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how long do i have to wait, after discolating my hip, to drive a car?
Left abdominal hurts?
when i blink my right eye, my neck vein moves?
does anyone know why if your sick or hurt you feel worse at night?
Cost of an athletic ankle brace? ?
is it weird that when i hear people rub?
okay so i want to get my tongue pierced really badly, but im terrified that it will hurt really badly. ?
Last two days i've been feeling a slight bulge on the right side of my neck under the chin...Pls help?
Electronic pain relief for energencies.?
Leg Cramps due to not walking? Help!?
Has anyone used 'apple cider 600'?
Which is the Better Selection - Drink a drink with Added Ginseng or just take the Ginseng in its Natural form?
tonsils and adenoids removed yesturday, really hurts ):?
Has anyone tried hibenas, beanz, smileys or instantly smashed legal highs?
What do you think about the milano electronic cigarette ?
Anyone ever tried fish oils for anxiety. I?
the differancebetween accountaillity and responsibility?
Is there an alternative remedy for lack of oestrogen and what is the cause of this?
Can passionflower extract be taken indefinitely?
Tens Machine and the usage of?
What are some natural home remedy i can do for my skin?
Hearing Loss - Nerve Deterioration?
i am syudying reflexology. have found a dominant foot? is that correct?
Has anyone got any hypnotherapy experiences they can share with me?
Linden method for panic attacks?
To all Herbal Practitioners ONLY....Hyperthyroidism?
Will an increased dose of Citalopram cause weight gain?
Can I take starflower oil as well as evening primrose?
where can i get legal or illegal highs from in leeds or wakefield?
do you ever feel tingly nice?
Sports Massage .?
I think i broke my nose..?
Rotator cuff strain, anti inflamitory, how long?
I have bipolar disorder and I don't like to tell people. Is it wrong to keep this to myself?
my little brother has been scared to death of being alone recently?
Why does my mom yell at night?
Taking antibiotic(ciprofloxaci 500) can it affect your muscle growth if you train in the gym?
why am I tired ALL the time?
what to do about my arm? ? ?
i've had my tongue pierced for 5 months, if i take it out for a day will i be able to put it back in?
How can i make my ankle feel better?
Does anyone know what kind of injury i may have?
Do i have ocd?
Have you ever suffered from serious depression, Y/N?
not If tree fell and theres no 1 did it make a noise if your foot hurts an u took a pain med is the pain there?
why cant i sleep????
Can't stop cutting myself?
she thinks ive got an eating disorder
I stabbed my finger with a knife point (quite deep)?
Running after surgery?
Way to inflict pain without causing serious harm/death ?
torn rotator cuff???????
My foot hurts [continue reading]?
How long will it take my 2 bruises I got on my hand from having blood drawn?
Homeless and mentally ill, what can I do?
Stitches Question...?
How can I pull a muscle in my back while jogging and not putting strain on the back?
Weird things happening?
I just had a nightmare what does it mean i am not looking for BS answers.?
im confused... is this a disorder? if yes, what is it called?
I broke my wrist last september now finding out torn cartilage?
i got bit by a _______?
can the military find out the exact reason why i got stitches in my head years ago?
HELP im having a panic attack, what do i do !!!?
I am petrified of death?
Why do I talk to myself?
buzzing in ear after some little kid screamed on halo 3 lol?
What do these pains mean? Please help.?
my mother is O positive and my dad is A rehesus negative and im A positive is this right?
How to get more crack without losing its potent-ability?
off and on I will have weakness in my body.Like my bones are so weak.Sometimes naustious.Not tired but weak.14?
Can glass enter our veins ?
i was caught smoking pot, my parents say theyre going to randomly test me now, will i fail if i drink alcohol?
My son is sick, I need to take him to the doctors..?
I have trouble sleeping sometimes?
N need of tummy tuck advice...?
hiatal hernia excercise?
why do varicose veins bleed so much?
am i sick (symptoms included)?
how long would it take for THC (weed) to clear my system?
Question for nurses or doctors?
How many veins n bones are in a human foot? a dog?
i'd like to talk about dayquil?
which affects your eyesight more xbox 360 or laptop?
about masive stroke which has effected left hand side of boby?
sever cold or something else??
cigarette smoke in a can?
how to get rid of a sty in my eye?
How serious is the swine flu really - the headline in the paper tonight said "May kill 94,000 Londoners"?
Eye problem, right eye sight extremely bad?
permanent pink eye vision?
do i have a second degree burn?
i wanna quit smoking help?
Nose Bleed?
HELP!! I have a carpet burn on my knee!! ?
is there such a thing as a hot red nut(red hair person)?
i want to stop drinking...but using it as a mask....tried AA..not sure if its a means to an end or band aid?
body temperature?
can someone please help me/ sore shoulder?
how can I stop jalapeno pepper burn?
spider ( Is it dangerous )?
cat bite on hand?
What does it mean if a large spider is trying to crawl into your ear?
Anybody have their first child after 30?
Does anyone know how to treat a jellyfish sting?Well not exactly the sting but the scar that it leaves behind.
how could i sell my kidney when i am here in Philippines..!?
Is it normal to feel your heart pounding and having your chest tight after drinking coffee?
Clonazepam causes memory loss. is there any anxiety meds out there that dont cause memory loss?
What is the best hospital for spinal surgery in India?
Is it possible that I have Insomnia?
What could these possible symptoms be?
How to cure a cold fast?
where do u get hit in kidney to go pee?
Are these signs of ocd ?
How are eating disorders a controversial issue?
alcohol poisoning question?
Does anyone know if it's possible,at 17,to grow considerably(3-4inches) if I were to get HGH prescribed to me?
Doctors think i have endometrosis, but i am very dizzy and my head feels as though it has pressure on the side?
what is cervical disease?
Tingling and numbess in hands, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, migraines?
How do you get Lupus?
my cousin is dying of anorexia, what do i do?
