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Im soooooo depressed :'( :'( :'(?
I am 15 I am a B+ student, and im confused. Last year I used to be up all night because I thought i was ?
im home alone and theres been recent break ins on my block and i'm scared!?
Im am always tired. . How can I avoid it?
What's happening to me?
Is this considered self-harm?
Im always feeling sad?
How long do I have to be off weed before I feel completely like my self again?
what is ocd? Do I have it if I think this way?
It's been a week since rehab, do I need to go back?
Nose Huggies ???????
My daughter take cetirizine every night for her allergy. is it safe to give her Hylands Cold'n cough?
Is This Some Sort of Allergic Reaction?
How do you cure a stuffed nose?
Can someone explain sinus infections that don't manifest as snotty nose & sore throat?
i have a bruise on my akiles ankle but i cant see it is it possible to have a bruise underneath the skin?
I split my lip and it really hurts?
eczema on my hands? how do i get rid?
hi i keep getting pins and needles in my face does any1 have an idea wot it could be cheers?
Does anyone know a way to repel fleas?
what causes hive(ucitaria)?
Where in Philippines can I buy Serrapeptase?
Help with mourning stomach aches?
so who knows whats goin on...?
can you use an e-cig if you are not 18?
what function do the nervous, circulatory, and respiratory system accomplish when working together?
Laser tattoo removal scars?
should i take adhd medicine?
does an emergency room have windows?
Is it possible? Dry drowning?
Massive Help Needed.?
what is the fastest way to die?!?
When does the anger go away after quitting smoking?
dreamed i was fired from my job for some unknown reason?
is this really my anxiety? chest and upper back pain.. tightness.?
when you grow facial hair is that when u stop growing?
Is it possible to only have an allergy in one eye?
what happens when you eat these two things?
What does it feel like to faint?
what is the meaning of hypoechoic foci ? Its appear in an ultrasound of liver.?
What does it mean when someone's red blood cells are 'shaped funny'?
what are the arteries and veins and nerves supplying the pharynx?
Muscle disease question, please answer?
Long Term Nausea!! Help!?
Joint Trouble in fingers ~ Help!?
how to tell if someone is using meth?
How bad is the pain right after a kidney transplant?
i FeelSick To My Stomach?
what are the risk in giving half of your liver to your father?
What can cause high liver ensymes?
what are the 2 health risks of schizophrenia? plzzz tell me the answer. i've been looking for for hours?
My glands in my neck are swollen?
Are there any psychiatric deseases which would cause a person to compulsively lie?
swallowing issue or mental....?
What causes stomach aches?
Had a barium swallow....................?
Why do i all the sudden during the day feel sleepy every once in a while?
donating kidney to friend, application denied on "psychosocial" reasons, i think theyre wrong, need help !?
how do you make small acne scars go away?
Where can I buy Mycota's Athlete's Foot Powder?
i'm 27, white, and long sighted. why are my eye pressures 25 and 27 with cause of onset of glaucoma?
Any cure for twitchy leg syndrome?
does anyone know how chemotherapy helps people with multiple sclerosis?
fungal infection?
What is a paratid /parotiod tumour in the neck area under the earlobe?
poptial artery if sewn back together any future problems?
Parkinsons - what to expect?
best advice to help dog with colitis?
My Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with Infraspinulus Carciture?
what's a good thing to do with umeboshi plums?
are citalopram drops vegetarian suitable?
Has anyone tried cramp bark for easing cramp?
Chlorella And its benefits?
Is autohemotherapy legal in uk?
How many grammes of powder can you get into a 00 capsule?
how long do effervescent salts take to work?
has anybody done full body holistic massage with itech ?
I need to purchase a small amount of ibogain HCL really hard to find a supplier need one that can deliver?
Eyesight knackered playing football?
Looking for cheap health/spa break in England?
devils claw and diclofenac?
Water balance tablet?
has anyone watched gerald keins 18 dvd basic to advanced hypnosis course? are they any good?
does taking amino acids like 5htp down regulate your own serotonin??
What domestic brands contain codeine?
Green tea (Camellia sinensis)?
Has anyone tried Kinseology?
speed, the drug, what are the costs in the uk?
With high levels of oestrogen in recycled water coming from women being on the pill?
Can anyone recommend a good website for research on holistic healing in Spain?
Is Mebeverine hydrochloride the same as taking Colofac?
Is anyone having trouble with the 5 Tibetan Rites?
catchy phase for pertussis.?
Breathing problems when sleeping, gurgling stomach.?
Burping Problem?what could it be?
What is wrong with my chest ?
Pulmonary Nodules w/ history of Giant Cell Tumor...?
how to treat subacute coughing of an adult? what disease that this adult got?
Does Melbourne climate suits Asthma Patients?
sore throat and swollen tonsils?
what are the side effects of an ear infection?
We wanted to know if there were ADDITIVES. The 'stench' of the smoke has no bearing on the additives.?
Help Stopping the Cold?
i have problems breathing out of one nostril at night because it drains from one side to the next.?
Breathing feels funny. What's wrong?
Can you help me understand this? Subject:Lazy Eye?
how much does contacts from the doctors wit color?
I am 18. I have eye problem since I was 13. Now I am looking to do lasik. how much will it cost?
I can't close my left eye individually but can close my right eye. (like winking)?
Whats the best way to ?
What to do about a hernia without insurance or a job?
What are the odds that im going to get sick?
How can i thicken my wrists and fingers quickly?
what is the the latest year for puberty in boys?
I have a weird red dot on my arm that bled alot?
my child lightly hit me on the temple should I be worried?
Is my foot broken? Please help me!?
Stomach bug. Please help?! Ways to prevent catching it. ?
What can two hits of meth do to you?
One eye smaller than the other all of a sudden? Doesn't seem to be a drooping eyelid...?
My immobilizer is making my knee worse. HELP?
Really bad hangover question?
After tripping, foot keeps going in and out of numbness. Is this bad?
