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Post partum depression?
i need a medicine that makes my mood better, sleep, fun to have?
what r mental hospitals like?
How many mood swings do you have in your emotional playground?
I just became a loner..What do I do?
Why do we get bored of studying? Why do we feel sleepy after studying for 2 hrs but can play games for 4 hrs?
2 questions i wanna ask..more sleep issues and crying?
acne what do u think
do you ever wonder.........................?
What to do for an extremely bad sunburn?
Is this true..? hopefully you know.?
How would you know if you had type 1 diabetes?
How to get off my diabetic and blood pressure meds?
Which cancer has the highest death rate and which has the loest? Also what is the most common cancer?
where can someone with stage 4 cancer of the esophagus that lives in texas be treated if they dont have money?
My mom has cancer and we can't afford the medication. She is my best friend and my heart ... it hurts to even
How can I tel I am at the end of freidrichs ataxia?
wots it like for a girl losing her dad to lung cancer?
My friend has SQUAMANS small cell carcinoma HELP???
If you have cancer cells in your lymph nodes, do you have cancer?
why do Lymph Nodes grow where...?
My feet smell terrible!! Any way to stop it?
How to check your thyroid levels at home?
Weird dizzy feeling and blurred vision?
with perfectly balanced chakras, how fit can you be?
scars on the back of my head?
Is Kombucha tea good for you?
Hydrogen-Rich Water Gen Hydrogen-rich water scavenges and neutralizes free rad?
Does anyone know of any agencies that help with the cost of dental work?
what IS a HEADACHE? what is the science behind that pain?
I the 'health system' the number one cause of death in America?
I just inhaled part of a tin can, should I be afraid?
I really hate my life and want to die...Would it be a good suicide idea to take heaps of sleeping pills at uni?
Laser eyes?!?
Toric lenses are so expensive.. any other way?
Isn't there somewhere you can go to find colored contacts?
best stool softener without getting "runned" down???
What do you eat to have a healthy balanced energy?
does anyone know the best stuff to use to disinfect a house after a stomach bug?
juz wana ask if met tathione if effective for hepatitis B patients?
help with stomach ulcer?
Why do people get the flu shot over and over again if they know or have experienced it to get sick?
Swab Drug Test?
need help with lemonade cleanse?
lsd vs magic mushrooms?
what are natural cures for kidney stones?
Is yawning really contagious?
im losing my voice?
What is it called when a person can take negative energy from another person?
How to strengthen my ankle?
has anyone had surgery to repair a lateral meniscus? if so how long did it take to recover? ?
do i need crutches if i sprained my ankle?
I burnt all 3 of my middle fingers!! the fingerprints bottom of my fingers!!!?
What makes people yawn?
Why is it that when you hurt yourself you don’t feel the pain until you see the wound?
Why is it that sometimes when you go to sleep, you wake up more fatigued than you were before?
Skinny guy?
Binge eating....how can i stop.?
What are the best workouts for lower abs?
do i look to thin to you?
Eye colour?
do i have a lazy eye?
What is it called when you stand up too fast and you feel dizzy?
how do i fake a fever ? 10 points best answer!!!!!!!!!?
Why is it so easy for me to crack the bones in my back, neck and chest?
What do you think of this?
Now that my bf and I broke up, I can't stop working out..HELP?
What weight would you consider anorexic looking?
Why does my throat hurt when I run?
weight loss tips??? quick results ... lots of answers please?
how do u get a flat tummy?
Everytime I'm in a cold place...?
Hydrocephalus please read?
could someone tell me what is diabetic ketoacidosis ..in simple words and what causes it ?
i got a glowing pupil on my eye??????
Where to take a FALAN test in Boston
When is it better to use eye drops: morning or night?
"WILL I" wear reading glasses?
What is malaria??????
Is Pilonidal Cyst back?
What does everyone out there think of vaccinations?
what are the clinical manifestations of encephalitis?
How do you know if you have ulcer?
has anyone.......?
Do I have sleep paralysis?
Cutting and Self-injury opinions?
This seems immature, but Im insecure?
Do you feel like committing suicide but know you don't truly want to?
A piece of galvanized hardware mesh broke off in my foot?
soooo has ne1 drank a whole thing of gel pen ink other than me?
i burned my chest i need something to put on it?
Any home remedies to stop coughing?
What is the best thing for a diabetic to do to improve foot circulation?
What happens when you hold in a sneeze?
Does anyone have or had a sleeping disorder like this? And if so, did you resolve it?
I keep almost passing out....?
how often are you supposed to get your eyes checked?
reading glasses....how do I know how strong....?
My bf and herpes, could i catch it?
Do i Have Diabetes? It runs in my family and im to scared to ask my mum about it.?
what happens to my blood sugars after a binge of carbs?
what does it feel like to have a seizure?
blister help?
What could i have done to my knee? the doctor didnt say! please help?
ankle hurting- not good.?
What can I do to alleviate some of these withdrawl symptoms from Paxil?
What is that thing they snap under people's noses to wake them up when they are unconscious?
Is it wierd that I sometimes like being sick?
5 year old complaining of chest pain when exhaling, while at rest?
What are yawns? Why are they contagious?
can i get a flat stomach in 3 weeks? i'm 121 pounds and 5'4?
Should I "Not" jog if i'm trying to get muscular?
are these ok to take daily??
Eating little and often?
need to lose weight!!!!???? fast?
I want to lose weight....17 years old?
Question for acupuncturists?
How likely is it that swollen lymph nodes that have been there for months are lymphoma? (more info).?
Is it possible to develop a tolerance to fentanyl patches?
What can one do to lessen the chances of getting prostate cancer?
I want to start a foundation in memory of my best friend?
Why is bone cancer so dangerous, and why does it affect children more than adults?
can you live without a pancreas,?
liver problem (cancer?)?
