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My cousin have BIGGG mental problems,help?
taking rejection & criticism ...to an extreme?
for some reason i cant get sleep at night?
i want to be a online conselor to help people with problems is there jobs like that online?
should someone take both seroquel and metoprolol?
uncontrolable crying?
Panic attacks and disorders?
Today I dont know what is up,im not going off any meds,,,well i was on cymbalta for 4 days and dr. had me stop
I think i need a therapist?
ok iwent on 50 mg of zoloft feb 7,08 made me very sick so dr cut me doen to 25 mg on march 8- 15th,and?
Are sounds intensified when you are nervous?
I think I'm depressed. Can you help?
medical: backs of my hands go scaly reptile like?
How can I get rid of a wart?
Which moisterizer?
is it okay to peel off the skin from a sunburn if it has already started to peel?
how do you get rid of warts have tried freezing and creams from chemist without success and cant afford doctor
I have extremely dry feet and I can't keep them moisturized what should I do?
dose tea tree oil really work on spots?
I had a mole checked by a doctor and she said it was fine but its colour has changed gone hard should i worry?
Mild Eczema. I want rid of it, help?
Is it really so strange?
What shampoo and conditioner is good for very dry and itchy scalp?
Help with sensitive/spotty skin?
can u get a suntan through the glass?
What can I do about Acne? I've tried creams, potions, lotions, all kinds of things, but my skin remains......
Rash?!?!!?!?! (Picture Included)?
how do you i get rid of shaving rash ive tried everything???
what does foot and mouth look like?
what would you recommend for acne treatment?? i'm 19 yrs, and have it on my shoulders, chest and back...?
If I have a sprained wrist should I avoid typing?
Why is my broken ankle still purple?
i sprained both my ankles so i was wondering what can i put on them to make them stronger?
I broke the outside bone of my right foot a year ago, it is still hurting alot. is that normal?
Ok so I understand this is nerve issues.?
i hurt my foot after a 4 mile run?
I fell down but cant remember what happened.?
Skiing and fell and landed on my head?
What's wrong with my wrist?
Fell on knee, and now its swollen and numb?
Did I pull a muscle in my calf?
How long does it take for a twisted ankle to heal?
Ok , whats wrong with with my left toenail ?
Anti-reflective coating?
I cant stop drinking what am i to do?
Would you pay for online dating websites?
i work in metal bonding, In boeing, Can i get asthma, From the chemicals i use.?
how a women can decrease testastrone hormone in her body?
saunas are good for detox, do they have any other uses like burning fat, etc?
Is anybody aware that October is Lupas Awareness Month?
Any one out there with a coeliac and diabetic child?
should i go work with a cold? please help.?
My CRP Quantitative level is 21.95mg/l whereas it should be <5mg/l. What does it mean?
TB/BCG Vaccine & immunisation?
Who is suffering from swine flu?
Do i have food poisining or not?
Gallstones! Help!!!!!!!!!!!?
my blood test show high platelet what does that mean?
Can long term methadone use wreck your body?
Can a dead rat spread disease...........?
is e.coeli a bug ,germ , parasite or chemical ?
uk ppl: have you had the flu jag?
food stuck in throat feeling?
indwelling catheter?
Whats the quickest wayof getting rid of a sti on your right eye?
Can Anyone Help Me (Urdu Medical Translation Question)?
fear of getting an illness?
Terbinafine 250mg?
Does this sound like a chest infection?
Mosquito repellant for babys?
What are the symptoms of Glandular Fever?
Why does one get colds flu in winter, and not so much in summer?
can meninges?
I feel better but it got worse?
i have a new symptom!?
what is ischemic colits?
miraculous cure of hernia, anyone?
Am I actually sick or is it just a cold?
a question about dizziness/menriens disease?
Do I Have A Serious Illness?
question on anorexia?
I have terrible headaches that includes my temples and it doesn't even stop recently?
And if you have a thyroid disease do you need regular checkups with a doctor or endocrinologist?
why do i feel sick every morning?
Can you determine an unborn child has Downs through a blood test?
I am having problems with sleeping,eating, and drinking fluids.?
I have a swollen gland on my neck and need answers?
How can I get an emergency medical supply today?
what is the best sunblock to use on my large lower leg skin graft which was the result of a full thicknessburn
Visibly Clearer skin in 3 days ?
Spots.. any Home remedys??
pcos help!!!!?
Can pigeons and rats help our immune system?
Which is the best face cream to us to keep your face smooth and prevent from spots...?
My boyfriend...?
gleaner fever?
asthma help......................?
I have been having Chest aches or muscles aches for the past 6 months now.?
Help...Had a Septoplasty/Turbinate reduction and rasping of a dorsal hump...?
why do i wake up with throat burning, choaking and hard to breathe and it is ok after stepping outside4 20 min?
What is wrong with my throat?
Anxiety tightness in chest cures?
continuously coughing up mucus?
throwing up with out feeling sick?
Could the chemicals in perfumes enter the bloodstream causing harm to a fetus?
Just recently, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism....?
If I had a panic attack once or twice will I have it again?
I want to visit grandkids they live near mountain 1000 ft above sea level i have asthama and do not feel good?
What improves blood flow?
ativan questions???
can i take alprazolam and deanxit together to beat anxiety.?
Meditation versus drug therapy in GAD?
Anyone know what generic Stresan 50mg is?
Im on 10 mg Paxil for 2 years now.....I am drinking (sipping) Wild Irish Rose wine ...WILL IT KILL ME????
Hey is anone a recovering crystal meth addict??
For those with anxiety disorders?
Trying hard in life, but no success?
I know i may be asking an unasswerable question, but?
How to Control and Treat Drugs Edict.. and how to Save him after the Treatment?
i hear a weird sound?
Does anyone often feel as if they are watching themselves in a movie?
How does family illnesses affect the family members?
what's wrong with my foot?
Pain after stretching?
terrible pain in my feet?
