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I woke up this morning with a killer headache - what is a NATURAL cure?
What is the Fastest way to get rid of a Headache?
What can I do for my broken foot..help? 10 points?
How can you relieve upper back pain?
I quit smoking but still smoke a cigarette before bed sometimes. Am I delaying the healing process?
Wellbutrin and hydrocodone together?
do you feel uncomfortable or comfortable when you relax your bare feet on a balloon?
I have severe pain in the middle of my chest after every time I swallow food or drink! What could this be?
constant lower back pain?
why am i sweating just sitting here?
sore knees and legs while jogging.?
How to get rid of tension headache?
How can you tell if you have injured your foot?
I have stiffness and pain in my left knee, and it hurts when I walk on it. I feel a sharp pain sometimes.?
Shooting lower back pain?
I have this headache, that feels like congestion now when I bring up mucus it has blood in it.?
Why is there pain in my chest every time I chough.?
surgery for post nasal drip?
Draw a hemoglobin-oxygen dissociation cure (be sure to label all axis).?
Bad for a 3yr with pneumonia to be around dogs?
I have a cough, possibly bronchitis, but is there anything else that it could possibly be?
is this a serious damage?
could this be seriouse?
my ears are draining?
so mouses are suppose to breath fast?
Asbestos Removal in Canada?
HELP! Weening off of Lexapro ......?
I slept in a dusty room and woke up with a cough and now I have a fever. What is wrong with me?
How and why can lonly ess break someone espellialy kids and teenagers?
Has anyone experienced physical side effects from Ambien?
Why do I wake up around the same time then go back to sleep?
Can people have reoccurring nightmares by taking Lexapro and Depakote?
Characteristic of mental illness?
Will depression creep back into my life?
NY Psychiatric Facility?
You have a closed friend, he/she is a drug addict, how can you help?
schizoaffective disorder?
I think i am having a completer meltdown?
let me correct that i took three lithuims 8 cogentine and three depakote can i sleep it off?
Please help, how can I stop?
i put one of my sisters tampons up my nose, now its stuck, any help?
I used a Mr. Clean eraser on my wall next to bed. Is that a health risk?
if you are always tired, would you have a high or low blood pressure?
How does smoking weed affect my voice?
what can i put in my ear to loosen wax, baby oil, hydrogen peroxide, or what?
Is It Possible That I Have The SwineFlu (H1N1)?
Is there a device that helps you wake up if you fall asleep?
Where to find a Himilayan rock lap/light?
Ifeel a little pop in my knee during pt and im wondering if this is from doing to much, thsi didnt hapn bef?
i am taking for hbp but pessure good. but stopped taking cant stand being dizzy. how long will this dizziness?
Stomache issues or more ?
What is it called when youre a doctor who works outside of the hospital? I don't wanna be crammed :(?
Speech problems??? help?
Drug test question.....?
should i be worried or not?
Do I have an eating disorder?
Are any withdrawals (not alcohol) that are fetal?
I think I may be hypoglycemic. I was having severe blurry vision and slight shakiness.?
what causes ankle pain and swollen ankle?
Okay, so what is this?
Does ice cream vomit remain cold?
my fiance has swelling behind her right ear right below the hair line.?
Can autism change over time so now what?
i have been on Zoloft for 3 years and i want to stop taking it?
Opiate & Tobacco Detox?
what does blood transport from the intestine to the liver?
Will you approve the request or not?
Severe Headaches for 9 years. PLEASE HELP.?
Can having a kidney infection while being pregnant affect your unborn child?
Is acid reflux a symptom that follows along with your period?
Cataract surgery and cough?
Blood in vomit what could cause it?
how bad is haveing sleep disorder? what can I take medecine wise?
Lost piece of contact lense in eye?
Small wart on finger! Please help!?
Is there any type of medication you can get for sweaty hands??
Doctors for spots ?
does anyone know anything about a liver function test being high , i dont drink?
Any advice of help appreciated......?
how do i get rid of corned beef legs as pat puts them? im really worried they will stay like this they are not
Clearsil ???
Spot Control On The Go Treatment Pen?
Lymphatic Drainage?
spots and rashes after shaving?
Skin redness when hot/excersing?
is there anyway u can get rid of exma for good?
how can i get rid off my sciaticapain?
Migraine and burning sensation in head (serious answers please)?
Is it safe to use Diprobase on a baby skin?
My ALT level in my liver test is going up.It's 120 u/l now. What shoul I do?
what can i use to treat dark blemishes on my face as i used several products like hypoderm,loreal and failed.?
ophy an inherited disease?
Chickenpox vaccination - is it worth doing?
What in blood ,is Thais mine beta.?
Can dark pigmentation on your face be reduced in any way?
are tumors genetic?
Has anyone had laser treatment for varicose veins?
if i can't reach my target pulse rate due to meds, am i wasting my time with cardio?
blood when blowing nose, but not a bloody nose? please help?
I have had a couph for the past few days and at night i am short on breath I do not have a fever?
can i use Epsom salt for nasal drip?
i am a lungs pashunt.my left lower lung is damage.i take medisen daily.so,what i taken healthy food plz tell.?
can one get an air embolism this way?
Buy Vaporizer..............!!?
Where can I buy a back muscle stimulator?
do i have a stress fracture?
How do people sprain their ankles?
Did i hurt my ribs?Help.?
terrible hamstring problems can someone please help?
Visual aspects of separated shoulder?
big toe bone has moved from it's position ?
Which is better, a knee brace or Kinesio tape?
Pain in shoulders and back bec of Hoyer Lift?
my hand really hurts is it sprained or fractured?
when I bend over to touch my toes my body shakes its so annoying please help?
I've been living with a lower back injury that was caused at my work place 3 years ago. Now workers comp wants?
jaw pain from infection do to stretching or "gauging" my ear?
I'm on xanax (prescribed). need help?
19 year old brother with rheumatoid arthritis in the back?
