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How bad is crack cocaine if you only smoke it once?
Should i go to the dr today? please answer! ?
Why am i sick in the morning?
help with this scab-like lump?
what are the dangers of handling chemotherapy?
I feel like Im on meth but Im sober? Help?
what are some genetic disorders like albinism?
When will something happen to my dad?
Having Abdominal Problems?
Will severe brain damage ever be reversible?
how do I get rid of a head cold that has my ears totally plugged?
I have panic attaks for 4yrs now and im 13 it feels like im dizzy and feel like im going to passout and i feel?
Moderately severe pain in ribs--Immediate help please?
What causes localized swelling on on side of the cheek, with mild pain, and headache on same side?
why does it still hurt?
Head hurts when i bite?!?
I have a canker sore in my inside lip and in my tongue?
uhhh hydrocodone anybody..?????/?
How do you describe the pain of tendinits: burning, sharp, stretched what?
Should I see a doc about this?
What kind of doctor should I take my 8 yr. daughter, she complains about headache all the time?
so i have had a back pain for almost a week now...?
Why little ball INSIDE my ear?
why do i have a hole in my ear ?
i was doing sit-ups at last soccer training but i notice that every time i try and do one it hurts because?
Does listening to music help stop ears from popping?
What should I do with my hurt ankle?
I just got my gallbladder removed due to gallstones and.....?
Wisdom teeth pain relief?
My spacers hurt a lot.?
My neck hurts, What happened?
I'm 15, Heavy Chest pain on the left side HELP!?
What's the quickest/best way to get rid of a wart?
new food allergy, coffee?
Swollen eyelid after swimming?
Sore throat that comes and goes.?
Why am I getting sick every time I eat?
IS it safe to stay on fluxodeine tablets for years and years.?
how do get presciption drugs in mexico?
how do you dispose of empty essentail oil containers?
Tennis elbow and golfers elbow. What effective alternative therapies are worth looking at?
Where Can I Get MonaVie Juice.?
Anyone taking CoQ10 to combat side effects of statins? Anyone know much about CoQ10 who is not selling it?
anyone tried this blue pill called vega?
Giving up smoking - Bioresonance therapy?
anybody use agnus castus?
PLEASE HELP?!!! will my doctor put me in hospital?
what is Reflexology? Pro's and Con's?
Massage routine help please?
How to prepare a carrot juice?
herbal remedies for kidney stones?
Mixing these pills (20 characters)?
how does one get a education in Chinese medicine.?
Hi Caroline1409F1, re: 5HTP & PMT?
is it ok to permanently take lorazepam for over a week because i get anxious the moment i need a dose?
Primrose Oil ? .... Any Help ? ....X?
anyone use acai berries and do they work?
Swollen knee with bruising down to the ankle?
my small toe - right foot kills! injury?
is my thumb Dislocated sprained broken or just bruised?
Im in a colorgaurd and think i jammed my finger spinning riffle. week later still swolen. what does that mean?
How Can I cover up scars Help plz?
skin problems please help?
is this normal after arm surgery?
Toe numbness, should I be worried?
Is this a metacarpophalangeal issue? Possible broken finger yesterday (x-ray included).?
i hit my head really bad when i was drunk, now what?
How To Get My Affected Arm To Stop Hurting?
Ive just gotten a burn looks like second degree but no Pain>?
new contact lens problem?
My best girl friend has cancer & she hasn't tld me her best friend had to tell me how can i get her to tell me?
Please help me here...........?
Is it safe for my in-grown toenail?
Do i have anaemia? my mum & lil sister have it & i get dizzy & feel like im gunna pass out when i get up. ?
Is there a name for big toes that point outwards?
Can Diabetes/being born premature affect your...?
What's gonna happen to me cuz im gettin only a couple hours of sleep a night?
Heart palpitations ?
massive pressure behind nose and in face, with lose of eyesight what was it?
How can you tell if your deyhdrated?
how do i know if i have a hernia?
how can you tell a mole and wart apart?
How can you get rid of dry skin on feet?
How do I deal with this pain and stress!?
I'm a bone marrow match...what next?
anybody in brisbane have adhd or take prescription adhd medication?
I'm pretty sick right now but I don't wannna go to school tomorrow so how do I make myself more sick?
Please name some medications used to treat Lewy Body Dementia?
did i damage an organ?
Does BPA wash off the hands with just soap and water?
Keep coughing and need to sleep? Help?
Would it be possible for a 15 year old to volunteer at a morgue?
I ate a weed brownie on the 7th of december 2010 am i clean now i got a drug test next week?
How can i make myself look extremely sick??NEED ANSWERS ASAP!!!?
What was your first marijuana experience like?
Throat hurts whenever I talk for prolonged periods, especially at a higher volume?
Is this normal when your sick?
Why would a doctor want to 'monitor' you on a regular basis?
How much theraflu do you need?
I'm 204 and I'm always sick is this normal??
Very tickly cough keeping me up at night .. please HELP..?
Bloke with thrush, what's the remedy?
is it true more than 50% of people in uk will catch the swine flu?
do i have swine flu? i have all the symptoms?
is there a cure or home remedy for arm phlebitis?
what are some early symptoms of alzheimers disease?
Am I going deaf from my right ear?
thinsporation pro ana's? there diets? (btw im not anorexic)?
Possible Advil O.D? im not really sure.?
Why do i feel like puking after dinner?
I think my finger is infected, what should I do?
illness wont go away?
I had a bad cold, and now my eyes are blood shot red?!?!?
is it healthy to leave an infected surface piercing in?
How long should diahrea continue after consuming alcohol?
What's happening with my boyfriend??? He has this extremely painful headaches?
What causes numbess and tingling in top of head?
Small lump directly under chin?
why does my lower right side hurt. its at the end of my rib cage and it only hurts when I breath out heavly?
Question about graves disease and pregnancy?
what would cause your side?
Dizziness, Impaired vison and leg pain. Please help?!?
