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Lower your blood pressure?
HIgh Blood Pressure > Exercise ? Read Details?
strange cardiac problems?
When companies do drug testing, do they routinely check for other medical drugs also?
What are these symptoms of ?
Why does my skin get darker when I'm sick?
Sick from Percocet days later?
dose early repolaraization life threatining?
Ive been having sharp pains in my heart for about a week now, what could it be?
can someone please tell me why my hands will not stop sweating! please?
Medical terms and test results?
why is it important to monitor your heart rate?
precautions to take with a hole in my heart?
looking for dr's who perform surgery on humansusing robotics?
IF some some one has a bad Aorta in there heart What does that mean?
Does anyone have pons infarction information?
I'm sick, please help!?
Is it normal not ot be able to fall asleep after brain surgery?
would this kill a person?
Is it good to be old?
umm idk if this is normal...?
is there a name for when a person gets "hot" at weddings?
Why does my dog have a rash...last week my four year old golden retriever developed a rash on his stomach.?
how do i stop sweating if its from medicine?
How to cope with nerves?
If you are taking celexa not for depression does it have bad side effects?
I think I have ADHD !!! Do I ? 10 ptz best answer!!?
Is an addiction for
I need alternative medicine to get rid of my severe anxiety. Any ideas?
how do i become comfortable with myself?
i need help getting to sleep easier?
14 year old girl and really depressed. on anti depressants but there not working:/..?
Is it normal to be this emotional?
My to sisters and I are being "stalked " by a guy in a black cloak What should we do?
is adhd physical or mental disability?
i need help crying =/?
overcoming social anxiety?
Thinking about self-harming?
I think i am schizo?
Suicidal Questions ? Why Teens Think About It ?
Poll: If you were really depressed and needed to talk to someone..?
Help! Do i have Schizophrenia?
I think I am going crazy... HELP?
i want to find any place in the north west that does hyper baric treatment?
odd eye infection.?
What are moles and why do I get more the older I get?
how to work in a multidisciplinary way with health and safety?
what is the difference between sarcoma and carcinoma cancers?
Anyone had bad chemosis of the eye(s)?
Does anyone know, about fussion of the spine and the outcome to expect?
Itchy Hand?
what can you give a coeliac person for breakfast?
Dizziness and thudding heart while using my mobile phone?
Why do my eyes look red in mirrors?
the inside of my eyes is bleeding?
what to do with broken ribs?
How can I heal my split lip?
Only 1 side of my collar bone sticks out..?
please help, i have a small stab wound.?
How to heal a busted lip?
Ingrown toenail for 4+ months?
Is there anything you could do to help a shot at the doctor hurt less?
I have right upper thy pains and i don't know what's the problem?
received a shot on top of hand now swollen and very painful just below injection sight any answers?
i get bad pains please help me?
I had 6 hours of sleep the night before, in back of my head hurts much like having brain freeze. why?
Thumb numb? help? ?????????????????
Stiff joints. Pretty Annoying.?
I woke up and i could'nt move my neck?
Can't hear anything out of my right ear?
just got my tonsils out yesterday!?
what is this TERRIBLE PAIN?
Pain on the left side of my ribcage?
Tingling feeling in leg?
cardlidge perceing does it hurt?
It Hurts To Breathe. Not Sure What To Do. Any Ideas?
Can your temperature rise from being dehydrated?
Is thinking tomuch about what u want to be when you grow up everyday bad ?
What would happen if you snorted advil?
My hair is black, but i have red hairs in my side burns. why?
why am i more productive after midnight?
What's wrong with me?
How do I get rid of this gut!?
how long before weed gets out of your system and doen't show up in a drug test?
What happens if a stomach ulcer starts to bleed a bit?
whats the sickness that the girl in the notebook had?
is it true that drinking contact lens solution clears your stomach?
my stomach is making weird noises why?
What is the scientific name for stomach/intestinal gurgling?
Is shooting guns too much bad for the brain/body?
Help i have a growth problem?
Quick relieve for a claustrophobia patient traveling by air for first time?
headaches, anger, dizzyness?
Need help now please. Adderall crash bad..?
measurements and observation that can be carried ut to monitor the functions of respiratory and cardiovascula?
Has anyone undergone hair transplantation surgery in Poland?
How Many People Suffered in 2005 from AIDS?
What is causing me to itch?
has anyone ever had a hole in their ear drum?
I am looking to find out the spelling of a medical condition. The condition is something like 'dysbeltixa'
What oes dark marks on the tongue mean?
psoriasis on my face and on my scalp!!!! help?
A very good friend of mine has spots on her legs,please what can she use 2 clear those spots?
The skin on my feet randomly just start peeling?
I Have About 4 HORRIBLE spots and they stand out so much?
Dole money.?
Erythromycin for Acne?
missing toenail problem?
Has anyone got rid of their blackheads?
Itchy Scalp Mostly at night time No dandruff????
how do i make the skin on my feet more resistant to blisters when i am walking long distances?
Why do I get itchy after bathing in warm or cold water?
What is the safe medicins for arthrites?
I sometimes bite my nails till I see a blood?
How do I get rid of a coldsore?
i asked my doctor auestion about my skin feeling sore on arms,legs arms.she doesnt know and wont go into it.?
my face is soooo badd..?
best why to hide a dead body?
Hey can u plz help me?
Sore Heels?
My cat has sneezing fits.....also it looks like she's gagging.?
My Eyes are itching like crazy!?
I accidently sniffed a drop of olbas oil decongestant right up my nose?
am i allergic to sugar?
need help with allegies.?
If you swell up when you get salt on you, could that mean you are allergic?
The other day my throat started tightening up. After I had coffee?
I Have Bright Bright Red Stool?
I have to get 2 - 4 shots in a half hour and i'm like freaking out! Please help!?
