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Someone smoked in their house around my daughter and I am worried.....?
Feel very awkward after 18 hours of sleep?
why is it i feel rushed, shaky when smoking, inhaling cannabis?
What is the form called that I from Walgreens to solve this issue?
I have an occasional tingling in the tips of my fingers and sometimes toes. Also...a twitching in my right eye?
What is it in Benadryl that causes drowsiness?
Is this the flu? Bronchitis? Sinus Infection? OMG.?
Does anyone know where the closest free clinic is?
What Do You Think Could Be Wrong...Opinions Wanted?
social problem! pls help?
i see it almost all the time, but is it...?
Do you think headaches come from reading?
Need Advice Please...My mom had gone to get her ears cleaned for whatever reason, next thing you know........?
my hands are always shaking even when im not nervous. Doe anyone know why?
What could be causing this burning sensation in my abdomen?
blood and pus in puppies urine?
does anyone know how i can talk to a doctor online for free?
UTI/Kidney question? Confused?
I cry really easily and have a bad short term memory how will i get a job im scared to work?
Can surgery make someone aggressive?
Could i have possibly have ADD?
Is OCD a Disease or a Disorder? And whats the difference?
can the chemical aspartame give you some kind of brain tumor? and are diet drinks with it bad for you?
Partner has restless leg syndrome. !!!!!!?
Undigested food in stool?
Tumor & Septic-Well Question.... Toxic?
is it normal for my chest to feel like this?
What does it mean if my finger goes numb?
What are all the causes of ulcers besides H plyori , medications ex. Advil , or stress ?
can I amputate my own finger?
how is swine deadly?
Can't sleep tired in morning?
sinus infection..gahh..?
Feel very fatigued throughout the day? Even with 7 - 8 hours of sleep?
I've had cold symptoms especially a heav cough for at least 5 weeks. Any sugg. on what this could be?
Im hearing a staticy sound in my left ear?
How do I drain my sinuses?
swine flu is pandemic or epidemic?why?
I have chronic bronchitus - is there anything I can do?
Sore Throat help PLEASE!!! URGENT!!!?
when will u reduce the prescription chages for the sick ?
I just got diagnosed with wolfe parkinsons white syndrome, bad thyroid and type 2 diabetes i need what food?
WHY does Bishop Edir Macedo of the UCKG have Diabetes?
type1 wrong diagnosis?
My sister needs an artificial eye due to Diabetes, does anyone know about this procedure? how I can help her?
diabetic type1 stopped smoking and piling on weight.I have pvd andneuroprathy in both legs. don't see how I?
sales for glucose monitoring devices scotland?
I'd like to talk to Dr Frank about amoxycillin and alcohol?
is it bad to take warfin and lovenox blood thinners my husband was prescribed both and passed away?
how do i know what my eye vision number is?
can contacts get old after having them in solution for a while?
Why is it important to use specialist aids and equipment safely?..?
what are the STD rates in Holland?
std's HPV and medic loretta?
can you get chlamydia from giving someone a handjob / being fingered ? QUICK please !!?
PPMS, what to expect in the future? Timescale?
? do you accept with out any symptom if find out some type of disease?
Herpes transmission through spit/saliva?
where abouts is the walk in centre for std testing in harlow?
my doctor told me i have hydrocele is this serious is it painful to get treated in hosipital?
does anyone know any celberties who have had their mouth washed out with soap?
HIV/AIDS online information video?
Would a clueless person hit by a car going 25mph be likely to die?
What could this mean? Is it serious?
Question about concussions?
Can I still jump rope and ride my bike with a broken wrist?
Cubital tunnel-tennis elbow?
if you blow your nose and hear air coming out can you get your hearing back?
so i have been working out for the past few weeks. I was in yoga class?
How do you call the nerves of touch?
I have no idea what I did to my wrist?
torn meniscus normal?
what can I do for a broken nose?
why do my hands swell when its hot?
doctors please help!! please?
What do you guys think is wrong with my knee?
What is the best face wash to use to get rid of acne and acne marks ?!?
Green tea good or bad?
what are coffee enemas for?
Does St. Johns Wort work?
home remedies for indigestion?
what is subutex?
diclofenac information please?
where can i listen to some meditation music?
Horses for healing humans?
Once off use of suncream dangerous when pregnant?
Sleeping pills do they work?
Acai Berry good for you?
Is there anything one can take over the counter or something simple to relieve nausea in stomach?
I am interested in curing diseases and find solutions to cures so which degree is best suited for me?
Can I purchase and use OTC Menopause Meds and creams? and do they work?
For indian head massage what oils did/do Indian mothers use to nourish their children's hair?
Tahitian noni juice?
What is Alpine Tea?
How Long Does it Take for the With Drawls to STOP?
Remedial Massage vs Osteopathy for a bad back?
magnets for use in medicine?
Can i be referred to an ostiopath (did i spell that right?) On the NHS?
is it ok to take all these?
would you realise if you were bipolar? and had not been diagnosed?
i need help... question about my sanity?
how has school been for you?
What is the worse that can happened to someone with depression...?
Has anybody been able to stop anti-depressants for anxiety without a problem?
Iam 44 yrs old why do people say i am old i dont look old or feel old Iam sad alot these days?
Am i insane or am is this normal?
how do i overcome hating people?
Do bullies get a taste of their own medicine?
People found out that i talk to my self and now im "The weird one"?
Help! Depressed and afraid to face the world?
I think I have an anxiety disorder, who do I talk to? My doctor?
I did Weed for my first and final time and i still feel emotionally numb?
is weed getting me smarter?
im a 16 year old girl and im not sure if im depressed or if its just teenage hormones.?
My friend committed suicide...?
Do you think i'm depressed?
Whats wrong with me? HELP PLEASEEE !?
sometimes i hear demonic noises when i am alone and i also hear clicking sounds. I also talk to the mirror?
Please help-First Psychiatrist appointment?
