosed with 'Gilmours Groin'.?
What is the difference between UVA and UVB?
red marks on my legs after shaving?
Can anyone tell me how to treat fungal infection on the scalp.?
what could cause swelling of the ankles?
cause of black itchy rash on leg?
how do you treat mosquito bites?
What is a good treatment for wart removal?
How to take care of Planter Warts?
I have dead verrucas. How do i get rid of them?
why do I get bitten by insects all the time in summer?
What do you do about tiny red dots on the bottom of your legs and bad circulation?!?
got white spots on the face.cant get rid of em,der under the skin,just under the eye area.help if you know hw ?
is there anything tht actually works for spots and blackheads?
What is a good product to get rid of acne (UK)?
what do i do if my cartilage piercing is infected?
teenage acne anyone had any success with anything?
every once in a while i get excushiating pains in my heart?
I have a question for doctors?
smoking marijuana for heart patients or other cardiovascular?
What's more worrying a higher or lower general heart rate?
Venous thrombosis- blood clots that form in damaged veins- how long does the damage have to be there? Weeks?
How can I improve my memory?
18 yrs old depression questions?
need to know if zoloft is the one.?
Extreme Paranoia?
How do I channel my energy?
my dr is letting me cut back on my meds. i need to know if zoloft is going to make me gain weight?
social anxiety help?
Does Madonna Regret Kissing Britney Spears? Spears is mess now?
How much does a dance therapist make?
Are you feeling depressed? Worried? Having thoughts of suicide? Don't. Come to this website.!?
How do mental illnesses affect the family unit?
a close family member has been diagnosed with depression how can i help them?
How do ENT doctors get fluid or mucus out of your ears if you have either one of these in your ears?
How can you handle stress and pressure in a call center?
asked b4 but wanna ask again?
Electronic Cigarette Cartridges help?
Why do you sometimes lose memory of events that involve hitting your head?
What treatments are needed for a hiatal hernia?
SMELLY PEOPLE i try to be normal?
What kind of personality does this seem like?
Paxil and shoplifting...?
im scared my urine infection could be kidney infection! help!?
Sleeping 4 hours a night and 4 hours a day?
what's going on and what should i do?
Has anyone ever recovered from an old injury?
Vomiting after gallbladder surgery 3 years ago?
How come when you yawn you hear less just for that moment?
why do i get dizzy(tilted spinning) when it is cold outside or in a pool?
was this an allergic reaction?
help with anxiety meds?
(asthma) cough tht won't go away?
Did i just have an anxiety attack right now?
today show .com medican for astma that is bad for you 2-22-10?
diagram of the respiratory system?
Help son has a cough? Please?
in cigarettes, what is considered a high amount of tar & nicotine?
TB skin testing reading? Should it swell up?
Chest pain when breathing, coughing and sometimes walking.?
Extremely exhausted after sinus infection...?
will my urinary tract infection go away?
Have C.O.P D and wondering?
is this an acne scar ?
do raised papule bumps go away ?
so anyways I have this really bad cold?
Are you hungry again after vomiting?
Ear congestion with ear tubes?
What is a pus-filled spot called?
Is this dangerous on my liip?
are there any home remedies for a sinus infection?
How does Pneumothorax sound through a stethoscope?
Blood when I cough since last Thursday. I feel fine but this blood is freaking me out.?
Can a collapsed lung recover on own?
Is there a cure for selective mutisum?
Have you had or got a ganglion ?
Should I go to the doctor? And which one?
My puppy bit my nose and now theres a bump. Will it go away?
If someone got stabbed, where would it be most lethal?
how do you tell whether or not you sprained your knee?
has anyone experienced this?
What to do with a split toenail?
What should I do about my thumb?
Why does my throat hurt?
I have a pain, what could it be.?
Theres something small in my eye (or so i think) and i can only see it when theres light and i tilt my head?
Do I have a pinched nerve?
how to get information about being a dislocated worker?
sharp pains when i breath?
knee pain and shoulder pain?
Did I seriously injure my elbow?
Why do I get a headache whenever I work out?
Reason to random knee pains?
sir i wanted to know that m having thyroid and having severe nerves pains on allmost all the part of my body.?
My lower left side is hurting. see details?
knee pain from shower?
whats with the really bad cramp in right arm?
Ruptured disc- surgery?
help with migrain headaches!!!!!pleeeez?
Pain in leg, and had it for at least one week.?
while working out, when i tighten my abs my stomach distends into a v shape?
What are the odds that donated blood will actually make it into someone?
I am 20 years old and have recently been diagnosed with a small to moderate hiatal hernia?
What's the origin of this weird sensation?
why does it feel good to hold back feces? r u the same or m i the only one?
sleeping problem help please?
Tips on sleep I dont feel like im going to sleep?
Tips on sleeping because I have a cough?
HELP ME i cant stop pooing?
could chlorine cause mental issues.?
Hurts to take deep breath, could it be the weather?
ok i wear glasses for school an sometimes when i don't wear them i have bad headaches what can i do ?
Why am i having heart/chest pains?
is it against the law in england to use a false name when visiting the doctor?