What problems have you experienced as a result of having flat feet?
is clelexa prescribed when discontinuing ultram?
Pain in my foot. Please answer.?
what else is left of me?
It hurst when I swallow and my neck is swollen and sore to touch under sides of chin.?
What Is This Foot Pain I Have?
Cold Sore Need Help Badly?
Do fillins hurt???.............?
my head and stomach hurt?
ooooooooooookkk...my headddd is throbbing from cornrows?
Really painful elbow can anyone help?
i need help getting back on my feet?
How do I get rid of a week long headache?
i've been nauseous all day, help!?
What can I do about wisdom tooth pain?
Weird headache when standing up?
cant breathe if i sit up?
My husband is suffering with wheezing problem.I want to know about the food practices he can follow.?
I have been sick for 3 weeks and I don't know why!?
Breathing problems - painful when inhaling?
Is a tight chest and shoulder pain when running something to be worried about?
I feel sick every night?
Is there a nasty virus going around?
My daughter has a croup cough.?
Has your toddler ever taken the steriod Pediapred or Prednisolone (generic name) ?
i have whoozey spell and chest cngestion?
I have pain in the middle of my chest...?
Could I maybe get over my cat allergies?
insect bite allergic reaction?
rash after showering....?
What can cause a person to be severly sensitive to light & smells?
Is immunotherapy safe?
am i allergic to laundry soap of something?
are hampsters more likey to kill there owners on days volcanios erupte onto a village of crab worshipers?
Does severe diahrrea stop chlamydia treatment from working?
How did the girl who had the hpv jab die ?
is it true that Smegma, if left Unwashed can fossilise?
what are the symptoms of cystitis?
is there any std can can be recieved from a needle that show symtoms like unusual spots or low temperature?
How long does it take to get STD testing results?
what way is a man tested for different types of stds?
has anyone been to a gum clinic?
I've got a case of boogie fever?
FLUCONAZOLE & amoxycillin?
please help, very lightheaded all day?
Underweight people and dehydration?
what are the physical, intellectual, emotional and social effects of type 1 diabetes?
victoza what do you think?
slim fast with diabetes?
Has anyone been re-tested for diabetes?
I´m in france and have been sent for some blood tests -what are they for?
if you have protein s deficiency can you still get a tattoo?
I ve been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism but i have no symptoms of it on the contrary i've hyperthyroid symptom?
my sister was just told that her blood count was at 6?
my brother is having diabetic what drugs,advise can you give him, and the diet he will be taken thanks?
could my daughter be diabetic? 9.1mmol?
My doctor has given me Acarbose tablets.?
Why was it difficult to breath last night?
How do you locate the exact spot to push on the chest while doing CPR?
result of 137 haemoglobin is this healthy?
I have heart desease and advanced copd with emphisima my doctor said i can't work. Is there a grant progam?
diabetes of the pancreas?
complications when on life support due to severe blood loss?
please information about diabetic cairn terrier 7yrs old we have just started insulin this week?
Current attainments in research on cures/treatments for type1 Diabetes?
Why Cholestrol level changes very frequently?
paddle placement in fibrillation?
pericarditis and a few other symptoms...?
The NHS do not provide pancreas transplants usually unless you are also having a kidney one. Can you pay for..?
Hi has anyone out there delt with or heard of FORBIDDEN CURES by dr benjamin ross, any feedback please.?
insulin resistance please help???????/?
is there somethinglike benecol but in tablet form?
Is There Something Wrong With Me?
whats a diabetes pump like?
can anxiety cause extremely elevated hypertension?
Just had an appendectomy and now my blood sugar's kinda going mad. Help?
the uk has diabetes uk . what is the danish equivilant?
I've never had this in all my 30yrs of living, but I got a popped blood vessel? Could it be because of stress?
What is A Cardio/Stress Test with Nuclear Isotope in an I.V. for?
what is a good way to lower my blood pressure without pills?
i had a left heart catherterization my lower back and stomach is really swollen should i be concerned or go to?
My pupils don't dilate the same?
Is this some sort of panic attack or the real thing?
my grandmother had a mild heart attack,her lungs filled with fluid and the dr say her kidneys are at 16 percen?
Im going camping soon with snoring people. I can't sleep with snoring people so what should i do?
What's the term for missing something?
Bug in my apartment, I am mortified?
Does this ever happen to you?
Is there a disorder for wanting a psychological disorder?
how do things normally work when you cheak yourself into the hospital for depression?
Do you think i should go to a pych ward?
I'm a hypochondriac. Tired of living my life in fear?
Do I have attention deficit disorder?
please tell me ways to relax , my brain is always thinking?
what happens if you see yourself die in your sleep?
I do I want to be mentally ill? Plz help me?
What are the healthy ways to cope with grief?
Can depression kill a person?
why do i sleep so much?
For self harmers and ex-self harmers?
Should I go to a doctor about my mental health or should I just deal with it?
Well why the heck am i so angry??
I want someone to talk to that I don't have to worry about repercussions?
Why Am I So Tired now?
why im I oozing green stuff?
what does bone mean ? helpp.?
What causes "hypermobility" aka "Double Jointed"?
Why am I red and burning up when I cry?
How can I not smell like smoke?
What do the following symptoms mean?
I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do my hands always get cold the most at cold temperatures?
please anyone help??
haven't had any bloody noses but see blood?
how do I make the most out of stretching?
How to keep my eyes open in school?
does medicare consider an overnight stay in a CCU ward as an outpatient stay?
Why do doctos always measure wrong?
What's wrong with me?
How do I go about getting a physical?
17 50 mg zoloft!!! my friend is trying to kill herself! can she die of so many zoloft! what should i do?
what do i do to heal my sprained finger i have cheer leading today and i have nothing to wrap around it?
What is the best way to help cure a sprained ankle?
Please help, any physiotherapists?
still got conjuctivtis?
is it too late to ice my swollen finger?
i have a mild groin pull , how long will it take to heal.?
