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What might all of these symptoms mean?
disease that cause the legs to shrink...people born with it are disable to walk?
my 4 yr old son has black rings around his eyes is that bad?
what are the cure for the inflammation below the ears?
PLEASE help! Strange bump on my neck!?
Does skin colour change?
How do you get rid of black heads naturaly?
If i popped a pill on tuesday is it out of my system now its thursday?
How do you deal with depression ?
I am so afraid of being alone now?
I'm all of a sudden starting to feel depressed a little bit, what should i do ?
What are you the most afraid of?
Kill myself HELP, please?
What is wrong with me?
written about suicide. please give me your thoughts on this..?
is it a problem please answer?
Aren't people who suffer from so-called "seasonal affective disorders" just wussies?
Can you die by not sleeping?
Im really really depressed?
I miss my childhood so much, It feels like everything and everyone is boring. What do I do?
Need some advice please?
How do other heart broken single people sleep at night?
what's the best medicine for stubborn allergies?
i have had a cough and wheezing for ayear now. i have been told it is asthma, allergic to my dog ev?
Allergy to parabens or paraben mix anyone?
did someone knows about sinusitis? im not sure if i have a sinusitis.?
I blew my nose and my snot was red, is this allergies?
Vet recommended giving nursing momma dog benadryl; but is it safe for the pups?
Why do your bugars get soft in the winter then hard in the summer?
I always feel sick and I'm not sure why.?
If you experience slight headaches, imbalance and a ringing in the ears?
why am i so itchy (i hate 20 characters)?
can anyone help me please?
After taking thera flu, how long do you have to wait to drink alcohol?
what do these symptoms mean?
Why do I always lose my voice?
Middle of the back hurts when getting up from bending?
why won't my nephew eat?
what kind of veggies should i eat for me to be taller?
What exactly is mazatec garden?
I feel dizzy and zoned out, especially when i'm around people or having a conversation?
is it possible to develop and accant?
What are the effects of the drug sassafras?
stomach flu ? or something else? helo <3?
need help, has a drug test next week.?
What kind of doctor do I need to see to have excess skin inside of my mouth removed?
why does my stamoch hurts so bad?
Shooting paints in Hand and Arms.?
Can your body build a tolerance to Anti-Inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen and Naproxen?
Radiating pain in my right side, has been coming and going for about 3 years, no other symptoms I think.?
I have back pain that shoots into my heart/chest area.?
What is the best kind of bed to get for someone with (slight) scoliosis?
My lower legs ache when I lay down to sleep.?
What can I do to relieve my pain?
A constant pain, not sure why...?
ongoing chest pain on my left side?
Can Marijuana Help Reduce Muscle Spasm In My Back?
Why is a quarter of my thumb numb?
for about a week now my little finger and the bottom of my left hand has a kind of numb feeling now sure why?
running with a pain in my leg?
what is wrong with my foot PLEASE help this might be a emergency!!!?
bad pain between shoulder blade and spine?
How can I ease the pain for my ankle?
Why does my tounge hurt? White Spot?
Have a sore/swollen throat and can't hardly talk?
Hit in throat during Basketball, noticed muted/altered voice, a little harder to breathe, what should I do?
How much Tylenol is dangerous?
do i have HIV if a few months ago i recovered from a sickness bug?
So really, how bad is this Swine Flu?
My eye is itching and bloodshot but there is nothing in it?
Do people with asthma or similar effects have a higher pulse than people who don't?
is there anyway to get rid of post nasal drip?
what is causing this?
When I run I get out of breath easily?
Can you catch bronchitis from not wearing a coat in the winter?
I started Biaxin (its a antibiotic) for my tonsillitis, will it be safe to take it with birth control? Thank u?
what happen after bleeding on internal capsule and basal gangliaon left side haemorrhage?
Mold problem, want to know if these molds are toxic or hazardous?
what cause dry cough?
did i have a panic attack?
HEy guys, was diagnosed with SP 1.5yrs ago and now am experiencing strange sensation in same side of chest?
I finished interferon/ribaviran treatment (48) weeks. I have 3rd-4th stage fibrosis upon completing.........?
I have felt sick for a month?
Getting tested for sleep apnea today?
while having exercise i felt suffocation and black out, ?
I snore when im awake, whats causing this?
Trouble breathing have any ideas ?
Are there any natural remedies for manic depression and PMT?
medication and animal testing?
Are you a doctor, if i so please help!?
best cure/treatments for a cold?
dianette and the risks?
Can anyone give information on the best way to start up your own alternative therapy practice?
What alternative treatments are good for Asperger Syndrome?
How can you tell 'pure essential oils' from 'absolutes oils', and whats the difference?
sprout seeds how many are you supposed to eat?
Where I can get best magnetic therapy products in the UK?
Chinese herbs? Where to buy?
what does UMF mean in Manuka Honey?
Holistic Therapies for Animals in the UK?
Is comfrey oil safe to use?
Can Kudzu complex reduce the effectiveness of Implanon?
anybody know anything about www.buylegalecstasy.com/ and www.spliffsandtrips.com?
head cold 24 hours?
What is the best ratio of omega 6 to omega 3?
Is it legal to get Adderall posted to the UK from ordering it online?
has anybody tryed st johns wort tea bags and had a reaction?
Acai extreme? Is it legit and where's the best place to buy it?
do i have really high blood pressure?
any treatment for stroke in malaysia?
What is the best way to lower only my diastolic reading?
Is 82/50 to low for a 13 year old girls blood pressure?
Tackling heart disease and poverty?
HEART ISSUES. Please Answer?
how long do you usually have to stay in the hospital for blood clots?
Can any one refer a good Gastroenterologist in atlanta?
would a lack of potassium cause me to have hot flash?
I lasted 5mins 15secs on a tread mill stress test is this normal or not?
