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Received $500 bill from lab for blood tests done 5 months ago?
How often do you have to see the doctor if you have contact lenses?
questions about a tonsillectomy?
If... some one were to stop...?
Is it bad if you only drink like once every 2 weeks?
pharmaceautical formulary for all drugs?
Numb fingers after blood drawn?
Sinus Pressure / Swollen Tear Gland?
What makes you allergic to something?
when you put raw pork in eye?
there is dust blowing from a roof next to where i work. the employer gave us dust masks and told us to get on?
when you blow your nose fluid comes from the inner corner of eye out?
what should you do if you think you might have swallowed bactroban?
How to get water out of ear?
please help!!! my girlfriend cut my hand off, not sure what to do. please, URGENT?
Where can I find a doctor that is still accepting patients in Toronto area?
My finger size seems to be shrinking. I cant fit my ring anymore. Whats happening?!?
misquito bite immunity?
Should I stay at university when my dad has cancer?
Why is africa asociated with h.i.v Aids, isn't it a world epidermic, howcome we never hear of aids in the uk
My "best friend" is dating a heroin addict, and stole $80 from me?
WTF DO I DO ???????????????????????
what is the best way to get money for drugs/alcohol without hurting anyone?
Can you date someone who doesn't believe in depression etc if you have it?
If my wife has BPD, do you suggest having a kid? Right now it’s 6 years we are married and have no kids.?
how do you know when you depressed?
I think I am having permanent alcohol effects??? Alcohol experts please help!!?
I am flat broke ?
ive been suffering from bulimia. can you help me?
stay up for five days?
why does everyone hate cutters i mean they have feelings too?
I think something's wrong in my head.?
what is the link between type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and why them seem to go hand in hand?
I am depressed and ashamed to tell my family..? help?
my 36 year old girlfriend is scared to death of clowns?
Any good meds for anxiety and depression?
i did my fasting blood sugar its 115 mg/dl is it still norml?
low blood count advice?
Blood Sugar result of 4.3, Is this normal?
if i do not show any signs of alcohol withdrawal in 7 days of not drinking am i ever going to withdrawal?
Tips or additional advice for newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic child?
my walls sing to me at night?
when will diabetes cure procedures take place in the u.k?
Ex fiance & friends are trying to make me feel guilty!! MATURE ANSWERS!!?
Are these signs of anything?
i am a coeliac and find it hard to stick to the diet?
What level would your blood sugar be at for the machine to read LO?
Diabetes question - I have an abcess in my bikini-line area caused by cellulitis infection.?
My sister has just had a diabetic sugar level of 63 what does that mean for her?
what is the cheapest travel insurance for diabetics (tablet controlled only) travelling to turkey?
can anyone give me some advise?
can gestational diabetes have any effect on the baby later in life?
How can I control my son's increased appetite?
My 78 year old dad is on dyalisis as of 2006. Mentally excellent but needs physically building up .?
i take metformin and levemire at bed time but i like to stop metformin because i was told both work same?
Should I still go to the doctor?
well my back isn't straight, i am hunched, my neck has a curve, what exercise can i do to straighten it?
how do you get rid of a head ache?
Pain in my big toe on the inner side by the nail?
Weed question.If I smoked a week ago will it pop up on a Pee sample test?
I think my toes broken or messed up?
knee problems should i get it checked????
I stepped off the porch last nightand twisted my ankle at about 100 degrees to my foot?
I got a question on abs, back pain and muscle spasms.?
i did a toe-touch & landed on my heel & it shot a huge sharp pain up to my knee & it popped twice.?
how do you sprain something...?
Blisters on the back of both heels?
did i sprain it? what happened?
Should I still go to the doctors?
i fell and hit myself above my left breast and know it feels like something is broken are there ribs up there?
What does it mean that the bones in my broken ankle feel like they're grinding together?
what are nasal polyps and do they remove them?
what do u think? i was walking in astore last night and i started to have a cold sweat and felt lil weak .?
Sinus trouble!! help!!!?
will having a 6 or 7 cigarretes harm me?
staying persistent??????
is there any nicotine masks ,im having surgery in about i week...?
My cavy is coughing what should i do?
Need help with asthma question?
Did i just have a panic attack or worse?
Can lung cancer symptoms be detected through a stethescope?
Burping sounds like drain and i cant stop burping?
Fluid build up in my ear..?
why is vital signs important?
coughing up solid phlegm?
if someone is choking can they talk good?
Why do i feel so full and shortness of breath all the time?
Does eating sour oranges make you sick(cough/fever)?
I just found out that my baby has RSV. Is there anything I can do to help him feel better?
If I have GERD/Reflux Disease, will I be eligible to apply for SSI?
Breathing Problems- Shortness in Breath?
Sore Throat?
Productive Cough. Orange mucus.?
Is it dangerous doing a heart massage onto a beating heart?
How can i survive this Pain inside my heart.?
lastnight, i woke up afraid due to a big noise outside.I fell down & i didnt know if it's hypo or hypertension?
statements tells why it is important to give early defibrillation to an adult? ?
