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Eating disorder- mental help?
Help meeeee?
Does anyone else feel like this ?
im 19 i cant help but think negative and i feel like a loser could any one help me out?
What to Do When Your Child Bullies Others?
I'm depressed, What can I do to make it better?
How do I get motivated?
What brings on anxiety attacks? Please don't say anxiety.
Can I be faking depression?
Become a werewolf or suicide?
How can i get rid of face and body ances without damaging my skin ? Please help me?
why am i so prone to insect bites !!!?
psorihosis... help???
does soft water help eczema?
how do you get rid of a black eye?
skin tags?
Anybody here suffering from keratosis pilaris?
Embarrassing Problem...?
My legs are weird!?
psoriasis treatment help?
What's the best treatment for ingrowing hairs?
How do I get rid of dark acne scars?
Does anyone know where I can buy Epsom Salts (in London UK)?
What to do about nits?
what are the different causes of spots?
Proactive Solution - Acne?
Has anyone tried Pulmicort Respules on their children asthma? is this medicine availabel in the UK? Please hel
how can i cure dermatitus and still work in a kitchen?
Where can i obtain the policy on serving hospital meals to patients with food hygene. are gloves worn ?
Any groups run in the buxton or chapel areas derbyshire ,for the illness [ m.e] telephone numbers would help.?
Am looking for someone who has treated Behcet's Disease who would be willing to swat info?
does anyone know anything about rhabdomylisis?
my ALT level was140,a month earlier it was70,before50, what could be wrong?
Wicklows..is this the correct term for breaking of skin around fingernails?
Has anyone ever had Vestibular Neuritis?
What is the address for Medical Research Council Laboratories, Fajen, Gambia?
where can I have a scintigraphy in london?
Psoriasis and Bathing - good or bad?
Severe chronic back pain..? What to do?
whats tylox...and the price of it?
Strange sensation on left side of my throat?
Painkillers for Trigger Thumb?
it feels wierd when i inhale ?
Foot strain. How can I make it heal quicker :( Help please?
What's the best thing to take for a headache?
Lack of sensation down there? Help. (Real Question)?
Any cures for tight chest?
A headache that starts at the top of the skull and wont stop until you go to sleep. Any ideas on why? ?
Head Injrury? Please help.?
Whats it mean if one of my eyes is really blurry, half my body is numb, i feel weak, and have a huge headache?
Havin sharp stabbing pain right under my waist what could it be? Something with my bladder?
I am getting a sharp feeling near the center of the outside of my right hand. What is this?
How to relieve the pain of laryngitis?
"i sneezed after bending over, and then it hurt for a few seconds inside?
When I get a adrenaline rush, It literally shocks my fingertips & toes, 2 the point of it being painful. help?
buldging dics in my neck but its my lower back that kills me...?
5 1/2 weeks preg. & rib pain?
Continuous sore head, anything to worry about?
will poking a needle on my mozzie bite get rid of the itchyness?
Why does my sweat smell like Elmer's Glue?
What should I do to help my knee stop hurting and heal faster if I sprained it?
What's the highest you can jump into water from, without dying?
every time i look down with straight posture, my mid-back strains and hurts. what could this injury be?
How can I tell what's wrong with my eardrum w/o going to the doctor?
Can my muscle wastage be repaired?
I was just recently diagnosed with shoulder impingement?
Please can anyone help me with what i may have done to my ankle?
Can the MCL tear during a patellar dislocation?
Any tips on healing a busted knee?
COMPLETELY unable to smell marijuana?!?
my upper lip is swollen and it is dark.?
I had a rotator cuff surgery with a full SLAP repair 1 1/2 yrs. ago and I still have pain/90% motion?
I`m in a very bad shape!what should i do?
Yesterday my knee kept popping every time I got up from kneeling; today my knee hurts every time I bend it?
I pierced my Upper Ear on 9/20 and I have some questions I would like answered please.....?
Is there a word for this?
How do i get over a cold quickly?
Random vomiting every few weeks?
Why do I have headaches every single day?!?
Are there any problems that could occur from a long time dislocation?
How do errors in communication impact homeostasis in the human body?
uncontrollable shivering?
Question on vyvanse. Please help people. (ADHD)?
are there symptoms before the stomach virus?
What kind of headaches are these and can i cure them?
Head feeling detached from body, lightheadedness and feeling like I am gonna faint, help!?
EpiPen... :/ plz help.. like now... xD?
How Long Does 20 mg of Paxil Take to Leave Your System?
Help finding a reputable online pharmacy?
do you know a Herpes and HPV dating site that is free? I would like to find love and tired of being rejected?
If you suffer with psoriasis is it also common to suffer with seborrhoeic dermatitis as well ?
Treat acne, while working in sweaty job?
im allergic to adrenalin...this is quite unusual...is there anybody else in yahoo land that has the same aller
Name three members of the group of spore-bearing anaerobic bacteria?
Is it true that the 'Poverty line' is measured in caloric intake on a daily basis?
I had psoriasis its under control, but theres scar patches where the skin is darker. Does any1 else hav this?
How long could someone live for with only 5% of 1 kidney?
confused with diagnosis ?
Why is one eye more open than the other?
i play outdoor and i use contact lens , will it damage ?
What would you do if you had the black plague and why?
Swine flu...coincidence or not?
Do people know the difference???
Could it be food poisoning?
sore throat/cold/cough virus?anyone had this...?
can you only get chicken pox in the mouth?
What is Mucopolysaccaride Disease?
what symptoms do you get from having worms?
How did MRSA Start ???????????????
what are these symptoms of?
Would the doctor call me if I had HIV?
Do you know any one who has had Kawasaki disease?
whatcha think?
recovering from swine flu and can't wake up in the morning?
Is Pink Eye bad to have?
what is c.diff?
could you give us some feedback on our infection control inspired fob watch, http://www.decon-time-inate.co.uk
Is it appropriate to go to the job Centre, if i where suffering from swine flu.?
is the inhaler type of the swine flu vaccine available yet?
Do I have appendicitis?
do I have a cold or allergies?
