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Would cough syrup prevent sickness?
what is the difference between an optometrist and an opthalmologist?
I felt naseas in the morning and stomach is hurting?
Why do we shiver when we are cold?
Sebatious cyst?
Ulcers and sore throat?
my friend is a lupus victim..is there"s a way to get rid of this disease?
Can anyone tell me what having "Red/Pink Palms" as a symtom , may be related to ?
tell me all you know about osteoperosis?
why do some people have nasal voices?
my body is low in salt how will this problem effect me?
which kind of poison ,candida cause in body?
Tobacco firms are involved in a £100 million law suit about low tar cigarettes should they settle now?
Bird Flu, When will the media start to over re-act this bird migration period? Or will they over re-act?
bipolar? crazy? paranoid? OCD? HELP!!!?
i think i may be depressed but i have no clue....what do i do about it?
I'm with a guy who makes me feel so sad and insecure i feel like he is using me ?
what voice do you hear when you think to youself pleas answer?
help on how to get rid of anxiety?
i need help, very depressed!!!! PLEASE?
Do I have a psychiatric problem?
having a really bad day.....?
Does this sound like something is really wrong with me?
I need help, but I don't want to be hospitalized. I need some advice...?
Is it common for someone with panic disorder to not want to talk to you about it?
I binged last night for the first time in almost 2 weeks?
I'm 22 years old and my parents control me. They won't even let me get a job. I'm so depressed, what do I do?
slipping back in to depression??? :(?
If you sign your child into a mental hospital can you sign them out?
What's one thing you hate about the Mental Health System?
What is wrong with me?
Can't taste or smell anything (cold?)?
icy hot allergic reaction?
bad allergies and asthma....how do I cope and why do I have so much mucus.?
After about 2 minutes of jogging, I feel like somebody is choking me, throat feels clogged and?
I used hydrogen peroxide and now my ears are blocked, help!?
Any doctors online? Important!?
Why does less than full night of sleep affect performance so much?
How to cure sickness?
i already got braces ......any tips on how to take kare of them?
Does wearing contact lenses speed up the rate at which your vision gets worse?
Would this really help for posture?
How do you get rid of a peeling sunburn?
Twitching and weak arm?
Swimmers Ear!!! Help!!!!!?
why do i always feel so dizzy?
My office chair gives me shooting pains in my legs. Why?
My right upper eyelid has all of a sudden swollen up! It itches and I don't know how to get it back to normal.?
my upstairs neighbor has ticks am I at any risk?
disorder,what part of the body is affected stuctual and phsiological change?
why is the pharmacutical drug SATIVEX so hard to get on prescription? This is the cannabis equivalent for us?
what does the disability or disorder with the abbreviation A.T stand for?
Bursitis or "Housemaids Knee"?
Can someone tell me anything about having TB in the small intestine, please?
what is the danger asociated with inhaling the smell from sulphur granules.?
what is viral exanthema?
how can i get my hair to thicken up?
Anyone know where I can get info on Tasacs disease?
If I exert myself at any sport glands around my throat swell and I get a sore throat. Any explanation?
Is there any medical cure for Epiglottis pain (Disease)?
can anyone help? male/ female mixed race individuals aged 18-40 urgently needed! UK?
The Link Between Malaria and Sickle Cell Anaemia?
My hip pain has turned into pain that I cant bare at all..help?
My thumb Is Very Weird...?
how to take air out of my shoulder?
Wondering if this worth a hospital visit?
my freind scrathced me like a wuss during a fight. he made about 5 scratches on my arm there not that deep?
Whats more serious? MCL Strain or fractured knee?
i bearly got my tat done on weds. 9-9-09 and its starting to itch is this normal or is it bad?
String got caught in my ceiling fan. Now it's broken and I don't know what to do. EMERGENCY HELP PLZ!?
How can I treat muscle spasms?
How can I prevent my thumb from hurting when I hit it with a hammer?
I had a small tear in my acl 4 months ago?
I hurt my lip, will it be okay?
Hit my head on the corner of my bed.?
if i tear a shoulder ligement or tendon, would i know it?
Can someone tell me what this was in my ear?
Joint pain in teenager?
For months now I've had pressure on the right side of my knee. It's not painful at all,what could it be?
13 stitches on foot...can i play soccer?
is there a way to fix my broken toenail?
What's wrong with me? I'm sick?
Does anyone have that hole near their eye?
how can...............?
Next week I'm going to see my neurosurgeon for epilepsy for the first time. What type of things should I ask?
Please help. 10 points!?
Why do you NOT want to donate your body to science?
Why am I always tired/look tired?
With organ transplants/other donatable body parts, are there any that require only biological family members?
does anyone else get blurred vision ?
what would happen if i drank half a bottle of cough medicine?
how many different durations do contacts lens have?
Chills when its 28 degrees outside?
How can i get my voice back to normal?
What were to happen if i switch lip piercings the first week i got them?
What does this headache mean?
I get heart burn so bad that I don't want to eat the burn is so hot that my face and ears are on firer then I?
Is sneezing a sign of a cold?
I keep feeling like im faint, my body is tingling, i feel shaky, spaced out, dizzy what could be wrong?
Is it possible to transfer chlamydia through injection?
what degree burn is my sunburn?
Does hypnotherapy actually remove cynophobia (phobia of dogs)?
What is the worlds nicest marijuana grade?
is any1 else using?
is it safe to take ibuprofen while on blood thinner?
With all the people getting injured in Iraq, would it be worth sending alt-med therapists to the front line?
After an enema, is it normal....?
perscription drugs?
Quick question on drugs?
Is it so hard to accept that some complementary practitioners are NOT frauds?
Need some info on some weird drug that I took (Indian origins I guess)?
Does hypnotherapy work?
A website for meditation ?
Is black cohosh safe?
I'm always thirsty and sometimes look dehydrated ?
Sore throat remedies?
