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I have lived the majority of my life as a hermit should I change that?
Is this weird? Please help?
I've been drinking 12-14 beers a day for 3 weeks. I'm wanting to stop, will I have withdrawal symptoms?
Do I have Bipolar? if not then what?
Emotional attachment to a song?
Fluoxetine (Prozac), your opinion of it..?
Why am I feeling like this?
I need help with my problems?
severe anxiety and discomfort from marijuana?
can some one help me out ?
any over-the-counter anti-depressants..?
can't sleep, need help?
What is the connection between the liver and the gull bladder?
Can I get a Stomach bug again even though i've only just had one about 1 week ago?
Intestinal worms? Alternative therapy?
any one tried lymecycline for acne for a second course after stoping it?And has it been affective?
where EXACTLY can you buy Beano - a digestive aid in the UK.?
Barretts Oesophagus?
having scary vision after friend's death?
how does buspirone help the nerves?
Could I have something wrong with my kidney?
Is a b12 deficiency test done with a clotted or unclotted blood sample?
Swollen lymph node in upper jaw for 2 months now..?
is it safe to take nexium and clonazepam?
What Temporal lobe surgery like for epilepsy if anyone's had it?
How does too much drinking or smoking causes dyspepsia?
If i have another seizure does that mean i have epilepsy?
HELP PLEASE!? SEIZURE feels like it's...?
Why do most Asians have less hair on there arms?
Is it true that a person with Muscular Dystrophy can't drive?
i have a growth under my toe...should i worry about it?
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?
so i'm having problems with my knee...?
What is this Pain/lump in the middle of my forearm?
what happens if i take a shower and the water has chemicals in it?
Sickle Cell Anemia :a genetic disease caused when born?
what can i drive with haveing epilepsy?
How do I deal with a child's sinus problem?
I am using otrivin for my nasal congestion, can any one tell me why i have swelling in nose bone?
does any1 kno how to prevent snoring?
Chest and back pain just had a baby?
Have I got a chest infection?
what are some home remedies for brochitis? i dont got ins so i cant afford goin to the doctors!?
have you ever taken tussicaps? If so how much did the perscription cost you without insurance?
what do you think is wrong with me?
unbearable herpes pain?
What's wrong with me? Is it just a cold?
Health Insurance delimma.?
Lost circulation! Help please!?
twitching right eye lid?
i have bronchitis and cant sleep!?
why does this feel this way?
I need help, I'm so sick.?
Yeast infection, cup test?
How can I alleviate chest pain that comes from a large weight being placed on your chest?
Chest Pain! Can anyone help?
Can a male contract syphilis from kissing the mouth, kissing the breasts, and fingering a female?
Why does pot cause redness and irritation in your eyes?
ok me and my mom was we were wondering can you break your ankle by jumping off your bed & landin on it wrong?
I have a blue bruise on my hand from an IV...?
How do you manage your chronic pain and new, physical problems personally?
back pain need help!?
so this morning i woke up with......?
Super painful dental problem...help?
New to contact lenses. questions ?
Is my vision going to get worse? ?
Is it true that botox must not be injected under the eyes?
anybody used capasal shampoo?
Once you have had the 3 vaccinations against Hepatitis B are they valid for life?
what can oneuse to clear your skin after chicken pox.thanks aaa.?
Does anyone else have loss off pigmentation on skin,if so whats the best treatment for this ?
anybody had this syndrome before?
Iv got a wart on my head. Iv had it b4 on my neck and back. wots d best way to get rid of it?
can you die from fatty liver?
Body temp below 94?
I feel like I'm about to Pass out, I can feel the heart beat in my Brain?
I was wondering the cause of fluttering in the heart area and lightheadness. EKG was normal. I am a diabetic
what is the procedure when a person comes into the ER having a heart attack?
Yellow skin around eyes and mouth?
What can I do to get rid of this coldsore?
horrible looking wart on finger :( how to get rid? please help?
Can black people get sunburned?
Cure for underarm body odour?
Is it normal for a 8 months old baby to have chicken pox?
Our lass........................................?
rash looks like mosquito bites but appears on back arms and legs?
i have extremely red lips (IM MALE) is there anything i can do for this, concealer etc?
What is child hood eczema?
What's the best anti-aging day cream for someone with very dry and sensitive skin?
wierd spots :S?
How can i get soft skin?
My face is really oily and is covered in acne spots.?
I am 48 and this last year have started to get acne for the first time in my life. I have tried creams but?
how do i get rid of dry rough skin on my nose?
i have got natural goosebumps on my legs?
Do I have a torn muscle?
I got 3 stitches on my knee 2 days ago, will i be able to bend it?
Why Cant I Sleep? Am I Depressed?
How do you get over a fear of airplanes?
Is it dangerous to NOT wear sunglasses after eye dialation exam?
Dealing with panic attacks...?
Physician to interpret blood test...?
My girlfriend has one kidney?
If i have mono can i kiss my girlfriends neck?
Why does my eye feel bruised?
Help With unknown symptoms?
are there any charts that measure GL for foods mainly in the U.K?
My toddler has ear tubes and is complaining of pain, could it be that she got water in them?
Are my ears infected ?
mental hospital? help please?
can i eat grapefruits if i take thyriods medications?
my liver reading was high?
Seizures and my baby?
Need medical help with symptoms?
Test result help, what does this mean? Urine Protein Abn >300?
My arm and hand keeps feeling like an electric current is going through it?
Why is it best to roll a person having a seizure on there LEFT side?
What does arthritis feel like?
Swollen Glands and Sore throat:(?
Do I have acid reflux?
What would happen if HCI acid fell on my wrist?
i forget the name of painkiller which dr wrote to me when i get kidney stone pain please help me remind me?
Mini-seizure type thing while sleeping?
Has anyone used any of the products from Pure Healing, or know if they are a reputable company.?
