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I'm so scared!!! (anorexia)?
Sorry but need advice!?
Why do i go to the toilet so much.?
Is it bad to wear socks for more then 2 weeks?
urine infection? please help???
Unable to breathe? Brain damage?
Should I get back on the Meds?
I'm always gettin called a scank or a freak in skool & if sum1 c's me they run away as if i'm sum disease?
Do noses ever stop growing?
constipation advice?
whats the best home remedy for sinus trouble?
hiv & want kids?
what is the best way to get rid of flu?
what does inflamation mean ?
What is a good flu remedy?
Swine flu virus helpline?
Can you get aids from drinking alcohol with Glandular fever?!?
which flu is more dangerous, swine flu or seasonal flu?
i have worms, if i kiss my girlfriend will she get worms too?
2 flies went into my eye, should i be worried?
i have a rash between my legs and has a red ring around it?
i have acne on my back??
Cures for shaving rash on legs?
Insanely itchy scalp!?
What can i do to help my skin?
a cure for psoriasisplease?
Has anyone experienced any effective treatments for scalp and trunk psoriasis?
Will drinking only water every day get rid of my spots, or should i go to the docs and ask for pills?
I have really itchy legs! Help!?
why red blotches and itchy scalp?
if you had a heart dieseas what kind of pains would you feel in your arm?
should you take amlodipine with hyzaar another blood pressure medicine?
what should i do?
since i reached my limit for answering questions how about u guys answer mine?
Anyone has borderline personality disorder? What is it like?
Am i depressed?
Treatment plan for drug addiction?
Question about Lexapro?
why do i always think of death?
how do u no if u have a social disorder?
wellbutrin, neurontin, and seroquel?
Panic Attacks and sleep?
Clues to Substance abuse?
what are these symptoms...?
Living in the past?
Expired Anti Depressants?
HELP: SCARED/Anxiety/depression/Wellbutrin?
free psychologists?
motivation help?
I'm 4 months pregnant nd depressed. Help?
My 3 year old has severe kidney reflux & now has blood in his urine but no water infection. What's wrong?
Can Boston C Triton Herbs really cure cancer?
Does anybody know a cure for Multi environmental chemical sensitivity?
Cross Vision Health Risk?
Does rosacea tretment also remove facial hari?
i am 49 male , i have a white pigment under my eye?
What does a hernia look like?
the skin around my nails always look rough and hard and look like its peeling?
give a short summary of the aetiology, predisposing and maintatining factor and symptoms of COPD?
concerned about eye?
gout its as horrible as its name.?
headaches and tired?
Does anyone know where to buy Proactiv in Los Angeles?
Should i see a doctor about my liver?
"If A Nurse Ever Comes Down With an Illness and is unable to perform her duties because of this<<See Below>>?
Does the father get Drug tested?
Random Headaches that come and go?
What is a disease/condition/illness that makes you extremely....?
Are there any new treatments for IBS with diahrrea?
Strange neurological symptoms?
im having small type of shivering. is having beer good for removing my shivering?
Certain sounds are painful to hear?
I had a positive cocaine in urine drug test, 147ng/ml. yet I never use any illegal drugs.?
Ear Ringing Relief - where I can get one?
the bone at the back of my palm swells, a small lump just below the wrist joint?
Tight, cramped feeling BEHIND eyes and shooting pains in head?
why do my ears keep ringing?
I think I have a problem, maybe OCD?
Does this sound like blood in my diaherria?
My bones are too small to support all my tendons?
I just choked on a pill now I'm scared to take them again...?
Is it bad to crack my upper back?
Can i adjust to next to know sleep?
what is the therapeutic value of Badam pisin?
I work graveyard shift, have enough sleep, I exercise, but still extremely tired...help?
What is wrong with me?!?
ear infection about four weeks ago I still have tinnitus but something is wrong.?
none of my food has taste and when i chew i get nauseous i have dropped 48 lbs in 6 weeks?
Should I take sleep medication?
I have been having this continuous feeling of wanting to puke, but it last all day and night. Any idea?
know where i can find willow tea?
My sister has constant twitching!!?
Rook piercing hurts really bad-- infection?
Diuretics and blood pressure?
Why do I feel so cold?
Chills and whole body hurting?
Chest hurts when I cough?
Am I going to die!?!?!?!?
Is there any posibility of repeated H1N1 infection ?
Cough remedies? EZ 10 PTS!!?
is cough suppressant bad for you?
I have BPD. The symtoms extremely prominate. Serious people only?
Help! I was sitting around a fire last night and now my lungs really hurt, i cant sleep!?
I go to the Dr. to see if I have asthma ?
need sore throat gone by tomorrow.?
i cant take deep breaths anymore...?
is cough 1 of early hiv symptom?how to know cough caused by throat or lung infection?
after waking from coma are you aloud to go home within 3 hourss?
While in care center on meds for Renal failure, does this help at all? or does one have to have Dialyisis?
what's worse to breath in weed or cigarettes?
Bed Bugs or Fleas..? Can Anyone Help?
Stress fracture still hurting?
Banged my head sledding last night?
my nose start bleeding while I was lifting weights earlier?
Girls, I have Spina Bifida, what would you do with me?
I want to know if i dislocated or just sprained my thumb ?
i keep waking up with cuts on my fingers. what does this mean?
Is it possible for an adult to roll over onto a nonambulatory infant and cause a spiral femur fracture?
Neck injury while sledding...?
Leg extensions after ACL reconstruction?
when i push my index finger down, why does my ring finger hurt?
front sole of foot has been hurt?
What is wrong with my heal?
knee pain advice pleasee?
I am using Oxytetracyline tablets and I need some questions answering about it!!?
Does having the injections Hep A, Tetnus,Polio and Dictheria hurt? I think it comes in 1/2 injections?
