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Addicted and only 16?
Biting your own arm?!?!?
17 YEARS OLD!!!! AM I GOIN TO DIE!!!!!!!!? IM SCARED!!!!!!!!?
I need help/answers regarding anxiety/panic attacks or disorder!?
I am never happy any more?
Is it crazy to keep..?
Concentration difficulty?
Why am I so tired all the time?
Whats a good way to improve my confidence?
please tell me how to tackle depression....?
My best friend wants me to go to a mental hospital?
I got sinusitis last year and know i've got it again, why?
What percentage of Canadians are Lactose intolerant?
runny nose and cough?
Is this Possible!?! IgE (TIGE) 2,528.70 IU/mL?
howd o i cure bird allergies?
Do lactose intolerant people still absorb the calcium in milk?
Practicing on someone else's new contact lenses?
best eye drops for severe dry eyes?
way my eye's very different?
do you need glasses if you have 15/25 vision?
Contact irritated my eye?
Does any body know what these symptoms mean ?
Will i die of swine flu?
How Come I Always Feel Like This...?
Do vitamins B12, Zinc, and Folic Acid come in a fluid?
Could this be lack of sleep or something else?
Why did my friend's dr tell her this?
I can't sleep! Please help!?
Are long showers good for you?
what could this be ? is my eyesight messed up?
Would it really better to bend with the knees?
how much does would it cost to get my nose straightend out in canada? a nose job i guess..?
irregular sleep patterns?
ampliear - husband is thinking of buying, am always leery about these quick,fix type products is it worth try?
my right jaw hurts when i bite my teeth together and when i move my jaw to the left?
BAD foot pain. remedies?
Sudden, extremely sharp pain in leg? Anyone else experiencing this?
Extremely chapped lips? Happened really quickly?!?!?
My mothers symptoms, what does she have? Please help?
How much do soft contact lenses cost?
What is wrong with my knee?
my low back is being aching since 7 days without any reason?
severe mid to lower back pain?
I have a pain in my foot and it hurts a lot, can anyone help?
please help me iam in pain and dont know what it could be?
I have had a recent spasm in my left arm-MRI shows some scarring on the brain, any answers?
im in agony my whole right side of my face is swollen due to an ear infection. what can i do?
my thorat has been hurting scence last night ?
Osgood Schlatter's Disease (OSD) and basketball/working out?
trying for a baby before i ha ve my operation to straighten my spine ?
i had a vitamin D deficiancy, why?
pain after i pee, not a bladder infection.?
whats wrong with my throat?
i hurt my shoulder, whats wrong with it?
I have been suffering from a strange pain from inside of my lungs since five years ago ?
Random sharp pain in leg?
pains please read?? thankyou x?
Custom shoes or just shoes with extremely good arch support?
Guys: Is red skin and acne a turn off?
help sweat?!?
how to get rid of dry skin?
What Do You Recommend For Spots?
does the pill really help get rid off spots ?
My personal acne problem?
How can i reduce the swelling on my lip from a coldsore?
Will this treatment work for my acne?
bleeding mole?
im itchy ........................?
does anyony know how to stop spots on a persons back?
is there full remedy to cure psoriasis?
How to disguise red skin on hands without irritating it ?? Help please?
Could my iron deficiency be the reason why i have dark circles around my eyes and dark area around my mouth. ?
how can i get rid of face spots in two days?
How do you wash off gloss paint from your skin?
I bought chinese medicine to fight the flushing in my cheeks in the winter. Is it safe and is it a con?
very itchy arms?
Hi im worried about my excema?
i have had enough of my spots..help!?
How do i get to see a dermatologist?
should i worry about my face?
what does it mean if...?????
im sick what could be wrong?
Can pomegranate juice help with diarrhea?
I purchased some human clean urine for a drug test. anyone else used this method and did it work? Any tips?
I have a feeling inside that needs let out!?
Stomach gets upset after eating and mouth fills with saliva?
how is it possible to misdiagnose?
what would happen if you swallow oil?
Where is the cheapest place to freeze warts in Austin, TX (Which Doctors office?)?
...Whats causing a tingling in my chest and pain in my stomach?
I think Im having some problems with anxiety but im not really sure?
Side effects of topomax??
Painful headache for a week now?
Quick and Easy Question?
I have a stomach virus. I only vommited once this morning and had a little diarrhea. Why do I have body aches?
How long does xanax stay in the human body?
Why am I not getting high?
should i tell me doctor ?
i am a girl, is it normal to have 1 inch leg hair?
Health Books.?
Wierd Heart issues, can any doctors/diabetics help?
Has my type 2 diabetes progressed?
I have autonomic neuropathy caused by diabetes and I have mottling on my arms and hands, what causes this?
what is a metabolic test?
what's the best diet for someone with hypothyroidism?
what is the best recommended diet for pcos?
i have Microalbuminurea for over 10yrs. Will my kidneys fail?
Diabetes insulin question, does anyone know if the Levemir is better than Insulatard insulin?
time II ?????????
Iv been taking tablets to combat high?
Help regarding citalopram tablets?
What A levels to take ?
advice on diabetes in dogs?
Question about Welfare ,,,( ireland )?
Help with medication?
How much should blood glucose level be 2 hours after eating [in mmol] which is considered healthy/normal?
What is wrong with my ankles &feet?
Injured Quad? Kind Of feels like a knot?
Help with a knee pain?
Jaw Surgery> They crack open your jaw?......?
what's a "Nose bone" ?
Very sore to the point where it is hurting me to walk?
My lip is noticeably bruised????
Why does this happen? Do I have Celiac Disease?
How to support somebody with Rapid Cycling Disorder?
For the past two weeks I've had about ten minutes sleep?
Swollen tonsil on one side.?
If i dont have morning sickness now at eight weeks, will i ever get it once im furthur along?
Is there clinical research on this specific disease/disorder?
What is this swollen lymph node?
middle of my stomach hurts constantly?
