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what is haematology mean ?
Ex Smoker.....numb limbs...what is happenning!!?
Ingrowing hair grossing me out!?
other then fat ,what blocks the arteris leading to the heart?
What is it about alcohol that makes some drunk people sick?
Cold/flu medicine for nighttime!?
I caught a sickness bug about two days ago and still feel awfull is this normal?
I think my daughter has german measles...?
Rash that could be meningitis?
a friend of mine constantly gets ill she has throat problems flu fatigue nausea ...?
am i coming down with a cold?
Do you think too many young U.S. citizens are on pharmaceuticals (Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Ritalin) Overmedicated?
My brother has panic attacks?
Is there anyone I can talk to?
i need to calm down....?
I was molested when i was little and now i'm having odd thoughts?
I'm really in a bad place right now and i don't know if i should go to the hospital?
I feel that I'm about to die...?
I was told that since I took Paxil, once before, the other anti depressants won't work, is that true?
are antidepressants just pills that take your emotions away from you or does it really resolve your depression?
Can I eliminate my anixety all together?
Social Anxiety help ? any useful tips ?
When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Higher dosage on depression medication Prozac?
How to control my feelings?
What are some non-narcotic/non-addictive prescriptions for anxiety and depression?
Coping with death of a family member?
Feeling hopeless?
Seeing black dots when I smoke weed?
I may have Possibly overdosed?
How do u get rid of inflamed hair follicles?
Can you find a picture that includes the following?
Why does passin out feel so wierd?
What is going on?????
I'm getting FluMist tomorrow. is it safe?
Found a Very small bug, Gloss black with a tan/brown patch?
Need help curing my gf?
100% on oxygen machine threw a trake cause of a bacteria on vocal cords throat swollen closed approx. how long
If you almost drown do you pass out?
I keep forgetting to eat right?
How much tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide do Blackstone Vanilla cigarettes contain?
I smoke marijuana pretty much EVERY day, and i need to detox and get it out of my system fast?
popcorn lung?
Can I find out from a doctor...?
Im sick and wheezy what should I do?
What causes the nose?
Could I be Anemic? Headaches, tiredness?
can you drink alcohol after gallbladder removed??
Do I have a problem? Cause i am a animal lolz?
Why is my Uvula stuck to my tonsils?
why am i having these mood swings and stomach pain?
What is it when your mussels get really stiff and you can barely move and then you start sneezing out of cont?
My brother smokes?
Head ornament name? where to buy?
" Snake Oil " is a traditional Chinese medicine......so what went wrong ??
Wheat Bags for joint pains? Anyone know....?
Is it safe to take co-dydramol along with 20mg Fluoxetine?
Tiger Balm patches - where can I get some?
Were can i get this from help?
Has anyone else had a choking sensation during crystal therapy?
Does anyone know of the benefits of?
Best way to clear sinues from nose to ear?
question about energy pills?
Does yoga fix or worsen spine problem?
Where can you get sublingual B12 in London?
shavneem herbal pills?
l'm on mirtazapine(anti depressants) & elleste solo( HRT) can l take Hoodia Gordonii safely?
Will clonazepam make me feel relaxed and chill or is it more of a drowsy pill?
what is vitamin b6 good for?
Ayurveda where to learn?
where would i find info on current trends of holistic therapies?
i want to study orthopaedic medicine i want to know.........??!!!?
Any QiGong experts out there?
is there any legal tablets that i can take for excess sweating?
Why would my dr. do this?
these shocks that hurt my back and stomach...?
Migranes, pain in hands?
stomach pain plz help and answer fast!! thanks?
pain! sever stabbing, sore and sickness pains, starting in belly and moving to the lower right side?
Help!Dentist Answers ONLY!!HELP!?
Weird Lump On Back. Help please?
back pain with sickness?
I have a headache what should i do to get rid of it?
Why would I have edema of the neck if I broke my right clavicle?
Drumming and arthritis?
painful knee pains after sports?
I'm getting my meningitis shot soon. what can i do make it hurt less?
My eyes have hurt for 2 months..?
Excrutiating pain in knees when doing squats?
woke up with a lump in my throat?
Back Really Hurtssssss?
Physiotherapy question?
I fractured my hand 3 years ago...?
do you think i have a herniated disc in my neck?
What would be the next pandemic to destroy the human population whether is it Avian flu? or other?
What is Sibromyalgia or Sibromyaljia?
Why has my step-mother been prescribed Tramadol, and what's the next step?
what is creeping paralysis?
Are there any Weight Watchers groups in Westport, Connecticut, USA?
Whad condidion have I god?
Can someone tell me more about meningitis please?
What is the most likely cause of RECCURING sore throat.?
Which hospital would take a 5 1/2 year old girl for surgery to close a large ventricular septal defect?
Penicillin necklaces and bracelets?
Is it safe to fly with DVT if on the correct medication(my flight is 2hrs)?
I am a psoriasis victim. How can I be relieved from an itching scalp?
I'm about to have a serious haircut. Does anyone know a charity in the UK where I could donate my hair to?
is MS a diesease that will cause you to die early or can it be controlled by drugs?
does anybody know the name of the first person to be diagnosed with autism?
Does anybody Know what could be wrong with me?
Will His Hearing come Back Again?
i'm fourteen and i smoked 7 cigarettes in one day. bad?
how cigarette affect your virility?
Tips for going to sleep early. Or insomnia tips.?
how can i sleep better at night after working graveyard for 3 years?
Air alert with Jumpers knee?
I have little bubbles above my veins in my forearm that are <1cm and are more visible when I clench my fist.?
I have a really bad eye strain!?
am i still covered by Medical?
is there a teeth whitener that any of you guys can recommend?
What may have caused my body twitching.?
If LSD doesnt cause addiction, unlike all the other drugs, what are exactly the downsides?
help so sick dont know what to do!?
