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Is this an Infection of some sort?
What could be wrong with my knee?! Please help!! Excruciating pain!!?
Question regarding nose surgery?
I think I've been bitten by a Brown Recluse. . .?
Should i practice with a cold?
abs sore from push ups ?!?
Will getting your stomach pumped because you almost died give you black eyes?
Can a doctor stitch your wrist if its cut?
what are good excersises to do after acl surgery?
Leg Injury from car accident?
eye pain no swelling or redness?
please help nose job...?
Can TENS unit electrodes be used directly on knee cap area?
Why is my hand twitching?
What is a health visitor?
A small area on my leg has been numb all day?
Does anyone know.......???
can I consume alcohol?
What's a hernia and how do I prevent getting one?
Too much guaifenisin?
help: I woke up this morning and now I have swollen eyes?
Why am I tired constantly, and if I'm holding my car keys, they keep dropping from my hand! Any ideas?
Pain in the front of my foot!?
Quit prescrpt methadone One Month 2 day...Questions!!!?
Whats wrong with my tongue?
ouch! sore throat plz answer!!?
How painful is leg surgery?
Head tender to the touch?
ive been have an ongoing 5 day headache HELP?
Why does under my right shoulder blade hurt?
I hurt the right side of my left knee. please answer! :[?
How do I get my legs to stop hurting.?
Is This A Stress Headache?
I have serious leg pain in my quadriceps that haven't gone away for 3 weeks, what's wrong?
What is wrong with my thumb? Sometimes it can't bend because it hurts and I get sharp pains. ?
What Causes arm tightness and pains?
has any one eles been on aripiprazole medication?
I think i dislocated my ankle...?
I was stung by a bee 4 days ago and it's is still red, swollen, and about 4 inches wide. What should I do?
how long does it take for a love bite to go away?
What would you do in each of the following?
how long do disolvable stitches take to disolve?
How was everybody's day today?
how do you get an ovarian cyst?
ant bite, treatment?
HELP ANT BITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sunburn treatment help?
Can yo still eat bagel bites????
I got stuck with a neadle what do i do?
Has anyone on these forums been bitten by a Box Jellyfish or Blue bottle?
i have mosquito bites all over my legs and arms, how do i get rid of them?
Middle Finger?
Where do you get the peroxide? Is it like the regular Hydrogen Peroxide? Because that seems dangerous.?
What is the best way of flattening the tummy and getting rid of the love handles ?
i have a runny nose watery eyes and sneezing i got basket ball in an hour wat should i do go or not explain?
Sore Throat redemedies????
How do i stop being bitten by mozzies?
Have i got a infection in my stretched ear?
Coldsore Question!?
tonsillitis? any ideas?
Should iI pop an infected blister yes or no?
please help.someone anyone/?
im a cutter... plzz do not read this if your going to judge me....?
what is wrong with my daughter 17 years old?
Help please I'm scared NOW and don't know what to do!!?
Problem help? cutter?
I'm depressed..........?
I am 20 years old and done every drug there is pretty much im headed down the wrong path wat should i do?
How can I focus without adderall?
how does a person with social phobia kiss someone...?
Do I need help?? Am I depressed?
How come I feel like as i am not really here?
Question regarding anxiety/panic attacks?
My teacher suspects me of self harming?
What can I do to decrease my stress?
How can i fight Depression?
Does anyone know why a person might cry for no reason?
my friend 'came out'?
Molested by my older brother when I was younger. Help?
How to stop living in a fantasy land?
Is it normal to cry everyday?
Does prolonged periods of cell phone usage cause any symptoms?
i am always suffering with bad cold, plz give any usefull suggestion,?
why do i have vertigo after driving or running?
Why do i feel headache, anger, unhappy & feel my brain so jammed & freezed?
what is xanax used for?
What should I do if my stool is orange?
Puppy is throwing up and has unuasally bad breath.?
please help.. ive recently started taking antidepressants?
are all these symptoms anxiety??!!?
Is P.A.N.D.A.S. dangerouse??!!!?
Carpal tunnel syndrome?
Are pituitary cyst serious?
Ears r clogged, like in mts/airplane but can't "pop" them - and not sore or ringing - just "deaf"?
Will I get sinus surgery??
My doctor thinks I have a overactive thyroid because of a blood test?
how to take hemostatis blood pressure?
Question about low blood pressure?
Exercise Induced Headaches?
what is the cause of a funny heart beat?
Chest pains for days, went to hospital now seeing a cardologist for stress test and ultra sound but why?
I'm having palpitations..?
is blood pressure 113 over 63 to low or is it normal for a 21 year old guy?
Can tumer on the overise effect your back etc?
What dose it mean when you're young with normal B/P and a fast heart rate that gives you headache?
Am I experiencing pericarditis?
What causes an increase in diastolic pressure during / after exercise?
What are the causes of blood pressure?
i was doing an article on anemia and saw that i have all the symptoms, should i go see a doctor?
Looking for an answer about CHF and stress?
In a blue baby surgery what happens to the other part of the subclavain artery after it has been cut?
Tachycardia? Help Me Please (:?
Is it safe to play basketball w/ a pacemaker?
Pannick attack or something else??!??!??!?
Left Ventrricular Hypertrophy(Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) in children?
Can I get help for my wife who has suffered heart failure and needs rehab?
sister urine test showed nothing ..baffled here.?
PLEASE HELP, do you think i have heart problems?
Medical Question ? Tilt tabel test anyone? please and thank you xx?
what herbs tigger heart arrhythmia?
What can I do if the Doctor stop my refills?
Is it normal to feel like this after a fast?
I'm having frequent toilet breaks?
Best Homeopathic doctor (For Chronic GI disorder) around Hyderabad-Secunderabad?
Should i pull an all nighter?