Unbearable Itchy Eyes? which medicine is best to take?
Allergy medicine help?
allergic reaction to fish are cheese? should I take him to the hospital?
I keep falling into a deep depression out of nowhere?
Why do i feel so depressed all the time?
Why are foreign parents so ignorant about mental illnesses? ?
Suicidal person threatening to hurt others?
How can I make myself unsick?
i don't want to live anymore?
Should I quit my intense, high-stress job?
My brother is getting into a lot of trouble how do I help him?
Why do schizophrenics obsess about god?
depression good or bad?
Do I have bipolar????
help me help my friend?
nightmares, what can I do?
Have you ever felt that a counselor doesn't want to talk to you?
If someone takes themselves to the ER because they want to kill themselves, will they be locked up?
am i possessed? i have this mirror problem and its giving me severe stress i need answers!!!!!?
how can i get to sleep?! :(?
a friend's little 2 year old son had really bad asthma, his pediatrition prescribed many drugs.?
how long does it take for pneumonia to set in and take you down?
Getting Rid of a Cold?
Breathing habit?
Is bronchopneumonia serious?
sick every two months?
Accidental inhalation of paint thinner?
how come whenever i stay in another state too long i physically get sick?
about colitis?
effects of prednisone?
my baby is 55 days old i gave her bath and she got fever also little cough her temperature is 37%?
I can't breath!! The humidity here has been running between 85-100% the last few days. Why can't I breath??
how to make smoke smell leave.?
i woke up at night having difficulty breathing?
twitching in the back or chest?
Why does alcohol give me respiratory issues?
what organs and tissues have been succesfully transplanted since the 1950?
Does Degenerative lumbar disease get better?
Is it possible to catch brain weevil's from sharing hats?
Changing job to work in neurology? What conditions are most common in UK?
I am coughing non-stop!! Help!!!?
Doctor please help with this problem?
what anitbiotic will kill my strep throat?
is this anxiety or something else?
My head itches and no lice and i wash my hair good,whats wrong?
Am I Sick ?????????????????????
Can you die from cutting blood circulation to the brain?
could these be symptoms of parasites?
Drug help, someone is in danger.?
I have pneumonia and i passed out?
can i still wear my contact lenses after my pink eye clears up?
Does frequent nose bleeds have anything to do with children that were born pre maturely?
is it possible for menthol to travel through to the urinary track?
Can incessant squeezing & digging your nose (like if you had a chronic bad cold) deform the shape permanently?
Is paxil 20 mg a low dosage?
Is being very depressed bad for mild heart disease sufferers?
Breakfast When sick..?
Anyone else notice that thinsulate doesn't keep them warm?
Will i get any taller?
Relief from lower abdomen pain.?
how can I get rid of tingling in my right index finger?
Does Chocolate Give Spots ?
please help me for eczema?
what do you need to do in order to visit a dermatologist, is this part of the NHS or not?
how do you stop that awful itch??
how to get rid of blackheads?
i have veruccas all over the sole of my right foot, have had them for?
Is this part of acne?
My sister has eczema, really bad red itchy dry skin.... Any ideas?
I have asian skin, i have dark patches and acne all over my face, any reconmendations?
it just appeare from no where?
what is wrong with my legs?
itchy all over feet then small blisters?
Is a lump/bump a size of a marble dangerous?
my hands look nasty!!!!!!!HELP?
Does anyone know any good products to help with acne scarring?
I've got really bad sore lips?
any tips on reducing acne inflimation and redness?
i can see and feel a cold sore coming on... WHAT CAN I DO?
solution to spot picking please?
i have noticed that i am getting alot of spots on my face can you tell me how i can get rid of them ?
Every time I wake up or am sleepy I shake really bad and loose control of my body why ?
gave birth to preemie due to kidney infection...NOW HAVE SOLLEN LEGS AND ANKLES HELP?
When you get sunburned are you suppose to let you skin peel off naturally or do you peel it yourself?
Hard vein in right foot?
What"s my vison? I know I am nearsighted,but don"t know what my vision is.?
I'm Having trouble Sleepin...?
Quick medical question?
what are the symptoms of a hernia?
Which is safer for tanning, after 4 pm or midday with spf 15?
are free clinics really free? and can i go to one if i have insurance?
Is this a Positive drug test?
Waking up in the middle of the night?
What is wrong with me?
i go to bed at 10:30pm but i fall asleep at 12am..?
my toe has been broken for just 3 days now. would it be bad if i tumbled in a couple days...?
My knee has "gave out" 3 times today, all while I was walking.?
pulled something in upper thigh- -not sure what?
how can you tell if you have a scratch on your cornea?
i was playing soccer on saturday and hurt my toe. It was swollen but really hurts to sprint on. Is it broken?
What causes bumpy/rough skin in Black skin?
please help ive got 13 veruccas?
can someone tell me what bubbling cancerous cells are and where i can find more info?
Can you cry under water?
how do i stop dumping syndrome?
Does anyone know if and when Laser eye treatment to correct vision is?
anyone had chemo!?
foetus kidney problems?
VERRUCA problem help!?
Please could you tell me a free herpes and hpv dating site?
I lost one of my contact lens just a day after i got it!?
I'm a Teen and I can't get to sleep?
i was playing soccer and fell landed wrong on my knee it hurts now but is it serious or will it go away help!!?
How to heal shoulder and neck pain?
Xtremely Chapped Lipz!!! Help?
My Stitches Still Hurt Its Been A Few Months?
What does an EKG reveal?
is it normal to be in a coma 2 weeks after a heart attack. it was caused by thyroxine overdose by doctor!?
my aunt had a massive stroke on Friday. She had a brain infarcment this morning. how long does she have left.?
Anyone know how to send a presription drugs to UK?need filling any custom's form?URGENT thanks~?
Herbal Remedies????????
Anyone know where I can buy Black African soap Birmingham UK?
What is the RDA for cod liver oil?
please!! my grampa had a brain hemorrhage i cant stop crying how can i wake him out of his coma also?
I get a lot of heart palpitations.?