Severe chest heart and left side pain... ?
High Cholesterol 254', How long does it take?
what is high potassium?
Is this normal???!?!?
my grandma had a stroke and im worried?
im 18 yrs old healthy 95 pounds and my hearts been skiping beats and ive been having heart pain why is it?
What is wrong with me?
Signs of a heart attack?
I think i have cardiac arrhythmia, are there any treatments or ways to like make it better?
anxiety and accelerating heart rate?
17 year old with heart palpitations?
I want a compleatly flat stomach how can I get it?
puffy, red, bubble thing under my eye!?
I'm shivering because of the cold!?!?!?!?
i am writing a mystery and i want to know if there is a drug that causes memory loss(short term)?
Is there a possibility that I have a brain tumor?
Do I have some kind of bowel syndrome ?
Why do I always feel so thirsty?
how long do eye cysts last ?
I have a Lump under my rib cage, What is it?
Urine cytology test help?
My son has had clear urine for at least two days.?
Dysphagia need help please?
Do I have lice???????????????????
Persistent Diarrhea and Vomit ting in 2 year Old daughter. What can be causing this?
Is Tinnitus Recoverable?
What are the white spots on my throat?
Finding clients?
is the chinese herbal treatment reliable?
how do you sleep with earache?
Does Primrose oil keep the skin supple? ?
Where can I find the Psychic Healer in Crosby, Merseyside who heals by just touching you?
Ayurvedic 'medicine'. Have I cracked it?
Anybody know a way to get rid of a cold?
Whats wrong with me ? how can I feel better?
Has anyone tried hypnotherapy for a severe phobia??
how does naturopathy make a person feel in relation to health and well-being?
is valerian root tea strong?
where is the best place to buy valium online?
St Johns wort-Does it really work?
why does massage not have?
Colonic irrigation or beetroot and fibre. Does beetroot and fibre?
ever tried a hypnotherapy cd for calming driving test nerves?
How long does it take to become a local GP ?
Universal Law of Attraction!!!!?
A website were i can use normal playing cards taht you use for poker etc to tell my future instead of tarots?
Calcium and Vit D tablets on perscription?
Is there any evidence to show whether acupuncture works?
Please help...(my eye)?
weird question i know, but can you get aids from drinking urine?
When will the vaccine for herpes be out?
Belfast GUM clinic - Any results given straight away?
Do I always need to know the result of my blood tests?.?
Do you get tested for ketamine when you have a offsure medical?
For some years now,i have been xperiencing waist pain,i only belived it would get better one day only to know ?
I had chlamydia how long until it makes you infertile for defiant?
Oversized Pinky? Please Help?
Leg muscles and Head are beating Often - Any Clue?
19 years old leaving for the Air Force in 20 days needs Tonsillectomy HELP?
what do people mean when they say certain types of food is "heaty" like ginseng / "cooling" like watermelon?
How Do You Choose A Specialist?
health- Blood pressure?
I Took Out All The Ear Wax What Will Happen ?
Stabbing pain on my left side. Why?
what is suboxone equivalent too? If i feel i need more than usual whats a safe amount can you overdose off sub?
extrodinary pain in my face that spread all over within seconds, what is this?
What causes knots on your neck and back?
injured ankle should i get it checked?
how did you quit smoking?
Please help! I've been having HORRIBLE headaches!!?
I feel like I have something in my throat. Please help. I'm scared, i dnt want to die. I'm in tears right now.?
I've been light headed for a week straight..?
Bulging veins in my legs and in my arms, I am 18?
I've been twitching a little lately?
why does my hip clunk ?
Eye redness and pain, what should I do?
Why does my left eye hurt?
What is the best way to read without hurting your back or neck?
what is causing your scalp to hurt?
Twitching in my chest area?
I woke up this morning and was arm was numb but when I tried to move it or my move my finger my other arm and?
I have just had a total knee replacement, and am on Clexean injections .?
I hurt my shoulder and took a med that was apparently too strong for me and now I cant stop puking. Help!?
My throat has been hurting for a good week!?
Whats wrong with my wrist?
IM injections question ?
for a couple days now my throats been hurting whenever i swallow,talk,or even move my tongue, i dont think its?
Can you take NyQuil a few hours after taking ibuprofen?
i get really bad headache and face pain for 2 days now what cud it be?
okay so I got this really bad headache...?
do anti-depressants cause weight gain? srry its kinda long, any advice is much appreciated...?
what do i do about my headaches cuz they hurt?
I get sick all the time, but instead of sympathising, my girlfriend is irritated.?
What happens if you're diagnosed with depression?
How can I stop cutting?
Fracture in Skull causes burning?
is my foot sprained or broken.?
I think i might have torn my left ACL in my knee???? Helpp.?
i underwent a nose job 2 weeks ago..and so faarr not soo good!!1:(..the hump is still there !!?
I have some pains in my back, doe I'm a sporty type of a teenager!!! Please help... injury or illness?
i got a concussion about 2 weeks ago and tonight there is a party can i go out and get drunk?
i been having constants pain in the inside lower part of my ribs... what do you think it is?
