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Agonising Stomach Aches and Toilet Urges.?
the bone in my throat can move side to side?
double swimmers ear and a ear infection? hurts!?
This is sooo unbelievable!!?
Inguinal hernia, possibly?
will the Dermotlogist look at my arm? URGENT?
Why does it feel like i am about to pee on myself?
Centrelink Lump sum payment?
I have a stiff neck, headache and very tired last 5 days...stomach a bit sick. Is it flu or more serious?
Why are your veins better visible when wet?
if a dad has O positive blood and a mom has AB positive blood what kind is the kid?
Why do I have tonsill stones? and when I remove them why are there holes? do I need them removed?
What foods build up testosterone in my body ?
Growth hormone shots...worth it? side effects?
what can i do if when i get called on in class i get nervous and red?
do tablets disested after used strong laxative or will come straight back out?
What happens when your taking Zoloft and then take shrooms?
Weird feeling like i'm going to faint but i don't?!?
Why can the body randomly cause PHYSICAL symptoms of anxiety and panic?
Allergies are killing me!!! Red, itchy eyes!?
How to build a consonants only audio amplifier hearing aid?
How do I get back on my feet?
Detox from Diphenhydramine?
Do I have RLS and an Iron deficiency?
what would be a good blood pressure for a 17 year old?
What are the best natural highs?
Endorphin release while playing the guitar?
White dot in my thumb.?
The past 3 days everything I ate made my stomach hurt. 12 years old, help!!!?
I'm terrified of vomiting?
does anyone knows what food or drink to avoid when using urine therapy?
How can I get a private GTT test?
Can the symptoms for pregnancy and diabetes be mixed up?
Where do I find research articles about the increase in childhood diabetes?
How Do I Know How Accurate A Blood Test Is?
SQ-Pen for insulin injection...??
What brand name of lotion is best for diabetic person?
where to check my blood in newbridge?
how does diabetes type 2 lead to kidney failure?
I think I might Be diabetic ?
Diabetic and steroid injections?
Incapcity benefit...if ive been depressed(severe) for the past 4 months will i be able to claim for this benef?
i had a random blood glucose test done today, can anyone explain the results plz?
has anyone ever used melantan II? it's the injection tan???? Cheers?
GCSE Food Coursework-Diabetes?
How many of you are newly diagnosed as diabetic?
Will snorting skittles hurt me?
How can I sleep well at night ?
Pain in my gut (extreme)?
How can I get fall asleep easily?
I get nauseated when I smell cigarette smoke, Is that weird?
one of my dearest friends has a serious drug addiction. i really want her to stop but i don't know how to help?
how to cure depression?
Would you be really embarrased to have a mental disorder? For instance, if you had schizophrenia,?
Are there any none addicting pills for anxiety?
Please help I'm currently freaking out!?
Why are there so many suicidal people in yahoo answers?
Do I have asperger's?
Could I be showing the early signs of depression?
help depression at night?
How can I calm my nerves while giving a speech?
Can you catch schizophrenia?
if im unable to sue my mother for wasting 3 years of my life, should i get personal revenge?
Why can't I sleep, driving me crazy I am so tired!?
is it possible to never poo?
what are some things that?
Do I Have schizophrenia? HELP!?
Least Painful Suicide? (School Project im not suicidal!)?
What happens if you don't know if your really depressed and your put on antidepressants?
How to manage a dangerous family member?
Is there any way to get rid of red eyes?
Just had an operation today.... Is this normal?
Back in Nov of last year I was in an accident that was not my fault. The only insurance i had was my auto?
What happened? Do I have a concussion?
Knee pain....anyone know what this could be?
Sharp pain in my left rib cage. It really hurts, and has been hurting consistently for 2 days.?
How to get rid of cracking joints?? they really annoy me, how to stop joints cracking when you move for good?
Would IcyHot help with muscle recovery?
Could this be a minor injury?
how long would it take . . . ?
Knee problem- what to expect?
wht is the side effect of steroid..?
live in florida and need knee surgery?
My ear hole got cut a little longer accidentlly when i was putting my earring in?
How long does it take for a wrist fracture to heal and .. ?
I hit my jaw and it still hurts like its fractured?
is it possible for . . . ?
I sprained my ankle & sprained my knee again last night in a game!?
Should i go to a doctor?
what's the point of the 1-2-3 marks in contact lenses?
Can I get color contacts now without an exam if I had an exam 6 months ago?
After a drug addict recovers, does their behavior ever change?
Is it save to take excedeine migrane and then 10 hours take Tylenol cold multi symptom?
Sleeping help Please?! its 12:25 am?
i have celiac disease will i gain weight?
Does Anyone know what disease I have?
Did I just eat something that was bad, or do i have the stomach flu?
What does it mean when you feel like a vibrating/weird/bubbly feeling under your left side rib cage?
ive been on 3 mgs a day of xanax for 16 years and im starting to not feel the effects of the xanax.?
Uncontrollable shaking head and eye movement ?
my feet is always cold how to fix?
natural remedy for achilles tendon in foot?
Over the counter sleeping pills. UK.?
is it possible to pass a kidney stone of 4 mm in urine?
anyone a doctor on here? will u please tell. me..?
Quassia head lice treatment?
Has anyone heard of a herbal antidepressant called Proxam? If so, where can I buy it in the UK?
How Can I Fake a "Death Rattle" Such as the Ones Caused by Leukemia Patients When They're Dying...?
What problem can I state in OCD for my term paper?
Hypothyroidism and high level of thyroid antibodies?
Lupus sufferer anything I can take?
Giving up smoking with hypnotherapy?
Blackstrap molasses?
does agnus castus work for pmdd?
invalidity benefit?
thyriod prolems at 24?
I took Omeprazol AFTER eating! What can happen to me?
WHY does sleeping with cork(s) in one's pillow help cramp suffers?
why is reflexology so called?
advise for sintus?
