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Can you twist your knee like people sometimes twist their ankles?
is it healthy to smoke marijuana everyday?
i'm black , does anybody know anything for acne scaring/dark spots on the face and body? Please help....?
i have been given antibiotics metronidazole from my gp can i risk drinking b4 he 48 hour advice?
Swine Flu at Bournside School?
Swine flu or just flu?
'If you have been affected by this programme...'?
How bad Is malaria?
will ciprofloxacin cure strep throat?
how to cure a viral infection?
how do i no if he has blood poisoning because he had a infection and discharged his self from hospital?
please help with swine flu?
How many people are treated every year in the NHS for self-inflicted diseases?
We hear about how many cases of swine flu there are and how many new cases etc but nothing more?
Can someone answer me what this illness is?
wht is cronze diesease ?
Why has it been so difficult to get a flu jab this year?
i had a d&c 20 days ago and they left ALL the pregnancy sack in am i open to any infections now?
Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Could this be chicken pox?
Oral Thrush... i need help..?
TB - mantoux test?
what is rheumatology?
I have got a Cold :(?
How long does the painful episode of shingles last usally?
Is tonsillitis contagious?
How long should I wait?
I have numbness in my upper arm?
Anyone had bone spurs removed?
Having alot of lower back pain spasms or something elses ?
Quad Cramps 2 Days after initial cramping! HELP!!!?
I injured my knee in a ditch and I can't find where's the problem.?
How do I fix my painless knee popping problem?
Lower back shooting pain?
Any adivce with my damaged wrist?
OUCH! Whats wrong with my wrist?
why do i have air moving around between my rib cages?
this hurts what is it?
URGENT: excruciating pain inside my right ear...help!?
Eye scratched by dog?
how can i improve my eye sight?
anybody out there what do u mean by ocd.ie obsessive compulsive disorder.?
once again, same probish?
is this stress and anxiety???
Stop biting everything?
How do I change it?
Schizophrenia Essay help?
Does Depakote cause learining disabilities in kids?
Why does this sometimes happen when I sleep?
Do you have a formula or a procedure to cure grief for the departed loved one?
How do you cope with the eminent lose of a loved one?
I just started taking Paxil a month ago, but I recently heard from someone that it is addictive. What is the?
About the 15 year old boy who was going to kill himself and was?
I feel this way...?
Really Perplexed...So so so Bored with work..?
Where can i give a list of symptons-basically like an online doctor service which will tell me whats wrong?
can Ursofalk (acidum ursodeoxycholicum) be taken for gallstone removal if i have had my gall bladder removed?
When and where was the last major flu epidemic before 1900?
4 years ago I was diagnosed with chemical depression has anyone else suffered from it?
what causes JAUNDICE in babies?
pulmonary fibrosis?
What are the various causes of vascular necrosis?
mmr and imms.?
what medications do they prescribe you for lupus?
my kiten walks backwards has a big it cant hold up and its eyes are bulging below the bottom eye lid a?
How do I know if I have Insomnia?
Health question, dizzy spells?
Question for OCD sufferers?
Anything I can bake for someone with Crohn's Disease?
Where can I file to Marchman Act someone in Volusia County, Florida?
Can pill addictions lead to mental disorders?
Whats the name of this dis-order or syndrome?
help me with my guinea pig i think his eye is infected...?
will a person feel nauseous even after kidney stones are removed?
What would happen if your entire digestive system became cancerous?
My legs are shaking and i dont know why?
my client is addicted to neurontin. She says she has energy and is very happy on it. is this 4 real?
Topirmate / Topamax .... just wondering?
can i claim disability if deaf in one ear?
My ears had swollen and now have turned black what is it ?
Will my low blood pressure be affected by high altitude?
I am 23 years old, have a cough for 2 weeks and now a pain in my chest for 2 days...?
so mouses are suppose to breath fast?
what is a panic attack?
Should i be concerned about blood coming out my nose?
Is there any side effects from being entubated during surgery, like loss of voice?
How are respiratory and circulatory systems connected?
Could I have or develop any health problems by taking the following all together?
Is adult Heart Disease truly a preventable condition? How do you prevent it?
Black Hairy Tongue and Bypass Surgery?
Heart rate question please help me.?
chest pains and pounding heart?
anxiety attack and pulse?
what can be done to get rid of a skin irritation after touching green peppers?
i am a 14 years old girl. recently i find my skin yellowish. could it be any disease?
quickest way to get rid of a cold saw?
Just read the description..?
Toe Nail Broke Off! Help?
bring down swelling and bruising after a fight?
Need crutches fast! need many answers as possible?
I think my toe may be broken?
I slipped and fell on my foot last night and it curled under me is it worth a trip to the E.R?
How do I know if I broke my knuckle?
I got my cast off after almost five weeks, doctor said I can walk on it, but there is still pain?
Bruising and swelling on my foot?
what are you suppose tio do if you end up with a Split Big Toe Nail and it peels off and you get a Scab?
I pulled or strained my achilles tendon in late May of last year, about seven months ago, can it still heal?
Knee injury causing pain else where?
I have a knot the size of a quarter from a bruise....should I be concerned?
Approximately how long does it take for a scratch on the face takes to heal?
Today I hit my head on the frame of my car when I was getting in. Concussion?
My nose is slightly infected, not to bad and the stud came out, what do i do i cant get it back in.?
Ankle injury... Keeps getting worse and worse?
Do I have a shin splint...?
What Should I Do ?!?!?!... Joint Pain...?
Are these back pains normal?
Lower back is sore, stretches to help it?
pain on the right side of my stomach?
Pain in neck and side/back when i breathe?
my knee hurts when squatting, kneeling, going up or down stairs. Started on the inner side.?
Grinding and crackling feeling in head and when i turn it?
What dose it mean if i keep getting dizzy when i take in a breath?
How long should i wait to drink after taking Xanax?
I wrestle in gym, then have really BAD headaches?