Braces-invisible braces (invisalign)?
what is the brand name for serevant inhaler?
Can I take Penecillin?
what is normal ?
medical issue?
why do feet peel?
What causes an individual who has a Blood Pressure and asthma history to consistently need blood transfusions?
Does anyone know what CITAPHRAM is?
When i was young, i was told that...
why does pineapple make my tongue sore?
smoking at young age?
Ive had hiccups for about 20 mins now. Tried everything I can think of to get rid. Whats your remedy.?
Should you go to the doctor if you have a cough with lumpy green phlegm? (yuck I know!)?
dry skin???
Why are smokers more targeted than drinkers??
I'm short! Is there anything I can do to try and help me grow a couple of inches?
what would 5 ft 11 be in metres?
Am I really that short? Be honest?
Does anyone else get this?
Is it OK and safe to swallow..................?
I don't mean to be rude, but. . . . . . . . . . .?
what does it mean when your stomach really grumbles loude and is very uncomfortable??
Medical question??
I am 27 years old and wanna get taller!!!!! Im 153cm and 8 stone.?
When your friends are drunk do you look after them?
to all drinkers?
i have terrible trouble getting to sleep every night,?
painin chest!!?
Why do my kidneys hurt?
Do you find hiccups funny or annoying in other people or funny or annoying when you have them?
i was wondering ... please someone help me :)?
how do i prevent a hangover?
Why don't people care whether smoking is harmful to their health or not?
whats better : 2 weeks or one month contact lens?
Eye-sight problem after cataract surgery.?
Hi I have this layer of gunk in my eye?
I see orange in one eye, and green in the other, what do I have?
How could I get rid of costochondritis?
If I happen to get up early, I have a headache and feel sick.?
Is it possible for 'growing pains' to last for 16 years?
I have my period for 4 weeks now and it is really heavy one minute then the next its not I also get head ache?
every time i cough or move in a certain way inside my rib hurts , my ribs dont hurt me when i touch them?
Is this nerve pain, muscle pain, or what?
wierd leg pains after bike accident?
I have this pain in right leg on the upper right leg when i walk or stand on it and its been a week?
my moms right knee hurts badly?
I've been having pain in my big toe joint when I run, begins as mild ache & then to throbbing. Any idea? Help!?
dose ankle surgery hurt?
Sharp pain in my right sholder.?
hunching makes my back feel better?
Omg, help i really need it!! my left eye hurts!?
Someone please help me!(headaches everyday plus sore neck)?
headache caused by my eyes?
I've been sick after having surgery. Why?
My wrist hurts! What can I do for it?
what could this possibly be? my girlfriend is getting abdominal pains?
My head hurts, what do I do?
How do doctors test for things like glucose in your blood test?
What causes hot ears?
Tapeworm problem...; plez help!?
my cousin is in a bubble!!! litterally!!?
Mucus build-up is really beginning to bother me...?
I am experiencing several symptoms of digestive problems?
my boyfriend has ptsd. he is getting treatment for it right now.?
What are some of the symptoms of excessive exercise addiction and withdrawal?
my puppy is 3 month old ,hasn't received rabies shot,from 3 days it eats very little & refuses to drink water?
am i malnourished..........?
If you only have a bowel movement once or twice a week?
how to increase my tsh level?
My Right eye hurts when I close it. What can I do & what is it?
What would you tell the doctor if you wanted a prescription for Xanax?
23 year old newly diagnosed with fibromaylgia?
my left eye is really red and burning?
my father is dying from kidney failure from chronic alcohol usage. what should i expect in his last days?
Tested positive for EBV....?
I feel like there is a extra layer of something in one of my ears that makes it weird,i'm getting worried?
Best thing for strep under bad conditions?
Tonsil stones treatment?
What is the best medicine for people who have panic attacks?
i get deppressed very soon n i cant controle my anger too?
I have been taking Effexor for ii days and I am not sleeping well and feel tired all the time wil this end?
Reboxetine (Edronax, Vespra) for ADHD and focus.?
i cant sleep?
how does this work...?
I've been feeling really depressed ever since Mother's Day?
will a low dose of risperdal still make you gain weight?
Question about morphine?
Swine flu please help?
Should I go back on Effexor XR?
Adderal, people that have had it work for them, I have question?
who am i???!!!!?
can missing a few days of taking Prozac cause big mood swings?
what do i do bout the cutting?
I have the pig flu- what now?
can germs live on bar soap?
How to stay awake for 48hrs while studying?
mums been sectioned and sis in care.... can i apply to be her carer?
How do I stop my panic disorder? is that even what it is?
I am growing to become afraid of food?
can you go on a plane with tonsillitis?
need help w/self-confidence & insecurities?!?
What's the best way to get rid of a cold ASAP?
i just had a mental depression about my changing into a worse person ... plz help?
if you think u have a viral infection?
Am I entitled to the flu vaccine?
Why is flu away blamed on the animals..?
What are the symptoms for swine flu?
What could a drop in your white blood cell count mean?
what is htlv?
I keep getting large, inflamed spots on my shoulders - help!?
I have really sweaty hands and it is really gross got any suggestions to get rid of the sweat?
My friend has a lump on her cheek which could be described as a cyst, what else can it be?
Has anyone heard of primary binocular sclerosis of the liver where as your immune system attacks your liver.?
what is sickle cell trait?
I just became Bulimic why is it the first time I made myself vomit do i feel so shakey???
does anyone know where I can find info on platinum cancer drug nedaplatin and 2-picoline Pt???? help!!!!?
what type of microorganism causes flu?
what is the connection between the lymph and the blood?
What was your longest case of hiccups?
could this be Swine Flu?
I heard that if you have medical conditions you are more likley to get and die from swine flu, I have Colitis?