Alternative to Cling Film & Aluminium Kitchen Foil?
whats the best way to have a good nights sleep?
i dont know what it is but i got this heel pain going on.. can someone help or have similar relations.?
What does acupuncture treatment cost?
Melatonin sleeping pills?
Any reiki healing experts out there?? had a spooky experience?
What are the most frequently used drugs in hospital wards in the UK?
what herb teas do you take,and do feel the benefit of taking them?
What Quals do I need to have an opinion on AltMED?
What is wrong with my chest?
lower right abdominal pain?
my shoulder or collarbone hurt how much days will the paim get out?
I'v had this headach for a week now...?
Where can I get relief?
4.Kidneys are active in this process. Describe why Betty’s kidneys have anything to do with her situation ?
I'm 15 and I'm thoroughly active most of the time. I'm experiencing random pains/soreness in my chest and arms?
what can i do for headaches? PLEASE HELP?
i nearly fainted after gettin mt tounge done?
How can I get rid of heartburn without usings Tums or other similar products?
my back hurts! im scared. please answer!?
Headaches every single day!! Anyone medically know y?
Weid feeling on left side of hip?
Did you that hot plastic is a cause for a certain type of cancer?
I'm addicted to decongestant nasal spray......?
What causes whitlow and how can it be treated?
I have a kerracornea whch affects the vision of my right eye. does this affect my ability to drive?
should i start on a course of colchicine to treat my gout?
Respiratory Disease (Miners Claim) U.K?
Why am i getting peeling/flaking skin on the palms of my hands at joints and creases?
mortans neuroma what is it?
When is a low salt diet "low"?
can you get panic attacks when youre 14?
How do you deal with anxiety?
why do insect bites always itch really badly?
How can i heal my nails,they are fungal sick?
What Is Wrong With Me?
Which antidepressant do you think is the most "famous" (or infamous) and why?
charities that grant people money for a gastrobypasses?
I feel like cutting myself again?
Does anyone know the help that a TMJD sufferer can recieve?
what's wrong with me? what do i do?
Where do you find your...?
Do you hurt, like i hurt, is there anyone out there?
would you say this is depression?
feeling depressed....?
im seriously worried about my mental/physical health?
Can't seem to stop cutting my self?
Painful memories of child molestation..?
Am i crazy? do i have a mental disorder?
Do controlling and overbearing parents even realize that they're damaging their kids?
What to do and why am I feeling depressed?
Should I tell my doctor about my problem?
Sleeping problem? Help me please?
Help!!!!!!!! Im still cutting myself idk what to do with life anymore!?
Depressed, what should I do?
how does tuberculosis affect the lungs?
medicines for kidneys not filtering properly?
Question About Septoplasty?
Exposed to Ribavirin??? Scared??
can i take ecstacy after a blood donation?
Please help. I think my cat might die of suffocating?
cough and chest pains , connected?
Can I take Benadryl and Claritin at the same time?
I want to be a singer but my nose is always stuffed up!?
Is it safe to nurse and take benedrill (sp?)allergy medication?
medicines for heart problem?
Sneezing and itchy throat?
Does the elbow lay proximal to the fore arm? Or distal. Does the lungs lay lateral to the heart? Or medial?
Carotid artery blockage...What to do?
I'd like to talk to someone here who already has a defibrillator?
how can exercise have a modyfing effect on coronary heart disease?
im having allergies and been suffering for almost two weeks,nothing works for me, what shold i do? pls help me?
why does my nose run when i eat?
HELP! Allergic Reaction what to do?
Why is my throat closing?
Does the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring make a sound?
I have 3 stents in my heart. Left coronary, right coronary and obtuse marginal. anyone else have this done?
why i feel like my heart is beating hard but not fast. and i also feel like my head wants to explote?
svt,palpations or worse? please help?
Could this be high blood pressure?
medical question need help people who are good at this?
If you sleep at 11pm-12am every night,but still get about 8-9 hours of sleep, will that affect your growth?
i whant now who i type medical prescription?
Is my blood pressure ok?
Would health care improve if doctors' salaries were decreased?
what is this lump on my stomach? should i be concerned?
Is life too precious to risk getting a new healthcare system on?
One-A-Day Teenager for Her?
Is it bad that I can crack my shoulders?
What is wrong with my nose, it keeps dripping, what happen if I plug up my nose?
does anyone else experience stomach problems with their anxiety disorder?
do smokers with their tonsils removed get sore or infected throats less?
Is this from my inguinal hernia or stomach problems?
Will i be prematurely gray?
Can I get a hernia this way with leg?
Do I Have A Sleeping Disorder?
Am I suffering from adrenal fatigue?
I get alot of nosebleeds what should I do?
can lsd cause anxiety after using it?
is the medication singular safe?
i cant read my own hand writing!!! help me please?
which insurances cover organ transplant surgery?
How much does it cost to stat your own medical marijuana dispencery?
do you think i'll need scoliosis surgery?
Why do people cough when smoking?
waking up feeling like i am about to faint?
TOPAMAX 25MG....questions?
i hav osgood schlatters in my knee how can i make it heal quicker?
How long does it take to recover speech and hearing after a Diffuse Axonal brain injury?
I have been getting ingrown toe nails for about nine months now. Once one gets better another one forms.?
i have a head cold and i wanna go back to school as soon as possible being that its the first week back?
My left forearm hurts to touch! The veins are more noticable than usual.?
Why is my ankle still tender?
What should i do if i have shin splints?How to make it better and not hurt when i workout?
Why do I have a swollen ankle?
how do you cope with a co-worker who has had a brain injury?
What could be wrong with my ankle?
Did I hurt my ankle even more?
lower back sprain. need help with fast recovery.?
is it normal to get some blurred vision after a black eye?
i injured my shoulder some how. i have full range of motion but...?
Did I break/fracture my cheekbone?
what medical equipment and antivenoms do i need when travelling to Namibia Africa from Nigeria cross country.?
