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I feel and hear like my heart stops beating for like one sec when I'm about to sleep?
Can somebody tell me about the safe dosage of voveran SR 100 to be used by 51 year old adult ?
I can hear my heart beating in my left ear, and i have done check-up one 12 days before every thing was normal?
sharp pains in the chest area. heart attack or gas?
Heart Palpitations & Feeling like I need to cough!?
does it mean, when your left arm i numb you have problem in heart ? could you site an evidence.?
Heart Murmur, and no symptoms?
how long does it take after your heart stops for your cells to start dying?
i just got my results of my cbc. my ly is low 18.5 but my gr is 78.7 and gr#7.9 which both are high.?
mitral regurgitation & mitral prolapse?
my doc tells me i MAY be at risk for heart disease what does this mean and is this serious?
how can i call "the baby, who was born with heart attack"?
ingretions is Levothyroxin?
Hyertension and work?
What is sara disease?
anyone got rosacea and know effective treatment?
what could cause orange glow in eyesight only left eye,worse in bright light and sunlight.?
I have a really sore throat with big enlarged tonsils!?
really painful earache?
Can I take a third Tylenol for pain?
Pain hurts really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i put a belt on my upper waist to tight and now it hurts?
injured my leg/knee could it be bad?
I worked out yesterday and am really sore, should I wait a day to work out again?
whats wrong with my hand?
My throat hurts what to do?
whats wrong with my thumb?
Pain in back shoulder blade, comes across top of shoulder blade/ball and down to elbow. arm hang hurts. What?
Lower left back pain! Radiates to my hip sometimes?
Question on protien conversion to glucose..?
How do you make cuts less visible?
i think i got drugged last night i feel so bad help..?
Had an allergic reaction to melatonin, my lips swelled up. How do I get rid of it?
ahmedabad child specialist?
Tired- kind of light headed- headaches-?
Reasons for loss of appetitie? Should I see a doctor?
How long will I have spotting for?
How can I make my legs stop itching?
Can teens schedule their own doctor's appointments?
Why does my spring water burn my tongue and lip?
Restless Hand Syndrome?
What is the cause of these stomach pains?
weed help/questions!~?
Ideas about joint pain and rash in my 12 year old son?
Good ways to calm bad nerves?
Nose splints surgery! Does anyone know much about this?
do you thhink angel bites would be alright if im getting braces soon?
Dude, is that srsly true?
whats the weirdest accident you have had the required going hospital?
Which country has the most advanced medical care ?
Why do I moan loudly while sleeping?
were can i find and buy the herbal pills vegPA?
Homeopathy success stories?
What are some simple remedies for a cold?
Do allergy relief antihistamine (chlorphenamine maleate ) tablets stop the contraceptive pill from working ?
Where can I get free hypnosis downloads?
what is the best cream to remove the marks caused by chicken pox?
How does the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in London work?
im taking iron supplements 'legoffer' 2x a day?
Acupunture for sciatica?
does anyone know what barefoot's dewormer is ? is it safe to use for people with crohn's disease ?
What's the best position to work in a hospital ? ward based/ clerical / reception?
i want to know if there is any operation in the world i can have to improve the condition of body witch its in
Is stopsmokinghereford website text copied from another site?
how do i register to a new doctor?
Any home remedies to treat cystitis?
Lemon Balm - as a suppliment for tiredness and low mood...any one tried this?
pros and cons of st johns wart?
A question about using Indian hair oil?
Ibogain (Medically not approved)?
Can i see a chiropractor on the NHS?
how do i improve my eyesight fast without lens or contacts?
why do lenses have an expiration date?
Is it bad to take your contacts out when your eyes are super dry from wearing them?
sore throat?
Is smokeing weed okay?
if i have post nasal drip?
can give him Vick's even if menthol and camphor is present that is to be avoided to be given to g6pd patients?
Is there an injection/IV drip treatment that will protect an adult asthma suffer for 1, 2, or 3 months?
I drank out of my sisters cup will I get pneumonia because she has it?
Cant always breath a full breath.?
White asbestos is the same mineral as talcum powder?
hi can u tell about diet what i can give to my baby hes suffering from pneumonia?
Help for asthma trouble?
how long before an operation should you stop smoking so there is no trace of chemicals in your blood? ?
chest pain and high blood pressure.?
Its either Bronchitis or Paranoia?
Snorting Heroin?????
I smoked about 2 days ago and my drug test is tomorrow afternoon, is there anything that can help?
what percentage of tar, does the plastic filters we use with our cigarettes it absorbs?
lysosomes involvment with leprosy and rheumatoid arthritis??
a mate of mine is suffering from what he thinks might be Hidradenitis Suppurativa?
Hi. my daughter inlaw is allergic to soy beans, anybody know a good substitute in chinese recipees?
when you're cold why do you not get goosebumps on your face?
what is ramipril 1.25mg ?
Has anyone had a steroid injection for rotator cuff syndrome in the shoulder?
I have an allergy to pine resin glue in shoes, can anyone help me find an alternative?
what is the translation of pneumococcal infection in chinese?
Can anyone who works or has worked at Flushing Hospital in NY tell me what kind of drug test they do?
havent been eating for about a month..?
is it possible to get demerol ?
My biceps move all by themselves?
Would I be be better off with five hours of sleep, or no sleep atall . Which would leave me feeling most awake?
Heavy "tired" eyelids..? PLS help..?
Is this a bat bite...?
My friend for many years has had very bad indigestion (acid). What can they take? I here taking tums work.?
Permanent personality change from weed?
really need some serious advice here..?
What is this knot on the top of my knee cap?
i have had thoughts of cutting myself... what should i do?
I can't cry...what's wrong with me?
am i bipolar???????..........?
Thinking about seeing a psychiatrist?
Sleeping been weird lately?
Depression... what should I do?
If I'm in a room with someone who smokes weed, can I get a positive result when tested on drugs?
