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is this an eating disorder? please answer!?
Bump under my skin and in my armpit.?
Tingly numb, feeling in thumb.?
under eye suddenly swollen?
what type of mutation causes resistance to B6 of cystathionine synthase?
What would you like to ask?If my GERD is really bad, will taking more Nexium help?
Sudden change in bowel movements?
Do I have strep or something else?
Under normal conditions, what causes the muscle to relax?
is sugAR free food bad for me?
Has anyone ever had this problem?? and if so, what did you do about it?
can you get pneumonia easier if you run in the cold with a sweat-suit under some warm clothes?
I've caught a cold...need some suggestions!?
swollen neck, ER says viral bronchitis?
Anyone have Anxiety???????
What did paxil do for you?
eating disorder?
crazy or not?
My parents have passed away. I want to go home but now it's gone. I need to grow up now. Help!?
Any decent online support groups for Families of Bipolars?
Is there any websites that you can do psyhiatric evaluations online?
what is this help?
WHY do we WORRY when it usually does nothing but, stress us out??
What drugs can cause false positives for benzos?
Antidepressant and Antipsychotic weight control.?
Boarderlines In The Emergency Room?
Why do I feel so fat?
what should I do?
Anybody know why...........?
Seized up joint on elbow, help?
Think I may have broken my ankle?
My hand hurts really bad.Why!?
What is this bump by my knee that was caused by a thorn?
I would like to know Louise Hay's emotional cause for damaged ribs, and the affirmation to heal the damage.?
did i break my nose?????
How long will it take for my sprained wrist to heal?
is a cold but sweaty foot a sympton of a sprained ankle?
I got a canker sore from swimming?
so the other night i was playing racquetball and i was going for a ball so all my weight and momentum was goin?
What's wrong with my hip?
My shin is in pain and when I walk I pick up my foot.PLEASE ANSWER!!?
Will i need crutches for this operation?
Will i need crutches for this?
Ruptured Eardrum??? help!?
Severe pain in my knees 4 weeks after falling?!?
how to tell if i did something to my knee?
Can You Remove A Scar Off Your Eyes But It Can Get Scared !?
Head injury. Problems with anger. Any advice?
I've heard that smoking weed gives the smoker the 'munchies'. Why is this so?
Visual Field for motor vehicle test?
How much for lasik eye surgery on both eyes?
Which color contacts should I choose?
Eye Color Question???
chlymydia.. can it stop you from having babies?
persuasive paper on food allergies?
hi my friend is from canada and is visiting the USA and has severe peanut allergies?
How can I 'seem' healthy when I'm sick? I keep mising school, angering my parents?
Keeping up to date on health?
Why do I keep vomiting?
Helpp i have the a really bad cold??
Could I Be Approved For Medical Majiuana?
Pulled an all nighter, should I sleep now or hold out until tonight?
Say you've been in a bad car crash and you have been in hospital for weeks...?
my fiance hasn't had a solid bowel movement in 6 months.?
What's that one thing where you go to the doctors and go in water or something?
Lemon Barley water for UTI?
I have dry feet,what should i do to make them soft?
Under normal conditions, what causes the muscle to relax?
My eyes don't open at the same time?
How to reduce pain from NF tumors?
I have a few lumps on my lower legs...they are visible when standing or putting pressure on the lower leg...?
how do you know to tell if an iv injection area is infected?
STOMACH HELP!!????????????????????
Why is the air pocket under my fingernails so big?
Suffered from Bulimia for 2 years, my thinks im "To skinny"?
Burning, itchy, HELP.?
as i bent over pt they blew into my mouth next day tonsill swelling with pust what happen?
i have food poisoning, and need to vomit?
head hurts, stomache, and gagging. what is this?
I think my son is bulimic. What should I do?
Ive been on blood pressure meds for 3 years. Why does new doc want ultrasound on kidney? I'm 26. I'm worried.?
I have bad breath and post nasal drip?
what is the drug PCP and the little bottle it comes in where does that come from?
I just got diagnosed with IBS?
Short sharp pain in head?
Will gallbladder removal help me to lose weight?
Question about epilepsy!?
Whats wrong with my heel?
why does my thigh hurt so bad?
Why is my throat so sore?
I am going to my pain management doctor this week, I was wondering,..?
What should i do about my Anger?
Why is my grandfather like this.?
i have really bad anxiety and i dont have a drs apt till april?
i am sickened that i do this.?
Does that mean I'm schizophrenic?
A sort of strange question, but I've been wondering this for a while.?
the invironments that are most appropriate for communicating difficult,complex and sensitive issues?
The rib cage is ___________________ to the spinal cord while the spinal cord is _________________________ to t?
i cant concentrate on study or to write. even cant sit for 1hr to study.how can i come out of this?
some helpful advice please?
Do depression and social anxiety go together?
are there any firsthand accounts of what a severe stab wound is like?
Do You ever ?
is it depression?
Question about medication?
Can hours of computer a day cause shoulder strain...chronic injury?
Calf cramps when running/jumping?
unreailty, unknown?
Have you used vitamins/supplements to help your BPD (borderline personality) symptoms?
How can i literally just shut my mind down? (naturally ofcourse)?
I fell and really hurt my big toe, I can bend it but it's swollen and extremely painful, any ideas?
Got hit by a powerful lacrosse ball today? Bruising on thigh? Ouchies!?
I hurt my left big toe 12 days ago, it still hurt and is swollen, I can put some pressure on it, but not much.?
bruised top of foot and burning sensation?
i think i tore something in my knee help?
Knee pain, Not sure what it is though?
Hey. I have had a reoccuring electric shock/ tickling sensation in my chest...?
scratchy throat coughing?
My ears are blocked!?
i just asked a question about my breathing and now i am sick what could it be?
one leg thinner than the other?
What do knee muscle spazumes mean?
I fell down some stairs at school?
how did your chest and nose feel after givin up weed im off it about 8 days?
has anybody had an experience with an apparently healthy person dying from complications due to pneumonia?
honey for cough does it work?
