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Itchy arm im worried about...?
What can I use for Rosacea - the redness on my cheeks and face? I can't seem to find a cream that helps.?
are these good treatments for an infected piercing?
Has Anybody Used Aqueous Cream For Psoriasis?
I have something on my eyelid and it's like a white dot?.. Causing uncomfort and blood shot eyeball.?
Pompholyx Eczema?
Will 2 litres of water make my skin clear?
White spot that doesn't go?
How do you clear bruises quickly?
I have got these red raised spots, 2 on my breasts and 1 under which really stands out.?
Duct Tape for blackhead strips?
i constantly get called a drugy!?
On Roaccutane and Going on Hoiliday?
anyone else got shingles?
What sort of things can i do/eat to prevent spots?
How do diseases of the Nervous System interrupt homeostasis?
how to handle depression?
Stress. skyrocketing. i'm breaking. im cutting.?
depression ? does withdrawing from the bank a sign my depression is coming back?
i dont know what to do!?
can someone please help me with my speech?
I am frightened and need help.?
doctors? therapists?
Obsessive Compulsive any help?
What type of medication?
Are there any other cures for conjunctivitus other than eyedrops?
i cant stop smoking cannabis.. what could help me stop??
I'm having breathing problems and tightness at chest.?
How much Cod Liver Oil can I take? Molasses?
I am looking for family consoling in the Orland park IL area?
Sleep Disorder? What causes these symptoms?
5-HTP Withdrawal?
Do you know a non-surgical / laser treatment for thread veins?
I'm stuck in my life?!?!?
Question for people who know alot about comas....please answer.?
I inhaled a large amount of plastic smoke and have been coughing and short of breath the past few days! Help?
ADVICE PLS....it will be really appreciated?
does cough syrup speed up your metabolism?
once anxiety attacks approach will it alwayz be there for life???.....?
how do i know if my son has autism?
Advice you can give me about life?
is this Bipolar II?
Cost of Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment for Heart Arrhythmia?
heart beats and rates?
Heart beating irregular? ..palpitations?? D:?
why would smoking make your blood pressure rise?
what do thiz pills do to your eyes?
Eye Problems. anyone know why?
swollen lymph node behind ear for 2 months?
What sleep disorder might I have?
fainting after blood test?
What types of personal lifts are there?
taking down posters in my sleep while sleep walking?
How do I build my iron storage level?
Any guesses on why I am always tired even with 12-13 hours of sleep?
ACL recovery time question on flex of knee.?
I can't quit coughing... could it be the mold at my school?
should i go to hospital?
Have you thought about part-time workers and healthcare benefits?
does anyone have any help full hints on how to stop or help or heal a hiatle hernia?
Im 20 with a small lump 2inches away from sternum on my abs by right ribcage?
****Today im getting a MRI of my brain****?
A friend had track today and worked out and practiced basketball today and now his abs are killing him.?
What is wrong with my calf?
I fell down the stairs yesterday and today i cant put any pressure on my shoulder and my lower back is bruised?
ankle sprain/bone bruise?>? eep?
Should I get my pinky looked at?
I was injured awhile ago. How can i get over the fear of pain thats no longer necessarily there?
fractured knee cap/patella fracture and ankle injury?
Tendonitis everywhere? Help!?
What has happened to my arm?
What do these symptoms mean?
how do you treat rabies?
is it normal to get nightsweats?
can you get a sore throat from kissing someone/ having their saliva in your mouth?
How do you avoid catching the sick bug?
Can anyone tell me about quinsy ?
Have I caught swine flu again?
Why is it SO hard to get the Flu jab?
anyone have a clue from where this flu outbrake come from ?
When was the HIV epidemic in the uk?
recently i keep getting mouth ulcers and sores...what is causing it?
i have been on 180 mgs. for 24 years what are my health getting off?/?
Am I really too worried about others?
how do you solved all problem,when that time you are in stress? when ur down how could you do? i need help pls
What are common adult fears?
i need help at work?
I need emotional help!!?
is everybody dyslexic to some extent?
zoloft 50 mg for ocd?
How can i become happy?
How do I know if I have depression?
how does one relief burns?
Whats causing my Shoulder pain?
Rapid heart,Chest pains?
why do I have so many headaches?
do i have trigger finger?
Leg Pain 8 days after microdiscectomy?
I've been nauseated & or vomiting, off and on,usually in ?
throwing elbow problems?
what is wrong with my ankles?
Sudden abdominal pain--help!?
hey i need to know something about my ear?
What's wrong with my bone?
Dr's say i have a twisted kidney,im in a lot of pain what happens now? im 31 female?
Im 13 and I get backaches?
nerve damage in spine??by neck?
Jammed Finger???????
Sweat problem - please help?
Need help in sleeping!!?
Reusable Hot Cold Pack Leaked?
How can I get Family health plus if I got a Denial Letter?
how to deal with insomnia/sleeplessness?
I plan on taking msm and biotin as daily supplements HOWEVER i researched and people have reported nightmares?
is it ok if u acidentally take a lipo6 capsule within 6 hours of sleep? its my 3rd one of the day?
Is it okay to add a tiny bit of water to a can of dip?
can a 22 year old recieve ahcccs without parents income?
Profession in nursing?
Ring and Middle Fingers vs. Index Finger?
How about universal healthcare and doing away with the wasteful system (I am european and know both systems)?
Can I have corrective jaw surgery if i have torticollis?
Why do I break out in hives when I run but not when I do other physical activities?
is there any way that i can get ird of my guinea pig allergies without giving them away?
Has anyone had a problem with an arm after having the flu vaccine:eg aching arm?
I get headaches when I wake up early, does anyone have tips for feeling awake and fresh and ready to work?
I think I have a fetish for floor polish. What can I do?
Help with healing sprained ankle?
is there such thing as teal colored eyes?