Low thyroid and anorexia?
need life had cancer one year ago have no cancer now want to get life insurance we bought a house?
Do humans use some part of their respiratory system to extract oxygen from the air?
Does anyone have Cystic Fibrosis and who is also diabetic that had a lung transplant??
Tuberculosis question...please help?
How have our lives today been shaped by the flu experiences of yesterday?
staph infection?????
What do you do for relief when you get cold and flu?
I need to know if Ebola has ever been diagnosed outside of Africa?
how long will a distemper virus last in an affected area?..?
what are symptoms of malnutrition?
Been gassy all week for the past few nights?
i played guitar yesturday non stop all day?
Knee pain from playing lots of squash
fallen arches?
How would you react to this?
How bad is my eyesight? -4.00 and -3.50?
What are signs of your gal bladder acting up?
Question about graying hair?
complex carbs?
Another am I diabetic question. ?
insulin pumps and baths?
What will a chiropractor/ natureopath be able to do to help me, a chronic migraine sufferer?
I have really dry skin on my face. My son has a prescription for his excema is it o.k. to use it on my face.?
I have horrible underarm odor, but nothing helps get rid of it!?
A Tab Of Skin On The Face?
Why does skin itch and why does scratching relieve it?
Is there any new effective way of treating keloid skin problem, beside alloderm in plant?
what do you give a 12 year old boy who is dying of leukemia?
What are the health benefits of basting the turkey?
How do I rid my body of toxins?
Eating schedule...?
Is having expressos [from starbucks] bad for your body?
please help me! MATURE PEOPLE ONLY!?
What time do most 11-year-old boys go to bed?
Is it safe to eat daily contact lenses?
Why do I keep blacking out?
Are there conservative and liberal perspectives on the causes of autism?
I'm freaking out...went to the doctor today...turns out I have scoliosis!!! I'm 16!!!!!?
my boyfriend got a grease burn on 3 fingers!does anyone know what he can do to make the pain stop?
really painful tense shoulders...?
Does cutting out an in-grown finger nail hurt?
Painful lump in roof of my mouth.?
Does eating grapes and other antioxidant rich foods really decrease your risk of getting cancer?
what kind of equipment do Oncologist use?
what are some foods high in protein that will help in the fight of breast cancer?
All symptoms match up--is it leukemia?
I am wondering if anyone knows whether cancer causes your hair to fall out?
How good is the Cancer drug, Femara?
what do u think about e cigarettes?
How can I stay awake at work when the air conditioner is broken?
How soon after Chemo starts will my Mom be sick?
is it rlly bad to pop ur fingers and back?
Diabeties??? Pls help asap so I will know bout doc?
Is high fructose corn syrup bad for us?
how long to get rid of pre diabetes?
holes make me feel itchy. help!!!?
What causes electric shocks up the spine during an orgasm?
What's wrong with me? This is just getting worse.?
I think My mom is paranoid?
Have you heard of or know what to do about bone edema?
Will My Nail Grow Back?
Lower bicep and elbow pain after getting hit in the arm while throwing football?
Deep Splinter?
Can a banana peel help a bruise go away faster?
since ur eyes dialate more if ur on extacy would being outside in the sun do any harm to your eyes?
Why can't I use red eye drops while wearing contacts?
good diet plan for busy mom?
mosquito bites?help please.?
How long must you keep your heart rate up for your jogging to be effective?
spider bite, becomming painful, and getting a little bigger?
what can i do for my finger i burned in the oven?
Is it realistic to lose 30 pounds in 11 weeks? What would I have to do?
Hips/love handles and thighs??
Poisonous Spider Bite?
Anyone Know Anything About Lymphoma?
What organs can leukemia patients donate?
What is NovoDalin B17?
I have cervical cancer and I'm wondering if anybody knows if radiation will keep me from getting pregnant latr?
Does Aspartme (Ingredient in Equal/Splenda) cause cancer?
is chemotherapy bad for the environment?
I just found out my mother has leukemia...?
Which is the best Tylenol in your opinion?
What helps best for headaches?
The british skeptics keep talking about some 'nhs' who or what is that?
What are the most effective and safest herbs to take in combination for blood circulation?
What cause sudden swelling and increased heart rate and blood pressure?
Has anyone's heart rate ever done this??
Is it TIA's?
Heart attack? Muscle damage.. what can it be!?
Hiv Test?????????
How soon can someone contract HIV from a HIV positive person, just becoming positive themselves?
Chapstick= plexiglass?
Health Insurance...?
What is a healthy weight for a 14 year old girl?
I woke up with eyebags,why?
What will you do if a patient falls in love with her doctor?
if i tell my therapist i smoke weed can she tell my parents?
how come i can't eat or drink anything before my surgery?
Difference between IBS and Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome?
whats the origin of the chicken pox?
Pictures of Crohn's?
If you exercise do stretch marks go away?
Can Drinking Too Much Tea Cause An Upset Stomache?
Plants or Fruits or Something Natural for Repelling Insects?
I'm 23. Why do I keep getting acne on my upper back and around shoulders?
After eating I do my glucose reading after 2 hours. If I forget and do it after 2.5 hours will it be higher or?
what is a normal blood glucose level (non-diabetic)&what is a diabetic level both on empty & full stomach.?
can a baby have type "A" blood if both parents have type "O" blood?
Further to my question about abscesses. The abscess popped about two weeks ago and the pain went away but it?
Pinched nerve in back maybe? Odd sensation on left side?
Hubby fell onto knee and he can't bend the knee at all?
What can you do for a broken toe?
What is Trace Ankle Joint Effusion?
Should I see a doctor?