Has anyone gone from heavy smoking to social smoking?
spots? whats causing them!?
does any one know of a body dysmorphia specialist in the UK?
in infants, what type of drug can treat rashes with fast liquid infiltration in face and neck?
Why is there no cure for a cold ?
Why has yorkshire got the lowest levels of swine flu?
Doctor said i had inflamed tonsils but didnt give me any anti biotics?
Are AIDS victims expected to grit their teeth and carry on as normal, go to work etc, or are they allowed to?
What do you think I could have, I don't have a clue?
what do headlice look like from a human eye?
why does the recent swine flu virus have 'lineages' from human and avian viruses?
I'm really scared and in really bad pain....?
Thank u for ur answers. Shud I go to work from 3-10 wit this possible flu?
Does clearless fluid run from the nose when there is an infection?
is it normal for a flu jab to flare up?
MRSA and working with food?
how would u Deal with a girl out there to spread diseases?
What do you do to avoid swine flu?
Constantly need to pee, and slight burning sensation = Bladder infection?
plz help a.s.a.p.. catching colds?
My doctor said I have petechiae on my tonsils. Does that mean I have tonsillitis? I also have a sore throat.?
Does air conditioning on public transport spread disease more quickly than driving in your car?
Can you catch aids from a cat?
how do hiv patient look like?
Why are we immune to diseases we have already have?
do i have swine flu or just a summer cold?
how long do you wait to be put on medication for type 2 diabetis?
my bulldogs eye is swollen shut?
Sinus Infection and treatments with amoxicillin?
my puppy won't eat or drink is vomiting has lump on throat?
what happened to my contact lenses?
Will I blind? Is it lethal?
need help reading my knee MRI?
I want to try rigid GP lenses. Does anyone who's also worn softlens prefer RGP?
blood is seeping through my plaster cast, is this ok?
How do you treat a retinal hole and how much is the procedure?
I'm really sleepy, and...?
Am I okay to take my Ear piercing out at 4 weeks?
Questions about contacts?
Is it normal...................................................?
Feeling dehydrated even though I drink tons of water?
which is not an antioxidant vitamin?
Can constipation make you sick, weak, tired, and sweaty or is it something else? Its been 2 days now.?
is it a 24 hour flu or something else?
Last night I was sleeping on my back and kept exhaling and filling my mouth with air?
how do i do community service20 hour in 4 days if i get out of scool at 230 and my curfew is 730?
Prevacid side effects?
my left kidney is hurting, why?
what percentage of deaths are of natural causes?
chemicals in the brain.. stomach ulcers?
what would happen if your liver fails?
i can feel my brain. It feels wierd in my head is that normal. ?
swollen right calf and ankle ..what should i do?
Why do i feel like im going to vomit all the time?
cravings that must stop (salt & a lot of it)?
I stopped taking Celexa, I feel strange?
is this a panic attack?
can i ride a roller coaster with a 7cm tumor on my ovary ?
i got a face unlike movements it seem's a mannerism? or involuntary movement?
is it possible for an 18 year old o have angina?
Can someone help me out?
I overdosed on Tylenol a few weeks ago, trying to kill myself. I was medically cleared and?
What is a stroke and what does it feel like when you get it?
we have a friend that has a ginormus thumb and index finger on her left hand.?
Do I have appendicitis?
Do I have a B12 definciency?
why does pee coagulate over time?
gluten free for celiac blood test?
can you regain flexibility in joints affected by gout?
Is it possible to have symptoms from several different types of ehlers-danlos syndrome?
Cellulitis in lower left leg......how serious can this be?
varicose vein surgery?
Re-causes of Pitted Edema in the legs and feet.?
whats a disease or disorder of the lymphatic system? looking for two...?
Theranekron can be use to treet mamary tumors on cat?
How do you cope with Crohn's disease?
girls who's got the best body cristiano ronaldo brad pitt or vin diesel?
need help with a joint?
What does q6days, q4, bid means?
My feet hurt really badly, anyone know why?
still pain after a year?
something wrong with my head?
Sharp pain , in my head ?
what can it be when u have a pain on the side?
i keep getting a air sound in my right ear always.can u plz tell me what to do?
My throat is KILLING ME. HELP!?
How can I un pop my ear?
Is my neck pain serious?
My sides hurt...What could it be?
Can someone please help me in understanding my MRI?
my left side of my body feels numb on 1 side and ive got a metal taste in my mouth can any 1 tell me why this?
Sharp pain that makes me cry:(?
Why do you get headaches?
i feel like a bug walking in my back when i move my left arm whats this and my left arm from shoulder in pain?
I've had a bad back for almost three years. I can't afford p.t. or find a good dr. HELP!?
Has anyone ever been to Dr Toriumi for rhinoplasty?
i don't know whats the matter stomach is hurting really bad help me?
A question about using a pessary for thrush?
Echocardiogram and Aortic Dissections?
How can cholesterol build up to form plaque?
what would happen if blood flow in the heart was reversed?
82 yr mom heart attack 3 days ago she now is talking and seem to think her cat is with her in bed want us tto?
I have high blood pressure and i was wondering?
help dream/sleeping problem ? .. doctor anyone please help?
Loosing things is making e do poorly in school!! please help??! what's wrong?
Every once in awhile, I get feelings of...?
any suggestions for a good medication for depression and anxiety?
help me out with my prob plzzz!!!!?
Does your depression/anxiety/OCD get worse if you don't sleep well?
How to ask?
how to control my nervousness?
How to come to terms with Spiders?
i think i took too much?
Codependency - Do these people recover ? Or just learn to control their controlling behavior ?
Depression, Anxiety, or normal?
I get tired fast, and can't focus very long...?
I think i have a problem?
Under so much pressure? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
What is self hypnosis?
how do i stop partner snoring?
Never ending cold? Is there an end?
do anyone have bronchiectasis....and had infections with brownish color mucus...any remedy which really helps.?
Please help with smoking.....?
whats the prices for some different brands of rolling tobacco in new zealand?