Contracted gallbladder? I was in hospital for severe right upper quadrant pain.?
an i use oragel and bonjela at the same time to ease brace tightening pain?or just one at a time?
if i have a sore troat does it mean i have a cold?
what is the difrence between soma and zanaflex?
what could be wrong with my foot?
I've had sever abdominal pain, nausea, sore body, fatigue, headaches, bloating, feverish,?
foot problem question?
How do I know if I have arthritis?
a missing urethral sphincter ? ? ? ?
Cany you possibly have Tonsillitis after a period of 4/5 weeks?
Looking for cause of skin rash on my hands..?
I had blood drawn. My AST level and Creatine level came back normal. However my ALT was 53...any concern?
anyone out there on dialysis CAPD?
Doctor has told me i have a blocked saliva gland, this has now come up again and is tender.?
Has anyone with arachnoiditis been given gastrographin and what were the effects?
small red spots consisting of little blisters? not itchy do not hurt what are they?
Could I possibly have hep C. I had a blood transfustion in 1989. Am I at risk. How do I get tested?
how can i do with who's heart disease in UK. please help them?
Bunged up chest!!!?
Very severe or strict?
skin care in the sun?
Why is Yellow the colour of COWARDICE?
Pain In The Groin Area?
Twitch in Right Thumb.?
***help**i got this along time ago and it jus popped up in my head once again?
whats wrong with my toes ?
Lisc Renewal foe cna & ca. home health sid..?
Any information on the Omni Extra Strength Drink?
numb foot and trouble breathing?
Lump on bottom of foot?
HAving huge problems with my contact lenses? help!?
Cold sore or, impetigo?
I've gotten Insomnia this summer, and I need help getting rid of it?
what's the difference between prostatitis and urethritis?
what is bipolar depression?
Arthritis flare up remedy?
peeing bright yellow urine?
I have excessive gas. and if I dont release it, it makes a noise 'inside' my body..?
red swollen and painful under both eyes?
is it seizures? I don't kno whats happening to me?
Is there any treatment that can remove this disorder?
diagnosed with tinnitus is it ok to go into a club and listen to load music?
How come my eye hurts?
I feel like my body is weird?
What do you think these symptoms are?
What is the blood type given to those that have sickle cell anemia?
Tourette Syndrome in the Army?
How does meth affect your muscles?
Should I ignore a Ganglion cyst?
Can antidepressants help people who eat for emotional comfort?
why do i have constant moodswings?
Can you get Lithium in China?
Last year I was on 60 mg. of Cymbalta for a month and a half,then the DRs. stopped me,recently i had to go?
Does anyone have any postive word on cymbalta. I am trying it . I was on it last summer for a month and a?
Feel like everyone 'picks me out'.?
DR. has me on clonzapam meds. I hate this medicine and want off. How long does it stay in your system once you
Will I be approved or denied for ssi?
I have a reception disorder. Is the following part of it? Or is it something else?
psychiatric treatment in and around delhi (private or government?
Gf sucide problem due to stress?
can it be borderline personality disorder?
can eye allergies and severe sinus problem such as constant eye itch cause 1 of my eye to get floaters?
Help diagnosing brother's mental problem?
Mental Disorder that causes you to lose your sense of feeling? (both emotional and 5 senses)?
I think glass got in my eyes, help?
Could it be a mild chicken pox?
Could this be a stomach bug?
need advice on a problem?
How to Disinfect a wound???
ANTIBIOTICS ??????? ....... ??????
I think i have something! ?
Help? TB? So my friend who i'm living with, her boyfriend has had latent TB for a while now...?
How will uk prepare for second swine flu attack?
what would happen if you had head lice and never treated it?
What is a viral illness? How could you get it?
Can Corneal Ulcers Heal?
Can someone please help me on about swine flu?
Is it possible to enrage someone through an infection?
help me on this?
Has anyone tried these vitamins for Liver Disease or HCV?
is pneumonia contagious?(im 30weeks pregnant)?
Ok i have diarrhoea and i dont know whether i can go to school tomorrow? help?
A cure for swine flu!?
Tonsillitis: how long an average does it last and do you have any tips?
Which type of malaria medication?
treatment for high blood pressure?
what is a normal blood pressure for a 65 year old man that weighs 275lb?
Drop in blood pressure - I feel weird, is this normal?
What is the clinical significance of QT interval.What happens if there is a rapid shortening of QT interval?
How long does a hip replacement last.?
dont know if i'm in the right slot but...?
Who's doing what?
help i have hypoglycemic where i cant keep my sugars up?
suboxone. may need a dr for this one.?
Alzheimer's Suffers -- why no help?
laser resurfacing or chemical face peel???????
How do you get Scarlet Fever?
every time i visit the dentist i get a coldsore! Why ?
I have been on patch testing this week to test for allergies?
Can you tell me about scars?
How would one go about reducing scars?
Garnier purifying peel kit works?
dangerous mold in my home?
Vocal Cord Dysfunction?
I am 29 and I still have a high nasal voice. Get on some steroids from Mexico that will fix your problem.?
can you smoke cigars in a room with a boiler in it that has little ventilation?
what is tuberculosis?
will asthma medication like inhalers give a positive drug test?
Is the way I'm feeling from an anxiety attack?
blood clot???????????????
I have trouble breathing?
Does Abilify actaully work for mood disorder?
What does short breathe cause by?
how long does pcp stay in your system?
i undergo an x ray and the findings is leff nodular calcification, whats the medicine for that?
A weird feeling in my throat and chest?
with hep c asprin or tylenol?
What are some shin splint exercises?
My knees have been hurting for a while?
23 year old / Left knee creaking!!?
Sharp pain in right side under lower ribs...HELP?
i have a pain in my chest it happens at random time. should i take the pain seriously?
How can I get rid of this headache?
I popped a blood vessel in my eye and how long until it fully goes away?
Could i have a concussion?
My mom still doesn't believe I still need crutches?