Foods that contain Serotonin?
My husband took co -codamol by accident for hangover instead of paracetamol?
chinese medicine?
Does NyQuil make you tired?
Tips on how to Use a medicine ball?
How can one induce euphoria?
Throat Problem. Please help.?
smoking cigarettes i wanna quit only smoking for 2 years?
What pathways are there to becoming an ER nurse?
what do all these symptoms add up to?
I have stomach pain to the touch (like bruise) after having a month of severe burning pains inside my stomach?
If I have wide shoulders does it mean im finishing puberty?
Is it possible have have heart problems like these?
How long can a Human bladder hold urine?
Anti depressant? What medication is this?
What blood type might I have?
How many medical equipment manufacturers are there in the UK?
Cause and solution of insomnia?
Drinking at night time?
Anxious about taking antidepressants any advice on other anxiety meds?
can drinking too much water cause diarrhea?
Drug and chemical question..?
I have a prescription for Klonopin at wal-mart .When can i get my refill?
released from hospital how do i care for mrsa area?
If you want to call someone a bi­tch?
I have a rash that is called shingles and it hurts really bad can someone tell me how to help it get better???
My throat hurts SOOOOOOOOOO much what can i do to cure it?
Needing some advice about certain pain?
how can i get my bones to stop cracking.?
What can cause this terrible headache?
Does cracking ruin your bones?
cartilage piercing swelling and pain?
can coffee give you a headache?
i need surgery for carpel tunnel on both hands the pain is really bad and does not go away i have it all day?
The right side of my head hurts. and i cant hear or see very well from my right ear and eye. why is that?
Hi i am 25 years old and i have Tendinitis in both my wrist and i was wondering if i will need to have surgery?
what happens if i eat a whole bottle of tylenol?
my knee hurts extremely bad when i put weight on it. help?
A question about leg fractures?
my wrist is beginning to hurt...its gotten to the point i cant lift a jar of jam...?
i have a pain in my heart that slowly comes and slowly goes, what could this be?
Is there something wrong with my elbow? PLEASE PEOPLE ANSWER I KNOW I POSTED THIS ALOT BUT HELP PLZ?
does stress cause head aches?
Stomach burning, havent aten?
When you lift weights..is it normal for your arms to be sore after 2 days? And, for them to hurt when you...?
will this go away soon? it hurts in my mouth?
Help with neck pain? Pleaseee?
I have a weird cough problem, any help?
Can I be infected by his pneumonia?
How can you tell the difference between whooping cough and bronchitis?
Help! I just warmed my hands over a gas stove. Could this induce carbon monoxide poisoning?
When will my cough clear up?
who can administer medicine through a picc line?
What is your doctor never notifies you of an asthma plan? or how to use a peek flow meter?
Something stuck in my throat, causing a gagging issue?
can having a cold give you bad breath?
Do I have a Deviated Septum?
Constant coughing, help please!!?
What procedure can help cure asthma?
ive used different inhalers but they dont work! infact my asthma gets even worse! what should i so?
Pulmonary function test results? Adult asthma?
Is it legal for a father to spray starting fluid (ether)on his son? This is serious, no joke.?
How to cope with sore throat?
How does hygiene, obesity, and diet contribute to the increased prevalence of asthma?
what is the best cough drop?
haemorrhage and hemorrhage?
Nicotine with Chocolate for smokers?
how do you sleep with your mouth closed?
Does anyone have a phone # for a mexican pharmacy? That will let you order on the phone & mail them to you?
I am on a 24 hour fast, will I still be able to give blood tomorrow?
how to use ankle weights properly?
Is the swine flu under control in Britain?
Can someone be so sad or lonely that it makes them physically sick and they throw up?
Could this be borderline?
i thought id like you to know that my alzheimered father has now tried choking me?
Friend just took 5 or 6 80 mlg Oxy cotton pills. Is that enough for OD? should we call 911?
is there anything natural to treat depression/social anxiety?
How can i stay strong?
why do people like to get high?
I'm Sad...=-(.....??
is it normal for a psychologist to talk on the phone and go online while you're in session?
Does Santa Cause REALLY see me when I'm sleeping, and does he REALLY know when I'm awake?
depression and self harm?
What is wrong with me now? PLZ HELP!?
give me some tips for good sleep at night.?
most common anti-depression medicine?
What is that makes people so secure?
if I am an alcoholic how come church doesn't make me relapse?
what is wrong with me?
I want to try an antidepressant. but i don't know how to tell my mother I'm depressed?
I got a sling, because I fractured my arm, and it hurts bad?
I crushed my foot and...?
where can i get get glucobetic pills other than america.i.e. in greatbritain?
Is there any Diabetes2 person out there who changed from Metformin tablets to Gliclazide because they work?
I am a type 2 diabetic who started taking gliclazide a couple of weeks ago.?
can you calcuate bolus peaks on an insulin pump?
does omega3 push sugar levels up for type1 diabetics?
Diabetic Drinking Problem ... help ?
Is There Any Disadvantages In Giving Blood?
has any one took diethylpropion and lost weight?
i am 18 yearsold, suffer from hyperthyroidism my height is 165 cm.?
Is 'Dextrose,cane sugar the same thing as icing sugar?
I shake after I eat sugar what is wrong with me?
Diabetes insulin pump help please ?
how a women can decrese the levelof dhea and taestastrone in her body,naturally,without chimical medicine?
Where can I get a medical emergancy card written in a foreign language?
If u are deficient in 'iron', how much should u take a day to restore the level?
should i take water tablets?
Are there any chances of patient information being leaked in case of medical transcription outsourcing?
Hi, Could you please suggest some cool name for a medical Lab/ Diagnostic lab in odisha bhubaneswar ?
Help! Ringing noise in left ear?
Do medical transcription outsourcing companies deliver their work on time?
How to overcome chronic examination phobia?
