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If I have taken a couple of paracetamol, is it okay to have a few drinks in about 3 hours from now?
I randomly get a bump on my forehead for no reason. Could this be from stress or something else?
do i have an eating disorder?
Help my gf's ill :/ Doctors please!! :( or anyone who might of had this! Head rushes and Black outs?
When i woke up my eyes started rolling around my head and then i got an immediate sick feeling what is it?
Can you try to diagnose me?
i have a lump on my arm well under my arm. What do i do?
Depressed and crying will not sort out bad situations...?
I am very superstition mind .How can i change it?
Can soneone tell me exactley what a RAC (registered addiction counselor )does? Job duties in louisiana? Thanks
i need some online free councelling?
How to get rid of depression sickness?
What should I do?
How to deal with life when you're indebted?
How do I get rid of depression sickness?
how can you help someone who has violent inclinations?
How to cope with an abusive ex/abusive past?
Depression then Happiness cycle. Please help!?
Depression! Please help!?
I just found out that i have skitzoaffect,im glad to see its real,sorta.What % of people have it? Thanks?
i am 22 male. i am very depressed all the time. need help?
Zoloft...Has anyone experienced alot of gassiness and/or diarreah from the beginning stages of taking Zoloft?
depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain?
anxiety HELP.?
I've been fighting addiction for 10 years & left an abusive relationship.Any ideas 4 a job helping others?
about thybroids?
Anti-ageing creams?
waterproof make up for scars???
Sore or tender liver?
fibroids cause and cure?
Urgently looking for naturalis milia treatment and sebaceous hyperplasia treatment?
what effect does massage have on skin?
How old is Qt Possie?
My tongue has been reallt painful for 4 days, what is wrong with it?
Does anyone know anything about Ivabradine?
What does Hydrocortisone Acetate Skin Care do for you?
I have spots .. :S?
how much water, or cranberry juice/niacin is needed to flush out?
describe the blood circulation through the heart?
Explain the reason for this change in HR when moving from to supine to standing using physiological terms?
im 19 years old and my heart rate is 80bpm?
dr said i had an area of decreased perfusion in the anterier lateral portion of my heart, what does that mean?
My blood pressure is 91/61 is that normal?
Is it possible to increase metabolism without threatening bloodpressure?
Need help lowering heart rate?
Abnormaly fast heart rate?
What are the best eye colors for a red head with brown eyes?
Will focusing on a screen too long damage my eyes?
please read health question .x?
What is my eye color?
weird body breathing experience?
Can acid in the stomach cause a bad cough?
What will help clear the air in my Mom's house?
Why am I always congested??????
What does it mean when you can not get a deep breath and constantly yawn?
What should I be watching out for?
who is to blame for a natural gas leak in your home, the landlord or the gas company?
How does the H1N1 nose spray feel?
Is this normal to have during a cough?
When my daughter was 6 mths old she got influenza.My daughter is now 2. Is it safe for her to get the H1N1?
I have not had a case of the Hiccups in 11 years. Anyone know what is up?
whats wrong with me? post nasal drip?
I have problems breathing can you help me...?
do you think i need to take my son back to the er for strep throat he started coughing up blood this morning?
what happens to the cilia in the trachea of smokers?
Would i know if i was inhaling food or liquid?
Why is my throat clogged so much? Please help!?
whats cold to my front side is hot to my back side?
what should i do if my tibia is kind of hurting while playing basketball?
A pain sround my left shoulder blade....?
why does my right jaw pain when i open my mouth?
How come my knees pop.?
I have been having ovary pains can anybody help?
Question about my calf's?
what can i take for really bad stomach cramps?
can i take a oxycodone right before getting a tatttoo on my back?
period pain plz help, how to stop the pain?
Does anyone know if this is normal?
I'm 15 and I get uncomfortable aches.What could it be and what should I do?
Why am I having numbness on my left side from my legs to my back?
I overdosed on these pills I took ? what do i do?
lower abdominal pain?
Should I go to the Doctors for this?
ive got a pain just below right ribs its only when i bend that i feel any pain?
How good is Cod Liver Oil?
why am i getting spots around my mouth, i am in my thirties!?
Whats the name of the stuff that shows where urine is present (under a UV Light)?
Bloodshot eyes?
removal of glands?
ways that people with cerebral palsy communicate beginning with M?
How old are you and when did you grow up?
What's Wrong?
Is HIV Screed Blood safe?
What Are The Chances Of Me Getting Swine Flu Or Dying From It?
had swine flu now i just have a cough and very very slight dizzyness will i be alright to go sixthform tomorow?
are my 2 young kids safe from getting chickenpox from there sister she has had it for 1 week?
Anyone know about C.DIFF?
Ive just been diagnosed with swine flu?
What is the point of all this worry over H1N1?
I really DO NOT want to go to school tomorrow-- serious!?
help! how can i stop my Diarrhea?
Advice on Amoxicillin and Metronidazole please?
Whose appendicitis caused a 20th Century coronation to be delayed by 6 weeks?
I have had a cold/virus for a couple of days. My ear has constantly been 'popped'. Why is this? Thank you.
i want to know exactly about the chicken pox vaccine ?? how long it stays .. is it yearly ??
Is this anything to worry about and what is it?
Do i have anaemia? I'm not too sure.?
Are HR obliged to inform of swine flu case in the building?
If you can catch Bird flu?
Is this medical negligence?
My couson has brain damage he must have nurse care looking for nursing home in London, Please help?
How to kill a cold at its beginning stages?
I scratched a mole?
I have a brown mole in my groin area that has raised a bit. It used to be a dark brown spot, not raised. ?
have you had a spray tan?
What shall i do about this sunburn (pic included)?
my bottom is always sore? do i need cream or stop scratching it?
How can i remove this horrible skin pigmentation from my face?
How do I get rid of scars on my body quickly and effectively?
ive got spots on my back and chest is there any good creams for it?
shaving bump........?