Can you eat ricolas while drinking lemsips?
has anyone taken or takes St Johns wort - any info please?
Can syndol be addictive if?
Do you know of any herbs that can cure Fibro Mioma?
Has anyone transacted with Trust William www.trustwilliam.com?
Femera dosage response to people who can help?
Medical treatment for blushing?
liquid whole foods diet?
What effect does constitution bitters have on your health?
What is 'Triphala plus' What is it used for, and how it works? any info much appreciated. Thanks.?
Medical knowledge for general public?
Opinions please on Kava Kava.?
Aromatherapy with Parkinson's disease?
has anybody heard or tried?
what is a natural alternative to cortisone?
How can i make Ayahuasca tea in South Africa?
Has anybody used a Meditation Machine?
Question about Mikhail Tombak's "Cure the Incurable."?
health problems help?
Hypnotherapy training..Who are the best people in the UK to train with?
reflexology in kildare?
Vacutainer Tubes - For Nurses/Techs/Phlebotomists?
Ping pong ball smoke bombs?
head feel really heavy on back right? [hydrocodone...]?
Are inguinal hernia's common in 5 year olds?
What could be the problem?
Is 26 a normal iron level?
how does worrying about your wight affect your health?
who invented health insurance?
does anyone know enything about lumbersympathectamy?
anyone knows whats the best applications to make ur feet stay dry?
My GP can't answer this question.?
how long can the body survive without food?
So Im pretty sure i have bronchitis, how do i get rid of it?
Hi I need 2 get sick before tomorrow?
I recently recovered from a cold, however, I was told by my Dr. that I have bronchitis.?
i have been sick for over 2 weeks?
Do i have walking pneumonia?
What makes asthma worse?
emergency treatment for chemical injuries?
ive been having trouble breathing?
Do I have a deviated septum?
how long does weeeed stay in your system if you havent smoked in 2 months and your only doing it for one night?
Iv lost my mucous plug and...?
Does Obama still smoke the cigs?
childhood asthma when does it resolve completely?
I have a serious problem?
Please answer! Will give points.?
bruised or cracked ribs?
what kind of docter can help me?
tingling feeling in my arms?
do you think my wrist is broken?
Spain-do they not use real pain killers in the hospital?
Has anyone had surgery for lateral release in their knee?
If you died tomorrow , who would care????
my eyes get a milky substens across them?
what does a pulmonolgist do for children who have asthma?
is it possible for mozzie bites to start itching again, 4 months after they have dried up?
My daughter has a wart virus.Please tell me your experience of treatment?
I know we all get 'clicking' finger joints but my thumbs have got worse?
other than a prophylactic anti biotic is there another treatment for kidney reflux, resulting in continuos uti
what is dipyridamole?
a serious question about me?
What are the chances of a 20 year old having a heart condition?
what does it mean when you order contact lenses online and it says....?
How are heart murmurs caused?
is it safe to take tricor with zocor. can this cause a stroke?
would having a procedure that makes the veins that go to, and leave your heart smaller kill you?
Can pseudoephedrine go bad?
Is there any logical reason for Chinese to believe that staying up late will harm the liver and stomach?
is it weird to smell like peppermints?
Travel IV Electrolyte Drip?? Possible? Expensive?
what illness do i have?HELP IM FREAKED!!?
Bloating Abdomen and Pulse.?
I think my friend might have an eating disorder?
Infection of the blood?
serious stomach problem!!?
i have osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease and im only 24yrs old i cant stand the constant pain?
During which growth phase will bacteria be most sensitive to pencillin?
Can I take milk thistle even if I don't have liver disease ?
Diarrhea, abdominal pains, sinus pressure for a WEEK now, what is happening to me?
Sister bulimic at university?
i have floaters in my eyes?
my dog has glaucoma and a cataract. What can I do cheaply? She also has had bladder stones removed.?
There is clear fluid leaking from my horse's ear..?
i have a bulgeing disc, my docter want to do cortisone shots in?
The peroxisome gets its name from its interaction with hydrogen peroxide. If a liver cell is detoxifying alcoh?
does breaking your wrist?
Could it be a wrist fracture?
what hapens if you get stung by a wasp more than three times in a short period of time wat happens period?
do you cut? or have you?
Do i have ADD(Attention deficit disorder)?
my mind sometimes goes blank at school?
Im afraid that i have psychosis?
Totally random use of points....Mental health day? Anyone ever tried it?
Is depression forever?
i cant sleep?stay up or try o go to sleep?
lost my son and best friend to suicide + sister wth chrones daughter bibolar can someone help me?
am i crazy or what?
Why do people think Kurt Cobain was murdered?
Alzheimers, we have chosen to keep my mama at home w/ us. how can we keep her in bed & not hurt herself?
Purply redish incision?
Is It unhealthy to eat a lot really fast and sleep a lot?
help! i keep waking up at 3 in the morning.?
i smoked plastic????
im always tired and sleepy?
ive been having this pain in my side and back for over 2 years now its not a set pain its like only when i?
I decided to donate blood for the first time today. But after 10 minutes, some woman went hysterical.?
can i take percocet if im watching my son during the day?
Have you donated blood recently?
i need an answer to how to stop this please?
can i get cataracts from not wearing my glasses?
Really bad chapped lips?
Why did I wake up with blood in my mouth?
when you take a temp under the arm, how many degrees to add to it?
Is it okay to eat paint?
can you die from glandular fever?
swine flu will you start coughing?
Do I have swine flu im confused ?
sanition and clean water help quickly?
my child has chicken pox help...?
Could I catch pig flu?
Flu Pandemic on the way?
at what point would you see a doctor with a sore chest?
is this a mouth infection?
Who Else Thinks We Should Give The Big Brother House Mates Swine Flu?
Have i still got this infection ?
i have had cold and flu over the past winter but now i still get a runny nose & sneezing what is this?
Can uv-c kill the c-dif bacteria that apears in British hospitals?
what are the symptoms of iron deficiency?
