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Was I really dead and then manage to come back to life?
I need laxatives but too embarrassed?
I want to learn parkour, but dont know how to get ready for it?
Why is my stomach always feeling numb and uneasy?
What are the symptoms of Insomnia?
for a week now, sis been waking up choking but when she sleeps on couch she is fine....why?
Is it true that humans can get worms from eating pet treats?
what part of the brain detects pain?
runny nose! need it to stop for photoshoot??!?
MY nephew has muscular dystrophy ( deshane )?
I have had a cough a bad cough for weeks that is now turning into body aches..?
why do i have a sixth toe?
My ear hurts! Help! :(?
Can someone please tell me what this is?
Weight loss poster idea's, Please...?
Is it normal to have a "popping" feeling...?
is it true that every woman will get cancer one time in there life?
what to do about the copay?
Accumulation of blood under the skin on my thumb, how did it get there?
Getting weed out of my system. (Not to pass a test, but to make it do something again.)?
What is Creatinine phosphokinase my kid age is 8 years and in his test creatinine phosphokinase level 11600?
thoracic spine compressions remedies?
Atenolol 25 mg double dose ?
What type of surgeon makes the most amount of money? Brain? heart? plastic?
Blood Pressure?
when sitting or standing is a blood pressure of 163/56 normal?
Is this a feeling of heart attack?
Is this low blood pressure?
can i bring medicine?
Why should I become a cardiac technician?
How can you explain the fact that when a person dies of a heart attack, they have adequate amounts of blood in?
About phobia's and panick attacks?
does this sound serious? heart problems?
Blood sample taken after accident but no arrest after 10 months?
will the Triglycerides show high in blood test if blood test is done one hour after eating?
My heart hurts just randomly...?
does vinager help high blood pressure?
When would a Dr need to do bloodwork?
I have two small bites about 1/2 an inch apart looks like vampire bites. What spider would do this?
my X is going crazy she wants to kill herself?
Dealing with suicidal thoughts?
Why am I scared of my mum?
Sleeping Problems Please Help?
How do I not let the bullying get to me?
how can i stop falling asleep in class?
am i depressed? help :(?
Am I Crazy?? If so what should I do?
i can not sleep no matter what i do?
How have you cured your anxiety and panic attacks?
have u ever been in a slump for more than a year?
What is the nicest thing you have done for someone?
a question about suicide?
what disorder do I have?
What can be taken to reduce stress and anxiety?
I need help. I'm depressed, unemployed, single and i dont even get out of bed in the morning anymore.?
My mom hates when I show emotions. What can I do?
Any way to get rid of spots!?
Shaving and using a Conditioner?
What color are your eyes?
This is about my eyes?
Colored contacts...are there contacts that can turn hazel eyes blue or green? so basically brown eyes blue..or?
My big toe is a little bit swollen and idk whats wrong?
wake up with pain in left arm/shoulder?
Please i need help my Back is killing me!?
I have pain around my naval?
ihad a hammer toe/had toe put in place/now it hurts more now .it makes me want to cry every day. please helpme?
I hurt my back in a car accident along time ago.?
Does heart muscle ache?
how would it be like to have 3 fingers?
Painful bump on right upper rib?
My arm hurts can someone help?
What's wrong with my right hand?
i have a little bit of numbness on the side of my left hand by my pinky finger?
i quit drinking and my feet and ankles hurt so bad I cannot walk--my legs hurt too, but not quite as bad?
Really bad pain in my side ?
I have arthritis in my neck?
Sometimes, the right side of my forehead hurts whenever i touch the back of my ear. is this normal?
I have been having a lot of anxiety is it possible it can make your hands ache when you clinch your fist?
how do i STOP cracking my knuckles?
strange pain/tightness in left side of the chest?!?
I've been getting serious headaches?
brain tumor???????????.....?
How to reduce gas and bloating?
The doctor say now i will have my mensis because iam 12 years old now i am happy now?
i had a benign tumor in my finger 4 years ago. what are the chances of me getting another benign tumor?
Question for bulimics/recovering bulimics?
I think they saw something in my liver or stomach on ultrasound?
4 yr old has blood in urine but no UTI?
Tinnitus on right ear only?
What triggers Trichotillomania?
I am a dancer and i did something to my foot!?
what are the signs of a broken finger?
i popped my upper back and now it hurts what do i do?
stomach hurts when i pee?
I brushed dust from a jacket & didn't realize it had mice urine & dust. Is this the disease from the mice?
Why is there a hole in my stomach?
Is it safe to smell your own breath?
His cold sore lasted a week, now gone... safe to kiss?
can some-one list every type of nurse in the medical feild please?
Can hypersomnia lead to dillusion?
how to get ride of bruises in 2 months?
what can you do about a pinched nerve in your back?
Can you move your meniscus in your knee?
my daughter is abusing oxycontin, xanax, and marijuana. i found some small homemade looking tablets hidden?
how long did it take to heal?
What is the difference between crohn's disease and celiac disease?
Other ways to Hydrate?
Symptoms; congestion, chills, body aches, swollen throat, no fever. Any idea?
Explain how alcohol consumption causes increased urination leading to increased thirst.?
what injury happened to my knee?
I've had a dislocated wrist for over 2 months..HELPPPP?
What is the nicotine amount for one Salem Meth Cigarettes?
I lost my right eye over 1 years ago in a car accident,Does anyone know anything about eye transplants?
How long can I expect to be in a cast and on crutches w/ a heel stress fracture? The dr isnt saying so i'm?
does applying virgin coconut oil on wound makes it heal faster?
dislocated shoulder, how long til i regain range of motion back?
Numbness in thigh area question?
Ankle Surgery Waking up?
Does getting Osgood Schlatters mean I'm going through a huge growth spurt or will get a huge spurt after?
will cracking your knuckles really make your hands bigger?
anything eat makes me sick?
If you fill a prescription of Suboxone at one pharmacy can you a week later legally get your refill of loratab?
is smoking cotton swabs bad for you?
best tasting energy bars?