Feeling really really full for hours, fatigue, even at night?
I need help but I don't know what you call this problem, so I don't know who to talk to. Help?
Should I take a diuretic?
Help with reading my Hematology Report?
my spit is really watery. its wierd is this normal i am 16 and just wanted to know.?
how do u clean the area were infantago is can u use regular soap?
why cant i go number 2?
Could I have a hernia again?
How can a Family Doctor get there license revoked?
Getting glasses and eyetest?
Would it be useful to have a complete MRI as a baseline?
what blood tests are performed in routine blood work?
Does any one take cardicor (bisoprolol) ?
Do air conditioners give out toxic fumes?
My dads was bleeding out of his ear last night i want to know what caused it, is it dangerous?
What we can do now? Can we sue her doctor?
Sleep apnea surgery
My mom has very high ESR
my son 16 years was analysis by e.c.g.that possible of right ventricular hypertrophy?
my sister has a heart murmur and i dont know if that is the cause of this?
What should I do to avoid giddiness ? had cerebral stroke in Dec. 2009. I am under medication.?
help me out here cause i don't want to go to doctors if not necessary.?
there was 5 different doctors that looked at my ct scan and they would not do another test to make sure i had?
what does a rupture vessel look like?
Can a stroke patient file for SSI?
Heart being poked by the ribs. consult, please?
a question on the heart 12 year old science?
I am a 54 yr old female. about a 115 lbs overweight. High BP..High Triglycerides, I have arthritis in my?
Is it possible to have a "liver attack"?
has anyone fainted lately?
Which is worse Cholesterol or saturated fat for the heart and arteries?
Trick question about cardiac output.?
why does my heart rate jump after anything?
My pulse rate is somewhat low and I feel weak. What do I do?
Palpitations, Syncope and collapse:?
Whats the chance of someone surviving a heart problem?
what is the difference in the drugs used for stress testing?
Is it ok to take milk thistle and blood pressure meds like atenolol and norvasc.?
my depression is so much worse and I don't know who to talk to about it?
Flashbacking from being raped and in a horrible mood?
Over thinking breathing?
im 16 do i have depression?
I take too long to do everything, am I a perfectionist? ?
Do support groups cost money?
This might sound crazy but, I think it's a good idea?
Is it better to be really good at one thing, or just okay at a lot of things?
Lazyness or depression.....?
Do i classify as 'having an eating disorder'?
Depression...sad, help?!?
Anxiety and need help!?
what does sleep feel like?
is something wrong w/ me....? please help me?
How do you admit your cutting?
Is depression temporary?
Iv been seeing weird things latley! White things flying past?? Help!?
pure essential oils - supplier please - UK?
Does anyone know the address of the Reiki Grandmasters Dr. Nalina Narula and Renoo Narula.?
Massage technique question?
Difference between syrups?
eyes thing?
honey vinegar garlic?
Massage technique question?
What class of drugs is tobacco?
Pseudomyxoma peritonei?
Has anyone tried holographic creation techniques?
where can i buy tropinine?
why is nettle supposed to be good for the hair, and does that apply to eating it [as a spinach substitute]....
In Britain which were the years of the flu epidemics and what were the names of the different strains?
Ervamatin hair lotion?
Where I can get knee magnetic therapy in UK?
5htp help and advice needed please?
Light helmet for Alzheimer's sufferer?
paracetamols and alcohol?
kalms lozengers, what dosage? the box doesn't say!?
What are the hygiene consequences :-?
Question regarding antibiotics and side effects?
can i pass on the flu bug by making some1 a cake?
What microscope magnification is needed to view bacterial or viral infections in sputum?
can you go on a flight with chicken pox?
do i have to go to the doctor if i have ringworm?
Stomach bug or food poisoning or flu!?!?
what is swine flu and how does it affect humans ?
Glandular Fever Question?
When is the right time for someone to get tested for HIV?
Glandular Fever?
is it possible to pass on a sti without contracting it?
My husband has never had mumps, there are a few kids in his sailing club down with them at the moment?
what is wrong with me no silly answers please. nurses or doctors please answer?
YES or NO to a flu jab?
ive just had the flu still got a sore throat and i noticed ive got a white tongue and spots on it to any ideas?
has my sister got meningitis?
Tummy bug affecting whole family. Virus or food poisoning? Kinda gross so be warned?
Can an HIV positive person be Promoted ?
will having chlamydia for a few weeks have started causing infertility?
what kinds of STD's can you get?
do most doctor's offices do ear piercing?
Could my mono have turned into something else?
What do I do about these people?
is it normal to have my period for more than a week?
what exactly do i have? i am sick?
I have this dull aching pain in my stomach?
If I pulled nails off with a pliers, would the hyponychiums grow back as if they were untouched?
how to get rid of my cough?
I'm bleeding from my rectum..?
do I need my tonsils removed?
Why is my diarrhea green and watery?
i hav burning sensation after urinating?
I wanna change my nhs surgeon how do i do it?
why is adults resting breathing rate betwen 12-20?
Does omega3 increase your sociability skills?
EXcercises for GROWING TALLER ??!!?
What should my numbers be to know that I don't have anemia?
What is the difference between Citrucel & Metamucil?
why do i sweat so much and how can i prevent it?
What can i ask my doctor?
burning pain in head? what could it be?
pain in joints at age of 15??? help plz?
Toddler Pain behind ear?
4. Kidneys are active in this process. Describe how Betty’s kidneys have anything ?
When i walk my knee hurts. help?
my hip is stiff whats wrong with me?
i hurt my shoulder..?? what could the problem be?
can someone tell me if this is signs of a migrain?
Should i convince my mam to bring me to the hospital?
My fingers have been burning for 8 hours now please help! Ice and water wont work.?
Is my ankle injury a bigger deal than I think?
I injured my shoulder?
bump moving in my stomach?
