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sunburn help?
Only My Right Eyelid Is Droopy...why?
Can I wear my contacts anyways?
Contact lens with exam?
How long to wear Acuvue Oasys contacts?
Do you have any home remedies for heartburn/acid reflux?
How do you get diagnosed with depression?
Do you know Mental Health italy?
is it strange that i like being sad?
Is medication necessary to treat long term depression?
Sometimes I Lose All Sense (Also Forgetful)?
What happens if you eat alot of cough drops?
How do you get rid of major deppression without pills or medication?
How to remove splinter in my pinky finger?
what is myeloid lukemia?
What should i do if a doctor told me I had metastatic cancer and I dont?
Where is a source of dichloroacetic acid for oral use?
Should I take Xanax to help me deal with my Cancer treatment?
Possible breastcancer?!?
My chin-ish area, there is a lumpish thing that is like 1/2 centimeter wide. is that a gland or something?
Does anyone know of anybody with the diagnosis of cancer of the appendix?
Does tobacco naturally have nicotine in it or does the Government add this?
how would i find out about acupuncture points? ?
How do you keep water out of your mouth while using a neti pot?
HELP...anyone know what these symptoms are?
I have Super potency Biotin pills. It says take 1 a day, but people are saying they take 5 or 6 a day. What?
What happened to my leg !?
Weird lump behind my ear/earring/piercing, what is it? Help me please!?
I just got bit by a small spider while asleep, it's hard to move my arm, muscles hurt badly, help!!!?
Bloody Blister - To pop or not to pop?
what kind of bee`s bite you,and why?
what is the best thing to wear if you have a bad sunburn?
What wrong..?
Did i break,fracture, or severly sprain my ankle?
If someone hurt there foot, how do you know if it is bad enough to go to the hospital?
Eye drops for contacts - recommendations?
what's your favorite brand of colored contacts?
teenager w/eye problems, corneal infiltrates?
How do tell him that I have NF1?
What other products besides cigarettes if used correctly will kill you ?
how does prostate cancer kill people?
Has anyone ever had a family member suffer through cancer?
what are the chances of me having anal cancer?
I'm scared if I have cancer? (Experts please) (Risky)?
Is lip cancer considered oral cancer or skin cancer? What med specialty treats it best?
Why is everyone in my neighborhood getting cancer?
My friend has skin cancer! should i be worried?
How can I stop my nose itching? I think I have Hay Fever?
how soon can you eat after a wisdom tooth extraction?
I am considering Dental School. What should I be prepared for? ?
What would you do in celebration of getting your braces off after four years?
Im 28 and have alot of bone loss on my top front 4 teeth, does anyone else?
constant violent cough for 5 days?
How can i avoid snoring? short any surgery.?
Why does my new dentist have stirrups at the end the chair? Should I worry?
Is it possible to get a brain aneurism while pushing out a big terd?
using asthma inhaler when I don't have asthma?
Rings under my eyes even when I get enough sleep?
What happens if you don't take a shower for over 2 weeks?
I need advice please-mental health?
How can I cure my depression?
Is there a law or anything saying that a doctor can't write a false statement about you?
I'm so depressed, I don't think I can take it anymore, I wish I would just die?
why do we cry when we are sad?
I have a pain in my ear...?
What does it take for you to get off your rear end and excercise?
How can I lose a quick 10lbs?
hi i want to know the real average of height for ateenager 16 years old ?
Please! Help!??!! My father in law just said I was getting fat :'(?
Why do some mosquito bites swell up bigger then others?
Why does dextromethorphan make me see double rainbows?
is Salvia for real or is it hype?
I read pomegranate juice will lower blood pressure. Any info. would be helpful.?
i work for a downs syndrome person, she has several holes in her heart, she is 46 just wandering how long?
The atrioventricular valves open when:?
What if we grew up walking on our hands, rather than feet?
Will it stunt my growth if i lift weights while standing?
why does my head hurt when i cough?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
throat tightness?
Allergy - Which of the following will give you allergy?
Please help me, my eyes blink when I want to wear contacts. I'm 14?
Eye surgery; what do you recommend?
what can i use on my face since it is dry?
Whats the difference between bipolar 1/2 and Severe bipolar depression with psychotic features?
I need help...i want to kill myself...?
Is play, fun, and relaxation essential to accomplishing difficult tasks?
I keep seeing these shadow people in the corners of my eyes, and even for slight moments in front of me?
Why does it sting to put alcohol on a cut?
bug bite = Swollen Eye?
How Do I releave Shin Splints?
Water in my ear, how to get it out?
How to stop yourself from bleeding to death if you sever an artery?
I don't feel the same since I got drunk, what's wrong with me?
waht can i do with acne scars?
What are good jobs for people with anxiety and depression.?
What is the best way to get rid of toenail fungus?
how to not loose your voice after getting sick??
what to do with staph infection on face?
I have dark circles and I have been looking for some home cure for this problem. Can anyone suggest?
How can having an eating disorder affect you later on in life?
How do you fix a moist scalp?
Why does my nose run when I rollerskate?
How do you get ride of Acne ???
Do friends eventually get tired of your craziness and drop you?
How would the mentally disordered go about the procedure in this experiment?
My bipolar wife does not want clean house, I feel like a single parent. How do I address?
*10 points!* Honestly, I'm 100% serious -- how would I know if I was part dinosaur? *10 points!*?
Threats made by a mental health counselor.?
mom and dad told me thay wish thay never had me?
Folks, my step-son is 15yrs old and has a 'tic' disorder?
What are things that cause bloodshot eyes?
I was looking on vision direct for contacts and I want to know the difference between the ones in vials?
Found cancer - docs wants to speak informally?
What does chemotherapy really feel like?
What causes cancer and what causes it to spread?
If you get a prophylactic mastectomy, can they do breast reconstruction...?