If you're a teenager and severely depressed, and you go to a doctor for help, will you go back to normal?
Why am I always tired?
When I have a really big urge to cut why does my foot hurt?
Doing ecstasy after getting two shots?
what is the pill hydro?
Going to the doctor, have cuts?
left nostril bleeds when i sneeze sometimes, but never my right nostril?
What is this under my ribs?
How long before bed should I take 2 NyQuil sinex?
Why does my leg shake and turn bright red when I eat computer chips?
my blood test came back, what does it mean?
how do you get rid of a sore throat?
What are the physiological effects of alcohol?
I've been sick since 12/20 Whats wrong with me?
can a combination of stomach meds,melatonin and extra strength tylenal kill you?
how to express myself?
Is there a way to watch satellite tv for free?
A reverse lookup cell out there for me?
Shroom Trip Changed My Life?
What do cold chills mean when your cold?
why does my right side go numb when i sleep on it please help?
splitt aa battery contents on my skin?the battery exploed from my remote and splashed me on my face ?
how old do you have to be to work in nhs?
Blood Test and weed help!?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of communicating through email with employees?
What are the best sleeping pills I can find without getting a prescription?
my stool is a yellow liquid is that normal?
Sick again? Now have chills and sweats bad?? Whats wrong?
Does excess iron have a STRONG link to coronary artery disease?
Peripheral Arterial Disease of the Legs?
What is the term to described increased aortic pressure? How does this relate to high blood pressure?
is it bad to stop my heart from beating?
My partner is awaiting angio we have just found out he has enlarged heart does this up the risks with angio?
Propranolol 60 MG ER Capsule, Can I half them?
My heart hurts..Whats going on?
Was this a heart attack?
How serious is this? My Uncle had A extremely high pulse rate?
why does my heart beat hard at night.?
what naetrul way to lower blood pressure
how long does it take for a heart surgery for a hole in the heart to end?
Is Amlodipine goood medicine for hight blood pressure ?
Is the body able to temporarily compensate for a potential drop in blood pressure by raising the heart rate?
heart problem after drinking?
I may sound crazy but when i get up really fast my heart pounds really fast for like one minute or more?
when i wake up in the morning i feel like my skin is crawling and i am axious and having chills, advise please?
i'm 19 years old. do i fall under the catofery of teenagers?
Inability to control urine?
How do they test you for insomnia?
Tinnitus! Please help!?
what will happen if i shake my head really really hard for a long time?
my big toe is swallon red and painful why?
Is a corneal transplant legal for a person under 18?
Constant headache and brain fog?
How long can someone live with an inoperable brain tumor?
My husband throws up all the time?
What are the chances of a brain tumor for a 16 year old?
How can i cure my BAD ANNOYING cough with home made products?
Would a drug addict??? Can you help?
Do i have Appendicitis?
treatment of mentally ill patients from past to present?
Please im dying i need help im a crack addict....?
I have been sick for over 3 weeks!! What do I have?!?
Can I bill a medicaid patient when they do not give a primary carrier?
Can you stretch your internal stomach?
HELP IM SICK please help?
Can malnutrition lead to depression?
How can I get motivated to quit vicodin?
Someone help me please purplish hardish bump on inner thigh..bleeding and hurts(picture)?
when do feet stop growing?
Please help me, im too young to die!!!?
Why do i feel like this???(drs. please answer)?
How can I overcome this kind of anxiety?
what does uc stand for on my insurance card?
What happens when you dont eat for long periods of time?
does chrysin increase height?
Home Remedy of a plugged ear canal?
Bad trip on fake weed!?
How do you treat an infection without antibiotics?
Is it a bad idea to eat this after having food poisoning?
Is ethyl alcohol bad for your health?
I'll give up junk food if you give up smoking?
Can a family doctor..?
I have a deep painful extremely persistent dry cough and medicine doesnt work?
Odor from the nose? what could it be?
Pneumonia turn into H1N1 swine flue?
what causes dry mouth ?
Can asthma meds. taken for a long time have side effects?
why is it hard for me to breathe ?
What should I do about my Bronchitis..?
Sore throat problems?
I am 21 weeks pregnant and sometimes i feel that i cannot breathe I feel restless. I feel that i will faint?
what component in tums relieves heartburn?
What could this chest pain be?
Off and on chest pains , tingling arm?
mojo and i have recently moved for 3 days he has not eaten or drank sleeps and is wheezing is it a cold?
macrodantin vs macrobid?
I am having leg pain that is seemingly coming on from the cold?
what causes a hernia?
What was the worst hand me down you have ever gotton?
does anyone know why my back hurts from personal experience?
Back pain won't go away?
I've Had This Sharp Pain In My Left Pinky Toe Right on the Side Of The Nail What Could It Be?
the last few days i've been having sharp knee pain when going upstairs and bending my knee that comes goes?
Should I go to the chiropractor?
Pain in my shoulder from push ups...normal or no?
What is the difference between piles and fissures? What causes them? What is the treatment for them?
sharp pain behind belly boutton?
Help please...Lower back pain?
what is wrong with my tailbone area?
Did not receive thank you note from Claire's when i got my cartilage done.?
What home remedy woud you do for a headache?
can i chew my pills?????? help-10 points?
How to resolve my foot pain?
Whats wrong with me? please help!?
What is causing this pain in my knee and leg?
knee consistently "gives out"?
What is Naproxen 500mg?
what pain relievers can I take while on sudafed?
Crutches & living in a top floor apartment?
Could I be injured and not know it?
Going to the beach... and cuts? What to do?
What should i do about my developing knee problem?
possible treatmrtn for 12week old ankle sprain?
Red Swelling on arm..Please HELp! QUick!?
Why do i have elbow pains!?
I had a cortisone shot a little over a month ago. I'm in a munster cast. Is it normal to feel some throbing?
Abdomen pain after accident?
Something bit me don't know what it was?
how come when i scratch it actually bruises?
i got my cartilage pierced four days ago and it didn't hurt at all..but now I think its infected.?