When my trumpet teacher plays the trumpet, one side of his neck balloons out really big. Why?
what makes me have this sense in my feet? is it from the dizziness, or problem with nurves?I have anxiety btw?
How to detox your Kidney , Liver, and Pancreas?
I feel like something is stuck in the back of my throat?
Okay my throat hurts soooooo bad and i dont know how to cure it. Answers? Tips?
how can i know if i am OCD or have ADD. is there some test i can take to determine if i have them?
what should i eat and drink after gal bladder surgery?
What do i do if my gauge is infected?
What causes brain zaps?
I got hit at the back of my head with a hard metal years ago. Will I..?
Does swedish massage include face and scalp ?
Which vegetable would you use as a poultice for sore breasts?
Zyban or champix - which is the best?
chinese herbal viagra is it safe?
evening primrose oil and st johns wort?
Ginkgo biloba supplements?
I boiled a mixture of crushed garlic, crushed ginger, lime juice and apple cider vinegar. The colour was gre.?
Doctor says i need vitamin D it affectes me need it in smaller dose but dont know were to go i have cfs help?
what does the letters dhp miah mean?
has anyone ever tried the supplement COLLAGEN..and did it work for u?
The nurses should have special course to perform particular procedures like handling fibrescope in OT?
How much would you expect to pay a UK chiropractor to treat your aching feet and wrists?
has anyone tried st johns wort and valerian root?
has anybody used xenecol tablets???
How do thyroid T3 recptors get blocked? and what can unblock them?
Will it ever come in handy?
Reviews on Acai Berry Capsules from Holland & Barretts?
How does someone who feels they have under-achieved express themselves?
how good and effective is vit 6, is it just thr OTC one or the prescription one? for reproduction.?
Drug and alcohol tests.?
Having Chest pains- and already went to 2 doctors and still dont know whats wrong.. HELP!?
medical problem's and throat?
Something wrong with my Lungs?
My breathing is funny whats wrong with it?
What is making my lungs hurt?
My girlfriend in having strange chest pains, what could it be?
When a plane starts to rise, my body (not my head) feels weird and I feel like I'm about collapse. Help!?
Terrible Headache !!!!!!?
so i have time if dont smoke anymore!!?
will taking predisone ONE time have the awful side affects that this drug apparently has?
panic attack! i think?
my mom has lost 60% of her lung capacity!! Can she increase it by being on oxygen?
What does the liquid tamiflu taste like?
coughing grey/green stuff?
chest pains. please help.?
how long does it take for Cement Kiln Dust to become non-toxic ?
Do I have and ear infection?
constant ringing in ears?
I feel like im getting a sore throat?? help?
someone in a shop and chair collapses, what should the shop do?
are car's inside plastics harmful ?
What would a neurologist do about feeling dazed out and dizzy?
i had pneumonia 40 years ago when i was a teen. can benign nodules be on my lungs from the pneumonia?
Could this be an allergic reaction?
Nosebleeds? Serious? Or Just Common?? Help?
Doctor thinks I might have Celiac disease?
Do you think I'm getting some form of an eating disorder?
What Could My 5 yr old Brothers Drawings Mean?
I love weed! somebody please help me!?
what do I do??? *answer ASAP....Important....?
I think I have a cutting addiction?
What should I do about this...?
Please guys, I need help here? Anything appreciated?
Has anybody else ever spent years being sad?
How do help someone who has an addiction, knows & admits it, but doesn't care?
Help me please! If you can help me with my depression and anxiety, please help.?
Could you die in you sleep from stress?
if you woke up in the middle of surgery would you sue?
Neck Cracking Methods. Are either one safe?
i slept on my arm pretty bad last night and now it hurts reallly bad.?
I need help relaxing for blood tests!!!! >_<?
I'm having panic attacks from lonliness...anything I can do about it?
HELP PLEASE!!! my mom is insane!?
Was life easier back in the day for teens ?
Do I possibly have depression?
My daughter in NYC has been hospitalized for attempted suicide... what to expect?
Help? I'm bored and all alone, I know it's night, but I can't sleep... what should I do?
How to deal with growing up?
what do you do when you're fifteen and have severe depression?
my knees always hurt!!?
?r=1263752488 I have a sore inside my nose that won't heal. It's been there for more than a week.?
pain in palm near thumb, sensation in arm near by elbow..what is it?
what is wrong with my foot?
Can you take Niacin and Xanax together? Will it hurt me?
quick way for a trip to the hospital?
I have a pain above my leg?
Is caffeine really worse then doing heroin?
my right lower side hurts. wats wrong?
Could this be anything?
I dislocated my pinky and now its just jammed. I ave a game in 2 days, and I already missed 1.?
head ache wont go away?
what the best mattress out there?
chlorzoxazone? my doctor prescribed it to me and...?
How do you compare pain med's for there most useful purposes?
im getting these sharp pains in my left kidneyw when i move every time it hurts like crazy?
My sons eyes suddenly move to the right then left, what causes this?
Strange feeling after shot? Please Help...?
How long do tremors last usually in a bodily appendage?
What should I expect when getting a hearing test by an audiologist?
About having a General Anethesia?
Someone help please.....?
Are these just cold symptoms?
why are the abdominopelvic cavity organs most vulnerable in an automobile accident?
Why do i get scared??
How do we become taller by skipping?
What causes dryness/chalkiness of mouth?
Is a 30 min. nose bleed bad?
I feel really sick what should I do?
How long does someone typically survive...?
how far back do you have to put you finger to throw- up your food?
I keep throwing up and I don't know why, help please?
Help! I have a sleeping problem! Please help!?
is it normal for tonsils to bleed after you remove a tonsil stone?
I have a sore throat any help?
I have a cut next to my toe, what is it?
How can I help my poorly baby? Croup, chest/eye/ear infection, perforated ear drum and loose stools.?
A child shallows a safety pin, where would it end up?
My boyfriend has been getting lumps on the outside of his hairline above the outer corners of his eyes.?
