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What do i have? I can't breathe well from my left nostril?
are my ears blown out?! hELP!?
smoking??? 3-5 a day?
Urgent question, please?!!!! ERYTHROPOETEIN?
I am experiencing swelling and bleeding of one nasal passage. ?
Ok I have sleep apnea?
Side affects of bronchitis?
Explain how non-toxic bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis can cause pulmonary fibrosis?
A cough with no other symptoms?
I have this cough and it wont go away!!?
I Have A Problem ? ( Health Coughing Kind Of. )?
Using Vaporizer ........... !!?
If i have a part time job but still claim housing benefit Do i have to pay for prescription?
does anyone know recipe for the old fashioned raspberry vinegar and olive oil it was made as a cough medicine?
A Male Spot Cream ( Puberty)?
Hot Flushes please help!!!!!!!!?
Allen Carr smoking clinics is the money back guarantee really as no quibble as they make out?
Dose anyone know....?
Anyone know where you can buy tongkat ali or other similar product in london?
Those who have used Provigil (modafinil) for tiredness, has it worked?
what massage oil can i use on aches and pains from m.e i was told to use a warming one?
Would you have hypnotherapy? Pros and cons?
How do I become an NHS hypnotherapist?
Vitamin Question??????????
where can I collect medical treatment folk herb from Euro countries?
Whats the Management of avian flu (H1N1)?
What would happen if my friend sniffed zylkene?
what drug does "nang" refer to???
Anyone know any online herbal shops that accept pay-pal?
Is there any way I can visit the osteopath on the NHS?
Trimethoprim and Warfarin?
Liver Qi and anger managment for a 3.5year old??
What are the medicinal uses of bordock/burdock root?
Why can't I make myself throw up?
Candlejack, does anyone know if h-?
Food in my sinuses?Should I see a doctor?
My mom gets stomach pains, and i'm worried. PLEASE HELP!?
Why do I have a high tolerance to medicine?
I have had a cold for over a week and now have a little bit of an earache and a swollen lymph node behind ear?
Heavy insomnia that came out of the blue...HELP!?
Stomach ache, comes and goes.. longer than 9 hours?
What should I do if I can't fall asleep?
How do i get rid of stomach ache cause by alchol?
Do you stay high longer if you eat or smoke marijuana and Why?
Therapeutic category of Komed as medicine; its uses and dosages.?
Chronic headaches at least once a day for the last few weeks?
What are some difficulties for people with ADHD ?
Is donating plasma a good idea?
Is it bad if you eat too many cough drops?
what is nyphretic syndrom in children and what is its causes and possible long term effect/effects?
why do some kids keep getting nose bleeds?
What is THSlevels and what does it do?
If you have a cold and you sneeze on a blanket, will others get sick?
Is there any natural herbal remedies for VITILIGO?
What is the best way to cure ringworm on people?
searched high and low to no avail. What are the guidlines for childrens blood pressure and RHR.?
what are isopores?
Where is the best place to go to find jobs abroad?
Does any one have a cure for tinnitus?
ok serious question about 'little people' ?
I just found out I have Chron's Disease, does this mean I'm going to die young?
Spasmodic Dysphonia Info Please?
What's causing this stomach pressure?
I have low TSH & low Free T4. What does this mean?
contact lens eye drop?
Strep throat infection canker sores and more , whats going on ?
Is the process for dialysis painful?
my vison feels like its shaking all the time?
stomach hurts below on the right?
i had black stool for 4 days now i have dark brown stool?
What do I have? Or possibilities of what I have?
i want to sell my kidney?
What happens to the person if he drinks this kind of water?
Why does my eye feel like there's something in it when there is nothing there?
What causes a ring around pupil?
Can a person who takes synthroid also take spironolactone and metformin?
how do I read my mri report?
Why my hands are shaking and I have no disease?
is this a safe food for gerd & ibs?
Strange Medical question?
Can novacaine affect Bells' Palsy?
lump on my right calf what could it be?
Medical Help, something is going on with my skin and im gettin scared?
Well I have a lump inside the back at the yop of my throat ( I have personally felt it back there with my fing?
what should drink after a faint for dehydration?
Is tarrets the same thing as ticks?
My mom's COBRA is about to expire (has a precond.) and for 3months she will have no coverage, what can I do?
Ear Infection Remedys...?
can a child use a animal heart?
what does this mean? (kind of a medical thing) but idk really?
I'm trying to quit drinking, really having trouble sleeping and focusing during the workday.?
What happens to your blood vessels if your blood pressure is too high?
TRUE or FALSE: .......?
How would you react/do in this situation?
heart attack?
feeling like about to through up very dizzy shaking and numb help!?
Physiology help?
My body is so used to Martial Arts that i fight in my sleep. How do i stop without quitting Martial Arts?
pains in my stomach and right arm, any ideas what this could be?
New Basketball shoes hurt feet!?
What could be causing knee pain?
Am I going to be totally awake?
I have a cold and every time i cough my ribs hurt. Why is that?
"Charley Horse" in middle of night? Pain for a few days. Anyone an expert? (plz read description!!)????????
What could my stomach pain be?
Pain behind ear......?
I have lower back pain what do I do?
My brother is experiencing infrequent abdominal pains located "right at the belt line" .?
Hi Friends, I have a question I hope someone might have experience with; ?
Why is both of my sides hurting?
My lips are so dry, how do I fix them?
i had a nose bleed?
How can you stop the itching exzema causes?
Anti dandruff shampoos?
Verrucas!!!!!!! AAGGHH?
I have terrrrrible skin :( - what can I do about it!?
I have really bad eczema from stress, and I cant stop scratching, please help?
pls help?what is best treatment for psoriasis????
Can I use Nivea moisturiser as sunscreen?
What causaes us to get itchy????
What is an itch??
My mate has a rash on her arm and legs...?
How to quickly get rid of sun burn?
how do i get hard skin off my feet without a pumice stone?
Cold Sores?