Pulled Hip Flexor??Help?
why is it that blackheads are pretty much only found on the nose?!?
A spot on my tongue hurts?
I suffering with bells palsy, can i do any thing to help myself?
Wrist problem? HELP!?
Aches and pains??????????
I think I pulled a muscle in my knee,is there anything I can do?
Im bored and sick at home...what can i do? i cant get on the computer.?
i had a dream a spider bit me on my face and it turn purple and my hole side of my face was swollen ! anyone?
I have dark circles under my eyes....?
What is wrong with my wrist?
Do i have swine flu, i am scared please help?
Two questions Maybe 3?
I have a sharp pain inside my tricep. What is it?
What are your fears of Swine Flu?
Can you take codeine and vikoden in the same day?
What makes a cold/flu worse?
My four year old daughter is on a event recorder for her heart....?
If you get appendicitis, does it mean you definitely have to have your appendix removed?
do ihave cold or is it allgies i havetickle in my thorat?
torn ligament in thumb?
i have a suspected ear infection but there in no improvement any advice?
Whats the difference between........?
I cant move my thumb?
Why do I have no energy?
need urgent info re diverticulitis any surgeons out there? this is URGENT?
getting sick after eating? help?
diagnosis for hand foot and mouth disease?
I think my housemate has swine flu?
what are the therepeutic prevention of varicosil?
Help!! Leg isn't working!!!!?
how does Cyclobenzaprine make you feel?
i have a sore in my nose, it hurts really bad and makes me sneeze, what can i do to get rid of it?
What's wrong with my arm?
What's the best NON-narcotic pain medication?
What mechanism acts to slow the respiratory rate?
do i have a concussion?
Im having a lot of pain in my lower area below and in between my overies?
Types of TB. Help needed?
is ricola lozenges, good for strep troat?
Feet hurt...why??????
Is there something wrong with my ankle?(ok that sounds weird)?
Strattera and caffeine?
tylenol and alcohol together?
Did I pull or tear a muscle?
Hi lately everything I eatten made me run to the bathroom followed by gas ..?
Can you mix analgesics with laxatives?
What are the effects of taking medication you don't actually need?
Tight leg muscle what can i do for it to go away?
can you help diagnose these sypmtoms?
a safe and effective colon cleanse?
What are the signs of a food faddist?
Whats wrong??????????????????
why won't uk consultants pay heed to report and MRI results from SA?
ever put your hands over ears and hear that kinda roolling sound? what the heck is that?
Can I still play soccer even if i have a herniated disc?
best ways to relieve nausea from heavy antibiotics?
what are some causes of of spinal nerve injuries?
Healing time & treatment for foot injury - probably a ligament?
is my finger broken????
Can sleep deprivation cause these symptoms?
Do you fill out when you stop growing taller?
Stomach ache remedies.?
PAIN QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sleep deprived due to calf cramps?
son got hit with an acorn on his eye?
Please Help.....pain lots of pain?
Muscle spasm? Arthritis?
Major Back Problem! Bad Posture?
How can I ease the pain of bowel movements?
i think i have an infected lymphnode but i have a breast augmentation tomorrow?
My eye is bloodshot and it hurts?
Muscle problem, could be a disease. Please help?
Tickle/tingle in head?
Dose age have any bearing on cerebral palsy?
What does the headache I have mean?
How can I avoid passing out while giving a speech?
should i be worried, my daughter who hasnt been well for a year and who gets her blood took weekly ,?
does the removal of thyroid require you to drink cold liquid?
Should I use antidepressants?
Question about headaches?
Bacteria that causes strep throat?
can carpal tunnel syndrome lead to nerve damage?
Is there a such disease where red blood cells cannot get rid if their nuclei?
Why do kidney diseases result from hypertension?
if a biker is complaining of frequent urination, increased thirst and weight loss, what does that mean?
Heart Problems!?! It's getting extremely painful and rather disrupting?
what is therapeutic care?
Disease spreading....what can be done?
chemical peel on asian skin?
anyone have a good way of dealing with physical disabilities?
the flow of blood through capillaries can be influenced by amounts of the hormome?
how do i get rid of body moles? want a quick method!?
How rare is A Negative blood?
what is broncalitus and what are the symptoms?
What is the right? None smoking area or no smoking area?
Can someone help me? ?
I got rice stuck in my nose and I have a sinus infection?
what can someone do if he have a bronchitis?
I have a bad cough and have seen many drs.?
i have a cough any sucjustians?
Pneumonia and Backache ?
is linsinopril meds for life?
I have this weird problem I have had for about 4 years. It has to do with a tight chest when I breath?
inhaled bleach help....?
having a problem of regurgetaiting in my sleep ?
Flu-induced asthma, severe headache and back pain - related?
I've had bronchitis for about two weeks now and since this Monday my left lung is hurting me it feels weighed ?
How can i cure or let my scar in my lungs disappear?
Brand's Berry Essence in UK?
two different medications which require a physiological measurement to be taken and explain why?
Meditating with leopard spot jasper to enhance relaxation?
anyone know of any natural painkillers?
To ali63bhs..?
what is in the cap of a 'strepsils warm' tube?
I've had a chalazion for a year..?
Hypnosis Cds/mp3-can you recommend any for UK?
Zinc picolinate?
Tetralysal question.......?
A question about NHS acupuncture in the UK?
has anyone had any side effects with Microgynon?
Drinking with tetralysal?
Can a nose job be paid for in manageable installments?
Are there any good meditation/yoga etc centres?
Whats the best portable vaporizer?
want to send Vitamin Tablets to India?
Nutritional healing?
name the three principles of biomechanics?
consumer rights faulty goods question?
herbal cigarettes ?
What is alternative therapy business?
normal adult temperature?
Why I am getting new freckles, without sun exposure?
Lol this is gonna sound funny but can you smoke jello my friend told me you?
Why do people like smoking weed?
Cough sounds like a barking seal, what can I do to help?