With the young man in the news who is running from forced chemotherapy I wonder who is right?
got low white blood cell count,1.9.doc has ordered full blood count.feeling very dizzy.any idea of poss causes
Colon Cancer please help and answer?
is it possible that suddenly i get lung cancer, stadium 4, without any serious symtoms ?
What is the average diastolic number for a senior?
I pulled my heart muscle, what should i do?
is it better to lift before running when your trying to lose weight or the other way around? ?
My black lab's bottom lip is drooping on her left side. She just got DHPP and rabies vaccine today.?
Why does my poo clog the toilet?
Light headed and nausea?
Anything I eat, every single day, feels like it's getting stuck in my throat.?
Eyes meant to be open or close?
Is this a case of malpractice?
Will my braces set off metal detectors?
what makes sweat smell like vinegar?
what cold medicine is good for this??
What is Tuberculosis ? and how do u get it ??
Doctor, Doctor, give me a clue. What's up with this strain of flu?
Do mice carry diseases?
How long after contraction of HIV does the 'conversion sickness' occur?
what is youngest age to get lung cancer due to smoking?
What is it called when you see colors or objects in your head when you hear words or sounds?
swollen finger?
What's the best way to heal blisters on feet quickly?
If you are donating organs when do die, are you given anesthesia when they are being harvested?
What is the life of a Med-Student/Doctor like?
How can I pass a drug test in 5 days?
is there a cause for getting styes on your eye? i think im getting one for the second time...?
Is there any harm in regular use of eye drops to "remove redness"?
Pump users: Have you seen the new OmniPod?
what is stem cells mean?
How does food relate to diabetes?
Thirsty, dry-mouth and I am shaky and seem to have some muscle weakness. I bought a glucose monitoring?
How to avoid becoming diabetic?
The Advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Current Medical Field?
have really bad acne! need help!?
I am looking for a way to build muscle but without any powders supplements? (Pure and whole natural foods)?
Benign and malignant?
Opinions and Advice would be helpful!!!?
I need some postive advice. I just found out my dog has cancer in 2 places.& a guy I like doesn't get the hint?
What good hospital in the east is near a great college?
How does walking help cancer?
What are the health hazards of standing in front of a microwave bareback while it is operating?
Is it Cancer??
Just how high can blood pressure rise before someone has a heart attack or dies?
what is wrong with me?
Embarrasing question: Why do I ....?
i have a rash on my arm?
Why does my voice sound distorted and why does my throat hurt?
could I have AIDS from drinking the wine at Church? If someone with cancer or what drank it before me?
Can I get Herpes from my partner if he doesn't have any symptoms?
never buy frozen chicken surrounded by pink ice. why not?
Anyone with hypothyroidism have any advice? I'm sick all the time.?
How to get rid of heavy snoring?
How do you cure or minimise backache problems?
can tetrahydrozoline really kill someone? If so, how much would it take?
How can you increase your metabolism?
how do I keep myself motivated?
is there a website that tells you how many calories are in the foods that i eat?
Pot plus Energy Drink?
Have you ever experienced acupuncture to successfully treat a disease?
Is it just me or is it weird that Magic Johnson has been HIV+ for 20 years?
Is it okay to pee after using monistat?
type 2 diabetes/pcos ?
Can diabetes be prevented? ?
Type 1 Diabetes?
What would you like to ask?
signs of diabetes? do i have diabetes?
What are normal Blood Sugar levels in 2 & a half year old kid.?
is a t2 tumor mean stage 2?
Why aren't some doctors upfront with cancer patients?
How do you say "tumors" in Arabic?
Hormones released by the posterior pituitary gland (such as oxytocin) are synthesized by?
If 3 close family members suffered from cancer, am I likely to suffer from it in the future?
How Long Does Someone Can Live When It Has Cancer?
what are the different stages of breast cancer?
How long can herpes (cold sore) live outside the body?
I've barley slept in months. I think there's a parasite in my room.?
chest pain???
After a heart attack how long do you have to stay off work?
What kinds of food should I eat if I have heart problems?
how to control cholesterol?
I know this isn't possilbe...is it?
Restraunt sickness?
Will insurance cover laser hair removal for hormonal imbalance?
Why are yawns contagious?
How long did it take you to recover from laproscopic gallbladder surgery?
what brand cigarette does president elect Obama smoke?
is starvation mode a myth?
how much should I weigh?
how to lose weight for summer?!?!?
Getting Sick? What do I have?
My daughter has recurring staph...?
Will you still want to be health care worker with this: Mandatory Flu Shots For Health Care Workers,?
Does anyone have any first hand info on liver disease and the symptoms?
What is the chance of death for someone with chronic Hepatitis B?
morgellons in the uk will anyone believe us ?
after an endoscopy,the person was in a coma for two weeks,could that be from an overdose of anesthesia?
I feel like I have someone pushing against my throat?
Overdose stomach pain?
How can a CT scan result show that there is no pancreatic head mass while in a ultrasound there is?
Could this be leukemia?
Cancer Patients- could you answer a few questions?
How much does the average cancer patient spend on treatment per year?
How much would all the procedures for cancer cost?
my boyfriend just found out that his uncle has cancer?
Anyone else have a hard time returning to life after cancer?
how many herpes outbreaks do you get a month?
How long can the HIV virus survive outside the human body? e.g. on a needle.?
I think i have a cure for aids.?
do you think i could lose 30 pounds in one month this way?
Does working out stunt growth?
My 4 years old son hurt his nose really bad. How can I know is it broken or not?
Can you get an std from getting a handjob?
Are there any kind of affordable tests that test EVERYTHING (STD/HIV/AIDS)?
I am a junior in high school. I have a 5.2 gpa and I am taking four ap classes. I have straight a's and?
Is taking 100mg a day of vitamin B6 pushing the limit?
Poppin your cherry.. cough cough?