IM SCARED foR MY EYE! changing?
one eye goes outward somewhat?
I have a small ball underneath the inside of my eye, what Is it?
Yellowish Stuff In My Eyes After Waking Up?
Can't breathe properly?
chest pains pains at night?
Is "respiratory paralysis" in patients violent or not? Does the patient feel any pain when RP leads to death?
Chest pain in left side.?
can you take NyQuil and cough medicine at the same time?
My 6 week old daughter has a tendency to have formula come out her nose, and then it gets trapped in her sinus?
bronchitis, pneumonia or neither?
How long should I wait to smoke if I had upper respiratory infection?
I think i have asthma? I'm not sure.?
how to get on in life when been told my gran has cancer?
my wrists keep going floppy and weak?
Ecg taken this morning for chest pain in the surgery .GP said he was quiet happy with result.can i relax now?
does this mean i could get swine flu?
HELP! PLEASE! could i have some kind of worm!?!?
Soreness in right ribs, under breast bone.?
Could it be food poisoning even if your not sick?
i seem to have no motivation lately?
I don't feel like the Vyvanse is working.?
I've been in a few 5-7 month relationships in the past 2 years. Every time it is apparent that I get?
Can a therapist help me be more competent and functional?
Does this sound like OCD to you?
Please, help. I need a quick fix for depression without crashing at the end of the week.?
Why am I having visual disturbances?
Can you recommend a meditation / visualization CD that won't make me roll my eyes?
Whats a good way to be focused for 3 hours?
Mental Disorder or just plain weird?
i am asking about Gaba.?
What would happen if someone took 30mg of klonopin?
please i need to get off drugs?
my mother in law has depression?
Am I mental..?
Anyone else tried EMDR?
how can i take something out of my mind? since i wake up i think of it?? help!!!?
how much do CNAs get paid an hour?
as an insomniac does taking benadryl make you dependent on it in order to fall a sleep every night?
Is it alright if I listen to music using headphones while trying to fall asleep?
Can you tell if someone has smoked weed by this scan?
What Are Some Things To Make YOu Feel Better When Your Sick?
My husband is getting dizzy for no apparent reason?
If you're sleeping for 8 hours a night, How many hours should you nap?
I've got the flu and pneumonia, help?
Can someone tell me how common is the blood type B positive between the black population of Brazil?
How can I calm down when I am paying video games?
Is it bad if i swim with only 5 hrs of sleep?
Burnt my head yesterday, can i dye my hair?
what is the best prodcut you can get to stop acne?
How can you get rid of spots?
Will my nose go sore if i keep touching it?
Why do I have itchy areas on my legs but no rash etc?
how do you treat warts?
what can i do with dry skin on side of my nose?
Any good ways og getting rid of acne?
Peeling, itchy hands and feet?
how do you make green tea nd does it really help get rid of spots......?
what is this lump on my neck?
How to get rid of spots?
How can i stop getting a red face?
My 11 year old has some blistery spots under one armit only. what is it ?
My border collie has dry skin, what can I do?
sore scalp?
What is a skin tag? How do they appear?
I have loads of tiny spots on my arms?
Have you had the vomiting bug 26/01/08?
Can midges transmit AIDS?
How dangerous is taking Cocaine?
What are the risks of getting your tonsils removed?
Is it wise to go to Wales at the beginning of June with this Swine Flu problem?
MMR Jab is it possible to develop one of the illnesses?
someone give me tips please! :(?
is my sister in danger from swine flu?
Can mosquitos carry HIV or other diseases?
Does she have Swine Flu.....?
I'm in the very early stages of a cold: any tips to prevent it progressing?
what's the best non prescription vitamin or tonics to help build up the system against swine flu and other ill?
Is it still possible to not use MMR in the UK?
Could Michael Jackson die from the MRSA infection on his face?
I feel so unwell.. Here are my syptomns?
What are the chances of getting swine flu?
Can you survive septicemia? what are the chances?
what dose it mean when my doctor says ive damaged some of my?
Is Alcohol Or Cannabis More Of A Threat To Other Public When Consume?!?
How can I get rid of my cold SOON?
Dark circles.?
Is death hereditary?
Have ever try to or have make love in the sea,?
Can you get poo that is green?
why is it that i get electric shocks when i touch the body of a car and now my gate?
Do you smoke weed?
What does ibuprofen do? What does it stop?
are worried about what your loo says about you?
How do i get over a cold?
Am I allowed to grow a female in a lab?
Dr prescribed Temazepam, is it as nasty as I've heard?
Why did I faint last night?
Help solve a argument in my work, Can eating someone else's nails kill you.?
what is the best medicine to take for a chesty cough?
Can cocaine side effects last more than a couple of days?
what time to you go to bed at?
whats a good hip song?
PLEASE HELP!! i need help?
Why do my knees hurt if I try to run?
sometimes my chest tightens and hurts out of nowhere?
In the middle of the day out of no where I get a sudden electrical shocks up the left side of my back HELP!?
my shoulder is sooo sore...?
How come when I yawn the muscles in my lower jaw tighten? It hurts!!!...?
Could I have a cyst in my wrist? People keep saying it's a cyst?
i'm 15 years old and my left chest still looks like a 12 year olds compare to my right side?
I have really bad stomach aches whats wrong?
sharp shooting pain in my back and on the sides of my thighs? ?
I feel stiff, run-down and lethargic, how do I stop all this?
What is the difference between disc herniation and dissecation?
What symptoms do i look for in head injuries from football my son is a star defensive tackle and nose guard?
Who should I see for a clicking toe?
I have damaged soft-tissues in my knee..?
Swollen shin and difficulty walking, running, jumping, etc?
Why does my nose burn in one nostril?
i have allergies why do my eyes have a brownish discoloration?
Is milk considered a food when my medications say to take with food?
If u have a bacterial infection, will u feel better durring the day then at night?
