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Do i have a heart attack or something?
Panic before college...?
does having your Bellybutton pierced at age of 13 Hurt ?
how tall were you when you were 16?
Is this true? bad for your health?
In the UK should drunks and drug addicts be made to pay for NHS treatment?
question for people who smoke?
Im worried about something that's beem happening to me?
what does it mean when you have black stool?
How do I get rid of scars on my body quickly and effectively?
how do I figure out what 20/? vision I am?
i need glasses my mom does not know?
Eye pressure - No glaucoma?
Help please - hair dye allergy test!?
Oh my gosh. Just please answer this! It's about allergies and sinuses!!!?
Am i allergic to fruit?
Is this OCD I'm not too sure?
Unbearable, Sharp Pain, Bottom Left Of My Ribs?
This sore throat is more painful then it has EVER BEEN?
Can Anybody Tell Me What's Happening? Weird Symptoms?
Can my thyroid be swollen if I still can breath and swallow normally?
i think i have a swollen toe?
whats the effects of liver damage?
my friend is bulimic?
what causes head aches?
have type 2 diabetes and napping more?
What is this strange lump?
Butt is itching/burning..?
My eyes just did something worrisome...?
what are the signs of an infected brain shunt?
stage 3 kidney failure.?
Panic attacks and alcohol?
why eould the lower left side of my stomack be sticking out like its swollen?
Am I having a asthma attack.?
What is a PPT blood imbalance?
Medical Questions you are ashamed to ask else where?
Am I changing?
About D.I.D?
can not eating cause anemia?
What do I do!?
how long will it take for Effexor XR to leave my blood stream???
How do i handle my depression?
is there such thing as a diagnoses or medical history of sum one changing personality's >>???
How do I treat ADD without chemical medication?
I always feel like I'm dying? serve panick attacks and depression help?
is it normally to blood havey?
why am i coughing up phlegm every morning?
Pneumonia? or just flu?
whats wrong with me!?
can asthmatics take naproxen 500 mg?
my little brother has asthma and now he is sick with this weird cough what could it be?
what's a good name for a product similiar to vicks vapo rub?
i am 21 years old and i just had my hep A shot the second dosage about a week ago, i am having very shortness?
Have you tried the jaw supporter for sleep apnea?
Is prednisone ok to take with for a viral lung infection?
taking deep breaths lately?
Can doxycycline be taken with mucinex?
Compare the epithelial cells seen in the lining of kidney tubule and the respiratory tract?
What is the difference between a vaporizer and a humidifier, and which one can u add the vicks oil to?
i got back pain wheen i beath?
Can children have bronchitis?? if so how can u tell?
Archery injuries last year?
I fell a while ago and don't know whats wrong with my foot. Looking for some insight.?
i had a c sectiopn 3 weeks ago it is a slight burning am i healing fine?
I have had ankle pain for 3 and 1/2 months now and I have no mechanism of injury?
i was sick on saturday morning and a few hours later i had broken blood bessels on my face will they go away ?
When to go to the doctor for an ankle injury?
high ankle sprain plz help?
If someone scratches your nose will it scab if so how long does it take to scab?
my foot is swollen on the top between my big toe and middle toe?
I fell and broke the T-2 of my spine. What exercises can I do?
Elbow pain and numbness?
i think i sprained my ankle. should i put an ankle brace on it?
What to do when you stub your toe?
How long should it take a sprained ankle to heal properly?
Lately Ive had heart problems can someone help!?
roux-en-y gastric bypass does cause mal-absorption true or false?
how do u slow ur heart down when it starts racing?
is ventricular fibrilation always preceded by ventricular tachycardia?
Sacramento Psychiatrist for cheap? please help?
Please help and no Smart mouths please?
how to destress yourself?
Joe the plumier Family has no affordable health care,will Cons throw him under the bus.?
I need help please with medical problem?
I can't get rid of my bacne?
Can I hold an EMT-Basic license in multiple states at the same time?
Hiccup Problem Help Please?
why have I been "throwing up in my mouth" so much lately?
I Can't tell if.........?
7 months pregnant. Cant really sleep for the passed 2 weeks, loud noise from head waking me up in middle of ni?
i have no clue why i am so tired lately alls i do is sleep!!! HELP!!!?
Pressure in head and pain.. vision is weird.. any help?
Could it be an ear infection?
Which problems/conditions/diseases of the human endocrine system could be misdiagnosed as panic disorder?
Serious Eye Help question?
Will ear ringing from just 2 weeks of Wellbutrin (recently) go away?
My throat feel stuffed and somtimes i can't breath is this allergies of what?
breathless like panic, hearing loss temporary?
why is it that when a person took to a hospital, the other doctor don't cure them when they have no enough?
A rattling sound in my head help?
i have a question for anyone who could answer a question about throats problems.?
Can TMJ Disorder cause DEEP chronic headaches?
Does pneumonia cause a loss of appetite?
Flushed face hot and dizzy?
have partrial scalarization of L5 with left Pseudoarthrosis.what is the perrfect cure for this?
Digestive Irregularity? Help Please!?
I have been extremely dizzy the past few days and i dont know why, does anyone else have this?
Skin around my mouth?
How can I get rid of all this dust? I clean everyday and its back the same night. Im also Allergic!?
i had 4 gummy bear vitimans, 3 in morning 1 now. am i going to be ok?
I have a pain in the bottom of my feet?
Sharp abdominal pain and small rash...?
Just got back from the ortho. What can I do to stop the pain?
Any tips on how to position pillow so I can stop waking up with sore neck?
what do I do to take away this horrific pain?
I need help for bursitis?
How long does it take for scissor-bladed cuts to dissapear?
Almost 36 weeks pain in right ribs not from baby?
Why have i got an aching pain in the side of my face where my jaw meets my upper cheek bone?
