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Why does my head ALWAYS feel like its congested?
what does a kidney do?
Tingling and burning in my arms?
I have Bell's Palsy ): questions?
ringworm and i dunno what to do about it!!!!!!!! (more inside) please answer.?
Gnawing Pain in Stomach?
how to get rid of bursitis swelling?
Possibly Multiple Sclerosis?
I have hard lumps on the thumb side of my right wrist was wondering if i should see a docter?
Feeling dizzy, lightheaded, dream-like estate?
I have a cough, asthma and underarm pain. I am 17 weeks pregnant. Should I be concerned?
Are these signs of a fractured foot?
Shoulder and Arm Problems HELP!?
How long unitll i can play basketball 100% after my miniscus surgery/?
Can I get high from Concerta?
Only 16 and have been having AWFUL back pains, stomach pains, heart pains and throat feels like it's closing u?
what sort of foods should you avoid? if you have a hiatal hernia?...?
how many lives do internist (M.D. PHYSICIANS)save each year?
what numbers in high blood pressure are considered too high?
When doing a ct scan, does it include both chest and head?
can't breath.. could it be anxiety?
Can't breathe.. could it be anxiety?
stomach aches please help!?
Is it bad if the feeling of "i'm about to cry" becomes a constant?
how effective this spray for hairs and what its benifits?
what does it mean when you have a headache for two days and when you are up for to long you get dizzy?
Different Shaped Nostrils?
why is my stomach bloated and i keep on burping?
Do cell phones emit radiation regardless of whether they are turned on or not? And other related questions?
This heart rate recovery time normal?
What kind of Murmur, or a murmur at all?
Can Anxiety cause all is physical Sym?
cost of a ecg gel(let it be any size)?
A healthy life to avoid hypertension?
Pain in upper left Chest?
what are the symptons of congestive heart condition?
I have been having heart palpatations should i worry?
Why do I flinch whenever I'm touched?
Blood pressure = 105/64. Is that OK?
how much should i charge for home care for and elderly person?
Should I see a doctor about my heart palpitations?
Pulmonary Stenosis. Any information?
Pharmacy related profession?
how to fake sick? Possibly even get sick to the extent in faking?
how to have confidence with my body.?
i took 7 ibuprofen yesterday, 7 tylenol 3's. 2 ibuprofen today and 7 tylenol 3's?
diarrhea lasting over a month?
what they do at a neurologist??help im scared!?
i have an employee that smells like rotting flesh, almost like a dead body. what could be wrong with him?
what is herpes? please help?
What drugs won't show in Blood test?
why are people with aids skinny?
Depressd :(.. Confused.help me ? ;(?
are there some mental illnesses that u get psychotic sometimes?
Perscribed 1/2 dose of Lexapro two years ago and it made me tired all the time...?
I'm contemplating Suicide.?
Help, I am forgetting too Much at such a young age!?
what are symptoms of bi-polar?
I think I might be depressed!!!!!!!!!!?
is this an obsessive-compulsive thing?
How do I stop my computer addiction?
I'm depressed, considering suicide :(?
please help no one answered me the first time?
my sister needs help?
My friend&drugs?
Think I could get in trouble for this?
A person has a very serious personality disorder...?
Is it possible to have ADHD and be introverted?
Do antidepressant medications make you forget things over being on them over time?
feelings of sadness all the time?
What are the symptoms of luekemia?
Knotting in the stomach and nausea?
petit mal seizures??
What causes vomit that is thick not watery vomiting something that looks like chewd non digested food?
If you are not prescribed adderall, and you take it for 3 days strait will your body fight it off ?
I think I may have Autism or Aspergers and don't know what to do?
how can i help my boyfriend during alcohol detox?
kidney problemm!!!!!!?
my daughter has had a stomach ache a little dizzy and now urine test said high ph and protein levels?
Having a stool with orange, oily substance?
BUG in my ear?? ahhhhhh help please?
What is wrong wit my ears?
What does it mean when my kidney area hurts and i have problems breathing?
My tongue is swollen?
what to do before seeing a neurologist?
What is this pill called?.?
Stomach pains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do i have ADD? or no?
I have epilepsy and want to try shrooms is it safe?
Concerned about my symptoms!?
Really Gross But Serious?
Woke up and my ear was numb?
Does sleeping at day and living at night bring health problems?
i have a saliva test on thurs i smoked on tues night how can i pass it?
My hips are hurting what can be the cause?!?
Numb fingers? Any suggestions?
How long does THC stay in your system? Is there any way to flush it out?
random soap question?
Allergic to salty water?
Dog has skin problems?
I'm sick today with a runny nose and a sore throught.?
Flonase question? I think I'm going crazy lol!?
Do I have a bean allergy?
Any homemade solution for (Khatmals)bedbugs ,i am allergic to sprays please help?they will even bite if the?
What are the best ways to ensure quick recovery from salmonella food poisoning?
whats the latest gen on Hep C compensation in England?
What can I do to help my 12 yr old Daughter who has been diagnosed with hyper mobility syndrome.?
blood transfusion practical?
can malaria kill within a matter of hours?
red marks on lower legs?
What causes Muscle infection or Muscle virus?
My fiencee is visiting africa and has malaria for past 2-3 wks is this common ?
does anyone know if alcohol aggrivates costochondritis?
my wife has been smoking for at least 20 years, she is coughing in her sleep and when she wakes up. any ideas?
why is feeling uncomfortable?
are there any sanitoriums currently open for tb infection,or will there possibly be any opened again?
I blazed for the first time, and now ive had a bad cough since, should I go to the doctor?
Canadian Pharmacy Rec for Chantix?
i heard that nosebleed is cause by hypertension but what about sneezing blood what is the cause?
Any medical/oxygen regulators available which shuts off exhaling time.?
can having strep throat cause a tickle in throat.?
i have hard cartligy things in my ear lobes or is it pus idk?
don't feel right?
how to handle stimulant induced hyperventilation?
