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Does anyone else have a baby with SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia)?
How do I find a list of Board Certified Heart Surgeons in Northern California?
why coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world?
i had a triple bypass and after 6months am still sore how long will that last?
could I have coronary artery disease by any chance?
I have been diagnosed with small amount of fluid on heart. Is it alright to go on airplane?
I have a nasty cut? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
What should I do about my headaches?
Windy and cold????
Wet paper stuck in ear?
What's the best way to remove a scab (so that I can take a stitch out)?
First Aid: What does one do in these situations?
Just put in new earring...?
Can food get stuck in your tongue ring hole while it closes?
Who is the most happy and optimistic person you have ever met?
I pierced my lip & now its hard around the piercing, how can i make it go away & the swelling go down?
how do hicoughs happen?
What is the process of dealing with an individua; that may be experiencing internal bleeding?
What the three primary steps in managing risk to you as a first aider?
does anyone know the long term side effects of zyrtec?
what are the firs aid for Chemicals, Electricity, Gas and burns?
Flat Iron burnt my hand?!!!?
I quit smoking a while ago, is it likely to have done any irreversible damage?
i fractured my leg in 4 places it didn't heal so i had external fixator surgery how will it be removed?
how to keep a scab from opening?
Treatment for recurring stress fractures?
Head Trama Question Answer IMMEDIATLY?
i get my boston back brace thursday.?
I was riding my wave board and when i fell i landed on my arm/elbow.?
is it bad if ur elbow is really sore?
head pain please help?
it hurt so bad what should i do ?
Think i may have twisted my knee?
my right lung hurts, what can i do to make me feel better?
why do i get cramps on my feet?
Hip locked and fairly painful? Solutions?
After ACL knee surgery I have a problem kneeling down.?
My Back Hurts Help!?!?
Is it alright to open up an Advil Liqui-Gel and put it in a drink?
Help me out! My teeth really hurt?
Heal pain from skipping?
I have pain in both feet, along the outter outside of each foot.?
Why would my muscles ache and cramp if i have not done any hard work and am not sick?
My elbow has been numb the whole day?
There's a tingly feeling on my back?
someone please help me???????
feedback on TENS unit?
How can I procure steroid cream?
Besides antibiotics, creams etc what else can i do with my 20 year battle with acne?
What is this red mark under my arm?
Do you think acne (esp. adult acne) might be an immunity problem?
I have scars acquired as a child resulting from skin allergy and scratching them.Ho can i get rid of them?
How do i get rid of a coldsore thats inside my nose?
What is the point of looking after your skin?
Over the last few days I have had some fairly sore small lumps under each armpit - any ideas?
how do i get rid of really shiny skin on my forehead?
A flat bright orange patch on the skin, no soreness, no irritation.?
i sweat loads!? what should i do?
how else can i look after my skin to not get any spots etc?
Anyone ever had a mole on the skin removed?
i have terrible eczema especially on my hands, ive tried all sorts of creams etc?
any effective alternative remedies for eczema (steroid creams arent working)?
cold sores or ulcers?
Im only 14 and i already have wrinkles?
wat are the the symton of sun burn?
will you get cancer if you cut a mole of your body with a knife ?
How do you get body lice?
I Have a Cold sore ...i have a party to go to tomorrow night ...?
a spot in a weird place??
I think I have OCD. Do I have it?
recently ive been shaking at night?
What are some good tips to help me stop popping.?
Why am I the only cold one in this house?
Pediatric Nurse or Kindergarten teacher?
Why does my leg hurt so much?
I am itchy with a rash..?
i can feel myself getting sick!?
What exactly do nurse do?
Can a Cold Cause Canker Sores?
Question about staying up all night!?
Constantly bloody nose?
Throat feels tight when drinking alcohol, normal or is it allergy?
Are you more likely to die from being underweight or overweight?
What can i do for my sister? PLEASE HELP.?
Do your ears ever pop when you sneeze?
How to increase my virtical?
How can I overcome my depression? ?
I get diarrhea when i talk to people?
Are these Allergies? ANd how can i sooth allergies naturally?
If you have a stuffy nose what should you do?
Nose bleed problem!!?
do i have allergies???????????????
ive beeen getting sick....?
Can a N.A(Narcotics Anonymmous) member take Anti histamine tablets(due to its side effects)?If yes name it?
right i have to hae a blood test on wednesday HELP!!!?
Is is safe to take chinese herbal medicines with Sertraline (antidepressant)?
My hookah hose is dirty and i am getting a nasty taste and smell out of it. how can i clean it?
has anyone ever taken mescaline ?
is thair any preventiv for cancer or abnormal cells?
where can I find Victory V lozenges.?
does it cost to get acne pills from your doctor?
whats the difference between a reiki practitioner, master practitioner and teacher?
Are ephedrine slimming pills illegal and is it safe to take them abroad?
How well does milk thistle for gallstones really work?
Is there a natural way to stop cystitis?
what are the benefits of using a sauna , or a steam room, what is the difference please.?
Is anyone out there managing an illness without medication successfully, using natural remedies, nutrition etc
After taking 3 valiums and snorting 2 lines of valiums....?
Are there any herbal remedies, supplements, or amino acids that would have a similar effect to beta blockers?
A name for my hypnotherapy business?
How many people think we should have a Federal Europe?
Any one grow Miss Mary Jane?>?
Emergency..help me?? I need a quick fix?
What's the best brand of multivitamin?
Does anyone know of a good gentle liquid vitamin/ mineral for an unhappy stomach?
Why is the thumb not considered a finger?
My stepson has times when his eyes roll back in his head and it looks like he is going to fall asleep standing?
If a medical provider overcharged you?
My Lower Lip is Seizing Up On Me. Should I be Worried?
need help, really important!!!?
whats wrong withmy eyes?
PLEASE HELP !!!!!....answers please!!?
How will smoking affect visual acuity?
What causes a sty and how do you get ride of a sty?
Problem with curved nails.?