I've been nauseous almost every day at random times for the past few weeks. What's wrong with me?
I have a scratch on my eye lid?
what does reading glasses help?
Can drastically modifying your diet give you heart palpitations upon exercising ?
My mother is in a coma due to a stroke and possible aneurysm or moyamoya.?
how do i get a blood pressure moniter to work? i followed?
As a treadmill is speed up, what happens to heart rate, peripheral resistance, skin blood flow, cardiac output?
Is this normal for my heart?
got some x-rays done I have pneumonia , they saw something in my heart, what is it?
How come i feel high some days?
what are some activities to raise and lower your blood pressure?
heart palpitations or something else?
Who discoverd Pericardial Effusion and what was happening during that time when it was discoverd?
about heart leaks,what causes them, can you die from them and does this mean surgery?
Blood Pressure Jump - Change in Environmental Temperature?
Nearly blacked out, something to do with my blood pressure?
I just found out my HDL Level is really low, so what does that mean?
What is an good heart surgeons salary???(or any type of surgeon)?
heart disease and its characteristics ?
what's the cause of pruritis in patient with heart failure?
Fluid around heart and lungs?
Do heart problems cause mental fatigue too?
Is 6% level of Iron considered high or low?
Questions about VITIMINS?
anxiety and exxagerated coital hypertension?
Have you heard about this sick SOB........?
what is wrong with me at night?
my blood pressure?.....?
Bad night sleep account for tired day?
how do i get taller in 7th grade?
how to get rid of a cold the quickest way possible!?
How do I stop my broken finger from hurting?
is there any way i can stop blushing?
my daughter of 19 was sent out a request from the doctor to have the swine flu jab?
What are Your opinion on the swine flu vaccination for children ,without underlying health problems.?
where is swine flu in england?
Swine flu!!!!!!!!!!!?
what does blood in your urine mean?
how to get rid of spots?
what are these spots?
I keep getting cold sores after kissing my girlfriend but she hasn't got any. Why do they keep on apearing?
i got the rook of my ear pierced but its now infected. what should i do?
Can a brass handled walking stick poison you through skin contact?
what causes exma?
My skin is so dry on my face?
If someone smells of body odour how do you tell them that they stink?
How can I rehydrate my lips?
I have what has been diagnosed as eczema on my face?
Whats the best spot treament to use?
my father has a skin irritation for many years.fed up of docs tablets.no good very itchy all the time any help
How to get rid of whiteheads?
i am suffering panic disorder. is it safe if i ride a roller coaster?
How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
How do I get rid of a cold sore?
Two colonoscopies six months apart?
How to ged rid of freckles?
Spot help! Any GOOD cures?
really low vitamin D ?
help!! low vitamin D deficency?!?
diagnosed with vitamin D deficency?
can you give test results to a patient if the physician has not signed off on the results yet?
if nopalea really works for inflammation?
treatment for eczema?
Please help with reoccurring kidney stones/sand!!! What's the best way to flush them out?
do i have an overactive thyroid?
Geographic tongue?
blood clotting problems?
One of my tonsils keeps getting infected. It is very sore and is irregular shaped. Should I go to the doctor?
When i lay down my sides feel weird?
Is this Labyrinthitis?
What is Bilateral pelvic dilatation kidney?
What drug makes ur head feel like your floating over everything?
if i have mono should i stay home?
am i going crazy? helpppp?
Hands and feet go numb very easily?
I have Pain in between my ribs/top of my stomach plus a sore throat sould i go to a doctorER?
NSF/NSD from Gadolinium in a healthy?
how does it feel to smoke when you turn 18 for the first time like a black and mild?
what is a d.n.a of blood?
I am type 2 diabetic any other?
acanthosis nigricans?
online gp appointments?
I am 37 and by blood count is at 8 what could be wrong , and should i be worried i fit and healthy?
What can you take for loss of taste in some foods?
what factores affect health?
How come I am the only one in my family with Neurofibromatoses type 1?
any other known side effects of novorapid or levemir?
diabetes basal bolus question?
I'm 38 years old 220 lbs. and wanna get down to 207 in muscles.?
Does any take ginseng for their diabetes?
SG PT level in blood test IS AS 111 u/L, SG OT 46 U/L & Gamma GT 180U/L, Want to know how i can reduce IT?
adonia legtone serum?
cure? life expectancy of CKD stage 4 person ?
Insulin pump users in Scotland or across UK under NHS?
is it ok to take diclofenac sodium enterec coated tablets on low iodine diet?
If a person has lactose solution & are healthy why does their glucose concentration decrease after 30 minutes?
hemobolin 250?? what should i take as a pct?
why are dvla blood markers so low i havent drank for months now and my blood markers are still higher than req?
Are little bumps that are painful a little bit when you touch them normal?
What happens when you get caught with weed?
Will i keep getting taller?
Can I give plasma if I have inactive T.B.?
lungs gurgling and uncomfortable!?
Why are Nytol herbal sleeping pills unsuitable for people with depression?
would you recommend arnica to help with a groin hernia operation?
How does the amount of probiotics in natural yoghurt compare with a probiotic tablet?
does chinese medicine need a licence in uk?
Herbal 'Quiet Life' Tablets?
marijuana cream. can you test positive?
have really bad cough, help!!?
what is bulging of the eye?
Has anyone tried EFT for allergies/hives?
where are the acupuncture pressure points for the ears?
Getting no effect from norco dose anymore?
How can I take care of myself?
Does st johns wort work?
Why do i have a constant tickling sensation in my throat?
i have a sore throat, headache, dizziness, and upset stomach, what do i have and what can i take to get better?
does cranberry juice get rid of spots?
Im a 14 year old boy and am having really bad hairloss can someone help me out?
is this normal while high on marijuana?
What i can do to be a bit taller:)?
about buying arginine supplement...?
Has anyone used Holosync meditation cds and if so what do you think of them?
should I try some sort of stimulant?
is this true??
massage item help please?
