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can this be seen as a preexisting condition with blue cross blue shield?
Please help me! I need some idea of what this could be please!?
Whats wrong with my back?
I think I may have fleas, mosquitoes, or another bug in my apartment. Am I just being paranoid?
I sleep in too late, Eat too little, What's wrong ?
Is this my chondriact acting up or worse?
could i have broncitis again?
Why is it that any little activity I do causes chest pain?
narrow throat and large tonsils?
what helps whenever your feeling really down?
How can I convince my parents?
Can someone name my phobia?
I have the flu but i started feeling alot better today so i went running outside. I can't stop..?
How do you cure weird?
Im just curious to know why i feel like im going to fall over constantly..?
not sure how to tackle this? plz help me!!!?
chest/back discomfort?
3 years.....?
if a person is 158cm, then is he/she 5'3"??
Do I have bipolar disorder?
How do I break the habit of self harming?
HELP!!! my friend tried to kill herself?
Why am I the most afraid of people who are the nicest to me?
Is Addiction A Good Thing?
What are all the reasons why I'm a depressed loser who is always trying suicide attempts but not getting close?
How can I get over this....?
Serious Death Question?
18-30 year olds: what is your fear of heights (if any on a scale from 1-10)?
How do you keep yourself from having an emotional breakdown?
Foot (heel) pain won't go away?
Are you supposed to be numbed?
Spine disc out of place?
Knee problem, a tear? Any ideas?
i think theres another toenail growing under my original one?
Do you think my Hip is in need of medical help?
I tore my ACL and now I can't run for 6 months.?
Pinched nerve, pinched muscle, pinched something?
Broke my wrist 5 months ago.. What now?
I got choked almost two weeks ago and it still hurts a little when well it get better?
how do i fix a toe nail thats been bent back and now i can clip it all the way down.?
Severe concussion after accident?
Should I drive with an aircxast brace on my ankle?
my hip is killing me! i cant walk!?
Why wont my bruise go away?
coccyx problem?
would like to know about the different level's of cancer?
what is endometriosis?
whats the best treatment for dermatitis?
iv contracted tonsillitis nd am desperate to get rid of it!!!!?
Are there any cardiologists out there who can tell me what an intraventricular conductive delay is?
What is Functional Dyspepsia?
Rosacea is uncureable I'm told, but what can I do to avoid it.?
how long does it take to be over shingles and is it contagious?
if i put a plaster on a verruca will it go away by itself after a while?
stomach pains not appendicitis?
Whats this pain in my side!!!!?
Migrane/Headache from falling after handstand?
i promised everyone i wont lie but i had to this time cause my knee did not hurt but it really did?
Can you only get Codeine Contin in Canada, or is it available in the U.S. as well?
Teen with muscle spasms?
I have problem with my neck it cant be rotated too much but i dont feel any pain what i need to do?
I find my right hand sometimes very sick, when I do some movements. How to heal my right hand?
Are these symptoms related? Could her body be lacking something?
Gallbladder pain but I have no gallbladder, what could it be?
Chondromalacia patellae?
Severe heel pain, what could it be?
Sharp pains in my chest area..?
I think i have a lower back problem?? idk.?
Are you now worried about swine flu?
i been watering down there and it feels good does that mean i am horeny?
i spoke to a solicitor today and have started a claim on the nhs for my son having mrsa in his r eye ?
Daughtes has Gastroenteritis..?
question about swine flu vaccination?
What could make me get jaundice?
re. the flu pandemic, is it wise to book a cruise?
how many of you have had side affects from flu jab ?
What do I have, (worms? bladder thing?)?
How do you build up your immunity?
Glandular fever??? excuse?
How long can you be off work with Shingles?
how long till i can change my tongue ring?
I get really bad stomach aches right after anything i eat?
upsetting stomach .. plz help =(?
What kind of drug test do u have to take to wrk as a pharmacy tech at sams club urin blood or hair?
Is it possible to get addicted to regular OTC sleep medications?
is it bad to wear a tight thing for you stomach while your sleeping?
i'm 17 and i am 165 cm.i am a boy.can i get taller to 175 cm.my parents are shorter than me?
Is taking zinc dangerous?
anxiety attacks cause feeling of choking? or breathing difficulty?
Something is wrong with my throat?
What natural sounds do you like (the most)?
should i begin taking calcium supplements?
Whats better, sleeping 5 hours straight, or sleeping 8-9 hours, but broken up?
what does a warm sensation in the lower back mean?
Painful nasal congestion?
kid's sneeze sounds like a bark?
Tumor, Cyst, Or Just A Vein?
Is my brother a fecalphilliac on prosac?
Hot flushes?
What non-prescription pills/drugs can u take to make u feel sleepy?
Where in the UK can i buy Aloe Vera juice; and how much does it cost?
Alternative V Traditional Medications?
how do get rid of a norwegin scabies in a house hold lyclear does not work.on skin home cleaning tips to?
Know anything about polyps in the bowel? Hereditory?Do I have cancer?
inviromental topic wot u think !?
due to travel by air in 7 days. just been in contact with chicken pox. will my insurance cover me?
if someone has huntingtons disease can thier grimaces and spasms be hidden, done when noone looking?
can the herald patch from pityriasis rosea be on the leg?
menieres disease?
what does a electronic pressure sensative probe look like?
my child has a mild eject systolic grade 1-2 heart murmur, how serious is this and does he need treatment?
i passed out on the plain,wots wrong??
what is the name of the natural cox 2 inhibitor?
Blackout When Standing Up?
Anyone else recently cleaned their ears which had been clogged up with earwax for weeks?
Are there any ways to get rid of scars permanently?
im taking FLUCLOXACILLIN, im going out tonight into town and wondered if i can i drink alcohol with this?
skin is made of skin flesh is made of flesh what are veins made of?
how to keep skin clear?
Laser eye treatment?
why do i have a sore throat when i drink lots of water? and dry lips all the time?