Is it True that Moderate Drinking is good for the Heart ?
Remove earwax blockage at home?
Do you think i could have ocd?
Are these OCD symptoms?
Any regularly used products bad for our bodies? Theories? Rumors?
WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? Almost passed out in school?
Help Please.............?
what to do for an upset stomach?
How can I vomit when throwing up disgusts me?
How to get rid of the flu?
Continuous coughing: what does this mean?
Why do is shake all the time?
what kind of damage would this cause?
Is there anybody who has had a gastric bypass and can share their experience - Good or/and bad please?
I have a question about DIABETES?
what kind of food eat those people are diabetics?
what are the risks of diabetes and pregnancy?
can you give yourself type 1 diabetes?
can someone whos type 1 diabetic get D.L.A?
Do I have diabetes? Please help?
Help i think im dehydrated?
im diabetic just had results for hba1c tests and its showing at 5.9?
Is this hypoglycaemia?
can i get a pancrious transplant?
I feel faint and allso?
How does insulin help to control blood sugar levels?
glucose tolerance test?
cana diabetic and hypertension person donat e their organs after death?
I need to be slimmer but, for health reasons?
What can happen with insulin overdose?
Please help! Gloopy discharge?
What are the common symptoms of HIV?
Someone bled on me in MMA class today. Do I have to worry about catching a blood disease?
Ever had a smegma problem ?
what sti's are related with prolonged periods?
what is concordance?
we need your help to spread the word....?
unsure about call from medical centre?
anybody out there gone for an std check and found they had something when thought they would be clear?
The Geography of HIV/AIDs, help with my report please!?
Is this thrush...???
A red bump on my leg has turned into a horrible pus-erupting volcano! What do I do, plllleeeease!?
Is a mammogram painful?
how do you know the difference between swine flu and the normal flu?
I have swine flu, what do i do?
How soon should you try to eat after a sick bug?
what if your Dr.told that hiv is in your blood what would you do???????
allergy or side effect?
fingers feel like they cramp up, but i can move them. very uncomfortable help!?
Is this something that's possible?!?
knee injury & afecting life?
smoked half joint a day for a week straight, what can i do to get it out of my system in 2-3weeks?
is smoking good/bad for your health explain your answer?
Does anybody know what`s it called or where can i find it?
how much is a routine doctor's visit at Kaiser?
My mother won't take me to the doctor, but i really think i need to go?
I want it to hurt more?
EPSDT and marijuana use?
What does this sound like to you?
questions about my illness.?
how can i make my sunburn stop hurting?
How many pills does it take to overdose?
Will sertraline definately cause hair loss?
What is the best Natural alternative to Pros Plus?
I am looking for a Herbal Practitioner because it is illegal in USA where I live?
How can healthy eating complement a holistic therapy treatment?
uses of Tesla plate?
Digestive Enzyme supplements- any advice?
What is the best way to get rid of psychological alcohol cravings?
I have Henoch-schonlein purpura (rash only, no other symptoms) what treatments or therapies could help?
Why do people say drink warm drinks for sore throat?
Does anybody know of any good website for information about natural remedies( no drugs/medicine) to control...?
i take thyroxin for my thyroid, is it safe to take a multi vitamin containing 150ug of Iodine?
need to access case studies and prescriptions for herbal remedies?
Is your thumb a finger?
What the bad effect of using drugs to people?
specifying details please?
why do i feel so sick ? please help?
I've lost my marbles...do you have any idea where they could be?
how do you know if your blood pressr is high?
Why can't I catch my breath?
How can i stop takeing the drug lorazepam?
Why does our body sweat below 98.6 F (37 C) if that is what our body temperature is?
when to take birth control?
can temporary use of Zoloft cause harm?
Skin discolored from band-aid residue?
Are these bad stats for a person?
Are kerosene fumes deadly?
I need help finding some records of a doctors name....?
should I go to school sick?
If someone who doesn't usually drink, drank a handle of vodka, would they die from overdose?
I need help getting rid of this OCD like "ritual"!?
How come in the morning after i smoke i get lightheaded?
what is some normal behavior from a person that is high?
Can I eat or drink before seeing the cardiologist, or should I fast?
what happens during an echocardiogram?
my father-in-law just had bypass surgery and drs put a "pick" in his neck today...what is that and whats it do?
Micheal Jackson had a heart attack dose anyone have the 411 on this ?
I can't take statins and I have heart problems, I have changed my eating habits and lost 13 lbs in 3 mounths .?
Have you had any recent health scares?
what could be causing a pulsation in my abdomen?
is triamterene a blood thinner?
after heart transplant?
i have had this moving in my chest, and when it happen i feel like i want to faint. my heart has been check ok?
Can a 14 year old male have a stroke?
some say, vco can cure heart disease, how does it do?
If pulmonary circulation is inhibited, the blood will have what related to O2, CO2 & pH ?
High Cholesterol and Alcohol?
Hooke's Law and Blood Vessels?
Heart Surgery Cosign?
Do I have heart problems?
craving morphine! ):?
im looking for as much information on lung canaer as i can get?
Need help with congestion!!?
Why my heart beats so fast?
Blockage in coronary arteries?
A little heart problem?
do i have a heart problem?
Is it bbad if my heart skips 15 beats a day?
lately I've been gasping for air alot and i want to know whats wrong?
im 20 and i have a heart murmur. is it alrite if i take hormone boosters......................................?
Ears clogged up from congestion?
muscle atrophy, can i get it back?
can less stress make your injuries heal better?
shoulder blade pain after breaking my collar bone?
am 21 weeks and have been dizzy for 8 days. i went to the ER and my blood test all cameout normal.?
Knee popping and pain from injury please help!?
Last week while on vacation I broke my ankle. I came home on Sunday night and have been in bed at home for a?
sore big toe knuckle?
Wrist splint velcro straps are too long?
Question about crutches?
Steroid Injection for Tendonitis?
What are some exercises and techniques to help heal a sprained ankle?
I have a broken finger... can I go to the water park with the splint on?
what type of knee injury could this be?
what have i done to my ankle?