My Blood test came back and SEGS were 84.2 which is high and LYMPHS were 9.6 which is low. What's it mean?
feeling dizzy help please !!?
What does a slow heart beat mean?
Should I worry about this? Is this just an axiety attack?
heart beat of 15-20bpm for 20-60 min. durations while sleeping only.?
I need to know if i was having a mini stroke?
what are the effects of taking norvelos 3 times in month?
my partner has been in hospital with heart problems he is paralyed from waist down, twitches have started?
Heart pains!!!! What to do?!?!?
Normal sinus rhythm Left axis deviation Non-specific ST-T changes Intraventicular conduction delay?
do u believe computers fitted on health equipments?
Mushroom and garlic....?
5 hr energy shots/heart pain?
Really ill and feeling down atmo?
Ingrown toenail aftercare?
is 911 covered in medi-cal insurance?
How can I fall asleep?
Does anyone know if this normal?
What fraction of total health expenditures in the U.S. does government pay for?
is it safe to take acai if on lisinopril for high blood pressure?
How to put on a cast? and where can i get the stuff?
hi i have been told i have adenomyomatosis of the gall bladder has anyone else heard of this?
mom had stroke got her out of hosp after 18days alt treatment in kanakpura ro any sugesstion r pulmener ?
My joints crack aLOOOT when I exercise!!!?
I have been on spring break for a week now.?
I need to compare islet transplant and Simultaneous Kidney Pancreas transplant and say which is safer and why?
Anybody here have any experience with MODY diabetes, esp. the Glucokinase variety?
Do you think incorrect coding can close a practice's doors? Why or why not?
I need to know if i will pass my urine test for meps!?
Where do I send a letter of complaint about a doctor in CT.?
concerned about my 4 yr old sons temperature?
Why is diabetes prevalent in the Middle East?
Bad circulation?
lifescan health centres?
Causes for sleep dizziness?
when can i return yo work after being diagnosed with Quincy?
My sister is having 136mg ldl cholestrol.please suggest what eed to be done?what should be her diet?
Has any women tried Melanotan II?
Where I can get a copy of the book Male Practice?
Am Thankful... For what i have been given. Would you agree to persistence in continuous improvement?
Does sugar block really work and can it be dangerous?
Help with Type 2 Diabetes?
Where can I buy STEVIA (plant) in the UK?
can byetta be taken alone?
What could thiis be?:D?
which is the best blood glucose monitor for home use and why?please advice with relevance to middle east?
Does any1 know how 2 fix a jammed toe?
If you have an uneven rib cage, does that mean you have Scoliosis?
Back of shoulder pain?
possible skull fracture?
i fell over and landed on my arm/hand...?
Pain in Big Toe When Rising?
i blew my nose with a black eye, and inflated my eyelid, what do i do?
Suddenly for the past week or two my back has been weirdly sensitive all over. What's wrong?
Need some help big toe hit with small sledge hammer?
Toenail flipped and bleeding from sports?
Broke my nose Sat. 6-20-09. I went to see a plastic surgeon today in NY?
I had my 2nd back surgery,L5-S1, 5 wks ago.. I am achy in my sacral area,, both sides.Is it muscles builing up?
Help with Neck Pain!?
Wrist injury advice need help?
Color contacts? where to get them?
Organ donation- is a patient's family always asked if they want to donate the patient's organs?
Which death is less painful?Drug addiction,Jump from mountain,jump into a sea(zero swimming skills),wrist cut?
What can I do to help me child not cough so much?
Do I need an ID to see a doctor if I only present my medicare number without the card?
In blood transfer, if someone who is + can he give his blood to someone who is -?
i really need help. is snorting mylan, vicodin, adderal bad for you please i really need help?
why is a dead body still warm after sitting out in the morgue?
What do my symptoms describe?
Is genuine Phillips stool softener okay to take for constipation?
So its okay your body won't let you sleep at night time?
This is what i wanna be?
Can gallbladder problems cause blood in stool?
What is wrong with me? Am I sick? What can I do to fix this?
Can you get mononucleosis twice?
Is it true that Tragus piercings relieve migraines?
Can I get a medical marijuana card for anxiety?
I'm sick, why is my body temperature 96.6F? Shouldn't I be above normal?
Is a swollen liver normal when having mono?
Burping Quite A Bit Lately?
my toe itches in the shower?
What are swollen glands?
Please help, my 11 month old son is bring tested for cystic fibrosis?
I have a knot in my stomach, able to eat only little things here and there, it's been going on for a few days?
Is this even possible?
what is the deficiency disease of fats?
Urine is pinkish accompanied by bloating..?
how to know if you got swollen glands?
Help! I have been having sum lumps in my skin and it begins 2 itch and irritate! Wot is it? Pls help me soon!?
what is the main reason to have a seasure /mental disorder?
Why does my big toe periodically get numb?
Can I leave my GP practice for another without any questions?
I believe that my spleen is infected or something is wrong. My abdomen is large, and It is hard to breath.?
would a 9.8 iron level be considered anemic?
what causes spottings headaches and bloating?
I Need a help, please help?
i have a rash on my arms? ?
How to get rid of warts?
my bf has black head on hes nose how can he get rid of them?
what do I do about this? please help!?
Why do i keep getting ear infections?
how can i make my eyesight worse?
I cannot walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I probably have a concussion, for how long can I avoid going to the doctor?
i don't get a lot of sleep. How can I stay awake during the day?
How to find a doctor ? I have moved to another state and dont have a doctor.?
My daughter had her ears pierced about 4 months ago and they still keep getting infected.?
How Can I relieve Pressure In My Neck Glands??? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
is there a problem with the bug bite?
what causes house cats to shed there fur all the time?
Seasonal allergies that won't seem to go away?
hey..ENT specialist questions please help.?
Are my thoughts normal? Please help?
What is worst than DEATH FOR THE FAMILY...either becoming serverely?