Where can I go inpatient for a sleep disorder? I haven't slept restoratively in 13 nights?
what is wrong with me? any doctors/nurses out there?
how can a person with multiple personalities become a cop?
Does this happen to anyone else?
Personality question about indecisiveness?? Help?
Mental brother not responding to therapy. What can I do?
do you think marijuana is addictive? are you addicted? help me to only smoke socially?
Can't stand being lonely anymore....?
Is it true that antidepressents make you feel worse before you feel better?
Is this Depression ....?
Do i need psychological help for this?
i think i have OCD. PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
Do college counselors write prescriptions?
Do you ever take a shower or bath in the dark?
Feel like I can not cry?
I'd like to know how people deal with fear of opening bills.?
Pain in/on a vericose vein in my calf...?
Left side of Neck .......?
Pain in tummy ..........?
i just started taking yaz like 5 days ago... and today i've had these sharp pains in my lower right side..?
why do I wake up every morning with a headache?
i took one flexeril and im pregnant....HELP!!!?
if I take 5 ibprofen, what would happen?
Numbness in top shoulder?
i had my gallbladder remover---?
Is this supposed to hurt?
help whats wrong with my legs!?
bump under neck that is sore?
why do i feel like this in the morning?
people smoke to be rlaxed. but the health isuuses the cancer~!!! WHY?
I have had a headache for almost a week, what is wrong?
Shoulder & neck pain help?
Why is it so sore *down there* after i got shots? ?
Does anyone have a mesh net that has been recalled? And if so have you had any problems with it?
Hydrocodone Cold Turkey?
Instant relief for piles?
What are your opninons of HIV and AIDS?
what could these symptoms be?
Will swine flu get more dangerous as it lasts longer?
Can you get chicken pox twice?
Can you pass on chicken pox to a 3rd party if you are immune?
HELP! antibiotic drops have blocked my ear! how do i clear it safely?
anyone had chicken pox as an adult? -----vaccines?
H1N1 vaccine reaction anyone else?
Influenza virus vaccination?
what does dilcia have in her hand?
ear infection?
How do i draw out pus from my nose piercing?
do i have thrush or an infection?
I got stung by a bee how do i get it to stop form hurting?
How To cure minor burns?
How do I get rid of a bubble on the back of my ear?
will a bite from a myxomatosis infected rabbit kill you?
how long does hiv and other deseases survive in blood once outside of the body?
I just had my upper lip waxed and I have a burn from the wax.?
Does anything happen if you used expired iodine paint?
Right ear is swollen! How to reduce swelling?
Is anyone else here an HSP? Take the test!?
Spider or insect bite - West Australia bugs?
Advice for treating a burn as it heals..?
I have something like a heart beat under my arm does not go away what is it?
what kind of Doctor should I go for a VOICE problem?
How to eliminate Glaucoma Signs?
Do mercury poisoned people always look mercury poisoned?
How to get rid of 'knot' near shoulder blade?
I got diagnosed with Depression and don't want to take meds for it.What can i do to overcome it naturally?
How can i get my doctor to shove a thermometer up my bum?
are there Anybody who can read an EKG or ECG to see if my results look normal or not i posted the pic below?
Why do people cry when there happy, hurt, angry, sad or feeling a strong emotoin?
liquid filled bubbles ?
I think I might have hypothyroidism? What do you think?
PH level for urine during a drug test?
If my dad has blue/green eyes, and my boyfriend has blue eyes, could our kid have blue eyes too?
Help me get normal Body Temp back.?
What to eat/drink with Stomach virus?
What Is therisk in lasik vision ?
Question about medicare and medicaid?
Do you think that oversleeping is bad for you?
I Have no appetite????
Nicotine withdrawals?
Heel injury from running, what should I do?
bruises & carpet burns?????????
Hard lump under a bruise?
I Have Runners Knee and Jumpers Knee And My Pain Is Still There...?
Is this an allergic reaction? ?
Hives and Angioedema questions?
i got a HPV jab on wednesday can i go swimming on saturday or will it affect answer as soon as possible please?
Roughly, how long do the effects of weed last for?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold/flu ?
Does anyone know a good online herb shop?
Acai Berry????????...............?
Hypnotherapy for arachnophobia?
Should grumpy people hold up a health warning?
what is the legal category of medicine does Zantac 75® ? ?
What ingredients could i use to make my own sage deodorant?
does anyone use wheatgrass?
Natural Remedies to Help a Chest Infection Please?
who out there suffers with gouty arthritis?
What do you think of views of Phil Willis on homeopathy that it works no better than placebo? read details?
If you unintentionally antidoted a homeopathic remedy, do you simply take it again?
herbal buds and marijauna...whats the difference?
Does anyone fancy a really good business oppotunity without putting much time into it?
Is this arthritis and can massage do any harm?
The chemist told me champyx !? does it work ??
Can you take St. Johns Wort and Echinacea together?
Is kava sold in the chemist or health shop?
My eyes swollen how do I get rid of it?
I was already starting to get sick when i got my cartilage peirced but today i feel worse with aches..?
How Do u grow 4-5 inches taller in 2 months?
I always fall asleep when I read?
Does hair take nutrition away from your body?
why do i feel this way?
Getting high from prozac?
Is there any scientific proof that thinking to much can lead to headaches?
What would cause a low body temp, nausa and body ach? ?
What could these be symptoms of?
can a human sneeze while sleeping?
How do you know your using look-alike drugs?
i'm on high blood pressure meds pressure is OK at home but when i go 2 ER My Pressure rises unreal why is this?
Is it possible from an allergic reaction to have your eyelid swell?
My mom never stops kicking/tapping her leg?
I want to donate but I have an old needle scar?
why do i feel sick when i play call of duty for more than 5 minutes, i actualy was sick because of playing?
What's the cause of my voice sounding like this?
New sleep schedule............?
Why is it that when I get angry, things fall off of counters or tables?
i have an incest problem!?