It's 4am and I have to wake up at 6 for school. What will happen if I pull an all nighter?
question about xanax?
I swallowed a pop tab!!! Help please read this!?
is THC still in my system?
If I have high TSH levels could I have hypothyroidism?
what are ways to Numb your tounge for a tounge peircing?
Whats happening to me?
Flu Symptoms a Few Days After Blood Drive?
bloating at the end of the day?
I cant figure out my symptoms. Help?
Does salvia have too be smoked out of a bong?
i do have attacks few times. is that a asthma attack. or a pannick attack. ?
I'm sick...help please!?
why is it so hard to quit smoking? or is it that part of you doesn't want to let go? ?
Do i have pneumonia or another sickness?
what are the chances i have tb?
Is this causing my headache?
How come every time I lay down to sleep I get congested?
Why have i never ever got a cold before?
Is it asthma or am I just overweight?
I'm having these bad chest pains?
i have a hard time breathing through my mouth?
Immune System question?
Some asbestos dust was tracked into our house. We have three small kids should we be concerned?
Asap remedy for cough?
help! i think something's wrong with me!?
Please Help! I've been fighting a horrible cold/infection and I'm miserable.?
Aged 14, Doctors trip, Please awnser ?
can you die from a respiratory infection?
How to stop smoking?Can not get rid of it.?
Hi everyone, does anyone know a good cream/treatment for eczema?
My Toe hurts real bad, there is extravagate pains when i run and walk, but the xrays say there is no break?
Knee Injury-don't know what it is?
What sort of healing do I have? (Foot Doctors PLZ!)?
I hurt the inner side of my right knee, i heard a pop and it hurt the next day.what happened?
Throwin up from my but?
muscle building problems?
Ankles sprain??????????????????
Arm swollen, numbed after throwing fly targets for shooting. It's been a week, I'm worried.?
Need a few "gentle" CORE (AB) Excercises?
Lower abdominal pain help?
My dislocated shoulder!! need help!!?
Elbow pain, It's really bothering me?
I woke up this morning with a pain in my neck?
Leg hurts... what should i do?
Need help fixing Posture?
Pain behind right eyebrow after plane ride?
I have a ruptured disk at L4-5 and a bulge at S1 putting pressure on the L5 nerve bilaterally. ?
your mind works but body aches other times your body works but mind aches...why cant both function in liason?
I might have Pectus Carinitum, what should I do?
Help with lower back Pain?
trying to find a narcotics ?
omg i have a problem with ear?
what would the top of my right shoulder hurt?
What is sharp........?
everytime i shave i get...?
Recurring acne problem... solutions?
Why does it hurt when you push down on a zit?
How do you know if u have dermatitis ?
what are moles?
i have real bad dandruff?
how do you stop yourself from peeling?
Can I apply unscented petroleum jelly to my face as a moisturizer followed by a light dusting of powder?
How do you get rid of eczema?
severe excema problem?
i have fungai infection in between my small toe and the one next to it. can i use an antibiotic powder?
i notice behind my ears are itchy and sore is there anything for it?
nooo! i have a cold sore! HELP PLEASE?
Can Smoking cause Wrinkles?
Skin abscess can any give advice?
what is the best treatment you can use 2 accne?
How can get rid of oily skin?
do acne scars ever go?
i seem to have a weird bump on my foot?
Have you hard skin on your feet?
allergic to water?
can i have had a reaction to black henna and still have a possiblity to use hair dye?
Allergy Reaction Help Me!?
I'm going to be taking minocycline (twice a day), and spironolactone (four times a day)?
Allergies? Breathing problem? Mucus?
rash on my outerthighs?
How can I restore my eyesight?
where can i buy phentermine?
How bad can loud music hurt you hears?
Was I Prescribed the Wrong Medicine?
why do i feel so sick? i appreciate your helpful answers !?
Please help I am looking for...?
Feeling sick to the stomach and lightheaded?
What else can i do to help my breast grow while on a breast enlargement supplement?
how do i find a doctor that will approve my FMLA papers for a chronic condition?
Swallowing my gum....?
is my body cute? for boys?
How do people get anxiety ?
Why cant people keep their tonsils that have been removed?
Help medical question?
Throat burns in tne morning,have to drink first glass of water slow to open throat burns going down?
Chills down my spine for no reason, what could it be?
I am so stuffed I feel like I'm going to explode?
Why does my ribcage hurt when excercising?
Is anyone else sick of seeing question asking for advice about illegal drug use in the Alt-med section?
Are there any natural remedies for headaches?
Colonic Irrigations??????????????/?
I'm lost (need someone to talk to)?
can some one help me? depression?
It just feels as if everything is going wrong?
For those suffering from depression, do you spontaneously visualize ways you could commit suicide?
I think I'm slower then a normal person. Why is that?
What Is This I'm Feeling???
how do youuu get over your depression?
I am so stressed--what do I do?
How do you feel less exhausted, from sleeping to much?
how important is to grieve properly? my mother died in december?
I'm so tired of taking Lithium?
Should I go to a psych ward?
I'm Ginger and quiet Help?
What to do if you are depressed?
help with sleeping problem's i cant get to sleep easily or at all?
any idea about what is going on with me?
how do you deal with a hypocondreacts complaints?
why do i become angry for no reason?
I'm 13, How can I eliminate stress in my life?
Please give me advice?
My friend wants to kill herself.. What am I supposed to do?
what is wrong with me? Details inside. :-/?
when do you actually start to be taken seriously?.,?
painful gases??
How should I treat this cut?
if you drunk bleach what would happen to you ?
I have a HUGE blister??!!?!?
how do I evict possums from my attic?
Have you been effected by 9/11, if so, how much has it changed your life?
Insect Bite Help? (It Really Hurts!)?
Salt on wound?
what is the future outlook on arthritis medications and cures?
i have lost the top of my middle left finger from the first knuckle, how can i still play the guitar?
sore arm/ back?