Treatments,severe atrial enlargement?
High blood pressure?? Advice, please.?
How long does it take for High Blood Pressure meds to work?
Pitting edema in pregnancy with MVP?
How would you explain a ECG to a fifth grader?
My uncle is in the hospital for his heart..help?
what factors might contributed to the change in blood pressure?
is having a blood pressure of 167/96 with a diagnosis of sinus tachycardia considered to be to high?
Does hydroxicut has bad effect on person who got high hypertension?
Is Artial Tachycardia a medical disqualifier for law enforcment jobs?
Anyone used Shilajit and does it work?
how do i make herbal calista i believe you can soak some kind of heather in vodka?
sudden increase in blood pressure?
Weird feeling close to the heart?
QuikClot, Do you require a license?
Tobaco is beneficial in Producing Bowel Movements and in Treating Constipation ?
What do you prefer, Sativa or Indica?
Have you taken Serrapeptase Capsules and did they help you?
can anyone help i need a breif statement for children act 1989 or social services act 1970 (section 7)?
Tried self-hynosis for insomnia and failed. Anyone with experience of hypnosis who can help?
colonic irrigation?
Foot Detox?
Medication Help! 5* for best answer?
How are stomach bugs passed from one person to another?
What causes the reaction I have when consuming Bell peppers?
Can people be allergic to hair dogs?
is my son allergic to the pool?
I have some sort of allergic reaction when I eat Weetabix cereal. I do not think I am wheat intolerant though.?
Can someone who had a Paranasal sinuses kept a cat as a pet?
I wear glasses and i dont want to wear contacts i know lasik is the only way but i want to know would it hurt?
stye on my eye?!?!?!?
Do colored eye contacts look like contacts/fake?
I'm worried my mom might have a brain tumor..?
why would you be prescribed lithium carbonate instead of lithium?
Any research updates on charcot marie tooth? disease?
Do you know anyone who was terminally ill and was cured some how?
Left chest pain, stomach pain, more?
everytime i stand up i get dizzy, so i went to a doctor and he told me that my balance is also off..?
I'm having a biopsy on nodule found on my thyroid. What q's do I need to ask Dr.?
I have a colon polyp, the Dr said has to be removed by surgery because of its size, is it likely cancer?
Thyroid Panel results...what does this mean for me hypo/hyper/both?
Would it be dangerous to have a steroid shot in my spine for this situation...?
Why I get bad headache and sometimes I vomit when I smoke a lot?
what is a treatment if a rat has a tumor?
Vomiting, headaches and some shivering?
question regarding anorexia..thanks :)?
Why does blood come from every orifice in my body?
stomach acid that does not go away with antacids?
Stroke, Heavy bleeding in brain... Full life support?
what is a doctor that specializes in vericose veins calls himself? oncology, gynecology, ect...............?
Does nephrotic syndrome affect life expectancy?
What are the best ways to get rid of a stuffy nose?
Can sleep alone, help get rid of under eye circles? How can I fall asleep at night?
Im 5'8 and 16 years 6 months old, will i grow any taller by the time i stop growing?
Why do I need to keep a massage to a time limit?
how to get rid of stomach pain?
This happens EVERY morning.... what does it mean?
Why do I wake up around 3:30 am every night and I can't go back to sleep till 6 .?
top surgical glove brands?
How long does it take to pass a SALIVA(SWAB) drug test for heroin?
How to get rid of the mold when you live in a dorm?
I heard this and I need to know if it is true or not?
Where to take my sick child in Fort Worth, TX; We have NO health insurance?
Where can I take my sick child w/o health insurance in Fort Worth, TX?
Sick feeling about 2 hours after eating?
What is the average temperature of a person sleeping?
On a scale from 1-10, how bad do lip piercings hurt and for how long?
An educated reason for my low temperature?
did i overdose or will i be fine?
What can happen to you if you draw on yourself !?
is it just a cold :S?
Why is my nose burning when I breathe out?
how long ,till im clean of thc..ha ha ha ,,i passed 5 days stopped?
green phlegm?
I'm looking for hope...?
can Tuberculosis (TB) kill a tb carrier???
Does anyone have any information or have you received treatment called Mitoxantrone, similar to chemotherapy.?
my other half takes lithium, welbutrin, seroquil and abilify. The pills are working but he is clogged up.?
can tietze syndrome be cured (form of arthritis) i have it in my sternum and causes me so much pain?
where can i find reasearch communication with children who are dying?
I am being bullied help? please!?
Spiders in my room. now i can't get to sleep.?
what is Pityriaras Roesa and where does it come from?.?
what is wrong with me...?
How do I deal with me being sad?
Hibernation of Humans?
What exactly is this problem called?
Seeing very wierd and odd things...?
Anxiety Pills?? Please help!?
Which mental illness is this? Should i seek help?
can tetrodotoxin cross the blood-brain barrier? If not, why not?
If someone is taking solhodol that is not prescribed to them and the person has had a heart attack before?
huntingtons disease?
Does anybody have any information on the treatment of whipples disease?
and cough please...?
I keep on having deja vu, but it is weird things from my dream. What is happening to me?
What is this eating disorder?
has any one had laser eye treatment?
Are there any serious health risks in the gambia? I am taking anti malarial drugs before i go.?
am i jut really paranoid or is my mind just playing tricks on me?
Please help me or give me some advice?
difficult to deal with bipolar boyfriend?
how can you help anxiety?
Crying for almost nothing, depression?
im having so much anxiety in college PLEASE HELP ME (read all description)?
can some one help me find the history of jacobs syndrome? i've been looking every where and can't find it ?
neck lump ? ?
I am taking 240mg codeine a day. My doctor just added Buprenorphine. Won't I go into withdrawals?
Anyone know of numbing pills that won't thin blood?
I have a small "knot" on the right side of my abdomen. Should I be concerned?
I have had pain in my throat and now my neck on the left side for about two weeks now. ?
What can cause upper right side back pain?
what is that pain in your neck?
A pain on the right side of my chest, hurts more when i breathe in?
Is this normal? I'm not too sure?