A natural cure for Allergic reaction other than coresones?
If you inhale smoke through your mouth and exhale through your nose, did the smoke go to through your lungs?
I tore one of my contacts. Should I replace both of them or just the broken one?
is it okay to go on fair rides while wearing contacts?
After having a emergency ceasarian section i developed a big blind boil on my stomach, followed then by ?
Am I allergic to fir trees??
Why is a mole (like the kind on your body) called a mole, when it looks nothing like a mole?!?!?
gentian violet?
What is good for hair growth?
How do i get rid of Spotty forehead?
whats the best and quickest way to get soft and clear skin?
Why are they a funny colour?
Does anyone have any useful eczema remedies?
Factor 15 suncream?
have just shaved my legs and one part is stinging like mad. Any home remedies?
when i am embaressed, or just generally walking or get really hot even now when it is freezing cold....?
Help with my chicken pox :]?
Ok, how do I deal with corns then?
psoriasis and working in the hospital?
Diabetic Nan who takes Warfrin daily, now got an Ulcer on foot?
My veins really stand out?
What can cure razor rash/burn on the neck?
This is about acne....?
my boyfriend is an allergic to my cat and Its making his eczema really ich any suggestions?
if i only take 1/4-1/2 of a 2mg xanax about once a week, is it ok for me to take st. johns wort?
Kanagarra what dose it do and dose it work?
Homeopathy and muscle relaxants?
can i take 2 Bach flower remedies neat under my tongue?
Define the following terms: top note, middle note and base note in aromatherapy?
can someone give small description of manual handling regulations 1992?
Has anyone tried the herbal supplement "Relora"?
why does my pee smell?? bad!?
has anyone used melantan II? i have used it but need to ask about dosage?
can vitamin d and calcium deficiency cause facial deformations as a teen?
is it serious? cause im a bit in the dark here?
Does anyone suffer from this?
ALOE Vera Inner or whole leaf?
Can hypnosis be used to make you forget a 10digit mobile number?
Bong Measurements help PLZ i need to get the right Female diffuser and perc AC!?
Can making yourself vomit make you thinner after just one try?
What is this illness that I got?
feel sick after smoking weed?
kidney problem?! need some information.?
kidney infection????
Why does my jaw feel swollen but it doesn't look swollen?
Is it common for bodybuilding to cause degenerative disc and joint disease when you reach your 40s and 50s?
Essential oils instead of Methotrexate?
Medical question, Blurred vision after working out.?
examples of case studies for an itec holistic massage course?
Breathing exercises that get you naturally high?
should you give a microlax enema to someone who has haemrrhoids?
Can you stop a doctor from prescribing medicine to someone else?
I have severe "stomach" cramps? ?
do you know if b17 is dangerous or toxic?
What Types of Builds Are There?
I am 23 years old and I have never been sick.?
numbed toes is a medical attention needed?
Naproxen?500 mg each.?
for cvs pharmacy hemmorrhoidal suppositories the kind with no coritsone in it...?
Pleaseee help.. dont know what to do about this :(?
Why do I get so high so fast when I smoke weed?
I think my throat was bleeding?
Do zinc pills really make you grow taller?
What percentage of prescription drugs are bought at "retail" a discount in the US?
What would you like to ask?My stomach hurts since last night!?
how too catch a cold my friend backstabbed me?
Piece of skin hanging on uvula or uvula getting longer?
Is something wrong with me? if so, what is?
Anyone else get weird temporary blindness?
Does chronic appendicitis turn into acute appendicits?
Pleaseee help.. really scared this wont go away?
Do i have anxiety please answer?
Why does my temperature go down when i am sick?
do moles grow over time?
Trouble with my AC joint?
what is a lipoma?
throat cancer what %out of 100 does treatment cure it?
Does having tomatoes and spinach in combination for lunch/dinner lead to stones in the kidney?
acne and marks?
can i drink alcohol while i am taking theophylline?
why is it when you get sun burnt you go red,and when you get a sun tan you go brown?
How can you reduce risk of a stroke after a transient ischemic attack?
M.E symptoms?
what are the symptoms of carbon min oxide poisoning?
Why the evening headaches?
chest pains and mid back pain?
Do you get back pains after getting your ears peicerd?
What is wrong with my elbow?
Will my sprained knee hurt more while it heals?
hi,i have a torn meniscus in my left knee.for two days it has been hurting all the way into my foot and up ?
Knee pain need advice?
Pain, what's wrong with me? ?
Leg flexibility, the day after!?
I am having a problem with my knees and ankles?
accessory spleen spleen in a spleen?
What happend to me, i felt super weird....?
I am have pain on the left side of my rib cage going all the way around......?
stomach problems? recently i ate more than i usually do and since then when i eat i get like a knot that hurt?
I have chronic tennis elbow and golfers elbow(both arms) and now severe morning stiffness in both legs!!wtf?
Knee pain normal from stopping running?!?
Whats wrong with my ear?
How many people in the U.S. have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep.?
can coffee enemas really be a health benefit?
Improving concentration?
What could cause this?
Why am I feeling this way after I sleep?
Does sleeping in a soft or squishy back cause bad posture or spinal curving.?
Why am I dizzy today?
What would a be normal sleep schedule for 6pm-midnight job?
How to pop an infected ear bubble?
my elbow locks up on me and pops feels like bone against bone can someone please tell me what is going on?
bloody mucus with stool? help?
Are there any symptoms that come after a disease is gone?
Question about bloodwork?
:( :( diarreah really bad?
I was diagnosed with collagenous colitis today and there are so many differant things out there on it. Help?
I have been on SSI for 2 years now.?
How long to wait until i can take a Darvocet?
i feel weak and feel like im going to faint any second. Dizzy and unbalanced. what to do?
i have been told i have an inflamed liver to not drink at all sometimes i still do now i have burning on left?