Why are my legs always purple and spottty?
Greasy skin?
Mole off putting?
what is the best way to get rid of spots?
ive got bad scarring on my legs can i have it surgically removed?
Rash on heels....please help?
skin irritation under my chin?
I have a lump...........?
Getting rid of acne, scars, oily skin?
how can i stop my exzcma from itching?
Help with my face?
sick again please help sercious people only?
life signs:surgical unit, kouichi's examination?
what is the best otc cough syrup?
Who has been healthy all winter then all of a sudden at the end of winter gets sick?
can you take dyoxycline for bateria infection?
Can anyone tell me what HPV (or is it HVP), the illness women can get? My nurse mentioned it to me other day?
Would I Qualify For a Walker?
What reasons are there that I should have a numb hand?
health insurance interview?
Never ending mucus? comes from where?
How long will it take me to recover from a heart attack?
Where can I buy Tylenol pain reliever products in the Uk or online?
Lower blood pressure?
Anyone have a feeling of something( not flem) stuck in the lower throat?
Do you need an M.D. to own a hospital?
this is making me wanna chuck!!!?
why am I having hair fall all over my body.?
Bruises getting bigger?
Prednisone...sinus infection?!?
Help, I'm really sick and I dont know what to do?
what are things that stress people out at work?
How do I get her not to do drugs?:( Please help me. I feel like crying.?
Is being afraid of the dark at 16 bad?
Has my sister got ADHD?
Someone comfort me..?
OMG I can't believe this is happening. Help?!!?
Do you think smoking weed is negative or positive?
Don't you feel super lonely sometimes?
how long does the grieving process from death take?
How do I get off my crack addiction?
Can someone tell me how do you gain confidence? This is urgent!!!!?
My daughter is 18 taking cocaine and I have children and due a baby any day what do I do?
HELP Unexpected death. Grieving boyfriend. What do I do?
I am stalking this guy and I dont know whats the next step for me?
is there any techniques that can help me to stop being so nervous?
What is therapy like?
Do I have schizophrenia?
Depressed and I don't have any friends?
My mom has a mental illness and scoliosis and talks about suicide a lot.?
What kind of doctor performs a Psychiatric Evaluation to find out what mental illness I have?
what is angioblast answeerrpleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
how we can reduce the side effect for all drugs?
2 months ago my TSH was 12.16 dr increased syntrhoid to 175mcg. now my TSH is 25.66.?
what are some common types of fetal heart defects?
Every once in a blue moon I get palpitations - not worried about those. But?
Was any diaganose with SVT and how many attack have you had. Did you have to have an EP STUDY and ABlation.?
Is low blood pressure bad for heavy set people?
magnesium deficiency?
my bad chol.is 40. my dr. would like to raise it. i' am now on vytorin. what else can i do. to raise it?
i am 27 years old. i asked my father to take my blood pressure reading.it came 140/110.?
what can i do to help heal a bruise quickly?
I take olmetec plus 20 mg tablet and my blood pressure remains 137/73. What can be the reasons? Is it normal?
what is the effect of EVAT to lower class family?
i got burned 1 1/2 yrs ago?
i have a bruise on my wrist and when i ice it the bruise gets way more visable.?
Question about a holter monitor...?
Left Ventriuclur hypertrophy- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?
what is up with my heart?
rheumatism heart disease?
My heart races fr no reason? Is this bad for my heart?
When I sit down I have loss of breath and my heart feels like its racing although it isn't. What could this be?
Simple noises that occur while sleeping makes my heart beat hard and fast. anyone know why?
Fluctuating blood pressure?
why is my heart fluttering?
My LDL cholestrol level is 168. Total cholestrol 235. HDL is 37. age 56. How long should i contol food...?
What is wrong with my toe?
I hurt my lower back while playing football?
I got this random scar 3 months ago, and it has yet to heal. It just keeps scabbing over. Any idea what it is?
Has anyone seen the commercial for the drug that dissolves plaque due to coronary artery disease?
Does anyone know what this is?
what happened to the doctors from the tuskgee study?
does la vitra affect blood pressure? although using medication to lower blood pressure.?
Leg Accident/Nerves ~ Know the problem?
have i sprained my wrist or is it just something else?
have been having chest pains off and on for 6 days which I've attributed to GERD also some slight vertigo?
Wreck 2 weeks ago.constant left side to back pain. hurts worse when I burp. Xray ok. what's wrong?
What is this pain in my knee, under the knee cap?
Is there a cure for keratosis pilaris?
what is a doi to the brain?
what are the symtems of motor neurone?
web site address for Drs Pearson and Williams Stewart Med Centre Buxton Derbys?
has anyone had problems with taking black cohosh?
Have you visited this site for people with Skin Disorders?
Taking Coversyl BP tablets do you suffer with tickly cough, runny nose, cold like symtoms?
Streptacocyx Bacteria what is it and how do I spell it?
inflamed left lung and sore throat?
TB (Tuberculosis?
Upset Stomach! Help!?
Why is my spit white/foamy?
Can a bone be broken, even if you can move it and it doesnt hurt that bad?
Were can you look for a person who was picked up by ambulance but who knows what hospital?
Can I cure a cough in two days?
My mom told me this before she died.?
I feel sick when I'm happy or excited WHYYYY?
Mixing Green Posh and Black Magic?
I just got my medicinal marijuana card! Am I getting more weed for my money now?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how to stop from getting sick?
How to stop from getting sick?
sitting cross legged good or bad?
Can I get disability for Pernicious Anemia?
Is it bad to see images of patterns when waking up?
How to change your voice(my voice sounds kinda young)?
how to get rid of bloked nose?
How come when i first started smokin weed?
Two years ago, I stepped on my mechanical pencil, and the lead got into my foot?
sprained ankle help....?
Sprained Ankle Conundrum?