Pain in my ear, not an ear ache?
The arch of my foot feels like there is huge gash in it but i don't have any flesh wounds. Why? it hurts!!!!?
Help please neck question?
Why am i getting this stomach ache?
Daughter feels really sick please help?
Why won't the leg and foot cramps stop at night?
What do you know about Chagas'desease?
What are the best shampoos to control Seborrhea and where do I buy them?
what is sedation like and is it risky?
Tiredness through illness?
any body had a gastric bypass operation if so what is it like?
cardiac myocardial perfusion scan?
has any one out there got Myotonic Dystrophy?
Is my skin routine making my acne worse?
Is the new treatment for wet age related macular degeneration lucentis licensed in Uk.?
My son is very allergic to bee stings has nearly lost a finger and a hand butdr can't give us an answer treat
after contracting HIV and its wasn't diagnosed .. after a few years would there be any symptoms?
Becoming a Nurse -juvenile drug felony?
describe how tolerance to a drug develops?
what does it mean when your stomach aches for more than 2 weeks straight?
Am I overly sensitive to grapes?
Pharmacy Word Problems -- HELP!?
I bleed a seed out? Help.?
Should i get myself to a n e ?
Am i still going to grow taller?
how can i stay up all night and feel fresh in the morning?
Zoloft withdrawl or i'm just sick?
why does my foot hurt when the hairs on top of it are rubbed?
Cough Syrup Not Working?
how long does it take 4 weed 2 leave the human body /blood get clean 15 days or a month?
what make tears come from your eyes?
Will bleach unclog sinuses if diluted with water 1:1?
I stopped taking cipro 3 weeks ago and still have many side effects, are these going to go away?
Will this amount of pot show up in a urine drug test?
How can I tell if I've dislocated my shoulder?
Sprained ankle still not well after 6 months?
Would this be considered normal?
What brain injuries do not let people do calculations any more?
Just wondering if this is true?
what is the cause of having bruise that go away and later return again?and its a bit painful.?
omg please hlep my elbow is killing me!!?
My mother said he hand is swelling and i look at it and her vein is swelling up! Help Quick?
knee randomly started hurting today?
I have kind of a big nose, I would like to consider a nose job,?
Could I have a stress fracture on my foot?
who has had a black eye?
doctor: help out here pls?
Rehab for a medical meniscus tear?
I accidentally touched this metal part inside the grill while it was on and now my finger burns.?
why is this bump on my thumb (urgent)?
my knee gives out on me from time to time and i can turn it to where my foot is pointing backword wht is wrong?
What are some treatments and therapy for dwarfism?
What's a(n) astigmatism?
I feel weak,head hurts, ate some candy?
Anyone know what this means.....increased prevertebral soft tissue?
Bubble inside nostril beside piercing?
Blocked Ear !! HELP !?
I went through chemo a couple years ago and they water all the time. They sting and in the morning they feel?
what causes puffness under the eyes and what can be done to help?
For which of the following reasons is drug addiction considered a complex brain disease?
brain tumor discovery?
Extreme bodyloss prob?
I can't taste food as good as I used to?
i have epilepsy but i want a psp what can i do?
when we bowel does hemorrhoids comes out?
I've always had a very slight lisp, but in the last week it has gotten a lot worse? What would cause this?
knot under right ear swollen size of silver dallor?
what exactly is lupus?
Am I having a seizure?
Pain on left side of neck?
chest infection?
What could cause these lung symprtpms?i take advair and albuterol either help.?
It hurts when I breathe?
question about pain reliever narcotics for chest pain and inflamation medicine for lungs.?
How long does it take to get nicotene out of your blood?
How do you get rid of a sore throat and a bad cough?
can fish oil reduce lung inflammation?
i just had a throat abscess drained a few days ago, what are my smoking risks?
Help me PLEASE !?
do i have a cold?
What is the treatment for "Prehypertension"?
Make-a-wish Foundation wish?
beside for cheast paI had alergy only in my chest. Is it possible that it is also a sign of heart problem?
What can this stabbing heart pain be?
I have a question for doctors?
I had a recent EEG, in my results it showed my heart rate was between 35 - 40 while I was awake?
arm fallling asleeep?
what is a drink that people with hypertension should drink?
Had labwork done and nurse called to tell me my iron was low and that I needed to do a stool test. Iron was?
what are the effects of hypo and hyperkalemia on ecg?
My heartrate changes but is usually high. Is that ok?
pvc's, pac's, arrhythmias during stress/panic/anxiety, but nothing during exertion?
I came down with ards in july which caused me to have treacheal stenosis?
What in the Life Expectancy in:?
Reasking this question~need more answers~possible heart problem?
is it heart problem or something else?
Am I on the right track?
symptoms of heart attack?
Do you take Sertraline prescription?
I had a resting heartrate of 78 this morning for 2 hours?
Smoking while on Norvasc 5mg?
its been a week and i cant sleep?
My blood pressure is 90 over 60 and my heartbeat around 50 beats a minute and have dizzy spells, what is it?
I have a problem with shaking and sweating?
looking for basic health care?
Help with left sided lower abdominal pain.?
When do i turn on the hot water?
How i get better and stayyy better?
How can I make my dog throw up?
Is it possible to sleep to much?
Help! hip/groin discomfort at night?
what does this sound like to you? (gut problem??)?
Im getting sick, I feel fatigued and am at work, can i drink an energy drink or coffee?
I'm a cna nurse in seattle. If I move to another state. Do I have to become a cna again?
feeling dizzy and nausea now for no reason. only thing i did was eat and now this?
What causes me to jump (in a scared way, not literally jumping) when I'm dreaming?
I think I have OCD, how do I tell my parents?
what helps you to feel more awake and not tired?
What's wrong with me...Why do i feel like this?
Big sleeping problem?
How can I stop stressing?
My dream about a stabbing, came to life? Please read?
What to do about Anxiety Disorder?
extremely low self esteem, help me please :(?
Im terrified of flying.?
does she like me? i need some advice?
Can a person just be naturally nocturnal?
how do i go to sleep faster?
how do i stop being bi polar??!!?