66.67/100 how do u reduce this to lowest terms?
how do i sanitize my home if my puupy comes down with kennel cough as to not reinfect herself?
the doctor said......?
Why do I keep having these sudden sharp shooting pains in my head?
why is it that i get this burn pain on one of my foot ???? it comes and goes maybe 3 times a day for 30 second?
knee pain-- what do you think it is and can i run my track meet?
Is this a muscle ache or kidney problem?
Is it safe to take Neurontin 300mg and Skelaxin 800mg together?
Torn muscule in back?
can your muscles rip because right now my arms ache and i was workin out?
Broke my collar bone.. AGAIN?
I think I sprained my shoulder?
Knuckle seemed to have moved.?
My Alli & Headaches.. any connection?
My daughter has a really itchy head!!?
My feet get really itchy?
I have the new philips arcitec shaver for men. But it is causing bad shaving rash......?
how long will side affects last please help ??
My lip tingles do i have a coldsore?
athletes foot..best treatments?
how can I get rid of an infection of the hair follicle?
how can i get rid of my SPOTS?!?!?
very ichy flaky scalp tried most shampoos etc etc?
could u have dry and sensitive skin 2gether? on the face!?
Whats the best fabric softener for someone who suffers with eczema?
Anyone know of treatment for Rosacea. It seemed to appear over night and the?
what is the best way to sooth itchy skin?
coldsoresssss !!!!!!!!!!!!?
what are these tiny black spots??
cannot get rid of wart on my finger its driving me mad have used 10 applications of wartner and it hasnt helpe
Black elbows ...?
Is there any way i can cure my eczema without using pills?
I can't define, which one is right crohn disease or ulcer colitis because symptom r almost the same?
my wife has 3.5 of HB levels. What is mean? is it leukemia..??
Help! Illenss during Mocks?!?
Can you have lazer eye treatment if you are short sighted and your eyes are still changing?
causes of primary cardiac arrest include septic shock MI and electrocuation?
What is late stent thrombosis ?
Restylane injection for lips?
I think I have IBS. How can I manage stress?
i suffer with raynaulds and i have just had chest xray any advise please from other sufferers?
why do self harm websites warn you before entering them?
Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS)?
I have rusty spots in my pores....on my legs, and I feel tired but cannot sleep ?
can i take cherry concentrate with warfarin?
cayenne pepper,cinnamon and bicarcbonate soda for an energy boost,is adding bitter orange peel a good idea?
lazer eye treatment consultation?
Is it safe to take chromium supplements with thyroxine?
does lloyds pharmacy take year 10 work experience?
Manuka 15+ or Sidr Honey?
How long does Estradiol Benzoate stay in the system of injected animal i.e. sheep/goat?
question about salvia?
where can I purchase whipworm eggs in UK?
How much will I pay for Acupuncture in Ireland? Is that paidback by the NHS?
ive got a very bad cough, what is the strongest cough medicine available over the counter?
I want to buy WOBENZYM N inIreland?
i m looking for information on humagro?
how to treat rayburn?
anyone take dosulepin with kalms? ?
What do u reckon of mp3 hypnosis?
has anyone tried the supplement oxypowder?
risks and benefits of sympathetic nerve inhibitors?
Where in Fife can I buy a vacuum hand pump for home cupping therapy?
osteopathy help please.?
Which NHS hospital has the strongest positive life energy flow?
What could it mean if my mouth itches when I eat bananas?
is wheetabix lactose free?
what is the best thing to use on a sunburn on a horses nose?
Major nose bleeds when i dont get a cigarrete?
Can soft foods give you diarrhea?
Pancreatitis i am dire need of your help please help me?
What's up with my stomach/gut?
what is the prognosis if a patient has a complete intestinal obstruction?please help..?
What symptoms/reasons drive a person to a Gastrologist?
swelling of lymph nodes moving down neck?
I fainted last Tuesday...?
i think it was a seizures cuz he was disoriented?
is ocd curable or is it a never ending battle?
Is anyone on Birth Control and Topamax?
Could i have lactose intolerance?
what is wrong with my legs, i can't walk?
why do i always get a sore throat and how to get rid of one?
can the gallbladder be made to work without surgery?
describe the normal immune response?
OCD? Here's my symptoms:?
can a human get flat worm?
This morning when I woke up?
what are the relevant treatments to b taken for Chlamydia?
psychology: MZ twins have a 100% chance of sharing desease what are the odds for NZ twins?
Have numbness in my little finger & part of my hand, n e body ave n e ideas as 2 wot it is ?
I need some serious advice cocerning my 4 year old son. Can you help?
ear infection for the ages can anyone please help!?
How much sleep should I get to reach max Potenial?
Zilactin-L in eye..what should I do?
Why when we are sick...?
Is this true (Swine Flu related)?
upper lip keeps twitching?
When I wake up early I throw up. Why? I'm not pregnant.?
What nicotine patch to use?
Lung Cleanse After Smoking?
Puberty face Question?
healthcare, when will it start helping?
Could I have tinnitus?
My calf muscles feel like they're tightening up sometimes, did I tear it?
How do I know the seriousness of my sprained ankle?
Disrupted (but regular) sleeping and immunity?
where to go if you dont have insurance..?
what can I do to fight depression? SUICIDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What should i do, what happens if depression gets worst?
will i ever get over anorexia to live a happy life ?
Is life really worth the trouble?
Why do my eyes change color? constantly !?
why are my eyes always so blurry whenever i wear contacts?
how long did your PRK surgery take to heal?
questions on colored contacts?
my black labs eyes are swollen?
Is this a sty in my eye?
Anyone have a Nueroma? ?
I believe I might have carpal tunnel. help!?
TO THE HEALTH EXPERTS, why does my lower back hurt?
What can I do about my back pain?
i am 15 and i am 5"9 i have been having pains usually at night in my lower knees upper thighs and 4arms?