Will weed show up on a urine test if you smoke a couple hits last week and you have 4 days till your check up?
how long will a dog be high after eating a marijuana cookie?
Do my unproportional, long arms mean that I'm still growing?
weird sickness, i have weird stomach problems!!!?
While rolling on molly or ectasy?
can a person survive when their bad liver is replaced with half a good one?
AntiDepressants that still allows you to donate blood?
whats wrong with me please help!?
Does a vomit feel good to anyone?
What is the best way to dispose of old medications - i.e. pills?
Do I want to be a nurse?
Can SARS be a wealth generator for a healthcare system ?
What do i have Symptom list????????
please help. my cousin stomach?
why do i have a very high libido?
burning while urinating?
Stomach Flu question?
Can you get HIV/AIDS if...?
18-20 hours a day sleeping.?
My father got a weird vibration in his head when he get tense ?!! Help I want to help him get better !!?
How to get ride of my bad cold? Help.?
Do I have tmjd(a jaw disorder)?
do i have insomnia ?? what do you think.?
What could it be??????????????????????????
Using Bathroom Frequently?
My 15 month old Daughter is suffering from Hypotonia and seziers?
Pain under my stomach?
Whats wrong with me, any ideas?
If I leave my Tinnitus alone will you go death?
How do I know if a have a (double) ear infection?
i dont feel well i have a sore throat , head ake, cold and hot , and my body feel s very hot , what medicine?
I always feel nausia dizzy and tired?
can poly cystic ovary affect only one ovary?
How long does it take for a blood test to be invalid?
can having fibromyalgia make you loose weight?
I did over a 100 sit up's and i feel bad.?
Hi there i have a question about my feet?
What could have caused this back pain?
What is wrong with my ear?
i have pain in my pelvic area what is it?
is it normal for your allergies to cause you to lose your voice and how long is it supposed to stay gone?
Will Lactose Free Milk Help?
i just started getting really bad nose bleeds. When Im sleeping, or just being me. should i go see a doctor?
Help!Penicillin reaction!?
SwInE Flu!!!!!!!!!!!?????
My partner has been referred to the hospital?
burping up black mucus stuff?
Does inhaling exhaust emissions damage your chest or lungs?
i have chronic insomia, I can not sleep at all i go to bed and really try to sleep then get up even more awake?
I've been coughing up yellow phlegm for about three weeks, but have no other symptoms, what does this mean?
I can't use my CPAP machine as I sleep on my front?
Is this a chest infection or something else? Please help!?
i can hardly breathe. help!!!?
stomach pain while coughing? help pls.?
I have had lost my voice 2 weeks ago and also have a cough that comes from deep in my chest. chest is bruised?
What causes pnemonia?
I just want to smoke and toke.. been sober for 2 weeks now..?
Why are vital signs useful to doctors?
have you ever seen a smoker pulmonologist?
Very bad throat when i cough?
What does it mean if my throat is extremely enflamed, I feel like im breathing in chloronated water,?
Adjust pressure on cpap?
Mild cold and sneezing?
Why do u have a hard time breathing wen ur turned on?
hi, blood is coming out of my mom's mouth when she wakes up in the morning since 5-6 days.?
Tell me your Asthma attack situations please ?
Its about Asthma and Inhalers?
what does blueberry-eye do? (by wakasa)?
What is this part around my eye?
Foot strain how can I make it heal quicker? :( please help?
Do kinoke foot pads really work?
Please answers my question about?
How can I deodorize my boots?
Feeling sick a little dizzy and really weak and a little achey I need to know whats up with me.?
Ear Tube Plugs - How crucial are earplugs?
Knee pain/swelling ?
what is wrong with me i sleep way too much?
health care.... this is for a report.?
What are the symptoms a hernia? ?
when i sleep i chew up my cheeks, scars and blood when i wake, any help?
tired and dizzy help help help?
Coffee and energy shot now tired? ?
How to break my bad habit of constantly cracking my fingers and wrists?
is it ok to take all these pills a day?
Hand Discomfort ----------------?
Can't sleep ... help?
Can people really spot you if you wearing hearing aids?
worried about my STI results?
do you no anyone who has had c diff.is it true do you think that you can cure it?
But the test was negative!?
Can you buy Aldara cream in supermarkets, UK question?
Question about Durex Play..anyone tried the 'new' Tingle?
Aciclovir dosage - how much?
what about Chlamydia.... HELP!!!!!!?
When the right ventricle is contracting, is the pulmonary semilunar valve opened or closed?
Adderall and the crash!!?
How long does it take for stomach flu to pass?
How can I grow taller?
Can I sell plasma and still donate plateletes?
How can you tell the difference from a bladder infection or.... (please read on!)?
can i still grow taller?
Why do I feel better? Its just like a cup of coffee right?
How do you get your taste back when you have a cold?
can a legal resident recieve medicaid /medicare?
What illness is this?
Need help on qutting smoking?
Why Do I Wake Up All Sweaty After Naps?
How to avoid being sick?
Whats the fastest and most effective way to get a 6 pack?
I just really wanted to know if?
I Have a Mathematical Disorder What Should I Do?
Having a really bad day...?
my grandpa died today and what should i do so im not sad.?
where can I get ethically sound food supplements?
Where in the u.k can I buy Senna leaves?
During an autopsy will the incision wounds be red, or seeing that the body is dead be a color like blue?
can I buy firtisip drinks from chemist or do I need a presciption uk?
Where can I buy topical iodine?
Has anyone drunk Tahitian Noni ?
What do you know about shiatsu ?
What herb or food helps prevent bloating?
has anyone here tried guarana for increased energy?
Has anyone used Reiki Healing?
A question about constipation?
interested in physiotherapy? some advice?
Online Physio/Occupational/other Natural Therapy degrees?
is Chinese medicine is good to solve period problem.?
Does hand reflexology work like foot reflexology?
Help !i'm dehydrated!?
Should I take citalopram or not?