How come when i do squats or walk i have no pain in my knee but when i run i limp really bad?
i kinda set half of my arm on fire?
I fell asleep on my hip, now it is numb and its been 12 hours from after I woke up. I am 103 pounds and 5'3.?
how to hurt your knee? 10 points?
Help I'm only 14 !!!!!!!! :(?
Ankle pains after running and during basketball play, why?
is this muscle stiffness?
some one please help with my toe pain?
Should I go to the doctor?
Spinal Cord Separating From Vertebrae Column? (Please Help)?
What's the best way to heal sore quadriceps?
Knee pain injury related?
tampax scented???
Everyone says I've got my Mothers eyes. Where did you get yours from?
Hi I am 19 yrs old (soon to be 20) I have a sharp pain on my left and right side that comes and goes and it?
What wrong with me? Every time I take a Breath my back hurts?
How can I get my doctor to take me seriously?
What is worse, a bone bruise or a bone fracture?
headache help please! i want to go to sleep! :(?
What to do about my Severe Constipation?
I went to the ER for tylenol OD and all they did was give me charcoal, how much will it cost?
Which is better anbesol or abreva?
does anyone know why this hurts so bad below my ribcage help?
Whats the best meds for cramps?
Whats wrong?! it hurts to move..?
Which deodorant do you think is best for stopping you from sweating?
i have a small spot appear right under my eye, what is it?
Getting rid of blemishes?
how to get rid of finger infection?
Really bad dry skin on my hands!?
Household cures for cold sores?
I have warts on my hands, any home remidies? ?
why is my skin all skinny after i cleanse, tone and mositurize?
Is SudoCreme good?
Eczema and MIlk?
Red patches and dry skin on the hands (too much washing I think). Tried E45 cream any other remedies?
don't know if i'm spelling this right but what is impetigo?
Red lumps on my body, please help!?
how to get rid of spotty chest?
Removing skin tags myself?
how to cure lack jaw?
Please Help!! Is a stiff upper lip mean something could be medically wrong?
I have... I weird thing?
Why does my knees sometimes crack?
i made a mistake and relapsed o cocain and weed i got to take a test but its not for a job its personal?
can your pancreas heal after Alcoholic Pancreatitis & not drinking within the last 8 years?
Is is true that you can fudge up your posture when you sleep on a couch?
SO CONFUSED! Which medigap Insurance Company is better, AARP Healthcare or Globe Life and Accident Insurance?
Here are my symptoms: What could I have?
how to make your tonsils feel better without surgery?
should i be worried that one of my pupils are bigger than the other?
I have been really exausted and tired lately. Should I go to the dr. and get my iron or something checked?
What does black stool due to blood look like?
i found a bump on my forehead?
Why do I get frequent gas bubbles located about 2inches under my left breast?
Calcification of the perenium? (kidney)?
How often do you have to do coke to be considered an addict and how often to be at risk for an overdose?
Every couple of months I get a small white lump on my right tonsil?
i have an abnormally large, firm bump on the inside of my leg that has grown in about a years time.. help?
doctors only please!!?
My 16 year old son was taken ill.Investigations found he had a high white blood cell count of 1400?
Any information on a 'duplex kidney'?
Medical help preferably from someone in the medical field would be great.?
How long does oxycontin withdrawal last?
Pain on upper inner section of eye area?
what is my condition? very bad?
where to sell my kidney?
How can I fall asleep now?!?
i have a eye medical question?
stopping smoking with bionesonance lung problems since?
i feel really sick and haven't eaten anything all day. how can i stop the tummy pain?
Pharmacists and Doctors:............?!!?
raynauds phenomenen disorder?
what is autism its simtom reason and its solution?
I am in Ireland and I am looking for Cancer Livestrong wristbands to buy ? The website does not ship to Eire..
My mum went for a Spirometry test (lung function) and was told she had emhysema?
What are the signs of a stomach ulcer?
I have Vertigo, should I be at work?
Cyst under the armpit?
When to go back to work after being home with flu / virus?
i have a discolated knee can any one tell me outlook for this or treatment?
I admit to addiction?
what do you think is my problem?
Food Panic?
Please Help? Desperate!?
structural family therapy the definition?
my brothers best friend died recently because of heroin and now i am having terrible dreams..?
Help me please....?
has anyone experienced binging with zoloft?
Living with a bipolar relative?
is this just ocd and am i too sensitive?
Are the drug companies in reality "legalized" drugpushers?
i had enuf i been takin anti-depressents for 3 yrs now and nothings change?
so i have a friend who cuts there self?
Do Anti Anxiety sometimes Make the Anxiety WORSE?
about worrying?
I think I need glasses, does it sound like I do? How do I tell my mom? Helpppp!?
what does it mean when my chest x-ray reads bony thorax and adjacent soft tissues are not remarkable?
I have been coughing for 10 days and today I am getting ...?
I have asthma and everyone on my floor has swine flu, do my inhalers increase chance of infection?
my daughter has a runny noise, coughing, droling like a water fall, very fussy, not sleeping well at all.?
what brings swellings over the chest ?
What is the best cure for chronic cough after pneumonia?
Help! Leg problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Very long-lasting cold...?
Is my Headache serious?
Anybody ever had appendicitis can anyone tell me the symptoms? Is it mild pain at first?
My nose is stuffed and I have bad sinus pressure along with a sore throat; what can I do to help myself?
Is it asthma, or anxiety and stress that I am having difficulty breathing? What is the strange......?
Anxiety and Chest Pain?
Sinus Tingling? Normal?
HELP with pain in neck and shoulders after neck surgery?
this really hurts and i dont know what to do?
I have so much pain from crushed right heel?
what is going on in my nasal passages?
My daughter has had a cought for weeks?
Hatching up Clumpy lumps?
I just 'popped' my back like you do w/ knuckles, but now I have lower back pain?
How do you get a epidural hemotoma?
i just want relief from worrying.?
Tylenol extra strength containing acetaminophin?
Is it normal for your ear lobe to still hurt...?