Is it normal to think about murdering people?
Can somebody tell me what sickness I have?
CVA (cardiovascular accident)?
Is there such thing as thy acne?
what's the total on an eye vision laser surgery?
is sleeping with your contacts bad?
Side effects of GENERIC Adderall XR?
what are some good foods for diabetics?
Could my son have a more serious problem?
What is a healthy blood sugar reading?
What are symptoms of diabetes?
Where can I find low sodium food store online?
Can I wipe excess oil off after 20 minutes and still get the benefits?
What is the cause of acne and how could you prevent it?
how can i remove a skin tag at home safely. has anyone ever attempted this before?
Can a person be born with herpes?
Are STD symptoms more intense/painful than a yeast infection or BV?
i have hemmoriods and think they are infected how can i really tell they are?
how do i get rid of a strep throat?
My 3 year old child has high cholesterol! Any good websites??
Do You Feel Knowledgeable About HIV?
Still on workers comp, what happens now?
I hurt my wrist really badly today?
Pinched nerve or pulled muscle? Please help?
sudden nose bleed?
Is asbestos (mesothelioma) treatable?
on what specific week should i wear a red ribbon for aids and a pink one for breast cancer?
have they found a cure for skin cancer?
report...jw... medicine?
how to deal with the death of my mother to cancer?
Does throat cancer effect people of a specific age, gender, nationality, etc?
Is this statistics common for smokers and non smokers?
Did you know that there is a?
Should I eat breakfast first or workout?
Women-What do you think of my eye exercise-check it out?
Healthy late night snack?
has anyone lost 20 pounds in one month? if so what did you do?
My underarms sweat a lot and it bothers me can someone tell me why?
How do I naturally Detox my body , colon , intenstines , etc. ?
Is HPV a curable?
what are the chances that someone wants to be with a person that has herpes?
My left armpit stinks worse than my right one...why?
Looking For A Pro- ana Buddy?
How fattening is pop?
My friend got hit in the eyes with one of those elastic things that you exercise with..?
Is there any way to remove graphite from your hand after its been in there for well over a year?
Excessive Sleep?
why do i sneeze??
Why does my arm skin flake?
HPV anyone? Please help me to learn more about getting rid of it.?
is there something wrong with green doodoo?
Question about Planned Parenthood (HIV results, gonorrhea results, & clymedia results)?
How was hiv-aids started?
Why does my bone still look swollen even though its healed?
Should I go to hospital?
Dizzy question?
I'm 23 so why do my Heart beat very fast after about 30 seconds of B-ball?
Should I seek medical attention?
What are common infections causing heart diseases or inflamation?
is the life expectancy of ppl with Tetralogy of Fallot normal if they had a successful surgery as a baby?
does anyone knows the planning considerations regarding health care?
how do i stop tossing and turning in bed?
I was at the social security office yesterday...?
How can a person become more self-discipline?
How could his friend not know of his best friends disorder ?
what is the relationship between mental health and mental hygiene?
Addiction to nicotine and caffeine.?
Is this true of bipolar ...?
I have a friend who cuts her self?
For anyone whos sad, depressed, or suffering from any mental illness please read.?
Anxiety in the workplace? Only serious responses, please!?
What are some good ways to get over a Stomach Virus?
my right thumb hurts and is swolen what could it be?
Injured neck?
How do you recover quickly from a strained hip flexor?
can you pull your thigh?
How to improve diabetes self-management knowledge?
Signs of diabetes...?
Can you get financial aid for cataract surgery? My mother is 57. No health insurance.?
if i eat 500 calories a day for a month how much wait would i lose?
Cure for Diabetes?
how can i lower my diabetic?
Sore knees...what is good for the joints?
What is an easy way to swallow pills?
what web site can i go on to find the early detection for colon cancer?
What is the best medicine to take for diverticulitis?
I need help with my hair, and a little more.?
Asprin overdose?
can you feel it comming in the air tonight?
Where can I buy shiny / glossy disposable latex gloves?
how can I sleep less and still can concentrate well?
Why do you think some one wants to work with alcholoism (thearpy/rehab)?
Sleep trouble?
jump roping to lose weight?
My goal is to BURN FAT. Is walking more effective than jogging? Is distance more important than intensity?
How does celiac affect what you use for cosmetics and shampoo and soaps?
how much is a scar removal?
How do I stop my palms from sweating?
absence seizures?
any advice,i was involved in a semi rollover 15 yrs ago,now i live in constant extreme pain?
what could i have done?
Pulled Muscle?
What do I do? I have some sort of cist-looking thing on my left hands thumb?
How did you treat your breast cancer?
Do wild animals get cancer? Humans and domesticated animals seem to be contracting cancer at phenomenal rates?
Have you ever slept sixteen hours in one day like me?
Can my eye doctor help me order contacts they don't usually carry and help me fit into them?
left eye irriatated after contacts?
Is it possible to take off my contact lenses for 2 - 3 hours and put it back on?
I want prescription sun glasses, but lenscrafters tells me that my prescription is too high?
Is the weight I've lost muscle or fat?
whats the least dangerous way of tobacco?
What helps with Tonsillitis? (also could I have Tonsillitis because of my allergies?)?
Why do we sweat when we're nervous?
How do I go about getting a nurse for around the care for sickly Mother?
What would happen if a human possibly consumed a small amout of rat posion?
How do I get some sleep?
Does botox treatment for sweating work?
my friend put a band aid on his arm and when he took it off it left a bruise?
Is biting the cuticles and the skin around your nails weird?
burn out, or fade away?
I have a friend with HIV. Can you give me some advice?
could anyone advice me eye supplements for a diabetic on insulin i know its late but would help me?
What is the best diet to prevent Diabetes?
FYI... Were you aware of this stuff?...?