My back has been hurting lately and this morning i woke up and it was really bruised, any ideas?
where can i buy a foam roller?
Lymph nodes are swollen?
What is wrong with my knee?
What causes the pain and difficulty in the movement of joints?
injured ribs?? PLEASE HELP?
Would you ever need surgrey for a stress fracture?
I got a cold about a week ago however it seems to not really be going away. I went on antibiotics because I?
Knee sprain not going away?
Weird bruising/lack thereof?
Can a shoulder injury cause a syncope?
My Body gets stiff and i can't move but i'm not sleep or dreaming...?
I can't sleep properly, I keep on waking up really early! PLEASE HELP!!?
how do i get to sleep fast.?
what does it mean when they say (this girl is gay )?
why am i losing so much hair, not gaining weight, etc? drs & rns, please answer?
How to get rid on the flu and FAST?
Hearing things when you pass out?
How to be part of a study?
what types of fluids does the body require?
Have I caught something?
Still a bump where old earring was?
Hit my forehead on the car door...?
How to stop stomach noises? PLEASE HELP?
do i have something wrong with my stomach?
My sis has trouble swallowing, hard to tell b-cause she is mentally challenged..?
does not drinking liquids in a short period of time cause urinary issues?
What caused me to vomit?
Could something be wrong with my heart?
AM i going to die of nutmeg?
How can I put aside my anxiety while i'm high?
what does it mean when you cough up lightgreen phlem and you have back and chest pains? is this serious?
respiratory problems?
If u r sick with a sore throat, how can u it go away?
Extreme chest pain? :( ?
What can cause excessive congestion/slime in the mouth and choking and coughing?
Ive had no voice for 2 months. Has is gone forever?
why does my chest hurt?
Has any diabetic been on orlistat before?
Rotavirus and type 1 diabetes? My four year old granson, help?
What is wrong with me?!?
is atenolol and candesartan proper medication for aortic stenosis if the patient has hypertension and diabetes
What are the symptoms of foot ulcers?
What could this mean?
Am I Diabetic........???
Will i loose my DLA if i move out?
Can Dan and sugar ever mix well?
lipitor - can i come off it?
How much should your blood sugar levels fall by when doing exercise?
Anybody know about diabetes please, how do they make human insulin?
Lilly is discontinuing the production of humulin Lente U100 rDNA origin, zinc suspension which do i use now?
Can an 85 plus year old double amputee live alone?
beta blockers and exercise?
i have heard whey protein can help to reduce a fatty liver is this true?
Severe bloating condition please help?
What are the answers to these symptoms?
lump under my right rib cage?
hi i have a friend and he is sick i dont know what it is but he say that he have a virus and hes keeps on thro?
Is the small bald spot on my head related to my father having lupus?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
help explain the difference in blood types?
I think I need adderall but I don't know how to ask my doctor?
Doctor needed!!! Dizziness/Nausea in kid.?
my friend has mono are you supposed to feel weak?
bump on arm that went from hard and swollen to hollow?
I don't know if it's Vertigo?
Is there a disease that makes people think they are thinner than they really are?
what could a lump on his neck be?
Does Baclofen work fast to relax bladder retention?
How to tell if my nose piercing is infected?
i was consitapted now i'm not but?
carbon dioxide testers?
Does anyone know anything about Zopiclone?
overdoes on pacetomol?
are kamagra tablets'as good as viagra?
Enhancing your expertise in massage?
PLease HELP!!?
cranial osteopathy in america?
Where can I study , contribe and share knowledge of energy healing in the world.?
Are clinical trials safe? Any experiences?
can anyone define " physiological placebo concept " please?
will it be ok to take valerian tablet with citalopram?
if you were or are a social worker what other professionals will you be working with ?
Is hypnotherapy available on the NHS in the UK?
Asking for a friend....really for a friend!?
The opposite effects with sleep ?
Has anyone tried agnus castus to regulate periods?.......?
Has anyone here tried Devils Claw for Arthritis, does it work?
appreciate your experience of self employment?
Is there a natural legal painkiller for strength training?
Apple cider vinager...?
Seeing object move/shift- What is this called?
Eye contact??????????
sleep help please????
Effects of smoking for 3 months?
In society, why is it okay for a man to be overweight but not a woman? Generally?
my friend hit their face or something then know part of their eye is all red! how to get rid of the redness?
I have lost my voice completely, what can I do to get it back?
Which cost more - prescription glasses or contact lens?
What information should an EMR capture?
i feel buzzing inside myhead?
health insurance out of state?
Will my new health insurance cover a condition I think I'm about to discover I have?
do I really have to pay medical bill for wrong diagnosis?
I can pop my shoulder out? or something....?
i have an itchy arsehole any ideas how to get rid?
Why do my eyes itch even more?
Could I be lactose intolerant? No family or medical history of it?
Some sinus advice please?
People in past that have had chlamydia?? please answer!?
can you find chlamydia in urine in women who are menstruating?
ive got balanitis and my mum (im 16) got me athleetes foot cream called scholl advance will this help ?
how long do you have to wait to have a blood test for herpes type 1?