I constantly have mucus at the back of my throat! How do I get rid of it?
why do ears drain white fluid.on my pillow during sleep?
Can i take Claritin before practice?
Can someone tell me if I have Asthma?
My boyfriend has seizures?
water infection help plzz?
Little white spots on side of tongue?
Do you think the unpleasant smell/odor in my office makes me sick? Please help.?
cosmetic confusion!!?
why are red heads more sensitive to the sun & just in general?
Does anyone or knows anyone that has the eye problem macular degeneration?
for the last 6 weeks my glands have been coming up all over my body at regular intervals?
flue virus?
CAn noses become swollen?
Am I addicted to cutting?
I have ongoing ankle pain.?
I got punched in my arm?
i have these extremely painful striking pain in my back randomly where i cant breathe for a few seconds.?
Do I have a Concussion?
Laser scar removal surgery? creams? help. please :'/?
sustaining muscle for a while?
tingling and numbness??? help!?
Where Can I Get An Ankle Brace?
My alarm rang and my i didn't know my foot fell asleep?
My eyes had a glear to the side and now its hurting what could be the problem.?
why are my gag reflex in the morning so strong?
Could i be lactose intolerant?
how to get rid of anxiety?
is this anxiety or somethin worse?
i feel dizzy my right eye hurts and my nose feels heavy does anyone know what im experiencing or what 2 do?
Any idea what is causing stomach pain?
What is meant by disruption of brainstem regulatory Centers?
Is there treatment to right-hand fingertips and mouth's right side numbness after a stroke now going 6 months?
Is Head Lice A Parasite?
Experiencing Unknown Toe Pains.?
Toddler has bony/hard ridge on top of head behind the frontal soft spot?
Can a DVT, or more specifically -- a pulmonary embolism -- resolve on its own?
What type of disease or disorder would a person go to a Psychiatrist for?
Weak feeling in stomach?
does xanax lose its strenght after two years?
had my gallbladder out 2 1/2 weeks ago still have severe pain help!?
delayed response to diuretic overdose?
xanax question need answer please?
What can epilepsi do to a person?
Birthmark on the same spot on all 3 siblings?!?
I have a bad addiction its biting my nails and the skin on them?
i have like irregular white spots on tongue my gp said can be vitamin deficiency. i am not sure. please help?
dry flaking scales on feet?
How do you get rid of marks on your face?
embarrassing question.....?
make up always looks horrible , skin is partially dry and oily look shiny in photos but still have dry patches?
Does Sudocrem work for exzema?
Sore that won't heal?
Is milk good or bad for you when you have acne?
burnt skin on face?
how do i get rid of spots quickly?
How often does your scalp itch and have you gotten down to the cause?
does any one know how to get rid of tiny red veins on my face.?
I think i have a scalp problem (dandruff) - How to get rid of it?
Stitches and how to reduce scarring?
How do get rid of spots?
I was bit 2 weeks ago,why is it still sore?
PLEASE HELP IT'S GETTING SO ANNOYING..............................?
what is the best treatment for a cold sore once it has appeared?
what is the best treatment to get rid of spots ??? ASAP?
anti persperant?
how long does it take for malaria tablet side effects to take hold?
The skin on my heels is very hard and dry. I am on a strict budget and can't afford fancy creams.?
Is there a way that i can truly find out if i need glasses or not without going to an eye doctor?
Is it normal for a 53yr. old man to die of a heart attack?
very worried does this sound like copd or heart failure ?
Has anyone had an ablation done on their heart? Did it help or hurt you?
What is the normal period of heart relaxation called?
here is my question help?
help high blood pressure at 24!?
What are the symptoms of a heart attack?
what do with a messed up foot?
My arm is constantly in pain.?
what is wrong with my foot?
What helps with.....?
pain in back and left leg and foot?
Pain in lower right abdomen?
my calves ache after exersize on a cold day for serval hours. what can i do to stop this.?
Have any of you had a headache, but its not ur head that hurts?
Help! I need my headaches to go away!?
Can you spread swine flu, if you have it so mild you dont know you have it?
Norovirus bug :( Help me?
my daughter has chicken pox?
How did I catch a cold?
Why are TB infected cattle killed when the disease is easy to cure in humans?
swine flu - when's it safe for my son to go back to school?
eye infection remedy?
Does the Meningitis C needle hurt?
are our minds getting way ahead of it self over swine flu?
Does garlic comptelely stop thrush?
advice of the swine flu jab?
who discovered the vaccine for measles and what is the name of our galaxy?
Does Smallpox still exist and how does it differ from Chickenpox.?
So when do you think this Norovirus outbreak will clear up?
did the swine flu vaccine kill the mexicans?
Is my BCG site infected? (warning, kinda gross)?
whats best thing to take to boost your imune system?
Is it true that schools will be closed throughout Autumn because of swine flu?
can anyone tell me the side affect of oxynorm?
i have a sore back, what is the main cause?
protien in water,please help?
Does the sound of your heart valve get on your nerves?
Kidney trouble. What do I do?
I`ve got two skin tags around each eye they annoy me.?
white spots after sunbed?
well i spotted some red blood spots on the palm of my hands..could anyone give the reason for it?
Whats This mean in English?
I think I'm depressed?
im 24 old my problem is since 4-5 years im not happy & i dont have interest in my mind & im not enjoyable,?
why am i like this?
If your below the therapuetic range for lithium , will serotonin and mood be down?
Are there side effects from Zoloft once treatment is terminated?
can benyodril have depressing effects i need serious help please.?
Does bipolar disorder run in famailes ?
Drugs and effects?
What you think of I-CREATE-REALITY ??
This question is exspecially for Ontarians but enyone can answer?
any tips on what i should do?
My dr. upped my xanax from taking 4 pills of 0.5 mg to 2 pills together 3 times a day,he also wantsme to up?
I feel so much stress, but y?
Is It Or Not?