Can you get a six pac by doing situps?
I feel like a....is this bad?
What is it that carbs are necessary for?
What are some good, healthy snacks I can eat?
How can I speed up my metabolism?
is there a way to lose fat/flatten my tummy in just 2 weeks without using any gadgets and vigorous exercises?
-Gaining Weight ?! plz help?
can there be any cure for cancer in the the near future?
A question about cancer.?
question about chlamydia?
how do you get the HPV shot?
How long could a brain dead pt be kept "alive" on life support?
I think i have swine flu. Who can i call?
Can you die from bacterial infection in your throat or chest?
i have the flu. but no chicken soup :(?
HIV test question..?
what desises do you fear more?
Is there a dating site for people with stds?
I have HPV, should i tell every partner I'm with?
what are the side effects of breathing in r134a?
Does asthma affect life expectancy?
Emphysema and what to expect?
Colored Contact Lenses to change from very dark green to light bright shiny green?
dialted eyes...?
contact lenses?
I'm not sure if i have a concussion....my head is really sensitive.?
What are the main things I should pay attention to when reading a nutrition label?
Does drinking milk make you leaner?
Is this an okay way to lose a few pounds?
how did they prove AUSTRALIA is the FATTEST country?,, no one personally weighed us, how do they know?
if i only eat celery and drink water for a week...?
gaining weight after marriage?
How can I lose Belly Fat Fast???
If you are having a herpes outbreak would the antibodies be present?
did anyone ever get cured from herpes? i did & i don,t know how tho.?
smoking marijuana is bad for your lungs......no doubt, but?
where to find facts about....?
Is this a normal side effect of St John's Wort?
Sacked today after HIV+ diagnosis in Australia?
type 1 diabetic boyfriend with neuropathy or hypochndria?
does the blood pH decreases to pH 1 in DKA?
Is there a drug for type 2 Diabetes, which works as well as Avandaryl, but is cheaper?
Help with merangue cookies for a diabetic...?
first time appointment with a cardiologist?
Who should I talk to about this?
What causes the yellow colored spots at the back of the throat?
why are white flour products so bad for a person to consume?
How would you like your steak - Cloned or Birthed?
Why am I so tired?
swallowed crazy glue?
Without an outbreak is it safe to say...?
Is it healthy for me to take ecstasy a week after i already took it?
Can a doctor tell how long you've had herpes?
Can you get a IUD birth control if you have hpv virus?
Why could I not move, or speak, when I was waking up?
I have an extremely itchy area scalp on my scalp. Nothing seems to work, can someone please, please help me?
stage 4 lung cancer is a tumor different than cancer?
can you get cancer more then once in 2 differnt places?
Breast Cancer?
Do you think James Bond caught any STD's?
can you get crabs in your eyelashes?
Which Contacts is Easier to Take Out?
When I look at something bright, I can see "scars" on my eyes. What are they? Is it bad if I develop more?
whats the longest you can go without sleep?
What does being an organ donor on a driver's license mean?
whats a tramadol high like?
Would I have rabies or am I being paranoid?
Can dogs contract STDs?
how do men know whether they carry HPV?
Why do you think it is important for people who test positive for HIV to receive counseling?
what are the chances of a very promiscous man getting an std?
Do you think im healthy?
losing weight...?
how many calories are burned during mastrubation for a boy of 15 yrs??????
Do you think NON VEG consuption is important inorder to be a great body builder?
How To Lose Weight?
Is it alright to grind up your vitamin's
Need help losing about 50-60 lb... what are some good ways to lose...?
Have you ever heard of a vampire getting AIDs?
What are the best type of shoes to wear when water retention in the feet and/or ankles is a problem?
In Type II diabetes, cells throughout the body are resistant to insulin’s uptake..?
need a good website that breaks down good carbs an bad?
How much has type 1 diabetes hindered your life?
2 different meters (freestyle & accu chek) are giving me totally different blood sugars...?
can diabetics be truck drivers?
When giving blood, are there any health benefits for the donor, like a lower blood pressure or anything else?
My friend wants to quit smoking,What advice should I give her ?
I alway feel tired?
I'm afraid...?
Whats the best antidepressant out there?!?! I need somthing!
self harming?
Do you have any tips that would help me quit procrastinating so much?
Panic attacks. What meds do you find effective? Panic attack sufferers only please?
how can i gain some weight?
Weight loss in 8 weeks..?
How do you flatten your stomach?
Help me! I need to lose as much weight as possible in 4 days or else...?
What's the fastest way to get back to wakeing up at 6?
Psycological reason people can't stick to a diet & exercise program?
Are people today too impatient and are looking for a quick fix like a pill to get a healthy body?
how to get rid of running nose/sneezing?
allergic reactions to garlic?
my toenail is bleeding?
Worst freak accident that's happened to you or someone you know?
does artificial blood have the ability to harbor HIV/AIDS?
can someone get aids from kiss ?
Why are cigarettes and alcohol legal?
Does Zoloft help IBS?
Is the dangly peice of skin in your mouth supposed to be touching your tongue?
Questions about Accutane?
is there a treatment for hyperthermia? or is it for life?
Deviated septum... Do I?... should I?
coughing someone help!?
How do you feel about someone going around effecting people with HIV AIDS?
can HIv/Aids be detected by donating blood?
I am so scared, please help me!?
i think i have fruit/vegetable allergies?
Can you be allergic to all types of fish?
I want to lose weight....?
If you jogg in place for 30 mins straight with 2 water bottles in your hand....could u lose weight fast??
how many push ups should a 11 year old do?
How much weight can I lose of of this diet?
Can jogging slow down weight loss?
Which is better: a treadmill or one of those bike things?
One Meal, One Day?
What can make you fatter whole wheat or white bread?