Why, generally speaking, do women outlive men?
is obsessive cleaning ruining your life?
Why do I get headaches everyday?
Extreme sleeping problems?
Can anyone name some equipment you'd find in an ambulance?
why don't people specify which country they are in whilst asking health questions?
How can I persuade my bf that organ donation is a good idea?
What should one do to fight sleep?
going to die?
Were our great grandparent lives more healthier than ours is now?
Do we have the same blood group as our parents?
why am i cold when its really hot outside?
Why have i been having dreams every night?
How long can you take off sick without a doctors note? (UK)?
did you know .............................?
We wait in hope for the LORD; jesus my love?
I am a shop worker whose legs really hurt every day even when relaxing at home - any useful tips?
why do older people get constipation?
When the swine flu vaccine comes out will they give it pregnant women or new borns?
Swine flu vaccination for young healthy people?
why am I getting recurrent viruses?
How long does a tetnus booster (injection) last for?, as I need an 'up to date one for work'?
Is it good to leave the window open whilst having a cold?
my hospital has a recorded message saying... don't come here if your sick!!!?
whats the best way to fight flu?
Chicken pox virus............?
norovirus in pregnacy?
At home bored with a fever?
best sweet for coughs and colds??!!?
i have a cold?
can i buy threadworm medicine over the counter for my 1 year old?
scarlet fever, can it harm a pregnant women?
when you have a cold or flu how long do you remain contagious?
i have rhesus negative and positive parents, is being the 4th child rare?
what do i need to be a mortician in the uk?
blue sleeping tablets?
My eyes start to blur when im reading in class does any1 know why this happens?
Breating problems/examination?
okay, so here is my little tiff! I just recently went to the hospital without any insurance and it has left 1?
Do i have a sinus infection?
Are diabetics prone to pulmonary TB?
Should i got to the doctor for a slight chest pain?
how does coughing exercises prevent patient from having atelectasis what does atelectasis means?
Pregnant and worried about getting pneumonia?
i got a pft done my fevi is 2.78 which id 62% of prededicatred is that good or bad?
what is the difference between asthma and c.o.p.d?
do i have an ear infection?
how to get big chest?
How does/can PRILOSEC stop a cough?
What Do I Have?? Sore Throat And More....?
Sudden headache with dizziness and fatigue?
what are the bad side effects to taking immunocal?
My stool hasn't been forming lately!?
what causes a high blood cell count?
what causes blacking out, fainting, and dizziness?
I just saw a flea on my arm but it didn't bite me. I'm scared what should i do?
I started taking 10mg of Norvasc about 3 week ago I now have swelling of the feet and ankles and feel dizzy .?
Can a primary care physician refer me to a different specialist?
my eyes feel heavy and i feel drowsiness?
Why is my stomach making so many noises?
Anyone know how the symptoms of Multiple Schlerosis starts off?
I feel a little sick, why and what should I do to get better?
What is the ICD9 code for S/P Lu/s discectomy?
Can this be Diabetes? Or what else?!?
How can I know if my epilepsy is hereditary or not?
what happens in an eating disorders unit?
Am I ill? Sudden bruising, persistent itching, tiredness...?
I am wondering: Do I have insomnia?
Please. a detox that works?
If you have acid reflux, can you eat pork?
I can't feel my foot! Its sprained?
How to heal this weekly?
My shoulder Drooops!?
left temple?????? :( :( :( :(?
How do you cure a pulled muscle in your back ?
What does it feel like when you pull a muscle in your back?
Healing time for ankle injuries?
head dent after head injury in 14 month old?
Pain in my leg, unable to run now?
Okay so a couple of years a go I broke my Arm, and now it's hurting again what do I do?
Cold sores help, please?
did i broke my nose..?
Lump in lower arm? Please help xx?
took a step and my calf muscle hurts?
Will my body get used to low amounts of sleep?
Why is my stomach constantly upset?
Twitching from anxiety?
Neonatal nursing but already have a B.A.?
how can i get help paying for back surgery?
i think im sick, but im not sure?
Extremely watery mouth + salty?
Inguinal hernia recovery?
Unethical medical practices used in mental hospitals/asylums????? please help.?
can i smoke a cigarette the night before i take stat! flush?
How much is too much sleep?
I woke up the other day and my lips were slightly blue?
Why Do I Keep Having Headache's?
I can't fall asleep any advice?
I cannot stop picking my nose.......?
How can I deal with greasy skin?
if i sit in the sun for about 25 mins to 30 mins will my back acne dry out or appear less visable?
my feet are really really itchy and i have scratched to the point where i have scratched skin off?
if you lose the oils in your skin and you go for a shower does your body absorb some of the water?
Smelly hair/scalp and nails, fungus?
how to get rid of blackheads and redness on you're face?
how long does it take shingles become no longer contagious?
How to remove wart from knee?
does wee help get rid of verrucas?
How to get rid of spots on my chest ASAP?
Does drinking lemon juice improve skin/acne?? people with experience?
I got a cold sore after going swimming. How? Why?
so subliminal tapes really work?
if i take a little extra zoloft will it get rid of my blues?
Is this normal.?
a mental grabage disposal? I REALLY NEED ADVICE?
PLEASE HELP...Zoloft Question!!?
anxiety depression how did u beat it what were your symptoms?
How do I stop reoccuring dreams?
What I do and about depression and social anxiety? How can you control it? Can it be cured?
GAD Depression: Opinion Needed?
Depression? SOmething else? Weird things going on. Help?
Anti-depressant withdrawl...?
I need help,What kind of problem do i have,sometimes if theres a lot of people?
PLEASE HELP my 5 year old sister wees in her pants without even realizing please help????????
first time with Aderall help? this stuff is killing me?
i'm totally addicted to anime. Im 20 years old now. is it odd? i always watch it like all the time.?
Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a fake illness used by fakers who can't bothered to work and who want attention?
Why does it feel like my throat is closing up after drinking alcohol?
embarrassed about telling my mates i have to go into hospital tomorrow?
Smoking weed?
Do you think the care received in hospital is good?
my 4 year old son suffers from a terrible cough regulary. i know its not asthma. any other suggestions?
Malaria tablets - would you bother taking?
What is an easy method of getting rid of skin peeling from sun burn, e.g a cream ?
How to get over the trauma of a parent's illness and death?
painful joints help?
How can I make myself vomit for experiment?
My mom has had a cold for 2 week, how does she get rid of it?
In your opinion what do hosiptals smell like?
QUESTION TO UK SMOKERS ONLY - Does anyone have a dry sensation at the back of their throat?
I had an MRI scan 4 weeks ago but not had results yet.Is this a normal time to wait?
do you donate blood, if not why. do you plan to?
have you heard this and is it true!?
How to get rid of constipation?
Why am i always thirsty ?
will i get food poisoning if..?
What measures will be taken if the WHO raises the alert level to 6? Any closure of airports?!?
What are the Symptons of Swine Flu?
How often do you get the MMR vaccination?
Does Penicillin make you sleep?
how long do anti biotics take to work?
is this just a cold?...?
i think i have food poisioning?
genetic disease ? can you get ride off them?
pins and needles down right arm is this serious with continual headache?
am i the next swine flu case?
Hep c question?
advice about chicken pox please :(?
where can i find a graph that proves MMR vaccine id not the cause of autism?
Are these symptoms related to heart problems?
My 15 year old daughter has never been able to blow her nose properly. Could it be a genetic problem?
Swine Flu: Pregnancy?
Taking metronidazol but I have a party tonight I was wondering if I could drink still?
should you take medications before you have blood work?
i have got a cold, having read about swine flu !!!?
my son brought home what looks to be nitroglycerin pills, can this hurt him?
My heart has been beating weird for about 5 months now?
What is wrong with me??
Possible shin splints?
why is my pinkie always numb?
Pain in Upper abdomen?
Why do I physically feel older than I am?
Anyway to relieve ankle pain?
pain in upper right below rib cage?
My fever is gone but I can't stop sweating, why?
Coughing till i gag in the morning!!?
should i stop taking the antibiotics for a URI when?
does the cessation and cigarette smoking must be mandatory?
How do i train the bottom chest?
Would it be okay to play soccer after having bronchitis for 7-8 days?
Why Do I sometimes gag/cough after eating?
Can occasional smoking still do harm?
what is wrong with my insides if i throw up blood after drinkin alot of alcohol?
Is there a test to tell whether you definitely have asthma or do they just diagnose it based on symptoms?
I am taking antibiotics for strep throat, my question is 875 mg to high of a dosage?
quit smoking side effects?
Adult onset cystic fibrosis complications?
I've been sick for about a week, what's wrong with me? (Symptoms included)?
Anyone got advice on how to improve flow?
what part is responsible in producing mucus by keeping out bacteria out of the lungs?
Why do I cough up a little phlegm after having a full meal?
Why do my eyes feel heavy?
tired-not hungry-charlie horses?
can vomiting cause high white blood cell count?
Do I have a Kidney Infection?
what is this severe upper left chest pain when I have caffeine?
swelling and pain from a shot do i us hot or cold?
Whats wrong with me? I almost passed out and my hands got numb?
I have bad chronic stomach issues and would like some additional advice from somebody with knowledge of this?
How do i cure this?????????
Is this a normal diagnosis?
Will smoking marijuana slow my recovery of bell's palsy?
dxm abuse, how much and how long till kidney/liver damage occurs?
For medical experts only!?
Liver Enzymes AST and ALT slightly elevated?
How long after doing heroin will it show up in a drug test? immediately? or does it take a couple hours or so?
is AIDS research basic research or applied research to find a cure?
How do u stop hands from shaking all the time?
Abdominal pain, excessive belching, and constipation problems, what's wrong with me?
How do I change my blood back to normal?
does taking medacine like panadol or coldrex slow down a cold?
Why is it harder to get out of bed when I go to sleep earlier?
Do they let nurses have plugs?
can a caesarean scar split open?
Due to certain conditions i'm in an extreme need of cutting my sleeping hours in night to 3 hours?
i dont know what is wrong with me?
hurting myself in my sleep?
red/maroon pill with ss-2 on it?
Baseball Size Lump on Rib Cage?
Sensitive ears... Causes etc?
Is it bad to hould every thing in?
I have a hard time going to sleep?
Why is my temperature always so low?
Is flouride in your drinking water good for you ?
How are is the NCLEX-PN California Exam?
Cracked knee cap, should I worry about it?
i need an operation.but im affraid i will get fired if i do get it?
Is this a sprain or possible hairline fracture?
help! i injured myself doing the splits?
Why do limbs swell when there it has a Broken/fractured bone or bruised?
Injury to my kidney area?
Did I do something to a nerve?
Do I have a hernia? Pain in lower right abdomen?
Say someone fell a little ways down a cliff what is the first thing the ER would do to them?
Is it normal for concussion symptoms to set in a day later?
What to do for a strained back muscle ? HELP ! ?
can you break your heel by pounding it on the ground when you are mad?
How long does it take to recover from a torn tendon or ligament?
i cant throw up and really want to. I know its bad-but please tell me how u do it?
Will the damage on my ribcage be permanent?
I have a cold, but my nose is making me so crazy!?
has there ever been someone that made you feel disgusted inside but you weren't sure why?
Dreams about loosing my cat?
Screeming in dreams?
i have noticed thick blood spots in the 1st sputum of the day. i've lost 4kgs in jst one month .?
help with air purifier?
can cough drops make alter the results in a breath analyzer test?
post nasal drip relief, please?