Husband complains of pain in abdomen. Kidneys?
About RBC Morphology?
are they any closer to finding a cure for blindness?
please see last question...got results from renal ultrasound..now what?
If someone has dizziness in the head and an oppression at their stomach?
dertillomania. csp. HELP.!!! i think i have it.?
do i have something wrong with my appendix?
I found a lump on my left shoulder ?
Random Blackouts? And dizziness?
What should I do about my insomnia?
How is scurvy diagnosed?
i just pierced the top of my ear last saturday but sinse then its been red and swollen. what should i do?
have anyone ever seen a show or maybe a clip about a guy who die from eating raw crayfish? is there a link?
Did this kid have a seizure? (explaining in detail)?
i have a bulgeing disc in my lower back, has anyone ever cure one , i im suffering with this for 8 months.?
feeling very fuzzy, lightheaded, like im in a dream and im not all there?
How long does Xanax + Lorazepam withdrawal last? Insomnia? Insane anxiety?
Am I loosing to much weight?
was it OCD???
How would you like to be happy & content just about always, no matter what life throws at you?
What can I do if I find it difficult to participate in business meetings at work?
suffering form psychosis need help!?
im on 50 mg. of zoloft and 1 mg. xanax 3 times a day my dr. just added 30 mg. of cymbalta,?
my life is really hard?
What do I do when all I want to do Is kill myself when I have two kids to think about?
Are these signs of depression?
I'm a Mariholic, What do I do?
Help i feel low?
i had anorexia last year from not eating and exercising because of my real deep depression..?
how to center yourself at a moment of stress?
Can anyone explain what ADHD is?
OCD - a terrible one?
I think...........?
question about meds.?
The cause of my bulimia?
I stayed at a hotel where norovirus went around. Now have a sore throat, any link between the 2?
Does my son have chicken pox he has a couple of reddish spots but they are not always visual? ?
The difference between bacterial and viral infections?
I had the swine flu jab 11 days ago and started getting palpitations after 48 hrs . Has anyone else had this?
How do I know if I have an infection from my recent-ish ear piercing?
Can an infected burn account for flu like symptoms?
What are the chances of swine flu becoming a pandemic in the UK? how many more people have to be effected?
swine flu.... another 4 weeks off school .......true?....please help...?
people that have had swine flu please answer?
How do you stop diarrhea?
sore throat and white spot (no tonsils)?
Swine Flu... Chances of being Infected?
What is the most deadly diseases here in the UK?
Ear infections whilst flying?
is jaundice contagious?
Can HIV cause joint pain?
whats the best way to treat a swollen throat?
Do you think i have swine flu?
Do I have Strep Throat?
how long can mouth ulcers last for?
Do mice carry/spread Impetigo?
Mm, any idea what i might havve?
Does supermarket bleach really kill all germs as advertised?
can a blood pressure reading of 170 over 110 cause a nose bleed?
Mitral Valve repair ?
Heart palpitations,left arm pain?
i have these sharp pains like what feels that are in my heart. ?
What are some homemade remodies for a headache?
Pain in my left sholder blade that gos straight through to my chest on my left side? I?
I have a Painful earache?
back pain when you move it the wrong way.?
my throat hurt, my bottom lip swollen, mouth is numb?
What's wrong with my tongue?
has any1 ever had neck surgery?
Earache but only at night?
Can spine problems cause a severe cramp in the arch of your foot? What level of the spine would be responsible?
What is wrong with me?
what do i need to do in order to prevent feeling alot of pain when i tackle someone?
Help for Chronic Cramps?
Diclofenac potassium. What is the name you get it in the store?
Random sudden chest pain... is it serious?
My right index finger hurts...?
My neck hurts? What's wrong? help please?
i have this sharp pain on the inner part of my left foot. whats causing this? or whats happening to me?
Hey, Maybe someone can help?
Bad pain after morphine?
has anyone suffered late radiotherapy side effects?
when would my tinnitus go back to its previous state?
Hi this is a medical question on i.b.S i am m, 46 i do suffer with ibs?
Servre headaches, stiff neck, loss of hearing in one ear, odd, often painful, sensations in my skull.?
For 3 days now my stomach has been hurting on and off and i pass gas a lot.. What should i take to stop this?
can you mix codeine and norco?
why is it painful when you pull your hair? but when you cut it, it doesn't hurt?
I've used reusable earplugs for 12 hours with some breaks, any hearing loss?
Adderall. what am I going to do with my self?
I have "digestive" problems?
Overeating. how much should i be eating?
If nothing is working for my migraines and if i asked the doctor for fiorcet will he probably prescribe it?
Can i stop taking my Colonoscopy prep laxative now?
celexa feels as if it is worn off after 8 months? (antidepressant)?
Very sore throat, hurts to swallow food, spitting up yellow goo?
please somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my stomach really hurts and it always feels like i have to pee but i can't go it feels like this just about?
Every time I eat, i get some sort of heartburn and food reflux. why is that ?
hernia feeling like knots in your stomach?
i went to the doctor and i have a nasal virus and swollen lymph nodes, what should id do?
What can I do for my Tourette's?
What's wrong with my mother?
Why do i have blood in my stool?
I need toilet about every 2 hours?
How to find the best (good) doctor in my city (urologist)?
does 4 loko have drugs in it?
Ugh...Sinus Problems. What do i do?
there something wrong with my finger please help?
Can a torn biceps tendon cause loss of feeling in the hand?
I'm stretching my ear and they are leaking way too much!?
Do I have brain damage?
painful skin bump on finger after hand shut in door?
my shoulder cracks when i rotate it?
how does the back of my thigh heal faster?
has anyone used meladerm?
what are your tips for good skin? did you have bad skin and tackle it somehow?
why as berard matterws not taken repondsebilty for the bird flu?
does anyone know the cause of of palms of hands hot ,feet and slight numbness and tingling on one side of face
What is the signiciance of a ST flattening on an ECG?