Is it possible to catch swine flu from a police officer?
Dry hands. What can I do?
i banged my head a few years back and i forgot a lot of things?
need an ear blowout doctor asap!!!!!?
i think i'm injured bad any guesses what the problem is?
Nerve Reduction Exam of Right lower leg and ankle from knee down?
i broke my ankle!!!!!!!?
Does it sound like we should go to the Doctor's...?
WHat do you call a bruise doctor?
Pain in knee.....only one?
Do I have a concussion? I'm worried please answer,,?>!?
i bruised my knee and now my skin is numb. is this normal?
my leg has been doing something weird... any ideas?
I got hit in the lip with a baseball, (it was coming fast) and it is REALLY swollen, how do i heal it?
May have sprained my ankle, what should I do?
How do you bruise a bone, I'm writing a paper on it and nothing is telling me how you can!?
How to stretch when injured?
what is a bad back?????????????
compressed air hurts?
Can Gallstones be deadly?
I have GERD, can I drink Boost? the nutrition energy drink?
What are the symptoms of bunions?
Back pain and bloating with general anxiety disorder????? And ibs???? Common?
i need help what does this mean?
Why is it so important to provide patients with as much educational information as possible?
my stomach hurts what should I do?
What diseases include eyes that are so blood shot, they almost glow red, and also include bleeding eyes?
How can insomnia start all a sudden?
how does my daughter stop getting big boils?
Can this be Brain Cancer?
I feel a slight pressure on my testes and not aroused anymore. ?
What exactly causes "water weight" gain and could I have this problem?
If I have hormonal imbalance, does it mean I can't have kids?
how can i find out if i have alergies?
My Pit Bull ate my PSP (no I'm serious) what's gonna happen to her?
Does this sound like absence seizures?
Please help i think my ears are inffected?
Can you get an allergic reaction from drinking alchol?
Which brand/type of antihistamine allergy medicine works fastest?
Am i sick or so i just have allergies??
Blood test says I'm allergic to egg whites but not yolks and wheat. Never had a reaction. Can it be true?
is it possible to have an allergic reaction to head lice?
The bottom of my nose sometimes itches when i've been drinking, am i allergic to a certain type of alcohol?
can someone help me to stop smoking?
Does this sound like symptoms of Asthma?
Antibiotic Resistance?
Tobacco, cars' smoke, kitchen's smoke ............................?
My freinds dad smoked weed up until he was born so could that be why he as asthsma and allergies?
pleas help me over sickness?
I think I may be sick, help?
I have trouble breathing!?
what are the side effects of inhaling nos to get high?
im 19 and having chest pains what could they be?
(Health) I have a question about ear problem.?
What is the nasal cavities structure and function?
how often to get addicted to cigarettes?
my throat i need help to know what i have PLEASE READ?
baby diagnosed with rsv?
Can you help me?
Troubles breathing? helppp?
How much longer will I have bronchitis for? I am so tired of coughing!!!?
I have a moderately sized blister on the back of my throat?! I don't know why, or what could cause it.?
Do you think I have a collapsed lung?
Tightness in chest after jogging?
People say to me, "You don't look 38 yrs. old." As we age at different rates, what does 38 yrs. of age...?
Why do I see patterns when i look at white walls/ white board/etc.?
using computer in the dark?
Y is my top of my stomach hard n my lower stomach is soft?
Body Imbalance problems?
How can I make myself sick?
Some home remedies for a very congested nose?
butterflies in my stomach?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
if you put a marijuana stem on youre tongue does it get you buzzed?
Feeling Sick with a temp of 97.0?
How long does it take for focalin xr to kick in for adult?
How old do you have to be to buy robotussin?
P.E Questionnaire Help?
What happens to the body when a person starves themself?
Has anyone had headaches that last continually for about a week and then dissappear?
Am I going to be okay?
How long does it take for depo-provera to become effective?
Current and former smokers: What is/was your biggest temptation?
Do I have some sort of reading disability?
my voice broke should i talk or not?
Numbness in my knee that is starting to get worse ?
whehter doctor have the right to refuse to treat patients who refuse to quit smoking?
why is honey good if you are sick?
why is elevated levels of potassium (hyperkalemia) acidosis?
Cutting food out - Low Blood Sugar Levels? and millions of questions sorry?
is rosiglitazone a safe drug for diabetes patients who have heart disease?
diabetes and body hair?
Why is my tum so bloated and hurting? :(?
what causes a diabetic to have a fit.?
How does diabetes cause low nutrients absorption?
I am diabetic as a result of being on a class of medicine for too long that posed a risk for diabetes?
where can I buy diabetic foods in Blackpool?
I have just been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes as 28 weeks, i have got my glucose meter and information?
diabetes ?????
How is diabetes treated and why different methods are used?
why is it so hard to get proper reply from doctors or midwifes?
can anyone reccomend a reiki master in glasgow to carry out level 1 attunement and guidance?
How much does insulin cost in Australia?
Diabetes - Continual Urine infections - Help?
My mum has kidney failure so needs a lo potassium diet, she is also diabetic so also needs low sugar diet?
what should be my blood sugar level before exercising ?
Can you name any places where you wouldn't find germs or bacteria?
For some weird reason I get the feeling that one of my eyes is bigger than the other one...?
I had lasik procedure on both eyes... can somebody share their experiences with me..thanks!?
My head and neck has been killing me..?
weird question about my heart...?
Should I be concerned about my heart rate and heart palpitation feeling?
why do i get leg cramps at night?
do you think its medically possible to will your heart to stop beating?
Feeling Dizzy Since this morning?
my mom is in icu,, she went in with high blood pressure, which they got down , but they can not get her heart?
i have a ball in between my eyes in the upper nose area, and it moves when i touch it.?
Can i do p90x with high blood pressure?
ice skating with hurt pinky toe?
digital blood pressure monitor? ?
blood disorders that cause blood clots in leg over and over again?