My stomach really hurts right now and i was wondering what i can do to make it stop hurting so bad?????????
If I keep hitting my head, will damage eventually occur?
could i have damaged my shoulder?
Left pinky 'clicks' when I take it up and down, not painful but annoying. Sometimes locks in position!?
Has Anyone Tried The MP3 Hypnosis Track That Tries To Cure Excessive Blushing?
Do you use herbs .............................................?
Has anybody ever used "CRYSTALS"! the real raw stuff?
Spondylar arthritis - can acupunture be effective treatment/cure for this disease?
what would be a good visualization?
Are xaxan and suboxone okay to take together?
If I have an 8 oz bottle of 10 ppm silver 'hydrosol', what could I get for it at my local pawn shop?
Vertigo-anyone else out there used herbal or alternative treatments? I'm on stemetil to treat it at present.
does anyone know the health benefits to barley grass?
epherdrine plus caffeine plus aspirin?
What is a Dog Shark? Shark Cartilage in Suppliments?
maltodexrin and dextrose. does anyone know.....?
Colonic Therapy & weight loss, has it worked for anyone here?
Any Homeopaths around this site?
What can acupuncture cure or help the human body?
in the book series in halo, the spartans were enhanced physicaly. below are some examples. can *we* do this?
Very large wooden bowl ?
how to ease a cold home remedies or other?
What's a good substitute for Cod Liver Oil?
Volcano Vaporizers vs. other vaporizers?
how can i recover from antibiotic toxity and boost the immuny system ?
Whats the average cost for contacts?
how can I fall asleep faster?
My head hurts al most evry day and iv been to the dr and nothing is wrong and meds dont help any help?
I have to get surgery and I cant afford it what should i do please help?
I slept for 16 hours? wats wrong with me?
Strep throat. Please help make pain go away?
what are the top ten pains on earth?
Apart from the usual creams and sprays is there anything we can use to ward of mosquitos?
knee dislocation or am i worrying too much?
i need sleep now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
feeling really terrible in the mornings, why?
Are there any good sleep methods?
I cant sleep!What do i do?
how many people are sick in california?
Why do my kidneys hurt but I have no other symptoms?
why havent i been able to breathe properly?
What is needed in highschool grade wise to become an anesthesiologist ?
need information about rhinoplasty?
Feeling sick after everytime I eat.?
Some health issues. Help?
I'm not sure if i have something.?
How to get rid of my igrown nails?
Do ingrown hair hurt?!?
what should i do about my headaches?
Help!! Sick, but don't know what to do or what I have?!?
Can mdma and meth be similar?
Is this more than cyberbullying?
the top of my stomach has been hurting for the last three day and i have been drinking fluids and eating?
Information for getting contacts?
please answer this???????????????
How does the stomach flu start out?
Can you purchase only prescription drug coverage?
I have heavy feaver(witch means a stuffed nose that means you have..?
Lets hear what Swine Flu is really like from those who have actually had it?
My G/f has multiple organisms...................?
Why can't i give blood just because i had a blood transfusion after a difficult childbrith?
Are you wooried about swine flu?
Do you think swine flu will spread to Germany?
Just found out my housemate is HIV positive. I found the drug atripla amongst stuff he left in kitchen?
im 29 having pain in chest for last 3 months i did all test related to heart which are normal what is thispain?
Can I take L-lysine after gastric bypass surgery?
a question about blood pressure...?
Bruising while on Coumadin/warfarin?
death from a stroke input?
having some heart problems can i get some advice?
Postpartum Cardiomyopathy & Marijuana?
Sharp pains in left side of chest for 2 months?
how long must you have taken Vioxx before a claim for a disabling stroke can be successful?
what are the top ten medications for high blood pressure?
very scared. does anyone know the process for a heart cath and is it painful?
over the counter meds for fast lowering of blood pressure?
How can you conclude that the person has sickle-cell anemia?
how do i get my chest to be equal?
What to do if I have blood in my sputum?
Chest pain and a sore throat?
i smoked a blunt a day for 3 days a month ago.?
is it normal to have blood in your mucus?
Sore THROAT pls help?
I have a sort throat and a cough, had it for a while, can I drink alcohol?
what vital signs will be most affected by chf?
Could i be in the early stages of emphysema? Im 23 and have smoked for 9 years.?
the lousy nasal-drip.....?
Sharp pains in the middle of my chest.?
my mother has stage 4 copd had phemonia 5 monthsa ago and now has it again the spo2 level is at 85%?
could lack of sleep cause lightheadedness for a period of time?
Had a cough for over 7 weeks now?
Why does my throat hurt after i smoke?
Ears have "windy" sound when breathing, yawning, and chewing?
Do I have asthma?????
How long is someone supposed to stay on Activa yoghurt?
what causes pink urine, frequent urination, and cramping?
Severe forgetfullness, memory issues,etc.etc. ?**repost**?
What are the symptoms of depression?
My ears got infected?
My blood tests showed that my 3rd Gen.TSH is 7.530. My T4 is 1.08 .Is this too high?
swollen optic nerve, intracranial pressure, high ESR, low monocytes, high neutrophils?
Frequent urination. Help!?
Help me if you know anything about adrenal fatigue?
Any one else with glycogen storage disease?
Low Fever, Chills, Small amount of vomit, body aching.?...?
what are some good foods for the liver/stomach?
my test came back hpylori positive.i just got an endoscopy done and they said i have gastritis and esophagitiS?
My boyfriend has fluid leaking from his ears and he was told that he has holes in his eardrums. He has alot of?
bed wetting. please help?
Depression don't know what to do IMPORTANT?
can mental disorder like ocd and depression treated by meditation and yoga...?
Skeptical about anti-depressants?
i think i am bipolar and depress how can live with this and tell my family I'm so confused?
I don't know who i am anymore?
Is it bad to be over emotional?
Serious question about being raped...?
I am 16, bi-polar and I have major anxiety attacks... I need help!?