Would a Canadian please answer?
how can I get my confidence back?
Emotionaly abused by brother?
Should I tell my psychiatrist this? What would I call it?
What can I do to cure my anxiety?
My parents are going away for 4 days, and i can stay with someone, but i have panic attacks, how do i prevent?
Why are people like this?
Loneliness and depression?
why do these horrible things happen in my sleep.?
What are inbred people?
Broken up, ex tried committing suicide. Why does his family blame me?
im nervous about going to this party with alot of people what should i do?
What do you think is the best tasting coffee?
is it possible you can actually touch your elbow with your tounge ???
Are you emo if you cut almost everything except for your wrist?
am 26 and iv been depessed for 5years from my back injury?
My daughter has thrown up her medicine about 15 or 20 mins after taking it. Should she wait till her next dose?
why i can't sleep at night?
Knee pains!! Can anyone help me!?
Am I sleep deprived I never go to sleep before 2am?
How can I change my life?
Sharp pains in my stomach for the past two days, would could be wrong?
My neck hurts all the time what could it be?
hurt my leg. help!!!!!?
I have horrible pain in my ears. I have been coughing for about 4 days. Help!?
Will I be able to read the same day I get a rhinoplasty?
i have fibromyalga , can someone help?
i have really bad ear ache ?
Sudden severe joint pain and swelling in my both feet, both knees and both wrists?
Severe Side Pain? Appendicitis?
Headache, Dizziness and Neck pain?
could this be a muscle spasm?
Why do I wake up with a stomach ache and feel nauseated during the day?
My knees point inward!!!!!!!!!! HELP! (ignore my last question totally wrong)?
After IV in hand I get forearm pain, numbness , burning, and when I extend arm it burns, hurts for about 3 sec?
Shoulder and Hip pain from sleeping on a futon?
Is surgery the first option for tight tendons?
neck braces for whiplash?
What's stronger: 2 Laura tabs or 1 percocet?
The top right of my head has been throbbing?
whats the quickest why to get ill, catch a cold?
name four diseases/ injurise of the Cardio Vascular Sytem?
what is a heartbeat supposed to feel like?
how do you wake somone up from a coma..?
chest pains?
My dad discovered that he is hypertensive 2 days ago, what healthy foods can I cook/prepare for him?
Nursing home question?
I have heart disease, why would my doctor say heart rate not to go over 100? I have Mitral valve with leakage,?
is it normal to have a significant elevated heart rate after working out?
In someone has CHF and is given salt how long does it take to show signs in the body?
What is high blood pressure exactly?
dizziness, weakness?
any tips on coffee for high blood pressure?
how many people have Muscular dystrophy in the usa?
has anyone lost their voice after a aorta replacement/ how long did it take to get it back?
Hi all.....I just found out that I am having twins, but the heart beats are only at 98 and 118?
what should my 6 yr old sons heart beat?
What's wrong with my back?
Bruised Tailbone area?
What is the biggest burn you have suffered?
I keep getting an itchy chin. The itchiness spreads to the sides of the chin and I don't know why. What can
IMPORTANT!: i have stretch marks on my tummy&iv been using cream&theyre breaking up and begining to fade away?
I need some help with spotty skin??
New shoes giving me pain in my feet?
i have black spots on the top of my head. does anyone know what the could be?
my acchiless tendon hurts?
Why is it, that when you roll your ankle, it goes numb for a second or two?
How long will I go to physical therapy and what will it be like?
My girlfriend broke her ankle?
there is this golf size bump or the inside of my crack at the top , it hurts and there is blood ?? im only 14!?
What if you are missing an eye?
Prevent jammed ring finger?
how long due I have to report an injury or fill out a report?
could the tiny bones in my wrist fall through?! it kinda hurts & i have an indent where there should be a bone?
I got into a fight back in april and got headbutted in the back of the head, I've recently been getting?
Is it possible for someone to bite their tongue off from being hit in the chin hard enough?
basically i used hair die on saturday now its wednesday?
What is the best way to make a bruise to go away w/o using make-up?
What have I done to my hand?
would a 50 year old dude be able to hear you talking to someone from about 110ft, normal voice, and?
why the urge to injure myself?
At what age do boys stop growing in height?
I have an IBS question.?
High coming back after exercising?
how to eliminate the pain from a slap in the face?
my feet r blue and cold when i take a showeris this normal?
How do you get rid of redness under your nose?
Prozac When Taken With Other Drugs?
What to do about a stabbing pain in my stomach?
What is it called when someone is trying to read but they can't becuase the letters and words move?
Migraines are interfering with my studying!!?
is this bad? or a normal thing?
Who smokes marijuana?
How do i relieve stress?
20/20 vision but having trouble focusing?
Surgery recovery = beer belly? Help!?
I have had my jaw moved forward for braces, so now my bottom lip is protruding. Help me?
Could this be a brain disorder?
Why am I getting stomach aches frequently for the past two weeks?
i cut the pain isnt enough for me what do i do?
Im having trouble moving my toes?
The back of my throat is killing me?
I've just started using the pill and about a week before my period starts I have this shooting pain when?
how tall will i be when i grow up? im 15 and almost 6ft2?
how to stop weezing when theres mucus stuck in your lungs?
Do I Have An Allergic Reaction?
What allergies why yes?
will a sinus rinse help open ears?
Can I be having an allergic reaction to gum?
I got ranch stuck up my nose help?
Complications from chlamydia?
sinsus surgery?
what is allergy ,what is the remedy on the skin?
the voice of bag puss ?
Can i get a dvt if i take anticoagulants on a long haul flight?
If cancer effects 1 in 3, how many does heart disease effect?
how long dues it take for puffed up tonsils to go back to normal?
Omron home digital blood pressure monitor versus GP's blood pressure monitor?
Obesity 'will increase cancers'?
How do I encourage my GP to organise an IVP?
pulmonary fibrosis?
How does the altitude affect your breathing?
have a dry throat when I sleep in AC room?