If your partner gave you chlamydia because they had it unknowingly, would you stay with them?
heart surgery?
What helps soar throats?
Can you get a stomach ulcer from stress?
Is there a doctor in the house?
A girl in my class has swine flu and she is in school?
Why am I always so tired when I am only 15 years old?
Should we accept settlement offer from an injury?
ankle sprain while playing soccer ??/?
after scoliosis surgery will i be in a wheelchair for a little bit?
Why did I get turned down for Social Security?
im a crazy sneezer...normal?
Black mold?
Am I allergic to my cat?
how do you NOT get aids?
Destroying Hivs and Aids?
sparks of light?
what is a standard definition of ''health'' ? ?
Does anyone there who was a cancer survivor ever experience arm and neck pains after a year?
Why do you think that for every dollar spent on a Cancer cure, only one cent is spent on Cancer prevention?
Can you get cancer from a cell phone if you aren't using it?
What are the most nutrional foods for cancer patients?
what does it feel like to have cancer?
Please read....my mother is dying?
terminal breast cancer?
What are some foods which help a person to feel more calm?
really good medicine for arthritis?
this is a bit random but could anyone help me out on household anamales that start with "S" and end with "L"
when I cross my eyes I see black borders on the side of my ision view for each eye, is this normal?
contact lenses?
Banana Stomach Aches! Why?
This is a question about Weight watchers points. How many should I be having a day?
How long will it take for me to lose weigh?
how to lose 10 punds in one week?
Fast and effective way to get rid of fat arms?
I want to lose weight but I do not have the money for a gym. I want to know what to eat and how to lose weigh?
what the quick way to drop weight ?
Do u think i have gestational diabetes?
Type 2 Diabetes Help Plz?
How cinnamon & potassium help diabetics, why dried apricots better than fresh ones.?
My son is 19 and a Type 1 diabetic since age 6?
can you have hypoglycemia without diabetes?
How has diabetes changed over the years?
Is hormonal acne resistant to topical treatments?
I have eczema, should I get tested for allergies?
How to get rid of stubborn phlegm from a cold?
Trouble Breathing!!!!!!!?
Chest/heart pains?
Could I have Bronchitis?
Whats wrong with smoking weed?
How can I feel awake the morning after a night with no sleep?
Can gastrointestinal cancer be picked up on a CT scan?
i got punched, will i get cancer?
is hypercoagulation deadly?
Anyone had a thyroidectomy? How was your recovery? Healing time?
my friend has cancer how can i help?
colon/rectum cancer?
How long can your nose grow?
Any tips for getting rid of my nemesis forever?
Getting a Massage?
Can anyone please tell me if this medication?
solving the problem for kleptomaniacs: do u think acupuncture work?
What are the harms of skin bleaching?
do frequent nose bleeds mean i have thin blood?
How do you lighten your skin?
Itchy legs when walking in the cold?
Is there such a thing as chest fungus?
Is salvia worth it?
How does a pandemic affect travel?
have you heard what the lastest BS is about healthcare?
loosing weight PLEASE HELP?
I'm 5'11",163lbs.want to lose love handles and gain muscle,what should i be eating for carbs,protein and fat?
Can I buy a copy of a guy's STD test results?
STI help plz?
Have you ever gotten a papercut from a get well card?
whats the side effects of an STD?
what is the best way to lose 10lb in one month?
How do you get rid of love handels?
AIDS , HIV positive , HIV Negative, Full Blown AIDS?
Do you know any good exercise videos?
Ive been having this pain and i was wondering if someone could help me out?
Weight Lifting?
major, serious, urgent, question?
I hav really hurt my ankle and now there is brusing all around what should i do?
Can you help me with my allergy problem?
Food intolerance and allergy test?
does allergy's make you have fluid in your ear?
what is the best skin care product for your face? i have acne and i want it gone.?
herpes: is it true?...............?
how long can you live when you have stage 4 liver/spleen cancer?
anyone out there ever have vulvar dysplasia?
how long does it take for Humulin to work?
Best injection site with no real fat?
Were can i look up a doctors past history with patients? This is for a OBGY?
How do you go up in levels?
when shall a diabetic take postprandial test?
my right upper arm hurt my should to my elbow .What should i do?
How do I find out how to care for stiched finger?
how do u??
I'm pretty sure i have a shoulder ligament, please help?
Should I go and get a Tetnis shot?
How do professional athletes recover from ankle sprains so quickly?
color contacts questions.?
How to get rid of a cold sore in an hour or less?
whats the name of the mineral supplement the astronauts take?
please give me some names of sleeping pills medicine with thier dosage and power of medicine?
Has anyone ever drank coconut water? And did it help for aches and pains?
colon cleanse?
Help with insomnia?
It isTrue that the World Does not want to Know if what I am saying isTrue or not?
I just swallowed a bunch of...?
how can i stop myself from linking beauty to worthyness?
please help me with my depression..?
Is someone is completely bilingual... what language do they think in?
Why is my Gerbil's cage receiving radio signals from Radio Vatican ?
I had a nose bleed two days ago and I'm still coughing up blood is this normal?
I've been coughing every day for years? What could this be?
sick...need chest relief.......?
how do i treat bruised or broken ribs?
one have to do self practice by hand?why or why not?
What foods do not have red dye 40?
Why do I seem to yawn alot before I vomit?
What r tha minimum NO. OF CIGARETTES, u can smoke "per day", & still stay alive 4 atleast 70yrs...???
How to increase height when my age is already 23 years old?
Why do I feel so dizzy all the time?
Do u guys know the feeling?
Is this a sign of sleepwalking?
Why am i having chest pains,when i breath in,is it possible it's a muscle?
Is there any website that you can buy phentermine online without a prescription? There are so many scams....?
lose weight fast?????
What is the best way to build your immune system?