I want to know how amphetamines are made?
How do i stop a blood phobia? Can i get any help on the NHS?
Is this normal for a 17 year old?
Can cutting cause anemia?
How to do something important?
Anyone tried the supplement 5-HTP?
What is the underpinning philosophies of Orthodox medicine and Complementary medicine?
Does lavender oil help you sleep?
Tablet help please.......?
how long has a person have to take apple cider vinegar?
Is there a good water tablet I can buy over the counter?
What kinda birth defects can happen to the lungs?
how can I?
Do I have post nasal drip? How to rid of it?
The difference between bronchitis and a bad common cold cough?
i get something like hallucinations while pressing eyes?
can anyone who was found out to have lung infiltrate be infectious?even if that person did not have any fever?
describe the im test?
sick again, any idea what i might have?
if i take a deep breath and arch my back, chest pain and light headed occurs to the point of almost passingout
Is it bad to get insulation in your lungs?
Is my TB test positive?
Am I going to have a stroke(verry long read)?
what is the treatment for severe dry cough?
How long does it take for second hand smoke to leave your system?
what does it mean when a gerbil bleeds from it's eyes?
im blacking out and im falling at the same time?
double lung/ heart transplant?
What is a narrow opening of passages into the lungs?
I have acid reflux and had upper gi scope. Have a condition called pyfloria-not sure of correct spelling?
Will the fluid in my ear go? -I'm sick-?
ive tightness in my chest i dont no whats rong with me! please help!?
i need to know about?
how can i be less self conscious around people i need a lot of answers please?
Help me..my mom is threatening me and trying to force me to not get help for my eating disorder?
How can I stop thinking about everything so much?
What are some opinions on dumping a girl because she has an eating disorder?
My dad is killing me alive!?
whats wrong with me??? OMG SOMEONE PLS EFFIN HELP ME!!!?
How can you get hardly ANY sleep and be extremly hyper?
what should i do?? urgent 10 points best answer?
HELP to many mental problems ?
question on extascy (please answer)?
Does traveling help with depression?
is this depression?
i am struggling to cope with work after 2 years off with depression - am i alone?
I have BPD but my parents won't let me get help?
how do you deal with a terrible job?
How do you fake it through the day?
I cut myself when ever im mad?
Anxiety and Panic Disorder help?
my ex-wife has bi polar schizophrenia. we have 3 children of which she has custody.?
eye infection that is not spreading?
i have a headade 1-4 times a week?
my fiance gets these energy splurges at night....?
why is it that when i am on the virge of falling asleep i just wake up again for no reason?
I Need Medical Coverage?
Will a hernia show on a CT scan?
Electrocution ? Nerves? Why would doctor not listen, when asked to stop?
How Do You Know If You Have A Hemroid?
how long does it take for this to go away?
Need some advice on changes in sleep and appetite?
HELP!! multiple symptoms that started with joint pain in hands and fingers?
My ribs hurt what could this be?
numbness and pain in both feet and toes?
Why do I have wrist pain during a pushup? I have never had an injury to either of my wrists.?
what causes pain on the right side from the waistline to ankle only when laying down.?
my right foot is killing me because of these shoes?
OUCH!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?
i have a cold sore/canker sore on my tongue what do i do to get rid of it?
did it hurt when u got braces?
I'm always getting headaches, what should i do?
Symptoms of arthritis in younger people?
I have been having a problem with dizziness for the past 2 to 3 weeks. they seem to be h?
Need help having terrible trouble with uti, need relief ASAP!!?
what causes sharp pain in lower back when i move?
i went to bed at 7:30 am and woke up at 11am im not tired but i have a stomach ache and a head ache why?
Why is someone paralysed after breaking back or neck?
This headache is ridiculous!?
back pain??????????????!?
vibration tool at the chiropractor?
I have been having alot of early morning back pain?
What is Pain Management Treatment?
what should you get rid of in your pasture so the horse does not get sick?
What is HPV exactly and how common is it?
blood pressure is 126/77 but my pulse presure is 91 to 96. Is this somthing that iI should be concerned abou?
why is it important for the heart to pump the same volume of blood during each contraction??
Nerves and Blood Pressure?
i have problems with my heart?
EKG? Im 22 and have had mild heart pains. Ive experience things like this in the past and had my heart checked?
i am 16 can i have high blood pressure?
Could my fast heart rate cause this?
Has anyone had pain from pacer wires left in after open heart surgery?
Was the InSync Maximo defibrillator implant serial# PRL118521H model# 7303 recalled?
what is resadenosine--i know it has to do with a myoview stress test. thanks for your help?
Questions about possible blood clot?
what is cardiac Block? Im very curious about it.?
When the right atrium is contracting, is the pulmonary semilunar valve opened or closed?
I'm a 16 year old high school football/lax player. can I play without a problem if my blood pressure drops?
How does such a drug help lower blood pressure?
Gastric leads to head reeling n nervousness?pls advise?
where to go to take my blood pressure... or good brand to buy a monitor?
Really fast heart rate for no reason?
had a stint put in leg now foot has tingling in it?
i'm medically unable to work can my step-daughter claim me as dependant?
my heart rate is 80 per min and blood pressure is 80/50 what is my health condition want to know?
What could be wrong with my kidneys? ?
What is angina and how is it different from a heart attack?
How good/bad is this blood pressure for a 17 year old?
smoking ? please help?
do these semi-rimless frames make me look a bit old fashion? they are dark brown but I normally wear black?
which frames look better on me?
is it normal for your stomach to twitch?
When would be the best time to go in for my medical marijuana card?
Help I don't know whats wrong with me!?
chantix...the wonder drug?
Does melatonin cause hair growth?
Can crying physically harm a person?
painful stomach and back pains...?
I'm not sleeping well on the mattress. I tried another one, but it doesn't work. Why?
Is this a nasal drainage problem or what need to know help?
How long would a baby line of cocaine stay in system?
What drugs are there that are not harmful?