What can i do for strained muscles?
Hurt hamstring and loss of flexibility help?!?
why does my head keep hurting and my eyes?!?!?!?!?!?
Is potassium good for muscel cramps?
Does this hurt and if so how much?
'growing pains' in chest that last for a 20 or 30 seconds??? are they really growning pains?
I'm Hearing Crackling in my Ears?
chest pains/lung pains?
What's it like having Cystic Fibrosis?
heliobactor pylori?
whot is dipyridamole?
2 year old has to wait 4 weeks for referral for squint, but squint is getting worse by the day. Should I wait
how can i find out for definate if i am dyslexic or not?
Oily SKin ????
What goes wrong with the protein Dynein, that leads to Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia ?
I have a really gross set of twin zits!?
What is MYOPTIC DETERIORATION and is it Hereditary?
Crohns Disease?
Does anyone know about the story of the MMR vaccine?
are malfunction and symptons not the same thing?
Can you get mumps twice?
My daughter has stomach flu?
there seems to be an increase in the cases of hepatitis C in pakistan. i have heard claims that its the water?
What kind of honey is best for treating a sore throat?
Can i still put my son in activities this summer with that swine flu around?
My 11 year old has had this flu for 3 nearly 4 weeks now?
Does anyone feel unwell most days even though you dont have any illness?
months ago i had urinary infection?
has any one used fibresure and did it give you diarreah?
If you were dying, what would you give for a prolonged healthy life?
Viral infection..baby doesnt eat?? what to do:(?
Can you catch thrush?
does hay fever make yr throat feel as if its slightly blocked sometimes?
do u think i have got glandular fever?
My friend, is scared of getting the jab at school tomorrow, how can i get her over her fear?
can i get the chicken pox again?
I have one white spot on my tonsils, which seem to be swollen, what could it be?
what is the medical term for when u have a adrinaline overflow that is not natural?
where should i get a knee brace from for my mcl and lcl?
Gastric bypass ulcers? My sister in law had surgery over four years ago and is still have stomach issues.?
How do doctors test for Insomnia?
inflation of gum? please help?
Do u know any disease cause alcoholism can cause u die (but your kidney not infected and still healthy)?
Foods that decrease heartburn?
constant bloodshot eyes?
i'm sick any ideas on what i have?
i feel and hear a tapping in my eardrum i dont know wat it is plz help?!?!?!?
Could I have Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy?
Know the name of this sickness?
Grandmother with altzimer's disease?
What causes face twitches?
I have a food aversion to all food and I'm pregnant what should I do?
How to cure sleep insomnia?
horrible shaking...someone please help?
i have lupus, how much vitamin D should i take?
what can I do for acid reflux that doesn't involve medications that do not work?
which of the following drugs is not an Nsaid? a.Colchicine B.Celecoxib C.Ibuprofen D.Oxaprozin?
is there a difference how Metamucil works between powder and capsule form?
what are the symptoms of under active thyroid?
I have a sore throat and numb lips. What could it be?
Great stress relief tips?
My back pain won't improve?
Why do people label Oxycontin as Heroin?
It takes me hours to fall asleep?
pain in the upper abdomen?
Random sharp burning pain?
What are some good cures for a headache?
X-Ray for my sprained ankle?
Neck pain, arm pain, leg pain, foot pain....?
i hit my shin really hard 3days ago?
should i use BIOFREEZE on bruised thumb?
I hurt my finger playing basketball is it broke sprained or idk can someone help pls?
My big toe has been hurting for a few days now...what could it be?
What may have happened?
After basketball ankle hurts~ Help?!?
can someone help me with possibly a buldging disc or bad muscle strain?
Rock hard lump on my ankle?
Cheekbone injury... is it serious?
How do you heal a jammed finger in a short period of time?
I had stitches out a week ago but the area is not closed. why is this?
Loose ligaments in ankle/foot?!!?
I hit my eye and it got swollen and got small, is going to stay like that forever.?
i burned myself, what do i do?
Could the force from this really break a metatarsal ?
Ankle hurts. Explainable pain? Please read details!?
do you think my blood pressure monitor is still accurate?
What is a snap on someones heart valve?
I just took my blood pressure - 147/103 with 90 BPM?
sinusitis reliefe?
Will having my Thyroid removed change me?
Any Audiologists out there?
What is the long term prognosis for someone who at the age of 35 has rheumatid arthritis and severe dry eyes?
can anybody tell me about aortic valve replacement in babies?
What are the symptoms of sinutis?
Has anyone ever experienced a triple hiccup?
Is there a simple cure for upset stomach/pains/nausea?
Does anybody know any good herbal remedies for ibs?
I need help!!!!!!! Something wrong with my eyes?
No sleep for two weeks, feelin weak, getting headaches help me?
Pink eye with cold what should I dooooo?
Is this from probiotics?
I have a lump in my throat?
Good Ol' Ear Infection! Need Some Advice...?
i havent been feeling so good. any doctors/nurses? anyone might know what is wrong?
Eyes dilating when feeling weird.?
Am I really getting enough calcium?
My dad and I are getting random chills?
Plz help me. I think i have OCD or smething but i need help.?
What are....?
Wellbutrin causing rage?
How can I regain my thinking?
I want to be a Psychiatrist?
Stressful situation, focus on what I want or do what is urgent?
How do you get someone who dosn't want to, to go and get medical help?
Why depression kills people?
whats bipolar?
Sign of mental illness?
FLORIDA-MEDICAID Friend needs serious MENTAL HEALTH help.?
can someone tell me about behavioral resistence?
Constant Dreaming...?
can you tell me a list of food items which can be given to children whih help improve memory?
what are the signs of stress and depression?
Uncontrollable eye movements?
how are emphysema and asthma similar ?
Help!! I have not had a voice for 7 weeks and I have NO idea what it wrong!?
i have a drip after peeing?
Help! I want to be better fast?
what happen if dont take antibiotic for infection?