Why is it "wrong" to be a sociopath?
Whats a good way to relax at home?
Why can i remember my childhood?
what would girls think about a 16 about to be 17 year old guy having a psychologists?
Is there anything that can help me from being tired all the time?
i want to deal drugs any help?
Dreaming while awake.?
im getting lazier! please help!?
My left cheek is killing me. The left side of my head above my ear hurts also.?
How do doctors treat bruised bones?
I had an Epidural Steroid Injection on my back (T-9) last Thursday and I didn't have any pain relieve, my Doct?
if i get hit above my right eye will i die?
my dad has a fused ankle bone, (he broke it nearly 30 years ago) and thats how they fixed it,by fusing it.?
What do I do about my neck pain?
How to get bees/wasps to avoid you/ not to sting you?
I've been diagnosed with high blood pressure at 27?
My left jaw is locked and my right ear is blocked!?
sudden, paralyzing pain in left back below shoulder -above waist?
My 13 month old son has a rash, what can I do?
Why do my thighs hurt when I think about pain or when I see a wound on someone?
what would cause my elbows to hurt me all the time?
Passing out and fitting due to pain?
Occasionally i get a painful tingly feeling below my bellybutton?
I have a health question......I am getting severe headaches but along with the headaches are sever pain....?
what is this pain in my shin?
If my left eye hurts all the time am i going blind?
I have pain in my foot from toe to arch?
i have chest pains? why?
Does anyone else have restless leg syndrome when taking tylenol pm?
i'm losing my voice and my neck hurts and i can't turn my head without causing pain to myseif Please answer me?
My ear has been hurting me. I just felt and heard it crack. What might that be?
Could this pain mean I'm flat footed?
the problem that i have it's exactly in my heel.i can not walk very well because bother me all the time.?
jammed finger feels like a block.?
what do they do for cracked/broken ribs?
Damaged Ankle Ligaments !! Need Advice , please help?
Is this a sign of a fracture?...please help!?
My shoulder has been cracking lately i play basketball and when i shoot and bring my left arm up my shoulder?
Achilles Tendonitis stretches?
Today i squashed my thumb in a door then i passes out any thoughts?
i have a boutonniere fracture,and doctor put a cast on it. is that reasonable?
Post Marathon Knee Pain?
rid of foot callus thats still raw?
Today something happened at lunch and....?
why do my feet feel so cold?
I feel dizzy and this affects my life?
How can i overcome depression?
I have been experiencing random vomiting. please help?
Do urges to smoke get stronger and stronger or do they just get more frequent?
what's the most likely reason for the zombie out brake?
Is there a medicine that you can take to get rid of neuropathy in the fingers?
on my stomach my belly goes out but im thin kind of like a lump but im not ill?
What does this sound like?
Please help, sick with some kind of intestinal bug for a week?
What is the difference between autism and social anxiety?
what drug company makes Benicar 40 mg?
what should i eat when am sick and cough to much ?
what are the different pathways to good health?
Where can I go for a good affordable independent health coverage plan? It's for my mom only.?
Medicare Health Insurance Question!?
what is a ppo and hmo and what is better. ?
Constantly Chapped Lips.?
my left check under my left eye is like twitching for about 2 days!! what can i do to make it stop??? ?
ok if you feel sick and you havent thrown up but you feel like you want to whats that mean?
every time I wash my face, my right eye twitches, why?
what is a systematic review in medicine?
I need to know about myxoma?
Why is it hard for me to sleep on my back?
is sugAR free food bad for me?
Any Diabetics in here taking Mixtard insulin?
Carb Counting?
66.67/100 how do u reduce this to lowest terms?
why should information and changes regarding mobility be recorded and passed on?
Poly cystic ovarian syndrome?
my grandmother who I never knew died aged 58 on her death cert is diabetic coma?
how long does it take for the results for the free claymedia testing kit?
how long does it take for metformin 500mg to work?
bloode tests at doctors what they check for?
needle/syringe advice help please?
What happened if glucose delay to process after blood collection?
Is this weird????????
How long can i keep the novorapid flexpen out of the fridge?
Diabetic retinopathy?
As a prospective med student what's a good scientific book about diabetes?
what is the percentage of heamoglobin in blood?
waiting times?
Gardsil(vaccine for HPV) is for women, where one for males?!?
urine sample..?
Diagnosed with Gardnerella (BV) Bacterial Vaginosis?
What will happen to the person who - one day - cures HIV/AIDS....?
HIV -the uk window. Does the modern test diagnose within six weeks as stated below?
I am studying the life & death of Gia....and wondering if Magic Johnson has HIV only to this day?
HPV thing vaccine...?
my eye color is changing?
I have a lump on my middle finger?
how does a person get a bellybutton infection inside?
What is the correct dosage of St John's Wort?
Is it OK for people to start taking antioxidant supplement from their 20s?
Correspondence chakras and colours?
what's best thing to cure injured shoulder?
do you know any natural remedies against insuline resistance?
Making me and my lungs as healthy as possible...while smoking?
Please help i really need to know this???liver function test?
What happens if you drink rescue remedy?
Are herbal stacker's good for weight loss?
does bio oil really work?
I've put apple cider vinegar on my face?
What's the difference between distilled and deionised water?
does anyone know of an alternative to Naproxen, natural or otherwise?
What are good essential oils for aches and pains?
Is it ok to take St John's Wort?
why cant i not get co proxamol anymore?
What is osteopathy? HELP!!!?
Is acupunture any good for Carpell Tunnel syndrome?
will salvia make me go mad?
What's the next medication too?
What am i allergic to?
What is an inhalant?
will tear gas affect asthma?
Is it possible for there to be a link between the inhalation of odors(even beautiful odors like perfumes)?
My daughter has Cystic Fibrosis, should I let her go on a trip overseas?
5 month old w/ Cystic Fibrosis vomiting while eating?