Im always getting a headache!?
I've a pain in my left side what could this be?
lower back pain please help!!!!!!!!!!!?
HOW do you get rid of groin pain?
Doctor prescribed Xanax 0.25 mg. Not sure if its enough.?
what causes athletes foot????
why is it still throbbing?
PLEASE HELP!!! My dad's leg!?
Do I have Hand Arthritis or something else?
my heartbeat contracts hard about every 20 minutes?
Do you plug the victims nose when you perform CPR?
Feeling like you have to pee the entire day?
Would the drafty window my son sleeps by affect his health?
What is wrong with me?
When you get blood drawn, how long does it take to get that blood back?
Friend comes back to life after 3-4 days?
My doctor is illitrate he cannot understand my head mri but he said theres something behind my nose?
Can someone HElp mE!!! plzzz its urgent!!?
Could I get ill if I drink ice cold water ?
What does eye twitching mean?
I'm always exhausted, and thirsty? And I always have to pee?
i pick my nose often and wen i do now it feels like my nostrils have widened a good amount..is this bad?
Hey. i keep sneezing and i have a runny nose, am i allergic to anything or am i just ill?
What does G C S mean in medicine?
Is this a sprained thumb?
What can I do to a boot type splint so I can walk through snow to get to my car?
i think ive broke my little finger, its all swollen and sore, how can i be sure without going to the doctors?
I got hit in the nose a few days ago with a volleyball and I'm not sure if it's broken. Should I go to the ER?
knee Injury skateboarding?
What is wrong with my knee?
what are the 3 elements of accidents?
pain on the top of my hand when in a pushup position?
Ankle problems, help?
What does it mean when your second toe is bigger than your second toe on your other foot?
What are some major injuries from being hit by a car?
A bump on the back of my neck?
Arthroscopic shoulder surgery?
Got tackled, my back hurts, am I going to be ok? Please Help!?
i broke my hand 2 weeks ago and am wearing a cast what will happen if i take it off early?
How to speed up the healing process for a stress fracture?
Is there a surgery for dry eyes?
Contact Lens Prescription?
Do I need to wear these glasses?
How do you be sick in school?
What is a biohazard and what are some examples of it?
i need a fast relieve for cold and flu and quick solution ?
What will happen if the Swine Flu 'pandemic level' goes to 6?
earproblem menieres sydrome anyonesame problem doinmyheadin?
possible swine flu? 23weeks pregnant.?
can you get a jab and 2 days later get another?
Question about Tonsilitus....?
Loss of senses due to flu ..?
are the flu jabs that you get at certain big supermarkets for £12 the same as the nhs, jab that is free.?
question about cystitis?
Is there more than one way to catch headlice?
Feeling ill, wanna go out, will others catch it?
Is my child prone to catching a cold sore?
can any body tell me what exacltly i have?
How long can Aids/Hiv live on a needle for in normal household conditions?
The swine flu jab, is it yearly?
help with hepatitis. what is it and what does it do ?
how to recover from a cold in one day?
On friday i had all but 2 of the symptons of swine flu.I was in contact with a?
Sugar to Heal wounds. Dr Mose Murandu says that bacteria gets absorbed by the sugar and thus prevents infectio?
Do i have food poisoning?
I have a weird cold but no temperature - is it possible it could be swine flu?
Itchy tongue????????????
Only 1/3 of my pituitary gland is left. Is that horrible? Does it really matter?
I'm getting a tingle sensation when urinating?
shaking all over????????/?
How do i get rid of acid reflux?
what happen when amniotic fluid get in the blood stream?
My 2 year old grandson has a bacterial infection in his bloodstream. Shouldn't he be hospitalized?
At what point should I talk to my doctor?
I had an MMA B-12 test done and I can't find the normal ranges for this anywhere, my range is 265. Does anyone?
I sometimes get bad stomach cramping..and then pass out.?
if you undergo spine surgery, can you still get pregnant?
Sometimes when you have to be tube fed through the stomach what does it mean?
Do I have an eating disorder?
hashimoto's disease?!?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Does hyperthyroidism cause insomnia that can't be fixed with sleeping medicine?
What are some bipolar symptoms?
i'm beginning to worry..is this a kidney infection?
ive had a tattoo done recently and although i have many tattooos, this time i suffered uncontrollable shakeing
what are reactive lymphocytes?
how do i get rid of acne scars and what do i use?
Motor Neurone Disease - anyone with condition out there??
what year was the first diagnosis of cancer?
Trouble Sleeping, constantly sore eyes - Any suggestions?
Can the use of hand creams and body lotions influence your cholesterol count?
i get red underneath my eyes on my cheek bones what causes that?
i have read that rubbing coconut oil on psoriasis will help is this true??
How can I stop myself going red in the face all the time?
agoraphobia?\\please keep my motto going?
Why people have scars from ance?
how do i reduce a swollen lip?
lump on neck?
what can I do about my dry elbowes?
diethylpropion anyone heard of it?
how can i make my palm(hand) soft ? ?
Greasy skin teen problems :/?
How can I heal some scarring from a recent burn on my arm?
What is the best non- perfumed natural skin moisturiser for men?
Acne - topical antibiotics and drying face washes?
What fruits help get rid of spots?
I have sweaty hands and i want to hold hands with my bf?
I am the cleanest person i know,2 showers a day plus foot bathe 3 times a day,yet my feet absolutely Honk,even
how can i get rid of acne scars?
spots on arms?
What is an itch?
What's the best face wash for Acne?
i have a lumo behind my right ear, i noticed it ages ago but haven't done anything about it?
Why is my hot tub making my sides and top of my back itchy?
I have exactly a month to get rid of bacne & scars?
What am i sick with!?
How could we say that the cough is worse already?
When my sister sleeps.....?
Don't know what chest pain is?
the back of my chest hurts?
my mother had a tumour on her lung in january,it was shrunk by chemo,delighted,she went to speacialist last th?
why am i so tired lateley?