How long should a Pilonidal Abcess/Sinus take to heal?
wat interacts with timolol eyedrops and why?
has anyone got any suggestions for relief off aurturitus?
has anyone here been on crutches for a long time?
brown skin lesions on legs only, said to be related to diabetes, do not have this.why have these appeared?
Has anyone heard of the medical condition 'Cyclical Vomiting'?
What is baneocin cream used for?
Is there anybody out there who has or knows of anyone with incontinentia pigmenti would like to discuss?
Can my mom's eye be repaired?
Eye sight problems help pls?
HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP! Am I going blind, or what?
for anyone who has TERRIBLE heartburn:) CURE!!! haha?
is it safe to take tylenol BEFORE drinking?
my heel is in pain for like weeks?
How is the Sinus scan done ??? Is there any injections ??? Tell me about it .. Thanks]?
What do I do for a hurt shoulder?
What is this on my hand?! Please!?
I have a knee problem.PLZ HELP!!!!?
Back pain when moving?
I have had a headache going on 4 days now, what should i do?
What causes Muscle Spasms?
Throat is killing me?
i have a terrible headache?
My shoulder is crunching and it's killing me!?
I have been having chest pain...?
Pain in my upper left thigh.?
Am I getting sick?!?!?!?!?
broken and missing teth and always sick?
Money for Plasma and Bone Marrow?
Aderall health effects?
What is wrong with me? (have to type this to get 20 characters)?
So apparently I have Iron-deficiency Anemia?
really sick! what could be wrong?! ;/?
what exactly is tap water and filtered water?
Plans for bio-terrorism in Florida?
i have a really sore throat, stuffed nose, cant stand for long periods of time, headaches. Am i really sick?
help me!! My stomach has a problem to it!?
Can I pass my Drug Test?
how to not get fat during winter?
Would you rather have general anxiety disorder, depression or adhd?
Do I have madcow.........?
How can i smoke and still pass my drug test?
No side effects 50 mg zoloft?
What is going on with my body?
HELP! i'm extremely sick!?
Help! I have a crazy, sick uncle- what could it be and what can I do?
What is a good gift for a plastic surgeon?
Why do i feel so quilty about this?
How to avoid sleep in class?
Has anyone tried Flouxetine (Prozac)?
why drugs are bad???
Whats wrong with me...? :(?
I'm 18 and have Sleeping problems..?
If you were suffering from a psychological disorder, such as anxiety or depression, would you seek therapy?
How does one step out of depression when positive thinking only leads to greater pain?
Were any of you normal and then came down with a mental illness?
Should she be in a nurshing home?(please read!!!!!!!!!!!!)?
Can depression go away on it's own?
My boyfriend is in the hospital for saying that he's suicidal. Why can't he call me?
how can i tell my parents?
i think i might be depressed but i dont know why.?
Anyone else experienced trouble controlling strange, negative, or unreasonable thoughts?
please help me ! do i have depression?
for the past few weeks, it has been very difficult for me to fall asleep. ive been falling asleep at around 6?
help with my essay? starters? easy 10 points?
Help with contact lenses...?
Question about bad posture. please help!?
swollen lip, idk what from?
how do you manage to keep going when you just feel fit to drop?
Strokes - does the blood clot stay on the brain?
tricks to help me fall asleep?
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
What ethnic background is most likely to have sun allergies?
Can dogs have outdoor allergies?
does any one know what ear massage is??
When pregnant can you take things like strepsils or tunes for a sore throat?
Am I allergic to the wine or is it because there's high acids?
How to get rid of poison ivy on your face?
Indian Head Massage - what's it like?
nose allergy on strong perfume?
why cant i buy melatonin in the uk,?,when i can purchase it easily on the internet.?
is acupuncture safe and effective for losing weight?
Is sea kelp safe to take?
Do you take Burdock Root capsules?
How can I describe Ayurveda in a couple of paragraphs.?
How does King Dispensa work in Pharmacy ?
i ordered valium from golden meds online n i would like to know if anyone else has used this store before.?
Does Hypnotherapy work ?
In response to your asthma question, Im on draconyl(reliever) and Airomir and pulmicort preventers.?
How do I unlock my chi?
can u take these to medicenes together?
my 2 year old niece just been diagnosed with reactive arthritus?
is it possible to take anti depressants and antiseizure tablets together?
If quite a large facial birthmark has very visible hair growth on its surface, how can you disguise it?
What`s your favourite cold remedy?
If homeopathy is "holistic" and requires a homeoquack to give a full evaluation of mind, spirit and body...
Do you drink Catuaba tea to improve your memory/quality of sleep?
local anasetic?
I have been told I have a ferritin level of 9, which is low. What does this mean?
Herbal remedies and alternative therapy for Henoch-schonlein Purpura?
how do you cure overactive bladder?
Last week there was a appeal for a bone marrow donor for a little boy called Kieton Knight I need to get hold?
anybody got info on milk rash or bottle rash on babies ?
help i have these symptoms and have forced sleep...?
Easing pain in Hypermobility Syndrome?
question about clymidia?????
PLEASE HELP!! BURN QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Strep Throat?
How can I avoid MRSA and C. Dificil ? I need major surgery soon, what strategies will protect me ?
what is strep throat?
how has flu/cold right now?
Best thing to do for food poisoning at home?
Is it possible to get Chicken Pox 3 times?
Swine Flu Question??
when i laugh for longer than a minute or so i get very congested....?
Natural cures ect...???
me and my friend found a piece of cardboard shaped like a cigar but nothing in it and we smoked it....?
i cant sleep by the time i get upi feel like i can eat tell me what you thank?
What is the aetiology and physiological process?
older dog with coughing simptoms?
Any advice on excessive sweating as me & my 12 yr old suffer with this terrible condition.?
normal blood pressure?
what can cause a heart to flip-flop every 3 days along with abdominal pain and lasts 8 hours until normal?
Is my arm fractured or just tweaked?