Is this possible..........?
back has been hurting for two months?
My veins in my arm used 2 b very huge, but now there barely visible n cannot draw blood anymore will this heal?
Are you allowed to keep the plate that was taken out of your body?
i think i broke my knee!!?
My thumb is numb on the top and in pain after being stabbed by a thorn what should I do?
has anyone with gerd put on abdominal weight?
Why do my tendons on the top of my foot creak?
is there any link between perthes disease and type 1 diabetes?
Why do older people tend not to get spots?
Recently area under my nails below the white tip have become a brown bruised colour. What does this mean? I?
What is the best allergy testing and treatment option for breastfeeding mother?
Best or Worst memory?
has anyone ever had enchephalitis?
Does anybody know what kind of things I should do to find out which major fits me best?
PlllllllleeeeeassE READ!!!?
xanax agoraphobia?
what are the needs of people in stress - physical, social/emotional, and intellectual wise?
can someone please help me interpret this.?
Antidepressants make me act different! I have been on and off antidepressants for about 4 years now.?
A forum for Schizoaffective disorder?
last year after being on xanax off and on for 17 years i stopped it.Was on klonopin for a while,but had?
is there anything i can do?
major problem?
When Do The Adolescent Hormones Usually Die Out?
Help please?
help please issues?
Life is a journey and there are going to be bad days. How long should one wait if feeling depressed?
Depression , Panic Attack , homes Sickness?
what is the sign of blood infection? plz tell me?
1st aid for girl asthmatic person.....?
burst ear drum? and if it is should I got to doc?
Do I have a deviated septum?
What are the characterstics of lung tissue with Metastatic Carcinoma?
Is this still sinusitis or something else?
what's wrong with me?[sore throat]?
Where can I buy a "neti pot" in Israel?
Does energy shots, 5 or 6 hours, have steroids in them?
are cheap cigarettes any worse for you than expensive ones?
I have this weird condition with that makes me constantly "hauck" up flem once a minute nonstop.?
my chest hurts really bad?
whooping cough does my son have it?
Is this sinus infection? Or misdiagnosis by doctor?
Do you happen to have asthma?
Emergency advice on a huge spot - please help!?
Why Does He Stay Up?
i am on sick and they want to get rid?
How soon after stopping a course in roaccutane (accutane) is it safe to drink alcohol?
i've had spots and when they go i get left with red or purple marks, what can i do to get rid of them?!?
does anybody know if you need time off work after having laser treatment done?
healing scars??
Best way to fix sore eyes?
I have weird goose bumps constantly on my upper arms...?
Everytime I start painting my fingernails they become dry and brittle? What causes this?
Can any one name a skin complaint begining with L??!?
What is the traditional Mediterranean way to treat sunburn?
what is the best way to remove verrucas from a childs heel. she's 6 years old?
Inflamed Blackheads? :/?
Can you get rid of scars?
how do i get rid of my face problems?
What have i got? I've had it for weeks now...?
how do I alternate motrin and tylenol.I use to do iit for my d.d. when they were sick.?
sore throat, clogged ears?
Diabetic boyfriend - help?
is it possible to have a stroke?
Am i getting heart problems?
could this just be heart burn?
im 20 could i be having a heart attack?
5 years ago my blood pressure would be good but now it is high?
Why did my uncle have a heart attack today?
are there any foods i shouldnt eat with chicken pox?
how does swine flu kill you?
How do I get rid of a mark left on my nose by a spot?
are there any cases of people joining the uk militry who have crohns disease?
How does a gluten-free diet react on psoriasis ?
H.iv question??
how do i get or minize appearance of pores?
how can i hide my pigment on my face?
is the camote leaf good for leukemia?
excessive stomach acid help?
baclofen and urine drug screens?
eye swelling>? 10 points for the best answer?
please can anyone relate the symptoms?
Burning on left lower side of stomach?
my son is ocd and agoraphobic?
What Is This??????????????
I feel a pressure in my spine in the neck area. What could it be?
Question about seizure meds?
dizziness,lightheaded, and sudden exhaustion?
Depression which leads to insomnia and eating disorders -- help?
Double clutch and heel toe question?
if you get a lumbar puncture/spinal tap does it tell you if you have herpes even if there arent any antibodies?
What are best foods to eat if one has a spastic colon?
I found a lump in my right calf, and when I press down on it, I feel pain. What could it be?
do i have attention deficit dissorder?
my uncle had a stroke with really bad brain swelling. The doctors say he wont make it. will he?
how bad can the disease lupus get?
What is the secret to eternal youth?
nosebleeds ?? i keep getting them , please answere this ( :?
how does this idea sound? would it work?
My eyes cant focus on the laptop screen, its giving me a headache..is this normal when you get contact lenses?
I'm allergic to Penicillin. Can I eat garlic?
How long does phlegm last and is it normal?
my wife is allergic to aspiren , can she take aleve?
can mold cause bloody noses?
what if I was stabbed by a shrimp?
my presentation is after on hour ... please help ASAP?
Does meditation improve brain function?
Former/Active/Struggling Cutters Help????
If someone gets hit while sleeping,can they die?
I am trying to find a job , but not enough motivation , can you help me?
Social anxiety - How to get help???
did someone have a severe cause of derpession and feel suicidial..? i have my im open?
How can I get them to leave me alone?
im intrigued about dreams and thoughts that i have been having?
How hard is it for someone to get on antipsychotics?
sometimes i keep forgetting names of person and places for minute or two ? is there any name for this problem
Adults only ....Dreams?
do you think its crazy of me...?
Depression? How to deal with it?
Does Anyone Have any Experience Using Omega 3 to treat Bipolar Disorder.?
I took a wellbutrin xl pill 150mg at 6:15 am but at 3:30 i took another one?
Im om 25 mg. of zoloft 30 mg of cymbalta and 3 mg of xanax.years ago when i was just on xanax i drank beer?