I Don't Feel Like I Have a Life...?
is this a trainwreck waiting to happen?
how to lower your eye vision?
Lines everywhere I look?
how much are contacts?
What is Meningitis Sals?
Has anyone been on the epilepsy drug Keppra (Levetiracetam) and if so, did you suffer any side effects?
my blood results came back saying i have a colli infection,what is this?
i have recently been diagnosed with angiomyolipoma of the left kidney.can anyone advise re seriousness?
What do you do for CFS?
why does massage work for so many mental emotional physical problems?
hey FOXY go to vmedstore.com or just google valium and a list of places will come up that you can buy from?
Skin rash ? Pictures included?
Why doesn't Lisa K from all-home-remedies put some useful advice?
what 10 countries donates the most organs, in the world?
Can you get high off benzonatate?
Which massage cushion should I buy?
Can diet pills cause urinary tract problems?
Need help finding a Wild Rose (as in Bach flower remedies) type fictional character. Thanks!?
Reflexologists please?
what paper conains bleach?
Where can you buy apple poly-phenol capsules is the UK?
is it free to train as a physiotherapist in the british NHS?
Sleeping pills.. anyone tried these?
Herbal Remedies Question???????????
London Chiropractor recommendations?
What is the homeopathic remedy Dysentery Co (Bach) used for?
is it ok to switch brands of st johns wort just like that?
does any one know what is in this?
if i have oral thrush should i be taking grapefruit seed extract capsule forms?
what do you guys think of the swine flu?opinions..........?
Do I have a cold or not?
HELP what happens if bird flu is in humans?
Any household things that would help with conjunctivitis?
what is Bacteria Helicebacter Pylori?
when your ill with a rather bad cold or flu ,do u have a song just playing over in your mind?
Is my oxytetracyclin prescription causing my urinary tract infections?
What could these symtoms mean?
Why can't Medical Science find a way to permanently kill the cold sore virus ( Herpes Simplex)?
I get the common cold about 8 times a year - Why?
fever or ?
Tonsil Infection???? White Puss...?
how can i help improve the condition of my knee?
Hearts hurting? scared?
how painful is knee a knee replacement?
Shoulder problem ...?
What helps curing hearty burn?
Can you help figure out what is wrong with my friend, the Dr's are clueless, so far?
Please Help me with my knee?
Why do climbers suffer from Altitude Sickness?
How do you get rid of vasoconstriction?
In medical terms what does this sound like?
Is this mark permanent?
What should i do if i just dont care anymore about anything and myself?
I have a bad headache right now, and I keep blacking out when I stand up?
My tonsils are wrinkly? And swollen? What have I got?
Medication or Supplements for Social Anxiety?
Boys start out chubby, then get thinner; girls start out skinny and fill out?
What are the chances of your intestines exploding?
Is Pectus Carinatum genetic/heriditary?
legal highs how much do you love yourself?
Do opiate drugs weaken bone strength?
am i sick, i dont feel well.?
Can I really eat Himalayan Salt salts?
Why people want to be a nurse?
How will this effect my body?
my Dr. told me to drink sprite and coke for a day, and that would help my kidneys stones? you heard that?
Question about alzheimers?
My lower stomach hurts could it be my appendics ?
I tested positive for microscopic blood in the urine, but creatine in blood test is normal. Kidney disease?
Am i lactose intolerent?
Is it normal for someone to feel dizzy,lightheaded,chills, and confused, most of the time ?
Black Stool, Weakness, what's wrong?
Do I have heart papilations?
Do you think bell's palsy is caused by cold air?
i have a liquid seeping from a spot on my one leg. my legs are not swollen?
False Readings on EEG?
what is this? anything serious?
Pain in throat and esophagus?!?
Is drinking strong coffee a common thing for girls with eating disorders?
I took suboxin 5 hours after a percocet 30mg, why do i feel pill sick really bad right now?
Symptoms(cold,heart ache, headache,vomit,faint)?
Just noticed a weird bruise. is this a sign of a blood clot?
how to cure infections near my abdomen?
is there any new progress in spinal injuries?
i am suffering from bitter taste in my mouth for 3 months now althought i am taking anti-acid midicines.?
Can flat brown and black small moles be removed with laser? and if so, does it leave a scar?
has any out tried the herb tormentil for ulcerative colitis?
i have a catheter why do i still sometimes feel like i have a full bladder even though i don't?
how do you remove Fordyce cysts from your lips?
what medications are recommended for pain relief caused by diverticulitis and intestinal spasms?
where can i watch films for free on the web?
i need a diet program to help with my kidney stones?
Hiv chance after 6 weeks?
I'm getting the HPV jab tomorrow and feeling very nervous!!!!?
popped ankle? idk what's wrong...?
Shoulder out of socket?
how can you hurt your midfoot by running?
the back of my knee has been hurting lately its like the muscle or tendons or something back there is hurting?
Can I play with a torn ACL?
I feel a strain in the, erm, private area?
Will my toe nail come off? it was bleeding and now it is leaking this kind of liquid.?
Popping sensation in both knees?
I have a very mild pain in my tailbone only when i sit, but i continue to feel it still 2 weeks after i?
I had nerve, muscle, and tendon damage?
Granddaughter breathing heavily and lightly wheezing.?
Whats a good nasal decongestant?
Ear Hurts When I Drink Cold Liquids?
Fever question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Weird feeling in my head/brain?
Burning eyes and horrible pain?
finger n facial numbness, mri brain scan show no reason? neoro test showed negative cause told to wait help?
I have severe bloating the day after I have diarrhea.?
What would be wrong with a swollen shin after fall ?
Medical question: fainting?
Okay, this is ridiculous, it's not another ulcer, right?
I have a friend who has had the hiccups for about two years. Anyone know a cure?
my friend is thinking about becoming bulimic because she cant eat healthy,she doesnt know the details so help?
What could a swollen lymph node 2cm long mean?
how to pass saliva drug test?
Post gallbladder procedure?
Is a lymph node biospy on the neck painful?