Cure to a Cold in 1 Day?
how do u get rid of a persons energy?
will I grow taller? plz help?
Hiatal Hernia: Coping with it?
Why do I love the smell of isopropyl alcohol so much?
Rhinoplasty Help? 10 points for best answer?
Is your head supposed to be against a chair headrest?
i have a little problem that i need some help with?
i have a really bad stomach ache like a burning chemical reaction in my stomach?
Are you locked in a hyperbaric chamber?
why did theay pull this drug?
What, if anything, could be wrong with me?
Do you have to make an appointment with a Podiatrist/clinic to visit them?
trying to figure out can a employer fire you because of your health was off a few months due to a stroke?
A health question ;) .....?
home sick from school?
having a physical. fasting for bloodwork tomorrow, can i smoke?
possible tailbone problems?
How can I fix this problem?
help me please, im a?
Avoiding foot blisters caused by excessive sweating.?
Dislocated knee cap a year ago?
Itchy pain in right shin?
What is this sound that is coming from my throat?
why dont we get spots on our eyelids?
Has anyone got any remedies for coldsores that really work???
is soap and water for face bad?
What's the best way to get rid of bags and dark rings under you eyes?
horrible skin?
Why does skin get itchy?
any ideas of creams etc for healing a small scar on face after surgery?
symptoms (please answer )?
Do i have chlamydia? Huh?
why do i have allergies when the sun comes out?
Is it dust allergy even if you cough a few hours after exposure to dust?
my nose is runny, what should i do?
post nasal drip & throwing up?
any new research for hydrocortisone?
this is a serious question about bloody noses?
does GlutenEase work?
Are these allergies or just the cold?
heart problems?
Lok at administration of medications. Is it expecting too much to know possible side effects for patients?
Is a blood pressure of 156/101 healthy for a 17 year old?
are 3d glasses bad for the eye?
How can I improve my eye health/vision?
Why is part of my eye red?
Back pain on the left side of my back?
i had a weird dream now i have an ache?
Can't afford meds do to being layed off.?
When I Stretch i get back spasms?
is it really passible to come off oxycodone after bieng on it foe7months and how?
i have a tooth/gum ache see i have a small bit of tooth growing next to anouther my fang tooth it hurts really?
sharp side pain's in my left side?
What can I do deal with muscles cramping/siezing up?
How can i get the tylenol out of my lortabs at home?
paracetomol : [please answer?
My ribs suddenly started hurting REALLY BAD. Does anyone know why?
What is causing the pain in my right side?
i have exima on my right hand my right elbow hurts and my right knee hurts what is wrong with me?
my head is really itchie?
is it ok to take percocets and vicodins in the same day not at the same time though?
Are my ribs meant to pop?
what to do for sciatia and stiff leg muscle pain?
what are the 4 signs of a fractures?
helppppppppppppppp scoliosis?
Lower/center back pain, help?
How do you know if you muscles are just sour or your stress fracture is not healed?
broken, sprained, bruised?...?
my 18 month old daughter has chicken pox?
Swine flu recovery chances?
Is it wise to stay in and rest when i have a cold?
hi guys can any of you tell me about swine flu in UK?
What are the tests you have to do to determine swine flu?
Chicken Pox: Will I, Won't I?
Doctors / health professionals ?
In addition 2 neurological causes....what else responsible 4 oropharyngeal dysphagia?????
what are the symptoms of thrush ?
my son was spat on repeatedly at school nsw any laws on this?
do i have anxiety???
How to cope with boredome?
I hate my cousin even though I never see her please help?
I am having Family Issues and i need SERIOUS help! I really need you to help me out.?
What could it be if you DEEPLY hate everyone (strangers too)!?
Is this bullying? Two scenarios.?
How can I improve my concentration?
BPD and abusive...where do I find help?
Is it bad if I feel this way?
I think my antidepressents are ruining my relationship.?
What should i do?
I have anxiety so bad that all I want to do is sit in my bedroom?
Bipolar and BPD?
life is too much suffering and pain?
Perfectionism is ruining my life. Any suggestions?
Do therapists argue about their fee during sessions?
help me with life choices!?
What can i do for my mentally ill son?
i have deja vu everyday... is this bad?
I'm writing a story and I need overdose information?
What is an oxy high like and also will you be able to tell someone was doing it 5 hours after being railed?
why does my ear bleed?
i think i have a cyst! Do i have to get it surgically removed?
I keep getting this fuzzyness and ringing in my ear, can someone tell me what's going on?
Are there any companies in the Reno area looking for an experience truck driver?
What kind of health problem is this?
what does it mean when you have an itchy stomach?
Need Help Desperately...?
How would you describe a woman removing her outer shirt to apply pressure to a gunshot wound?
Why do I feel hungry all the time?
What health care facility offers the most personalized medical care?
How to kill bad habits all together?
can adderall help clean your system of cocaine?
Is my body giving up on me?
What's a good sleeping routine?
Hearing a voice. Just one?
Do I have Bronchitis?
Mercury/Amalgam Filling Complications & Sinusitis?
ideas for passive smoking campaing?
Why does everyone in a crowd(in a hall) coughs, just by the cough of one person?
I am taking anti-tuberculosis drugs. Will I turn up positive on illegal drugs if I undergo a drug test?
Health Risk: Fumes from laser melted PMMA?
who do you get a cat congestion out of his chest?
construction glue unhealthy?
obsessive swallowing leads to a cold.?
How can I get rid of a really bad cough?
gas leak in house for three days "not carbonoxcide"should my uncle go to hospitol he is 80 yrs old?
what causes headaches behind your eyes?
Can you tell me a bit about H Pie Laurie?
Lower than a 98.6, what does that mean?
What causes these symptoms: pain in right side, fatigue, headache, sore joints, night sweats.?
why am i suffering with dizziness?
Do you know what this eye disease is called?
Am I about to get sick?
how often should a healthy person fall ill a year?
can I know where can I get a detailed report on disease chikungunya with images ?