When a blockage in the upper airways of the respiratory system can not be removed, an emergency operation?
counting rhythms help?
how comes you are so weak in the morning?
ive been coughing for about 4 days and yesterday my throat started hurting everytime i cough.what can i do?
16 year old have acid reflux and breathing problems please help! will the meds help?
Fluid and Ringing in ears?
After food consumption i get a cough that provoke vomit mixed with phlegm?
whats wrong with my chest?
how to reduce chances of having a fever?
smoking made her sick?
Tylenol with codeine?
hip and stomach pain?
Should I head back to the hospital?
I'm having chest pains?
My head feels like it's going to fall off?
why is my thumb numb?
why does it hurt everytime i evacuate? i mean the stool is soft but my area hurts when i evacuate?
I have a compressed disk, slight bulges, osteopenia, old tbi,?
Has anyone taken Suboxone? If so, what for and how are you doing on it?
ifear when igo down the stairs.and when i did.i fall down .please tell me what is this.and how iget recover.?
im 18 and i have a painles lump on the back of my neck. ive had it for 2 years. any ideas to what it might be?
why does it hurt when i swallow?
problems with my knees?
Sholder joints aching.?
what's wrong, tingling index finger?
Pain on bottom right side of my stomach?
I have a extremely sore spot on my lower back..? help please..?
Lower back pain, and how to relieve the pain?
Could taking Advil for my wrist pain cause stomach issues?
how can i help him with these stomach aches sometimes they get very bad?
Where can i find uncommon reference about Urinary incontinence?
What could this pain be caused by? (pain in right abdomen, into my back and leg)?
What is low stomach acidity?
can a large hematoma in my stomach be removed and what are the risks involve?
my stomach is killing me?
How will i feel after being treated for hyperthyroidism?
i have a bald spot on both sides of my moustash, i dont know if its alopicia or stress can some one help?
How long do small sized kidney stones usually take to pass?
what is RMJ? i was told i may have it.?
In desperate need of help finding out what's medically wrong with my dad!?
Brain MRI without contrast?
Thyroidless and can't tolerate thyroid medication?
LOW calcium, mag and uric acid in urine test?
please reply now!! bump after TB test?
Is it possible that I may have some kind of nerves problem?
Dr's who specialize in knee problems mainly osgood schlatters disease?
why have i been getting so many headaches lately?
heart failure and no hospital?
how high blood pressure happened?
CONTACTS!!!!!!?? Wwill i need a glass eye!?
Dry eyes in the morning?
How can I get a decent night's sleep?
Can you breathe out of your nose and mouth at the same time?
Bone sticking out of ankle!? Pics included?
How long is the recovery time for exploratory surgery on your knee?
Sprain finger help!!!?
Bone sticking out of ankle? Pics included?
Bone sticking out back of my ankle? Not out of the skin though? (pics included)?
Momentary loss of hearing due to shock?
where do ebay sellers buy their slimming pills? wholesalers? Manufacturers?
What is dynamic relaxation?
Could this be another ACL injury?
knee injuries? but no bruise?
Hurt my arm and fell on ice.?
how long after accident to file personal injury case?
I think I strained a muscle?
I broke my 4th metatarsal in my hand about 5 years ago and never got it fixed, whats the best option now?
fractured ribs maybe? any suggestions?! in a lot of pain!?
will i ever run the same after a hamstring injury ? please help?
I have a few questions regarding swine flu?
how do you treat tonsillitis?
Can the pig flu be spread like this?
Is there a vaccine to never get the common cold flu?
can i continue to work if i have glandular fever?
Sweat glands - help ??????
Avianflu or just common flu with weird symptoms?
I took the flu 10 days ago. I have been back at work since Monday but I still feel under the weather?
My mother received infected blood and died in icu 77 days later?
can anyone tell me if when applying for work on cruise ships you are tested for hiv?
Can you catch Tonsilitus by kissing someone?
how to take care of a child who is down with chickenpox?
How long does gastrointestinal upset last 4?
cough 7 weeks- why?
How long after having swine flu (with medication) are you still infectious?
viral or bacterial sore throat?
rhesus negative (rh-)?
Health Question: Can any nasal problems which cause difficulty to breathe affect the heart (palpitations etc)?
I am expected to undergo a GI endoscopy tomorrow, but am having my period, will i still be able to undergo it?
Smallpox in uk.?
dry and oily skin on my face...?
cataract surgery help?
my 5yr old daughter has purple coloured under eye bags how can i get rid of these she looks tired?
What do you know about Autism?
Dark line on upper lip?
Can someone help...i dont actaully know who i am anymore...i feel like a d ifferent person :S?
Panic/anxiety has put me in jail...?
overdose on vicodin? help?
why is it ?
Why am i so nervous?
Bad/Nervous Vibes?
Is this a mental disorder?
Help please...advice at least...?
Hi,please help me?
How can someone compensate for a declining memory such as in Alzheimers?
What is A.D.D.? What are the symptoms?
what is the fear of a younger sister called?
Stress Issues Causing Physcial Problems?
how do you control panic attacks? or anxiety?
sleeping disorder?
Why dose everyone think I can solve their emotional problems they think I'm a shrink or something?
after being on 30 mg. of cymbalta my dr. had me stop it,would i have withdrawals from that?
Need quick remedies! TY?
Should I go to the hospital?
my fiance, 29 , just found out she has corotid stenosis. what is her prognosis/ treatment expected?
Is this just excess mucas, or could it be more?
Methotrexate - is it safe to exercise?
Can a lot of cranberry juice give you diarrhea?
Is there a Medical Facility anywhere in Louisville that will help my pneumonia strciken mom?
what are chances of scepiceamia after tonsillitis?
I feel sick all of a sudden...?
Fever, Runny Nose, Cough, Lower Back Pain?
Why do I have a hole in my chest?
What do I do about an eating disorder?
complete cure for sinusitis?
how often do dogs die for lymphoma if it had effected the Liver?
food in my lungs, need to get it out?
i keep craving things and i keep feeling sick why?
itchy eyes, nose, throat, ear and congested chest, lots of sneezing?