Confiding in my friend?
how is courage used in everyday life?
if you can't solve every or almost all questions on a university exam, does that mean you're not that smart
How long will my bf have Pneumonia?
after ur done smoking, not in the same room, but after you put out ur ciggerette. the tar on ur hand and mouth?
I'm recovering from an upper respritory tract infection - is it ok to eat greasy foods ?
Weird breathing? feels like i cant breathe sometimes?
An anatomy question - Visceral Fat and Upper Chest Region?
headaches.............? arg?
my husband is 33 and has been on remicade for about a year now.?
How to beat bronchitis at home?
is restricted blood vessells in your brain dangerous?
it is an antibiotic ssmzyimp ds 800/160?
About Tuberculosis testing?
collapsed lung question?
Does a person automatically lose weight caused by steroid when they stop taking the steroid?
Does anyone know the three respiratory drives?
Can someone please tell me something positive about cystic fibrosis?
how do i Know if my asthma is gon?
Whast the best drong to drink when you have a sore throat.?
I got a bump right under my knee?
what does low calcium mean when related to liver function?
I believe I have food poisoning. But at this point my body just aches. anyone have any remedies?
name a general disorder type which PT focuses on?
is there a blood test that detects silicone toxicity?
ok here may be a tough one. I have some serious stomach problems.?
severe stomach discomfort nausea, headache, dizzyness? please help.?
is this tmj help???tmj is it?
bruised wrist, is it sprained?
Why do I always twist the EXACT SAME ankle every time?
What is Paresthesia supposed to feel like?
Is it okay to play with a stress fracture?
How do i make my stool harder?
Take a pill without food?
healh care people help answer?
What Is Wrong With Me?
What does a blood test show about a kidney issue?
My ankle/shin area is hurting bad. Can any one help please?
what doctor do you see for muscle pain?
Is the disease God infects children with in 2Ch 21:14 the same one from 21:15 that makes bowels fall out?
Will a Vitamin D deficiency affect the absorption or affect another medication?
Urination Fluctuation?
drug dosage for children should be calculated by using what?
I need your help please?
bilirubin levels very high?
What do I do if I hit a student while I was riding my bike?
If i have a sprained arm muscle on the outside almost to the shoulder. what should i do to have quick recovery?
My nose ring fell out?
Everytime I walk something in my lower back or hip pops.?
I peirced my lip by myself sunday evening. How long should it be swolen? it is not swolen bad just a little?
Some one Please Help!!!!!!!!?
i noticed today that when i held my baby and put him down my whole arm and fingers were tingly.?
Neck pain after a sinus respiratory infection?
heart is pounding while I'm trying to sleep and it keeps me up?
dose cardizem lower your blood pressure?
how can I keep from eating?
Help! I'm new to headaches...is this a bad sign?
What is the role for a CNA in dialysis?
Accidents? Randomly started happening?
what do you think this is?
are children allowed in hospitals in UK at the moment?
What's wrong with my hand?
waht is quinzies i know its an illness bad throat and high temperature what courses it.?
My palms and fingers are always itching especially in the morning.what is the likely cause of that?
Strange symptoms - what can it be?
does anyone know if an underactive thyroid can cause a toenail to fall off for no reason,?
Why have i got pain in my lower back and it radiates round my front?
Why are the figures for cholesterol concentration given per cubic decimetre?
What is the cost of HIV treatment per day in Europe?
Burning in my Chest?
describe bactrial toxin is and the potentail outcome if consumed in food?
is there any lady out there that has a condition called primary billary sclerosis?
is there a homeopathic cure for eczema?
I have one cold after another and have puffy eyes all the time.?
What is this tablet used for methyldopa?
When performing basic life support?
What causes thread veins in you legs and how can I prevent them? Thanks. Helen?
Can anyone recommend a good fake tan for someone with very dry skin?
I have a toenail infection it is yellow and a new nail is growing underneath please help i am scared?
Any treatment for dandruff?
i have some new red stretch marks in my legs, how can i make them go white quick???
how to get rid of razor burn ... got like little red dots on my legs..?
What is the best solution/product/brnad to get rid of stretch marks quickly.. preferbly cheap! =]!?
tips for itchy skin...helppp?
will green tea clear up your skin?
wats the best treatment for baby acne?
Tiny spots on upper arms and legs?
horrible skin! help?
I have keritosis pilarous, is there any way to get rid of it?
what is toe nail fungus? I think I may have it?
Skin rash. Pictures included.?
Self harming scars that I need to cover..?
Could there be something seriously wrong with my heart?
I'd like to ask pharmacy techs a few questions.?
a month ago I had stents implanted I had allergic reaction to Plavix then given Ticopidine which upsets my ?
can weed cause atrial fibrilattion?
I am 49 yo female..my ALK PHOS is 142 (Oct. 08), 106 May 08, 100 Nov 07.. What could be going on?
My chicken has a swollen toe?
oil which brings mensus immediately?
If you have a ferritin level of 8-10 and are anaemic what foods can you eat to raise iron and ferritin levels?
what is contraindication?
MMA: started with insane diarrhea. now i have loose, yellow stools. is it from getting a punch to the liver?
has anyone had a mini stroke and only had one symptom like numbness in left arm?
does anyone know of a doctor in delaware county pa. that will presribe subutex?
why am i constipated?
Stomach and Breathing issues?
Panhypopituitarism--need a doctor! Anyone know of a good doctor for pituitary prob near Lenoir NC?
Is it bad for your health to have rich blood?
can you get frequent urination with IBS?
what is hypoglycemia?
Is it dangerous for me to make my blood rush to my head?
Can an Ear infection cause your vertigo to become off?
stuffed nose (lots of green stuff)?
ureteroscopy surgery?
I have had constant head aches for about a month now what is it?
which of the following is NOT caused by a mutation in a gene?
what drugs do you take for rheumatoid arthritis?
Is there such a place where alcoholism and depression can be treated? Like rehab that also battles depression?
I am so confused...?
I just moved to a new state, and ever since I moved I have been experiencing severe panic attacks.?