How did this happen?
how does my friend get rid of a hickie (love bite)?
I used it, and its past the used by date?
When children bite and eat there nails ? is it bad for them..?
I fell over today and it was bleeding. Several hours later until now, liquid is still coming out.?
Wasp sting - still itchy after 1 week?
i drink 1-3 cups,green tea daily,powerfull antioxidant.Some people think,prevents cancers.Any other benefits?
Why does hair go grey when we get older?
ammonia for a spider bite?
What's going on with my heart?
Irregular heartbeat, dizziness?
Has obesity been proven hereditary?
Conduction on an ablated av node.?
Dr appt. torrow about a pacemaker what questions should i ask?
Please provide reference to cardiologists?
Cardiac related topic?
at random moments it would be hard for me to breathe and feel my heart beating faster. whats wrong with me?
the cost of a percardial aspiration?
Do I have high blood pressure?
Is my heart beating irregularly?
Random heart pain, ideas?
I have a low metablism rate?
Does smoking weed increase heart rate?
high blood pressure meds?
How can I get help for my heart problem?
would high blood pressure effect how I run?
Does my father have any serious problems concerning his heart?
why small ventricular septal defect is more risk than large ventricular septal defect in heart infection?
Is it abnormal to sometimes feel my heart beating hard (not fast) and making my body parts move?
I am having chest pains and have been worried about heart problems.?
Can disposable contact lenses be used longer if you don't wear them as often?
my pal's tested HIV +, has painless swellings round the neck area.any remedy to diminish them?
is it normal to be not be able to sit still?
What is wrong with me?
im starting to sweat when i sleep. i just discovered this when i took a nap yesturday and when i went to bed?
My hernia was hurting last night but today I have a fever...?
I have a pain in my right foot heel spur muscle what could it be?
Why has my personality changed since my knee surgery?
smoked salmon that wasnt kept cold?
Why has my doctor filled my prescription as private script?
I need help seeing how I can be my grandmothers own caregiver and get paid?
How can I get my Mom to quit smoking?
Kind of gross but weird?
What can i do before the tonsillectomy?
My mom feels a big pain in the whole chest area when she eats. PLEASE HELP. I'M VERY WORRIED. IS THIS SERIOUS?
Outer Right Thigh Pain?
is sleeping on 2 pillows better for you than sleeping on 1?!?!?
I hurt my lower back power cleaning?
After i bench press the next day my chest has pain. But yet the pain feels good.?
What could be wrong with my rib?
Is sleeping right after a meal safe?
Why is my ankle still hurting?
Is this pain normal or not?
need hydrocodone/ambien answer fast!?
ewwiee!!! crutches!!!?
Tonsillectomy as an adult?
Is my arm broken or fractured?
help I don't know whether to go to the doctors or not!?
How to break your arm?
Will my toenail grow back to normal?
Pinched nerve? Or worse?
i like to know how serious this is?
I have alot of pressure in my abdomen and my ribs. What could this be?
My quadricepts are killing me!?
I had acl surgery with my hamstring as a graft, its been 7 months now and my hamstring is still painful. ?
it hurts really bad,can u help?
My ribs feel like they're pushing in and its makeing it hard to breathe, what does that mean?
i have a soft temple, sometimes pain most of the time not, does anyone know if this is normal. ?
Bruised ribs? or something else?
My big toe is sore on the inner sides. Why?
OUCH!!!!! read please quick question i'm dying here!!?
Episodes of hurting all over?
Eye pain, sore throat, lower stomach pains, joint pain, fatigue, PLEASE HELP!?
My earring came off when i was sleeping and now it hurts right now?
Why did my body temp. went from very cold to very hot?
Acl? Please help a.s.a.p.!!?
my finger hurts ...?
Coughing after getting over the common cold?
if someone is sleep walking is it dangerous if you wake them up?
how long does bronchitis take to get out of u?
ankle and joint problems?
is this normal or am i stone cold trippin'?
Newports VS Black and Mild?
Can i refill my antibiotic at age 15?
What are steroids reallly?
4+ week cough, help please?
Why do I still have laryngitis after 2 weeks?
my brother has had colitis for a few weeks and is still a bit sick...?
What can help a clogged ear?
i have a serious problem?
What is Sign & Symptoms of Chronic oberstractive pulmonary destruction (COPD)?
my throat get so dry. why is it so.?
I a have hypothyroidism and am having a hard time concentrating in school. Any suggestions?
if you take codeine and test urine 48 hours later, will it show up?
arm numbness and pain?
Im 23 yr old M, hav anxiety for 5 yrs. with constant heart pounding, can i suffer from HBP? its constant high?
Why do people that has Marfan Syndrome develop scoliosis?
Lymph node was once swollen, gone down and still can feel it?
what is a septum and is it dangerous?
What syndrome could this be?
what should I do about taking my adderall?
I am having severe bone pain in my legs, I have had them for 10 years and I am only 17?
What do you think I have?
What could be causing pain and insomnia like this?
is their a 4mg xanax?
Hand goes extremely numb from blood pressure cuff?
What does it mean after you run when you feel numbness and your neck is freezing cold?
Cold Finger and toes?
how many people are dignosed with a disease each day?
what is severe anorexia?
What do u do if u got a puppy that struggles with "epilepsy"?
Does this swine flu mean that...?
Toxic Shock Syndrome?
Sick 3 year old, how long do I wait?
Can someone please help me and give me some ideas on whats wrong with me!?
Do you support people that want to have surgeries for fixing their deformity face & body?
what sickness do ihave?
cold and feel sick? i need help!?
I Need to get my sleep pattern back on track! HELP!!!?
How many times a week should you take your shower?
Red Blood cells travel through what other body system besides the circulatory system?
should people have right to health and medicine?
is a 6 pill overdosage bad?