I stuck myself accidentally with an Epi pen about 20-25 minutes ago. I know it is just adrenaline.?
i hyperextended my knee yesterday and heard a pop, what could it be?
ACL Recon Exercises I can do at home?
i don't have feeling for people can u help?
I have ADHD? What do I do?
I don't want to kill myself and I don't want to live...?
Need help on picking out a psychiatric disorder for a 10page paper so i can graduate?
How do you cope with depression?
Is my friend depressed?
Doctors: Is this Depression or something else?
What kind of disorder does my mom have?
Don't know what to do?
I don't know how to tell anyone?
atropine sulfate, can i use it as an eyes drop would like to know what kind of eye's problem.?
What is wrong with my eye?
Any suggestions for a good scar-healing cream?
does having a big nose have anything to do with having bad circles under eyes?
Anatomy question, large intestine....?
What do I need to tell my doctor to get antidepressants on the first appt?
sudden weakness fatigued and slurred speech help?
What could this be a symptom of?
Is my ear piercing infected?
I think I might have Alzheimer's disease?
stomach distention nobody seems to know why!!!!?
Stomach pain?? Any idea?
I rubbed my eyeliner off with a towel too hard? now under my eye is always red, and like little dotty lumps.?
My wife's family has hemophilia history.Does that mean my son will have it?
I think I could have a Lipoma on my lower back. I'm 13 years old?
i had headache more than a month,i lost my appetite,tired..should i worry about this?
What illness do I have?
What are your thoughts on these hospitals?
i dont smoke but the second hand smoke hurts my throat?
does any one else get cold legs if they panic?
is it illegal to be constipated for more than 3 hours?
how to cure really bad shin splints?
I ran 40 pacers and I started to feel dizzy and almost collapse.?
Which is more likely to bill you (instead of making you pay up front): hospital or regular doctor's office?
unknown? please help?
I fainted earlier..What caused it?
Is Hernia Common in old people?
i have a 2 year old that has a real bad cough and it seems to get worse when he runs.do you think he has ashma?
Refilling Prescription by phone?
i cant sleep at night due to the numbness in my hands and are on my right side what causes this?
Health issue: What is this?
shaky hands? or hand tremors?
Homework Help Please?
??? I have a vein in the center of my forehead that appears whenever I lay down, what in the world is it?
Dark under eye circles (Not from lack of sleep)?
If my dogs nose is dry? Is she sick!?
" a rash, it's itchy, red, & in random shapes that come & go i took ampicillin 4 7 days is it an allergy 2 it?
My nose bleeds when I take zyrtec for my allergies. Why?
Totally miserable! Severe allergies in my new apt but not sure to what. Help?
why do i wake up with a banging headache?
Knee pain... What is it?
I had a small car accident the other day and ever since my body twitches just a little?
why do my veins hurt?
Please Help With Chest Pressure..?
Pamprin isn't working?!?
my rib hurts when i cough help?
Im sleeping on my left side and that is causing me really bad back pain on my left side, how can i alleviated?
do i have carpel tunnel syndrom?
what pain medication do they give you after gullbladder surgery?
Why is my arm sore where i got a blood test 8 hours ago?
i have a swollen finger help?
I have strained my lower back how do I get rid of the pain in my leg.?
why does my throat keep swellen up?
I have a headache, Is it safe to mix these pills?
Stepped on a big rock?
Jumping right back into bed after waking up?
I got my cartilage pierced two days ago, swollen?
Pain every where!Please help!?
My back hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my right leg really hurts?
I have a weird headache type thing?
My muscles really ache how can i make it stop?
what if you can hold pee but get sick if you do?
How to get marijuana out of system within two weeks?
whats wrong wit me?i am bleedin from my nose for no reason an i feel normal an not sick-i sneeze out blood?
If your underweight what can ... waste away?
If alcohol is a depressant, then why does it make me happy?
My toes are tingling?
Why Am I Feeling so Hungry?
Help With Hyperthyroidism Tests?
Is it bad to wear spandex everyday for a girl?
LOTS of memories(good and bad) have been litteraly pouring like a waterfall back to me. am I dying or what?
Im worried about a friend :/?
Lately, bad things have happend when i smoke pot.?
I currently have acid reflux and am taking omeprazole. Do I still need to cut out trigger foods?
do you know people who have been on drugs for years, and what has changed them as years go by..?
I see in the pharmacy the initial RX.What is the meaning?
does it means that I have HPV?
i am due to have a baby in june and very happy as it is all?
about blood tests and STIs....................................................?
Can hiv be transmitted via a split in a gum?
what happens when you urine goes off for chlamydia testing?
im having the second HPV jab tomorrow but i don't now where the injection is?
How long does it take chlamydia to make you infertile?
is a love bite sore to receive?
HPV needle?
Does anybody on here have HIV or AIDS?
Can AV nodal re entrant arrhythmia be passed on to a child?
Why do doctors when doing an ecg put 12 leads around your body?
Why would someone be worried about the security of the information gained from genetic testing?.?
Heart Test Results CBC (PLEASE LOOK) (ECG) Results?
Heart and arm pains. HELP!!!!!!!?
What is a treatment for Aneurysm thats near the heart?
Heart rate problem, suggestions?
what causes pressure of the heart on the right velntical?
14 years old heart disease?
Does anyone else get this?
blood pressure , tension, gastric problem, fast heart beating these are the problem which my mother have ?
My heart pumps really hard and fast when I'm rather waking up from sleeping, and or laying in my bed.....?
could this be a stroke or what?
Are there any online support groups for teens with heart disease?
Elevated heartbeat for prolonged time??? HELP?
45 and feeling old what?
My heart is beating really slow and it kind of hurts?
Can coughing make a heart murmur worse?
My heart beats like 3 times in row in about the same time as it should beat 1 time!?
after a funeral and a long plane ride I now have rhythmic ringing in my ears and dizziness - PLEASE HELP ASAP!?
In order to keep the correct pace, what 1970's pop hit should be recited during CPR?
CHF Patient with Anasarca?