Multiple sclerosis (MS) - Running Half Marathons For Charity Challenge - 2011 - UK?
my tsh is .1 and my free t4 is 1- what does this mean?
vegas nerve on bowel movement?
My friend has feotal alcohol syndrome and wondering if it would be ok for him to get drunk ?
My ear's infected! How do I treat it?! Please help!?
Stomach pains and nausea, related to recent break up?
i have rare epithelial cell in urine this can harm my pregnancy?
My ear has been bothering me lately and I can't figure out what it is?
How long does it take to get over a virus?
is snoring a sickness?how can it be treated?
Will using Aci to help lose weight interfere with my coumadin therapy?
Right hand fingers shaking please help!?
My grandma just found out she has conjestive heart failure. How should I cheer her up?
What do doctors do for people with very low blood pressure?
how does the cardiac action potential prevent the heart from achieving tetany?
My Mom needs help she has high blood pressure and level 7 cholesetrol level ?????
What's the normal blood pressure for a woman in her sixties?
is high carbohydrate intake related to depression?
why would a partially blocked artery only cause pain at night during sleep?
how long are you sick for if you have mono?
Does anyone know of some charaties that will help with medical issues?
how succesful are stem cell heart transplants?
can a person with hiatal hernia be completely healed?
What are the differences in treatment between systolic left heart failure and chronic left heart failure?
Blood Pressure how to read it?
what is a good cholesterol score?
can the psychologist help the neurologist to understand Alzheimer's disease?
enzyme inducers & enzyme inhibitors (of p-450 enz.)?
question about my heart?
how much is medtronic 2090 for a pacemaker?
diagnostic health issues by fingernails?
What is the danger of going higher than the maximum heart rate while racing?
i think im lactose intolerant i have not had milk for 2 days how long to detox?
tonsillitis and abscess,going for em erg op,any advice very worried,not me family member.?
accident at work 13 stitches in forehead how much compo can i expect?
Does anyone know about the genetic condition GH please?
i'm just getting over a lung infection. but i coughed up some phlegm this morning and it had blood in it.?
Getting a lot of head rushes recently?
is it normal to pretend things will happen and to basically create what you want ?
Lap band surgery? how does it effect your life?
cures for an upset stomach?
please answer, health question.?
Dangers of close up Microwave watching....?
For ADULT women which head circumferences are considered small, medium, and large?
Should I smoke or not?
What would happen if I did this?
Is it okay for my girlfriend to use medication like 4-Meo-PCP, JWH-073, 2c-e, listerine, prozac and dilaudid ?
I'm wondering what is growing on my elbow...?
???Heart donations??!!?
What tests will a lab run after failing a 5 panel urine test that came back positive for opiates.?
How can you get a wider body?
If the splenic artery is blocked what artery would anesmose to provide blood to the spleen?
Is there anyway to make a popped blood vessel in your eye go away quicker?
Sorta hard, nickle size lump on my neck?
what is that mean about stomach?
when do doctor's prescriptions expire?
Do I have a pulled muscle in my chest?
Strange lumps on armpit and inner elbow?
These are my symptoms...Any ideas?
Kidney question? help?!?
Do Pancreatitis symptoms mirror any other symptoms?
Does this sound like lactose intolerance?
can uromastyx's have seizures?
i need help with a diagnosis....?
Chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis?
Bleeding after bowel movement... hemorrhoids?
Weird vision changes?
have you had hemorrhoids ?
My depressed feelings went away after peeing?
occasional headaches and short blackouts!!?
Why are my feet swollen?
Can you give me the outlines of a PKU diet?
cocaine in blood stream prefer toxologist answer this?
how can i challenge my anxiety?
Should I be worried about my high uric acid?
how is it like with pregnant women with sickle cell disease?
I'm 14 years old girl, having scoliosis problem?
Help with hand symptoms?
dull constant ache in the kidney area, no urinary problems, no blood in urine, no burning, urine clear & light?
CF When are they going to get a cure!?
Where can I find a CPR recertification course???!!!?
inflation causes and their remedies?
Help! Deperate for answers about lung nodules!?
Dr. say's I have high white blood count?
Sort of gross nut I woke up with a bunch of flem in my mouth.?
Shallow breathing and i can't sleep I wake up like i wasnt breathing?!?
Breathing problem?
Flem a.k.a. woogie?
loss of voice?
Sinus trouble please help?
after 4yrs in recovery my boyfriend relapsed what will trigger him to relapse again?
is there any reason why I shouldn't take Phytolacca Berry?
I have garlic smelling hands but not been near garlic?
Can Agnus castus make my period late?
Are Iodine or chlorine based water purification tablets better?
I am looking for the official Nicorette web site and servival kit offer?
What is the difference between Flixonase and Beconase/Beclometasone?
what is good to strenghthen my muscles?
I have piles and need help finding a remedy?
Printable Medication charts online?
Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and EFT, Stress Management?
Any person own a Mind Spa meditation machine or similar?
Where to get Adrafinil.?
Nutritional therapy training - which is the best course/affiliation to work to?
Has anyone used Canelim Capsules?
What's the best website in UK to buy pure natural beeswax candles at a good and reasonable price?
Blood circulating around body?
The pineal gland....is it powerful?
drug screening...........................?
what is the tablet xm 1.0?
can you have telekenisis in one eye?
if you wear contacts is there a possibility to scratch your eye?
My eye is twitching!?
if i can see out of an eye but leagaly blind in it can it be fixed?
How to get clear skin D:?
how I can find GP in my area?
I have a job with mcdonalds and i have a bit of eczema!?
I was just wondering if anyone had any advice regarding my acne as below?
My son (6 months) has developed lots of spots!?
what are the little red dots all over me/?
how come i keep breaking out with boils ?