How do i get off lithium in a safe way?
need help about a sickness?
how much do smoking related illnesses cost the NHS and how much does the government get from taxes on tabacco?
i hippup when i eat and food and drick feels like its stuck?
uggg i just feel sooo upset?
I get super never when presenting.......?
How can I feel good about everything I do and not be afraid that people are going to get mad at me?
will i inherit any of these?
Stress issues any help?
what are your views regarding anorexia?
how can i sleep?( when i have too match work & i have only afew time)?
How long does it take to get a positive/neg culture from a MRSA swab?
do you know anybody who died from taking 100 paracetamol?
any good ways to get over depression?
what have i done to my poor litte toe?
Citalopram advice ???
Pain on my breast bone.....?
Why is my heart hurting me?(physically not emotionally)?
Why do i feel like i have a ball on my throat?
how do you stay positive?becuse i have been feeling negative then for like 2 min i feel positive then im back?
it hurts when i cough?
I was recently hit in the nose I didn't feel any pain but alot blood came out and Its kinda crooked is swol l?
Why dont I have rabbit Allergies?
Do you think i have allergies?
besides the scratch test, can someone tell me what the heck they do in an allergy test.?
restarted smoking menthol cigs. seem to get a buz from them.why?no quick smokin comments pls.?
Flu after quitting smoking?
robitussin dm can people use it if they have ashma?
I have a fever at night, really bad coughing, and vomiting... what do u think i have?
is there any herbal medicines/plants that can cure hypertension and lung diseases?
my 12 year old grandson is trying to do a research paper about emphysema. is there anyone he can interview?
help with sore throat?!?
whats this disease called?
calling all doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!please please please help thankss :)?
what is post nasal drip?
I'm having trouble breathing can anybody help?
Respiratory infection,swollen tonsils, red spots in throat. Antibiotics dont seem to be working. Any thoughts?
Bloody Noses: What is the cause?
question about pregnancy/childbirth after back surgery?
Please help me figure out what is wrong with me...?
what is the best over the counter sleep aid that can be found in just about any retailer like walmart, target,?
had tonsillectomy a week ago. Today i woke up dizzy and fell down?
HELP!!! What do i have?
three questions about streap throat?
Children health care question!?
i cant figure out what i have, can you guys help?
why do you lose your voice?
why do i sleep so much!?!?!?!?
Why did I get dizzy and cold over slamming the car door on my thumb???!?
How long after breaking a hip can one resume physical activities like sledding, skiing, and snowboarding?
Could I have possible torn a muscle in my upper left arm?
Splintered Elbow........?
How do you know if you broke your toe.?!?
i have had a dislocated shoulder?
I sprained 3 of my fingers on my right hand and it's still not healed?
Cause of ankle/top of foot pain?
Why does my arm hurt like a stabbing pain?
Is this swelling normal?
how long does it take for ur eye to turn black after its hit?
I feel like i pulled my lower back. advice?
how long can i leave the tape around my ankle?
I've either sprained, or strained my foot. which one? and the best course of action?
What causes the pain in my wrist ? PLEASE ANSWER !!!?
Why am i peeing so often?
Left side of belly hurts?
What's wrong with my knee!??!?
loss conciousness at work and possibly hit my head on tiles, im 5 foot 10 so this is a fair fall?
i think i broke my foot or hurt it real bad i need help?
I have a 101.3 temp. a bad headache, my ears are throbbing, and i have the aches and chills, why?
Something wrong with me? HELP.?
Injury ruined my life, in so much pain, physically & emotionally?
I only have two days worth of Cephalexin 500 mg and I'm pretty sure I have a UTI will that help it go away?
My ear is hurting so bad, it keeps throbbing I though I had swimmers ear but I don't think so. Help?
I'm pregnant and need help with something...?
Severe lower back pain?
Can mastrubation stop our height?
ok i just smoked in my room and im getting scared...?
Medication with Percocet-like effect?
Without glasses someone with -2 sees clearly to 20" apparently. What is this calculation used for?
New Glasses for astigmatism?
What is that?
name the process of skin shedding?
My Daughters eyelashes keep falling out anyone know why?
Panoxyl or Quinoderm?
I love pressing my bruises?
Whats it like being under anaesthetic?
Question for Anorexics and bulimics only?
Quick cures for a queesy stomach?
how do you stop diarrehea?
why people have a kidney stones?
I feel awful...? plz help, how sick am i?
what is hypereflexia?
lactose intolerant question?
What's the point of headaches?
What is the chance of me having ..?
Does nystagmus get worse with age or can it correct itself over time?
I have a lot of swollen, sore lymph nodes. Help?! I'm scared...?
What's wrong with my stomach?
I got a huge headache after the Walgreens Flu Shot?
is vertigo curable? and are there any lasting effects? is it permanent? is is reoccur-able?
Traveling and bowel management?
What could be causes of constant headaches?
what are the foods that are good for hyperhydrosis?
Any home remedies for a person suffering from piles? Yes, there is blood loss too?
Ways of not being crazy stressed-out?
Standing infront of a moving train?
I don't know what to do?
Does my mom blame herself for my eating disorder?
Escape from long winded people?
How Would You Handle This?
Lifelong Depression?
Please help me...?
I am not good with faces or names. I should remember as they remember me. What is wrong with me?
work stress, insomnia?
If my ex-friends delighted in terrorizing me, can I somehow escape the dark influences they left me with?
I have been on 50 mg. of zoloft and xanax for about 25 days,Im having constant direhhha,so last night i took?
i think i am depressed, what shall i do?
how to overcome depression?
what are physiological symptoms of stress?
Fear of...?
I've been really stressed lately?
reallly stressed worried and nervous?
heart murmur and irregular heartbeat?
I am worried that i may have an issue with my kidneys.?
What is this? help please?
what is reisetabletten ratiopharm and what is it used for?
What can you do to reduce your risk of high blood pressure?
"What’s this fuss about high cholesterol levels?
has anyone used clearasil ultra and it removed the acne on your face. if it did then tell me....?