Does anybody know the aproximate cost of radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer 5 days a week for 6 weeks?
any1 else scared of dying?
Im going to get married with my close relative....?
Having sleep issues?
Water and salt for zits?
What causes blood and protein in urine?
anything to cure inflamed eczema?
What Kind of Acne is this, and can I treat it?
i would like a list of company's that provide free diabetic glucometers?
Woke up feeling slighty numb all over?
Insect Bite?
$898 Billion spent on cancer, no wonder they will never want a cure? what do you think?
Brain Cancer?
What are the early symptoms of ovarian cancer?
How long can someone live who is diagnosed with thyroid cancer?
Do a large percentage of complex breast cysts turn out to be nothing?
Do you have to go through a lot to become a dermatologist?
how can i let my wife know i got a std from a older woman?
Hookah Smoking?
My son's vision is one eye 20/60 and the other one is 20/40. Should I get him glasses at this point?
has anyone ever bought glasses from Zenni Optical?
Do whales or sharks get colds or the flu? Can germs spread between animals under water?
Did i get bacterial infection from my ex?
what are these spots?
How to get rid of acne scars?
Should obesity be thought of as more of a mental health problem rather than a general health one?
Have any of you that are mentally ill found that God is your only source of joy?
Found a human leg in my dads refrigerater wtf?
If you have a child with special needs that are genetic, can testing be done?
i love all you .. you no ?? uff :((((?
What Could Be Wrong With Me............?
Would a brain scan show if you had ever had a stroke?
Could this be a lypoma, and should I be worried?
Is it healthier to drink eight glasses of water a day?
am i gonna die please help o_O?
I am looking for a pediatrician who supports me not vaccinating in the Mansfield/Fort Worth/Arlington area.?
Does homeopathy work?
What does cranberry juice do for you?
Got sick from taking chlorella?
What is a common cause of body acne?
how to get rid of old scar?
will these red lines on my arms go away?
Can anyone tell me safe over the counter meds my husband w/ MVP can or can't take? Thank You?
How do I lose weight fast??
I need help losing weight.?
DO metabolism booster pills help lose weight??
I am currently trying to get rid of that baby fat around my stomach. Does anyone know any good diet pills?
How do I get rid of my dry scalp type dandruff?
My 4 year old has allergies any suggestions on keeping the air as clean as possible in my house?
What are the signs of having bacterial vagnosis?
Swine flu hype...turning out to be true..?!?!!?
Diabetes causing enourmous pain in feet 24/7?
can you mix metformin with green tea diet pills?
Just wondering if you have diabetes not treated,can you develop high levels of anxiety?
is there grups out there any suport grup for a transplant?
My sister was just diagnosed with cancer?
All about the brain
What are some things you cant eat when you have braces?
Do electric toothbrushes clean your teeth better than manual ones?
Part of a molar just broke off?
60 pills of 5mg vicodin for$120?
What is your philosophy on health and wellness??
how to make a cigaweed ?
Will drinking organic apple cider vinger help my acne?
How does prune juice work?
Food Poisoning HELP..what is the best remedy.. will SALT WATER FLUSH, master cleanse help remove toxin in body
Does anyone know a natural cure for a female yeast infection?
My baby is 2 years and her nails are peeling from the routes. she is having new nail. Why is that?
Are people just going to have to eccept me for what I am, a eccentric, bitter, emotional mess? ?
How far back in the past do you have memory of?
What are some ways to ease yourself to sleep?
Sometimes I feel like I can't wake up?
What kinds of craziness and psychosis can be passed on - can be contagious?
I made a youtube video about some problems I've been having..?
can someone grow out of asthma?
Why is it than only us poor people believe in god?
Does anyone have knowledge of a eye diesease that makes your eyes smaller?
Has anyone heard of this?
Is there anything that can help heal the whites of our eyes?
Is it better to stand or sit while putting in and taking out contacts?
what is the cure of bedbugs?
If I were to write a book about cancer...?
Can you ever have too much Vitamin C in a day? I have about 2000-3000 MG and I'm 16.?
What kind of herb tea is good for a person who has a Cold?
shrooms holusinations?
Dry hair...in the shower???
any suggestion?
Where can i find Relaxation music?
why do your eyes turn red and burn after staring at a screen?
Is this damage to my eye sight permanant?
I just got an eye exam and the results...?
At what age should all your baby teeth be gone?
okay well heres the thing?
How can I cure my obsession with food?
How do you help a family member who refuses to get treatment for depression?
What is Aspergers?
How can I reduce or eliminate discolored skin on my face?
I think I may have stepped on something sharp (ie glass, splinter etc)?
does ice help for swelling?
How soon do you think a cure for Leukemia will be discovered?
I was on cancer treatment for a year, how long does it take to grow your hair back?
Can pancreas cancer be hereditary?
Has anyone ever survived stage four lung cancer?
Why do you think that asthma rates have risen to epidemic levels in the past few decades?
Do I have asthma?
Im recovering from anorexia and trying to gain muscle and good weight. any help?
How Can I Get Flat Stomach?
Burned my hand--will it scar? (PLEASE READ)?
What are Freckels? How do you get freckels?
l have hazel eyes and ld like to get non corrective colour contact lenses?
What is wrong with my eye? Or is this allergies?
Is alcoholism incurable?
Are you tough enought to eat Raw Garlic, by it's self?
How to go from a 6 pack to an 8 pack?
Guys: your opinion on girls eating...?
How do I get medicaid in Philadelphia,PA?
Sunburn HELP!?
My father was diagnosed w/ Stage 3b lung cancer today. What is the survival rate with chemo and radiation?
Whats the ribbon color for Hodgkin's Disease?
what is the survival rate for sarcoma cancer?
words of encouragement?
I have been diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer. What are dangers of radioactive iodine dye treatment?
Very sensitive and cry too much?
Have you ever considered suicide?