How can i permanently stop my beard growing ?
Really bad sweat patches :(:( PLEASE HELP!!!?
Coldsores Arghhhhhh?
rash on arm and leg developes into a very sore patch of blisters they take about 3 weeks to heal what is it?
I always have dark circles under my eyes. Even if I get about 8 hours sleep. What can I do to get rid of them?
Insect bites ... PLEASE HELP !!?
whats the best way of getting rid of spots, treatments, creams, any advice?
flea treatment?
getting back on my sleep schedule?
i need some health advice or something! or medical?
why do i twist my knee at night?
twitching all over my body?
Help ... Burning pain on right side near hipbone? Appendicitis? Or Sciatica?
I have to get my 10 hour sleep, or else I'd have to take a nap...?
Help I am allergic to trees.?
Mosquito bite swelling?
What does it mean if you are positive for leukocytes and blood in your urine??? PLEASE HELP ASAP!?
What does it mean if you are positive for leukocytes and blood in your urine??? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!?
Looking for a cure for a long term finger nail infection, all fingers on left hand. Some toe nails as well....?
I accidentally got a little moisture in my benefiber, is it still good to drink?
Should my grandma go to the E.R for her blood pressure?
How to get my ear to pop? QUESTION 2?
How do you know if your allergic to a metal earring?
I have Lactose Intolerace and it's been getting worse.I live in the Philippines,Where can i buy lactaid?
Can smoking a cigarette make you feel down?
I need a site where I can find a doctor that accepts the medical card in illinois and how long have they been?
what is health policy by mr,obama all about in usa?
will my leg become permenently dammaged if it's asleep for too long?
Restless Body Syndrome?
is there more than a variety of the disease Alzheimers Disease?
I have been having some uncomfortable stomach problems don't know what to do?
I am still having phototoxic (sunburn) reaction and anxiety attacks almost two months later.?
i get sick when i eat.?
explain nuclues and lysosomes and cellmembrane for a kid 5-12 yrs of age?
What disease is it that its side effects are being anxious and short fused?
acth stimulation test results?
can your water brake in a gush then feel nothing?
what are the consequences of swallowing 5 tyloneles or more?
scared i have a brain tumor?
How likely is it that I'll get prescibed anti-depressants from my gp?
I sprayed cleaning chemicals with my food being near, is my food poisoned?
What is wrong with me..?
should i worry if i have an anuerysm by my kidneys?
How do I know if I have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome?
what happens if your private is dirty and you stick a finger in it?
I never vomit is that normal?
Swelling in my glands- back of the throat?
Could this be brain fog or something else?
Indwelling Catheters?
Could a Lipoma cause swelling of my leg ? It's at the top of my thigh between my legs or is it a torn muscle?
flushed skin?
is there anyway to get rid of scars on your arms?
What is the most common virus which causes "Viral Gastritis"?
Today, over a year since Live 8, it is reported health conditions in Africa are worse. Where is the aid?
Tubulovillous adenoma, advice???
Has anyone had a chalazion - lump on eye-lid and how did they get arid of it?
What is the diagnosis for muscle fatigue?
I think I had a panic attack but I don't remember?
I have a very large stomach?
Wat causes epilepsy......?
Suffering from horrendous moods?!?
Losing feeling in one toe?
Nodule In My Thyroid - Question?
What were some diseases during the Progressive Era?
Can illegal drug abuse lead to killer diseases in the long run?
Could this have caused brain damage and in turn caused other problems?
itchy ears? PLEASE help?
If a tumor shinks with chemo can it grow again?
How is a partially torn patella tendon treated?
What are all possible symptoms of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism?
Sudden severe Neck pain?
What is it like to be an early intervention specialist?
3 yr old has high sodium level in urine?
I'm sick with something; don't know what it is?
Are drug helpful to treat adult ADD? I have good reasons to suspect I have ADD, but was never tested?
can you get Manic depression when you have another medical condition and taking the medicine for it ?
do mentally ill people know right from wrong? serious answers only please?
help!! I'm studying abroad and i want to go home!!!?
i need someone to talk to...?
bad thoughts.?
Not just an empty bus seat...?
has anyone dated a girl with borderline personality disorder before? and what is the best way to support her?
my mom is sending me to a mental instituation for depression and thinking of suicide, what should i expect?
Can you help me with this?
I am trying to get a job , but have no confidence in me , what should I do ?
could this be bipolar?
Euthanizing?!? HELP ME!?
why do people like sports medicine?
How can I get cheap EMS pants, polos, accessories, etc.? I am an EMT.?
The hospital hired a anesthesiologist who was not a net worked physician of Blue cross without notifying me?
Does a past suicide attempt affect ability to recieve a transplant?
What is the work of a logistics person in global health?
Is there a blood type that keeps people from getting cancer?
High PSA level, Biopsy now?
why does my stomach hurt badly? I just as some.........?
Is it true that it takes a while for a person to get sick from smoking cigarettes?
i keep getting a bloody nose?
prescription med question (hypothetical)?
Sharp pains in my stomach?
My parents won't let me take medicince when my stomach hurts, they make me drink tea instead. Is that safe?
failed diet question???????????
My skin is dry because of the weather. Can supplements help?
bright orangish red blood?
Medical Question, What do i have?!?
what Can i do to make my breast grow bigger?
back pain on lower left side?
when i wake up my head start hurting?
i need help!! badly!?
Is it possible for yoga to cause pain at the upper back?
Finger joints and wrists hurt?
Does anyone know of a pain management clinic in Orlando area?
What did they do while I was in the emergency room?
My midback hurts ? ?
Does Pain Reliever PM pills eat up the lining in your stomach? ?
how long before you feel side effects of medicine?
Cramping muscle ?
is it normal for your bones to grind on one side after you had surgery?