Is throbbing & swelling normal for industial piercing after 4days?
burning on top of head?
what affect does yogurt have on a person with GERD?
Can sleeping with the lights on lower melatonin levels?
What are the benefits of Vitamin C?
How do you find find medical tourism providers?
Is chiropractic care addictive; meaning do I have to go forever?
Does the computer makes your brain tired somehow?
If someone is strangled,does he die then?There is nothing broken in his neck,he just runs out of air...?
The left side of my skull sounds hollow when tapped?
what is the street value of PERCOCET? aka OXYCODONE/APAP 5mg- 325mg?
My Nose Smells Bad and I can't stop it!?
i need to get clean for a drug test. what do i do to get clean?
how do i use my new netti pot?
How much faster do you heal when sleeping?
how long do I have to get a written prescription filled?
Do i need to lose weigh off my stomach? picture?
Hair problem (scalp itching) !?
Cant close my mouth from ear infection?
Can you do the weird rumbling noise in your head?
Which kinds of water tests do I need to make sure that my water is safe to drink/shower?
scabs healing very slowly and leaving permanent mark on face, legs, etc.?
Difference between Ultram ER and Darvocet?
HELP! I am having these weird chest pains ?
extreme back pain coming back>?
am i the only one who feels this way?
neck pain and headache?
500mg Ibuprofen vs. 500mg Naproxen. Which is better?
Why does my head hurt?
What is this thumping noise in my ear?
Please answer cause im leaving for school soon..i feel kinda sick?
***HELP PLEASE! Massive lump/ cold sore on bottom lip keeps coming back. What is it??***?
I'm a bit worried about my children's ears.?
occasional pain in chest?
I can't get my partner to get treatment with his alcoholism even tho tonight he was spewing up blood?
can you get high off glucosamine?
I dont know whether I should carry on?
how to tell if my wrist is broke?
Explosion of pain in Head.?
will sticking your tongue out alot make it longer?
helpp! im not sure if this is my appendix or something else!?
my left forearm feels weird?
Does anyone else have a crack in their back side?
If swine flu was a new strain, how come they had all the vacines ready?
I was a swine flu fearer but now....?
How could turkeys held in sealed sheds & kept in total isolation be the only UK birds to catch Avian Flu?
How can I tell if an illness is viral or bacterial?
when do primary HIV symptoms appear? ?
Does Gilbert's Syndrome mean lack of bile?
how many cold virus's are there?
I've got white splodges on my tonsils but they don't hurt what is it ?
Can sombody help me..Swine Flu?? :) x?
Why am I constantly wiping my nose?
If you are allergic to minocycline, can you take doxycycline?
Every time I eat pizza, I feel like it doesnt digest very well. Could this be an allergy of some sort?
can you use epsom salts for making saline nasal spray at home?
Did I sprain my wrist?
I banged my toe bad yesterday and now it's numb?
Uh oh...did I just pull a muscle or something :S?
I sprained my ankle and now I am getting random bruises all over, why?
Persisting knee injury ?
I keep getting minor cuts without knowing and only realise later. What is wrong?
Please tell me about your experience w/ Lexapro?
sternum is sensitive leading to pain.?
If you burn napalm and stand by it is it bad if you breath it?
is there ANY way to "remove" the mark from a burn that i believe will scar?
Heal little burns?! ...ill explain u what i mean?
I got an eye infection from my contact lenses. Can I still go to the pool and swim?
i cant get to sleep at night, im awake till about 4 in the morning then i fall asleep, i wake up & feel tired.?
my family is dysfunctional, im very lost ?
I NEED HELP PLEASE..........................?
Am I getting the flu?
Has anyone out there had a severe reaction to Bactrim? Intense nausea, anxiety, irregular heartbeat ? ?r=12395?
How come when i got glass in my legg.....?
Does anyone know what is wrong with me?
My eyes are abit yellow in spots,what is it?
how much is 0.5cc in ml?
What's wrong with my sister?
I have terrible thoughts what is this?
Why does my life just keep getting worse?
Is my finger broken? I hit it in the bumper cars?
trial weight loss pills for free with free p&p?
What causes dizzy spells and blurry vision?
I don't know what's wrong with me....any help?
I think I might have anger issues!?
I suffer from depression, i read online medical marijuana helps. how do i get my hands on it? legally?
Is it wrong of me to not invite my sister?
How do I stop my addiction?
Do you believe that psychiatric illnesses can be treated and overcome through the power of the mind?
Muscle spasms in my right hand?
How do I stop being a perfectionist?
18 year old female losing weight and other symptoms?
Could I have mono? I've been feeling like this for awhile and it's just not going away! Please give advice!?
Is it normal to be depressed for 30 minutes to an hour once or twice a day?
Could i possibly have bipolar depression?
I feel horible for saying this to a teacher.?
Why do we hiccup??????????????????????????????????
I have to keep clearing my throat. Why?
How do I know if food fell into my lung?
What could be causing these symptoms?
how could i overcome asthma?
best ways to help a headcold?
Can I take amoxilin for a bad cough with pheghm for about 4 days.?
Always coughing with asthma?
blood coming from eyes and nose?
How can i callouse my hands more (not dirty)?
Are you the opposite of you when your high off of marijuana?
Help Me! Bed Bug Problems!!!!?
tramadol withdrawals?
how can i fake sick? please read?
What's up with my stomach?
do they have hearts ready for someone who needs them?
Is smoking marijuana with epilepsey dangerous or can it cause seizures?
Do you think I have anemia?
I'm 14 and have bifocal glasses. And heard it's not normal for kids my age to have bifocal lenses. ?
Do I need to go to the hospital for anxiety attacks?
Honest question about ecstasy?
Can I fail a drug test if partner smokes marijuana?
how long do you have to use bone stimulator for broken foot?
what should i do????????
Why do I feel like I'm going to get sick but I don't?
Is a high level of HDL cholesteral bad?