Mouth Ulcer!!!!!!!!!?
Have i got an Infection or swine flu?...........?
is it possible to fight off swine flu with out the drugs?
Tingline in feet and hands?
Do you have to take insulin and check your blood sugar 8 times a day with type 2 diabetes?
Diabetas 2 Question ?
How does being overweight lead to type 2 diabetes?
Do alot of supermarket brand muesli have any added sugar even if it doesn't say in the ingredients?
i have successfully given up all alcohol. need to give up all sweets now. Any serious suggestions.?
what leads to the increase of urea in blood?
I have syndrome X/type 2 diabetes. Should I eat more protein and avoid wheat ?
can a person with type 2 diabetes donate blood?
Hi... I hav type 1 diabetes, and would like to talk to someone else with diabetes!!!?
Do Diabetics get free dental treatment on the NHS?
Is anyone here diabetic, because if you have any tips let me know!?
my fasting blood sugar level is 9 and after 75.gm gulocose the level is 15 . but my hba1c is 6.50?
i like to know more about 'pain pathway'?
If you eat lots of sugar but exercise regularly...?
could i be diabetic? low blood sugar?
will taking milk thistle daily help ease the pain of my gall bladder problem until eventual surgery?
Why is my low-carb diet not curbing my hunger or diabetic blood sugars like it did a few weeks ago?
please advice me on this....?
have anyone ever given their dog cough medicine?
My 17 yrs old daughter is experiencing shortness of breath. she is not over weight but could loose 10 lbs.?
Did Advair stunt my growth?
what is a gremal in or on lung
Does anyone know if I can return to work after having a VQ Scan done?
Does anyone know what sort of mold is white and slimy and grows on humidifier filters?
My chest feels sore.?
i have pleurisy and...?
What is a panic attack?
Question about ear infection with extreme pressure..?
Pulled tooth not healing correctly?
i no i asked this a few times just want different opinion so please help me !!!!?
ankle problem !!! HELP i no i asked b4 but i need opinions?
My mom bent over and said that something got stuck under her rib, something popped, and now it's painful?
I bruise easily and I was wondering what causes it can some one please let me know what I can do?
i have been obssesing about mj in my thoughts. how do i stop?
Why is it easier to put my left shoe on than my right shoe?
What could have happened?
Will she be okay or not?
stomach bug question? please help?
why do you have the hiccups?
Liposuction experiences?
I am not felling well! Get chest pains, Pain in my side (Left Kidney are) Really thursty and memory loss?
Leaking water from ear? Went to doctor already but they dont do anything. HELP?
I took my blood thinners too early?
Do I have to have a procedure done that my doctor says I need under workers comp.?
Is it normal for my hair to be falling out and be freezing all the time if I was annorexic 3 1/2 months ago?
How do i get rid of a cold sore!?
What foods should you eat when you have the stomach flu?
I am already taking an antibiotic and just very recently got an UTI. What should I do?
My boyfriend is a heroin addict, will this affect future kids?
Something wrong with my kidneys or maybe urinary tract infection. please help?
Does amazon.com sell crickets that are safe for human consumption (entomophagy)?
My pupils are huge, but that could be from my meds.?
18 yrs old and suffering from debilitating symptoms - too weak to even dress self. Blood clot in brain?
Billing for delivery of baby?
Random, full body twitches?
Help! About health!!!!!?
I have a stomach ulcer, i was put prilosec. Any other medicine i should take to coat my stomach lining?
Thyroid questions, my TSH is 1.3?
i have a small lump where i shot up.. is that normal?
Why can we not adopt the health plan SAFEWAY GROCERY STORES have for their employees?
Iam having a cystoscopy monday and iam very nervous does it hurt and is the procedure long ?
What is the name of the disorder that causes a person to stutter?
How was Lupus discovered?
does anyone know of any kind of gum that does NOT have phenylalanine in it?
My doctor doesn't believe I have ADD?
If I take benadryl 4 pills everyday will I damage my liver?
I pierced my ears and my ear got infected what do I do?
what are some signs of kidney damage?
What should I do about my friend who hurts herself to get attention?
depressed and can't tell my mom-please please help me!?
I lost my job (temp job) two months ago, and am in very bad depression. Anyone else have this happen?
songs/HELP!!!! bro that abuses PRESCRIPTION drugs?
Would hospitals do this if somebody tried to commit suicide?
What is WRONG with ME ?!?!?!?
If you have ever been in rehab...?
What's the best way to get help for social anxiety, when you have no healthcare?
Am i a horrible person?
i need advice.. do i need professional help?
Why am I so tired all the time?
I recently told someone online to die in a fire. As a frenchman I'm emotional and am feeling bad. Advice?
I'm so depressed right now can someone help me feel better?
why does that state or hospital care if you want to kill yourself?
should I tell my boyfriend my history of social anxiety disorder?
What do you think, please?
am i depressed??????
I'm sure I don't have an eating disorder, but there's something wrong with me..please help?
I am thinking of killing myself?
Why do I have to hide?
thinking about suicide.?
best way to rid of cold?
What would happen if you snort paracentimol?
Allergic to MDMA....?
Would a homeopath be able to treat my acid reflux?
Does this work?
Any Good ways to stop smoking???
is there anything that helps,get rid of gallstones until i have treatment?
Where can I purchase effective anxiety pills ?
Do i got to pay again for going back to the doctor appt.?
Please helpp!! I cant take it ?
i am always sooo cold too. i cant stand it, bcaus my feet are always so cold i have to wear socks to sleep?
3rd toe goes under 2nd toe?
The muscles above my kneecaps are weak?
Ingronal hernia opertion?
Pros and Cons of Optometry?
What do you use on your Eczema?
can you have DRY EYES in one eye, mine is sore, gritty, sore and aches anyone else have this. serious replies.
does using toothpaste on acne get rid of it?
will bleach get rid of the fugal infection in my big toes?
need help with some serious acne?
is it possible my mother is going through a heart-attack?
has anyone had a hearing test...?