Gastric band surgery?
Everything seems amplified and mind races randomly?
How come doctors dont like doing surgeries even if you request it?
Side effects from cocaine?
Any advice on how to cure Laziness?
WHat is causing this pressure in my head?
what is wrong with me? serious sickness...?
does anyone know where i can buy a new pancreas? I need one like yesterday.?
What would cause eye tremors?
what are the symptoms of a brain aneurysm ?
I have Graves disease. Post surgery, help!?
is lorazepam related to xanax?
Has anyone taken or is taking prebio 7. If so did it work and was there any side effects?
Kundalini rising? have you heard of this?
can i take ashwaganda tincture aswell as natracalm passiflora tablets on a daily basis?
Where can I buy driclor UK?
I think I have a virus, Any home remodys that I can try?
what are pharynx pouches?
Anyone else tried kratom?
Would phyto-Oestrogens make any difference to males?
In Gibraltar is there anywhere to get hearing aid moulds fitted?
Can anyone help me with the details of a tried,tested and trustworthy online drugstore?
Help needed please re import duty on supplements from America?
does anybody know were i can buy WAU WA cream?
12-Needle injection, info?
Is Maca(herb) safe for all ages?
How much is a nhs bursuary for an occupational therapy student?
Please can anyone tell me what qualifications I need to practise holistic therapy in Spain, ie, Head Massage?
I have persistent headaches?
What are skin penetration tests?
Advice on herbs/foods for chronic sinus inflammation needed?
Blood pressure?
I was induced 3 weeks ago due to Hypertension “high blood pressure” I ended up having a c-section when I left
HIV or AIDS please answer?
One of my eyes keeps on hurting?
Why do I have severe aches and pains?
why does my back hurt?
Why dose my knee hurt?
Why when my wife massages all part of my body...only my HANDS put me to sleep? ?
My leg hurts reallly bad.?
My Neck Has Been Hurting Lately?
How do I eliminate pain in the abdomen?
Why is the heel part of my foot sleep.?
why are my fingers so cold?
Did I pull a muscle in my neck?
What do you think this pain is from?
what are the risks related to a herniated disc in the lower back?
Any good things to use for a painful skin rash?
Teenage skin problem?
Sweaty palms???? Help?
I cut a small mole by accident.?
I think I have had an allergic reaction to a new soap, is it worth seeing the doctor over this?
why have i got black spots on the back of my leg?
how can i get the spots off my face?
how do I PREVENT MYSLF FROM getting chickenpox for the next few weeks?? serious asnwers please?
I have little rashes on my scalp, my GP reckons it is follicle infection, but prescriptions dont clear it?
Ear piercings itching?
Help with skin?
what is the best treatment to get rid of stretch marks?
How can i get rid of sunburn?
this is so embarrassing but...?
what is this painless bony lump in back of my hand?
I had a skin tag and caught it and now it is twice as big..I keep pickin at it what should I do?
ERGHH! a wart just came up on my finger?
Skin problem on my hand?
Bites in the night - what is biting me?
Why/how do I get dandruff?
Does Costco or Walmart sell Rayban eyeglasses?
how not to lose my contacts eyes?
Who should I go to for an ingrown toenail.?
Can u rlly die from too much motrin????? Idk it's crazy I don't thnk it's possible it's supposed to help u?
Rotator cuff cracking?
Sprained ankle healed enough for skiing?
At school why do the gas heaters smell HORRIBLE of gas?
can you do cheerleading when you have severe scoliosis?
hurt back upper..................................?
whats the best thing to put on a burn?
Have a warming feeling in my leg?
WIthin the past few days, my fingers on both hands are swelling up...Eeeek!?
can an overworked muscle cramp lead to something more serious? PLEASE HELP!!?
How long after diagnosed with no pulse in foot by one doc to tell another do they do anything its 4 days now?
leg cramps and blood clots?
I was stepping over a dogie gate and my foot got hung and fell. bruises on left side. Kidneys feel funny and?
i am gaugeing my ear and am now at a 0 and have had it in for bout a month and the inside of my ear?
What medication should I take?
Does a menstrual cycle make you have loose bowels?
Back tingling sensation?!?!?!?
Help with Workout injury? I think?
If my Mom dies in the hospital, do I have to pay for her body?
I'm getting a tattoo?
I was paseing and now i feel light-headed and my heart feels like it's going to fast?
Too much watery saliva produced?
I can't feel 3 of my toes?
why do people who wear glasses often bump into somethin or turn their heads a lot?
Can neomycin damage hearing when eardrum is intact?
How to make myself feel better?
When i dont get enough sleep i wake up almost sick?
when do you stop going threw puberty?
Should I be worried about this?
our cat has devopled an allergy to flea bites shots and anti itch pills are not helping. What else can we do?
does drinking oj with pulp when youre sick make a difference in getting better ?
Should I take caffeine with my medications?
I keep on getting sick after eating breakfast? What's wrong?
Please help, I'm experiencing PVCs about 10 times or more a day?
Uncomfortable sore stomach?
is it fat necrosis on thigh?
if i am allergic to penicillin and my roommate licked my foot after she took some what will happen to me?
my 2 dogs have allergies & constantly scratch?
How do you get rid of the pain around your nostrils from blowing your nose so much?
Ease my burning throat?
My mother is 80 yrs old an allergist test her each year is this necessary?
help! sleeping terrors???
can childhood bullying cause problems in adulthood psychologically?
What are some long-lasting anxiety medications?
Does anyone else feel really empty and depressed when they're getting ready to go to bed?
i just wonder if anyone can put my life into perspective because im incapable?
I don't know why but i always think about dieing please help!?
How can you keep yorself from cutting?
i'm scared! i don't know who to go to for help..?
Advice on how to overcome fear and low self esteem?
Why is my 13 year old giving me so much stress?
is anyone out ther dealing with depression?
