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Is Activia really better then regular yogurts, or it is only commercial?
How can I lose belly fat without losing too much weight?
How can I reduce belly fat without running?
How do I jog properly?
How do i get rid of my bad odor in my armpit?
how do i get rid of peeling skin?
What can i do to stop breaking out?
What's the cause of CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome)?
Last Night A small black bug crawled inside my ear....?
Back Hurting ????????????//?
How do i make Hic-Ups Stop!!?
Why do i feel so weak?
Why do people who smoke pot , also smoke cigarettes?
I can't swallow food! Help I'm scared?
how can i get rid of acne scars?
Where is the weirdest place you have a mole?
Do cold hands have anything to do with anxiety?
im frealing out!!!! i tryed to take my contact out and it got messed up and lost in my eye?
What does it mean if you have a pink dot in your eye?
Question about glasses?
Does Anyone know why I am unable to see 3D, for example with 3D glasses at Avatar?
Is it safe to do laser operation on eyes?
I'm Not Feeling Good, But Why Does The Side of My Neck Hurt Just Behind My Ear?
How can i get rid of cystic acne bruises?
How to deal with the death of a parent ?
a question about prozack??? please.?
how to prevent and treat chikun gunia?
Do you have to take an ACT to become a massage therapist????
Does the herb Damiana contain THC?
anyone done an at home colon cleanse?
how do i get rid of my pin pols that just wont go owe please help me?
home remedies for shivering, and chill feeeling?
what is the best medicine for chronic ulcers?
I want to work with Children with Cancer?
Is leukemia rare and is it hereditary?
What's the youngest case of Hodgkins Lymphoma?
Every time when I have to defecate, I seem to urinate also. Anyone know why? Or what it's called?
What would cause your colon to become inflamed?
wat r the affects of drinking too much water?
what do you think of her?
What exactly is Bells Palsy?
Do you think...?
Could I still have symptom's? doctors?
do i have lyme disease?
How do i stop a nervous tick?
hwta if we didnt have noses, but we breathed through our ears?!?!?
If I had fuild in my lungs would I run a fever or not?
Could i have something wrong with my head?
Do drinks get your metabolism going, or does it have to be something digestible? Lol?
Can i steadily lose 25 lbs a month for 2 months?
Is it okay to eat pizza when you are on a diet?
what foods contain a lot of carbs?
Help i need to get taller please!?
Is it good to live off Soup?
finger hurts now after piano lesson...?
I drank milk & I got a sharp pain ?
Over the last year, I've been attacked a total of five times by a mosquito in my room?
for what reason was it you got a cut last?
Are paramedics/EMTs allowed to gossip about a call?
A bee stung me on my lip!!!?
How many unfinished projects do you have?
How to get rid of and clear up back acne zits ?
I tan frequrntly indoors and have a white circle that wont tan?
I am 18 i want to get Rid of my stretch marks?
What is a home remedy to get rid of blackheads?
How does the skin that has been sun burned stay warm days after it happened?
Do E- Cigaretts really work?
if lymph nodes are involved on a papillary thyroid cancer, can it be spread to stomach?
Is there such thing as an allergy reversal?
can anyone tell me about "FENG SHUT"? and how does it work.?
why does my lower stomach stick out?
How to not wake up so tired?
can you overdose on cough drops?
HELP. Nausea.?
Do you think it is unethical for pharmacies to sell cigarettes and tobacco and alcohol.?
How can you stop the swelling from wisdom teeth removal?
braces with oral surgery?
What is the most effective teeth whitener strips?
is 14 years old to young to use crest whiting strips?
Receding gums and braces?
I always wanted a body like Britney Spears what is her daily routine in keeping fit and what is her diet plan.
what do you consider to be fat?
what are some diets that are will help me bring down body fat so it will help me work on cardio?
If I only drank water for a day would i loose weight?
I am in love with a fictional character, and I'm depressed. Help?
Can you be in love and be depressed?
911 Help I have a huge zit!?
Is there a remedy or cure for Seborric Dermatitis. Itching, scabby, scalp!!?
What are the these odd white spots on the face ?
Heat rash treatments???
How do you get blackheads off you back?
What color contacts would I get for my eyes to be this color?
I guess its a hallucination, but I see my glasses on my face when they are not.?
I want contacts just to change my eye color. How can i get contacts with no prescription? Where do i get them?
Does wearing glasses make your eysight worse?
why do pinhole glasses work for everyone, no matter how bad their eyes are?
guys plzz help me............i m suffering from.....?
Spasm on both temples for the past year, spreading through body, doctors ignore me, any ideas please?
Do I have a weak immune system?
If you survived omphalocoele are you considered to be very lucky?
Final stage of Kidney Failure?
Generally will Dr's do permanent sterilzation on a women under 25?
What's the most irritating health myth?
What household items will get u high?(serious answers)?
i took a laxative and it helped rid of my acne?
my black son is turning white?!?
Why do I sweat????????????
what acne fighter do you recommend besides proactive? that really clears your skin?
What is the purest dark chocolate out there?
Why is it since I started walking more....I wear clothes that are two to three sizes smaller but....?
Why are we tired after we wake up?
How to relieve burn pain?
What is a homeopathic treatment for milk protein allergy that causes coughing and acne?
Is Mangosteen Juice effective against Gonnorhea and Hepatitis B?
Homeopathy for allergies?
pain under left breast/rib when coughing/speaking, been there about three days now?
severe asthma and medicine seems not to be working, dying?
Shortness of Breath High blood pressure?
i had a panic attack last night and my chest still feels tight?
How do i stop my vision from getting worse?
Should I wear eyeglasses all the time or can I remove it if I don't actually need it?
How long can I maintain colored contacts?
Is Myopia the same as Astigmatism?
Lasik Eye Surgery Safe?
Worried about my increasingly deteriorating vision?
HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME!!!!!!PLEASEEEEe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Strange Hair...Really Strange. Anyone know?
my feet stink? What do I do?
Will cops be first to get swine flu vaccine?
Why do I have this leg pain when I didn't do anything?
what would you say to me if I said I work with rats and monkeys?
why do I care so much what other people will think about me?
Is anyone else sick of the Acai berry advertisers?
Having some throat problems, cancer maybe?
How did you find out you had leukemia?
I want to buy a hookah; questions about tobacco free shisha?
How do you cure stinky...
Help ive got blackheads does anybody know how to get rid of them like any tricks or home remdies ?
on what skin tone does hyperpigmentation easily heal?
i can't stop eating my fingernails. what can i do?
How much does mederma cost at walmart?
I'm always afraid?
Where can someone buy 1 pair of shoes in 2 different shoe sizes?
True or false: Olive oil and corn oil can become carcinogenic/cancer causing when used to fry food?
How to fall asleep?
marijuana? system? probation? help! if you know alot about weed.?
If smoking pot isn't bad for you, then why are all my friends (who are potheads) morons?
I've lost my voice, how can I get it back by tomorrow?
Antidote for a bee sting?
OMG A house centipede BIT MY ARM?
Putting blench on poison ivy?
How would I treat bed bug bites?
I HATE odd numbers!!!!!!!?
Where or how, do you get goggles with prescription lenses?
Getting glasses?
What are your opinions on Euthanasia?
Can I use tap water in a Neti pot or does it absolutely have to be distilled? Also is there a limit on how?
I'm a teen, and I want a flatter stomach. Abs. Any help to get the flub away in about 32 days?
after excersizing, or even just WALKING my fingers swell up?!?
Rash? Allergy? Or what...?
My mom has really bad allergies,please help?
i just sprained my ankle and i feel like i am gonna throw up?
Should My Doctor Have Said This To Me?
I had a kidney transplant from a live donor who got stomach cancer about a year later, now 3 years post?
What is worse cancer or MS or are they about the same?
Chemo Brain.........?
What nation has the best anti cancer treatments in the world?
How can I learn to love myself and accept myself the way I am?
Bi-Polar -Hey can you please take this quiz and let me know what you got?
I'm terrified of the dark still...help!!?
What are some reasons on why a person Should not be an organ doner?
Bugbite helppp!?
What can i do to take away all the itching?
How do you get a double chin?
Does anybody know when they're going to start putting the GHB back in Aquadots?
GET HEALTHY! i would like some tips :]?
Is there any way to lose weight without starving yourself and killing yourself exercising?
What are the best excersises to make my belly go down?
Plastic Surgeon in New York?
Does it bother you that there are so many 13 year olds obsessing about their bodies...?
how to lose the fat in thighs and legs?
What causes floaters in the eye?
What happens if you wear contacts that are a stronger prescription than what you should be (by appox. 1.25)?
how do i calculate the 20/X if my prescription is for a -5.75.?
Scared about my contacts?
how can i make the veins in my arms stand out?
After playing about 6 hours of basketball I threw up just green liquid that I didn't drink?
How do i get my hand to stop shaking?
Are carrots good for your eyesight ,and why are they known for this attribute ?
clear flawless skin?
Where do pediatric hematologists/oncologists work?
do you think i have pancreatic cancer?
can stage 4 liver cancer cause you to retain fluid? acites?
how can u stop hiccups?
Is it true that you should drink room temperature water?
I bit inside of my cheek and its not healing, its a chunck as big as a pumpkin seed, what should I put on it?
Are you an inny or an outty?
what would you sujest i do for constipation?
Since I won't do what my doctor says...?
how can i be a bulimic or throw up voluntarily? i have to be thin in 2 weeks.?
I'm so guilty right now?
everyone calls me anorexic...& i want to gain weight...but how?
If I'm hungry, should I eat now?
14 year old help with diet?
What should I eat today...I'm going on a diet ?
FAT! FAT! FAT! What do you think?
Thinking of going to the doctor, should I?
Has anyone tried a DAN! doctor to treat their childs autism?
Does anyone know what these symptoms could be?
I think I'm going to throw up?
i was diagnosed with a sever case of acute pancreatitis on sept 2nd, why is my pancreas still swollen today?
Loosing Insurance while in the end stages of throat cancer ?
carcinogens and cigarettes..?
can you get skin cancer if you draw pen or marker marks on your body, for exampls, just your WHOLE entire hand
what are the chances of breast cancer recurrence?
How to loose weight?
Viswiss- Does it work??
How can I lose like 15 pounds in a couple weeks without diet pills? Please tell me.?
Do you have a wise-crack for my embarrassing NAKED hospital moment?
yoga ?
does anyone know anything about the risks of anorexia and bulimia?
what is your daily routine?
What are the Top Ten Inspiring Things to Tell a Woman to Hit the Gym?
i want abs! ?
A question regarding sinusitis.?
Side Effects of Quitting Smoking?
Sore bug bites??
how does a blister form?
how to help burnt tongue?
How do a make a sunburn fade?
help...curling iorn burn?
Does pen ink get rid of bug bites?
I just got contacts yesterday and I'm dizzy, have nausea, and almost fainting when I work out.?
What's wrong with my contacts?
if you glued your fingers together?
DR. Advice ASAP! Brain to eye injury?
My jaw clicks and the muscle locks, it's really starting to scare me.?
How long does a dislocated shoulder take to heal?
I think I'm allergic to coffee... I start having constant panic attacks. Does anyone have the same symptoms?
Is St. John's Wort effective for depression?
Does This MAKE ANY SENSE At All?
What's the best way to relax & free your mind?
My mind is awake but my body is asleep?
My white blood cell counts too high, I think I'm getting sick...?
What are some natural ways to cure the body of illness?
What's the best/easiest way to use comfrey for skin ? ?