Why do i feel this way?
Can you tell me what's the difference b/w WHO and WHAT am I or in this case you are?
could your apendix give you problems urinating?
Hip pain/pain on right side/top of hip bone area?
Head has been aching for about 2 months...?
In a fight if you are hit in the back of the head is it worse than getting hit in the face?
Will my Osgood Slaughters go away?
Weird short term headaches?
Excruciating back pain .....?
Stomach pains when stressed, what could it be?
why do we wake up with stiff joints?
any ideas???
three examples of signs that indicate a pest problem in food hygeine?
what is cholera sign?
can anyone tell me what the prognosis is for macular puckering?
is horlicks dangerous while on fluxotine?
does having a cervical erosion make you more likely to get cervical cancer?
I gave birth to our baby still-born we have been told there is an abnormality with chromosome 8 what is this?
i am in constant pain due to osteoarthrits ifeet hands and shoulder antinflammaries causes water retention hel
Obagi Blue Peel?
does it have bird flu?
How long can someone last in End Stage Liver Failure?
Which bacteria have incubation period of less then 1 day?
blood clot need some help?
How can i tell if i have laryngitis?
Do nasal sores caused by nasal sprays go away without treatment?
What to take for sinus relief?
Anyone know anything about Pleurisy ?
can my tonsils and adenoids cause me to be tired, have head aches and hard time breathing?
Father has 32% lung capacity he is disabled and 87 years old how bad is the 32% ? Last year it was 58%.?
subarachnoid anesthesia and local infiltration?
Does this sound like hyperthyroidism?
asthma tips?!?!?!?1?!?
I cant sleep with my cpap...any advice?
i had my tonsils taken out a few days ago and last night i woke up a few times because i stopped breathing.why?
On running and sleep.?
Is there any reason why I couldn't / shouldn't put Nystatin in a steam inhaler?
Pressure in atmosphere and alveoli of oxygen?
Can someone please tell me what pneumonia feels like?
having a major static problem. please help?
why do people take steroids?
Lump in lower right back?
Do you feel these energy drinks are unhealthy? I tried one and felt like being on a roller coaster?
A few questions about my moms health.?
what does it mean when my wart on my thumb hurt?
what does this sound like to you?
I am constantly parched...what does that mean?
Florida DOT Physical?
Really bad hiccups?!?
Do I have P.O.T.S? How will I know?
Can you get head lice if you drink alcohol?
disgustingly ill feeling. all the icky details sorry?
maximise sun tan in florida?
How do i solve dry hands?
Eye problem, please help?
Psoriasis? i am fed up with it? any solutions...please?
what removes acne scars?
Is there a cure for tinnatus?
Will there ever be a cure for psoriasis?
scars and vitamin e oil?
itchy skin mainly legs,scratched untill i make sores?
do these anti aging creams really work, which one is the best?
Which Moisturizer should i get?
How do I get rid of/reduce the appearance of scars on my face?
what does water do to your skin?
How do i get rid of bra strap marks quickly?
who has psoriasis??
will i get skin cancer?
What are these...?
My hair!!! HELP please please!!!!?
erythromycin for acne?
I have mono, but why does my abdomen hurt?
i have bad odors from time to time. and its something that i really cant control. i really dont know what coul?
questions about lymph nodes.?
Kidney pains after working out?
Could I Have Raynaud's disease?
symptoms of alcoholism!?
I think my two year old swallowed a marble! Will it pass through her digestive system?
is there any treatment for alzhiemer?
can coral calcium eliminate disease ?!?!?
having my head numb and feels swollen?
Why can people with brain tumors smell burnt rubber?
Severe stomachache pains!?
Should I be worried about my tick bite?
What is this lump on my 5 year old nephew's neck??????
What medical tests can determine the cause(s) of Anemia?
Weird stomach symptoms... what could it be?
Frequent urination and painful urination?
Is it possible to have normal hormone levels and still have a Pituitary Tumor?
my birth date is 1981, september 25 can I wear emerald and ruby?
How long does it take before I can take xanax again?
Could you have an ovarian surgery even if you HAVE responded to medication?
is there a link between aluminum and kidney stones?
Toe Pain moved from right to left toe. What could it be?
Which one of these radiographs would give the best view of fracture of zygomatic arch?
what should i do for a sprained knee?
I broke my foot and can't go to a doctor PLZ :(?
broken bones can rebreak?
I Think I broke my knuckle!!!?
I have pain on upper corner of patellar ligament, why?
Weird knee pain.. What should I do?
If a doctor preforms a surgery and damages a tendon is the doctor liable?
i was in an accident, i had no injuries but a few days ago started getting back and hip pain. How do i go?
Is running with these boots for practice harmful for my feet?
Where can I find a leg brace like this?
Cut off fingertip 10 days ago. Was reattached but it's white! Normal while healing?
What does it mean when my wrists pop out of place?
HELP! do i need crutches or to go back to hospital?
How do people get an ear infection?
what are the three main dangers from physical food contamination?
bile duct in the goll bladder?
dam flu again....early symptoms?
Both of my children had swine flu last month...how come my husband and I haven't caught it?
what is wrong with me, my tummy hurts so bad.?
has anyone ever had worms?
Can you catch aids from a fly?
Ear Infection for years?
how can i get rid of headlice?
Buying Malaria tablets in the UK?
Who has had the stomach virus before?
I have just found out that i have typhoid, what type of anti-biotic should i take?
I've had a water/bladder infection for 4 months now. Why hasn't it gone?
can Amoxicillin capsules treat a water infection?
Help with giving antibiotics please!!!?
If two people both have colds could they kiss?
Which is the non-contagious disease that is the most common in the world?
Do we really need to to swine flu vaccines now?
What age do you think I am?
what is the quickest way to get rid of cold sores?
My partner has just been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, We are all beginning to feel really stressed. When we?