How can i get my ankles not to swell when i walk long distances?
help? advise please people?
how do i make myself run a fever?
Sorry what I ment to ask was are any organisations who organise holidays for people with kidney failure?
Strange stomach pain?
I just recovered from a severe attack of chicken pox but i am left with scars, how do i get rid of them?
what is gbs?
How can i help someone with HIV???
can anyone give me some information on lung surgery?
emergency information how to help a poor kidney sufferer in the Philippines?
we have an epidemic of chikunkunya.what is the management how to treat?
What is a RODENT ULCER, and is it dangerous?
What would happen to someone with a history of kidney stones, who took Zantac/Ranitidine for over 2 years?
The doctor diagnosed me with Cracking or Popping hip, when will it go away?
what is central disc protrusion?
Why do I get this bad pressure in my head?
sharp pain in head ?
What do i do with Osgood Schlatters ?
i need help with my knees?
have pains left side of my head sometimes lasts a month dont let up and goes away for few months and comes bac?
Numbing in my left arm?
Can someone help me with this?
really hurt finger?
Why does my?????????
Has anyone had "liquid cartilage" injections in the knee?
I have almost a cramping/bloating feeling in my bladder sometimes?
Can anyone help me with my knee, back, and ankle problems?
PLEASE ANSWER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! [patellofemoral syndrome]?
going under the knife again, to tighten two loose tendons....?
I have a pulse on my left arm's muscle, what is that ?
can anyone help me with wrist pain?
where can i get green tea?
M.D.M.A is there a way to make the come down not so harsh ?
Does anybody know of any homemade remedy for a cold sore?
Why does no one ever choose my answers as the best answer??
recommended massage for bad back?
Do you have real evidence of healing by holistic medicine such as quantum touch, etc?
What Herbs and Flowers are good for treating minor ailments such as cuts grazes allergic reactions and stings?
I have terminal cancer and am looking for hemp oil to buy ?
do hyposis cds work?
Is St John's wort useful?
Colloidal Silver for Viral Ear Infection - Is it safe?
whats the best herbal remedy tablet product that is da best 4 ur body that shud be takn daily?
valerian/hops/lemon balm stopped working help?
Is it okay to take the herbal supplement St John's wort with alcohol ?
Woke up with ringing/hissing noise in both ears?
How to take care of a horse throat?
Why does this happen to me when I wake up?
If I have Factor V Leiden, can I still get a tattoo?
ate bad chicken do i need to go see doc?
How common is double o positive blood in UK?
Is it true some people die the first time they try meth?
i keep getting a pain under my left breast bone and i been to the doctor and they said my heart is fine had a?
Trouble with sleeping hours...?
What are some good home remidies for anything?
is this treadmill good for running?
Wrong sitting posture?
medical time for the changing of a drug?
what does this dream mean?
Sore throat.. this usually happens when i don't take my thyroid medication.?
Can I use a different Pharmacy with NO problems?
My stomach is shivering?
Why do I always set off store security alarms?
Is it possible to have asthma and not even know it?
Does bronchitis make you susceptible to other illnesses?
my dog has pleural effusion and can't get lie down for > 2 min. any suggestions on making him comfortable?
Weird breathing?
what is ammonia and what kind of signs should I look for??
How is food coloring harmful?
lung are filled hard breathing could it be allergies to pollen?
why do i get allergies?
how can stop sun burn itching,and black spot specially neck ,back, and full hand?
I have an allergic reaction to Hollister cologne?
HI, oral allergy sndrome?
Help !! I'm experiencing the extreme phase in my life !!! What should I do ? Please, a word of hope !!?
I think I am developing eating disorder?
Seriously, how bad can it be?
I don't know what's wrong with me?
what percentage of ppl who have depression get over it? how long does it usually take?
I want to buy some nice clothes today - When my mum says she doesn't like something - i feel really offended?
why am i soo depressed?
What do you usually have nightmares about?
how do you cope with severe depression ?
I no it's wrong... ): .. </3?
is mobile harm full for children below 15-16 years?
Have you ever had an addiction?
Really, what is reality?
How can I help my bipolar sister?
having problems falling a sleep?
I'm really stressed, I'm 15 and I don't think I can take a lot more?
how do i stop my girlfriend from doing drugs?
am i bulimic or anorexic?
Does this sound logical for a bill from a psychiatrist?
Why do I close my eyes in photos?
i wear contacts alot can that make me lose some of my eyesight?
one blue eye and the other eye?
I need help for Sty Questions Please =)?
There's a bump inside my eye?
Small Twitching? Help?
i need advice on selecting the right health insurance for me, one that covers accutane....plz help!?
Are bags under your eyes caused by a lack of sleep?
Pain in armpit? Lymph? Help please!!?
my son has twitches such as his eyes blinking....is there any medication that can stop these?
Is it bad to drink tylenol to often? I have been doing it in 6 hours break in between?
I've Been Asleep for the Better Part of 3 Days?
Is this normal? Should I be worried?
What am I supposed to do about health insurance?
Dry skin and redness due to Quinoderm acne cream?
Has anyone out there tried organic remedies for mole or wart removal?
I plucked my eyebrows down the centre and now that area is red n sore n wont go away. How can i solve that?
perspiration need help?
Acne, the nightmare of my life?
Is vitiligo genetic?
i'm dveloping some rash like i'm reacting to something have tried using hydrocotsone but its not working
i'm on warfrin tablets for life, can i still have tattoo's? I desperately want 2 covered.?
How to get rid of acne and acne scars..?
Question about Albino hair?
best treatment for acne?
I've just found a large spot near the top of my inner leg. It's really red and soft but doesn't hurt
any one out there suffering rsi and got compansastion?
i have small brown skin spots on my legs that only go up half way to knee. they look like dirty legs?
Do you yawn when you are in deep sleep or is it just as you are waking?
do moths carry germs?
itchy eczema up my arms and legs?
I have had a sty for months..?