I have high blood pressure and anemia, will this hurt me?
i have a question about the beta blocker im taking?
Having Chest/Heart Pains, and worrying.?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
I know something's wrong with my heart?
Heart Pain Question, 19 years old?
what are pvcs related to the heart?
What is heart disease?
mixed 50mg vyvance with 3 cups of coffee. I'm freaking out!!?
Possible heart problems?
Need ECG explanation please?
Pressure around heart help?
High heart rate after 2 hours after exercising?
Why does my heart beat strangely fast before I sleep and right after I wake up?
how long does each pump of the heart keep a person alive?
what is the number of heart beats?
when you go to the doctors?
I have an appointment tommrrow with a specialist as its ?
Is it ok to take propranolol with aloe vera tablets?
what is the best way to enhance my focus at work?
what are dangers of musturbation?
How would you become a massage type person in the uk?
Prozac + Weight Changes?
I took twice the dose of my Colon cleanse juice (detox-cleansing action?)?
my question on benifit was for those who abuse the system not for those who are ill or retired?
I think my navel piercing is rejecting, but i can't be sure, how will i know?
Could some on tell me please how Acupressure and vertical reflexology can aid basic reflexology? Thanks Kelly
Have you had a nose job??!?
what gives a better kick?
What are green tea capsules good for? Also, what is 5-HTP for?
are drugs overprescribed?
i want to know abouth amenorrea in the use of diet products contein g cambogia and others natural products?
What do you guys thing of the cPRIME bracelets?
What is the french word for GOUT?
can i rely on the reflexology patch?
Is a vega test a good way to identify food intolerances?
what's mean 'anti-ginger' ?
Could some one give me more info on Star flower oil capsules?
Why do peoples eyes swell when they cry?
i want to buy colored contacts, how much is it and which is best brand?
is passion no more than a subconscious hunt for disease resistant genes?
Why do I feel like Im spinning when I change my sleeping position? ?
im 23. and i sometimes feel that my face and ears are becoming hot (my ears turn red but not my face)?
Stomach/Face bloating, indigestion, burping what is going on?!?!?
What to do for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in dog Has had surgery to remove tumor in anal gland 2 yrs ago.?
leukopenia and neutropenia lab test PECENTAGE?
is there anyone who has recovered from an eating disorder?
what is cicatricial contraction of the stomach?
How can I remember anything without forgetting it in a few hours?
Whats the longest time for surviving with cardiomyopathy without transplant?only a defib and a pacemaker?
Head pounding and drowsiness?
Angry Kidney's or what?
sudafed is making my anxiety worse, what else can i try?
what are symptoms of a brain tumor?
Could I still have appendicits?
will having a hystercomy get rid of graves diease?
I feel like there is a knot, a tightening in the upper part of my stomach and sometimes when I am sitting, it'?
I get very tired so easy why could it be a actual heart/lungs problem?
trichotillomania... i need help?
Blood sugar is 45 right now, I just had sugary foods 2 hours ago, constipation...?
I Need to get to sleep a.s.a.p I have to be up in 3hours and I have a 24hr long busy day?
Infection on my arm and it's getting worse?
do i have arthritis?
I injured my ankle and i don't know if i should get it looked at.?
How do i get rid of an ear ache?
sorry to ask but, Is cracking ur neck bad?
how do i control my anexity?
I just ask this question, but now I have another question...?
I have a very messed up back went to neuro dr yesterday?
What do you think this is? Teen with sore joints?
Is a bruised hip danger if you're 79yrs old?
My left side of my back hurts.?
what should i do abou my wrist?
What could be the cause of severe lower back pain and leg weakness?
what makes cramps better?
Itchy hands at night, whats going on?
Falling backwards can cause death?
Ahh! please help me. Had a bit of an embarrassing shaving accident?
how many girls and guys do or would have had STD's?
will my son allways need to wear hearing aids?
weird thing on my elbow?
how can i tell if my son is dependant on alcohol?
Bleeding from Inside ear?
I bit a piece of my tounge off, the piece that is hanging should I just pull off??
Cut under Tongue?
is breathing in helium from a balloon dangerous?
My friend Terry says he has seawater stuck up his nose. How can he get it out?
is it possible for a spider to eat you eardrum if it got in your ear?
What can I do for a Chemical Burn from Nair hair removal?
Have resucitation methods changed world wide or is it only in this country? (Australia)?
what should you do if you feel like your gonna pass out?
I Have a Cold , And My Legs Are Weak?
I think my earlobe is infected : (?
i think i have heat exhaustion?
i got bad sun burn yesterday what should i put on it?
olive oil in your eye?
what is lacroscopy and how much does it hurt afterwards?
Sharp pain in left of head?
How do i get rid of a stiff neck?
What's this pain in my hand?
WHat if you agreed to give someone your kidney and while you were being wheeled down to surgery you..?
Can I take more Vicodin?
I dont feel Good My chest hurt should i go to the nusre?
stress causing strange things?
do left handers drive with their left foot?
My wrist is sore and hurts when I move it.?
Whats wrong with my knee ?
injrured knee saw doctor to day wants me to do pt and he wants to see me in 2 weeks ?
Weird headache condition?
My jaw constantly locks,HELP ME PLEASE?
pains in my lower right side?
is head surgery dangerous?
Left side Shoulder, Neck, and Arm Discomfort?
Whats wrong with my jaw?
pancreas/lower back sore and throwing up?
have pain in my bones?
Suffering from constant thirst?
Whats Wrong With My Stomach?
How many birth control pills should I take to make my period come faster?
What does it mean when this happens?
Why does my stomach hurt when i press it?
Can scoliosis get worse over time if diagnosed as a mild case?
What would hurt more on skin?
I cut open my man mole on his neck when shaving his head?
How to determine the healthiness of someone?
Are "Blu" electric cigs safe for me?
Medical Emergency Question?
Can anyone help with a really bad transition into 2011?