Well, acneeeeeeeeee on my back and chest?
Could I have a low immune system?
what is the vaccine made of?
abnormal heart and lungs?
why do i cough all day long? its annoying?
Nasal caity problems..any idea?
Abdomen pain unsolved med. mystery...PLEASE HELP US!?
why does water taste like sugar?
Don't want my co-workers to know I will be late to work tomorrow because of going to hospital.?
can i take stresstabs at night before going to bed, then taking vitamin B in the morning?
how do i treat vericose veins,mine are protruding under the skin.?
Are there any good exercises for the legs, particularly the knees?
Question about annual physical exam?
How to solve the problem of a swelled part of the lips that ocurred by frequent touching & pulling since long?
Why does my chest/lungs feel fuzzy on the inside?
how long in centimetres should your liver be?
can you survive with tumor on the lung as well as having a heart by pass too?
what is the Prognosis for my baby of 27 weeks with Cerebral Atrophy.?
Have I got Quervains Tenosynovitis? It started with burning sensation on the tips of my thumb & 1st finger.?
trial of steroids for joint pains?
what is parkinsons disease what are the symptoms?
Why is do i feel as though im going to be sick?
How long should I rest my shoulder?
Torn muscle, please help?
Should an infection in my finger be tingling?
Both of my arches are swollen and it happen all of a sudden I was walking with no shoes and now I can't stand?
Ski injury. What is the muscle near the calf where leg bends?
Could I have a hairline fracture?
How can you tell if you have a serious injury to your shoulder?
Is it possible to damage pain receptors?
what muscle did i pull?
should this be checked out?
Do I have broken ribs or not?
Can a hard slap to the head cause a head injury?
Strengthening my wrist/hand?
Part of my toenail is coming away from the rest of my toenail. What is wrong?!?
Broken humerus. How will it heal?
I pulled a muscle in my rib cage - Can I still do cardio, if I stay away from core workouts? Is it safe?
turf toe in basketball?
The side of my cartilage, right next to where its pierced is a bit swelled & wont go down?
I get terrible low blood sugar symtoms i.e dizzyness and spaced out in the morning im on a diet any solutions?
My daughter has been getting symptoms of nausea,headaches and abdominal pain...can anyone give me a diagnosis?
Possibility of a Blood Clot?
i have diarrhea and i keep puking plz help?
What does sequela of prior ischemic or infectious insult or abnormality of myelination on a brain MRI mean?
i have a lump under my arm and it will not go away.?
What causes flushing after eating?
Who can Help me read my MRI?
i have just been diagnosed with anemia and i am getting bruises?
I feel so ill, think I got food poisioning or maybe something else? Help?
How will I feel after take my prescription?
A fever of 100.1 and chills?
How does it affects the person living with manic-depressive disorder?
how do i know if i have a eating disorder?
I think I have fatal familial insomnia - HELP!?
Tell me the symptoms of piles?
Need to know about gray vomit?
heartburn wont go away, stomach churning every little while, tums wont help!?
i have the shivvers in my leg and a bad headace and my eyes hurt and im tired.. does this mean i have a cold?
How does one know if they have an absence seizure?
What Are Symptoms of Epilepsy? [Please Answer!]?
eyes changing color??
How can i think more? I know i can but how?
Advice pleaz??
I habe severe anxiety and take xanax for it,for 5 years i was on xanax and drank beer with it,i went off?
how do I make these nightmares and flashbacks go away?
seeing smoke?
My brother has a major anger problem, what should i do to help him?
adhd and its ptroblems?
if one of my aunts has mental disorders (schitzophrenia/psychosis), what are the odds my kids can inherit it?
I need help for my wife, I think she suffers from Post Traumatic Stress?
is it a phobia?
for the past year i had depression and anxiety attacks plz advice?
i cut myself i need help?
ive got this feeling something is going to happen to someone close to me, its happened before to me before ...
What would getting headbutted as a teenager do to someone later in life?
I can be such a scared nervous girl, even around people I know!!?
has anyone ever taken Subutex?? and if so did you have the urge to steal on them??
I am so confused. Everyone has an opiion and my doctor is likenot caring.Or so it seems. Do I take depakote or
who is abo....?
ankylosing spondylitis.Are there any cures?
what's the cure for sweaty hands / feet?
Is a pain in the breast, underarm and arm?
why is my head buzzing on and off?
Due to have thyroid operation soon.?
Strange when I breathe in and out; what's the problem?
Breathing problems..............?
Is it healthier to stay slightly underweight/slim?
Is Parkinsons hereditary? Is there a pre-disposition test that can be taken?
Are these symptons of Asthma?
Coughing in the morning?
wistling cough wont they said i had phenomia a couple of weeks like june 15th could?
What does it mean if your smear test shows "borderline nuclear changes" and what causes this?
Are there any other "Old Polio" sufferers out there.?
tips on hiding dark circles under eyes?
What is the primary cause of Alzheimer's disease?
advice for low hemoglobin person?
Has anyone tried the Yorkest blood test for food intolerance? Did it help you?
how does stress affect YOU?
Heroine does it kill?
i coughed up a ball of fleshy tissue coverd in blood?
Finish this.....?
Is it weird that i have 6 toes?
list the signs/symptoms of the following emergency conditions?
server headache and in and out of consciousness?
how to know what is causing high esr rate in blood?
coping with a permanent colostomy?
Omg help! I'm so scared of jabs :( what can i do?
How long does a cold usually take to go?
Impetigo and work?
temperature headache and queasy is this swine flu?
What can make me ill? ?
a doctor recently gave me a possible diagnosis of Stevens Johnson syndrome?
because i am more at risk of getting swine flu my teacher has got it should i be near her?
Which carrys more Diseases Rats or Humans.? Rats spread the Black death through their fleas and caused?
Infected toungue piercing help!?
Will my Niece Survive this Brain Infection?
Threadworm Problem And advice on a friend?