How old is cancer?
cass are you there?
How do i get rid of spots? What is the best treatment?
what would couse a person age 20 years old to develope red/ purple hands?
pitiryasis rosea- skin condition,any1 suffer with it?
why does it do that?
What is the best skincare brand for dry, sensitive skin?
Please help Acne !!!!?
Why does my heart really hurt sometimes?
How serious is an inflammed enlarged heart?
How common is a widow maker heart attack?
Could I have had an aneurysm?
Can I have a heart valve disease with perfect oxygen?
can your blood pressure raise a lot in 3 weeks? it was 104/70 when i went and i am a 115 lb 16 yr old.?
heat stroke and heat exhaustion?
Can you play sports if you have heart palpitations?
Heart palpitations or something?
ok i inhale scream how can i go very high on my lows?
my heart started pumping so hard that i could see it through my chest...is it normal?
Can doctors deny a person treatment?
is zestril 10 mg high dose ?
Bipolar rapid cycling or hormones?
do I have sign of heart problems ?
how long do you cough after heart surgery?
how does the rapid response team reduce the number of cardiac arrest?help me please...?
Can incorrect lead placement result in inverted T-wave on EKG?
as a heart patient can i use barly ,groundnut and ragi?
is my eye changing colors or do i have heart issues?
Am I okay? (heart q)?
how i mended my broken heart?
Why do i have a fast heart beat for long periods of time, and very often ?
I have been treated for chlamydia but i am still gettings symptoms?
I pulled my muscle and it hasn't gone away for about 3 months what should i do?
rolled ankle...HELP!?
Lump on knee after snow boarding fall?
acl reconstruction recovery?
what is a mixed dementia?
Can my GP refer me to a Podiatrist or I have to make the appointment on my own with the Podiatrist?
What are the treatment options for ephedron users?
Is simvor drug safe?
Countries doing Retina Implant Surgery?
Has anyone had a patellectomy, and if so how active are you know?
downs syndrome..?
my daughter has vitiligo apart from disguising lotions ect does anyone know of anything that would help thank
how to find out the qualifications and specialization and area of expertise of an orthopedic surgeon in the UK
Is it possible to increase your height at age 19 using vitamins, supplements, prescription or exercise?
why do video games make me feel nauseated?
DO African-Americans STILL SMELL after taking a shower?
Weird Symptoms. What should i do?
Ok I'm wanting to do a all-nighter, tips on how to stay up?
Can second hand smoke from Marijuana show up on drug tests?
Can sharpie hurt you if left on your skin for a long period of time?
I have this bacteria in my stomach thats causing gastric reflux,and I'm on bladderwrack?
I feel like sleeping?
Why do i keep getting headache's and why am i always getting black outs?
I just got over a stomach virus, but today I'm having very severe gas pains.?
girls hygiene :: can you please answer{only girls}?
Help in stopping a cough?
How many mg of Xanax to take before a flight?
When i pee my Urine burn why did this happen? Help!?
Stomach bug and nose bleeds?
Adrenaline Rush while drifting off to sleep?
Sorry i just need to know.. Guys what do you think of...?
I am hungry but I have no appetite?
the part of the chest these organs occupy, lying outside the lungs is called?
COPD + Exercise + Panic Attacks( 2 questions kinda)?
what are the new reports concerning singulair?
can smoking effect on concentration or study?
what medicine can i take for gas?
does anyone know a good treatment for Granulomatous cheilitis??????
I think I might have allergies?
Allergic to Plasters?
I think i should go to the doctors?
why in your 20s can you suddenly have a seizure and be epileptic be fit and healthy then be on tablets?
Whats the Best AntiBiotic For Throat Infrection And Tonsil?
Do you never get ill?
symptoms of human worms
did anyone really fall for that Swine Flu hype....?
How long does it take for people to die from aids?
Does anyone know what cat scratch fever is? How would you know if you were infected?
should i go to the doctors?
is there a cure for swine flu?
How long does the common cold last for?
Could you catch meningitus from touching something such as a bench that a person who has menigitus touched?
can teennagers get vaccine for shingles?
about the outbreak of swine fever?
I'm a carer and have today found out Ive got staphylococcus aerus should i stay off work?
Do we all really need the swine flu vaccine?
should i get the swine flu jab for my 2 and 5 Year old?
why do pre filled vaccine syringes have air bubbles in them?
Why have I been given Paracetamol for viral conjunctivitis?
can you be ppregnant with yellow urine?
what causes a stye?
lumps in the top of my throat like really weird?
The miscles in the front of my leg tighten up when I run. Why is that?
Has anyone ever had Illiotibial Band Syndrom after having a Tibial Tubercle Fulkerson Osteotomy?
Really bad pain in my legs...please help!!?
Left Rib Hypoplastic?
Ok so I was thinking that I have gas pains...Umm wrong... I have gas along with bloating and diarrhea.?
both my ears started hurting this morning.?
i need help!!! i feel uncomfertable round friends?
Anyone with a good knowledge of medicine?
what is the matter with me?
landed on my elbow hard........is it serious?
I keep getting a tingaling/ crawling sensation on my jaw and right side of my face.?
i just wanna know i feel really sick these past two days my neck hates,my head is painful ?
Elbows Hurt due to Temperature Change... Why?
why i get really bad headache n fell sick,n it goes when i force my self to eat sumat,?
has Andy Milner got the worst smelling feet ever?
What are the benefits of green tea?
Twitching Eye.....?
Ladies - what's best for menopausal hot flushes?
Diazapam 5mg tablets....?
alcohol gel?
What is the best herbal energy supplement on the market...?
Name of allergy pills?
Do you know what alternatives there are to conventional treatments?
How do i get rid of or radically reduce the appearance of self harm scars?
Aromatherapy treatments?
has anybody used an Ear Candle?
Hangover cure??????????
is ptsd considered a disability?
Am I crazy? What should I do?
please help me... i feel like dying?