I feel like having a breakdown?
i constantly say im going to do things and i forget to do them... how can i remember? its starting to worry me?
What too do my girlfriend is suicidal.
what could be wrong with me?
am i going to die tomorrow?
I hate my body and everything about it because food is all I think about?
I'm a little embarrassed...pseudologia fantastica?
i think im depressed but my mom wont listen to me?
What is the worst side effects you've had on Zoloft?
I am on Wellbutrin, my dr. just increased it from 150mg to 300mg. How do you know when its?
My Mother Has Depression... How Can I Help?
Why do I dream about raping my mom?
What to do when a guy won't date you because of your history with depression?
Ive just started college, but Ive already messed it up......?
axdently took to much meds...will i od...im scared?
Could I be depressed or just sad?
my son is dying how do i no if its not the surgeons falt?
do people who have cancer smell?
how can doctors predict cancer patients' living time?
Is there some ways of telling which colour skin you have on?
Has anyone started buying face masks yet for swine flu?
i think my mom needs her heart checked?
how to be able to breath on rollercoasters when going down big hill? read the details?
Has anyone had any results with angstrom minerals, especially magnesium?
My doctor says I have an irregular heartbeat?
Pediatric Heart Surgery?
RN's, Have you used Unbound's Nursing Central? ?
some times we say my heart want this thing whether my heart want it or not.can brain and heart think separate?
Drank extremely hot water!!?
What is this pain in head?
Pacemaker - What are symptoms if leads are loose from the heart? What are other problems with pacer?
My Doctors Think I Have High Blood Pressure?
does anyone know anything that i can do for a painful star on my eye?
Heart conditions? I NEED HELP :)?
What to do about a co-worker addicted to vicodin?
Back always aches.. twenty yrs old?
whats wrong with my neck?
Which of the following events would cause a decrease in mean arterial blood pressure?
Back left side of my head near neck hurts when i touch?
What kind of foods to eat for low blood pressure?
i got a tatoo 2 months ago on my big toe and it has not healed yet?
what is air hunger and how can it be cured?
Is it normal for earlobe piercing to taking longer than a year to heal?
when is the best time to take your resting heart rate and why?
i had my eyebrow pierced for 3 months now and i just got hit in it now its swollen what should i do?
Does emotional feelings have to do wit heart problems?
in reguards to me drinking antifreez?
i dont know what it is but i got something on my finger.. please help!!!!!!?
Can anyone tell me why my heart arteries can be blocked and I just had an umbrella screen put in in 07?
my boyfriend has been having a throbbing headache on one side of his head clear to the back, this has caused h?
what should i do??? (20 characters)?
Is it possible to stop my sunburn from peeling? Should i try? Urgent!!?
what are the odds of a child in the year 2008 in America being born with Transposition of the Great Vessels?
Should i be concerned?
How do you stop from sweating under your arms?
What can I do with a hurt tailbone?
Are Q-Link pendants any better than Shuzi for improving biofield energy?
Hurt muscle in soccer... not getting better.?
back pain. question. please helpp!?
Help!! My hand is swollen from an insect sort of bite is this bad??
what is it when your heart like flips?
where does plaque go when you start to exercise and it goes down?
Do ant bites go red and itchy?
Is this a hangover? Severe Vomiting ?
The middle of my chest hurts when I breath heavy or bend over.?
New Stretched ear.?
should my ear drops stay in my ear or should it come out?
Pain under my chin when I push, what is it?
How do you dry rosehips and make rosehip tea?
Burnt with a soldering iron, help?
Anybody tried Dr. Schools Skin Tag Remover...any reviews?
Epsom Salt or Peroxide or even something else?
How to cover up ant bites D=?
hey guys i've got a massive bump on forehead, im just wondering if there is a way i could get rid of it asap?
my eyes is stinging, when i close mye eyes. The white part hurts, and is light pink... Help?
How do I get a splinter that's under my nail out?
i am doing homework and i need help finding these diagnosis'! Any help would be greatly appreciated!?
what is the total lung capacity?
Regrowing adenoids?
Continual Cough with no other symtoms?
hOw critiCal is Sleep?
which of these is an antibiotic omnicef or prolex?
My sister just found out she has latent tb she had a cough started yesterday now?
I totally slammed my toe into the wall. Broken?
Is my wrist broken or severly sprained?
How long will my "Small Linear Tear" take to heal on my MCL?
if you're a doctor open! help!?
Long term wrist injury...?
bruised hip from being hit in air in basketball practice.?
Questions about elbow supports? Can I wear then in gymnastics?
had a bad accident disable no dential any sug please help?
The end of my toenail starting to turn a yellowish color and is hard. it is a horrible pain! is it falling off?
I hit my head a month ago and there's still a bump...?
What to do if I have a sprained ankle?
can you be an EMT if you have an untreated broken arm?
whats wrong with my toe.?
sprained thumb or torn ligament? from batting cages?
how can you heal a sprained ankle in 3days?
If I had a tail, which muscle would I use to manipulate it?>?
Attention any physio/doctors. Sports Injury?
should i keep my fractured wrist in a sling?
I think my vocal chords committed suicide, because I can't talk...?
After drinking, screaming in sleep?
Could this damage or hurt the muscles?
Dizziness, Feeling big headed, and just glum. help plz?
Random symptoms .. looking for possible diagnosis?
i think my doc misdiagnosed me?
Everytime I eat I get either hiccups or indigestion?
Does growth take place during the night or during sleep?
Why are cancer causing nitrates used in food, but there is a war out on smokers?
Curious swine flu question?
Is it possible to contract mumps if you've been vaccinated against it?
how long does it take to recover from adult chickenpox?
What are the names of diseases we get from foriegn countries?
Should you sweat a fever out?
i have lots of hair on my legs n hands,if i do waxing i am getting allergy so suggest me some safe way .?
Bactrim allergy help me? I want to make sure i'll be ok?
someone help? apple and weird choke sensation?