What was the anti aging product Dr oz recommended on opra?
which is a better natural sleep aid? melatonin or Valerian?
omg.. I'M A FAT COW!?
does anyone out there have a diet plan to flatten my stomach and exercises to have a visible abs?
How to get 6 pack abs in 2 months at home?
Is it okay to go to bed when you are hungry?
Can anyone point me in the direction of a free weight-loss blogging website with many active users?
I am so freakin' hungry! Can you get my mind off of food?
What is the fastest weight loss method?
How much truth is there to what this trainer is saying?
If the cure for cancer is found, will people be able to smoke without consequence?
can you get skin cancer by writing on your hand?
poison helppppp mee pleasee!?
What is the best way to avoid getting glasses?
I'm going for a sleep study what is it like?
Why is a 'free clinic' free?
How lomg does a torn ACL take to heal?
Whats the best way to tell if somebody is lying?
Why do I feel this way everymorning?
im addicted...?
Whats the best way to give up smoking?
why do people yawn?
I am taking a drug test in one week what can clean weed out of my system?
How to cure a sunburn?
I sweat way too much under my armpits how can I stop this?
how do i thin out my thighs?
I don't eat anything all day, then have 1400 or 1500 cals..?
Will I loose weight? ANSWERR FASTTT ;]?
Acai berry gives you ulcers, don't buy?
Why is it that nagging from my wife seemed so much more tolerable 15 years and 100 pounds ago?
Is it better that I eat my cupcake before or after my workout?
What exercises can help you lose weight and tone your stomach and love handles?
i need help purchasing a continuous postive airway pressure (epap) device and humidifier, for my asthma ruth?
What kind of juice is good for acne?
Should I do the right thing and keep taking my pills or give in to the curiousity?
Please explain this?
Has your accent ever changed with you mood, is this a symptom of something larger?
Do autistic children have a certain attachment to people?
Do you feel depressed? Worried? Have thoughts of suicide or cut? Want to talk about it?
cervical cancer report?
What's the chance of me getting cancer....?
Would you shave your head for someone with cancer?
Cut on my hand every sunday morning at exactly12:25am every week! help please!?
My foot keeps falling off.. help?
I think I cut to deep?
whats the number for 911?
stitches on the head? Just wonering a few things?
Finger nail in throat!?
How do I treat my Ear Piercing Infection?
What is paranormel activty? how can i trigger it?
I got stitches outta my upper lip a little over a week ago, now my wound stings what's that about?
why do i feel so good after eating broccoli?
Another weight loss question :P lol?
What are some ways to stop myself from overeating?
Whats the best way to burn fat?
Is it possible to lose 5-10lbs in 2 weeks?
how much/often...should/do?
How can Get my inner thighs and hips smaller?
Ways to lose weight fast?
Eye Glasses again?
My child was hit in the eye with the wate hose at full blast?
Is it much cheaper to buy contact's some other place than at the dr.s? Or are they about the same price?
i am nervous to go get a phisical and i don't no what they do!?
As it looks like we'll never make it to Nationwide Healthcare in the US--should at least children have this...
Where do they put organs that are taken out?
Why do some people tremble/shake a lot when they are low on energy?
why always i am sad or wanting to be sad it is so frustrating?:)?
What can I do about my feet?
Will you show me your psuedostratified squamous epithelium?
why is breast cancer more important?
How do you make your feet sweat more?
what could it be?
How common is cutting?
Would you be interested in a forum?
Recurring suicidal thoughts?
Is it common to be afraid of getting better if you have severe depression?
How do i cope after i had an abortion?
Are you surrounded by worry, darkness, depression? Want a Blessing?
What to expect for a colonoscopy?
Is drinking 3% hydrogen peroxide harmful?
What Do YOU Do For Sun Burn Relief?
I accidentally ripped off a mole?
Exactly how high of an altitude can a human withstand the atmospheric pressure before lung freezes?
Why do some people heat heroin before using it?
What happens to transition eyeglasses if they were to be exposed to blacklight?
Will putting ice on a zit help the swelling go down and help the redness go away?
Acne Question Please Help?!?
After i have a facial (just a normal/blackhead one from a professional)....?
Melanoma problem??
I hurt my knee on sept. 19th and its still not better what is wrong?
My fingers are turning green ? HELP!?
bruise on my sons back?
hi,please i need some kinda diet plan for diabetics?
[You sneeze that often]?
Breathing Machine for asthma safe?
What has the worst thing happen to you whenever you experience sinus problems? Did it land you in the hospital
Why does Pepto Bismol turn my tongue black???
is this normal for a person to have this happen to them while sleeping?
What is the best thing you can do to get a good nights sleep?
head ache issue? please help?
Using The Computer In The Dark?
How long do you have to wait after getting your eyes dilated to wear contacts?
I have Varilux progressive lenses. If I get Ovation progressive for sunglasses, will I have problems?
Has anyone on here healed from childhood abandonment?
We are the product of millions of years evolution: how come so many of us "go wrong"?
Is it normal to become sad for no reason?
How can I stop using food to comfort myself? I am very emotional and find comfort in food for every emotion.?
allergic to pillow feathers?
What is in my throat...?
I took a 'claritin-24hr' today. 5 hours later, i took abother one by accident.?
Has anyone had an allergic reaction from lemon eucalyptus insect repellant?
What if I have non-controllable risk factors?
what can I write in a card to someone coping with cancer?
Is skin cancer a direct result of pollution, global warming, holes in the ozone or was it an issue before we ?
Household Radiation Bad?
any tips to get a flatter stomach?!?
I am a 14 year old girl and weigh 170 pounds I am overweight and am looking for a way to loose weight?
Fenugreek seeds for losing weight?!?!?
Should i eat before or after i exercise?
creatine vs whey protein?
What vitamins should you take?