What is the best relative humidity level for good night sleep?
Im a college student, over 21 but under 65, are there any free health care programs in NYS that i qualify for?
health insurance questions?
my back hurts... whats proper sleepin posture?
I literally have about 3-4 canker sores constantly in my mouth. What's wrong and how do I get rid of them?
How Does Lack Of Sleep Affect Me?
question about tablets!?
anyone know a website with free downloadable music/relaxation pieces?
Has anybody tried the Q Link pendant. If so, what do you think?
What is the best herbal smoking mixture on the market (UK)?
is it possible to get a buzz or high or strattera?
is mcat addictive when taken orally?
I wanna know anything about Zipvit.?
is there any difference between Tuīná massage and acupressure massage?
Unprescribed Medication???
When are peppermint capsules best taken...before , after or during a meal?
what are hotqueen capsules used for they are a chinese medicine?
what is the chemical compound - or is it acidity? that is in cranberry juice...?
Has anyone used lamp therapy for the treatment of s.a.d and has it been successful.?
hi all, would you know where I can get senna to drink please? thanks?
How can I track down Lorraine Ham - Hynotherapist&healer?
How long to "cold turkey" on morphine?
I want to buy brewers yeast for my cat. Where can I buy that in London?
Can anyone give me advice / or has had experience of Narconon?
Enzyme self treatment [ Kurzyme], does it do all it is said to do?
swollen lymph nodes, please answer?
Adderall ...Please help...............?
What is the sweet tasting outer brown coloured coating on Prednisolone?
What does it mean if you had a positive TB test and Xray shows granulomasin the lungs?
Grade 2/3 Reflux Left side?
who knows if these are signs of bronchial pneumonia?
Cough/stuff in thoat..2 diff antibiotics, 2 months and still not working?
"What causes obstructive sleep apnea?
Can a sleep study diagnose CPOD?
What Causes Hypertension?
Does this sound serious-what could it be?
major: Respiratory Care. whats a good minor?
Blood does not flow through the .....?
i always feel sick :S?
Sneakers and your Feet?
My foot has changed colors, when should I go to the doctor?
Is old vic script, expired 2 yrs ago, dangerous to take?
I've got a pain I can't explain. What could be causing it?
Sudden Pain in my Right Side.?
I have had constant splitting headaches for two weeks.?
My breathing is shallow, and I can't sleep!?
How do I determine the severity of hypothermia?
Ears Popping When I Swallow?
Will HGH make a not deficient person grow taller if their plates are open?
What can I do to treat my edges?
cramps under the bottom of my ribs?
My Bodys Freakinn Out! Help!?
When I was tripping on LSD the other night, I got sicker than ever before in my life. What caused this?
Is the hepatoduodenal ligament superior to the duodenum?
How long does it take for your esephogus to heal after gerd?
i cant decide which colored contact lenses should i use? please help!?
pains in my stomach after i eat anything?
Medical Bridal Party Tshirts word play?
are there plants that taste like marijuana but dont get you high?
Mono vision contacts vs bifocal glasses?
Do authodics correct flat feet?
is this okay how I sleep?
I get sick after I eat....?
do i have ocd???????????????????????????????
Why does my left side hurt where my rib is?
Is there acuvue define lenses in...?
Why is depression unhealth?
What happens if you don't sleep?
how to break this habit?
i have avoidant personality disorder. does anyone else have this or can tell me anything about it?
Do I deserve this emotional and verbal abuse?
Will they make me go? Please read details.....?
Effective way for getting over shyness?
Help me I have some issues?
memory loss and age ?
what is the best way to de-stress?
Anyone? please i feel alone, scared and empty?
Feeling like a lonely person ?
How did it feel when you got out of depression?
Why does everytime i ask my parents to take me to a "profesional" to get help. The say that i dont need help?
Are there any treatments to help extacy side effects?
How do you get over this? ?
how can i get over a fear of heights?
help from someone whose bipolar?
I got a large piece of glass stuck in my foot, what do I do?
How to treat frost bite?
Jarred knee help please?
ive got mosquitoes bites all over my legs what do i do?
first aid for burnt tongue?
one itchy mosquito bite look like on vigina..?
Bruising with a tick bite?
Circulation Being cut off in my thumb?
if mosquitoes were raised in liquid dilluted with antibiotics will they carry its effects once they bite ?
I'm full off of one or two bites?
if i have perforated bowel what should i do about it...?
Could I have caught conjunctivitis from my baby?
Tonsils Question??????????/?
i have an ear infection and started my round of penicillin today...how long before i can notice results?
nearly 33 weeks preg / chicken pox at work?
What is Phlegmish?
i have'nt had my swine flu leaflet, i want to know where it is,?
hi can canine mange be transfered to humans,thanks?
who got swine flu vaccine?
White spot on tonsil??????
is getting an eye infection/conjunctivitis bad or just one of those things?
how long does tonsilitis last?
why does HIV virus damages the immune system?
What precautions are taken to ensure a vaccine doesn't give you the actual disease?
swine flu................?
thalassima Decease Please advise me what is the best & new treatment ?
Do I Have Swine Flu? Please Help! :S?
My 3yr old son had chicken pox 4 weeks ago. Now it as returned, is this normal, should we see the doctor ?
does gastroenteritis require a hospital admission?
i have a cold and i go away friday. Help!?
how long does swine flu last for. will i be able to go on holiday next week ?
i sprained my ankle 3 or 4 months ago. it took all that time to heal.?
How do I fix my pinky toe?
How to help my thumb heal faster and feel better?
what will happen i you fixed up a wound and there is still bullet strapnel inside?
can a pinched nerve in your neck cause your arms and face feel numb?
Hurt my upper back after landing on my head after a flip?
huge bump next to my shin.....?
Painful pressure on the side of my nose?
I broke my 5th metacarpal?
What can I put on a knot on the side of my finger? It's doesn't hurt. I want to know what to do for swelling?