I have swine flu symptons and my sister has it but?
what is the causes of typhod fever?
Help! Swine Flu in my school!?
why does the flu feel worse at night ?
how concerned should we be about swine flu ?
do you think i have a cold? or the flu?
Do you know about any old school remedies?
Does Lazy Eve prevent you from wearing Contact Lenses?
if you smoke for 2 years and quit how long does it take to leave the body?
Sometimes when I lie in Bed its hard for me to swallow?!?
what are some example of sources of health information?
I think I'm Narcoleptic what do I do?
do you get a convulsion or fit or seizure when you eat too much chilly?
Blue line underneath my lip? Some times by my fingers...?
recurring muscle cramp (very painful)?
Why every time I eat something I get bloated?
Preventative testing for brain aneurysms?
Do your eyes open when you die in your sleep?
how can i get some sleep?
To those who work with trauma victims-info about organ donation.?
Help with medical question?
Why is my index finger numb/tingle?
What is the classification of Levaquin?
please help - v. infected ear - possibly flesh eating bacteria?
I need help asap about my hands?
I have like tiny red dots on my legs, how do i hide/get rid of them?
How does a baby catch a viral infection?
im going in to hospitail to have major surgerey is ther any help i would be elagible for when i go home?
How can i get rid of spots and blackheads effectivley at home?
Ummm....I have a question on a Disorder...?
Have you ever used the sap from Aloe Vera to treat a wound or infection?
eurgh im so angry at acne now?
I have a mole on my back which started itching- is this serious?
Why does my face go red?
Help! What can I do against the redness and itch of my ACNE ROSACEA ??
my son {21 months} has ringworm on his head at the back does ketopine shampoo work?
The soap im using is giving me dry hands?
itching pls help?
i have a varooka on the bottom of my foot, how do i clear it?
how do you get rid ??????????
my cat has a skin rash on its back what can i do to help get rid of it ?
best natural home product for skin?
i am 16 and getting a few spots on my head i did b4 and now a few on cheeks I need a solutution to get rid?
Can anyone tell me if i have insomnia, and how to fix it?
I have a cold, and these past few days my hearing gets lower and lower. is it normal?
Food intake and Adderall XR?
How to identify hyzaar and generic lorsartan HCTZ 100/12.5?
Lower back left LEG pain?
Stomach problems... help?
Is this normal???? Please help?
What happens if your overweight and you smoke cigarettes ?
Where does mucus come from?
How can I get rid of a bloodshot eye?
thanks jane its just that today i feel very low and negative. your suggestion of giving him more time is actua?
What is Acid Reflux Food?
what are symptoms of autism?
What Is Up With My Stomach? ( Long)?
can a person with anemia get a blood transfusion?
how can you get rid of feeling nautious?
Pressure on top of head after physical activity.?
Tingling lower back, reduced appetite + nausea without vomit, NOT pregnant?
what is the name of the disease caused by zinc?
I got a cholesterol check, and all I got back was it was normal.?
anyone in northwilts or glous areas help me .I have cancer in the form of peripheral nerve sheath tumour?
When was ADD discovered? How can this problem be connected with George Orwell's 1984??
health/effects after pnuemonia/pluerisy?
ill for a month, feeling lethargic and fed up, what suggestions do you have for brightening my day?
what will happen is someone takes creon enzyme if they don't need it?
Is there ne1 out there who SVT or supraventricular tachycardia?
Anyone out there on xanax,if so has it ever caused like a burning sensation in parts of your body,and?
I am on Serroquell, Depakote, and Ativan; dose anyone know what med cause weird and strange dreams?
How to Calm that Unsettle feeling?
I need help please?
What IS depression ?
How can i go to work happy?
Cant stop going to the bath room?
Can you tell me what's wrong with my knees?
How can i restore my hearing ?
Does the hip bone make blood?
i think i might of got compresed air in my eye?
I think I have broken my metacarpal bone between my wrist and thumb, is there a way to tell with no doctor?
How long would it take for me to get frostbite?
i have pain near the top part of my tibia leading a little bit into my knee i have had a fracture but healed?
i want to get massive with muscle what can i use :)?
rib pain and fever on and off?
Should I play on my injury?
fluid in my ankle joint?
How to test for trochlear nerve lesion?
Can I still get LASIK?
feeling good after illness?
Different brands of Levothyroxine...?
Has anyone used Dayenne Skin Care products?
why is it that its beautiful people that say looks dont matter?
Is it illegal to pleasure oneself while resting in a NHS hospital bed?
aortic enurisum in upper abdoman,my dad is having surgery can anyone make me feel at ease and not so worried?
worried about my fiances health anyone no what it may be?
What can I expect from a gallbladder removal operation?
Anyone else diagnosed with PCOS?
what is the cause of dry scalp?
Herceptin! Is there any other choice? like double mastectomy!?
Has anyone tried DAYENNE Skin care products?
When you check someones blood pressure manually do you check for the pulse and then inflate the cuff to 20mmhg
What is Glandular fever?
Has anyone out there gained alot of weight on Serequel???
ive had pins and needles in my little finger for 3 days any1 got any ideas what it is?
What are the symptoms if you are allergic to warfarin medication?
i have some tension due to which i loss my weight y it happens?
Is this normal for my heart?
there is any other source to or any medicine to ejeceulate between 15 to 25 minute?
Anyone here had swine flu yet? How bad was it really?
Can a Twelve year old decide on having immunisation ?
do i have an infection?
do i have tonsilitis or strep throat could you please help me?
Where in the uk has swine flu been confirmed?
Throat Infection Help And Question?
Im 14 years old and i keep getting Impetigo, Please Help.?
I have a question about Merca/MRSA, Please read if you know about this well.?
Lalalala Swine flu poll :)?
how are polio boosters given?
Swollen eyelid?
Do I have strep? If not, am I even sick? Help please asap!?