Chlamydia any complications?
my. E.S.R.. blood test result was *12?
Whats the symptoms with swine please.?
what can i drink with stomach ulcers?
what is it like getting your tonsils and adenoids out when your 15 years old?
How can I get rid of extra energy?
Why is my diarrhea green?
What happens when you are...?
Does this girl have lice? PLEASE ANSWER/?
why is it important to see a doctor when you are healthy ?
Cure for stomach noises in quiet classroom?
I have had a stuffy nose for a week! help!?
my sister has a stomache ache and shes begging for pizza bites. does pizza make a stomache ache worse?
I got my 1st holes done again and the next day one is red and itchy with a bump?
how do i know if i broke a bone with out going to the hospital?
Should I continue Setraline 50 mg?
Is there a place to donate unused prescription drugs?
Do drug tests test for nicotine or cotinine?
Will i die? Or get kidney stones?
effects of anesthesia on permanent waves?
How is Dyslexia detected?
How hard would it be for me to get some disability payments?
I have this tingly feeling in my hand, what could it be? ?
I jumped off my porch and now my foot hurts.?
Can neck injury cause low back pain and upper leg pain?
Why is the arch of my foot swollen and hurts so bad?
Joint Pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
neck pain...........?
Excedrin?? (20 Characters...)?
im 15 and i have really intense back pain what do i do?
i think i have RLS...?
what's wrong with my wrist?
i have accute pain in my neck.............?
should i get back surgery?
I have flat feet and I have alot of pain in them . I have gone to theorpy and i have special insoles made for?
How can I treat my arm pain?
my mom is 45 and she has a severe right leg pain (below knee) and hip bone pain?
Calf muscles are killing me from so much backwards marching. What should I do?
Spinal stenosis and no insurance. ?
Kick to the Jaw. Problems?
I have horrible pain towards my upper back, what can I do?
Is the media scaring the public about swine flu?
How do I know if i am bipolar?
my sis has schizophrenia. i also have sum symptoms disorganized speech and concentrating. shud i see a doc?
My fear of falling asleep has kept me up 5 days in a row, what do I do?
Suicide and Sickness?
Do I have Social Anxiety Disorder?
Help! I'm thinking about suicide. What should I do?
Nauseous after laying down for awhile?
Healing time for pulled ligaments in the knee?
calf burning during the night?
scoliosis??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
Is it a good idea to wear a very supportive and limiting motion "rolling" brace?
Can you guys give me some insight on an ankle injury from kicking (martial arts)?
shoulder dislocastion?
Ankle hurt help please!?
Help with self-injury urges please?
how can i go to sleep help please?
my toe nail got broken off how can i help it?
How can I keep from wanting to sleep all day?
When I stretch my hamstring it doesnt feel like it is stretching my hamstring its more the back of my knee?
I got bit by something on my wrist while sitting in the grass. It itches & hurts & its a hard lump.What is it?
Whats up with my ankle?
I have a Pain on the inside of my my knee?
Does anyone else look at people's noses instead of eyes?
How is OCD concidered a disorder? Isn't just pure selfishness?
Teens: how many if you have or do self harm?
question about my knuckle?
does re breaking your ankle fix a pinched nerve?
help I think my dad has mental issues?
For the depression sufferers...?
i'm bipolar and i quit taking my meds?
Am I going insane over here?
hiding self harm cuts?
What is wrong with my foot?
Bruising with no pain?
Hyperextended back? Please help!?
i got my cartilage pierced a week ago and now it there is puss and blood and i had to push the piercing out?
Sore Thoat!Please Help?
About how long is life for someone that has emphysema?
i have been diagnosed with a chest infection...?
when you have bronchitis what is the best thing to drink to help your throat feel better?
cough for about 1month?
what is this blue stuff coming out my nose?
my age is 59 and my hemaglobin is 8.4 but i underwent a bone marrow test is hows iron as 4+ what can i do?
Nurses or anyone with some medical experiences.?
should i go to the hospital?
How to reduce hearth palpitations?
I am 29 i had a slight muscular pain 1 month back.?
If your baby was born with heart murmur(vsd) which insurance covers?
when having open heart how do they close your ribs?
im like 168, 169 anyway to lower this, fairly fast?
What is everything there is to know about low blood pressure?
mitral valve prolapse (MVP)?
Major change in blood pressure?
low blood pressure in healthy adult?
What are the adverse side effect of Persantine?
Heart operation..is it risky?
Whenever I exercise, my chest feels fine, but when I lay down at night before going to sleep my chest hurts?
Is it possible to see your own pulse beating?
What can cause a fast heartbeat?
i feel like i need to trow up?!?
are heart mumurs common in infants?
help i need help im 18 heart palitations?
if i had a mini stroke a week and a half ago will it show omn an MRI?
Any tips 2 getting taller?
Does anyone know how long weed stays in your system?
I'm addicted to pronoghrophy?
Is this normal for a teen?
I don't know what's wrong with me...?
How to help acid in your stomach die down?