Anyone suffering from depression have 'intense' back pain occasionally?
I'm so worried about school that i can't live normally?
I heard the eating chocolate makes depression worse. Is that true?
Which is worse severe anxiety or depression?
Depression, what can occur in extreme cases?
I can't let myself imagine things because i feel like someone's knowing what I'm thinking O_O;?
Do I have multiple personality disorder?
Dissociation question?
Since I quit smoking it feels like there's something missing in my life?
How do you get rid of or at least deal with anxiety and depression without drugs...?
Depressed? Whats going on with me?
what is the best way to handle stress?
Need some advise about depression...?
Please explain "invasive Adenocarcinoma" and it's treatment.Thank you.?
Explain the weber and rinne test and their significance.?
Is Chemo in tablet form any weaker than drip form?
help to clear your arteries?
are there any long term cognitive side effects of ribavirin reported after treatment?
mri/mrv scan show I have a relative narrowing of the superior sagittal sinus. Anybody know about this?
why does ...'birddawg'.... tell E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. to email him? is this not against some rules?
Does anyone know where i can get holiday haemodialysis in the UK besides Norfolk, Cambridge and Wales please?
How many watt of sodium lamp do we have to use for ligth sensitive raw material?
what is molscum?
research care and management of the dying child on the ward?
Ceoliacs... Any good...?
what can this wired feeling on my side be?
Is getting stabbed on the chest the single most terrible way to die?
What did I do to my knee? Easy 10 points for best answer?
think I broke my nose...help!?
What can i do i fractured my ankle and really bored?
Eye exercise??????????????????????…?
is this from bad eye sight?
Eyeglass company that makes a few keyhole bridge glasses?
A red mark in my eye for 7 years!?
What Are They?! Help Me?!?
Does anybody get sleep paralysis?
how do you get more sleep?
I CANT HEAR AS WELL!!!.......?
Knee pain, like i need to crack my knee but it never cracks when i kneel?
Why can't i sleep anymore?
Health insurance deductibles question.?
when i walk on my feet, i hear little snapping sounds on my left feet?
What's wrong with me?
I tore a ligament in my knee...what light exercises can I do?
Anyone have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee??? HELP?
What should I do???? Dipping?
Anyone ever tried Leather "Therapy" Nursing Clog - FootWeaRX by Landau?
Blisters Never Healing?
i took expired sutafed and robbatossin HELP ME --sry about the spelling?
My mom's sick and I don't wanna get sick I am trying to cover my face with something HELP!!!!?
Why am I still feeling sick?
Ecstasy Health Problems?
why do i always feel sick?
how do i make my stomach squishy?
What is Good to Eat for People with Gastrointestinal Problems?
Wanting to Puke. , please help ?
can someone help me explain this?
Nose job ?? Plastic sugery ??!?
What medicine can I give for my dog for indigestion?
Which is better? Insanity? or Power 90?
How come I never throw up?
Are there any ways to stop loud snoring?
My girlfriend is experiencing severe nausea, a pounding headache, vomiting bright blood, what should she do?
wht are symptoms of a panic attack,anxiety attack,&&heart attack?
Any doctors...serious sinus problem, need advice?
can high blood pressure person eat sugar?
I am looking for a good Dr.?
what does it mean to have one side of your heart bigger than the other?
how do you increase extreme upper register range?
Misdiagnosis: POTS instead of NCS?
how much do psychiatric and pediatric nurses make yearly or hourly?
about my childs heart?
help! medical condition?
Late last night I started having irregular heartbeats...?
Heart Disease Questionnaire..?
Arteriole control blood pressure?
How to STOP heart palpitations?
my father heart is weak. can u tell food items,herbals which increases its strentgth and function.?
is high blood pressure considered heart disease?
mine T4 test result is 29.1 ug/dl, pls let me know the what are effect for this, pls tell me about prevention ?
can people with heart transplants get colonic?
I had a cbc and liver panel test done and ?
what could go wrong during a mumur heart surgery?
light headed/ scared/?
what is wrong with me? did i have a heart attack or somthing?
heart dieases..................?
Petechiae on the heart?
im a goalkeeper and they stepped on my pinky finger and it really hurts when i touch it...whats wrong with it?
Ear piercing/stretching help?
If someone was stabbed in the lungs and did not bleed out would of c.p.r. helped?
How can you treat a swollen ankle/foot?
Nosebleed every 1 & a half weeks and it's been more than 3 months?
How long do you need to stay off a sprained foot?
dislocated pinky HELP!!!?
could I have sprained my foot? if your a docter please answer?
Do i have broken or cracked ribs?
why are some bones arch-shaped?
Upper arm and wrist pain? Help!?
What is good for preventing stretch marks?
I have whats looks like acne?
I have a 7 month old baby?
how do i get rid of spots ?
have any of you tried natural remedies bought online for your childs exzema and what did you think?
I have a rash.?
Can You Get Sick By Putting Mustard on feet?
What's the best way to disquise a large zit prior an important job interview?
best treatment for a coldsore?
Psoriasis,,which is the best treatment..?
acne please help?
how can i gt rid of spots and black heads effectively at home?
What is the best treatment for fungal nail infection?
What does it mean when?
Can you apply evening primrose oil directly onto skin?
any home remedies for acne?
Ringworm problem?
alternatives to soap for face washing?
rash on face :( HELP?
How do I go about a STI test for a friend?
What is the long term outcome of glomerunepheritis?
what does an allergic reaction to codeine look like?
how does cotrimoxazole (batrim) cure or treat pneumocytis carinii pneumonia when it is not an antifungal?
Does anyone out there have Systemic Lupus? (serious question)?
when will the anti fibrotic drug pirfenidone beready for sale to the public?
has anyone heard of fibroma sarcoma , it is from the genetic disorder nf1?