I feel so sick, help please?
Dulcolax relief after 12+ hours?
Why do i get really nauseas when i start crying? Like as soon as i start crying.?
Want to know if Lasik is good option?
Chest pains when breathing?
Is this a better method than before and will it help me any?
my son has broke out in hives?
How do you get rid of acne really quickly?
Any home made ways to tone or lighten skin because i have dark asian skin please?
dandruff is gettin at me :(?
how to get rid of acne marks and scars? urgent?
Can anyone recommend a good treatment for spotty skin that isn't seriously overpriced?
any creams for scabbies?
How to get rid of acne......its so annoying?
i have very thick strech marks in major parts of my body.can it go completely.?
Why did I wake up in a cold sweat?
whta is the epidermis?
how to get rid of dandruff? I have tried abti dandruff shampoos but no effect'?
How can I treat blisters on my feet?
Impetigo and I'm a grown up?? help?
Will a school nurse check out my mole?
Why do i enjoy scratching my skin? Eczema, itchy?
i have dark thick purple line on my neck what does this mean?
Thrush- need medication or not?
can people be immune 2 chicken poxs?
Am iI just unlikeable?
I feel like I am going to lose my mind...?
what else can i do?????
whats the positive things about being schizoprhenic?
I'm starting to talk to voices?
reasons for entering the field of mental health?
Herbs for anxiety?
Something very weird happens to me when i try to fall asleep. does anyone know what it is or why it happens?
Is this normal? (mental health?) Please help!?
I become enraged when people invade my personal space or take up my space. What kind of disorder is this?
Could I have sociopathic tendecies really?
Question about suicide? Just curiosity?
life is in trouble. should i live?
How can I ever forgive myself? have i commited an unforgivable sin?
Can a psychiatrist demand a blood test to see if you are smokin weed?
What can you do about Depression?
I have a serious problem?
I don't want to live anymore?
i am 58. when i wake up i never feel refreshed. during the day sometimes i struggle to keep awake in meetings
What should I do???
How to tell if someone is Bipolar ?
Please give me some answers for my sunburn!
Cut on my ankle won't stop bleeding!?
Rope burn from a dog leash on the back of my wife's knees?
What makes a good X-Ray?
Swollen Snug Ear Piercing?
I have anaemia and been given Iron,all previous blood test have always been normal?
how long can someone live without food or water?
Is a band-aid safe for a new piercing?
I have a sore shoulder help me!?
First Aid HELP....shock?
Whats the best way to cut your toenails?
small lumps on my head in my hair bleed, especially when they get wet from shower. Help.?
FIrst Aid Certificate for babysitting?
To all the swimming teachers out there, how do I stop my skin itching?
Fix a minor finger infection?
there's a weird mark on my leg?
eczema question...............?
What is an Aortic Arch Push?
What might causes heart aches upon waking up?
Resting heart rate question?
i'm 17 male and my heart just feels weird sometimes. i'm fat and since its summer i'm not excersizing much.?
Has anyone tried chakra opening/healing for emotional issues? Does it work?
'Natural Push Up' herbal tablets for breast enlargement?
what is acid (the drug)?
can you take co-codamol with anti-biotics?
Where can I buy good aromatherapy oils online?
Have you ever had accupuncture?
Is there 'scientific evidence' on the effectiveness of reflexology?
If something causes an illness, will that same thing also cure the illness?
what alternative medicine can help with ms please i am on avonex and go in a oxygen chamber thank?
Most effective way of getting rid of an ear clogged with wax?
What is the most prevalent drug in the UK?
herbs or supplements to stop procrastination or help motivate you?
Any one know of any chinese or herbal remedies to make you hair grow thicker and to stop getting spots?
alternative therapies for anxiety?
Will my toenail grow back?
HI i burned me self by accident?
Have you ever broken your humerus??? And if so how long did it take it to heal?
I need help with a sliver, ASAP?
What's wrong with my back?
Should I get surgery on my scar?
Messed up my ankle at a gas station...?
how to treat a twisted knee?
i am having knee pain in my right knee.?
What would happen if you broke the area near the Achilles tendon?
Do I Possibly Have A Sprained Ankle?
A large bruise has appeared for no reason?
I injured my knee can you please try to help.?
what if we couldnt feel it?
aching and numbness in leg for few days now. ANY NURSES OR DOCTORS SEE THIS? PLEASE help.?
how does a headache work?
Help; Killer Knee Pain! What Should I Do?
Cramps so sore any help?
What could be the problem?
Nerve sensitivity science project?
what to do about sore neck n back?
Severe upper back pain? Ways to relieve it?
Knee Pain? A weird kind? Need help!!!?
cell phones, headaches and shocking pains in the head?
how much hydrocodone does tussienx Susp. have? And is there a potentiator for hydrocodne?
Has anybody ever head of sacroilitis?
sore right sides and back?
If I get pinching chest pains but they don't occur during physical activites, does that mean its not serious?
I woke up with a sharp pain in my right chest only that hurt only when I breathed in and out. what's wrong?
Will i be 5'7 or taller?
i want a feeding tube?
question about a vitamin e deficiency?
Will the doctor give me a doctors note for this?
Could a brown spot on my pelvis indicate internal bleeding?
Why where did my gumption go?
whats wrong? My stomach hurts and i have diarrhea?
What can cause uncontrollable shaking?
Why do black people have big gums?
Medical marijuana for tourettes?
If I don't want to wear my contact lens for a long period of time, do I still have to clean the solution?
need help having ear troubles can you help kinda worried?
Only a few hours of sleep and I'm wide awake.?
I have a weird/painful on and off headache?
What does it mean when you sneeze 3 times randomly?
How to treat provigil headaches?
whats make of the latest regarding young ]Maddie and the recent events with her mother being treated as a susp
Ive decided if this swine flu that's going around gets much worse, im not gonna leave the house?