The joint where the inside of my leg and pelvis meets keeps popping and when it pops it hurts, what do I do?
bottom of knee popped?
Is this a normal symptom with a sprained ankle?
Ankle Injury need help!!!!?
Is this tendonitis? what is wrong with my arm?
question about cigarretes?
Is there a free medical clinic in Maryland that deals with eyes?
If someone had half bad vison in one eye...?
I think my mom might have alzheimers what should i do ?
"He looks depressed."
Did medication help your depression?
Has anyone ever "beaten" depression and can honestly say they feel better now?
do you think i suffer from OCD?
I I'm suicidal and want to get help but don't want my parents to freak out.?
help!! i think im having a mental breakdown!?
is it wrong to kick someone out with a drug habit?
Is my diet making me depressed?
Do you think I have an internet addiction?
I really need medication for depression, any advice on convincing doc?
what medicine treats anxiety?
I feel sooooooooo depressed and i dont have a job please help!!?
what kind of medicine do you take for stress?
Help I'm scared!i see spirit people inside my house!?
vary important thing you will be helping two 11 year old girls pweaz?
i think i'm depressed, but i'm not sure if i really am or not . help !?
How do I control stress and anxiety?
What are some ways to grow taller?
What prescription drugs are barbiturates in?
anyone got any advice/stories about mdma?
Acupuncture does it really work for everybody?
INNER EAR INBALANCEMENT - are there any compimentary therapies for this condition.?
Morphine as an abused drug...?
I want to become a doctor but I dont really understand the steps to becoming one can anyone help?
qualifcations in massage, can anyone help?
I am looking for Spearmint Tea, either loose or in tea bags.?
can anyone help me find silica in tablet form its a herbal medicine for nails and skin?
how long does insomia last after goin cold turkey off tramadol,dihydrocodeine,codeine,stop takin them 18 dy ag
I'm having holistic therapy & counselling for trying to quit drugs?
Muscle Twitching?
Colonic Hydrotherapy help?
Can you overdose on wine and sleeping pills?
what can you tell me about salvia?
in reflexology i have noticed a client with a flattened splayed tranverse (flat foot) on the left foot.?
Incense sticks.Is there any that help clear your nose & chest.?
how do you have a bath/shower with a full leg cast on?
is ketamine in pills that are legally suplied for use with horses the same as ket used for recreational use?
Why are you not allowed to touch homeopathy pills with your hands?
Hot/Cold stone massage?
can you get alternative therapy treatments on the nhs?
I've been feel nauseous around 4pm till bed, for a month now, then when I eat something it goes away?
For Doctors or Neurologists!!!!!?
Bizarre Sleep Schedule - Is it unhealthy? I sleep for two separate 3hr periods a day...?
Would Shaving the Head help with a itchy scalp...?
how can i get rid of spots?
any natural remedies for eczema?
painful sunburn ..:(?
how can i combat really bad shaving rash on my neck?
my tongue is white a feels dry and furry, it has pieces of loose skin at the back and red spots what is wrong?
I am in my late 20s w pretty bad acne. Nothing working for me, any recommendations?
What's the difference between a beauty spot and a freckle?
Can you please tell me in the simpliest English what happens if someone lacks albumen in their blood?
Can I give blood whilst between cervical can jabs?
Where can I get true blood? Please help, anyone? xx?
Oral Hearing for Incapacity Benefit i wasnt given decision at the hearing.?
Any guy's out there suffer from..........?
what is the mechanism that prevent glucose concentration dropping too low.?
reducing risk in type 2 diabetes
what is type 2 Apeced?
what moisturiser do you use after you have been on the sunbed?
My son has impetigo at the tip of his nose no idea how he got it?
I think I'm diabetic/anemic ?!?
how do i get rid of acne?
What is this rash?
Any One Know The Best Treatment For Spotty Skin??
Sebacious Cyst...?
how to get rid of acne scares?
sore hands?
Diabetes TYPE 2 and HBP?
Does anyone know of any books on diabetes that are suitable for children?
my blood sugar goes from 3 to 12 in a day, does this mean im diabetic?
what causes campbells de morgan, how can you prevent it?
What is Analogue Insulin? I know it is fast acting but is it HUMAN? ie not pok or bovine insulin?
Does Danacol, the drink that is meant to lower your colesteral work. Is it gud for u in general?
why do i pee blood after a run?
What is the most important to know with the patient?
diabetes help with insulin?
Why is my stomach ripping?
Hi everyone, umm, I am really sick and I need to throw up, but nothings coming out, HOW DO I THROW UP? HELP!!!?
what are the cpt codes for portable ultrasounds?
Why are my tonsils swollen?
Water main break question.?
My temperature is 92-93 degrees?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What are some long-term chemical effects of Xanax?
Does the Klima Confidence Handspray excessively dry out your hands?
How does the Pro Balance wrist band work?
i was attacked by dog broke my arm, and a year later i still have pain everyday in my shoulder.arm is weak,?
Why is my shoulder clicking and painful? There is a clicking sensation when I raise my arm.?
Help with a reccuring back problem...?
What could be the cause of my nosebleed?
After getting the cervical cancer needle?
What could this condition be?
If i were to smoke weed for the first time and not get high....?
Fear of buildings collasping HELP?
cutting depression HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
Having Trouble Breathing Accompanied By Chest Pain, Is It Safe To Sleep?
Like with Dr. House: What causes blood clots around the body?
salbutamol dosage per day?
I have a girlfriend suffering from PPD due to child birth?
Chest pains in sternum?
looking for treatments for sinus infections?
My mother in law found out 3 years ago she has COPD.?
Is There A Doctor In The House?
How do I get rid of this horrible cough?
what is lou gehrig's disease?
Nasal sprays? Best answer?
How to help a babys cough?
I'm 16 and am having chest pains?
Anyone out there ever had a gall bladder problem?