My sensitive Itchy Scalp?
Cheap way to get rid of acne scarring?
what is the best cure for tinea?
wellie's rubbing eczema on legs!?
how can i make a cut heal quicker?
What is the best way of getting rid of dry skin?
Please help !!!!!?
Blackheads gone!!!! How to keep it that way?
Is it rude to ask someone to put there dogs away cause i am allergic. Dont get me wrong I love pets. Its just?
Prosthetic tendon surgery?
Is this normal for a shoulder--?
shoulder pain... dislocated?
" What To Do For Swollen Hand?"?
I Think i re tore my ACL?
My pinkie is really fat after it got hit with a basketball?!?!?
Thoracic Lumbar Strain?
Hip stress fracture recovery?
Pinching feeling in ankle after break?
Which has more lactose?
My skin is all sorts of strange all of a sudden.. am I about to break out? Am I allergic to something or what?
what happens when you put nail polisher in your wound?
Questions about jaw tendon surgery?
Elbow Fracture or something less?
Shoulder injury help? (20 characters)?
Have I broken my Ankle?
Could I have pulled a tendon/ligament in my left foot on top of the breaks?
yesterday I noticed that a vein between my ankle bone and my foot was constantly throbbing. what could this be?
Doctors/nurses/people who know what they're talking about... possibility of salmonella?
i have a blood test tomorrow morning?
What could cause my toe numbness?
I am losing feeling in my toes, any ideas?
Odd pressure above eye?
can tapering off cigarettes gradually cause irritability/ bad mood?
I think I have Tinnitus (ringing thing in ear) should I do anything about it?
what can help my eye sight?
Why is my son having some black tarry stools and a cough at night?
Weird ear problems...?
is it safe to dilute IV antibiotic compatible with water for injection and flush with normal saline?
Can u catch something from a dirty microphone?
Does my friend have an eating disorder?
Stds? Aids? Hiv? Herpes? Questions?
Quick mood swings, paranoia,restless, quick weght gain, frequent migraines..what's all these symptoms add up t?
What causes your blood to thin?
i have a red swollen lump on my leg what could it be?
on blood pressure meds for high blood pressure and now down to 102/66 and diagnosed with Lyme Disease.?
what could be wrong with me?
i need to know how i can?
when someone have a stroke why is that they can talk a little but they can not hold a conversation?
i have low self asteem?
Mild Tremor???: PLEASE HELP!?
how to get a freind 2 open up about her issues?
does st johns wort help with depression?
Very bad panic attacks. Please help.?
I Reminisce too much?
is this normal?
why am i afraid to say no to some people?
i think my brother depressed what do i do?
Not trying to sound feminst or someting but...?
I suspect a chemical inbalance in my bro in laws brain?
Is it possible to litterally be scared to death?
Is being irritated and upset a disease?
will banana boat tanning oil, or any kind of tanning oil, give you cancer?
How do I get a one on one appointment with Paul McKenna for a relative who desperately needs his help?
Skin under eyes is scaly and liney?
Why is it virtually impossible to make an appointment with my wife's doctor?
Bad back and rash?
is it ok for the health of our 4 year old son to sleep with the lights on?
information for modern living has made the people of india weak,unhealthy and disease-prone?
What are the plus and minus of Being radiologist or technicion/ x-ray tech?
Have uncontrollable shaking for 20ish minutes after waking up?
can anyone give me advice on helping my son with his concentration levels he is type 1 diabetic has good sugar
why does it burn before i pee?
Adderall & Urinary Retention- Why?
Can a deviated septum surgery affect talking?
TMJ question...Permanent locking???!!!?
Raising pain threshold?
what is wrong with me?? :(?
Im 13 and have heartburn? Normal or not?
The worst soar throat ever!!?
walking on toes at age 27? How to deal?
Why is my left eye sore?
Frequent back pain in preteen?
mild-severe pain in left side of abdominal!?
Quesion about heroin?
what kind of compress to put on a penicillian shot?
what is wrong with my ears and the constant crackling?
help please i dont know what this problem in my legs is ?
i am 23 years old and was told i need to see a cardiologist because my heart pulse is 37 beats per?
diabetic symptoms and help please?
My color contacts are Moving in my Eyes!!!!?
what is the difference between an echocardiogram and a supervised echocardiogram?
Is respitrol for asthma safe and effective?
how is health affected if more hours are spent on computer games instead of socialising with friends & family?
can anyone tell me if there is a connection between heart murmur, Raynauds, heart failure?
Rashes / Mouth Ulcers?
what is disease?
what is a umbilical hernia?
How do I quit smoking for my wife?
whats that dagley thing at the back of your throat called.not your tonsills?
Just took pills unaware of what they were.. will these harm me?
Will taking too many headache pills give you a headache?
do you think 21 is an old age?
my little girl seems ill?
plz answer if you have ever pushed a dor that said pull!!!!?
What are 'Cooties'?
what do u do to cure a cow with diarrhea and inflamed belly?
what is Hemangioma in the liver?
which health organizations can fund me so that i can help my poor villagers in medical field to combat disease?
signs that im addicted to lortabs?
Diagnosed with Mono, going away tomorrow, how can I feel better?
is your BMR a guaranteed number of calories you burn a day?
What's going on with head lice making a big comeback?
Red ring around iris, feel strained, slight blur?
i dont get my doctor? migraine fmla help?
I think i have to get my appendix taken out.?
HELP!!! Should I go to the doctor??!?
I feel I have a COLD SORE coming out on my bottom lip. Is there a way to prevent it, before it fully pops out?
what would cause a person to wake up 4.am. have a bowel movement then vomit get chills a hour later does this?
A question about epilepsy!!?
i dont know if i havee OCD?
Pain full swollen nostril????? Can someone please give me a little of info on what this could be!?
Can ADD be accustomed or are you born with it?