Helpp?? What is that?
I don't know whats happening with my ear?
Can Stress cause a person to get a Brain Tumor?
what does moderate desiccation and disc narrowing exactly mean? is this degenerative disc disease?
Does all Aspirin contains Salicylic Acid? ?
My girlfriend's legs have many green and dark bruises. What are they?
I have all these gross bumps on my back, and I have no idea what they are... help?
my face always flares up red and i get dry skin on the cheeks and nose and chin?
Red patch of skin where my scab was,?
Anyone ever have a tonsillectomy? I'm having issues.?
Which medical specialties generally have more reasonable work hours? (ie, allow you to still have a life!)?
At what point in a pregnancy/birth does a baby become conscious?
Numbness in arm traveling upward.?
Is it okay to eat the same food every day?
help, bug in my ear, how do i get it out?
Stomach Acidity problem.... Help?
My concerta gives me diarrhea?
i want to become 6'3 how can i?
What is wrong with me?
Why do i get headaches? Sinus Problems?
Came on period 3 days late. Horrible cramps. Help!?
Pleaseee help.. why wont this go away:(?
How do i get rid of the scar tissue in my lower lip?
What would happen if I wore?
Can Compound W cause swelling in the face?
I took a Lorazepam .5 and drank a few beers?
Is this a condition or is it just normal for some people?
Help pleasee. Have a heart and read this? :] *short story* thanks!!?
when will the effects of adderall take effect?
Are You Depressed About Your Health?
Is my stomach possesed?
do you think she mite need to see a specialist?
have i had an allergic reaction?
Is hair loss a side effect from Inositol?
It's swollen under my tongue and I don't know why?
throat scratchy and neck hurts?
Is this normal? [20 characters]?
help us to raise awareness for wpd 2006?
How can a forign patients buy Avonex(MS medicine) in UK?
Childrens arthritis - Anyone Using Ethanercept?
What do you think of NHS choose and book?
Glaucoma- How to check the Intra ocular pressure ( IOP)at home?
Does anybody else think about working a 9 - 5 job everyday and think f*** that?
Why am I always tired! ?
I dreamt that I was pregnant....?
I am taking lexapro 20mg right now and i am starting to get a cold, what over the counter drugs can i take?
I can't sleep at night anymore what should I do?
Do you have to get your blood drawn when you go into the doctors for anxiety?
what would you do if a Friend of family member had a alcohol or a drug problem????
Is this medication good?
What are the chances I have schizophrenia?
how can i improve my confidence?
How can i tell my parents i need a therapist?
How do I pay to be in a group home if I'm mentally ill?
Can any other conditions mimic bipolar?
I can't eat. Even if Im hungry.?
Am i insane???????????!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!????!!!!!?
What do you do with someone that has to always "override" & "overtalk" you?
Could some one help.?
max. dose of niacin for high colestrole?
Weird heart feeling? help?
my nee is having heart blockage (TOF) problem from birth and his age is 4 year ,can it be cured please tell?
My Doc say I will proberly have to have stints inserted into my arteries in both legs.?
what is the qualification of cath lab tech?
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm?
heart pain from lack of sleep?
am 16 with high blood pressure?
which muscle is responsible for creases in hpothenar region of hand?
please drop by and rate.?
Help with my father medically?
can a patient with haemorragic stroke take aspirin?
Are there any foods I should stop eating if my systolic is high?
Can you tell me what this ECG report says please...I'm afraid?
help with ICD 9 code?
Why does my heart feel like it's vibrating?
Can youth have partcial stroke?
Feeling light headed during softball.?
are there limitations on nicotine?
Why can't anyone give a direct answer to "recovery time from having stints with" no heart attack involved.?
does anyone wake up with dry eyes every morning from contacts lenses?
What's wrong with me?(Weird symptoms?)?
What are the symptoms!!!?!?!?!?!?
Stomach pain, gurggling, slight back pain, and more?
Eating Disorder? question?
I have mono and I think I might have ruptured my spleen but not sure?
Troubles Sleeping Sometimes?
Worms in my poo. Scared to death?
I keep going dizzy and sick?
How can one notice high blood presure?
would there be a sign in my bloodwork showing my tumor is cancerous?
Please Help me much appreciated if you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having some trouble?
Why do I get numb and tingly feelings....?
If FFI is not in your family, are you at risk of dying from insomnia?
if i gave a friend a laxitive in their drink like movicol would it do them any long term damage?
How to get rid of Gallbladder attacks?
My husband has non-diabetic neuropathy and compressed discs. Can Chiropractor help:?
how may cancer & schizophrenia affect your quality of life?
i went to ortho dr,on friday and he said my right knee is shot and i am going to need knee replacement?
a cure for this STD's?
I have super bad sunburn and I don't want to peel HELP?
how could someone get a bruised rib from a bed?
Does it concern you as much as it did 6 months ago when someone says they know someone who has swine flu?
I recently got my gullbladder out but i'm still getting severe pain Help me!?
Why do i sleep so much?
could i have broken my foot?
Can you sleep in a car if its snowing? or would you freeze to death?
name a over the counter cough syrup in the UK that contains more then?
sleeping tablets during the day??
how might anicca (in buddhism) cause suffering?
How many maximum quantity of Tuinal capsules can a doctor prescribe in the UK?
i have just heard hero remix for w.t.c. i feel very sad and just thinking how sad and bad this world is?
What GCSE/A level grades do you need to become a GP?
is any sideeffects for using valerian herbs?
how many litres of homeopathic remedy should i be drinking a day.............?
What is your understanding of 'blends' should these be used in aromatherapy?
does anyone know how to use she oak?
Does anyone know if there are any guidelines regarding nhs waiting lists?
Does anyone know what does 'with mother' mean when purchasing apple cider vinegar with mother?
can taking cramp bark herb pills make you feel tired?
benefits of kalonji oil pls?
has anybody tried probiotic primal defence?
Feeling like a dream when high first time?
do legal highs still come under the category (plant food or fertiliser?
is this okay or not?
has anybody taken Lansoprazole before?
going to make a herbal tea, what do you tthink?