Removing Scars from zits on forehead?
what cream should i use for vitiligo?
heart palpitations?
Eczema on my face :(?
Can a specialised Doctor please help?
What does high bilirubin mean and what damage occurs?
Explain why it is an advantage that the immune system produces antibodies specific for certain antigens?
Live advice from a cosmetic surgeon?
my skin has turned dark in the forehead as compared to the rest of my face?
Kidney diease stage 3?
I'm in severe pain ...?
are rebound headaches known 2 make the eyes sting?
have very bad pain on left side into my groin please help me?
Shoulder catches and pops randomly?
can you tell me what might be wrong with my knee?
after ankle surgery pain?
could i be having migraines?
Help! Shin Pain Question.?
Rib area sore to touch?
Mild chest pain from poor posture and working? Should I discuss with my doctor?
I woke up with bruises all over my legs?
i have sharp pains just above my hip bone ( in the front )?
why do I have a head ache?
weird headaches and pains? please help me!?
The back of my head hurts. Is that bad?
What helps a broken wrist?
is it possible to have an allergic reaction on your skin but not internally?
What are some symptoms for allergies to mosquitoes?
can someone tell me any way how nasal sprays are bad for you?
swallowed a pick, and wondering how long it takes to get through my system?
Does Florida have the PUBLIC OPTION for health insurance?
Was this a heart palpitation? A heart attack? very worried..?
can i give my toddler tylenol and allergy medicine?
Can nosebleeds occur from stress ..? ?
Claritin vs Zyrtec allergy meds?
What is the best food on the planet?
i smoked weed on thursday and i still feel high on saturday...?
Can you choke on a liquid?
Can you help me please?
I keep getting sick (20 characters)?
what smells worse than a radish burp?
what is the whole healthcare thing about?
people say if you have a large pulse on your neck you can see with the naked eye you are pregnant?
Foot numb, tongue blue, circulation problems?
Back arches when I walk...?
Can I bicycle with two broken ribs?
I have a friend in a wheel chair who wont cheer up...?
First Migraine today. Will it come back?
I was shaving and cut my ankle area pretty bad. It hurts and my ankle is swollen. Should i go to the dr?
is it normal for your third ball to hang lower then the other two?
is Wex-cide a hazardous cleaning solution when breathing in?I heard it could lead to lung cancer?
Why do I ALWAYS feel sick to my stomach?
What's the BEST way to get rid of this?
what causes my excessive sweating on my head?
Do I have any signs of a brain aneurysm?
Emergency.Help me i have multiple sclorosis.help me please....?
my eyes make me sleepy and feel wierd without sunglasses, am i sick or something?
Please help!! My 11 yr old son has a severe case of tinea versacolor, is there a pill?
Could I have vertigo?
did I pass a kidney stone?
Is my eye color rare?
I just took an emg test and something came up, please help?
Do i have irritable bowel sydrome?
Is it true that leftover onions can potentiallyy kill you?
what would happen if you didn't have macrophages?
What are the best vitamins/tablets to take?
Sick 6 year old indoor tortie...creatinine level 6.2.....?
could i be lactose intolerant?
What is meant by a non epileptic seizure?
What could cause a number of heat spots to occur on lower legs lasting a number of weeks?
can i use head lice lotion on my kids hair and on her back and shoulders??
I'm trying to improve my oily skin, what foods should I eat?
Sarcoid. Does anyone know of any online Support Groups please ?
My 7 month old baby has atrophy and i have now been told he has a metabolic disorder?
why do people look rough in the morning after a good sleep! like bags under eyes puffy skin etc?
What infected the Bernard Matthews turkeys with H5N1 bird flu?
i have just come out of hospital after 2 months i have guillaine barre syndrome i was on gabapenten capsules?
H5N1 v. Foot & Mouth outbreaks?
i ve got follicle-itis,unsightly and sore,how get rid off ? antibiotics just give short recovery.?
will eye strain lead to squint ? is there any exercise to overcome squint?
Kidney failure?
20 Cigarettes?
My skin Is really wrinkly, and I'm only 14, It's mainly on my hands and my nose.?
How long does it take for a boxers fracture to heal?
i thing i twisted my ankle how can i tell?
sharp pains in knee after acl surgery?
what is wrong with my muscle?
I just got over a cold sore, it was gone for 4 days, and now I have another one.?
Worst pain! cant sleep with sprained ankle?
Are your fingers supposed to hurt after using a heavy bag?
Is it possible to get hearing loss if you pick your ear with your pinky?
i pierced my ears and now it hurts and it inflamed, what should i do?
Burnt bottom lip- how long will it take to heal?
why in complete cord injury, the flaccidity of muscles occurs first then followed by spasticity of muscles?
What are the best ankle weights?
I have three cuts on my inner forearm not self inflicked but look like it. will the usmc accept me ?
What kind of shoulder injury do I have?
HIghest dose available for Cipralex?
i need advice??
is this ocd?
would i benefit from taking meds?
is there any rehab which treats a person for alcohol addiction?
Is headbanging Ok?
Does Anybody Know Why.....?
i feel sick all the time?
Do I have social anxiety?
obsessive self harm!?
is my brotheron drugs??? what are signs to look for?? I'm worried because he's hearing voices,?
Do you ever get both HOT and COLD during a panic attack?
Is this a rational way of looking at Yahoo Answers?
my older bro. smokes no1 else knows exsept me so wat should i do , tell a grown up or try 2 help him quit ????
How does one aspire for greater things when all they care about are worldly desires?
Could I be pregnant?? Lutera Pill I need help!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!?
Numb Left hand & foot (tingly). Tricky One!!?
I have a new insurance provider...?
Water, Sodium & Skin?
Okay, what could be the deal here?
what can i take to keep me awake all night?
is this high for a pregnant woman?
Cant stop feeling this way when I eat...nausea really bad please help.?
best way to wake up in the morning?
Can I take 2 Minocycline pills at once?
Blood in urine .. is this dangerous?