I had gastric bypass about 10 years ago. Can I have the Lap Band surgery?
I haven't been drinking my medicine so How can I stop this?
a friend is on wheelchair from a guillain barre and has pseudomonas can i visit him home with my 3 month baby?
do people with same blood group have difficulty in having kids?
If you have mold in your house can that harm you or the kids.?
What can i do??? Non stop FLU!!!?
I need help with my throat?
if you have a over imaginative mind and talk to yourself how do you cope.?
Why do i act like this?????????
I am 26 yrs old, and from last 10-12 days I am freqeuently recalling memories of my childhood at night!?
why did i wake up so confused this morning?
can surgery cause posttramtic stress disorder?
i have extremely severe scrupulosity(religion ocd), do i? and did i do wrong or was it just my illness?
yikes. procrastination?
Life to short to worry about College Work?
tricyclic antidepressant?
A thing that causes obsessive fear or anxiety?
The doctor prescribed me lorazapam what do you guys think of it?
Help me!!!!!!!?
How can I reach out for help if I believe I have an eating disorder?
I have a bad sore kind of cut thing and I don't know if its infected?
I think I detached some muscle strands in my face?
What are good stretches for a sprained ankle?
Broken? Should I go to A&E?
my stomach hurts badly?
i sprained my knee about 3 months ago and its still not healed?
What should i do if my ankle is still swollen after the thrid week of being sprained?
Can a Nerve block Cause Permanent Nerve Damage?
Car accident and two MRI test?
I think I twisted something in my back and it's been hurting for almost 3 weeks?
Pain in Wrist and i do not know what is wrong?
how do i remove fluid around the ankle due to sprain?
what to do about a leg muscle injury?
Heel of foot still hurting?
A week ago i got my cartilage pierced i didnt have swelling&redness till today & its THROBBING is it infected?
What To Do About Acne...?
Why are these cuts on my feet not healing?
Got these weird blister/spot things, what are they?
whats the bump behind my ear from the carilage pericing?
itchy red spots under my arms and my pelvis?
Why do my legs feel funny?
sharp pain on left side right under rib cage- what could be the cause?
I am only 18 and my upper back and neck area hurts like crazy..?
Ear problem, any suggestions as to what it is?
skin problem plz help?
any tips for getting rid of this disgusting cold sore on the end of my inflated lip????????????????????
surgery on ingrown toenail?
What's this skin problem called when the skin goes white - like a burnt scar?
Patch of itchy skin on lower left leg?
Psoriasis - how likely am I to get it?
Is there an operation to stop excessive sweating from forehead only and what are the end results?
what would happen if i took etodolac?
Have u ever tried diluted eucalyptus oil for acne? Does it work?
i spend quite a lot of time online mostly clicking the mouse, now my whole arm tingles sometimes..why? & cure?
what is the differance between virus,,bakteria,germs,microbe,bacterium?
terrible pain in the roof of my mouth!?
What are these symptoms?
Remedy for threadworm for breastfeeding mother?
my 6yr old and 16yr old currently have swine flu unfortunatly i work with the elderly should i avoid work?
What do you do for better skin?
can i appear for life in uk test i had already complete 15 month in uk?
what contra indications would prevent nail art treatment?
Got a cold sore :( Should I buy those compeed patches or abreva? Which works best? Are the patches visible?
What do these symptoms sound like?
Back pain need help!!?
I hear like small pebble in my ears...?
What is the best method to remove blackheads?
What to do about acne, got worse after using clearasil?
urinary tract treatments in british literature?
how can i recover my immuny system after using antibiotics ?
what causes swine flu?
Starting about 3 days ago I've been getting sharp bursts of pain in my right side of my head, what is it?
Should i go to the doctor again now or later?
A 'POP' inside my head today. HELP?
what is the likely of your nose getting infected when you do it at home with a gun and does it hurt?
Pain in right hand, right tendins from computer / mouse use.?
Is hitting things a healthy stress reliever?
i have upper back pain on the left side near the shoulder blade?
what are the symtoms of cataracts?
Why can't you have a vaccine when you're ill?
...for those of you who've had mono...?
Coughing up yellow puss and have swollen lips..Am i contagous?
Hiv how long do the results take?
after a bout flu i now cannot smell or taste.?
Finger infections ????
After hepatitis A injection is it normal for your arm to hurt for several hours?
what cause vomitting and dihorea
does the seasonal flu vaccine work?
Can people please explain Swine virus to me?
why Cant I sleep good?
Regular Smoker: how long for cigarette breath to go away?
Light headed, Low BP, Nausea, nervousness?
can i take diazapam (valium) befor a blood test?
Is there an economic incentive for doctors to keep patients waiting forever?
In Public Health, what services do you provide related to secondary prevention techniques?
I have smoked pot about 23 times and im trying to quit ever since i havent done it i have felt differet?
any good neck massagers on the market?
Some type red clot on eye?
Does xanax make it hard to walk?
whats up with obams health care plan?
This poem as a health safety for those has that habit. please take a look...?
am i still covered by my insurance?
I have swollen glands.........?
can perforated stomach ulcers in dogs be operated on?
can you tan in 16degree heat ?????
please help?
Sweaty pits?!?
im going on holiday in june and on elythrone anti biotics!dnt no how to spell the name of it.?
dizziness,tiredness and abdo pain?
Where can I get single mmr vaccines for my daughter in West Cornwall Thanks?
What kind of hip problem is this, if you have severe pains when standing up after sitting for quite a while?
I have been taking Calvepen for a sore throat for 7 days now and my throat is not right. Is it not working?
High Segmenter Cause in blood?
Does it sound like I could have anemia?
feel sick, can't eat sometimes.?
could you have liver damage and not know it?
I feel like I have to pee and I can't.? what the hay is the problemo.!?
how soon after the first symptoms appear, does appendicitis get really serious?
i have real trouble swallowing capsule?
do you think ill pass a drug test for these reasons?