Does a urine test have to be done on the same day?
does she have scoliosis?
Green stool, any help?
How can I control my dander?
how does deductable work on prescription drug plan?
I went tanning and got a semi-bad sunburn. should i go tomorrow?
I does anyone know what might be wrong?
I'm always cold. It's 74 in my house and I'm freezing. What's going on?
plasma donation in florida?
are you suppose to turn around in a tanning bed?
What do i have? Not feeling well?
felt a POP in my knee?
what do u think is up with me?
'this past few nights, i find it hard to sleep, what can i do to sleep early? does exercise could help?"?
i wanted to know how to make someone sleep by putting preasure in any part of the body?
Any doctors or paramedics out there?
Are there some things that all doctors are qualified to do regardless of what specialty they're in?
Does anyone else have a horrible memory?
Can you get on social security if you have bipolar disorder?
can someone die from bulimia?
I need emotional help...? ?
Is it okay to share that I have panic disorder with people?
Why can't i eat normally?
Whats the worst that can happen if i continue to keep my depression a secret?
Have you ever been suicidal?
If my ex-boyfriends Mother smoked in bed and I got insomnia from worrying if I'll die can I sue?
Please tell me if im just paranoid. and please dont lecture me on what i did wrong i know already?
I'm depressed and lonely?
Is there any unaddictive med I can use for stage fright?
what is something you dislike about going to therapy?
misdiagnosing me? bipolar, add (or adhd) , schizophrenic??
I have anxiety...?
Did I pull a muscle and when will it heal?
How long will it take for my ankle to heal and can I speed it up anyway?
what could be use to get a swelling to go down on my forehead?
Can I use diamond crystal salt to heal my piercing?
calpal tunnel Is it a pinched nerve or something along the nerves.to be taken out. I know what causes it .?
i have a scab at the side of my eye?
Why is the bicep muscle so soft in its natural state?
Anyone who's had Mallet Finger?
whats wrong with my back?
if someone gets punched is it possible for it to look like a hickie?
does anyone know why my muscle still hurts after 3 days?
How long does it take to recover from losing half a gallon of blood?
Did I sprain or fracture my elbow Im 11 y/o?
What can cause muscle pain in the Quad?
friends plz help me out (please I wanna help )......................?
How can i get rid of my eye infection?
why is it called foot and mouth when cows have hoof's?
should you take antibiotics for a viral/throat infection?
Had blood in my urine after going to thorpe park?
where would i get an anti flu mask for free?
How long would it take for a malaria cure to be found if it was present in the developed world?
if schools close in autumn due to swine flu....?
stopped taking my celexa cold turkey will it damage me?
do i have an ear infection?
trouble breathing at night?
I have bronchitis what can i do to help rid of it?
How long does it take for your airways to heal after having a sever asthma attack?
What can I do now for trouble breathing?
Inhaler accidently went thru washing machine...?
What is Metastatic Adenopathy of the left neck? Is it dangerous? Should it be biopsied?
is it abnormal to be abnormal?
I need to give my baby zyrtec allergy what is the formula tou figure out dose. 1/2 (2.5ml) 2-6 shes 1 & 22lb?
i havent eaten for four days because of an ear infection. what foods can i eat that wont make me throw up?
Toy *wink wink* allergic reaction or std? scared?
Hey guys, is that true that if...?
if i'm allergic to bactrim is it okay to use monistat?
Allergic to summer and love winter?
what to do about fixing this anxiety problem?
Has anybody studied shiatsu massage?
when will my zoloft kick in HELP I CANT TAKE IT?
Natural Purgative please?
alexander technique?
Whats the Best Hayfever home remedy?
Unusual green lamp therapy?
I only sweat when I'm in social situations, is this still considered hyperhidrosis?
Why do I sniff uncontrollably after I finish crying?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!??? IM GETTIN SCARED!!!!!!!! :(?
thalidomides banishment from pregnate women?
As I get very swollen ankles and water tablets do not appear to be helping my doctor now thinks I have leaking
wtf is it? polio reinforcing?
Is pasteurized rose water ok for the skin?
how do essential fatty acids and sautrated fats differ in their effects on the body?
Are there any side effects from taking a double dose (2000mg) of L-Lysine?
Risperdol Help PLEASE ANSWER!?
calcium supplement / vitamin d - overdosing over time :S oh my, in trouble?
plian english what is chakra and in reflexology how long should each chakra be treated for is it 90secounds?
Im a 14 year old and im on 8mg of melatonin everynight, is there any side effects?
how old do you have to be to buy caffeine pills like jet alert?
How long does it take for the body to shut down?
How do blind people know when to stop wiping?
what is normal to feel after you get stiches?
What is mild neuropathy?
keep having diarrhea but don't feel sick. What's going on?
Machine that makes waves or rain sounds to help you sleep?!?
I have lost my apitite...what do i do to get it back..?
My floaters are so bad they are affecting my vision. If they get worse what do i do? Obstructing my view!!!!?
paracetamol overdose?
I have a Ginkgo tree in my garden. How do I collect and process the leaves to take as a herbal medicine?
Why does my stomach hurt when I drink water?
stomach acting up. need some advice!?
Why have I lost my appetite?
has anyone ever had a bad experience using the so called fake marijuana blends?a b?
Stomach is hard, Please help I don't know what's wrong?
Has anyone with bad tinnitus ever tried accupuncture and what was the outcome?
What would you like to ask?what is quickest natural way to detox from heroin?
In grown hair?
What is the relevance of Material Safety Data Sheets? why must you have them within the work environment?
Could someone tell me why chemicals are put into tobacco? why can't cigarettes be made w/ straight tobacco?
first aid..................?
what happens if you can't remove the wasp stinger?
I have knee injury. I need advice.?
y do shines in my legs hurt when i run?
dont you hate it when you get that itch right in the middle of your back?
Does anyone have a recipe for a natural fly and mozzie repellant?
Is it a good idea to drink water for a drunk person who has nothing to trow up with?