What's up with my knee, i wanna skate!?
What would cause pain in the arch of my left foot on the pinky toe side?
I just got my cast off and it really hurts to move myfoot what do I do to heal it?
I just busted my pinky toenail in half, what do do?! Ouch!!!?
Do I have the right to hit back?
Skin stiches (treated like a graft)?
My embarrassing freckle...?
Itchy eyes from looking at the computer screen......?
My friend has just shown me his hands and they have strange little spots on them?anyone know what they are?
spots under my arm?
A good shampoo for dandruff?
Is a Cortisone injection sore?
Can blushing be treated?
how come we dont notice?
what could this rash be?
Bad under arm sweating?
Why do bed bugs usually bite in the arms?
Will Bio oil work on Acne scarring?
I have a wart on my hand?
why has my little toe turned dark?
Back pain caused by epidural..?
hand discomfort.........................?
Had a bit of an accident!?
Help! knee pain...what to do?
I need some advice...pain relief?
Am I the only one who suffers this much from hypermobility?
Horrible pain in tailbone area 1 month postpartum?
What happen to My Leg ? (Q for Doctor)?
omega-3 have any side efects with other medicain?
How do you deal with a herniated disc while caring for an 8 month old?
i just recieved my catscan report and the radiologist stated that clips were seen in my right pelvis?
I have a sports car and the position of the seat causes extreme back pain any products that will help relieve?
Is taking a second aleve after 2 or 3 hours ok?
Severe Migraines !!!!?
any good pain relief for UTI's?
My arm is being weird.?
I have a bad shoulder pain...Help?
What would cause, me to get pain down my legs and across my lower back after falling asleep sitting up ?
I can't hear out of my left ear am i def in that ear?
Leg and Hip pain...back too?
Which Dr. was the first to diagnose cancer in a patient?.?
Is physio good for sciatica?
Can somebody give me some details on brain abscess conditions?
Could I have shingles even if I don't have a rash?
Does anyone know what to expect when you go to the Neurology clinic for the first time?
How many people in th eworld dir each day from cancer and road traffic accidents?
is Hematuria dangerous?
is there any oral drugs for psoriasis?
Alien Hand Syndrome, Does it exist.. See the links...?
What is a medical condition called something like Morpheus. I need to know the symptoms and prognosis please.?
i have fibromyalgia and really bad tinnitus could it be the medication?
Are there any 'at home remedies' that help with Allergies?
Does this sound like an allergic reaction to you?
Circulation Being cut off in my thumb?
Anyone know any tricks to trick my mom I'm sick so I can stay home?
How to treat frost bite?
am i a mesomorph physique?
Stomach pains for several days and slight fever. Do I have a stomach bug?
Ii hit the back of my head on freezer door. help?
Why can I control tingling feeling in legs?
i jus started 8th grade health class & i would like to kno what imma learn.?
am i getting sick?......?
Effects of the new Cortizone 7 lotion such as hives after usage?
I ruined my athletic ability with drugs/alcohol?
Painful bulge in stomach area?
Symptoms: upset stomach, throwing up,headache? help?
Sick at home for a week?
Help! I procrastinate way to much..?
is it illegal to drug test a patient in ER without their consent?
Is this a medical condition and can it be harmful if not treated?
Almost passed out yesterday, why?
How do EMTs and Paramedics earn a living if they are working as volunteers?
do you think me or my brother could win in a fight?
stomach herts help please?
i have an enlarged spleen?
internal hemmroids... plz help me?
Is it true that refined sugars suppress your immune system?
Something is wrong.. Synthroid & Zoloft together?
Can I get fired from a job I just attained because I have diabetes in Quebec?
i want to know if i have diabetes but i dont want to go to my GP until im almost sure. Help?
can you show me more picture about cancer cause of dry cough show me also the symtoms...?
I have a chronic cough caused by my dry throat. ?
Sleeping with one of those portable fans, I heard it can be harmful if you sleep with one to your face....?
do i have post nasal drip?
chest pain for over a year now.?
problem with lip ring?
what exactly is a hypochondriac?
lump below my ear????
I heard that if you have white have in an early age is one of the symptoms of hearing lost in the Future?
urgent, maybe toxic shock syndrome?
Can cigarettes ill effects cab be reversed?
Are my ears infected?
how to test for argininemia?
Sore throat but.....*please read description*?
Excessive prescription dosage for epilepsy?
Stomach and bowel movement problems?
what prevents the gastric juices that the stomach produces from eating away it self ?
my cat has kidney failure and losing weight?
upset stomach and gas after i eat?
my son has eaten raw turky will he be ok?
What happens if I have large amounts of Ketones?
How can you stop cutting?
Anyone know about AVI-4658, a kind of drug for curing Duchenne ?
why are my eyes to be so chronically red all of the time. I reguarly see an opthamologist & have no disease ?
what is this weird feeling caused by?
plz help[ me im suffering!...=(?
What to expect with Xanax withdrawal?
Suicide number?~!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!1?1?!/!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
Is anxiety a real disorder?
When is it time to go to the emergency room if you feel suicidal?
How do you tell a loved one with dementia... No?
I can't move on...help me?
How should I tell my friend?
Can Ibuprofen increase the risk of a heart attack if you are already having cardiac issues?
Survey question!?
I have just been prescribed zoloft 50mg by my doctor. So I am taking that in addition to 75mg of effexor xr.?
Why is my attitude changing so much? Help.?
im 29 yrs old.My tsh is 0.59. I take thyrox 1.25 mcg. Can i plan a family now??
chalazion problem?
what moisturizing oil-free creams are there on the market?
what are the?
what causes snorting? you know that embarrasing thing that sometimes happens when laughing?
Are there any centers in the UK that treat keratoconus with riboflavian treatment?
I think my husband might have pancreatitis but how do I get docs to check?
UPPER GI ENDOSCOPY. i sitting here really worrying. in the morning i go for upper gi endoscopy. anybody had?
got cold or flu?