Will this diet work?
Lose weight...walking or elliptical?
Wrist Muscles?
how to lose 20 pounds in 1 month?
what is a good work out for push ups?
is cancer a really fungus?
Can you use the patch with chantix?
Anyone know where I can get some stories about YOUNG dying smokers?
Breast cancer in cleavage area?
Can I get an STD (of any kind, and from any actions) if my partner and I, have both only been with each other?
I got treated for chlamydia but i had it for app. 2 years, i had no pain, symptoms and i have regular periods?
Do anybody wanna protest or make a petition or to write aletter 4 the goverment cure they have for Hiv/Aids ?
why would a doctor give you valtrax if they did not think you have herpes?
Contacts? Help!?
Do I need glasses with vision like this?
What are some reasons people can't wear contact lenses?
just got contacts need help with putting them in 10 POINTS!!!?
My progressive lense glasses only focus in the center of the lense? If i look left or right things go blurry!?
Can having bugers in your nose for along time be bad???
where can i get tea tree oil for my ingrown toenail? and about how much would it cost?
help with centrum A to Zinc multi vitamins and fish oil omega-3 supplement?
AIDS question: Can you catch HIV from...?
about being uncircumcised?
What is your height?
How do I lose weight without goin to the gym?
What can I do to help lose the fat around my stomach and obliques and lower back?
What is/are the most effective way/s on building abs?
What is your favorite brand of shoes to wear to the gym?
I Just began working out at the gym how can I stay motivated so I don't stop?
Should I Use Accutane?
Do any of you care that the FDA isn't regulating what goes into cosmetics? Join safecosmetics.org.?
treatment of Inguinal lymph node enlargement?
brain tumors ? help im confused?
question on ovarian cancer?
My Blood Pressure remain at 130/90 and is on medication,stamlo 5 mg and nitlix sr, is it normal?
Have you had a failed lateral tympanoplasty surgery and did you develop either tinnitus or verdigo?
Just now pain from my heart apeared like i was hearing music all of a sudden pain just came to my heart?
my mom had surgery 12-11-06 and she had a new aorta put in, now she is unable to walk or stand. help?
My cousin has low white cell count, any info. will be highly appreciated.?
Alcoholics Anonymous?
I get car sick all the time?
One-day fever, diarrhea, and stomach pains for a couple of days now?
How can heroin use affect pregnancy?
Does anyone sleep at night but still wake up tired?
Always Tired? And Loss of Motivation For School?
Is this a feat of unusual strength?
Can a person with hepititas c give it to others? if so how ? and how do people get it?
what is Herpes?
What does my brother have? Infection?
are toric contact lenses a MUST for astigmatic (and myopic) eyes?
What would happen if a needle went in your eye?
can someone with diabetes take the pineapple tablets safely?
whats is your opinion on chromium supplement for dieabetic?
Can someone recieve an organ from a different blood type?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
Your Question Irish Leaving Cert?
how to help cure dandruff?
how to get rid of allergic reaction on face?
please help! what are the emotional effects of eczema on a child?
If athletes get athlete's foot, do astronauts get mistletoe?
i want to loose weight fast help me?
growing problems?
i'm looking for a web site that has only healthy recipes HELP?
What is in diet soda that makes it so bad for you? And why?
Wieght loss plans for teens?
How many calories should I eat a day?
i'm drinking more water and i'm losing weight.. is this normal?
What are the best ways to lose fat on your stomach??
What does hpv on the lips look like?
I have a runny nose, sneezing spell, and sore throat. Allergies, or not?
Is a bloody nose caused by stress in this situation?
Do cool water and warm water humidifiers serve the same purpose?
what natural herbs cure hepatitis c?
Having problems with anal pain. Pain pills do not help. Looking for a solution. Can anyone help?
Are there any herbal supplements that aid you in weight loss?
how do paitients demand confidentioality with medical records?
Does duct tape really remove warts?
How to get rid of a natural tan?
How do I lighten my knees, elbows, neck and armpits?
When we get new teeth in, why do they have ridges in them?
i have Pearly penile papules?
Is it true that taking laxitives makes you lose weight?
How can i measure my total body fat?
Diet of a professional athlete?
Hourglass shape...skinny waist! How do I get that?!?
how to make treadmilling fun and not boring?
What are some tapes???
why does this happen is ther a name for it or is it normle?
Why do I get a headache when I don't eat?
Why do my hands get cold so easily? Does this happen to you?
What is it in asparagus that makes one's urine smell so distinct? Are there other foods which do this?
Has anyone wet the bed as an adult?
Whats the best way to get rid of zits fast???
Why do sneezes seem to come in sequences of 3? Have you ever noticed that?
What is a decent time for a 5K run???
are there any side effects from taking HGH?
How do you treat a strained wrist with possible torn ligaments?
overconsumption of water?
I have hair covering my entire face even around the eye-area, but I can't have an expensive procedure?
Are protein shake good for type 2 diabetics?
My doctor tells me that I am close to having diabetes. I am testing every day. My number?
Can you really go into a coma because of having to much sugar?
Is there a substitute for blood?
Do Diabetic socks help swollen ankles?
What are the genetic "odds" for developing diabetes?
i had an abmormal mammogram. why doesn't my family seem to care?
How can I host/organize a bone marrow drive in my area?
my grandpa was just diagnosed with skin cancerand I want to know....?
I heard that there is a new drug that cures prostate cancer in the uk?
What is the right kind of food for an advanced lung cancer patient?
Do i have skin cancer?
Do you have pain in your breasts if you are going through menopause?
Strange Symptoms...please help!?
Autistic Brother and Girlfriend?
The aorta is ........?
I was told i had an Enlarged Heart?
Could i have heart disease? 10 pts best answer?
How do I get really NICE abs!?
