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what should i do for my migraine headaches?
Shoud I be drinking more cranberry juice?
How do you say how in how language when you how your how while your howing your how?
Getting a weed test. Need help?
why do i vomit when i cry?
why i cant feel myself living in this life and so sad ?
could this work for dehydration?
I just got my tonsils out and I am itchy all over! Is this from the general anesthesia or the percoset?
How do you stop hypersomnia?
Any other ideas on how to not want to cut myself? or anything like that?
Has anyone ever heard of or dealt with tattoos that randomly appear?
Do you still feel drunk during your hangover?
Is this a hangover? what should I do?
How can I get Klonopin without a prescription?
Should I feel bad for being a night owl?
Is there anyway to get taller?
What's bad about burning plastic?
List of behavior modifying Drugs?
Hi there,i was just wonderin how do i go around building a charity from myself for diabities.Ash Manchester UK
Is it possible to get a Fasting Blood Sugar false positive result?
What would you do ? Overweight?
if you eat a lot more than usual before your oral glucose tolerance test, what happens to the result?
wholsale food for diabetic sugar free?
what ingreidients are in svelte strips?
how can i deal with diabetes ?
my close vision seems excessively sharp after close work on the computer so what is going on?
Are Gas injectors available in the UK for Diabetes?
i use Celluvisc (caramellose sodium) eye drops.?
How does the secretion from an endocrine gland get into the blood?
how many points do i need for A levels to become a doctor?
effects of sodamints on sugar level in body system?
explain the terms of homeostasis and negative feed back with control of blood sugar?
as soon as i eat or drink or eat?
Connection between diabetes and obesity plze?
People with epilepsy: what do you think about sodium valporate?
What about this tablet?
how did u get good control?
I need help, said things I shouldn't have and overreacted !?
My wife has an anxiety condition. Should I be ok with my family staying in a hotel when they come to visit?
How can I improve my memory?
i cut becuz of her...how do i stop?
when does a psychologist determine when to put you in a mental hospital?
Was ADHD made up by the government?
Is It Normal to Get Morbid Images in You Head...?
How can i control my anger at stressful times?
what should I do if im like confused or sad maybe depressed all the time?
I'm emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted and I want to get my life back on track? What should I do?
please help my gf is bipolar and was considering suicide (serious please help)?
How can i change my attitude?
is it normal to have a mid-life crisis at 23?
if you cant disagree with someone...?
Dr. said I have OCD....?
What disorders have these symptoms?
Am I having anxiety attacks?
Why do I feel like killing my family members sometimes?
Depression After Sugery--Please HELP!?
I think a peice of my eye contact is still in my burning eye helppp!!!?
Taking Cipro for the 4th day, still no improvement?
Has anyone taken Avendia and were there any side affects?
has anyone ever tried rescue remedy?
how to reduce noise pollution?
If you smoke weed 5 times but dont inhale, is it in your system?
Where does scracthy and sore throats come from?
What can you do against swine flu?
What does it mean when a nodule on the lung is red on the CT?
Normal or a sign of a breathing problem?
I have had a bad cough for about 4 weeks now and unsure if I should see a doctor.?
what am i sick with!?
Can a person have two colds in a row?
can smelling your breath kill you because of the co2?
Trouble Breathing & Face Twitching...?
How to cure fairly mild food poisoning?
What causes fainting when you cough?
it is possible to get a cold that i just had 3 month ago?
i keep getting migranes, changing temperature, vomiting, is this because of coke & what is it?
Inflammed area inside of nose nasal cavity, Nasal polyps? Help!?
Why do I always get sick this way? Is it normal? Can it be prevented?
My chest hurts and I cant breath....?
Doi have a stress fracture?
Ive had something in my eye for the past two days, time for the doctor?
My Feet burn at night, the more they get warm they burn and swollen up.. can somebody help me, coz doctor can'?
Kanker Sores Or Fever Sores Help?
I just broke my foot yesterday-Doc sez I will be "off of it for a while'---so just how LONG is awhile?
Has anyone out there had a Calcaneus Fracture of your heel?
I dislocated my knee cap. I'm having a hard time movinh my toes on that leg, is it related?
how can i prepare for swine flu?
Has anyone suffered with insomnia?
Could I have 'microcytic' anaemia which is possibly hypochromic?
Does there a relation between cold sweaty hands and feet, and muscles weakness?
A bite of an insect or something else and risks of a disease?
Is this considered alarming? I have like a blister inside my mouth?
What are some deadly illnesses ?
Low iron, how to raise it? ?
Who out there has a thyroid condition?
What's a disease you could get from eating wild animals?
If you eat something (like Ham) with Oust (air sanitizer) on it once, what is the worst thing that can happen?
Im dealing with an alcoholic father?
One young person is so hyperactive when they come in from school its hard for them to participate in any group?
Im always tired and not that hungry is something wrong with me?
H1N1 in NewZealand or the world?
Where can I get history of my past tumor surgery?
can kidney stone that settled in your kidney grow and get bigger?
How to get rid of fear n tension b4 handling apresentation?
Can you buy 5 Hour Energy in Walmart in Canada?
im afraid of pain to let my boyfriend insert his pennis,how to overcome tis?.?
why does people's stink stick to you?
Toes moving out of place?
car fumes while walking?
Just got over a cold, nose is red from blowing nose too much?
Is 37.32 degress celcius a fever?
How painful is it to wax your thigh from 1-10 with 10 being the most painful?
What does this sound like .. ?
my whole body is sore?
How to avoid car sickness?
Standing VS sitting- SPINE stress? Which is easier?
Does chocolate make Ambien less effective?
What causes a stroke my brother who is only 39 has had three mild strokes in the last year?
How do you get taller?
What kind of cold would a person have with these kind of symptoms?
Do people remember the time covered when they were high?
what does this sound like to you?
what is the qoulifications to be a PCA?
When one Sleeps with Clenched Fists, What could be the Health Problem?