If I experience a prolonged irregular heartbeat (more than 5 seconds) what can I do to force it back to normal?
How unusual is it for a 21 year old (myself) to be placed on an ACE inhibitor for hypertension management?
Heart pain problem after accident?
i went to the er and it was so cold in there i was there 3 hours while i was there i got a sore throat ?
What does "Ca Lung with mets to brain" mean about patient diagnosis?
I am 21 and have been smoking since 13 or so?
Why do i wake up fighting to breath?
How do I stop spitting when I talk other than speaking more slowly?
what does checking Basal Body temperature and cervical mucous mean?
i am having chest pain ?
Can bronchitis be triggered by asthma or allergies?
how? sumone pls explain all?
Can you have the HPV jab when your ill?
Can u how long after take a single dose of antibiotic can you drink alcohol?
i went for a full screening but did not get my thorat swabed is this ok ?
Im a guy and i want a HPV vaacine, the NHS don't give it 2 men even tho we are at risk!!!?
I have a bump on my lip?
blood stained discharge for 3 weeks now....?
Do i have Swine flu ??????
how long does flu last?
hairline fracture on my ulna?
Ankles and Feet really Hurt!!!?
i fell on my wrist 6 months ago off a ladder and it still hurts?
Everytime i flex i get a cramp in my arm, how come?
what are some signs of bruised ribs?
I was diag.with type2 dibetes six months ago. fasting blood 6.7 down from 7.5 glug. tol test 14.I am 64.?
does diabetes "affect immune system"?
if i walk, 40mts 3 days in a week, will my cholesterol and triglyrides come down?what si the effect on my tum.
low carb,reduce calories,or fat and sugar?
Driving and diabetes - the need to tell insurance companies?
how do i know if im co-dependent?
what does metformin does to the body?
Does Diabetes cause hip problems?
Does anyone who lives in Britain have an Insulin pump for their insulin?
foods for type 1 diabetes?
Type 1 Diabetes, losing weight?
how young can you take your Chinese crested to be Glaucoma tested?
My father is an Diabetic patient and 55 yrs old.He is feeling?
has anyone a recipe for sugar free sweets?
what are clinistrix? what is the method for testing urine for sugar?
weightloss website picture comparison?
anyone know whats wrong with me?
8 yr old diabetic, now getting procedure done for ceoliac disease?
New eating problem...?
Low levels of Vitamin D and Iron when eating a balanced diet?
Diabetic- Something behind my eye..Im worried i maybe going blind please help?
I feel hungover but I don't drink, My stomach is killing, I feel sick and I have a headache. What's up with me?
My wrist makes popping/cracking sounds. Why?
two questions about oxycodone?
I do 30 squats a day, recently ive had this cracking/squeaking sound on my left knee.?
Pulled Muscle? KIdneys? Scoliosis?
How to relieve the pain..I'm sore all over..?
why does my head hurt whenever i move?
Nightmare with real pain?
painful sore inside nostril?
Changing from Hydrocodone to Oxycodone?
could you kill yourself witth tylenol?
From just below my ribs all the way down my leg has a numbing feeling kinda like when your foot falls asleep.?
this tension headache is really bothering me! HELP?
Why does my throat hurt?
Tummy ache after head?
Gas pain and vomiting?
I Have Chest Pains. Please help?
pain in my side what could it be?
hurt my foot, please help..?! 10 pts..?
I have a chest pain, and im not sure how serious it is?
Do you think I could have a perforated (ruptured) ear drum?
Is it possible to be addicted to pain?
i pick my nose... help!!!?
can you get poison like this?? answer please!!!!!?
how much does TB tests cost at community health care places, in total?
My GF has brown eyes but she has a yellow/brown patch on the white part of her eye is this an infection?
Heart rate and blood pressure question.?
How can I see a neurologist and get an MRI done when I don't have any health insurance (Help me)?
i think im dying?help?
How to get over depression?
sister killed herself and can't get over it.?
is this a mental illness?
Why don't I like going out anymore?
any pet peeves of urs? please help.?
Okay, I am extremely bored. Please, someone, ANYONE, HELP ME!!!?
Does talking to a psychiatrist really help?
Help Me I Feel Suicidal?
what exactly is bi polar disorder?? signs and symptoms etc?
Would You Say That I Have OCD?
i need help trying to find peace mentally how do i do it?
help I'm 38 yrs old and,have a driving phobia this has affected my life a great deal i have 4 wonderful kids ,
how do i get rid of my depression about life?
Can you live with someone who self-harm?
Does anyone know if this are these panic attacks ?.. description bellow?
Anxiety Attack? Or something else?
I need more help than i am receiving... but i don't know what would help me?
When Im anxious - which is ALWAYS I feel like I will die if I stop & be still.Does anyone eles feel like this?
Weed burnt my brain cells. is this going to last forever?
Depressed beyond words.?
When i got told my mum had breast cancer i needed someone 2 talk to my teacher was there is this good?
What is your best method of fighting the common cold?
My dad and sister are sick please help!?
Small piece of glass in toe?
Medical question about my throat?
what happens to the cartilage between your ribs and breastbone when you breathe?
Pain in mid back, numbness, tingling, slurred speech, dizziness, blurry vision?
Please, i feel terrible... any doctors?
brothers belly swollen super big?
worried about my brother? possible Cocaine usage?
what kind of illness do i have?
Is it possible for a liver absess to come back, and what are the symptoms?
My ears are swollen, ichy and red. Help?
Is my toe infected? if so how can i fix without doctor?
Whats happening with my grandmaaaa?!? Serious answers please :(?
how big is 0.4 kidney stone?
Health & Safety Tinnitus who is to blame ?
What is the segment of the small intestine that the liver and pancreas empty enzymes into?
about the drug darvocet,,ive been taking for about 5 years,,,been sick etc panic spells etc.. what to do now?
what is this and what are cures?
Why do i feel as if im paralyzed?
Brain tumor possibly 14 yo. paronioa ?
I am taking a coarse of grisovin, can i also take a one time dose of fluconazole?