Chest pain and swallowing problems?
My dad has spots on his lungs?
Why am I having such problems with breathing?
What are some EARLY signs of cartilage infection?
White 'sacs' on eardrum and inner ear?
does connor have a chode?
Eating Disorder developed at 16?
what is wrong with me? please help?
what would cause your arm to feel cold when the rest of you is warm?
Question About Constipation, Causing Difficulty Urinating?
on average how long does it take a smoker to get a disease?
What is the name of this disease/condition?
what are some rare birth defects you know of?
how to get rid of acidity of stomac?
Unknown lumps found under chin and in around neck area?
headaches blurriness and dizziness?
What's this lump on my calf?
I am a 35 year old female. Two days ago I started experiencing a clogged feeling in my left ear kinda like?
what is a predisposing factor?
excessive yawning and urination?
can you die from this?
Are cold sore bad for you?
Medical Advise Please I am desperate.?
Has anyone heard of IDT (Indiana Dream Team)?
I need to have this problem solved. my boyfriend and i are breaking out in hives from my new/used car.?
what would hospital do if im dehydrated ?
How can the cell get the long stranded RNA?
Can the rise in STI'S amongst the over 35's be traced back to Chlamydia Lydia and Syph Cliff?
Atophic Vaginitis?
Getting a Testostorone test?
FEMANOL ????? please answer i need a cure !!!?
i was just wondering when you go in for a chlamydia test what should the colour be and the colour before the?
Please tell me a free not paid dating herpes and hpv dating site, only a free dating site!?
my daughter had seizures 2 days after her birth they were mild, she is on phenobarbitol i want to know can she?
Symptoms what could this be? please help!?
HPV Jab???????????????????
I feel sick - Why did I dream about Jade Goody?
Multiple Wasp Sting: Swelling going up arm.?
whats wrong with my muscles?
Hit head. Sharp pains unlike most others headaches above my right brow?
How have people broken there fingers and legs/ankle?
Help with washing my hair while wearing a splint!?
Really weird. i have a big dip in my leg?
im not sure if my foot is sprained, broken or bruised?
Best ankle brace for a weak/easily injured ankle?
What did I do to my knee during volleyball? It does NOT hardly hurt, but my knee pops....?
torn ligaments possibly broke foot is tingly?
Can feet actually take quite a bit?
I pulled my hamstring again?
Can betadine take off nail polish?
What to do about a hurt shoulder, possibly torn rotator cuff?
i have Lumbar Spinal Stenosis im leaving the army in two months help?
What Can I Do To Feel Better?
Is It Normal To Have This?
I think I have a cold and my mouth is high in salivation. Is this normal?
I need some serious medical help.?
I need help cuz when I wake up I just need something sweet that's liquid...and...I was wondering can you help?
Safe to take Vicodin after taking ambien the night before for sleep?
Is 12 hours or broken sleep the same as 12 hours unbroken sleep.?
Is it ok to go to bed at 12:00 am as long as if you get enough sleep?
How can I deal with a bad temper boyfriend?
Is there any mental illness illness were a subject can go from really angry,?
This is gonna sound really weird, but how do I stop myself from doing this?
wats wrong with me?
There is seriously something wrong with my ear.. I need answers ASAP?
How do I ge rid of a sore throat?
Low pitch vibration kind of sound in my left ear?
Child fire safety in padlocks?
Why do I get this strange ring around my lips?
Please help me diagnose my breathing problem?
i need halp my pinky is numb?
Living with Depersonalization.?
where does the blood come from when your nose bleed?
Please help me! How do you prevent...?
Help.....suicide question...?
For the past 3 days, I woke up around 5 am?
My friend is having hot flashes?
can i take these medicines together?
Everyday things to do?
Why do alcoholics sweat so much?
Why am I feeling Light headed?
Why am i shaking and breathing weird?
Could i possibly have gulf war syndrome?
Is it possible to change my eye color?
hair drug test? will i pass?
Which foods can help to soak up excess stomach acid?
Why do you 'draw back' when giving a subcutaneous injection?
Nytol product some advice please?
st. johns wort?....how long before i feel better on 900mg daily?
Has anyone Had lasek eye correction in UK?
Natural remedies safety?
Hopi ear candles .?
Arginine pills?
Terrible ear aches!!! Help?
which homeopathic remedy can help fibroids ?
how to lessen bruising naturally?
a question on reflexology ?
can some one tell me the advantqges and disadvntages of using pre blended oils in massage?
A better treatment for arterial fibulation than warferin?
Does anyone have experience of whether ionisers work for asthma or migraines?
thread worms in a child?
Hyperbaric sleeping bag?
DO anybody have any story's about "chiropractic therapy"?..Iv heard so much great stuff,about the treatment ;)
how do i inform the doctors surgery that ive legally changed my name?
What sort of impact does Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs have?
acupuncture for migraines...?
Dr.Frank:- As a doctor of long standing, why haven't you used the placebo effect and save the NHS money?
Heart Test Results CBC (PLEASE LOOK) (ECG) Results?
My 7 months old baby has birth heart defect (VSD). What humanitarian orgs. could help in doing surgery?
What contributes to high Triglycerides?
ECG/Cardiac Enzymes heart question?
I have OCD for picking my scabs an eating them :(?
Would it be safe to take 50 mg Trazodone with Norco and Zyban?
How long does it take to tell if you have Toxic Shock Syndrome?
What is the problem when someone comes to the emergency room with chest pain and shortness of breath?
What could be a problem if just the physical fact of speaking for a long time causes severe stress symptomes?
what is this red patch on routh of mouth?
Blood in urine with NO burning?
Is there anyway where i dont have to poo or pee again?
what are some diseases that might kill a teenage girl?
Any docs out here to help?
if i have anxiety, with strange headaches, chest pain, and left arm hurts and short breath, is a flight safe?
why are my ears low set and i dont have a disease?
do menthol cigarettes make your lungs bleed?