When I take a deep breath the back of my throat feels weird?
how bad is 20/40? how can i improve eyesight?
Is it possible that i will go blind?
How fast can I get my new contacts and where?
why when we don't sleep enough but close our eyes all over the night , in morning eyes dont looking slept?
how can i stop snoring?
I keep blacking out today.?
What is liver detoxification?
Eyes have been red for several months?
i was hit in the temple at close range?
How do i cure my groin faster.I waited very long for it to heal over 6months already with no results at all.
my mom has cancer and had to go away for 2 months. i miss her. i will see her but i miss her. any help?
What could be causing my severe abdominal pain and blood in stool?
Does anyone know- can stents be used on obstructions in the ascending colon?
ok weird medical question?
Is skin cancer dangerous? What des it look like?
Can you asking this family history question about cancer?
Can girls have prostate cancer?
Question for thin teenagers that used to be fat.?
Could any suggest a homemade protein shake recipe?
How do i lose love handles fast?
When does unused enery(carbohydrates of calories)in the body be converted into fat?
Why does the human body turn sugar and carbohydrates into fat? And how?
Is 1400 calories a day too much for someone trying to lose weight?
How do psychologists view religious experiences?
Are these feelings normal?
Why is it so hard to make eye contact when I am talking to people? serious answers only please.?
How can I go back to therapy if I'm too afraid to leave the house?
Depression sufferers. What do you do when your mood gets lower than usual?
Has the fear of being inpatient hospitalized ever stopped you from seeking emotional help?
what does it mean when you get hic ups?
How can I get rid of these hic cups?
Is it bad to just stop showing up at work? as a sign of quitting?
can computer screens damage my eye vision?
What are the dangers of having contacts if you don't need them?
Is it possible to have eyes so blue they look slightly purple?
how do i get rid of a boil?
Prilosec and Depression, Anxiety?
I always use my laptop, and I type on my lap ... I'm really worried?
what is the best melanoma awareness site?
How many percent of smokers get cancer ?
what is the superiormost margin of the coxal bone called?
Cancer questions?
can cancer be detected through a blood test?
does the traditional cancer treatment of radiation therapy and chemo work?
i have to wake up in 90 minutes, should i go to sleep?
How long will I be in the hospital after getting my appendix removed?
cold medicine used to get high?
Why am I hearing my pulse in my ear?
where can I buy a cheap treadmill?
What are your best tips for weight loss success?
does the AcaiBurn System really work?
Atkins Diet Who Has Tried It?
Anyone heard any negative comments about Lipozap?
Has anyone ever lost 60 lbs in 6-8 months?
Is the nicotine patch the easier route to quit smoking,and any suggestions on replacing the habit ?
calorie content of sp*nk!?
What brand contacts do you recommend?
How do you get a ring off a swollen finger?
How do you heal a tongue blister? or can you?
URGENT how to treat bee stings!!!!!!!!1?
I have a cold sore that's inside my bottom lip and a fever blister on the end of my tongue,how to get rid of
why do i have to pee so much?
Are there any medicines for Social Phobia?
Am I depressed........?
I'm very scared and I don't know why... why?
Why are so many people depressed?
Why is it that every morning my throat and mouth is itchy and I have to scratch my them?
Why can't I fall asleep at night?
Dizzy, feeling sick & lightheaded.. help :(?
What do you think about gastric bypass surgery? Are you for it, or against it?
what particular brand of L-glutathione pill is the best in skin whitening?
bEd BuGs!!!!!?
Ive got a contageous sickness and my parents still want me to go to school?
My heart......?!?!?
Heart attack or breast pain?
What would happen if someone marijuana every day for six years?
Will I get cancer from my mom's second hand smoke?
The Opening in the cranial cavity though which the spinal cord travels to connect with the brain is called?
What to say to a close friend whose mom died w/in 3weeks of finding out she had cancer? today!idk what to do!?
Why would emotional distress cause cancer?
Sharp pain in back and leg?
Swollen fingers and dull arm pain...?
I Have A Constant Cough Now My Ribs Hurt?
kidney stone problem,,,?
How do I make myself vomit?
how do you become anorexic?
What Types of Foods Do Anorexics Eat?
How to get a hot body fast...?
How to live a healthy lifestyle?
Umm, Im fourteen and I have strech marks and im not over weight i weigh 115 anyone know what to do?
I'm 38 yrs and my doc. just took me off milk.Can someone who has never been lactose into. suddenly get that .?
Help me with my allergies!?
What is the differences between allergies and recurring sinus infections?
Anyone else w/ eye allergies have a problem w/ sclera swelling?
What causes bad circulation?
whats ur biggest fear?
why do my change color a lot?
Eye care professionals only -ocular allergy treatments after PRK?
Help! I wear RGP lenses and I think I may have worn my right contact for too long two days ago. Advice?
Did my friend break her toe and what should she do?
Is bike riding good exercise?
Does your body put on fat during the winter by instinct?
Has anyone ever tried one of those detox/cleanse products from the health food store?
What are you snacking on now?
What are the main reasons you don't exercise enough?
Can doctors correct the fact that i was born without a face?
please solution for anamic?
gettin rid of acne without tha products??????
My son has a little smooth pinkish mark on his hand. Do I worry about this? He's 11&had a it for a long time.
My white blood cell count is always low (2.7) currently. Should I be worried about it?
I'm only 17! could i have cancer?
Can X-rays show cancer?
how can i defeat cancer?
has any cancer patient/survivor ever lost friends or family due to cancer?
chances of getting cancer again?
What to write in a b-day card for a 7 year old boy battling "A.L.L. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia"?
Hip Pain due to flat foot ???
Wow, I found out I have a Big Time Vitamin D Deficiency?
Im starting to feel Depressed?
does anyone need someone to talk to?
Is it safe for my 4 year old to take zoloft?
Who do I contact when I wish to donate an eye whilst alive?