NF1 meeting up with other familys?
does anyone know what gillie barry syndrome is?
has any body suffered from high crt in there blood wot does it mean?
how many people in the UK suffer from hyperhidrosis, candida and urticaria?
Does anyone have coronary ectasia? I know what it is but want to know what treatments people are receiving.?
Who can help Guinea Conakry to have vaccne to vaccine the children?
hand strength with relation to guillain barre syndrome?
has anyone got hereditary spastic paraplegia?
is there any over the counter remedies for sleep apnea?? ;?
My husband had the hiccups for the last 2 days. Is it a symptom for something?
why do I have to wait to lift weights after visitin the hospital for a colapsed lung with pleurisy? How long?
I cannot hear well from my right ear.?
dream about my dead gran or someone is breathing on me?
What are adnoids?
well been here b 4 i need 2 quit smoking cigs is there any help groups in fontana ca. 92335?
what if your hemoglobin and hermatocrit is just barely on the normal level but you are in great health?
What are the regulations for Asbestos Removal?
cleanse LUNGS...HELP!!?
do i need a surgery or rest/exercise will help?
sharp pains on right side and feeling kind of shaky. ?
What should I do about my leg? It's soooo sore!!!?
Why does my shoulder hurt the morning after I drink alcohol?
what are jaw doctors called?
abdominal pain................?
jaw bone hurts. yesterday on one side and today on both sides?
Can taking 1500 Mgs of gapapentin in a day be harmful?
strange pain in the top, back of my ribs..............?
Abnominal pain, bloated feeling, any ideas?
why does my hand hurt?
tight hip and lower back?
why does it hurt??(my left leg??)?
I have really dull eyes! help!?
my left arm hurts me ?
What is wrong with my knee?
I have muscle pains and . . ?
which exercises will help me stop slouching? chest?
Help me!!................?
how to get rid of tonsil stones?
crushing and snorting melatonin does what to your body ?
drug test can a lab test tell differance between robitussin dm and heroin?
My heart is beating really fast?
My bladder area hurts a lot and i have diarrhea.?
Is a gram of weed enough to get two people high? (not for me)?
Can I eat chicken from popeyes if I have indigestion?
What if someone had a wet dream while in surgery when they got put to sleep?
Why is this happening inside my head? (10 POINTS PLZ ANSWER)?
Is it common/normal to get bad headaches after seeing a Chiropractor?
i am 17 years old and 5'1/2" will i get any taller?
what is good to clean my system of marijuana?
what are the bubbles on my big toe bone?
My mind convinces me that its right all the time.?
Is it harmful to your pet if you touch them while you're on ecstacy?
Can a health inspector come in my house without a warrant?
Do i have a mental illness? HELP!?
Should I sleep or study?
Do you have nicknames or code words for you medications?
OMG EMERGENCY! What do i do!?
Can you have mild Schizophrenia and still live a life like a normal person?
gabapentin 100mg capsule are white, I have grey what strength are they?
what are the latest research findings on after-death status and experiences?
What is arthritis? What are the types of arthritis?
is it normal if you live in bangladesh to get fevers all the time?
What are the symptoms for anthrax?
Blepheritis - can anyone give advice please?
why is vector control important infood borne illness?
What happens if my income changes during my pregnancy, making me ineligible for Medicaid benefits?
what are the brown things that some people get on there neck is it a health problem?
I got dizzy when i was laying down,?
What would cause someone to ramble incoherently all of a sudden for 5 mins. then not remember it afterwards?
Can you use orajel (Benzocaine) on skin, as a cheap local anestetic?
Sleep Problem, my sleep got changed.?
I can't choose between bieng a women's health nurse practitioner or bieng an optometrist..HELP...whats better?
Haven't been to pediatrician since 5. What shots/tests will I get?
im having problems falling asleep and staying asleep. help please?
How do we fix the US's healthcare system?
When will I get coordinated with my body size?
Getting tested for marijuana and cigarettes by blood test.?
Lost voice driving me crazyy helpp!!!!!!!!!?
I have been prescribed methylpred. Will I gain weight if I don't over eat and I do exercise?
my son is in his twenties and has a weight problem he is asthamatic would the herbal remedy bladderwrack help?
Can hypnotism prevent you from biting your nails?
remedy for a cold sore?
wat are the benefits of takin a vitamin e supplement?
Is there a book or a website for a range of alternative cures?
Does rescue remedy work? and how long does it last?
can you get high of legal herbs?
Is it safe to take St John's Wort & what are its side-effects ?
Needle's (injections) Phobia ?
i have severe dry skin from antibiotics?
i need a way to cure pinworms. (naturally) i dont have any money for health insurance. somebody? help me?
what is a natural remedy for thread/pinworm?
does glucosamine work for osteoarthritis?
My eustation tube in my ear keeps blocking and I can't hear. Would hopi ear candles help?
has anybody used angus cactus?
please someone help me with this question!!!?
Wrist Tendonitis: Lingering Symptoms?
Fractured ankle question?
my foot is swollen randomly. Why could this be?
i went in to have a pain pump and the catheater removed. the dr. said a piece broke off and was'nt worth looki?
My Left Foot Is Swollen How Do I Reduce The Swelling?
I was in a car wreck 6-22-09 and I've had headaches and very sharp pains shooting through my head I have been?
Where can I get an old x ray of a bone?
shin splint pain shooting through quadricep region and hamstrings.?
Question re: Wrist Fracture-3yrs ago.?
I don't fully understand my mri reading.?
??? i got a head injury on july 19th and i still get head aches because of it ??? help?
An avulsion fracture or sprain?
lite numbness from big toe up to shin?
I have a cut on my ankle?
Rotator cuff? help please?
Do I have a torn cartilage in my knee?
concussion? should i get it checked out?
why does everything taste different now?
what can cause these headaches?
Are cryo cuff necessary?
Is it normal to twitch when you get a shiver down your spine?
what could be wrong?):?
Can someone please help? Ive never been sick like this before.?