I've been diagnoses 4x in <1yr with pneumonia,twice bilateral,no chronic medical conditions.Any idea why?
Does a partially collapsed lung ever fully heal?
Is a pneumonia contagious?
Is it possible that I might have athsma?
Why does my arm hurt after coughing for a couple days?
How long should an elderly person be hospitalized when they have pneumonia?
hi is there any problems with air bed.?
How do you stop the tinkling in your throat?
is a dermal patch and a transdermal patch the same thing?
Requesting info on Internal body odor or bad breath.?
Has anyone out there ever had Guillain Barre Syndrome??? and what were your symptoms and your recovery rate?
Breathing Problems.. what is this called?
Septoplasty complication?
I want to clean my carpet is it bad for my husband that has pneumonia?
Funny feeling in my chest.?
How long does pleurisy last? I cant get rid of it.?
Age of Autism T-shirt?
What does it mean if i get a nose bleed every time I touch a certain spot on my nose?
Swollen lymph node in right inner hip?
how long after the heart stops, before you would die?
initially i broke out really bad with glycolic acid, now its healing in a few days, should i use it again?
Braun Series 7 sensitivity settings and shaving irritation?
can you drink milk products while taking amoxicillin?
what do my symptoms suggest ?
Swollen lower eyelid?
do the freshlook colored contacts come in a diameter of 14 and base curve of 8.4? ten points?
what is wrong with my eye/contact?
I can't get up in the morning. ?
There's a dent in my head?
5mw green laser in my eye?
Walking pneumonia and Physical Education (P.E.) class. Please help, nurses and doctors especially?
my blood pressure is 57/39?
Does this count as getting a full 8 hours of sleep?
Bleeding from rear....?
One medical use of narcotics is?
how often r u suppose to take showers?
is my ball python supposed to sleep all day and night?
Can you take Ibuprofin and Tussin together?
Best book on anti-aging or age-reversal or immortality and eternal youth?
Birth Control- irregular pill taking!?
I have really bad kidney pain, what is it?
Stomach twitching/spasm all day?
Weird Anxiety?
What can I do about my anxiety???
Depression and Anger Problems.. No insurance..?
Can these type of videos kill brain cells of children and teens?
What is best to use for anxiety?
Trouble sleeping.?
what is wrong with me?
i am 25 years graduate & it engineer i am sttutering so i can't fine job because i am sttutering please help
box elders!?
do you think that canabis, has a spiritual effect on the smoker.?
Sick but I have school this afternoon?
Have you ever been to the doctors with your ear?
Whats the best way to relax quickly?
Whats the best way of dealing with stress?
how to treat a nose bleed?
Why do I keep breaking wind?
My daughter of 15 has suddenly come out in a rash down both her arms?
does anyone ever feel sick of everything? why?
whats the best thing for tierdness?
I wanna get to sleeep. itssss chrisstmas?
Why do i go red so much?!?
Why does a person in general get so cold after getting out of the shower?
Which is the illness older over the earth?
Is it bad for health to do work when you've got the flu?
can you catch swine flu twice?
Please help me?? what could these symptoms mean?
Why haven't l had chicken pox yet?
can a grumbling appendix go on for a while?
Poll - Are YOU going to have the annual 'flu jab that's offered to at risk patients ...?
Am I immune to T.B.?
do i have tonsilitus?
are all forms of hepatitis transmitted from person to person?
Can you catch measles twice,?
How do you get a cold?
i had chicken pocks as a child just come from doc and thy say i have got it a gen is this wright?
What is the connection between malaria and sickle cell anaemia?
When the swine flu is untreatable?
chicken pox in adults!?
i got told yesterday i have swine flu by my doc?
My 5 year old boy has been invited to have the swine flu jab,?
does e coli exist normally in the human body or only as an infection?
I have spots on my back and chest, help me please?
What do these symptoms mean?
I've had Post Nasal Drip for over a year. How can I stop it?
help during asthma attack?
How does cyanide effect people with cystic fibrosis?
itchy bum.? what could it be.?
I have an extra line on my palm - what does it mean?
Is this glandular fever ir what might it be?
got a little girl with cerbal palsy who is showing signs of flu?
Which herb supplement will treat the skin overall, and skin problems like redness, eczema, atopic dermatitis?
Anyone tried a lactic acid peel for skin bleaching/lightening?
how do you cure a stye?
Is there a body wash to cure/prevent acne?
lumps ? please help...... ? ?
I have a small rash on waistband - whats causing it?
Ringworm - Royal Navy?
My skin is very dry at the best of times,?
my sis got scabies?
Why do I wake up everyday with cuts on my hands?
Spots On The T-zone? (forehead in between eyebrows and above eyebrows nowhere else)?
What is a ingrowing toenail?
if someone has atopic eczema, do they need special foods?
How do I get rid of facial acne (spots)?
How do I reduce dark eye circles?
how to get rid of cuts on the nose and side of the mouth?
could i have a hairline fracture in my wrist?
Is my thumb Broken or torn if I have pain for months?
Can a pinched nerve, pulled muscle or stiff neck cause ringing in your ear or sensitivity to loud noises.?
How to heal a herniated disc in the spine/sciatica without surgery?
Is it normal for a bone bruise to the shin to still be swollen and numb 2.5 months later?
I need to find the correct spelling for neurotupaology?
Advice on previous injury?
Have i pulled my muscle, or is it just something minor?
How long do I have to wear my cast for a broken metatarsal bone in my left foot?
what is wrong with my foot?!?!?! please help!?
Knee injury help. Popped it of place?
what's wrong with my foot!?!?!?
Can i use a walking boot for Bruise heel bone?
I pulled a muscle, how do i help it get better quickly?
Weight limit for umbilical hernia?
Concussion and Stuttering?
Why does my min pin walk on two legs?
Will I need surgery on my knee?