My face becomes visibly swollen at times. It goes up and down from day to day and I can't figure out why.?
My friend has had red eyes for months....can someone take a stab at how to cure her?
is plugging up your nose when you have a runny or stuffy nose good for you?
What is your opinion of guys getting a jaw augmentation?
Can a head injury cause symptoms of mental illness?
Nose cauterization? What are your experiences?
How to get my little brother over his fear ?
I think i have Sunlight deficiency?
How to make yourself sneeze?
How do we get relief without medicine from stomach paining ?
how come? do stress make so much difference?
Would this work or is it a lie.?
what is w.p.w?
What is Diverticulitis?
Anxiety is this normal?
High ALT and AST level 16 years old?
Is there any proven link between Rheumatic fever & Cardiac artery disease thru inflammation?
health promotion?
want to know the history of theophylline. that is how it all started?
How do you get your doctor to give you Adderall?
how to get rid of eyebrow piercing bruise?!?
benefit of rosuvastatin versus atorvastatin?
Restless legs caused by seroquel ?
Would ot be bad to get a kid high who seems to be bothered easy?
how do i get rid of veruccas?
why am I getting dandruff even when using dandruff shampoo- Head and Shoulders?
why is the action of yawning the way it is ?
Is mumps dangerous in babies 6 months old and younger or how does it affect them?
Flesh eating bug (necrotising fasciitis)?
What should a person, who is working in office, do as a remedy if he is suffering from vericose vein?
No hit to head but a swelling has come up on the lower left hand side of head not painful - please advise.?
Is the disease lupus hereditary?
does any know anything about Hidradenitis Suppurativa (illness)?
why she cant eat?
what are the symptoms of parkinson? medically known as parkinsonism?
chest infection, how do i get better? doctor said that antibiotics wont help in this case.?
what are the symptoms of chlamydia?
How do STDs work?
my daughter in law has really bad eczema in her scalp now, what is the very best?
Acne problems, medication all tried, doctors no use.. Please read and help!!?
My son has dry skin around his mouth. I haven't taken him to the Drs yet, does anyone have any advice?
psoriasis- has anyone found anything that works? my dad suffers so bad he wont sunbathe on holiday?
I have a spot inside my nose?
Best spot treatment ?
i've a rather nasty bruise on my arm. there are 2 lumps under the bruise! why are they there?
spots :( how do you improve them?
eyelids a dark gold colour without any make up on at all?
how can you get rid of psoriasis?
Hi, I had Acid fell on my back which left behind burnt marks.?
blackheads EEEEEEEK!!!?
What can be done for psoriasis ?
Some One tell me what this is please?
what are white spots in your eyes the sign of?
did you read about the 15 year old using sunbeds?
How do i get rid of blackheads on my face?
I just squeezed a spot and it was pretty groce? The spot is on my forehead?
To those who have used Retin - A?
are sunbeds a good idea for combatting spots?
Help Please - I have been diagnosed with Obscure Auditory Disfuntion?
any one out their found medication to control Psriosis?
red blotches (shingles) they are sore touch and two blotches on the same leg?
How can i help psoriatic arthritis?
is it possible to suffer osteoarthritus in the rib cage or is my doctor round the bend?
What's the best cure for eczema that doesn't involve steroids?
My father has heel spur and he walks very hard. What do you know about this illness ? Could it be operated ?
Swollen Epiglottis?
can dogs catch bird flu if it is true what are the symtoms?
Whats the best remedy for spots on your fanny?
can some one tell me, a little about psoriasos?
If your dad has vitiligo is it possible that it might pass on by you or your kids?
Is cardiac myopathy curable.What cares should the patients take ?
would you rather have tourettes or narcolepsy?
I read creases in your ear shows susceptability to heart attacks, I have them should I ring NHS Direct?
anyone out there able to help ? I need to know if going to live in tenerife and being HIV is a problem.?
My daughter is 13 years and 7 months old, she hasn't started puberty yet, and i mean nothing has happened what
Mucus Membrane: How can I increase it in my body?
Spider bite that attracts other spiders?
my dad has been diagnosed with lupus any idea what it is?
how much does America spend on there health program each year?
What incense is good for clearing the head and focus?
My son burned his fingernail on the stove, would it grow back?
I have had arthroscopic surgery for a torn ligament in my knee. What is the best excercise for recovery?
getting rid of blood blisters...?
My 12 year old Pomeranian has recently developed a marble sized lump behind her ear?
what does it mean when only your thumb and pinky are sticking out, gisele bundchen does this hand sign alot.?
Why is the cut on my...?
need remedy for swollen ear piercing!?
hi there Minx!!! why is it that after drinking a glass of h2o i feel my tummy bloats & relieved after burping?
my partner cut his head and blood spilled onto his work jacket how do you get blood out.?
Tongue piercings?
Does anyone know a female GP in Carrigtwohill who practises as a homeopath?
What types of food are good for arthritis?
Have you ever had Colonic irrigation, how did you feel afterwards and do you think it was worth it ?
Sunburn and Karate practice?
how does moist wound healing lead to faster and safer healing?
is they any great remedies that make the drinker apper very sick, while your just alseep?
insect bite? possibly spider bite?
i got sunburn and i want to know if i should peel it early or let it heal and fall off naturally please help?
does st john's wort delay your period?
aphrodisiacs,does anyone know of any good natural aphrodisiacs?
spider bite help???
if milk thistle helps the liver what helps the kidneys lungs etc?
i think i got a spider bite?
Are there any requirements, or anything, needed to apply for drugs to cope with depression?
Do you know a good on line shop where I can buy Ayurveda Medicine?
i burned myself on an iron and it really hurts?
I got bitten by a leech?
where can i buy legal sleeping pills?
how to avoid nausea with these seeds?
Do more research. There are people who have suffered from severe mosquito bite reactions including blistering.
I was stung by a bee, 4 days ago, What should I do.?
Please help question on drugs....?
Naturopathic Doctors in the UK?