I have had a cramp in my leg for two days now and recently had a sprained ankle two weeks ago.?
Ears are still ringing from concert and it's hard to hear?
Sprained foot... how long is the healing time?
emergency!!! need HELP!?
How to heal a peculiar wound?
Lump on neck keeps growing And fast! Please help...?
How does an ankle sprain occur?
Can you help with my Mega Painful Ankle?
second degree burns three months ago?
Elbow pain, what's wrong with itt?
Diagnosing an elbow injury?
what is the medical attention for swolen?
When I look up, one eye stays stuck?
When I eat I can hear the crunching noises in my ears...?
I have got loss off pigmingtation on my arms,looks alful white patches and freckles disapeared any advice .?
temporal lobe tumors?
What are the symptoms of liver Cirrhiosis?
Tonight we were suppose to go shopping?
Can anyone tell me if you can buy Dithro Cream for Psoriasis over the counter without a perscription?
I have been diagnosed with asthma but my doctor now thinks it's really emphysema what's the difference?
Problems within NHS?
what are the symptons of blood poisening?
What is parkinsons disease? Can you explain it really simply so i can understand? It's for research homework
corrective surgery?
Stomach problem, help please.?
What is the highest dose of Adderall IR you've ever taken?
Charleys horse? help?
Do lice eggs hatch even when they have been removed from the hair?
Do hot baths raise or lower your heart rate?
If I mousturize my face everynight will it help slow wrinkles?
Is it it hazardous to one's health in anyway to sleep in a newly painted house when the odors are in the room?
What is wrong when you have sharp pains in your stomach?
Is there a difference in my Citalopram Hbr 20mg and my fiance's Citalopram tablets USP 40mg Dr. Reddy's?
Why are my first three toes the same length?
Is this good? I'm sick?
Need help diagnosing me?
what do you do in a physical checkup?
earwax question ....................................?
what procedure do they do to get ear wax off your ear drum?
Pre-Employment Drug Testing?
Do you think it would be a bad idea for me to get Lasik?
How to get rid of acne?
Any exczema suffers out there who can give me a few tips on....?
Chickenpox!!!!Please help!!!!?
Is it silly to speak to a doctor about a few spots!?
I'm 16 and have just noticed that I have little purple veins on the cheeks of my face and the top of my legs.
HARD skin on my feet....How do i get rid?
What is a good cream or treatment for aged & sun damaged skin on the chest area. I am 56 years old?
What is the best solution for removal of plantar warts/ verrucas?
male sweat day & night weather cold or hot all over even when sat watching tele one min fine next sweating?
Exzema... help?
I need a poo but I can't go because it seriously hurts..?
I get a rash after I shower?
How do i Clear up My Spots?
Does persistent dry cracking lips mean possible deficiency in something?
I have a cluster of tiny blisters on the right side tip of my tongue, any idea how to get rid of them please?
whats good for dry lips, medication wise?
How do you become a dermatologist?
i have an abcess in my armpit,bad pain etc,on antibiotics,but how can i speed up recovery,and avoid in future?
do you any candida or yeast that is as a big dropes in jelly material?
can i claim anything for meniues disease?
what is the treatmant of lukoderma?is it cure able?
what to do about brown spots on my hand due to old age?
Prosthetic eyes...?
What is the purpose of hiccups-cos I've got them now?
any one ever had newralgia how long does it last what is the best way to treat?
Ulcer diagosis and H Pylori and gastric erosions?
my father has anklyosing splondylitis- does anyone know of any herbal or legal drugs or therapy that can help?
I have an underactive thyroid, and I find the winter months particulary difficult and feel so tired?
Anyone got Irritable bowel syndrome?
gangadhar reply?
Does anyone know anything about a cardiac surgeon called Mr Stephen Edmonson?
Why i feel nobody likes me?
phobia(s) of almost everything?
What Are The Syptoms Of Insanity?
I need help with my self conscienceness?
Who should i seek for help about depression?
How does someone die from jumping off a bridge?
My dad....I suppose you could say he abused me when I was younger, and it's affecting me now?
Worst things about depression?
Psychiatrist: Can someone be newly diagnosed with a mental illness after the age of 40?
Does going to a shrink help?
How do I control my anger?
How do i get out of a very obstructed relationship, to where i constanly feel unsafe?
What are your lifegoals??
Poll: Has anyone here ever been told by a doc that they were going to die if they did not take anti-depressant?
positive thinker or high self-confidence?
Do you believe depression is caused by chemical imbalances or your environment?
No, smoking cannot cause a lung infection. Smoking can raise the risk especially in those who drink alcohol.
Surgery for tongue thrust and sleep apnea?
the most important afferent receptor for the respiratory response to system arterial carbon dioxide
I asked the uncontrolled HTN question,,,,weight is normall, no caffiene, no illegal drugs, no stress, have r
Does anyone have any info on the med zyrem?
how many days of iv treatment is recommended for pneumonia?
have major lung issues lately along with mold growing inside my trailer.what would most severe symptoms be?
I smell and taste blood in my left nostril, but I do not see any blood. Can anyone explain this?
Is it best to sleep off a head cold?
I Have Lower Chest Pains, What's wrong with me?
Heart/chest pain!!!! Help??
strange fever? comes over and over every 4 to 5 weeks?
Are the oils in my skin causing discoloration in my clothes?
I think I have RLS Restless Leg Symdome?
How long will these anxiety attacks keep happening?
can having an enlarged liver be fatal?
pectus carinatum questions?
Every time I go swimming I get flu-like symptoms... why is that?
bump in hand... what is it!?!?!?!?
Hormonal imbalance during puberty, does it continue into adulthood?
It it possible that I have ADD?
swollen glands/lymph nodes?
Can I get some advise on narcotics addiction recovery?
having troubles sleeping?
Are faith healers anywhere in NY?