Blood presseure for a 15 year old?
Does the heart work during a state of coma?
I exercised today and now my leg hurts. What could it be?
Have you ever had Kidney Stones?
what is the best electrolyte drink i can use for a fluttering around my heart or spasm?
I'v just started taking Ramipril for high blood pressure, the patient info sheet states NOT to drink alcohol.?
what is it called when you have an etra vein on your heart?
Blood Pressure 107/94?
Possible Health Problems with my nephew? what could it be?
about mechanical heart valve?
is 136/108 high blood pressure?
Heart Valve Replacemet surgery....can you tell me a little bit about it?
have you ever taken atenolol or tapazole? Side effects?
What is your opinion on the belief that chlorine in tap water is the cause heart disease or atherosclerosis?
17 year old male friend heartbeat?
so I just had heart arrythmias and...?
please please help blood pressure?
i found out one of my best firends is a lezbian?
Are there any virgins out there - liars ?
question about herpes cure?
where can i buy chlamydia treatment from?
If I had a smear test would they automatically be able to detect Chlamydia...?
how can i motivate myself ... ?
I had Chlamydia for 3 weeks in Feb 2007 and wondered if anyone knew if that could have done damage.?
How can I fall asleep?
anyone mind talking to me at this momment?
Please help, I want to be totally honest even if I get in trouble?
Paxil for Social Anxiety: Has anyone had success? If so, any side effects?
Im really depressed and need some advice?
what would u feel n do if u were me?
What can I do over winter break?
this is very long, but im 14 and really need some help, PLEASE HELP ME!?
Should I break up with my depressed boyfriend?
Can someone cheer me up please?
do you cry a lot?
Anxiety disorder problem?
what is the best way to reduce stress...?
Please respond if you have dealt with chronic depression?
is this a eating disorder?
Can drinking cold water help relieve muscle cramps?
what can I do to make my knees stop hurting?
having bad pain in right side! help!!?
Could I possibly have arthritis?
17 years, Breast pain? Please help!?
What do I do to relieve myself of pain?
will the lidoderm patch help fibrolmyalgia pain?
How to cure a sore on my tongue?
what home remidies can i use for a sever tooth ache?
What is this pain under my ribcage?
I have throat problems?
small sharp pain in the left nut ?
My ear hurts part 2 help?
Is there something medically wrong with me or is it in my head?
im really super sore. fix?
Is there something wrong with me?
what is this arm/shoulder injury?
what can i do to stop the hurting of my tailbone?
HELP chest injury problem?
what will happen to underneath my eyes if my nose got broken last night?
what is wrong with my arm?
Wondering what my dads doctor meant?
please answer. I think my ib might be broken?
How is it possible for alcohol to raise my heart rate and temperature instead of decreasing them?
HELP! My earring came out! i've only had it done for 2 weeks?
How do I heal a busted lip?
what can i eat after i get my tonsils removed?
My rib is moving, is it broken. help please?
Something wrong with inside of ear? Helpp?
How come everytime I eat fried eggs I get uncomfortable gas type pains in my stomach?
I hurt my knee 5 months ago and the X-rays were negative, what could it be?
I have messed up my knee?
how worried should i be about my sprained knee? and how long should i wait for it to recover?
I have lots of wax in my ear ?
do shin splints heal over time?
What did i do to my knee this time?
I can't find a web site to help me with exercises for my wrist.?
How to make my jaw stop throbbing?
For getting stuff I need to do..?
stomach gurgling and diarrhea?
what do i need for my panic attacks?
Why do I cramp when the laptop is over my stomach?
Anemia...? advise please x?
What does "Ambulatory Operations" mean?
Do I have to worry about withdaw?
knee taping does it help?
why do i gag when i gargle listerine mouth wash?
I'm really sick and no one believes me help?
What could this have been?
will my child get the swine flu vaccine?
Do u have to slush urine from clothes be for putting in a machine I work in a nursing home?
Operation Canceled?
is it ok to take asprin , glucosamine and chondroitin together?
Are all these supplements safe to take together?
had sore throat since friday last week, took some natural remedies?
Has anyone trained in Mindfulness Meditation in the UK?
Any hand sanitizer which contains ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and is unscented?
Can reiki ease the horrible side effects of prescribed drugs? ?
is it safe to take st johns wort when you have emphysema/pneumonicosis and are on medication for it?
What does the number mean with Salvia? 20x 30x etc..?
is there a specialist for hypnotherapy for the deaf?
theres a cut on pee hole?
Is burning metal poisonous?
Anyone ever done physical capacity test?
what is the concept of holistic massage?
what essential oils would you use to help with anemia?
My lymph nodes are swollen in my neck, How do I get the swelling to go down?
is it ok to remove capsule coating?
after three ventral hernia repairs what can I expect physically sports , hard physical activity? ?
Help Me With Sleeping Pills?
Is It Safe to use alot of Iron & Calcuim tablets?
what does tramadol contain?
What are the causes of slouching and slumping posture?
what determines the choice of carrier oils for a client in aromatherapy?
the cost of surgery if a dog has a pinched nerve?
What exactly is a "Sleep Language Pathologist" ?
should i take my belly bar out?
Breasts more sore during some cycles than during others?
what is wrong with me-help?
Could I be getting my girlfriend sick without being sick myself?
My friends kid is allergic to citrus foods...what vitamins are she missing?
Could I have problems with household mold, or something similar?
can a person with a soy intolerance eat something with sprouted soybeans in it?
i am on synthroid to shrink a nodule, despite having normal thryoid levels. can this synthroid lower my immune?
What illness do i have and should i go to a doctor for it?
if you quit smoking pot how long till you can pass a urine test?
I just found out I have hypoglycemia, does anyone else have any tips? ?
what should i do to avoid common disease?
Causes of swollen lymph nodes?
smoking how does it generally take?
Is it too late for me to grow ?