What could be wrong with my foot? its swollen?
if my spouse signs on my behalf a Do Not Resussitate, do i the right to change it?have?
What does a low lymphocyte percent usually mean?
So, I cant get up in the morning, any help? x?
Cigarette And cravings?
Sleeping at 1:40am and waking up at 5;30am bad?
My wife has normal calcium(9.4) but high PTH?
A 60 kg patient has a hematocrit reading of 40 and a plasma volume of 3 liters. What is his total blood vol?
Does EVERY heart attack include a very very high blood pressure at first?
Dizzy spells? I don't know. Help?!?
does it matter how long you sleep?
my lips are always chapped?
3 yr old sick for 2 months help?!?
Cant even swallow(i posted bfore, but pics now included)?
does reflexology help adults with spinal dysraphism?
I think i have asthma! What do i do?
I need somthing to help me stop snoring!]?
I've had this chest pain...?
copy machine respitory problems?
How would an ineffective right ventricle impact the pulmonary and systemic circulation?
what role does Alveoli play in circulation?
Why is hard to breath in our room?
how will deminish the air pollution?
bleeding internally from nose and mouth?
are there any side effects to pneumonia vaccine?
i have had a really bad cough for over 6 weeks?
when i run, a distance, how come i cough an feel like im going to barf.?
How do i improve my memory?
Bipolar and Night Shift?
How to stop panic attacks?
depression/medication question ? see below?
how do u kno whats causing u stress? also what are other reasons for palpatations?
Whats the disease or phobia called mostly girls get when they are scared about looks and cant look in the mirr
how do i sacfirsce my sleeping sand so that someone else can sleep?
I have tried alot of depression medicine with no luck, will Effexor really help? I have high anxiety as well..
I cant eat when people are around?
What kind of disorder is this?
Memory-How do I improve Mine?
is it a good way? to study the whole night and sleep after the exams the next day?
how do i become confident and become a happy person?
How can I become a better public speaker?
prolongued adderall use left me emotionless, what should I do?
something wrong with me?
My back has been hurting when i wake up in the morning, how can i relieve the pain?
what can i use to relieve pain in my hands?
im planning on joinging the navy if i have a herniated disc, but it doesnt bother/hurt me. will they accept me?
Acute IT Band Syndrome?
Help with back soreness?
neck pain what could it be?
Cracking my wrist, and it hurts, what do i do?
Neck problems or whatever?
Stretches for people who type a lot?
whats wrong with my head?
My fingers are burning, please help?
my back hurts i feel lighthead and i have a wierd feeling in my throat like i have to throw up and i dont?
What do i do for the pain?
Upper right side sore?
Pain in my wrist, popping sound, HELP!?
Why do i still have a headache?
My knee is flippin annoying me!?
Weird feelings on left side of chest / under left arm?
Do you have a secret disgusting habit?
who has the better body?
does sugar cause hyperactivity?
Should i get off my PC to go have a shower now?
How young can you be, but still die of old age?
trying to stop smoking.?
how to get rid of a hickey??? quick!?
i need help with a nightmare ?
How do I get over being raped? Please help?
Home Made Laxatives?
i lost my glasses where do i look?
Is the smell of a tire store dangerous? or is it just me?
i am starting to get a hunch back, what are some things i can do to make it... straight?
I want to quit smoking?
My neck cracks/pops often.?
Can I take time off work if my partner is sick?
What happens if Tylenol Simply Sleep is used for more than 1 year non stop?
want to start a proprietary firm?
What could back pain on your right side under your ribs mean? It gets worse when I lay down.?
What is going on with my fingers?
Can I pass medical examination to work abroad if I have scar on inguinal area ?
can smelling mold while u sleep make u sick? flu like symptoms...?
my legs and back sometimes randomly twitch?
Why do i always feel weak, tired, and shaky? What is wrong with me? ?
Can kidney stones just disappear?
i randomly get spots on my chest?
Could i have glandular fever?
Red, itchy skin after shower?
Why do i have a weird lump/spot on the back of my tongue towards my throat on the left side?
getting keloid scar removal?
How can you get rid of spots without using products?
What diseases can child workers get?
can a hole in the pelvic bone be repaired?
Does anyone think we are going a bit swine flu crazy?
Are antibiotics good for us?
Are there any disease's that can be caught from food apart from salmonellaa?
hey.. has anybody got any tips on candida?
What are the easiest things to eat when you have mumps?
Why can't gnats carry AIDS.?
has britney got swine flu she dances like?
Can you get any kind of herpes on your hands or arms ?
How long does Glandular Fever last for?
what do a buy to treat my son he has got worms?
If diagnosed with SWINE FLU?
how do communicable disease in human populations may be prevented or controlled?
is there Any thing at home that can get rid of thrush?
what does raised mcv mean on a blood test?
what is swine flu & describe the symptoms.?
should i see my doctor about my symptoms?
Could i have swine-flu? please answer?
Is there a certain cure for HIV?
my doctor has died maybe linked to swine flu!?
My Girlfriend was diagnosed with a Kidney infection 4 weeks ago but has got progressively worse....?
what is lithotripsy..and how does it work..will he be in hospital long?
trouble with my face?
Is head and shoulders good for seborrheic dermatitis?
How can i stop excessive sweating?
What is this rash on my body?
my mum had a hernia removed behind her naval about 10 years ago and her naval keeps weeping any advice?
What is the best treatment for psoriasis for someone with diabetes?
My arm got bitten...?
If a South African registered doctor prescribes course of treatment is the N.H.S obligated to continue with it?
Why do your fingers go wrinkly in the bath?
Keep getting a rash up my back and neck anyone have any ideas?
Yuck! Any cures for dry feet?
Ive been told i got acne, what shall i use?
i have cellulite in my right leg i am on antibiotics but they do not seem to be working is there another cure?
Does anybody know anything that gets rid of scars?
how to get rid of a double chin?
does any body know who to get rid of moles i have one on my face and cant afford to go private?