Dizzy everyday! PLEASE HELP!?
Does anybody know the Zapper by Doc. Clark? Or the Terminator Zapper by Doc. Croft?
are there any hospital technicians on this forum?
i have derealization 24/7 for 5 months now its really geting me down what medication would help?
Does 100% of a sublingual vitamin go through the tissue under the tongue? Or does some go into the stomach?
medical problem with my ears?
Is it likely that my constitutional remedy has changed as I've gotten older?
If enteric thyroxine existed is there any reason why it wouldn't work?
Can accupuncture help with neurological disorders?
benzodiazepine + clarithromycin ? help me?
Could I possibly be suffering from Meningitis? I had it 3-4 months ago but got better.?
how to come out from fatty liver?
Do i have bronchitis?
does anyone know about CMO supplement for arthritis?
co-cyprindiol tablets,, ?? ?
Can Cabbage Water cure you if your feeling sick or is it an old wives tale.?
is it safe to take Lorazipam if you're underweight?
What is a good brand of echinacea?
Ok, so i used to be able to scream sing really well but i have a problem.....?
how bad would getting ketamine in a cut/piercing be?
Boron for arthritis ?
Why do I feel poorly after Traumel?
salvia divinorum is a nautral plant similar to tabacco but it causes weird things...?
What natural remedies can I use for relieving inflamed airways?
they say lemon promotes bile?
How does IVF work? What conditition is it used to treat? Advantages and Disadvantages?
heart problems... what do i do?
Is the Surgical Technology test hard?
if a dr. askes one to return "this week" to review oncology results, should one be concerned...?
i have a mild pericardial effusion , esr not decreasing?
How long will my 7 year old Minicher Pincher live with Heart Failure?
what are my chances of developing heart disease or diabetes?
Event Monitor - heart is pausing?
How serious is a left to right shunt how serious is it and what will it take to repair it?
How do you start over on heart gold?
how often do you guys get those anxiety attacks? It had been over two years since i had gotten any? ?
did the EKG help in discovery the heart clot?how?
I forgot to mention 6 years gastric bypass not cardio bypass?
Feeling dizzy please help?
My friends dad had a heart attack!?
would it be safe for pregnant mothers to have low potassium?
Sprained hand... what... help please?
muscle spasm in my right leg. really weird, been going on for about 10 minutes? :S?
acl surgery questions?
I get a pain in in my hip/lower back when I lift my leg.?
The skull protects the brain from feeling knocks right?
can i go from a 12gauge to a 8gauge by stretching without getting a blowout?
My knee popped and bent to the side...?
how come a scalpel can cut as deep as it can?
What type of doctor should be seen to identify a back injury not found by x-ray or mri?
Wat is wrong wiht my ankel!!!?
Painful swollen stretched ears?
Foot shock thing... Please help?
Throat infection????????????
please help ill?
How can I avoid catching the flu?
Could i have hiv?i'm 13!?
If you've had chicken pox when you were younger can you get shingles later on?
I need to know about mumps?
Who gets the swine flu jab?
can an antibacterial soap or liquid kill spots and germs?
I have swine flu help!?
I am due to start 29 weeks Interferon treatment for Hep' C, any useful advice would be gratefully recieved. ?
MRSA.... Some advice please?
How Can i get rid of verruca's ? (:?
How can you get rid of lice eggs?
why am i still ill?????
20 month old child has bacterial virus and constant high fever?
How come the NHS contacted me so quickly after my blood test?
What are the symptoms of 'toxic plasmosis' ?
Can I get something like a throat infection after kissing someone?
whats the difference in symptoms between stomach flu and something worse like hepatitis?
what's leprosy and why are people oppsessed with it??!!?
has my boyfriend got swine flu?
my tail bone hurts help ?
i jammed my finger 2 weeks ago but i still feel the pain whenever i put pressure onit what sould i do? ?
Pain in lower back,pelvic area & dizzy spells?
i have lumps in my neck ! help?
help my things are hurting?
What do you think I might have and how can I cure it.?
The bridge between my thumb and index finger on my left hand is getting sore when playing the guitar.?
How to not get sick every time i go to the Dom. Rep?
I sneeze when I look at light, can this be fixed?
Whats a Natural Way to get Super Clear Skin?
Do in grown hair hurt?
Mumps, mmr and infertility?
can you get glandular fever more than once?
I was prescribed azithromycin today and the after affects were unbareable will they be like that everyday?
Could this be sleep paralysis?!?
Is there a bug going around at all ?
How do I prevent skin breakouts during detox?
hi, can anybody tell me if there is any connection between gout and a thyroid problem?
what to take to increase appetite?
What exactly are sty's and why do we get them?
is cat fur dangerous?
can you take medicines flucloxacillin with chlorphenamine?
Optic Eye Nerve Damage?
Could it be black mold?
My 3 yr old has a lump on his ear.?
How to fet rid of a stuffy nose?
what does this lump on my back mean?
I never feel hungry or thirsty ?!?
Why do i feel high when i havnt smoked in a long time?
Anybody know where I can get steel toe boots with the steel toe on the outside?
What can cause sudden dizziness, I'm scared?
Is it bad that you get neusea everytime after i eat? ?
Too tall to be a male model?
What are anxiety meds supposed to do?
Temporary Disability Solutions?
i need something to fix my eyeglass lens they are really scratched?
Can my company change the co-pay for medical insurance during a current policy term?
I can't fall asleep, even though I am tired?
I have a cyst on my knee?
Young married couple, low cost health insurance with Rx?
lump behind ear for months?
can incense sticks cause hay fever?
early diagnosis on diabetes?
Why is it swimming good for IBS?
Inactive form of multiple drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) and extreme drug resistant TB (XDR-TB)?
Has anyone tried thread vein removal?
what is upper respiratory infection?
medical question=what is peripheral neropathy?