What is a Level II B Hospital?
does anyone know of any doctors you can visit that has late hours?
Help, has anyone heard of throwing up water or liquids?
How the heck are my bones weak?
Pain In My Hands? Carpal Tunnel?
Waking up really thirsty?
seizure or faint lying down?
i seem to be dizzy 24 7 but here is the thing i don't get enough sleep and it always seems to be in my eyes?
My Boyfriend needs a Hearing Aid Replacement...?
I feel numb down there sometimes.?
why is health care going to be benifitial in the next millenium?
Help reading my knee MRI report please.?
What just happened to me?
My boyfriend has the fear of his own heartbeat, help?
17 yr old having chest pains when i breathe?
is xenadine rfa safe?
Strange vibration in upper left side of the chest and fast heart beats?
Chest Problems (heart, lung, muscle)?
can systolic blood pressure be lowered - diastolic is OK (65-75)?
How long can a blood pressure machine be left inflated for?
Experiencing chest pain.. please help?
Is a EKG test reliable way on knowing your heart is ok?
high blood pressure.:/?
i found out i have low blood pressure ?
does alprozolam abuse lead to ischemic heart disease?
what are cardiac emzimes?
is it true alot of younger people in there 20's and 30's suffer from high blood pressure?
Explain the pressure change in left ventricle and aorta,relating to heart sound and jugular venous pressure...?
My Grandfather's blood pressure has been acting up alot lately.?
How long does it take? Heat Stroke?
What percent of EMS calls are for heart problems?
Why Does My Heart Feel Like Its Not Beating Properly?
A person has a systolic pressure of 174 mm Hg. What percentage of normal (120 mm Hg.) is this?
my pulse has always been really high (120+)?
Anyone like me? Im 35 I have HCM, CHF, Dysrhythmia, Pacemaker and Defib?
if the new hpv vaccine for women is safe for men too will it work if someone already has hpv in their body?
Where in London can I buy chakra blend oils?
how can some one stop smoking/using opium?
Normal to feel sick after acupuncture?
what is abhyanga?
is it true?
who has taken mkat meow meow?
is it safe for a person with non-hodgkins lymphoma to have a reflexolgy treatment?
can you live off of spirulina and chlorella?
Where can I learn to give a good massage?
Is balding a side effect of prednisolone?
Bentonite Clay & Paleo Diet for Candida.?
Very tickly cough keeping me up at night .. please HELP..?
is there any one who have unfortunately suffered any injuriesaccidents or medical negligence might be dog bite
Abroma augusta is a plant also known as Ullat Kamal. Where can i buy its extract?
Does anyone know a website that shows you about tapping? (Paul McKenna tapping technique)?
What is the most basic massage therapy course you can do to get insurance to practise?
bio-oil substitute any good?
i have been given some tea tree oil , but no instructions , i have a stuffy nose and cough?
I have acne - how do I keep my hair off my face during the night?
What to do about a black toe nail?
Is there a way to get rid of blackheads?
Is severe dry skin caused by a medical condition? I have treated my skin?
Hand bigger than face?
Would you take medication or leave it?
Roommate sleepwalks -- HELP!?
I can i get my mind off this and actually fall asleep?
My friend is self harming..?
At school, I like being on my own at lunch and recess?
What's wrong with me? Have I got a disease?
Can over tiredness/exhaustion lead to hyperventilation?
lately ive been coughing?
difficulty breathing?
ventilation tube for middle ear infection? need it? answer!?
I have lost my sense of taste?
Are all tricyclics androgenic?
Some question on lupus...?
why doctors ask for to empty stomach...?
Could this be glucoma? (please help)?
Feeling sleepy even after sleeping for 8 hours.....unable to work?
whats it called when u smoke tobacco but you let it pass threw water first like in a bong?
Cure to a Cold in 24 hours?
would lupus made me puke continuously after i eat anything?
what does it feel like when ur high?
Health help plzzz what do i have?
Is this a sign of a eating disorder?
ive never given head?
my mum has suffered with a bleed on the brain, then epilepsy and now she has no platelets what does this mean?
Anyone of what this could be?? take a look at my pics?
is this bulimia??????
I feel cold on the inside of my body?
Thick clear lump on eye ball?
Exercising the eye to bring back eyesight?
Im going to get contacts tomorrow (i have an appointment) What to expect?
why do i have an endless appetite?
Is it normal to breath out your mouth or nose?
How much biotin can you take a day?
Can a marijuana adiction easily be cured?
Has anyone seen this? Its really strange!?
Tired and very hungry. 14 year old girl?
soar, dry throat. HELP?
Dizziness (Is this normal?)?
What are good COMMON medications that will make you less stressed, happy, etc.?
Does lisinopril cause cold hands and feet?
I haven't been ill or sick since I was 7 and I'm almost 19. Is anyone else like this?
Is marijuana a drug? No stoner bashers?
How much asprin do I take to get a buzz?
if I get my nose broken because I box and it gets crooked can I or a doctor adjust it while it's broken?
Haven't seen sunlight for 4 days?
i have an expired Squibb counterpain gel, which is used for sports injuries...should i still use it?
Where in Tucson can I find a Alcohol Rehab center?
i dont know if im going to get another cast?
Is "chimpmonk face" a medical term?
so my eyes all of a sudden went blurry and its hard to really focus, does any one know why that is? i feel ?
what is keeping me from running away?
A strange bump has appeared on my shin and my leg is starting to swell, any ideas?
What am I having allergic reactions to?
food allergies???????????
while using a nebuliser with mask do you take in mist through the mouth or nose.?
whats the best pet for people with allergies?
on average how much would the blood sugar level be if urine strips detect glucose wen tested?
Biodetection dogs - where to find?
Name of best clinical center for treatment biabetes nephropathy in europe?
What does a Diabetologist do? And what Qualification's do you need?
diamicron MR 30 mg blood sugar control tablets?
Hypothetically speaking, what percentage extra of insulin would prove fatal for a type 1 diabetic?