Suffer from major Generalized anxiety, which medicine has the highest success rate in treating this?
anxiety disorder but havent got any medication. help?
A member of your family might have been involved in someone's death?
What kind of Depression could I have if it stops me from going outside?
Where Did All Go Wrong?
Odd Type of Multiple Personality Disorder?
Is something wrong with my mother?
Online love?lol ?
Please help what do i do?
Can someone help me get my mental health back?
I cut myself to make my BF stop cutting himself when we fight?
why am i always sleepy and tired?
Is this a delusion?
I cant sleep at sleepovers?
Is this possible? ADHD Question?
how does pollution effect a humans health?
I use an oxygen supply at night and am having a hard time keeping the ''cannula'' in place, any suggestions?
when i run i cant catch my breath?
4 year old daughter with chronic cough?
What Drugs Can Cause Long-Term Affects?
I have a breathing problem?
Help with ears( ear infection)?
How long does it take to get a pretty big chest?
Really sick but I don't know what it is. Help?
Why youtube suffers most of the time?
What is a normal (exhaled) co2 range for a 3year old?
how can i get stronger lungs?
Coughing up black stuff?
Possible panic attack?
I have a symptom of my lungs feeling very tight; when lying down it feels like I am being poked in my lungs?
any home remedies to loosen chest congestion? no medicines are working for me..?
shadow of the lungs what could it be?
i have a chihauhau that is sick what can i do?
i was trying to stop smoking please help?
Why do I get these chest and lung pains?
what are 3 solutions the government(or anyone big) has come up with for smoking?
How does school affect kids emotionally?
sleeping habits about americans of 16?
Tingly chill when Im trying to fall asleep?
I was on a stationary bike today for about a 1/2 hour when my manparts got tingly and numb? Should I worry?
Can over the counter sleep aids raise your heart rate?
Sleep Problem Not Being Tired?
is it difficult to apply for health insurance in public health?
I feel like I can never take a full deep breath, can't go to the doc....help!?
ive been getting something like electric shock in my lower right arm and hand. is this strange?
When putting IV pump on hold, can you lose a line? Is there any danger to shutting off pump temporarily?
My whole face starting twitching, is this something serious ?
indigestion...from what?
Abs. Eosinophils 0.660, what does this mean?
can you help figure out what is wrong with my friends health?
An eye lid..........................?
detailed information on clotrmazole dusting powder including clinical experiments and toxicity?
i want to know that all capsule in UK contain Galetine. is it true r not?
does EFT work???
swollen uvula , good home remedies please?
Is Resue Sleep remedies of Dr. Bach's Essence of Flowers available in Delhi, Chennai or Mumbai India?
where can i have such surgery done?
Unsure, if I make a mistake there is no going back so can you help me ?
Drugs prescription confusion?
which type of drug contains 80% zinc?
where can i buy chaparral herb in the UK?
Home remedies/herbs/foods to combat nasal inflammation?
Acupuncture for Sleeplessness?
how to breathe with your diaphragm?
How do you prepare Valerian tincture?
can anyone recomend homeopathic remedies for a large greyhound..?
Want to become a qualified homeopath. What is the short course for existing medical doctors?
probiotics & enzymes-can you become dependant?
Fluoxetine and Co-drydamol?
How do I tell my husband I have cancer?
So confused!? I need to know this?
I just got my tonsils out yesterday morning would it be safe to eat a little peice of cake?
I take 2 tablespoons of nyquil one night a week, is that bad? can I get addicted doing it just once a week?
Why do I get diarrhea after eating chicken breast?
The other nite i was rubbing the front of my neck where my jugular is..?
i am 18 years old and my height is 4.9 i really want to grow taller. what do i do?
Question about sleep? If I got a 5 hour nap today, do I still need 8 hours of sleep?
Is this normal................?
Extreme stomach pain don't know what too do?
What would happen if....?
Stomach scope??? I'm so scared?
What is the best eyedrop to get rid of a sty?
I am 16 years old and my height is 5'7", will i grow taller ?
How many teenagers die a year from...?
Somebody help me with money and how to earn money!!!?
What is the vegan outlook on insulin?
anyone use electronic cigarettes?
I have runny discolored pink blood.. why?
Drug testing for a job?
Big head little body help?
How do i produce a glucose monitor in the lab please?
voltarin tablets for pluracy?
Why is that sometimes i have massive outburst of wanting to eat all the time and?
Who has Diabetes Insipidus?
please help .................?
Does hyperventilation alter blood sugar levels?
where can I find protofibrine bread in uk?
does anyone else wear their normal shoes when their supposed to be wearing surgical ones? is this dangerous?
Ectomorphs and diabetes?
Relationship between ADH and AQP2 in urine production?
insulin resistance testing?
muscle readings for myositis?
what is pelvic sclerosis?
can i put an acekard in an uk dsi?
has any1 taken berberine tablets?
Is Erythromycin used to treat 'chest infections' or specifically Pneumonia?
what does it mean when a type 1 diabetic hah a white blood cell count of .95?
How does gene therapy work to cure diabetes?
Type 1 diabetes & periodontal disease.?
Insulin pump waiting list?
I have got a onetouch ultra 2 blood,sugar monitor system.Can i get a 9 pin serial or usb cable for under £10?
Am I having symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia?
I'm sure this is normal but....?
what is swine flue and can u die from it?
Could my son have swine flu or another virus. Advice please?
Do i have appendicitis?
What is wrong with me?
I have shin splints and when i run or play football they kill, does anyone know to to get of it? Thanks?
My Cut Is Stinging???????
i have a bump on my left foot and the bump is my bone and i don't have the bump on my other foot what is it?
I have a fractured fibula. it hurts a little and i walk and feel very little pain. READ BELOW READ BELOW READ?
what to do for a pulled quad muscle?