Iv'e had diarrhea for 8 days?
hi..about my gerd i cant find the answer?
3 nosebleeds in 24 hours. Should I be concerned?
what could be cause my frequent lightheadedness?
Am i alergic to marijuana?
I'm getting drug tested in roughly 3 weeks. I smoked a lot last night, and about every day before that.?
Why do i get dizzy when i stand up, all the time?
It's 3:00am where I live I'm really bored what can I do without waking everyone up?
How long after taking dayquil can you drink?
My whole body will randomly spazz...?
Is this a problem I should worry about?
Where does spit come from?
I need to go to sleep but I cant?
Does constipation make your stomach bloated?
What were your side effects on bp med Lisinopril?
Can you give advice on helping with Varicose Veins?
why do you itch, and why does it stop when you scratch it?
My Partner has really bad eczema and wants to join...? ?
ichy scalp please help?
What do i put on my legs after epilating?
my skin is really oily and produces so much oil within 2 hours.. how can i prevent this?
my bro hasnt had glass removed from his hand or gone for his skin grafts will this affect his hand ?
I have a spot..its in an awkward position on the side of my head to squeeze..its big and red..what do i do?
why does your skin "glow" (look good) while pregnant?
I need a fast solution for getting rid of stretch marks?
why do we get verrucas on our feet but when on any other part of the bdy they are called warts?
I am getting spots what shall i do???
can thrush be transmitted to other parts of the body and appear as a rash???
does any one know how to clear acne scars?
Do you know how to treat afungal foot infection?
HELP...really scared....WARTS!!!!!!!??
I have a dent on my bum, Anyone know what this could be ?
Why has my toenail gone blue?
my mum has really bad foot odour, why so bad?
upper and lower ankle and feet hurting and burning?
Will Wolfram Alpha become self aware and destroy the world?
is my foot broken, fractured, or just sprained?
do i need to go to the hospital?
My knee hurts when I run but not as much when I walk. Can anybody tell me what's wrong and how to fix it?
Questions about a back injury?
Volleyball Injury! Help!?
just hammered outside of pinky finger.not much bloodbut cut is1/8" and 1/2"long.have ice on it now.c?
Sudden shoulder back pain!!!?
Bruised toenail...how long will it last?
Please help, Is my toe broken?
Two knee problems...?
I got side kicked in the ribs twice, is it cracked?
if i broked a rib would it look weird?
how hard would something have to hit you to rupture a spleen?
What does " Calisthenic Exercise" means.?
i just had a heart attack and catherization and am home and now sometimes getting arm aches, is that normal?
What are the differences and similarities of atherosclerosis, hypertension, and myocardial infarction?
cardiac catherization?
Mitral and Tricuspid regurgitation?
My heart is displaced?
which one is harder on the heart Bradycardia or Tachycardia?
why is my heart beating faster?
Ruptured Brain Aneurysms.?
pulse rate jumps from mid 80s to 200+?
pulse different in each carotid artery?
I have a question about a positive tilt table test.?
I have astam, kidneystone, heart presure,pails diseases I can use this medicine ?
Does therabloc helps in lowering the blood pressure?
what is the risk factor on cardiac catheterization,Percent of risk and what other factors?
can i take ali with high blood pressure?
What do "paradoxical stimulation" means?
Anxiety is causing high blood pressure for Sports Physical?
Spike in heartrate while running?
How can i prevent muscle atrophy?
how to fix my eyes from being glassy?
If i have Medi-Cal and need glasses, can I get any type of Glasses as in brand and design?
My daughter has chicken pox and has had the spots for three days. Is it possible for me to pass it on?
anyone had a ghostly experience?
Whats The Best Thing For Sore Tonsils?
WHO reports 257 cases of influenza, Worldwide.?
A cold that will not go away!?
I have hepatitis C I feel like a leper, am I?
Will doctors test anyone for HIV?
MMR or not?
I have Swine Flu. How long till I can go out again?
I get really depressed when i think about school?
Please help me.... I don't know how to be happy anymore.?
What is a good natural pill for anxiety and depression?
I went for my first visit to the psychatrist...and had a lot of?
---->!!!HELP on Bipolar!!!<-----?
once your depressed you never go back...?
Im going to End my Life is this the only way out?
why do i randomly talk 2 myself?
Please,Help bout my stress i have now?
how long does it take for ear drops to dissolve wax in the ear?
The bite on my wrist is completely gone; however, my wrist still burns like crazy full time. Why?
Blonde Blister, Please help?
how do take care after anterior cruciate ligament rapair operation?
MY ankles ??? please help?
I honestly don't know how to explain it. Plausibly depression?
What do you think "NORMAL" is?
How can you fixed a split ear lobe?
How do i stop my feet from bleeding?!?!?
What's a stoved finger?
numb face!!!!!!?
Vomiting, constipation and stomach pains?
what should I do with Grazed palms?
Steri Strips fell off?
I think I pierced my ear wrong and it started bleeding a lot?
My cartialge earring is swollen and it bleeds?
Shoes for swollen feet?
I had my gallbladder out ages ago - Other people says they take pills but I was never told about these?
I got hit in the ear and i am now having hearing problems! any ideas?
Finger/Fingernail Infection?
Medication and Fingernail???
How come mozzie bites do this to you?
How do I heal a burn the size of a 10c coin on my thumb?
define nutrient dense?
Every time i close my eyes it hurts please help?
My son is breathing hard? What is it?
upper respiratory infection......?
How long has steroid use been illegal?
What is the prognosis for a 39 yr old male with a troponin level of .11?
Tachycardia and asthma?
if i go to a nuerologist, will they give me meds?
blood infection?
what is worse for the enviroment. carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide?
what is meant by kidney function?
i get red spots on my feet , ive had them for about 8 weeks now , thay dont hear me , but i keep getting them?