Has anyone had ringing in their ears after an ear infection and did it go?
whats worst in second hand smoking?
why am i so active at night?
please someone help me?
does paroxetine make you sedated and drowsy?
Husband lump help?????
what to do when fecal matter is to large to flush in toilet?
A defect in which of the following enzymes is likely to have the most severe effect on protein digestion?
my earpiercing is too low, what to do?
Help! I wake up with a ball of phlegm every morning! why?
how to get rid of a runny and stuffy nose?
ive been feeling rather sick all week, really bad nausea?
How can i increase my height?
What is Cerebral hypoperfusion?
Is igf-1 effective in increasing amino acid transport?
What does it actually do?
when im tired or sleepy i just sleep for a second then wake up?
Why do people put their feet on the bench when bench pressing?
Girls? I need help in getting rid of my fear?
how to cure vomits and nauseas?
How do I know if my lip piercing is infected?
I am a 21-year old female. For the past few weeks I have been feeling bloated, irritable, and extremely tired.?
Paralysis as soon as waking up?
Help With Thalasemia?
Feeling lightheaded and falling over....?
Weird sensation in my head?
How many mg of klonopin does it take to feel high?
Hypothyroisim and sleep problems?
Why would a patient with acute pancreatitis/cirrhosis have glucose in urine?
Diagnosed with pre eclampsia?
I take prednisone daily and it causes inflammation and retains water in my body. how can I reduce/eliminate ?
Sudden fainting spell?
How Long Does It Take For Meth Users To Show Signs Of Tooth Decay?
Purple mark on inner thigh, it looks like a bruise but i can feel a lump?
How do I get rid of the swelling and redness from my eyes fast?
I need to know EXACTLY what seizures are what there caused by and the criteria required for a diagnosis?
my frnd slapped me and i have tinnitus!! will it be okay guys?
I have a sore spot on the left upper part of my forehead, its been there a long time, can a guy feel a tumor?
Is wishing the death for someone actually an insane thought?
Is there any way to stop depression without all the pills?
Is it strange if i hear cats talking to me??!?
I know I keep posting questions but how Can I calm down this panic attack?
I just need someone to talk to...?
recovering from depression, how can i keep myself positive?
How to tell my teacher I've been cutting?
Am i the only one who ever feels this way?
self harm issue's help?
Do my parents have to know?
i feel like im gonna die?
somedays do you feel like?
Why am i so emotional lately?
How do I tell my family I have anxiety problems?
how can i stop my addiction of yahoo answersss? ;]]?
I have not cut in a while. I deserve to feel the pain. Should I just cut a few times to punish myself?
Social anxiety disorder help?
I feel like cutting. There seems to not be any other option.?
should i take anti depressants?PLEASE ANSWER.?
oouuccchhhh... stomach ache?
Why do i have a headache in my room?
Found a bone sticking out from my neck..What way would it be removed?
Back Problems Help!!!!?
Why does my lower stomach hurt like CrAzy!?
Back pain in lower left side of back?
I'm getting leg cramps like crazy while swimming?
Does getting headaches occuring daily mean something more serious could be wrong?
Very painful hands. Please help?
I am in desperate need of good painkillers... HELP!?
Why does the joint in my left big toe hurt?
My friend tried to smoke this weekend...?
Pain in my leg. Please help!?
Migraine Headache?!?!?
what can i use to numb my finger?
I feel pain in my right hip.?
Im 15 years old and my upper back hurts ?
left temple pain and tenderness?
Tummy ache :(:( Please help?
Why do I get headaches from everything?
what is the winter vomiting bug,where does it come from & how do we catch it?
If a Chef with AIDS cut his finger while preparing food?
I really am scared of swine flu?
Swine Flu Vaccination - have they tested it? will you have it?
W.H.O predicts 40% of britain will be infected, will many of these die?
How to get rid of my cold/ fever?!?
Swine Flu in UK - Something to worry about or an over reaction?
Heart disease?
heart racing while sleeping?
I have been having weird chest pains since I was young, anyone happen to know what they could be?
Does My Lifestyle Place Me At Risk of Heart Problems?
Tias/stroke could i be having them?
My father who has heart disease has recentlly been have dreams of a bright white light and he is?
Doctor nurse help with heart condition SVT?
Heart cramping/chest pain?
what should your cholesrol intake a day be if you have border line levels?
could this story be true?
I got high, now how do I get low?
Sudden slowed heartbeat?
Why Can't an EKG/ECG be used to diagnose all diseases or defects of the heart?
what happen when i see a little blood after whiping?
Could this be marfan?
How many days after a bypass surgery one can travel (6 hours flight)?
Is it true there are more chances to survive a heart attack in the sea than on land?
what to do to induce my Father elderly to take his medicine?
I have been having very severe chest pains. I went to the emergency room,doctor& cardiologist.?
Is yoga safe for a possible heart disease?
would it be ok to eat this after being sick?
What's wrong with me?
After 4 hours of sleep my body wont let me get any deep sleep... any ideas? ?
i whant scholar ship ?
Plantar Wart help very important!! need asap?
what is the important intake and output?
im tired everytime in the morning?
What could it be? I wasn't feeling to good yesterday, but got through the day fine, and then ...?
I kissed my girlfriend on the 22 of december 08 n eversince my throat feels dry n like i have something in ?
Ive been really sick and would like some input please?!?!?
what should i do for serve back pain?
Is it possible to do more damage on sprained ankle by not laying off of it?
Ankle problems!? HELP?
Tendonitis of the wrist, any ideas on how to treat it?
recurring herpes...what is it like when you get herpes 4 the 2nd etc time?
if a toy was used when i had a std, will it be safe to use?
if i have a cut and spots down below does it mean i got an std?
UTI - Any doctors that can help?
How do I book an appointment with a urologist?
I had a hiv test for hiv-1 and 2 since 5 months of possible exposure..now i am hearing that hiv-2 window peiod
Okay i am really scared. since this last week i have been going toilet frequently.?
I want to but cyclogest pessaries?