How does one apply for permanent disability or benefits?
is there some type of "disorder" where u can't see color at all?
need support fighting depression lost son and daughter in last 3 yrs?
What's the best way to live peacefully and without any worries in life when we are through very bad times?
Do Color Contacts Really Stain Your Eyes?
is there a way to get perminent colored contacts? bcuz i dont like taking them on and off again and again?
i got listerine breath spray in my eye!
What is the incidence of diabetes in your country and why do you think that is so?
What are the effects of cocaine on persons who are diabetic?
I read an interesting article written by a Dr. and addressed to Congress concerning Type 1 diabetes?
Question for long term type 2 diabetics?
which one of the following eating tips would be appropritate for diabetic?
Hard and Soft Contact Lens Help!!!?
Do the glasses on eyefatigue.com really work? ?
a q bout braces?
how does the coulours stay seperated in toothpaste?
Cost of braces?
Are there any teeth whitening products that will make your teeth blindingly white?
Whiter teeth?
What are some different ways that depression hurts a person physically?
Do you know anyone who had Munchausen by proxy syndrome?
What are the effects of working parents being away?
I'm happy...but I want to kill myself?
How can I get help in finding a job/getting money if I have severe Social Phobia/Anxiety?
Who wants to be my depressed/anxiety Yahoo Answers Valentine girl?
How do you cope with being alone/rejected?
Do i have the right to request a doctor to remove my leg instead of just doing anther surgery?
does it hurt when u die?
Question about Percocet....?
Soy Milk. I love it..but now I hear it causes cancer. What the funk?
what is the best oncology hospital in los angeles?
Do you think this causes cancer?
Recent news stories state doctors prescribing placebos to patients. I tried searching for which medicines.?
I can't sleep!!!?
why do my lungs sound weird?
what is the lung fibrosis treatment?
a how to stop teen smoking pot?
What's your workout regimen?
losing certain areas of fat: lower stomach pudge, and lovehandles?
how can I make my waist from 70cm to 60cm in 6 weeks?
Why does my head hurt?
Need help with my Sciatic?
I am 57 years old can someone please tell me what my heart rate should be while i am in bed ?
Heart Rate?
What should I ask my doctor to do about my high blood pressure?
Inhaled pool water?!?
My eyelids are puffy?
Multiple Myeloma !!!!?
quiting smoking?
my cuz has cancer and is dying in three months what should i do to make her happy?
Does carbon monoxide treatments help with cancer?
Are there any early detection signs to becoming Anemic?
I have a high White Blood Cell Count?
How can I get rid of my anxiety?
Why did i completely lose my appetite? Any possible causes?
Any Suggestions? It will be a year on May 29 that my dear, sweet?
What kind of questions do they ask on a suicide hotline? Do they report you to the police and hospitals?
is there any way to turn an addiction into a hobby?
Considering getting Psychiatric Service Dog. Anyone have experiences with that?
what is AIDS?
New Glasses What GOING ON!?
So I have to write a story about the black death, and I'm wondering if you can get the plague from...?
I shake when in bed and trying to sleep. But I'm not even falling asleep when I shake. Just feels like panic?
will an intravenous drip (or tpn via port-a-cath) find its way in the stomach?
What is fatty mass on mothers back?
my mom just had her first mammogram please help?
Swollen Lymph Nodes In Neck?
please help with lymph neck answer???????
Sewing accident, fingernail?
I Need Help With My Anger?
Okay this is a wierd question, but it gets you thinking!!!!?
psychiatric wards???
Nothing seems to go right, frequently thinking of suicide?
Can you worry yourself into an ulcer or other stomach problems?
What do you think about the word "depend"?
Why the rudeness to sensitive subjects?
Do I have appendicitis?
i am 45 y/o man,since 3 years i have ringing in my ears, specialy in my left ear.also i have headach and verti?
I have new lenses in my glasses. Is there an agency that can put the old lenses to use?
Contacts VS. Glasses?
I want contacts but I don't know if I am able to!!?
What companies cut frames to match eyeglasses that they didn't sell to you?
How long are my eyes supposed to stay dilated?
How many zits do you have on your face?
Getting rid of body acne?
how can i remove stress of my body?
why is my eye twitching more and more frequently?
Thyrogen- Does it make you sick, need help finding info on thiss?
Cancer cure?
Breast Cancer!?
HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc cure?
will aspartame give me cancer?
Can you pee out a virus?
Can Anxiety cause a shock pulse through my heart?
I think I have eczema,but all I know it's a skin issue and only on the bottom of my feet and my fingers?
4 months ago, my cholesterol was 215(trig 59, LDL 127, HDL 76). Now it is 238 (trig 128, LDL 106, HDL 104).?
Can a pharmasist release information about a customer's prescription history?
Diabetics, what do you think of this article?
why does a diabetic individual with an increased blood sugar level feel thirsty?
what is deference in viagra and vigora?
Once beheaded a person still has consciousness for 10 seconds, right?
What could be the reason why I can't stand for over 30 minutes without my feet and back hurting?
My Dr. today just diagnosed me with a severe case of the "yeah..but.."s, so how do I stop saying..."yeah, but"?
Is it bad to sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning?
Do you ever worry one (or more) of your contacts is trying to sap and impurify your precious bodily fluids?
I can't blink when i wear my contacts i can actually feel them keepin my eyes open is this normal?
Why is my shoulder in so much pain?
ACL surgery i 13 help im little scared 10 points?
Any doctors, please help with diagnosis.?
What happens when a part of your toe goes number with a cast?
I have purple strech marks on my outer, inner thighs...?
Allergy reaction... hives.?
What are some criticisms of Uberman's Sleep Schedule? Would you recommend it?
What is the best way to deal with depression?
Can alcoholics get rid of their addiction?
What do you do when your alone?
I don't feel like living anymore ?!?