Am I Lactose Intolerant?
My ex is a alcoholic that was just told that his liver is bleeding into his stomach. Can you die from this?
got hit in the head and now im having nonstop bad headaches?
Do you think I might have some problem?
Narcolepsy question and should I tell my parents?
Constant headaches please help!?
What causes daily nausea not related to pregnancy?
Ice cold hands,Tired,Headaches,Poor Concentration What's Wrong?
Do you think I have a thyroid problem?
Insomnia? Do I have it? What do I do to help myself?
how do i cure my typhoid within less than 2 days?
Appendicitis/Ovarian Cyst/Sciatica?
Is something wrong with me?
my eyes are red from my contacts?
I got my eyes checked and I have diplopia(double vision)?
Is there a cream to get rid of scars?
memory loss!?
what is the most painful bone to break in the human body?
Any idea what's wrong with you if your throat feels like your being strangled?
I have lost my voice and have a sore throat and cough?
Please can someone tell me, how a blood test is done. Having my first one soon. Thankyou?
Is your life better...?
hi all I have stopped smoking for 6 weeks?
M.E.Does anyone who suffers from this condition get hot and cold flushes in their legs?
Is it normal to find that birds dad under my bed shaking ?
does onyone have other health problems related to a kidney disease?
how fast does the eye disease retinitis pigmentosis deteriorate?
would a full blood count show up if there was any liver promblems?
What is the name of the 'jelly' in the eye which is attached to the retina?
Bouts of mood swings and bouts of depression - - don't know what to do anymore. Advice?
Question about meth abuse and recovery?
can anyone tell me please?
I am suffering depression?
Can muscle removed by shrapnel from an IED ever regrow?
do hernias heal by themselves if theyre not too serious?
Bad foot/ankle area help?
my back needs clicking.. but when i?
what are the "ghost" sensations I feel in my numb hand?
What is this foot pain?
blood in running nose fluid?
Has the Pollution Decreased from the past years?
My BP seems weird to me and im worried cause I am so dizzy all the time?
why do i get red blotchy skin on my face and find it hard to breath after drinking for a few hours steady?
I have a scar in the shape of a heart on my arm, how can I hide or get rid of it?
How to get rid of spots?
Anyone know of good treatments/cures for melasma. Had it for 10 years; getting worse! Am quite desperate!?
does foundation make acne worse?
if you feel hot indoors, would it make you itch?
I have many marks on my legs+arms after years of self harming, but I also have marks left from ingrown hairs.?
how do i deal with a seriously bad blister?? :(?
healing chapped skin?
Sunbeds pros and cons>?
pain one side of neck head moves to one side on its own?
My finger nail is sore, and is a funny colour and texture HELP!?
Is it a disease or skin condition?
HELP?!?! PLEASEEEE I NEEED A ANSWEEERR ASAP! is it parralised? is it serious or is it normal? help!?
how do i get rid of open pores?
How to get rid of teenage spots without spending any money?
Why do people use alcohol on spots and wounds?
what is the size of the kidney?
What would you do if you had a really big nose with a spot on it?
why wont my nail stick to my skin?
need advice i am male i have reddish face i am looking for advice?
Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour?
how much is duration life for patients who has leukodystrophy?
why do my limbs feel heavy all the time?
what is the IT scene in the US and its implication in india?
What can make me throw up?
how to feel more awake for work?
chlorine water and loud ipods?
EVERYONE HELP PLEASE i've had insomnia (Spelling?) for months im 13 what do i do read description please !!!!!?
dizzy and throwing up?
Is it growing pains or what?
I got a question about health ?
Sever "itching" rash… side effect or allergic reaction from Morphine?
Purple veins on eyelids...diabetic...what's wrong?
Really Scared Please Help (for real)?
please help Is this the reason?
Why do I have a sore throat and stuffed nose at night and in the morning?
how to start a research paper about health care?
Bloating, weight gain, gas, abdominal sounds...?
My head feels like it will explode.. like swelling?
why is my stomach aching between my ribs?
my 1 1/2 year old son has been diagnosed with profond and severe hearing loss?
Will Irritable Bowl Syndrome ruin my life in the long run?
worried about what is wrong with me. needs help?
A cold sore question?
Nerves in my right hand is damaged and i am feeling a tingling sensation and sometimes numbness but no pain?
what is a green liver?
What causes a burning feeling under the skin?
how to heal numb ear?
How does one get an immune deficiency?
What might happen if my blood pressure doesn't drop?
How can you get rid on cataracts?
I had my gallbladder removed.?
I have kyphosis. Can I skateboard?
Can you have a week long migrane?
random vomiting. am i ok?? PLEASE HELP?
whats better microdermabration or a chemical peel??
what is erythroderma?
Is it possible to remove spider veins (thread veins) using creams.?
How long should you take off work for Tonsillitis?
rats urine drys,can you still catch leptospirosis if it comes into contact with any part of your body?
Does anyone else feel that some Dr's treat you as if your a bit dirt on there shoe ?
my 4 year old son needs to wear glasses all the time, could this be wrong??
Have you got any bad Habits?
why does my right hand (mouse hand) go cold when im on the computer?
Do copper bracelets really work? Can they work for arthritis throughout the whole body?
I get a stinging feeling thought my body. I get nerves and scares> Why?
can cold weather hurt your back?
long term effects of ibuprofen?
i feel bad??
wts ur opion on this?
Mood disorder question?
Why does my body always hurt?
im a 15 year old male and i have a dull ache in my lower left adomen what could it be?
whats wrong with my leg?
Carpel Tunnel Information?
graffiti on my leg to help stress?
I'm always in a bad mood. Always yelling and lose my temper quick. A friend sugg i take the SAM-E pills ???
My psychiatrist said I have a mood disorder?