I have a bruise on my leg from field hockey and it wont go away?
i was bit by a mosquito and for some reason it turned black and into a scar, is there anyway to get it normal?
Is my thumb broken or something?
how do you know if an ankle is sprain or broke or worse?
Glasses scar! please help?
tips to help my pulled muscle?
yesterday i hurt my wrist and i dont know what i did to it. should i see a doctor?
Knee injury question?
Is fractured sprained or what?
What is wrong with my big toe?
What is the cause of a burning sensation in my knee and how should I treat it (without seeing a doctor)?
I have a bruised index finger?
Really deep cut on my thumb?
Is This Injury of Any Concern?
How long does it take for a torn satorious muscle to heal?
am i allergic to onions?
My nose leaks often like water seeps through nostrils and my handerkechef gets wet after some time what to do?
What can you do to detect if there's mold in your home?
How come i am sick constantly?
Allergic reaction to Bactrim (Sulfamethoxazole) antibiotics?
Is this a allergic reaction?!! [nvr been allergic to aniithing!!]?
why is the area around my nose red?
How does duct tape help veruccas and how long should i keep it on for?
What is the best way to get rid of dandruff?
How do you get rid of verucas?
Getting rid of stretch marks?
Chicken pox: Is there anything in the body that controls WHEN they actually happen?
women only!!! how to get rid of spots on your back?
Bugs that bite.. What bug gives a small bite, usally three in a straight line on the skin?
Contact lenses brand differences....what are the differences between all of the brands? anyone?
I want to know about the Versace Frame Eyeglasses?
Somethings in my eye!!! help please!!?
Why am I being denied for insurance coverage under my mom's plan?
back pain/discomfort..... please help?
how do you clean flagyl out of your system?
What causes night sweats?
I need serious help, I am losing my mind over this?
I can't sleep!?
Does anyone know how to help me get to sleep?
eating disorder from parent?
MY mom is Schizophrenia.?
How can I go to sleep now!?!?
i am way too unmotivated?
What Are Some Activities To Combat Stress?
I feel like there is a hole inside me?
whenever your feeling down do you go to the mental health section to get cheered up?
What are the best medications for Borderline Personality Disorder?
I am so scared being alone, what do I do?
I hear noises that aren't there?
Where can I get some inexpensive help with depression?
Really Low Self Esteem?
Can anyone help me...I'm afraid my friend is in trouble.?
How can my therapist help me?
What is wrong with me?
Could one become insane instantly?
Autoimmune issue: What is going on?!?
painful red swollen lump under collar bone?
I just realized that I have a portion of my scrotum that is purpleish black in color.?
I have a very raspy voice. Is there any thing i can take or do to help heal it?
How did i lose my vision ?
what sickness is this if i have "stomache cramps, fever, vomit,nausea,and loss of appetite" and im vomit blood?
What causes bad breath and how to prevent it?
How to help my friend who I think has schizophrenia?
What are some good medications or other things to take, if I'm having trouble staying awake all the time?
Blood in stools, achy abdomen. What could this be?
Brain tumour worries? symptoms? im 15?
What are these symptoms of?
if you never wanted to sing again, what would you get removed?
I think I have MS.What do you think?
Mureez-e-ishq par rehmat khuda ki, Marz badta gaya jyon jyon dawa ki.?
does anyone know if its mandatory for you to undress from the waist down if you go to er for uti?
i have insomnia please help?
Insomnia HELP!!!!!!!!!!!??????????/?
What's it called if you have a smelling disorder?
Whole body trembling , need some help please?
do i have an eating disorder?
Does anyone survive terminal cancer?
Heartbeat Raising after using inhaler?
can i sue the hospital or doctor?
facelift gone bad or faking it?
How can i clean my lungs ? I am smoking CIG.near about 6 years ?
What activities can I do to keep from smoking?
Any Female CPAP Users?
well im having chest pain?
Is burning insulation harmful to your lungs?
I took too much Symbicort in one day.?
I am going to see a internal medicine doctor for asthma. what kind of tests are they suppose to perform?
How can I get rid of bad breath????? Tomas O'Caomhanach's Bad Breath Report?
No breathing problem shoulders hurt randomly, having chest pain for a few days bad headache and nose block, pr?
I want to know if anyone has stopped breathing wile they are awake, it's like you hold your breath?
Could this be something else?
Why would a child cough only in the day and especially when eating?
Do I have Exercise Indused Asthma?
Sore Throat on Left Side?
effects of prednisolone sol. and multi symptom cold fromula?
if you have pain on left side of chest for quite a while and bp of 164/99 what does it mean and what to do?
Please, will someone read my mom's ct scan? They think she has nasal cancer, please..someone read it.?
what is Endocrinology?
How to stop having bronchitis attacks?
puss pockets on my throat?
what is the difference between antibacterial and disinfectant?
is weed still in my system?
Panic attacks smoking cannabis?
who is taller for their age?
how does the body use hormones to stay healthy?
Can wisdom teeth cause you neck tension/pain?
what are phyisical emotional social affects?
What harm can just a "little" black mold do?
Really Bloated Stomach ?
Why are all the answer here "Git to duh docta now or ur gunna [email protected][email protected]@[email protected]?
Why do i keep getting random paper cuts?
Why do I feel like I have diarrhea when I'm actually not?
Mental/Psychiatric Hospitals/Institutions for teens in Illinois?
do i have laryngitis....help?
How get my back straight? ?
How bad is it to get chest pains during exercise?
how do you know your periods coming?
I have a problem a while ago?
why do my knees hurt?
can mild cerebral be cured with rigorus weight lifting ? ?
i have bad knees - what specialist can help?
I've had severe headache/earache since May...everyday 24/7.?
Questions about my hurt foot?
for the past 2 weeks my back has been killing me im not sure exactly why?
Can anyone relate to this sort of back pain?
I have a heel pain and it won't go away!?