How can i get rid of Black heads?
my son has excema could i buy a vest to stop him scratching?
our babe ...we need good advise?
rash between all my left hand fingers?
ladies!I have oily skin but cannot use moisturisers designed for oily skin because they dry my skin?
Dry Skin??
is there a test JUST for chlamydia?
help me about Chlamydia test?
pain in my chest, ?
Which part of the lung does Tuberculosis effect ?
Could i have bronchitis?
risk of surgery complications because of smoking?
slight egg smell in pork?
How do you cure lack of confidence?
I don't know how to comfort my mom's grief towards death in the family.?
Any ideas? I know none of this is normal...?
What kind of over the counter meds or something can you take for anxiety?
Celexa for panic attacks and anxiety?
Is what happening to me normal?
i get upset really easily, and i am always depressed. any help?!?
I have fantasies about torturing animals?
What do psychologists tell your parents?
i just asked this but forgot to list the details! sry..?
strange feelings plz help?
Anxiety Problems/help?
please help im scared and worried?
Am I Insane? Please HELP!?
Is there any way i can do this?
sleeeppp help?
How Can I Kill Boredom?
how do i gain more self confidence?
Why is it, that I am smarter when I get tired?
Should I read about all kinds of spiders and take a 3mg of melatonin before bed?
what effects does xanax have on you?
What is wrong with my stomach?
i think im dislexic, but im not sure HELP?
What to do when I'm bored and sick?
Do I have acid reflux or am I catching a cold? Please help - v. quick 10 pts :)?
why is blood in your stool dangerous?
I think i have a minor concussion? how do i tell? what are the symptoms?
What are some vitamin i can take to increase testotorone? and anything that can help with constupation?
Why do my arm pita stink so much? ?
What should i do with my sickness?
Am i sick or depressed?
Is this a weird area for a lump?
How can you wake up your body parts if they fall asleep?
Why dont I have a penius head?
Can someone tell me whats wrong with me Please?
Has anyone else noticed that we haven't all died from bird flu yet?
can swine flu affect babies?
Is it just me or is there a tense atmosphere in public because of the swine flu?
what is worse a chest infection or a viral infection?
Can I catch stds or is from a swimming pool?
Anyone ever get a pain in their testies when they have a flu?
Is obesity an underlying health problem ? "swine flu"?
Can you contract HIV via this method?
i developed gestational diabetes @ 28 weeks and high bp @ 35 weeks. am i ok to have another?
insomnia causing binge eating?
Is it safe to take darvocet with a fatty liver?
Help for my mom that has just been diagnosed?
I have pain in the abdomen and nausea and lately blood in the stools what could this be?
How can you tell if a friend may have anorexia?
what exactly is insomnia?
Is there a link between a low white blood cell count & a high protein count in the kidney?
could my symptoms equal lupus?
my son ate some lead from a pencil is that going to kill him?
Attn MD's ; PA's ; RN's ; LPN's "upper left abdominal quadrant swelling & Ascites"?
do i have a kidney infection?
if alkaline level is high in the liver, what medication should be done?
I was born with a medical condition that I have no idea what its called.?
What is a safe method of endoscopy?
Question about low sodium levels?
why does chondromalacia patella, or patellofemoral syndrome, affect more females then males?
What is this medical term called?
How to deal with a sibling with drug induced psychosis?
What's the first thing doctors do when a child is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease?
Can go to school if i have a cold/flu?
how do you get rid of scars that leave white skin marks?
My mate fat al claims he has a blood disorder which makes him impervious to cold is this possible ?
Why is Eczema common on the shin?
What is the quickiest way to cure food poisoning domestically?
sign in please!where in the world are you?and what are you doing today?I'm in Liverpool,and I'm bored!
how to use emotional freedom technique?
Best out of the three below? ?
Has anyone tried OmegaFlex/Force in combination with, or as an alternative to, the vegEPA supplement?
Painful muscles and ligaments in an ankle that was rolled over on..?
Therapists,are clients just money or do u feel?
which epecac tablet makes you sick?
I was wondering if anybody knew of Oxymetholone (Anadrol)?
Can strained spinews be treated by alternative therapy. ?
Is Mebeverine hydrochloride the same as taking buscopan?
has anyone tried golden root?
Wild Yam and microgynon 30... ok to use together?
can you withdrawal from suboxone?
where to get Hipnosedon, Hypnodorm, Nilium, Vulbegal, Silece, Darkene, Ilman and Insom.?
experience of a client who has had nutritional therapy?
Where have the Culpepper Stores gone? I want to buy some natural oils for burning.?
Is it possible to grow using growth pills?
Would you know of any remedies for PHN?
has anyone ever takin zalestrim ?
what is the best way to use nuage treatment oil?
When taking performance enhancing drugs?
what about this one.........................?
I have a pain in my chest near my sternum. It hurts a little on the right side, then sometimes on the left.?
Co2 tank inside my dorm room for airbrushing...how toxic?
Sleep pattern is messed up after surgery?
Zit that won't go away?
Is it bad to just drink fluids for 3 days straight? Please explain?
Is it ok to use toilet paper?
I have a to ask all of y'all ????
veins in eye popping out?
consequences of drugs ?
Does anyone have Emblem Health Care for there insurance?
Is my pillow clean??????????
do labor and delivery RNs usually work at night?or can they pick shift?
why can i only hear a little bit of bass?
what is really going on inside a nursing home?_?
Wat job is the one that gives flu shots called?
Boyfriend has olsores and is constipated?
Is my blood pressure too high?
what are some ways you can identify joint injuries?
If a patient came to you with these symptoms, what would you say it was?
How long will I have burn scar?
Acl possible tear am i ok?
Fractured cheek bones?
Will extending or flexing my torn flexor tendon?
how many advil should i take?
Foot injury- please help?
how do i become a homebound student?
I had a knee injury and I am on light duty. My manager started to cuttying my hours and he gives me only?