My lips have become quite chapped and dark, how do i get them to be a normal?
Power dermabrasion ?
I started taking Prozac for post partum depression 7 days ago and it seems to make me feel like I'm in a fog~
Do I have agoraphobia?
just started anti depressants?
IBS stress of the body or stress of the mind?
whats is happening to me? sleep disorder?
Does anyone know what to do about someone who tried suicide and is now drinking while on depression meds?
is meditation a waste of time really?Does anyone think we should do physical exercise or study than doing this
I was told I may need medication for an "obsession"... serious answers, please!!?
How to be and not to be around a clinically depressed person...?
borderline depression?
less sleep?
sometimes i think my thoughts are controlled by my friends?
Should I (specifically) try shrooms?
Do florescent lights cause panic attacks and trance states ?
What's wrong?
TRAZADONE question !!!!!!?
Children's Psychiatric Records?
What is the mechanism of action of furosemide in pulmonary edema?
I have problem with snoring at night. When I wake up in the morning I feel so tired.?
My Blood ESR found 40, is this very dangarous, what can i do for it?
very bad soreness around my throat?
HELP!! i'm really sick?
is it safe to bathe during flu symptoms or walking pneumonia?
action during exhalation?
is there anything i could do to stop my irritating blood noses.?
Does anyone know some tips to help loved ones to stop smoking?
How can i grow taller ergently?
i've bought my first dog. Could i become ill if i let him lick my face and on the lips?
Are therea ny foods that can help back pain?
How can i get my tattoo s laser removed on the NHS?
How can i no that i have cancer????
Could anyone tell me what anamia is?
how to stop white smelly puffy things in throat?
my upper chest hurts when i breathe in deeply whats wrong with me?
I'm 15 and 5foot1....?
does anybody want to buy some sunglasses with a lens missing, or a mobile with no battery?
is alcoholism genetic?
im having a MRI scan next week and im so scared can the nurse give me anything to calm me down?
what can you do to get rid of constipation without tablets?
Why do people Like feet?
general anaesthetic?
extreme tension headaches! please help?
Anyone know what this means?
What are the initial symptoms of decapitation?
do blood tests hurt? i have my first one in like an hour and im a bit worried :/?
where does the term sleeping like a baby come from? Mine never seems to sleep!?
How do I get rid of this bloated feeling?
Hip popping wen i move left leg?
I need to buy a new bed. My old one is giving me bad back pain.?
Ear Feels Clogged =[?
Can It Be Fatal- Pins & Needles?
My ears just wont pop?
suggestions for why my energy pill is inducing pain in my shoulder?
What is oxycodone apap? What does the apap stand for? Is it the same as percocet?
I'm having elbow pains can u help?
my knee hurts really baddd!?
if you take antidepressants can u have a reaction with taking morphine?
my cold is getting worse after seeing the doctor?
Emergency. My nail broke and it hurts?
I couldnt stand one morning (sore knees, neck, lower back and upper legs)-- did I just sleep funny?
I like pie and its so bad I don't like it?
Pain for 3 weeks! Help?
I need some info about cortisone?
What is causing this pain?
Chest pain after exercise when breathing in?
key hole surgery on the knee?
how to strengthen my leg when i have a fractured foot and a boot?
need some help now......?
how od you break your ankle when you have really strong bones?
fractured femure need help?
Fracture, sprain, or me just being silly :)?
I bashed my ear really hard about three weeks ago on a metal bar from my head. What have I done? Detail...?
Coughing after being hit in chest?
Foot and ankle info Urgent please?
I got soap in my eye and it really hurts when I blink?
Possible Broken Nose?
Is this a jones fracture or avulsion fracture? 2 orthos 2 totally different opinions.?
can a relationship cause high blood pressure?
I have a friend who is stubborn and won't get heart surgery?
heart monitor, with wires?
Nursing Diagnosis. Not sure which is #1.?
Is it healthy or beneficial to go on a 24 hour+ fast?
how soon after my tonsilectomy can I drink alcohol?
sinus infection / sinusitis question?
i got my nose pierced about 5 hours ago but my nose still hurts when i move and touch it ?
How do I fall asleep after taking speed?
How long will it wake for cotinine to get out of my system?
What makes my bones crack sometimes?
insomnia and sleep aid?
SkyCig where can I buy them over the counter in UK?
why do i feel too cold than ever and sweat at night. I am afraid.?
Vomiting from something very stressful and scary?
When should an incision stop draining?
If you have a medical problem should you go to a specialist in that area or to your regular doctor first?
When your bones "crack" what causes them to make the cracking noise?
sore shoulder and back?
Are you, or is somebody that you know, addicted to the internet? Please share your addiction experience.......
how to not be light hearted and emotional?
i have been waking up unintentionally at 4 o' clock on the dot for 2 days?
Lexapro question?
Do you sometimes hear voices in your head, when you are in a very quiet room or noise-free environment?
How much do you know? (schizophrenia)?
how can i get drugs out of normal leaves?
What do I forget in Alzheimers?
My son's a crack addict. He's 40 yrs. old, has done the S. Army program and NA. No ins. What can he do?
WHY in the world did my doctor prescribe me zyprexa when i just have anxiety????
How long does it take you to begin to fully function after you wake up?
Why can't people remember later what they did while they were drunk?
How do you cover up the smell of cigarette smoke?
What is the best remedy for sickness and diarrhoea?
I'm 27 and still get spots how do I get rid of them?
When you're dropping off to sleep....do you suddenly get a loud buzzin or a shock that wakes you back up again
i have a cast on how do i get the itch under it without sticking anything under it!!!!! plz help !!!!!!!!!!!!
what do you put on when in the sun? baby oil or suncream or....?