I've received an iron infusion in Sept but why are my RDW still high?
Why do I always feel sick?
Disclosure of infection during hospital stay?
What could be wrong with my throat?
What is the difference between Prebiotics and Probiotics?
I live in Portland. I want to find a babysitter urgently?
can i drink alcohol on Lamictal (Lamotrigine)?
Is it ok to take Valerian with Paxil?
if i have thick eyes and elegible for prk, what exactly is the wavefront technology and m i elegible for it?
I don't know what to do about this awful situation! please help!!?
what is the common/normal dosage of clarithromycin in terms of mg per day/per intake?
Chest Pains?
Can sun exposure can cause sore throat?
is there any medicine for aids in ayurveda is it better than alopathy will u give me a answer?
how to stop it??
Predisone Help?
What is a chronic invalidism?
Do I Have Swine Flu Virus?
Plague Vaccine?
i have swine flu - holiday?
my puppy have worm in her stool what do i do?
How long does it take to catch a cold from someone?
my boyfriend was complaining off having numb hands but today he had a headache and then got flu like symptoms?
could my friend have the swine flu?????
norovirus - bristol area?
... are ready to fight them you have been .... you wont get the disease beacuse you re now ........ to it?
what is meant by chicken pox?
I have got jaw/tooth ache, is this normal when having a cold ?
My 5week old baby is in hospital and i want to know what these symtoms mean!?
Im allergic to an ingredient in brown bread and also branflakes?
a spot on my leg started itching for no reason now its a dark patch another spot started itching, any idea why
Has medical science found a way yet to repair the neural damage caused by Spina Bifida?
how computers can be used for disabled people?
Thrombotic microangiopathy: does anyone know a good web page with sime info on this condition?
what can i do to help people affected by Huntingtons Disease?
treating borderline hypothyroidism?
service men???
information on microsephalis, small head syndrome?
ex prem baby withcronic lungs and has 2/3rds of the right lung missing any one know similar?
Do on & off alcoholic drinks affect cholesterol treatment regime?
does anyone have experience of the disease henoch schonlein purpura hsp?
can anyone give me info on the entrance test to become a nurse?
What causes illness?
how is smoking and alcohol related to cardiovascular disease?
Afkn. How much to buy pylori pill?
Should I get a port-a-cath?
Pain in heart and shoulder?
Could I have some kind of heart disorder?
Heart murmur? is it dangerous?
how did i get high blood pressure?
what is brady syndrome?
sensation right after stroke?
Heart Transplant recovery?
why do I feel my heart throbbing in my throat?
what are the consequences of a low heart rate?
Possible Heart Attack?
Weird symptoms -- stroke or neurologic?
I've been having irregular heartbeats...?
if u had a 5 bypass can there be a nother blockage?
King of heart monitor?
For low blood pressure I have to take Salt tablets...?
my 20 year old step daughter has a weak muscle in her heart.?
i would be sitting still for a while and all the sudden, my heart just starts beating real fast?
I all of a sudden have a bump under my tongue on the left side of my tongue ring.?
How can my shoulder stop hurting before 6:00 tonight?
CT Scan vs. MRI ... some questions?
My Ear is all weird like, Help?! ?
I've witnessed three suicides in the last 2 weeks. I'm getting scared?
im having really bad cravings to use drugs again?
Is there hope for a relationship when I guy tries to kill his gf and then gets counselling?
how do you know if you are depressed?
Is anyone out there who is suffering/ cured from Manic Depression/ Biopolar Disorder?
What can I do to stop thinking of my ex that just broke up with me?
How do i help my depression ?
How can I stop my friend from starting Paxil?
Is it possible to become addicted to abuse? Mentally / Physically?
what do i do if i am scared of death?
I am tired of my anxiety, please help, is there anyone out there that beat their anxeity,if yes how!!!?
i think my grandma has a minor case of alzheimers but she denies the possibility?
Cutting: If you have to cut then how do you keep it 'safe' and controlled?
What is something I can bring in?
This is the end? ....?
i got a threatening letter, saying he knows who we are and your mine?
what causes a previously coiled brain aneurysm to rebleed?
How does a brain tumour occur in the body?
anyone ever had a sebaceous cyst? what was it like and what did you do about it?
Is the new treatment CO2 Riboflavin & Collagen for Kerataconus being used in the UK yet?
what is toulouse hunt syndrome?
Why is it that skabs never heal from the inside to the edge, its always outside tothe middle?
dos anyone know anything about haradas disease?
liver diesaes?
Pington, Could you give me more info about psoriasis?
Can you give me some info on Henroch-schonlein purpura?
Do I have a recessive genes or dominant?Or what? Please help . Ten points!?
what will be good for sick people to eat?
Breathing problems..?
Question about my brother marijuana?
are there any signs that someone does cocaine?
I read in a book that all of your nerve endings are in your feet...?
Why do I feel nautious and sick to my stomach everytime I eat chicken?
i have 2 peanut size lumps on the back of my neck, what can it be?
what are the side affects of niacin?
Tonight i think my mind played tricks on me, or something did.?
Is it dangerous to eat toiletpaper? I ask because I saw this YouTube video?
help! i think someone is trying to rob my house!?
Getting my ears syringed or cleaned out tomorrow?
sickness in the throat.help!?
What is low genetic protein?
can you really take 1,000 mg of vitamin c every hour when u are sick?
What is H1N2???????????????
Is a cracked tv screen dangerous?
can i use cacium chloride found in auto stores to raise calcium levels in my swimming pool ?
Constantly feeling nervous/nauseous?
Can someone tell me what's going on?
Questions on sleep deprivation?
Poems about health/illness?
why does this happen.................?
my ears have been feeling like they need to pop for 2 days now! and loud sounds really hurt! HELP?!?
Conditional job offer dependant upon urine drug test?
Can somebody PLEASE help me?