Arhtritis .. anybody had success with home therapy such as cider vinegar, honey and mollasses?
my baby was born pre-term 38 weeks that's why he got a BPD. now he's 7 y.o. are his lungs fully developed now?
how can i get help from someone rich like billgates.am poor and sick.?
i get pain in my knee joints when its cold,what is it?
has anybody had a child die from bronchiolitas?
Why is Celiac Disease becoming more common ?
what is the effect of 17AAG on PBMC?
why dont doctors know alot about adult itp?
how fast does it take for aids to get around the whole body?
Can you tel me what low hypothyroidism mean?
when was first british heart bypass surgery performed?
is anybody out there with painful arthritis im 37 and fed up?
can someone help me with figuring out why my face is going numb?
About knee problems.?
knee problems .HELP!!!?
Stress and back and neck ache?
Problems with the Cortisone shots in my SI joint?
Sharp chest pain... can't eat or drink.?
Sharp pains next to my chin,what is this?
my right eye feels different then my left eye what could be the problem?
really bad pains ......?
Will taking Citrucel hurt my stomach?
Tightness pain in head/neck/jaw?
problems with lower abdomen pain?
Why does my brother have achy, sore leg muscles and joints?
Headache Problems!!!?
why do i only get charlie horses when i sleep on my back?
My Stomach Really burns inside and throat?
Left Forearm Discomfort?
Nasty Chest Pain - Should I see a doctor?
plz help i dont feel well and its so late and i just need help plz just take a few min on this?
hey i have an serious problem???????
asthma peek flow 320? is that good?
What homeopathic remedy is for cough or bronchitis?
Is Cod liver oil & Fish oils the same thing?
Have you bought any natural remedies from higher nature?
can i buy nolvadex for pct from internet?
has anybody used carob fire supplement to grow taller?
I have made a skin lotion and wanted to know the best way to preserve it?
to much protein in urine?
Ivwe heard there is a tablet that can stop you from spending. Is this true?
has anyone heard of these brands: optima, glucosamax, aloedent, australian tea tree, aloe pura?
im addicted to linctus cough syrup?
Are dark brown bottles better than dark green bottles at protecting medicines or supplements from sunlight?
Hi, does anyone know of a health food store online in ireland where i got order natural supplements?
Is acupunture available on the NHS?
Tigerbalm Vs. Ralgex?
Random question about thyroid pills...?
can i take melatonin or airborne while im taking cipro?
Where can you get kava kava tea in Glasgow?
Is it ok to use St Johns Wort and Bach Rescue Remedy together?
St. John's Wort: how long does it take for potential side effects to begin?
is it safe t be on the kalms whilst on the contraceptive implant implanon?
How tall can i reach,I'm male 14 yrs old 1.61meters tall? is that short for a 14 male?
What are the symptoms of a blood clot in right leg?
Why do i move around so much while im sleeping?
Can someone help me diagnose?
Is it a fire hazard to leave my electric blanket on while i sleep?
Why after having 3 kids can I no longer ride rides like merry-go-rounds with out getting sick?
Can you take Tylenol Cold after taking Robitussin DM?
Can you wear men pheromone colognes with normal men fragrances cologne?
When are you fully grown?
Why do I keep getting head rushes?
why do i get bloated after i eat ?
Can I still grow taller?
can laundry detergint posion u?
what site we go to see doctor's reviews?
What are the effects of taking Minocycline for 7 months straight?
Is it normal for the back of my throat to whistle when I yawn or breathe?
Why are my hands blue?
is it supposed to make u sleep as i only take them at night? nikki.kent?
This is a gross question but I need to ask?
what could this be? Help please.?
what temperatures are considered unsafe for a working environment, a warehousing/shipping environment?
how much sleep should i get at night?
My heart is beating faster?
when can i take advil?
Sun burn on legs is turning purple?
What happened and what should I do?
Help Im Riddled With NITS!!!?
Are acetaminophen pm the same as Tylenol pm?
My parents just got denied medicare coverage b/c they no longer have children under 18 to qualify and they?
medical term for kneecap shift?
Insomnia Waking in middle of night -Can't go back to sleep?
tolerance to prescription meds?
has anyone had a family member go into holme towersin penarth if so what`s it like?
what is septicema is it a blood poision ??
where can i find information on scaws disease i am not sure if it is spelled corectly?
Anyone out there caring for a person with BALLISM?
how many people are with hiv/aids?
Is there a link between trigger finger(s) and Raynaud's condition?
i also accepted jesus in my life and god about 7 years ago.?
what are the harmful effects that volcanoes have on the environment?
Can anyone help me with Polymorphic Light Eruption?
does anyone have the instructions for bazuka gel?
Hashimoto thyrodism?
thyroid problem?
is it ok if my nose feels like its vibrating?
what does it mean when left palm itches?
I need my cuts to heal faster...?
Leg really hurts, is it a pulled muscle?
problem with my achilles?
I got air duster on my finger and wiped my eye but I had used my shirt and rubbed my eye so is that really bad?
flexible wrist??????
My puppy bit me and it left a little bump that hurts really bad, should i be worried?
Have I hurt/torn my muscle?
It's been 3 weeks now since our daughter was born AND it still stings bad when I pee.?
DId I sprain or twist my ankle?
Would you get surgery if you had a bulging disc?
What can I or should I do about this serious situation?
What's the word when you're sad for no reason?
Drugsss?? problem. NEED ADVISE?
Need some advise about depression...?
Is this weird ! Why if it is.?
Mom threatens therapy?
// I’m dead inside I need help //?
There is a storm coming and im freakin out!!!!!plz help 10 points!!!!!!!!?
Is it normal to feel this way about a therapist?
obsession problem?
Im 15 year old girl and sometimes i have to do things fast and everything becomes loud, is this normal?
how can i push myself to do well in school?