I have blister on my heels from my shoes, I popped them, but have been told that is the wrong thing to do.?
how to i break my wrist or led?
Foot pain how to stop?
What could be wrong...?
i think i popped my eardrum?
I bent all 4 of my fingers yesterday and the third and fourth fingers still hurt,what should I do?
I have tendinitis in one of my ankle, and I am trying to find a good wrap or support to put on it.?
Lower left abdominal pain?
spinal block whats the pros and cons of it?
I just went to a club with loud music and my ears are ringing is there anyway i could get rid of them fast?
stiff jaw and sores.?
Has anyone here ever had back surgery?
My shoulder often ache when i writing.Please help?
After you consume coke and you 'burp,' what causes that stinging sensation inside your nose?
What do you do when you are VERY sore and HAVE to do a very intense workout?
my heart hurts, help me!?
I hurt my neck.. It doesn't hurt that much now but..?
what is the difference between Norco and oxycodone?
Severe pain in my back?
my legs are blue because of bad circulation what can I do to help this?
Why does my side hurt when i run?
My hand has been numb and lightheaded?
Trick Knee: Need Help!!!?
I Am always drowsy please help its really effecting my motherhood and schooling?
quick easy way to get a hernia?
Bandage/packing fell off after oral surgery! Help!?
i saw a commercial the other day?
Anyone know about 24 hour urine tests?
what does having a body temperature of 93.7 mean?
I'm in perfect condition but how do I know if I'm in trouble?
I am a 19 year old and my blood pressure is 133/85, is that normal?
How can my heart rate get so high?
rapid heartbeat, specially after eating why?
is it right to say that cholesterol is a major component of ldl since it transports them..?
I'm 19 and I'm blood pressure is 160 over 88 after eating?
I have a sort of buzz in head that only lasts a few seconds but then my heart races im shaking?
what happens to heart cells during and after cardiac arrest?
how would i code this A 58 year old male heart transplant patient is admitted with shortness of?
DOCTORS visit- went to the doctor said i had a heart spasm,?
How long does a LHC heart myelogram take and how soon can I return home?
Why do doctors pack people with ice while they are life support after they just had a massive heart attack?
Can a person with a pacemaker get health insurance?
What should a 22year olds heart rate be?
why males are more at risk to heart failure?
heart brake could be a chemical imbalance?
my heart feels funny when it beats fast?
how can calcium cause a depressed heart rate?
my brother has been have bad health here lately?
i have something on my big toe, its like little holes and its spreading, any ideas on what it is???
swollen finger...any docs about?
Anyone have Shingles without the dark red rash?
How do i get rid of blackheads?
How common are cold sores in your eyes?
Why have I developed large earlobes?
Help..... Does anyone know of a good cream to get rid of contact dermatitis ??
how many azithromycin 500 mg do u need to cure chlamydia?
What is the South African government's policy on HIV/AIDS?
Problem with face, eye and throat. Related? Caused by sinusitis?
Is there any way to get rid of a bump caused by scoliosis?
I started hallucinating and talking to the air when my blood pressure went really low. Why?
How long can you live when your liver shuts down?
Whats it called when people are born with red eyes(not albinism)?
Can acupuncture cure crohn's disease?
What are purine foods that cause gout?
Can pituitary cyst be cured?
Eye tumor, acute infection, eye strain? Can you help me figure it out?
swollen and redness at injection site ?
spastic cerebral palsy?
pain in chest, under ribcage both sides, and back, help?
ciprofloxacin/stomach burning?
what are the physical characteristics of someone with chirrosis of the liver?
Im 14 and my ears feel like they lost a tiny bit of hearing and im scared.. like do i might have a cold..?
How serious does this food poisoning case sound? Should I go to the ER?
Should I Get Help or Not?
What is wrong with my dad?
Do I have depression?
Ive been sleeping all the time and im not hungry ever. I make myself eat but most of the time i start to gage ?
Since I had gastric bypass surgery several years ago, I've noticed the whites of my eyes are dull and have?
What should I do?
Is it normal to hate the way I sound?
Sometimes, I have a small glances of the future, should I look into it, or leave it alone?
What's wrong with me?
Is my daughter emo again?
I have a interview tomorrow. How can i remove stress.Please help?
how do i get over my fear of clowns?
i just had a friend text me saying she took 90 pills of 200 grams of lamictal.. what is going to happen to her?
tips for dealing with worry?
i need help with my mom?
what wrong with me???????????????????
How do I forgive myself for this?
Signs of teen depression?
I am Bored.?
what do people do when they dont want to go to sleep at night/cant sleep?
Do you think I should see a therapist?
Depression and self esteem are getting worse every day?
is there a nurse or doctor i could speak to about a person problem?
can i get into the military if i had a medical marijuana card?
what and how many do i take?
What Are Your Views On Self - Harm?
Think I may have bronchitis do I need to see doctor?
What time should I go to sleep?
If you sand off your fingerprints will they grow back?
Is it normal to have dents in the back of your skull?
help with my seperation anxiety?
Dentist or pharmacist?
antidepressants and caffeine?
Do I need my tonsils taken out?
Terrible stomach pains going on for 3 days?
Why do I never feel hungy?
im haveing problems sleaping so if anyone could help i'd apreciate it if you would thnx :)?
when should i go back?
Is there any way i can make my self grow four inches taller?
I've been having dizziness problems... what does it mean?
Sore throat got worst?
Could this be asthma?
how does cleft palate occur?
Do you smoke, if so, why? And what made you start smoking?
what could this be? sinus infection? **10 pts**?
A year into my cigarette quit, I slipped. What to do now?
Can I stop my weed smoking ex from seeing my baby?
why does it feel like im only taking little breaths and not breathing properly (34 weeks pregnant)?
What is a sickle cell anemia?
information Rhesus groups?
Recurrent throat infection? No idea what's going on.?
what are the immediate signs if a patient with nasogastric tube aspirated liquid in their lungs?