I think im becoming anorexic???!?
i have a really severe problem with wanting to push myself around?
Why does my midsection hurt so much?
How to stay up late on a school night?
My medication is supressing my appetite..unhealthy?
Drug Rehab, Teen Challenge vs Salvation Army?
I have trouble speaking after being in cold weather for a few minutes, is that normal?
Why does my chin twitch?
Can you be depressed from alcohol withdrawal?
Can 1600 mg of ibuprofen get you high?
Strange question!Water pooring out of my ears??? Anyone know what this is?
hospitals in honduras?
if someone is smoking weed around you- do you inhale it? like passive smoking?
What are the benefits of using gel caplets?
Has anyone in health care gone through the Silver Chair? It is on the computer. ?
Can someone please help with my sleep system?
what is transcultural nursing?
does this ever happen to you ?
Can being in the cold make you nauseous? and why.?
Whats the name of those doctors that help people with their problems with their selves?
What effect do antacids have on thyroid hormone pills?
Can I put my liquid medicine in apple sauce?
sedative sleep chemical?
explain why parents don't often get sick from their kids?
Why do we pay union fees & get so few benefits?
I have been getting only 3 hours of sleep a day. Is this unhealthy?
small round moveable lumps on my ribs? 10 points?
A vein in my forehead ?
How Do i cure my chapped lips?Ive tried chapstick, Blistex and vaseline for the past week and nothing works...?
I got stung by a YellowJacket I Do have a allergy reaction but its not as BAD?
do i have allergies please help?
How do i live with this allergy?
What is the best Medicine to treat hayfever?
meditation groups, is anyone else working with fifth dimensional guides??
piercing bump/ lump PLEASE HELP :(.?
Objecting to gender reassignment surgery?
prune juice benefits? Prune Juice for constipation?
karms sleeping pills?
Anyone know about botox for anal fissures?
thuja oil (Cedar Leaf) safety and uses?
Whats Reason For Always headace?
Is it possible to smoke tea leaves?
Do you actually find lemon balm soothing?
Does Ambien Knock U Out??
Is there a doctor in the pub?
illness with family Help!!!!?
Alternative Medicine in America in comparison to the UK?
hypnotherapy for nervous driver good or bad idea?
Green tea tablets?
who are in a Multi disciplinary team (MDT) in a normal surgical hospital.?
holland and barrett aloe vera juice is it as good as the more expensive one?
Problems With My Left Ear?
Upper back pain on the right side after a few days of work?
12 weeks pregnant with stabbing pains?
How to get rid of a stomach ache caused by excitement?
Sharp pain that comes and goes in the head, Why?!!?
Back Ache/Chest Pain?
Vomiting and terrible stomach pains AGE 64. What could this be?
stomach pain and other problems...?
I had surgery two months ago and..?
Shoulder Pain Bad! I landed completly on my right shoulder one day and it just hurts no matter what?
is a cold sore & canker sore the same thing?
little help please!!?
Why do i get this recurring tingling and numbness in neck?
why do my hips hurt all the time? im only 25?
i take ambian n my riend gave me a small oval pill rdy 479 is this realy an ambian n what mill is it ?
Something feels wrong...?
My ears have been peirced a week and one day one ear is fine but the other hurts when i touch it whats wrong?
Is this thing in my eye a stye?
how long does it take for chlamydia to make you infertile?
Have you/are you in long relationship and 1 has HSV2?
STI Testing at GUM clinic?
I'm a virgin and so is my partner we are both male and I'm wondering if I or he can get stds from unprotected?
so confused. herpes or razor burns?
Could it still be herpes?
health throush (witch it a fungal & bacterial infection of the mouth )?
CHLAMYDIA and symptoms?
How many times more likey are you to die of HIV/Aids in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesatho, and Botswana than....?
what piercing is the most likely to get infected?
Please answer if you have had implanon fitted before?
Why does it feel like i will throw up?
What can I do to help constipation with Gastritis?
Night Terrors? or is it something else?
My ear is swollen and hurts?
How to get rid of being laziness?
burning sensation on upper stomach hurts alot?
what is this called please read .?
Don't know what disease to choose for project?
What does death even smell like!?!?
taking antibiotics for sore throat and two lumps in neck how long does it take to go away. im so nervous?
Why would someone say something and then repeat it under their breath all the time?
Do you haft to go the doctor to know if you have Pheumonia?
How long does it take for synthroid to leave your system if you just took it for like 2 weeks?
does walking for 40 mins have an effect on the results of a oral glucose tolarance test?
My husband has type 1 diabetes and needs life insurance. Anyone recommend a good company with reasonable rates
Well.. I cant take it anymore?
Diabetes is common on my dads side of the family, so what are the chances of me getting it?
What is wrong with my gallbladder?
Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia? Help?
Is it bad if i get a lot of headaches?
my husband is type 2 diabetic and he refuses to take his insulin or pills or even an asprin. his a1c is 13?
what is the remedy for impotent due to diabetes?
cant stop eating can this be linked to diabetis?