How long does it take to become addicted and dependent on Oxycotin?
something about pain relievers...?
so my hip and knee......................................?
im going in for surgery soon and...?
What's wrong with my shoulder?
why i been having sharp head pain?
What can I expect from the first visit at a pain management center?
buy diazepam valium with mastercard?
What is a Bilateral Antrial Washout?
can a registered nurse retired on sick grounds continue to work as a nurse elsewhere via an agency?
In the winter I get these little blisters on the soles of my feet?
are cyclins and CDK oncogenes?
My friend has macular eye disease...does this mean that she could?
how many hours does it take to produce mucus and extrude it from the goblet cells?
trials that show ace inhibitors beneficial in hypertension?
My father-in-laws breath! :-(?
Have I got a problem with my eyes?
I got a bruise about 3months ago on a boat. Its 4x4inches big and has gone away but left a scare kinda.?
what should I do I tore a shoulder muscle!?
shin pain hurts to walk please help need alot of answers?
Really bad floor burns from volleyball ?
I have hurt my ankle and I was wondering if anyone knows what I have done to it?
i think i hurt my shin what should i do?
i threw my back out or something. should it still be bothering me over 4 days later?
will a chicken lay on a broken leg or stretch it out like mareks disease?
when you go to the sinus doctor dose it hurt when you get the camera up your nose?
Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery? Help!?
What can I expect while healing from a broken toe with home treatment?
lost job due to reporting work injury and they deny it happened at work?
how to treat and recover from a sprained ankle quickly?
Will Active Release TEchnique help me?
What Should i do cut my finger?
What should I do about my forearm?
Waking up with bruises?
Should I take more antibiotics if the first ones didn't work?
Would a Urine Test Come Up With STI Results..?
how long does swine flu last?
Why is there such a huge media panic about swine flu?
Red raised area where i had flu jab?
what is glandular fever and how do you know if you have it or not?
what are the symptons of swine flu?
can one partner have Scabies without infecting the other ?
Swine Flu - A bit of an odd question?
How likely is it that swine flu will mutate and come back in the winter twice as bad?
If you had a terminal illness would you still use Yahoo Answers?
Has swine flu mutated?
Malaria? Can you get Malaria in England?
How can you tell which hospitals/clinics are for outpatients w/o insurance?
Why did i sleep for 18 hours?
what does it mean when it is hard for you to find your heart beat?
please help! I have irregular heartate all over the map. They just did a 24 hr. ekg,?
heart? lungs? panic? dont know whats wrong?
Is my blood pressure okay?
could this be related to blocked heart arteries
why does my heat beat so fast when i stand up?
Is my heart rate too high?
I need further expanation on checking blood pressure.?
where does cardiac excitation begin?
Random Rapid Heart Beat?
Chest pains and back pains?
hi, for a while ive been feeling tightness in my heart and i dont know what it is.?
the SNS contains cardiac centers within?
How to shift palpitations?
What else can cause abnormal ECG results and pain when there is no blockage in the heart?
why do patients have there specticles taken away, when in hospital.?
is there a higher risk....?
Would head sinuses cause pain around the heart?
Mitral regurgitation?
what factors influence biotransformation in drugs?
Rapid Fluctuations in Blood Pressure?
The semilunar valve on the right side of the heart is between which heart chamber and which blood vessel?
Blood circulation through the heart?
i have just taken two extra paracetermol within three hours by accident, what may happen?
Which ginseng is best to use for concentration and energy?
can taking st johns wort irritate my IBS?
Chinese Herbs?
Is there really a cure for blindness?
Dear DOCTOR!? can i mix two herbal supplements to improve the appearence of my skin!?
Does anyone have an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage?
potassium phosphate and magnesium phosphate, what are they used for?
Samantha South the best therapist online?
why is it important to get client feedback after a massage?
what are the antiageing natural list of foods in india? please list out the antiageing foods, vegitable or any
are Iodine or chlorine based water purifcation tablets better?
massage therapist needs advice!?
Why is my stomach bloating I feel sick?
Do I have a kidney infection?
Coffee and GERD and acidity of coffee?
Has anyone had surgery for Frozen Shoulder?
What are reasons for the elderly to get puffy stomaches?
Why do I feel so ill?
Intermittent Explosive Disorder men can they lead loving relationships with women?
Meridians, ylang & Yin and the Tsubo, what is their significance in Aromatherapy?
Bright yellow circles in my peripheral vision?
my friends dad has got these probs i need a second opinion for the treatment, is there anyone who can help me?
I think that I may be a troll. Should I seek medical help for this?
Does this sound like MS (multiple sclerosis)?
what can you take for headaches?
My fingertip is cold?
weird lump behind my ear?
can you be a fire man with one kidney?
Has anyone been on the thyroid medicine called Levothyroxine? Pls no home remedy or site referral answers.?
How to stop twitches from happen more violently?
What could be some causes for blood being present in my stool?
Medical diagnosis please?
What is the medical term for cutting in the thorat?
Had an allergic reaction to hair dye..will it happen again?
any postures for runnning
my work place has greasy air?
I'm out of my Ambiem sleep aid and am visiting
How long does it take to remove nasal stents? And does it hurt?
what is the side affects for sapofeen?
PLZ HELP ME! How can I get rid of heartburns and chest pains really quickly?
Is it just dehydration?
why do i always have flem after eating a meal...
2 year old stopped breathing last sunday and now
what are the caused and the effects of the smoking ing the enviroanment
I live in Spain and have had a hip scan on the report I can't work out what Aumento captacion de cadera mean
Anyone with cancer ever tried B17 (Laetrile) treatment?
what causes cheese?
what is reumatisim caused by i have it in my kness?
5 Toes good 6 toes better.??????????????????
why is sheffied always so cold?
Can humans get "furious" rabies?
how bad is snorting the affects what happens ?
Taking zinc pills for testosterone increase?
Why do i feel like im going to die when i smoke marijuana?