I have a family history of diabietes, I have a ton of bug bites that i scratced now the scabs are taking?
What are some treatments of Crohn's disease?
what does it mean if you have blood clot with your stool? is that something serious?
Severe Nosebleed problem?
Help understanding Liver test results?
is there a way to save my daughter from brain injury?
My husband has a bunch of symptoms can anyone give suggestions?
Why do I smell vomit???
Bulimia recovery question...?
My 14yr. old dalmation was unable to get up last night, for a short time. Had labored breathing, seems fine .?
Acid reflux....... I have this rumbling in my chest?
I have a mild asthma, few days ago i started haveing realy hard time breathing,?
If I've had tests done for arthritis that came back negative, it is possible I have lupus?
Right side stomach numbness, discomfort, pain in back, between shoulder blades, indigestion. What do i have?
my acid reflex is occurring every time after i eat what is going on?
why do i have problems sleeping?
Discuss the different kinds of ethical problems that Anna, as the "designer baby,"?
how to sleep at night to avoid sleep at daytime?
incidental appendectomy?
Why are we foaming at the mouth?
FFi/SFI or normal insomnia?
Why type of noxious fumes should the Health Department be called for when living in an apartment?
lightheaded and dizzy from poppy seed rolls?
how come i am not tired?
Have you ever gone to sleep and woken up the next day like thats so wierd?
why is my nose crooked???is this normal?
my doctors says for to drink red wine?
Should I go to the doctor? Symptoms for 2 weeks now.?
how do I become a distributor of Habitrol Nicotene gum?
Is there a way to crack a knee/surrounding bones?
Why are my ears always.?
how long til i am able to walk again?
Could I have a head injury?
fisholis how do they help epilepsy suffers?
what are the risks of a bowl balloon operation?
dog with small amounts of blood in sick?
Will reflux cause more problems?
High strength amino acid15mg Zinc with copper suppliment - what good will it do?
Huntington's disease?
Can reconstructive surgery have a correlation with pandemic diseases and if so what is the correlation?
I am looking for a research article on pressure ulcer prevention. No more than 1 yr old. help?
Deep,open Cut...........................?
We seem to have lice but no nits.?
what causes cold sores on the mouth?
I have a sweaty problem?!?
Help, I have an itchy foot!?
I have flakes will they ever go away!!!!!?
How do you get rid of verrucas?
how can i help reduce my seboheric dermatitis?
What causing my acne?
I need LASER treatment on my blackheads/scars left over from acne. ASAP my face is COVERED with it. HELPP!?
my friend has a lump on her back and im worried for her....?
what's the best way to get rid of spots?
Facial Cyst?
what causes a shiny forehead?
Is surgery for my uneven ears a little extreme?
I have got a frozen shoulder, can anyone tell me what causes it and how to treat it, because it is so painfull?
whats the scientific name for teenage spots?
help my boyfriend carved his name on me !!?
Whats a good cream for acne scars in the UK?
i have really dry skin and want to know what vitamin supplements i can take to help it?
Help me please I nee people who are very knowlagable...?
i have an 18 month old knee injury and have not seen a doctor for it. It has got alot worse, what do i do?
I tore my gluteus maximus. How long till it heals?
Knee injury question?
So sore from skiing yesterday? what do i do?
Slammed my thumb in a door?
I bruised my browbone!!!!!?
My knee is in pain, what could be wrong with it?
Ankle always clicks when rotated?
i have shoulder tendonitis?
My hearing: Will going to the club 3 times a week be too much for my ears?
How to break your ankle easily?
How to reduce swelling in the ear?
is a nose cast really needed after surgery?
Earache, headache, chest pain, and metallic taste during/after running?
My brother pulled on my wrist and now the inside feels like its burning.?
After Tonsilectomy pain management?
the other night i had a sharp pain from my shoulder to the tip of my middle finger?
My feet have suddenly began to hurt. Could this be something more serious?
ive pain in my chest?
I just notices a knot on my left arm right before the elbow what could it be?
I Don't feel right...What could be wrong?
why every time i wake up in the morning my hamsters fall down?
twisted ankle playing basketball help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
spinal epidural for back pain?
Elbow Forearm pain while lifting weights?
how to take suboxone?
chronic knee pain and cracking?
My right shoulder is hurting me, what to do ?
can anyone tell me if siatica and rhumatoid arthritis can be connected,or one leads to the other .?
Does anyone else suffer from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) or fatty liver?
Can sickle cell anaemic adults collect benefits?
If it says on a product that it was dermatologically tested, could that also mean......?
I have dry skin on my forehead & face,once its washed off is very red.Any natural remedies as creams dont work
Does palliative care remove the need for euthanasia?
Is Coffee okay for high blood pressure?
Are people with weakened immuned systems like those who regulary take anti-biotics more likely to get swineflu?
Swine flu or Stomach bug?
what are the characteristics or symptoms of the Swine Flu and how quickly is it to spread?
Is there a human parasite/worm that is red and long with a split tail?
Diarrhea for the past 3 days?
I have a really bad cold and conjunctivitis?
Pandemrix swine flu vaccine side effects?
What are the chances of catching glandular fever through kissing from someone who has been infected?
is tonsilitis contagious?
Should i go to school tomorrow?
can you catch malaria from someone who has been infected or straight from a mosquito?
herpes coldsore Q help?
does this sounds like swine flu?
What is the difference between Bacterial, viral and fungal diseases?
I think i have viles disease help?
Should I try to avoid stressful situations while infected with glandular fever?
Is aching leg muscles a side effect of swine flu vaccine?
dry cough, runny nose and head ache how would i no if this was swine flu or just a common cold?
need to cry?
i made myself sick to try and understan how to solve peoples?
are EMO borderline ?
Should my Doc up my dose. (Depression & Anxiety)?