Wierd feeling in stomach?
anyone know the reason why or how your feet shrink?
Should I see a doctor with these symptoms?
My voice sounds crackly when i talk at a lower pitch. HELP!?
how to make swelling go down in two days?
Head injury-- doctors, same experience?
Been working out for 2 months now but for the past week a muscle near my bicep & elbow has been twitching.?
My 2nd toe from the largest toe on my left foot hurts.?
Doing research for a book:what does it mean if you have a puncture wound and black,sticky blood is coming out?
Can A Slipped Disc (Herniated Disk) make the body look deformed?
Should I be concerned about a bruise I got 2 months ago after getting hit w/a softball in the mid thigh area?
Should I continue to wear a bandaid if my popped blister has closed up?
Is Sonia Sotomayor still wearing a cast on her broken ankle?
I just fell really bad on my knee?
What do i do if a chunk of my skin was ripped off while i was shaving?
I have this sore on top of my head and it hurts when i touch it but no sign of a bruise or cut?
my shoulder keeps popping out when i play sports?
do you think we will have to wear masks in england soon to protect against swine flu?
Can you treat hypertension?
I'm not panicking, but... swine flu?!?
Please help me with this glasses problem?
Estimate of the cost on inpatient treatment per day at peachford hospital in atlanta, georgia?
has anyone used the medicine antabuse?
Everything spins when I try to sleep, eyes twitch, migraines?
i went to florida for the first time, swam in the ocean now i am weirdly sick?
Will this plan work out?
OD on Simply Sleep Help?
Annoying feeling in corner of right eye, right crease of right fingernail...?
I know this is gross but oh well...?
I need to find a Good Family Doctor?
How do I find my Power number for contact lenses?
Swollen Gland in my mouth... maybe?
How do I know if I have herd?
wondering if 5yo's eardrum ruptured in sleep? burst busted?
Can adderall make a bladder infection worse?
Is 3 1/2 months long enough without alcohol to pass DVLA medical?
do magnetic bracelets help to treat arthritis?
I take over the counter sleeping pills and like what they do to me anyone else?
How do you burn aromatherapy oils in a burner?
Silymarin - how much should you take per day for a sluggish liver?
can u practise yr daily reiki healing when u got your period/menses?
Is Bonjela good for treating..................?
Why do so many drug questions get filtered to Alternative Medicine?
Do marijuana pipes waste smoke?
what is the normal limit of concentration of glucose in blood plasma?
had my thyroid gland removed 6 months on no medication?
diabetic alcohol drinkerts problems?
from glucose to other food molecules?
What happens in a glucose tolerance test and how would the results of someone without diabetes differ to .....?
Should My Mom Try Colonix Colon Cleanser??? Giving Thumbs Up For Honest Answers?
Is there an alternative to injections?
Alternative remedies for lymph problems?
Can pills stop working like getting immune to them?
does anyone know if side effects of silver hydrosol include splitting headaches?
Reflexology Charts - downloadable?
Can you buy Advil PM from UK phamarcies?
Has anyone experienced rolfing?
Valium Here?
anyone have any experience of pioglitazone hydrochloride tablets?
Where can I find Sun Ancon Chi Machine In the UK?
What are the pathways that glucose takes to get to the big toe?
Can you change doctors just to get higher up a waiting list?
Need help with science homework?
Anybody know about a alternative tablet for ear discharging?
Im getting acupuncture today?
Any health center in UK/Europe to integrate Ayurveda to treat leuekmia?
Query about Type 2 Diabetes?
why it might lead to inaccuracies to use 12%glucose solution followed by 2% glucose solution in benedict test?
Weakness in the mornings? What could be wrong?
medication administration and storage?
What are the signs and symptoms?
how many people give blood in the uk?
my grandfather had diabetes, but noone else from my dads or my generation has it, what are my odds?
Why did I only get 1/2 a mark for this answer?
what are electrolytes and case scenario?
Does my 1 yr old have an allergy?
Question about an Allergy to Zoloft
I'd like to thank you guy's for the answer to my allergy question, now heres another one, ?
Could I be allergic to my rabbit?
Atarax (sp) is that the medication like benedryl?
Do i have Allergies or not?
Is this an allergic corn syrup reaction or what?
Asthma worsening, difficulty breathing! Help please!?
what should i do about having chest phlegm for almost 6 months?
Hearing loss dysphagia and mild fatigue. After having a throat infection?
Help!! My 8 year old nephew has suddenly lossed vision in one eye!?
Is hearing loss from antispychotics usually permanent?
Having difficulty breathing?
why do people snore ?
Whats happening to me, Hurry please!?
What does it mean if I cough up mucus every day for a little over a year and cough a ton and cant breathe?
Night sweats, mild fever, sore throat, mucus build-up, and swollen tongue. What's wrong with me?
Bartholin's abscess help?
is it harmless to have blood in my stool?
statins for cholesterol?
Where can I put a 49 year old with early onset alzheimer's disease and many more ailments? He is 74. help?
What would happen if a dialysis machice breaks and its contents become more dilute than the blood it is filter?
Army + Costochondritis, Scoliosis and Migraines?!?
does caffeine interferer with synthroid or the thyroid?
What does your heartbeat feel like when you feel your chest?
i have bump under my jaw bone is this bad?
Is this bronchitis or pneumonia?
how do you get through a lifetime disease?
I have a drug test in 1 day Ive drank tons of water what else will help?
My step-son has a bloody nose and temp of 101 +?
how can i get sick by tomorrow morning even tonight?
is fresh air good for a sore throat / cough?
cure for acid reflux?
Do I have some condition I should be worried about?
I had been smoking for a total of 1 year, I started in June 2008 and smoked little?
i swear i have asthma?
Is my girlfriend dying?
whats the best way to get healthier all over? i have a problem with rapid heartbeat..i use no caffine at all?
Which air purifier is best at reducing pollen levels?
I am going away for treatment. What am I supposed to tell people?