If you take sleeping tablets, is it harder to wake up from a nightmare?
I have been having pain in the large vessels on the top of the foot which make the toes curl.?
If i took one vicodin pill on monday afternoon, will it show up on drugtest fri afternoon?
if toenail does not grow back after surgery, can I still use nailpolish or fake nail?
My friend told me it's really NOT a bone?
why do i feel light headed and dizzy? also my heart is beating really fast?
while listening to ear phone i have this little pain in my ear is that a problem?
My right calve hurts and it's hard to walk?
I took a muscle relaxant last night, and today I woke up shivering, and itchy. My entire body?
What does it mean when you have chests pains and you have shortness of breath?
I have a lump in my throat?
Ankle pain...should I see a doctor?
i have a lump on my leg?
what should I do about scalp psoriasis?
is there anything that can get rid of blushing ?
psoriasis and a DEAD SEA question?
How can I get rid of verrucas?
brown skin above top lip?
What is dermatitis? ?
Do you think that arms are useless? Why?
My wife has had a bad reaction to the drug Lyrica and has skin sensitivity, any idea how to get rid of this?
i have developed a little skin tag or something on my eye lid?
my son is on roaccutane has anyone else every taken it and what happened were into 8 weeks now?
What gradual fake tans are suitable for sensitive skin?
When i go on holiday i always come back with a bad coldsore?
How do i get rid of sore, red cracks at corners of my mouth? I've tried drinking OJ, lipsalves et.c?
Just banged my head VERY hard. How to prevent bruising?
andy taylor had a song with the line "when the rain came down" please tell me what cd it is on?
can you get rid of the smell of poo with a naked flame ( not by burning a match)?
Can stem cells help Wernicker Korsakoff Syndrome?
what causes hollows or sunken in skin under the eyes?
What can I do to help get rid of my bags under the eyes, apart from sleeping of course ;o)?
yuky ,,,,,,he burps a lot ........?
is there a company that sells items we see in film?
hepa filter?
my daughter has two toes which become white, painful and numb,?
what are the chances of recovery from lukhemia?
I have this cough mucus doesn't come up to much?
pleura infection please help?
I think im sick please help?
how to get rid of a sore throat?
i went to my doctor a few days ago with a sore throat ,a swollen?
eeating difficulty....?
smoking while sick with bronchitis?
does black and mild turn your lungs black?
Do I have Mild Pneumonia??
my sister mixed the works with bleach a few months ago and my grandma has had problems breathing since..?
is it bad to get at least 2 bloody noses in a week with non-stop bleeding and great amounts of blood clots?
i have severe asthma and the apartment has ad mold and possible asbestos.?
What is the most important to know with the patient?
Help Please Fast Help?
does anyone know what i should do? i need extreme help.?
will wrist weights suppress ts tics in the arms and shoulders? OT specialist suggested this after evaluation.?
What is wrong with my tongue?
What is wrong with me? ive been sick?
In my left ear,i am listening heart beat sound.....i consult so many doctors,but no use.in the night it is?
lower back pain and can't sit?
Uneven sound in my right ear?
What does the patient feel when going through contrast hydrotherapy?
im considering bunion surgery. what's the recovery period?
Who was the first person to identify Cholesterol?
How come I can often feel my heart pounding? It happens even when I'm not doing anything strenuous.?
Periodic Mild Chest Pain (docs in the house?)?
do heart surgeons mostly work alone, with others, or both. Please explain. any advice is appreciated.?
What do you call a doctor that specializes in cancer treatment.?
What does the swine flu actually do? What does any flu do?
Are babies to be vacinated against Swine Flu?
My wife might bepregnant and has a water infection, but were both on holiday are the doctors here reliable?
im going to get immunisation injection tomorrow and just wondering?
Kidney Transplant Slogan?
Just some stuff about anaemia?
Question about seizures?
What does carpoptosia mean?
would i get prescribed medical marijauna for panic and attacks anxiety?
Certain sounds drive me crazy, could this be OCD?
Medical Research Funding Question.?
How might a physical health problem, such as a disease, affect other health components?
My 22 year old daughter has numbness in her feet, hands and tongue.?
how do i cure sore eyes!??!?!?
little dark worm in my urine?
How does hypertension affect kidney function?
any urination side affects with effexor?
My Father in Law has chronic liver cirrhosis. He can't eat because his digestive system is failing as well as?
What does a prominant brunners gland mean nad what if any symptoms/ problems can it cause?
Hereditary Female pattern alopecia?
Would a combination of 1880mg of Paxil and 75mg of Zyprexa be a fatal overdose?
Urine Test / blood test!?
could pain in my left groin area be because of a kidney stone?
psychotherapy in the home?
I get electric shock type pains in my left foot (on the top) started about 6 weeks ago like twinges now SHOCKS
My lips are flaky and I want to increase the size of them - will a bollox injection help?
What does it mean when your Electroencephalographically Challenged?
Lucentis has been passed in Scotland but not England or Wales?
motor neurone help?
could we catch bird flu?
i have got flu had the doc out to me today but has anyone ever had this were they feel really faint coz of it?
Can allergies cause spine deterioration?
can a leukemia patient take clARITIN D?
Bloody phlegm after bloody nose?
What if I kicked all my friends to the curb cause they was part of my prob?
Why are my hands swollen and hurting?
What should i do about my seperated shoulder?
Landed on my ankle wrong and hurts while running, what's wrong?
I feel like my brain is swelling help!?
Can a massive large bruise become Infected? 1 wk later its squishy inside feels cyst like in there.. a lump?
Calves seem really tight what should I do?Affects my running.?
Can you give me suggestions on what's wrong with my wrist?
My knees have been hurting?
Types of leg casts and uses please?
I was terminated while I was recuperating from and injury & surgery?
If you have good muscles around your knee will your knee's bend and work better?
Do I have a pulled muscle or what do I have? ?
i cant put any pressure on both of my knees!?
How do I know the difference of tearing my ACL or miniscus?