What sport do most people dislocate their patella's (kneecap) and why ?
why is my arm always numb?
is tumiric good for pain?
does a tatooe hurt behind the back of your neck?
what causes pain in right side of belly and filling pressure and fullness?
If there are any doctors here, I need advice.?
I have some chest pain what is it?
Do doc's perscribe pain meds for hiatal hernia?
Whats wrong with my finger?
A rush feeling of heat and then coldness?
106.3 degrees 16 year old girl..dangerous ?
irregular heart beat???
what can i include for the discharge plan of a patient with arrhythmia? ?
feeling spacy???? dont know why?
Sick Infant Upper Respiratory?
whats the best thinq to do for chest conjestion?
anti-pot smoking website?
Who can buy an apnea monitor?
Can anyone figure out why I am sick?
Running Nose, Sore Throat?
Why do i experience loss of breath?
Sharp chest pains when swallowing.. what gives?
Question regarding Asthma and Albuterol Inhaler?
What is the best treatment and preventative for Sinusitis?
daughter has blister like rash on chin very sore filled with clear liquid what will clear these up anyone else
my daughter has been ill since.....follow up!?
which cardiac drugs use the organic cation transporter novel type 2 to enter the heart tissue?
Ive just bought a load of Clearasil products to help clear up my acne?
MRI brain scans, do they show how the thyroid is functioning?
does multiple sclerosis run in families?
How can I control the symptoms of a hiatus hernia?
speed garage does any body know any clubs around birmingham that play this music please?
How to deal with a drug addict?
Why does my stomach feel weird after I drink milk? Is this lactose intolerance?
Does anytone know what might be the cause of my constantly burning stomach and slight nausea?
How to start guaging ears if not pierced yet?
what are symptoms for Thyroid!?
Did damage my voice from yelling and singing?
what is wrong if you have bump on the va jay jay and does not hurt at all?
what food should a kidney donor eat before the operation ?
is a drug overdose painful?
I woke up this morning and my right eye had bulged forward.?
symptoms of a GI disease, maybe crohn's?
How can you manage hemophilia?
Anyone here with acne gone to the doctors about it?
What's a good cure for dandruff?
is there something wrong with me?
Is it bad if sometimes I get pains in my stomach for no reason and then sometimes i wanna barf for no reason?
can you get a type of worm in your throat area?
HELP PLEASE SCARED 15year,i have constant diarrhea with no solids jelly like but no stomach or abdominal pains?
why do we get sore throats?
How can I get clearer skin in under a week?
I have quit smoking today, what words of encouragement have you got to help me through these difficult times?
can i take nytol whilst on the contraceptive pill?
has anyone tried Dr schulze superfood plus?
Is DMT safe to use, experienced people/DMT first timers only please.?
what university is the best in medicine and has 2 years only for the study of medicine in Glasgow?
Overdose of Strepsils?
Where to find chinese herbs in Calcutta, India ?
what is happening with the hashish situation in scotland?
What are the odds of a doctor referring me to an osteopath?
What's a Good Massage Course?
has n e 1 tryed voluptuo?
what side affects if any are there while taking apple cider tablets?
Where can I buy Aromatherapy of Rome candles?
Vitamin B12 tablets at Boots?
Stivex is a prescribed drug and I would like to know it contents and percentages of thc and cbd's please?
Trying to take zopiclone tablets but they are ineffective? Is this normal?
Where can I find cats claw and ivory plant in Galway (IE)?
what does the legal high pill mitseez do?
whats the difference between pre-biotics and pro-biotics?
where do i buy grated beeswax?
what does it mean when my 9 year old daughter is waiting to see a neurologist as she had 2 abnormal eegs?
How many factors do you have to take into account when taking you blood pressure?
Does anyone have an egg allergy like in my case?
any spells for allergies?
sudden sweating and feeling dizzy?
Is it usual for someone to run a temperature of 96.8?
Any doctors online??
can somebody lose the fever by working out or sweating?
What's wrong with me?
Any Orthopaedic surgoens out there by any chance who can answer this....?
Fishoroma syndrome? I believe this was misheard... What real condition might it be?
does anyone know of a volunteer lymphoedema massage therapist in kent....?
Can a rosacea symptom be irreversible?
Somethings in my eye and it won't come out!?
Any parkinsons disease information?
Does anyone have any info/personal experience of Di George syndrome?
Painless lump on face after i fell?
Anyone out there knows anyone who has cerebella ataxia?
How do I know when my shin splints are healed?
I stubbed my toes. Later, two of my toes are really swollen and there is a big circular bruise. Answers?
what did i do to my toe? is it fractured?
swollen left side of neck for about a month after my boyfriend tried to give me a hickey.?
What did I do last night?
Is 34kg good for a 8 years old?
what's wrong with me?
I have spirits in my house and they always want to sleep in my bed. if I move to the couch so do they.?
Why do i like the smell of my own feces?
is leg shaking apart of adhd?
ok while i was asking about a 420 question i looked up at my cross and it was upside down.?
How do I feel better?
I just cant sleep!?
Why do I hate everyone?
My dad is dying of depression?
anxiety question? [must be 20 characters]?
Hi, Need help about lexapro?
im feeling tired after 16 hours of sleep?
I'm 90% sure I'm depressed, but I don't want to tell anyone because I don't want the attention.?
Can someone explain ADHD to an idiot?
I got attacked last night, need to ask some questions?
Lower Back Pain Before Using the Bathroom. ?
pain in my ear and jaw,,?
how should a spine look?
If I took 1mg of a Dilaudid pill 4 hours ago, can i take two vicodins now?
Pain returning in my tailbone?
what are the side effects of taking prednisolone?
please give me some exercises for a person with copd and limited mobility can do?
anyone know anything about nicoderm?
What Excersises Can U Do With COPD?
Cold symtoms that wont go away.?
Smoking ciggarette questions.?