Help could i have swine flu?
Can you tell the difference between a sore throat and tonsillitis?
Way is plurasee caused by ? how can you get it ?
Conjunctivitis, Please help me !?
How long will this cold/flu last?
Swine Flu: My wife is 5 months pregnant. Should she stay at home and not go to work?
What is Mumps, What does it do to you?
Any anti-vivisectionists with a rotten cold still against animal testing?
Is it fact: African people have better immunity system than all these people in world?
calling the swine flu helpline?
Could someone please tell me the difference between thrush, candida, cystitis and yeast infection?
Can anyone help? Just last night I had problems urinating and having a bowel movement due to sharp pains. ?
Is it bad to go to sleep after a car accident?
Aching/Itching legs from standing up?
Work issue ... Procedure of going back to work after sickness, at a Day Nursery.?
Is lupus disease contagious?
I'm 35 weeks pregnant and may of been exposed to swine flu? What should I do?
What kind of doctor should I be?
someone at my school has mono?
what if iron level in blood increases especially though over dose of tablets? symptoms? sighteffects?
What causes arm shaking/tremors?
bile what is it.......?
what is cross contamination?
Nodules on finger joints anyone?
Should I have the hernia patch removed?
Why is it that I have a little bit of acid reflex and I can't sleep with it I feel so pale?
My workplace has no antibactieral ointment or anything in thier first aid, is this against OSHA requirements?
I'm having to many headaches! What's going on in my head?
I Get shaky, Feel weak, and i dont know what this is, Any advice is greatfull?
is lyme disease found in Ireland?
what can i do to help myself deal with my boyfriend being in the hospital?
Am I suffering from Paronia?
I have many undefined symptoms,please help?
Could this be affecting my medicine?
Need of a liver transplant...please help!?
A question on Haloperidol?
Swine flu how contagious in the UK?
Do i have an Eating disorder?
Is it ok to eat beef fajitas that are fully cooked but are kept refrigerated?
cna i get rid of my atshma by eatnig salt?
Privacy issue an employee of Motorola, was automatically enrolled in a “depression program” by her employer?
Is prednisone dangerous for a 13 year old kid?
Where do you see health care in 30 years?
If you touch coke {not crack} will it show up in a drug test?
seeing stars in my vison?
our baby has acid reflux. she spits up more than she takes in.?
Aching, itching legs from standing up?
Can I drink a whole bottle of lube if I it was my only means to survive?
my son is 9 months keeps getting fevers and he will not eat and he only takes a sip to drink every 2 hours?
What is the brand of the eye glasses in perfect getaway?
Black dot in left eye?
Is an eye exam for contacts free?
Im 48 and have been wearing bifocals for 12 years, tried contacts once and wasn't sucessful?
If you have soft contacts...?
What are the pros and cons of wearing contact lenses?
help me get rid of my sore throat :)?
Can dogs / cats have mites?
When I eat bread I feel sick?
Breaking out in Hives?
i had an allergic reaction. what should i do?
Would straightening tongs kill nit eggs and lice?
how can i get rid of dry skin?
My friend gave me a blood sugar test, is it possible I have HIV?
help! My child was just diagnosed with..?
What do you call this?
Everything i eat makes me want to throw up. What's wrong with me?
Does my friend look/sound like she's anorexic ?
Why do people with down syndrome have a shorter life span than those who don't have it and what is the average?
Returning effects of marijuana?
Way to make a cigarette not light up?
Has anyone used grow taller 4 idiots and if so did you see results with your height?
what are diffrent things outside you can smoke besides (Tobbaco,Marijuana)?
I have a quantative drug test (thc) in 2 days and i need to lower the amount of thc in my system. Help?
What does it mean when a light pink mole on your body starts to turn black?
Eating off bathroom floor?
does AA acept 13 year olds?
I just had a barium swallow two days ago can i take penicillin?
Big Trouble with my ears?
if ones blood pressure is good or just a bit high does this mean your nerves are good to?
What are the affects of prolonged intentional heal walking?
im bipolar? pros and cons of this?
I know y'all aren't doctors but spare me some advise?
when i scratch my head i get like white stuff all underneath my fingernails. what could it be?
have psosaris on my scalp starting from the hairline I'm worried shampoo's etc will effect hair any solution
the left side of my head is hurting like right were my temple is...look at the details for the rest?
If I get injured (say hurt the knee or leg or hand) while playing, is it a good idea to still play?
I take 2 5/500 vicodin twice a day, for a Csection I had last week. Lately I been sweating. ?
What's the difference in Epidurals?
Stomach Pain..Help?...........................?
does anyone out there know any doctors in northwestern missouri that will treat chronic pain with methadone?
How do I get swelling to go down?
can anyone help with foot pain?
My knee hurts can you help ? ? ?
Is this sciatica or pinched nerve?
Why does my head hurt on the right side when I open my mouth to wide?
Back problems!!! HELP! Whats wrong?
Hot or Cold Compress?
what is this numbness on my right side ?
what are best exercises for a torn rotator cuff?
My right leg is kinda of felling funny mostly my thigh, it doesn't really hurt or anything just fells funny?
little lump on my neck..?
I'm So Scared and Anxious about Tomorrow; Help?
What is this Mental Disorder?
i cant sleep, i have bad anxiety, i feel my heart skip all the time what us wrong with me?
How can I mature? I turn 18 soon and I feel about 15!?
Why am I feeling so anxious?
I think I might die...?
Do i have anxiety please help serious question ?
do mental health professionals really help
What is wrong with me?
is it right to still be upset by this?
What are some good ways to handle stress?
How can I stop this thing that has tormented me for so long?
why do i like these voices?
I'm having anxiety attack almost everyday! does anybody here having anxiety atacks too?