Does anyone know of any remedies for snoring?
Does klonopin have stonger effects than valium?
smoking weed with ADD?
Last night I had to go to the ER because of a horrible migraine.?
i've been having pains in my breast.what does that usually mean?
plzzzz help me???!! ?
How to get rid of soreness???
Can anybody help me with this pain?
sports doctor asap!!!?
Pain from overworking.?
my lower back hurts!!!?
my hip hurts?????????????????
why does my back hurt when i drink hot stuff (tea/coffee)?
Broken Hip is sore what can help?
Is this a Tension Headache?
Any help for knee pain?
Neck Pain, Headache, dizziness, and nausea? Whats wrong?
Safe For Mixing These Meds?
vibration on lower abdominal?
how much would you have to inhale to cause pneumonia?
anatomy and physiology of acute gastroenterits?
last night on night line cythia mcfadden had a special on Morcalles I know i'm mispealing. what is the speling
A bad odur gas is a symptom ?
I had bronchitis 2 months ago, i'm still coughing up phlem can you tell me why?
Total number of Arthritis sufferers in the world ? What % to total population?
What are the additives in treated wheat? I was pushed face down into it in the '70's & breathed it in.
whats the probability that one will die at first shot?
Why have I been feeling nauseous everynight lately before bed?
Coincidence? What do you think?
what does it mean if i cant sleep normally?
what does it mean if i feel light headed and slow everyday?
Radiography programs in Houston?
what is going on............?!?
Cannbis Amount (Values)?
When talking about weed, what does "reap" mean (For pot smokers only!)?
I never have 'attraction'.?
what d i if dat n¢gga stole my but cherry?
can nirvana be reached by overdosing on positive emotions?
Pleaaaase answer and help me?
Pharmacy Question ??
How long after drinking 3 beers can I take my medicine?
was this the immodium?
any tips on how to drink suprep?
ive got pain in my foot with no good cause, any ideas.?
Required blood test for pre-employment. What are they looking for?
can some one help me im starting to get varicose veins?
What is a Hernia?????
Adult ear infection. OUCH!!?
Anyone ever have their child say that their cheeks hurt all the time? If so have you found out and answer?
Knot to the right of my tailbone?
how to get the medical registration of a B.U.M.S degree in karnataka?
how long does i take for iron to "kick in"?
After taking the CNA test and passing how do you get your certificate and license?
Help!!! Victorian od HURRY!!!?
is this something to worry about?
how do i cure pain swelling and bruising from a sprained ankle as quickly as possible?
Large bump at the middle of my skull?
What can i do for my swollen "not" injured knee, Help Plzzz?
My friend cut her head last night And we do not know what is wrong?
i want the cure for phlegm?
Under my one of my eyes its red and swollen?
is it a cold? allergies?
How long does Allegra take to expire?
would a person have set back with a triple bypass?
Fast heart beat upon waking up?
How long might it take to expire?
if the viscosity of blood were increase, wht could you do to keep the flow rate normal?
Every so often I get these strange episodes,?
Is cauterization permanent?
is an enlarged heart curable?
Is this normal????????
My heartbeat is beating very quickly and is irregular, I'm also nauseas, what's wrong?
Is face steaming safe for people with cardiovascular diseases?
Heart monitor...RASHES!! !AHH?
I have svt and need a pacemaker, whats the procedure, will they knock me out?
Concerta 36mg..anyone take it?
how does arterial fbrillation causes a stroke?
blood pressure readings?
what role does the sodium-potassium exchange pump play in stabilizing resting membrane potential?
How long to recover from the Norwalk Virus? Any lasting symptoms?
If i use a face suana will this help me clear the phosphate vapour from my skin and help combat the itchyness?
Rapid heart rate?
l wanted to know if people with RH- blood,are bothered more with ,''Mitral value prolapse syndrome''.?
Alzheimer's Disease?
What alternative therapies can be used to treat the symptoms of ulcerative collitis?
Heart skipping beats?
About blood work done: Potassium 5.7, PH 8, cloudy, Lipoprotein a 38, Bun 21, Creatinine 1.03, LDL 139, HDL 44?
What could be wrong with my heart?
how long should an apical pulse be counted?
CT Scan. Please help me?
If u are HIV positive is it not good for your health to drink other immune boosters and not only ARV?
Is high CEA (carcinoembriyonic antigen)suggestive of malignancy ?
can i drink and take doxycycline?
what would be the treatment of gallstones in someone who has suffered a stroke?
does anyone know a blood disorder that sounds like billy rubens?
why is it so difficult to find a proper treatment for bird flu?
what are the long term effects of a severe trauma to the achilles tendon?
frozen shoulders best treatment?
which place am i more likely to catch swine flu from?
is this flu or a bad cold?
Unwell-need tests.?
Is my tongue infected?
how do antiseptics prevent bacterial growth?
Get paid £3000 to have the flu?
i went to the doctors yesterday and got told i had thrush in my mouth,and got some medicine?
How can bacteria be helpful / useful?
is this a bacterial infection??
Is there a cold/flu like virus going around?
I work in bakery and im coverd in bites and rashes, tried allergy tablets and cream but no good?
What does it mean when you get flu like symptoms when you read or study?
list 5 diseases that can be treated by gene therapy?
Will warming myself up kill off the virus quicker?
whats the difference between realy bad cold and mild swine flu?
What to eat when suffering from Gastroenteritis?
What do hospitals do with waste blood?
How long does measles last in children. My son is 20 months old.?
does my son have chickenpox?
I have got a water infection?
What's that instrument that doctors use to look into someones ear?
can celiacs have wheat grass?
how do you get a ringworm?
Neosprin for Ear-Piercing Infection?
Will this ingrown toenail affect my holiday?
How to treat a bite inside my cheek?
in Health care, what does EQUiP stand for?
What is a epidural pain blocker, not used in labor, but for spinal condition?
my semi new industrial piercing hurts all the time,Ive been cleaning out with saline wash but it still hurts?
anyone familiar with osgood schlatters?