Feet paining from wearing wrong shoes!?
Headache and neck sworeness?
what is wrong with my knees and shins?
Hi I have a bump on the back of my neck..?
why do i have a pain in upper back of my head come and go?
what causes the pain in my knees and my elbows?
what should i do? i really bad pain?
Shoulder popping and pain?
why does my tongue hurt after 6 yrs, it just started hurtin on the bottem part?
Foot and Leg pain? Help please?
how long does it take before you stop feeling pain? After you get your tongue pierced!?
how do you make itchin go away after taking opiates?
how do i make my left leg as flexble as my right?
what can i do for mid back pain?
do fevers cause leg pain?
Help with Neurobla Stoma?
does topomac help with migraines?
This just gets on my nerves. can u suggest?//?
can you get a disaplinary for being off work ill?
what could be wrong with me? tonsilitis?
How long should someone be kept off school?
sickle cell?
How to get rid of a sore throat fast?
Ear infection. Normal?
how long does the itch in chicken pox last ?
Can you get Rubella more than once?
Would it be dangerous to take antiviral meds for Swine Flu...?
is swine flu going to become a pandemic?
why do i have a throat infection?
Has anyone been cured of HIV yet i heard a german guy did?
the new pandemic of 2009?
Can you be exposed to swine flu and not get it?
can i become a bone marrow donor if?
ulcer in colon and diverticulitis's?
28 days later catastrophe?
Why is Britain the worst-hit country in Europe by the A(H1N1) virus?
What is the average morbidity rate (Death of children under 5)?
i had a mole removed ?
How can I heal a burn scab fast?
Ways in which you can clear your spots completely in around two weeks ?
Should I be worried about a mouth ulcer?
Spot diagnostic question?
i'm always constipated?
Gross question about stools & lactose intolerance?
stomach and back pain..?
what is glucose ua negative?
How long does it take for nicotine and all its metabolites to clear your system?
I was listening to my iphone at around 75% for an hour yesterday, now my ears feel stuffed and clogged?
I found a hard mass seeping on dog shoulder what could be?
Swelling/hardening of vein after multiple injections?
Im 15 and i think i have tinnitus.?
swollen lip please answer?
Why do many people enjoy the smell of toenail fungus?
whats wrong????????????????
How can I help my mouse's severe diarrhea???!!!!?
what is Autism spectrum Disorder?
My left wrist feels tingly! PLEASE HELP!?
Unexplained bruising on leg?
how can i stop coughing really fast?
Is falling asleep with a TV on bad for you?
looking for a doc doing Marshall protocol in MI?
Donating Blood First Time?
I have gall stones... Can i get the lap band done?
What could be wrong with me ?
I just ate chinese food, and now feel dizzy and burp constantly?
left eyelid twitching?
Is my eyesight that bad?
How can I flush out my system?
My face and cheeks keep getting very hot and red..?
are dialated pupils a sign of fatigue?
Loud noises when I'm sleeping, please help?
looking for abanse community hospital in accura ghana?
Could someone tell me what cholesterol is?
I'm 27 and had a stroke. Does anybody know if researchers are close on stem cells for the brain?
How 2 know indigestion symptom is heart attack vs indigestion?
where can I find more information about open heart surgery ( bypass ). What will the scar look like?
my blood mpv test is 13.44 . what is risk for me?
What is this? Need help badly please :(?
how can i increase my blood pressure?
Abusing my body?
Does anyone know any reasons why a child might get grey/white hairs??? He is only 8 and I am really worried.?
what's worse, kissing a girl with bad breath or one with crooked and badly discloured teeth......?
Is my blood type rare AB-?
Has anyone here tried sleeping tablets?
What wrong with my tounge ?
Are there there any non alcoholics / and any non smokers on yahoo answers?
do recreational drugs cause spots?
why is yawning contagious?
What makes you feel sick?
I haven't my self but who has done a Poo in a public place?
Why did I wake up covered in sweat?
Whats the best way to clear and cleanse your stomach? and how often should you do this????
Spare Parts???
why am i spitting out blood?
how to get rid of black eyes?
plz! tis urgent!?
Anyone have any natural ways of lowering blood pressure?
I have a very early start on Monday. How do i get a ggod mights sleep before hand?
Why do I go into a state of depression for no reason?
why do i always think of death?
Anxiety?please help?
if you suffer from depression but your parents wouldn't acknowledge it what would you do?
Everything feels weird?
An addiction to smoking and drinking??
What is the closest thing to steroids that doesent have bad side effects.?
While being on Zoloft will that affect weight?
ant anxiety drugs?
my sister is buying r/x drugs from a person who is on medi-cal and has perscriptions for the drugs help me?
Anti-depressant drug name??
I think I am allergic to nat bites, how will I make it better?
Once somebody with COPD is administered morphine on a regular basis, how long do they have left?
Are there any movies about people with cystic fibrosis?
How do you get rid of mucus?
four letter word part of lung?
how long the treatment of acute exudative tonsilitis/?
when i run a distance, my lungs hurt.?
What is renal tubular acidosis?
I have strip throat from smoking after quitting for 3 months, then i started smoking again while drinking?
Sore throat, numbness, breathing trouble?
I'm having some breathing issues?
asthma in the military?
how do you treat black mold exposure?
Danger of silicosis at home?
My chest/lungs are clogged, what's wrong with me?
What exactly is being restricted in restrictive lung diseases?
i have had a sore throat and it really hurts. I have a recital coming up and i can barley talk. What do i do?
Hurt back, dr. mentioned something about a "sack" in lower back...what is she talking about?
Having an interview with a Pain Management Clinic?
why do my toes get numb?
I am haiving sharp pain in my lower right side?
Foot pains (twisting and pop sensation)?
Excrutiating, severe diarreah. Help me. :(?
becoming a neurosurgeon?