Do I have dyslexia...........?
how can i live with my mom when she has bipolar disorder and goe's into crazy rages??
How do get out of my bottomless despair of depression?
I need to get a perscription for my sever anxiety. Is there a doctor that I can talk to?
I think I am mildly depressed.. What to do?
im 42 i have grand mal seizures i have 6 to 12 a year what is my life expectancy?
Have you ever heard someone refer to "Hepatitis" as "The Hep"?
Can i take Prilosec and Zantac at the same time?
Lymphocytes: question for pathologists and doctors please?
What does an MRI with IV contrast feel like, and are you hooked up to the IV the whole time?
What are the possible illneses of colon which require operation?
New OCD issue- please help!?
feels like gas is moving in my stomach?
My boyfriend has a cyst behind his jaw that has suddenly swelled. ER or wait til he can get to his primary?
is this a deficiency or not?
Pain in arm a week after having blood drawn?
When i take midday naps, I get a fever?
if you had a brain tumor?
If I went to the hospital for?
I think I need an Eating Disorder hospital?
flat stools/ blood streaked?
How can I get a medical advocate for my adult son?
Is waldeyar's tonsillar ring present in every normal person or is a diseased condition?
Do I have appendictis? personal expereiences?
what should i do when someone get vertigo?
my lips started to twitch uncontrollable sometimes also there is a little numbness in the twitch what medical?
If a person feels like going out of his house it is a form of mental disease.?
Can i claim money for my fathers Funeral? He died of Cancer aged 56 and was on Benefits, all working children?
when was flu jab given in uk?
Can acupuncture treat anismus? Do you have anismus?
can be bier spots be treated?
Alcoholic wife: Is there a private treatment centre near manchester?
What causes fine muscle twitching in healthy adults?
I have a serious cough . It is almost continuous . I also a constant irritation in my throat which seems to st
short team effects on increased breathing?
hiya ive jus started a new tablet its called simvastatin 10mg i jus wanna know if your face become swallon whi
Does anybody suffer from rosacea?
can peritonitis cuz metabolic acidosis, if yes how?
My throat and chest feel slightly clogged and it affects my singing, what's the best way to clear it?
what stds can show in urine test?
How can people get aids?
what is a friction lesion?
Why is it that right before I fall asleep at night it feels like a drug trip?
about how much does a sleep comfort bed cost? I need a queen size.?
No appetite since tuesday?
Question About Vyvanse?
Doctors, Nurses, Medical Professionals i need help?
how long should I wait to take vicodene(lortab) while I am on suboxone?
Ribs suddenly sticking out?
In the mornings Im coughing up something black, what is it?
Does anybody else with a hiatul hernia suffer these symptoms?
what to do during a panick attack?
Sore throat possible tonsillitis?
where do the circulatory system and the respiratory system overlap/interact?
My throat itches, and when I breath I hear this wheezing noise when I breath in?
asthma flare up question?
Ulceration in nasal canal?
What's going on with me? ?
hiatal hernia?
Is it o.k. to take gree tea fat burner maximum strengh if you have an irregular heart beat?
Where to get mendical advice for high cholestrol?
Is it normal for blood pressure to fluctuate this much?
Know any herbal remedies for high blood pressure?
uk - which is the best 'make' of coenzyme q10?
can you get hypnotherapy for stopping smoking on the nhs?
anorectic plants for humans?
Hypnosis remove Limiting Beliefs?
Hi all has anyone tried primal max?
What do you have there between your thighs?
history on baralgin tablet?
what is K4 the drug? and what are the effects of it?
Can i take 2 2 mg lunesta pills?
i have a big blue vein?
Was I sleeping walking?
Is it wrong to crave getting high?
Can you snort zopiclone(imovane)?
what is asipheta, given to children 50 years ago?
Epsom Salts good for You?
What does mephodrone do to you?
Mixing Tussionex and Vanacon safe?
do you know of a uk supplier for the NSI neutraceutical sciences institute range of vitamins&supplements.....?
anathemis nobilis (L) is known as the true or common chamomile. What does the (L) stand for?
I need to get put Bad?
Does vitex agnus-castus have any noticeable and worth while health benefits in males?
Is the IB accepted at medical schools even without chemistry & biology?
is there any cosmetic surgery to reduce bone size or width etc or something ......?
Can you purchase brand named Valium in Mexico without a prescription?
what is edicil used for?
Hypnotherapist in Brighton (UK)?
where can i buy oregan grape root extract in the form of a cream or spray in the nottingham/ mansfield area?
Thanks to all who answered my post on asthma?
Dose anyone have a shunt in there head?
if you take tablets for spots can you take kalms 1 hour after?
Can you be addicted to Xanax after only 4 0.25mg pills?
does cho yung tea and procleanse gold workl?
does anyone now of any physiotherapy workshops short courses....?
Can I take a multi-vitamin when I am taking fish oil pills?
What are the uses Antiperspirant (especially dove)?
Did pilex really works for piles?
who in the uk supplies the herbal drink chlorophyll?
How do I stop my panic attacks?
Has anybody out there taken MSM for Arthritis and has experienced side effects?
can you catch sickness from someone who had food poisoning ?
swine flu is it bad in the uk?
Will the current Foot & Mouth catastrophy be swept under the carpet by the government???
Will University of York pay for my Hep B jab?
Question re stomach bug and immunity...more inside!?
I've just at to getting this very annoying cyst under my right eyelid, anybody know any home cures??
Yes it is another Swine Flu one...?
is vitamin d and d3 the same?
i am HIV positive and i don't know i which stag i am because i am waiting for full test .?
It it possible to get hiv from using the same hemorrhoids cream ?
How to cope with Mosquitos in Asia?
Is the swine flu gone or will it reappear in the winter.?
what does sterile field and non-sterile feild mean?
Wrong blood given at blood transfusion?
does anyone know if canesten (usually for thrush) works for rosacea?
Can people and dogs, get meningitis from each other.?
does anybody know what the symptoms are of an abdominal aortic aneurysm?