I keep waking up in the morning to find out I'm sweating and cold, why is this?
how to contact schering drug company?
SENIOR PROJECT HELP - Cystic Fibrosis?
what are the chances of myself,husband and daughter lupus like symptoms!?
How do you know if you have a kdney stone?
Urgent: Friend thinking about suicide?
how can you tell if you have bi polar?
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with me?
I never grew up emotionally?
Has anyone ever been helped by psychiatry? I always hear people say stuff like "get help" but I'm skeptical?
I'm terrified of the freeway...and driving anywhere I'm not used to, is this weird?
how do i approach this to my parents?
How can I make my mother understand my social anxiety?
what do you do when youve lost your motivation?
Anxiety/Panic Attacks...please help?
I need someone's help.?
please tell me what to do im begging here.?
my wife has started to have panic attacks and been down since hearing our daughter is pregnant will they stop?
How can I get over this depression?
Emotional abuse help!?
Is something wrong with me?
what could i be having?
Rt or Lt heart failure ,which can lead to death faster ?
heart beping fast help help?
i had a carotid artery redone in december 07 now i find out it is tightening where it was patched.what could?
Can you have a heart attack from using cocaine or Ecstasy 1 or 2 days AFTER using???r=1252702096?
Ehlers Danlos Awarenss Month May 09, who knew?
What are the lipid profile V58-69 for?
Heart Troubles And Sharp Pains?
what is atheloscelorosis?
I have weird pains in my chest around my heart. What could this be?
im having some chest pains?
term ballooning out sac like formation on the wall of an artery?
How do the valves conrtrol the flow of blood through the heart?
Why does my stomach keep bubbling and hurting so much?
My heart rate went up to 160 after 4min on treadmill during stress test.they did not increase speed or grade ?
what are the chances of recovering from open heart surgery if you are still in ICU two months after the surger?
My heart and the uncertainties?
Do I have heart problems?
will i grow any taller?
circulatory problems is referred to as lifestyle diseases. How does lifestyle people choose affect society?
what are the long term effects of myocardial damage in the right atrium?
Smoking versus Patch Blood Pressure?
Why is my heart beat so fast?
Medical question??? ?
Where can I order medical latex gloves for someone with missing digits? ?
I took xanax for the 1st time today how long till my system is clean i have a drug test coming up?
someone tell me what's wrong with me?
I want to know if I have anemia? please help?
I need to interview a pharmacist/doctor/nurse! If you are one, can you help me?
does you heartbeat faster when you listen to music?
Why did my heart rate speed up in my sleep?
Is Angina a life-threatning symptom of a Coronary Artery Disease?
why am i never hungry?
I have a lump underneath my skin.?
How when I'm half-up, I move my legs and feet non stop?
Constant Body Aches and Head Tension.?
Liver = left or right side of body?
Narcotics are pain killing drugs?
knee, petella tendon.?
I get a headache at least everyday if not more. What can i do?
I'm really feeling terrible, any help?
i have a patch in the middle of my tongue.?
I have a lump on the back of my leg?
i have been walking for 13 months why am i still stiff and why are my hip joints aching?
Does anybody know anything about the fixed medic position from Triple Canopy?
am in pain cos my wisdom tooth is growing on the right side of my mouth n is swollen i cant open my mouth what?
I have a Sore thigh but i haven't hurt or slept on it and it hurts to move my leg forward?
My body hurts from too much stress. Help.?
can u does from taking 200 tylenol pm and 50 regular strengths and 20 tramadol?
what is something you can do for your tendons?
Are my dreams destroyed now?
Anyone know if HGH can help heal Sciatic Pain?
I switched from my painkillers to ibproufen and?
My side hurts and its a sharp pain?
Why does my hip/waist hurt if i jog for many laps?
where is the c6 vertebra located?
i have nueropathy - what helps tryed topical treatments pain relievers more sleep all to no avail!?
my head has been hurting all day what should i do?
I was wondering is having your gullbladder out a big surgery deal?
anyone know where i can get a good deal on some glasses?
i have a pain behind me eye?
Scared...weird thing happening with my eyes...?
spinal nerve question?
Do you know someone that had swine flu?
What's the best treatment for Eczema?
systolic and diastolic which is the more important reading mine currently?
all that is neaded burning to happend?
Herpes Virus and Hepitie Virus?!?
Where's the best place online to buy Mylicon in bulk cheap?
Are there over the counter drugs for anxiety?
what does IU stand for in nutrients?
I need some advice on viatimins!?
What's wrong with me?
Are tea cigarettes ok?
How is Phentermine suppose to make you feel?
Dizziness and then trouble seeing?
What is going on?!?!?!?
How to put someone to sleep instantly?
What am I sick with? I have been sick since Thanksgiving.?
Pain In Stomach While Exercising?
I have recently been sleeping late. How do I get back on track to my normal schedule?
How to increase my growth potential while in a growth spurt?
What can I use as a replacement for an o ring on 0g plugs?
Can you take Sudafed while taking a Zpak?
What sickness do I have?
How much of a substance do you have to ingest before calling poison control?
Is it possible to pick up intimite nasties from linen in hotels? ie to make down below itch??
my lips are crusty sore and cracked?
How do you get rid of veins from the thigh area?
How To get rid of scratching from eczema in hair?
boyfrind has has crusty heels?
Eczema troubles :(?
skin conditions..psoriasis/exzema?
how do i get rid of my cold sore?
Dry Skin??? HELP me plzzz?
Hi, my 15 month old boy has a large red patch on his face, does anyone know what it is?
could this be dangerous...........?
Will there be cure for psoriasis in the near future?
Armpit Infection?
Worried About A Mole On Private Area?
how do you get rid of acne?
i have VERY greasy skin, help me please?
How do I rid of Dermatitis on my hand?
My cornhole keeps constantly itching. What should i do about it?
I sweat all day ,even on cold days i sweat .i sweat more on right armpit.what can cure this ?