Help me sleeping problem!!!!!!?
can someone please help me stop feeling this way????
do paradise and gehinnom meet in the center of our being?
a few questions about ADD/ADHD?
I've been taken effexor for 5yrs.Help,I need to come off them.I take [email protected] a day.?
Are most ex drug/alcohol addicts in capable of getting their lives together?
what can i do to ease this pain in my chest?
Brain Vitamins?
I get pain on my left middle back and chest and I can not take deep breath it feels like a stabbing pain?
Unexplained muscle pain and weakness?
I have a soft spot on my right lower leg muscle.I sometimes get sharp pains from it.Anyone know what it could?
how child abuse and neglect damage the brain?
How to get rid of nightmeres?
I'm suffering from mentally problem...?
Am I depressed because I don't have a boyfriend? What can I do?
Goodday! Im doing a research about certain drugs or substance that causes dementia.?
Ok. I am not crazy but they want me to see a doctor. They don't understand the Evil Eye in my house. What...
How to treat a numb/tingling foot?
Hurt my knuckle, grinding sensation when i move my finger, whats wrong?
PLEASE HELP!!!??? Knee!!?
Did I jam, fracture, or break my pinky?
broken or sprained finger?
Why am i so dizzy... could it be diet related?
what medlabgu said isnt true,, i have 2 prolapsed valves and benedryl causes my heart to race and elevates my?
CHF Patient with Anasarca?
I think my dog has CHF. I have camp all week pretty much all day and then Im going on vacation 3 wks. Will he?
my 51 year old brother had a mini stroke, what are the chances of him having another one? He is still numb?
my blood pressure was 117/49 and i'm 5'4" @ 180 pounds is that ok?
heart beat?????????????????
My daughter's eyes are not blinking at the same time....?
why do my contacts get blurry? its soo annoying i want it gone. please help?
is it possible for albuterol to release endorphins when taken?
so if i take the liquid nicotine out of the electronic cigarrete cartuge can i still blow out smoke!!?
Chest arm and back pains. What could it be?
Shortness of Breathe As Of Late. What Is It?
Lower resperatory infection question?
I was prescribed Flonase and Zyrtec...?
how can i get rid of from my cough & spootum and what is the cause?
I drive a vehicle behind a smoker. What can i use to rid a truck of a heavy smoke smell?
I want to sing but my voice gets scratchy when i try to is there anyway to stop that?
Immune to an antibiotic?
Is hyperventilating dangerous?
I need info on Kennel Cough?
What is diverticulitis disease?what causes it,can diet help?
Can Soy Milk cause Constipation?
Is it true it takes 6 weeks to get out a habit ? Like for instance eating chocolate?
acid reflux desease?
What does bloated stomach feel like?
I collapsed in doctors surgery 4 months ago.. left with weakness and pins and needles in left side and slower?
can anyone help me cope with pancreatitis & diabeatis i was diagnosed 7wks ago?
has any body been taking turmeric curcuma and dose it work a friend told me its good for athritus?
Help My face is red & blocthy ??
why is the peak expiratory flow (Litres per second) normally higher than the forced expiratory flow1?
why do people who've recovered from eating disorders have bad circulation?
is it better to be too big or too small?
Do you notice anything odd about this bloke's face?
Have you, like me, got a really, really small?
How do you deal with having acne? Roacutin?
Does freezing a veruca or wart hurt?
Why is it that when people sunbath some people go red and peel and others go brown??
What's the best way to get rid of scar tissue on my foot (from operation)?
If caucasian's have white dandruff, what colour dandruff do dark skinned people shed?
Lips purple?
What does it mean when your stool is dark, almost black?
What causes slightly elevated iron levels?
Should I have my third toe fused?
Am i a good person or a bad one? so confused !?
What is the name of the part of the brain that makes you feel nauseous ?
Is it okay to take iron tablets on an empty stomach?
nsaids and vitamin B?
Crohn's disease and weight?
how was the Cushing's syndrome discovered?
What are the symptoms of Meniere's Disease?
when i kiss my fiancee there is a smell but it only happens when he breathes through his nose ?
tennis ball size mass was inadvertently found in my stomach by ct scan when I was passing a kidney stone ,?
Lump in neck under jaw?!?!?!?
why has my stomach been hurting for the past week, watery stools and bloating are non stop?
what causes appetite loss?
It takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep every night. Is there something wrong with me?
doing coke only once and over 72 hours later i have to take a urine test will i pass?
employees safety,health and wellness program?
Enquiring about the Cost of Otoplasty (bat-ear correction surgery) at Yanhee hospital (thailand branch) ......?
doctor arturo b. arreola?
Do doctors only want your money for plastic surgery or do they care about your mental state?
Where can i find my CNA license number?
Is it bad to itch red, chapped lips?
Is it safe to take 25mg of diphendramine every night?
i cant sleep more than 3 hours so will i face any prob?
Just lost my healcare, what do I do now? Please help?
Choosing doctors and nurses?
Tingling in arms in legs, like pins and needles?
24 hour stomach virus.. is it still contagous?
Help me! This is really bothering me?
Phlebotomist/Healthcare workers please respond?
very sick 2 year old, need advice asap!?
why do my hands go numb all the time?
Will i grow anymore??!!?
Whats wrong with my knee?
"How can i reduce my backache without surgery?is there anyway?"?
Do painkillers really help with getting a tattoo.?
Left arm pain PLEASE HELP!?
Neck pain what do I use hot or cold pack?
appendix surgery costs?
Oxycontin question...Please answer?
im sick and in a lot of pain, please help!?
Is there something wrong with my arm?
i need help with this badly?
Experiencing Numbness in inside-Right leg?
Woke up feeling ill, whats wrong with me?
Has any one ever had a lower lumbar back surgery?
Left ear not "clicking"?
Right side of my brain randomly hurts?