A specific skin rash?
what is a suspected pulmonary embolism?
cardiovascular alcohol treatment?
what is the course of ovarian cysts and when tubes stick together inside?
What self checks can one perform to test for lumps, bumps, abnormalities, rigidity within the body?
What has my work colleague got and should she go home ?
How do some Children relate incidents which happened years ago in their previous birth.,?
what can i put on a wound caused by a dog lead burning through my right hand?
Is it true that doctors are removing moles and skin tags in an attempt to boost their performance statistics?
what is the prognosis of hypogonadism and young male with severe learning dificulties?
Hi, what is marked arthritis mean please, I have been told it is worse form ?
I'm having like spasms of pain in the top of my thigh, right by my hip. Do you know what might cause that?
i having pain in middle of my chest when i move my head rite side,and its feels like something is cracking in.?
Trying to get some good arch supports for my feet. I recently saw some that were 300 dollars. any cheaper?
in the hospital with tummy pains now i am home...?
Why does my back in the middle in my muscles?
Lower left abdominal pains help?
I woke up with severe muscle aches!?
Pains from where my jaw was broken!?
My right knee-just below the cap-started hurting last night, until today. It is tender and achy when touched?
why cant i feel my left arm?
Omg!!!! I'm suffering from a crushed toe. A dresser dropped on it now im in severe pain. Please help me!!?
I know there are loads of questions like this one but...?
Twisted Spine at 14 years old?
Did I possibly hairline fracture my wrist?
Knee problems; crunching, popping, shifting, sharp pains.?
What causes tingling in both hands, both feet, and the nerve under my nose?
Question about back pain?
how to heal a swollen foot in under 24 hours?
Cut that didnt wholly heal?
how can you tell if you have a broken rib or a bruise rib?
How can I fix a gastrocnemius (upper calf) strain?
How long does it take for a stretched tendent to heal?
i have difficulty with knee joint sensation while walking. knee is not getting full stability while walking.?
What do I do if I got glow stick fluid in my eye?
Could my ankle be broken?
Do I need reconstructive surgery?
When I lean forward, I feel a muscle shifting out of place around my left rib cage area.?
How do I know if I pulled a muscle?
What's the best way to get rid of heel spurs?-already tried orthotics, exercises & advil.?
How do amoebas communicate?
Are generic cold capsules effective?
I'm cold all the time..?
blacking out/passing out randomly? whats wrong with me?
hypoglycemic symptoms when im hungry, but dont have it. causes?
ana 1:1280 nucleolar and complement c3 high at 166 what does this mean?
em constantly hungry, i get anxious and irrability. good on thyroid n lbs. any ideas?
The patient has a history of knee pain and a seizure disorder. What should be included in the plan of?
Our 7-1/2-year old lab has 15,000 platelets and 28,000 total count, what could the etiology be?
I think I have appendicitis?
ADHD, why, and what causes?
Why do I keep hiccuping?
Why does my hand go numb?
Wondering what this could be?
whats that burning sensation under my face skin (espcially cheeks)?
are there certain foods that make a itchy dermatitis scalp more irritant?
How to get rid of dryy skin and blemishhes on my face (-:?
White Coating Under Forskin Hard 2 remove im 12 :(?
How do I get rid of verrucas I have tried bazuka and it just won't shift them HELP?
Chinese Herbal Medicines Treating Eczema?
Acne, little help please?
Best way to help reduce acne scars and stretch marks?
why do i always have dry lips?
How do you get rid of a rash / friction burn?
Removing wart on eyelid?
I have reaaaallly tiny hairs on my cheeks, I don't like It! How do I get rid of them so they don't grow?
Anyone had any luck in treating Vitiligo?
Can I get Canesten with Hydrocortisone over the counter?
What causes dark circles under the eyes apart from the lack of sleep?
Itching is driving me mad!?
what are something i can take 4 fighting acne?
How Can You Cure psoriasis?
Annoying spot on chin that won't go away:(?
can looking at the side of a laser pointer damage your eyes?
How to make a swollowen eye go down?
can migraines or seizures cause my optic nerves to swell?
Is this weird and creepy?
Why am I always so tired?
Is there something wrong with my boyfriend's memory?
...... Am I Depressed?
How do you stay stress free?
Will someone please help me?
is this normal?
what are some ways to sleep better at night?
I observe way too much?
Help me get out of depression...?
Sooo annoying! Is this a type of OCD?
Please help, I don't know what to do?
how long do you have to go without sleep to become delerious?
Please read this and help me.?
How to help someone that I care and I love to overcome a depression?
Does this mean anything?
Is there a relationship between anxiety and depression?
Why am I so scared of death?
Does my cousin do well for a person w/ Asperger's syndrome?
Today my boyfriend kissed me but Im worried I got a mouth herpes..? Im 13?
3 aids that may be used to help people take medication?
cysts in fingers. please help.?
What do u think i should do or whats could be wrong?
Where can I find a cheap doctors lab coat?
Pain in one eye...help?
What are these bumps on my arm and face?
sore head every day,family history of brain tumour?
What is the recommended brace for posture that includes, slouching, shoulder hunch that can be worn all day?
is it true that you can get sleep paralysis if your really tired?
Why does my eye keep twitching?!?
I have Wellbutrin that expires at the end of this month. Is it still ok to use?
Sore muscle in the throat?
im undecided should i go under united health care or aetna which one is more preffered?
Could this be something serious?
Losing Health insurance if laid off?
ssi for premature baby?
what is neuropathy?
4.Cardiac Output is a product of which of the following two variables?
weakness in arms and shoulders?
what benifits are non terminal cancer suferers entitaled to?
The amount of air ventilated during a normal breath is termed?
thyriod disease underactive ?
do people with pernicous anemia put on weight?
have to have blood test redone need fbe for "link cytios"what is this?
Other than athletes foot, can sore and scaly skin on the foot be anything else?