See blacks dots, like flys, is a serious desease?
Are you restricted by where you live as to which hospital you should attend as an outpatient?
How to make bed bug bites heal faster?
can a dog sense it is going to die?
can someone give me a hug?
Is it ok to have sugar free fizzy drinks if you are diabetic?
could a grape cause serious health problems?
is it true that coffees had side effects? is it proven?
is bhf 3 day diet suitable peoplle with type 2 diabetis?
my gran has high levels of sodium in her blood?
What are the METABOLIC differences between type 1 and type 2 DM?
could this be diabetes insipidus?
Can A. Vogel's Echinaforce be taken by diabetics?
Diabetes and overeating?
Wierd rrash on my face, i just want to kniw what it is!! ?
Why has my sleeping pattern suddenly changed?
why does milk reduce your high on drugz?
Wanna help me devise a secret plan so I don't have to go to school tomorrow?
my stomach is throbbing but not pregnant?
How to stop myself from puking, HELP please ?
I think I have OCD??????????????
I am getting really worried, what could this be? doctors do out there?
If your were shot 7 times in the chest and shanked in the stomach wht would happen?
Does having your tonsils taken out make your voice deep?
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp?
I have really bad nervous laughter?
Do you use a cold wet cloth or hot when your sick ?
I have a hard lump on the back of my neck?
do they do physicals at CVS?
when you get your tonsils removed what are the cons?
Are these symptoms caused by grieving?
Is it ok to take a bath when...?
is playing computer for about 12-14hour a day?
anxiety and sinus infection help?
How can i stop acidity?
What can you take to cause suicide but is undetected in an autopsy?
Anybody elses second toe longer than their big toe?
Are there any gluten enzymes?
Should I get stitches?
can allergies actually do this all the time?
Well my eye is really bloodshot.?
What do you think these symptoms lead to?
one side of my glands are swollen,i find it extremely hard to swallow and i have a bad headache..?
black girl turns white?*not vitiligo *?
I have been using earphones for 4 years but my ears are getting infected ! How do I get used to not using them?
Why Do I have Shortness of Breath.?
Is the hypothyroid blood tests accurate?
what releives swelling from a shot?
Why do I feel drunk and disoriented with headaches in front part of head?
i feel like im gonna pass out?
Lump/bump on spine, any suggestions?
My throat is swollen, and it hurtds to talk?
I have multiple sclerosis and currently have optic neuritis. Does it leave white matter?!?
Looking for a long term rehab obesity clinic that treats mental illness as well as obesity?!?
My well water just recently started having a strong sulfur smell. Should I be concerned?
Doctors out there please? I'm really worried.?
What causes excessivly wartery eyes?
what is the Significance of this laboratory?
I have for many years been suffering from very bizarre symptoms.Very unexplainable, and numerous.?
Which vitamin B12 injection is "stronger"?
With Hypothyroidism, do the symptoms go away as soon as the treatment works?
can premature birth lead to health problems?
why is my stool always different? my diet is pretty persistent?
My gf has bad indigestion, she takes tums before sleep, doesnt drink milk b4 bed or drink tea b4 bed, ?
chest infection??????????????????????
Why Am I So Depressed?
What can happend if u have too much stress?
How can I control my anger?
I need to convince my parents that im not depressed. Please help!?
Why do I have constant symptoms of flue. I still have very itchy eyes?
How do you keep a sleep apnea mask on?
I recently had a urinary tract infection and went to the clinic where they took my pee test and prescribed me?
Can anyone name consequences in the future for smoking?
i have a really bad cough ?
medicine for my coughing problem!!!?
Do i have Pneumonia? Really bad cold symptoms.?
Took a drag of marijuana and a piece flew in my lungs. That was three days ago. What should I do.?
What causes white frothy sputum in a child's cough?
Does having a bacterial infection mean that there HAS to be a fever?
I sing like a person who has been smoking for years, and I dont smoke?!?
has anyone had a UPPP procedure for sleep apnea?
Is this asthma or a broken rib?
the lung is located in the thoracic cavity. Describe the relationship of the lung to the diaphram:?
Pneumonia from strep throat and tonsillitis?
My 18 month old was blue and not breathing when I woke up! Docs say not SIDS. Please read more.?
Can the common cold cause a rapid heart rate?
Im sick and Im having chest problems, when I cough or sneeze i feel like if my hearts gunna stop.help?
hi, i have a very bad problem relating to my sinusitis,my nasal track gets very dry and causes alot of prbs?
Sneezing blood? help!?
inhalant use???????????????
Acid reflux? im not quiet sure.. heavy breathing and hard to sleep. HELP!?
when i move to the left or right side my lungs ( upper body) make a noise on its own , and its feels weird?
Is Marmite good to rub on Thrush?
do you think the schools should be shut because of swine flu?
What can I eat when I have the flu?
Possible side effect of second heart sounds with 2/6 systolic murmur in 3 month old baby boy?
What are your views on what happens the moment we take our last breath, and heart stops?
when is the best time to take zocor?
list two harms in the skin,heart,and brain from tabacco use.?
what is the build up of plaque on the walls of the arteries?
What is considered a normal blood pressure reading and what is considered high on a 13 year old boy?
Discomfort in chest and tightness and left side of brain?
Sudden intense pounding heartbeat, numbness left side?
few days ago i had chest discomfort on left side.there was also pain on my left.?
blood pressure help! please?
Is something wrong with my heart?
do you know what this is?
Strange feeling in chest, what could it be?
would holding your breath make your blood pressure rise?
Why does my heart feel so bad?
Tachycardia treatments?
How does circadian rhythm works?
if i had a abnormal nuclear stress test would they have let me know if it was serious?
4. What are some different ways to monitor your heart rate? Which method will you use and why?
Heart problem...i think!?
what is a sabatious sist?
Which food is not allowed to a bypassed heart patient ?
I work for a company that requires a breathing test. I took one when I hired in.......?
scrotum caught in flies?