In the beggining of my pregnancy I developed a very itchy rash all over my body. wat could have caused this?
Does Anyone Know Whats Wrong With Me?
am i retaining water? how can i tell?
What's going to happen to my body if i did this?
How do I scratch my itchy eyes? Microfiber washcloth?
Does muscle atrophy really happen?
I bent my nail back should I bend it forward or put a bandaid on it?
can being hit in the nose cause chronic sinus infections?
My husbands thumb pad is swollen?
how can oxycotin show up in a blood test if you do not take it?
How to treat a swollen pinky ...?
I have a blister. Should i pop it or leave it?
why does my elbow hurt so badly?
Ripped toenail off, wondering on healing time?
Advice for a reoccurring knee injury?
Is it possible for the muscle in your back to roll over on your rib?
What could be wrong with me ankle??? help answer please?
I had a ankle fibula/ growth plate fracture orthopedic gave me a brace 3 weeks later still in pain?
I the insides of my knees hurt, why?
How do I cut of feeling to ny toe!?
OMG! Serious swollen problem! HELP!?
Lisinopril -for high blood pressure - 3 days after I started taking them I cannot stop sleeping?
how long do i have to wait until i can ride a bike after a second liver transplant?
is my arthritis cured?
My doctor wants me to join a trial for a drug called rituximab for RA, anyone else on this trial?
has anyone tried "vitiligo tab" ?
Does anyone know what can help a dog with GME? And if they can live and carry on with a full life?
Has anyone..?
what r some kinds of foods that have a natural anti inflammatory?
Angel Psychic Reader?
Where can I buy healing crystals from?
Who knows what kind of drug METATRON is? And which the components are? Which effects?
can it get you high or what can ?
I am thinking of taking a vitamin B2 supplement to improve the appearance of my skin. looking for advice?
Is EPA the same as omega 3 fish oil?
if I eat them little red mushroom from dry cow sh-t?
What are the pros and cons of doing an enema?
what is the best natural cure for athletes foot?
Bach's remedy?
Whats the Machine called that they use to revive people?
Hypnotherapy to quit smoking?
need a link where I can find something about the history of massage?
can omega 3 help with poor circulation?
What is the worst weed or smoking or alcohol?
Does anyone recommend the Tens machine?
adulterated cannabis?
why are some homeopathic remedies,only to be taken once a week?
Should I worry about black/dark brown stool and constipation? ?
Swollen Upper Lip, cold sore?
Tips on living with Crohn's?
why does my thumb get numb when i'm cold?
Stomachache Problems...Please help!?
I have a swollen knot under my left ear...?
Why does my left side feel like its bruised?
My legs have been burning and itching latly and was wondering what it could be caused of?
Recovering anorexia/excessive bloating?
can u take xanax with ambien?
Random loss of balance and vision?
What happens if u pop ur knuckles alot?
Is this a panic attack/ what could be happening to me?
really thirsty after water?
Random black outs... What's wrong?
Is smoking "batch" just as bad as smoking cigarettes?
Brain tumor, what should I do?
What causes foot cramps?
theres something wrong with my left ear~!?
i have a problem with my knee?
Weird pains in my arms and veins!!!?
I bruised up my wrist when I was jumping over an electrical box?
what is a nerve ending?
Why do I keep getting severe pains?
Massaging help how to do it well.?
What precautions a pateint of prolapsed disc should take after spinal surgery and for how long.?
What could cause sore rib muscles?
I have trouble with my knees and they hurt real bad when i walk?
I have a pain in my ribs. ?
Need Help On Swine-Flu?
when was antibiotics invented?
why cant mosquitoes spread AIDS?
my chicks got wet earlier but i dried them with a hairdryer they seem ok now but could they get flu now?
how do you catch piles?
Is feeling tired a common symptom of a viral infection?
Is this irritable bowel syndrome or have i had the novo virus?
im 14 and have extreme sickness and diarrea. can anyone give me tips on how to handle it?
I visited some friends, they recently had food poisoning, what are the risks?
could it be my apendix?
Throat Infection Question Help Please?
How to look after child when you have swine flu?
someone with medical knowledge? impetigo?
how can i get rid of thrush?
how do a chest respirator work?
what it can happen ifchild had croup it repeted more then one times .?
What does negative mean regarding small lung nodules? And a c-scan report that that they are insignificant?.?
what is the pathophysiology of pleural effusion secondary to parapneumonic process?
What am I sick with? Should I see a doctor?
Does breaking a narcotic pill make it stronger?
Can you get ACE bandage wet?
How long do bruised toenails last for?
Ok... chest pains... what could it be? (a little long?)?
How long does it generally take to heal a twisted ankle?
Arm is swollen help.?
Inside ear very itchy and flaky would like to go to the nearest ear specailist for a diagnose?
Really sore and icky thing between 2 of my toes?
Is it dangerous to draw on your skin with pen?
the skin between my bum cheeks hurts?
I sweat a lot, especially at nights and wake up my whole body covered in sweat.I am female aged 28?
What role can i go on to do from being a receptionist?
Hi, i have a pale skin, how can i tan brown quick, without burning myself to much?
dry skin-how do you prevent it without using moisturiser or creams?
How do I fade my scars without my parents knowing?
What are some good, NATURAL spot treatments for acne?
my hands are always cold, why?
Lump behind ear?
What causes your back to itch?
how can i get rid of acne scars?
why am I getting blackheads in my back?
How can I get rid of a cold sore?
Everything is infected! What do I do?
pain on lower right side of stomach help?
anyone know about blood types?
When doctors get sick....?
how many milligrams of benydral should i take to get high?
Is it your fault if?????????
Hash, is it Legal in America?
My 1yr old ate bloodworms that you feed to fish. Will she be ok?
can a vitamin D deficiency make you very tired?
How do i get rid of diarrhea in my chinchilla?
Do I have a muscular problem?
What would happen if I just drank black tea all day?