Does anyone else out there have ADD?
I have a splinter in my foot!!?
after-stitches care for a deep cut on my foot...?
Has anyone here had success with hypnotherapy?
How do you know if your ear drum is busted?
How much water did our ancestors drink?
Can anti fungal cream help hypertrophic scars disappear?
got stung by a bug.i felt a pain like a hot needle on the back of my neck 9 hours later it still hurts a lot
got a regular ear piercing with a dimond and ive had it donr for about 3 weeks now and it started bleeding.?
Can I still lift weights with stitches in my lip?
When will my burn mark heal?
How long after a wasp sting is it supposed to hurt.?
Earring holes?
Finger sore after removing a splinter?
Infected ear pierceing ! what do i do?
I cut my thumb yesterday,it keeps bleeding. I wrapped it but the skin(2cmlongx.5cm deep)is gone.what to do?
Has anyone ever experienced low blood pressure years after a bee sting? ?
how to find msds for asprin?
Something simple or no?
Can't raise my little finger?
Symptoms- whats wrong?
what are these cracks on my chest?
what is wrong with my sleep patterns?
Do bacteria grow back after taking antiobiotics? Could you please provide reference material?
connection between kanker sore and sinus infection ?
anyone know what to do about this?
is sleep necessary or is lying down sufficient?
what is wrong with me?
2mg Valium can i drink? 42 hours ago?
Why don't they make drowsy Benylin anymore?
Why is green tea supposed to be so good for you?
anybody know of a herbal or natural sleeping remedy?
is feeling down and needs some advice?
How to STOP my Borough Council from Fluoridating the Municipal Water Supply?
Why is it so dear to go the doctors?
can Yoga give a perfect health?
what are the natural fruits can i eat to increase immunity?
Natural solutions/supplements for high blood pressure.?
Whether the Hernia can be cured by homeopathy or ayurvedic medicine?
herbal ciggies?
anyone got any good hash cake recipes they can share?
Would it be dangerous to take Levothyroxine, and Emetine - if i don't need it?
upset stomachs??
Other then prescription meds what herbs/supplements/meds are good for depression sleep anxiety ?
alternative pain relief for kids?
what is the best alternative healthcare website to use?
A world without Vaccines? good or Bad?
What Diet Pills has worked for you.Please no preaching on how bad diet pills is bad for you!?
Have you taken Chinese medicines, did they work?
Why didn't homeopaths go to school?
How do i lift a paralyzed patient without hurting my back?
is my pinky finger okay?
Pain in finger? Help?
What's going on with my metatarsal??? A tender bump...?
sprained ankle (help?!?!?)?
my brother shot himslef, and now has bad head injury and we need help with $ anyone know of someone that will?
How could i get tendinitis in my ankle. what tests will they do and treatment?
thumb feels like i need to crack it. it hurts bad and wont crack. can only bend it partially. what's wrong?
whats the cause of pressure in the chest when jumping from a high cliff?
how to take out an ingrown toenail?
Any doctors that can help me out?
Large bruises won't go away?
Swollen helix piercing! help?
please tell me what i might have done to my wrist? :(?
Open Heart Surgery and Triple Bypass - Oxygen use?
I'm going for an EKG and blood test today, are the results instant or will I have to wait?
Can Lisinopril raise heart rate?
what are some health services for heart attacks?
i have pains to the abdominal area and heart area. What is the cause of this?
Clinical presentation of prosthetic heart valves?
why do i have small ears?
whats the difference between cataracts and glaucoma?
Can acidosis be related to pregnancy?
I found a small yellow xanax inside of my recliner cushions that had been hiding there for about 2 months.?
Feel like i have to pee all the time?
What is Left synostotic frontal plagiocephaly?
Is it harmful to take aderall if I am currently taking steroids to treat mono?
Why is there blood in my urine?
Is This Something to go to a Doctor For?
Long term prognosis for my kitten with head trauma?
Why have i lost my and it's croaky and deep?
All symptoms of narcolepsy, just not every day - differential diagnosis?
Anyone have erbs palsy?
i need help with my hypoglycemia?
Why can perspiration be helpful in preventing disease?
My body is aching and it isn't the flu. What could it be?
What are the types of kidney disease?
Why are my ALT and AST levels high in my liver? Bodybuilding Supplements?
my eyes and my upper lip are swollen?
is there a cure for tinitus?
what is it called when you have mucus in your nose that wont go down?
how allergic to my dog am i?
coughing grey/green stuff?
how long does it take for Cement Kiln Dust to become non-toxic ?
constant ringing in ears?
Why do I exhale so hard?
when i inhale deeply, i have a lot of chest and abdomen pain?
hard to breath, chest and throat tightening, tingling tongue, slight wheezing after exercising for 5 minutes?
How can the lungs be damaged?
Does my daughter have cystic fibrosis?
I was told to use distilled water in my CPAP machine, but I am using regular tap water. Should I be concerned?
how to stop fatigue fast?
__________ is designed to protect you from injuires to your head, face, eyes, ears, hands, feet, respiratory t?
will metoprolol make u feel like u something wet in your throat causen u to cough?
Will a lisp go away after having tongue tie surgery?
How Can My Friend Sleep?
How long does Marijuana stay in your system and how much does it take to show up on a drug test?
When I cough it sounds like a woopie-cushion?
Is a white oblong pill that says kc m20 a hydro?
ear hurt for about a week i then went to the docs 2 days ago given ear drops and medication my ear hurts why?
Stomach aches after i eat or drink anything?
My dad cooked bar-b-que weasel last night, with lots of jalapenos. I feel really ill today.?
what is the best decongestant over the counter medicine?
What is possibly wrong with my stomach?
Why is my son whose 9 getting sick in morning only!? ?
Is it a Hangover or Bug?