HELP!! Bad chest pain when eating and breathing!!?
cough when laying down.?
Winter allergies or asthma!!!?
What's it mean when I take a breathy chest hurts?
Acid reflux? Or Pre-Asthma?
Can you help me with Snoring?
what is gastroenteritis?
hospital patient question?
Can anyone suggest anything to help get rid of the flu?
do i need a hepatitis A vaccine if im going Africa?
what are the FIRST symptoms of swine flu?
can children with hole in the heart get swine flu quicker and more serious?
How to get rid of flu/sore throat in less than one day?
What's all the fuss about Swine Flu pandemic?
Will the Dentist/ Oral surgeon give me more pain medication if... ?
is it possible for a toothache to cause other things such as a headache and all around fatigue?
what is this pain called? its like on the calf.?
mysterious lump in forearm?
Spinal Decompression Experiences?
How painful is a bone fracture?
Sprained ankle, still hurting after 5 months?
i have these stomach cramps that wont go away?
Weak Left side of body...help? ?
gallbladder problems?
Echo in ear when working out?
Knees sticking in a bent position?
PLEASE HELP!!!!! My Knees Hurt. Only 14?
i had bad back pains last night to the point i couldent even get up i then went to the ER you too? ?
is there a insurance that covers bunions surgery?
Carpel tunnel syndrome?
should I jog even when i feel sore? ?
what to do with my crackling knees?
Help with stomach problems?
Does Sleeping in a Hammock support your spine properly ?
discomfort in the left side of the armpit?
What's wrong with my ear?
why does my lowerback hurt when im jogging????? ?
Why would I be having pains on my left side below the ribs?
mixing medications, what would it do?
i broke the small bone above my ankle. how long is it suppose to hurt?and should i walk on it with a crutch?
I bumped the back of my head against a hollow wall?
why does my elbow tingle?
Thumb injury question?
Wood stuck in fingernail?
is it normal i pierced my lip yesterday, when i woke up the inside of my lip was black and swollen ?
Does anyone know of a computer program that tracks how long it has been since you have had a smoke?
Itchy Bull Ant Bite?!?
i have a new ear peircing what do i put on it to clean it and stop infection?
How do you cure a cold quickly?
I think i have a spider bite?
Mosquito Bite on a vein on my wrist?
What is a good remedy for mosquito bites?
Has anyone heard of a spider bite that causes recurring symptoms of fever,swelling,blurred vision& blistering?
Are there things you should watch out for while peircing your lip? Nerves & such?
Do you know about slim tea ? Is that help to lose weight ?
white tail spider bite.?
I steped on a broken piece of glass, and now its in my foot, how do i get it out??
how old must you be to try get your first aid certificate?
How do i remove soft contact lens?
When i play video games, i get headache and dizzy?
Question about colored contacts.?
white part of my eyes are blue and grey, serious?
Bloody nose? Help please!?
How do I stop my eyes from watering?
Hay fever or something else? PLS help?
is it bad if you when you never blow your nose for years?
What's best for allergies?
Could I be allergic to kiwi ?
how does allergy testing works for kids?
The best over the counter Allergy Medicine?
HIV symptons?
what is the cause of cracked lips?
I need to get rid of my acne!?
Blue roound pill with a 10 on it and a halfway line to crack?
I have a really important medical question that i'm concerned about. I have not been feeling well lately...?
Help with gift ideas for a Paramedic?
Does "Off!" Mosquito repellent also repel ticks?
anyone know anything about constant spasms in the eye lid?
Something about health?
Which water cleaner for hot stone?
Does organic honey count as local one?
What's the difference between popper brands?
what is a good echinacea to take?
Hara Line .?
Dangerous about the herbs? ?
legal highs advice please?
Best Book for Blending Essential oils / Herbs? x?
How strong is this tablet (Zopiclone) 7.5 mg?
Question: Can Agnust Castus?
Does sage help perspiration?
what pomethazine tablets for
Where can i get Salvia in West Lothian Scotland?
Does acupuncture weight loss really work? if so are there different types?
Adrenal gland maintenance?
Holistic Therapies insurance cheap?
How do you make tablets out of tumeric powder?
Do you know anything about Nature's Sunshine supplements? Is it a good brand? ?
is it natural that hair can branch?
Reflexology in Glasgow?
this is rly weird but i neeeed help...?
My 2year old is throwing up its late at night and i dont have medicine for that what do i do?
Long-term effect(s) of Benadryl[Diphenhydramine HCl]?
Problem when waking up from sleeping?
sooo freaken sick :( please help?
Have you ever been so sick that you couldn't sleep?
Why might my right hand tend to be far colder than my left?
How much do EMT-B's make in Washington State?
If you are born deaf and blind, what do you think about?
can u put the drug Herion in ur lacrimal caruncula?
can someone please help me?
Student under 21, my income and Medi-Cal?
Drug test will i pass!?
How Do I Convince People Something Isn't True?
Taking Zithromax and Symbicort worried about interaction?
Help me please... ):?
How to treat this cold with swollen eyes and runny nose?
I'm so sick! Any tips on how I can through work tomorrow?
throwing up my regurgitation?
Playing with mercury as a kid?
What causes re-accuring pericarditis?
Feeling lightheaded and feel faint, loosing breath?
what do i do when i am having a heart attack and am home alone? what do i do if i am having one when not alone?
Pregnany after mvr heart surgery is safemedicine like digoxin, atenolol, warfarin, (furosemide + amiloride hci?
How serious is a tumor on the liver?
I found a piece of plastic with a gooey substance in it .i wanna know could it be sum sort of drug?
I start stammering during presentations but not stammer during normal conversations.?
can high eosinophils count lead to seizures in k9?
what can you do about pulmonary hypertension and could i have it?
do i have insomnia or something?
Swollen glands in neck for quite a while now?