If I have a family history of thyroid problems and want to get it checked, does my GP do it?
How serious can leukopenia be in an eight year old?
SOre Lump on left breast!?
Do anorexics vomit if they eat?
there's some type of lump under my chin inside?
Blood Coming out of mouth?
I have lost atleast 20 pounds in the last month... I keep checking my weight every day and I noticed that in?
this doesn't happen, every time but almost?
Anyone had any bad reactions to the pneumonia jab?
should kids be diagnosed for disorders the same way as adults?
Water in my ear...and my head?
how is nasal hair a barrier to disease?
If experiencing rectal bleeding should i seak immidiate medical attention?
can a doctor tell you if you are suffering from bulimia?
Can someone make a list of the fasting blood tests there is: be specific?
Is peripheral vascular disease also known as hypertention?
Why do I become sick after eating meat?
Woman with progressive neuromuscular disease plus an ileostomy wants the pro's and cons of a PEG feeding tube?
What causes high IgE levels?
Has your chronic illness made you a better person?
What could this wierd medical condition be?
Why does the bottom lid of my right eye twitch?
Why are my fingers and toes always so cold?
What do you think could be wrong with my mouth?
hit someone and they fall asleep?
I'm 21 and have two health insurance policies. Which is primary?
what should i take for a could ?
Can i take glucosamine at 16 years old?
Getting new health insurance policy?
Why do my knee's constantly hurt and crack?
A nurse is teaching a pt. w periferal vascular disease on footcare, what wld B a correct learning objective?
Having troubles with chronic indigestion?
why is is bad to stop taking anti-depressants right away?
Blood pressure was really high...please help?
What could be causing my chest discomfort?
I am allergic to some moisturizers but not to others... Any ideas?
Is this allergies, or something more?
hives cure please help?
where can i find wp30 water pik with the nasal irrigator.?
What should i do about gaging up phelm that is chunky in back of my throat?
im i allergic chlorine?
I am looking for informations about viruses in traditional medicine like ayurveda and others.thanks?
how does one switch from blood pressure medicine to nattokinase safely?
Say i take excess of...?
What is Liver Qi Stagnation?
Librium What Are They For Help Me??
what is happening?
How can I combat this depression?
anxiety attacks?
when you are self abusive & depressed, do you feel dead?
Hypnotherapy Query..........................?
How long does it take for 5HTP to settle down?
Is Reiki, Acupuncture or Massage avaiable on the NHS?
How do i help my friend who wants to self harm?
home remedies which actually work for????....?
anyone have had Brain State Optimization?
How can you gain more self confidence?
Is this a possible learning disability?
Can anybody help me feel better?
Why do i worry SO MUCH.. am I anxious....HELP ME STOP?
What is bipolar disorder?
I am dealing with a very high level of anxiety what are some things to do to relax?
whats stopping me from taking these pills? i need help?
I think I may be insane. Am I?
how to burnout a joint?
They say when you're Depressed, you should?
how ia kava kava root powder taken?
Are you going insane if you feel you are?
what does a body wrap really do,and what are the do's and dont's before and after?
can you buy "ma muang" in chinese herbal shops in england?
what do you do when you are taking care of your sis when she is sick?
Help I'm afraid to sleep.?
depression please help me!!!!!!!!!?
i need lists of filipino cardiologists practising chelation therapy?
where can i buy white powder of gold in the uk?
how do i cure my anxiety?
what is safest anti depressant on the market.?
Are these feelings normal, or symptoms to something?
im on penicillin for tonsillitis. can i take paracetamol at the same time?
Should I go to ER? What do you think is wrong?
can you still lose weight while taking Xeristar 30mg?
What Causes Cholesterol , Sugar & High,Low BP ??? The COmplete INformation On How It Happens ?
Cough Syrup without sugar or sweeteners?
Is symlin available in the uk?
thanks violet p.my husband has systemic sarcoidosis,he is 66, it was found 8 yre ago ,sarcoid level 73?
What are the physical effects of type two diabetes?
How do you make a Bread Soda and Salt Poultice?
is it okay for type1 diabetics to use weight gain?
Guidelines that must be followed when planning meals for patients who are convalescing from major surgery?
what ingiedients in fast svelte strips?
york test question?
When is the best time to get an accurate reading for?
Can diabetics adopt in uk?
Is there anyway you can get your GGT levels in your blood down, any advice or know of any help info?
how support for defing an overall vision?
mi sister albumin is in level 2 how bad is this?
Is RS a good A Level to take if you want to do medicine?
Anybody taking Climagest?
my ESRnis 78 and CRP is 23 pls give he details?
A blood test has just revealed that I have a low fasting sugar glycaemia, and an abnormal (low) thyroid?
Can frequent blood loss cause lack of apppetite?
will i gain weight on tapazole?
what is the best time for inject insulin?
HELP!!! I just ate some expired Yogurt!?
what to do when wasp stings?
Got a splinter...ouch...how do I prevent infection?
if you stare at a cut would you be able to see the scab form?
how to treat a toe with no nail?
What is a salt and ice burn?
I hit my eyebrow piercing hard now its bleeding, what should i do? please help!!?
How to prevent mosquito bites without insect repellent?
what is peroxide for?
i got 7 stitches on my hand last night , how long will i have to have them ?
Something stung.pierced me on the side of my foot while walking, what is it?
How do you get a little bug out of your ear?
I think, small piece of glass is stuck in my finger three weeks ago ; now its paining..plz help?
can you buy eurax in Atlantic Canada?
spider bites what kind of lab exams do I need in order to know if I am bitten by spider?
plz plz help!!! im really worried about my lungs and my breathing.. i have ben smoking for 6 years.. and i had?
My husband has been diagnosed with COPD. What is the best enviroment to live in for COPD and what Stat is ther?
what do you think is wrong with me? is it serious?
sweating after tb jab?
My mom has hypothyroid disease... HELP!?
If I'm a Chronic smoker and I quit for 65 days and then smoke one night heavy how long till I'm clean?
in what hospital happened?