3 times in 36 years i have spit up just one each time of the little yellow alveloi up.?
Why am I still coughing after a cold?
could i sell my eyes and lung to any particular hospital or there is any website , where i could sell them?
Im Very Sick please HELP!?
is it true that asthmatics, or at least some asthmatics carry epipens for asthma ?
Too much smoke or no?
need help quiting smoking?
What are the causes of nose bleeds?
Why am I breathing hard after jumping around for 5 seconds?
Ear lobe infection please help?
Any good tasting cough drops out there?
If i had a disease would the symptoms gets worse?
my sis told me that my dad has blood infection and that has fever for over a month now,but, he still goes to w?
Information about the Respiratory System?
Sore throat and tonsils help..?
Vibe It sound transducer brain injury?
I think i pulled a muscle in my groin hurts when i get up to walk when laying down it just hurts really bad?
Head did hurt after sledding last night?
Um, I'm unsure of what this is?
is it safe to play football wearing a knee brace with a torn meniscus?
numbness in nose after a fall?
I have had my cheeks pierced for about 6-7 months, my left cheek starting hurting 3 days ago on christmas...?
i slammed my finger in the door and my fingernail looks horrible! what should i do?!?!?
Is it fractured or.... ?
my nose start bleeding while I was lifting weights earlier?
Are Touch Screens bad for your fingers?
I want to know where I can find a good self hypnosis video...?
Weird Discoloration on my skin?
My 3 yr son suffers from headaches at night.He cries a lot and holds his forehead.His temperature rises .?
It's 4:12 in the morning where I live, and...?
help formulating nursing diagnosis?
I have a feeling that pop rocks are in my throat?
my finger is bleeding VERY bad. and is falling a sleep!?
Can hernia's kill you? i NEED TO KNOW?
lice shampoo made my hair lighter and easier to handle?
I feel very ill after drinking Spike (energy drink) and can't eat anything, throwing up..?
i woke up with neck hurting and left side pain on the rib no injury what could cause this?
sleeping... i cant sleep on a night but when i do i cant wake up?
simvastatin what is it used for and it's side effects?
whats it mean if your heart tightnes?
how long does it take to get heparin out of the body?
how can you stop sneezing?
occupational therapist?
I feel a bit tired. How do you feel?
against people who binge drink/alchohol etc?
is obesity not a mental illness?
What happens if I stop antibiotics after the first intake?
are my hangovers normal?
what is the effect of stress on pulse rate(specific please)?
what is the effect of Ethnic background on pulse rate?(specific please)?
Have you ever delayed going to the toilet (number 2) to the point where you had a turtle head poking out?
where do people get weed from?
What height is considered tall for a women? ?
Smoking help! Will the cravings ever end?
what causes pins and needles?
Any good suggestion for stopping my husband's snoring?! (before I break his nose!)?
what oil is used in oil-filled radiators? and could it cause an allergy?
Have I overdosed on paracetamol and if so what should I do?
whats the most painful thing you've ever endured?
I have taken EVERY over the counter drug plus Rozerem to sleep instead of Serequel.?
Why do people get mouth ulcers? I have a big one on my lip and cheek and tongue!?
My feet are cold where what would you suggest I do?
can recurrent urinary infections cause kidney problems?
Ficticious Doctors?
does any one know of any one that suffers from rasmussen's syndrome?
QE ll welwyn or chase farm enfield?
what can I expect from a first massage apointment?
Which body parts contain the most nerve ending?
My friend has a problem with sweating?
Why are my toes numb?
HELP, i need to be up at 6.30am in the morning for a meeting, but my alarm clock has Gone bust?
what are the best foods to eat when you have a cold?
how do i make myself sick?
i hear a ringing in my right ear when ever its silent or when i go to bed
How do you know if you have an ulcer?
i lost feeling in my body it feels numb what should i do?
how do i stop my nervous shaking?
Is this the start of Bulimia?
My AST=165, ALT=301 what does that mean and reasons for such high level and cure?
I'm 13 years old and I have a something connecting the foreskin to the "head" and I was wondering is that norm?
Blood on my toilet paper?
I was prescribed neurontin for being anxious it's doing nothing?
Do i have acid reflux and kidney stones?
how to cure my lost voice quick?
I didnt know what else to put this under so..... Eyes?
how high are my chances of retinal detachment?
What's causing me to have black stool?
does having inactive TB prevent some one from getting gastric bypass surgery?
Medical Related: Arm goes numb from time to time.?
Thyroid blood levels?
swollen ankles is that bad?
What are these the symptoms of?
I have a problem with my ears?
does allergies sometimes come with a temperature?
If fried eggs give me a bad stomachache does that mean I am allergic and can't have a flu shot?
sneezing,could it be an allergie?.?
Did anyone ever get a side effect from anti-depressants such as hives?? I have a really bad case?
why do i have hives how do i get rid of them?
is cracking your neck good for you?
what may be the problem?
I have been having chest pain..?
Hurt my leg help!!!!?
should i go to the doctor?
So.. How much pain does this actually involve (ACL)?
I have a pain in my chest and in my forearms?
how do you get rid of a concussion headache?
I had dreamt that i had stomach pain. Help....?
Im 14 and get pains...please answer! forst decent answer picked stright away as best...?
Spinal tap leading to tail bone pain? ?
My eyes hurt from sleeping! What can I do?
Friend just had appendectomy? ?
Why am i having severe stomache pain?
what medicine is use to cure knee pains?
Sharp, shooting head pain, please help?
how can we improve our confidance?
I can't find a reason to live!! I always feel lonely among my friends. What should i do?
HELP!! i'm having problems with stress and need advice!!?
Hearing voices?
vitamins for restoring memory in elders?
do i have bpd??
Boring During Summer?