Nose passage blocked for years.?
how long do tracheostomy trials last?
Weight loss and advair ?
Nicotine in system how long?
does bulimia cause laryngitis?
trans nasal esophagoscopy cost of test?
What are the tests you have to do to determine swine flu?
can you use clear eyes contacts without wearing your contacts?
HELP herpes affecting eyes STEM CELLS?
can you die from gastritis?
IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. help anyonee who knows the topic pleaseee?
Epilepsy and Social Security? I'm about to turn 18 and...?
Is there a pill for this?
what is the maximum quatity of ambien one can comsume in 24 hours?
i threw up..why are my lymph nodes swollen?
Feel like passing out??? Please help!?
Dr. recommending tonsillectomy... Are there any good alternatives to avoid this painful procedure?
is the need of doctors in today's world ,where every info is just a few clicks away, reducing day by day?
Mom's blood/urine test results show high creatinine,blood urea,chloride, pus cells.hwz her Kidney health?
Canker sores or something else?:(?
CAN a person do things to get there blood clean in time for drug tests other than taking cleaning products?
Do i only have allergies? or is it worth going to the doctor again?!?
How to get rid of gynecomastia from steroids?
What could this be??????????
I don't know what is wrong with my stomach?
What is your experience dealing with trochanteric bursitis?
How do you reduce the swelling of your lymph nodes in your neck?
I would like to find out more about if you are diagnosed with anorexia, what happens?
Has anyone else tried using Probiotics to manage eczema?
to floyd why don't you think i will get the help i need two people have already tried to help?
I get a rash when i exercise?
how much nicotein is stored ?
with no immune system?
What is the carer patient ratio in Residential/Nursing Homes in UK? What are the yardstick for fixig it?
What level of haemoglobin in blood is ok before you start Radiotherapy.?
i have chronic urticaria. have been on mizollen antihistamines for over a year?
Is there any thing inside old buildings that can cause nose bleeds??
Allergy Question and help! =)?
what is wrong with me?
My finger still bugs me after a month?
I heard the strangest thing today. Have you ever heard/experienced this?
Left arm muscle twitches?
What causes water retention?
Does anyone know reliable legitimate online resources for Pseudoephedrine?
okay so i like to taste washing powder and swish it around like mouth wash but this time i swallowed am i ok?
hey,i am concerned about my fingers.?
Isn't waitng for health care in Canada better then not getting healthcare at all for millions of american?
Prescription glasses question, HELP PLEASE?
I am about to receive a small inheratence which will force me to lose my SSI, what can I do about health care?
Would a High Deductible Health Plan & Health Savings Account (HSA) be best for me?
Does Pharmacy Technician Internship pay?
14 years old high heart rate?
I got a heart murmur .. and?
Stiff heart should I do anything at all?
I had a stress test the doc said my heart wasnt pumping blood out now i have to have angeoplasty anyone ever ?
Last 3 nights I've been sick around midnight, husband has same food as not that?
Have you tried spanish fly aphrodisiac?
Can I take benadryl with propranolol?
L-GLUTAMINE whats an appropriate dosage for IBS?
scope of BAMS in uk?
Where can you buy lidocaine powder other than on the internet?
Fibre tablets......................?
Has anyone tried cat food as an alternative to methadone?
Any ideas what medicine would contain the following?
Survey for DT coursework project about massagers...?
can i take the herbs if green tea without water?
Acupuncture Students ?
Does Subliminal Hypnotherapy Work?
what are the implications of using botox injections?
Where can I get Remote Hypnosis mp3s for free?
Ok this morning i woke up with a headache ?
Why do i have this pain?
How come my ears hurt really bad.?
I have hurt my coxic, i need advice?
Calculations for herbal mixtures?
Can you study herbal medicine in Ireland?
Do Anabol Tablets Realy Work?
i think i hurt my knee really really bad again what should i do ?
Your roomat e Demetruis is participating in a weightlifting course and complains of a burning pain during?
Why is there creaking in my knee?
What size is the uk alternative medicine market?
Is this breathing correct?
Neck pain? how far back should you neck go,is this normal?
Likeliness of Tylenol/Alcohol Mixture Killing You?
I am taking meprozine and want to know if I can still take my ibprofen along with it?
How can i fix my hearing and stop my ear hurting?
Pains still after five years from gallbladder removed.?
I hurt my knee and don't know what could be wrong with it...?
how painful is osgood schlauters? on a scale from 1-10?
Will it ever go away?
my daughter who is 14 has got that looks like a puss ball next to her belly piercing .?
how can i get rid of razor burn ?
What is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of spots?
how to get less oily skin?
I've got quite dry lips...?
Can someone help me with my bad skin?
I have a small bump on the back of my neck. What do I do?
Can anyone recommend a really good spot cream??
Would you guyses still be my boyfriend if I had no eyelids?
Getting rid of/managing eczema?
what other symptoms do you get with Pityriasis Rosea?
Can anyone identify this odd mole/spot? *pic*?
does anyone suffer from roseacea? If so, any suggestions for curing or helping improve the condition?
Has anybody had Glycolic skin peels or any acne treatments?
Do birthmarks fade?
I suffer from dermatitis on my hands?
how to get rid of warts on your hand!! a methood that works please
I've been so itchy lately what should i do?
I worry about everything?
Why is it i dont like going outside?
Depressed, Bipolar, or just plain Crazy?
why do people say that some disorders are not real?
i feel like my life is falling apart and slipping away. i'm 16. help?
My son's diagnosis for bipolar disorder and the medication they prescribed for him
my new job is dull, and i dont fit in. ive wasted two years,scared of having another depressing year ahead.
Do I have some kind of eating disorder? If not, then what's wrong with me?
Always afraid of being home alone and sleeping?
does drinking make the pain go away?
Self-confidence and faith issues?
Help becoming more social?!?!?