What should i do about this painful sport thinggy on my bum hole?!?
how do u stop gastroenteritis coming back ? and how do u get rid of it ?
what's the difference between toxoplasmosis and toxic plasmosis?
Why is it that I am more tired if I get 4 hours of sleep then if I get no sleep at all?
Is it necessary to remove cyst?
I'm getting tubes put in my ears without anesthesia, will it hurt?
For those of you who are nurses - do you enjoy your job?
Run your finger down your sternum please?
What is wrong with my muscles?
Need medical advice about a knot I found on my baby's neck.?
How Can i Sort my Sleep Out Its Really F**kd Up;o?
How to cure a swolen infected cut?
does salt make dehydration go faster?
i took six ambiens. how dangerous is that?
If I just have a cough what sickness do I have?
I am chain smoker........?
My 8 years old son nose is bleeding frequently? Advice pls?
asbestos exposure litigation?
How to make my breathing better?
what dose the elemnt barium look like?
Suspecting TB!! PLease Help?
Sinus Infection & Headaches?
i need to clear up my nasal passages?
my 3 year old has a sore throat would there be anything i could give her?
Has any one have have been cavity searched?
Why do i feel this way after smoking weed?
my daughter went in for a brain scan today, what could have been found?
My girlfriend has frequent blackouts where she feels very week and just faints ....syptoms?
Could this get me sick?
why do i have to take medication for 9 months for being exposed to TB?
pneumonia..or not? someone help?
My feaces smells more than usual. Is this normal?
my lips have dark patches after cold. help!?
My skin has seriously dried up over the last 2 days. Going to a party... tonight! help?
I need a medicine BOSENTER 125mg or TRACLIAR 125mg available in INDIA. Plz inform if possible.?
I do you get rid of acne, blackhead, dilated pores?
Acne cream advise/usage?
Slight cough causing loss of consciousness?
i have horrible sores on on neck & chin was told by doctor was impetigo what is this?
What works the best for canker sore?
What is the minimum age you have to be for Laser eye surgery?
how does alcohol effect the oral mucosa and oral health?
can i pluck hairs from a mole, what about a raised mole? what will happen if i do?
Why do I get a recurring outbreak of boils (one at a time) on my inner right thigh?
is this weed please answer?
anyone afraid of being chased?
Can I see a doctor for this?
has anyone taken paroxetine what dose did u dream alot how was it for u?
Is this anxiety and OCD?
anybody up on autistic savants?
Do I have ADHD?
Is there something wrong here?
Anafranil / Clomipramine & obsessive thoughts - your experience?
Why do people make me so anxious?
I think i might be sufferig from depression?
I have terrible perverted nightmares?
i don't know what's happening? pleaseplease help me.?
is it possible to go off of zyprexa after 7 years and just take wellbutrin and prozac?
What do you worry about the most?
Is my depression going away?
How can I break a bingeing habit? I'm very frustrated..?
stuck n desperate!!!?
what should i do about my fatigue?
would getting a tattoo with hemophilia be a bad thing?
What's wrong with my throat?
Why am I tired and get headaches all the time?
Tired all the time, not caring about anything, irritable?
how long after carpel tunnel surgery should your hand feel numb?
can it mean brain tumor?
i need help now blood?
elevated thyroid is it hypo or hyper?
What are the hopsital treatment options for alcohol poisoning?
i was just prescribed strattera 40mg...questions?
Does blood clot in brain veins cause amnesia?
My husband went to the hospital lastnight with severe back (kidney) directed pain. He has had a kidney stone b?
What causes kidney faliure?
symptoms of hypoglycemia? HELP? D:?
WHAT IS TEREX syndrome?
I've been having extremely bad pain in the lower abdomen area? Appendicitis?
is it bad to want to purge?
Could there be an underlying cause as to why I've gotten mono four times?
Drug question?
Why does my legs feel weak and heavy it gets hard to walk?
how do i know if i have a concussion?
Smashed my nose in basketball practice?
Can a bone be bent with pressure?
While I was cooking the oil popped?
I felt a twinge of pain behind my head?
Do i need crutches for a chipped pelvic bone?
What do you think is wrong with my foot?
I cut my bangs 2 weeks ago now its kinda puffy. what should i do? w/o straiten?
sore recovered sprained ankle. help?
I got a problem with my toe...?
why am I getting a headache after jumping?
Numb / Heavy leg after back pain?
is it normal to want to break a bone?
how long does it take to eventually bend your leg after its been in a cast for 3 weeks?
3 canker Soars on my lip?
How to not cut your wrist?
is it possible to tell whether I have a bruised rib or a cracked/broken rib?
Do I have a torn MCL?
clicking joints?
has anybody had a psa of 980?
hi does any one suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease?
Does atkins diet raise cholesterol levels?
Echocardiogram: Are these test results alarming?
what are the symptons of congestive heart condition?
I just did a random reading 3 - 1/2 hours after eating and got a 97 - is that good?
hi... i just been told i have cealic from my doctor.. he said i have to stop the wheat asap.... will i put on?
What color is my eye?
when ordering contacts at pinkyparadise nd it asks you power left and right eye, what happens if you don't no?
Experiencing Hip Pain?
Is it normal to get a "pins and needles" feeling whilst meditating?
I've been feeling really nausaeus lately?
Hurts to breath, help please?
Anybody have trigger point therapy or know about it?
Is iT normal to all of a sudden be light headed?
How can I stop my ear from spliting?
My ears really hurt????
I feel weak this evening?
My wrist is hurting in my cast?
what do i do with my headachs and temple aches?
well ive been smoking since middle school and i havnt smoked in about a month and faild a drug test today?
Ronald Tyrone Erwin died in Cleveland,Ohio ,Cuyhoga 1978?
Why do limbs "fall asleep" while one is sleeping?
Becoming dizzy not during, but after a run?
Why does the right side of my body feel so weak?
Metoprolol and coughing?
big sleeping problem. im a night guy?
Twitching when closing eyes?