Wet Dreams?....?
What's the best feeling you've ever had?
why do my toenails hurt?
smoking ban?
what could potentially happen if you took 5 paracetamol tablet things?
Has anyone god any tips for becoming taller?
anti-depressants - have heard that the side effects are weight gain and hair loss. any truth in this?
How much alcohol does it take untill your behaviour starts changing?
Hangover! What shall i do about it?
Why does it sting?
What can happen to you if your poo turns black?? What are the Effects?? Can you die??
I have a sore throat, so I took a picture of it and was quite shocked at what it looks like.?
Non Latex anti verruca sock, where can I buy them?
Sleeper cells here there and everywhere?
is my doctor wrong about my rashes?
how can diet, disease and drugs effect the developing fetus?
Why vaccinate against Rubella (German Measles)?
Is he classed as high risk for swine flu?
Why do people say, "mind you don't catch anything from your kids"?
Can you get Shingles a second time? I'm just getting over a really bad case,over 3mths suffering down right?
Why is chicken pox called chicken pox?
my boyfriend was told he has glandular fever a wk ago. how long do we have to leave it before we can kiss?
Vaccination Questions ?
Should i refrain from work?
Conjunctivitis:- any suggestions?
Could this be flu? If not, any suggestions?
Is the swine flu in suffolk?
Can shingles cause shingles in others?
What can you do to help a cold?
Please tell me the QUICKEST way to get rid of coldsores?
why do i cry?
what am i or what is it when you think somethink wrong with and you have no sypotoms?
I need help.. Badly.?
What is my diagnosis?
Is this part of depression?
did you ever trip out from meditation,,,is tha possible?
is it bullying?
How do I get help?
i have agoraphobia...what medications should i take?
Depressive episodes?
How do get over things?
uncontrollable shaking and paranoia?
cure for this?
Anyone else BORED TO TEARS and tired of MEANINGLESS diversions?
wanting to take a shower every night?
How to deal with OCD?
I have shingles, once they are gone do they come back?
my oily skin help :(?
teenager getting redish spots on upper chest and back .WTF!!?
I have a small rash on my hand and it is?
Why do I keep glowing?
Acne - Can anybody recommend a good cure. I feel like iv'e tried everything! it's ruining my life.. Thank you?
How can i get rid of oily skin?
can anyone give me some treatments for surface acne scars?
My 19month old daughter is very itchy down there. What is it? and how can we stop it?
How do i get rid of mosquito bites?
how to get rid of saggy skin?
How can I get rid of my spots?
what is the best way to treat seborrheic dermatitis for an adult?
I have never had acne?
when does acne usually stop occuring, at wat age?
what is the best over the counter acne cream or somthing you can get?
i live in london and i'm getting mosquito bites , is that possible ?
Have you scratched itchy skin till it bled. ?
my 5year old has a rash on his chin, what could it be?
what is the meaning of all this minor linear band of scarring in the inferior lingular segment.?
Nose plugged up and can't breath?
my unborn babies heart is beating irregulary?
After i eat sometimes my heart beats really fast and hard why?
Arrhythmias in teen? More than 60?!?
Can lack of sleep affect your heart?
can i sue the hospital or doctor?
Will swine flu kill me?
I woke up in the middle of the night wheezing??!?
What does more damage for you? Nicotine or pot?
what is the best medcine for nasal congestion?
Symtoms of H1N1 Influenza?
Causes of frequent bronchitis?
my son is 3 yers old he had a slight high fever last 9.6 and now in the middle of the night it was 101 does?
if a person gets pneumonia, how long can it take to get complicated.?
Really sick and don't know what it is, please help.?
i have post knee pain with mid anterior & outer thigh pain since i started running. what can be the cause?
sprain or bruised bone?
Stress Fracture In my foot that still hurts?
Please help me out with my foot pains?
if you get stabbed what should you do?
whats wrong with my joints?
What can cause pain breathing and severe pain under left shoulder blade?
my baby just had a tivia vara surgery and then used a leg open bottom cast?
I have leg problems, i want to play club but there not healing right. what should i do?
Do wounds hurt more after a while?
Did I break a nerve in my hand?
Radial Head Surgery recovery?
im 15 and my ankle has swollen up and is really painful i havent hurt it help i dont know why its like this?
What does it mean to be pressurized?
How long will it take for my fractured wrist to heal?
Hard lump on the back of my head.?
did i tear more then just my mcl?
how can i find out how many iron tablets to take?
Why isnt my electronic cigarette smoking?
I have a habit of licking & snapping my lips?
what strategies have been done globally, regional and local to meet the objectives of child health?
Good ways to crack back?
my thigh goes numb when i sleep?
I get a poking feeling in my heart or by the heart? it goes away and than starts again why it does that? 10pts?
Is being on the pill a pre existing condition? Health insurance?
If you work at the mayo clinic, do you get free health insurance?
Poking sensation on my right side just below ribs?
I quit smoking 5 months ago as I knew it was bad for my health.?
What is my abdominal pain?
I think I have Carpal tunnel BUT....?
Am I paranoid? help!?