Computer Addicted Need Help?
uhm.... im freaking out a little... help! plz!!!!!!!!?
I'm so depressed please help me out!!?
How do I stop procrastinating?
Whats wrong with me help?
Do some people eat and not feel guilty and anxious?
Things you can do for depression?
What should I do with my little brother who I suspect is bipolar?
Broken Patella & Driving?
How can i take care or my lip piercin, i berly got it like 3 days ago?
i slid down the wall and fell palm down on the floor?
My daughter is 10 and 2 weeks ago fell onto some wood only grazing her shin?
anything problem fallen from stair?
What do i do if i have strained vocal chords and its been over a month?
I broke my left collar bone. Can I still exercise my lower body?
Could this be a muscle knot,it is visible and its swollen and hurts badly or is it something else?
I sprained my ankle and have school tomarrow?
Can someone read this its about my arm?
Can anything be done about a loose shoulder?
A very Painful vein when I walk?
How to hide bruises without makeup?
What's wrong with my knee?
RE: Neenerbeans - Mushrooms?
Do Doctor's really want to find a cure for diseases like Parkinson's and cancer.?
Can you be treated for heart disease?
what sort of infections/dieseases can be determined from high white blood cells & low red blood cedlls?
Acne treatment?
will mustard oil help with my swollen knee?
I have just come back from the foor clinic and the chiropodist told me that?
how often should a brain injured person get an MRI, or CAT scan?
does pheochromocytoma cause hairloss? (have other symptoms. doctors or nurses PLEASE answer!)?
Cousin suddenly has a hole in the colon?
My son is 14, he has problems with severe bruising, tiredness and poor circulation?
is there a certain joint disease that causes this?
Scoliosis problem... im 13 ===[[[?
How do you die from radiation poisoning?
what exactly is a seizure?
Doesn't relieving symptoms mean it takes longer to get better?
Can you help with a follow-up question about 'gout'?
Is my friend bulimic?
Why do I feel this unwell?
i,m having a sight problem?
how to get rid of a lisp?
license taken away if diagnosed with epilepsy?
How long does it take to receive results from an intestinal biopsy?
Help please? left side mid/under rib cage hurts when i run?
how can i know if i have rabies?
should i pee every time i need to with a uti?
Cigarette And cravings?
when can i run on a sprained ankle?
What eye color could I pull off?
Best color contacts for brown eyes?
how can i learn how to fall asleep with my eyes open?
should i get laser eye surgery?
How to cure a throbbing pain in the eye?
Why is the bottom of my left eye twitching?
creatine with high blood pressure?
Could My Heart Be Fluttering?
in what strengths does betnovate cream or ointment come in?
Skin test?
Discomfort in left shoulder? please answer?
what is a nippv machine? How can it be used in the respiratory medicine.?
I am a 45 year old women, In the last year I have had 3 stents put in,...?
My varicose vain has been blocked. and i can't walk freely or exercises easily.?
where can i get the warning cards for malignant hyperthermia?
if i walk for a long time. my legs get very itching?
What's wrong with me?
what would happen if you over treated a client in reflexology?
where will i find information on infection control?
appendix tumour?
i need a urinary device for a young male with cerebral palsy and no urinary control?
What happens if someone swallows a battery such as an AA or AAA?
A question for male gynecologists?
help w/ sinus problems?
When you are drowsy, is it normal for things around you to turn black and white?
What are symptoms of asthma?
Buy Herbal Cigarettes - Where Can I buy cheap Herbal Cigarettes of fine quality?
Are there any withdrawal effects after going cold turkey on Allegra [fexofenadine]?
what does whooping cough mean?
ear infection help! ??
what would happen if the ureters are blocked by stones?
theres little specs of blood when i blew my nose twice today,?
I keep having cronic fevers help please?
What are the symptoms of asthma?
Sneezing all day this isn't normal Please Help?
What happens when these symptoms occurs?
red under my nose. lol?
How easy or difficult is rhinoplasty?
CT Scan. Please help?
My boyfriend has been diagnosed with a herniated disk...?
I have an ear infection and my ear is sore?
my friend elbowed the area where the kidneys are it doesnt hurt or anything but if i touch it it feels weird w?
why do I get headache while using the internet?
Help! I have a soar throat!?
My mom feels that she might be getting head aches that may be caused by Lovastatin tablets, is this possible?
why does my cervical spine hurt so much?
i'am 24 i have had 3 herniated discs since i was 9 , i have had pain from this before but now it?
About How Much Does An AUA Get?
Pain down my right side?
ive been having pains on my right side of my stomach do i need to go the hospital?
My Knee joints hurt when I run?
why am i getting so many leg cramps in an hour?
which kind of doctor would diagnose mysterious aching rib pain radiating to back?
Armour Thyroid help please!?
appendix??? best answer, easy?
Is it ok for me to take 2 30mg Vyvanse?
I am scared to DEATH of being on video/seeing myself in mirrors?
i think i sprained my knee.?
why am i so depressed?
how can get gone of my thoughts that well bug me alot ocd ones?
whats the best way to treat anxiety and depression ?
Help MEeeeeeeeee Please?
should i mix alcohol and diazepam?
Will this wound leave a scar?
Can a nose be moved without being broken?
What are the chances that I have rabies?
Abdominal muscle strain?
will my lithium tremors quit after i have stopped taking it?
My therapist wants me to..?
Is My Thumb Broken? Please Help.?
having my first Migraine how can get rid of it?
blocked blocked salivary duct?
Can you still think if you damage the language part of your brain?
Can a hard blow (punch) to the solar plexus cause internal bleeding?
Why does my knee hurt?
medical experts please - advice?
Why does ice packs take out pain on open sores?
What else can we do?? Any suggestions?
Decrease swelling in the eye?
finger hand and wrist pain?
UTI? frequent urination?
My daugther is 2 yrs old and taking Isoniazid for two days now. I've noticed a sense of smell on her urine?