Felling sad and alone?
Can Depakote bring your bad moods up?
What was a time that you really let someone have it verbally/physically?
Is it normal for AD/HD "inattentive type" symptoms be present but dormant until adolescence?
Some nights I can't sleep so I end up staying up, but I'm hyper. What does this mean?
Rude-awakening dream?
my gp said i need councilling for depression! i forgot to ask for more details?
type of our memory?
What should I do?
What can I do about my job putting me in depression due to some outrageous accusations?
Is This True of All Clinical and Personality Disorders?
are there anxiety pills that DONT cause any weight gain??
withdrawals symptoms after stoppin zoloft HELP!?
adhd vivace prescribed medicine have meth in it?
Best way to cheer yourself up after having a surge of negative thoughts?
anxiety and depression?
Name the sleeping disorder!?
Does anyone know the website I need?
hitting yourself in the head will injure you?
question regarding smoking and chests...?
Auditory canal problems?
skipped period for 2 months, then Came on period for one month now its gone again?? Whats wrong?
What are the four components of well-being that we should try to keep in balance?
What is wrong with my hand?
Does He Smoke????Need Help!?
Foster Care Preventive Service?
Is Co2 lighter than O2? How does our respiratory filter out Co2 while inhaling?
neck curvature??
What worries you most out of the current health threats?
Permethrin: Anaphylactic Shock or allergies?
What is this, a scar or pigmentation and how do I get rid of it?
Fingernails... what are they for?
why does diabetes affect the lung surfactant of the fetus?
NHS DIRECT. When contacting them (normally out of surgery hours)?
skin rashes?
Do you have Tourettes Syndrome?
I have mild peronies, is there a treatment for this that works ?
can vitamin b deficiency cause white spots on toungue?
Have you used a SALT PIPE for any chest conditions?
health and safety issues related to overexposure to Calcium Hydroxide?
Tonsillitis. At the moment I'm recovering from it and think it's past it's worst but.........?
I'm looking for top doctors who perform the Doppler Guided Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (DG-HAL) in NorthernVA?
My head itches but i dont have lice?
Once fructose is absorbed from the GI tract it is transported to the liver and metabolized to form ?
How can I tell if my industrial piercing is infected?
how is it possible to go from anorexia to bullemia?
Gluten-free / Grave's Disease?
HELP! Blood AFTER I pee? Is this a UTI or something else?
When i pee i feel like a burning pain?
Blood in stool- abdominal discomfort?
are anorexic people always hungrey or does their body get use to it after a while?
can i take metoprolol and advil pm?
Why does stomach ulcer pain worsen with change of seasons?
how to treat swelling after wrist surgery?
Does anyone have experience with Hashimoto's disease accompanied by other problems?
vagal nerve in throat causing seizure activity?
If consistent, heavy dairy consumption is completely stopped, can it cause lactose intolerance?
Four drinks are metabolized in about how many hours?
Ive been diagnosed with OCD and I have bad thoughts,can you help?
Anxiety or acid reflux?
Please please HELP oily discharge?!?
What causes kidney stones?
Rash on naval?
Mole that needs to be removed?
what acne drug works better?
ive got a red swollen right nostril ,very painful,the antiboitics made the infection improve,but its back agai
Eczema on my legs...?
Does anyone know the best treatment for Rosacea?
Sore nose and cracked lips?
Biting the skin arond my nails.?
On my nose...?
how do you get rid of acne im a 14 year old girl suffering from acne for the past 3 years i want it to go away?
Treatment for really dry, flaky skin ? ?
does anyone know what i have got ?
How can I get rid of a coldsore FAST?
I know what exfoliating is but I am really unsure about how to go about it.?
i have a skin tag on my leg....?
What advice/tips do you have to help with clearing up acne?
what does it mean if the skin on the soles of my feet is itching all the time?
Best Acne Cream?
What can a thumping feeling in the back right mean? ?
Does you heart stop when you sneeze?
Dentists with best chair side manners and most pain free in NJ?
lower stomach pains...details?
wrist hurts whats rongq ?
why is my left ear hurting?
Has anyone taken Treximet?
My Doctor gave me Tussionex......?
is it bad if i take these???
Horizontal head pain?
When will the Chickenpox spots develop ?
Bug outbreak?
Is there any food that does NOT contain nickel?
My sinuses are dry alot all day. Any solutions or reasons why?
My skin is very fair, sensitive and changes colors sporadically. It goes from red to white to purplish.?
So i have one of the most severe cases of pectus excavatum, is it normal for me to see my heart beat...?
Why is heart disease the number one killer in America?
What nutrients are heart health?
What are some questions towards heart transplants?
Good heartbeat (60BPM average) and 80 diastolic blood pressure but 137 average systolic(very high) means what?
I've been written up at my job 4 times since coming back from work injury. Did I cost them money?
Can i go to the gym with a tight/pulled/strained groin?
How do I treat a cut on my Achilles?
how serious is a broken hip for an 86 year old woman?
Has anyone ever had the Dwyer Procedure and/or the Strayer Procedure (Gastroc. Recession)?
symptoms 2 months after concussion?
Joint Pains In Cold Weather?
How to treat a sprained wrist and how long would it be? The fast way to heal it?
How do i recover from shin splints?
how long do you have to reattach a finger?
How can I quicken muscle recovery.?
Fell during track... how do i help the scar?
what would happen if we didnt have nerve tissue?
What happens if you keep punching a bruise?
Can you cut or trim custom orthotics from a foot doctor.?
Tee trea oil and spots ??
why do starving kids get fat bellies ?
Information about scabies?
what's the most searched topic on infection?
How confidential are HIV test results?
Poultice for sore lung.this is a thing thats being going on for years?
I currently have a small, what appears a dark lump under the skin on the right side of my neck.. Any ideas??
Facial Thread Vein Removal?
spots around the chin area are a sign of which organ of the body is having problems or is it hormonal?
I was eating something I never had a problem eating with my braces..and one of my wire got bent! What do I do?