When I run I get a lot of Phlegm in my throat, this it makes it hard to breathe and does not cough up/?
Why does Edgar Davids wear dark glasses?
Why is down syndrome?
what is the point of a mole (the skin 1 not the 1 that eats the earth!!)?
I'm sick, was it something I ate?
Do you recommend me getting a nose job?!?!?
 Do allergy shots (immunology) give good allergy relief for allergy symptoms?
Any treatment for allergy that totally cured?
Can I crush Benadryl, if I don't like taking pills?
why do I always get a runny nose whilst sitting on the toilet first thing in the morning?
How can I cure my hay fever?
Family doctor prescribing me antidepressants?
i am in need of some advice please?
Do you think I could be bipolar?
why do women with breast enhancements suffer from mental instability?
How can i sleep better?
Am I overly sensitive?
What are the odds that a 10 year heroin addict is able to quit drugs?
Is this my fault, or my mom's?
I am currently on medication for depression..?
am i crazy ???????? ?
Is this a normal reaction to grandfathers death?
Do i have some kind of mental disorder?
Help me? How can i stop?
How can i deal with stress?
Have u ever had severe insomnia and overcome it?
urgent!!! how to sleep, help!!?
How to deal with the impending loss of my grandma?
I cut myself for the first time yesterday?
what would alcohol do to your circulatory system?
Are there any negative effects of methadone?
Why is my tongue peeling off !?!?!?!?!?!?
Why can't I massage myself?
is it normal for my lip ring to hurt when i put pressure on it after having it for 3 months?
Does the drug maker or hospital sets drug costs?
With laryngitis, how long does it usually take?
Minor one day surgery?
Why wont the cough go away ?
Should I get a Medical Marijuana Card?
Would doing pot once be bad for your health?
Why am I still tired....?
what are some facts/statistics of dying people on life support?
Does antibiotics only come in pills?
Can I trust my first 30 milligram dose of methadone?
Is it normal to have a burning sensation on your breast?
Does my voice sound gay and annoying?
Secret techniques that help you grow taller?
why doesmy stomach rumble when my gi doctor say i am clea?
Is it ok to mix 3 mg melatonin and 100 mg of doxycycline Hyclate?
Why are my knuckles cracking?
Can women take testosterone supplements to grow male parts instead of surgery?
painful rashes?
I've picked all the skin off my left foot....?
im a 16 year old boy. people latly been saying im getting dark on my face, why could this be?
i have really bad skin pigmentation marks on my face from the sun. can anyone recommend a product that works?
how do i get rid of hard skin on my feet?
how can i become a model?
How to get rid of Self abuse Scars from 5 years ago?
what do flea bites look like? ?
How do you get rid of pale skin and dark cycles under eyes?
What causes a wart and how do get rid of it ??
Rough, hard feet for a 16 year old?
my daughter has come out in a red rash on her body what could it be?
Why do i have itchy legs?
whats good for psoriasis?
best counter product to fight acne?best cream to erase the red marks it leaves when it's gone?
i am worried about something. I have little red circles around my shoulders what are they?
arm sweling and a lump ?
Can anyone help my dry hand problem?
what could i do as i have had spots for a long time??
tounge problem?
Is this a muscle cramp?
Is my tailbone broken?
does anyone's shoulder gets sore from ...........?
How come, on my left arm my...?
3. Generally, more calories are needed by people who have a lower basal metabolic rate. T/F?
Can a 16-year-old with severe untreated Marfan's die of too much exercise?
What is congested heart failure?
i got my tongue done 2 days ago?
Could this be a sternum injury?
Blood stuck after valve replacement surgery?
broken palm bone or what?
where are heart broken?
"How to monitor blood cholesterol levels?
I need help writing a sentence outline on congestive heart failure?
Of the following coronary heart disease risk factors, which can be positively affected by regular physical exe?
In which direction does blood in the lower legs need to travel in order to get back to the heart?
Wondering about a "left-handed" heart, how common is it?
Need to improve my run time but i think i'm having heart issues!?
I have been experiencing heart palpitations and dizziness, would could be the reason?
what happenes when you damage your pariental lobe?
my heart is beating weird?
breaking your tail bone?
Will my doctor perform a stress test if I ask them?
Racing heart for no apparent reason?
Should i go to the ER?
i had a sonogram on my gallbladder could it still be my gallbladder and how would they test that?
I am 39 years old and taking BP tablet for more than 5 years (losanorm 25?
Can you transplant a transplanted heart?
How do you change the date and time on a Zoll M Series defibrillator?
Is there any help with medical costs abroard?
which is better and safer in rhinoplasty?gorotex implants or from the ribs?
ankle and calf hurt so bad!?
how do you get rid of canker sores?
I got kneed in the heart need help?
How Long Is Recovery?
could i have a dislocated rib?
can food lower my hematocrit? my count is always high when i donate plasma?
PLEASE HELP!! I got to get checked for a rare heart disease.?
iam having blue cross health insurance with pre-existing condition for 6 months.?
a few weeks ago i when to dr he lisen to my heart he told my mom she is wezing in the back of her chest.?
what is aortic sclerosis?
can you catch chlamydia by drinking urine?
i have extreme lower back pain. many of my tennis teammates also have this problem?
PLEASE HELP My ear is making me CRAZYYY!!!!?
chest pain but goes away when i...?
Constant Neck muscle pain and headaches behind lower skull help?
pain araound eye and on head and cheak?
is darvocet 100-650 stronger than lortab10?
what can cause chest and back coldness . The coldness is almost pain full.?
anyone have neck surgery and fusion after 3 months still having problems.?
I have some lower back pain but I really want to get a tattoo in that area, is there anything I can do? ?
filling and pain! help?
Lortab addiction Please help! ?
Hand Pain...Please help, I am only 14?