My dog keeps coughing and gagging...can she be allergic to something?
i have a 6 month pit that is breaking out in hives,she has swelling on her face body and paws..wat do i do?
What did 'Banding' and 'Best' do for the treatment on diabetes, and what developments have there been?? Thanks
swollen eyes, rash on chin and neck....what is it?
Diabetic neuropathy treatment on the NHS?
Why do steroids increase the need for insulin?
are cataracts genetic, and is there any way to prevent getting them?
is there any way to stop?
thiamine what it is for please?
can i claim for DLA for a child thats just been dignosed with ADHD and diabetis?
anyone hear about BioAnue Diabetic Mender for controling or even reversing diabetes?
I have recently been diagnosed with a high triglyceride level but my cholesterol level is normal?
Foggy head, constant fatigue and chest pains?
i came back from six flags and i have sunburn on my back and behind my neck. what should i do? i feel dizzy.?
whats the best treatment for a broken rib?
my fever got fine my back,neck,and left chest side still hurts!?
I been on methadone 5mg two times a day for a week. If I stop now will I get withdrawals?
please awser !! pain in left rib when i breathe?
Is there a way I can stop being so worried!?
TMJD pain with trigeminal neuralgia.?
Back + Breathing Problems.?
I have a lump on my neck?
What should I do to ease my aching neck and shoulders?
My entire body aches?
The base of my skull, neck popping sound?
What could be causing pain under my breasts and all over my back?
It hurts to take a deep breath- why?
tailbone hurts really bad?
help me fast!!!!!!! it about my throat!?
My jaw has shifted and locked to the left side.?
Why does my a s s hole twitches sometimes..?
I've been having major cramps and diarrhea?
Do doctor's offices hire RN's? Are you considered over-qualified in certain areas if you have a BSRN?
how can i get rid of nail fungus?
do thay put you to sleep?
Whats on my knuckle? 10 points?
Osteoporosis and Furred Arteries in neck Do I take Calcium or not?
oral decongestants and hypertension?
Recent increase in heart rate?
Can anyone give me advice on my chest pain?
i have some tension due to which i loss my weight y it happens?
only the lower figure of my blood pressure is high, why?
i had my pre-emp. med exam last week. the diagnosis found out that i am a hypertensive. will they reject me?
i suffer with palpitations and my doctor sent me diazepam will this help?
how to get the diastolic number up?
I felt my heart skip several beats?
I was drugged and I want to know by what?
im stretching my ear 3mm for the 1st time , am i at risk of getting endocarditis?
if your heart is in atrial flutter will they cardiovert your heart in italy?
how do i watch bleach episode 168 to 200?
When an autopsy is performed, what do the microscopic samples show? For example...?
I have collapsed two years after having the marinaa coil fitted. i TOOK A STROKE AND NEERLY DIED?
What is my counselor allowed to do? (Suicidal thoughts)?
I was wondering if there was something wrong with me..Please don't post anything mean..I just need to figure?
Would you date someone who has bipolar?
im on prozac and i have no personality?
is there any good books to help with depression?
Am I getting Schizophrenia?
Whats wrong with me??
trouble concentrating?
My bipolar gf seeing ghosts?
I think i have some sort of social phobia/anxiety?
Wishing my life ends?
Emoional Burden?
Graduation worries what will happen?
I cant take life anymore...i need help?
mentally ill paranoia?
How do you know if you have multiple sclerosis?
is pneumonia contagious?
Help! Symptoms needing solution.?
chest pain while im coughing?
Steam Vaporizer.....!!?
should i go get an x-ray?
I need to know, do I have asthma?
Can any doctors/med students tell me if this sounds like a bad case of infection?
Can azithromycin cause a fever?
pain in feet!!!!!!!!?
If back pain is high up on your back is it your lungs that are the real problem?
I have only been taking alli for 2 days?
is it better to work thru back pain or rest?
i bruised my heel.what do i do?
my girl have sharp pain in her belly in the bottom?
i got a filling done and it really hurts any pressure i put on the tooth causes alot of pain?
What's wrong with me? Why does this seem to be getting worse?
Im really sore from volleyball last night and we have it AGAIN 2night! HELP!?
Respiration Issue question?
Do mosquito's feel pain?
does anyone know of any "home remedies" to help someone get over heroin withdrawals?
I have a lump in my throat?
I have a little bump kinda like a ball on my right side hip above my ovary, but it's only on dat side.?
pulled ligament in neck?
Do I have Carpal Tunnel?
had total knee replacment 6 weeks ago have good range of motion continue to have lots of swellling pain?
does a cartilage piercing hurt?
How can i take a wrist band off without cutting it?
How do you massage or stretch flat feet?
i have a sore throat with a white spot on my right tonsil and an upset stomach any ideas whats wrong?
4 mo old grandson can't open fists?
Why am i always hot and sweaty when everyone else is cold?
Flu, and graves disease!!!?
What causes dark circles under eyes?
I have a vibration sound in my ear. It used to feel like pressure when it first started with the sound when i ?
can i give blood on hydroxyzine?
Have you used a calcium supplement to help treat BPPV (benign positional paroxysmal vertigo)? Did it help?
diagnosed with uti, but no so sure.?
Only half my throat hurts and I have only one swollen lymph node?
Is there any successful cure for hemophilia.?
How do I know if I have Tinnitus?
would I have high white blood cell count and high absolute neutrophils with Bells palsy?
When should you worry about headaches?
I fainted in the shower? does anyone know what this means?
what is the best treatment when i get some tinnitus ?
i have pains under my ribs and stomach?
How do you tell if you're "double jointed"? (knees)?
under my tongue is swollen? maybe from smoking? help?
Pressure in my forehead for a week off and ob?
Can orange juice give you diarrhea?
How can I reduce my ticklishness?
does dandruff grow hair?
Can someone explain to me these hearing test results from my audiologist?
harmonized stability bracelet?
How to stop scratching my thighs?