Why does hypomania bipolar II cause high divorce rates. Is thier studies, support groups, web site help?
How many people have high anxiety/apprehension and/or panic attacks while traveling?
whoever has ocd?
Am i really depressed?
Writing about a Character with severe mental illness?
Paranoid or truly Persecuted for no good reason?
Are there any people on here who are in college and smoke on a daily basis?
I have intense fear of snakes. How should I overcome it?
clear contacts prescription different from clear contacts?
how do you get little bumps on your skin to go away?
Help blisters hurt!!!?
what are the after affects of surgery for eye cataracts?
anyone got any ideas?
has anyone got any advice for me i have been told that I may have temporal arteritis?
why do you shrink as you get older?
Lately I have had a pain in my mid sternum and a horrible bloated feeling, no I haven't overeaten.?
Need info and feedback from people who have had RAI~?
what does bilateral neprholithiasis mean?
Film Hardy Candy, can anyone explain?...?
best curry choice for lactose intolerant guest?
How do i make my cold worse?
Do you think i had swine flu?
Is it really true that you get colds from going out in cold weather?
how do u get swine flu?
getting rid of a cold without medication?
how can you tell if you have scabies?
Should i go to doc...............?
Do I have to see the doctor for what I think is thrush?
Common cold and rest.?
what diseases can raw sewage carry to humans?
Will swine flu combine with bird flu in Asia?
Are anorexics at a higher risk of swine flu?
I have Swine Flu, Tomoz will be the day i finish my Tamiflu Course. Can i go to school?
how many people in UK have died from swine flu WITHOUT underlying health problems?
Does flu make you lose your appetite?
is the health of the pupils at risk?
should i wear a face mask on the plane to protect against swine flu?
I Got Real Bad Back Acne, Any Advice On Getting Rid Of It?
Any tips to get rid of a spot?
Best cream to get rid of acne ?
Do I have a respiratory disorder?
I have asthma, what should my diet be like?
Do I have asthma???????????????????????????????
what are some illnesses that include needing blood?
I have asthma, if i take two more puffs of abuterol what will happen?
I Am having horrible Chest pains- what is the cause? for peole who have had it-symptoms of swine flu?
why is macrobid contraindicated in renal function less than 60?
Can I run a mile at my school while I have Bronchitis?
what can you do for a sinus infection?
I have a really bad sore throat!?
I'm having trouble breathing!!!!!???
Pain in upper right chest?
Side effects from 50 mg. of Topamax daily?
Chest pains when breathing in deeply?
what harm can second hand marijuana smoke do?
New Grad Respiratory Therapist For Travel?
I have swine flu and chest pain? Help?
Which is worse for you?
should i get the H1N1 shot if i already have pneumonia?
Does anyone know on a pulmonary functuon how long you have to breath in second wise blow out how many seconds?
what side effects of medications causes affects on breath?
do you think i have high blood pressure?
What are effective remedies for stomach pain as to your knowledge?
i have an extra lobe on my lung can you please explain this?
shin splints for years.... how to get rid of it?
does being dehydrated make you shaky?
Why does my lower Left rib hurts so bad.?
My mother in law is addicted to painkillers.?
i was diagnosed with iga nephropathy. i have a few questions about it?
can Imodium turn your stools black?
had blood work done why would my mono % be low?
Either something is wrong with me or I'm going crazy.?
what is arthritis and the cure?
do I have water intoxication?
gas in stomach after gastric bypass surgery?
please help me asap.........?
My junk be drippin' and it hurts?
I need help immediately.....???
How come i have a black neck?
HELP, why is this headache lasting this long?
HELP! My sister drank too much water!!?
Food Poisoning? I dont know what it is?
Can you die from acid reflux disease ?
procardia for blood pressure?
does anyone have problems taking diabetes medication called metmorfin?
weak heart :S .......?
paxil question reguarding children?
is this normal?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
A health concern question - positive input only please.?
Heart burn from taking mixed pills!?
Stop and go heartbeat - seen the?
does lettuce thicken the blood?
After i smoked some zona i felt high every day what could it mean?
Why do i have pains in the tips of my fingers?
personal hygiene...............?
tired and dizzy after gallbladder removal?? This is awful...?
My cast is causing soreness in arch of my foot and heel, normal?
Can CMV affect you for a lifetime?
Tea brand without fluoride?
I'm sick and need 2 be better by 2 morrow please please help?
What's going on with me?? What do you think?
what are the syptoms of depression?
can i mix paroxetine with effexor xr together?
help finding grants/funding to buy a sleep number bed. It's the only bed where I can sleerp with my sever back
how do i talk to my doctor?
I'm feeling a lot of resentment, disappointment and guilt over lost women friendships - is this normal?
i want improve my confidence so what i do?
I Need Psychological and Psychiatric Help?
Please help?What should i do?
If your suicidal younger relative is coming to live with you while being in a treatment program, what to do?
My eyes Hurt.My heart is breaking i took six medicated celexia(anti-depressants)i cut myself already,........?
what causes the immune system not to work,?
Help I need legs protecter when I am in bed I suffer with pressure pains in my legs&feet?
What is the worst that can happen as a result of L3 and L4 prolapsed discs?will they fix themseives with time?
what would cause purple spots on my face and dark circles?
GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY. Before the surgeon cuts the intestines, he pulls out a fatty apron called the omentum.
did you answer ms does it always means wheelchair?
what are the symptoms of artheritis?
what causes needlelike sharp pains in shoulder blade?
my lower back is sore.... :(?
My sister's arm has been hurting since last friday?
my knees hurts from getting out of the pool?
please help me about getting flexible in my lower back and legs?
How can I legthen my fingers?
dull ache in my left knee?
Help with a shoulder problem???
how to deal with a headache?
i hurt my hip!!!help!!!?
Pain On Bottom Of Feet?