What could be causing these sharp pains?
what are the entries required for an NHS prescription for Pethidine ? ?
Can 16 year olds give blood at 16?
I have a painful lump on the left side on the base of my skull.....?
Where can I find super green food supplements in London?
Are Multibionta supplements any good?
Can having Chiropractic treatment make the condition worse?
What are the benefits of the herb Alfalfa?
can you overdose on nytol herbal?
Do "learn to see books" improve your sight?
'amplified adverse magnetic energy’?
For those of you that have had Acupuncture for Depression or Anxiety, did it help you?
Is boots (the chemist) own brand of nytol called sleepeze physically addictive?
Q-Link necklaces - have you tried them?
is there any herbal and homeopath in london?
Have any of you used Goji berries/juice? Has it cured your ailment or enhanced your health?
Do you chew or swallow Senna laxative tablets?
has anyone heard of jonathon royle he sells hypnosis/nlp dvds are they any good?
hypnotherapy success stories?
has anybody taken Agnus castus, if so what was it for and did it work,?
What are the best natural remedies for colds?
What is the disease called in your eyes when you do not have enough Vitamin A ?
OMG what is true with this bloody swine flu stuff!?
Hi - Do any of you know about whooping cough and vaccine.?
Cornea rejection?
procyclidine tablets parkinsons disease?
i want to find more about nhs detox at stobhill in glasgow?
Is it true that people can be immune from the HIV virus.?
my son chicken pox have started to scab over?
What can I do to help my voice after tonsillitis?
what is pyrones disease?
what is wrong with me?
Urrrgh I think I have a Sinus Infection, what things would help...?
anti d injection how long does it protect the body?
i have a bladder issue?
my daughter is coming home from abroad can she be treated on the nhs?
What's the best way to get rid of spots/acne?
Name of a disease spread by turtles, tortoise and terrapins to humans?
why doesnt a cat get salmonella if it eats raw chicken?
allergic to the cold!!!!?
I have spots on my upper arms, not big zits but just bumps really?
Aludex Dog Toxic Mite Wash?
anyone know what this is? dont say swine flu!?
Do you think it is time we started to wear face masks to protect against the spread of swine flu?
Why is manflu laughed about, but they spend millions on a birdflu vaccine?
This Mexican flu that has been on the news this morning. What are the symptoms?
define a bacterial strain?
Shaving cream in eye?
Just got new eyeglasses?
acuvue toric lens for astigmatism?
my eye is red in the corner?
How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
should I go to sleep?
How to get rid of the pasties?
Is it okay to drink while taking flexeril?
I've been feeling like I swallowed ice cubes, have no idea why...?
how much does the average guy grow each year?
Dizzy, sick feeling, what may this beeeeeeeeeeee?
How do you get rid of fetishes?
Stomach problems! Please help if you know anything about this?
sick simptomes help need fast?
What can one do to increase his/her HDL?
how can i stop my stomach from growling?
My doctor is telling me my ears are "blocked"?
upset stomach caused my nervousness?
why have my cheeks sunken in after being sick, but my scales don't say that I've lost weight?
are u supposed to chew or swallow mylan a1? (xanax-alprazolam)?
why is meningitis more common among college populations?
Blood clots in younger adults?
how can you get a cough that you cant get rid of and how can you get it?
My brother is smoking what should I do!!??!?!?
can any one help my mother keeps having attacks?
I don't know why, but i've been feeling nauseus the past few days! any cures?
how do you stop a post nasal drip?
Who is vaccinated for TB these days and Why? ?
Homemade Neti pot.....?
my chest hurts please help!?
recently I've been feeling the need to breathe heavily?
Question for smokers...white/cream color patches in mouth?
my 13 yr old daughter had tonsils removed 6 days ago,she has a cold and a cough?
ive been on an inhaler for a week, not helping. should i go back to the doctor?
Why do I sneeze after eating some chocolates and grapefruit?
Is it bad to take cold medicine and an allergy medicine together?
my eye is pink but it doesn't hurt or itch?
I have allergies and take medicine for them?
why does my nose accumulate more snot then most people?
i get allergies only when i stay in a certain house 5pts to best answer!?
Allergy medication even if you have an ulcer?
In need of help for itchy cat allergies?
where can a p24 hiv 28 days test be carried out in london?
Has any one out there got NH mantle cell Lymphoma?
What is web address of University medical centre Ljubljana Institute for nephrology?
a medical virul condition called scorched skin syndrome?
Can someone explain the principle of tough love in the treatment of alcoholism?
i have just been told that i need my left kidney removed has any one had this done what happens and the pain?
Has anyone got an Oxygen concentrator at home??
treatment for h. pylori serology?
Have any of you had brain cancer? What are some of your stories?
May I have E-Mail address of "quijibored" for getting more information about :Spindle cell sarcoma?
Have you been poisoned?have you ever been in contct with organic solvents Trichloroethylene /Trichloroethane?
what injections do i need for going to Goa?
Does anyone in the cheshire area have a child with Achondroplasia?
How long do part time doctors work a day?
Is there a website where you can find/research/compare doctors in a city?
Do I have a case of medical malpractice?
is the drug crack the same things as rocked up cocaine?
I went to the hospital tonight and didn't sign any papers upon admission.?
What is this called? It has something to do with the knee.?
how often does ACLS have to be renewed?
How Much Do Emergency Room Visits Cost?
due to the serious talk about unified health care, im curious how much of a pay cut will be health positions?
Right before drifting off to sleep, I get a sudden chill. What could cause this? Is there a health problem?
Why am I always so nauseous?
Something wrong with my nails?
how can i fall asleep faster?
Bulimia and high blood pressure, any doctors out there?
stopping plavix using just asprin instead?
Body mass index, I, can be used to determine a person's risk for heart disease.?