Help! Im getting really sick?!?
How can I stop feeling sick all the time?
Symptoms of gallstones a week ago, seems to be improving...?
Are there ways to get a doctors note without having a regular physician?
Split stomach muscle surgery?
Something is wrong with my nose! please help .?
what does the drug abilify do and is it good for the human body or is drinking better?
Stomach is roaring and paining?
I'm Sick =[ And I Have Some Weird Thick Slimy Mucus In My Mouth. (Warning It's GROSS!) Can Someone Help?
Should I go to school?
Cannabis Medical advise help!!?
How to prevent Kidney Stones?
hi...i am going to do a minor thesis..title is, the comparison of antibacterial effect of syzygium polyanthum?
Where did my contact go?
Question about eye stye?
Is this normal when you have new eyeglasses?
drug addiction counceling?
Would you commit suicide if you had absolutely no friends and no one liked you for no reason?
I'm so scared of everything .?
Do Masters level clinicians or psychologists have the autority to prescribe medicine like a psychiatrist?
What's wrong with me?
I am a Horrible Person and No One wants Me?
Do I have Attention Deficit Disorder?
recently diagnosed agressive sociopath?
I'm hallucinating...?
i have depression, ptsd, panic and anxiety and i am so tired and hurt by people making smart?
Is she traumatized?
Someone answered one of my questions saying it has something to do with mental health?
Is This Just Boredom Or Am I Actually Self-Harming?
Something is wrong...?
my ex girlfriend really broke my heart and... am i wrong to feel like this?
I think I might have depression?
I think i have some crazy disorder where I feel everything bad 100 times more intense than everyone else?
How do I finally start talking about the rape?
Social Anxiety Disorder help?
Is MRI painful if they are checking your brain?
Been getting watery, itchy eyes?
Do I have e-coli poisoning?!??!?
Do all shoulder related nerve blocks require a catheter?
How can my moms boyfriends MS link to myself?
I feel like i always have to pee?
inflamed ileum NOT crohn's or colitis?
What is this dizziness I experienced?
How to deal with a person with dementia?
genetic disorders, hairy body, small stature?
is there a website people can go to who are addicts?
what's wrong with me?
I have these symptoms, went to the hospital and they don't know! sent me home?
Ringing ears........?
How to fix ringing ears?
I have a sharp insane pain on the right side of my head?!?
what disease/mutation/..... may this be?
Is it possible that you can strain so much that you feel like you ruptured something in your head?
What to do about inner ear fluid?
Do I have a kidney disease?
Friend complaining of a weird twitching and shocking pulse wave during each heart beat.?
what is your thought of eating meat, lamb, chicken.?
Do they make sleep medicine for teens?
arm sleep and other parts falling asleep at night?
9th grade physical - what to expect?
What causes a finger nail to shift?
can anybody tell me what this is?
How much training you think is required to use ultrasound hand held equipment?
Can anyone explain this?
Bad upper AND lower back pain..18 yr old female?
I'm taking care of my boyfriend..any advice?
could this be gangreen?
Symptoms of a disease?
has anyone had a serious reaction to new shoes?
anyone had bowel cancer?
So is it normal to be normal to have malaria for 2-3 wks...she is on injections?
I broke my ancle on July 4th ( open fracture ) I have internal fixation , how long till I lose my limp ,?
Any idea what my injury could be?
Possible cause of severe abdominal pain?
Possible Infection? Red and warm to the touch.?
Help with my wrist? Read for details..?
Ear stretching question.?
what does a growth plate fracture feel like?
stress fracture???????????
How to repair cartilage bone in your knee! PLEASE HELP PLEASE!?
can you go to your doctor under workers comp. or do you have to go to theirs?
foot broke can't work can the goverment help?
Outside ankle hurts and is swollen a bit :( how to help heal.?
My feet are huge, can I make them smaller?
i dosers that actually work?
Do I have primary amenorrhea?
Inner organ's protective coating....?
Can minors buy herbal gold cigarettes?
Question about sickness!?!?!?
Does anyone else get thirsty after they cry?
what can u do to get money?
Has anyones child had chicken pox twice?
hangover cause hallucinations?
What do these symptoms mean?
What is cause and effect?
Can I get away with not taking anti malarials in southern India as long as I use a good repellant & cover up?
whats worse, swine flu, flu, or bird flu?
Post gallbladder surgery question?
Why can't I tell when im hungry?
if i was a living kidney donor, what would be the risks for me?
What does back pain in the kidney area after drinking mean?
what will be done to try and stop this deadly flu coming to the uk?
What are some ways to help me breath?
Lower Right Abdomen pain?
What are the side effect of cocaine and heroin combined ?
Does having a strong lower body decrease back pain?
I Can lift my hair with out my hands?
how do you get you eyelashes to grow back fast?
i feel dizzy at random times?
ive had the flu jab today but feel week as a kitten why?
Is 25 white vicadin enough to kill?
normal TSH, slightly high T4 and slightly low T3?
Spots in peripheral vision - need help?
Is there a stomach bug around at the moment?
Where can I buy Chinese glass fire cupping cups set?
Im 21 years old and every year when it starts to get cold i get severe knee pain at night?
I Possibly have a Bone Cyst does anyone know if this will keep me from joining the Military?
Anybody know what the website for the NHS is?
Is it possible that I have the swine flu?
what kind of ocd is this?
Onychocryptosis? (Ingrown toenails)?
how to control hand tremors?
Fever for the first time help!?
My mother in law has chicken pox?
Afraid of blood clots in my legs? Need an opinion?
Im 22 years old female and started smoking weed in March this year in April this year i started vomiting?
Really scared of catching Swine Flu as i'm in the 'at risk' groups.?
how long would it take to seriously damage you or even kill you if you stop eating?
Swine flu, i really need some advice please!?
i am anorexic and i was wondering if i take vitamins if the dizziness will calm down or go way?