Why am I tasting music?
What are the effects of stress?
What do schizophrenics see and hear?
Is there any truth in the views of some neurosurgeons that all behavioural disorders related to brain only?
what are my chances of having liver cancer?
Can an MRI show...?
Has anyone ever experienced this painful thing in your leg when your sleeping?
good foods to help get rid of acne?
I have a drug test in 4 days ! help !?
I am 13 and i love to barefoot is that bad?
Does hot tea with a melted lemon honey cough drop help sore throat?
Will this help me lose weight?
How do i lose weight in my arm area and back??
Do you always weigh less after exercising?
When should someone weigh themselves during the day? I notice sometimes a 5 lb difference during the day!?
emergency skin help!?
My scalp is really dry and itchy and has sores from where i scratch it?
how to pass drug test?
will it harm a person, if they ate paper?
Stomach bug or something else?
Do you plan on medicating your self the rest of your life ?
why am I so depressed?
Do psychiatrists agree that people are able to change their brain chemistry with cognitive therapy?
Annoyed for no reason?
Why isn't my roommate being forced into an institution?
Can men have Borderline Personality Disorder? I thought it was only women?
Can you get headache's from severe stress?
Is it true drinking water or cold liquid will burn calories?
how can i lose 8 pounds in a month?
18 Pounds in 4 days? Any Body Tried it?
About how long will it take to lose 120lbs?
i smashed my finger on my motorcycle's chain!! HELP?
What do I do to relieve the pain of a bee sting?
first aid for seizures?
Do cell phones make you have cancer?
After becoming a cancer survior did it make you change your outlook on life? Please explain how?
What does blood in the stool look like?
will keeping my laptop on a pillow on my stomach cause cancer?
What type of tests are given after 5 years remission of Hodgkin's lymphoma?
Why am I getting mucus in my throat now?
After Gastric Bypass...?
Could my annual head colds be allergy related?
Ever had this experience with a dentist?
Hand Surgery....what to expect?
My father injured his back severely while snow shoveling what can i do to help with the pain?
Where can I find a doctor willing to remove my kid's appendix or tonsils with nothing wrong with them?
How many ecstasy tablets should I take my first time?
what is asafetida Tincture used for.?
Juice Fasting?
Do "eye excercises" really improve vision?
Eye Issues?
I have natural redness on my cheeks?
i have excessive sweating on my hands... what should i do?
a mild soap for 10 year old?
Can a Salicylic Acid acne treatment loose its strength?
Plz help guys n gals!!!?
Please help, I haven't been able to sleep for weeks, and my feet go numb when I lay down.?
Breast Cancer?
has anyone here gotten or known someone wiht lung cancer from smoking cigars?
Is it true that Cell Phone and Computer radiation can be deadly and toxic to your body?
What are we facing?>? any ideas what this could be?
Why is our so called 'congress' govt. not making people aware of cervical cancer?
How does that 1s2/2nd cousin / removed thing work?
Has any body heard of the little boy wit cancer Josh Adkins??????
stomach hurting , nausea feeling?
Is insulin-resistance rare?
How many carbs should a diabetic woman in her forties consume each day?
Valerian Root, St. John's Wort, Lavender Tea, Camomile?
Favorite homeopathic remedies that seemed amazing?
gallbladder issues? herbal remedies?? HELP ME PLEASE!!!?
Are there natural remedies for personality disorders?
What does PU stand for (as in "PU, that stinks!")?
If someone wore an AIDS awareness shirt , would people automatically think "Gee, that person must be infected"?
What should I do about this (medical/health question)?
Can one use PureVision extended-wear contact lenses and still remove it every night?
question about contacts?
Is there any good black head remover out there?
How do you get rid of plantar's warts on the feet?
what if I have foot pain and dont stop?
Arch supports no longer working...any tips?
help i have sinus infection?
Congestion will not go away!!! help!?
What would happen if someone had no senses? They were blind, deaf and had no sense of taste, touch or smell?
Why do i get pain under my rib cage when I run?
ways in which to improve posture?
What would you do? I just found out my ex, the father of my son, has AIDS. I am calling the doc?
what is a really good way to heal a mesquito bite and to make it stop itching?
how will i get rid of this dundruff?
is there a site that shows all of the heart transplant centers in the US?
Am Weening Of ToprolXL, How long do the symptoms of "weening" last?
What is your opinion on the mother who is ducking authorities so that her son doesn't have to undergo chemo?
When a doctor refers you to a oncologist does that mean that you most likely do have cancer?
Are there any on-line support groups for parents of children with Hodgkins disease?
when will the cancer cure be discovered?
Can eating burned cheese cause cancer?
If a 40-year-old woman were to become President of the United States, how often would she get a Mammogram?
What should one do after being exposed to shingles?
Black On Neck?
Opaque build-up around pupils?
I have dark rings around my eyes, how do i get rid of them?
How do I keep my legs looking healthy?
How do i get rid of Black Heads?
Why is marijuana illegal?
why am I so thirsty?
Largest bloodbath you've been a part of?
Is bj safe from herpes only salaiva on it?
how to start a career in holistic/ naturopathic health?
Back pain when i wake up in the morning?
What Light Bulbs to Buy? (LED, Incandescent, Fluorescent aka Cancer Light, etc)?
How can i quit smoking?
Why with brain tumors is the Nausea worse in the morning?
Is there a way to show negative results in a sleep apnea study? I need to show no symptoms.?
Blood when blow nose and spit phlegm in sink?
I would like to lose a few extra lbs... please help?
Does anyone have a cure for cold sores once they have formed?
Why does stress cause the skin to breakout?
wtf?? milk is bad for you??
What is wrong with me?
I fell asleep in my computer chair and woke up in my bed?
Everybody is talking about the ''Acne Free In 3 Days''?
How often does the human body need a KFC fix?
can i get a prescription at a pharmacy without a prescription and just pay for it?