Doing headstands, and how it affects you?
Would chip-ups help me have a nice posture?
I needs some help.....? (read discription)?
i got my tonsils removed, and i have all this white stuff in my throat and it stinks and taste GROSS!!!?
What kind of food you can eat sick with gastritis?
what happens if i take 10 erythromycin all in one go?
How do i stop sweating so much?
Can someone without a voice box still whisper?
Does this mean your stomach is empty if?
how do i get taller? what are the best ways specifically?
What foods can I eat?
Normal to see the occasional sparkle?
Blood transfusion @ birth.?
What should I do about this?
colored contacts for dark eyes?
Fire service and am short sighted.?
Do you have or do you know someone with heterochromia?
lump on the back of my head?
I have been working out a lot and my neck is...?
in grown toenail ?please help.?
cracked or bruised rib, or something else?
I was seen in the ER but I still don't know what's wrong...?
Moderate to severe sunburn treatments. please help?
Finger hurting...............?
I need a four level back fusion. I am under 30. Should I have it done?
A cut in between my 4th & 5th toe?
Did i tear my ankle tendon?
Workout soreness or injury/over-training?
Deep cut on my knee cap?
Hip pain after falling on pelvis?
Whats wrong with my ear?
im not sure if my toe is broken help please!!!?
Is my voice cracking?
Why is the pain in my left ribs getting worse?
I stubbed my toe off a dresser 12 weeks ago...?
stuck on health and safety nvq 3 unit 337?
a few minutes after i drink water i always have to pee, theres also a possibility im diabetic. how long after ?
Is this safe for a diabetic?
can i take ezetimibe and benzalip together?
Can anyone help me get an Omnipod?
I've been told that I have Diabetes but some of its symptoms Ive had for years Why wait till now to tell me ?
Any good blood pressure monitor that displays accurate reading?
How to properly treat a verruca on a diabetic child?
Diabetes homework help?
Can you take charcoal tablets with metformin?
Is glucose transported around the body dissolved in the plasma?
doctor scargills gourmet diet this is a diet that i have been told that works?
Diabetes and hot weather, how do you cope with the heat? Does it affect your glucose levels? Any good tips?
Any one with glycogen storage disease type ia?
*diabetes( what mmol/l mean on a blood glucose metere?
does anyone know anything about thiss?!?
The active form of vitamin D3?
What is an itch? And how does scratching stop the itch?
HELP! Am I allergic to dogs?
my brother took too many zyrtec tablets....side effects?
am i allergic to tears?
Could you answser this?
do i have a cold or allergies?
would like to know if there is any physician or a doctor who is practising medicine and has been using nutrit?
how much do ER/RN make per hours day and night shift?
question, please read.?
how to get swelling down?
Does anyone know how skin heals?
whats wrong with my mom?
How Can I make my voice deeper?
Need contact lenses FAST!?
Does this really work?
i get numbness in my legs and fingers (weightlifter)?
Why so many creeps reply to free aromatherapy massage advert?
What is " black seeds ' ?Is ' gondh" available in a medicinal form?
Whats the best alternative treatment for stopping smoking and infertility?
Sickness diarrhoea bug?
can phosphorus 200c work better than 6c though 6c did a great job but i lost it?
what is the health and safety when dealing with drugs?
Green Tea Help High Blood Pressure?
Which ear acupuncture points would you needle to treat someone with severe shoulder and finger pain.?
symptoms of nausea, flem, lack of appetite, blocked and runny nose?
whats the best uk site for legal highs in UK?
I have been having acupuncture for 5 weeks for IBS. When am i likely to see results?
Are there any herbal remedies for Mumps?
Where I can get best magnetic therapy products in UK?
???ESSENTIAL OILS AND AROMATHERAPY??? do you know any "recipes" ?
I will be studying in September..........?
Has anyone else tried hypnotherapy with age regression?
Ideas for aromatherapy combinations?
How much is acupuncture in the uk?
As I have severely sprained my neck and like to read myself to sleep?
Is there a difference between herbal oil and essential oil?
How to improve eyesight?
how long do you think it will take for my voicee to change?
Why are privacy and confidentiality so important in the field of health care and pharmacy?
I am sick and i dont know whats wrong with me?
Does puting weed in a shisha get u high?
Where can i get phentermine or something similar (knock off) that really works w out a prescription?
I passed out again.. whats wrong with me?
what to do for a weak stomach?
Kissing with a fissured tongue?
Good company for medical transcription outsourcing?
What is the street value of oxycontin per mg now that purdue discontinued them?
Do I have an eating disorder?
Do i have nasal drip?
i puked some really dark stuff and i feel dissy?
possibly overdosing. please someone help.. ill delete the question after ive been answered?
When can you walk after having a hemi laminectomy and discectomy?
I don't eat enough and I'm a little worried?
Taking adderall when sick, no effect?
Peircing, aftercare, cleaning?
Did percocet cure my food poisoning/stomach flu?
In major need of help..please.(picture included)?
Heart attack or pulled muscle?
hii..i am 22 years old female and my problem is that from past 2 days i am having?
could it be anxiety that i'm feeling,?
Im 19 years old and I have an irregular heart beat?
I'm a 21 y/o female and when my heart rate reached 150+ my heart hurts?
What is the diffrence between stress and anxiety?
what is mild dextroscoliosis?
Help with these heart pains?
What is this sudden, infrequent, heavy heart thud?
I have been feeling dizzy, lightheaded and anxious while driving. Should I see a Dr.?
unusual feeling in my heart?
Only doctors please answer?
Occasional loud heart beats?
Explain how/why congestive heart failure can lead to blood acidosis?
what are bad effects of using betta blocker(bisoprolol Hemifumarate)?
My HDL is high but how should I feed my son?
ballroom club at school/heart or chest issues?
I am having some weird pain in my armpit that spreads to my chest not sure what it is?
I'm 20 pounds underweight and eat healthy.. yet my Triglyceride count is 200?
what can a stroke do to you?