Blocked left ear? What to do?
what is this pain in my forearm?
whenever i drink liquid... i get chest pains..?
My lower left side hurt????
my neck hurts?!!? what can i do?
What is a hurt or bruised ego,can anyone please tell me or give me some examples?
Weird Headache(s) behind my eye and at the back of my head.?
this is helping my first question because this is on the back?
I just got 2 shots in my arm today for a sports physical. My arm hurts really bad now. What do I do???
Chronic back pain help!!!!!?
Mysterious Pain! Please HELP?
My sister's knee has been hurting, what could it be?
I'm Feeling Very Sick, But I don't know whats wrong, Help Please?
is co-dydramol 30/500 and tramadol sr 200 stronger than co-codomol 30/500 with tramadol sr 200?
what natural problem can improve potency?
safe and unsafe essentila oils ?
What is the difference if any, between N Acetyl L Glutamine and L Glutamine ?
What is the effect of high level of triglycerides in the blood (2.08)?
Questions about marijuana with yellow leaves?
Goji Berrys any good? Have you tried them? What were the results?
Has anyone tried Manuka active+10 for sore throats and small cuts?
what are the side effects of amphetamine's,and the long term damage?
Healing work .?
do i need any qualifications to practice hydrotherapy?
has anyone used dr ray lala's minerals to cure rheumatoid arthritis?
Tens Machine - how do I use it?
treatments for arachnophobia?
how much do osteopaths get paid?
Can you get Co-Drydamol without a prescription? UK?
Where can I find out about Bach flower remedies in relation to colour therapy?
what medicine good food leg joints friction?
Feng shui? (20 characters)?
Postgraduate Medical studies in Ireland?
Where can I buy Aromatherapy oil in SAUDI ARABIA.please give me a place in Saudi arabia where it is available?
Peppermint tea - cure for water retention
ECG interpretation design?
when i ever i take a deep breath laying down?
how can a reading of cholesterol of 281 come down so drastically to 172 within 6 months?
How many people have Sinus Bradycardia?
My blood pressure is 113/71 is that normal?
A Natural way to prevent blood clots?
18 Possible to have heart Attack?
stomach moves up and down to heart beat?
Is this normal for a carotid artery?
what to use for poor circulation?
what is flair hpertension?
can Hiatal Hernia have similar symptoms to a heart attack?
is 175/101 very dangerous?
does lovastatin increase the blood pressure?
How does High Blood Pressure affect an individual!**?
how does a nurse help a client who has had a stroke walk?
Baby heart stop for almost 1 minute?
Jello feeling in legs, symptoms worsen when blood pressure increases, what could it be?
How do I become a Registered Nurse?
Will a TempurPedic mattress REALLY get ruined if stored on its side?
What is the best thing to eat when sick?
Really Dark Green Bowel Movements?
How do you treat your legs after circuit training?
im sick(cold)?? are these symptoms of just a simple cold?
My grandfather had a stroke on the 23rd. The drs told us that blood went into the left half of his brain and?
Is this true about LASIK?
Can a pharmacy re-dispense medications?
is I dosing safe? does it have any long term side effects?
If someone dies on the operating table, can family go in and see the body?
How did you feel after an ERCP with manometry?
inhaled burning plastic, how do i get rid of the smell.?
I've always had horrible breathing problems?
Why do i get these weird feelings?
Did Albert Einstein smoke marijuana?
What does stretching REALLY do?
Collar bone that's bent and sticks out, why is it like that?
how many liters of coke does it take to cause an ulcer?
my son-in-law likes to drink anti-bacterial soap?
Temperature of 103.9 in the middle of the night.. Advise?!?
Gluten free beer in China?
what's causing my hives?
i fill like something crawling on me and itchy, when i look to see if is an insect i see nothing,,,?
I'm 14 weeks pregnant and worried whether to have the swine flu vaccination or not?
what is up with me? what am i ill with?
Should i get my 7 month old baby vacinated against swine flu?
what are the early symptons of swine flu?
Chances of catching swine flu in a nightclub?
What is the necessary steps taken to tickle the problem of HIV/AIDS and how this be minimised.?
Need to know whether this could be swine flu?
Is it swine flu or what?
tonsillitis? any ideas?
How can I recover from a cold quickly?
Why must Shambo die?
is swine flu still about ,my friends been ill now for over 72 hours?
Do i have to get antibiotics to get rid of Tonsilitis?
why are the diseases coused by smoking not infections?
Strep throat now flu?
swine flu vaccine- yes or no?
What changes happen in the kidney glomerulus of diabetes patients.?
pcos and insulin..............................?
How can PKU effect a person?
SuperDoctors - Stem Cells?
legislations about medication NVQ level 3?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Clinistix Reagent Strips ?
i want to buy a cambridge diet, where from i can buy it.?
is there any way to get blood higher or keep it healthy?
physiological functions of carbohydrate?
Im sick whenever i have sugar with tea what is wrong with me?
Diabetic -- injury to foot?
Has anybody out there had eye laser treatment at the wellington clinic in Dublin, under Dr.Cummins?
US Annual sales of statins from 1994 to 2005?
How much benadryl can you take before you passout?
Diabetes question?? serious answers only please?
i have type 2 diabetes and have on recently started stuffing from really cold hands and feet?
How much do diabetic nurses get paid?
Is it advisable to take alpha betic alongside glucophage, avandia and dionil?
What effect does drinking have on Bilirubins?
Do you have an Insulinoma?
Any tips for happiness?
Can depression be a excuse for failing classes?
Please help, I feel trapped...what should I do?
whats the best way to get out of the 'down in the dumps' feeling?
I can't take it anymore!! I want to die!?
What's the best way to overcome depression?
What's wrong with my elbow?
Is my house haunted or am I crazy?
what do you do when you dont want to stop?
How to seek help if abused as a child?