Near-Sighted Glasses: NEED to wear them?
Does anyone know what color Contacts should Asians get from Acuvue 2 Colours?
Visible veins in my sclera?
What does -3 for my contacts/glasses prescription translate into in terms of 20/20?
Which is better? Acuvue with hydraclear for astigmatism or Freshlook Toric for Astigmatism?
Any harmful substances in MONSTER????
Please Help my mom! stroke like sypmtoms, no diagnosis?
Can a kid get heat exhaustion the next day? Or do they have a flu or virus?
What happens if you don't a good night of sleep?
Should I worry about my wisdom teeth?
Do braces give you cuts in your mouth ?
Is there a way to tell if bad breath is due to bad teeth/gums or is it coming from my digestive system?
if you get a brain freeze does putting your thumb on the roof of your mouth stop the brain freeze?
Anyone know how much Invisalign Costs?
stabbing pain on right side of chest?
Why does 'Pain,and Pain Management...?
How to get rid of headache?
Has anyone read the book Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau?
What are the causes and symptoms of mesothelioma?
which is the best herbal medicament for pancreatic cancer?
if you get tiny red dot on your breast does this mean you getting breast cancer??/?
what are the types of colon cancer?
i have hypothyroid and i take synthroid but does that make my metabolism normal? ?
I have a heavy feeling in my upper chest and arms have been to hospital and doctors they have no explations.?
What are the stages of schizophrenia?
is it weird to be attracted to someone eccentric?
How can you tell the difference between hormone imbalance and bi-polar disorder (manic depression)?
Cutting yourself? [4 people who know about it]?
My mom is having suicidal thoughts?
How do you get over embarrassment?
Swollen foot--any advice?
Patellofemoral syndrome and surgery?
what shape is your shin bone (tibia)?
Whats wrong with my finger?
Prostate cancer survival with advanced stages.?
Has anyone had any success with the drug Sunitinib for thyroid cancer?
how do you test for cancer of any kind ???
what resarch is scientists and researchers are doing to find a cure for breast canser?
Cervical cancer?
Is there anyway I can donate my long hair to cancer patients?
How can I sleep more deeply?
how do i keep my eyes in good condition so i don't need glasses?
What kind of surgery can I get for my eyes?
Should I get glasses?
Is there a medicine like Viagra in Homeopathy or Ayurveda ?
My apendix hurts and my parents cant afford to go to the er?
TMJ Help anything I can do?
What is a great workout dvd for at home?
Do vitamin b-12 supplements help the nerves in a diabetic who has peripheral neuropathy?
Is it possible to be allergic to cold water?
My eyes itch like crazy especially the corners near the nose.How do I find relief?
Hives! Help!?
How to get rid of sinus headache?
cure drooling when sleeping?
Changes in post exposure rabies treatment?
What causes face pain/tingling + fatigue + slight nausea?
Sleeping patterns?
can anxiety/panic cause eye floaters all day?
How much money is there for a examination for contacts?
need a home made laxtive any one know the recipe?
How do you or anyone you know deal with pain everyday? Veterans?
Side pain..help!!..makes me dizzy...?
my tail bone hurts why? and back cracks alot?
How long does it take for a broken bone (Ulna) to heal?
what type of doctor do you see for carpal tunnel in hand?
How do I know if I am addicted to lortab?
Have you had cervical cancer?
what are the side effects of electromagnetic detoxification?
How long can you have cancer before experiencing symptoms?
I have a friend who I think might have cancer, what should i do?
WHY did you NOT post my answer to yahoo ?
what exactly happens when u go for chemotherapy and u have ALL?
Breast cancer- How old to be tested for breast cancer gene?
Are there any natural remedies to help quit smoking?
Is it possible for your eye color to change when you're growing up?
Should I get (corrective) colored contacts? How much do they cost?
Is there a vitamin or supplement that can intensify the color of your eyes?
Can you wear non-prescription colored contacts with astigmatism?
What is better: LASIK or PRK?
Are optical illusions dangerous for your eyes?
Where can I get colored contacts? Please, someone!?
Lightheaded? or something else?
What do anti depressants do?
Can one die from having low BP?
this is going to seem like a joke but I am serious?
Help~!!!!(&~^*#(!! About to die!!!!?
Hearing after death?
How can I stop indigestion?
I want to be a nurse, but my parents don't want me to?
Difficult to wake up?
Kidney Transplant.............?
How many hours fasting for blood sugar reading?
what could be a possible cause of inability to urinate?
I am a type 2 diabetic and just found out I am pregnant need some advice . .?
what would feel better on my teeth?
What s the best way to cure a stiff neck?
What is the difference between a head ache and a migraine?
How are you feeling today?
What is brain used for?
why are people bullied?
Is There Away to Over Come Social Anxiety?
Why do I hate Sundays? Does anyone else hate Sundays?
please pmail me any eating disorder groups?
self mutilation...help please?
would you answer this question...?
breast cancer probability question?
Lung cancer?
Types of Cancers?
cancer chat?
When do you start counting "cancer survivor" time?
Achilles tendon pain?
alergic reaction to coffee?? anyone else have this problem?
is 124 a very high sugar level after fasting?
i have diabetes is it ok to?
My pp is small and im 13 almost 14?
Can someone explain to me, in simple words, what is anemia?
For my story: I need a chronic illness that can last a lifetime?
Because I have Permanent A/fib after a Failed Maze Procedure,will I have a Stroke if I am on Warfarin? ?
How can you have an elevated heart rate, yet the BP is going down?
for someone in medical feild about stress tests?
Do anyone know of a good dentist in the Woodbridge, VA area?
Why does the dental implant process take so long?What does one do during the interval?
My wisdom teeth are growing in and I have operculums..?
Do you find a good looking person attractive even if they had a messed up teeth?
i am 19 m ,how can i bulid body mass and muscle at home without going to gym?