Is it safe to fly with Costochondritis?
Do we have lymph nodes on?
I think I overdosed on antibiotics (Amoxicillin). What should I do?
Why do I have numbness in my ring finger and pinky?
i have palm spasm on my left palm which is very painfull, it hasn't got better at all! is this is disease?
My nose remains swollen after minor damage, what can I do about it?
I hit my head twice yesterday, really bad, and today I hit it in same spot !?
my thyroid has been swollen?
Why Do I Feel So Weak and Tired?
Can anyone recommend a good acupuncturist in Sligo?
Experiences with the bio tuner?
What would happen if i overdosed on trimethoprim?
How effective is Agnus Castus etc for PMS releif
can anyone help me explain the term "dynamic living medicine" please?
where can i buy klausterfrau melisingeist online?
what was the name of the hypnotherapist consulted by Rachmaninov?
Can you get high of kola nut?
Soothanol X2.... Distributors or people in UK who have tried it?
Can somebody give me some good advice for an ayurveda course in kerala, south india?
some natural remedies to stay away or go to sleep?
has anyone heard of the method eriksson (hypnotist)?
Ionisers -which is best?
Can Nhs specials pharmacies make transdermal medicine if prescribed?
why isn't alcohol banned but cannabis is?
How about Zanaprin, has anyone ever heard of that.?
what can replace dextropropoxyphene or coproxamol?
Any Anatomy and Physiology Level 2 or 3 Diplomas on Concessions in London?? Please help!?
help with career???????????????
Can anyone recommend a good acupuncturist for migraine treatment in Islington/ Old Street/Hackney area?
facalin and adderall?
Why cant you take st, Johns wort and hay fever/allergy tablets?
can mometasone furoate be taken when i am already taking anti abuse?
does anyone know how to deal with post op bowel cancer?
Where can i find medical information on how long someone was suffering from TB in the 19th century?
flu jab is their any reason why people with heart desese could have heart attacts iknow of three people who ha
will the drug syndol be helpful or harmful to asthmatics?
can co-codamol give you spots?
what r anti-k cells in blood and can anyone without a prior blood transfusion have them or pass them on??
what is keratitis?
How rare is......?
how to treat adog with cushing's disease?
My face often gets shiny during the day, how do i prevent this, i am 14?
I have a painful pea size lump under my skin on my lower arm what could it be?
Spots on bits? Please help =(?
what pills or food to take if have skin infection/boil?
Do you have skin on you lip?
Bells Palsy Any Information would be most gratefully received.?
pls help-I want to sue ebay in aiding a transaction of auctioning a chemical peel which has left permanent?
Desperately Need to clear my skin up?
How do i get rid of spots?
Why do i have red spots look like rash on arms ?
Skin problems: Acne?
How can I get rid of this Ulcer under my tongue? IT HURTS! Pictures, be aware!!!?
I need help with this embarrassing problem; please help?
Dry, Sore, Cracked, Bleeding Hands?
got back from abroad but legs and feet still swollen?
Always have red cheeks?
ltchy legs at night time?
How to cure my itch problem?
What to do with warts? please help?
I've suddenly started to develop eczema?
what is a ....pathogen ?
what drugs are available to treat a pandemic or H1N1 swine flu for people who are allergic to Tamiflu?
Is there another stomach bug doing the rounds?
Have you ever suffered from Swine Fever or Pneumonic Plague ?
How to cure and prevent a common cold?
can you get tonsillitis even after having them removed?
could i have the chicken pox PLEASE HELP!?
If you have already had chicken pox can you still be a carrier?
Swine flu vaccination in pregnancy?
is urinary tract infection is a big problem???????
how long does it take alcohol to completely leave the bloodstream?
My daughter got tested for german measles and mumps,she had the mmr.do we have a problem here?
How to deal with this sickness?
2 people at my school have swine flu, shouldn't it close?
why would you have a blood transfusion?
If swine flu is a virus can anti bacterial hand wash kill any of the swine flu virus on hands?
I want to permanatly romove the some hair from my body is there any one out there who has actually done this?
what is the health insurance porblem that the u.s is now facing?
felt forgetful at work and got scared.............?
What would happen on a propanolol overdose?
Who do I write this check for a doctor's visit out to?
what side are you on when it comes to the health care refrom topicwhat side are you on and why?
Can I still pass on my sickness after l month?
help with sleep and bags?
need answer pls..--for doctors?
lately both of my arms fall asleep specially at night.?
What does it mean if I have a cold and my body temperature has been ranging from 94.3-96 all day.?
Has anyone else used revitaclear and had a problem with it?
Anyone got a summer cold at the moment!?
Can a doctor remove my abscess?
Do I need a special prescription to get computer glasses?
A person with a near point of 15 cm is considered to be ?
When should I use my inhaler?
i have this cough that wont go away. please help!?
What are come stats on sleep Apnea?
Feel like I have to crack my chest?
Rectal Bleeding with Bowel Movement?
Can I get a seizure by....?
Is there a syndrome or phobia for saying sorry to much?
if a mother used cocaine about 2 months before baby is born and blood test shows clean?
Am i going to go blind?
What to eat before colonscopy? Is this real?
I'm refusing the iron tablets, what will happen?
Which children's diseases have permanent hair loss as a symptom?
my TSH, 3rd generation test is 38.360. What doesthismean?
Ulcer symptoms in upper stomach area.?
im sick and my step uncle gave me a shot, and it didnt work and my legs are really dry and i dont wy hepl?
How do I acquire treatment for Pancreatitis without coverage?
What is this disease called?!?
Parkinson's Disease Question! PLEASE ANSWER!?
What could be the cause of my hand and mouth tremors?
i don't find food appetizing anymore. do i have an eating disorder?
how do you cure an infected toe?
Swollen Tonsil on one side, help!?
Can gout cause your lips to swell?
Pain on right side of head only, migrane?