I've had a tingling and sometimes painful stabbing on right side of my head.?
how do you get water out of your ears?
Can your eye colour change as you get older and if so, to what extent?
how do you prevent body odour?
What is the best solution to headlice/nits?
Should Smoking have been banned in public places ?
Do I have stress fractures?
I tense up very easily, ending up with achy, stiff muscles?
overdose of ciprofloxacin...?
Does weed make u paranoid?
Why cant you drink alchohol when taking antibiotics?
What happens when you mix Antidepressents and alcohol?
Why am i tired all the time?
Healing aches and pains?
MRI question please help me????
Pot Bellied?
Skateboarding soreness worse than usual?
i hurt my hip flexor, help?
Pain on shoulder and spine!!! Please help?
What would kill you quicker?
Death?? what happens
Is it ok to take laxatives on a regular basis?
does wee smell like sugar puffs or do sugar puffs smell like wee?
where is the cheapest place in the world for plastic surgery?
Have you ever considered getting surgery?
Do you think the size of supermodels is directly related to eating disorders in young people?
Should I go to the doctor?
my throat hurts bad please help?
my knees hurt when i jog if i continue to run while they hurt will i damaged them more?
Lower leg pain help identify plz.?
still awake!!!?
I have a sore throat?
what is the longest sleep you have ever had??
How Can i Make Myself Be Sick?
Could there also be another condition other than already diagnosed with?
My nose is always blocked but I'm not ill, why?
How do people get pleurisy?
Is there a UK version of Travelan? - a tablet to help prevent E.coli when travelling abroad.?
Over the counter sleeping aids?
i am a nail tech for 14 years. Just in the last week...i am experiencing an itchy face...i do acrylics?
how can i make myself have a dream like is there any certain way?
how can i sleep again?
How do I go on holiday?
ADHD Question?
Eating Disorder support?
Sleeping Troubles?
Does depression/anxiety age you?
I'm Always Tired?
What questions do parents want to know if their baby has MRSA on a neonatal ward?
think i might have a water infection?
quick , cold sores??????
Will wearing contacts make my cold last longer?
A kind of diarrhea and fever for 8 days?
How long will this stomach virus be around approximately?
How Can I Avoid/Prevent Scabies?
How can you tell if you have tonsillitis?
this is a cold? i'm unsure?
I work i a kitchen , is it Safe to Take Metronidazole ?
I have been bitten by some kind of bug?
why is sickle cell anemia prevalent in certain parts of the world.?
chicken pox and shingles?
my tonsils are inflamed?
cyctitis/ urine infection?
Just got a med cert/sick note/sick line and it says Flu Type Illness?
What if it was the bird flu instead of the swine flu?
Does Doxycycline cause gastrointestinal upset?
What will the swine flu vaccine ensure?
ACNE: My acne has gone, but how do you get rid of the purple scars they leave?
My ankles and my toes have discoloration on them what can I use to clear them up?
pile treatment?
dark itchy spots under my neck, any ideas?
Are heart palpitations normal?
examples promotional anomalies or abnormality?
Can blood tests check for heart problems?
Can you "grow out" of an allergy?
Is there any medication or cure for aspergillosis?
Do I have strep throat even though I tested negative for it?
respiratory problems is it better to live?
Do you think I should have my tonsils removed?
is smoking outside while child is outside bad for his health?
cipro for pnieumonia?
what are some negative effects of smoking?
What is causing these symptoms?
Coughing up chunks of green mucus for 2 yrs now?
Sore throat with no other symptoms?
I feel motorcycle running sound in my right ear from dawn to noon. why? remedy?
why does my chest hurt?
What does widening of the nasal passages mean?
Ear and sinus infection?
is there anything wrong with smoking cigarettes right to the filter?
Swollen glands for 1 1/2 weeks, sore throat 1/2 weeks, and taste blood.?
what's the best non surgery remedies for spinal injuries to the neck?
i feel like i have been stabbed in the stomach and i dont know how to get rid of the pain?
Question about earlobe swelling!?
How do you sleep and still hear whats happening around you?
How do I know when the crack pipe was last used?
Bed bugs the night before going back to school?
I slept on arm and it is know swollen?
can being in cold winter air make your nose bleed if you were walking in it?
How does weed go about?
job in health and sociol care?
Question about Tylenol?
How can someone with 20+ Scoliosis surgeries find good surgical coverage?
Can playing the piano help prevent varicose veins ?
What to do about nerve damage from a blood test?
what's it called when you're tired and able to go to sleep, but don't.?
If someone pulls on your NOSE is it possible that i could have made it bigger?
Is this bad if my knee is still hurting? Please help?
phd dissertation on management and healthcare?
what is the process behind tears?
My toenail is falling off?
How does a depressed skull fracture heal?
what does i mean when one side of your back is swollen?
Why does my elbow hurt to extend?
foot injury, now my foot is TINGLING? kinda urgent!?
I popped my twice playing basketball and swollen is bad what could it be?
Are my past-expiry vitamins still okay to take?
can a fractured humerus with metal plates be as good as new again?
How long will a sprained wrist take to heal?