Chronic/spreading piercing infections?
I dont feel well anyone know whats wrong with me lol?
I make a hand job every day for the past 10 years what its effect?
my friend in SA needs info. her 14 yr daughter is i icu with meningitis. now dr reckon she's got encephilits.
I have been told that I have Chronic Hepatitis B?
Incubation period for the "cold virus"?
my mum is in hospital from cellulitis?
My son had swine flu.?
Swin Flu help!!!!!!!!!?
Tuberculosis,cold or just fever?
does oven heat kill a cold virus germ?
Still got the flu virus after over two weeks how much longer is this horrid virus lasting for?
Throat Infection Help????
How much has the UK government spent on swine flu?
what is fluid on liver ?
Pandemic Alert Level raised to level 5. Can someone explain the others to me?
Did i have alcohol poisoning?
still feeling rough after swine flu ...?
what does german measles look like any pics+?
spots like chicken pox but i am not sure if it is ,is there something else this could be?
final count downn forfiwrhikfhid
I think I'm seriously depressed and I want help?
how to meditate?
What is it called when you freak out, to seeing multiple things as one?
Anxiety How Can You Tell ?
What's the difference between an autistic person and someone with "social anxiety" ?
i have an exam in 5 minutes and im anxious?
ive been on 100mgs of seraquil..hows it to make you feel better??
Help! Afraid of strangers?
I am confusing myself...?
sunday boredom?
Do people hold you back?
Recovering from emotional abuse?
What Should I do? please help?
Lack of concentration, sleepwalking... is this stress?
Do u get depressed on a Saturday night?
Where can I find a good Psychologist/Psycholgy Forum?
What can I do about school? I hate it!?
Again with a Depakote question-can I just stop it?
Where can I get tested for HPV virus?
I'm having Dizzy spells?
I have a kidney infection and was in ER two days treating it. Now I am at 101 temp. Is that OK?
Do i have food poisoning?
Deadly Diseases Common In Teenagers?
can't breathe since chemo and radiation is this a side effect?
can someone help me with my ear problem?
What is the difference of Goodpasture syndrome and Glomerulonephritis?
Knee hurts when pressure is being put on.?
I want to know if this person has a mental problem he is destroying furniture in the home?
I have this hard lump behind my ear...?
why does my head and glands under my eyes sweat when i eat anything?
Low body temp, Headaches, Numb Toes, Fatigue..what can this be?
Feels like there's a balloon in my chest/neck?
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice episode where they deal with a Bulimic or Anorexic?
medical experts please! gland problems?
Is this hyperthyroidism?
Can a Doctor refuse me if...?
Can a doctor help me in any way? Or medicine?
My right nut sack swollen and the skin of my nut sack is gettin a red and hard ?feels like liquid inside?
Spot treatments that actually WORK?
dry blotchy skin?light dry patches? help!!?
Whats a quick and easy way of getting rid of spots :) ?
Advice about my psoriasis?
What are these white circles on my skin?
Why won't my dry chapped lips go away?
what is cyst?
As a treatment for acne my doctor has recommended a 'potassium stone'. Where can i find one and does it work?
How can i get rid of acne and how long will it be on my skin?
Wrinkle treatment at 19?
Can I wear make up on eye rash?
varicose veins?
psoriasis....any ideas to help?
Nail Fungus?
Is there anything i can buy to get rid of blackheads?
how would you recommend i get rid of warts?
how can i get rid of bad dandruff/dry scalp.?
who has psoriasis? skin problem?
i have blisters on my sunburn?
i think i broke my thumb a couple of months ago ?
my shoulder popped and then burned badly, I was reaching up for something in the closet?
newly developed hip pain after starting activities after foot injury?
SCFE - Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis?
HELP! Do I have a stress fracture?
I've hurt both my hands during my recent move, all the packing and lifting boxes?
Help with my broken ankle?
Ankle hurts! What should I do?
Anyone out there that has an ileostomy+having any problems with it?
has anyone had a lover back operation?
Ciclosporin tablets to treat eczema???
can someone die from having lupus?
Why my nose bleeds some times?
Why does mucus turn yellow or green when you get sick?
What is a paralyzed diaphragm?
I breathed really fast and inhaled chewing gum, is it dangerous?
I have moderate body pain, weakness & dizziness with a dry cough, what may be wrong with me?
chronic bronchitis does anybody know anything about it if so please answer this question?
how to stop pollution?
Which has more nicotine?
If a person has Lung Cancer, does it matter if they continue smoking?
could i have a sleeping problem?
this is a poll: anyone feel tight in chest and coughing like small asthma attack sometimes? & what triggers it?
i suspect i have poor blood circulation?
Having breathing troubles, not sure if its part of my asthma, allergies or something else, any help?
Just had blood test a week ago,my amylase is high, what cause this, and any food to cure/avoid?
do doctors use laser treatment to remove sinus polyps?
can a dr deny me life sustaining medicine?
Peripheral Arterial Disease of the Legs?
is there any excercise that slow down your heart beat?
Doctor said my dad’s blood work showed he had a heart attack and levels have gotten higher?
Can someone who just had a heart attack travel by plane after 2 monts. Is it safe?
What does urine taste like?
How long should a 14 year old female's tongue be?
Adderall, having trouble grasping use of it?
has anyone felt a sharp pain that lasts for just a second????
whats bad about storing health info in a database ?
Health Benefits Direct compares health insurance quotes and medical insurance plans. Health Benefits Direct he?
i had stye probably a month ago and theres still a small bump that seems to not go away ?
My fingers are swollen?
Weakness in the mornings? What could be wrong?
help me with my dsi??
Who else has a very annoying cough that's gone on for weeks?
what is going on?!?
Does anyone know anything about Dermatology?
wart on the foot?
Does my mum have Cauda Equina Syndrome?
any ideas?
white finger?
How can we test our drinking water at home?
Is there somebody who has regretted laser eyes surgery?
do blackout contacts look cool?