Why am I so tired and lethargic all the time?
i have a cut the wont stop opening up. what can i do?
How can I get rid of a double chin with braces?
im 15 years old and care nothing about cleanlynes but i get random ocd moments whats it about?
Are my stretched ears infected?
Can anybody help me im a little chubby and i need help!?
i need some help with night terrors...plz help?
I cant stop making sounds?
Bit of a strange question, is there any way to get my temperature up and throat swollen?
does malaria lie dormant in the body?
Now that swine flu has passed person to person in uk, will the threat be increased to level 6?
Update on previous shingles question - please help?
Swine Flu and My holiday to Turkey 5/5/09 departs manchester England will i still be able to fly?
what is the name of the vaccine you should have before working with animals?
how do you actually catch swine flu?
how long should a viral infection last?
Is Swine Flu linked with Pigs anyway?
when will i be free of swine flu?
Should i get tested for swine flu?
What type of doctor should I see?
Anybody know how to get sleepier/less stressed ? going to try and go to sleep within the hour so plz help me(:?
How can i lighten my eye color? the iris?
my husband has lumps under his skin about 2 inches in diametre on his arms & legs can you pls tell me what thi
pulsing vien in wrist?
Bottom of my feet hurt?
Stressed out eyes, any suggestions on remedies?
Migraines Constantly!?
Nexium causing my headaches?
How come when diahrea comes out it burns?
How to relieve from company?
why does the arch of my foot hurt when i excercise?
almost everytime i eat something, my left ear hurts from the inside....?
When should I seek medical help? In lots of tummy pain...?
what can cause random pains?
Has any one had the lapband surgery?
how to get rid of my back pain?
HELP?! foot problems?!?
Can Fentanyl(transdermal patch) stop PAWS?
Help with minor burn?
I wish to know the name given to that sound made by the joints of the knee when either standing up or sitting?
Please tell me if im just paranoid. and please dont lecture me on what i did wrong i know already?
how to heal of a forming scab faster?
My left ear always gets cloggged & nothing I do helps?!?
Itchy bites ....hurts so much help!!!!!!!?
Sleep deprivation,does it work?
Are bee stung my back?(its really itchy and i dont know what to do )?
what causes elevation of liver enzymes and treatment?
Which of the following patients would you treat first?
I have a small cut that is not infected but why is it?
what happens when u get your tonsils out?
Poison oak prevention meds?
Gastro... Ewww! All the women in my office have gastro. How can I stop from getting it?
How do I cure my ear piercing infection?
earring problem?
i just half cut off my wrist with a bandsaw?
something is wrong with my big toe! please help!?
A balm, what are you giving him a balm for? It might bite him?
what made me and my friends foot sting today at the beach?
2 days after being stung on the foot. its hard to walk on and feels warm.?r=1218909785?
I cant stop making sounds?
How do i get rid of fast metabilisom ? please read?
I have a question and need some answers please?
BAD stomach pains? Out of nowhere?
why do muscles get sore?
Points for best answer?...?
I'm addicted to my inhaler. Help me! I take was more puffs then I'm suppose to!?
What part of your brain is responsible for memories and where is it located?
can i take dayquil after eating poppyseeds?
Why do I feel sick when i'm hungry?
What is your height and arm span?
medicare doesn't cover dental and vision can you help with info?
artichoke stuck in my throat what can i do?
Received Medical Bill But I Have Medicaid.?
Do people who don't eat, or haven't eaten so much sleep more/ need more sleep?
Puffy veins????????????
I'm often tired, and bruise easily...?
Popping ankle really hurts plz help?
Poison Ivy on the lips and tongue?
is it possible not to backwash when both of your lips?
Help!!! This is difficult!?
No sleep for three days straight?
What do I do if I have spilt boiling water on my arm?
Broken Toe And Pregnant?
Would wearing earplugs for a day or so before a hearing test help you at all?
What does a hariling fracture feel like, does it hurt right away or does or take acouple of days to set in?
Pulled quad muscle during soccer. Recovery Tips?
I just got surgery 2 days ago, for a broker leg, today I just got home......?
Do you miss your adolescence, when squeezing zits was an obsession?
how do i know if i got a nerve trapped?and how should i treat it?
Oww problem with treatment please help?
Stye problems?
How do you treat radiation sores? (not the ones from cancer treatment, but from working in a nuclear facility)
what are ways to fake tendonitis/tendinitis????No judgments or comments just answer (in the ankle btw)?
what to i do about a broken blood vessel in the eye? Does cold or heat help it to subside?
if u had stretch marks wat would u wear on the beacH?
little girl has itchy feet - has anyone got any remedies that work?
What do spots around the chin mean?
I've been doing squats and lunges for a while but now my knee won't bend for the past couple days whats wrong?
going to the docs?
i think i broke my toe it really hurts and here's the story....?
Fixing an ingrown toenail yourself?
Mole removal?
How come I feel like I'm speeding on Paxil; just started yesterday on it?
easy relief for eczema?
I have a patch of psorisis on my forehead. Does anyone know what to use to help get rid of it??????
How can I beat bulimia?
Question about back pain(it wont go away:()?
Rosacea - does anyone know if a person can grow out of it? Or it just disappears?
What is the best cream for oily skin that you have tried ?
My eyes are always red!?
Why won't my dad's foot swelling go down?
Am I suppose to massage my jammed finger?
acne scars! prom in 8 weeks!?
What happens if your heart is smaller than normal? Or, what could happen...?
Can a minor concussion jog memories?
What is meant by ischemic heart disease?
i pull the skin of my fingers and thumbs on both sides near the nail?
How can I get rid of eczema?
i have dry feet?
Nape piercings???????
What is a good way of getting rid of spots?
How can i get rid of my stubborn blackheads?
Thumb Base Pain everyday?
Why would an older patient w/hypothyroidism have bigger risk of digitalis toxicity?