Chest X-ray?
2 year old dx w/pneumonia blood cultures + strep viradans what does this mean?
What are the long term side effects of being on oxygen for 5 years and did not need it?
What does an abnormal echo--mild dilation mean??
chest pains and difficulty breathing?
what should i do? what do i take i can't take this it wont let me sleep??
The pulmonary circuit in a closed circulatory system functions in ________.?
how much of a difference (in inches) is 70% waist to hip ratio?
Can my teacher kick me out of class for this (medical thing) and can he get in trouble for this?
Can clenching my teeth cause tinnitus?
What are rules for cost of medicaid surplus?
Can bulimia affect a person's mood?
I am a singer and I have lost my voice quite often over the past 6 months. What's causing this?
I keep hearing this sound in my neck area?
Oxygen Question? Involving respiratory system.?
Stress relievers? What do you do to relieve stress?
what is k4 the legal drug?
How do I overcome my food aversions to texture?
Everytime I cough I swallow a lugie and everytime I do that my stomach really hurts how do i get rid of it?
I have a White Blood Count of 10.8 and have a swollen lymph node on my underarm. Should I be worried?
smoking before surgery?
Do i have ocd? help!?
Do your muscles have to hurt in order for them to grow?
Do I have a reading problem?
Feel like I'm gunna fall.?
Are Water Snake toys Toxic?
How many times stronger is a tanning bed than the sun?
The inside of my knee itches. How can i get rid of it?
How do you fall back to sleep,?
my vision is still blurry 36 hours after drops?
Any suggestions on forming a good sleeping habit?
new glasses causing problems?
i don't know what this thing is!!!!!!?
what kind of systems?
does a detoxatrim realy clean your system out like thc and stuf?
I have a sharp pain in leg.?
weird back pains? HELP PLZ!?
I hit my hand and it really hurts?
I have Carpal Tunnel and my hand turns blue.?
I have this kink in my shoulder blade right now?
my sinuses hurt all winter, what should I do?
why do i feel the way i do? ?
My knee is on fire...What's wrong?
A few questions about Sciatica?
My throat makes weird noises when im nervous, is this normal? lol?
A gap was found in my lower spine, what would cause this? ?
Messed up from shoveling?
My stomach?? I need help!?
i get dizzy when i get up/tingling on the back of my neck?
Why does my eye hurt so bad?
What type of medications work best for excruciating back pain?
My ribs hurt! Is this a serious problem?
My left elbow just started hurting like crazy and my hand is going numb what could be?
i am suffering from tension headache and really everything is worse to me.. plzz help....... waiting?
Causes of atrophy....injury related?
Should i go to the doctors about this?
i have pain in my ankle?
Is there something called muscle surgery?
What do you put on a broken toe to make it heal?
Pinching feeling in my ribs?
does it take longer to heal if they cut through keloid scar in surgery?
Affordable ER for uninsured in Baltimore?
If you have Inflammation of the Extensor tendons of the toes (extensor tendinitis) can you run?
Knee Injury- What could it be?
Took 7 vicodin 3 weeks ago, recieved no treatment still having mild stomach pain? Liver Damage?
Should I go to the doctor for a pulled muscle?
I tore a muscle in my thigh and Cant Walk, what can I do to help it?
What is wrong with my wrist?
fractured right wrist 11weeks ago plaster off for 6weeks but still swollen and painful xray now?
ive had my nose peirced for about 3 weeks this sat..AND HELP ME PLEASE, i wanna know whats happened?
How long does a black eye typically wear off?
why am i going numb in my arms when i pick up my son ...after receving an epidural?
Fractured ankle and sprained/torn ligament hasn't healed and only is getting worse! PLEASE READ AND HELP!!?
how to get my dislocated arm better?
pls help me and answer my question?
switching doctors?
why have i still got spots????????!?
My doctor has put me on Lipitor?
I have just been diagnosed with a connective tissue disease (lupus). Can I claim disability living allowance?
What is puerpural urticaria?
kidney stone removal?
Thyroid Removed...Lost Voice?
does the cold air affect someone with angina?
How do YOU get yourself out of a funk?
What's the best way to boost self esteem?
Why can't I better myself?
What is wrong with me!?
idiopathic cardiomyopathy and fat burners?
gf bro is in hospital with heart disease?
Why is it that occasionally, my heart feels like it has stopped, then I cough and it starts beating normally?
Corolation between crease on earlobe and heart disease?
How can I lower my blood pressure?
Veins and Arteries locations?
wierd atrial flutter episode?
is there any connection between cataract surgery and cardiac incident?
How to reduce BP suddenly in a Day? for official checks ups.?
are there any hospitals in China offering balloon sinuplasty surgery?
Is it a big problem if your heart doesn't slow down after exercise?
the advantages and disadvantages with bypass surgery?
during the cardiac cycle blood is pumped to the lungs by what part of the heart?
What does this Echocardiograph results indicate?
iam 27 years old whit Hypertension, when i will died?
how long can you have chest pressure before you have a heart attack?
how does heart disease affect you personally?
Icy cold feeling in chest during workout?
can i take 2 blood pressure pills within 3 hours?
What is the success rate of a quadruple bypass surgery in the elderly?
inflammation of the pericardium?
is there a quick fix for acne?
whats ringworm!! and how do i get rid of it?
How can I control my daughter's eczema?
Does anyone know the best laundry detergent for skin with eczema? ?
How to treat eczema on your hands?
Pleasee help... :( what can i do?
Why is my brother trying to get me to smoke weed with him?
how do u get rid of stretch marks?
howl ong will it take for my scars to fade?
My friend is very sick please help?
oily skin solution?
How much orange krush do you need to smoke to get high?
in growing hair?
What is up with my health? Am i doing something wrong?
San Francisco babysitter charges? how much are you paying?
Tiny holes in my skin?
Do i have to secure an occlusive dressing to neck before bleeding is controlled?
What is the best way to get rid of a swollen taste bud?
What is wrong with me?!?
What should I do about this burn?
gray color in face, and stomach pains?