Stretched ears; Bleeding, swlling, and pain.?
ingrown toenail help?
graze on nose please help me?
why is it the smell of blood can make me feel nausea and knock me out ?
is my ankle sprained?
What's wrong with my leg?
Why does it hurt so horribly?
Why Is my stomach hurting so badly?
A Question About IBS ?
Help knee problems. Someone please give me an idea of what is wrong?
cartilage floating around in hip?
ouch pleas help its so painful!?
if an advil liqui gel bursts in my mouth, will anything happen?
What is wrong with my hand?
Back/ Neck pains through stress, how to relax them? ?
I have achie knees. What can I do?
My friend has a headache that won't let up. It's like a never ending headache that's been lasting for months!?
Ideas About Severe Elbow Pain?
Numbness in forehead?
What are the consequences of a massive overdose of chlorpromazine and alcohol?
Why does the center of my chest hurt when i get up after laying on my stomach?
How come I don't have an appetite?
Anxiety from being molested?
Is this supposed to happen?
There is something seriously wrong with me?
wat has the most Dextromethorphan?
What illness is going around?
What is wrong with my throat?
My body feels like it can't function?
I still worried a little.?
What do I do about this guy..?
I had a manic episode this past summer, and have not smoked weed since. would it be safe to smoke again?
Are these cuts infected?
What does smoking one pack of cigs do to your health?
I'm a girl but I think I have abnormal testosterone levels?
what is the name of the book which lists all known drugs and their uses?
what if any inoculations do i require for a two week trip to tunisia?
what is anaphylaxis like??
has anybody heard of MELAS syndrome?
can accidents cause arthritis to the knees?
is anyone aware of what a patent urachal fistula is and how rare it is to have it found in your 40's?
i was told that i have got water in my stomach coz i always feal bloated,uncomfortable?
Help me to sleep please! ?
Are these the symptoms of Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia?
u wake from sleep but your paralized?
what produces a sharp pain in the centre of the eye?
any tips or special diets for keeping psoriasis under control?
I am 20 years old, and have an increasingly bad memory... help?!?
how do i tell my parents that i think im bipolar?
can you drink alcohol while taking flucloxecillin?
What are these symptoms of? Please help!?
How do you cure Bipolar naturally?
Is it true that longterm use of Lamotrigine could lead to side effects such as the symptoms of Parkinsonism?
I don't know what to do about my depression?
Is my taste in men weird?should i go see a therapist?? or this is normal?
In depression, does there have to be a reason for being sad?
i feel like i don't have control over my life anymore?
Is this normal ? ?
Has anyone heard of Churg Strauss syndrome or know anyone who has it?
Uhm, am ibeing wierd causeeee?
VERY SERIOUS! My 12 year old son has been telling people out of town that I am dead (his mother)?
can being molested as a child effect your sleep as a teen.?
Need help...Girlfriend has eating disorder and don't know what to do?
i think i am useless....?
am i a true insomniac? or am i just whining?
Was this an axiety attack?
i have a question for those of you who are against suicide,?
any tips on dealing with major anxiety?
is there any type of disorder that makes people think your drunk?
I don't fit in anywhere and it makes me sad?
My 26-yr. old boyfriend is having problems remembering things?
Bruise or what could it be help please?
Why is self induced vomiting dangerous but regular vomiting isn't?
Fluid in chest/lungs...but no coughing?
Spectrace (cefditoren pivoxil) For Sinus Infection?
I can hardly sleep at night. It's been weeks,,,am I suffering from insomia?,,what would I do?
What causes snoring?
I have a chow mix who coughed extensively one night last week, and now is congestive - snorting, any idea why?
honesty and std's?
Can anyone tell me if a man has thrush?
I have black heads on my upper lip. If i try to pop them they turn into DEATH ZIT....?
How to cope with psoriasis to the scalp?
how to get rid of acne?
I want to get rid of my blackheads?
Can you get rid of a mole?
Is ringworm contagious?
anyone else suffer from realy bad eczema??
Dry scabby looking things on arm?
does high blood presure cause all body as well as the face to go red?
Is there a cure for acne or does a teenager have to live with it?
Every time I put a shirt on I feel pins and needles in my chest - left side and upper back left side - why??
Tongue has random "bald" patch?
How do I get rid of Acne and Spots?
Can I take a hot bath, even though I have sunburnt arms?
is there a procedure to eliminate unwanted hairs on the body?
Anyone got a child with haemangioma birthmark?
questions about stretch marks?
How do i remove face warts?
Can anyone recomend any good creams I could ask my Doctor to prescribe me for my Psorisasis that works ?
can you get herpes on your mouth?
jammed, twisted, sprained, strained?
Is my nose broken?? (i need 20 characters)?
Bulging/slipped discs is considered a Sprain?
What's wrong with my knee?
Possible fractured ankle? help?
A part of my tongue completley ripped?
What is going on with my left eye?
how long will i need help after surgery for torn cartilage?
How to heal a broken nouse?
Does Mcl tear always cause constant pain?
trappedf nerve has left me with tingling feeling?
My shoulder is hurting, what could be wrong?
How long to heal a severed finger?
what should i put ice on this?
I have a broken neck( c-2) and with my halo my face is really dry and full of dead skin. Is it normal? Remedy?
do u hve 2 use support stockings for life after having a D.V.T.?
When will the first clinic be opened for people who became addicted at yahoo ansers?
Has anybody had gallstones or chorlecystitus and after an attack for about a couple of weeks your body aches?
what is global disease?
My mum has a lump on her thumb any ideas ?
does anyone know anything about asbergus syndrome?
what is the procedure of balloon dilatation of the saliva duct and what will happen when i am having this done
My husband went to france about 2 months ago and had a recent phone call from there to say that the whole?
how to locate a cardiologist in Glasgow, Scotland?
What are the symptoms of throat cancer?