10 pts!!!!! plz!!! kinda a medical question!! im 17, a boy...and well....?
Marijuana High Vs Cigarette High?
Will i be short, medium or tall when im done growing?
Shaking, Nausea, Diarrhea. What's wrong with me?
Recurring headaches at night.?
Why do I here ringing in my ears ?
i have a stomach ulcer the doctor put me on prilosec. Am goin to be ok?
How do I get rid of my kyphotic-lordotic posture? I'm only 14?
How long should it tale for external hemorhoids to go away after using preparation H?
MY friend is in alot of pain her stomach...?
Would I be eligible for Ortho K?
Constipated for two days so far what should I do?
what is the name of the oxygen reader they put on your finger?
Did I have the stomach bug? I didn't barf?
Since I had the flu,everything i eat and drink tastes weird?
Really need your help on this...?
if a man with hazel eyes and a woman with blue eyes?
Contacts and making out question!?
What's it like being treated for bulimia in a hospital?
Why are my fingers white after using hydrogen peroxide?
Does this happen to you?
Artuficial heart parts?
In 3rd grade, I had a heart murmur- Does it still effect me?
My blood pressure is120/78 and my pulse is 118?
liver failure? any ideas?
how can i diluid adenocard for ivpb?
When you see the person you love: Should your heart skip a beat, or should it pump fast?
What does it mean when ur echo results come back normal, but you have a heart murmur?
Can you have a heart attack/stroke and never know it?
Signs of GERD acid reflux disease or heart disease/failure?
Does anyone know anything about RSR prime dysrhythmias?
Does coffee cause heart attacks?
is Hypertensive heart disease treatable?
When the right atrium is contracting, is the pulmonary semilunar valve open or close?
Is afib going to be a problem for me for the rest of my life?
heart problems?
what do you feel after a pfo closure?
how rare or common is it for a person who had a hurt attack to have a infection from having a stent put in?
I want to make some facepacks from ingredients in the home - any suggestions?
What happens when you freak out on Skunk?
Why can't we tickle ourselves ?
acupuncture and IBS, does it work?
does glucosamine and choindroiton work for painful joints and which is the best site to order?
Homeopathic cure for frostbite.?
can steroid's give you insomnia?
Is homeopathy a pseudoscience?
Has anyone ever hallucunated on valium?
crossword: Healing treatment = --E----?
give three reasons for improving health and well being?
What exactly is homeopathy and does it work?
can anyone tell me if bach flower remedies work for ocd?
is cannabis really harmful?
Is tramadol stronger than valium?
Why do you get red eye when you smoke weed?
would any women like to meet up with me in milton keynes?
is it safe to take 1000mg of valerian ?
Do you think Acupunture really works or is a State of Mind?
A problem with my chest?
Bronchitis cant sleep :(?
im due i just had a mucusy discharge but was not bloody just greenish yellow like snot is this my mucus plug?
my 11 yr old son has had a cold with a yucky runny nose and now he is coughing and very horse when he talks?
Getting dog but mom has asthma?
How does inflammation cause edema?
What is this ? ...Coughing, red eyes...?
Can you join the FBI HRT with asthma...?
I have a spitting problem, I need help?
is it possible that i could have asthma?
what causes you to get spots in your lungs?
is passing out from coughing common?
Looking for information on refrain from smoking.?
Atheletes foot is contagious isnt it?
Could anyone recommend a good hand cream for my mum's very dry hands?
what do guys think of moles?
I went to the hospital today..?
how can i get rid of eczema (however u spell it) really quickly ?
What is the best face wash to use to get rid of acne and acne marks ?!?
Why do i ALWAYS have cold sores?
what happens if i miss the last two shots of that hpv ?
I have the coldsore virus and cut myself So if i touched blood, then touched my body could i spread it?
I need people to answer this short survey for a research project. Thanks!?
Erythromycin use STD?
what happens at the hpv clinic?
i would like to find out from well wishers what cotrimazole tablets heal?Does it do like clotrimazole tablets?
Are most of the cases of HIV drug users through needle sharing?
Has anyone else used revitaclear and had a problem with it?
HIV/Aids fundraising in the uk. ?
just had an sti screening and blood test came back equivocal?
me Co-Azithromycin will that take away Chlamydia?
why is there blood in my stool?
I dropped a brick on my leg and got a bruise right away what happened to it!?
ankle hurts like CRAZY, but no swelling?
How can I help my Mom with her neck fracture?
my throat rly hurts what will help it?
I've had extreme pressure behind my eyes for 2 days now. Is it just migraines, or something more serious?
please help..i have something in my finger i think my be a chipped bone...its tiny, doesnt hurt at all?
I used baby teething ointment & later realized it was expired!!?
How to quickly relieve Severe Sinus Congestion?
My hearts sometimes aches, should I get it checked out?
Have you ever had sleep less night where you?
pattellofellomow syndrum?
my friend might have what?
Help!! My sister-in-law needs advice.?
what happen if i didn't take second Plan B tablet?
HELP ME PLEASE!!broken hand needs to be fixed!!?
Bad foot pain. Any cures?
what should i do, my ankle hurts really bad?
I cant bend my head down. need help!?
What helps a firecracker 2nd degree burn?
How to help a 2nd degree sunburn?
my knee got injured during bike riding?
is this knee ligament injury?
Do you think I need stitches?
Injury claim question?
hit in the head with a baseballl..?
Is this squemishness weird?
need answers asap pleeease!!!!!!?
a black ant bit me and it hurts?
average time for wrist heal ?
my right hands ring finger dislocated 7 months ago.is it possible to relocate now?
I stubbed my finger 2 days ago and it stull it hurts?
I woke up with a swollen lip and a white spot on the top of the swelling, any ideas on what it could be?
i am allergic to many enviormental things out side grass, birch trees, ragweed... would that mean i am?
Sickness at a bad time?!!!?
Why do I get this stomach pain?
hard time wakeing up in the A.M?
Why do I have a lump in my left lymph node?
Has anyone had good results using molasses as a medicine?
why do my hands and feet fall asleep randomly?