What is that mean to you have calcuim in the arteries? In this dangerous to his health?
is shisha wrong or right?
i suffer from gout do you know of any good and lasting cures ?
Can anyone tell me what the medical term (phthisis) means. could be wrong spelling. thanks.?
Has the NHS been good to you or your family & friends?
Does anybody know what ETP is?
Introvenous Plyglogram? Can someone tell me what it is?
help, i have spots!do you know any spot cremes that get rid of them.please help!?
My boy's school has been closed down today with Norovirus. Ever heard of it and what does it do?
My 11 year old,just had the flu test at the doctor,(positive)?
what to you think of the tapping technique to help calm the nerves about certain problems?
why is my knee hurting?
Why would the back of my neck hurt?
My upper arms are really sore?
Why did my kidneys hurt on and off for 2 days?
Pain in knee please diagnose?
unusally chest pain, and only 17?
Numbness in Right Thigh?
Pain In The Ball of My Foot?
20 years old with a bad hip...help?
how to relieve backache quickly without painkillers?
weird pain on throat bone?
hurt my neck while stretching?
is it normal to have pain in your ears when you run alot?
Do you agree about methadone?
Please! can anyone tell me what is wrong with my jaw?
sharp flashes of pain in the back of my head - right side?
What exactly is a hiccough?
is satogrowth in any way harmful or bad side effects?
now i am having a hard time getting my bottom number of my blood pressure?
Heart problems ( pains ) when I wake up in the mornings?
So Overwhelmed Right Now & Feel Crazy Literally! Ugh helps/suggestions?
Think about a mid-40 year old with a risk for hypertension and heart disease due to a family history. ?
Why Am I So Angry At People In General?
Whats wrong with me? Please help.?
What are the freakin'odds?
Cyst on kidney and fluid around the heart?
how much is too much?
Is it possible to have a healthy D/s relationship?
How can smocking 1 cigeret hurt your body?
I have to other place I can turn too.?
Effects of Antidepressants?
I need help with OCD and anxiety.?
Plz help I am running myself..Mind is full of fear of travelling?
I don't know where to go for help!?
Concentration and awareness levels?
Meditation or Yoga...and what kind?
I feel like a looser?
I am never happy?
Weird bubble coming out during Bowel Movement?
can smoking weed cause you to have seiures. . my b/f has them but he seems to get them alot now. could it be?
Once a person has had a TIA, what can they do prevent it again and take care of themselves and enjoy life?
Who knows what this may be?
Will smoking a cigarette decrease muscle or be a hold back?
Had a headache for 2 days, it is in my face & neck and my nose feels itchy inside at the bridge. Is it Sinus?
staff to resident ratio in asisted living facility?
I touch everything what do I do ?
I have blood in my stool.?
Im recovering ffrom bulimia and losing weight?
I've felt bloated for like a month. What could be wrong?
Feeling lightheaded and floaty?
Is this IBS or what??
Can the symptoms of liver damage make you depressed?
What's a cure for Bells Palsy?
feeling thirsty most of the day?
what is the pathophysiology of ohtahara syndrome?
What can I do about the despression I have because of celiac disease?
Will 2 mg of Xanax be enough to get me through the day?
I have developed irregular bowel movements...pls help...?
How long will my tinnitus last?
are all strokes visible on CT scans?
What can the doctor do for me?
I am having weird movement in stomach area and I am not pregnant?
What would happen if there is poor circulation in the head/brain?
what is the cause of white bump cluster on the lips?
what is this movie called? it's on youtube and it's about children who take medications and how it affects...?
Question About Tourette Syndrome?
My temperature is usually in the high 95's to the low 97's. Is that bad?
Did my blood vessel burst?
What will happen if i take Ecstacy while on Abilify?
Brain surgery, anyone?
what pain meds are available for fibromyalgia?
I have had swollen glands in my neck for over two weeks now, no other real symptoms.?
Primary biliary cirrhosis?
uneven pigmentation on chin due to spots and picking at them how do i get rid of the uneven pigmentation?
Can i claim patent on a product i have found to be a cure?
does anyone know anything about iritus?
ANYone give me real info on aplastic aneamia ??
suffering from acidity?
staples in leg.. exercise?
How long does a gunshot wound take to heal?
Is my knee injured or overworked or something of this nature?
I hurt my knee in baseball?
My tailbone always hurts and aches?
I hit my 3 toe from my big toe on our fireplace a week ago and it is still swollen .?
I hurt my elbow?????????
okay so my bf just found out he has a torn meniscus help?
so i play soccer and about 3 days ago i was stretching ( leg exercise) and my foot tingled like it was numb wh?
Nail Problems? Please Help? Thanks :)?
Does a MRI Arthrogram on your shoulder hurt?
Do I have a pulled muscle?
I got a cat scratch couple days ago and im feeling slight numbness in my arm and hand its not painful?
What is wrong with my ankle?
serious problem with possibly broken foot?
Ways to sprain your knee?
Are you sure you have ordered enough medication to last you over the holiday period?
How often do you think humans should wash?
any plastic surgeons on here for help?
>>> What Is The Best Treatment For Verrucas? <<<?
Help about psoriasis?
How to banish bad acne on sensitive skin?
would origional dove soap irritate my spots?
I have psoriasis on my scalp?
colour blindeness?
remove moles on nhs?
how can i get rid of my spots i have just turned 16?
I need a Doctor to explain!?
where can i get zinc tablets from?
With My Doxycycline ance antibiotics, i have latley been taking them at irregular times, is this a problem????
What should I be eating if my forehead is breaking out?
Why do i have stretch marks ?
Help, I have rather a large spot which has appeared under my eyebrow?
Rash like goosebumps?
which one kills you faster loneliness or poison?
If your partner gave you a good thrashing on the backside would you ask them to rub salt on it?
do you suffer from coldsores?
a black disease - a phenomena?
Can black people get swine flu?