Can breathing in rush and max impact effect someone if they have asthma?
How do you pack chewing tobacco?
I Feel like i'm the only one thats going through throat/ear/sinus infection and have a weird smell in my mouth?
can you move if theres mold in your rental home and your children have asthma?
how long does it take to get asthma steroids out of your system?
Am i sick.....................?
could I have a collapsed lung?
Can a Vicks Vaporizer be used as a humidifier?
Can prednisone be causing my constipation?
I want to become a chiropractor but have no idea how to get there? help please!?
ANY ONE KNOW anything about Lumber spondylosis M.R.I Result its so confusing?
My Arm is messed up, Help?
i just took two 500 mg vicodin, and 3 triazolam will this put my to bed or make me hallucinate first?
Almost my whole life, I have to take deep breath's or else I couldn't breathe....?
Please help? Pancresea pain, around my ribs.?
my foot hurts :,( its some thing with the muscles or something..?
Why do my teeth hurt?
Abdomen pain. Serious or not?
I think the marijauna i had was laced?
What does aching joints or sore muscles mean?
Can you throw up from pain?
Why does my leg muscel hurt?
Sciatica, getting worse Leg gave out what should i do?
Can you figure out my diagnostic?
What are some good stretches for my feet/arches to reduce pain?
How can I get rid of knuckle pain ?
i get pains at the bottom of my shins and my heels what causes this?
My right heel hurts very bad,this is twice in 6 month's after a week it is hurting all time .?
Strange pain in my left ear?
Financial help for hiv ?
how long after being exposed to HIV should I get tested?
One leg shorter than the other?
How can I stop my Pica?
Why does the blond-born childrens' hair usually grow darker as they get older?
Whar can cause my nose to itch and tickle non stop?
with these symptoms what could it be? im worried and i feel so bad?
Bad high on weed hel[p?
liver problem (Medication help)?
I am always moving a body part?
How long does it take a torn abdominal wall to heal?
I lack alot of sleep.?
if n boys and n girls sit along a line alternately in x ways and along a circle in y ways such that x=12y the?
I am really scared! Please help?
I've nvr smoked pot if I do now how long will it take to get out of my system?
Could the anaphylaxis come back?
A lot of diarrhea but no pain?
can i smoke a cig and take midol?
Will I be drug tested for a yearly routine physical examination?
very strange heart sensation during dream
What could this chest pain be?
can ldl be too low mine is 57 my hdl is 37?
neck pain triggered by cold?
blood pressure to low white outs ears? dizzyness...?
my blood pressure 154/98 what is this!!!?
Why do people with lower total cholesterol have shorter lifespans?
CPR questions........?
I feel my heart beat really strong a few times a day.?
which one is better to get a defibulator or heart transplant?
what type of financial help can i receive if i have a heart condition (psvt)?
k well i had major chest pain check it out could it have been an heart attack?
what are some internal risk factors for heart attacks?
I felt like my heart was going to stop.?
stress test question..what is a q t?
Why would my resting heart rate be so high?
what is not accounted for, or readily seen in the EKG of the heart?
Where can I find a website with a ...?
for a poikilotherm, what would be the effect of lowered environmental techniques on the heart rate?
When being scared...?
Extreme Loss Of Apitite...HELP!!!?
How long does it generally take for prostate cancer to kill you ?
Can breast cancer spread and kill you?
Someone Suggested i may be anaemic.What Does this Mean?
i have a problem under my eye (i had an accident) :(?
open wound on bottom of foot?
I have a sharp pain in my knees?
is intermittent or static (ie 20 minutes extension held at 18 pounds) traction better for whiplash treatment?
Right shoulder problems, please help?
I am a singer on a professional level and i have been having inner nose problems.?
It is 2:57 AM and i couldn't fall asleep but as i was laying down i started to feel a bump on my upper lip?
Is my jaw broken or bruise?
my fake and real nails got ripped off during a fight?
Im worried about infection.?
Windpipe problem, is is serious?
Scar Revision question ?
do i have a broken knuckle?
Wrist still hurting more than a month later?
How much do Acuve contact lenses cost?
What is the best Perscription Anti-persperant? Is there one in an Aresol Spray?
I was scratched by my cat and now my hand keeps twitching. Any ideas what could be wrong?
bleeding out cold blood?
What does this test result mean?
Way to deodorize smelly shoes?
My face just broke out way bad. What should I do?
If i have to take aderall rx? how do i avoid becoming addicted?
I only got 3 hours of sleep! will it affect me?
what kind of tools do they use when they cauterize your nose.?
does the breath right strips really work ?
Is it unhealthy to hold in your urine?
USA - healthcare for the uninsured?
hi guys,tell me about this hernia?
Are there any relaxation techniques WHILE you are stressed like in a debate to stop your face from twitching?
Scared that I might die from insomnia?
what would happen if you boiled cigarettes?
How to get rid of bruising?
whats the best way to get rid of open pores?
Blisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can i reduce and prevent them?
i have both oily and dry skin on my face...what kind of products should i use?
My 7 year olds TSH level came back as non existent what does that mean?
lump under my tongue?
blackheads :( ? ?
I have a protrusion that extends from my middle. Should I consult my doctor?
i found a light pink pill on the floor at my friends and it was round with a heart imprint on it is it extacy?
What's the best way to deal with a burn?
Help im getting spots.-How do i get rid of them?
black hands?
I have had acne for 4 years now, and dealt with it...?
if i go to the doctors about my verrucas can they remove them on the same day or?
Dry skin at the corner of my mouth?
how to get rid of red stretch marks?
Further to my question about trying to get rid of love bite type bruises?
Wierd spots all over my body, Any info or ever heard of them?
Are there any long-term effects or risks from working in cold/freezing temperatures?
Will i need surgery if this problem persists?
think i might have laryngitis?
how many times should you bath?
what foods can help you loose weight.?
Indirect and Direct coombs test?