Is there a treatment for excessive falling hair in women?
i'm trying to find a home rimedy for an inner ear infection any suggestions ?
I have an ingrown toenail thats a bit infected but I have been.?
If you get stung by a jellyfish do you have to go to the hospital?
what to put in a small first aid kit?
how much do contact lenses cost?
Why Don't People Accept That Cancer is Curable?
respirations are 30, is death is near?
chances of leukemia coming back (child)?
HELP!! i have a lump right up the top of my inner thigh.its under the skin. any ideas as to what it might be?
I'm going to get a colonoscopy! Should you consider it too?
Is the left antebrachial region distal to the left carpal region?
Can certain teas or food help bloating from lactose intolerance go down?
Does anyone remember a sudafed commercial from the 90's where it shows a woman driving a sports car?
What are these "natural flavors"?
why does it do this.......?
I'm 14, and some of my friends around my age have started smoking. What is the best way to help them stop?
when is ur bed time?
How do I manage sunglasses and regular glases?
What color are my eyes and what is this weird dot on one of my eyes? *PICTURE?
Help, everytime after I eat I get extremely tired and lethargic.....?
Is it possible to inherit sinus problems from my mother?
Is there a side effect to drinking apple cider vinegar?
HELP! I keep breaking out in hives!?
i have a bad stuffy nose?
why do i have puffy eyes? is it from sleeping too much or is it an allergy?
How could someone kill themself without it looking like suicide?
Where is mambi pambi land because I'm feeling like a jack wagon?
Di ke colore e la vostra vita?
Do people with bipolar disorder need to stay on medication for life?
How do I get rid of my acne with a home remedy and FAST?!?
I just got athlete's foot, should I throw out my flip flops?
Do anyone know a good acne medication or facewash for African Americans?
Is it possible to build up a resistance to getting Sunburnt?
what is the best way to get rid of acne on you back?
Do your feet get cold or hot easily?
Someone in Phx has 5-10 vials of insulin they can give me free, but I don't know how to get it here legally?
man who has diabetes but never took the treatment?
low blood sugars when not using my pump?
what is the cheapest insulin pump?
What's the best way to get to sleep fast?
is there anything that gets to you (regarding grieving the loss of a loved one)?
how come all my best answers have to do with something that involves a bowel movement?
I keep getting sleep (eye goo) in the eyes every hour
My Contacts Prescription?
why is it that you have to adjust cameras to different lighting but human eyes does it automatically?
colored contacts?
I work in an office...?
When I woke up the lower corner of my eyeball was very red?
Can you go into a diabetic coma, without having diabetes?
Is it healthy for underweight people to eat sugar?
can a male with type 1 diabetes have children?
how to tell if you have a concussion?
Where can i find info about how much money i should receive in workers comp?
how to tell if you need your ipendice taken out?
torn achilles tendon.....?
I have not really felt happiness in years, but it has few detrimental effects. Is this considered depression?
ok i need help please!?
Ever heard of Plummer-Vinson's syndrome?
What are the job opportunities of being an oncologist?
Did my doctor make a mistake?
race for the cure?
What does cancer do if you don't treat it?
What would happen if I used medicine on a sore when the product says not to use on damaged skin?
After a blister burn bursts on a 16month old baby should I cut the skin or leave it alone?
Bee stings?
Can anyone tell me where i can see a picture of a spider bite?
Is it bad to scratch open mosquito bites?
What is the best way to get a flat stomach?
3D glasses prescribed ?
How To Take the Maximum care of the Eyes?
I am going to the ophthalmologist for some weird bubble looking thing on my eye today. Will they dilate my eye?
Chronic dry eye, any suggestions on relief?
Anyone use Paragon CRT contact lenses? Need answers!?
How did people manage to see before eyeglasses were invented?
do eye drops work if you put a little water in them?
19 year old mints, can i eat them?
what does it mean when you?
A large of a role does drinking water play in losing and maintaining a healthy amount of weight?
Can you get too many B vitamins?
i just saw on this tv programme if you wrap your stomach in clingfilm you lose weight,is this true?
Why do we still get diabetes? even though we no eat junk food?
How do you explain diabetes to a friend?
how do you get rid of a blister??
Is there any kind of parasite you can get that .... gets under your skin ?
Does anyone know what causes large pores to develope on the face?
Why is that when you pinch your knee skin or elbow skin, you don't feel anything?
Laser Hair Removal Cost?
does oxy acne medication lotion work 10% benzoyl peroxide?
Keratosis Pilaris???
erythema nodosum?
Unmotivated, apathetic, anti-social, suffering odd sleep patterns... What is this?
i have stretch marks on my hips and thighs?
loose belly fat FAST!!?
Just Wondering?
whats the quickest diet?
i need help with my thighs!?
How can I loose weight in a fast and healthy way?
what is the best way to lose weight with out diet pills and excercise?
Does the WATER from our decaffeinated tea and sodium-free broth COUNT (as WATER)?
i have corn allergy ...?
Help i have HORRIBLE Allergies!?
Why does your skin get itchy after taking a bath?
I'm a little confused about the allergy tests I had done...?
i don't know what to do about my food troubles?
Has Anyone tried opiom?
What is the best supplement fol muscle building?
What is the study of viruses?
Well, I got my glasses today, and well...?
I resently had a mole removed and it did come back cancer free BUT my doctor stated that is has abnormal cells?
If Someone Told You That Cancer Was Just Natural Selection, How Would You Respond?
Does eating meat cause cancers?
What is Tramadol and what does it do?
can a doctor say to you that you most likely have cancer, if no tests had yet been performed?
I what to send a 14 year old a get well card that has leukemia, but I have no idea what to say.?
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma?
esophageal cancer surgery?
What would work for my skin. Acne!?
Help with Diabetes Please?
My arm is hemorrhaging blood: should I go to the hospital?