Adrenal fatigue?
subliminal cds as cure?
Can Silver in the form of a spoon left in the mouth be an effective antiseptic or can cure ailments ?
What is the herbal spray/drops called?
i was the fairest in my family when i was young now my colour is vanished and others look more fairer. i am 16
what are the benefits of osteopathy?
Searching for surgeon -- tendon transfers due to C5 nerve root injury or deltoid disfunction.?
I have muscle pain and I can't fully extend my arm, What should I do ?
i have this bump on my forehead from when i tried to give myself a shape up how can i make it go away?
i hurt my ankle a while back i really need some help right now?
barrats dieses?
is it normal that I like to walk around even when I am in pain?
Has anybody had trouble taking simvastatin -?
is it safe to take nytol when you are using patches to give up smoking?
How to Heal Navacular Bone?
Why is the use of placebos in clinical trials rare?
Injured hand, bruised or broken?
Can my partner get the sack for something i have done?
best medication for panic attacks? im currently on 1mg risperdol in the morning and 1mg at night?
How long am I out for?
calf muscle soreness...?
I would like to be trained as a reflexologist?
where can i buy double helix water in the UK?
Head Movement remedy for Vertigo?
Do you believe some of these alternate treatments can be successful?
Can acupuncture help improve hearing?
Whats high in Calcium and Vitamin D?
Can you recommend some Alternate Medicine for Prostate glands enlargement.?
what does bergamot smell like?
anadin extra whilst on anti depressents?
Do you think i should be taking some sort of iron supplement?
Is smegma serious ? what can it cause ?
Itch problem 'downstairs'?
Smoking Hyponios??????
I think i might of scratched my eye!?
WHat kind of diaper should I use?
If you took a piece of paper with sharpie and tea on it then rolled it up, and smoked it, what would happen?
Am i deformed??????????????
Occasional cough when taking deep breath from bronchitis?
Am i deformed??????????????????
Could i have a broken neck or is that crazy too think with these symptoms?
after being sick for a week and a half my taste buds are acting very weird?
Can someone tell me what this is?
how long does colonoscopy take?
left eye hurts really bad, is very red, and sensitive to the smallest amount of light?
Does my employer have to pay for my glasses?
Does anyone know alot about alcohol?
If you have Medicaid, does that mean that you already have Medicare.?
What are the effects of having long term Leukocytosis?
Will smoking marijuana help with chronic nausea(GERD)?
How did you stop drinking alcohol?
If a old person is 93 and she is sick is it likely for her to die?
not many answers last time so please i need help?
I have a sharp throbbing pain in my stomach ?
Is it okay to take tylenol p.m. more than once a day?
My throat hurts so much when I swallow?
What is wrong with my dang knee?
My left ear has been plugged all day?
i have had a head ach for almost 2 weeks now what do i do?
Why I have pains in my back?
Reducing lower back pain?
Painful headaches and do not know the source. ?
Just swallowed 4 advil?
my hydrocodone medication expired seven months ago, is it safe to use?
Why is my left arm having slight pain?
on a dare, my friend took 7 tylenol and 4 advil at once. is she going to be ok?
i pass out somethimes. i tell me mom my chast hurts she say to take infenprofen and go lay down. what can i do?
Lump in lower right abdomen?
My arm hurts please help?
why does my lower back hurt when I have my period?
is it okay to take 3 pain reliever instead of 2?
what can i take for pain?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and I am on a prescribed antibiotic and painkiller. Can I drive...?
Transfer from one doctor to another,how?
need advice from med students?
Why do I roll alot in my sleep.?
A couple health questions?
What is it like to get knocked out for a tonsillectomy and the ways and if i should be scared or nervous.?
Is it really my sinus's that have been bothering me?
reflexes help!!?? on your arm?
I can repeatedly crack my jaw?
whats going on with me when i sleep?
Do orthopedists exist and if they do what kind of procedures do they do?
Is schizophrenia and psychiatric disorder (mental illness) or a neurological disorder?
Liver ALT & AST levels?
Walks on tippy toes ar 14 years old?
What are the symptoms of stage 1 cirrhosis?
Could a history of eating disorder-like behaviour be the cause of polycystic ovarian syndrome?
What illness am a describing?
does anyone know if the shot gardasil can affect a person who has neurofibromatosis?
My daughter, soon to be 7, has had diarrhea for about 2 years now?!?!?!?
how to relieve stomaches w/o using medicine?
My uncle had a stroke and brain surgery today what are his chances of survival?
What is the disorder that starts with an M where you like to feel pain? ?
questions on petit mal epilepsy?
Do you think my friend has an eating disorder?
How to get rid of my plugged up ears?
What is Hyperaerated means?
How Long Off of Dairy Until You Become Lactose Intolerant?
red itchy bump on my eyelids?
Is this a stroke? Short help please?
What do you know about spondylolisthesis?
What kind of illness do I have? (Not Serious)?
do u av 2 burst a spot....?
What is the drug SOMA?
why do you feel a high when you breathe hard and the shut off your airways?
my son has a ball in his ear what can it be?
How can I clean out my system quickly and naturally?
Is it bad for my feet to be walking on tile every day?
I am having diarrhea for some reason with no symptoms?
do spacers contain latex?
Why do my stomach feel tight and full when i have not ate..?
Can you describe sleep?
Why am i sleeping so much after quitting weed?
what you call this symptoms?
What is wrong with my spine?
i have pains.. help, what is it?
Would Propane be considered a noxious fume?
Painful, short breathing while running. Am I being a hypochondriac?
how much is vicodin 7.5-750mg worth?
How would you describe colors to someone who is blind?
What to do about depression?
what is wrong with me?!?!!??!?!?!?!??!!!??!?
how do you not be sad?
Do i have a mental illness? HELP!?
I have enough xanax to get the job done, why shouldn't I?
Will suicidal thoughts/depression fade over time if untreated?