How to get rid of a swollen bump on eyelid?
How long would it take for my blood test results to get back at an A&E department.?
tonsils removed yesterday, swollen throat.?
HELP i hate spots any ideas?
what can i do about SPOTS!!!?
How do I get rid of acne scars?
Spots :S !!! x?
is nine and a half to young to start puberty? my son has started with acne.?
Allergic to Detergents?
Verrucas!! Aaaaargh!!!?
Cure for dry skin?
What are the most beneficial foods i can eat in my first trimester?
What would happen if you drank...?
are peppermint candy canes candy?
ACNE destroying my life plz help?
My face is really really really itchy :- ?
white bump on tongue? What could it be?
Why do i have so much trouble falling asleep and how can i fix it?
Got my tonsils removed, feel nasuious?
if someone has a stomach bug how long will they be infected for? I'm trying to keep my son away?
why does milk chocolate give me migranes?
i developed chronic urticaria recently and can only fix it by allergy meds at the onset of hives. suggestions?
I Get Sick Whenever I Eat ! Help !?
Eosinophilic esophagitis in my 2 yr old son?
Humidifier or Air Purifier? Or Both?
Insect Bite Maybe?? Help Needed?
If you have an allergy to milk can you use a product that has a milk derivative in it?
13 years old getting contacts?
where in kansas city missouri can i buy non prescription colored contacts?
Will wearing a -1.00 contact improve my vision a little if my prescribed contacts are -3.25?
What is the long-term effect of drinking small amounts of alcohol all day every day?
Have you come off seizure medications?
could i have strep AND bacterial meningitis?
is there a gallbladder cyst?
I read recently about a four hour office treatment using ketamine for chronic pain. Does anyone know about it?
My rib cage seems to be really big?
I feel horrible and there's no one around me that's willing to help..?
Help me diagnose this please?
Hi i am only 13 and have bine diagnosed with Pseudotumor cerebri but now am getting Migrains, What could it be?
Can chronic disease be prevented? How?
Back Spasm: How is this treated?
Will drug show up in test?
What does it mean if you get really dizzy just standing or walking. Its like I go dizzy, an I lose my eye site?
Gout & lower back pain?
My hand has been numb and tingly recently?
Ref to a neurologist do you think its epilepsy?
What is wrong with me if I have these symptoms?
what is a good humidifier for my bedroom? I live in the desert and it is so dry!?
are the organs of the upper respiratory tract located outside the thorax?
could this be asthma?
advil pm and bronchitis?
is it ok to smoke while under TB medication?
Shortness of breath?
what are the nursing diagnosis for acute nasopharyngitis?
will you die if you are exposed to second hand smoke only one time?
mucus 24weeks 3 days?
Sleep problems?
abilify and Odd?
how plumonary surfactant regulates alveolar surface tention?
what is parkinson's disease and how is it caused?
who manufactured the modified version of the tb vaccine (BCG)?
do rasa1 capillary malformations respond to laser treatment?
Prostate Cancer. Side effect of hormone treatment is severe hot flushes. Anyone know of some way to ease them?
Does n e 1 know if there are n e gluten free restaurants/eateries in edingburgh.?
I just watched a documentary about a women with a face eating tumour, Pastina Nthoki.?
What is the difference between Wild Yam cream and Wild Yam tablets?
is it safe to bay Alli pills on-line?
Reflexology Portable Recliner Chair - any good?
anosmia loss of taste and ageusia smell?
Is there laser therapy to quit smoking available in Cork?
has anybody used nutriflow i am after somewhere to buy it cheaper than £30 thank you?
Salt water flush?
Can you take Agnus Castus with Mirtazapine?
I need info on st john's wort extract?
Does Aloe Vera work for hair regrowth?
US only please have you ever shopped around for medical care, and why did you?
Beauty question...?
Where can I find a copy of Encycolopsychology of Disease?
What do mineral salts help to do?
Glucosamine Sulphate Herbal Tablets.?
Is there a NON-Addictive alternative to Larazepam?
I am tired all the time and just can not get enough sleep. I have a hard time keeping my eyes open during...?
doctors for the health plan of mi?
My nose is crooked, can I get it broke to make it straight?
is it bad to sleep next to a car?
Im always tired during the day and take numerous naps, im always thirsty, whats going on?
PLEASE HELP ME!!!i dont know what to do?
why are my hands always warm?
What causes your back to crack?
What's the best smoking cessation product/aid?
why does my voice still crack?
If I need a doctors excuse clearing me to work, what does that mean? Does it mean saying that I am ok to work?
can you help me with my problem?
Kidney Infection - Tingling Nose?
Does swine flu mean I'll have to cancel my Bee Hive Hair Do appointment at the Baltimore Beauty Salon today?
Is it okay to split oxycodone's?
how do you do leg extentions, leg presses and calf raises?
mixing Excedrin with motrin?
What does tennis elbow feel like, I have bad pain in my eblow at times its so bad it wakes me from a sleep, ?
I think I'm having major anxiety pains because of school =/?
my 8 yr old nephew keeps getting migraines and throwing up and they hurt to the point of him crying? why?
sometimes my knee hurts really bad...?
Is it bad that I've had a headache for three days? ?
Lower stomach, prob. kidney hurting. What helps to ease the pain?
I can feel my heel when i touch but,it doesn't feel good. What could be the problem?
Restless leg syndrom or something else?
Sharp pain in the head after turning it?
Cyst in hand has come back and I don't have insurance.?
Can you get bad throat pain from crying alot. ?
Do You Think I Have Crepitus?
Can muscle cramps hurt worse (which I know varies) if the muscle is more developed than a lax one?
Tryptizol- antidepressant vs chronic pain reliever?
could anyone interpret these results?
Do I have the flu or is this normal please answer?
what causes the whites of the eyes to darken? NOT red bloodshot.?
How to cure a cold and a hangover?
can take Susten 100 mg tablets 2 nos. in one time, instead of susten 200mg.?
Inflamed bowls, scar tissue in abdomen, and headaches..help?
Normal bowel movement but usually runny or watery?