My eyes have my contacts lining even without them on, is my cornea bruised?
My right eyelid opens wide sometimes, what could this be?
Contact Lens Problem plz help.?
Is something wrong when I put my contacts in?
do i have herpes? needs opinions?
what do freakishly swollen feet mean?
Is walking the sidewalks on a busy road bad for your health?
Why does it hurt to pass gas and stool?
If your kidneys are not working can you still urine?
how can i protect myself before walking into my house thats being fumigated?
grand ma`s knee problem. can`t walk properly?
hey i just got a bump on my stomach?
Ache inside foot but no injury?
Left Arm Pain question?
how long does it take for nutmeg to wear off?
Can someone with a metal face plate get x-rayed?
Can stress Cause a receding hairline or I am balding?
I havethe same pain 2 years later after surgery?
Can migraines cause death?
How safe is Nurofen plus to take?
I want to hurt it more?
Question about a speech problem...?
why am i constipated?!?
How does walmarts 4$ prescriptions work?
My 70MG Vyvance Disinigrated?
I lost my size 14/12 gauge(Forgot which one I have) what can i use so it wont close until i go buy more?
Stomach pain, nausea, slight fever, headache.. what could this be?
my ankels ache during and after exercise, what should i do?
Pain In My Tailbone? Help? Please?!?
pain in my cheeks and headache?
Can xanex make you hallucinate?
I am sitting in my house and I can see my breath?
volleyball shoulder pain...?
How can babies brethe in the stomach?
what should i do about a stiff neck?
Has anyone ever had or no anyone who has had encephalitis?
can you sleep talk and have no recollection of dreaming that night? i also snore occasionally ?
health- coughing, bronchitis? x-rays? hmm...?
What's are some good ways to protect your lungs from the California fires?
does oxycottin come in 5mls?
Lungs and Respiratory system?
I've had an undless stuffy nose!?
emphysema and science?
Can my 4 year old take Rondamine for his cough and congestion?
What to do with a damaged esophagus?
what is a nonspecific nodule?
why do i want to kill?
What is this bump on my leg?
Why do I get a head rush and tingling extremities when I take a deep breath?
Is depression just a phase? Or is it a life-long disease?
Stomach problems! Help Please its urgent!?
is this normall??????:))))))?
What Is ADHD like. My doctor just told me i hae it toda is it hard to cope with?
havent been drinking water and yet i have clear urine?
kidney failure? what are the chances?
how can i dilute my urine for a home drug test?
Could i have CAH and what should i do?
i have a lump in my ear?
My dog is 15 years old. he has ears,eyes & skin is allergic. any recommendation?
How do I know if I have a tumor?
Why should a person who finds a tumor on any part of the body see a physician?
Does Xanax interact with Stilnoct?
took expired sleeping pill got sick wanted to sue the store how should I handle it please I am new to all.?
well i do have a heart condition?
over active thyroid?
can a cow die of the flu?
Any update known on research into autism?
Swollen puffy bags under my eyes?
What's the name of that treatment used for fungal toe? I've tried googling, but can't seem to find the name
How much oil could a gumboil boil if a gumboil could boil oil?
How to deal with umbilical hernia in children under one year until the operation time?
Thank's all who answer my question about my friend who recently lost her Mum and Dad had cancer too.?
is it possible for a man who has had testicular cancer to regain fertility?
Does anyone know anything about tracing the origins of a specific asbestos fibre in someones body?
causes of death in teh UK?
my mum has copd?
I think i have Thrush how do i tell my mum ?
Need support for my friend!?
Why are my legs always itchy? and how can I stop this?
My son has ringworm - is it ok to go swimming?
I have always had beautiful skin that was until I developed a form of acne which I cannot clear up despite?
stretch marks how can i make them fade?
My Psoriasis is bad at the moment, I've got creams from the doctors but any ideas on any natural cures etc ?
Red tiny dots on your arms, What are they?
Post Operative Scars?
Terrible itch under my cast (2nd time asking)?
Last result for acne?
What gives you goosebumps?
what if its not worms and just an itchy bottom ?? will the tablet for worms harm them if they havent got them?
Rash on the top of my arm?
what is the best kind of concealer to use?
hi i wanted 2 know why wheneva i go on holiday and do lots of walking there i get sore feet with spots on my?
What is the cause of itchy ears?
i have a purple rash....can anyone help?
Nicotine patches - sticky stuff?
Smelly feet ? Doe's tea really work ?
Worried About a Lump?
how can you prevent nose bleeds?
Am I allergic to something or just sick?
please help feeling of something stuck in my throat?
love the beach but allergic to Sand fleas?
How fatal is rat poison?
Is this something to be concerned about?
Can someone tell me whats going on?
Is there something other then a "Stool Softner" that I could use and be ready to go tomorrow?
URGENT Night's stay hospital canada COST?
I am totally confused about health care..Can someone explain in few sentences which side has better idea?
My Dr's office charges me $20 for Rx refills now?
should i be concerned.?
Could someone please show me how to solve this and explain how you did it? I am lost!?
what do they do for a ???
belching rotten eggs, passing gas, and stomachache?
Is it normal that when i get goosebumps it hurts really bad?
How much swelling after a LATERAL RELEASE?!?
What do you think about health?
really gross question?
thermometer recommendation?
Did I tear my hernia repair?
I have like white spots on the back of my tongue and I've lost my voice :|?
If you got the flu, how many days will you last? I have flu runny nose and sore throat. I'm paranoid T_T?
Are you terrified from the swine flu, should we be?
Weird symptoms? What is it?
Say, if shot with a rubber bullet in the head, could you be knocked unconscious?
Can i catch swine flu by shaking hands with a possible carrier?
Does this mean that I have swine flu?
What is that wierd thing when you punch your wrist, then the inside of your elbow, and then your bicep called?
Can someone please diagnose a problem with my health?
The bottom of my rib cage sticks out?
swine flu pandemic, please explain?
wat could be wrong with me?