How to lose 40lbs through exercise?
what is your best motivational quote that helped you lose weight and why do you like it?
wt exercise increase the width or board the upper part of body?
Can i eat non veg food?Actually my doubt is that why are chickens born,to live their life or to become food?
What is the highest calorie burning exercise?
Best excersises to do at home to tone up my stomach?
Dieting; Can you follow a diet better on a work day or an off day?
I think I have toxic mold in my apartment?
what is the cure for astham &cough?age 7?
What could cause convulsions while one is fully conscious?
tied up in hospital bed?
After taking cocaine, how long does it take to leave the body?
Breast/ Shoulder Pain?
how do u like your chronic?
how long does it usually take to become a anesthesiologist? and what are some good schools to attend for it?
Breast Reduction?
Did access to contraception increase promiscuity?
making out and my breath smells how do i get better breath?
Infected earring holes all the time...help!?
Need healthy diet!!! Poor diet for years!!!?
My belly is sticking out almost as if Im pregnant but Im not!! Im not fat either! What is happening?
1000 Calorie Diet?
I have a problem gaining weight. What is a quick way to gain some pounds and keep them on??? PLEASE HELP?
can anyone help me on how to loose weight please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Are jumping jacks really considered cardio workout?
Whats a way that will help me lose 15 pounds in a month?
are there any foods that contain growth hormones?
any one tried kimi height growth is it a real scam?
help sinus clogged and sore throat!!!!!?
oral allergies?
low salicylate diet?
is something wrong with my throat?
Are there any over-the-counter cures/aids for acne (or chickenpox) scars?
how do you treat and get rid of acne?
how can u measre leg length discrepancy--where can you find adjustable insoles for 1" discrepancy?
what is the safe way to wean off of Wellbutrin XL?
Is it true that females get sicker faster than males do? If so or not, provide a logical expanation.?
how do i get rid of bronchitis?
What is the best medication that I can get to treat high blood pressure?
what is the temperature around fetus inside the mothers womb ?
Been with only one person and now have herpes.?
How do you know when you are getting lice?
Doctor's or people who are "hot" on health PLEASE help?
Calcium intake?
I'm getting full, to the point of puking, but I don't eat that much at all.?
does anyone know what physically happens to your body when you have a "BRAIN FREEZE"?
I get REALLY sick after running? anyone know the reason?
Help me understand?
Why do your eyes burn when you get sleepy?
When you close your eyes, what do you see?
Is it possible to develop undeveloped nerves in your eye?
When i jump from a short distance i get a very sharp pain in my groin. what is this?
swollen eyelid?!?!?
How do you stop the itch of mosquito bites?
what are some home remedies to get rid of acne?
is herpes permanent???
What causes anal fistulas?
Gardisil Still Killing?
Can one be fired for an illness that requires few months of bed rest?
Cigarette smokers who really want to quit....?
Which herbs naturally supress appetite?
How do you remove gall stones without surgery?
Can Acidophilus pills expire?
Do I have a heart problem? (I'm 20)?
my brother has herpes?
is there a list that consist of peaple that have HIV/Aids since it is now illegal to pass this disease if you?
What can i do to help my body fight off HPV virus?
do i have herpes mouth?
What are the last stages of emfezima?
Can you give me advice? what is it?
How come when we have a fever, we feel cold? That's like a paradox.?
will NASA send a wolf to the moon?
Is it only men who shiver when the pee?
What will the doctors do?
why does my body and eye twitch..?
I have odd feet that don't want to fit in shoes, does anyone have advice?
Is it normal to want to be tickled?
How can you get rid of a headache besides taking medicine?
i am sick but i have an interview with Baskin Robbins tomorrow!?
What is the easiest way to relieve depression without taking any pills or medication?
I am recovering from a severe gastro-intestinal infection. I finish antibiotics today, what foods to eat now?
Does all kissing bugs bring changas disease?
Should I get the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine?
How long do symptoms of oral thrush take to manifest?
how to strengthen immune your system?
poison ivyy?
My ears are hot, I wanna know why?
My asthma has been bothering me a little bit today?
does glasses make vision worse, better, or they just don't fix vision?
Can video Games help you improve your Eye-sight?
Do the Lions Clubs help with eyeglasses?
Are women required to get an HIV test in order to get birth control pills?
Help on understanding HPV?
my dad is sick with diabetes?
blood sugar at 125, should I talk to the Doctor?
ASAP! How much money do they compensate you for giving blood?
Question about diabetes?
Whats the highest blood sugar level possible to reach if your not diabetic?
hurting kindey and yellow splotches?
If I go to the doctor for a diabetes check up (to see if I have it or not) will she know that I have bulimia?
does anyone have recipes or websites for type 2 diabetes?
My toenail has split vertically and is very painful?
How to get rid of Fluid out of your legs?
my dislocated tailbone still hurts after 3 weeks. about how long will it take to heal?
irregular heartbeat at 16?
My mom (age 52) was diagnosed to have an atheromatous aorta?
Headaches after spinal nerve block?
Is it possible to have imagined pain after an injury?
Where do 'Pins and Needles' come from?
What exactly does a chiropractor do?
Is it true that too much water can kill you?
How do you ask a boyfriend to get tested?
what is the normal age of menopause ? Im 42 and i think i have some signs of it?
how do u know if you have cancer?
How did you cope with your mother having cancer?
Cancer Question?
Has anyone tried Mona Vie?
I have tons of really deep blackheads on my chin how to get rid of them?
How to remove old cystic acne scars?
do dairy products really target stomach fat?
what diets have you tried that actually worked?
How can we help the underage children on Answers! whom seek Diet Advice?
Whats the easiest ways to lose weight?
Am i anorexic?
Diet Plans?
what is the medication nexeum used for?