What are the symtoms of TB.?
Nasal congestion what can I do?
why my breath feels constricted?
Throats getting itchy and coughing every 30-40 minutes!?
Im thinking i have low testerone levels. But im rly not sure how....?
i have a bad problem with short term memory?
Diagnosed with pneumonia?
Can you still have a relapse of pneumonia after having it once ?
Interleukin ________ inhibits or turns down the immune response?
what could it be???
Could I possibly be anemic?
my daughter is 17 and she has vitiligo has anyone had it and cured it? how?
Breathing difficulty for my 21 month old daughter? What could it be?
does your hemoglobin go up and down if you are anemia
Where can I get MEDICAL HELP?
have a cold that is hanging on, coming and going?
Time in a rehab facility?
how do you get rid of stuffed nose without buying products and that works fast and is safe?
if i havent slept since thurs. 12pm and it is saturday 3:30pm,how long have i been awake?
hurt my knee? whats wrong?
Sprained Ankle Hurts Worse...?
last night i took around 300g coedine and about 12 nurofen what should i do?
Am i the only one here who has trouble motivating themselves when they workout alone?
is it normal to be scared of high ceilings?
i hear that hydrogen peroxide, baby oil, and olive oil are good for ear wax.?
I Hate my Stomach?????
L tyrosine tabs must be safe to take coz you get it when you eat food, right?
are there any side effects to eating soap? i have been eating small pieces of soap for almost 2yrs?
Severe and bizarre diarrhea.?
is it possible for me to get night terrors as an adult?
why do my feet turn really red?
If one conjoined twin was suicidal, what would they do?
The turn on of the sentury?
I have a lump next to my hip bone. What could this be?
weird whats wrong with me?
My friend is an idiot and came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around me and squeezed?
Why do I have seizures when i get hurt?
Please help me with this please?
Craving bumps... On your tongue?
I can't fall asleep at night?
Can Kidneys heal after being damaged by Heroin use?
Why do these symptoms keep returning?
How to get rid of a stuffy nose?
How much would lenses for glasses cost?...?
Why does my right eye keep losing focus?
Is talking to yourself crazy?
My son dropped down dead. He was on a lot of antidepressents and died right after being put on Xanax.?
What are these little "episodes" i have while "sleeping" (kind of)?
What should I do, my psychotherapist wants me to get on anti depressants?
Sleep Problems.?
Can a 16 yr old check themselves into a hospital?
My friend tried to kill herself? How can i help her?
Which would you rather be - Bipolar or Schiziphrenic?
cheer me up somehow????????
what solution is there for hair loss due to stress and how can i get my hair back?
can someone help me with my weird problem?
what would be the best way to make a suicide look accidental ?
Alternative medicine for anxiety/panic attacks?
what should i do :((?
what disorder if any do you think I have?
Ways to take out rage?
Can being depressed all the time make you physically sick?
Depression, depressed, depressing?
does someone have the right to kill him/herself if they want to die?
Do you feel less anxiety when you are home alone?
My fasting blood glucose level is only 3.6mmol/L, is this healthy?
can i have my pancreas removed?
dealing with diabetic light headiness; dizzy bouts - what can 1 do?
Please help whats wrong with my best friend?
what could it be if its not diabetes?
can dibetes cause pain in the penius and testies?
does sugar induce diabets?
What are the effects of altitude on diabetes.?
1st time sugar went to 40. the scariest things happened.i was screaming had flashing lights in head?
What is the success rate in a pancreas transplant?
Can we transplant the Beta cells of the Pancrease?
can i get disability allowance if i work and have diabetes type 1 or 2 and sickell cell anemia?
what is the effect of too much carrageenan????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Carbohydrate counting - formula?
What theories exist to explain why people get type 2 diabetes?
I have too much sugar?
is sugar level 8.3mmol/l [149.4mg/dl] 2 hours after eating high/dangerous?
Why does my ear hurt?
wierd joint pains. Any ideas?
Achilles Tendon Pain?
Is it alright to ask my Doctor?
Why do my ribs hurt right now?
I hurt my knee at work, and it isn't getting any better.?
****Bone Pain in my left Tibia****?
Is upper abdomen pain normal?
i have bad cramps in my stomache. what can i do to make them go away?
I have worked construction for 21 years and since April I have a shooting pain down my arm and numb fingers?
gas bubbles in stomache?
left ankle hurts when walking up and down stairs - slightly puffy - what could it be?
i need to know now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i am soooo sore! helpppp!?
Does tea cause joint pains?
what is it that causes the pain when we are stressed?
Chest and back pain!!! ?????? HELP?
My horse fell. Please Read and answer !?
my father slipped on stairs, his right hand has problem now he cant move it up, he's very lazy 2 go 2 doctor?
severe right side pain...getting worse!, help!?
what causes neck spasms?
I had a cortisone shot in my back, what are the side effcts of the shot?
i got my cartilage pierced a week ago and now it there is puss and blood and i had to push the piercing out?
Painful rib HELP!!!!!!!?
when i run for a little wile my shins hurt?
Pulled tooth not healing correctly?
Does anyone have a diagnoses for twitching of the right arm and right side of the face?
Low Body Temperature?
I fall asleep but then i try to wake up and my body wont let me get up so i fall back asleep?
Unusual Sleep Problem...Please Help?
Is my health in trouble?
Is there a nutrition guru out there? i hve a few questions?
Should I be worried about my veins?
can i get B12 shots through my med. insurance?
LPN or CMA?? Please help?
ok Im losing alot of weight without trying had a physical doc says fine?
Can an in-office procedure be done for a hernia?
How to rebuild my metabolism?
I have a really low temperature...is that bad?
Do I sound like my stomachs weird?
What could I be sick with?
Nose Bleeds Out Of No where?
Does anyone have a ticklish back?
cold lasting over a month?