Can someone on meth have normal sleep and eating patterns?
Pressure in lower stomach, unable to pass gas?
My stomach has been growling for no reason for the past 3 years.?
why does my pee smell really bad?
Hit my head dont feel good now.!!!.?
my doctor wants to give me a hypnotic drug for insomnia?
why do people faint at the sight of blood?
wot if your urine is ok but your blood count is 10?
diabetes negative feedback loop?
what medical condition can affect the dietary requirements and support needs of the individuals?
What is a DESMOND clinic?
any recipies for a diabetic patient?
Does anyone suffer from Tiredness and Lymphoedema?
I have Diabetes 2, I am on 3 Metformin a day, I am also taking Alpha Lipoic Acid now. Anyone else taking that?
can anyone help?hypo!!?
Is this normal for a fasting blood sugar?
what is diabetes mellitus?
Has anyone with type 2 diabetes followed the Lighterlife program with success?
is it possible 2 take donepezil 10 mg with rimonabant 20 mg?
type of blood groups there is?
Freedom Pass?
SEVERE AMNEIA, 3st loss of wieght, no answers after lots of hospital app?
why do i feel low all the time?
Non-diabetic, glucose levels rising...?
smoking problem that needs to go?
Yellow Mucus versus Green Mucus: what does the color really mean?
Could it be signs of COPD?
I am having problems with asthma! I need answers!?
tonsilitus or just sore throat?
Need help with severe ear infection =(?
Why is it that when I sleep on my back, I will alwarys stop breathing and moving?
How to get over a cold *really* fast, in 2 days??!!?
I am having left chest/ribcage problems.?
my 17 month old has been coughing for 12 days now and threw up mucous a few times?
my nephew has some kind of a cold and coughed on my daughter.?
What causes unexplained asthma attacks?
ear lobe infection??? please help me?
why does my chest hurt?
sever cold or something else??
Does my back hurt or did my lung collapse again?
Your home hiccup remedies?
asbestos help really doing my head in?
can lack of breathing oxygen to your brain make you tired ?
Feeling the urge to go #2 for no apparent reason every morning?
what exactly is a TB negative skin test?
my son is only 5 yrs old and was misdiagnosis by 2 doc's just last week in a military hospital.he complain of?
Im worried about my friend. She eats Toilet paper everyday..?
I think I'm sick, thoughts?
very sick please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Please help me! What is this? (with pic)?
Nightmares, Headaches, Forgetfulness, Recent concussions?
do people with thyroid problems need or want xanax?
Blood on my toilet paper?
Accidentally drank iron perfumed softener with anti- scaling agent?
how to know if you have arthritis?
one kind person said my depression is not chemical. It definitely is clinical depression. does anyone agree?
how long would it take to faint?
Will my body eventually become dependent on more water if I drink more?
Physical symptoms of depression coming back, need to increase my medication?
I need help with stomach pain?
How to get rid of my nerves?
I constantly need to eat, and I already have devolping symptoms of anemia?
How To Make Myself Sneeze?
What does Walgreens in FL start its experienced Certified Pharmacy Technicians at?
white meat allergy (chicken)?
Does being allergic to one of Nexxus's hair products mean im allergic to EVERYTHING from that brand?
Allergic Reaction?!? Dr.s or Pharmacists prefferred Serious Answers only Emergency?
FOr nasal congestion can you use salt water in place of saline solution?
What degree burn is this?
Can dizziness be a symptom of a herniated disc between 5 and 6 in my neck.?
How much calcium should i have a day?
Can you wear earphones while gromits are in?
my face is really swollen because i just got in a fight although Its not bad it looks like its getting worse.?
Why Don't I Get Cold?
Can someone give me some idea about family care plan?
I've got wonky nostrils. Is that the sign of a deviated septum?
my tongue is dehydrated?
does Lasik Surgery improve you eyesight permanently?
Research paper help! What's it called when...?
Help I have right upper quadrant pain. It started 3 months ago.?
A question about using a pessary for thrush?
please help me im worried?
Is the HIV rate in botswana rising or falling?
Any ladies who had Chlamydia for a while have complications afterwards?
Is your feet sweaty?
Is it OK to get STD checked at a GUM clinic while on a light period?
i just like to say thanks to ppl giving me advice on this yahoo answers on the hiv thing i was enquirying?
My macetor toilet is not working properly and is actually spreading a rather eggy smell. Why is that?
Is a rash on the back normal or a symptom of anything in relation to 11 week pregnancy?
Is it true that mild dyskaryosis can go away on its own after 3 - 6 months? if so has this happened to anyone?
Self Test HIV kit results ?
what is the ICD-9 code for lipid panel?
Can Zocor destroy your memory?
Why do I get chest pains when I lay on my left side?
different layers of the veins and arteries?
Which chamber of the heart pumps blood to the systemic circulation? ?
What do I have? Im worried and idk?
PLEASE HELP! The Heartbeat?!?
I had heart bi-pass more than a year ago. My doctor recently put me on Diclofenac?
Are FUZE drinks good for high blood pressure?
Crl at 7 weeks accuracy?
After years, are transplanted organs replaced with your own tissue? ?
how to chart a nurse-patient-interaction with a psychiatric patient?
What's the diagnosis?
Why , & How this person could have possible died ?
How do you improve your HDL&LDL ratio?
Why does my heart beat fast?
Heart rate is too fast?
how do you sigh up for it we need a bigger house teres six of us?
My dog has a growth in the heart,started with heart failure,our vet cant give heart medication only diuretics.?
how hospital heart rate monitor works?
Can Lupron injections cause long term side effects, I would like to have children in the future?
Is morphine good for ulcer pain?
my friend is having severe pain in her lower right side, it will stop but if you raise her right leg to her?
my gums and teeth hurt what can i do besides the dentist?
How much Soma is to much?
pain on the right side of pelvic area?
My eyes hurt! A diognosis, please!?