My ear is clogged.What could I do to unclog it????
I am constantly getting dizzy spells and have been for the past 4-5 days what can i do?
WILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do you get an antigen out of your body?
Why do I lose my sense of taste and get a very sore tongue when I eat pineapple?
can cannabis make you sweat at night when asleep?
Not spontaneous human combustion, but spontaneous heat.?
I was prescribed lortabs and im getting dizzy, and sick to my stomach?
Question on medical marijuana?
I'm thinking about getting my medical marijuana card...?
Why is my body temperature always really hot?
Has Tulisa From N-Dubz Actually Have Swine Flu?
Do you think governments are covering up swine flu deaths?
Why do I have chest pain?
I've been running for a few weeks now and my knees are killing me, what can I do to soothe the pain?
What is wrong with my stomach? Please read?
i just peed but.......?
cause of pain in ovary right and right lower back?
Broken leg and pregnant?! Help ?
Why does this make me hurt so bad!?!?
How to get rid of runner's cramping?
Upper back pain? Ways to relieve it?
help me i need to stop my heartburn help me it hurts?
Anyone have Toothache remedies?
knee pain when its bent?
Period Stomach ache happens everytime?
Which is Safer for your Body- Ibuprofen or Vicodin?
Where can I buy Vicodin that is the cheapest?
Does Ibuprofen work on a headache?
Why do my hands hurt?
Explain neck MRI results?
Can someone tell me what is up with my foot?
i have a bad ear ache and no insurance help!?
My Face/ Ear hurts a lot!?
I cant see a doctor someone please help? Is it heartburn?
restless leg syndrome?
Yellow whites of eyes?
My left ear is making strange noises? What's wrong?
is phunomonia still catchable after they are on medications for it?
Heart problem ? could someone relieve me :S?
i have taken 2 pooops 2day and thy were white i ate alot of hostess powdered donettesshoul i be worried?
Husband is home from rehb,double bypass.what exercise is good to start with?
can smoking cessation (3 wks in) give a falsely hight right ventricular pressure reading on an echo?
What would cause low and high blood sugar levels in a non-diabetic?
what are the legal requirements for workstations in the work place?
diabetic biscuit/cake recipes that won't spike the sugar very high after consuming?
how does female education help to promote healthier family nutrition, decrease family size and reduce infant m
why does melatonin get past the digestive system but insulin doesn't?
How long after heart surgery will a person be able to return to work?
Can you get a heart attack from coughing?
What does the term vitreous mean?
For an angiogram, can the patient be knocked-out?
heart problem question?
what kinds of abnormality children has?
Has anyone treated themselves successfully for alcoholism with Chinese herbs Kudzu, Radix and flos pueriae?
has anyone had any look with zyban?
What makes a fat-free diet necessary?
i have a fast heartbeat when i wake up?
I wanna to know about my some confusing question's answer?
can diabetics take celadrin?
Mom and Dad (both 62) are diabetic, and drink almost daily?
lost weight when i ate sweets!?!? how?!?!?
Weight is the Thing everyone worrys Abowt...?
Diabetes level on accu-chek?
diabetes- I'm having a paranoid moment here.?
If you have a stroke what are the chances that youll die in one week?
Is heart disease reversible?
could there be more of a problem than diabetes?
yes i have been looseing weight n my hair has become thin sweaty hands feeling weak tired?
need to know about glucose intolerence?
What would cause me to have an irregular heart rate every day?
High b/p and heart rate but all tests are coming back okay?
myocardial infarction or MI or heart attack?
Im 17 and get a heart burn feeling all the time?
Being able to feel my heart beat on pretty much every part of my body?
what is a fetal impact?
what is diabetes. What are the types that we have.?
why do I have the taste of sugar in my mouth?
Help explaining Sensory Processing Disorder!?
Sore throat with no other symptoms?
Do I have the Disease Lupus?
I've been put on synthroid to shrink a nodule. How long until I feel effects of being hypo/hyper?
Can an 85 years person take nexavar?
How long is meth detected in a urine drug test?
How can a man go from being a loving and caring father to a heroine addict who could care less?
does acid reflux get bad even if u under nexium?
What antidepression treatment is next?
Does this sound like i have ADD?
what is it like having a therapist?
Does Prednisone HELP with periods?
How to get rid of a cold sore?
How long should you stay home after intestinal surgery?
I have a bump on my ear near my ear piercing? (but not on it)?
does water really flush the kidney and liver of alcohol?
how long does an ear infection last?
my english bulldog is recovering from pneumonia. she is on medication. would using vicks witha vaporizer help?
tinnitus or normal bodily sounds?
Does anyone have experience with exercise after a blood clot in the lung?
Asthma-like sometimes?????
could this be a deviated septum?
Medication side effects for a recovering alcoholic which will make them appear drunk?
If my mom has been sniffing nail polish remover for 3 years is there a chance of her dying ?
what are the causes of misdiagnosis?
What is wrong with me and my breathing?
Am I suffering from dehydration?
cigarette craving...i don't smoke!?
Would an ear infection, be the cause of this odd feeling when I swallow?
what hand itches if you are coming into money?
Recently i had a blood test, and even though i lost some weight my cholesterol went up, it's 278 up from 250,?
Help please really sensitive subject?
What illness or accident would give someone tunnel vision and make him hard of hearing?
i have a, what i call severe, ear infection and have a few questions...?
is there a name for short blacking outs?
I have a small marble like lump on my groin on the left side. Could it be a swollen lymph node due to UTI?
Chest infection or chest cold?
Weird chest pain when I was sleeping?
what if your not a heavy pot smoker but smoked once 2 weeks before surgeroy?
how long does tuberculosis typically last in a person?
What is carbon monoxide poisoning?
can a five year old die from the regular flu NOT the h1n1 virus? what would cause this?
i have one month dealying perids positive in pergnance test we dont want nw child give ths gud solution any on?
Eye Problem: Contacts. One looks bigger than the other?
Is this a weird eye thing?
Is it possible I could have contracted HIV?
how can chlamydia affect pregnancy?