I have lost the will to live. My life is horrible, and I don't have the motivation to fix it. I want to die.?
how do you get over an eating disorder?
suicidal and depressed help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Anything else that helps alleviate panic attacks/anxiety?
Distract Me Please!?
I Feel So Worthless?
can this happen after something like this happens?
Do I have SAD?
Will all the teasing/bullying really won't matter in the future?
My husband had himself admitted to the Mental Health Center?
Why can't I sleep lately?
Teen: could I be having a heart attack?
I had a strange ''electrical'' sensation on my chest what was that?
Had a bad fast heart rate on Extacty (piperzine filled) for 9 hours. Now my heart rate is 84 resting (too fast?
Could it be a heart problem?
Can you have a healthy pregnancy with hypertension?
i went in for a routine check up thet did a ct scan and said i had a torn aorta or it was ready to burst they?
If pupils do not dilate does that mean that he/she are not attracted to this person?
Is there anything that you can take that helps unclog arteries?
Chest pain and change in heart beat? Please help.?
Does alcoholism cause low potassium levels and how does this affect your heart?
Burning/Pressure....Chest Area..!!?
impending doom very scared?
Heart is beating faster than usual, lightheaded, tired?
cardiac cycle and anatomy question?
Should I be worried and avoid this situation or not?
Dieing fast and easy?
Medical Center or Hospital?
Chest/arm discomfort,occasionally jaw...?
what heart problems does ekg cover?
when i take deep breaths while laying down i sometimes feel weird heard beats?
Traces of protein have been found in my urine, what does this mean for the long term?
My heart kinda feels like its being squeezed?
Type 2 diabetes - struggling to get sugar level down?
Ihave olways had good intituition the last few years Ihave been experencing precences after a spirtual healing?
Does anyone have diabetes?
How long should I wait before trying to conceive?
can you join the police force if you take sleeping pils?
Is predinisolone steroids an effective treatment for a kidney ailment?
any recovered anorexics?
diabetes and alcohol?
Blood glucose?
diabetes, not started treatment yet?
Am I A Diabetic ? Please Help?
how many people in the uk suffer from diabetes?
how does diabetes affect the kidneys?
Has my 2 year old son got diabetes?
Random diabetes question?
Will the Blood Sugar go up, if you take Co-codamol 30/500 Tab ?
Insect bite with Orange pus?
After having a blood nose I feel light headed?
does this sound like a sinus infection?
Why can't I seem to catch my breath?
My 8 year old son is on 400 ml of amox-clav for an ear infection..he is sleepy all the time..is this a normal?
Can an inhaler be harmful if I dont need it?
I have sleep apnea (I stop breathing in my sleep)?
help breathing issues cause of mold maybe?
Dry at back of throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a lot of breathing issues?
Sore throat for three weeks?
can a strong antibiotic shot cause a dog's blood to become so thin it bleeds inside?
What is Pericardial Mesothelioma?
15 year old girl with chest pains?
Chewing gum while sleeping?
why do people need thier urine tested?
Have you noticed.........?
Can a DVT start in the foot?
help me about hiv/aids?
How do I go about a STI test for a friend?
Torn ligament in ankle?
how long does it take a broken toe to heal?
Pinched Nerve in lower back?
my ankle started hurting after i climbed up a rock on a trail. it felt like i had strained a muscle but this?
Can i take my cast splint off myself?
i took doxycycline 12 hours early befor blood hormone test,is it possible it affectcs on result?
Grade 3 III Ankle Sprain Fractured Fibula?
How Do i Now If My Cousins Jaw Is Dislocated?
My tubs was burn and tie 17 years ago. But hear lately I've been feeling nause and weak. And sleeping alot.?
What is causing my lower back pain after a long walk?
possibly dislocated knee cap?
I fell off handlebars of a bike and slammed into my knee. It's swollen and hurts to move. What now?
Have you ever rubbed your nose for a long time until it went numb?
Cure for herpes in Germany?
can you test for crabs and nits in the same way?
Knee Injury during hockey?
My stretched ears are swollen, what do I do?
Mysterious bruises on back?
I've been doing pull ups (palms facing in.) Now (bicep pain when doing pushups?)?
Hurt my heel, need help!!!?
Weird bump on injured finger?
My mother has had a strained voice for over a month. It hasn't gotten any better. Is it serious?
This ain't for me aiight!?
unwanted body hair please tell me the ways on how to get rid of them?
Hay Fever???? Or coming down with Flu?
I get bitten so much and i need somthing thats a repelent to bugs?
will clindamycin help a ear infection ?
What will happen if swine flu goes untreated?
Why is one of my eye watery?
Paracetamol Overdose / School / Explanation?
Herbal/natural supplements to boost energy?
Low libido in men, Help !?
Would a pinched nerve (lumbar) affect?
Drugs that help your concentration.?
What are the effects on the brain while using any drugs?
Rescue Remedy Anybody !!?
Where can I find on line or distances training in aromatherapy I live in the UK?
Which is the best Bach Flower Remedy for Insomnia in Pregnancy?
Has anyone used 5-htp for the treatment of OCD?
My friend is having a fever and his heart rate is very fast because he has taken mdma?
natural therapy question? chest complaint?
where does the nag champa fragrance come from?
Ionising Foot Spas? Any Good?
how are new drugs trialled?
Crystal healing anyone?
do these magnetic bracelets actually work or is it just a placebo? can anyone vouch for them?
I need a cure for an earache!?
what are the best massage oils?
is there any kind of herbal mood enhancer/anti-depressant type thing?
Will the supplement Nelson's Pure and Clear Sulphur 30c affect contraceptive pill?
What's the strongest OTC sleeping tablet I can buy in London?
I can't wake up in the morning if it's dark, help?
Do u think im a shorty?
Is it true that you cannot "catch up" on sleep?
Im ill but not VERY ill. I need something to do that doesn't involve moving around alot. What should i do?
What can I do for stomach pain after not being able to eat for a while?
Do I have Anemia ( with symptoms )?