I got my ears pierced on July 29 of this year and nearly 3 months later they still aren't fully healed.?
since last few days suddenly my heart beat increases,my heart sinks,what is reason?
I cant fully bend my knee and it makes a cracking noise every time I take the stairs.?
Bruise/Swollen Lump on Arm?
What grade level is Heartbeat By Sharon Creech?
Do i have a serious bench press injury?
svt vs atrial fibrillation
is it OK to stretch tendonitis?
the artery used to find the pressure point in the arm?
I measured a bp of 190/82 that settled down to 120/70 in half hr ? ER would catch normal reading. help
Do grape cigarillos really cause bubbles to form on your heart when you smoke them with pot in it?
how long do sputum test take to get results?
Fractured ankle: question about cast and extreme pain!?! HELP QUICK?
I pulled/ tore a tendon in my right thumb, still hurts 2 months later. Should I see a doctor?
Whats wrong!!??- I have elbow pain!!!?
Just got my arm out of the cast ... issues...?
is there any relation between sleepiness and heart beat?
what treadmill is used for the bruce protocol stress test?
what happened to my hearing?
Anyone had or know someone who had ACL Reconstructive Surgery?
is my knuckle broken? (pic)?
my girl friend right side is hurting but it comes and goes and at just one spot and she does not feel sick?
Can my boss require me to stand for eight hours straight, no sitting at all? Also, what are the health risks?
is it time to find a new Doctor?
What can you do to make the pain while getting a nose stud not hurt as much?
I drank coke after playing basketball, and now my throat hurts..hard to breath, how do i feel better?
Did Cipro give me QT elongation syndrome?
Wrist injury. Sprain?
Anxiety, And Heart Disease?
eyelid randomly puffy??
Why when you get hurt can you feel your pulse in that area?
Sprained ankle healing?
my toe hurts and i dont know whats wrong with it?
Do I have heart disease?
Are my ribs bruised or cracked?
What do you thinks wrong w/ my wrist?
what made me and my friends foot sting today at the beach?
How to get thirsty really fast?
Drug test question about jobs?
How do i switch medication when the doctor wont prescribe it?
My cousin had a seizure at the age of 26?
what am i sick with ?
Itchy and bleeding ear?
just got a smallburn from a frying pan , 1 cm by 1 cm, what do i put on it to stop it scarring. thankyou?
Does this happen to anyone else? when you're throwing up do you cry?
im 14 and 4'10"!when will i hit my growth spurt?
Help please! Stomach is grumbly/gassy but..?
I have a pulling feeling in my stomach...?
When I blow my nose during a nose bleed, the bleeding stops. Why?
Hip surface piercings?
How to overcome shy bladder?
Ear plugs up whenever I blow my nose?
Is there a legal site where I can order my prescription online?
I have inflammation inside my nose because of my nose ring! what should I do?
what causes hiccups?????????
What are 4 most common liver disease's in alcoholic men and women?
____ liters of urine are excreted every day?
Constipation and runny bowel movements?
ear feels blocked and slight hearing loss?
A diet that can eliminate the need for Humira/Remicade in Chron's Disease patients?
Any doctors/specialists out there?
Laryngitis and Pharyngitis for years now.. help?
Doctors help needed. For God Sake?
What is the treatment for age related macular degeneration?
Is it insomnia if...?
What will happen if i go to doctor about the following symptoms?
is a 25 pound backpack too much for a 17 year old with scoliosis to carry each day?
Just passed a kidney stone...is it safe to drink alcohol ?
Do I have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. possibly?
Is my liver fine from possible harmful substances?
please help, i have a cataract, and i am scared of hospitals?
Does this burn look infected? what should i do?
a list of the drugs used to treat autism behaviours?
Does anyone suffer from grand Mal epilepsy and if so how do you cope?
Is my elbow or arm broken?
last night we took the kids to the park?
Wind slammed head between roof and door of my car?
Has anyone used a medical advice called a "vac"?
Walked really hard on my ankle this weekend and now my toes are numb and ankle is sore.?
Lump that won't go away, what could it be?
Which Mattress is better sleep number or tempurpedic?
i am not getting sleep at night.whole night i m trying to sleep but couldn't sleep for a single hour?
can a doctor say i cant attend college because of my low weight?
Whats wrong with my ear?
is it possible to stretch your lips?
help..need sleep Does all benadryl have calcium 15mg?
I'm crying day and night now What is wrong with me ?
Depression of a sort, thoughts of suicide,Freshman year.. Help?
I'm scared....please read all of this.?
Is this behavior normal?
Who do you go to check if you have ADD/ADHD?
How can you get to sleep quickly?
How can I get rid of depression without medications?
What do you think this is.?
Overcoming a bad memory?
What do you do when you have to go through another day and you dont have the courage to commit suicide?
A question for anybody who's been affected badly by grief?
How to be a kiss-up to a teacher and not make it obvious?
Is my partner haunting me or am I just going crazy?
Why does everyone "want" a disorder?
HELP ME ! i am seeing weird things that no one else can see!?
What is wrong with me? (20 characters)?
Why does my left hand hurt?
Pain in right ribs when swimming/running?
is it bad when your really depressed to live for another person (when you won't for yourself)?
What to do when extremely depressed and anxious, but not quite suicidal?
I'v been getting Chest pains for around 5 years now, help?
Where can I get a ankle brace like this?
my lungs and chest are hurting me so bad .what could it be from?
28 wks prego and cramping above my right ribs is this normal? help~!!!!!!?
It feels like a pill is in my throat?
Anyone ever have iritis, I have it in my left eye?
Help please with the pain?
what doctor to be consulted?
back pain from weights ?
Blackouts and right temple pain, any idea on what this might be?
A bump on my knee clicks.?
why sometime my right eye and sometime left eye jump ?
are my back problems caused by my abnormal dimensions?
dude my knee is killing me from my knee down. what do i do 2 make it feel better?
What is a foot spur and how is it cured?
In pe i bumped my head?