I cant swallow pills, but I need to learn asap?
When and who was autoimmune diseases discovered?
chihuaha with low blood sugar?
Are Visine brand eyedrops bad for your eyes?
Do I need to use my prescription?
I don't know how to say goodbye?
How can i tell the difference between a lump and a knot?
Should I go to the emergency room?
What can be expected when someone has mets to the brain (Hodgkin's Lymphoma)?
what if I disagree with doctor's decision?
Can mold in your home cause cancer?
What are the first signs of Lung Cancer?
How can a pregnant woman suffering from AIDS prevent it being transferred to her fetus ?
what reduces HIV in your body?
Can you help me indentify this bug bite I have?
Does Chris Brown Really Have HIV?
Start of a Sinus infection, anyway to slow it down?
Should I switch to smoking menthols since I have a sore throat?
i accidently ate an apple skin?
At what age would alzeimers typically start?
How probable is Hepatitis B carrier getting liver cancer?
How is a vaccination for a virus made?
what could be the illness of very, very high liver enzymes?
A way to prevent antibiotic resistance?
What is the diagnosis of these symptoms?
How are braces put on, what do they do, does it hurt?
Can crying cause head aches?
How many calories to lose...?
can I make my abs flat without losing or reducing fat all over?
I'm 13 years old my height is 5"2 and i weight 105-110 is it normal?
Overweight problems help please?
what are some simple ways to burn 500 calories?
weight loss. i need help...?
The little mermaid..is it possible to have the same body as her?
do you think i will loose weight based on what i ate today?
What type of diseases or cancers have been cured?
Is it possible that I may have cancer?
Advice for cancer survivor not coping well with health problems?
In another cancer forum a member was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer to several parts of her body?
please help me I am so scared?!?
Im 16 and I have bad far sight vision please can anyone need help me on how I can improve my far sight vision?
how can i get over my fear of needles?
What are moles?
how long does a sore lower back usually last?
Why does alcohol have painkilling effects (at least in some people)?
What is wrong with my knee?
Can you get rid of bone spurs non-surgically?
Will I pass my drug test?
y do ppl yawn and y is it contagious?
What is the best type of marijuana to smoke if you have never done it before?
Can you drink, smoke weed, or cigarettes on birth control?
What over-the-counter medication is quickest?
Can a kid thats 16 (me) smoke weed and still lead a successful life?
My brother overdosed on marijuana what should i do?
How do I get tighter ab's?
I need some answers please help me a little?
Skin Cancer, Please Help?
Do all colon polyps turn into cancer,and if you have had some removed are they likley to return.?
What is America's "best" cancer institute?
How can we encourage my dad to eat after cancer treatments?
A flu shot question and others in the house getting sick?
Is cold virus airborne?
Old Greg Has a mangina infection. It stinks!!!! And he won't go to the doctor! Now what!?
My teeth have shifted??
Is this because of smoking?
I need help with asthma!?
Does vitamin B12 really work for you?
I have moved and new endocrinologist won't prescribe armour (natural) Has anyone found good alternative?
what would happen if you overdoses on aspirin?
Are mid-day naps bad for your health?
bug bite?!!?
help i cut my finger?
What's the white stuff in my blood?
got ears pierced 2 weeks ago, and now they are swollen. is it an infection?
Dog bite, help please ?
How to loose belly fat fast?!?
What exercise can I do this summer to loose weight?
What are some sweet alternatives to sugary snacks?
Major muscle groups - exercise routine?
could you take a glance at what im doing and give advice on anything i should change?
Throat tightening, headaches, muscle aches, neck pain...HELP!?
What kind of health problems can stress create?
Poll: Are you sick at the moment?
chronic pain sufferers --- do we have a group?
How can I get money to pay for my mom's chemotherapy?
Can anyone shed some light on this, what does it mean?
Substitute to Smokeless Tabacco?
am i at a high risk for skin cancer if i only tan 2 or 3 times a month?
Bone cancer a type that spreads.?
5 weeks post chemo help?
Twisted Ankle.....=/?
Does applying ice on your nose make it swell more?
My elbow hurts. What should I do about it? More info below.?
How to get over a cold fast?
apple cider vinegar pills get rid of acne and warts?
what is the best product to treat blackhead and whiteheads?
Black heads?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
what age would be best?
Can chiropractic adjustments cause back pain?
Two Day Headache ( Going on Three )?
If I dont have asthma is it bad to use in inhaler? I get shortness of breath so my friend let me use his is it?
Any weird, random, or just plain interesting facts about diabetes?
Does skin cancer hurt?
Do you know any person with stage 4 and Survived cancer ?
What are some symptoms of cancer?
are there anyone in this world who ever survived with a bone cancer stage four? what are the chances?
What kind of doctor works with breast cancer?
What do you do when you are stressed?
Everyone in my house has the flu horrible! I have a big bussissnes meeting I can't miss tonight and I can feeI?
My 2 month old might have Impetigo?
has any one's child ever got the wrong prescription glasses? ?
What is the easiest way to take contacts out?
Serious question, please help !!?
i cannot wear my contacts ?
Eye Problems?
fast remedy that will work for sore throaT?
is there a natural way to get rid pf pinworms?
leg hurts please!!!!?
what is the reason for migrane head ache?
Cramps? Or something else...?
Does anyone have any information on "Fatty Liver Disease"?
is a side effect of chemotherapy being highly emotional?
Can guys get Breast Cancer?
How Would You Know If You had Skin Cancer?
How does the doctor determine when you have had enough radiation?
If your doctor told u u have cancer and u won't live for long, what are some things you'd wanna do b4 u die?
if there is blood in the urine and they check the blood for malignant cells , is that an accurate test ?
my guy has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.?
Grandpa Died :( what can I do ?
how do i get a flat stomach in 2 weeks?