I'm not clear about the contra indication of Fluoxetin in lactated women. w'd you plz advice me(about my baby)
For a clear, focused mind.?
how can i get help with my adhd im on ssi for it but i need to get over it i have no transportation?
i sometimes get lost and i feel like im getting nowhere?
How do you stay confident and positive?
i'm really freaking out help me please!?
Bipolar disorder??
Is this a sighn of someone rebounding from a recent breakup? what are some sighns?
Acid reflux????? I can always cough up white flem, like a bubble in the back of throat?
Gastric Bypass Surgery/ Lapband?
Are these symptoms of an illness?
Anybody have degenerate disc disease and found something that helped?
Are there ways to help my bulged-out eyes from grave's disease return back to their normal position?
Gastric Discomfort Questions?
How do I find an inpatient alcohol treatement center in texas?
one xanax is equivalent to how many valiums?
urethral stent removal does it pain?
Numbness/Tingling in the left side of my body?
My OCD is bad right now, anyone have a non-chemical treatment plan?
Bulimic bloating snd swelled cheeks.?
Whats wrong with me? Pain in sides?
Does this sound like a seizure?
I feel bloated for some reason today...how do you get rid of bloating?
my lower stomach like my bladder feels bloated and tight what could that be?
What is something I can take for Acid Reflux?
Any idea on what I might have?
ostioarthritis treatment?
Help with OCD? Please?
Allergies to solvents and lymph nodes.?
Could I possibly have a bit of asthma?
How do I perform CPR? How do I perform the Hymolik Remover?
what is the difference between the sympathetic and tthe parasympathetic N.S?
Has anyone used expired nicoderm patches?
fellow marjiunna smokers what side effects have you got or noticed since you started smoking weed?
Aspiration? Lungs show fluid no pneumonia?
Whooshing sound in head?
help i cant breathe!not an emergency but help?
sinusitus and water infection :s?
I had a sore throat for 2 days,cough, and a headache, now I have an ear ache. What can this be?
kidney stones is formed in the ureters?
I'm 13 years old and I have really wierd chest pains?
I have inactive TB, my parents don't want me to take the pre-caution medication?
what does AWB stand for with regards to sciatica?
Peppers allergy?
how do you get a list of sarcoma specialists for nortern ireland?
At what distance are you no longer susceptible to the field from an electricity substation?
Can the RA drug Humira cause mood swings?
is periods just blood (red) or can i dark red/brown?
I have lost a lot of weight I don't exercise or eat right. Everyone thinks I am on drugs for the tremendous we?
Whats wrong with my ankle?????????????????
Can I get a finger re-broken?
Severe bump on Occipital bone?
Loss Of Blood / Transfusion Procedure?
knee is facing other knee?
How long to get a cadaver bone for my knee?
I fell on my tail bone really hard a week or two ago?
OW. Hurt my arm AND leg. Do I need a wheelchair?
My hand is cut and it won't stop bleeding! it's a shallow cut, and its been here for two days! it won't close!?
What kind of concussion do I have?
What does popping in the knee joint indicate?
How to get on the school bus with crutches?
I sprained my ankle and i want to know if i should start walking yet?
Is my nose broken please help me?
My bruised fingernail is curling underish?
I need help with medical injury?
Is this normal for my neck artery?
im 17 and my pulse is low?is that bad?
Since I had xray dyes injected and drank them 2 wks ago , now I set off the anti theft alarms in stores! Why?
what are some heart conditions that need open heart surgery?
Easy way to get rid of spots
What are the symptom of heart attrack?
why do u get????
whats the best way to clean your skin (men)?
whats is this skin condition?
What is the best skin repair product.?
what is diazpan medication used for?
i have a coldsore, please help!:(?
Dry Skin....Driving Me Crazy!!?
My Face goes dry and rough after i have washed.?
how to remove stubborn blackheads for good?
What's causing the little red spots over my legs?
what is this rash? help, for my sister?
Does alcohol help?
whats the best way to get rid of horrid, thick, painful cracked skin and callouss on feet? ?
what is the right way to peal a banana?
The dry skin on my hands is starting to bleed?
any one got any cures are ways to prevent abscesses i am very prone to them in groan and bottom area?
At what stage in the life-cycle are you more vulnerable to developing a cancer and why?
i got fiberglass stuck below my eyebrow, can this cause an infection causing vision problems?
Will donating plasma affect me physically?
Anybody know what I have?
Can you teach yourself to not hear?
Will rinsing w/a jug of chlorine & chloramine free water after a shower wash all bad things away?
Am I Okay? Or not...?
what creates the symptom of dizziness?
In Singapore, where can we buy the blood donation bag? the transparent bag used to contain the blood?
What to do after 9-month COBRA subsidy ends?
Why do my contacts hurt when I wear them indoors?
When my eyes constantly burn and vision sometimes gets blurry, does this definitely mean I need glasses?
What to after telling his boss? (PART II)?
is this just a compulsion and could i be schizophrenic?
i have low self esteam?
How do I deal with my fiance's anger/depression issues in a subtle way without him really knowing?
compulsion? talking with counsellor help? im getting tired of this...physically?
Im losing interest in everything..?
TOO stressed!! HELP!!! cant take it...?
"how long should you were a knee brace if you ripped a muscle in your leg?"?
Has anyone on here ever lived with someone that shows all the signs of a sociopath?
I dislocated my left thumb today but it popped back in on its own and now I can dislocate it when I want?
how do I know if my ankle is really broken?
is there something wrong with me???
Am i going mad?
How did you find your therapist?
I think my mom is mentally ill or something.?
NOSE CAUTERIZED! Will it hurt?
Painful cut in my mouth?
Is an external wound the same as an open wound?
is something wrong with me? or is it just a cold?
Weird chest pain, want to know whats going on?
Did a CPAP machine help your sleep?
I have most of the symptoms of swine-flu but have mild asthma...?
Where can one purchase the Tresilver the cure for aids?
I feel weird everytime I cough?