In horrible pain only 16 please help?
why do people pop painkillers?
I have a small red oval shaped mark on my left hand?
Zineryt Question?
Whats the best antibiotic to treat recurrent enterococcus infection?
What is cancer?
Name one illness that Asian Children living in Britain are more prone to?
Beta Blockers C schumac?
what is the optimum amount of physiotherapy input to relieve spastisity related to cerebral palsy?
epidural to remove a kidney stone?
Tiny white hard fleck in skin on shoulders and neck?
what disease is it when the adrenal glands don't work properly, and why does it have such devastating effects?
What skin conditions can be improved by massage and why?
Is there any effective preventive medicine for chikun-gunya.Once you are attacked how long it takes for normal
Why do we get headaches when we don't eat at the right time?
What's wrong with me ? ):?
My stomach feels like it's burning?
Would it be okay to take Multivitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex, and Omega?
i need help on giving blood problem?
Is this girl normal? Coz i think this behaviour is abnormal! Check this out.?
How do I grow taller? I am a 173 cm (5'8") tall Chinese Male born in Canada, how much taller can I be?
Help me PLEASE! freaking out?!!!! HELP!! 10 POINTS?
How long does it take for the nicotine to get out of your system?
Has any one ever gone through this?
How long are you usually high for if you smoke for the second time?
Back Problems???????????
whats wrong with me im experinceing bloating in area i get scratched or slaped or any contact and it turns red?
How bad does it hurt to have JP drains removed after surgery?
B complex vitamins...are they dangerous for me?
i have a small pump on my head!! help?
Help.. how to get rid of this?
I really need to get over my emetophobia?
Quadtabs, 5 times a day?!?
what do you do when waiting for a lung?
IBS and Hypnotherapy?
What is the best natural way to combat VURTI? (Common cold)?
am steroid tablets safe to take ? am they better than the jabs ? ?
Went to the hospital late night?
Having To Much Caffeine ?
is there any permanent cure for asthma???
Glycerin Suppositories didnt work , should i try enema now?
what is otc or vitamin d pills?
at what age is it advisable to take glucosamine/chondroitin supplements?
Do you or have you ever used acupuncture? And did it work?
Not feeling great....need some advice Please!?!?
Anyone know of any UK websites i can get valium from?? Or US websites that accept Maestro or Paypal?
Was what i had, realy a chest infection?
Alternative products for cutting chemicals out of my daily life?
how the respiratory and circulatory systems adjust to meet the demands of the body under different conditions?
Does drinking drinks with ice cause coughs or illness?
Is it safe to use TCP on Coldsores?
Have you taken horse chestnut for varicose veins? Did it work for you?
Has anyone read this chakra book?
Is my egyptian fruit tobacco, weed?
can anyone give information of treatment for GRANULOMA ANNULARE ?
What is the cure for Leaky gut syndrome?
Should I Take The Levo?
Amino acids question?
what are the uses for arrowroot powder does it help with diarea?
what are some policies/procedures that aim to prevent emergencies/crises occurring?
My son's nose bleeding?
Bronchospasm from allergy season, PLEASE help.?
Looking for allergy cough remedy?
Has anyone had a migraine/ weird reaction from wheat grass?
What could this be going on with my eyes?
Is Pink Eye caused by an allergic reaction contagious?
please answer need advice?
i can see my heart beat in my visual field?
can a implanted defibrillator help someone who are bulimic from dying?
Where does a heart attack start?
stop teeth resting on tongue?
Sudafed and Racing Heart?
What happens if you're heart is too big?
what was the original situation that led to the development of the artificial Cardiac Pacemaker?
What Is a Normal Blood Pressure?
what would cause you to have your belly jumping, cause stroke like symptoms?
Worried about my heart..?
Chihuahua with Enlarged Heart?
how much is a normal rate for a 13 year old blood pressure?
Is PVC definitely thump?
Why do I still have shortness of breath after I exercised hard?
strong pulse , on my chest and left hand?
Why does my heart beat so fast?
How much would it cost for a angioplasty at Kottyam,Alapuzha,or Thiruvanathapuram Government medical college?
PVC's and Sleep Apnea?
Is taking a daily flaxseed tablet increase the LDL ?
how can i see if my acls is expired?
Which has higher risks of heart attack, cigarette smoking or eating red meat?
Work Injury and job switch?
how can you make hand cushions for crutches?
i was punched and knocked unconscious last night.i have a severe headace and very painfull kneck.concussion?
Back crack gone wrong?
I think I fractured my finger or something, raised hard lump below knuckle?
Sprained Foot question?
Is wrist fusion worth it?
What should I do about my calf muscle?
Pain in the back of my knee (ligament?)HELP!?
I dislocated my thumb, it's not broken but the bottom part of my thumb still hurts and swollen.?
how long will it take for my knuckle to heal?
Bad Pain In Foot During Excercise?
how can i bring down swelling in a toe?
Elbow pain from when I hit it YESTERDAY...help?
Is this a muscle injury or is it normal?
How can i stretch with double jointed arms?
Why is this happening?
I just cut off a big chunk off my nail off. Will it be able to grow back normally?
my foot hurts pretty bad, went to the doctor about a week and a half ago and xrays show nothing, still hurts.?
Does anybody have a remedy for brachioradial pruritis, apart from the usual prescription drugs.?
OKOK. Where Do I buy All or Dreft ????
How/Where can a foreign visitor obtain strong pain medicine "opoids" due to chronic gout?
How was epilepsy viewed and treated in the 19th century, and were restraints ever used on sufferers during a f
bodily disorders/diseases caused by faulty proteins??!! HELP!!!??
Do people who work in hospitals get ill more often than those who don't?
What is Crohn's Disease?
if you were part of a "siamese" twin?
Pneumonia I have had it for over a week now but only just getting sign of flu?
How long does THC stay in your system? Is there any way to flush it out?
Is changing my sleep schedule bad for me?