I have a cronic neck and upper back muscle tention with crackle?
in cold weather do you bruise easier?
figthing right elbow injury?
If I turn my neck or even just move it, sometimes it randomly hurts and kind of freezes for a second?
is it fractured or what?
should i go to the doctors?
How to get sick !!!!?
if you have cancer, please let me pray for u?
any ideas what could be causing the folds in my skin of the outer ear to split and crack ?
itchy bumps all over face?
Multiple boils on thigh?
I cannot cough this out?!?
Face extremely discoloured...on it's way from recovering comes eczema?
Can anyone else shake their eyes?
how do you take a bad smell from shoes and what makes it?
why do people stare?
Why do so many people die in December and January?
How long until cigarette cravings stop?
Is laughter the best medicine?
What is wrong with me?
what kind of day have you had?
Help!! How to get rid of violent hiccups which hurt?
Serious advice and opinions please, you could really help...!!!??
how long would it take to walk 2.46 miles? and how long to walk 3 miles?
where can i buy synthetic Urine from?
Why are cigarettes manufactured if they are harmful to your health?
have you known some one to be over 100?
Should I be worried about my 2-year-old boy having a general anaesthetic?
green turd?
broken rib?
Very embarrassing but worrying mistake?
when you hit 25 years old?
What is a "quick fix" for toothache until I can see a dentist in the morning? Hurry please!?
how can i help my friends cope with the fact their child is a heroine user?
feel like losing battle with depression. Help?
Eating disorder ambivalence?
Why am I being such a loner? Anyone else ever be this way?
One of my friends at college almost always acts like she is a little girl. She even has a little girl voice.?
I'm desperate right now and need help to feel better?
Is there something wrong with me?
can i participate in ojee conselling after getting seat inaieee counselling in 19th july by bput?
I have aches and strange feelings (brain nausea?) in my head. Could this be because of my panic disorder?
What is the difference between children who play indoors and outdoors?
What is professionalism to you?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Why am I so darn Co-dependent?
words in window?
Can smoke stay on cell phones?
I'm seeing a counselor again and I'm hopeful yet not.. how can I know if she's the right counselor for me
sore knees after tennis?
Anyone! i need to barder or help bad surgery!!?
Side of my neck really hurts?
High acid in stomach mixed with dairy equals pain?
what happened on Bones last night?
are there any good pain killers that might make my body relax i?
I have a pain in the back of my neck?
Is there justice for or against chronic pain and the fatigue that pain brings?
Gas pains, but way worse.?
My wrist hurts, what should I do?
EXTREMELY sore.... please help.?
why does it hurt so bad?
no pain Relief After 90mg of morphine?
pain in my stomach and knee?
Foot Problem Please Help?
I pop my elbows a lot and it doesn't hurt but now they hurt really bad when i put any kind f pressure on them?
why is wrong with my foot?
I had a reaction to blood pressure med how long does this last?
What are all the signs of diabetes?
what is more high in sugar dr pepper, coke or fizzy lucozade?
What will send my blood sugar crazy!?
Can you please tell me in the simpliest English what happens if someone lacks albumen in their blood?
Herniated Disc help!!!!!!?
how to remove dead headlice eggs?
I accidentally ate a mosquito yesterday while riding on my bike through a forest. Am I going to get a virus?
isnt the world more prepared for this swine flu than ever?
cold? flu? whats up with me?
Am I more prone to getting sick because of?
how to not spread herpes/ medication?
Unknown virus , needs diagnosis?
why has it been concluded that the HIV virus causes AIDS when this virus has never been isolated.?
swine flu question have i or haven't i?
please help. swine flu problem?
AVG~ FakeAlert Infection?
Hepatitis B and having a child question?
Why Does Foot and Mouth Only Effect Some Animals?
Just be Well hypnosis mp3 CD reviews?
Medical question, please help?
is it better to fix varicose veins at a young age?
Coughing that won't go away?
Dark blue veins and Soreness....?
A mole next to my mouth?
What's the best moisturiser for dry skin?
Best spot treatment for under £5?
I found a membrane after I peed what is it?
How come when I have cold I crave sugar?
I Need Help!!!?
herbal remedies or foods to help cure thrush ?
would smoking just one swisher sweet a day cause any health problems ?
What is the best spot stuff!?
My Pinky toe Is swollen..?
Ant bite problem D=?
has anyone heard of human foot and mouth? My grandaughter has apparently got it?
Do blind people create mental images for themselves? If so, what are the like?
How could you prevent acne ?
what are skin tags and why do you get them?
What causes fingernails to have ridges from the cuticle to the edge?
Ingrown hair under my arm? HELP?
I have bad dry skin....?
I have chicken pox scars on my back. Quite a few actually. [read on]?
Verruca black bits?
Remedies in getting my smelling sensation back?
how to stop my sweaty hands problem!?
Vitamin difficiency and dry cracked lips?
Are there mosquito's on the Wirral?I killed what looked very much like one yesterday.?
White spots around eye?
what to do about sunburn?
Ringworm disappeared then came back?
How can I make this cough go away?