Ear Wax???
Clinique Acne solutions soap?
what are these spots on my arms?
Any gastro doctors out there?
im tryin to find a magazine which was inside the news of the warld on 13thmay07 selling super mini hearin aids
What can I expect from an Indian Head Massage?
3 tablets of co dydramol?
alchohol and anti biotics?
Melanol Purifying Lotion?
Aromasin a new drug for breast cancer is there steriod in it?
Bitter taste with zimovane?(sleeping pills)?
Rispidol side effects Help? please answer?
Are there any doctors who know if i can take tramadol as i am on flecainide acetate for a heart arrythmia?
How can I treat my poor iron absorption?
Can you remove the smell of some alcohol gel's?
does mascin tape work for healing varookers?
has any 1 used klb6 wit cider vinegar
Can you list some very good and naturally situated fasting resorts around the world?
Is Kapake that strong it makes you drowsy?
Where can I purchase Maca Root from?
Carol vorderman detox?
Hot Stone Massage Kit?
What is the best way to deal with a come down?
can i claim uk benefits for depression!?
Does anyone know a place to get Aqua Cranial therapy in the UK?
Normal British tea is an antiseptic?
I have a lump on my ear from where i periced it what is it ?? And how can i get rid of it?
Why did my eyes move on their own in an MRI scan?
Ruptured calf tendon related to painful ankle?
do i have a concussion?
bruised lip is black and blue?
how to soothe back spasms?
Is my ankle sprained?
How to fully heal a semi-sprained ankle in about 5 days?
Knee Sprain Symptons?
help i cant move my bak and can only type what should i do?
how to treat a stiff muscle?
shin splints from volleyball...?!?!?
how to get a piercing out of your ear when its closed and its still inside?
What have i done to my leg?
Do I have a broken bone in the top of my foot?
I scalded my hand last week and now it's peeling - will it scar?
Is my ankle really sprained??!!?
big and red area.???????????????
what kind of pillow do you use?
I went to the er and, I was told I may possibly have a torn cartilage. I do not have any insurance but, I have?
I tripped down the stairs and hurt my ankle, have i broken it?
ankle sprain question?
why do i still feel weird 2 days after smoking?
Can you buy antidepressants at a drugstore?
can you get high from takeing 6 benydryll?
How can u get an innie if u hav an outtie?
Diarrhea for about 4-5 days?
Im addicted to marijuana what do i do?
I just want to die.. I'm tired of everything .?
Will two hits of LSD do anything to me, today?
Im scared to eat anything?
Im i still going to grow taller ?
how is that even possible ?
medical marijuana age?
I have body aches headache and stomach aches is this the flu?
Really bad stomach ache?
Hemmoroid Banding Procedure?
what is left rib pain?
I am taking Allerx and it makes my pain medication stop working. Has anyone seen this before?
there is a sharp pain in my left knee when pressed down on?
Do pharmacies have all your info?
Muscle pains in my shoulder/neck?
My dad's lip has swollen up really badly - help! Allergic reaction?
Why won't my mouth stop watering?
Which foods cause allergic reactions with people who have Psoratic Arthritis ?
Used an expired eyedrop help!?
my partner has a gluten allergy can he have ice cream?
Dizziness on elevators?
I have alot of swelling on my eyelids... I have tried everything from ice, to allergy meds, to eye cream.?
I have allergy skin itching and hives and need to find a way to fix it. please help?
Are Praxomine and Diphenhydramine the same?
E-Coli & HUS?
what are the acute effects of asbestosis?
What is the difference between Cystitis and a Urinary Tract Infection?
turners sindrome?
day groups run in the buxton area of derbyshire for illness m e?
The point of a Lymphocyte, any help?
my littlt girl does not eat by her mouth i am looking for a special feeding clinic in austria?
I wonder if you can tell me if, as a person with epilepsy I am entitled to concessionary rail travel Fareham?
what is kidney failure stage 3?
Could this be related to narcolepsy?
Not sure how to deal with 26yr old autistic man.?
Curing my loss of voice...?
i have a blood clog and want to get rid of it naturally and safely?
What could be causing this? What do I have exactly?
Do I have strep or do i have mono? URGENT?
Kidney stone attacks?
Could i have Walking Pneumonia?
diaepam/valium please help?
Serious Drug question...?
sleeping question,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
can I get arthritis already? I'm 22?
Im dizzy,light headed,have numbness,sweaty face,weak,and have nausea?
what is the cause for frequent urination in general?
Lump in Under arm? what could it be?
What is Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology?
What surgical specialty should I go into?
Does this sound like PID?
Am i dizzy because of this?
Sleeping for 16 hours?
I got the spins after partying 2 months ago and have felt weird since...?
is it good to sleep after a big meal?
Why do I keep seeing people on bikes, just before I fall asleep and just as I wake up?
Help! Will I be alright?
Has anyone ever been denied license for RN?
I am looking to go to paramedic school, what classes should I take beforehand?
What can be causing my nightly nausea?
can i take lyrica ans soma at the same time?
what are the steps to becoming a massage therapist and opening my own business?
How can you tell if your tense?
What's the side effects of sleep deprivation?
Tiles that contain 5% asbestos?
do they still make selrodo, asthma spray? i used it about 15-20 years ago?
Please HELP! Its terrible!?
How long should it take for an ankle injury to stop bothering me?
bitter melon tea to slow heart rate?
Racing heart and pressure on chest?
Help, I'm sick and I can't blow my nose because...?
What is wrong with me, i have been getting too hot and blushing a lot?
Why do I keep getting pink-eye (3 times) and getting frequent sore throat/ears over the past month?
Why does the left side of my throat hurt?
I am sick but i dont know what i have?
Is it safe to drink alchohol while taking erythromycin 250 mg?
When should i start my birth control pill?
What do you do when one of your friends smells bad?
what could cause me to get faint and dizzy almost everyday?