Is death from a seizure considered accidental death?
How long does it take to become addicted to cigarettes?
Umm...:( im from d philipines and... i need help with something...?
What can stunt a person's growth?
I just had spinal fusion surgery?
Hey, does this sound like a spider bite to you?
What Time Is Best To Work Out?
does Hydroxycut really work?
almost cut a vein?
How do I cope with an unsupportive mother?
What irritates you SO much that you want to go on a stabbing spree?
Do you always feel like you are in a hurry but really have nowhere to go?
Stress and nurses: do these two words always go hand in hand???
What is the problem with cutting?
what my optical prescription means?
How can I reduce the swelling and redness in my forearm?
My athletic trainer said I have tendinitis...?
Why is it that a wound hurts more when touched in the evening rather than in the morning?
i am bad at kissing , but good in bed, got any tips for kissing?
do you add or subtract rectal temp?
can you get a brain tumor from lack of sleep or sleeping long?
lump under right rib cage?
What kind of cancers are the most likely to be fatal for white females aged 20 to 30?
how curable is the lymphoma cancer?
Can all people produce a wheezing sound?
Why do i have such trouble breathing when im 14?
Please help Doc discovered Mom has liver cyst , Now being sent for chest scan...Is this the normal procedure?
I have pneumonia... :/ i just have some questions! please help!?
Why doesn't fear or excitement help abort an asthma attack?
what is k4 incense and is it dangerous?
Can you sneeze with your eyes open?
baby food diet?how much did you loose?
how much weight have you lost when stopped drinking DIET soda?
I am skinny with long limbs. How do i gain muscle mass and some weight.?
Have you ever lost a lot of weight on your own?
how do i gain weight?
How to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes?
How much should a i weigh if i am 13 and 5'1?
Need help losing weight.....plz help!!!?
Do you think it's true that Colloidal Silver can cure HIV/AIDS?
are there realistic/natural-looking colored contacts out there?
The easiest way to put in contacts with out touching the iris part?
Am I going blind in my eye?
How to identify the cornea shape change?
I'm shortsightedness?
How can I get Flawless skin?
How do I convince my soon to be girlfriend to not commit suicide?
I need some help with communicating???
Can someone help? mental hypothesis?
why does my skin get so itchy after I take a shower?
Can a 19-year-old male have meningitis? I have nasal polyp?
If you have a stuffed nose can you use lime or lemon, like squeeze drops in your nose?
Why am I having trouble getting a full breath?
Smoking effects on anesthesia with cigarettes?
Could I posibly have breast cancer?
Do i have brain cancer? very worried.?
How has having cancer changed your out look on life and how long have you had your cancer?
what u think bout obama's proposals bout breast cancer?
Chemotherapy Questions?
How were cancer patients treated before Chemotherapy was invented?
Can u pls tell me what's up with my dad?
how do i work my lower abs?
Where does the weight go that I lose in my sleep?
How can i encourage myself to get out of bed in the morning to exercise?
what body type do most guys like?
How can I buy fresh fruits & vegetables & eat healthy if I can't afford it?
is flax seed really a good diet aid?
where can I find a low cost full coverage medical insurace im a full time student?
I thnik something is worng with my grlfreind?
what should i do i have frequent headaches and i am always sleepy...no matter how long i sleep?
My hubby has a BAD sinus infection & is taking 500 mg of amoxicillin TID w/ no response, why not & what to do?
Odd question, help appreciated?
I have an upset stomach?
I've been thinking about becoming some sort of donor when I die. Is there anything I should consider?
What is kelp powder good for? Is kelp a superfood or something?
Which antihypertensive drug can be used for long-term and being safe ? Please help me. Thanks in advance.?
What do you think causes cancer?
What is a good site to look up medical information? I have tried webmd..but I need another choice.?
Does exposure to radiation accumulate during a lifetime or does it wear off after a certain amount of time?
a 1 page report on cancer?
what is determined with a high blood PSA count and what are the guidelines?
I've been exposed to Asbestos, how concerned should i be??
How can I get my doctor to talk to me?
where can i go to get snake bites?
Finger is still numb from slamming my hand against the wall?
Why is it, that an Ant, so small, can sting so painfully?
would it be ok to use a vacuum to get my grandsons splinter out?
I got bitten by ants on my foot, and my food got very swollen ...?
Swallowed a peach pit. What is next?
i just got my stiches out can i swim in a pool?
How do I control my cravings for junk food?
How to improve how many pushups i do?
Has anyone ever drank Coke while eating a banana?
Ankle sprain: To keep off of it or not.
I have this knee pain that I am concerned about?
Is there a homeopathic medicine a 20 month could take for restlessness?
Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate?
How effective is zoom whitening?
can you use baking soda to "bleach" your teeth?
why do i still get bad breath?
Please help hairy tongue?
What Can diabetics eat? ?
Eye Pain, Presurre?
How can i tell that its time to change my contacts?
Do I have a cold or allergies?
WOMEN: For those of you who used to weigh 200+ pounds..how did you diet and lose all the weight?
Lose 20 Lbs. In About 2 Months?
Where can I buy Flirty Girl Fitness in a store?
What doctor should I go see?
Have you ever reached a point in your life where you realized you needed to grow up?
how do you deal with rage?
Answer this please, I need to know!?
Holes in memory - gaps of years - how common is that?
How long does caffeine stay in your system for?
What preventative measures can a person take to reduce risk of coronary artery disease?
What exactly is a thoracic surgeon and what do they do?
heart cath?
When I drink (alcohol) I notice my heart rate really goes up - is this good for the heart?
responsibilty as a cna when taking care of a resident who has luekemia?
how long does a person have to live once lung cancer has spread to the liver?
how long could you live with breast cancer?
How long does it take for weed, to get any form of cancer?
I cant cough up phlegm. What about Mucinex?