I'm 30 weeks pregnant and the right side of my nose is very clogged. My eyes also tears on the same side.?
is it possible to wake someone from a coma?
suicide question?
someone help i have en exam in a few hours and i feel guilty?
sometimes,esp in winter,my fingers get swollen in a way that I can clench my fist with difficulty?
Panic Disorder and Depression?
Do some people just not get addicted to things?
Can anyone tell me what anti-depressant works the best for anxiety?
Does anybody else do this?
What is elhers danlos sydrome?
Have you had a baby requiring a tracheotomy? How did you find home life?
A question on depression...?
coloured patches on side of vision?
what vitamin supp. can my daughter,23 take while going to school and work?
has anyone got social anxiety or could they explain it to me please?
How do I get screened for ADD?
what would happen if...?
Does walmart carry any antipsychotic medications?Whats the names of them?
lithium and bipolar?
I have just been told i have Displacier of my left hip, and its been there since I was a child,?
should i tell the doctor?
Throwing away my life!?
I think I might be depressed?
My hubby has major burn out, cannot work anymore, is too stressed out, what can help him?
help me on my cold please?
I have very sewer sore throat that does not go away?
Has anyone made a simple vaporizer?
Whats colitis.............................?
Is there a Doc in the house?
whats the average heart attack rate in 1990?
if anyone knows the name of the dr. that was on oprah that had a stroke and relearned to walk again?
Who was the Anaheim Angel's player with Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome?
eye fracture is eye more vulnerable after? fights acne teenager confused?
how to get a xanax perscription?
Lower right abdomen pain? ER Dr said it was pancreatitis?
i dont know what this can be??10 pts?
What are some good donation registration websites.?
Just had a deviated Septum surgery, plus i have been diagnosed with Strep?
I've been taking synthroid for almost 7years, they have told me I have hypothyroid .I have taken Myself off?
acetaminophen liver damage?
Weird occurrence during, or the cause of, me waking. I'm frightened, I hope it wasn't a stroke!?
How fast does strep throat heal?
Acid Reflux Perhaps?
what to do with my CTS -Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
How long after you have your gallbladder removed should you feel yourself again?
What were your signs and symptoms of drug addiction?!?
What is better to do, take 7.5 - 10 MG of prednisone or take ibuprofen or Aleve for Osteoarthritis & PMR?
my head itches no it is not lice?
What foods are good for Hypoglycemia?
My hands are all shaky and it's hard to control them. What could it be?
I had some unforeseen medical problems?
how do you cure a hamster tumor?
my eyes getting worse?
what other eye contact brands have the color (hazel green) besides acuvue 2?
Is ok to wear 2.0 Power reading glasses when i only need 1.0 power glasses?
My mom has reading troubles(mostly with her vision) how can i help? any ideas?(i forgot to add some things.)?
How could diseases get into milk in the times when they didn't pasteurise it?
is strep throat a bacteria or virus?
I think my Dad has swine flu, does that mean I will get it?
Are these the symptoms of swine flu?
A bowel infection with the word 'fecal' in the middle of it. What's it called please?
Can you get ILL from this?
i keep touching my face?
what is the symptoms of polio ?
Which country did the flue H1N1 come from first?
How long does it take to catch a cold?
My children have been exposed to chicken pox 27 days before holiday?
what is infection caused by?
If you catch Rubella (german measles) are you immune after you get over it?
how long do people usually have glandular fever for?
Not sure if i have a sinus infection or the flu?
what is meant by victim mode?
is it possible to catch swine flu twice?
I'm told that the biggest cause of death in the UK is heart disease.?
Do you know of any good products for cloasma(pigmintation) on the face? microdermobrasion did not work?
what helps acid reflux ie heartburn except pharmacutoucal drugs?
Lymph Nodes?
How do disease patterns change over time and location?
What is the difference between illness, disease and health?
What does the medical term Lispmelanic Reticulosis mean please. Cannot find on usual search engines.?
A blood test for B.Anthracis id "not available" in any of the 3 hospitals-and-Laboratories in A.rabia ?
what side effects will morphine sulfate have on someone using for the rest of their life?
spotty chest?
what are the best products for curly hair?
Why do there occurs pinples with pust filled around the jaws & near mouth area? remedies for permanent cure?
Radiation exposure question.?
my vision could not focus, everything was spinning I could not focus. suggest an internet site for me?
Tea tree oil ointment is this good 4 gettin rid of spots?
If you take a nap during the day before you really go to bed, does it count?
I feel like I have a fever but don't?
What is wrong with me?
Have a rash that is weird?
Can you explain for me P.S.O.S. illnes- is when woman is produsing more male hormons??
what would happen if u swallowed a fake nail?
Why can I sleep so much?
I took Dilantin (Phenytoin) as a child now...?
Possible ear infection or something more? help please?
If you have torn the ligaments in the knee....?
how many years does it take to be a registered nurse?
What is the best way to recover from a very bad chest infection?
People who have had experience with tan beds, etc?
Can sun exposure permanently change eye colour?
knife like cuts on my body when i wake up?
Skin tag on the inside of my leg has turned from pink to a dark purply black colour - why?! HEELP!?
Ask away and you shall be healed right away?
can anyone recommend a head lice repellent ?
how to get rid of black arm pits?
how do you know when you have a hernia? please help!?
aftercare mole removal question?
Ok on thursday my arm went numb from my elbow down. it was okay on friday but now its still a little numb! why?
What are these blisters on my hands?
is it harmful to wear disposable contact lens after 1 month even if they don`t cause any trouble?how?
any recomendations of keeping skin spotless?
very small hard lump of skin on my bald head?
i av a fanny rash how do u get rid of it?
effective ways of getting rid of cellulite!?!?!?
Eczema Advice ??????????????
How can I avoid getting bite by mosquito's or prevent them from biting me?
ow i hurt my back.. help?
Nothings going right . . . I think im suicidal ?
can you take pure resv when taking narcotics?
tendinitis in my foot?
i have a very bad headache it's on my both side of my temple and back of my head which makes me dizzy?