What do my symptoms match up to?
Is it weird that I'm so awake and energized?
why do people...................................?
Looking for Med Universities that doesnt have me to do pre-med before Medicine (Majoring as a Nutritionist)?
Why do i misbehave without realizing it?
if i put water and yellow food coloring in a home drug test will it pass?
What does is mean when you discover bruises on you body with hurting your self?
how long do you have to be on incapacity before you get invalidty?
how do you know for sure if someone has stds?
does anybody know how to get rid of body acne/spots?
COLITIS.bloods keep coming back inflammation markers up.last year went into relapse.?
What causes sickness?
can contact with a chickenpox sufferer make a person who has had shingles once to have a seond case of shingle
Does anyone know of any good preventative treatments for cold sores?
Does anyone know where a Tysabri Infusion center in Missouri are?
Why should the inside of a banana skin cure a verruca?
How does one go about enquiring to see if a dying parents body can be left to medical science in Edinburgh?
I don't feel well!?
What condition (s) is Nalcron prescribed for in children?
what are natural steriods?
Do you know any good Chinese medicine practitioner(s) in London?
need help in Acai Berry?
how can i make an herbal extract in a form of powder?
want to know best rheumatic pain killer safe medicine
Herbal help in Aberdeenshire?
Whats best for removing spots ?
how would i establish physiotherapy services in a community who have had no previous physio services?
how have brewer's yeast tablets halped you?
How long does it take for your body to absorb vitamin C?
Mention 40 thing doctor use in hospital?
Can I get contacts the first time I go to America's Best?
is it bad for my eyes if i don't wear my glasses?
always fatigued and feeling weak?
how do i tell if it's appendix or kidney they are both hurting?
Are there any doctors here? Help me please?
see red blood in stool cause?
When you go to the doctor for depression....?
how do you get rid of an eye twitch ?
I am allergic to Colbalt does this mean I can't get a tattoo?
I feel major discomfort in my bladder?
My father had a programmable shunt installed and after few days after surgery he develops problem in focusing.?
I feel dizzy and very sleepy.... please help idk what i need to do?
What medicine is for what? I have a yeast infecton that i got from another medicine i took?
i have been urinating a lot recently?
Does someone know muscular diseases that affect the legs?
liver function tests up to 850?
does monistat 7 cure tricomonas?
ulcurative colitis options?
I am having frequent diarrhea with headaches, brown discharge and loss of appetite. What's wrong with me?
Shoulder blade, Chest pain under the ribs, arm goes cold occasionally?
Pain in lower left abdomen?
Is this an OCD? I'm not sure haha!?
I talk to myself in the mirror. It is kind of like a therapy session. Is this OK?
Anxiety/Panic attack?
could i be bi polar or just depressed?
I think I truley need help (deppresion)?
hey i have a problem help me i realy dont know wut to do?
fourth week of school still no friends and i am very depressed.?
Why Can't I Finish What I Started?
What triggers OCD?! stress?
Please Read This....Please Help...I Am So Scared Right Now.?
Do You ever feel Paranoid for no reason?
i'm worried i might have a mental health problem...?
Whats wrong with me? Maybe panic disorder or really bad anxiety?
Will the doctor ask me if I want to speak alone?
self harm. anyone answer?
I think I have social anxiety?
Finding meaning beyond being a mom - a question for parents of grown kids?
Where can I get a bracelet to staying sober from cutting/ self harm?
how can you be sure that you have sleep apnea?
is diplococcus pneumoniae an aerial bacteria?
My friend has a condition? ?
Chest pain for the last few weeks?
i feel, dizzy, tired, cant breathe?!?
What is wrong with my chest...?
What is wrong with my throat?
how can you find the pulse of a ..?
my dog has pneumonia?? HELP PLEASE ]:?
i have a garndmother with labile hypertension and panic attacks and globus sensation,can you help us with it?
How can i get rid of my sore throat?
Why double my medication?
Breathing issues?????????
i took Artesunate, and for the past two days i've been feeling nauseated and spitting. are these side effects?
What are the harmful effects of lead ?
Do I have sarcoidosis?
I can't fall asleep! Help, please?
Small foreign object in lugs? can it go away?
a question about blue veins?
Whats up with all of this pee standing up or sitting down nonsense? What about the down on one knee?
What about this health care program?
do i have a sinus infection?
Disuse atrophy.... mother got infection on knee after knee replacement?
Is it possible to O.D. off of weed?
Why am I always so hungry?
do doctors at a high school sports physical..?
How do I tranfer my CNA license from New Mexico to Florida? Or What do I need?
how do you know when youv got worms ?
Modes Of Antibody Action?
I don't really feel ill, could I have Swine Flu?
What is the cause of "Hepatitis C " ?
Swine flu estimated death toll reduced?
Can an NHS sight test be given less than 12 months after the last one?
What does mrsa stand for + what does it mean?
I am so paranoyed: Will your appendix only explode if you HAVE an appendicitis?
antibiotics and chicken pox?
I'm really sick today help?
i was sad and screamed at my teacher is this bad?
I was wondering if i have swine flu?
How do you get THC out of your blood stream?
Staphylococcal, concerned for my friend, but could I get it too, does anyone really know?
Stomach Hurting, dizzieness past couple days.. help!!?
my arm hurts what is wrong?
diminished hand strength?
can i have more then the recommended 3 doses of antibiotics a day so i can finish them earlier?
Swine flu cases rise is this a worry?
is it bad to smoke weed if your on birth control?
Can caffeine tread ADHD?
sometimes i feel like?
One of my friends is 21 years old and thinks he has dementia?
is it safe to use two different brands of azithromycin?
Why do eyelids spasm?
Lower back pain and leg pain.?
what does smoking do to your brain?
Have i got Swine Flu or Stomach Bug?
Why does my leg ache when i sleep on it?
How do i get rid of a runny nose!?!?!?