Pomeranian Night Coughs. Collapsed Trachea?
i am 13 i have ear , sinus , throat infection i cant play hockey cause of this for a while . read more details?
Dry cough, bronchitis?
Common cold, bronchitis or something else?
I need some help with a tickly cough?
I have had chronic Post nasal drip for months?
Really bad high? what was I really smoking?
is cystic fibrosis caused a by a genetic mutation or a chromosomal?
Coughing for 5 weeks straight?
How likely is a spontaneous pneumothorax occurance after surgery/pleurodesis?
i have a question on meds?
Why am I coughing so much now?
what is pulmonary ventilazation?
I'm feeling sick, anyone know what i have?
My mother-in-law took Chest X-ray today, the report came Normal Study?
Does this mean that I do or do not have asthma?
Could I have tonsilitis?
my heat beet some become lower up to 50 beats. what is the proble and what can Ido to increas hy heart beats?
will moon face ever go away?
My warts just 'inflated' like a balloon. Is this bad?
when i shower my skin gets really itchy?
Right arm and ankle feel cold?
Did i sprain or tore my ligiment is my knees?
Ankle seems to have gotten bigger after walking for a day?
How does your knee feel 2 weeks after an acl surgery?
How do i know if i tore a tendon or ligament in my hip?
my dog mistaken my fingernail for his dog treat earlier and its throbbing what can i do to ease the pain?
I have a compression fracture in my back and have tried everything under the sun from PT to my own TENS .?
I recently had an MRI on my right shoulder.?
Sprained quadricep only hurts at maximum sprint?
What to i do about my swollen knuckles that are out of place?
Knee Injury Please Help?
I think my ribs are broken?
is it ok to return with my (possibly) healed sprained ankle?
What can be confused with lactose intolerance?
Yesterday my nose was runny and I had a small cough, I woke up today and I feel fatigued, what might I have?
Am I allergic to latex?
Quitting and Depression?
I do not feel energetic at work on Mondays (after the weekend is over). What can I do to avoid this?
Get my confidence back?
Lack of Interest?
I'm going to start taking anti-depressants.....?
Do I have depression?
Forgotten how to be friends, please help...?
Help !!! my mom is going thourght minapose and she is driving everyone crazy with one min. happy and then sad?
what antidepressants aid weight gain/loss?
Do you think my Therapist is serious??
planning every aspect of life in extreme detail?
Im one of these people who gets a shock when you get out a car?
What side effects does taking cocaine really have, should it really be a class A drug?
Question on Antibiotics?
I am having a problem with seeing shadows flying past out of the corner of my eye. Do I need help?
What can I do? Please help :)?
Is smoking weed worse for your health than smoking tobacco?
Im obsessed with weeing?
I am sooooo cold!!?
when does a brain death changes into normal death ?
Do you feel sorry for this women?
What are the things that wake you up screaming?
Husband still not dry at night!!?
whos been ill this week?
TELL ME! Easy 10 points??
Help! I need a sicky excuse!?
cant go to the toilet? please help?
What should I do?
Why do elderly ladies get big feet/ankles?
I have had a very bad cold. could this cause you to be depressed or is it something else?
why is the smoking ban such a big issue?
I blush..Alot?
is it unhealthy to sleep on your front?
Should I go to the doctor?
I normally sleep at 4 in da morning, but I need to sleep earlier school, any suggestions?
How can I learn the true cause of my father's death in a local hospital where family was told very little?
What are the implications and effect of tough ethical beginning-of-life and end-of-life decisions?
First I lose my appitite, now 2 days of sleep and I am having abdominal pain? Could someone help me?
is it really true that to many ct scans are not good..... and how many would you say is to many in a lift time?
Do I have appendicitis?
When it's colder than 30 degrees outside then is it normal to sleep for 10-12+ hours?
I work out in the mornings but I have trouble sleeping at night?
whooshing sound in one ear?
I have something stuck in my throat. How do I get it out?!?
Urgent Help! about eye strain?
Diagnosis and Prognosis?
Pre existing conditions and cant afford health care?
does anyone know anything about triumph health care hospital?
Squeezed a blackhead, now it's a big yellow bump?
Do i have a lung disease, please help me?
how to treat runny eyes?
Prolonged and irregular headaches. ?
If its sunday 13:07 now, what time and day was it 18 hours ago?
my sister has bone cancer and got operatd 2 mos. but still feeling pain wat wud b d prob?
im planning on stretching my ears from a 20g can i go from 20g to 12g or do i have to go to a 14g first?
Please, anyone, I need help.?
Failed Bloodtest....we want to know how?
would smoking weed be better than?
feeling strange tonight?
What's wrong with my collar bone ?
swollen throat it hurts a lot please help?
i think i have tendonitis&i play softball&my mom doesn't think i'm in that much pain. what can i do?
MY neck gets a lot of pain?
pains in back/spine?
help with having knee pain?
I'm having this pain in my ribs?
little sister...in pain broken leg in cast..complaining of burning?
my finger in the middle of it between the two lines is swolling and from the middle to top it is num?
please, steroid jokes????
How can I relieve the after pain and heat of using Red Hot? (the muscle pain relief stuff)?
cant go to sleep because of leg.?
question about my neck?