Sooo bored off my life. HELP!?
How do i over come My fear of hights?
i think im addicted:/?
I feel like committing suicide, but I won't?
Is it OK if I don't go to school tomorrow because of my depression?
I have been sad recently and I don't know why?
What will help me sleep? ?
i am rly self concious and i am always judging myself any help?
what to do about suicidal thoughts?
Ribs and Heart Question?
what pathway does carbon dioxide take through the heart and pulmonary capillaries?
How can i increase my platelet levels.?
My fiances ears have been stopped up for three weeks now .?
i am a 23yr. old women. my doctor says i have low blood and low white blood cells. also that i am anemic?
horrible noise help??????????????
what is the normal respirations for a nine year old?
Would like to know the costs and hospitals for Angiogram?
I felt like my heart stopped beating in my sleep and I woke up. Is it more likely sleep apnea than my heart?
what is the avg. salary of a cardiac surgeon?
how long does it take to get back your test results from a cholesterol blood test?
will cocobutter stimulate blood flow?r=1234110319?
does this sound like a blood clot?
blood pressure to low?
why does my heart feel like its going to explode?
Do i have hypotension!!!!?
tickle sensation around heart area i'm 15 please help.?
could anyone help explain the inflammatory response of ischemic stroke ?
My father has mitral and aortic annular calcification? what is that?
How did this soccer player die?
How to raise HDL (good) cholesterol?
class II medical problem as a result to Mitral valve prolapse?
What is the name of the medical specialist(s) who deals with circulatory disorders?
antomy and physiology..(respiratory system)?
My eye, only my right eye, gets super red every time I wear my contacts, why is that?
Seeing spots..im a bit worried..?
how to convert eye prescription?
what do the numbers on the side of my contact lens box mean?
Why are they now giving another MMR injection?
What would the treatment be for a pregnant asthmatic who has been diagnosed with swine flu?
my mother has had that nasty bug that is going around?
what happens when you get an injection so you can become immune to something?
clinical question?
how do you prevent virus?
Can Glandular Fever Hide ?
The return of Foot And Mouth disease, where has it come from?
bitten by a dog could it get infected?
whay is chicken pox called chicken pox?
Do colds and flu serve any useful service for the body?
does Doxycycline your teeth after a weeks course in tablet form?
i feel soo sick and cant sleep, im in a lot of pain with flu, what should i do?
If every cold virus is different, can you catch more than one at the same time and will it be twice as bad?
i have spots on my face on my chin?its depressing me and im stressed?
little bumps and redness on my upper arms?
Leptospirosis in rats?
pseudonyms/ sore toe/green pus?
why does the area around my eyes/nose sweat when i eat cheese?
A mole on my scalp? I'm really worried, is it cancer or just freak nature?
What type of sickness do I have?
does stress cause acne?
teenage spots.?
scar creams??
Red itchy blotches coming all over my body!?
Spot Treatment......?
Ear infection?
What will happen to me if i sit next to someone with swine flu?
have you got that sickness bugg? are you in leeds?
what the chances of a flu pandemic this year?
how do you know if you have got mrsa,and what are the signs of it?
how do i get rid of acne?
what makes skin tan and how does it work?
why am i getting teenage acne spots at the age of 34?
why do people get psoriasis?
Does the toothpaste method actually work for acne?
ive suddenly got dry skin on my forehead and chin can anyone reccomend something natural please?
Getting rid of spots after shower?
Red Spots on legs {{please read inside for more info}}?
I Have Superficial Scars On My Legs, What Can I Use To Fade It Away?
slapped face?
Why does Calamine lotion on rashes work to stop the itch?
Gross cold sores ?
recent i have noticed i have brown spots under my feet is it normal and what causes them?
i have a disabled sister,cnt walk and has no speech.So am wondering if she can get an operation ?
Would you like to know more about Nail Patella Syndrome?
What is an intramedullary cyst and what can be done about it?
what is multiple myeloma?
What is isdn and how does it facilitatethe internet users to access yahoo easily?
what is open angle glaucoma?
does a talc pleurodesis iinhibit breathing in any way??increase breathlessness.?
why didn't discover medicine for hiv(aids)deseases?
why do people cry before a seizure?
"what are different colour asthma pumps for? Blue & Beige ones?"?
Can not eating for a couple days cause the jaw to hurt?
can a house make you sick?
Why is a small spot on the end of my tounge is beating like a heart beat.?
What bones fuse first? Have I stopped growing?
what is wrong with me ? Stomach cramp?
can Marijuana really help or hurt people who had steven johnson syndrome?
Will I grow anytime soon? Best answer?
Anemia Problem..Help?
drinking alcohol while on prescription?
Strange Symptoms... Can you help?
Can Anyone Help Me With Details About Naval Piercings?
Symptoms caused by stress or anxiety?
i have strep throat & a basketball tourney tommorow.?
What can i do to become taller?
When I don't smoke, I get a sore throat?
I need help. I'm desperate?
Ever have a metallic, almost bloodlike taste when drinking water?
Why does my ear bleed after gauging it?
I've been listening to music on my earphones on the computer?
Just had surgery, please help.?
My head hurts alot!!!?
It feels like something is pinching my arm?
why is my hand and joints painful?
why does my back hurt?
Whats wrong with my neck and shoulder?
how do i get rid of knee paain?
What could my hip pain be?
Question about body pain?
the right side of my jaw hurts when i chew?
anyone who can give me best Chiropractor doctors in orlando ?
Very achy neck and pain in my ear?
best comfort for bak of heel sore?
Lower back pain that comes and goes and travels up back?
Feeling a little out of it, headache...what should I take?
Pain in my elbow, forearm area?
when i walk or do exercises my ear gets blocked like being on a plane, ive had it for about a week now ?
i have a dent in my right thigh?
i was at wetnwild and fell out my dinghy then passed out?