How many heart beats per a day?
my holter moniter showed that i had 149 skipped beats that i felt and non specific abnormality?any thoughts?
What condition is this?
what does it mean when someones blood platelets are high?
what's irregular heartbeat?
I`m suffering from very fast heartbeat when I making any little effort?
What could these test results mean?
is it normal to have blood clots during donation?
i hear that an ionizer in a room is bad for people with heart problems. Is this true?
Can you ever catch hiv from breathing in peoples coughes and sneezes that also has it?
how can you help anxiety?
What are the sympthoms of heart problems?
Lightheaded/dizzy and eyes hurt?
I will ask the doctor to put me on a very high dose - -i dont want a have feelings anymore?
social anxiety and depression and friends needed please could you help ?
Procrastinate going to bed...?
I feel trapped by the idea of marriage and children. Why?
I'm just soo sad...help?
Please help me How can I....?
Am I Depressed or it is just Hormones?
What do I acquire help about my depression?
Is this anxiety disorder?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
2 questions about by-pass surgery?
how do i explain to someone that they're not useless?
Given a new life! My Heart is normal !?
i want to kill myself and am addicted to hurting myself?
What do I do now? Can someone please help me.?
I have been experiencing random pains?
is this type of artery problem real?
why did the counselor want to put me in special ed?
normal sinus rhythm, normal axis, nonspecific ST-T waves changes what is this?
Help Me Understand Death?
i feel so alone....sometimes think about hurting myself?
Am I developing a serious psychological disorder?
I'm not sure how this will affect me. What should I do?
is there a name for this? is it a disorder?
pls help i m worried?
will I have a scar??
Help! Enormous zit on chin just erupted!?
Itching with a slight rash - what could it be?
can anyone help? im bruising like a peach?
Psoriosis help needed.?
is there a quick fix for acne?
broken finger or maybe torn tendon?
Why can i only sleep when i am REALLY tired?
gym upper back pain - advice...?
I'm tired ALL the time?
what is the pain in my lower back?
How many refills can a doctor give on a darvocet prescription?
Is this pain the cause of an ear infection or an impacted wisdom tooth?
If you have a bloodclot in your calf will it hurt? are there signs?
I am a 53 yr old woman, no skills, herniated disk, moderately depressed and don't know where to turn?
does anyone know anything you can do to ease the pain of plucking your eyebrows?
Theres a big painful lump on the back of my cartilage peircing (in my upper ear) is it Infected?
got in motorcycle accident and right arm doesn't move only movement in hand cant bend elbow can it be fixed?
best way to get rid of back pain?
my Wife is on medicare,does she need a referral to see a pain specialist?
What jobs are available in the Unites States for caregiver of Elderly people?
i smashed my finger i need help?
how can i make the swelling in my lip go down? FAST!?
why is my metal plate in my ankle hurting so bad?
WHAT HAPPENED TO MY THUMB???? Please explain =/?
what type of injury is this?
Teenage Back Problems, Help?
What do I do my toenail fell of! well is falling off. . .?
slightly swollen bump on the side of my knee and i can't walk on it?
Can someone please explain this MRI report to me? findings:- There is AC joint arthropathy. No lateral sloping?
What type of knee injury is this?
If you have a broken ankle, are you still able to walk on it? Just a sprain? PLEASE help!?
Torn MCL or meniscus problem?
My ankle joint makes a clicking sound. Whats going on?
preventing injury: homework?
Why do your elbows hurt when you exercise?
Injured?! PLEASE HELP My knee hurts badly! Help please.?
What is wrong with me?
i want to get tallllllllllllllller ! ):?
Why do I have more saliva when nausea?
I saw black stuff in the tub after epsom salt bath. I cleaned tub prior to use. What was the black stuff?
why am i having like, heart palpitations?
Is subconsciously scratching arms a sign of an anxiety disorder?
Can I smoke pot if I take a daily concerta prescription?
OMG Do you think this is real?
list ways a person can demonstrate good health for the three aspects of health?
Can lemon lime soda test that is has alcohol in it? If it comes out to be .04?
Can lemon lime soda test that it has alcohol in it even if it does not?
Where can I get a cheap mini portable vaporizer?
What happens when I have a panic attack?
How to get rid of sickness?
I have a really bad ocd about things. how can i help it?
do nutritionist/dietitians get drug tested?
Can congestion cause seeing of flashing lights?
name of drugs which are depressant?
can you give me more information on hepatosplenic t cell lymphoma?
I am looking for a dialysis unit in calella de palafrugell,costa brava.Cheers mike.?
The problem turrets were you keep swearing why is this so why does the person not keep saying other words?
Is there a dysentery/stomach bug doing the rounds in Somerset at the moment?
aortic stenosis - advice please?
Is there any adults with Dyspraxia on here? And if so how do you cope with everyday life?
what is a erp blood test?
Any doctors out there i need help about medicine..!?
Does taking Horse Chesnut Extract have an side effects?
antitoxins for motor neurones?
I have painfull osteoarthritis in my hands and feet,read that Collagen is the new natural treatment?
Is there such a thing as a shaolin massage, and what is it?
what are the precautions for a massage for someone with diabetes and is 85minutes too long?
Bentonite clay. Is it any good?
massaging an obese client?
Kombucha - why does it sometimes go mouldy?
Vitamin Question................?????
I have had a MRI and CT scan?
Does anyone answer me,can kratom relief opiate?
What is best strength of MSM to take?
Minor Blue Dragon???
can corns on the feet be cured?
Flotation Tank/Therapy?
Is there any educational or legal requirement to work as an acupuncturist in this country.?
Is over the counter serotonin safe, and does it have side effects?
What would happen if a hypnotist stopped half way through?
Can Valerian make your eyes swell?
back pain and lifting weights?
Is their a pediatric docter that may know if a 13 year old can take 600 mg ibuprophen tab for pain.?
causes of withdraw of being ?