Head pains frequently?
Sharp Pain in my Lower Stomach on the side?
Dealing with severe back pain?
I have been taking Gabapentin for 1 week. I normally don't sleep well.?
Is TCP any good for coughs? Will it treat a cough? Anyone used it?
Why do I keep coughing and blowing out mucus?
Do you think it can be gerd?
how effective could amoxicillin b.p 500mg in bad throat?
steroids and their long term effect on children?
Okay i have a major problem..my tolielt is clogged and i tried everything!?
What's the difference between an Anxiety Attack and a Panic Attack?
if i have a URTI(upper respiratory tract infection), how many days of sickleave can a doctor advice to take?
Will i be ok? Cant breath right...?
are pinworms parasites?
Permanent solutions for Post-Nasal Drip?
can i take monoamine oxidase if i am using albuterol?
I get a cold feeling in chest after running, what does this mean?
MY chest hurts whenever i take in a deep breath .?
Question for smokers?
my three year old daughter has dry cough?
I've been choking lately and can't get my breathe. Why?
I have a sore rib, is it broken?
anyone had carpal tunnel surgery/?
How do I recover from a broken growth plate?
I fell on my back and now my shoulder hurts?
how to bend glasses back?
have i sprained my hand/wrist?
my elbow hurtss, what could this be?
I jammed my thumb because it got hit by a soft volleyball. Should i see a doctor?
to find out if my big to is broke its is swollen and it hurts to touch and walk on?
should she go to the hospital?
What kind of dietary requirements are normally suggested to people suffering depression?
Is being a 5.9ft Man considered as small? Or is it a decent height?
Can arthritis spread to other joints as the person gets older ?
what measurements do you need to have to be able to model?
How can I recover from a pulled muscle?
Arm keeps popping out please help, what do i do?
why do my hands get numb when im drunk?
did i dislocate my elbow and break my hand..?
Is it possible to get a nasal or bacterial throat infection from the gas of flatulance?
Re - Death of our baby from Strepococous virus.?
How do you know when you have Swine Flu ?
septic toe...........?
wot is yellow fiver and wot are the simtoms?
what is in the flu jab vaccine? and please dont answer with a bit of the flu virus because thats not correct?
why does pop give me diarrhoea?
My friend had chickenpox recently and now she's back to school. I'm worried I might get it too?
I had glandular fever just under 10 years ago, yet why do i have re-occuring attacks?
Medical advice? these symptoms?
Could i have a kidney infection?
Is my dad about to have a heart attack?
my heart hurts, can someone give me some advice plz>?
What keeps your blood pressure normal?
with what can i wash the yellow spots on my white t shirts?
Does suncream with SPF 20 works as good as wit SPF 50 when applied more often?
what can i do about my skin ive tried so much?
Why do i have such bad skin??
There is a light brown mushroom type fungus growing at edge of carpet beside my desk in work - due to damp?
i have many small warts on my upper lip, any proven ways i can get rid of them?
Is there any special treatment I could get to remove all the blackheads in my nose?
Iv got a wart on my head. Iv had it b4 on my neck and back. wots d best way to get rid of it?
What is an Itch?
I have got a large abcess?
Help Me Try To Understand This...very werid?
I havent been feeling well lately, I must be on a low on the bipolar scale?
it feels like i have to tell someone all the bad things ive did.?
wondering if you could diagnose this ??
Can anyone recommend a good therapist/psychiatrist/psychologist in SLC, UT who deals with depression/anxiety?
why ? what do i do? :(?
my brother has paranoid schizophrenia but my parents are not aware of it? please help??
im 16, depresed,a cuter. i want to tell my mom n dad but idk. wheres a good place to get help?
Any tips for someone with ADD besides meds. Everyday life tips?
what would be a good portrait for remotivation therapy for patients with delusions and hallucinations?
Does air conditioning make you feel groogy and moody?
I feel Lost?
can anyone tell me what attachment order is my syc has said my daughter has it and im confused ..?
Ahh stressing myself out over this ....?
Can you take a half of a 25 mg Zoloft with Lexapro? I need more help than Lexapro alone. Thanks?
help please..... !!?
My older brother (25) is bipolar, off his meds and is doing outrageous things?
Why are my knees freezing cold?
i have a question about my knee?
why is my left pinky toe much larger then my big toe?
Medicine from heart and panic attacks?
my hands tremble. when i have a anxiety. and my stomach makes louds noises all the time?
What is spanish flu and why does it spread?
Any good tips for getting rid of spots?
Are the white people immune to sickle cell disease?
I fell and hit my head, I don't know if I had a concussion and I don't remember falling!?
Pain Medication-Global Specialties?
I have a large herinated disc in my lower back.?
Could My Ear Be Too Clogged For Drops To Work?
Can anyone help put my mind at rest before i work myself up into a complete state?
Upper GI Series Concern?
what's the right way to fall?
Right arm, fingers and hand fall asleep?
I Wake Up In The Middle of the Night?
Why and how did I lose my voice?!?
Its 06.11am and I havent been to sleep yet! Help?