Fears and Worries About Death? Please Help!?
Fracture to S5 - Incorrectly Healed?
My hip flexors are pulled every time i do exercise, how can i help/stop this?
My ear hurts.........?
really weird yet serious mental health question?
I've been hit in the head fairly bad, I was punched in the left cheek, but now the right side of my head hurts?
I fell off a horse landed on my hip, it's been swollen for the past 4 weeks, what can help the swelling ?
I need someone to talk to about my depression?
Which way do you Sleep (position) ?
Would someone please tell me wtf is wrong with me?
i wrestled with my brother and heeled him hard and i cant walk without pain on my foot what did i do?
How to make yourself happy?
What can I do to make a sprained ankle feel better? How long do they usually take to get better?
Whats the best thing to do to heal a swolen finger?
Paralyzed Question. Doctors is this possible?
how do i get my mom to tak me to the hospital?
How do I make my brother believe i dont have an eating disorder?
Trouble with Lexapro?
my friend took ecstacy, what do you think happen?
Are you a loner like me?
Is it just me or do mental health problems get worse at night?
If crumbs and food go into your eyes does your eye sight get worse?
in alot of pain do you have any more suggestions?
Got my lip pierced about 2 months ago recently a hard lump has formed on the inside below the hole.?
how do remove a star off your eye?
What should i do my foot has swollen up so freakin bad that i cant fit it into my socks?
acne problem?
Itchy Legs?
Need advice about lump on face (a bit disgusting, sorry!)?
anybody suffer from dermatitis on scalp?
Head itching?
Can i have ear surgery, nose surgery, and forehead surgery on the NHS?
Soap - Stings the eyes?
can anybody tell me why i had a perfectly good question removed?
I have terrible blackheads and spots, what shall i do?
How to get rid of dead skin on your feet?
What vitamins should I eat to get rid of acne scars effectively?
I was wondering, did michael jackson actually have a skin disease? and if he did, what is it called?
Atheletes foor/fungal nail infection?
Has anyone tried Proactive for acne ?
Worked outside today and have really bad sunburn, any good ideas how to treat it, thanks...?
dry itchy skin?
what is the best way to get rid of a wart?
Home Remdy for Athletes Foot?
How do you remove acne scars from the face please?
Dear people, what is the best way 2 get rid of tiny little feckers called spots?
how do i get rid of Eczema?
xanax with a little alcohol, now breathing weird.. ?
i m having dry cough from past 1 week..it is low during morning,but increases at night?
if i smoke pot today, how long would it take to get it out my system?
Can being underweight make asthma worse?
Any alternatives to prednisolone?
Is it normal that i've had a cold for 3 weeks?
ive had very bad gas lately help?
My dad everytime he goes into the hospital his white blood cell is always up or doubled what its supposed to b?
Whenever i inhale my lungs hurt?
what affects lung capacity?
Exposed to Asbestos - now What?
Random pains in my chest?
acidosis or alkalosis help?
how can i cure myself from black mold exposure?
There is a sickly smell coming from my feet?
I have a Bleeding Disorder?
who was the man who went around drinking urine to test for maple syrup urine disease?
list of traumatic conditions for a short story?
Medical Advice About Lungs Help Please?
am i a chimera, if not what am i?
Sharp pain in right side of chest ( ribcage )?
IS H1N1 OVER????????????? OR IS IT NOT?
Can Sudafed cause Diarrhea as a side effect?
Why am I so cold and tired?
What would cause things to taste like metal?
How do you get rid of gas pain in the chest?
Are the fumes of burning paper dangerous to your lungs?
If I began drinking at 11am and drank about 8-10 shots in about 2.5 hours should my BAC be under a .04 by 5?
is this an eating disorder?
Are all corn tortillas gluten free?
Could this be a gallbladder problem?
what is the difference between bladder infection,kidney infection and kidney stones?
ughh head cold! what do i eat?
Is it bad if i had diarrhea containing the food i ate less than 12 hours ago?
How do you stop 3 Different kinds of dizziness?
question about eating disorders...please help?
is the disease geographic tongue rare?
what is down syndrome?
ooohhhhhh my kidney i think not sure help?
Nursing careplan and diagnosis?
Why does my temperature drop.?
Knee Replacement Sugery?
i'm constantly nauseous lately?
Why do i have too pee really often on some days?
I'm tired all the time..........?
when is this stye gonna go away?
If a nurse provides advice to a patient?
I can't get up in the mornings!?
Can I start to work out again or is it too soon after my gallbladder surgery?
How to cut down on smoking?
iam a 34 yr lady of 86kg with jumping nerve near left side of my neck and a kind of discomfort in my chest?
What will happen if you only get 5 hours of sleep everyday?
what should i major in: health professions related, but not pre med?
is it possible for your neck to push in your throat?
My left arm numbness?
sore Stomache pains trouble sleeping...please answer!!!?
Index Toe is spasming?
i have a pain in my arm waht can i use?
will my wrist ever be normal again???
HELP? my head has been hurting should i call a docter?
The knuckle right under my nail on my middle finger hurts?
Left side of throat hurting, plz help?
Sore Bloodshot Eyes?
My stomach hurts SO bad!?
Does it hurt, and is it dangerous to be hit in the back of the head?
What could this be? Have chest pain....?
Is my friend being prescribed too many drugs?
Could jaw Problem be Serious?
i woke up shaking what is this?
i have muscle pain im my back i need help?
I have a high arch on my right foot and it hurts to have shoes on what do i do?
What is happening when I get a sudden "heat explosion" in my head?
passing out!?
i have a learning disorder?
My ears itch when I use my headphones?
Where can I buy the Myogenix Spawn supplement online?
What would my height be?
Losing bladder control?
Who wants help a college stundent with fire/smoke damage restoration?
where does most of the digestion occur in the body?
Weird feeling when I put my finger close to the center of my eyes, forehead, and chest?