Has anyone know someone who has urticaria and how they try to get by?
Know any good home remedies for eczema?
what are the nutritional and dietry requirements for alcoholic liver disease?
what is going on when someone is deported under the belief they are on drugs..?
who knows anything about the significance of acid phosphatase(an enzyme)?
She has a bloody nose.?
am i allergic to seafood?
Why do I cough up skin from my throat?
what are the allergy symptons to ibuprofen?
Milk allergy but okay with formula?
What happens to lost things in your eye?
Waking up partially deaf...?
why am I such a grouch without coffee?
what should i do about the hair on my down there area?
Is it bad to take medicine that expired months ago?
What body shape am I? Pear, Apple or Hourglass?
i have a quick question about weather this idea is right or wrong about my health?
science helpppppppppp?
Why does my heart heat so fast? 127 times per minute?
my normally healthy Shih tzy is throwing up?
Can I take the pro biotic Acidophilus everyday? Will it help prevent the stomach bug?
Has anyone had an ASD closure they were allergic to?
3 stage of heart failer?
MEDICAL ADVICE: Hallucinations + Temp + cough + basically ill?
I have a serious heart issue... what would happen if I was to switch heath programs because of a job change.?
my blood pressure is 178 over 130?
Sometimes my heart beats really fast and my hands feel like they're vibrating?
winter break and my sleeping schedule is out of whack!!?
What is wrong with my throat?
coffee recently losing effectiveness for me? need help?
My eyelashes are overcrowding?
how uv rays can cause detrimental effects?
Blood Pressure how to read it?
What is the procedure of severing the connections between the pre-frontal lobes and lower brain centers?
What is wrong with me?
do you know of any hypertension movie?
what happens if you take...?
Why does my heart beat rapidly after a nap?
Question about Pleurisy?
My friend has a heart problem. i need answers?
Question regarding a mild trace of Aortic regurgitation?
What happened to me? Is this bad?
Can some one please help me?
ARTIFIcial heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i slow my heart down from medications that increase heart rate??
I spat up blood once or twice but now there's no blood?
Verruca can be spread as a water borne infection! True or false?
Tamiflu jab - Is it safe?
Really sore throat, everytime i cough, bogeys come out of my mouth :S...?
Im 44 and suffering from the expected aches and pains a 44 year-old is expected to suffer from.?
How does hypoxia cause cell damage?
Is bronchitus contagious?
A few questions about swine flu ?
I have been ill a number of months now, colds, flus, sore throats. Dr says i have just been unlucky?
What is incubation period of norovirus stomach bug?
when is chicken pox no longer contageous?
Any news of cure for HIV?
What can I do to make sure I don't catch swine flu?
Are there different types of scarlet fever, or is it just not considered as serious now?
Hepatitis B information , can anybody help ?
Strep Thorat Question?????/?
What are the symptoms of german measles?
What do antibiotics actually do and how do they do it?
Have I got swine flu?
anyone had gastric flu? please help! how long does it last?
does anyone know.....?
H2Ocean Products in Sydney, Australia?
workbook for senior first aid?
why does my ear burn so bad?
Does anyone know what is good to take to build up your skin.?
how bad did i hurt my ankle?
Will Clean & Clear work as good as Noxzema in taking the redness from my sunburn??
Link between immunity and moles/freckles?
I got stung by somthing on my foot and now it is numb and throbbing and has gone slightly purple what do i do?
I burnt the tip of my tongue ( sausage roll to hot) how to stop the pain?
What artificial sweetener has the code 961?
what can i do so my burn blister (on the sole of my foot) can heal faster?
what could falling 5 meters onto concrete do ?
My finger keeps like, spazzin out?
Do you know about ''first aider's choice cold/warm pack''?
My blast ended skrewt burned me?
What is TOTAL® Hard-Anodized Hi-Low Food Release System ? How much teflon is in it and how safe is it?
What is the best way to heal a jarred finger?
Why can't I burp?????
ways to get rid of a cold in less than 7 days...please?
Zopiclone side effects?
Unsure of Amoxicillin dose?
Green Tea/Kidney Infections?
alternative therapies....?
Reiki - What are your experiences to having it done remotely?
Does anyone know where I can find a low-cost Hypnotherapy chair/couch?
Vitamins shouldn't take together / Vitamins for hair loss and PCSO?
what is the best way to treat a bad cough?
What are some natural antipersperients?
What happens if you have paracytamol....?
what is this clear liquid?
What is the best natural mineral sunscreen?
How do you get rid of boils under your arms?
Is there a natural way of curing glandular feva?
how should nux vomica 200 ideally be taken?
People who take herbal supplements, is there are noticeable difference in your well-being?
how to get ride of bood in stool?
Has anyone out there bought DVDs on Energy Field Therapy-EFT?
How long does agnus castus take to work?
Why am do i feel so depressed all the time?
Can video gaming cause ill brainwave effects?
I'm 13 and really depressed.?
can you get sick if you don't go outdoors?
I Need some help my brother is scarring me?!?!?
Is this abusive behavior?
Just want someone to hear me?
Terrified. any suggestions?
do you think i have this disease ? * SERIOUS QUESTION *?
Old dad keeps repeating stories. What can I do?
How does a suicide effects family and friends?
how do you deal with shameful feelings from embarrasing memories....?
Im really depressed, I can't get out of bed?
what kind of personality does a emotional and verbal abuser have?
Friends dumped me because of my depression. how do i survive?
What's wrong with my head?
Having a problem sleeping?
cyclobenzaprine 10 mg tab watson?
My doctor has prescribed hydrocodone compound syrup for my cough. Can anyone explain what this is? ?
Burning sensation in finger!?
Does Permanant loss of smell mean alzheimers?
i cracked my neck very often and now my neck hurts as well as my head, what should i do to treat it?
I have 2 lumps on the back of my head?
been haveing pain in my back?
3 months of minor pain?
I am sick???
what could be wrong?