Can nymphomania be hereditary?
what are you lot up two?
what makes you grow taller because im only 15 yrs old and im only 4ft 9 inches im the shortest in my class?
what can i do to stop flaky nails?
i have got to go and get an MRI scan because of neck and back pain should i be scared , or am i over reacting
can a baby get a reaction to someone smoking a drug near them?
is there an eye concealer for men? i need more info, i need to cover up my dark circles!?
Nearly 1 month into the UK smoking ban, how do you think its going?
most damaging?
Sorry a smoking ban question?
Is it time we decriminalised drug use for all addicts?
phobias whats the most ridiculous and can they be cured?
Been working nights recently. How do I get my sleep patterns back to normal?
Heartburn help me before i go mad!!!?
white spot on the right side of my tongue?
Lower back tattoo pain?
What is tendenitis????????????
why does my neck hurt?
sensitive scull... little pain?
When is this bump on my head going to go away?
**WHat are signs of a broken fractured or discated finger***?
How long till this heals?
Have you used Knee cart?
Concussion new symptoms, should I be concerned?
how to get rid of canker sores?
i cant straighten my knee?
PLEASE HELP!!! Sharp pain from a neck strain?
How long will it take for stitches to Dissolve?
Did i break my Tailbone?!?
will lidocaine test positive in hair folicle drug test?
can children have high blood pressure?
What to do if your Blood pressure is too low?
how do you get rid of blackheads fast?
I suffer with athletes foot and I just wondered what it it what causes it to itch so much?
Cream or perfume doesnt help my spots?? what can?
embarrassing mole - home removal...help!?
I have a dark purpley rash on my thigh, its only in a small area, . .?
itchy abdominal skin with no redness or rash or bumps??? help!?!?
Why do people with Asthma not seem to be aware that they can get a Mobility Bus Pass? (Travel FREE!)?
Does water help acne?
Will swimming make my spots worse or effect them anyway?
sunburn :| !!!!! Help me pleasee :|?
whats the best tea for acne?
Getting rid of blackheads – best way to beat ‘em?
reflections on working the area of palliative care?
Remove a skintag or mole?
why dose my face go red all the time?
My acne on my cheeks is scarring, what do you suggest I use to get rid of the scars? (I live in the UK)?
How do i get rid of spots effectivly without having to buy treatment?
skin irritation?
How does the body compensate for blood loss?
I have been experiencing a gradual, painless, non itchy peeling off of the top skin of my palm and tip of my f?
whats the difference between dermatitis and eczema?
Can you buy pollution masks that can tell you how much vehicle pollution has been stopped entering your lungs?
has anyone used"Nur76 Fade Out Under Eye Dark Circles?"does it really work?desperate2get rid of dark circles
white spots on nails?
How long does a finger nail take to grow?
Gland in my neck that always seems large?
why is it everytime i get my yearly flu jab,i get a cold for the next couple of weeks.?
who knows of an organisation I can talk to about my daughter.s illness?
How do you get treatment in hospital in America if you cannot afford it?
What do these symptoms mean?
Bit concerned that I might have swine flu, but don't wanna make a fuss..?
Restricting The Spread of Swine Flu ............ ?
MMR Jab.. I'm in year 10.. 15 years old?
what if i am thelassemia positive ? i having a ,prob of jaundice ..?
my puppy has secoptic mange what is this?
Does anyone know about HIV home test kit?
am i able to fly whilst having pnuemonia..its not at this stage infectious as ive been taking antibiotics?
What is causing my sickness and diarrhoea?
I've been bitten by midges.They're not mosquitos.What are they ?How are they avoided? How are they treated.
chicken pox in babies?
What is a Urinary Tract Infection?
How long is Swine Flu contagious for?
Should i get tested for HIV?
Blood in Vomit, Sever Headache, High Blood Pressure and Fever?
nhs 24 says i have swine flu?
What can i do about a Misdiagnosis ?
How do you get appendicitis?
How old do you have to be to give plasma in utica ny?
Every time I eat, I get this weird feeling. Help?
Yawning and gaging please help?
Last time I took ibuprofen I got a huge head rish, dizziness, ringing in ears. Is it safe for me to take it?
why do i still feel tired when i get a full nights sleep?
Why Has My Voice Is Gone.?
Pregnenolone Supplements to help with my debilitating issue? 10pts...?
What are the major barriers to practicing as home health nurse?
Second hand weed fail drug test? Idiot friend?
feel extremely sick and can't sleep?
I keep waking up too early! I don't get a full sleep! Why?!?
I keep waking up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep?
I'm so tired but I cant sleep?
California health care Medi-cal ? ?
My throat is really dry!! Need advice to make this go away! Thanks!?
Lump on the top of my eye socket?
Optical lab near san jose?
How long could my contacts be worn?
My eye exam numbers are +0.50 -1.25 x 90 for my right eye and +1.75 -3.50 x 90 in my left eye, what do these?
If you buy contacts online and they approve your order do they send you an email?
Blurred Vision in Left Eye?
My contacts wont fit because they're bent?
you are visiting a client whose daughter has just been diagnosed with asthma. From your readings describe?
Why do i Keep Getting Shortage Of Breath And high Hadrenalin?
So far the natural asthma treatment is working. Should I be patient.?
Is someone more likely to get pneumonia after having it once already?
how to make a simple smoke bom?
Could this possibly be pneumonia/bronchitis/some other lung infection?
every time i eat pasta or potatoes i get really bloated and feel sick for a while after is this normal?
Have i got anything serious?
Urgent help, i feel like my anxiety is turning to something else?
where can i find information on free therapy in my area?
Need some help- please?
summer job?
suffering from depression?
how can i boost my confidence and not be shy?
Quitting Cymbalta?
having trouble paying my bills....any advice. i am considering bankruptcy...are their any other alternatives?
how does a 14 year old releave anger. im 14 and i some times just get angry at people without reason wat doido
How can I stop my ears from ringing?
How do you make yourself do something that you really don't want to do anymore?