A few alternatives to smoking!?
if i go smoke a cigarette???.......?
my son has had problems with a stopped up ear he has tried antibiotics and ear drops what else will help?
my parents smoke, and i asmatic!?
This is regarding my Dad, who has difficulty in breathing and while breathing, he makes a terrible noise.?
Sinus drainage treatment? HELP PLEASE!!?
medical question? chronic bronchitis?
doctor gave my 2 year old klaracid and bolsovin for fever and cough been 2 weeks now and he still has cough?
sore muscle due to cold and cough treatment?
I've been having trouble breathing and I'm seeing a ton of blue dots?
i can't breath, well i can but...?
upper middle chest pains?
my husband is 33 and has been on remicade for about a year now.?
Cant get enough air....what is this? Need LOTS of advice!! (10 points)?
i'm worried :( i'm having trouble breathing...?
been perscribed paroxetine?
Is a urine test less accurate then a blood test?
Help my BIG ears are cold!!!!?
anyone that has a leg swelling probem anorexics?
Hypothyroid? Is this related?
After someone has pneumonia which medical treatment should they take?
Regular flu, swine flu, fever? Can someone tell me?
Coughing in the morning?
What would this be diagnosed as?
What gets rid of a sore throat?
feeling a bit sleepy?
What is the best chelating product for heavy metal poisoning?
my stomach hurts so much, and it has been like this for three days straight. any at home soothers?
Please help: I feel very weak, my head hurts, and so does my stomach.?
Feeling a little too sleepy?
What multivitamins suitable for people with liver disease?
what percentage of people with OCD have people with OCD in their families?
Why do I keep coughing? I'm not sick and I'm not allergic to anything!?
12 yr old with c.p. who doesent walk has cold purple legs all the time?
Please urgent help, what's wrong with me ? ?
I have hemmoroids and a anal fissure how do I cure these they don't hurt or itch I am using Preparation H?
whats the medical term when the disc in your spin is degenerating and how progressive can it be?
dose a brain tumor start as a little ball in your head?
Is this scenario plausible?
How do I tell someone about my eating disorder?
is it normal for someone who has ocd, to feel like they actually want to do what they're thinking?
My boyfriends sick...?
Stomach pain and bleeding out of rectum?
Im sure everyone is fed up of questions on SWINE FLU....But pleaseeeee help?
is there person has red eye?
Anyone with back pain radiating down to their legs?
Stoumic pains/hunger?
how bad did it hurt on a scale of 1-10?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how strong are percocet 825 watson's ?
I have this stabbing pain, at and around the area in the back of my ear canal? Is it a possible ear infection?
I have cronic back problems. Had an MRI. I have 2 herniated and 3 buldging discs. I work 12hrs. a day lifting.?
Why can't I run anymore! A horrible cramp?
What is wrong with sleeping on your stomach?
HBV infected, how to be sure I cannot pass it?
What movements occur at the true hip joint? What muscle(s) is most responsible for each motion?
How can they fix a crack in my elbow?
Bicep injury only hurts while bench pressing?
lower back sprain for 5 months???!!!!?
How bad do you think my foot is after i dropped a huge heavy wooden block on to it?
Cut on lip got worst?
What is the most effective sleeping pill?
I am awake but asleep at the same time?
Flashes of Light, in left eye, upper left corner of eye?
what is something i can talk about for in home health care nursing?
I have been having random pulsations in my right ear, have a semi-stuffy nose. What gives?
Can you take expired Macrobid?
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What to do if you have low blood pressure?
What could be happening?
I just donated blood, I use creatine on a daily basis, is it safe to use it today?
zit problem..need help...?
i have a really bad perspiration problem?
Question about Botflies? D:?
daily vitamin to keep me healthy?
My son's TLC is 11260. His temperature is between 99.2 - 99.4 . Please tell me if this temperature is normal?
I'm having nosebleeds about every day. How do I stop this from happening?
Are my eyes getting bad?
I can make everything blurry on command and unblurry on command and i dont need to squint my eyes.what is this?
did i break a bone or just a ligament issue?
Is vomiting really that bad?
very serious, i think i may have been molested as a child at the pediatrician?
i burp up water if i drink alot at one time and a little bit of air when i run and stuff?
can you consume lidocaine patches 5%?
I never really know...?
symptoms: headache diahrea stomach pains?
why do i need to throw up everyday i go to school?
Depression. What do I do?
I need your help!!!? Pretty plz! Easy 10pts!?
how much weed do you smoke?
What Do You Guys Think is Marijuana Bad?
if i took niacin do you think that the marijuana smoke i inhaled would be cleaned out of my system?
What do you think is wrong with me? I have no one to talk to except YOU, any help would be appreciated?
how do people breath?
Drug Rehab Specialist,?
almost every time after i run, i get diarrhea, and have terrible stomach aches, what could cause this?
Thrombophlebitis or Pylephlebitis can lead to having Diabetes type 2?
he wouldnt give insulin tests?
The Bar injection....?
how does the liver control blood sugar? and what happens when it rises and falls?
Need advice re changing from Novo Pork insulin to workhardt hypurin Pork Insulin?
Diabetes Insipidus - neurogenic OR nephrogenic?
Medical question. Juicing and drinking fresh fruite daily?
Low iron level,details added below?
help with physical progress after a metabolic crisis?
has ketamine ever killed anyone.?
when will sugar starts coming in urine give the sugar level in mg/dl during diagonis?
I am eligible to give blood?
celestra.its to do with blood counts?
Injecting test - help?
Yakon for diabetics , the answer to metformin and insulin?
When I eat a meal, I can only so much then I get pain in the left side of my stomach.?
sugar label of human?
Is being annoyed and irrated by loud crunchy eaters a disease??
Whats Wrong With Me!!??!!?
I am freaked out about dieing lately and I don't know what to do?
A self harming question?!?
How can I get admitted to the Phsychiatric ward?
i always feel really tired.?
I want to kill myself somehow?