Cure for sensory overload?
Does Alcohol cause Heart Problems?
come on help me i need some information about ultrasounography reporting
Do high blood pressure meds take a while for runners to adjust to?
what will happen to me if I stop taking my Simvastatin 80mg for a week? Will it kill me?
heart disease question?
Could high blood pressure cause blood vessels to pulse more noticeably?
My left leg is numb up to just above my knee?
what does change in smell of dog breath mean?
Does candy mess with acid reflux?
I have acid reflux&I wanted to know if it's safe to eat apples w/ caramel dip late at night? (at like 8pm)?
Simethicone.Long term use.How bad is it?
I always need to pee... constantly :(?
in my last question everybody said i had a vertigo attack but...?
96.2 temperature farenheit?
What is fit unconsciousness when both teeth gets stuck to each other?
Will Smoking other products like blacks and JWH-18 affect how long it takes to get weed out of my system?
Are eating eggs bad if you have gout?
Do I have a Sickness?
Can Sibutramine cause tinnitus specially in a person with meniere's?
My friend throws up (or almost throws up) after every meal.?
Should i get ABO incompatible kidney transplant?
PLEASE HELP this girl with a disease! 3 weeks to live!?
I have just gotten a chicken and he or she is very sick it face is swollen and has runny eyes?
i woke up shaking uncontrollably I was also sore, did i have a seizure?
wat to do if u hav continous pain in eyes?
EMERGENCY QUESTION!! I was on 160mg of Bactrim DS for 10 days for a UTI now I think I'm having a reaction.?
Can anyone out there tell me what "Craniosacral therapy" is?
Cod liver oil question?
Spider bite- yes, no?
Emu oil for Arthiritis?
A relative has oesophageal cancer and is not able to keep any fluids down.?
Who's been a naughty little Charlie then?
Anybody out there controlling Rheumatoid Arthritis with diet alone?
can i go to sleep with the tv left on ?
Got constipation? how to cure constipation?
Do you know anything about Legal/Herbal Highs?
how does music therapy work?
i am addictied to my computer help me i can't stop?
How much local honey must I eat too aid my hayfever?
Energy tablet overdose?
what is the best remedy fgor hayfever ?
How much valium (diazepam) do ye need to really relax?
How to digest calcium?
Recreational drugs, is really self medicating?
Drug Tested: Can the doctor tell if the pee is guys or girls?
whats the worst that can happen if u suddenly stop fluoxitine?
i noticed somthing about my old dads weed smoking?
Why are mordern medical stitchs that break down over time are better than the old fashion ones that do not?
why sti not std as in the past?
If I get nose bleeds frequently, should I not consume alcohol?
I think I feel myself getting sick.. What do I do?
Help me swallowing problem?
Can an air horn cause permament hearing loss if blown directly next to ear?
Do you poo out most of your toxins?
how come my left armpit sweats so much when my right doesnt AT ALL?
how old do u have to be to take nytol sleeping pills?
Bugs eat weed, people eat bugs, people get high?
I need to gain weight ... and turn my life around . TIPS!?
What should my friend do? PLEASE READ?
is it normal for your tongue to look weird with a cold?
Patient transport in the hospital?
How can I start to Taste again?
question about water intake?
My body has heat nature . Which are the fruits that will relieve (reduce ) body heat ? please suggest me?
what does this mean ... please answer if you can?
Fish oil pills help with what?
Really bad irriatable bowel syndrome and heartburn. What could help with this? Thanks.?
What's in Lemsip Cold and Flu, paracetamol or ibuprofen?
What is barrier Nursing?
what do you think gives us our taste in music?
Is TB contagious????????
Whats the best cure for a flu?
Do i have swine flu????????????
Family doesn't understand my OCD/anxiety disorder and sad?
What could I do to calm myself?
Is there any type of medication which can directly induce depression?
I cant stop crying. What is wrong with me.?
George Sampsons illness- Would it have affected the BGT outcome?
Me mum has Swine Flu, do I stay in?
As a regular blood donor, does this mean i do not have any harmful blood infections?
Do You Think I Have The Swine Flu?
how easy is it to catch hiv?
recurring vomiting in 14 yr old?
i may have been exposed to HIV 2 days ago - i am showing a couple of symptoms, do they appear this fast?
How can i make myself cry?
at what point should you go to the hospital for depression?
I Dont know what to do with my life! i feel like commiting suicide!?
6-year old loosing conciousness?
How do I tell my family and friends about my depression?
Advice, help, anyone to chat?
does insomnia cause halusination?
what should i do my therapist called today and wants me to come in her office?
I want my sad memories erased to be happy is this normal?
what's gonna happen to me if i don't sleep?
Why might a person not want to go to sleep, even though they are tired, and have no reason to stay up?
Quitting smoking...for the millionth time.?
I see a little bit better on my left than on my right eye.?
I can see fine but my eye doctor says I have bad vision.?
why do i sleep better when i go to bed later?
i have alot of streess.?
yrs of numbness after inguinal hernia repair?
how long would 5-6 joints take to get out of my system?
can i take clomid if i have high blood pressure and take meds everyday.?
can I get pregnant with severe to moderate mitral valve stenosis?
do mini strokes cause you to talk rubbish?
how can you make a person faint be specific on where you press squezz (ect)?
Broken Organ of the Heart! (continued)?
Why do i get chest pains and occasional heart thumping?
Cardiovascular Dynamics?
What could have happened to me? Heart question.?
I am helping develop a meal plan for someone who has recently had heart surgery.?
High pulse rate with normal bp when it's usually high?
How do tissues form your heart?
I can feel my heartbeat, but it is shakes my body?
is it a circulation problem?
Is it noraml to feel heart beating when e.g. I put my laptop on my belly and I m lying on the bad?
Please tell me something ...?