7 year old daughter, diabetes?
information,pictures of body,on heart, and diabetes?
About DLA for my mum she needs advice!!!!!!!?
ethical issues surrounding the care of type 2 diabetes?"?
Does hypothyroidism cause bladder problems??
What can I and cannot eat now I am diabetic?
Exercise and my surgery? Will i pop something inside?
Might Have Bruised Muscle?
Why does my rib hurt?
knee injury...low inner pain...hurts when i stretch...PLEASE HELP!!?
whats wrong with my elbowwww?
the ligaments of an ankle, possibly torn, or broken foot?
shoulder blade pain (injury)?
What was the killer disease?
Can i catch a STD from a tampon?
i have this lump on my wrist only visible when wrist is bent, doesn't hurt to touch or bend wrist.?
Mysterious Scratches on my arms?
I have a question about social anxiety HELP!!?
How to stop being lazy ?
Headaches and light headed.?
Do they have chew-able prenatal tablets?
Do you know how it feels like? ...?
What's wrong with me?
HELP PLEASE /// Can you peel after you have recently had thrush?
what happens when someone takes narcotics after charcoal has been given?
What to expect getting my tonsils removed?
when getting general anesthes: what is most uncomfortable thing?
My daughter watched "The Exorcist" and is very, very upset.?
Have you ever worried about being poor?
what is the most traumatic thing that you think could happen to someone?
why would i test positive for aderall if i never took itl?
Why don't I want to leave the house?
I feel so unmotivated to do anything!?
do i suffer from depression?
how can i get help for anorexia please help this is life or dealth!!!!!!!!!!!?
No point in living????
Are there any drugs out there that make a person more social?
how do i get over the "fear" of going outside?
why dose my body refuse to change?
How to tell if a friend is addicted to percocet.?
Ever feel left out?
Can backed up bowels cause pain around the kidneys?
Are there acne products at pharmacies ?
It's late and i need help!?
Pain in leg??????any ideas??????
sleeping problems and staying awake?
How effective is cough syrup at making a person dumber?
Could Hypothyroidism cause Leukopenia?
Should i see a doctor for being scared at night?
Please help diagnose me?
What is this? (pic included)?
Will a psychologist be able to help me with a few of my problems (anorexia, anxiety, depression)?
What Triggers Bipolar Dissorder??? What Is It?
From panic attacks to a healthy and happy life. is it possible?
How to get out of this rut im in?
**Do I have some kind of mental illness and what is it?
I have severe acne help please?
i hear everywhere people smoking out?
Does Claritin help with excessive sweating?
Pleurisy meds?
I have these symtoms...can anyone help me figure out what is wrong..?
how bad is smoking a cigg every month or two?
side effects help please ?
Is drinking something with mold dangerous?
My Dr. says I have pneumonia. I am coughing but nothing comes up. Should it?
what is certain medicine found in room?
is black mold harmful to my infant?
Girlfriend coughing for weeks, now nausea, ache and fever?
what is best medicine for immediate relief for continuous cough?
What items are suggested when waiting in the ICU? (Intensive Care Unit)?
Help need to stop my cold before my wedding day?
Children and URI/Flu?
i cant breath when i run!?
My chest is squeaking?
My friend is in a coma?
how long can plurisy last can it do this?
im having trouble breathing?
what does CPAP stand for?
peak flow meter reading?
Just a cold or something more....?
What should your sodium intake be if you have high blood pressure or heart disease?
Im having night sweats, Ive been to the doctor and had every test......Any suggestions?
Heart/chest pain ..........?
could I be diagnosed with high blood pressure?
Serum albumin values are an indication of the adequacy of dietary intake of?
cold hands, cold heart?
Why is my heart beating so fast and I'm not even tired?
Pain in heart normal?
my friend is in hospital from heart valve failure :'(?
i need Dr.but i have no money and nisurues?
What causes your heart to start racing suddenly?
what is fetal growth restriction?
record number of stents?
I've been having chest pains?
clinical pharmacy question on atrial fibrillation?
is it bad if one side of your heart is bigger than the other?
Blood Test Results- Low HDL?
What does it mean when you can hear your heart beat in your head all the time?
how can i clot a cut quickley?
Is Mitral Valve Prolapse high in hereditary tendency?
in the past month i have suffered 2 transient ischemic attacks and now i am often dizzy and seeing spots,help!?
can low potassium levels?
what does this mean does anyone have ur heart at momment?
Echo Cardigram shows possible whole in heart?
My friends in the hospital.?
How to deal with PMS - related depression?
At what vision do you need to wear glasses?
Why do I have coughing fits after exercise?
need to throw up badly?
possibly a mental breakdown?!?
I have LPR and GERD help!?
Could I have sinus drainage?
I sometimes cough when I laugh really hard but i dont think i have asthma?
I still have the symptoms of UTI even after taking Bactrim.?
If I am mildly dehydrated, will a glass of water rehydrate me?
Opened raw meat stored in the freezer safe?
I'm sick and can't stop eating....?!?
Why does my stomach hurt?
ive been thirsty for two days all the time. whats happening?