Does Darvocet work well for pain?? I have a really bad pain from a shot I got recently, and my doc prescribed?
I Smashed finger, should I wait until tomorrow...>>?
lower back pain, herinated disc and urinary problems?
Mid back pain on the right side!!!???(i'm 19)?
What is this pain in my hip?
Whats Lightheaded,Headache And Nausea Symptoms Of?
i punched something yesterday and my wrist is all bruised and cracks from time to time. What is wrong?
Why is my neck hurting?
I'm 24 and my knees are killing me!?
What is T-pain's Music considered?
Are these shin splints?
My chest hurts! please help me figure out what's wrong!!!!!?
What is the cause of this kind of elbow pain?
Can you suffocate by having your head under the covers?
what are the side effects of tussionex pennkinetic susp MPI?
I can't stop coughing - Help?
I have this pain in my chest and fatigue, what is this?
what is ave lox 400mg used to cure?
i don't know what to do?
Know the pathway of blood through the heart, lungs and the whole vascular system?
i have bronchiolitis and i'm a teenager?
Is this a cold or sinus infection?
what kind of medicine can i take?
how to encourage someone to quit smoking if nothing seems to work?
can you take zinc for a cold? any other suggesions? Thanks?
calculations for medications?
albuterol hurting chest?
How long will insomnia last from Tramadol withdrawal?
Could I have a tumour?
Do you feel like 1 little abnormal thing in ur body u c, and all the sudden think that u have a deadly disease?
what food containing more uric acid?how uric acid affect the body?
Might I have insomnia?
How old do you have to be to...?
I'm having dizzy spells....?
Do I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Is there any help out there.?
What medical insurance covers ulcerative colitis?
Needs medical advice quickly?
what can i do or take for vertigo n dizziness?
Why is my stomach bloating?
I have scoliosis questions?
I have swelling under my chin, what could it be?
I found out im lactose intolerant?
reduce swelling feet and hands?
what is an analgesic?
another question about paxil!! help plz?
Is this mental illness, and can this happen, PLEASE,PLEASE ANSWER?
what medications help slow down your thoughts?
I don't want to be a scatterbrain anymore. Does anyone have any tips for me to help me get rid of this?
im not able to feel happyiness.?
I'm cyclothymic and I can feel the state of depression coming on...?
I have Social Anxiety Disorder, and no health insurance.?
Natural mood boosters?
Not enough sleep....maybe?? part 2?
could be suffering from depression and if so what kind of type is it?
I am looking for a earbel remedy for sadness.legal?
Do you suffer from Anti-Personality disorder?
My anger problem?
he's had time off school, just stayed up 48 hours for coursework, what do i do?
i need answers and quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Friend and Mental Health Issue?
I always have plan B in my head,because life sockes sometimes,not ready to die.What of you?
Help! Excruciating arm pain!?
What to do to help injured heal due to cold weather? Frozen ankle?
which orthopedic surgery is more important to have done first?
How long before I can bend my leg?
about a week ago i was at the beach skimboarding and fell onto my knee and now there has been numb since?
I went out for a walk in the cold and now my stomach aches?
How would you break your own leg ?
Why does my foot feel broke again?
What do I do? I just slip and fell and...?
what's wrong with my legs?
Have I broken a rib in the past?
What's the volume of a 7 year old victim should be.?
if 42 is the answer to life what number is death?
if you have a white coating on your tongue does this mean you have bed breath?
What to do if your bunion hurts?
Should i get my knee checked out?
I have cysts in my thyroid, and my throat is sore??
really really bad headache?
Anyone out there had a leg or foot cramp recently?
Anyone out there have any funny stories about getting a cramp or charlie horse?
This weird pain in my shoulder...?
where is your appendix located?
why do you want to be a nurse?
why am i having si joint pain and lower abdomen cramps?
Anyone out there like help working out leg or foot cramps?
I have cut down drinking lots but.........?
Having pain on the top of my foot?
My dad has headache pains?
why do i keep getting sharp pain on my chest?
I flop down in my chair and I woke up my left rib cage it have a bad pain when I bend down?
tweeked my back? help please?
I have bad pains in my sides?
I woke up at 4 am with the worst headache ever!?
help whats wrong with me?
My Brother punched me in the chest. Now my sternum hurts like heck!?
Backache.....Please help?
What's the best way to make a swell go down?
left handed pain. help?
Anyone had carpul tunnel surgery.?
fragrant tampons?
I LEFT DRUGS FROM long time ago but i still feel sleepless and very bad mode what the solution?
Need help badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I've got a twicting eyelid?
Why has the pain stopped?
why do i still have ankle pain?
Normal to have stiff neck for more than 6 weeks?
what brand and name are the contacts you leave in for two weeks?
has anyone removed a brown spot in the eye that didnt effect the vision with surgery?
The YAZ pill...any help?
My mom has been addicted to crack for years and years, how long until it kills her?
Is it dangerous to have mold in your house ?
Could anyone with a medical background help me?!?
Do you think I should go out for St. Patty's day?
What's wrong with my tongue?
Why when I sleep, I bite strongly tight during all night?
Question about beating heat?
why do old men rub their hands together?
found a white amc pill on the floor?
Do midnite sleeping pills work?
Takes me 5 hours to fall asleep, what can i do short of sleeping pills? I used to take aderall but not anymore?
Canadian health guidelines?
is there a connection between blood pressure and iron levels?
Not feeling too good? My symptoms are...?
What would happen if you like never washed for years?
How can you make cuts less visable?
should i get a tatoo and how sore is it?
Itchy scalp....how can I make it stop??!!!?
What can cause a creeping feeling under scalp?
wats phase 6 n the swine flu Ooo and phase 5?
if swine flu is an airborne virus, then surely it must be true, Pigs can fly?