I have a few blood spots inside the right side of my cheek, in my mouth - anything to worry about??
after having an eye test i was told that i have dry eyes and need more investigation what does dry eye mean?
What is causing my back pain?
Is it possible to be either addicted or allergic to,?
What is the nose is made up of?
p90x nutrition with food allergies?
What's wrong with me?
Have you ever had a reaction from your allergy shot?
Why can't a person with allergies be a pilot?
Have i just got the cold or is something more?
A patient is breathing slowly and blood pH analysis indicates an abnormally high value. What is the diagnosis?
Help, my throat hurts bad. I got a cough but i don't feel like i have chest congestion?
Weird sound when I breathe out of my mouth..?
whats Better meds or no meds?
CO PD medical how did i get this ailment?
Server hiccup issue? Please help!?
Bong question, please help?
Has anyone ever taken Hawaiian Baby Woodrows (also called Morning Glory)?
what are the diffrence between special care and contraindications in reflexology?
do you know of any classes held in london of the bates method for natural vision improvement?
Has anyone used an herbal prostatitis remedy based on Greek herbal medicine? The remedy is called Prostab.?
is it safe to take tyrozets (tablets for sore throats) if you suffer from an ulcer?
Does daily Surya Namaskar really cure disease.?
How to get Mukta Vati in Canada?
Birth marked removed coffe spot?
Where in Irvine California can I buy Puritans Pride products?
Can you recommend a light box for SAD? I'm considering getting one in time for the winter ?
do you think petitgrain and rose essentail oil would be a nice combination for a pregnant woman?
Hypnotherapy in Dublin, Ireland?
I am looking to buy issues for "enchancing your mind, body, and spirit" collection?
What would happen if......?
HAs anybody used or know about inflamol?
anybody know an alternative treatment for syringoma aside from lase, cuterization or any surgical procedure.?
Where can you get a cheap D N A test in the uk?
how to find an alternative (acupuncture,osteopathy) specialist for degenerative disc disease in dublin?
Is it just me being awful?
Is It Safe To Take Nytol With A Cold ?...Helpp :-D?
Do you know where I could get Corvalen (supplement)?
is it possible to get rid of fat lumps under the skin with out surgery?
why are my white blood cells abnormally large?
what exactly is mono and how is it transfered?
Blackand brown wax from the ears of a 5 years old? What is this?
can you have cosmetic fillers around your eyes?
Any advice on starting up a charity?
what good home remedies do peole have for children with a bad case of flu?
what antibotics are used to treat impetigo?
where can i get a nose job doen safely and cheapish in London help??
Back pain problem and how to prep it?
? I am a 21 year old female and concerned. When I bend down to pick something up I have lower back pain ?
Sore Throats =[[ help me?
restless and pains at night what could this be?
i have aching pains in the palms of my hands as if i ran them through fiberglass what could it be?
have i torn the vein in my hand?
What is Plantar Fastitis?
I have a sharp pain on the lower left side of my stomach...?
Pain In My Lower Right Side?
Blood, now an earache?
Does sugar cause muscle pain?
I'm thinking of buying a Tempur-pedic matress...Does anyone have one and how do you like it?
Has medicaid stopped paying for muscle relaxants?
I have extreme pressure in the left inner ear. I have had grommet's fitted twice and two MRIs. Help please?
I have a Back Ache on my Lower right back, how to manage it? ?
what's wrong with my tongue?
How do I stop headaches?
getting your blood took at a health clinic check for all STD's?
if i have a stress fracture and i walk on it?
My arm felt like it jarred when I did a cartwheel the other day?
i did a heel stretch without stretching..?
I have a fractured ankle and its been almost 6 weeks since i can walk on what should i do?
I was running and i felt like 3 or 4 cracks in my knee, and it realllllly hurts, what wrong with me?
If you got your big toe chopped off from an accident, would they sew it back on?
Getting knee surgery in 2 weeks....have a few questions...?
need help my knuckle is swollen?
Help for my hip injury?
Correcting an abdominal muslce imbalance?
I had to go to the hospital and they poked me and bruised me. how can I get it to go away? need a quick fix.?
is it bad if i have no feeling in a part of my leg? im kind of worried?
need note from doctor what write?
theres a tiny bone in your thumb that's really easy to snap, what's it called?
Foot injury? What can be wrong?
Why would my radiologist decide to use contrast fluid half way through an MRI of my ankle?
is it normal to have a bloated feeling after a stomach injury?
my right hip is killing me can anyone tell me what it is?
Will smoking 4 months after anurism sugery hurt?
Cholesterol Questions/ If 20% of our cholesterol levels are from diet, can we lower it more than 20% by diet?
what could my headaches be ?
My toenail i think is infected and all of it is coming off, if i take it all off will it grow again? the thumb?
ive had hemorrhoids for 4 months now HELP?
Panic disorder is twice as common in women as in men?
My stools get progressively looser in the morning...?
Are these symptoms of OCD...?
How to Tell if you have a brain tumor?
Bad insomnia please help!?
What does the doctor do to see if your lactosse intolerant?
can you get a cold if you drink cold water?
is it possible to give half of your liver to your dad?
Is it cause of the bulimia?
does this sound like an eating disorder? should i be worried?
Can there be false positives with an Estimated GFR blood test?
Am I dangerously constipated? Please help!?
Diet for a hypoglycemic?
my feet seem to feel like they are on fire and they seem to cramp up?
Dont know whats wrong?? Help Please!?
can you tell me what causes sweating only to the face?
Have you had Mutant Larve Migrans?
I think I might have an anxiety disorder?
Aside from therapy and medication, what are things to do to deal with anxiety and depression?
I'm confused.....?
If im suicidal should i go to the ER?
Is this depression?....?
How to help my mother?
How to cope with being short?
Ideas to improve well being?
I have a question about Xanax...?
Is it OCD, Anxiety, or bipolar?
Are there any suppport groups or forums for certain mental health issues ... (through YA) ...?