Tongue peircing + allergies to silver ?
Does It Sound Like I'm Allergic to Raw Fish?
Sould I talk to my DR. about my excessive sneezing? I sneeze all day everyday at work but no one else does?
Do i have a cold or just allergies?
What's causing my stomach gurgling? Is there some way I can stop it?
HI, for gcse i achieved 10 A - C grades and now im studying A levels. chemistry biology maths psychology?
I can here a fussing in my ear?
am i better taking kalms or pro plus for this?
Nystatin powder available over the counter?
crown pill..can anyone tell me wat it does n the side effects???
Is the squint in child is 100% curable and what is the safe method of correcting the same.?
where can i buy lactoferrin in uk?
Has anyone tried 60mg alli?
What is the best way to fake having a sore throat?
how can one get to know all about the tiens tea for lossing weight?
How to give your friends a placebo effect?
What are the best forms of relaxation?
Trying to treat thrush, is it grapeseed or grapefruit seed extract I need?
If Im not prescribed to the pill clonazepam, wat will it do to me? and the same for citalopram?
I've been told I have 'yin deficiency' of the kidney - apart from acupuncture, can anyone sugguest treatment?
what is the max dosage of co-dydramol daily?
I am looking for a wellness weekend in my local area - NW UK.?
Recommended Acupuncturist, Gloucestershire?
Kudzu / Ge gen with alcohol?
regading my earlier question earlier about psoriasis does any one get it internally wot are the symptoms?
squint treatment?
How do you heal Keratoconus, most recent curing techniques?
symptoms of thyroid problem but negative blood test?
have you had a hepaticojejunostomy?
blistering skin?
How do the doctors check you for std's or aids?
What is Meningeal hemangiopericytoma?
what is occulogyric crisis?
Would anyone like to share their experiences about Lupus as it can affect any of us?
What is Pa02?
How much will it cost fo a C.T. scan to look for a pituitary tumor?
Has anyone out there got the condition Haemochromitios?
i am scared???????help me?
slammed my knee, whats wrong?
His pinky popped while he was lifting weights...now it's numb & cold?
Best way to heal an injured quad?
Pedicure gone WRONG. help?
When you hair turns white after a traumatic experience what is it called....a maland streak?
why does it take longer for a bruise on your leg to heel?
Stepped into a toothpick?
ankle recovery - expert help please?
I can not bend my leg. whats wrong with it?
My left arm hurts after pushups.?
i just hit the temple of my head.?
badly bruised rib, what do I do?
Do I have an ingrown toenail?
pinched nerve in lower back?
The backs of my ankles been hurting alot lately?
wrist fracture? please help?
I've a bruised rib for 3weeks so far, still possible to put ice on it to make it heal quicker?
My Stomach hurts all the time, any idea why?
Why can't I sleep properly?
Im addicted to weed.......................?
What is this weird feeling in my stomach?
is staywell kids medicaid?
Sickness question! Help!?
please help me with thiss!?
Are we going to be okay?
i have no pain but i feel like i have socks on my feet all the time is this due to to neuropathy?
Will listening to music on low volumes hurt my ears?
I heve common symptoms all together , dunno what that can be. please help me.?
i ate some salsa now i have some diarrhea now.?
Feeling sick, why....?
someone gotta help me pls?
what is the best air purafier for getting rid of cigerette smoke?
does any one have emphysema with one and a half lung?
do i have this bad cold?
How quickly will my lungs recover after I quit smoking?
have had this cough and everything aches. how long is this going to go on?
How can a mutation like sickle cell anemia occur?
How to do Right vocalization?
I need nursing interventions and rationale to reduce stress?
My creatinine level is 1.3, down from 1.4 but still too high.?
Pharmacology drug cards???
UK question: what is the best remedy for itchy, irritable eyes?
What will happen 2 me????
What is Tylosism? I do know that its a skin condition but what are the symptoms?
how effective is urin theraphy on an hiv/aids patient?
what is an AVSD?
Does anybody know a cure for vertigo?
It sounds teribel in my brain, like i have "tinitus"it is terible and i cannot relaks a minut. What is the cur
can my baby catch hepatitis b from another baby's kiss from saliva?
what endocrine glands affect human hair growth. what syndromes result in abnormal hair growth patterns.?
What is the average length of human threadworms (a.k.a pinwoms)?
Whats a Hiatus Hernia?
what causes the top of a foot to hurt?
How to get rid of back pains?
does anyone have an instant relief to aching abs?
weird neck pains?????
Is a Slight Tingling Sensation Normal?
I have a curved back. Is that bad?
Question About Leg Pain????
anyone have a good home cure for a pinched nerve? no medical insurance here. Thanks?
Has anyone experienced anything like this?
do spacers hurt while getting them in?
the arch on my foot..?
I dislocated my shoulder...will it ever be the same again?
My son is having neck stingers. What exercise can he do to make his neck stronger?
Annoying feeling in the throat?
Problems with my right knee?
Chest Pain Randomly And Arm pain in right arm somtimes!!?!?!? helppp!Im only 15?
Why does my tongue hurt?
I'm allergic to Percocet - what else should I not take?
ive been in hospital l8ly and i was wandering what would happen now?
Any advice for getting by on no sleep the night before?
can someone please give me a lil advice?
nasal allergy help needed!?
question on nosebleeds?
is there a reason why I get night terrors when I take melatonin?
i don't have beat or rhythm?
My esophagus stings and burns when I eat?
How can i get rid of that throwing up feeling?
pill poppin zanox how can i help someone to stop?
Sickness question? Help!?
What illness does my mom have? Symtoms: Coughing, causing gagging.?
Why am I always getting sick?
What is a qood type of weed you can smoke ?
Where can I buy pure vitamins?