Remedies for a sore throat/lost voice?
So we are now in a pandemic?
What does ear popping feel like?
lightheadedness and dream like feeling?
can you take nurofen when you have a stomach ulcer?
Is my condition Menier's disease?
how to stop my tricholiomania?
People are making a big deal of swine flu?
getting gynecomastia surgery without parents knowing?
Friend with weird stomach symptoms. What could be wrong?
diagnosed with c .k .d chronic kidney?
why does it feel good to get my blood drawn?
Stomach bloating and gassy?
is their a cure for ADHD?
Common cold or something else?
damage nerves and medications?
i found out im lactose intolerant?
If you have a painful headache and a fever of 103.5 and are playing fps video games for a few hours is it bad?
Feeling slight pressure in my head :/ help?
how long does it take to get weed outta ur system if you smoke once a month?
scared, this has never happened!? face is numb?
Why does treatment of a Gram (-) infection make one more sick initially, often seriously?
Help! I am scared for my intestines!!?
Is it ok to vomit if...?
does anyone know what is up with me?
Fever, lightheadedness/ dizzyness, chest pain, bad cough, headache in immune surpressed.?
How does imbalance nutrition can happen to patients with pneumonia?
Good Cough Medicine, Please Help Fast.?
can one get carbon monoxide poisoning from a steam radiator, if it's not working properly?
Is brusing leaving a mark on ur blood?
What's wrong with me? help please;; i know i'm sick :((?
acetazolamide dangerous side effects?
weed and asthma.......?
how to give up smoking?
i have asthma and have had it all my life but recently have started to get the shakes?
My lungs hurt when i cough and sometimes when i breath. It's like a shooting pain in my lungs. any ideas?
cold has turned into persistent cough - is it doctor time?
Long term chronic cough without any other symptoms?
Why do I feel chest pain and have difficulty breathing after exercise?
Chest pressure/pains?
lungsss hurt when i run?
is folate and vitamin a the same thing ?
The tip of my thumb is numb?
pretty large lump on my wrist ?
Burning feeling in my ankle?
What do I do? I just slip and fell and...?
sickness and death in the family?
what can someone do if they think they are suffering from depression?
How do i know if i'm depressed???
Lithium?Is it ok?
Is something wrong with me?
How to handle stress?
Ocd, please help!?
Any time I'm confronted with conflict, I totally shut down, get frustrated and just up and leave.?
Does anyone know anything about Akathesia? My daughter has this side effect from Risperdal?
ok so my friend has hemroids and is really scared to go to surgey and medications er medicines for that? help!
Symptoms of Something?
ocd question?
Left Ventrricular Hypertrophy(Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) in children?
I've had a lightheaded dizzy feeling for a month now.?
i ve brown patch on my cheeck since last few years.i ve taken treatmant for melasma but there is no improv.?
vascular septul defect?
Does anyone else here suffer from CRPS, previously known as RSD?
my husband?
why is it the less you do the more tired you feel?
My body isn't absorbing water?
Can you drink alcohol while on klonopin (not at the same time)?
Do you know the name of this disease?
Am I lactose intolerant? Please answer!?
I have extreme problems with recalling things;?
kidney infection ... need help please?
What was happening to me?
How to keep good hygiene?
Group A Strep, Brain Tumor?
why is that that when its light outside, i get really tired but when its night, i become awake?
What are vericos veins?
stomach ache after eating?
I wanna quite taking xanax but i get withdrawel how can i stop withdrawels?
Precordial catch syndrome on the right side for 24hours+?
could my sore be infected?
Headaches around the same time everyday?
i need advice please?
how do i tell if i have insomnia?
will they test for drugs if i'm getting a test for thyroid?
i have a very tender spot on my head. it's at the top right side and if i tap it it hurts really bad as if som?
I got my H1N1 shot about a month ago, and since then ive been feeling dizzy :l Help?
should i go back into a mental hospital for this?
What to do about severe headaches?
is this a cold sore or not?
Do i have insomnia??
my kitten just got his distemper shot should he act like this please help?
I feel weird, sick, tired, weak. What's wrong with me?
is it paspol to ask about health?
Why is it when I take a nap (even for half an hour) after dinner I find it so hard to fall asleep at night?
What do i do if i think i have taken too many paramol?
what does lump in forearm mean?
Explain the process of terminating a patient from a medical practice?
U.S. Health Care Question?
school age kids: ages 6 -11?
what could be wrong with me?
What are some tips on how to get rid of a headache?
Slight lower back pain?
I have a phobia of shots, blood and needles. I have a doc. apmnt i am terrified bc blood work & shots needed!?
terrible headache for months, any ideas?
reoccurring headache?
whats wrong with my foot?
Feet problems, cramp pains?
severe charlie horse?
Major pain in the arch of my foot,?
Severe pain on lower left side of abdomen...what could it be?
HELP! I maybe addicted to vicodin? only used for 6 weeks going withdrawal......?
Is there anything I can do to relieve pain from plugged ears?
is there any way to get rid of a pinched nerve with out medical help?
my toe is superrr sore?
Left side pain at night?
What can I do to take my neck pain away?
groin and pelvis pain, what could it be?
I need help badly, why am I having lower back crampings?
I just hurt my right knee out of nowhere...nothing happened to it...it feels like it needs to be popped.?
should I have said this to her????
What is the most suitable dog for me to get to be trained as a Hearing Dog for my 9 year old son?
Do your eyes grow?
Is there a bug going around?
what's a good way?
what dose the elemnt barium look like?
Can i drink tonight?
What is this oil made from??
should poo's float or sink?
does anyone believe what their dreams tell them. I have had two really awful ones, they woke me from my sleep.
Should my mum (with MS) use cannabis??
Following the ITV documentary on the ambulance service last night? I am a paramedic and would like to know?
Can you take the nebuilizer every 4 to 6 hours?
has anyone had laser eye treatment?