I have high thyroid if I miss a1 or 2 days of my meds. can I get sick?
Laugh about Blood...?
Quitting weed QUESTION?
where is medical marijuana?
blood donation and supplements?
Im a hedonist is that bad?
Do I have something dangerous?
Cost of an AICD (Automatic, Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator)?
Should I see a doctor, my heart is acting weird?
What can low blood pressure do to you?
About hospital infection rates?
painful heart palpation? Ba! Please?
explain why a high concentration of protein in the urine may indicate damaged kidneys.?
sideaffects of atorvastatina?
Weird thing with my heart..?
what meds are like risperidone?
Patients W/ Mitral valve prolapse and regurgitation?
how come sometimes my heart will hurt the it will heart to breath?
Elevation in New Mexico is 7000 feet. Is that okay for patient with pacemaker?
what does the medical term en tern mean?
changing from one blue cross/blue shield to another state, same kind tho..?
How do you file for SSDI with a mitochondrial myopathy condition?
is bad or good if the heart rate increases?
I've had high blood pressure for years. Lately I'm very tired, have low blood pressure. Any leads?
blood clot?
i had a stroke and i have read that in germany they make me a transplant of stems cells.i live in puerto rico ?
What new products/treatments/services are out on the market for smokers who wish to break the habit ?
what is the link between bee stings and MS?
Essense of Fruits,can i get some essenses of fruit that i can breath.?
Raiki? If i don't believe in Raiki but have treatments and take them seriously will they work?
what is this???????????
i have a back pain,but am fasting.is it ok my wife to massage me during the periode of fasting? am mo.lukwago.?
what homeopathic remedy is good for over active bladder?
is there an all natural way to reduce or get rid of crows feet?
Should i take sleeping pills, and what ones?
Where can I buy THIM-J in the uk please?
What is Conventional Medicine?
I had acupuncture yesterday and have come out in red spots where the needles were inserted, is this normal?
Does Madal Bar Detox syrup really work?
What is the best course to study Reflexology?
Extremely sore tongue from using Grapefruit Seed Extract?!! maybe too much?..?
i'd like some answers about magnetism or rieki ? i started with a book?
Can you buy concentration enhancing drugs? Are they legal?
Alcohol and herbal tablets?
reaction to azithomycin 250mg, has nervousness, shakeyness and agitation reaction been reported previously?
My nose is extremely stuffed.?
can't stop coughing and so much phlyem how to stop it coughing?
i need to know if anyone get winter hives and what they do to stop it beside taking allergy medications,?
i went to the ER a few days ago,&after they took out my IV the next day i got little bubbles in my veins...?
What Mental Disorder Could I Have ?
Am I going crazy????????
is cutting bad ????????????
How do I tell my mom I think I'm depressed and want to see a therapist?
Is bipolar disorder a bad thing?
What are ways to help get rid of depression, without prescriptions?
Can Valium give you hallucinations?
What are the laws against this? What would you do to stop her from becoming an addict?
Why is going to therapy better than going to church?
Do you suffer from Anxiety?
Do I have schitzophrenia?
Does this count as self-harm?
Is there something wrong with him?
whazz DEJA VU?
Do i have a Mental Disorder?
Isn't suicide simply a choice?
I want to die sometimes, help?
daughter in hospital from anorexia.. please help?!?!?
Tragic event that has been haunts me?
i am 24 and i am having trouble in remembering things?
Has a bad smell ever made you vomit?
Starting Pump Therapy in a couple of days - any advise / anything I should know?
alkaline acid diet and reflux?
Where is the trigger point for thyroid?
suggest three research topic from a specialized field of study and give reason?
hii i bought glucose powder tooday and i was wondering if eanyone knows what is good to mix with it for a cyc?
Loop of Henle (Kidney Nephron)?
cholesterol levels please?
diabetes in a baby..?
Would you support us in getting Avastin available on NHS?
why cant i gain weight when i eat plenty of food?
I am a type 1 diabetic and I need to start exercising, I have no idea where to start re my sugar levels?
blood or red in my phlem?
I need a doctors note please help?
What happens to the lungs when you have bronchitis?
Problems with sleeping?
how do you get sick? like very sick?
My puppy has been coughing...?
What is a good way to say thank you to people who remembered me during my hospitalization?
what does accompanied mean?
the ER, Cardiologist, taken stress tests over the years, blood work, chest x rays and all say not heart relate?
can I get mrsa through the air or I should say is it airborne?
Do you have anything you want to get off your chest?
I am going to get a humidifier any good suggestions?
I cant breathe?! Home alone, possibly asthmatic! help im scared?
can you use bactroban in your nose if you are on oxygen?
has anyone had there child get there tonsils and adenoids remove?
can i get medical reclass in army with hernia and Varicocele veins in testicals?
I am scared! what if i have chronic fatigue syndrome?
im 25 mite be getting asthma, who has asthma?
I have this weird reddish brownish spot of flesh on my right wrist...?
my grandson age 5yr has a problem of cold his nostrils r dry and having blockage problem. Is there any home?
what is the cure for asthma?
My throat consistently closes up?
What is wrong with me?
during a bowl movment,have you ever gotten a weak pain in your shins?
I hit my head on the garage door.?
I sleep really deep, what could it be?
what is the nursing management of blighted ovum in hospital?
Why does drinking water give me cottonmouth?
Gallbladder Surgery! HELP.?
can a doctor tell if you've ever made yourself throw up by just looking at your throat?
What information is needed for a first time doctor's visit, without insurance?
Has anyone been on Zyprexa? If so did it work for you or make you worse?
What could this swine epidemic mean for the United States?
Remedy for redness / visible veins in my eyes?
Has he been throwing up to long?
I have been in a number of hospitals and have seen many therapists. Is there a way to get all Medical records?
Can anyone recommend a podiatrist in Chicago who performs microsurgery to remove bunions?