Why do I feel like something is poking my eye while Im trying to sleep?
if you snort soap, can you die?
I am getting a tonsillectomy?
i feel dizzy after i wake up in the morning?
Why are my fingers swollen?
My lips are always peeling, no matter what chapstick I use?
I have pain in my pelvic area and side?
please answer need advice?
what are some risks of being caught with steroids?
laryngitis the day before my play?
******opportunistic fungal pathogens that cause pneumonia????******?
MRSA docs and related feilds?
Need instruction book for Aerofamily nebulizer anyone help?
I'm having difficulties with sleeping?
okay i just started doing track and when i run i cough and taste blood.what do you guys think that is?
Left nostril blocked from breathing?
Anybody know when Relapse 2 is coming out?
Why did I start snoring all of a sudden at the age of 30?
Do I have bronchitis?
Anyone know a good metaphor for cigarette smoking?
Drinking Robitussin effects, side effects?
I have a cold and i have chest pains?
What is tears : spit or sweat?
I have a really bad upset stomach. What foods/drinks can I have that wont exacerbate it?
i've just returned from a holiday in france and my ear hurts?
why does my stomach rumble?
Get this blue line under my lips when I smoke?
Decongestants I took for chest congestion make me able to blow my nose more than cough. Is this normal?
Why do bites itch?
will I get sick if I have 5 hours sleep a night?
how do i grow taller im only 14 and i need to grow?
stopped smoking 17days ago but it isnt getting much easier please tell me it will?
do smokers realise how bad they smell?
Do recreational drugs really fry your brain?
I have been suffering from bad taste in my mouth and very bad breath for over 3 weeks its NOT dental!?
What's your favourite smell?
am i worrying over nothing or?????
What's the best way to stop my nose from running?
What cause a person to lose strength In there body on one side?
more mature ladies, i need your help!?
how many pints of blood does the average human have.?
How do I learn to sleep with my eyes open?
When i stick my little finger in my ear and wiggle it about it tends to smell when i pull it out and sniff it?
I get a mild stomach ache every morning and sometimes a bit longer?
Wat time do u go to bed and how much hours of sleep do u get?
Do your ear lobes keep growing throughout your life????
wen u r stoned how can u get unstoned quickly?
im trying to give up smoking anyone have ideas?
Do I have a broken nose?
I have shoulder tendonitis from a work related injury. Could this prevent me from getting a new job?
whats wrong with my knee?
Broken right femur causing alot of hip pain?
My feet constantly hurt lately. Even when I am resting.?
Any good remedys for horrible migranes?
I have an intense pain shooting from your shoulder all the way down to my fingers?
Where can I find a pencil cushion in London?
Why am I having chest pain after falling? ...?
i have been havin a severe stomach ache. its been for like 4 days or so.. what is it?
Ive been feeling so low lately and no one seems to think its serious but i do?
I play basketball 2 days a week and everyday my ankles hurt even when i play ball what should i do?
pain in the left side or your belly just below the breast?
lower left back side tingles and sore?
What's the quickest way i can get my wrists to heal?
pain in my neck and upper back, dr.says its arthritis?
What is the pain in the left side of pelvic area?
Hip Pain, Tail-bone pain and swelling in neck?
Elbow pain what could it be?
I know that acetominophin can be harmful in big quantities, but is the hydrocodone itself harmful?
Scariest hamstring pain ever...?
Tooth ache. can i take these pills together?
Can back pain lead to having chest pain?
Why does my wrist hurt?
how do you deal with the pain of not seeing someone you care a lot about?
Who should I talk to about anorexia?
how do you know if you have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)?
Looking to relate. Anyone in New England take Adderall?
Do I need a phsychological treatment?
What are the symptoms of mania ?
Teenage ADHD?
I am afriad of being alone in the dark, what is that called?
is prozac likely to cause tinnitus? what if you use it long term? or any other ear/hearing problems?
How do I know if I'm bipolar?
My dad worries me he might do something to my mom.?
couple questions about my ED[eating disorder]?
How do you encourage or calm someone who is going into and is very scared of a major surgery?
how do you cure depression problems?
what cause people to be bipolar?
i think i have anxiety ... but i would never go on medication ..?
problems with moms daycare!?!?!?
how to remove the bump on my head ?
Broken or dislocated finger?
Anyone no anything to help a strained throat?? ?
what happen if i inject air in muscle?r=1227528667?
anterior/posterior view vs lateral? (broken leg xrays)?
Fastest way to heal a sprained ankle?
what to do for a black eye?
I'm a hypochondriac, but my arm really hurts, what could be wrong?
How can someone keep catching viruses one after the other despite being isolated?
OK to take Amoxicillin antibiotics proactively?
is it gallstones? please help!?
will i get the chicken pox ?
Can a Nurse be HIV positive and still work legally in the NHS?
Illness from a cat possible?
after effects of group b strep?
zinc deficiency?
can i drink a small cup of salt water and be sick ill put loads in the cup?
If one has tonsillitis can one drink alcohol and play soccer if he's not on antibiotics yet?
what can i do ? .....?