How can you heal sore legs?
My neck is killing me?
Do these exersices really work?
Why are my toes numb and give me sharp pains?
hip (maybe joint) pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Please read and answer!!!! ?
sore back of neck and back?
i keep getting lower stomach pain?
why does my throat hurt only at night.?
Why is my knuckle creaking?
does anyone know what is going on with my arm?
my bf has messed up his knee what can he do?
how long will it heal?
does being skinny and not having alot of fat on your body make it easier to dislocate bones?
weight-bearing increases the formation of bone in fracture-healing?
How long should some one with broken bone in elbow stay off work?
any exercise I can do with a hip/mild back injury?
anyone know how long..........?
I think i twisted my ankle. What should I do?
why does my muscle turn over?
If you are blind from birth what do you dream of?
COlored contacts. 2nd question?
Is there a cure for insomnia?
are the mosquitos in the Gloucester, MA beach dangerous?
What's wrong with my ears?
what is this??????????
I know you can inherit Alzheimers if your mom has it but what if your grandma has it?
Can I get Alzheimers if my Grandma on my dad's side has it?
Where can I get help for tinnitus?
Tumor, Surgery, Irritation HELP!?
Where do I get Thyroid medication?
Xanax, how long does it keep working after taking one pill?
where to find a medical doctor?
if you feel tired tell a remedy to get strong?
Health Disorder symptoms- blood in vomit, and headache. help?
Antidepressants isn't working for me?
How can I tell if my Lhasa Apso anal glands are swollen?
Extreme Dizziness: Possible Causes?
yeast infection under the arm?
Breath in while you inhale!!?
Everytime i blow my nose, my head hurts, bad? is it sinus?
my nose is constantly blocked everyday. i cant breath sometimes and every time i blow it i sneeze?
Is ear hissing/ringing normal with an ear infection?
Where can i smoke other than inside?
What to do about H1N1?
can u remove a birth mark?
my face is really itchy what shall i do ?
Is this eczema or what?
Is there a name for this skin condition that I have?
I have a big spot on my chin, but it's INSIDE my skin?
What around the hosue is a good Antiinflammatory ?
ive got a rash on both my arms that is really itchy?
Any way to help heal eczema?
!! HELP !!All my chicken pox spots look like they have puss in them, is this a good or bad sign??!?
The Sun.....it burns!?
How do you get really clear skin?
Wart Problem - Had For Three Years!?
is it safe to use dermovate ointment on your skin for ecezma whist pregnant?
My 2yr old daughter has a red rash on her face,arms and legs?
Glandular fever?
Questionnaire on Chickenpox?
Natural ways of removing acne scars?
camera down throat what it like?
ITCHY ELBOWS!!!!!! please help me =(?
how do I get rid of dandruff for a week?
Please could you sign this Petition?
thermal heat patches?
swine flu is at the school my brother goes to...?
What is Spanish influenza?
Swine flu pandemic...going down the 1918 road?
Can bad chickenn kill:P? IM SO SCAREDD :( please help me!?
MOUTH ULCER, please help!!?
why cant antibotics cure viral diseases?
how long does it take to self clear hepititis C (type 1)?
How long should i stay at home from school if i have swine flu.?
What is swine flu, what are the symptoms and how is it spread?
my 4yr old son is being treated for swine flu but he hasnt been given tamiflu hes been given penycillin why is?
will i get swine flu ?
Had 3 injections yesterday one for swine flu one for flu and one for pneumonia.....?
Is tonsilitus contageous?
Serious answers for acne treatment!?
Where in the UK can I sell my blood?
What is the best lotion to use against head lice?
how do u shake a drug test when u know ur gonna come up positive?
is there an over the counter medicine for stress that works?
Why are my pupils always dilated?
how can i look older?
Should I go home from work?
I'm 18 and just can't give up smoking... have being trying for a year...?
why do our fingers go wrinkly when we have been in the water for a long time?
do you need your appendix?
how to cure a sore througt :(?
Secret remedy for hangovers?? dont say water and paracetamol, something origal and that works!!!!?
Are there any drugs(prescription or otherwise) that aid memory recall or help learning?
i have burnt my lower leg and had it dressed by a nurse?
Do you find yourself subconciously "jiggling" your leg up and down?!?
How do I get my appetite back?
Is there a pschological reason why popping bubblewrap is so fun?
i have always wondered this question and now i can finally ask lol...............?
Ugh, I hate my nose!?
I have irritable bowel syndrome. My stomach is so fat I am asked constantly am I pregnant.?
How can you tell the difference between a head cold and allergies/hayfever?
blisters and itchy legs for 1 yr now HELP!?
Dry blotchy skin?
pls help me cold uriticaria in hands?
my mother in law aged 62 has cervical spondylosis, she has excruciating pain in neck , also?
Eek! i've got a rash!?
can any body give me advise on my feet hard skin quickly builds up i wash and cream but in sandals yuk?
where can a person get therepy for injeries?
I burnt my mouth really bad last night and now my skin is peeling... is it ok to drink? [details]?
Is this something to be worried about?
laser eye surgery: do you have do it once every five years? or once in a lifetime?
what is the best thing for sore lips?
this is kinda weird..........?
my ear feels like if it needs to pop?
Why do I always twitch right before I fall asleep?
ear piercing infection.?
How can i get my voice back by today?
Is orally-supplemented Melatonin a placebo?
starting to feel pain in the middle of my palms below my middle fingers and when i sleep my hands go numb?
Why do i have this whiteish thing in the back of my mouth/throat and it worries me,anyone know what it is?
I got my pupils dilated today and ever since my right eye has been blurry upclose is this normal?
What is a pelvic w/IVT exam?
Can you join the military with aortic stenosis?
Life Threating Please Help!?
Did I have a heart attack?