I had a really nasty night of diarrhoea and vomiting last night. Should I check with Dr because of swine flue?
How long do you have shingles for?
Swine flu level 6 now?
what kind of mask do you need to prevent the swine flu?
sorry...another swine flu question....! ahhaa?
What are the most dangerous ingredients in todays vaccines?
How does garlic help the immune system?
Does swine flu still exist?
What do you think could be wrong? Possible meningitis?
could i have thrush??girls please?
how do we cure the swine flu????
Should i be worried about swine flu?
Does taking anti-biotics prevent getting infections?
Scottish schools do not inform parents when there is an outbreak of nits for fear of being sued! Crazy?
One kidney removed and second infected what are the chances to live?
my boyfriend just went into surgery to have his ruptured appendix removed.. how long till i get to see him?
ok should i go to the hospital?
Chronic illness - how to deal with rude Dr's office staff?
Is there a "disease" no mean germ a phobia or ocd where a person enjoys cleaning and cleans all the time ?
my eyes are burning really bad?
i have been taking prednisolone for four years for polymyalgia. recently I have been getting sharp pains back?
What is this lymph node on the back of my neck?
Which hospitals in india and south Africa can I find a medical geneticist doctor?
ive recently started to suffer from gastritis?
Should i be worried about the sharp pain I felt in my head wen i shifted my head back hard a full 90 degrees?
Hiccups lasting longer than 3 hours? Passed out?
Pain in appendix ? What does it mean!?
is this a muscle spasm?
Belching, weird stomach feeling?
Is burping up acid twice in two weeks acid reflux?
ok so what do i do about this?
this question is only for DR's or others adults who have had a tonsil removal?
i have a sore but it dont look like herpes?
Could any Doctors or Nurses out there answer this? I'm scared, could I be having early symptoms of ALS?
Can immunity from one disease give immunity to another?
How do you get a chest infection?
i got calcified nodes in lungs and its stable since 2000?
what food is used in different countries to relief asthma syptoms?
I am always out of breath even if I just get up and walk fast to the kitchen?
how do you get rid of halitosis?
People who've had deviated septum surgery : Has it worked for you?
Normal SED rate, but lots of inflammation?
my ears are clogged help?
hacking up blood???????? help help help?
Chest Congestion/Pain !?
Question About Pain in Right Side?
When i'm writing down the end of a word, i sometimes use the first letter of the next word i am going to write
whats wrong with me?
What if you had brain removed,it was mid brain,do you?
My drug test was positive from eating poppy seeds and court will not believe me. Needing help, please!!!?
I Think I Have OCD...Help ?!?
I know depression is different for everyone. But can someone tell me their actual experiences w/ depression?
Rage Prob!!!?
Advice needed?
Whats wrong with me?
hey peeps im 19 years old from cov i just needed some help with whats going on in my life at the moment?
how can i lower social anxiety?
Psychiatry: Are you a psychiatrist?
BIPOLAR!! i need general info pls!?
Can I get glasses for class?
My rite eye has been jumpn for da pass 3 days should i go to da eye doc or wat need advices ?
Yellow whites of the eyes?
Double vision looking past objects?
Does anyone have this...?
if ur heart stops everytime u sneeze has anyone died from it?
how severe is a leaking hear valve?
Does sinusitus make your eyes look sunken?
are liver infections dangerous?
Acid reflux; healthy lifestyle, non drinker/ smoker, good diet...baffled as to why they still suffer from it?
Kidney question?
Which eye disease makes everything look a long way away?
My doctor gave me Effexor XR for neurology in the feet. Is effective for the pain?
Kidney stones?
Is doctor Frank from Glasgow??
Quark Express ?
Hypochondriac sister in law?
How long does it take to get blood result tests back for Coeliac disease?
How do painkillers work?
Can i get skin cancer on the small keyloid scar on my chest?
how do i use neutrogena oil-free acne wash??
Should my knee still be hurting?
suggestions for shin splints?
In August of 2007 I broke the tip of my bone in my left big toe.?
I was kicked in the legs two weeks ago?
Torn ACL, surgery vs high-end knee brace?
What are Ace Inhabitors?
Stiffness in back after a strain?
Should i go to the doctor about my foot?
Wrist injury- how long to heal?
Half the tip of my thumb feels weird?
How serious is this injury?
Hurt my arm, not sure whats wrong?
how do i treat my guineapigs hurt leg?
how soon can you go back to work after a cortisone shot?
fell on ice on back- lots of pain but no bruising?
i have been lifting weights for about 2 months and i have noticed my arms have gotten much larger i am about 5?
can home high blood pressure checkers be wrong? and What kind of illness could I possibly have if not?
Is Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis genetic?
why do I have acid reflux?
Painless Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Recovery?
Iam from Uganda how can I find a medical geneticist doctor around the world?
i want to do a colon cleanse, but i take paxil, if i do this will it take the meds out of my system...?
Burst Appendix............?
for asap do they watch you pee and does using someone elses urine work?
Can an infected boil lead to anal fistula?
Should I donate or not?
inherited disease where melanin is not produced by melanocytes?
I got waters in my ears and now it hurts?
Heat stroke or exhaustion?
Dose anyone know anything about the drug Citalopram?
Is this normal for ibs?
Swelling, redness, and a lot of pain? Does she need to go to the hospital?
Ive been really forgetful lately..whats causing it?
Do i have lockjaw??????
How to make left Swollen tonsil better? or lessen the size of it?
do i have narcolepsy?
It feels like there is something on my stomach but nothing is there. It is on the side what could it be?
What makes you want to wake up the next morning?
I am having a weird pain?
pain in my lower left groin?
Shoulder pain. with movement, sharp and intense?
what should i do if i have severe knee pain?
I have a bad pain in my left shoulder blade and it wraps around to my ribs....How do i get rid of this pain?
what can be done for scare tissue, when there is pain?