13 year old with nightly leg cramp in her left leg?
what is it like to break your leg?
Burning In My Thighs?
anyone knnow of any migraine support groups?
Something seriously wrong with me..collapsing, buckling, shaking?
Does anyone know what would cause this pain and immobility, or what it is?
chest hurts after wrestling?
Why is it, all of a sudden,my knee caps hurt when I go up any stairs?
I got braces yesterday and they HURT!!! i want to pull them off? what can i eat to make them feel better?
my left ear wat should i do?
what is my knees prob?
has anyone else got a fear of being sick and no how to get rid of it :( ?
what could be causing my headaches vomiting pressure in my ears and loose stools?
How can i tell if im getting a blood clot?
how long does it take kidney stone to grow from 2mm to 4mm?
Orange pee and side pain?
Lose Voice? No Shouting?
Blurred, white vision?
what could cause this?
What is this lump in my throat?
Stomach Problems: PLZ HELP!!?
Right arm twitching.?
really bad gas problem at school?
whats wrong with my knee?
Why does it feel like I am dreaming? Flu?
Does this sound like hypothyroidism?
Can a brain tumor come back?
I have a kidney stone that appears hollow on a ct scan. It's about 8mm in size. What could it be?
are pinworms a bad thing?
Im bloating in my abdomen,lower back pain,shortness of breath ,spams and shortness of breath and weak Nessa?
addiction to the pill darvocet?
Why do I look fine but feel ill?
My daughter having bad headache on her right side for over a year and for 3 months nose bleed?
What causes nauseate for over two weeks?
Why do I feel a Tingle sensation in my hands and feet?
what do they do with full suction canisters in hospitals? how do they discard them?
what is a negative ion?
I want to forget her... please help me...?
large hard painful lump in lower right side of my stomach, what could it be?
Why do i have difficulty swallowing?
Why would I be going deaf in one ear?
Large painful lump underskin on inside of left arm just above my elbow.. what could it be?!?!?!?!?
Do you take care of your skin?
how do you get a fungal infection on your skin?
I've got an awful acne spot with puss! What should I do?
The nurse at my GP surgery is fully booked for the next 4 weeks and I'm not sure what to do?
Can a sweat smell from a taxi driver harm or kill you?
What is the best way to reduce scarring once stitches have been removed from a cut?
What is the best treatment for wasp stings?
oxytetracyclin....how rare are the side effects?
How can I stop pikcing my spots? It's like an addiction and whatever I do doesnt seem to stop me?
I have these weird silver lice in my head. It's not nits is it?
Does Vaseline prevent shoes/sandals rubbing your feet?
Why are people's knees and elbows dark especially ethnic people?
best cure for a black eye!?
having trouble getting rid of these spots on face any ideas?
spots on on my face?
i have these itchy red spots all over my body, and when i squeeze them clear substance comes out.?
Does anyone have any advice on natural non toxic head lice products ?
spots on forehead with makeup?
what is the cause and implication to health?
Do i have swine flu????????????????????
bilirubin results?
feel so drained................?
STI's/STD's- Do you make them? If two people are both clear from them- is it possible you could get one?
Never had chicken pox before?
how do theses people pay to stay in this hospital?
can you get tonsillitis more than once ? or is this something other then tonsillitis ?
can my boyfriend pass chicken pox to me if his little sister has it and hes already had chicken pox?
Is the swine flu vacination suitable/safe for everyone? (Including those critical illnesses)?
can you catch TB even if u have the BCG?
Newborn twins and swine flu?
Do you have a terminal illness/condition?
Curing a throat infetion?
how quickly do antibiotics work? i seem to be feeling the effect really quickly?
why can't a person that has received a blood transfusion donate blood?
do trees suffer in winter ....colds/flu/ect?
im afraid of talking to adults?
Is this normal?
When I wake up in the morning, I'm always in state of mental chaos?
i have panic attacks.....?
deppressed...alot of free time?
I am wondering if my niece is autistic?
OCD........ whats yours?
Is it safe to shower at night?
I could hardly breathe last night in bed?
why do people yorn?
What time is it?
i've not 'pooed' (sorry) for 4 days, should i be worried? (serious answers please!)?
How much sport do you do in a week ?
Does water really help?
Why di I get a huge static shock every time I go to tesco?
How do i get rid of this cold?
What is the best thing to take for a sore throat?
Grapfruit question?
I have a cold sore on the corner of my mouth why?
HELP!!! My friend keeps punching her self in the stomach really hard what can happen ?
2 questions bout going number 2 in the stool?
when did you last have a bath or a shower?
How can I get caffeine pills in the UK? What's the name of the product? Where can I buy them?
if i make myself sick, will i soon be able to do it without putting fingers down my throat?
is there some food or excercice which makes me taller?
do knee stabilizers help your knees when you jump?
can hemorrhoids cause sciatica?
my moms having lower abdonimel pains on her right side?
Dosage for Lortab for a 40 # three year old, it was prescribed to my 10 year old (85#) at 1 teaspoon?
pins an needles and hand spasms in left hand?
I need pins in my 5th metacarpal, how are they, do they hurt or irritate?
Pain reliever for Root Canal and Braces?
body feels like a giant bruise and hurts bad?
are there any medical study involving methamphetamines and m.s. or pain?
Dead Tooth Pain, I don't know if i should call oral surgeon emergency line?
oww!!! stomach ache!!?
Right side of neck and throat hurts its not sore it just hurts whats wrong?
I dont feel so good! My heart is broken and my tummy hurts!?
thigh numbness, HELP ME PLEASE IM REALLY SCARED!!!!!?
Coughing and Pregnant.?
Explain the oxygen cycle among alveoli to cells?
what structure do you find in the nose?
what nursing diagnosis can i use for a patient who is at risk for pneumonia?
Breathing problems, what could this be?