Can your skin absorb vitamins/ minerals from food you put directly on it?
How to loose the lower belly fat fast?
Are people with larger frame size stronger physically than those with small frame ?
How come when u feel really sad, your body sheds tears?
Why people get sick?
i think someone has a voodoo doll of me -- please help?
i feel dizzy..?
Strange noise when I touch my ear?
13 year old boy being abused, PLEASE HELP! very important.?
im going to run away. tips?
what does it mean when your fingers hurt?
Stress causing bleeding?
Anyone know what this could be?
Problems from cracking finger joints?
What is the best way to massage the face without doing more damage to aging muscles by sagging or pulling?
what do these test results mean?
I was bit by a horse fly is this normal
I have severe sleeping problems help?
When i grow up i would like to work with kids that have Cancer.?
Which food is the best for preventing cancer?
Why are cancer patients so positive and happy?
Can you get leg cancer from laptops ?
What is good for your eyes?
Can blind people have an out of body experince?
can i have some info on heart palpatations please?
Why do i get heart palpitations?
Taking care of sunburn?
Is Chiropractic a pseudoscience? Why or why not?
Organ & Body Donation.?
my skin indents when i press on it and does not come back up for 15 seconds, does anyone know why?
Can acid reflux or GERD cause back pain?
How bad is c-diff and should i be worried?
where do you go if you suspect that you or a family member has caught bacterial meningitis?
Why are my fingernails purple, and my hands ice cold?
Why am I not losing weight? I am only eating 1200 calories a day and working out?!?
How can I lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?
Had people died from the H1N1 vaccine?
How many poo's are you ment to have a day?
Does crushing up pills before taking them expedite the healing action? Are there benefits to crushing pills?
What causes nausea, and why is ginger so helpful to stop it?
What's the worst that could happen if you do "Meth" for a couple of weeks?
Please help me..!?
How i completely remove mastuburation?
Can vitamin water cause cancer?
i have testilicer cancer i think?
Could this be cancer? Please answer... I am really nervous about this.?
What agent inhibits the growth of neoplasm?
Smoking this cause cancer?
i will give you "best answer!" i need health help! READ?
how do doctors no if u r faking back pain?
Exercise!!! Can anyone help?!:)?
I'm allergic to chocolate, so I'm nervous about using this chocolate-flavored lip gloss (more inside)?
why does my head feel like it's going to explode when my allergies are acting up?
What is the fastest way to get rid of dark spots from acne?
bee stings?
I think I broke my finger?
My throat feels dry and I can't breathe?
how to get sick????????????????????????????????????…
whats the best thing...?
What would make it hard to swallow pills?
What are your thoughts on ADD/ADHD?
Why was I dizzy last night?
Do you know your blood type? How did you find out?
How do the anti-vaxxer's defend themselves now?
Would you feel baffled if this happened to you?And how would you respond back to the doctor?
Should I go to the doctor?
Can we really have cancer if we sleep with the mobile phone under the pillow?
how much colon/intestine can be removed and a human still function somewhat normally?
Did demi lovato fix her gap?
i've been fainting daily now...?
Just got a killer burn...help!?
how do i remove my black and white heads without paying?
What would you do with 5 weeks left of life?
smelly feet?
How long after undergoing chemotherapy does a person regain their strength?
Could this be bone cancer? Get Checked out? Or don't worry?
How and where do I go to get my bone marrow tested?
What is the likeliness of someone surviving from colon cancer?
What are the chances of this being cancer?
what's the difference in symptoms between anal fissure and anal cancer?
Any one who was able to work while UNDERGOING CHEMO???
does exercise help angina?
Pain in the heart/chest area?
Have you been diagnosed with HIV?
How many calories on average do you burn in 10 sit-ups?
Can I lose weight in about a month?
What steps should I take when starting a diet?
Why does working out help my acne?
I can't sleep! any ideas?
I have a slight cold, can I still donate blood?
when i smoked weed my heart beat became really fast?
Can injecting heroin pull your veins out?
How far can a cold virus or flu spread from an infected person by breathing or coughing ?
Has anybody ever had the stomach virus? How many times?
HIV and hepatitis B lifetime?
how to stop my dad from smoking?
Is it possible to be very close to albinism but not albino?
Information on using Colloidal Silver?
What are some good sorces of antioxidants????
Are there ways to remove stretch marks?
I am embarrassed to hold hands with my new boyfriend because of my sweaty palms?
My mom's getting a heart catheter tomorrow..is this a normal procedure..should I be concerned?
What does it feel like to have a heart attack?
Question about Colored contacts?
would Colored eye contacts work with my eye color ?
Could I have cancer...in my stomach?
What kind of cancer do you have to be diagnosed with to get marijuana medically?
My mom has stage 3 breast cancer that is in lymph nodes, and she smokes cigarettes like a Chimny. HELP!?
Thyroid: Is 1.07 normal through the TSH?
How can we prevent cancer?
how do you persuade people to get tested for hiv and why is it important?
3 quick and easy exercises to give me a toned stomach in a month? HELP?
Wheat free diet? (celiac disease)?
How could someone drink 30 cans of regular Coke a day and not be obese?
Is getting dinner from a grocery store everyday bad for you?
Is jumping the rope similar to running.....?
please help me get rid of red veins on my eyes?
Is it possible for a scar to appear keloid 3 weeks after surgery, but later to look normal?
A smoking question need an ex smoker?
How important is rest and sleep?
Can you Chantix AND the Patch?
how can i stop excessive sweating of my underarms.. its very embarrassing. i take i a bath twice daily?
Can Morphine be harmful to people with sleep apena?
Is it true that the brain stays "alive" for 12 minutes without any heartbeating ?
Is a man's bladder larger than a female's? Or are they the same size?
First couple times of smoking pot?!?
i almost fainted today so i think i am lacking some vitamin?