Do opiates metabolize into morphine in your system? and do they show on a drug test as opiates or morphine?
I've had an ongoing tingle in my shoulder for years, what is causing this?
ive had plantar fasciitis for over a year in both feet and nothings working?
Neck pain, what could it be?
Numbness on left side of face?
My Left Ear Feels Clogged?
What to expect from tests tomorrow? Chronic back pain, I'm only 14?
how can i straighten my back?
i keep getting pain in the lower left area of my body when im excercising? HELP!!!!!!!?
can bones by it self hurt?
Need a little medical advice.?
The lateral malleolus (ankle bone) is on the right or left side of the right foot?
Need help to understand what this means...?
What happens if someone drinks water, pours it back and someone else drinks it?
Is it true that when you have bad eyesight your hearing becomes better and vice versa?
im depressed!!!!?
I need help i dont know whats wrong.?
i have BPD. does anyone know the best way to deal with it? i've been searching for answers and nothing helps..
Has anyone been depressed and seen happiness through your eyes?
hey where can i find a behaviorism pyschologist?
need help for mental teens?
meds and alcohol?
If you're a kleptomaniac, is there something you can take for it?
What can I do about sturtting and forgetting what I'm about to say?
How does adderall effect you mood?
kind of long so plz read details.?
Am I okay?
what are the signs of bipolar?
i told my friend that she was a bad influence? is this bad?
Are there studies on whom of male or female cope better in life's stress? Help. Thanks.?
Eczema problemss!! My face looks terribleee help?
i have dry patches on both side of my nose they are bright red and really sore a tried lots of cream?
bacne - please help!?
what causes extreme swelling of youre hands when you wake up?
Does anyone know of any alternative treatments for eczema?
Does tea tree oil gell work?
I understand a treatment for psoriasis was an ointment called UNGSTEP. Can you please advise?
Have you ever had a rash, and what was it?
Dark skin vs Light skin?
how can i get rid of acne scars?
I have just recently felt a soar bump under my right armpit.?
Would wearing tights help?
are fake tan products bad for yuor skin and if so why?
what do you do with a boil?
I have a bite about 2cm from the middle of the armpit and it looks like a mosquito bite but it can't be?
A good treatment for psoriasis?
blackheads anyone ??
What is wrong with my legs ?
does anyone have any tips for dealing with hypothyroidism?
Is anything wrong with using DDT to prevent malaria fever?
why do we have finger/toe nails?
in reply to answer 3 in my question,my reading at is now 170 and will stay at that?
Help! My brother is really stinking mums house out with his feet?
I've had stabbing pains on the top of head for 4 months & get pins & needles all over my body and dizzyness
Pantoprazole 40mg?
anyone tried using a topical agent for acne called zineryt and had any good results?
Can't seem to sing anymore?
does phenytoin cause weight gain?
Should I get a flu jab this year?
will i get sick from breathing in mdf particles?
Dry cough question??!!?
I get short of breath when it rains. Is this normal?
someone who my daughter occasionally sits next to in class has just been confirmed with swine flu?
im sick and need help?
I've never had the flu, even when close family members have had it. Am I at risk?
I've been having trouble sleeping lately. How do I solve my problem?
smoking device question??
how severe is this pneumonia?
when is it safe to meet someone who has just had chickenpox?
What is the best medicine for conjunctivitis?
Question about SHINGLES!?
malaria ???
blood test results.?
Whether mercury[Hg] is dangerous to health.If yes up to what level it can injure life.?
How are you preparing for a possible pandemic?
should i go to the doctors incase i have swineflu? i have a sore throat, i feel dizzy and tired and a bit sick?
what side effects are there when you have the swine flu jab?
Can i catch HIV from dried blood?
pin worms help please :(?
headlice/nits! ARRGGHHHH!!!!?
Is anyone else got this flu virus thing?
your points of view on my ? about healthy eating?
is it healthy to smoke marijuana everyday?
is it normal for a child to get mono more than once?
How do you repair a fatty liver caused by Advil?
is there some kind of medical condition that makes you very nervous during presentations?
had brain hemorrhage and am trying to recover is someone hit or ATTACKED ME WOULD THAT FINNISH ME?
How do you cure bacterial vaginosis at home without buy a book online?
Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based approach E-Book?
Hi, I had panic attacks a few years ago and was prescribed 25 mg xanax tabs. The attacks went away, and?
what are the factors of alcohol treatment?
iam so depress what can i do!?
do your head hurt when u dont have brain cells?
Gatorade good for softening feet?
malpractice i went to a doctor that pre formed a procedure and didnt numb the area at all?
what did the doctor prescribe to you or someone you know for fibromyalgia?
Middle Ear problems please help!?
right arm from shoulder to finger tip numb and tingles. blood pressure 151/95/87.?
Hyper relaxed heart rate?
can anxiety cause a person to urinate frequently?
if i touched any of hiv patient belongings and touched into my eyes or mouth so can i get hiv?
medical use of teflon?
my legs feel tired what do I do?
I have had severe palpitation when I was 16. My doctor prescribed duranol that slows down my heartbeat.?
my knee clicks every time i straighten it, what's happening?
So i went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a skull fracture and brain bleed from falling?
What are the chances of someone getting an injury from a landing like this?
why does a grandmother had a several fractured ribs than to a 9 y/o child after they were crashed on a train?
What kind of ankle injury do I have?
It's been 4 months since I had my sprained knee, how long does it take to be 100%?
ok, i have high blood pressure, and i've had 2 strokes?
How to help a pulled muscle quickly?
Repeatedly pulling a foot muscle?
Can doing seated bicep curls cause numbness in the left side of the jaw and ear?
Why do my calves hurt when I run in basketball?
finger problems ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I have a minor neck injury. What should I do?
Did I sprain my knee?
what is the recover time for l5 s1 lumbar sugery?
I came down on my ankle,i heard a pop, and it hurts really bad...i cant walk. help?