Serious question about someone with a terminal illness?
Is it ok to take methadone and a benzo 12 hours apart?
Is there anyway mentoplasty could reset?
Is this normal for me?
in what site can we see people's review for doctors?
does moving from an old home to a new home affect some people?
My blood pressure is always 100/55.?
What factors influencing rate of disease progression?
What type of recovery can I expect with a Saddle Embolus?
I am 55 and weigh 10 st 4 lb My resting pulse is 90 and sometimes it has an irregular beat. Is this unhealthy?
what is personal maximal heart rate?
what are the long term effects on tranquilizers?
what is the cure for brain stroke?
errors in blood pressure?
how is a possible stroke 2 weeks ago diagnosed?
Where can I buy online the 5 in 1 heart pill called the Polypill (or Polycap)?
what are Segre's can they like kill you?
At what point is the pressure in heart is the highest and lowest? Why?
what is a website that lets you find heart info?
Recently I feel like my heart is skipping a beat and then adding one about once or twice a day is this normal
Too much cholesterol in one day?
What do low Transferrin levels mean?
new stents in recovery?
How do you type a heart?
symptoms of heart infection?
What does everyone think about someone taking drugs to.....?
Please Help to diagnose, am i insane?
I seriously think I might have a mental disorder but I cannot get anyone to help?
Would it be wise to...?
if anyones ever had anxiety and or depression?
Percocet addiction--what do I do?
I have an irrational fear of being home alone.... help!?
So scared, I think I'm going to puke?
Is it normal for a 14 year old to have panic attacks?
What causes kids to bully?
does anyone else have an irrational fear of using public toilets?
I'm scared to tell my parents. What do I do?
What is Bipolar Disorter?
I think that I may be bipolar but want to know for sure.?
I am a 15 year and i hardly get any sleep at night i go to bed at 11 but dont get 2 sleep till 4 what do i do?
how to get a guy to notice you?
how can I handle my life....?
Anyone know ways to relax?
Two episodes of severe pain followed by spontaneous bursting of blood vessel in wrist no trauma occurred?
treatment for loss of natural skin colour?
Are there any cures for vitiligo?
my son has Guillema barre syndrome he is 2 will he get better?
results of immucare treatment are theygood?
Does anyone know what multicyctic kidney disease really is and what it does, my son has this condition he is 4
is there a trichologist in the doncaster area ?
what is low grade lympho proliferative disorder?
Can fragile x be tested for before birth?
what effect does chemotherapy have on acne?
can you get a cold sore.....?
my husband has come out of hospital four weeks ago had little toe of has been told he has mrsaat home now?
Are you worried about the Swine Flu?
How do I get a really croaky voice/sore throat by tomorrow?
Have you had Shingles?!?
Is it just me or is there a nasty regular flu going round ?
Is there a cure for swine flu? are we all going to die?
Spread of MRSA in hospital?
If you can get flu from birds, can you get the trots from horses?
MMR BOOSTER JAB what to have???
Do I have swine flu and should I stay home tomorrow?
is there a danger of disease from rats to unborn babies?
My friend went to a clinic, and worried about them reusing needles, if a needle is being reused?
What is the total value of food wasted each year in the UK as a result of people vomiting?
What is Anal Prolapsing...?
What causes a sty in your eye? Can they be cured? I always get them when i am run down?
is there the swine flu in london?
Is it chicken pox ? Please answer?
I must get rid of this cold!?
How can I avoid severe sickness?
Do you think they would have told us about the bird flue outbreak at the Turkey farm BEFORE christmas?
Anyone else quarantined at home with swine flu?
i rolled my ankle what should i do?
What are some problems on the muscle that is cause because of heat?
What could be wrong with my knee?
where can i buy pink cast strapping?
what could be causing my shin/calf pain?
twisted ankle pains still after a while?
My broken arm still hurts...do I need surgery?
anyone who knows anything about shoulder injuries please?
ankle problems? can anyone please help me!?
The muscles in my stomach hurt?! Is something wrong?
Pulled something in my knee?
How to fix a bad nail cutting.?
I dont know what ive done to my ankle/foot.?
What is the treatment for a sprained pinkie finger and how long to heal?
Potential CSF leak after car accident?
help urgently needed!!!!!!!!!!!?
has anyone used dietrine? does it work?
name and describe the function of two of the muscles used in indian head massage?
i would to know about cipium syrup?
I want to become a qualified massage therapist in the UK. How to I go about doing this?
FIsh Oil(omega3) and glucosamine?
has any one's face ever got big without knowing the cause?
Ear infection & medicine playing up ?!?
can you get a colonic on the medical card in ireland?
Where can I get ayurvedic medicines in the UK?
Magnetic therapy bracelet is fighting the battery in my watch.?
Is it ok to take my hayfever tablets and sleeping tablets?
champix making me ill?
where can I buy rimmon juice?
sore throat?
how harmful is inhaling mold?
Does having the Chills Always Mean Infection?
Is it my adenoids?
how can i use"vessels" in a sentence...(not blood vessels)?
is it bad to give a 2 year old milk when it has a respiratory disease ?
ahtlete foot?
if a doctor freezes a mole how does that get rid of it ?
Eczema: What is the best cream for treating eczema?
I think i have a problem !!! Slightly embarrassing!?
what salts can you put in a bath?
infected toe? owww! don't click if your going to say "eww"?
Best treatment for stretch Marks?
What can I use or take to stop both my arms itching when the weather is really hot.?
whats these spots?
my skin is get itchy at the bottom of my legs?
does anyone know a good treatment for getting rid of a couple of spots in less than 12 hours?!?
can any1 give me any information on alopicia or tell me is dare a treatment for dis condition tank u!!?
Problem skin making my life a misery?
has anyone ever been prescribed oxytricycline?