Why do my contacts mess up?
Something growing near my eye?
can problems with depth perception be corrected?
Scared about an eye surgery HELP ?!!?
okay issue with my eye?
How is base curve measured?
My eye is dropping a large tear occasionally, and is crusty in the morning.?
What part of the brain does Epilepsy affect?
Am I getting alzheimer's disease?
So I've got mono and school is about to start.?
What does it mean to vomit bile?
Information on BUN/Creatinine levels?
What did the doctor mean by "There's a gummy sign in your gall bladder?"?
Do I have mild sunstroke?
How can I tell if my liver is damaged without having to see a doctor?
I think I'm suffering from tinnitus?
Is an addict really doing well after going cold turkey after 12 years of drug/alcohol abuse?
I break out into major sweats for my total body, my sinuses start draining and it feels like I have water in?
foods that cause headaches?
help! swollen lymph nodes can't swallow?
Do I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
i was drinking some coffee i feel like the mug was broken and i swallow a piece my stomach is aching and itchi?
Tell me your experience with using these antideprssants:Risperidone,Lorazepam,and Citalopram...?
how to help somebody being a braggart?
is there such a thing as toomuch sleep?
I just started having these panic attacks, can anyone help me with what I should do?
Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
problem HELP?
.uhhhgg. i hate feeling like this [helpp]?
bipolar questin plzzzz help?
When someone meets criteria for mania and depression within the same week, he is said to be in a _______?
Paxil change from Prozac?
Any causes from the following, depression? What does it mean? Help!?
Do I have depression?
how come no one remembers the teens.?
write about a time when you help others or were helped by others narrate the event clearly and interestingly.?
I am looking for a facility for a 25 year old diagnosed with schizoprenia that gives good results?
Will the borders of countries be closed because of Swine Flu?
Swine flu?? Will we get a second wave?
Does Milk and Bread really take an infection out of a wound?
I'm ill! What do I have?!?
Is the swine flu a conspiracy by the world governments?
where can we have a stool test done to check for worms in human?
can you buy zithromax caps from the chemist.?
my boy has impetigo can I take him out?
Ok. Someone has Diarrhea?
My ear infection, what to do?
Can you vaccinate against negative equity?
milk thistle?
swine flu & shallow breathing?
Pus coming from the anal area?
My 5 year old daughter vomiting?
whats the chicken pox record ?
how do you get hepatitis?
what causes dirrahea?
im worried i have Swine flu?
Smoking lung Would it go away?
Getting Nasal Polyps Removed ? ? ? * 10 Points *?
What ilness do I have?
Why do some people have yellow marks under their arm pits if they wear white tops? How can you prevent it?
Me and My 3 mates all have the same liitle red spots all over our body and there a little bit ichyy wat r they?
how long does acne scars take to heal using aloe vera gel?
If i got a mole removed would it leave a scar?
How can I achieve smooth underarms?
I have naturally bumpy skin, anyone know how to get rid?
does anybody use scalp applications for scalp problens?
eczema help please, urgent!?
Help!!!! What should I do with oily skin?
When is Ed Levine going to address his inaccurate statements about canola oil from his 5/15/09 entry?
what is hemo cromatosis ? and how is it treated?
Acne problems.. How to help clear it up?
Whit is the best home remadey for acne????HELP?
Piriton causing outbreak of dermatitis?
what is Ketamin?
What is telemedicine?
What is a heart murmur?
what blood pressure RX has the least side effects?
how to get rid of spots and redness in 2 days!?
how can i get my acne to go away?
Questions about tea tree oil?
Why do they put plasters over your eyes during an operation?
Is there anything wrong with me?
Can being dehydrated cause dark, puffy Circle's under the eyes?
how can i help my heart?
Have i done something to my tailbone?
Sprained ankle!!!?? Help plz?
i think i have a hairline fracture on my foot?
ANKLE SPRAIN - I can ROTATE my ankle without any pain but if I try to move my right foot inward it KILLS! HELP?
Sprained wrist volleyball...?
how long does it take for a pulled muscle to heal?
Still have pain in foot from car accident 3 months ago?
Why is my finger getting WORSE?
My foot and ankle hurts so bad and sometimes when I roll my foot around it does a big crack?
ankle sprain and another type of injury I got already head, knee, eye I need another one quick please?
What degree of a sprain has a LOUD POP?
feeling weird after fever?
I'm restless all day all the time. Help me!?
If you take a half of a .5 peach xanax a day, how long does it take to get out of your system or body?
it is it safe for me to roll on e?
Why am I always dizzy?
Phlebotomy Certificates?
What happens to the adrenal medulla in dialysis patients?
Im having an annoying sleep pattern and its destroying my life... whats wrong with me?
What does a low temperature mean?
What should I do? Brain Stroke?
drilled a hole in swolen toenail, will it get infected?
If one has had an anaphylactic reaction to a previous blood transfusion, what medications should be taken?
can a cold bottle of water cause palpatations?
Do I have bronchitis or Pneumonia?
after my first injection of Avastin in my eye for macular degeneration, I see distorsion in my viision?
Why/how can women with lactose intolerance temporarily lose this condition during pregnancy?
what is the shelf life for methocarbam?
whats causing my eye to swell up in my sleep?
i would like to know i am ob blood thinners i have a 2 ft long blood clot in my leg , and yes i go to the doc?
How do I take a pill with a severe sore throat?
Help help help help please doctors help me!?
Sleeping problems.. have no idea what could be wrong.. got any ideas? please read?
My throat hurts extreamly bad. what can it be?
Am I lactose intolerant?
What can I do to reduce swelling of the lymph node on the groin?
what should i do about this.?
What makes a person qualified to donate a kidney?
What time should I sleep?
medical question about tumors?
when there is pain in legs we take NSAIDS but when there is pain in stomach we don't use it why?
12 year old girl won't take things I've touched. Beginning signs of OCD?
pressure headache, pressure on nose and around eyes?