I have everything I could possibly want, but I am unhappy.?
Please help me. I have depression and nobody to help me.?
what is wrong with me ?
Do you agree psychiatry is a fraud?
Do I have mental problems?
If I'mgoing through withdrawals,should I take my medicine right away?
panic attack and anxiety attacks?
How can I channel my mania into something constructive?
How do i help a rape victem?
Can you be naturally depressed?
How do get over the fear of having panic attacks?
theres a girl in my dorm who has recently started being weird. Shesaid shes having hallucinations whats wrong?
Do you drink more or less as a result of your mental health problems?
After you start eating health and drinking lots of water how long does it take to lower your blood pressure BP
If I only had a smoke once or twice before back surgery will it effect the chances of it working?
what happens when you die from a dilated cardiomyopathy?
do you ever recver from having your sterum removed?
My blood pressure remains high after trying numerous meds. I have no other risk factors.????
what are the different types of food that are unhealthy for ppl who have high LDL cholestrol?
did i have a heart attack?
whats a babies heart rate meant to be! well i say baby a 1yr old?
The plug of my holter monitor fell out, do I have to do it again?
you think smoking pot with a heart murmer is a bad idea?
what is microvascular ischemia?
Spike in Blood Pressure?
what is the range of normal blood pressure?
So I have been having chest pains, and i was recently told I have a high blood pressure could these be connect?
Does dietary cholesterol effect blood cholesterol?
6 months ago my tsh 3rd generation thyroid results were normal 1.14 i had more blood work now my tsh is 5.11?
I have ejection fraction of 65%?
patient with a respiration rate of 22 wheezing who is audibly?
Help! What's wrong with my rib cage?
What can help with bronchitis?
I have a pain under my rib cage and in my shoulder when i breathe any ideas?
What is a Certified Respiratory Therapist?
When I wake up I have a hard time breathing and sharp pains in abdomen?
why does my chest hurt?
I think that I have MS?
do i got anxiety, or some desease. please help im 15.?
Do I have exercise induced asthma or am I just out of shape?
What was the worst place you ever had a Panic Attack?
My brother has been in ICU for 50 days on a ventilator.?
Has anyone taken an asthma steroid during pregnancy?
whenever i breathe there is slight feeling of electricity in my chest.?
What am I sick with and what can i do about it?
a rapid heartbeat - what does it mean?
what does a respiratory therapist do?
can you use a vaporizer in a non smoking hotel room?
sick =/ please answer?
Sleeping problems :(?
Anyone else feel sick when they take tamiflu ?
took my 5 yr old to doctor for a cough, ends up she has bronchitus w/ wheezing (diagnosis) what does this mean?
I have jolts of pain from the lower side of my ear to till about half way down my jaw.?
what is this round thing in my leg?
Why Do I Feel that a part of my brain is stretching?
How do I get rid of shin splints? ?
How can I lessen this pain?
How can I relieve myself from this pain?
Lower rib area pain ??? help?
What do you do when your eyes are burning and you got the biggest headache?
What is Restless Leg Syndrome?
Anyone take Lyrica for pain?
Weird aching pain in side?
for a month i've experienced headaches, now for the past 4 days constant nausea all day? ?
Is rib pains and swelling normal?
How do you get rid of cramps in feet and legs?
I have had a dull pain in my chest for the past couple of days?
the bottomof my foot hurts it like a sharp pain?
Please help, foot problems!!?
My left eye is aching, what should I do?
Sharp pain in back of ribs,? Help?
how do i not hurt myself?
Billie is sleeping ALOT!?
Is it possible for professional hypnotherapy to eradicate heartbreak?
i really want to get to see my son but since i havent seen him i now suffer from agriphobia and i have a court?
is liqourice safe to take when on statins?
what happen when drinking too much teas?
Acupunture facelift treatment?
Which alternative therapies can help a vasculitis sufferer?
where do you buy the acai berries in the UK?
What sea weed is used to bathe in as a cure for eczema?
Alfalfa sprouts, can you grow them in soil?
What is a home remedy for cystitis and worms?
Does anyone know of an acupressure point to stop itching?
How much cough syrup do you drink to get high?
why is reflexology called reflexology?
Is there anybody with a cure for BXO?
Cod-liver oil capsules?
why do most herb remedies seem to be diuretic?
I'm looking for a Vitamin D3 supplement that sounds like 'revisatrol'?
Is there a danger of me drinking too many cups of Echinacea + raspberry herbal tea?
above both of my ears does this mean that i have a brain tumor?
Ive been sick for 3 weeks?
After having a hand transplant does the new hand retain it's fingerprints or change to the recipient's genetic?
I have an area on my upper leg that is numb feeling but extremely sensitive to touch. Hurts when touched?
Pregnant and feels like a lump is in my throat when I eat?
When i yawn and reach the end of it my throat croaks its extremely annoying started 4 yrs ago?
does anybody with fibromyalgia suffer with internal shaking also ?
ocd like pushing my eyes in poking my thorat stuff that will harm myself what shoul i do?
why do i feel my right arm paralized?
what diseases actually serve a purpose?
Always sleepy and dont know why?
Maximum time a person can live with a brain tumor?
Please help I dont know whats wrong!?
why water swelling out when get wounded?
what symptoms is this?
Is this normal?Swollen thigh?
insomnia? please help me figure this out! it is importanttt!!?
ear numb after being sneezed at- permanent damage?
What is the best medicine to take if my stomach hurts when burping and when i eat?
Ok... this is going to be hard to explain?
You may have heard a question like this but please help?
when you're anemic does that mean you have anemia?
Whats wrong with my stomach?
Is my speach being affected by smoking marijuana?
Does this mean i hav mono?
Help? Chronic stomach pain after eating.?
i have been constipated for a month?
can i take 200mg ferrous sulphate with flucloxcillin?
Hard to breathe in the hot shower?
can eating yankee candle wax kill you?
How do you relax your tounge while sleeping?