Is it normal for a high dose of antibiotics to cause loss of appetite and nausea?
dry skin on forehead?
I have had psroasis for 10 years but it has been really bad the last 10 mths have tried lots any advice pse?
i have severe acne on my back and have tried acne and blackhead treatment???
My daughter of 15 months suffers from infantile eczema.?
what can i do to get rid of dark circles!!!! they seem to never dissapear!!! arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you feel light headed during a blood test because of psychological effects or because your are losing blood?
Is Milk of Magnesia laxative?? TMI warning!?
What is wrong with me?
Nauseated stomach, nothing else, what could I have?
if i take a supplement for a long time and i stop taking it will i feel sick?
anyone had gonorrhoea? What are the symptoms?
Going on holidays with someone who has whooping cough?
Why is it I continually have a stuffy nose and sneeze when I go to bed?
My ears and eyes hurt alot sometimes?
What is the best home drug test?
I've just discovered a verruca on my big toe how long do they take to go?
i need names and contact numbers of neuroligists in france?
when you have local anesthesia with an IV are you knocked out?
What am i sick with? Please help!?
mental dullness can any one help?
i had chronic sinus n rhinitis not tat havin deviated nasal septum?
what are tamazel tablets.poss wrong spelling?
It hurts around my heart when i breathe?
Why does putting a wet and cold cloth on my forehead relax me and help me fall asleep?
why do i feel so awful? am i sick?
Is it normal to sleep 14 hours?
What is wrong with me? DO i have a disease?
do you think i'll get sick?
Headache on the top of my head?
what is Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever?
White stuff along sides of tongue?
I weigh 83lbs-how much robitussin should i take to get high?
gourd juice?? where can i purchase in uk??
is movicol safe for a heart patient to take?
has anyone suffered from pityriasis rosea? how long did it take to clear - any remedies?
is there anything to help with syptoms of mgus?
What is MdDS?
How can i increase my height?
My period was due the seventeenth. It still hasn't come?
Sick :( What do you think I have?
Do you or anyone you know have trichotillamania?
Why do i feel like i can't catch my breath?
Stopped taking iron tablets? Not sure if iron levels are low again or I'm just paranoid?
Knowing I have chip inplants in & Around my ears how to get scand for removing all of them, I have found ?
i think that i've cracked a bone in my elbow, or fractured it, but i'm not definite.?
what makes u bruise at your veins so easy.just a bump and it bruises.Help ?
got my ears pierced 6-7 weeks ago..PLEASE READ!!?
Should I go back to sleep?
Have you ever felt great satisfaction after defecating?
Is it normal to throw up a little in your sleep then start to cough really bad and basically choke on it?
Help me please. Question about.. being sick. 10 points?
Help. I need to be awake and ready fast! Any tips?
How did you break your foot? Stories please?
Do i need surgery??? ?
how much does getting wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
can a 22 year old have a stroke?
contact lenses fitting exam?!?!?
mother had radiation and chemotherapy,100mg temodal,for 30 days but the glioma has not shruck.what can we do?
Has anyone come across tablets that help the pain of hypermobility syndrom?
MS Sufferers, how did you and people close to you react when you got diagnosed with having it?
do any fibromyalgia sufferers get tenderness around their middle.?
stiff facial muscles and eye problem?
medical lloyd george?
How virulant is Mycobacterium avium?
what is the medical condition follicvlitis decalvans?
If you have sarcoidosis and after 2 years feel a little better, will it come back and bite you even worse.???
why have I suddenly developed psorosis on my legs...it looks terrible!!?
i found some pills in my tylenol bottle?
the bone just below my my waist hurts! what can I d0 to make it better?
Very bad stomach ache.?
can someone help me with my lower back problem?
what is the reason for pain?
Tingling in left middle finger?
I have recently been diagnosed with Sciatica?
I am having a very painful stinging headache and i know what might be the cause it feels like fluid or somethi?
ive been doing some heavy lifting and now my wrists hurt, what can i do to "heal" it?
more than a sore neck?
is this really arthritis (sorry cant spell that) pain ? ?
Headache/sinus problems after running?
I've had this headache for three days...?
discontinuance of Asprin?
pain and numbness while throwing?
Does anyone feel like nothing goes right?
when you were a child what kind of monsters were you afraid of?
Can a parent take their child out of the psych ward?
Mentally wrong to tell yourself off?
how to stop someone from choking you?
has anyone ever just died because the wanted to, without actually harming themselves?
is there many people out there who self harm?
How can I become more social?
How to go about removing emotions?
I need advice from anyone?
Is there a way i can get to sleep fast?
How can I just calm down and relax?
why do people think its funny to emotionly hurt someone?
can girls get a HPV test?
could i really burn myself out? could this be the problem to why my knee really hurts?
I got out of hottub and passout out?
Always feeling tired?
is working at a coffee shop causing headaches?
why does food taste funny when im sick?
Could this be a blood clot?
Medical health? someone help please?
tonsillectomy or amigdalectomy?
Did anybody see this show?
MY mom takes benicar at P.M.Every pm and am she gets dizzy when laying down.and getting up in the am.?
My finger is swollen help reead the whole thing plz?
i have trick knee's. ?
Should I call a doctor for a bruise on my elbow after being swollen?
Internal bleeding in head?? help immediatly!!!?
How much bruising is normal for a groin injury. I have roughly a 12.5 in. by 7.5 in bruise.?
Toenail will probably fall off?...?
My toe nail was bruised in April,but it didn't swell up until a month ago.Why is that and what can I do?
Is something REALLY wrong with my back? If I went to the ER what would they do?
what did i do to my finger???!?
Smashed toe that has turned black?
My friend is having real troubles with her broken finger? Can you help?
my pinkey nuckle is really swollen and it hurts when i make a fist ,but i can move it,is my pinkey broken?