A headache that never goes away?
why does my stomahc hurt when i breathe?
if my toes get cold should i cover them?
zithran azitromicina tablets?
is asthma genetic?
what is the disability of having no arms called?
My left leg hurts!! anyone know y?? plz help!! In Lotz of Pain!! :(?
i have a cough that comes back every winter...what is it!?
What can I do for my knee pain?
I got accident few years go, just wondering how much money I can get for my neck slip desk ( Life time Damge)?
Help! my arms are really sore and no one answered my other question?
help with shin spints?
How can i protect myself?
Being 14 weeks pg, Is it normal to have a completely flat stomach when laying on my back? ?
Why does the inside of my ear burn when I have red wine?
I need to help my friend?
I have been having trouble sleeping at night?
Is my arm gonna grow longer than the other?
I cant get to sleep at night :(?
How long did it take you to win your social security case?
Anyone ever tried medication for ADHD?
Symptoms point to what?
Does seaweed help someone grow taller?
My friend is 20years of age, is continuosly suffering with cold, cough and high fever, it is almost every fort?
I'm going to get a physical I am a twelve year old girl wut do they do?? Help!?
normal for this HELP?
Any idea what's wrong with me?
I've had more than 5 bladder infections?
What is wrong with me?
Extra crease on eyelid?
I want to overcome my deppression. Its getting to me. Why wont it vanish?
Is amphetamine a drug?:o o:?
If cholesterol is over 300 is that high? How about blood pressure If it is 138 over 94 is that high?
my friend's tongue has gone all hard!?
treatment of skeletal fluorosis?
My leg is itchy, if I were to keep scratching how long would it take to wear right through my leg?
I have heat rash, but it doesn't go away?
Can someone tell me how you can cure a painful bunion?
Does low thyroid run in familys? My mother had low thyroid and so does my brother.?
is there a cure for rhuematic chorea?
My brother is complaining of stomach problems what are the symtoms of an ulcer?
I'm not diabetic so why do i suffer so frequently with low BM results?
what causes people to get coeliac disease?
how is acid reflux treated and how do you know if you have it?
Any details on a condition known as "Honeymoon Nose"?
why is it then when people whistle ,it really annoys me?
can a warfarin user have a tattoo? and does the doseage have to be lowered - will the tattoo look right?
can you get herpes on your mouth?
on my hand i have a bump on one of my fingers with a black dot in the centre of it. can anybody help?
what is the cure and cause of spots on my bottom?
How long should you take off from work if you've just been diagnosed with shingles?
how can i stop my face going red?
I got sunburn on my arms 3 weeks ago. I put on after sun lotion on every day after that , but they still itch?
Scars...How do you cover up scars ?
Dry skin on hands?
Skin tags?
red spots on my chest.?
my hands and feet are always ice cold?
I've put this spray tan on my arms and now there itchy and burning...?
anyone think anti ageing supplements for skin work ?
is acne a real bad turndown for girls?
How can i get rid off dryed skin on the bottom of your feet?
I have noticed I am getting light brown spots on my body, legs and arms.?
lumps under skin EEEK EEEk!!!?
Is lemon juice and baking soda, the best way to remove blackheads?
What apart from the obvious can I do to prevent excess sweating ?
can some 1 please help me with dry skin?
how can I tell the difference between a bed bug bite and a dust mite bite?
My hand is shaking when I try to use tweezers?
Can this cause internal bleeding?....?
small laceration on the cornea (white part) of right eye. red veins appear on the white portion of eye & a red?
why is it that dencorub burns affected areas but not your fingers when applying ?
is any1 on here a paramedic or doctor?
need help for my project? Define the word fitness????
have a rash on my stomach, and a fever, is it serious?
What are the 5 principles of evacuation?
Does anyone know of a Rawleigh's ointment distributer in South West WA?
What is the effect on cholesterol of 8-10 eggs a week in a high protein diet?
Whats good to relieve sea lice bites?
has anyone tried thepathway, the solution?
have to loss 10kg help thank u?
why by taking vitamin B1 keep pests away?
Was I about to die? Kino Bay in Mexico stung by a bluebottle ("jellyfish").?
I'm interested in conducting a speaking/life coaching tour in Australia. Where should I begin?
Crusy nose...makes it bleed....?
What are radioimmunoconjugates?
was cleaning my little girls ear and it started to bleed?
groin, important need to no?
fractured wrist help?
I've pulled a muscle in my arm, how do i release the pain and make it more comfortable?
whats the process you need to do to get cosmetic contacts?
What should I do about my toe?
My Left Arm is really messed up?
Swollen Eye......Stuck Together??
Thigh hurts after fall?
How to have good sleep?
My surgeon wants to intentionally sever a nerve during my inguinal hernia operation. Is this normal/wise?
Will ibuprofen (Advil) mess up a 12 hour fast for a blood test?
Would and ear or sinus infection cause?
What is wrong with my right knee?
Is it ok to sleep after Excising?
How can I stop myself from getting cigarette withdraws?
what is the best and safest wat to give my child allergy shots myself as a CNA I have some experenice?
Can a dry cough be from seasonal allergies?
What should I do about these allergy symptoms.?
Can someone be allergic to orange oil and not the fruit that you eat?
what is with itchy thumbs?
why are my hands getting swollen?
is there something known as heart cancer? does brain cancer exist?
about D N A?
can you tell me what gushers decease is i know its a sort of leprothy and something to do with your bloodsells
can anyone help?
does anyone have Friebergs Disease? Have you been cured?
what is charge syndrom?
Help! What causes the skin on my legs to look like purple ''chicken wire' and how can I get rid of it?
iam a male who weighs about 190lbs,what would be the correct doseage of roaccutane for me?
Waiting for angio. What exercise can I do?
Whats wrong with my glands?
can anybody tell me if there is a cure or help for morphea and scleradoma?
what the newer anti tuberculus combined drug?
To Donna M...Well, yes she is so sweat and nice and 1 of you best readers..?