Any way to make fingers longer?
random soap question?
What is wrong with me :(?
Gross, but why do my toes keep getting infected?
Do I need diapers?12 year old bed wetter?
I just want to say goodbye.?
Nerves and flying...?
is it harmful mixing medications?
Growing pains or something else?
how can i become a hopspital test patient?
What exactly makes adderall dangerous?
I'm on a diet of clay, should i continue, is it bad for me?
I got pig blood in an open wound. Should I do anything?
Improving concentration?
I'm 15 and i've had my first [email protected], is this normal?
what is the drug "gas" which i've seen people take around Canberra? It's damp looking powder and it's pink?
HELP! Why do I keep getting DeJaVu's?
how to become a Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgeons?
i can never fall asleep..?
What is going on with my body !? ?
Do I have an ear infection ?
What should I do with the white strand of hair growing out of my forehead?
what is the placebo effect ?
Why is my finger swollen?
I'm sick what should i do?
does your testosterone level determine how much hair you grow?
Do EMT drug tests test for alcohol?
How to get a prescription?
school is making me get checked out by the doctor for cutting?
What is wrong with me?
Help I self harm, please help?
I am really hurt by this??? Please read?
i have depression help?
what is this called im confused help please?
Is there a person your obsessed with?
Does the fact that I would like to go to the psych hospital display a mental disorder?
Is it physically healthy to have fun (enjoy life)?
Am i depressed? please help?
Can seeing a psychiatrist possibly be doing more harm than good?
anxiety or sleep apnea? please help.?
How do I tell my best friend I have depression?
Why is cutting yourself so addicting?
Let me know your opinions (Pics)?
What are the steps to becoming an Licensed Optician?
ill after injection?
my boyfriend has conjuntivitis should i take him to hospital?
how do you catch meningitis?
Any Solution For A Cold???
What is the highest death toll as a result of a Pandemic?
What is scarlet fever?
cross infection from urine?
Can 'flu be waterborne?
What is classed as an epidemic?
Doctors in UK?????????????
How do i avoid this virus?
what is rubella igG antibody?
chickenpox help quick plz?
what is coaliacs disease? ?
how to approach someone about HIV/ aids stat as?
Why do i keep getting colds?
how can the world stop swine flu? apprently 100,000 people are gonna get it per day.?
What is the longest time a guy can have flu for?!?
i have had a flu for 2 ddayss now and now i feel a temprature coming on whats shall i do?
I need advice on my recent mucus clumps, they are stopping my ability to breath through my nose. please help?
How do vaporizers work?
What's wrong with me?
how do i get rid of the smell?
What's up doc?
What's the ebst thing to do if you're asthmatic, and absently left your Ventolin inhaler at home?
What are the side effects of penicillin and other antibiotics?
Looking for doctors in the South Jersey area who cure tendinitis?
Headache behind my left eye.?
I have a stomache. Had it for 6 hours, please help?
Best mattress for painful back?
Do knee operations hurt?
Neck popping problem.... any cure?
please read and give your best advice. pain in lower left abdomen?
my knee has a dull achy pain.?
Side Bangs? How to Get them Just right?
recurring back pain.?
ok i woke with pain ?
what are the bones and joints involved in spondylolysis?
my joints in my knees have been cracking for yrs and recently i switched back to dr sholls shoes and my knees?
Does anyone have MND ?A close relative of mine has it.?
where could i buy a wrist band with the words "The Gift Of Life" printed on it.?
I have blood blisters on both of my big toes how do I get rid of them so that I can play football on Tuesday?
anyone suffering from repetitive strain injury from working as a cashier?
anyone claiming?
Hi ive been using bazuka gel for my veruccas, how will i know when the verucca is gone?
What do the letters FFA signify after a medical doctor's name?
irritation in my left nostril.?
have you had carpel tunnel surgery that helped?
Can hayfever be caused by being stressed or tired?
going to a naturalpathis doctor for a allergy test...has anyone ever gone?
Is having an allergy to alcohol common?
how to stop an runny nose and sneeing before sleeping?
how to get rid of black mold?
am i allergic to gluten?
my dog is sick she sleeps alot and drinks alot of water and her eyes are very watery?
Are there any Natural remedies to level out hormones to stop bleeding?
Resolved questions disappearing in this section?
What is Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin?
what long term problems will my son have after having a diaphragmatic hernia. he is just over two years of age
what happens if Warfarin dose?
Are there any natural health products for an under active thyrod?
what are the best food to eat or supplements to take following an elbow joint injury (hyper-extened)?
Can smoking cannabis effect your hormone levels?
is it proven that mint helps with hiccups, watery eyes and headaches in kids?
Can we use paracetamol with homeopathic medicines?
how many hits can you take from a stem full of weed?
Support for food binge?
Can anyone recommend a good online supplier of Melatonin - accessible from the UK?
Does soup pass through your urine..?
homeopath prescirbed anacardum powder to be diluted and taken daily. what does this stuff do?
how do u break your heel?
What is the natural movement of a knee?
Why do we have to elevate a sprained ankle?
sprained ankle 3 years still pain?
Flax (Linseed) or Hemp oil for the best and highest omega's?
How can I find a good chiropractor in Wiltshire?
Hopi wax candles for dizziness do they work ?
Splenectomy and gallblader removal?
Is there an actual place where you can hit someone and they will fall unconscious?
Has anyone been alseep but you were awake and couldn't move?
2nd degree burns on wrist (2x2"). blistered and bled, now clots are running down my vein. should i be worried?
i am having sore troth and my head feels like its got alot of pressure on it?
Is it a tumor or a lingering pain from my accident? Should I be worried?
is it suposed to hurt when you move your wrist when it's spraned?
What is happening with my....?
When will I be able to eat again ?!?
Does anyone know if there is a place that will pull teeth out for free in Minnesota?
Do I have an ear infection?
does acai increase attractiveness to women?
stay home or go to work and tough it out?
what are some growth methods?