Has anyone thought of trying an Optic nerve transplant?
How can I cure Myopia?
why cant my brain distinguish if im breathing when i have anxiety?
I have a feeling like there is a lump in my throat . . .?
Cant eat, dizziness, horriable headaches?
What is wrong with my stomach?
I have itching, pain, and swelling of my lower eyelid?
What is The prefix, suffix, and root word for vasodilator.?
Cardiac Ablation and Birth Control?
What does a low pulse mean?
Holter monitor results?
blood pressure from trauma?
Is it bad if my heart skips 25 beats a day?
heart pain once a month?
Intermuscular Stimulation?
I would like to know what kind of vitamen is good for a person with a weak heart?
recently I've become out of breath when doing routine things. My heart beats so hard that it shakes me. ?
is 106 bpm resting too fast for a 15 yr old?
blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate, need some answers!?
Are holistic doctors real doctors?
what is dysmereth is it a medical condition?
seven months pregnant having chest pains?
different types of nonspecific defense mechanisms?
why does my heart race when i eat mint?
What could it be if I felt light headed and heart pumping faster all of a sudden?
Somthing wrong with my heart or severe acid reflux?
If someone had open heart surgery at birth, would drinking alcohol be a risk to them?
How can my girlfriend take Magnesium Citrate?
can you get ssi payment for an infant that has a heart murmur and svt?
fluid in my forehead my nose and behind my eyes?
Allergy to cayenne pepper?
Allergic reaction to band-aid?
I have a i got a head cold or allergies?
How much of the population is allergic to nothing?
which medicine should i use for a stuffy nose.?
i have allergy on the forehead due to dandruff. suggest me how to solve it?
is accutane/roaccutane going to mess me up in the future?
Does Vitamin C affect how much sleep?
Question for regular marijuana users?
where can I buy wi-yi tea in glasgow ?
6 hour flat spell in the day help!!!!!!?
Is there any way I can get rid of paiful internal scar tissue?
compatability of essential oils?
How can you drink betonite clay without chucking up?!?
dose the extra stuff detox drink really work?
does bio oil really work..?
Bach rescue spray how do i use it.?
Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements?
Witches, White witch herbs to reduce swelling?
Has anyone ever seen a spiritualist of any kind?
gallstones do these go away?
swedish company that produces bio topline supplements?
What are the positives and negatives of using vegetable oils in foods?
Problems with a Chamomile oil blend?
Where can I buy the supplement Optiflora in London?
What is a safe dosage of Magnesium / L-Theanine for a teenager?
What does a blood test for ionised calcium establish?
why does fatty liver disease cause bad breath?
i got to have a bloodtest asap to check for clotting?
trace a molecule of oxygen beginning in the nasal cavity and ending with the left kidney?
Respiratory problems after a strep throat?
Can you die from a bleeding ulcer if....?
Hi there. I have serious problems with huge bags under my eyes?
I need some help, for no reason i get so crazy, and start smashing everything, going wild, then i get angry.?
i had a problem getting my eyes focused it felt like i had pressure on them what could this be?
for over a year now i've had maroon blood mixed in my stool.?
causes of dizziness and could it be neck related?
Diziness and lightheadedness when standing and exercising?
chest pain,cold water?
Help medical problem?
I have had double vision two times and lasted only a few seconds.?
My hands get realllly hot sometimes?
Why people say it's not good to take shower too close to sleeping time?
Wheelchair help please?
If you have hypocalcemia what injuries are you also predisposed to?
Medical advice- irritable stomach?
Blood in stool??????????
Diagnosed with tellogen effluvium, thinning hair at 17! please help!?
all of my bones hurt, they all feel like there sprained especially when i sleep, why?
Does anyone know any home remedies for prostatitis?
urinary tract infection?
If i got new glasses how long will it take for my eyes to adjust?
Can you get color contacts that help vision?
pains in my tendons in my hand. help please?
pain in knee during rowing.?
What's wrong with my jaw?
weird pain back for year any idea what it is?
when having bunion surgey, ?
Should my neck hurt when i do this?
knee has been hurting ?
stomach pain ugh! doctor?
What do I do quickly?
Is this normal post suicide behavior?
VERY addicted to sleeping pills?
Question about anti-depressants...?
Need Help. Just Words of Advice?
14, and I constantly hug my dad about 15-25 times a day? Why?
i'm going over the edge help!?
I cant tell anyone what im feeling?
I feel bad thinking I might be depressed, please I need help?
why cant i make eye contact?
Can you ever really recover from severe anxiety/depression caused by drug abuse as a teenager?
Does this sound like a mental health issue?
im ready to leave all my problems, im running away?
a question about overdose. ADVICE PLEASE!!?
depression is killing me!!!!?
what could this be thats wrong with me or am i just crazy?
should i ??
where do mental patients go?
Help with acne problem?
My son has spots on his lower belly, all over his bum, down the backs of his legs?
Why do my palms sweat so much?
What products are good to treat back acne/ any tips to help UK?
can u get rid of pigment on the skin?
blisters and what to do.?
ive got a really spotty body...its not smooth at all. what could i use to make it smooth?
What is the best way to deal with spots?
has anyone ever had systemic lupus, does it get better?
Is there any cure, temporary or permanent for Psoriasis?
I have a few bites on my left arm, not in a row but I have now found a bug of some kind on my mattress---?
Ringworms and worms?
whats the best way to get rid of sun bun fast?
Please helpppppp.!!!!?
how long does it take the human body to metabolize alcohol so you don't have alcohol on your breath?
i dont know whats wrong with me please read?
will this affect my body?
scabies -it wont go away - what can we do !!?
What can I do about acne scars?
Could anyone recommend an effective anti wrinkle day cream for my mum's very dry skin?