139 heartbeat is this bad?
is pacemakers & defibrillators one unit when put in?
can hyperventilation cause heart disease?
How do you kiss properly? I am so nervous and scared and shy?
i looked at depression and migraines on the internet and i started crying :-(?
i need to forget who i am in order to function in reality. help would be nice.?
anyone experience extreme night sweats on ssri meds?
Two anti-anxiety medications together dangerous?
I think I might have borderline personality disorder....?
How do I reach out for help if I have an eating disorder?
Chances of child being mentally ill or alcoholic?
ADD (attention deficit disorder)?
Do Borderliners possess self love like normal people? if not then what are the implications?
help please ? ?
When x = –2?
well am really bored and in the mood for a relaxing spa treatment.?
i am soo severely depressed and I do not know what to do?
Ultimate fear of being alone?
Are these signs of schizophrenia?
is there a therapist/counselor out there that is willing to help me? I'm 16 and I don't have money to pay
if i apply a small amount of tea tree oil 2 my patches of psoriasis will it help??
Can atheletes foot lead to swollen groin lymph nodes?
Food poisoning or something else? (Don't read if grossed out easily)?
Following gallbladder surgery, how long before I will be on a somewhat normal diet?
What causes Dizziness when standing?
can a rehab center come to a home and take the person away ?
Blood when I used the RESTROOM?
feeling tingly when drinking alcohol?
What is obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)?
Why are my toes and hands always cold?
Bumps in neck and groin, don't have money to visit doctor?
spina bifita occulta with small lump on back tailbone and lower back painful?
I need to know how to relieve extreme sinus pressure!?
does renal scarring same as glomerulosclerosis?
Bump on lower left part of head, any ideas what it is?
Is this a non epileptic seizure? Please help me...?
What does glassy eyes and an cold stomach mean?
What are causes of pain in left side kidney area that hasn't responded to antibiotics?
im diagnosed with ADEM....?
bowel movements? help!?
Why do my knees hurt and crack?
I have a Sore thigh but i haven't hurt or slept on it and it hurts to move my leg forward?
what can cause the back of my neck to be swollen?
What causes migraines and what triggers them?
What could my pain in my side be?
I have a dull pain in my lower right abdomen and it hurts when I push there- is this serious?
Why does my shin hurt and what can I do to fix it?
What foods cure a migraine?
Extreme neck pain, help me?
Bad pain in upper back. A couple questions? Please?
what can i take as a pain reliever and is this pain gonna last long?
What stores sell this...at a reasonable price?
major knee problems!!!!!!!!!!?
Extreme Sinus Pain while flying.., what should i do?
if i am taking valium- my doctor said I can take hydrocodone for pain -only 1 10mg tab -is this true?
weird pain left arm? 18 yrs old..?
My back has been hurting when i wake up in the morning, how can i relieve the pain?
will i have possiblity to get rabies?
Whats the best way to get rid of ingrowing hairs from your lip and chin?
how many sick days can be taken without needing a doctors note?
Afraid of Pulmonary Embolism please help?
What is this lump which has suddenly appeared on the back of my hand?
Do I have bad acne??????????????????????????????????
What are some good quality spot treatments that I can buy in the UK?
Hemorrhoid? HELP PLEASE.?
Spots: should I use freederm and why?
What is a panic attack?
how serious is a pituitary brain tumor?
Hot skin flushes - whats the solution or how to reduce?
Top of scalp hurts!!?
What's the best treatment for swollen glands?
i had chest infection my gp gave me intibiotics then after 5 days gp told me my infection is gone but i still?
Is this anything to worry about and what is it?
What if I don't want a paracetamol?
Why do we get warts, how do we get rid of them?
Stopping smoking - need advice!?
I got punched in the bottom left side of my head?
what happened to my ear?
If you have a knee medial menisc prothesis, you can still make sports like cycling without risk?
Can i take surgery to relocate my finger?
what do i do about a cut?
Mysterious bruises appeared after surgery?
Why did my whole body go numb when I did a back bend?
do i have nerve damage?
treatment for lumbar stenosis?
lumbar spinal stenosis is what i have?
Can I still do sports?
I have been receiving WC checks for a lower back injury.?
Is it okay for me to talk to the Workman's Comp Nurse?
I have high blood pressure but it drops in the afternoon. Why does it do this?
ok please help i think i'm having a stroke/heart attack?
How much would an emergency pericardial drainage hurt?
Natural/ Home remedies for asthma?
tonsillitis, breathlessness?
3 weeks of stuffed nose and cough?
Help, I have the swine flu..?
How can not getting enough sleep affect your immune system?
Whats a cure for gagging?
What's the song called that goes "tell me how can you sleep,how can you breath,i hatre it when you say....."?
pain in middle of chest?
What is the benefit of having a respiratory therapy degree and registered nurse degree?
Im sick need help :(?
How long should I wait until seeing the doctor for my cough?
i have been diagnosed with having small lungs what does that mean?
My mom keeps coughing?
This phenylephrine I bought seems to have no effect on my nasal congestion or runny nose at all. Suggestions?
GIRLS ONLY!!!!! Sweat rash.....?
I have two red patches on either side of my mouth which are very dry. What are they?
will i bleed to death if i clip off a skin tag?
Red rash on my stomach!?
Dry skin on the face!!?
Please help me get rid of my acne?
Does getting a tan make stretch marks more or less obvious?
How do I get rid of my spots?
What are the first signs of chickenpox in a child aged 9?
Mole removal cost...?
anyone else have hypochondria?
every time i go out in the sun i end up with very small spots on my chest and back a few days later.?
Whats the best product for spots uk?
Showering at night VS. in the morning?
How long does a scab heal?
ive got ridges in my nails and wondering what caused it?
can you be suicidal without being depressed?