Do you think I'm selfish to even think it?
One of my students has an eating disorder.... what should I do?
What can be said about people that laugh at your fear of public speaking?
Please help! I don't know what to do anymore?
Battling severe depression, I have a question.?
Why am I so sad all of the time?
Cant Stop feeling like im gonna throw up, what do i do?
have you ever felt that you have lost everything?
How to stop my eye from winking..?
Cyst Make Me Go Blind ?
Disuse atrophy.... mother got infection on knee after knee replacement?
I need advice please.?
am i unhealthy or sick?
Gross Question but I was told this fact about nose digging...?
What does a POSITIVE/ABNORMAL drug test mean? Could this be a false Positive?
getting cat scan soon. what do i have to do in it? or be prepared for?
I need help with my sleepwalker?
Does anyone else think it's weird ?
Asthma? how do i know?
i had a tonsillectomy yesterday...?
sore throat....?????????????
Evolutions Vaporizer v7 ..............?
Is this cough normal? :/?
how to get rid of this weird cough?
I have three (3) pages of exercises for sleep apnea and haven't scratched the surface. This tech is full of ..?
my voice keeps going, my nose keeps bleeding, why!?
Any ideas of what causes Constant Chest Pressure?
Which of the following describes the symptoms of sickle cell anemia?
S. Do malnutritioned children have swollen bellies due to a net flow of fluid into the abdominal capillaries?
Does the Marine Corps accept people with asthma or people who have had asthma in the past?
i feel sick (help please???)?
I have recently been diagnosed with having a URI (upper respiratory infection)....?
it feels like some1 has an extremely tight grip on my heel?
Aspirin before jogging?
My macetor toilet is not working properly and is actually spreading a rather eggy smell. Why is that?
stabbing pains in lower sides?
i need help quick or someone get hurt?
Bad pains in my legs, help please?
one of ma cuzens has a bump on her nose!!?
I Have Bunions, there not sore to touch but they look painful, how do i get rid of them without surgery?
How do you get rid of nail fungus using home remedies?
Do you have a birthmark?
how do u get rid of milkm spots?
Sunbed for spots!?
i have extremely white pasty skin(im a male) with red rosy cheeks and black hair.is there anything that can..?
i think i may have a wart?
How do i get rid of the spots on my chest and back?
I've got itchy spots all over my arms and thumbs and a cut on my hand, whats wrong?
spots on my chin that won't go?
I've got moles on my face that hurt when I shave. Can they be removed at a hospital or some place like that?
as a teeneager...?
Itching during pregnancy please help?!?
is acne contagious??????????
rash in the same place after hot shower?
iv been on antibiotics for a week but why hasn't my boil gone?
Help Itching from Antibiotics!?
how do u know if a mole is canceras ?
Should botox be injected round the mouth as I cant move my lower lip properly now.?
Please help - itchy burn is driving me mad?
Why doesn't my grandson [7] have any perception of danger to himself or others?
can anyone tell me the side affects of tramsulosin hydrochloride?
when is a person classified as partialy sighted?
could i be allergic to prawns?
what is the best way to get rid of spots?
How good is Panoxyl acne cream?
When I finish eating, I always feel like vomiting. Du yu know what the problem might be.?
I've been under a lot of stress lately, anyone know a good a good tricologist?
Can anyone tell me the benefits of taking?
which oils or creams are the most suitable to get rid of marks..specifically from eczema?
Am i'll go throught Liver failure or even death with what i done?
I have to have a hep b vaccine for work, do i have to have a follow up or blood test? Fear of blood!?
alternative britta filters?
im taking brewer yeast, fluoxitine,bedanol can you take these together?
Where can i go to get hydrotherapy?
Where can I find Kalms stress relief lozenges? UK shops...?
does anybody know if herb lippia citriodora has any useage in cooking or any herbal treatment?
Herbal Snuff?
Why is it that some people with thyroid problems seem to have thyroid receptors that are blocked?
what will happen if I take betahistine hydrochloride and don't need it?
effects of shrooms and mdma whilst on prozac?
iam trying to find a mr keith chippendale whom works for anchor home at hipperholme?
Has anyone ever had a Thai foot massage?
what are the health benefits of drinking supermalt?
is there a cheaper version of tahitian noni juice?
Is a hawley retainer better than a Essix retainer?
Is this brand of St Johns wort any good?
Has anyone tried the Dore's programme. Does it work?
massage stroke with most immediate effect on the circulation?
I'm thinking on having colonic irrigation, argh! has anyone had it?
whats the best portable vaporizer?
Should I dry my Hawthorn berrys for use in tea? or should I make them into a syrup?
has anyone used the herb helix slim ? does it stop cravings ?
Helix Asperse Muller...?
What is Benjie's Food and What is it for?
what is the euphemisms of heart desease?
Is 60bpm a normal resting pulse for someone who is unfit?
Does salt effect a dog's blood pressure like it does human? I have a client whose dog has high blood pressure
are closely related to heart disease?
Chest Pains?
Graphite from a pencil stuck in my foot :(?
8 Months still can not run after broken fibula/tibia?
Help me please?? Doctor maybe?
What is wrong with my pinky finger?
I got this canker soar on my lip, and i keep poking at it with my tounge, but thats only making it worse!?
I snapped my arm 3 months ago, with pins and plates inserted, my question is when can i do a pushup?
Is my pinky sprained or am I overreacting?
can you pop blood vessles while lifting weights?
I have scars on my left arm- how can I make them fade or go away?
Burning sensation in calf?
What is the fastest way to heal a bone fracture?
I lost my big toenail how should I treat it Moist or let it dry?
Muscle Building Question?
hi. i was just wondering if i got a hickey.?
Verbally abusive bipolar husband?
Is it weird to have split personalities...?
Do people with general anxiety disorder look normal?
question about guilt?
Panic attack or anxiety attack?
What would you like to ask?
if you accept by harvard,will your friends treat you like before?