Can bad trip's happen on weed? even if u've used it before and been fine?
does marijuana make bad smell like cigarettes or not?
Can somebody please help me.. i dont know what to do?
Do oral contraceptives have long term affects?
is it possible to lose your v card?
When I beathe in my lungs or stomach goes out, and when i breathe out it goes in?
how to soothe a sore nose from kleenex?
Antidepressant advice - Should I or shouldn't I?
Did they miss the vein?
How dangerous are stomach ruptures?
how to find out your bone size?
Why does my tongue feel weird?
Please help.. should i let this heal naturally or keep applying ointments and creams?
what can be the reason behind having body temp. 99.2 to 99.5 @sometimes 100 fall tests r done including heart?
What is wrong with my heart?
47yr female. 30lb overweight. Play golf, curl, fairly active. BP check: 139/83 with HR 44bpm. Is HR too low?
Attention, Doctors , Nurses, what could be causing irregular heartbeats/arrhythmia's?
Scary episode with my heart?
hi.......i am suffering hypo -tyroid problem from 2001....that time my tsh report is very high and my periods?
is this a normal heart rate?
Pro and Con List for MVP?
can you get rid of a Heart Diseases ?
Why does my heart feel like it skips or flutters when I maaturbate sometimes?
can adrenal problems cause heart rhythym disruption?
how fast does magnesium citrate work?
Is there any know link between alcoholism and high cholesterol?
May I have had a heart attack ?
High B12 in recent labwork?
edema need an answer?
Uncomfortable stretching feeling around my heart?
Why has my heart been racing and beating very hard at night for the past two weeks?
A friend is on HCTZ, should he be taking potassium supplements?
21 year old with heart problem?
i cant think of places to takemy he is 81 and sufered 4 strokes he has alzheai?
birth control that does not raise potassium!!!?
Am i okay or not???????????????
Leg cramps in the morning, hurting teeth gum irritating, bruises on legs?
Why do people trust you, if you speak their native language?
Does anything negative happen to my body when I don't sleep for 2 days?
What can i use to numb something?
Is it safe to take Metrogyl 400 in the second trimester of pregnancy if it is really a must ?
nf1 [fibrosarcs]?
Does anyone know what???
Can severe stomach pains be linked to thyroid medication?
my friend has a cyst on the back of his eye?
is there such a thing as male and female verrucas?
Hi I suffer from Fibromyalgia are there anyone out there like me?
has anyone out there had operation for dupytrens contracture.?
Will my sister need a liver transplant?
Bars of soap being used as a face wash to prevent acne? wouldnt it be effective sinc it drys out the face?
If the gall bladder is important to the body, how can people survive it getting removed?
why do I get spots on my chin? What causes this?
whats best for acne spots im 24 and still bloody h ave the dam things iv tryed everything, even the stuff ment
Ive had my cacks on so long the skin has grown over them...?
Dandruff - itchy cream??
Why are lines on your forehead called "Worry lines"?
acne ? ?
If something as deadly as cancer can be cured, then why can't eczema?
good cure for dandruff pls?
I have dirt deposits under my armpits, neck and in between my legs Help!?
Cure for baldness?
Big toe nails?
why do i stil keep getting spots?
i'm considering using a sun bed for the first time i'm 38 can someone advise me do u wear cream how long e.g?
What could this be?
Stretch Marks?
Can anyone recommend a remedy to cure blisters on my lips quickly?
I have a lump right behind my earlobe on my neck. Any ideas?
Has anyone ever had a fungal rash on their skin?
I feel dirty, no matter how much I shower and wash?
Do you sleep better in the winter than in the summer?
I'm really good at erasing things from my memory, or at least blocking them out, this is unhealthy?
if you had to die a certain way, but dieing in your sleep was not an option, which way would you die?
Have you had depression your whole life?
Are anorexia and anxiety the same thing?
I believe I have an Anxiety Disorder..?
How can I forgive myself?
I'm fifteen, and I feel like I've lost the will to live?
any tips on how to sleep i try too but i cant pleas help?
I feel lost, lonely, and find life to be very confusing right now...?
Am I depressed? *20 characters*?
how to handle panic attacks?
can you mistake the pregnancy blues with depression. Please dont judge me.?
HELP! I inhaled Lithium gas!!!?
why do i feel so ill?
I am experiencing a tearing and burning sensation in my right upper abdomen following laughing or coughing.?
Tickerly cough and throat but only at night time?
is this motorcycle burn bad??/ [[pic]]?
I have TMJ and need YOUR help!?
i'm 15 years old and have lower back pain?
How much does it cost blood and plasma?
Feeling "high" on Cipralex?
does drinking affect amoxicillin?
My dad has stomach pain?!?!?!?
my bf loves getting "high" on smoke (whether legal or illegal). what can i do to make him stop?
Why do i feel sick of the heat but cold?
Male nurse questions ?
What is moving inside my ear?
Why do i get random twitches?
I accidently burnt the inside of my eye with my hair straightener and now my vision fades...?
how does cheetahs develop tumor ?
HELP! Constipation Pain?
How can I make fake smoke?
What is happening around me?
Severe abdominal pains..? can't move?
Fainting and chronic feelings of unreality?
Is there something wrong? is this normal?
does putting olive oil on a rash work?
How to get the swelling down and reddish gone from a bee sting?
Why does my throat itch?
My thumb is weird... is this a trigger thumb?
What could be wrong with my should could my past back problems be causing it?
I'm experiencing pain / irritation (burning & stinging) at the lower neck.?
how long do you need to be off suboxone to have percocet be effective?
what does it mean if you have a large knot in your neck?
What is a good legal subsitute for oxycodone/vicodine/oxycotton/etc? ?
what's up with this headache?
this may hurt a bit, but how do i brand myself?
Slight bulge on the left side that makes me nauseous to poke?
Can i find blue Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism eye contacts?