Hi, My husband is 58 has just had right middle lobe removed cancer cells left behind doctors wont do radiation?
can u suggest an affordable yet quality rhinoplasty?
What is a condition resulting from a depressed state of many vital body functions, an could be fatal?
Chest pain but no coughing?
What do i have (sick)?
How can I get my Neti-pot to work?
How do you know if you have lung infection?
What is causing this...please help?
is it too late for my lungs?
why do my bones pop as soon as I get out of bed?
i have a question about a old cut?
could sucralfate kill you?
What can i do very concerned please help!?
Can you push through asthma?
How long can someone go without health care?
i just got my emt certification?
Soccer knee injury what can i do to straighten my knee or leg fully ?!?
Why does this happen to me when I get scared?
Just hit by car help?
Have you ever made the turd swirl so much and so long that it made an O shape in the toilet bowl?
my throat is sore after rowing?
what can this lump be under my arm?
For Last three year for a certain period I can't talk anymore because I feel pain in throat during talk ,why?
WEIRD symptoms.. what is wrong with me? Stroke? Brain tumor? Stress? WHAT!?
is there a disease where you turn green?
Why does my 6 year old vommit and has no other symptoms?
Are my blood count results normal?
If I'm having diarrhea due to IBS, what foods should and shouldn't consume?
i ask my son to open his mouth and i was surprised to see his epiglottis which i never saw before. ist it norm?
Kidney Transplant Questions Please Help!?
my ears have been ringing for 5 days.?
Sounds Higher Pitched In Left Ear?
is lupus serious.........?
There's a spot on my arm that started out as two circles and then turned into a bruise?
So why is having frequent bowel movements considered to be "healthy" for your colon?
Why do i sometimes feel a heartbeat on the back of my head?
how can i regain my singing voice?
I'm 14 and i need to know if i have IBS or getting symptons that shows i'll get IBS when i'm older?
Pain behind Eye - What could it be?
I have a strange mole on my left breast?
does anybody have any at home remedies for psoriasis of the scalp?
sedated for 2 wks on ventilator after c section?
Can i listen to music if my ear hurts?
I have a very wheezy cough and having small problems catching my breath any ideas without medicene?
would this get rid of blackheads?
how to get rid of acne without washing your face everyday with acne cream that you get from the doctor ?
Can Anxiety cause my heart to beat fast. My cousin Ann just asked me to come to her Wedding in Belgium?
I ave a chronic cough. In october I had a fall and broken 2 ribs. It is painful when I cough. What shall I do?
Help!! Breast cancer diagnosis question?
What is the most sensitive area in the human heart or what area of the heart can become over sensitive?
i got a rash from taking a plaster off too quick :/?
if i cough it feels like a pain in my heart what can it be?
potty training on furosemide.?
sudocrem for achne does it work?
Broken apparatus or an unusually high heart rate?
Getting rid of an ulcer?
I have very sensitive skin and it feels like an electric shock when someone touches me. How do I fix it?
My fungal infection is beneath my big toe nail and is possibly spreading to other toes. Can I dab bleach on?
Whats the best 'over the counter' remedy for adult acne?
why do i get so many styes(sores on inner eye) and what can i do to prevent them?
wart & verrucas!?!?! thier everywhere?
scabs , sores, colesaws?
Is there any home remedy of getting Dandruff out?
Rash on lower wrist?
Anyone have a natural receipe for Dermatitis of the scalp?
Now that face transplants are possible who would you go for?
Are stretch marks Genetic ?
How Can I Get Rid Of A Spot By The Morning ???
Freezing verrucas off?
I have been wearing glasses for the last fifteen years which have left dark marks. How do I get rid of them?
Are there any suncreams that won't turn you white?
please help?
I need some simple over the counter anti-anxiety pills. please recommend. nothing addictive pls.?
Memory problems?
Spiraling out of control. How can I slow down this negative momentum?
is there some thing worng?
I have a major fear of talking in from of people (speeches/reading out loud in class) what can i do???
Can anyone who knows about bipolar disorder and treatments answer a few questions?
I met a young girl she is trying to kill her self. How do I get her help if I don't know where she is. HELP
I have been taking depakote 500mg for about a month for mania i have stopped taking are there any side effects
Emotionally, Physically..?
I need to go to sleep-finals tomorrow-but I can't! HELP?
I am having a quarter life crisis. I need advice on how to get through it.?
help me please!?
girls is it true that?
What will you swap a jar of Peak District fresh air for. Any offers???
how do i stop depression?
Controling Anxiety?
i havent been eating and i'm thinking about suicide.?
I'm so lonely and desperate, I'm thinking of putting an end to my misery...but I'm not a quitter, help
Experts please help answer?
shopping addiction?
Adderall/Psychiatrsit question?
How do you get rid of headaches?
What is the area called between the nose and upper lip?
what colour should urine be in a healthy adult?
i played tennis all day in the sun came back got really bad stomach ache and was sick 4 times?
If a deaf person swears, does their mother wash their hands out with soap and water?
Anorexia and morbid obesity?
Is piercing the top of your ear dangerous?
Is Alcohol a drug?
can you die from being heartbroken?
when u stink?
If it has a crack in it, do I need a new one?
alcohol addiction?
What is best to clean new piercings with?
my friend suffers from insomnia any ideas on how get to sleep other than knocking him out???
What would have caused my stomach upset?
im 17 and have a very hairy chest?
Why is January such a depressing month???
What is ring sting?
How many hours in between should you urinate?
recently i feel like things keep getting stuck in my throat.?
fire extiguesier inhale?
my tongue ring gets annoying is that cos its bruised?
When I wake, my fingers and toes are so swollen I cannot bend them.?
whenever i eat i end up with severe pain on right side of stomach followed by fever and nausea what causes thi?