Are cows and cattle allergic to corn ?
I need help with this depressing life..?
Is it bad to put to much eye drops?
why do i need to have something to eat when im watching tv?
Is it bad if contact solution got on your skin?
beta blocker problem?
whats wrong with me? help please. ?
My eyes i big red blood veins in them and they wont go away.?
Shorter Sleep periods?
9 yr old with allergies worst symptom is the stuffed up nose he's a mouth breather currently on claritin?
Sinus problems causing all of this?
After a recent tonsil/adenoidectomy, my 5 year old has begun acting weird about food?
Does anybody else have this sleep problem?
I had started taking glycomet for the first time about ten days back. Now I have got severe constipation. ?
Wondering what I can take to keep myself from having an allergic reaction?
how long should i wait to take off my bandaging after giving blood?
varicose veins? how can you stop them ?
Health and Safety Help please?
Bruising underneath my toe nails?
Where can you I find someone who makes old fashioned 'box' hearing aids?
PLease answer! Blood test!?
my sister has had an "inconclusive" test result for chlamydia has anyone had this?..?
where can i buy a Red Ribbon for World Aids Day on line?
How do i go about a Candida test?
help with a question on PID/chlamidia?
I am worried about my boyfriend havign chlamydia?
do u have symptoms on the first day?
Can Flucloxacillin be used to treat STI's?
Ive been prescribed Metronidazole and Doxycycline for suspected Pelvic Inflammatory Diesease?
The Irish news programs and Aids?
chest pains question?
I have a splint (like a cast) how do I get the itches?
My daughters all suffer from headaches as do i with muscle and joint pain?
How do i know if i Dislocated my arm?
What is the pain in my gut from?
Help my blatter hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is best pain releving gel?
my knee caps feel like their being stabbed ?!?
why does my throat hurt?
URGENT ! Do i have a charley horse or a blood clot?
Throbbing headache! Please help!?
I'm getting really bad sharp pains under my left breast when i breath in! HELP!?
pain in side and in mid back?
what could be causing these terrible headaches?
Lump in my neck? What is it?
Did i overdose on aspirin?
My left hip hurts after I got them realigned?
doctor gave me percocet 10 mg and they help for my back what should i tell him next time so he gives me more?
pain in the side of my FEET?
My wrist has recurring pain?
yesterday I noticed about 9-10 bug bites on the lower half of my right leg?
If you get a needle stick do you bleed?
i fractured my foot 6 weeks ago can i take it off myself?
I jammed my finger with a baseball?
How many calories are there in Glucosamine and Chondroitin tablets?
Where can I safely buy zopiclone on line?
who first realised you could milk a cow and what did they think they were doing?
Questions about Kidney Failure?
Ouch!! What's going on with my foot?!?
blister under my toenail?
best urinary tract infection relief tablets?
what is a locum gp? what do they do?
I went jogging for about 90 minutes in total, and had an additional 15 minutes just to take a break.?
Do i have a sprained thumb?
Why is my knee swollen 6 months after ACL reconstructive surgery?
how do i break my leg?
Has anybody used Nasaleze to prevent Hayfever? What do you think?
I am a veteran, i am 30% disable in my left foot, would that cause problem in my neel over time?
what are the alternative treatments or remedys to help treat somebody with an amphetamine addiction?
i have an odd looking bruise what is it?
is there a downside to taking 5htp?
Torn meniscus??????help!?!?
My MRI report says "Rupture of the medial collateral ligament" what does that mean?
could this be a stress fracture even if there isn't much swelling ?
I broke my wrist, and got my cast off 5 days ago. I can hardly move my wrist it hurts so bad, is that normal?
If my finger is broken...?
Why am I seeing something that is not there? Why are my eyes playing tricks on me?
INFO NEEDED PLEASE on home remedy's?
drugs casusing impotense?
Colonic Irrigation info please?
Can anybody recommend any reputable places i can get a standard massage in london ?
Floatation tanks?
Evening Primrose Oil, how do you take it & is it safe?
What can I do to speed the healing of a frozen shoulder?
What is Zydol???
Black Cohose questions (40 weeks pregnant)?
Vitamin Question????????....?
Is it difficult to get a prescription to Adderall?
When you feel depressed....?
I feel depressed help me!?
What do you do when you cut yourself?
If you know someone who has manic depression... can that be dangerious for their children?
anxiety trouble?
Is this a mental disorder that i have, some peple sauy i am schizophrenic?
Calling in to work due to a problem...?
I really really need some help :(?
i need tricks to help me sleep?
Could i end up being crazy if i dont get help for this?
how to not care about what others think about me?
ADHD symptoms?
i like hanging out with friends a lot?
I think I'm depressed?
could i have ocd?
I was just diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and the doctor put me on Abilify. Would appreciate any help.?
Anti Depressants? Okay?
i have let my 11 month old baby to get vaccinated against hepatitis b. did i make a good decision?.?
Do I have the flu?
Is it likely I have swine flu?
Are YOU willing to receive the Swine-Flu vaccine ?
when i workout i get headaches?