I'm always scared?
why do i keep having these gory violent dreams?
around my chest and rib cage ive been feeling really bad pain,?
paxil cr and mood disorder?
My friend says he never gets sad. I know this isn't normal but does he have a mental illness/disorder?
have i cracked my shin bone?
why the knee pains in old ages?
wht are the reason for my joint pains?
i hurt my back yesterday and it still hurts how can i fix it?
What can soothe my sore throat that i wont have to drink?
Question about an injury?
what is the diffrence between anexsia and vicodin?
Weird Pulling Foot Pain?
having pain in my rectum. how to get cured?
I just took 2 pills of advil for a headache.....?
I have a headache on the back for 1 week?
What is causing this?
what to take for a headache if you have high blood pressure problems?
Little Biff's uncle tells the physician that the 3-year-old Biff h frequent earaches and that a neighbor claim?
what is the most common causes of upper back pain?
Pain above heart area, near shoulder. What's wrong?
Why are my teeth hurting? Is it sinus?
My hip hurts really bad?
Sprained or hairline fracture... any ideas?!?
I cracked my lower back and now its swollen and hurting!?
How do i know if my knuckle is broken?
Could I Have Tennis Elbow From Falling Over?
i m in my 40's and when i have my period my cyetic nerve hurt please help ?
Why is my boyfriend always tired and groggy?
Black and gold spots after standing up?
What are the chances of this happening to me again?
I can not sleep, What should I do?
Is it bad to smoke the filter of a cigarette?
Dont mean to gross anybody out but what would be the cause of small brown seeds r whatever in stool?
Really slow, weak pulse?
Does your stomach swell when you have a bladder infection?
i was going to get on the subway when i felt my knee give out, what shall do now>?
Change to Kaiser HMO's prescription drug refill in 2011?
its the third day with out smooking .., can I say that I quit ?
I have a medical question how long does it take?
I don't know the name of this device?
Why do I feel pretty tired and suddenly dizzy through out the day?
I don't feel like going into work for a few days. What's the best symptoms to claim I have?
What is the situation with swine flu in the UK now?
sore throat?
What is the difference between a cold and a flu?
Does the removal of catheters cause incontenence?
can u develope hepatitis after having scarlet fever as a child?
What does the letters DNA stand for?
Is this really normal? The nurse says so...?
Whatever happened to Preparations A through G?
What infects your mind?
Why do your joints ache when you have flu?
I got a stomach ache,coughing,sore throat, mild body pains and i think Diarrhea does this mean i have swin?
Is there a permanent cure for MRSA if all oral antibiotics have been taken?
I am 17 weeks pregnant & had the swine flu vaccine but concerned?
Swine flu vaccinations programme in OCTOBER?
can a doctor visually see an inner ear infection?
chest infection, flu or what?
Can a viral or bacterial illness (like bronchitis, flu, or pneumonia) make your period late?
can animals get STIs?????
Red eye with contact lens use?
wear can i get eye glasses covered by tx med?
I have eyebrows that are very low to my eyes so i don't have much eyelid area.?
what are the eye gleasses called that have no medicine?
how to change your eye color?
half of contact in eye?
Why does my hip feel like it's in the wrong place?
what could be wrong with my back?
Chest pains, pain in throat, slight abdomen pain? Help?
It's is getting more and more worse?
Question about Dianette... PLEASE HELP IM DESPERATE?
I reacently had gallbladder surgery, I have the most unbearable pains in my stomach.?
My finger tip hurts!!!?
Bad headache gone but head is still tender where the headache was?
Can anyone give me advice with acute shoulder pain?
I need a walking partner to walk with me in the afternoon.?
My ears used to ring really badly.?
Pain in my side, that comes in waves.?
Looking to kick the habit.........?
Is getting extremely drunk once a month as dangerous as having a couple of drinks once a night?
pls help, im scared.?
what would you decribe as a drinking problems and what help can you get ?
Shaved my eyebrows off? aaaaahhhhhh!?
What is the best type of eye shadow for red haired green eyed women?
Why is it when your sleeping it`s called drool but when your awake its called spit?
my hubby's 2 centre feet finger are getting blacker than normal. the upper part of the feet swells?
why do i always get the hiccups after eating?
my 15 year old daughter?
can chewing gum get tangled up in ur intestine?
cant sleep help! so annoying?
Has anyone ever had thier ears syringed and does it hurt?
What would I ask for when buying a ten pack of cigarettes? : |?
Can Anyone HELP?
Can cotton buds (Q tips) be used to clean the ear?
Smoking, help am i addicted?
please help i can't sleep at night,i just can not switch off.Any ideas?
What medicines do you have to be 16 or 18 to take for feeling low/ depressed?
Any females use birthcontrol pills to stop your monthly cycles? How did it do for you?
i have pretty much got off xanax with the help of klonopin and now am tapering off klonopin and having?
If your doctor puts you on meds for schizophrenia, but ur not actually ill...can they make you go crazy/loopy?
what's the best way to ween yourself off of anxiety medicine?
my sleeping problems and a 2 year old?
Is there any online depression counseling online?
Cost of Mental Health Facility???
So I haven't been able to get to sleep...?
I have difficulty sleeping any?
Am I A Scaredy-Cat?
What is the definition of anorexia nervosa in the DSM-4?
Can anything help?
how can i become agood presentator? how can i improve my public status?
Itchy legs?
nappy rash in adults help needed?
The healthier I eat the worse my skin gets. Why?
How can I deal with greasy skin?
my feet are really really itchy and i have scratched to the point where i have scratched skin off?
pain in arm like a pulled muscle lasting for 2 weeks?
Heal POSSIBLY sprained foot?
Help! Need advice for pulled hamstring. OUCH.?
lower right abdominal pain?
has anyone broken their fibula and tibial and never returned to sport?
I think I have tendinitis?