Adolecant inpatient unit?
i had acid reflux not too long ago, now i have blood in my stool after. is that related to my first problem?
bump underneath chin/jaw?
what do you do when you know someone has psychopathy?
How do I get rid of my sleepy looks?
Just started an antidepressants if you've ever taken one how long did it take to kick in? Please share exp?
10 yr old boy with traveling pain throughout body now vision goes out sometimes?
why do i have a swollen bump or gland on the side of my neck?
Is this bulimia or just me?
Sudden tingly face/hands and lisp speech?
please help! doesnt wanna be sick anymore!!?
if i do dialysis, can i hard work as normal.?
No explanation for constant dizziness for the past 3 weeks!?
When someone gets sick and it starts off slow, and ends slow, does that mean their immune system is weak?
what to do when you have asthma and get a cold?
What is another term for the trachea?
I would like to know if it is ok to mix motrin 800 with augmentin 875?
Small chest pain?
Is the inhalation of methanol dangerous?
how long does methodone stay in your system?
The other night I was walking outside in the dark to my truck for my cigarettes...?
Is It ok to smoke honey?
Aspestos was found in our school...?
can it be asbestos sideing
What is smoking purple?
What causes Grave's disease?
i need help !!! SOon!! weird cough!!??
When is it just a cold or something more serious?
Thick phlegm in bottom of throat, HELP!?
I had a discharge that was clear/slimy mucus, it had a stain of blood in it, What does this mean?
I've had a persistant cough?
Can marijuana smoking for a year cause any disease?
is my right hand broken?
HELP muscle soreness is killing me?
Does your nose get stuffy when you haven't had enough rest?
Urine drug test for marijuana?
What's wrong with my body?
My mom is sick, what do I do?
When giving bone marrow does it hurt?
what are some good home remedies to treat dry skin?
What Do Blood Pressure Readings Mean?
Will my fingernail grow back?
I am gonna get drug tested in 5 days is thier anyway i can pass?
Has anyone ever smoked Black Ice before? Is it it safe?
If I stay up all night and day Will I get badly sick?
Should my dad go see a doctor?
is there anyway to stop growing taller?
does being on your menstrusl cycle effect the outcome of a drug test?
i recently noticed a hard ball in my toungue that is starting to swell a bit what might this be?
What do you think i am sick with?
How do I stop sweating so much?
I have been addicted to codeine for past 5 years and am desperate to stop.?
Period Question...help please.?
Bad stomach pains, stabbing & aching?
Is Ultram going to take the place of Opiates? ?
What is wrong with my left arm?
how to heal a sprained wrist?
I have this weird pain in my knee?
Help please, Lower Back and Lower Stomach pains?
iv had a slight toothache now my eye on yhe same side is red and bloodshot?
can you donate plasma when you are on prozac?
i have alot of streess.?
need to know about plaquenil for use for Rheuumatoid Arthritis,.?
An opthalmologist told me it was an abcess! BUT....?
Why does my rib hurt like this?
Health Insuence General Info?
do streching,hanging, and getting 8 hours of sleep help you get taller?
What can cause extreme back pain?
clogged spit gland help me?
Is this indigestion or a side effect from constipation?
so even if its just a check up..i will get a letter home saying why i went?
i know i should go to the doctors but...?
my throat hurt when i woke up with morning?
anyone had pectus excavatum repair?
My clavicle bone on right side can move , is that commom?
I have the WORST Allergies ever...What can i DO?
low iron questions, please helpp.?
how long would 5-6 joints take to get out of my system?
Will my voice change?
strange pains in arm, inner elbow, and shoulder?
can ativan help with back pain?
whenever I wake up in the morning my stomach just really hurts? and sometimes I puke?...?
why is my left small finger always feel numb?
Pain in arms and legs + shaky hands?
Pain in ear? Can't eat!?
what is wrong with my thumb?
How much does the BLS Healthcare Provider Course cost?
Should I be worried about these symptoms that follow alcoholic consumption?
I just used my flatmates toothbrush, is there much chance of me getting hepatitis?
what will happen if i catch swine flu, im going on holiday on friday?
About the flu. How long, how bad, why, and how to cure it.?
could i have swine flu?
What can raw garlic do for me? Has Garlic benefits? what conditions can be cured by taking raw garlic?
how infections get into the body?
i have shingles again !! please can sombody tell me why i have them again / i only had thm 6 months ago .?
Really really sunburnt, help?
Important.. How can I prevent myself getting tonsilitus?
Can adults and babies under 1year catch......????
Hi All! Has anyone quit smoking before. How long does it take for the cravings to stop.?
my left ear has been blocked for 5days now used ear drops but its still blocked,want to no the problem please.
What are some remedies for the effects of sleep deprivation?
I got sunburned, how can i heal it fast, and clear it up? Also, how to prevent it?
can the swine flu virus be caught / return a second time or are you imune once you catch and get over it?
Is green tea good for the skin and body, does know anyone know how can i get a clean and shining skin.?
I spilt boiling water on my stomach today, applied ice and now skin is purple?
Before eating with your hands, is it necessary to wash your hands with soap or can you just use water?
I don't know what kind of bug bit me please help.?
what degree burn is my sunburn?
natural remedies for mosquito bites?
Which is worse for you, eating foods that are high in fat, or eating too many foods that are high in sugar?
is any one tired tonight. I need sleep. I work realy hard today.?
Ive just been gardening and now i have these bites on my legs ?
Blurry vision with Acuvue Oasys?
i done a urine test and the ph was green.do i need to see a doctor?
Did i have a seizure?
does hair transplant work even if your hair lost is Inherited?
If my dad has metastatic liver cancer?
Sick for 9 weeks. No diagnosis?
where is the best hospital for pediatric kidney failure?
I Suffered a blow on the leg and after two days I found a tumor on my feet?
can i get liver enzymes down?
Kidney problems and other weird health problems.?
ive had my lip pierced for about a year now and it started swelling real bad like 2 days ago?