How can I get rid of this cold urgently?
how do you properly use a netti pot?
Albuterol + Broncho Saline ?
I'm trying pot for the first time, any tips?
How much Vicadin is too much for me?
Why does gum get hard when it gets wet?
i dont brush my teeth, floss, and i drink a lot of soda?
Best teeth whitener??
Lasik eye surgery?
What does the "power" part in your contact lenses prescription mean?
is there anyone out there who is familiar with a corneal degenerate disease called keratoconus?
i want to laser eyes. what is your opinions?
How slow can your pulse get before you die?
Need advice about a swollen foot?
What is stronger? Hydrocodone 10/325 or 10/650?
how do people get breast cancer?
how important is it to check yourself for testicular cancer every month?
does cancer effect your eye sight
my thigh was operated for abscess removal on 21.04.2010 but no stitches were done?
Can people with nose cancer eat salmon?
Need help with my Patient!?
Are there any diagnostic tests to detect liver cancer in early stages? can we prevent liver cancer?
Questions about cancer?
if you had the choice to sterilize all evangelicals or cure cancer which would you choose?
Are there any health benefits from frequent massage?
What would you think if someone said they were a highly sensitive person (HSP), so they won't be able to....
What do you think the world needs now?
What is the best Acne Creme?
Im a model i wanna get rid of a tony wart on my face?
Nail experts please help! Potential fungus from salon?
How to get rid of scars?
Why are my hands turning pale and all of the veins on my palms are very visible?
A scab fell off and now there is a little hole?
If I have about 1500-1700 calories a day...?
How do you make jogging more enjoyable?
How come I get muscle cramps if I do not jog?
Which has more nutritional value a bannana or an apple?
I was wondering if you do ab exercises, if you will lose some stomach fat?
What should I eat if i want to gain weight ?
How to lose 30 pounds in 1 month and 10 days?
Overdose on hot peppers?
Immunizing kids. Do You?
Why does Anemia cause pale skin?
Help with contact lenses please!!!?
If my nose piercing bled Little does that mean somethings wrong?
Does anyone else have OCD?
WBCs and leukemia-how low is too low?
What is sulfate? as in....?
Should the parents of children with cancer be allowed to make all of the medical decisions?
Chemotherapy, coughing up blood?
symptoms of child with leukemia?
my dad has just been dianosed with Lymphoma and is starting chemo in 10days,i have a 7week old son,will he be?
Why don't we screen annually for cancer in more areas?
How many people die of leukemia a year?
Getting all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow and have a few questions...?
Dry socket and having part of bone filed down?
how to prevent diabetes?
Type 2 diabetes and water is tasting sugary...normal?
Blood Sugar Levels?
What is the diffenence between regular sugar and sugar alcohol?
Is it ok to use a sterilized, fiery-red needle as an alternative to an electric pen for a bruised fingernail?
home remedies?
Where does the idea that you can't make money off of "natural things" come from?
I Have Pink Eye (Please Read)?
do you think i'll look better with glasses or contacts? if contacts what color?
I have different small colored likes spots on the surface of my eyes .. what are they.?
Please help!!!!!!????
How did people eat & drink in the 1960's & 1970's?
Why do i get really dizzy when i get up?
Can someone tell me what's going on with me (Seriously, please help)?
What can I do to help my husband feel better since he has been working outside in the heat all day?
Why can't you take aspirin when tanning?
Caregivers: How do you deal with a person who has had a stroke?
What are some of the benefits of "debriefing" ?
I'm never happy anymore?
why am i so tired all the time?
Should I worry about this?
I feel I don't want to do this anymore....?
What is Laughing Gas? And how safe is it? Daugher 5 seeing the Densit and will be using it for her procedure.?
i'm getting braces soon...?
Vision problem...?
Heart Murmur and Alcohol?
Stroke Victims talking in their sleep?
trouble breathing heart pounding hard not fast. been going on 2 days. miserable trying to sleep?
What is cardiovascular disease? Discuss the risk factors. What are ways to prevent CVD?
Does smoking weed actually make you gain weight gradually?
why dont anorexics get the same "pot belly" that malnurished children get?
is this a good ab workout routine?
Are thighs supposed to touch?
Low intensity cardio or high intensity for fat loss?
Workout Routine?
how does transfat effect our body?
what does fiber do in your body?
Best Way to Get Rid of Blackheads?
Spots on back.....!!!?
my viens show on the side of my head HELP!! please:)?
What if I have tight chest pains, weakness in the arms and legs?
how am i suppose to use apple cider for my wart?
Is the only way to stop being sensitive is to isolate myself?
How can I stop cutting, when I don't really want to?
How to deal with death of a best friend?
How can i console my daughter. She lost her friend to suicide last night?
fluid in ears?
How can you lose a lot of weight by drinking water when the water adds weight?
I can see my nose when I look down, forward?
Shining Light During Retina Examination Can It Cause Sight Degradation or Near Blindness?
What are the symptons of Insulin shock, or even hypo Glycimic?
Diabetes Mellitus type 1 ( IDDM)?
What body systems are affected by sickle cell anemia?
Please tell me which supplements are for patients with lung cancer?
what can cause cancer and what can we do to prevent it?
What is my risk of getting breast cancer?
How can scientists show that smoking is harmful to people?
Doctors-nurses out there? Breast biopsy & still in pain ?
question about ovarian surgery?
Ok, I got cancer. It is the worse kind of skin cancer-melanoma?
home remedy for pink eye?
I have a diploma in Clinical Medicine obtained in Malawi but i want to work in USA. IS it possible?
Has anyone ever tried "Emergen-C" Powder vitamin C?
eye swelling treatment due to hit...?
Are you able to keep someone alive?
Help!!...What could this be?
How can i cure a puppy's bite?
My foot is dead? Please help?
How to get a stuck ring off your finger?
would this help poison ivy any?