For two days, even though I had enough sleep, I have been yawning and feeling the need to strtch excessively?
Ever have this sleep paralysis symptom? And any solutions to wake yourself up from it?
Smoking with an upper respiratory infection?
I Can't breathe? Why is this happening?
My chest hurts and I am having a hard time brething?
shortness in breathing?
Will Sulfameth help my ear infection?
Why can't I get rid of sinus infections?
is it possible to smoke q tips?
Anyone ever gone through a liver biopsy on their baby?son is 9 months and want to do this&muscle biopsy.?
When my husband coughs it is really high pitch, why?
Did I pull a muscle? Why does my foot continue to hurt several months later?
why bone seems to protruding from knee?
How to deal with pulled arm muscle?
How long does it take for a fracture to start healing?
Does wearing a bandaid make me a baby?
do i go to any hospital to get a surgery?
I fell last Wednesday (Nov. 24). What will the Ortho do?
Cut top of my pinky by the joint and I cant bend it all the way.?
sudden increase in pulse rate and if i seated with my knee fold it become normal.this is hppening for 9 yrs?
how to get my arm strait?
what have i done to my shoulder and how should I treat it?
i hurt my wrist should i get it checked out?
Ive been having these muscle spasms for months.?
how do I treat a fractured finger by myself, I injured it during basketball practice?
Can a crick in the neck feeling be cause from a lower back injury?
Did I break my finger or is it just jammed?
i smoked ganja once how long will it take to leave my system PLS HELP i have a test coming up soon?
Mysterious dry/red skin, stuffy nose and sore throat problem?
Had this feeling I was going to die earlier?
why MABP ( mean arterial blood pressure) increase from supine to standing ?
Does warm lemonade really soothe the throat?
Social and environmental implications of cancer?
Benzoyle peroxide with salicylic acid?
can you get a tongue tie cut as an adult?
i have had gastroenteritis for a week what i do now?
someone help me please?
my left thigh has a sharp pain that makes my leg jumps and twitches. Has anyone ever experienced that?
looking for a pastor who will help an adhd child who is 19?
how do you get through mondays?
transition solfx lenses......are they available in Canada?
everytime i have a cigarette it makes me need a number two?!?
numb spot on back, any advice?
how to sleep faster on nights ?
Is it normal for blood to be around the ear when taking out starter earrings?
The sound of my voice keeps changing?
Is it unhealthy to have occasional bubbles in my urine whenever I pee in the morning?
Does laughing stop a yawn?
What does the phrase quality data mean when referring to electronic medical records?
heath letter and i dont know what its for?
Where do you buy a power lift kit to convert a regular recliner to a lifting one?
Does weed come up in blood tests?
have i got bad circulation?
how to get glasses?
Help please?
what do people think to the stop smoking?
does wd40 really help ease the pain of arthritis?
How can I convince my girlfriend to get breast implants?
How helpful is NHS Direct?
the sell by dates have gone by [dates included below]...should i throw these things away?
How can I get rid of a large wart on my girlfriends nose without her finding out?
do people with dementia have to sell their home to pay for thier care as he has just paid off his mortgage?
Is There Anything The Hospital Can Do For Constant Ear Infections?
Can you get HIV symptoms early ? ?
Can you choke from swallowing one hair?
Are tomatoes "bad news" for those with acid reflux?
My sister has swine flu... help?
when you have food poisoning, how does the body respond to the infection and what can it do to fight it?
who thinks the Illuminati had something to do with swine flu / H1N1?
why do i always feel very tired after an orgasm and i fall asleep immediately afterwards?
what's the most interesting place you've ever toileted?
is talcom powder better than deoderant?
I think my wife is on the start of getting a water infection, what can be done to stop it from progressing?
scared of people?
Scrote problems? Serious please!?
is it possible to catch the norovirus twice or more ???
I think i have swine flu. Do i have it?
Ways of contracting Hepatitus?
headlice help needed please?
I have another sore throat?
Help with helicobacter pylori?
Is my Dishwasher Deadly?
Will Shadow Health Secretary Dr Liam Fox's plan help reduce disease coming into the UK?
Whopping huge cold sore on the side of my mouth!!?
Will i get food poisoning :S?
What kind of illness is this ?
Are Australians in the UK more prone to colds and flu than the locals?
is there a fact that unrested body and taking a bath is prone to a pulmonary desease?
What will cause me to have a heavy feeling in my chest and to keep coughing up clear fluid?
Does it matter how you place your head while doing pushups?
did i tear more then just my mcl?
My shoulder is hurting??!?
Do I have a broken nose?
How long does it take for busted ear drum to heal?
How long does it take a tendon to heal in your ankle.?
Why do wounds itch when they heal?
I fell and hit my head over a month ago, and it suddenly started hurting again?
how do i heal my groin injury?
Can animals get chlamydia?
Should I have my foot x-rayed?
Fell hard and have a huge bruise on my leg should I go to the hospital?
Possibly broken scaphoid while skiing...splint or cast?
sprained ankle help .........?
i broke my wrist snowbording today...dammet, is it ok if i go snowboarding in 6 days?
Is it bad to wear ankle weights?
pain in neck/shoulder area?
falling on my broken leg?
How do I tell if my toe is broken or stubbed?
What does a loss of movement feel like?
How Do You Get Rid Of Eczema?!?!?
low white blood cell count whats that mean?
What illnesses/infections will cause the deep cervical lymph nodes to become inflamed?
If you've had vocal nodules and you've had them removed or they've gone away, can you get them again?
Have you ever worked at a pharmacy and had to sneek some herpe cream home for yourself?
whats does it mean when my heart fluttlers?
what are the blood vessels that direct blood towards the heart?
My heart BPM keeps changing?
Chest Pains -Heart Attack or Something else?
Sudden weird heart beats!?
anything can relief periodontitis?
Lower Back Pain 5 Months After Surgery?