I have old cuts and they REALLY stand out on my arms, How do i cover them up?
how long does constipation last?? What should I do ?
How easy is it to damage your vocal chords?
Why do my hands always feel cold at touch and turn purple/blue in the cold? How do i fix it?
i've been gettig sick every week for 4 to 12 hours.?
Past addictions to Crystal meth...?
I think I have restless leg syndrome and night terrors?
Get rid of anxiety? Please help?
What age is the frontal lobe fully developed?
Very Strong Heartbeat causing wheezing sound?
Y does my 7 year old keep having stomach pain?
Should i be wearing Converse when i have flat feet?
Stomach expiriment for third graders!?
i cant answer this can you?
my thrush wont go away?
can u only catch herpes when someone is actually having a flare up?
Herpes - Can I live a normal life?
Could this be a symptom of HIV?
in CSI why oh why dont they turn the lights on?they walk around with little torches?????????what to do?????
Are the home testing kits for HIV actually reliable?
Please explain what thrush is?
what could blood in the urine mean after a penicillin injection?
what can I do for hives, I break out all over body and face?
Why do my eyes get red now when i smoke?
if i can't eat fish....what can i eat besides it?
Could this be an allergy reaction?
My throat gets really dry somtimes outta nowhere..?
How do I know if I have an allergic reaction to a wasp sting?
I've got two large spots and I'm going out in 20 minutes! how can I reduce the appearance?
How can I get rid of my stubborn blackheads??
HELP please is this anxiety?
Sore throat?
Chronic Sinus Problems! Need suggestions?
How do I stop this cough?
what condition may have symptoms that are the same with hyperthyroidism?
laryngitis connected to Quieting smoking?
in hot and muggy places..?
Pressure in chest - Tight, constricting. Help, please?
What is the full immune response to an IBR and Mannheimia Haemolytica respiratory infection in naive cattle?
ive been havin a dry horse cough & a stufy nose i liv in a urban area i hav alergies & asthma what should i do?
ok so i have bronchitis ?
how come my chest hurts?
I can't breathe. I feel like I have a lump in my throat and in my chest. and if i bend over it gets worse.?
I have very annoying dry cough?
Do I have the symptoms of exercise-induced asthma or are they the result of me being sedentary for so long?
Lungs hurt from asthma...?
Do clogged ears interfere with sinus and post nasal drip?
I have a moderately sized blister on the back of my throat?! I don't know why, or what could cause it.?
i'm sick but idk what it is?
At what age do your feet stop growing?
What kind of pill is this?
Is there a natural replacement for oestrogen?
Are there any natural remedies for hayfever? Please?
how do i check my old massage?
Is cayenne pepper good for sore throats?
Who has taken Kalms and have you found they work for you?
dental therapist/hygienist, audiologist, optometrist, pharmacist.?
where can i purchase granulated bee pollen form ? in the uk?
Manuka Honey Question????????
what is bee propolis?
why is it important that you follow procedures when dealing with childrens nutritional needs? ie allergies?
Is Kava Kava still banned in the UK....?
Am hosting a concert this weekend but I have a cold. What should I do?
Has anyone tried Acupuncture ..?? ..... Did you find it usefull?
Help! I have fallen victim to the infamous acai berry scam! :(?
alternative medicine?
Government adverts seem to be making wild claims about rat poison in alternative medicine are they going to?
can anyone help me?? im looking to finding out about information to become student nurse, where to start?
Has anybody ever used hydrogen peroxide as an alternative cure?
Bad enough being just a heroin addict,what if you're diabetic with a few other illnesses and an addict?
What are the long term effects on a overdose?
Why is it bubbles in my period blood and my body feel very weak and numb and im very hot?
Why do I feel frequent urges to urinate. And when I go it feels like its more but nothing else will come out?
how to get rid of a sore throat?
WHy does time seem to speed up temporarily?
How do i get rid of this blood vessel under my eye?
My toes are turning a blue-green color 10 days after my bunionectomy...Should I be concerned?
Pain on right side under my ribs??? Please help should I go to the ER?
Feels like i have an Air bubble of some sort on my left side. When I move it hurts?
Small lump near my right ear on the jaw bone kinda?
Low ferritin..feel awful?
What happens if you have an electrolyte imbalance.?
Ok went pee again and still blood mixed with pee comin out just one drop of really dark blood and it hurts now?
Are people with complex and simple partial seizures responsive during the seizure?
Can you get herpies by just touching someone?
im 19 125lbs fit when i eat my heart hurts?
which will you follow mind or heart?
"stent" ' how quickly can it plug up again?
What causes pains in the chest?
I had open heart surgery 13 weeks ago and still feel the wire holding my sternum together. Is this normal?
Can u say.... good blood, bad blood ... 10 times as fast as u can say?
Ok i want to ask question what is slander what happenen is surgeon did a surgery?
Hi , is anyone out their who has mitral valve prolapse .?
I'm 25 and have gained 15 pounds in 2 months and have been working out (cardio) 3-4 times a week.?
10 points to best answer about high blood pressure? what is the answer?
can concentric hypertrophy in the heart be fatal?
what is a simple stress test?
why does heart start to beat fast and hard when i stand still for more then 5 mins?
Best way to reduce LDL when other cholesterol numbers are OK?
my wife suffers from mitral regurgitation (moderate)0f heart.is mitral vave replacement a must?what diet?
What is the best way to treat cardiophobia (heart phobia ) without medication ?
Has anyone used Beta Blockers before doing a presentation?
Could I have a heart disease?
life expectancy of a 70 year old women without triple bypass surgery?
I can feel my pulse in my fist if i make a fist?
My ECG result is that i have a slow R wave progression V1-V3?
what can happen when the left side of your heart is enlarge is there cure can it get back to normal size and?
How can I stop having suicidal thoughts?
I am depressed now that my doctor call me crazy.?
Computer Addiction ruined my life?
is there a name for someone like this?