Do you think it will be wise to wear a facemask?
should i go to school with diarrhea?
what causes dementia?
which swine has the chicken flu ? or which chicken sh!t gave us the swine flu ?
How long am I infectious for after having glandular fever?
which website can i use to get the following information?
I have two different foot problems, can anyone give advice please?
Candida cure!!!!!!!!!!?
some swine flu questions?
How long will it take for my swine flu jab to take effect in terms of protecting me?
Labradors.loss of hair?
How do I kill my lip sore before it kills me? lol?
Malarone (Anti Malarial Tablets)?
How long after coming into contact with someone with swine flu will the symptoms start?
Eyes and Medical: Eyes became perpetually bloodshot after boyf and I became intimate- what could be the cause?
My friend has scarlet fever and was wondering?
Is swine flu spreading in disneyworld florida?
a person who fleas???
should i let my 19month old boy have the swine flu jab?
I have been told i have an enlarged postrate?
does vertigo seem to hold an eternal scar over one's life?
Ear ringing from loud work place?
Is trouble listening a side affect of fluoxetine ?
Severe throat and tonsil pain?
How many people die of kidney disease each year?
Parasites on the facet in a bathroom?
Becoming Bulimic again ?
I just got back from the ER and I have more blood in my stool?
what pill is similar to yaz?
hi!my son developed a lump on the neck..we found out about it when he was really sick(flu)?
whats your experience with hyperthyroidism?
one ear goes silent then i get dizzy whats this mean?
where can i find a doctor in las vegas that prescribes 30mg roxys if i have the symptoms?
I have a stomach virus or flu, any advice on relief?
Hi, i have been having a pain/pressure on top of my head when i bend over, should i be worried?
dizziness and vague felling all the time!!?
binge eating disorder sufferers?
swollen gland? Trouble breathing? Dizzy?
I have a lump on my back, next to my left shoulder blade. Concerns?
"Taken Advantage Of"?
what is Sickle Cell Anaemia?
OH my goodness!?
why is my son hd?
How have you coped with early onset parkinson's? Was diagnosed @ 44. Setting up a web site for to help support
has anyone used the drug Enbrel for Psoriastic Arthritis?
Have you heard of FRAGILE X?
please i'm suffering from amenorrae,pls how do i get to the root it.i'm 18 years old.please sent it to my box
How successful are stents with 100% blocked arteries?
question aboutt pills ?:P?
What causes a muscle to flex by itself?
my throat hurts but idk what i hav.?
It hurts in my foot...PLEASE HELP IMMEDIATELY...forgot what it is called...?
I SAY TO YOU That I Have A very difficult and very painful?
Sore Muscles and Joints?
Whats wrong with my arm?
I just had arthroscopic Knee Surgery?
hi, i have a question about the drug suboxone . . .?
Neck, Eye, and Head Pain?
my head wont stop hurting?
Very tender and sore arms!! Is something wrong?
I took a excedrin headache pill it says express gels but there's is really no gel in there WHY IS THAT?
why would my knees hurt in the springtime?
SeptoPlasty/Turbinate/Cyth Removal Surgery?
My mom is allergic to tomatoes, they make her sick to eat them. What other veggies have "good stuff"?
I have a hietal hernia and I get pain after eating?
should morphine be taken with food?
Why are my hands tingling?
Bad Low Back Pain that Goes into Hips and Backside?
Why do my shins hurt after I take any medication with PM attached to it?
Lymph System?
Anyone got the heart condition known as A.R.V.C.?
What is the best pain relief for shingles?
What is the venom in a bee sting called?
Does the word "scab" i.e a wound covering originally derive from the word scabies?
Pterigium removal and post op please?
i have varicose vein problem since my childhood, now i am 45 years, anyone suggest some alternative medicine.?
Are there any peritoneal dialysis patients on?
Is 6 hours of sleep enough?
How do i get veins popping out of my muscles?
Feeling alful after getting over a cold,tired all the time,feeling out of sorts. HELP?
whats the limit to how much endocet and ibprofen you can take and is it bad to take them together?
Have I lost my tibia bone?
I get some random slight dizzy spells, what could it be?
How do I get my voice back?
I took propanolol a week ago and it has left me very dizzy up to this day.?
Bump on the back of my thigh, Something serious?
What would be the best time for me to go to sleep given that I slept in all day?
What could be wrong with me?
THC drug test question?
What can i do to take better care of my heart?
Pitch and loudness sof heart beats?
How long after a suspected heart attack can you get a blood test to prove that it actually was a heart attack?
Blood pressure and heart rate monitor needed.....?
What is high blood pressure?
how can you naturally cure a sinus infection?
what did you do to not need an inhaler anymore?
Pneumonia in Puppy HELP!?
help with rheumatoid arthritis?
who generally takes vital sings of an inpatient in a hospital?
what disease did i have?
can weakness in legs be caused by liver disease?
what can this lump be and these symptoms? please answer even if you are not sure!!!!?
are kidney stones hereditary?
I have a stiff neck,sore muscles,tired,dizzy,rash,stomach pain. What could it be?
ive been kind of talkin this guy with cerbral palsy?
ok it all started when i noticed that my arm was sore when i stretch out&i had a swollen lymph in my armpit...?
HELP QUICK! Did I bust my eardrum?
I just returned from Mexico with severe diarrhea, am 4 mo pregnant and wondering if I should go to hosp?
Has anyone heard of an appendix stone?
Neurologist help please?
My father is going through Rheumatoid arthritis ...How much times it takes to cure?
How to prevent osteoporosis when your older, while still very young?
I have an eye problem losing my site?
what is the pathophysiology of hand tremor?
My friend just snorted 12 vicodins and his eyes are turning yellow?
Do you think I have a brain hemorrhage?
getting anti-depressents?
I've been sick with mono for 3 days, my spleen has dull, sharp aches!?
Does anyone get body aches with Acid Reflux?
What should ido?
need to know of a cheap alternative to seroquel?