PLEASE HELP i have a stomach pain?
how do u know if u have pinched nerves or pulled muscles in your neck and can they cause u to feel lightheaded?
Pain at the back of my ribs?
constant back pain?????
should i stay home? and how?
my shoulder hurts from softball i think (10 points)?
Please help! I have this horrible ache in my lower right abdomen and don't know what to do?
Why does my forehead hurt all the time?
lower right abdomen pain when i breath in?
why wont the pain go away?
when I get high my leg starts to hurt, why?
What could this be???????????
Why are my muscles extremely sore after taking benadryl?
Constant cold or something else?
my neck hurts really really bad?
what do they do when you get eye contacts?
why do you need a prescription for eyeglasses with a negative diopter value but not for positive values?
CP, ataxia, dystonia difference?
How can I make myself look sick?
My nose is stuffed up due to cold?
Every time I run I get Diarrhea?
from doctor/ physical therapist SOMEONE?
Rim piercing stings when i clean it?!?
Hi,im getting joint pains but my hemoglobin is very low and my uric acid level is 2.89 what is reason..?
Are there white blood cells in the human brain?
Why do I have chills go through my body?
How can i get the elasticity back in my stomach?
how bad does body odor get after 3 days?
Everything is moving could i be on LSD or Mushrooms?
Why is my face and body so bloated?
Question about Depression disorder?
Question about my body. HELP?
Every pain i get?
What's a good way of removing Verrucas from the bottom of the foot?
what are some signs your cutting has gone to far?
is there something you can do before bed to help the dead contact you in your dreams?
Could i be bipolar if it runs in my family?
What possible mental health issue do i have if (read description)?
Getting over being shy?
Is being emotional good?
I have a lot of anxiety and depression and don't have a clue of what to do or where to turn to next.?
i want to be mentally crazy what do you think?
urgent depression???
How to get to sleep faster; also I am really stressed out-Please help I'm losing my mind?!?!?
High expectations of life.....ever think about it?
depression [email protected]@[email protected] professionals...?
Do you have a bipolar parent? are you a bipolar parent? and..?
Am i bipolar? I am Fifteen Years old and I am Suicidal.?
im bipolar and am always depressed what do i do?
Why would our brain "PLAY" musics or any event that happened ago even though its against our will?
Why am I more alert at evening/night 6-10pm?
Should I Kill Myself??
my son has a headache.....?
what is the function of the lymph vessels of the chest?
i have a sinus infection. I also have asthma. I have a fever of 100.1. when should I go to the doctor?
have you ever had a anxiety attack?
Too much smoking cause rashes on body? like 24 cigrattes in a day?
Urinary Tract Infection, help please!?
Why can't I breathe right?
im 16 and havin intense chest pain while breathing in?
Teachers Breathee Ewwwwwwww.?
What is going on with my breath?
At home how can I test myself for ashthema?
what are black spots on your lungs mean?
blood in flem during infection?
i tried nasal srpay for the first time?
Pneumonia with only a cough?
is there a kit i can buy to check for mold in my house?
plz tell me smoking?
what is the chance of infection during blood donation?
bronchitis question?
Stopping nose bleeds!?
Troubles breathing at night?
Norway / Iceland : Does anyone know a good cod liver oil supplier?
Do combination homeopathic remedies work as well as single remedies or finding one's correct constitutional?
What is the Letest length of TB treatment?
home remedies S T I iv been a noughty boy :)?
Tantra meditation/yoga retreats?
can a diebeties patient consume glucosamine to treat osteoarthritis,if they cant,what is the best solution?
What are the theories behind Western Herbal medicine?
How can you cure a flu/cold?
How to mix essential oils so they don't smell strongly?
Which is best - EFA's or Hemp Oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mood Swings, Lowering Cholesterol & Blood Pressure
can anyone tell me the diffrence between oesteopath&chiropractor?
would anything happen if i drunk alcohol with st johns wort?
Oil of Oregano. Have you used it as a natural antibiotic?
Aromatherapy Help Please :]?
question about kidneys and drinking alcohol?
Are all of these tablets really needed?
is physical therapy a form of complementary medicine?
what does cchutney ferrit mean? who came up wiv it?
what things can do to preserve or enhance your visual acuity...including eye drops, herbs, vitamins,exercises?
results of taking Manuka honey?
Will energy pills raise my blood pressure and heart rate?
Whats up with my fingers?
Does anyone ever get the feeling where you think that blood got blocked in one of your veins?
i have a hard time falling asleep. any tips to help me?
My mom was bed ridden in the hospital for 3 months....?
Cigarette Withdrawal Problems persist?
I want to hear again...?
what would happen sleep?
i tense when my boyfriend fingers me, how can i relax?
How do I stop cracking my knuckles?
can i do my own physical therapy for my knee?
knee problems................................?
I'm always seeming to be sick...?
So I asked a question a few days ago about bumping my head..?
okay i have a nasty blister that hurts so bad!?
How do u deal with a knee sprain?
What's a way to get some sleep with a broken back?
When your bones crack, can others hear it?
My knee really hurts can someone please help me?
When can I run on my sprained ankle?
HELP got my ear pierced 6 weeks ago... and?
I hurt my right pinky really badly by falling off a swing,days later i hit my right pinky toe same way.?
if a bunny was allergic to carrots would it be depressed its whole life?
i think im allergic to something?
Can I get rid of allergies without Shots/Pills?
is testosterone supplement good for skin allergy problem?
German Shepard nose bleeds?
can you still get pregnant if you have chronic idiopathic uriticaria?
Why do I get Bloated from dairy?
My big toe is swollen near the nail, am I treating it the right way?
I just got my tonuge pierced and now is sort of numb on one side! is this normal? ?
Help Found Like this Blood stuff In my Pants What is it ?
Can penicillin help fight a cold?
My ear have been ringing for two weeks?!?
What brain functions occur during a brain hemorrhage?
Question about allergic reactions, although tested negative for everything?
Does insulin deficiency lead to high glucose level?