Do I really have pink eye?
how do i get a piece of aluminum out of my eye?
what does melanoma mean?
Will i catch MRSA from my work colleague?Is it contagious?
I would like to be a nurse?
Burn scar removal?
how many acupoints are used for treating infertility?
who has had salmonella???
My 3 month old baby has grade 5 kidney reflux on both sides + 'with bladder diverticuli, no valve"?
Does anyone ever feel like dying?
what treatment is available for 15year old son with severe talipes?
HELP! what has bitten us?
I getting hives from sitting on my couch. Could it be that the couch is old or what?
Does anyone have an egg allergy like in my case?
how to get rid of varicose and spider veins?
Do i have to have a Tonsillectomy? I'm really worried.?
Are there any lingering side effects of drugs like Lexapro?
Can you be addicted to chapstick?
I sleep almost 15 hours a day, is that okay?
Weird pain in fingers and toes? Does anyone know what Im talking about?
how much antifreeze will kill?
question on peristaltic rush/nutrient absorption?
Painful vericose veins?
swallowing cigarette smoke.?
Flu question?????????
Is it an overdose of warfarin and clexane?
I feel extremely sick, and i can't sleep. Please help!?
Doctors! is it possible to get weed out of your system?
How to not fall sleep as soon as i jump in bed?
do tatoo's hurt, how long does it go for, and is the pain continous during the process, is it standable?
How can i quit thinking of how someone else..?
am i depressed?
Eating Disorder?
Drugs to help me conentrate?
i want to consult a PSYCHIATRIST..my wife has a problem of speaking on any topic..dis may b coz of depression
whats wrong with me?
I need help?
Developmental Tasks for a two-year old and a five-year old???
My dad told me and my brothers that my grandma has Altimers?
Licensed Therapist?
I can't sleep??
biopolar help plzzzz?
Body Pains and Problems?
Sharp pinching pain on my back?
stretched a bit too far?
My forehead feels heavy or pressured?
my sack is in pain - it is very painful hurting bad?
What is wrong with my ears?!?
I've had abdominal pain for two weeks but it's not appendicitis, what could it be?
Stiff neck???????????
Help! sore troat and coughing?
My 13 year old daughter has HYPERACUSIS, do you or anyone you know have it, if so what help can you give.thanx
what kind of medical careers are out there and what are they like?
Has anyone had an anxiety attack as a result of too much red bull?
Rectogesic ointment?
Struggling with my spotty chin, any advice?
does anyone know if babies with cleft lip/palate need strapping to upper lip?
charing cross hosp?
Hair Loss! Vitamins, Medication?
will the use of re quip xl affect me ,if it is found that I don't have Parkinson's?
i need information on cardiac surgeons. so help please.?
hi everyone! i am 20 years old and i have been to the hospital like 7 times! ?
In congestive heart failure, the weakened hears is unable to pump with sufficient strength to empty its own...?
what are the signs and symtoms of a stroke.?
Angina pain after heavy meals ?
Sympthoms of high blood pressure?
Ihave NASH for many years .in my last scan apeared flued round the liver why?
ive been experiencing migrane like symptoms but i dont think it is... help?
my TSH test came back with a 1.63 level is this cause for concern?
lump at the top of jaw bone next to my ear?
Why is alcoholism considered a "disease" instead of a bad habit like everything else is?
Kidney stone question?
can you get rid of dizziness?
i have terrible diarrhea but no other symptoms?
About Osgood Schlatters disease.?
does trazadone have opiates in it?
i am always sick and have an ANA disease!?
is it normal to feel a twitching feeling on your lower stomach, upper bikini line?
are lymph nodes itchy?
What is wrong with my stomach? (It's been hurting for a while)?
I am beginning an Intentsive Outpatient Program (Alcohlism)?
i found a tick on myself while lying in my bed! are there more in my bed? did it lay eggs? yuck! please help!?
I have been at my job for 9 years. My daughter has epilepsy and she is now having more siezures. I work 2nd sh?
Constant stomach aches?
Never hungry and never tired?
How long before my gums are supposed to look better?
i have something on my hand and i dont no what??? HELP ME :'(?
About 50% of the population will get a fungal infection during their lives! True or false?
Rash on hands and feet?!?!?
what is the BEST skin cream u have had?
Fastest remedys for mild acne on forehead?
Anybody had 1st hand exp with treatments you've found help cope with the scalp condition Psoriasis?
Should I continue bleaching my skin?
does lemon juice lighten the skin?
What is this disease/disorder called. please?
Good cure for excema?
Itchy scalp - relief suggestions please?
How effective are these creams designed to reduce the appearance of scars??
Could it really be true that???
i think i have dandruff?
Why am I really itchy all of a sudden?
whats best for gettiin rid of mosquito bites?
my dog peggy keeps chewing herself until she has big sores anyone know why?
Is it bad to inhale solvent ink?
i have this strange cough?
Really bad cough, can someone help?
I am starting to get sick i have like a chest cough and sore throat but i have a big party to go to tomorow?
Does the esophagus have anything to do with breathing?
I'm still spitting up blood?
Long long mucus/phlegm? Am I okay?
x-ray question..a little strange?
Whats wrong with my ankle? (please answer ASAP)?
Tore my tfcc 2.5 mm mid substance?
how long will your liver be sore after a laceration?
hi i hav a bump on my head and i dint put ice on it and it hasnt stayed up 24 hours what can i do?
why is my lip so swollen.!?
is my pinky broken it cracked and now i cant move it and its swelled what should i do?
how long does a heel heal?
Is this a muscle problem or what?
what is wrong with my knee? please read!?
why do i feel injury pains so late?
I have a rod in my right leg-above my ankle-would i still be able to join a branch of the armed forces?
what if my wrist hurts is a little swollen but not a lot red and is hot what does this mean?
Is this a pulled muscle?
Anyone ever had a shoulder partial dislocation (subluxation)?