Could someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!?
Could I have adhd/depression/bipolar mania?
Strange red mark on my hand from using the computer too much, how can i get rid of it?
Does a child with meales have photophobia?
Cold sore- please describe it to me?
I have acne what counter products should I use?
I feel ill, what have i got?
How can i cure asthma completely?
What is causing my metalic taste ?
why does my heart rate go up alot for 20-30 seconds, randomly ???!!?
How can I get rid of phlegm?
I can't get my contact out I need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What the easiest way to change things?
if you have blue veins that are popping out near your eyebrow wat does that mean.?
Has anyone in Chicago heights here , ever been to AUNT MARTHA'S health clinic?
I have no health insurance but need medical advice?
How Would You Fix the Healthcare System?
falling asleep to much, every time i have suger i get super tired! and want to go to bed?
How do I Make lips smaller and thinner?
I am short & long sighted , I use 3 spectacles- reading/TV/outing , is Lasik surgery can solve my problem ?
weird attacks where i feel like fainting and my legs and arms start to feel weak?
my wife hit her head Wednesday and today she had noticed new bruising under her eyes is that a problem?
Acid Reflux and GERD problem?
what causes brain tumors?
How do i get rid of this smell?
What is the difference between alzeihmers and dementia?and how are they related?
kidney stone remedies?
I had food poisoning 2 days ago, and the followings mornings up untill now, I feel dizzy, what's wrong?
what drug causes paranoia and craving of sweets?
what is this stomach pain?
what is wrong with my stomach?
Could I have a bowel obstruction?
Put your thinking cap on : A certain hormone causing Hypoglycemia?
Does KP24 head lice shampoo work?
What can land you in the ICU for looking pale?
what would cause a burning sensation in your head?
lymphatic swelling, what?
had some blood drawn and it bruised really bad and it keeps getting bigger should I worry?
I live in Houston Tx and have really bad anxiety/ panic attacks, and can't get treatment?
i have a Pilonidal cyst but it doesnt hurt or anything and its not infected what should i do?
Do you think something serious is wrong with my head?
Really bad head aches-feels better when i push against my pillow?
I turned my head a weird way and I heard a squish sound and now I can't move my neck without terrible pain. Y?
weird lump on my leg...or I guess in my leg hahah?
knee sweelling get rid in 24 hrs.?
How can I ease this pain? Sharp shooting pains in my back, shoulder, and neck?
Major headache after workouts.?
I think i have a funky rib?
What do i do? Broken wrist?
What is stronger Oxycodone 625 ETH or percocet 10/325? and whats the difference between the two?
I haven't had many migraines before but I had one today. What should I expect?
i woke up and my under my eyes swollen and i'm going to a dance tonight wut do i do!?!?
Stiffness in jaw/neck, headache, etc?
HALP!!! Arm is bleeding BAD!!?
I have this sharp pain in my lower right abdominal region. It’s not very frequent and only occurs once in a fe?
What can you do to stop the the tingling in the hands with Rheumatoid Arthritis?
I have a sharp pain in the upper back right of my head, it comes and goes. Just wondering what it could be.?
have i got a urine infection?
Can I take the antibiotics tonight?
Are people who have been successfully treated for TB immune to it?
what are the symptoms of scarlet fever?
Why have the couple with swine flu hired Max Clifford?
Shingles - What are the symptons and signs?
I have german measles and have an exam tomorrow, what should i do?
what are the different levels of swine flu and which are we on at the mo?
Colds and flu, why is it worse in the evening?
Is Swine flu really that dangerous?
I have a lump on my tonsil?
What happens when worms aren't treated?
can u get hay-fever at night time as-well as day time ?
can you flesh eating bug twice?
Have you ever worried about catching something horrible if you go to a hospital?
can anybody explain chickngunya disease in detail?
Drugs for swine/bird flu?
I used to be a really spontaneous person before taking Ritalin LA for my ADHD?
worrying too much for everything!! help!!!?
please help me with my eye?
Dizzy, headache, trouble sleeping that won't go away! It's been 2 days.?
Can I treat my sucrose intolerance?
what does neurological damage mean?
What could be wrong if i have headaches and am dizzy all the time?
Has anyone experienced this head rush type feeling?
can a drug addict be on adderall?
My stomach is hurting.....?
Tired, thirsty, dehydrated, lack of energy, loss of apetite, whats wrong?
anal bleeding, what should I do?...?
how to cure Hemorroid?
is it normal to have numbness in the back of your brain?
Is there a mild form of achondroplasia?
how can I make an anemic person feel better?
About Bisphenol A (BPA)?
Does anyone know if there is a link between upper respiratory infections and thrombocytopenia?
this question might sound sick but...?
Severe cough, please help?
Can inhalers cause breathing problems?
could this be a cold?
Chest pain in left side.?
Can Lung Contusions cause decrease in brain activity?
Can a doctor diagnose and treat you if you have inhaled mold?
My chest hurts really bad?
Trouble breathing chest pressure mild back pain?
I've had hiccups twice today. Both lasting an hour!?
How long should I wait to smoke if I had upper respiratory infection?
Is Alzheimer's genetic?
i only get a dry throat at night and it causes my arm and back to ach?
Sinus question?Please help?
Every single day for about 10 months I've been having to take deep breaths...?
How do you do this? does any one knoww? pleasee! lol?
coughing up blood having high blood pressure?
gaging ears HELP PLZ!!!!!?
Can you get a blood clot from cutting off circulation?
Hi,Right now am in India and my child is suffering from cold cough with mild fever.a?
I have a terrible cough?
What is an anxiety attack?
Vitamin B Complex Injection!!!!?
can lasik correct the worst of eyes?
starring in the dark without blinking?
whats wrong with my eye?!?