Is eating finger nail polish bad?
Is there any flavoring that can be added to Perative ( nutrition drink ) to make it bearable to drink orally?
i have a lisp :( is there surgery that can help?
what happens if yoiu take high blood pressure medicine and you dont have high blood pressure?
There's something on my throat.?
Is it possible for one to sell his own kidney?
Do I have Raynaud's Disease?
I keep Feeling sick after eating?
is there any tablets i can take for neurofibrotosis?
Teen Diabetics, parents of teen/child diabetics in UK!!! Would you...?
anyone can tell me site all about medical treatments???,,,i need some article about medical treatment,,,?
Does ketosis help insulin sensitivity?
checking a water sofetner?
is it possible for a person to suffer from charcot joint in they are not diabentic?
If not herbal life then what? give some suggestions.?
irregular period or normal??
Does anyone know of a reliable UK home testing kit for adrenal fatigue?
Insulin sensitivity?
eHas anybody got oedema?
How can I eliminate Sorbitol & Fructose from my diet ?
what happened to me this night?
Shaking and Thirst please help?!?
sugar test machine question?
Where can one get shoes to fit a foot deformed by Charcot Osteoarthropathy, apart from a hospital?
how accurate are postmortem/blood tests?
In the movie patch adams what medical disorders take place?
well i started makeing my self vomit last month i want to stop now but after i eat it just comes rite back up?
Vision went completely black for like 5 minutes?
calling all medical experts?
Cancer patients...Do you know?
why do i have blood clots after drinking?
why are some people so weak when it comes to certain addictions like alcoholism but others can handle it?
can you get handicap parking for having Patellofemoral Pain?
Can anxiety cause waking up alarmed to short breath?
does anyone know any real long term effects of mephedrone?
I have tremors in my hands, What could be wrong?
Smoking Weed while on anti depressents?
where can you find this drug?
Could I get prescribed medical marijuana for back pain?
does this happen to anyone else?
foot cramp feeling in stomach?
does anyone know of a personal doctor that can help?
Is it normal to enjoy getting a nosebleed?
What are some of the most painful diseases to death and the most peaceful diseases to death?
How can a asthma inhaler make you fail a drug test?
Why do I have smelly burps? /:?
My ears are not perpendicular to my head, why is this?
Help, whats wrong with me?
I need a few answers. Should I be worried?
I have a question about scars?
is there a product in the uk for under arm wetness help!!!!!!!!?
I have been diagnosed with shingles but I have no rash, Is it safe to go to work?
My friend gets mosquito bites which swell to about a hand span and itch terribly leaving scars?
What are the latest treatments for psoriasis? Has anyone found anything that helps?
the best product for getting rid of black heads?
Sunbed before Holiday?
red spots?
does anyone no anything that works to get rid of scarring?
why does drinking loads of water bring me out in spots?
does witch hazel really work on rosacea?
Acne marks & scars........?
Is this good for getting rid of mild acne?
why do i go red?
eczema - how to treat.?
Aching, dry, sore feet...what can I use or do to make them feel better?
any tips for really badd.......?
Are all gays got aids?
i did a wand test a went like a peach colour?
how long can gonorrhoea be in your system for un noticed?
do std clinics send out your results by txt on a weekend or is it only mon-fri they do it?
where can i buy swab pens from to test for bacteria in a kitchen?
can mastrubating give you any kind of std?
hpv does the body fight it of after 2years or so ?? many mixed facts about ? 10 points?
can you tell me will you have a missed period if you hve pid?
Positive thinking has turned into negative thinking..?
Approx, how many people in Africa are living with HIV/AIDS?
give an example when you had ensure a client fitted with the correct aids to help with communication?
Free STD home testing kits?
Floaters in the eyes?
can lack of sleep make you anxious?
Can you survive the next day if you haven't been to bed, or been unable to sleep?
Do you think people are over medicated?
How do I stop my internet addiction if everything is done via web these days?
Why have I been getting so upset lately?
Do angry drunks MEAN what they say?
My friend did something wrong should I tell on her?
feeling really suicidal?
Have you ever attempted suicide?
My friend knows I'm cutting. What do I do?
I am so depressed and just need to express myself.. but really need support, please.?
HELP! advice about cuttin?
what is wrong with me, is there a disorder?
Why is it that every generation teens are angry?
My wife took ecstasy?
what causes hair to fall out?
Why am I always losing my voice?
the skin around my nails is dry and chapped... need help?
bad headaches,very moody,can't sleep...help?
I was born 2 months early...?
building medical terms using word parts?
I get up during the night to urinate.?
Will energy pills raise my blood pressure and heart rate?
how do you tell the difference between regular flu and swine flu?
if i was bitten really hard on my breast could it become breast cancer?
ok i have acute bronchitis?
I've been sick lately...?
Ceiling with asbestos collapsed. Is it safe to be in the bldg before repair complete?
Where my throat and chest meet?
iv bein coughin up blood , an i cant eat or sleep , whats wrong ?
Can paralysis happen during suffocation?
what covers the lungs as a protective membrane?
Pain in lungs after being active especially in the cold?
How long do antibiotics take to work?
Symptoms of leprosy (bullet points)?
sick what can i do?:[?
grandmother has fungus on lung! info please!?
Nasal congestion?
Is it an actual panic attack?
is cystic fibrosis more likely to occur in certain populations?
Sometimes I forget to breathe; Can this cause any health problems for me in the future?
can inhaling marker marks hurt you?
Waking up coughing and can't breath?
How can side effects from medicines taken for asthma affect learning?
Can your brain swell when you are sick?
Ive been taking protien but its giving me horrible anxiety..why?
Do I have a disability? ADHD/Learning?
Do I have OCD? Why do I have the urge to make all pressure and movement on my body even?
can eating dough make you sick?
Cocaine and hair drug tests?
what to do about all this?
How to get rid of the flu :(?
Why do my shoulders make this sound?
how to read your blood rpessure?