Does this mean i have the swine flu?!?!?!?!!?
I've been suffering from a very sore throat for 7 days now. Should I see a GP or would I be a time waster?
What should I do??? I feel sick?
sick? What do I have and how do I get better?
respiratory system??
i smoked up one day and i think my weed was laced cause the walls are still breathing?
Why am I this tired ?
What could be wrong with my stomach?
What's the sound fingers/wrists/etc make when they 'pop'?
I keep feeling nauseous, and having headaches.?
I stopped smoking weed a couple of weeks ago, and suddenly I have nightmares EVERY night.?
Will i be fine to take a drug test by monday?
hi i have been sick.i have been coupghing throwing up.i woke up today with tiny purple/reddish dots on my face?
I dunno if I did ok.. but How can I speed it up?
Help! Singulair 10mg - Skip a Dose, or possible double up?!?
what are the acute and chronic diseases of legionella?
last night i woke up and it felt like i pulled a mussel in my chest?
MY shoulders and neck are constantly hurting.?
Im always making a cracking sound in my joints.. is it bad?
pain in left shoulder blade?
Complications of a bladder sling?
Can my 2 top vertebrae being out of line cause problems with my eyes?
I just got out of a Partshall Program in Borgess Hospital and i still feel the same what do i do?
knee hurts after doing squats?
I have a swollen nose, can aspirin help?
i got 2 swollen fingers when i was playing football. one on each hand! can someone tell me wat to do and how t?
how do i know if it is broken?
i have 4 stitches on my toe...when does that heal? coz i have lots of matches to play with my leg...plz anwser?
I have just recently developed a numbness on my left thigh, there is no feeling of skin contact?
Hip pain after muscle tear?
Paraplegic and stem cell treatment...?
how long would it take?
Help on getting rid of a pulled muscle?
eyeball swelling after shampooing?
both my hands feel heavy and numb?
I broke my toe but I forget what the fracture is called!?
What exactly is tennis elbow?
where can i locate the reflexology point for the amygdala?
Has anyone had any experience of or ever taken the tablets EPH30+ Extreme?
Can someone give me details about Kombucco Orientalis? Thanks!?
does holy basil work better on a liquid form than a capsule form.?
Does exposure to the cold strengthen your immune system ?
What is Meen Green Incense?
Do u know what is polysaccharides and glutathione? N what benefits and function on human body? Contact me.?
capsiplex has any one used it and dose it work?
Please give me some tips in a Pediatric nursing job interview?
Sleeping pills.. anyone tried these Asphalia?
I need to take cortisone in small doses for adrenal exhaustion, but my stomach reacts terribly (continued)...
can anyone recommed a good detox yoga centers in thailand?
Essential Oils...................?
where can i buy magnesium citrate in the uk?
name 4 physical signs of illness and name 4 psychological signs of illness?
Has anyone tried Dr Allen’s Device for Kidney Care?
Where can I buy Ayurveda Bio Kajals?
why do we often develop bad head aches after first beginning to over come a cold fever?
Which is the best hospital ( for children ) in CARDIFF -wales , UK?
Doksilan is Turkish but i dont know what its for?
What goes into organic sunscreens?
what is green powder? If ther is no Green Powder, What is the best alternative for this?
what should happen to people who develop incurable contagious diseases?
Are these Dizzy spells?
if you have lost alot of blood can you get serve aplastic anemia ?
Does anyone know anything about small fibre neuropathy? Dr.Frank perhaps?
blood when i tried to poo!!!!!?
Lower left abdominal pain?
Regular bowel movement.?
wHAT'S that mental disease called....?
Does problems with your liver cause stomach pain and problems urinating?
Hiatal Hernia vs. Heart Attack (how to know)?
I look anemic, i feel anemic but i'm not anemic - any ideas?
should i be drinking cold or warm drinks for swollen tonsels?
my throat feels swollen?
name this .. if u can?
Who Gets Down Syndrome Help please?
Dryness in one eye, pressure in temple, tingling face?
Feel really panicky at random times.?
I was notified Thursday that my brother's wife died suddenly after a long illness?
sooo how does the liver transplant work?? its very urgent?
Where can II get Low Intensity laser therapy using my private health insurance?
why cant i just be happy for once?
I think I might be developing an eating disorder?
What kind of medication should someone with Borderline Personality Disorder be put on?
how can i sleep?
how do i know if have adhd?
please tell me the medicines to overcome the problem of depression and for good sleep?
i keep seeing ants crawling on the carpet?
When do dreams occur? During the last few minutes of sleep? or all throughout the night?
I find being independant difficult?
What should I do????
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Wha keeps you driven to keep living I guess? To keep trying? Do you know the answer?
i need help in knowing if my best friend has an addictive personality.?
18yr old very bad depression but doesn't believe there is anything wrong. what to do?
What disorder do I really have?
Should I go to a psychiatrist...?
im becoming paranoid?
why have i stopped talking????
Is it normal to hear voices in ur head?
what makes a person have a stoke and what would it do to them after they have had one ?
Preston is a 35-year-old male living with human immunodeficiency virus [HIV].can he b placed on the ....?
could i wear my contacts if they've been dried out?
How long can you wear contact lenses?
Irritation in one eye after putting in contact lens. PROBLEM!?
What will happen if I adjust to these glasses?
does opening your eyes under salt water damage them?
If you get scrabbed by someone with HIV can you get it?
Type 1 Herpes, can i have a normal relationship?
when will she die of her brain tumor?
how to get so sick i go hospital?
Why is it important to maintain the medical records and keep them accurate?
I have a question about hypnagogia and REM sleep?
I was having a dream and during the dream I realized I felt like I had the wind knocked out me,so I woke up...?
I had severe stomach cramps, diarreah and cold sweat last night. Some bloody diarrhea today. Normal or not?
What do you exhale when smoking?
Chillblains - is it true that your own urine can stop them being sore?
I'm so frustrated. Diarrhea/nausea question?