Why do I breathe so hard and how can I stop?
Rash 'down below' what could it be?
My Dad Had an Xray done of his Sholder.. the doctors said there is a growth in his sholder joint, what is it?
how to stop plain&numbness after skingrafting on legs done after skin burns due to fall into boiling water?
about my pit i just got like a month ago?
can i get to 140 bend on my own? How long?
i had a sml hairline fracture when i was 13 on my ankle. will this be a prob w/ the USAF? 7 yrs and no prob.?
why hasn't my toe healed yet?
oucchee calf strain? maybe?
whats up with my knee? now it randomly hurts to bend it - a long and detailed question, please help me!?
Bruises and knots on arm for no reason.?
I think my toe is infected, help please?
What your reaction when you are stressed: eating a lot or have nothing to eat?
theres a black spot in my eye not floaters?
I feel like killing myself?
do I have a problom?
Can someone be ADHD and OCD.?
I don't know what to do. I'm depressed with suicidal thoughts I need HELP PLEASE?
Multiple Personality Disorder?
How much can you get better in IQ?
I need someone to talk to. Sometimes I cut myself. I'm a teen.?
Is this weird?!?!?!??!??!?!?
Is it normal for a 27 year old guy to cry hysterically over a dog that died 3 years ago?
Am I suffering from depression?
have bipolar out of control want to die?
Do I have ADD or ADHD?
What is the poin. Of life anymore? I just don't get it?
How to be a better person?
How to beat a phyciatrist?
im sooo stressed!!!! HELP!?!?!?
im seeing things that arent their..... why?
uses of gyno travogen?
should i wait to take my iron pills?
How to correct walking with my feet pointed inwards?
can a patient give u verbal permission to access her medical records?
What is wrong with me....... :( help please..?
what r the Problems that you face in ambulance?
Is a chemical imbalance causing my acne?
What is the Os Coxae's Main Function?
I am having problems with my digestive system with my poo in small chucks for years?
Will i grow any taller? How can i boost my growth ? Will weight training effect my heig?
A sore throat every morning but then it goes away?
i yawn a lot and my left hand aches?
I ate a large surpreme pizza from papa johns last night and i was still hungry?
How to improve short-sightedness?
Exactly how much can you grow in a week?
Why am I constantly losing hair?
Baby's Eczema (help please)?
Dry Hands ?
What are these weird spots on my legs?
Best way to get rid of deep-rooted blackheads?
can you buy antobiotic (or similar)without prescription?
Have u ever had an outbreak of acne and you don't want to leave the house?
What makes a mosquito bite periodically itch?
what can i do?
dies any1 no a way to get rid of acne in a short ish time?
Flucloxacillin - Stomach Ache?
psoriasis advice?
please help ive got what look like little air bubbles appearing beneath the skin on my fingers and hands they?
scars! how to get rid of them ?
Does mild acne scars on a reasonably good looking man's face put women off?
My 1 year old keeps waking in the night as his scalp is itching & he needs to scratch. What can I use to help?
have fluid on the knee?
i got up this moring and have a sty on my eye anyone know what can help?
What foods make you breakout?
Is it safe to take antihistamine (Loratadine) every week for a year now?
where mites comes from ?
Could I be allergic to bread?
does the medication macrobid cause yeast infections?
any allergic reactions are side effects?
is ginger ale gluten free?
what is the best OTC children's medication for cold & allergy relief?
HI,is there anyone that has a child with HLHS?
Can they administratively discharge me for a heart condition?
heart conditions need surgery?
normal blood pressure for 16 yr old male?
what is the risk of cpk of 545 and cpk mb of 31?
Question about low blood pressure.......?
What should my resting heart rate be at?
I'm a 25 year old 5'11 240 pound male. My blood pressure reading is 195/120. Should I go to the hospital?
xanthomata and familial hypercholesterolaemia?
leaking heart valve and bypass?
cocoa powder raises hdl?
My Cousin Just Had An Epileptic Fit, Will He Survive?
Arrhythmia caused by low iron?
Post ablation of wolf parkinson white?
if you have a rubber heart and brain and you get shocked with 10 volts?
how important are cardiovascular procedure notes?
Stiff Neck & High Blood Pressure?
I had a blood clot and i am concerned again?
etg alcohol testing in gastric bypass patients, is the test accurate?
my father had quad bypass two weeks ago tomorrow...?
will mytral valve prolapse with tricuspid valve regurgitation cause complications with swine flu?
is glucose D okay for pregnant women and what quantity is expected to take per day,if its okay?
How can you get an insulin pump in the uk?
how long should i take milk thistle for?
How much of the information given by the medical profession is propaganda?
how quick can a hypo come on from start of feeling of shakiness etc.?
Can a fellow type 2, Diet Controlled or not, answer this one?
concertration levels?
GI cooking HELP!?
eating with sugar diabetes and high cholesterol?
if you have low pottasium levels what does this mean?
camhs are taking so long?
Type one diabetic, unable to get rid of stomach fat? Can't seem to shift any weight?
If I have pancreatitis can I take MDMA?
acceptable to test for ketones in a diabetic taking sulfa drugs?
My dad recently had a motorbike accident, he's a diabetic and one of his injury is worrying...can someone help?
dbk amputee on 05/11/2008 infection or not?
Stem Cells to cure diabetes?!?
Why patients with diabetes are easily infected?I need to know how is their immune system is depressed.?
I Have Been Swallowing Non Stop Since Last Night And Now My Throat Really Hurts, How Can I Stop Swallowing?
lower stomach pain could this be an appendix problem?
Is there more to my heartburn pains?
My knee hurts when i cheer?
Girlfriend in agonizing pain please help?
Should I see a Dr. About this?
Sciatica - horrid horrid horrid?
What position should i sleep in with an ear ache?
What is this pain in my left shoulder?
When I try to sleep why does my jaw hurt?
Question about painkillers?
How can I tell what i did to my knee?
When ever I sit down stretch and do a toe touch my neck and left leg hurt?