Im so angry right now I'm literally shaking:|. What do I do?! I need to go to bed soon.?
PLEASE HELP??? ABUSE OR NOT??? i dont think so................................................................?
I`m really scared about dieing can help me please?
Okay, so you guys will probably think I'm insane, but I have this fear of...?
What is the doctor called that sees crazy people?
I want to kill myself?
crazy stuff u ve done while drunk?
Is this abuse and how can I get away from it?
Social security disablilty & mental illness?
ok, i need help?
How to deal with depression?
Uh...depression question I guess.?
Lower side pain! I feel full and this constant pain on my left. Do I go to the dr tonight?
Did I rupture my appendix?
Teen athlete knee pain help?
What did i do to my neck?
I have really weak ankles. Help!?
4th gallstone attack?
i have head aches, neck, and back pain, whats wrong with me?
Why does my jaw hurt so much?
Continuous Sunburn Pain?
Good home remedies for migraine?
what do this mean is it bad could it hurt me?
What to do when your throat starts to hurt?
why does it hurt??????????????????????
I have a dull life...?
Pain in the front of my head after laughing really hard?
why does my wrist hurt for no reason?
Terrible stomach ache won't go away help?
I woke up this morning with a hole in my stomach?
there's something wrong with my jaw?
i am 13 years old and i keep getting pains in my knee mainly during the day and sometimes in the evening ?
What do pharmacies sell ?
why does pee come out when i sneeze and jump around?
Should i be wearing Converse when i have flat feet?
sick but not sure whats wrong?
Red Extremities? Please Help?
Is an ER patient required to pay part of bill following discharge before receiving prescriptions?
How to fake sick??????????????
I think I have the flu. How do I treat it?
Why do I feel like this?
Contact with Sick People?!?!?!?
Does ADD medication cancel the effects of marijuana?
Why won`t my kid eat?
Itchy inside ears? Helpp?
what can i do to make me fall asleep?!?!?
What is round white tablets with scarred "Roche 2" on?
Is there anything that can be done for an old broken bone?
Getting out of bed problems?
what is the severity of my back injury?
A Small Horse stepped on my right foot..?
Could this open wound be infected?
what is wrong with my toe?
what can i do about a broken toe?
Swine Flu???????????????????
General Question about a Hospital Stay?
Looking for a good health insurance plan. Any suggestions? I am a 26 yr. old female.?
How do you use Fugarin and Urolesan in case of a bladder infection?
Why can't I sleep at night?
How long does it take ?
how can i fall asleep?
blood donation question?
Do tapeworms,larve, and eggs die quickly in the air? How fast? Is it possible to ingest them when you sleep?
Knee Pain. Please need answers!?
sick from sports??? (please help me!)?
why we get sleepy feeling when we take head bath?
Pain 3 months after kidney stone and stent?
sleeping routines! need heelp!?
i'm really scared, did i have a stroke?
What's wrong with my calf? Did I sprain it?
Why do I keep having headaches?
is it safe for me to go to sleep after hitting my head?
My nose is swallen.How can I make the swell go away?
can u give me info on low iron in ur body and about diabetes.thx?
How effective is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in elderly patients with diabetes?
Can amlovasc induce diabetes?
question about falling asleep / blood sugar problem?
Any Amputees out there?
if i am on a 117 aftercare and i use drugs could i be resectioned/?
why incidence of atherosclerosis high in diabetes?
Does trans-fat cause type 2 diabetes?
what is the level for blood sugar normally?
dr frank how long is a waiting list?
My partner is a gardener, has diabetes and small splinters in some of his fingers.?
how long would it take for insulin to take effect if a non diabetic person took it?
my mum going for tests for motor neurone her only sign is slurred speech could this be the onset of moter neur?
creatinine of 1.2mgdl is NL or not especially in female?
bm dropped to 3.3 at work. non diabetic. should i investigate?
where do i go about what blood group me and my child are?
gestational diabetes?
Anyone else notice after quitting The Pot........?
is it dangerous ?!?!?!?
how do you stay away from pneumonia?
Does anyone know what this is?
too much cough plz help me plz plzplz?
what is the cause and prevention of eschemia?
Why do I stop breathing when I talk?
Are any other asthmatics tight right now? Is it the weather?
Could This Be Pneumonia?
How long does i.v. decadron stay in your system?
what if a dog takes abilify?
I have a sore throat and am very achy?
Kitten with chest/sinus congestion.?
does a std/sti have to be active to be passed on?
valtrex and aciclovir...?
chlymydia.. can it stop you from having babies?
In the Uk can you get STD tested?
can thrush be passed around by useing same towels?
Is this a cold sore or not?
can you get any sti's especially hiv from kissing?
What's wrong with me?
Should my daughter have the HPV vaccination?
Can you use penecillin to treat STI/everything??!!?
Where can i register a complaint about a NYC facial plastic surgeon?
Why does crying make you tired/feel tired?
me & my wife have been sick with a stomach virus.why doesn't the dog get it too?
Hurts when I swallow :(?
Pinky finger shaking? wtf?
Can i get this thing removed?
What are the most critical stages in EHR development?
My 2 year old ear piercings still red and swollen?
Why do you have to wait 8 weeks before you can donate blood again?
Getting over a cold quickly?
I have a bad pain in my chest near my heart.?
How long can I expect to be off of work?
what is the mode of action of nifuroxazide?
What are ways to get rid of diarrhea fast?
Adequate reason for med-green card(marijuana)?
Why do people feel like peeing when they are in the hot tub water?
what is your craziest drug experience?
Do you think ill get a black eye?
What facial surgeries are there, if any, to make a female face more child like?
what home remidies do you use to cure a cold sore?
what are the symptoms of vertigo?
Will Stem Cells Fix the Damage Done In Schizophrenia... any Success Stories?
Sleep convulsions, help?
Will Strep go away on its own?
How will i know if my new ear piercing is getting infected?