I have been having this pain near my chest for a while now...?
serious question: is their a way I can permenently flare my nostrils?
I think I have OCD????
would i be well enough to go to school?
Would drugs be developed the same way as medicine if they were legal?
My mom kidneys are bad, now she acts crazy?
How do I treat a gastric ulcer?
How can I treat my hands from getting rough after lifting weights?
What can I do to fall asleep easier?
Hey my friend has a drug test?
Would I need surgery?
internal septum what is it?
what are some good things to eat for hypoglycemia?
what could be the mechanisms of tumor metastasis?
Has malaria ever been in the UK?
medicin- what is -bisoprolol ratiopharm for?
whats best moisturiser with natural tan. i have fair skin . cant catch tan in sun?
Does anyone know anything about bladder pressure problems leading to kidney failure?
how come every time i scratch my neck the skin peels off and bleeds?
hi can anyone tell me Wat swollen blood cells mean or tell me a web address?
moles under ur skin?
Cat with allergies not any better. Now eye is draining!!!?
Am I having an allergic reaction to my lotion?
Should I be worrued about hives during pregnancy?
Can Coca-Cola cause diarrhea?
Dark chocolate allergy?
Why do people who come from hotter climates tend to have fewer allergies while those form colder ones more?
scratchy throat cough and fever?
Could my cats new eye medication be making me break out in Hives?
Do air purifier work?
My eight month old has chronic congestion. ?
is there any truth to dogs contributing or causing bronchitis or upper respiratory infection?
Why does it seem to make my windpipe sore when I take/hold deep breaths?
How does alzheimer's disrupt homeostasis?
way COPD pt realated to PaCo2?
how to get diagnosed with asthma?
why does it hurt when i cough?
What's the best way to give a 10 month old nebulizer treatments?
is it safe to sleep with a Humidifier on?
i have a very deep voice .. i have difficulty speaking.. Give me tips make my voice better..'shallower'?
Why am I coughing every thirty minutes?
Should I double my medication dose in the beginning?
Women who have had pectus carinatum?
is there any medical equipment used in third world countries? if so, what?
Where can I get a physical?
my 4 year old has green colored stools?
Can you help me find good health insurance?
why did i just suddenly feel like this?
Does anyone know where I can donate blood and/or plasma near Howell Michigan?
How to quit smoking without your parents finding out you do?
Am i dehydrated or something else?
Is it safe to take a steamshower (115 degrees for 15 minutes) while on blood thinner (coumadin)?
am i addicted to sleep aids?
Why is my nose swollen on one side? its been like that for years and makes my nose look uneven and crooked.?
Opening spinal tap pressures?
the middle of my aapple was brown?
What would cause severe and sudden belching and flatulence lasting a few days?
Help for Heroine addicts ?
Opiates: What should i do?
i need some suggestions for my medical terminology paper?
Swollen and sore throat on just the left side?
I am having head aches everyday what should i do?
mini pincher 7 years old had approximately 12 primary seizures, one every hour. Vet gave her phinobarbinthal?
i had a panic attack a month ago..if i had high blood pressure would they have told me?
i have this bump on my head?
Does anyone have diaphragm spasms after gallbladder surgery?
Question on annorexia for a report?
Can Multiple Bursitis and Tendinitis Syndrome sporadically change affected areas?
Numbness in fingertips.?
Think I may have ocd?
sometimes when im sleeping it feels like my brain is shaking and it wakes me up but goes away when i sit up?
I took Excedrin about 4 hours ago?
What makes our skin "waterproof"?
eye headaches? reading dizziness?
Is this a proper excercise to determine ACL damage?
blacking out, my first time....?
my appartment has mold. i need to know if i can take my clothing to the new place or the mold will transfer?
Why is my nose like this?
Is obesity the most serious illness in Canada?
How long does it take for your body adjust to a new med? Started taking clonazepam .5mg feel terrible tired?
On the top of my dogs nose, its very dry, cracked and sometimes bleeds, what can I do?
What is the best treatment for uneven skin tone and acne scars ?
Is it normal for a freckle to change color?
How does itching during exercise happen? Is it common?
Facial redness - veins. Cause & how to get rid.?
Ezcema ????
is there a kind of disease/illness that stops your skin from healing as fast as it should?
removal of blackheads?
Does any one know any good treatments for Psoriasis?
What causes an itch?
can someone tell me how you catch ringworm,and how do u treat it?
how do i treat a burn?
Can I get cosmetic surgery on the NHS?
Help me get rid of the itching!! please?
online gp appointments?
Do Chip Fractures actually heal?
Could I have a concussion?
Did I do something serious to my knee?
My Ankle's been hurting? Over a week.. please help?
Punched a wall. Fingers feel like they're burning.?
Hit my knee 4 months ago, still hurts?
so i punched some kid hard 2 weeks ago and i broke my pinky knuckle. i let it heal up thinking its gona be ba?
Ive been feeling really sick lately ive never felt like this before any ideas?
What is wrong with me? My Joints ache, knees, shoulders, hips, spine, neck, elbows..etc.?
Why do I get Cold Fingers?
Sharp pain on left side?
My finger tips are very painfully cramped or something?
Why does my foot get numb?
my neck has been hurting very much. anybody no wat i can do? ive tried icyhot. doesnt work. help?
pain under my armpit. help?
Minor back ache relief?!?
Could anyone recommend a compassionate pain management doctor in chicago?
i cannot wake up in the morning is it normal???
pain in left leg hurts to take deep breath, walk, stand, it has been hurting for about a week, no pain med, wk?
I have a really sore thorat?
is something wrong with me? why do i feel hot in da back of my head when i throw something w/ all my strength?
HELP!!!!!! Tendinitis?
Wat causes my leg to become pain full after sitting for a short while?
What is the pain in my shoulder?
What do you think about to swine flu?
Is There any food restriction for Crohn's disease patient ?
Why do you have to have a flu vaccination every year?
Does my dad have swine flu?