My head hurts after fall?
Why is my herniated disc at l4-l5 worse at night and what can I do?
Horrible headache what will help?
Why does my shoulder hurt when I run?
Sudden Severe Neck Pain?
OMG i have a pounding headache!?!?
I have urinated blood off and on?
my 1 year old has Pseudomonas in her urine will this cause kidney damage?
How can I get rid of a caregiver thats not doing anything?
Could I still have thyroid problems?
Do I have a serious eye condition? Please Help!?
I have been having left side heaache with red, swollen lleft eye?
Deathly illnesses back in the 1860's that aren't lethal for the modern persons?
My house is extremely dry. Anyone have a no cost issues that have helped?.?
weird sharp pains on the left side of my rib cage area help!?
How to cure a sore throatt.?
i feel like aunts are bitting me all over?
Severe Stomach Pains that come and go?
i just found a little air bubble thing on my lip what does that mean?
i have all the symptoms of prolactinoma?
Medical question please help!?
if i think i know the cure for an ailment that is rather commonplace..?
in winters my head gets heavy and sometime i feel my brain is unstable sometimes.m afraid now do i havedisease?
My pee is ALWAYS clear.. but I don't drink much water. why is this?
Can photopsia and pupil dialation be resulted from hitting my head?
Are all cold sores.. "Herpes"?
what is my psyche?
Has anyone tried bioresonance therapy to quit smoking?
Is it ok to take L'carnitine, Q10 and St John's Wort?
what are the best calcium supplements for people suffuring from arthritis at the health shops or chemists?
Have you used the Bach Flower Remedies?
Pros and Cons of Evening Primrose Oil?
is acupuncture treatment best for acidity,gastric and body pains compare to hallopathi,homeopathi,ayurvedic?
What drugs have the same effects as Valium?
when are we in the u.k. going to get back to the good old days and start getting a good bit of imported hash?
Can Diclofenac make you hungry?
Is Stevioside safe as an ingredient in lip balm?
Taking Ginkgo Bilboa with anti depressants?
How long does healing last after reike session?
Can taking quercetin regularly cause buzzing in the ears (tinnitus)?
Anyone with first hand experience with Magnetic therphy please?
where can you get ipicac from?
Quick cold symptom reliefs?
does anyone know if insomnia bands work?
Reiki and crystals?
pancreatitis, any sufferers out there, helpful herbal medications, or any tried methods of aiding relief?
Why did I not get to sleep last night?
Why this is so happen to me ?
Question about sleep apnea...?
blurred vision in the mornings?
Do they still give shots, injections-whatever- in schools?
more on my ear thing my hole is almost closed and it is throbbing?
Pain on the side of my Head?
Possible sinus infection?
I took a drug test be for i started a job i have not smoked in at least 2 mouths?
how can i stop cracking my knuckles?
please helpp.............any advice is highly appreciated!?
Will Medrol steroid pack affect my pre-op?
How bad are my eye test readings?
Conducting health research survey, please help?
will expired sun block work?
i black out for a reason but don't know why?
I always feel like have no energy however heavy or long I sleep?
Are there any tricks to falling asleep?
Torn meniscus and physical therapy?
how long does it take for your muscles to stiffen when you die?
Do you think my rib is bruised or cracked?
How long do i leave the cotton thingy on after drawing blood?
i really need help for my ankle?
Why does My Ankle always pop then when i jog my tendon hurts under my knee so i can't walk?
Could I have a broken bone in my hand?
When i bend down, i go to a point where my left knee shakes?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, could i ride my bike today?
I sprained my ankle again, is there some way to protect it?
Toenail injury......?
how do you kno when your nose is broken?
Swallen hands - what could it be?
Have i sprained/fractured my wrist?
motorcycle accident?!?
Why do i cough in the morning?
Why isn't my cough going away?
why after 10 months am i still breathless from pnuemonia?
Help! Constant burping is making me gag!?
Improving your breathing?
chest pains and 27 years old??
Is so much mucus normal?
Do I have a sinus infection ?
I've had a cough for a few days and each time i cough there's like a really bad taste coming from my throat?
My 2&1/2 yr. old snores loudly & stops breathing when he sleeps, but no more than 4 seconds, is that normal?
Medical Breakthroughs of the 1950's?
has anyone experienced this; suddenly your body stopped breathing and you wake up to resume breathing again?
I have these chest pains occasionally but then they go away. Is there any reason to worry?
I lost my voice 4 days ago. It started off with a minor soar throat, then coughing. What do I have?
My husband has been detected with a tumor in lung which is around 8.1 cms.?
Does this sould like H1N1 to you?
Could my cough have developed into Pneumonia?
shortness of breath and weird feeling in chest and throat?
Is this strep throat?
I need information on lung problems?
was this an asthma attack?
What can help people with Asthma more - Jacuzzi or dry sauna?
What actions are being taken to prevent, avoid or deal with existing problems (air pollution)?
Aleve, Benadryl, and Mucinex DM?
When is it time to see a doctor about hip pain?
Are large bumps on the back of my tongue normal when having a sore throat?
Is it true the more estrogen you have, the less body/facial hair you produce?
whats the best, fastest way to get weed out of your system?
thowing up & diarrhea, what could this be? && how do i stop it?
I have a question about a hearing test done by an audiologist?
Why are some people only athletic when they become adults?
shoes someone help pleaseeeeeee?
i am afraid that i might be having kidney stones?
Why is it bad to take alcohol with an SNRI?
Can you get a nosebleed from screaming?
Whats wrong with me, I need help?
Why did Zopiclone make me feel like doing that?
Why cant I stop myself from throwing up when I have gastroenderitis?
plans for my body. Good or bad idea?
Is anyone else scared to be in a relationship?
How do you sleep at night ?
How do I calm my nerves about high school?
How to tell a girl I like, that I have Bipolar Disorder?
Help!!!! :'( i m feeling really depressed!!!?
Is it worth it anymore?