What Is That Weird Tingling In My Leg?
would using Oxycontin for 7 months cause any long term side effects?
Why do My wrists (both) keep hurting?
9 weeks and bad headaces what can i do?
if i use Oxycotin after withdrawiling for 5 days will the withrawls start over again?
i got this pain in my body like near the center towards my back and it hurts when i breathe?
Help with getting thin (14years old)?
Numbness in my leg where I fell?
Stubbing toes hurts!!!! Why more on smaller toes?
Pain in right leg in the back from top to bottom...?
i have been facing the itchy problem in my upper palate of mouth since 10 months. I want to cure this problem?
Has anyone ever experienced this?
Is my wrist broken or torn tendon?
my throat feels like heart burn and my right ear feels like an ear ache what can this be??r=1240812209?
What remedies can i use for sinus drainage?
Is Rast dust allergy test done in Kolkata or anywhere in India?
i can't stop sneezinggg.?
I have a bruise under my toenail that doesn't seem to be growing out?
Broken nose & deviated septum-how much will insurance cover?
How do I make this huge cut under my eye go away?
Info on Axonal Brain Injuries? (Car Accident) DAI?
Muscle tension in shoulder blade area. Need advice?
How to give yourself a perminant scar without cutting yourself?
HELP !!! WHAT to do ,i'm having injures on my leg WRIST ?
low Cholesterol menu?
Can i have a stroke or heart attack at 24?
Is pain in elbo joint signs of a heart problem ?
Is this procedure necessary?
My lungs have been itching for months! Help!?
is it ok to take non prescribed ear drops when you have blood coming from your ear?
what structure do you find in the nose?
Breathing problems, what could this be?
strange chest symptoms?
I have strep throat I cant sleep and I have my Period?
smoking/outside the cold?
Side effects of Unisom?
For medical students, what exactly is "the boards"? And what is "board certification"?
My hand problems, please help!?
Really cold fingers really quickly?
What makes people accident prone?
How to make my infection go away?
AGAIN it happened so how long do I stay up.?
Really bad sunburn after getting a ankle cast off?
What could this be? Cant sleep!?
the person who brings the dead body to the morgue is called?
Does anybody know if you can take tylenol with zyrtec?
I have Alzheimer's, my question is?
Is there a chance i could get chicken pox?
Rough, dark patch of skin on my shin? :) x?
Got a spot on my lip... How do I get rid of it overnight or conceal/lessen it?
I've been ill for the last three nights. My temprature has been all over the place and i fainted yesterday..?
how tpo get rid of spots?
can anyone help me with this questions about smoking please?
lactose intolerant??????
Photo-therapy for Eczema, good or bad idea?
Strange feeling all over my body?
how do you get rid of ganglion,s?
platelets appear adequate what does it mean?
Scar on nose - How do I get rid of it?
Help with stretch marks?
do i have a perforated ear drum?
What does it mean if my heart feels like this?
What does red spots on your face mean ?
Healthy looking skin?
my eye is itching help?
Can you get a skin rash from clothing....?
if a toddler has eaten a little bit of bath crystals what should i do ?
Am I allergic to pineapples?
Am I extremely superstitious?
how can i improve my memory power and my cocentration?
i need to stop?
Self harming?
how to cure anxiety?
Massachusetts - Disability - Auditory Hallucinations?
i think my adhd may be getting worse?
i dont know what to do?
Do I have a hysteria? Or what is it?
Problem with carbohydrates and sugar?
My veins have gone really blue to green?
i feel dizzy, shakey and cold?
What do i do?! My right thigh pass my knee cap has veins like spiders and idk wat to do? Helppp. '! !!!! ?
Underweight with digestive problems?
i suffer from high blood pressure how many times a day or week should i take my blood pressure at home?
Sleep disorders: insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and night terrors...?
My fingers are really weird!! Please help??!?
i lost my voice! any remidies?
Which of the following types of muscles are striated?
L lie down all day and feel tired all the time?
What is the reason/meaning behind all this?
Are there fewer smokers, since smoking has been regulated more out in public? I HOPE SO!!!!?
Chest pain cause? please only answer if you are a Professional, know from experience, or have a resource.?
How do I get rid of gas during a sore throat?
On Rifinah tablets for latent TB and I am having difficulty breathing?
Is it good to get a Tracheostomy?
Does a sinus operation do any good?
Can I continue smoking and not have any asthma attacks?
i cannot inhale the smoke deeper inside?
shortness of breath what could it be cause from?
I'm sick. What is it?
I have no chronic cough. I feel fine. Just congestion that builds up in my chest that needs to be coughed up?
broken fluorescent lamp?
i got hurt at work,now they want me to work light duty and im still hurting,what can i do?
Cut my thumb pretty well. Should I get stitches if it is separated?
had an hyper extention on my knee?
how long will it take for this slice to heal?
How long will a broken middle finger take to heal?!?
What is wrong with my finger?
Can you tell me whats wrong with my toe?
Can I take 3 Advils and Take Motrin in less than 2 hours?
how do you break your ankle at school or at home?
bruise/bump on my foot?
Have you ever had a little one with a broken bone?
Help? Stepped on belt buckle and traumatized?
pain and hurting really bad?
im 13 years old and if i get swine flu whichi hope not do i have a high chance of dying?
Where is the swine flu?
10 Heart PVC's in one minute?? anything to worry about?
I have a serious heart issue... what would happen if I was to switch heath programs because of a job change.?
how to get diarreaha on purpose?
Help with Bad Circulation?
Malignant melanoma and lymph node removal?
What's the difference between a panic attack and a heart attack?
i have a 7.3 reading from my hospital for cholesterol and was told this is high?
hey there peeps help me please...?
does lemon juice actually work on scars?
are tea tree wipes good for a face with acne?
how to prevent spots?
Any help with rosacea question and using rozex metronidazole cream pleeeeease....?