Need Help!!QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Feeling a little numb and light headed?
Why do I have this chest pain?
How do you get rid of a HUGE lovebite on your neck?
What's the best heartburn relief for constant heartburn.?
i have lots of pain in my neck it feel whip lash?
i need help? something wrong with my ear?
I have throbing eye and head pain! Help! ?
Whats the pain on my side?
I fell on my knee, and there's a lot of pain?
helping someone with a stomach ulcer?
Need help..Do I ever get cramps?
How does it feel when you've broke your foot?
Light headed OUT OF PLACE feeling?! please HELP?
To me everything smells like cat litter?
I took my son to the doctor yesterday and he has fluid behind his ears and bronchitis, today he is worse?
Help! im always sleeping through my alarm!?
My hurt foot? Basketball game tomorrow! Please help! 50pts.?
my friend is trying to break her foot/ and or ankle?
Could I have a concussion?
What is going on with me? Hives, red spots on roof of mouth, swollen glands?
How many bayer PMs are too many?
Cartilage? I think it's infected? Help me please?
Okay I had a blood transfusion now I have shortness of breath and still feel awful.?
could this be asthma or worse?
i need a chest x ray?
A question on odd chest pains?
docters on nurses!~?
i need help because this problem needs to stop. might be fatal?
Is cured TB a cause for rejection for UAE visa?
Is any side effects of regular mastrubation?
im scared is this serious is there something wrong with my lungs?
What 2 shots would a Doctor give me for bronchitis?
something that causes you to adjust?
blood when i spit? what does it mean?
my husband had a liver biopsy done last week, and he was told his palettes were low. what would?
I have allergies and relatively common congestion, do I have sinusitis?
Does anyone know of treatments for CFS?
How do you take the redness out of zits?
Is it common to have mood swings after you get a shot at the doctor's office?
information sought about a densa scan to detect osteo porosis?
hi my son has just turnd 12 years old he is has a disablity called marfans he has been waking up in the?
Underactive Thyroid?
Liver cancer?
Im taking thyroxine for underactive thyroid,will i lose the weight ive gained?
Fingers swell up after cutting nails?
Has anyone ordered medication through Legalmedsdirect.com? Are they trustworthy?
how does the stomach guard against infection in the body?
Answers please, Grandmother has Sepsis?
I've just started taking Thyroxine and I'm really tired. Why am I so tired?
10 points!! 5 stars!! please help!!!!?
IBS, my food seems to be digested within about 6-8 hours and ..............?
What is systemic lupus erythematosus ??
Migraines + chills in arms and legs?
how can i fall asleep without pills?
i want to know weather this is high or low.?
Cutting my nails more / less often influence their growth?
What's causing me to be sick?
Will i pass my drug test? Help.?
How can you get rid of a sore throat fast?
A P.S.A. idea for meth?
Why do paper cuts hurt a lot?
Where does the human body receive and store its energy?
My daughter has a weird stomach thing for 5 days. She gags when she drinks anything. She says she gets nauseau?
Whats up with all the hot flashes?
My tonsil get swollen and drags on my tounge?
What is an enzyme produced by the liver that breaks down fats?
i can't choose what kinda of medical reasearch i want to go into?
Could this be consider falsifying care/ treatment?
Do you think I'm getting cluster headaches?
My heart skips beats!!!?
when i have an orgasim it smells like urine the next day is this normal?
i have a medical question?
How to pass an Oral drug test?
why do i like to be tied up?
why depression and social anxiety is not a weakness ?
i'm so depressed once again?
am i depresseD PLZ HELP?????
What should I do? I might be suicidal?
How long does moodiness last?
am i bipolar? or some type of personality disorder?
will someone call the drug hot line for me.?
Is it a sign of a mental disorder to only eat the exact same thing every day?
Does anyone suffer from chronic nightmares?
what is that empty feeling?
Someone please help my OCD...?
The green eyed monster is eating me...?
I stopped cutting, but I started gaining weight(details)?
I have bipolar disorder and I am finding it harder and harder to function. where can I get help without insur?
sometimes i feel like im dreaming?!!?
i wakeup in the night and can't go back to sleep what do I do?
How do i know if i have Bipolar?
Anyone with Depression who wants to talk?
How do you get over depression?
Who has ever used contact lens ?
I burned my hand what helps?
for a firt time smoker ,how long does it take to get weed out of your system?
What is good and bad about the new health bill?
my head still hurts!!?
My daughter has a fractured foot, doctor put her in a boot, but she wont wear it!Can I ask to be put in cast?
Sorry people that 50p WORT is a BOIL, sorry for the misunderstanding?
my mum has a small lump on her neck!?!?!? what could it be?
Any ezcema tips??
Black area around eyes ?
i have little circles all over my body which i thought was ringworm but it doesnt itch or contagious?
If a white person went to live in a hot country for a few years, would he/she get and keep a natural tan?
Scaly rash round cats neck?
how to get rid of Acne?
Has anybody suffered this before ??? Please help.?
what is the name of that horrible juice?
i have itchy skin and scalp most of the time, i dont know why, its driving me mad?
Girls: do you remove blackheads from your face at home?
Broken small toe and a bunch of questions?
what is the condition called when?
Is heart skipping and palpatations linked to stress and anxiety?
A question about medicine?
how can you tell if you broke your ear bone?
how much does surgical techs get paid per hour, startibg out?
could i be having a heart problem?
Albuterol and Bystolic question for ya'll?
I keep having heart palpitations?
High blood pressure at 18 years old?
Hi. i have high cholesterol and i would like to use sytrinol and to see if someone used it for lowering choles?
I take 10 MEQ of Klor-Con. How many milligrams of Potassium is this?
this question is for doctors or anyone that researches health what would cause your white blood cells to shrin?