What is the procedure of severing the connections between the pre-frontal lobes and lower brain centers?
Heart Palpitations at night? 10 points !?
I got check for a blood clot in my legs.?
random pains in my heart,feels like stabbing !am only 18?
Swollen taste buds for 4 days?
Am I allergic to these fruits?
Is it possible to be allergic to RUM. I think I am?
list of gluten free foods!!!!!!?
My lower eye lid keeps twitching...?
Swollen nose or something, really hard to breathe.?
im having total knee replacement on the 18 and im kinda nervous/ what should i expect before and after surgery?
Are these signs of dyspraxia ?
Can't sleep for 8 hrs because...?
Having trouble sleeping due to my leg?
Does it matter if you sleep with the door open or closed?
Sometimes I get dizzy for no reason……help please?
my back feels weird?? HELP!?
can a xray find neuromuscular problems in the chest. ?
i have a bad problem?
So I slept prob for a good 6-7 hours but I don't feel like I slept at all why?
Does weed stay in your system if you get contact high?
how to get rid of blackheads?
how do i get rid of my heat rash??
how can I stop my skin looking so dull and unhealthy?
spots on arms and legs?
Hard skin on feet, how to stop coming back?!?
Does anyone have a lot of knowledge in eczema?
psoriasis of hands?
Freederm acne treatment?....?
What prevents dry skin?
what causes eczema to develop?
im suffering from Hives and need some advice on how to cope with it ,?
what do you do to a painful wart that keeps on growing?
Where can i buy Epsom Bath Salts?
Boil changing appearance and very painful.?
What causes this?
I have brown spots on my face developing overtime, I dont go out in the sun and im only in my 20's?
why am i so small?? (please help)?
How can i get rid of Keratosis pilaris?
Does being sunburnt increase your skin cancer risk even if only a small area is sunburnt?
I have a black eye and it is itchy. Can I use savlon around it?
does white pupil reflex due to cataracts show up in photographs using flash?
my left eye is geting blury n bluryer hothing seem wrong with it?
do women have extra sensitive touch skin?
How can I cure my Insomnia naturally and fast?
doc said my chest sounded clear so why send me for chest x-ray?
Medication for specific facial spots?? What's it called?
Why are the government not giving the swine flu jab to children from 0-5 yrs anymore ?
Can Naltrexone help cure psoriasis?
Could physical abuse to throat/choking cause thyroid problems?
I go to sleep on a empty stomach, so why do I still get acid reflux in the morning?
what are the natural or ayurveda medicine for Pearly penile papules?
I strained my hamstring?
How can your make your back quit hurting?
Is my finger broken? Pictures?!?
I cracked my head open a month ago,I have a small headache now,Is there anything to worry about?
ankle hurts to touch and throbs but isnt swollen or bruised?
Badly injured ankle- need to know a few things?
Help I'm in pain, I hurt my back and not sure what to do!!!?
I think i tore my hamstring and now i struggling to walk!!!?
my dog was cut by the groomer and his cut after 3 weeks has not healed. when will the scab fall off?
I think I have a broken nose what should I do.?
what is good for my swollen eye?
i got a fracture in my right ankle .?
what is the muscle group in front of the femur ?
What are other reasons for reccurrent respiratory infections?
What's up with my sore throat?
Is there something wrong with me, have I got a disease?
How long will it take to regain voice after the trache comes out.?
Horrid Spell of Sleep Deprivation.?
Can you have an Pneumonia if...?
All of you docs out there I need you to help me out.?
Has Biaxin Xl, amoxicillin and metronidazole given anybody bad side effects?
What does a flood,choking,blood dream mean?
What's the best post nasal drip otc medicine?
how long does levaquin stay in the system after done taking it?
Been sick for a few days need a cure!?
Is it ok to take these meds together?
im wondering does anyone out there have information about tremors?
Sharp pain on the left side of my chest when breathing in?
EXTREMELY congested! Miserable!?
Priolsec for nausea? ...?
Really depress?
Addicted to something??
depression symptoms only sometimes?
i have an unknown mental disorder?
i think i have extremely bad anxiety and depression and i think it is getting worse, what should I do?
What is the best rehab place you no of ?
How can i stop thinking about some solitary thing?
what to do? need to tell someone about abuse?
What is wrong..please help?
My anxiety is getting a little out of hand?
things to do when i'm paranoid?
anxiety? anorexia? depression? help? ocd?
Side Effects?
i want to get a mail sms to my mobile when i received a mail to my ID?
i spent my childhood stealing things from stores?
What do you think about this?
How do you commit a person who needs treatment?
I'm ready to give up, any final suggestions?
i feel really depressed?
is it possible for the baby to be allergic to cigarettes and it affects the mom?
What are some fatal allergies and what are their symptoms?
Lower Back Pain in a 19 year old?
My shoulders are always hard?
Relieving a stiff neck?
Pain in the back of my head.?
Apart from pain killers what are some other ways?
i took a morphine pill after my surgery since i did i have not felt very good. tired and out of it.?
whats good for restless leg smptom ?
eye infection/pain what could it be?
dislocated shoulder when should i go to PT?