Can you get contacts that help your vision and are colored?
Can you go to your eye care place an ask for your contact lenses prescription?
Are contest lenses safe? and can they get permenantly stuck in my eyes?
Please help men or women with "parts"?
Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong with me?
Salycilic Acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Tail Bone Wierd I need your opinion?
Could I take vikodin before school and get away with it?
Should I see my doctor again?
how to stop an upset stomach caused by blood?
Caught with marijuana and a bowl?
Is there a way to jump start a hypothyroid?
When you sneeze, why do you usually sneeze twice?
Im not eating! i have stomach ulcers!?
I'm having a lot of trouble with my lower stomach!?
difference between klonopin and xanax?
did i pop it??????????
Do I have a colon problem?
Headaches in a 14 year old girl?
Painful back problems?
dull achy pain in left arm?
Excessive Urination and Recent Mild Bach Ache?
i think i broke my wrist!?
Leg pains in lower extremities... anyone have simular situation? Ideas?
Er... Massive leg pains, shin splint?
Ouch! Help! Please answer!?
How can I stop making my neck hurt so much?
my voice hurts all the time now how should i help it?
Back Pains..Hurts bad.....?
I am taking erythromycin antibiotics and it hurts my belly and makes me loose appetite and almost puke but ?
Has anyone had a knee replacement?
help with stinging in water?
I just got right below my cartilage pierced on my ear and...?
what happens if influmation of the back gets worst?
If you took 2 vicodin pills 500mg, if your not allergic, would there be a chance that it could be fatel?
I have some eye pains..?
Why, in hot weather, do the soles of my feet burn badly? Any remedies?
what treatment to cure hives?
my 13 year old daughter has an itchy head, she does not have dandruff or flaky skin. ?
how do you cure gingeritus?
Acne advise? Please help me?
Skin on hands falling off....?
What is the best product to remove?
Does anyone use lard as a facial moisturizer?
Contact Lens solution problems?
I'm 35 have veins on left leg and spider veins popping up all the time?
chicken pox?
My son has a verruca on his foot. Any ideas for getting rid of it?
Im 4 days over due does cod liver oil work and how long does it take?
how can you get rid of heat lumps?
Shaving rash.. down there?
BIG ingrown hair problem!?
Sun burned my skin any ideas back to white!?
Dry skin after bathing?
How to get rid of a sty?
What substance is best at getting rid of blackheads. Specific products would be terrific thank you?
nails lifing off?
Who has a better immune system; babys or adults?
don't let the bed bugs bite?
can someone please tell me what is going on?
What is the effect a bee sting can do to you?
Blood pressure or not?
got bitten by a spider...?
Does it hurt cutting your finger nails when they are really long?
What is shock?
What's the best cold, flu and sore throat remedy?
Best over the counter drug for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) ??
how likely are people to die from crohn's disease?
swine flu - should I travel on a plane uk internal flight..with my daughter 10 months?
Is this ok when taking antibiotics?
got a rotten cold what the best cold stuff to use to get rid of it?
skin reaction to swine flu jab?
Is a quick way to help thrush?
How you get food poisoning (NEED TO KNOW)?
I Have A Really Bad Cold...........?
Anal Wart/Biopsy Surgery?
How can i get scurvy?
is there something wrong with my vision?
What are risk factors for Micropsia?
bilirubin in urine and high liver enzymes ,should it be ignored for 6 months like my dr ordered?
how serious is generalized seizures?
What does lupus do to your skin?
I have acid reflux and...?
how to get a sleep after taking methamphetamine ?
I have been bulimic for 2 years now?
How much pressure would it take to rupture an Ear Drum?
i feel tired my head and ears with pressure. and just want to sleep. this started 2 years ago?
24 hour stomach bug or food poisoning, now dehydrated?
Kidney infection? Or?
All effector mechanisms of the immune system involve a specific recognition and attack phase, followed by a?
I have myasthenia gravis and am on 5mg. of predizone daily, is this bad?
I'm 14 and I have Anxiety.?
Toe Experts. Preferably medical minded ie Diploma. Pain swollen infection.?
ate a banana two hours before having blood work. could this have impacted the results?
i know there's mold in my room im getting rid of it but my question is..?
can anyone help me with my animal allergies ?
i have hade nose bleeds?
If I spray an area w/bleach that I think has mold will it cause the mold to spread faster,causemore healthplms?
Being sick can make period late?
Should I eat before I throw up?
How to get rid of red complexion?
Hmmm... possible mono symptoms?
Tanning/Parents question?
I'm a 15 year old female and I'm only 5'0...?
I don't know how to swallow tablets but I have to take Xanax. Can i just crush it?
Painful node next to throat?
Am I coming down with something?
What would you consider this to be?
What does a "hold" on a procedure mean?
should my waist be smaller than this?
do lortab show up as on urine drug screen?
Difference in teeth structures between ages 16 and 18?
Sorta light wozzy/dizzyness in head?
Would a fake joint with pencil sharpenings do any harm?
What does it mean when the doctor says "not seen" from an MRI scan?
Is it okay to use "Icy Hot balm " on a sprained ankle ?
horrible knee pains help..?
sweating while sleeping?
Can I take my stitches out myself?
i was just given morphine at the ER. When can I take the vicodin?
Have you woke up on Sunday morning thinking it was Monday morning.?
Can I refill someone elses controlled substance prescription when they physically can not?
abdominal pain helppp!?
How Long Before Prilosec Leave The Body? Help?
how bad does it hurt when you get....?
is there aspirin in advil?
pain lower left of abdomen?
my eyes hurt !!!!!!!?
What would you tell ur boss in my situation at start of new job? 10 pts..?
anything to help stiff legs?
When I play sports , I have this strange feeling on my back ?
I'm worried about this strange pain I feel in my chest (not heart though)?