Swine flu............?
how do you get rid of tonsillitis?
How do i get rid of a cold quick?
how is Sean going to sleep with Violet-she's HIV positive!?
Why do you feed a cold and starve a flu?
Can you catch a bug from the smell of someones sick?
Can anyone explain why prednisolone or prednisone changes or suppresses thyroid stimulating hormone?
A quarter-sized patch of 2% iodine on your skin once a day advocated when sick, this is new to me?
how do you more effectively reach subcutaneous reflexes on the sole of the foot?
biotin supplement help?
Concentration - pharmaton or actimind?
is nytol tablets much different in quality to 5 HTP?
does kimi work?
Does anyone know where I can buy something called "Renalcal" in the UK?
Where can I buy a Rumaton bangle?
what is legal reqiuremnet of producig a new drug in uk?
Are both vitamins and minerals absorbed in the gut? & Do they both require stomach acid to break them down?
Acupuncture point for the kidneys?
bio resonance?
digital radioghraphy advantages and disadvantages on conventional radioghraphy?
Rent Supplement Question?
Has anyone in the UK used mukta vati ( muktavati ) to treat high blood pressure ( hypertension )has it worked?
i was with people drinking gbl and they do it every weekend?
Hypnotherapy & anger management - success stories?
Are there any tablets that can replace ponstan forte?
have u herd of dr owandie?
Where can I buy parts for a Fuzion Vaporizer - SVR 800?
what medicine has thc in it?
Why do I have to get up 2 or 3 times a night to use the bathroom?
cracking my back and other joints?
what causes bright red blood in my stool?
Anal fissures??????????
Can anything bad happen from taking a single lortab 7.5 to get high?
Having health issues nobody listens to me?
what are some tips to get thought Health class?
adderall + prozac + birth control + allegra + antifungal?
How much should I weigh?
Why am I always so tired?
im trying to get help for my adhd. will i get drug tested if they give me medication?
Is it safe to eat Vaseline?
When i stretch i have a sharp pain in my lower stomach?
How can I stop my hand from shaking?
What type of music affects hand-eye coordination more?
what can I do about my husband's left nut hurting?
Do you have to be a certain age to buy sleeping pills?
my white blood cell count is at 14.6 is that bad?
does lateral infarct and inferior infarct mean a heart attack on an ecg?
can you explain a buldging or twisted arota is?
why do my 14 year old daughters hands go white and swollen when cold ?
do social factors affect how many people get MMR?
Do people who live in Sri Lanka get the MMR vaccine?
Stem Cell research may offer hope.Who benefits short & medium term?
Does anyone have personal experience of using L DOPA to reduce tremor in Parkinson's Disease?
my baby had hepatitisB vaccine a month ago ..should he get secon dose?
I am looking for a bottle of skin shield to paint onto earings and my glasses so the metal dos'nt touch skin
Can a thrush get thrush?
when levothyroxine tablets are given?
My bruise wont go away PLZ help?
How to break the news to family and friends that I have terminal Liver disease?
anyone else feel like they have the flu when starting zoloft?
is there an arthritis that can effect the muscles & not the joints?
stomach virus ? what can this be?
My hand won't stop shaking?
Ways to cease insomnia?
Abusive blackouts while sleeping?
Do you think i will be put on a hypothyroid med?
How long does it take for Wellbutrin to work?
is paracematol safe to take for my kidney infection (to reduce fever)?
Why do I get lightheaded when I laugh?
why does the top part of my throat feel swollen?
Is there something called for this?
What does it mean when i lose feeling in my hand when talking about blood?
Rushing sound in ears?
What is a heavy metal detox, and can it help treat schizophrenia?
I have no energy anymore. I'm numb. What's wrong with me?
My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and her feet are really hurting her. Has anyone ever had good shoes to help?
Should all hernia's be repaired asap?
Can i make an appointment with a doctor that is not my primary care physician?
can anybody tell me that from which problem we suffer when we reads in striaght laying position?
I had a lobe removed from my lung due to cancer. Has anyone had this procedure & how long is recovery?
I'm doing a project about based on smoking and tobacco usage?
I have a terrible Cough, Whats wrong!?
Wat r the deiffernt stages of sleep?
Prednisone Information and Side Effects?
Granuloma on the left lung?
my ear is 4 times its normal size and it bleeding and the lobe is hard!! what do i do?
im gettting sick with the cold!!! help!?
what an they give me at the hospital to help me with my cough ive had for 4 weeks now?
why is an ekg read with the letters pqrst and not abcde?
Deadly headache !! need some help !?
which humidifier is best - steam or cold?
I have been wearing hipster jeans over the years & I now have a permanent dent in my sides how do i get rid?
Why are some folk prone to illness and others like a friend of mine who?
how long after exercise and diet does it take for weight loss if any .?
can you take folic acid while on fluxetine 20mg capsules?
are there risks in having operations when you don't have a spleen?
Is it true that when you eat fish and yogurt together you get white spots on your face and has anyone had them
I had decompression surgery for Chiari Malformation in Aug 05,now having repeat symptoms..anyone else/same?
Any remedy/cure for 'Hot Flushes'?
what does it mean if my back often clicks when i breath?
what is the theme for this year world hepatitis day?
Axile Myopathy what is it?
what are the average weights of 12yr old boys of India,US, UK, Somalia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia?
serious problem! please help?
I have to take a UA today and I have opiates in my system. I have a friends pee, that is clean. What do i do?
Weird sensation in leg, sometimes my ankle, and right side of my back when needing to pee?
Why do some doctor say if you eat one apple and one banana a day you will cut down the number of-----?
I am going to be working at a daycare.Being that I am a chicken when it comes to doctors?
Which SIDE of your BED?
I threw up last night, and I want chicken wings.?
what time of the day should you take a bath? before you go to sleep or right when you wake up?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
sleep deprivation weird sensations?
Why do i twitch when i sleep?