When will steri strips fall off after hip surgery?
can you take Zoloft valium and klonopin?
can some one give me a kidney so i don't have to go to dialysis any more and i can look after my baby?
have you or anyone you know had an allergic reaction to a neutrogena product?
am i going crayze or is a mental disorder behind all of it? What is wrong with me!!!!!!?
Hayfever season has started or not yet in England?
what are the symptoms of a kidney infection?
has anyone ever had 3 hiccups ofter eating or drinking?
After catarct surgery ?
i have gallbladder polyps 1 cm should i have gallbladder removed?
Has anybody had surgery to remove a carpal boss (bony overgrowth)?
How does a hospital measure the flow rate of urination?
Do you know the best medicine for your gastritis ?
Bird Flu Photos?
what different health care professionals help people with diabetes and how?
Sleeping Disorder??
About Geodon?
Sometimes when i get really tired my eyes will go out of focus on their own does that happen to anyone else?
are there really eye exercises to improve your vision?
How do I get something out of my eye?
How much does vitrectomy cost in Spain (at Barraquer Eye Clinic) including consultation and check ups?
Corneal and retina deterioration?
chest pain in a fourteen year old?
i smashed my finger. i need help.?
My wheezing is ggetting out of control I can't even sleep that's how bad it is. Can someone please help ?
what is valacyclovir design to do?
can you have endometriosis after a hystercomy?
i need to know everything about the respiratory system?
Im 18 years old with chest pain?
what should i finish to start study heredity engineering?
numerate the antibiotic drug and treatment for each drug(mention microorganism,drug,diseases for each drug)?
Do you or anyone you know suffer from manic drepression?...cont/d?
Can anyone tell me more about moderately differentiated squamous cell Casandra?
what are the synptoms of vit b12 deficiency&what is the treatment?
Why do PCT fail to allocate GPs as the FHS once did?
toe nail infection please help?
Spots on her cheeks, but nowhere else & no other signs of anything?
Do I need to know phlebotomy to be a nurse.?
What is good for Cystitis?
could my daughter have chicken pox?
What % Of People In The Uk Will Get Swine Flu?
what do you think about hiv?
Have I got a urine infection?
Is "Dr Frank" a REAL NHS GP?
any information on siwne flu?
Bacterial Eye infection?
i think i may be coming down with glandular fever!?
Can anybody explain to me if there is a difference between an Eye examination and a eye Test in the U K ?
im o+ my partner is rhesus _ what does that mean 4 our baby ?
what are the chances of my baby brother dying if he caught swine flu? he is 27 months old?
picked up a pint of beer in the street now i am paranoid i will get ill?
Serious question about Swine Flu?
diarrhoea and a virus..?
reoccuring abcess causing me misery!?
how long does it take for septicemia to take controll of your body?
What are some Public safety precautions for Herpes Simplex 1?
What's the best thing for sunburn on the upper arms?
how can i get rid of a spot in 2 days?
omg!! spots breakout?
Can Stretch marks appear when you loose weight?
I have a yellow-head spot on my nostril (it only came out today) and have a college interview in 2 days, help!?
Any one got any good advice for treating roseacea? Please help me!!?
what are skin cancer symptoms,?
pregnancy with itchy anr dry skin can they prescribe a cream to be used? i'm seeing my dr tommorrow.?
am usually experincing burns on both feet,this is lessens when i apply ice cubes to them,wat can b the problem
how do i stop my oily skin?
Does anyone know how to get rid of skin tags?
HELP: I keep getting very rashy and spotty after shaving ...(Please help)?
Help! I have got these spots or swelling sort of weird marks in the middle of my cleveage!?
How to clear up Back acne?
Can dry sauna be harmful to your skin or other parts of your body?
EW! "Spots" on back, help?!?
can someone tell me what this thing is that I have on my back?
how can I get rid of sterch marks?
the best treatment for spots?
What are the best ways of getting of rid of boils in you ears?
get rid of my spots??????????
Skin Infection going dry and Flakey. ?
why do i have to?
Toilet problem?
How strict is the "no alcohol rule" when yr takin antidepressants?
14 Years Old - Bra size 30AA.. Help?! :(?
how do you get over the fear of needles as i hate having blood tests?
do i maybe have a concussion?
my husband has a serious back injury his doctor has said he can't work cause he can't stand or sit for more?
I have an Infected toenail, can anyone please help me?
what to do for this knee strain/sprain?
I need help figuring out what exactly is wrong with my back.?
Fell on my head three months ago and still have a hard bump, what could it be?
what is the small black dot on my tear duct showed up about 5 months ago?
how long should i wait to skate board again after getting my cast off?
I have a horse voice over past month?
I rolled my ankle 3 months ago!?
my boyfriend gets nose bleed almost 2 times a week for months now. what's going on?
for those who smoked cigs many years and quit. how did you quit. i went to smoke enders smoked 17 yrs?
Question on B12 Shot?
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder..?
Can you lean in your sleep?
I'm getting my first physical, any advice?
I think I just half-fainted?
I would like to ask about my VERTIGO problem.?
Celiac Disease and Bloating?
Cause of swollen eyelid in 14 month old child?
I put Tea Tree Oil in a palistic cup and the cup started melting.Why?
I need to know what type of work outs i can do with an inguinal hernia?
can anyone elaborate on my eye prescription and explain it?
Memory loss doctor in North East GA?
What could have caused my blackout?
How can constipation damage your digestive system?
little tiny twitches in my calf..What is the cause?
Taking medicines a smaller doses more frequently?
should i go to my MRI appt.?
Does Cape Cod have a high risk of EEEV?
what kind of disease do I have? I shake my head. plz help me!!!!?
How has public health changed in the last 10 years?
Pilonidal cyst removal?
could it be growing pains?
IED?! Intermittent explosive disorder?
Advice on rotator cuff MRI findings?
How to use argan or (arganolie)?
swollen left lymph gland..cigarettes?