Could I have Meningitis ?
can garlic cure infertility?
i have a line accross the inside of my cheek?
has swine flu totally vanished?
Should be all be trying to get this swine flu?
does anebody knows how u feel if u av got stomach ulcer?
as my son got chicken pox?" ?
Yellow mucus coming out of my nose, what does it mean?
Will the swine flu vaccine stop you getting swine flu ?
Glandular fever?
Can you catch swine flu again if you've already had it?
how to know if an infectious cut has healed?
Can my partner have an infection and I not get it?
Adult Chicken Pox --- Should I get the vaccine?
one of my collgues has always got coldsores why?
I have symptoms of swine flu?
Displaced ankle fracture not healing?
I have been injured at work. My first round of xrays indicated that I have slight lordosis reversal.?
Question about sprained ankle....? please help!!!?
Leg injury and how to go about healing it?
What's up with my toe?
If my nose was bleeding on impact, does that mean my nose is broken?
what can you put on a black eye to make it go away faster?
whats wrong with my ankle.?
I got stitches 5months ago. When I got up this morning that area had swollen up again. What should I do?
How long does a sprained ankle take to heal?
How long do pulled muscles last?
Two weeks ago I dehydrated. I went to the er and was given 3 bags of fluid and was told i had heat exhaustion.?
Can my arm be injured without it hurting?
what causes muscle spasms in biceps and long should they last?
How do you get hurt/ knocked out?
left rib cage deformity? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
I had surgery on my leg last week and it is still very cold, pink and puffy. Is this ok?
is it a sprain wrist?? i think it is?
help pulled or ripped muscle?
if you live in isolation will you never get a disease?
my friend has hypertropic cardiomyopathy, is he ok to go skydiving?
I had an excellent ezcema organic cream but have lost the www site address. Something like Speitza?
my dad has alhzeimers, anybody know a good sight to look at for hints and tips i can give to my mum?
what is the chance of liverpool wining the league?
If a person has gout, why does he sometimes get blisters on the lips ?
Why do I fee so tired and drained?
Dizzy from being overtired?
Free doctor visits in Akron Ohio?
What kind of Doctor can I be in 8 years? (that requires wearing a stethoscope)?
i used to smoke weed but i quit its been over 30 days but i still test positive what can i do?
i have done some air duster?
Is air conditioner refrigerant dangerous?
PLEASE HELP///have you felt this before you got a cold??
I could really use some help with this long question about a knee issue?
my skin is reacting to a carpet cleaner..?
is it safe to drink tap water left out in room temp overnight?
Angry heartburns! Why?
Is it safe to take menthol crystals when pregnant?
is viagaram a safe pill?
Negative/positive effects of speed?
I am looking for the best Holistic Massage training/courses/schools in the UK?
do steroids give you the shakes?
Is it legal to sell home made herbal remedies or do I have to get some sort of license? Thanks.?
How many fish oil capsules of 1000g should i take for rheumatoid arthritis? H&B say 3, others say 30?
Is it true that Korean Ginseng counteracts the effects of Vitamin C in the body?
What dosage of St John's Wart?
Does anyone know what mona vie is?
in the past one month i am using valerian 500mg -3 capsuls daily bedtime.now i stop it.?
Can anyone tell me the difference between vitamin B and B12 and is it the same vitamin B as in Brewers Yeast?
Am nurse & interested in doing a MA in international human rights.Would like to know where my career leads?
5 HTP as a supplement for depression? I'm looking for advice on it please?
What is secondary medicine?
Has anyone used Manuka Honey to treat blepharitis?
wat reason could?
does anybody playing any outdoor sport have retinitis pigmentosa?
Is vintage cider vinegar the same as apple cider vineger?
I'm 17 and im only 1.64 meters (5.4ft) why am i not getting taller any ideas?
How to clean out white Maalox "film" coating off a medicine spoon?
if i had a blood test to see if i had a underactive thyroid, would cannabis come up in the test?
Lucid Dreaming - Sleep Paralysis?
what does mental irritability mean?
Can being on antibiotics stop you having a local anesthetic?
Drug test before blood work.?
Is this Normal? Or do I need Help? Diagnoses?
does playing the harmonica causes dark lips?
marijuana effects before/after?
Can I get sick from Sprite?
Please i am in serious need of help!?
What could this be symptoms of????
Hard painful lump on earlobe?
can someone with legit advice please help me?
Anyone have a lot of kidney stones?
Major Anxiety (long please read this.)?
Is an MRI of the heart accurate and reliable?
High blood pressure ?
energy supps on high bp meds?
Why does my heart seem to beat off rhythm when I lie down?
can one take excedrin migraine when taking lisinopril for high blood pressure?
is this heart failure?
which lung leads to the heart first?
Instant drink mix and high blood pressure?
Why does my heart rate increase when I lye down?
does satisabgol regulate blood pressure?
what is a weak heart?
is there a cure for long qt syndrome?
how can i reduce plaque in my arterys?
tot cholesterol 7.0 MMOL/L, HDL 1.48, LDL 5.0, TRIGLY 1.1, TOT/HDL RATIO 4.7. SHOULD I START TAKING STATIN?
palpitations, seem pretty frequent, am a bit worried... help!?
How to cure Familial Tremor?
what is the world best hospitals for the kidney diseas?
where can i test ct scan in hyderabad?
Does anyone own a?
weird chest problem?
my moms been sick for a week and ...?
What would happen if you ate a cig?
Can tuberculosis cause hypovolemia?
can i change the aspiration of my sims?
i am afraid of cold, causes me tired?
what meds. cause tinnitis?
How do I make myself feel better?
Please help, feel so alone.?
My bestfriend gets anxiety attacks but...?
would anorexia work for me?
Help me please I can't carry on?
I think I put some of my friends into shock; is it that they don't believe me?
If I ask for anti-depressants at my doctors will they give them to me?
Is alcohol dependency and alcohol abuse mean the same thing?
I need help with my dream problems. I am scared!?
should i go to rehab?