Why do I have such a big appetite?
how old do you have to be to by Motrin?
Why do I fell like I'm going to throw up every time I eat?
i need a Template or a "sample" letter, from a psychiatrist making the following recommendation?
What is the process of burning to death?
Deferred from blood donation?
How can we make us really sick?
Can you lose your child if addicted to pain pills?
Why did I feel so relaxed when I smoked Crystal Meth?
Why is my vomit greenish yellow?
how do i get the medical advices from professional doctors in Europe and America?
Dark Red Almost Black Blood & Ab Pain?
I am drinking a lot of water and still have dry mouth and dark yellow urine. Whats wrong?
Friend might have an eating disorder?
Any medical people on tonight?
is this acid reflux or something else?
How to cure a swollen cornea?
Am I hyperactive?????????????
will i pass my drug test?
Anyone with helpful advice?
Is it normal that my ear cartilage piercing is a bit swollen, red and hurts when i use the q tip to clean it?
Okay all you medical People.Am i ill? and with what?
Did I do the right thing?
what is the life expectancy for a 53 yr old man with dieabetes and high blood press?
Does anyone who had a stroke remember what happened while they were having it?
what would happen if i told my Counselor that i've been making myself regurgatate(vomit)?
Just had a kidney biopsy whats the tool that makes a big ca-clunk noise?
Hi..like three months ago I waxed and after that i started to have this allergy on arms and legs.?
Red and painful blotches on the face... is this an allergy symptom?
What kind of hives are rings?
Zyrtec, Claritin and Benedryl - What are the differences?
Anything to be worried about?
two weeks after knee injury i cannot bear weight on my leg when getting up or out of bed?
Cam stem cells make me walk again?
I thinks i sprained my ankle?
i've hurt my leg. does anyone know what i've done?
have you ever broken a bone?? if so how ?
I have pain in my ankle whenever it's not raised?
is this a wear and tear injury?
Does anyone know how to stop blisters?
what do i do... i was hit in my lip?
For calcaneal opophysitis could you get a air cast?
What to do for a swollen ankle...?
I punctured my thumb with a knife about four days ago. It's healing well, but I have numbness in it today.?
do i have apendicitis if i am having pains on the right side near my lower ribs and my tummy hurts really bad?
Help, Pain in chest.?
Why does my stomach hurt and not go away ?
Why does my eye bone hurt?
My boyfriend has pain just under ribs that radiates to the middle of the back.?
Pain in Upper Left Ribcage.?
Why isnt my ear popping?
what should i use for back pain?
CHEST PAIN?!!!! help please?
What to do about leg muscle pain?
Can anyone explain what could possibly be hurting me?
i have pain in my lower abdomen?
Head-splitting Headache!?
I have been having prblms with my wrist?
Does a cartilage piercing hurt as bad as a shot?
my dad is haveing pain in his neck for the past few days. what could it be?
Shin pain from marching band, no idea what it is?
how do i make a cut on my ankle stop stinging?
uneven hips, can anyone help?
bad heartburn that won't go away?
What should I do when doctors give up trying to help with my chronic knee pain?
I wear glasses and my eyes tend to ache a lot. What could this mean?
Can you buy over-the-counter creams for anal fissures from the chemist?
Does orange juice prevent you from getting sick?
Why do you take drugs and what do you take ?
Fluoxetine and apple cider vinegar?
Does cannabis oil really cure.?
Home remedies for runny nose?
i have an underactive thryoid i have been taking levothryoxine for 4 months and my muscles are sore and my?
How can you make herbal tinctures/medicines etc more palatable? They can be quite bitter.?
If I'm out of sugar can I put homeopathy pills in my coffee?
Has anyone used hypnotherapy ?
have you heard of the film constipation?
What are some Medicines that promote health?
I have psorirasis and have done for years, most creams do not work, does anyone have any "miricale" solutions?
Can I use food colouring in bath bombs?
Thank you for all who replied on my homeopathy question ...(how efffective)?
How would i massage someone?
is there any alternative remedies for asthma?
Hi i need help with something to do with dicloflex!?
Are the living organisms/bugs in apple cider vinegar harmful?
Has anyone tried these dietary pills?
Where can I get hypnosis MP3s from a reputable hypnotherapist?
does anyone know of an deodorant that will not bring me out in a rash,i have tried many, but with no luck?
anyone got any good treatments for head lice?
I've got bad sunburn on my arms, hands and face, how can I soothe it?
what causes the hairs on your arms to stand up?
how to get rid of the pores on my nose?
how do you get rid of skin tags?
My 6yr old has broken capillaries making her cheeks look permanently rosy, why? & can anything help treat it?
Does anyone have any good tips for Eczema?
im 15 and i have been biting the skin on my knuckles on my fingers for years and i cant stop?
Do people with almost black complections need to wear sunscreen?
toddler son has red itchy spots on his back neck face slight temperature started with only a few now spreading
is this a diesease?:pink/crimson scribbly lines on ur thighs n legs?my friend is really worried so plz help!?
Using Fcuk body wash in the shower this morning has made my scrotum itch, Does it affect you?
Any advice at all about sty's?
do royal marines get tested for hiv/aids?
PID support group? does anyone know an on line forum for women with PID?
3 aids that may be used to help people take medication?
how can i get rid of thrush tried cream and pessary?
How do I ease herpes breakouts?
Where can I find data on how much these countries are spending on HIV/AIDS education?
me and my partner both got treated for chalymdia about two months ago where we both had to take two tablets?
Diarrhoea after Azithromycin?
STD Related???????????????????
FREAKING OUT! help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
free chlamydia home pack? UK?
Do you sometimes have panic attacks while you're asleep?
How to stop my husband from shocking me every time he touches me?
I have a restonic twilight king size bed it hurts my back like sleeping on a slab of cement?
My roof is about 18 feet high. if I make a pile of snow 4 to 5 feet high is it safe to jump off?