How can Get Rid Of Blackheads Fast?
Smoking question...??
how many cures has st. jude found?
Where can the leukemia cells be found in a patient's body?
For those who have/had breast cancer, what is the best advice you could give?
Will my friend get skin cancer???
1 out of how many people have Testicular Cancer?
deep inspiration breath hold technique breast cancer?
How do I deal?
Are you allowed to put pure natural?
orange pill, oval shaped, with 30 on one side and 974 on other.. if you know what it is please help!!?
What is an enema, colonic, douche ... ?
ways to recover from a hangover?
what do you do to stop irritation after shaving without soap?
Sweating problems?
What is crohn's disease?
Biceps wat is the trick?
I have less than 2weeks to get rid of some of my leg fat?
What do guys really of cellulite?
How do I get a good body?
I am 5'5 and 114 lbs. Should I lose weight?
Mosquito's have killed more people than all wars?
Throat feels weird?
male yeast infection and jock itch are the same infections?
Strep for a month and a half?
my friend has herpes, im a hypochondriac?
why would laying on my side cause this?
I'm pulling an all nighter. Any way to fix the damage done in the morning/day after?
I bruised my leg, should I go to the hospital?
What do you say to someone when they let you know they have cancer?
cure for cancer?
Pancreatic cancer early stages?
How many terminally ill patients are in California?
What level of power means you are dependent on glasses?
What should I do for my aches after I bowl?
Front foot hurts when skateboarding?
recurring pain on right side and back?
Help I have a pain all over my Body!?
help please?
i got tongue pierced and it hurts just on one side is it normal?
What is ingrown toenail surgery like? Will I have to have it?
Does black soap helps to get rid of acne and blackheads ?
detoxing from alcohol at home?
What happens if you take Dayquil at night?
Want to lose weight and get in shape fast!!! How can i do this?
Will I look "manly" if I do strength exercises?
How do u get really stong??
Healthy and yummy summer snacks/easy meals?
will i lose 10+ lbs on this 2 wk diet plan?
Water fasting?
Would you consider me starting to have anorexia?
How long does it take for a gluten-free diet to take effect?
How many hours do you need to be awake to start hallucinating?
Anyone know what is happening?
Body acne at the beach?
natural way to perfect skin, blackheads and spots and large pores?
Migraines at least once a week, should I be concerned?
Having trouble getting to sleep?
I can't sleep at night. Help?
My contacts are blurring!?
is there a way to change your eye color??????????
I am in kind of a dilemma i have my senior pictures being taken tomorrow and i have a bug bite on my eye brow
HELP! PLZ! A mosquito stung my lips!! & it loooks soo bad! ?
Please help with my ingrown toenail?
What happens when you decide to exercise regularly and start to do it?
lipton green tea?
how do you get rid of your lower belly fat?
What is this pain in my chest it feels like a knife in my heart. Ah everytime i take a breath it stings...wtf?
when a patient have a IV what effect does the infusion have on the heart since it's going through the veins."
Is supraventricular tachycardia always caused by Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome?
Double Vision?
Severe down syndrome vs. Mild down syndrome?
what's it called when you press your skin & it leaves a little pit/indent & takes a while for it to go back?
How Does being cold give you a cold virus?
Vitamins, supplements, essential oils to improve skin????
Why does my thump stink?
I am very Grateful today....?
ways to get up in the morning?
When I eat sugary foods I get hot flashes in feet, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, feel sick. wtf?
What is PMR ? Can somebody explain it to me in detail. ?
What is the Difference in Fibromalgia and Chronic Fatigue? Please Help!!?
Do you think drug addicts have lower IQ's on average?
Why does this happen to me after getting out of a bubble bath?
if a person is dying of cancer in US and he has no insurance nor money to treat it,does he just wait to die?
how does bladder cancer compare to other cancers?
I Can't Breathe Properly?
can i use garlic or any other herb for a bad sinus infection?
Tickling in my throat at night = coughing waking me up?
bleeding underneath skin?
how can i lose weight fast?
What is the best way to slim down my thighs without them getting really muscular?
I left yogurt I just bought from the store out on the counter (70 degrees) overnight. Is it safe to eat?
Water fasting, how often is safe?
If i got my contacts in wrong?
should i wear night contacts everyday, alotta times i get lazy and don't even put them on for a week.
How much would color contacts cost ?
does anyone know how much a contact exam is at the walmart in Colchester, vt?
Lupus and frustrated spouse, need advice.?
my boyfriend had a huge nose bleed, and he thought a piece of his brain came out...?
what are some side effects that a child can have in the same house as a meth user?
which is not a reason for kidney stones?
low blood platelets?
will you survive liposarcoma cancer?
what's the maximum amount of radiation you can "consume' on a daily babsis, without having a risk of cancer?
about helistic doctors, need alittle help finding them?
I need to know where I can donate money for Aids research and cancer to?
how can ik lose like 40LBS. in like 3 weeks?
How un-fit am I............?
I have the stomach - bug and feel awful! I wish someone would...?
Tips on falling asleep?
Where can I buy a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and penlight in Oahu?
how does a tomatoe get salmonela poisening?
I'm a night owl?
It's all fun and games until it starts itching and burning?
what is a good recipe to get rid of a bad sun burn?
What concentration of Nitric Acid is safe for treatment of warts?
Why do mosquito bites itch so much? Is there anything besides hydrocortisone that can make it stop itching?
What is a good and effective over the counter medication for a sore throat..?
Ideas on how to fall asleep?
really odd, gross question.........................?
How many germs are in an armpit?
Is it an ear infection or just clogged ears?
do you think i busted my ear drum?
bug bite??
what should you do if a burn starts bleeding?!?
has anyone tried the Gerson tharepy, and does it really work?
Is there such thing as effective diet pills?
i want to get abs but i dont think crunches help that much?
can appendicitis be contagious?