Do you think that Mandelson has Aids?
What impacts does hiv/aids have on people,communities and society in sub-saharan africa?
Statistics of Children with STD's in the UK?
Blood Test Results Question?
One Of My Warts Keep Turning Black ?
Any Information about Syphilis?
what are STDs strains and hpv?
What is wrong with me?
can i get an std check at a community clinic?
i have a tattoo thats infected?
DOES HPV VACCINE HURTT im scared cos my friend did it and when someone touched she nearly cryed?
i have to take a ua tomorrow ; anyone have any ideas for flushing your system need answers before 2am?
What can we do if a hospital has misplaced or lost all or part of your medical records.?
I wake up two or three times in the middle of the night and in the morning I steel feel tired, what can I do?
what is more dangerous, a water sample with coliforms or with E coli?
HIV/Aids famous victims who also a drug addict please?
WHat about the HIV in Russia?
question about ulcers?
My eye stye popped on its own; what do I do?
my mom is sick what can i do to make her feel better?
question about injury?
Why is my sleep better when I'm woken up in the morning?
can you get dizzy from being tired/working?
Voice Problems: What Can I do?
Does Acupuncture generally work?
how to treat heartburn?
any natural remedies for underactive thyroid, Im not to keen on taking thyroxine for rest of my life?
Buying empty plastic bottles for aromatherapy?
Shoulder pain due to having a c-section need remedy!?
Has anyone tried acupuncture for stress?
can anyone recomend a treatment for high blood pressure. atenolol and lisinopril causing side effects?
Need suggestions Cold and Flu remedies ?
Need help to reduce Hair Loss- (Any easy method ?)?
Reiki ? Who knows Reiki ?
what is the best water distiller to use for an average family household?
what do you think of hypnosis and has anyone tried it..?
mosquito repellent, will lavender oil in sun tan lotion work? friend going to Spain wants protection.?
Identification tags?
Indian head massage or Reiki?
anybody know any home beauty remedies that work?
during my periods i suffer really migranes, is there a way i can stop them without dosing up on medication?
i am homeopathic dr from india i want a job in u.k in medical or pharmacy field what should i do for that?
Can some kind soul name me a over-the-counter-sold medicine that contains: Codeine or Promethazine?
online doctors consultation?
Fatigue help?
where can i obtain boric acid powder?
What qualifications do you need to be a masseuse?
Should Diarrhea be pushed?
High Fever, Cough, Dry Nose (Kinda Stuffy), Headache, Chest Hurts, and Feeling Weak.. HELP.?
Im 14 why do i still say my r's like a little kid?
leaxpro can i take it without a doctor knowing?
Why do fingernails soften when wet?
I often sleep too much on weekends. What can cause this?
Questions about chronic gastritis?
Is it normal to wake up with your arm completely numb of feeling?
what is a good medical marijuana doctor i can go to in sacramento, ca to get my license?
Do I have a ruptured achilles?
Donating Bone Marrow?
Why am I so gassy lately?
When i look up at a bright light i sneeze, why? How many others share this characteristic?
I'm 16....is there any way i can grow taller?
What stretches do i do to get taller?
Back pain, caused blindness and went deaf?
Sound like anemia???????????????
chapped lip help?????????
Why do some people get spots (acne) on their chest, even if they wash there everyday?
I rub vanishing cream into it everyday when i get out of the shower, Is this why it's "GETTING SMALLER "?
After Chemotherapy, my mouth is dry & everthing taste funny, mouthwash, not helping, any tips?
im female age 42. ive been drinking every night for the past 4 years. is my liver damaged,& will it be ok?
i poked my eye and it's been hurting for 2 hours......?
Injury claim question?
what is the best steroid or supplement out for healing a injured muscle?.. i have heard deca and equipoise do?
Hamstring Tendinitus?!***PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
Pain on the inside of the knee?
How important is the vein on the inside of your elbow?
i had a c-section a year ago and my scar is swollen and has a pink color. i would like to know why?
I think I'm having a panic attack and I don't know why or what to do! Help!?
What's your opinion on this?
Scared of blood tests?
Why isn't spiking the ball intentional grounding?
What is the average size for a 14 year old ?
Why do I keep getting sick?
Is there any way to add a filter to a filterless cigarette?
What are the effects of short term heavy drinking?
I think I took my acid wrong. Is it ruined?
sealed flap wound with a chance of glass inside, need to know if it will harm me? and its ceramic from a lamp?
Are there pills that will make u grow taller? ?
why do i have Muscle tightness and why cant i control it?
What filtering system will remove trihalomethanes from public water system?
My feet STINK.... All the time :( WHY.?..?
really bad stomach/abdoman pains?
I've been having headaches and light headed and feeling sick what could it be?
What to do about my stomach problem?
Will I get any taller?
Why am l still healthy even though l eat a lot of junk food?
is green tea ok with a person with high blood pressure?
Life Threating Please Help!?
health problems caused by hypertension?
I am 27 yrs old, today i went for a medical check up my BP was 124/90 is it normal. What is ecg report?
What are 11 life-threatening sudden illnesses that requires you to call 911?
server headache and in and out of consciousness?
how do you get scarring of the heart?
Fetal Heart Rate Question?
I'm feeling lethargic and have a high heart rate?
My Friend Has Heart Problems? (plz read)?
What does mean when it feels like your heart skips a beat?
Heart palputaions???????????
my heart is hurting really bad!?
Only 20 years old and have Hypertension...?
Does caltrate plus cause heart attacks?
whats an abnormal conduction pathway?
Is the digital blood pressure monitor accurate enough? If so, what are the specifications I should look for i?
is this normal? or is it wierD?
what does my EKG results mean? LABF or inferior infarct, nonspecific inferior T abnormalities. THANK YOU!?
I checked my blood presure but it shows different reading of & pulse rate also.I am 32 yrs old ,i am overweigh
pain in side and in mid back?
what could be causing these terrible headaches?
What hurts more in piercing?
my pom has a dislocated hip?
when will they find a cure for cancer?