My lower back cracks/pops every step I take when I walk. Does anyone else have this problem?
If you have A.D.D can you have slight mood swings?
Does being anemic cause u to become nocturnal?
Why do they have lines on their glasses?
does being around ppl who smoke hair test?
Is this sick to think this?
i need help turning my life around!?
The most common cause of iron overload is?
Can you please explain what you know to me about...?
will i pass this urine drug test?
Does anyone else sneeze when using a Qtip?
how do i get medicare?
Relaxers like Marijuana?
what does a marijuana pipe look like?
i am somewhat having the same syptoms i had when i had a urinary tract infection.i have pain down in my?
I got HBsag positive. Cut off value 55,470 CPS, patient sample rate 18,25,22,330 CPS. Is it very high level hb?
Help diagnose me? I went to the doctors and they did not help at all. My doctor said I have a viral infection.?
Why do tears have a salty taste to them?
Change from heavy to light smoker ?! Help !?
Help with a broken foot......? Still painful..?
My shoulder feels like a pinch and it is all red?
Elevating a broken arm...? what do you think?
I cant remember the name of this bone problem?
is it normal for both my shin bones to be sensitive/easily injured?
Hit my head last night and knocked myself out!! should i get checked out by a dr. or am i fine?
Is my middle toe broken?
my foot has swollen from the cold, what to do?
how long is a pinched muscle in your back last?
I broke my toe then began to pass out?
Is there a nerve in your upper ear cartilage? I really need to know! Piercing ear! Picture inside! HElP!?
Wrist hurts when I do pull ups?
I cut myself a week ago and it's still there?
i think i have a pinched nerve in my foot... is this something i should see a doctor for?
I cant hear out of my ear, can you help?
does you life ever get very very very bad.... how do you get through it?
Why am I constantly tired?
please dont send me hate messages but...?
Anger and Bipolar Medications?
How do I tell my boyfriend I still cut?
Why can't I fight this?
URGENT: what's wrong with me?
Why would a good looking, popular 20 year old kill himself?
I just can't live like this anymore?
Help me, I think i'm obsessed?
I'm a victim of rape 30 yrs. ago My Mom just pass-away yesterday now today I feel awful I don't know how can?
I am afraid of eating...fat!!!!?
How can I get rid of my depression?
Do you think that I am an alcoholic?
What are the risks of self harm?
Why am I so paranoid when it comes to going out and having fun?
pain management trouble?
Hot water sensation on my foot?
my eyes are getting worse?
When did the Gundersen Lutheran clinic begin?
Head problems? Help! Tingling in head?
Why is my left elbow getting these pains?
why does it hurt.......?
what is the best way to strech your back out?
pains in left side of stomach, what is it?
Tailbone Pain, Trouble Walking?
What are some fatal allergies and what are their symptoms?
my nose hurts? >_<.....?
is it possible for the baby to be allergic to cigarettes and it affects the mom?
Help with my son's facial rash?
if i am allergic to latex should i not smoke opium?
allergic reaction to a mango.. lol... face is swollen?
Does skin of nose becomes thick after septoplasty?
I am a wide receiver playing college football, and my resting heart rate is 39-45, is this a problem?
What if the top number is only 100 and you have high blood pressure?
How to reduce exam stress?
Do i have thrush or something else?
Can penicillin kill chlamydia?
Can you take Kalms when you take other medication?
Which 3 ingredients make up the hangover cure the "Scorcher"?
Where to Get Qarshi (Pakistani) Medicines in UK?
Has anyone tried first vita plus natural health drink?
Has anyone tried Kratom? ( legal herbal high)?
Has anyone had any positive results from having acupuncture to treat colitis?
Yoga and detox retreats?
Looking for hard to find bottle top?
Helix Aspersa Muller...?
how long or how do you get a normal digestive rhythm after taking/overdosing on senna laxative tablets?
Do any alternative medical practitioners you know advocate childbearing in prime years ending at 35-40?
i suffer with p.m.d.d?
Where can I buy a second hand hyperbaric oxygen tank in the UK?
is there a clear vanilla essential oil that doesn't have bits in it?
i just got a bag of kava kava root powder?
How Does Health Service Provide Support to Vulnerable Community!?
I'm having Shiatsu therapy this afternoon for the first time?
Hi, does anyone with a chlorine free house and a strictly organic diet have a room to let in UK?
Is the term pink roses used for a drug nick name?
is it possible to get a buzz/high from stratera?
Idebenone has anyone tried this? I am looking for some thing to boost energy. Struggling to buy in UK?
Can cannabis kill you?
I have a lump in my ear about the size of a pea. What is it?
Squeezing spots - Good or bad for the skin?
Do adults get acne and blackheads like teens do?
i have been itching all over my body for the last week or so,mostly at nights. one night it was so bad...
How do i do this?
small but rock hard object..?
What cause's the little white bumps/spots on the end of the tongue, i have one which is very painful?
Is this the beginning of frostbite?
How do i help my stretch marks fade?
psoriasis of the scalp - treat it?
why is my ringworm getting worse?
Serious Acne Problem?
I over sweat?
why do fair skin people feel the heat more than dark skin people if black is a hotter colour?
Do Boys like it when girls get acne (teenage spots)?
Acne gone, what about blackheads???
how to get rid of cutting scars...fast?
i m having problem with my skin?
which disease causes an unwashed appearance on the neck?
skin disorders?
can damp and mould be caused by someones life stile?
itchy mouth?
how serious is fluid on the lungs?
tips on getting over the flu quickly?
Please recommend a cancer support group in USA for young adults?
redness of face when in the cold and the sun. stays all day even if I'm not in that environment anymore?
Do you have a hiatus hernia and if so do you find it causes you to cough and get very breathless.?
i have just been diagnozed with an ectopic kidney, how seriouse is this and what is the usual remedy?
do you anyone who suffers from dsypraxia?
examine the ways in which rationing in the nhs has been carried out and evaluate the problems that may arise?