1 Month Old Constipation what to do?
what is Mono and why dont we have it in UK?
pain in my left hand below my pinky finger?
please help me MEDICAL question on lower back pain:NEEd MEDICAL ADVICE?
Is it harmfull to smoke but not take it in I mean just taste nd blow out?
Really bad abdominal pain, what are the possibilities?
I need a doctor or nurses help asap please!?
hip problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do i know if ive broke a bone in my hand?
I need help please (Dr's name/ neck problem)?
im feelin pain in chest from 2 years?
feeling less pain in body?
Veins in arms and wrists sore after football.?
Concerned About Migraine and Ringing In Ear?
sharp pain right below knee cap?
i have a lump on my arm. might of been caused by a bite. its increased in size nd it hurts directly.?
sharp pains in my lower stomach any clue to what it could be???????
I have a throbbing/beating on the side of my head just above my ear, no pain though, comes & goes, what is it?
Would you recomend side swept pangs?
My boyfriend's jaw is broken?
I slipped on ice and landed flat on my upper back. About 2 hours later nausea and diarrhea kicked in.?
My little bro thats 11 just broke his arm!! IDEAS?
I Got My Fingered Slammed In A Locker And The Swelling Hasnt's Gone Down How Should I Stop The Swelling?
Weird popping on left rib area?
if i fell and hit my head which made me unconscious, would my eyes stay open if someone tried to open them?
How do I cure really bad spots in my head when all else has failed?
Procedures to correct collapsed ureter?
How long do I need to take off work after Catheter Ablation therapy for SVT?
My Mum has oesteoporisis [aka brittle bones]. She's 79, has had the condition for about 15 yrs and its got a
where can i find headache specialists in the uk?
how many different types of anaemia is there?
i sat too close to a heater&i hav what we call in britain"corned beef"skin..mottled skin, how do i heal it?
Has anyone tried sulphur tablets for upper arm itching. Were they useful.?
anyone found a miracle ointment for aggressive painfull spots?
Possible Brain Tumor or something else?
Has anyone else with IBS ever...?
how sore is it to get gallbladder removed?what were your symptoms?
blood in stool or not?
will washing my face every night with soap or lemon juice and spot creams dry my face out?
I suffer from rosacia generally across the nose and chin areas of the face.Red,swollen and scabbed,at its wors
Is freezing likely to get rid of my wart?
is it good to have a cream 5 years out of date?
o no spots!!!!!!!!!!?
why do people get spots?
Can you get sunburn on the bottom of your feet?
which shower gel can u recommend ?
how can I defuse a bomb?
Doxycycline or Dianette? Anyone know which one is best for acne?
Is it normal for a mole to fall off and then bleed?
any one know a good way to get rid of spots?
i have a burning sensation in my groan and under my armpits it's not blood posioning?
I feel a spot coming... what can I do?!?
i wake up with ichy heatbumps over my arms and legs , they ich loads and leave scares?
im 14 and i have really bad bunions.what i can do to get rid of them ?
how to get rid of greecy skin?
urghhhh! my exzema is really bugging me!?
dry skin problem?
Is there a doctor in the house? I got ran over five mo. ago. Is my foot permanently injured?
Which person should get help in the ER 1st: someone with a cut, or a maybe sprain?
i have got 1 boil on my nose which is not going is been more than a yr now give me some sugestion?
Could I have a stress fracture on my foot?
where can i do a blood test ?
some surgical questions?
why would a siezure all the sudden occur in a 38 year old female?
Im feeling like i want to vomit right now?
what else can i do if my guinea went to the vet to remove the abscess surgical and it got worse?
Dull pain in lower left abdomen?
I feel sleepy and woozy when I shouldn't. What's wrong with me?
If I were to be admitted into an eating disorder facility....?
Is Celebrex recommended for a 13 year old with long lasting toe pain?
Please help. - Vision problem?
My stomach hurts a lot and i am having trouble breathing in?
I am a Indian Navy aspirant. I am having pigeon chest. Will it affect me in medical round of ssb?
These are some of my symptoms what could I have?
What are the types of disorders are there?
What could this be? A seizure?
What is wrong with my sleeping.?
How does Stasis lead to Edema?
njured?! PLEASE HELP!!!! 10 points to best answer!?
What could my bowel condition be?
Dizziness or vertigo - time to go to doc or will it go away?
how do doctors prefer to treat eating disorders?
What should the symptoms of this tumor be?
Hydradenitis Abscesses - any good treatments?
NIVEA Visage Young Control It Moisturiser isit only for oily skin?
I have been advised that I need a partial gastrectomy. Does anyone have any experience of what this involves?
trouble swallowing?
laser hair removal on asian skin?
what is arthritis and how to cure it or live with it ?
Strange, bony lump on side of foot--can it be serious?
why when you breath deeply you get dizzy?
Does staying up too late decrease your testosterone levels?
How can i have a social life without getting bullllied?
what could this be??
can somebody have an allergic reaction from smoking marijuana or for whatever reason end up in the hosptial?
sleeping problem, please help?
Vitamin D deficiency?!?
can I get over a cat allergy?
Insomniacs: What do you do in your spare time at night?
What gets colder faster: muscle, fat, or bone?
Why am I always so tired?
What drugs are there i can buy that give you endurance? i need a drug that can make my muscles grow. and mnake?
im sick... whats wrong?
why is it that everytime i take centrum, Iron for my anemia or any kind of meds my tummy gets hurt.?
whats the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
My body temperature is lower than normal?
explain ten ways to successfully participate in physical activity for life?
Nyquil + alcohol? help?
I've been feeling more sick than i ever have in my life. Just seeing if anyone has any suggestions?
Question: Reviving A Human?
I want to get BIG!!!?
Why can`t I get past a couple of recent traumas??
i cant stop thinking about my prob?whats the prob with me?cant sleep at night.problems also haunt my dre?
can klonopin get me high?
How do you get over being a hypochondriac.?
mediation for sleeping?