How would you describe the final stage of life/old age?
Any truth that the HPV vaccine has been linked to causing neurological adverse reactions?
my face is very dry and itchy?can i use E45 cream on my face?
when i burst my stye the next day where I had burst turned dark brown help?!??!?
itchy rash?
white spots??
What are the effects of lying down 20 hours a day?
What's the best product to reduce swelling and bruising before and after an operation?
what is ear wax.?
Whats the best why to get rid of cold sores?
symptoms of athletes foot?
Krebs is the german for the star sign of cancer and the same for the disease cancer. Why?
my lips have funny marks on them how do i get rid of them?
my 16 year old daughter has eczema, and now her eyes are starting to swell and itch. Should she bathe them?
i`ve got a black freckle on my face, is this anything to worry about?
what is better roll on anti-perspirant or spray?
Dry dandruff, Bumps on head!?
Acne scars help me plz :(?
I got little dots in my arms...how do i get rid of it?
Is there a laser treatment for stretchmarks and what is the cost?
what can you use to soothe sun burn ?
Does anyone know any good ways how to prevent getting spots?
what diet should i be on to control my rosecea?
how to fake a stomach ache?
what is the best way to deal with stress?
at 13 how do u stop wetting the bed?
When does the smoking ban start in the UK?
r u inbred?
for health problems can marijuana be prescribed for?
Is it bad to drink coffee??? Can it affect peoples health???
what age did u stop weting the bed ?
i gave up smoking yesterday. i think that i'm doing not too bad. ?
Would you rather..... live to 150 and be miserable...?
why do we yawn?
What remedy can a 2 year old baby take to relieve painfull bowel movements?
Tips for falling asleep quickly but naturally?
What else can I eat with a sore throat... I can't take anymore soup!!?
Have you changed your life for the best now?
Risperdal question.?
Is this possible in a coma?
back and chest pain? a little coughing?
Im 18 years old with chest pain?
head prolem plz help?
I bought glasses online and they make me dizzy?
i slept with my non prescription contacts on, and now my eyes hurt?
Will i develop lazy eye?
contact lenses question?
how many hours is safe on computer for eyes?
Do I have a soy allergy? Or is this something else?
My thumb...need help...!!!?
My Toe-Nail Is Bruised & I Cant Walk - How Long Will It Take To Go Away ?
Question about a knee injury?
Lump on my outer left thigh. Should I be worried?
help with foot injury?
Possible reasons for chest pain?
do you think my thumb is broken?
I hit my thumb really hard?
After I warm up my cold hands, they sting painfully?
Doc told me I partially tore my ACL/PCL/ and Miniscus?
Pulled my hamstring today, Can I still go to work?
How will doctor fix my thumb after my fracture being undiagnosed after 5 weeks after accident?
Slammed my fingernail in window had the blood drained at hospital now nail is completey black should i remove?
What is the treatment for tendonitis(as theapy,not right after working out)-heat or cold?
Distal Radius Fracture? Treatment/Complications?
Ankle aching after bruising?
Can having an epidural give you back problems for the rest of your life?
if i had a confirmed concussion how will i know if my brains swelling?
When I leave a job, when does my health insurance run out?
I'm always thirsty at night!?
why might products of softdrink be related to current health problems?
Should I stay home from school tommorow?
Why is my saliva so thick? Glandula fever, can't breath properly. ?
Does adderal medication make you not be able to sleep?
Is this a sleeping problem?
Does this happen to everyone? Or just me?
Any ideas for supposed gas constipation?
Does anyone know any websites that explain the arrangement of medical supplies in the back of an ambulance?
how can you get help for health insurance,if your unemployed and cant afford any health insurance in colorado?
so do you fold or crumple?
Half awake and Half asleep?
i need help finding my social worker?
Why have my lips been so tight and thin for the last couple of days?
i used ecstasty one time can that hurt me ,and can it stay in my spinal cord forever and can it come back on?
i have blood loss to my finger !?
can i get weed cleared out of my system in 5 days?
White hydrocodone 10 MG with a italic "V" on there?
my girfriends right lower side hurts and feels like throwing up feels kinda of nausea is it her appendix?
What could this be???
back pains and pains in abdorminal?
i would like to know is tramadol is better than lodine or is it the other way around?
Strange feeling in my neck?
I have pain in my neck and shoulders on the right and that side of my face feels numb. Also I can't lay back.?
can extra strength tylenol an addictive drug? for a "recovering" addict?
what could cause this pain?
Please help me, my head is killing me?
Is there a way i can fix flat ribs? Because my left side is fine but my right side is a little bit flatter.?
symptom: pain in palm of hand?
Pain in my ribs sometimes?
Unusual chest cramps...what could be causing them?
How to get rid of so much tension..?
How dangerous is swine flu compared to seasonal flu?
first smoke of weed tonight?
Can anyone tell me who takes old spectacles for re-cycling?
Why do i go red so much?!?
Do you feel good or bad when you've overeaten?
Is it possible for a person to get shorter?
How many times do you need to take a bath a week?
Does anyone know if there are any long term effects of glue sniffing?
What is the ideal temperature of a healthy adult human?
any ideas on how to give up smoking?
Trying Weed/Pot/Grass/Marijuana at 13?
Why was my sister told to remove her nail varnish before going for surgery?
What causes yellow colouring around the eyes?
If I tell my doctor about my rape will she tell my parents and tutors?
How many actually think medicine pills are healthy for them?
Should I see a Dr about a tiny new mole that has appeared on my chest after very bad sunburn?
Should i have a cig?
whats the best thing for sunburn?
how to avoid the bad smell sweating?
My 8 year old basset has a lump on his face that is oozing!! HELP ME PELEASE!!!?
Are there any home remedies you can recommend for herpes...?
itchy rash red spot on my neck skin what is it?