Scent related illness?
what is the best treatments for anorexia? and how long does it take to cure anorexia?
So, anyone had Swine Flu yet?
Can you sweat out the flu?
How did Swine flu originate?
How can i make sure i am prepared for a severe swine flu pandemic?
Whats the 0.01 percent of germs that Domestos can't kill???
Is it possible to catch a cold when you already have one?
The big deal about swine flu?
MMR Injection? safe or not?
how dangerous is mumps?
The gvernment are posting flu guidance leaflets to everyone- what if your postman has got swine fever?
Is a pandemic flu vaccine being made now ?
doctors please help me.?
childs swine flu jab ??? any feedback would be grateful good? bad?
Is tonsillitis worse than flu?
Having diarrhoea for 1 month and having stomach ache after eating?
Period for 2 weeks diarrhea and dizzy spells ?!?
is it bad to give up smoking immediately and going cold turky?
how much should a four month old be on milk wise with acid reflux?
very sore after kidney infection?
Swollen Throat? Advice please.?
What is the symptom of vulva itching or pruritus vulvae ?
Lots of blood in stool?
why do my doctors think my chronic pain is only in my head. I have suffered for 4 yrs now. joint pain all ov?
I have a small lump on my inner thigh, what is it?
My boss used to smoke inside our aircondition office, is there a big possibility that it can affect my health?
Bump on left side of my head?
Is my Scoliosis really bad?
does anybody know about this sickness?????????
Lightheaded tired out of breath feels like heart beats slow?
Can you take thyroid and cholesterol medicine at the same time?
Positive yet negative for Crohn's Disease?
please put your thoughts on my Anemia? CBC test common or no?
How can an infected toe be cured?
What is the largest non-occupational source of radiation exposure?
Blue eye drops and contacts?
Getting colored contacts?
disposable contacts wear or open?
I'm trying contacts today, any tips?
What is the cause of a white blurry upper edge of the iris?
Does anyone have concerns or know about the affects of crystal meth in our drinking water?
Why Am I Sick Every Morning?
why do i keep catching the cold?
I blew my nose too hard and now my left hear can't hear myself clearly. Is there a solution to this problem?
Name some simple foods that are rich in Vitamin A?
What keeps making me sick?
Omg! Please please help....?
lumps on my neck...possibility of cancer? i'm freaked out?
Why does my stomach feel sick/sour every night?
Will someone please help!!?
what is up with my medicair?
prednisone questions!?
i took 175 mg of benadryl an hour ago am i going to die?
can marijuana affect children from a faint oder?
Would a 6 million volt taser kill someone?
Can you die from sleep deprivation?
Does Leg and arm sorness mean I have blood clots from birth control?
Am I going to fail my drug test?
i have a sinus infection, a cough, and a soar throat i am home alone becausemy house-keeper is running late?
Some important info on Asthma?
do i have asthma????? ?
Can ClindomycinHCL be taken for bronchitis or pneumonia?
Who has has the barrx procedure done for Barrett's esophagus?
Depression of steroid levels causes cough?
Bad case of Cystitis please help?
Mysterious Cough, I need help!?
my rat had flem/snot in her bedding this morning, is it a cold or something else, ?
My mums ill again she has pneumonia?
what is a normal temp for a 13 year old boy?
who tryed vigrx plus? what was the results?how long you got to take them?does it really work?any side affects?
what are the side effects of mebeverine hydrochloride?
My work collegue suffers from Asthma..(smoker)?
Has anyone tried Dr Dubrow's Acne Cure?
what does afull blood test, test for?
How do you get rid of shingles?
what is the test for food intolerance??
What Health Problems Are Caused By Tar?..(Cigarette Smoke)..?
what is barretts disease?
do you suffer from TIAs?
on a recent blood test Dr says i have small red blood cells and need further test should i be worried why ?
I have a blue swollen marks under my eyes and I would like to know why?
What is the age of the lense which implanted during the cataract surgery?
is there any support groups on-line for parents who have kids with a rare disorder called trisomy 8?
i sprung my ankle about 3 months ago...?
sore infected toe help?
What's wrong with my wrist? Sprain? Fracture? Very painful!?
Tooth through bottom lip?
Bump on still on an old broken bone?
I have a horrible burn on my neck. Its from my straightner? Is HUGE! How do i make i go away with makin a scar?
Is it bad for my ankle that I sprained 4 days ago to keep cracking?
What happened with jahvid best and his injuries? what was his injury?
damaged nerves? doctor?
How much should i ask for from my T-bone accident?
Scooting on the floor, Ben fell down the stairs and can no longer see. Which lobe was MOST likely damaged?
Nose isn't bruised but it's brown?
what to do for a sprained ankle when you are a dancer?
doing a report on cutting?
How can my friend, who has arthritis in his wrist, go back to playing the guitar?
I am 15 and have a sore hip ???
My 6-year-old complains of knee pain. Help?
Runner with problems with her shin.?
Why does my chest hurt when i clean shoes?
do depressed people know they have depression? and what am I?
Does anyone else feel different and more estranged from themselves? ?
my knee and shins have been hurting for a long time?
i went to sleep with a really bad headache....?
slight pain under right eyebrow?
Why am I always so tired?
What is a good way to curb depression without meds?
Can I get Euthanasia if I am sad and lonely and cant go on...?
Will gabapentin dilate your pupils?
i stab a fork into my leg nearly every period what should I do?
I have a heroin problem. I need help!?
plz tell me what is wrong.............???
Could my head pain described in my last question be a hemerage?
My neck/back is reallyyy sore.?
Thank you Jessica B. doctor prescribe depakote to regenerate the nerves in my back. i have chronic back pain.?
i got beat up & my parents reacted like this!why?
I have pain in my right arm following a minor neck injury?
I have a sharp pain in my lower back. Can any one tell me how to fix it?
what is a good way to get rid of a headache or the hic-ups:)?
I think i might be OCD?
I have a lump on the side of my neck...?