Is ginseng the same as red ginseng or is there a non-red ginseng?
Does anyone know how I can obtain HGH without prescriptions?
What accupressure points can Moxa be used on?
African Dream Root - Anyone tried it?
A good hypnotherapist in Cardiff please?
I am taking 'Levothyroxine Sodium Ph. Eur.' for an underactive thyroid. Experiences/advantages/disadvantages?
any therapy for dystonia ?
pro plus caffeine tablets?
rolexes ecstasy anygood?
Do I need a specific qualification to operate a Bio-Energetic Regulatory Medicine machine?
colds and now cough, what should i do?
unknown infection,what should be done about this?
I have a violent cough?
have constant tightness between throat and chest....?
consequences for steroids?
do both lungs become infected?
mucus coming from colon?
I've had a cough for a couple weeks and i have like pressure on my lungs should i go to the doctor?
Which of these Bronchus are largest?
Can tuberculosis be transmitted through blood? For example: A needle stick injury from a probable TB patient.?
tightness in temples ?
persistent cough, shortness of breathe, dizzy on standing &occasionally palpitations & chest pain wen coughing?
Should I get lasik surgery?
My eye keeps hurting and watering. Please help me?
what do green eyes mean ?
is it safe to use alcohol wipes to clean my glasses (lens)?
My eyes will NOT stop blinking. Other than Blesphorospasm, what could it be??
Health Insurance delimma.?
twitching right eye lid?
why does this feel this way?
I have worn glasses for many years. I'm wondering how much it would cost me roughly for double-vision contact.?
Feeling tired and maybe ill?
Is it normal for Oxygen levels to drop in the recovery room after surgery?
What is this antibody?
its 2:38 I've got into a habit of late nights but i really need to go to sleep! please help?
Is this really possible with HIS health care program?
back of the knee pain?
the mole on my face need help quick?
can one make her eyes clearer than it is if it continuously looks smoky?
i want to see some examples of ecg readings and understand what the readings mean?
Inflamed, itchy rash on feet, What is it?
I get pain in my hands and feet when I eat any fatty food, why?
What infections include cough, chest pain, fatigue, spitting up blood, and fever?
How long would it take a doctor to tell you if you had something serious?
Having bowel problems for the first time,should I avoid gluten and milk?
Why it is necessary for an inflamed appendix to be removed by surgery?
What is it like for epileptics at school?
normal bowel movement?
Shaky hands after laughing hard?
Do i have high blood pressure ?
How can I get back my dead brain cells after reading Twilight?
There is something wrong with my stomach.?
Sharp pain directly under left rib cage?
need help with medical term?
Do I have a sleep problem if I always feel sleepy during long tests and exams?
fatigue? rely? its all the time!?
are there more cases of lupus than ever before?
Some information needed please regarding Liver and stomach?
severe lower stomach pain?
what are the symptoms of tuberous sclerosis?
About anurisms in the cerebellum, operation and size, what happens if you waite?
What could all these symptoms be related to?
what kinda of food to eat to protect u from getting sick before exams?
Why does it feel good when I hit myself?
Why am I sick after tea?? ?
Tinnitus question???
I bled green blood? What does this mean? How did this occur?
How does doing Cocaine effect Social Behavior?
Why is it that we are right handed or left handed?
What are the bones in the back that are connected to the ribs?
Paramedics/EMTs: What is the worst thing you have seen in terms of injuries?
how do i spain a wrist?
What could be the cause for this?
does radiologist have to deal with needles during schooling?
Why do I feel like this when I don't eat or drink enough?
Why the constant eye mucous?
I'm ill and I need some help?
why is my son's left side armpit hair color different from the right one?
ive been with my boyfriend for 5 years now he tells me he thinks hes got gential warts?
what would cause a better ankle break?
ive fractured my foot and its turned black and its got loads of blood blisters on it?
How long for Knee surgery recovery?
Left ankle knee and hip problems plzz help?
Is this right? Is this possible?
what can happen when you cut yourself with a rusty razor?
Hurt sternum after a bad fall over a week ago,should I be worried?
can you have a muscle spasmodi from a taser?
Can you tel me what the cause of my illnes is and the treatment.?
Will we ever have a cure for the common cold?
Ankle pains and aches when running?
the side of my foot really hurts when i walk, appears to be slightly bruised/swollen..?
I came home from Kenya 5 days ago and have had abdominal pains and diarrhea ever since. Any ideas?
Any ideas why my knee hurts?
Will swine flu combine with seasonal flu?
Does anyone have Hepititis C or a liver disfunction?
I always get colds, more than other people...?
If I had food poisoning what would my symptoms be?
White Puss On Tonsil??
How does a doctor test a guy for STI's? procedure?
what are the common types of cancers for women.?
Questions about shin splints?
What's better, ankle braces or ankle taping?
Whats wrong with my rib?
Old knee injury and sports - wrap it or brace?
Swine Flu....in BARNET?
does swine flu affect people differently?
I have strep throat already some years i suffer enough with that i never treat it whats gonna happen to me?
My daughter has swine flu when should she be able to go back to school?
Do post-surgical infections always smell?
Steven Johnson syndrome?
Am i'll go throught Liver failure or even death with what i done?
how does a dr diagnose swine flu over the phone?
Malaria!! how is it caused?
Dermalogica Exfoliant Accelerator?
if i have lupus can i have kids?
somebody stood on my arm and my hand is numb?
What can I do to get rid of psoriasis?
60% oxygen via a venturi mask for someone with low sats? y is it so and how does it help the patient??
Does anybody know some examples of Anthroponotic diseases? I'm totally lost on this one, pleeeeease help me!
Whats the best way to get rid of pigmentation marks on my face?
Bleeding/ bruised callus!?
Can you ever really recover from severe anxiety/depression caused by drug abuse as a teenager?
red, swollen lips help!?
im i allergic to cats yes or no!?
what are the acute diseases of legionella?