Can an adult get ear infections? (early 30's)?
Brain Tumor or anxiety?
Do I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? OCPD?
Simple Partial Seizures: It seems I had my first today, what's the likely hood that they will continue?
Is alcoholism a disease?
how to get rid of a bad cold ?
Emergency room with Acute abdominal pain. (Nurses/Doctor/Paramedic only please)?
Poor circulation in feet. Suggestions to get rid of it?
serious question help !! about blood pressure?
i have a pain in between the two chest?
im 14...how high should my blood pressure be?
blood pressure?
Do i have a blood clot or something?
Does anyone know anything about the human heart?
mitral valve regurgitation can harm what body system?
heart beat slower than usual?
blood pressure is 176 over 84 whats this mean?
when i take caffeine, my pulse drops?
If a stoke patiet had difficulty speaking,where might the damage be in the brain?
Low blood pressure question?
I have been having a problem with hard heart beats. My heart isn't beating faster just hard.?
Have you had a heart attack?
heart palpitations after small activeness please help?
Is having an irregular heart beat bad?
I am a 30 year old male with high blood pressure. I am in great shape and was just put on Atacand to lower...
Can acid reflux disease give you a fast heart rate?
tell me you know about a/an you see patients for?
i have heart problem and my family is very poor....i want to ask if there is any organisation that can help me?
Suicide: Plz help me with the subject?
Please give me advice. I think my daughter needs to be put away?
Why shouldnt I kill myself?
Suicidal Thoughts..................?
Feeling depressed, thoughts of suicide ?
I need help. Do you think I'm depressed?
does ADHD mean...?
how can i be more positive in everything?
I need help sleeping?
why am i worried when there is nothing to worry about?
Can you die from not sleeping?
My cousin has died- how can i cope?
I cant sleep and I need help!?
Sickness---Suicide? Please I need advice?
Has anyone here taken klonopin 0.5mg for anxiety? And if so how did you feel?
Is there a disease for being overly obsessed with one thing? (Not really OCD. I know about that)?
anxious and depressed at night?
How can I stop this????
is there a very good herbal treatment for anxiety/panic that actually work?
Foods that are proven natural anti-inflammitories. Does anyone have a list please?
Are there any reflexologists whom would like to feature on a cd cover?
Health poll: Ever been nailed by an acupuncturist?
what is Frontal lobe infarct?
I took 3 paracetamols this morning and now i am about to take a few natrasleep sleeping tablets....?
does Nux Vom counteract the effects of coffee?
LEGAL DRUGS - - - - - - -?
CHAKRAS Opening/Closing chakras is there a right or wrong way?
my daughter wants to come off risperdal (for anxiety). she would like to try for a baby. what could she take .
Is a few drops of tree tea oil diluted in water, a cure for H-Pylori Bacterium?
my 16 year old daughter has mono...any good advice to sooth the discomfort?
When you have bronchitis, what goes wrong with specific cells, tissues or organs?
what is tuberculosis?
ye ryt this seems to be gross..need help?
Difficulty Breathing Cause Pot Please Help!!?
What do I have? Need Help?
How long on average does it take to die of TB
18 years old, 6+ years of sporadic chest pain, serious onset today. Help?
how can we rescue the world from every kind of pollution?
What do the steroids do toyou when your asthma is acting up?
What's wrong with my breathing?
I have strep throat and I got the symptoms yesterday. Tomorrow is my girlfriends birthday, can I see her?
why does snuffle often occur at night time?
are there any breathing exercise one can do to ensure that the lungs are being use/filled to capacity?
what exactly is an anxiety attack?
Using somebody else's inhaler?
What is there 2 do in the hospital?
What is the muscle that moves the ribs up and out to increase chest size a)abdominal b)diaphragm c)intercostal?
Why would i be getting pains that shoot up from my elbow to the tips of my fingers randomly?
ibuprofen prior to surgery?
Where can i cut myself so alot of blood comes?
I fell On My Ankle. Could It Be Sprained?
I'm feeling nauseous, any remedies?
What have i done to my ankle?
i have severe pain in both arms near my rotator cuff all the time but i have no insurance what do i do?
why do i get really bad pain from my neck to leg on my left side.?
My stomach is hurting, what should I do?
i injured my foot while playing football?
where can i get crutches today at a store?
Are headaches / migraines a symptom of depression?
Does my friend have a urine infection? Please answer?
Not for the squeamish or immature.?
How can I force myself to stay awake until 10?
What's the difference between a Psychiatrist and Psychologist?
How do you get rid of a cold ?
deca 1 x 1ml. amp. x 100 mg/how much it have?
What is wrong with me?
Is there a way to get taller?
Advice on lancing an abscess please?
Freind is Sick Need some advice?
I need to sleep 4 hours earlier than my body is used to...?
Why do I get sick after I eat?
what is going on with my stomach? :L?
Baby Oil in the Face?
When I come out of the swimming pool I have a terribly itching skin, what to do?
anyone got any tips for preventing shaving rashes? need help badly?
Cure for acne?
why am i so afraid of burps?
describe the characteristics of white skin?
Im 17. Would I still grow taller?
What sickness do I have?
Why do i keep feeling tired after i sleep?
how much is lasik in canada?
Do you think i have Insomnia? Advice/Help?
I have a reuccurant rash that looks like i have been nettled. my lips and eye also get swollen what is it?
I have a round ring of red spots?
my sister has been suffering from itch at night time?
Why does my skin itch when I get hot?
is anyone else getting nervous about getting into a bikini???
i wake up with blotches and stuff on my face and dark circles under my eyes wat shud i do?
cold sore help?
how to get rid of spots ?
why dont we hear of important people dying of aids anymore?could it b that theres now a cure 4 the rich only?
question on head injuries?
have had a groin strain since feb this year,i cant feel the pain until i kick a football.When will it go?
Ever had a frozen shoulder?
What makes you cramp in your neck?