I didn't get up today till 2.30pm (I overslept)...what's the latest I could go to bed tonight whereby I'd be..?
Does anyone know about the tablets you can get to clear up your acne?
I need blemishes to clear up in less than a week?
What has happened to my toe?!?
Blisters on feet?
How do you prevent your face from going red when you get embarrassed?
Undiagnosed...any ideas?
What did I do to my knee? Really bad pain!?
Why does my phlegm have blood in it?
Why does cutting make people relive stress?
How should you administer the Heimlich Maneuver to a conscious child?
I have chronic (extreme) fatigue, Chronic migraines,cant think. What is wrong with me?
how to prevent the stomach bug/flu thing? {home remedies etc]?
can coricidin hbp chest congestion & cough softgels get u messed up?
Can you prerce your own stomach?
i have a case of shaking, sore throat, runny nose, coughing, and vomiting. what should i do?
Is it bad to have inverted elbows?
i suffer wuth quite bad psoriasis, i've just brought some oregon grape root extract, has anyone tried it?
can anyone tell me how sore it is to get your gallbladder removed and why they had it done? what were the symp
my ribs are so painful?
Numbness / tingling sensation in left foot?
ER trauma patient from jail?
why does my shoulder hurt when i move my neck!?!?
broken pinky or what is wrong with it? please help!?
Do I have a concussion?
I have a lump.....................?
Did i sprain my ankle?
How do you heal a foot really fast?
i have fissured tounge not bad,one downthe middle and tiny ones down the sides,can your partner feel it kissin?
My eye is randomly swelling?
Is this tendonitis or just a sore knee?
i have a problem its been going on for two years please help?
What do you do if your tail bone is hurting you?
What's wrong with my hip?
How can i tell what is the matter with my wrist.?
What is wrong with my arm?
Does knee taping heal an injury and how long to wear it?
I have this terrible white head on my chin how do i get rid of it?
my hair is dry and i have seborrhea sicca i don't know what to do with it?
thanks to all who answer my earlier question. I need suggestions on nursing patient with massive stroke?
I am a woman in her 60's. I loose my balance very easily, and fall. What do you think can be causing this?
help?? not sure what happened?
if my ankle is sprained or what...?
Who here knows about hypothyroidism?
really weird question about hot shot?
please i need the help of experienced doctor?
Is this right for a teenager or am I underwieght?
Pepto Bismol or Zantac?
how long will it take for weed to get out of my system if ive been smoking for 4 years everyday and alot?
Well isn't it a refreshing change that Africa has not been blamed for Swine flu?
would putting a needle into boiling hot water first make it safe to pierce my own ear? and the earing in too.?
Problem worrying me, BUGS!?
What effects to animals and insects have on the spread of HIV?
swine flu vaccine for my 3 yr old?
when are the antibiotics going to work?
I know your probably sick and tired of these questions but?
Blood in phlegm, what is this?
Is this normal when you have flu?
what are the symptoms of pelvic inflamatory disease?
Swine Flu??????????????
what are the ways you can get a water infection?
A person with a dementia repeatedly asking the same question?
Swine flu, and babies over 1yr......?
Name of the countries effected with swine flue?
i have a weak bladder..?
What's difference between Swine Flu and common flu?
how to get rid of a cold in a day x?
Does anyone know what kind of disease a person has if he has continuous gas release? no gap every second? ?
i have asthma and have been lung infections lately and my dr. gave me a volumetric exerciser. will that help?
Breath loudly when asleep..not snoring?
what does esp mean i went for blood tests and the doctor said they aint right my esp ?
Can a servere Asthma attack trigger Epilepsy?
feelng spacy and out of it???
I'm on my third day of the flu ... now having chest pains and lots of burping?
What are symptoms of asthma?
Why is my oxygen low at night and not during the day?? ?
what r side effects of predinosone?
Whats my problem? ? ?
Strange stabbing sensation when i cough?
Stomch tightness...hard to breath why?
How do i get rid of Flem very bad in my throat swollen gland's no cough and hot?
Coughing that wont stop?
Does anyone know where I can buy dried chaparral?
aerios? Slimming tablets?
Hypnotherapy what sort was this?
i have been prescribed diazepam for years?
Alcohol - dilution % in liquids?
dioralyte dosage for children aged 1 year?
is it safe to use milk thistle supplement on a daily basis to help protect the liver?
In making homemade tinctures?
different medicines and discriptions?
Has anyone had successful tharapy from a hypnotherapist in the North west of england?
does anyone no a good acupuncture or accupressure?
what is the difference between evenind primrose and star flower?
Whenever I eat a fruit,my throat gets ichy,am I allergic?
need detox and fast i have a ua tomorrow at 10?
why does milk give decongestant?
any one tried aqua ban herbal pills?
whats is nmp tablet used for?
Is methcathinone (MCAT) legal?
is ibuprofen for cold and flu?
i have eaten some chocolate and i have to take phenoxymethylpenicillin?
Where can I buy Serenite jr in the UK?
Where in the body are the thyroid receptors located?
How can i pay less for my chiropractic treatment?
why is eyebright good for the eyes?
Do anyone knows the drug call Ganaton?
palpating vein/artery pain?
my health rider s700xi gave me a shock -has anyone had problems?
Enlarged pulmonary artery?
I got my cartilage pierced on both ears and they're both red and painful. Are they infected?
Why does my 9 yr old keep getting diarrhea & vomiting?
Stomach pains and vomiting - What's wrong with me?
alcohol and heart rythem?
My dear friend has been left on unemployment and has had a mild stroke but does not qualify for medical insur?
Weird bubbly feeling in stomach?
I have some sort of heart problem. What could it be?
Stomach Cancer. Help. Please?
Will you get high on mushrooms if you've tripped on syd the night before?
My heart/pulse is racing but my breathing is just fine...?
What would a negative orientation of a QRS complex mean in lead 2?