The toe next to my big toe?
Stretching pain in my foot?
Are there any orthopedics out there? Or wrist specialists?
Ack...tailbone pain...help?
what should i do about my ankles?
Can my shin splints be back?
my foot hurts REALLY REALLLLYYY badly?
Does anyone know is powdered drink mixes have something in them that causes increased respiratory problems.?
im confused about carbon dioxide leavels in the body and how it can effect you.?
does smoking affect your kidneys at all?
whats the best medication for palmonary hypertension?
what is this????
Mucus blood?
Elevated Heart Rate hours after exercise?
Heart Health? Doctors? Professionals in health care...?
Is this normal for my neck pulse?
what is thickening of the colon a symptom of?
Stress and blood pressure and medication?
Treatment for myocardial infarction: Thrombolytic agents, anticoagulants, antiplatets?
Do smoke shops sell grinders?
What does indica weed make you feel like when your high?
why do i keep having these thoughts?
what are the symptoms to sensitivity to caffeine and what does it mean?
Microwaved food on china plate, tasted funny?
What's wrong with me?
why do i feel like something is crawling under my skin in different parts of my body?
Whats an easy remedy for a stuffy nose?
how to get over an oral fixation?
night vision > its said that dogs and animals have night vision meaning that they can see at night... but laws?
Why do people say late bloomers grow taller?
Is there a form of ADD medication that DOESN'T show up on urine drug tests?
Can a skinny kid play the piano?
What does it mean when your stomach continuously itches for weeks?
getting thc out of your system?
My hamstring (right thigh) is itching. How do I treat this?
If i detox my body will it?
what time do you go to bed/wake up on average?
Really bad shivers and a fever?
what does sickle cell do to you?
So! Swine flu epidemic!?
can we sue the hospital for negligence?
what organisms cause bird flu?
does the cold weather kill off sickness bugs?
why is swine flu such a big deal atm?
i have a cold D: help?
how long does penicillin last inside the body?
can you get vaccine for hepatitus c?
Are HIV and Hepatitis B spread by mosquitoes?
how long is cannabis traceable in my urine?
what meds get rid of panic attacks and anxiety BEST ANSWER GETS A COOKIE!?
What is the safest recreational drug?
whats the best way to keep psoriosis away?
I've recently been diagnosed with myesthenia gravis, would like to hear from others as to their solutions ? ta
what is a reflex anoxic seizure?
can u travel by plane if u have pleurisy?
what is buerger allen's exercise and it's modification?
I have small lumps on my muscles on my upper back,does anyone know what they are? They can be painful?
tb the after care or lack of it?
What treatment is available for brain tumours if the only route they can take is non surgical.?
help neede d about treatment of brain tumours.?
Safe to combine antihistamines for hay fever?
Diphenhydramine high?
putting garlic in nose against running nose?
what can you use to protect yourself from stds if your partner is allergic to latex?
Allergies or no? Non stop coughing?
Gluten Free Pizzas...how to make them?
what type of feet do i have?
how to treat my acne?
How can I get rid of my spots?!?
Okay it says 10.83 for single lens contacts and 20.07 for Pair Lens?Btw,There Zebra Contacts[:?
Do contacts dilate your pupils?
What could cause very high, and I mean very high Ferratin levels?...like 8 times the higest reccomended level?
There's a possibility that patient's brain may have a blocked nerve, does it cause tiredness?what helps
Hi. Hyperhidrosis-What makes it go away?
i have recently had an operation for mastoid disease, will the removal of the packaging hurt?
i am having password problems?
Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia?
do we get mosquitoes in Britain?
if someone has mercury in there body and they touch something then i goandtouch it could i get mercuary?
hand arm syndrome vibration where to go for medical tried my doc no joy?
when u have water retension on the legs what is the cause?
Does anyone have any good suggestions on how a person living in UK could detox from herion(not cold turkey)?
How can dentist sort gingivitis when gums have receded badly and teeth start falling out??
Anyone with Cerebral palsy who is pregnant now?
Anti-TNFand the condition ankylosing spondilitis..any remarks..?is it good/bad?anyone tried this medication?
13 year old blood pressure ?
im 16 and my heart races and i have chest pain. MEDICAL HELP?!?!?
is allupurinol a duretic medication?
Is this true or false?
what should i do?? i want to stop.srry kinda long?
Could mild annorexia lead to missed periods?
Headaches, bloody nose..just almost died?
What is the lowest blood pressure a teenager should have ?
Pulse rate between 54-58?
If you get a two year degree in nurseing can you get a four year degree in something else?
i need some help...is bruising related to a heart condition?
How did I get my toe thumbs if no one else in my family has them?
whats your opinion on weed?
What is a cholesterol test?
Any other suggestions for light-headedness?
I'm sick... What do I have?
heart pain................?
pink heart thing dangling under my cat or is she in danger?
I'm having heart problems?
Detected irregular heatbeat in first responder class?
80 beats a minute but i feel my heart is gonna come out !!!!?
Has any one left a stint in longer than they were supposed to? If so what happend whats the longest you can go?
CAn Stress Mimic A Heart Attack?
Undiagnosed for 14 years?
how can i get clean of nicotine?
is eating fish good for heart beat?
what does it mean when you have a vain outside your head?
What are nigral cells?
why are some of my fingers red and swollen?
Chills/Shivering for the past two days?
Justify the reason why cardiovascular disease is one of the major national health priority areas in australia?
What part of a mds does the activity department have?
weakness, numbness radiating out from the back of my neck down my shoulders and into my arms?
drugged. my coffee got spiked with ghb?
Waking up every 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours?
I Need Swimmers Ear Advice!?
how do I learn to meditate?
I blacked out and dont know why?
Is cracking my knees bad?
Have weird blood clot underneath eye?!? HELP?
Got Some More To Tell!!?