Back problems..HELP!?
i dnt know exactly how to explain it in english i am having terrible headaches and pain in nose ans eye bones?
what is most crual phisical pain?
Can your joints hurt when you grow?
Excruciating Feet Pain?
Home Headache cures help?
Does anyone know/have what I have? Chronic type pain?
There's something wrong with my spine?
I have to have cortisone shots tomorrow. Are they really painful afterward? Really want to go to work.?
Something is wrong with my leg?
why do my knee's hurt so bad?
Knee pain and discomfort, help?
Do I need to fix my dislocated shoulder or can I just leave as it is?
What kind of headache is this?
I think i had a mini stroke 2day. I have had insurance but never picked a DR. I don't want 2 wait 4 an Appt?
i have a pain in the back of my jaw?
Can driving give you a headache?
I have sore hands, specially my fingers after work outs, is that normal?
What to do with Buckle Fracture?
so...i fell on the concrete.?
why does my groin have a hard bulged area?
Accident in June, concussion. Short term memory affected Will this go?
If you cut off your nose would you see better?
What type of shoulder injury do i have?
Should I start taking Prozac again?
had major depression 9 years ago got better with drugs now i have anxiety will it improve if so how long?
where can i find a dr. to help me take my life?
After a ankle sprain wrongly healed, i hear a cracking noise when moving my ankle?
bipolar disorder.....?
how to heal a pulled muscle in your arm?
knee pain Question............................................................................................?
will damaging my Achilles tendant and having a damaged llitobal band kick me out of the army?
My finger is so swollen?
what should you do if your depressed?
Isn't TOO Much sleep wrong!? -Lazy?
How long does it take for a jammed finger to heal?
depression? or not?
How would I know if I cut my foot off?
Broken/ Dislocated pinky problems... plz help!!!?
what wrong with my knee?
How do you clear your brain of bad memories?
i need to find a psychiatrics in my town, ive being having bad dreams and nightmare, i dont want to eat?
medical review questionare.?
HELP! Problem that effects my life all the time!?
sometimes i feel im being watched...?
Anyone who has went through therapy for OCD could you tell me what exactly they do for you?:?
Tired of the way things are going. Im not happy , jealous of everyone?
HAs this happen to you?
What could cause me to choke any time wine hits the roof of my mouth or tonsils, rather than going straight?
How to tell if a child has a cold, allergy or infection.?
if i am allergic to peaches am I also allergic to apricots or nectarines?
when will there be a peanut allergy cure?
What can I do to stop coughing?
Can you be allergic to another person's saliva?
Headaches Dizziness and Light Headed?
If a blood transfusion is given too quickly, ie 2 hours instead of 4 hours, is there any reaction or side effe
Anyone ever had a blood blister in mouth?
If a child was kept immobile at a certain age would this have an effect on their motor functions? Bewick GS?
i have heard new treatment for stroke victims is under trial?
if you have your eyes lazered and you get catarats later in life can they be treated?
what is the function of Keratin?
Every winter me excma comes up on my arms, all creams dont help, what can i use?
will an operation still be carried out even though the patient has cold sores?
Is there a "right way" to take anise seed and other herbs?...?
What impact do endorphins and or serotonin have against adrenaline?
Best Tai Chi DVD for psychical healing?
Best Ayrurvedic cookery book (especially for vata-pitta type)?.. Thank you.?
Naturallife Immu - B Question?
I'm involved in a clinical negligence claim against the N.H.S any one been there & can recommend solicitors
is kerala ayurvedic treatment better for acidity,gas trouble,body pains?
How can i get off zopiclone?
Is there any thing in alternative medicine tat i could do or take to stoP this back acne..
Beauty therapists!! Would you be interseted in Ayurvedic beauty training??
Will valerian root affect the efficacy of Dianette?
people have noticed that i breathe heavily during the day even when i am relaxed. I am only 14. whats wrong?
I may have accicentally inhaled some battery terminal corrosion. Should I be concerned?
About to have tonsillectomy. What can I expect?
I'm so wired from taking benedryl - help!?
about hard white stonelike lumps in da bak of my throat?
what do they do to test you for stds?
When I bend my knee I feel and hear alot of grinding?
Is it possible to test negative for hiv at 6 months?
i have little spots on the back of my arm?
does bio oil really work on scars ?
how do i get rid of fleas
Son has skin peeling on his entire back and his arms?
whats the best moisturising cream to get rid of dry skin?
Do you think I'm dangerous?
Is there a chance i could get chicken pox?
my eyesight isn't great- Swine flu cases in UK or Swine flu ceases in UK?
My cousin-HIV positive?
Feeling of something in my throat and a soar throat?
I have Impetigo, should I still be working?!?
Have a bit of a cold but am going to a play tonight - what's the best way to stifle sneezes and sniffles?
How to beat early flu symptoms?
Are UK schools shut for 4 weeks because of swine flu?
Have you had Glandular fever. What are the symptoms?
U.K only - is the swine flu jag safe?
How does this new "killer swine flu" spread?
swine flu, what's the worry all about?
treatment for hey fever?
can i still get flu ?
will it catch up with them in a few years time?
Why is heartburn called heartburn?
I have a cold and I have had it for 4 months now should I go to the doctors?
can a mother pass arthritis on to her children?
did the man sneezing on the H15N1 advert get swine flu himself?
biopsey is this right?
Why blood pressure sometimes goes high?
Can anyone tell me if i was drugged?
who has high blood pressure and what do they do about it?
I know LDL cholesterol is bad and should be keep low, but is Triglyceride cholesterol bad also ?
OMG! My lungs and heart hurt!?
What is the main cause of cloudy urine?
What could these symptoms mean? Please help.?
higher risk for brain tumor?
how long for b12 injections to have an effect?
What should someone eat after they have been deprived of food?
I have no reflexes in my knee's or arms?
What disorders have stimming?
What disease is this? (Leg Problem)?