Any opthalmologists out there I have a question for you I need to know for my presentation!! please help!!?
Arm aches at night and inability to sleep?
why does this always happen?
Longest time one can hold their pee?..?
Will I make it into medical school with an aeronautical science degree?
Cant sleep at night. Only during the day.?
I was in a foggy room full of smoke.Will that affect me in any way on a drug test.How long till out of system.?
Missed lab test! Who should I complain?
Is it true that girls should take showers over baths because if you take a bath you might get a infection?
how much sleep do you get? how many hours plz tell?
How bad is it if I don't sleep at all? And Ideas on how to pass 5hours?!?
what do tendons connect to ?
Is my premise valid or invalid in the area of health, training and longevity?
what my policy number?
I just puked red/purple fruity liquid... and I haven't had "juice" in a long time?
What brand of blender should I purchase?
i don't know if this means i have heart disease can anyone help me?
pace maker can do pray like muslim?
Do you blush easily?
can u die from an insulin overdose?
why do i always feel thirsty during the night?
should I smoke a joint in memory of the great British boozer?
Quitting Smoking... HELP?
When you die do you think its really painful when your heart stops and you die???
can i chopped finder grow back?
Should donating blood be compulsory?
Why is it only fat people that snore?
What did or are u using toi get rid of acne in the teenage years. Please help?
are nurses allowed to wear there uniforms out after work ?
Which exercises are the most benefical, in your opinion?
I'm addicted to chewing newspaper and the argos catalogue. What should i do?
how can i quit smoking, i really want too!! but im findin it really hard!?
theres the lump or something on my mom's eye we went to the doctor?
Drinking alcohol while taking cellcept?
Burping problem? (space filler)?
Can someone help me diagnose this?
have pain in head while i eat does this happen to anyone else?
why is my pinky finger twitching? It's like it's drawing in toward my palm for weeks now.?
I keep almost blacking out(fainting) and its really starting to scare/worry me.?
Why am I like a female.?
compartment syndrome surgery recovery...?
Is this anxiety or something more serious?
i know i should not do it but i throw up after i eat and i cant stop and i know that makes me bulimic?
Very frequent abdominal pain? Tmi?
How to relieve Knee Stiffness and Weakness?
my one touch ultra said my blood was 41 is that bad?
How to get rid of head lice eggs on a child under 2?
I have a stomach problem?
Do i really have mono? pleas help! ASAP?
do i have seizure or wtf happened!?
How to cure a swollen/infected ear, naturally?
what are the causes of a swollen liver and what can i do to reduce it?
what are the consequences?
what do i do?
I have an daughter who needs an neuropsychological exam done in order to define her condition .She has Medicai
I want to stop mentally torturing myself?
can apalachee center for mental illness cause you lose ur kids if you have done nothing wrong?
what is another name for anxiety medecine?
What do I do?
Deja vou!!i always have it?
Does anyone else out there have BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER? Have meds. and/or therapy helped?
How can Psychiatrists tell if a person has a certain mental illness?
Am i bi-polar?
OCD or Anger or Both?
i cant stand this anymore....how do u?
can living with mild depression and anxiety for years lead to something worse, like other mental illnesses?
How to get rid of a cold?
is it possible to be immune from chicken pox?
Is there anything I can read about the TRUTH of pre school Jabs?
Stomach bug?
Parasite drinks & Which is best?
What is the possibility of a tongue transplant?
Swine Flu In Britain?????????
how does the body's immune system respond to the herpes zoster virus?
Would "Chicken Pox" be dangerous for a 17 years old boy?
what is mrsc virus (bacteria)?
has the..???
what makes human poo yellow, it's been several weeks now,?
How prevalent is hand, foot and mouth disease in the UK?
Do you think the UK government is dealing appropriately with swine flu?
how to treat UTI (urinary tract infection)?
I had swine flu is this a normal after effect?
Can you catch tonsillitis?
completed tamiflu for swine flu symptoms have now returned?
How much would it cost for someone not resident to stay ten days in intensive care in a NHS hospital?
Norovirus - Should symptoms still be around 5 days later?
Is the anti malaria medication Chloroquin effective and safe to use in pregnancy?
H1N1 and Swimming activity?
Stopped taking my meds.?
how long to cure pneumonia?
What causes "FUNGI" in ones right upperlobe (LUNG)?
Is fire prevention dust bad for you?
What's wrong with me? Can't sleep, Can't get up in the morning...?
Can someone explain a external ventricular drainage to me?
My daughter's left hand mimics exactly whatever she does with her right hand. Has anyone heard of this?
breathed in paint dust after sanding down a bike frame?
Rash that won't heal?
What is my best bet for health care?
When I was 20 the doctors put me to sleep......I don't remember why.....?
HELP ME PLSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
taking vitamin d and calcuim supplements can they cause headaches?
how do i cure my soar throat... TELL ME PEOPLES :(?
Nose feels frozen sensation?
Has anyone experienced sore hips? I'm only 21.?
Horrible pain in ear [please help asap]?
If I've never taken neurontin before and I take two of these orange capsules how will it make me feel?
Ear ache Question...?
I have permanently tight muscles?
Can Nerve Pain in the back and legs be cured?
Wat is the best exercise 4 people who have planter fascitis?
are the pills valium 2 or valium 10 stronger wich ones is more potent?
My throat is all messed up, do you know what it is?
kancer sore! quick fix?
I am 12 and my knee cracks....?
sharp stomach pains...........?
sever headache in back of head above eyes, and temple?
numness in arm what kind of heart problems?
what is causing my chest pain?
Is codine phosphate bad while being pregnant?
I'm 26 wks pregnant, got this mild cramp in my right arm and then it goes weak, 5x in one day,what is this?
Im trying to meditate, but it hurts to cross my legs, any help?
Help bad shoulder pain!?