Can saliva be a healer?
What should I do if someone I know has a staph or MRSA infection?
Osteomyelitis question ?
So a rage-aholic mom pulls her car over & leaves her kids beside a busy road. Unfit mom or not?
i think my daughter-in-law and her mother are suffering from depression?
Why do people mistake depression for laziness & say it's a choice & not an illness?
Where Can I Find a Razor Blade?
Nobody loves me. What should I do?
How can I prevent panic attacks or paranoia when smoking marijuana?
Help! Im really worried!!?
What could cause you to lose your sense of taste overnight?
Can someone who has had an appendectomy before get appendicitis again?
signs of an eating disorder?
How to cure a bad cold?
What factors increase my risk for type 2 diabetes?
could i have diabetes? please answer :(?
Problem with steadily rising blood glucose levels, what do I do?
exercises to get skinnier legs....?
Am i not eating enough calories to lose fat?
i ALWAYS sleep in. am i skipping breakfast?
Songs about anorexia?
height help?
If you drink one cup of Green Tea a day...?
So does a piece of meat really work to block the ankle alcohol monitor from detecting if you've had a drink?
Ouch, my toe?
Why do my legs itch in winter?
Skin problem???
how do i put a different head on a different body?
Would this medicine work?
Does cow's milk have health benefits for adults or not?
How do you choose which healing crystal is best for you?
i can't do pushups! not even one - help!!?
Diet & fitness : Do you take protein supplements?
cinnamon and green tea supplements for weight loss?
how to induce vomiting?
dizzy, tired, pains in chest and nauseous all the time?
Infected Cut?
is my baby rash serious enough to go to the hospital???please help?
perspiration cools the body because?
What should i do I have chaped lipes?
I have all the symptoms of hypo thyroid i have Hashimotots Thyroiditis.but normal TSH?
How can I increase my sense of smell?
If you have to have radiation treatments from a brain tumor is it definite that you will lose your hair?
Contacts falling apart in your eyes...?
Do you think this will be ok to do?
Accidently slept in contacts but no problems? Is it ok?
i heard that c.u.m gets rid of acne? does it really?
Can baking soda really eliminate acne, if it can what else do I need?
is it true sniffing solvents shrinks your brain?
I need some realistic answers on cancer?
What are his chances, how long does he have, how do i cope, should i go see him when will it be too late?
Do you think the next epidemic will be brain cancer?
What's the most effective diet to start eliminating candida yeast from my body?
Strange Sleep Problems...?
My husband has toenail fungus is there an easy way to get rid of it besides going to the doctor?
Bee sting...help please!?
Dog bite HELP?
Treating possible bug bite?
paramedic protocol?
Burn on my hand not sure yet if medical attention is needed.?
how do you get rid of the itch in a bug bite?
How soon will you see results with aerobic exercise and dieting?
How long does it take to get into good enough shape to run a 15 minute 1.5mile?
are APPLE JUICE and ORANGE JUICE good for you?
I need help losing weight.....fast?
how much costs a phimosis surgery?
Please help me get rid of my acne?
According to latest research, what are the principle contributing causes to late onset diabetes?
does insulin convert glusoce to glycogen?
Is a blood sugar rating 108 good?
Is it possible to have: anemia, asthma, ADD and insomnia all at the same time?
I think i might be lactose intolerant?
Eating disorders?
My doctor won't give me sinus infection meds...?
Hi there can i get AIDS from swimming in the rivier with other people.?
Is there a STD that makes a women fat? 300lbs?
what is the difference between MESOTHELIOMA and ASBESTOSIS?
having cramp in right side abdomen?
Does anyone know if a CT scan findings is diagnostic or whether further tests are done to confirm results?
I don’t know what to do. Can we sue for neglect???
I'm 21, female, sometimes worry about the others life( died of accidents, cancer) may be I'll be one of them ?
anyone knows what is an ennering procedure??
How can i GET Dandruff?
How to stop sweating so much?
What colors should i get for my braces?
Drinking Water? Forcing yourself to drink fluids? Anybody have this problem?
Why do I sweat when I sleep?
Respiratory therapists! How much do you make an hour? Annually?
Im 12 years old and i want to lose weight?
Do I have any type of an eating disorder?
Most effective way to lose weight off my legs?
How long does it take for a burn to heal naturally?
My skin is discolored where a cold sore used to be. How can I get rid of it?
Can someone die from Jaundice?
If you have Von Willie Brand Diease and smoke can it make it worse or stay the same?
What is the difference between Flu, cold and Fever?
i have a stye in my eye. never had one before?
When a child (or anyone) gets sick w/"cat scratch Fever", do they always?--?
Has anyone taken Xeloda or Zometa for mets from breast cancer?
can we get cancer by just smelling gas?
Is Shizophrenia hereditary?if a girl`s sister has it,does the sister,whose normal,when gets married,?
what can i do if i have skin cancer and no insurance.?
strange brownish almost purple spot on cheek?
Is it true that if you don't drink cow's milk the possibility of getting breast cancer is drastically reduced?
Can an extreme change in temperature cause a RA flare?
please tell me how to quit smoking without becoming an evil, mean, hysterial, sad, depressed, psycho person>?
Why do we cough during night more and what is the reason?
how long can live with asthmatic bronchitis?
What are the chances of death or serious disease with smoking?
why does my chest burn when i breath?
sore bleeding cracked lips?
Is it possible to medicate CHF client with CCB with glycoside maintaince? Is there a drug-drug interaction?.?
If you get a letter from social security saying that if you don't get a check or hear from them in 90 days is
How low (and for how long) does my blood pressure have to be (and stay) before I can get off the bp meds?
What is diastolic blood pressure?
what can ppl w/high blood pressure eat?
what is the cardiovascular therapy?
Anyone know about the success or ? of Ablation surgeries.?
snorting pills?