HELP! how can i tell if i broke my rib, lower back, and shoulder?
how to bounce back after a bad break up?
how to beak my knee i need to know?
could i possible have a broken finger?
the left of my chest feels heavy and tight?
The polynomial 0.04h-0.018a-2.69 can be used to estimate the lung capacity in liters, of a female with height?
How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Attacks?
Why is my dog breathing this way?
Snoring and fluid in ear?
what are these series of pains in my chest?
Why do I feel dizzy after eating sometimes?
the past 4 weeks my stomach has felt full and ive only eaten 1 meal a day.?
if you lie in a tub of icy water will you get hypothermia?
question about feeling sick?
ways to stave off a cold/asthma?
can you recommend a good air purifier?
What does it mean if you have large platelets present, and toxic granulation present?
burning leg sensation is it diabetes?
Which do you think contributes more to bone loss? Salt or sugar and why?
Anyone know what might cause this breathing problem?
Is insulin resistance caused by isomers embedding into cell membranes?
Is there any reason for albinism to be suspected?
is it safe to buy animal insulin on the net?
We are painting ALL our walls in our house, is it BAD to breath it in?
why does it take so long for me to give blood?
My parents smoking is affecting my life!?
where is our 2 septum in the body?
What is the reason for my lower figure on my blood presure to be high ave 90 when my top figure is ave.?
Can anyone that has bronchitis at the moment help me?
is there a disorder where u feel the need to cut off ur leg or arm?
can you really get high off breatheing to much?
can you caugh up blood if you caugh too hard?
Blood in phlegm when i cough?
im trying to get money for my man he needs a lung transplant?
how to get rid of cough?
can me bumping my head last march break affect me now?
Does anyone have trouble wearing socks due to neuropathy?
If I use an inhaler but may not have asthma, could this harm me?
can I use lash extensions on someone with diabetes?
My Friend Is Coughing Blood, And Having Bloody Noses..?
feeling really thirsty?
can pot trigger bipolar disorder?
How to treat Swine Flu nausea?
why does my neck feel swollen?
what mixture of foods would raise a persons blood sugar without diabetes?
How can i cure the comon cold?
Hi I'm 15 and i got a strange lump down my throat and i try to cough and get rid of it but it stays there?
I feel something moving under my ribs. don't know what it is?
What does this mean and what should i do?
When stopping tablets for diabetes how long will it take to get the drug out of my system.?
can eating fast cause stomach problems?
why when a diabetic has a hypo they have a fit?
my daughter is 31 she is a type 1 diabetic and also suffers from Epilepsy.Is she entitled to any benefits or h?
Frequant peeing and Kidney Stones?
I have had constantly swollen glands by my neck for a year?
weight loss for diabetic?
Fasting Blood Tests...?
How to get rid of an acid reflux?
Can anyone help decipher these test results(anti-sm/rnp & angiotensin)?
Is this okay? (20 Characters)?
I worry a lot, and I am always scared of bad things happening.?
Hot tubs!!! Anyone have one? R.U glad U got it?
swollen vein in leg of 5 year old?
what is a vaccinations?
ive had my tounge periced for 5 days and food burns when i eat is that bad?
how do i stop geting shocked! everything i touch i get zapped?
can people interact with you while they are in a coma?
Can peptic stomach ulcer cause back pain?
Where are your kidneys located? Can you show me an image?
I'm never hungry, like at all?
Chemical burn question...?
I have some questions about K2?
Nausea followed by loose stool from anxiety?
how to get rid of indegestion that happens everyday?
Can you breakk or fracture your arm?
why does hydrogen peroxide sting when i pour it on my hands or feet?
panic attacks?......................................?
whats a good allery medicine?
everytime i lay down and get up, or eat something sweet, my eyes black out?.. what could this mean?
If i am allergic to something, am i allergic to it by birth? Or can i get allergic anytime?
Dizzy, tired, feel like i'm in a dream...?
Are Arthrotec pills any good?
Is healthonclick an online tools which can help to find a doctor?
Some six year back my wife’s sister ( sister-in law) expired due to her ill health. ?
Ear drumming and humming!?
whats wrong with me 17 YEARS OLD?
For all the Doctors who are on this site...I have a question!!?
When i talk to ppl my voice sounds normal(ish) but when i present infront of the class. . .?
im thinking about contact lenses?
Store Scanner Tag Thing?
Where we will search for healthcare jobs?
is baclofen 10 with 832 on back strong?
Only 3 days left to live...?
i have had pains on my right side and up under my breast and mid back. this happens like for instance i ate a?
every time i move my knee up or down, i feel a tiny tiny pop, it dosnt hurt, does anyone know what it could be?
what dosages does hydrocodone come in?
Is There Anything Over The Counter You Can Take For Restless Leg Syndrome?
how many ml Ibuprofen should I give my daughter?
about hard white stonelike lumps in da bak of my throat?
Do I have arthritus in my knees?
Why do my tendons hurt?
It hurts so much .....?
chlamydia question...?
chlamydia and my fertitly?
side affects for the anitbiotic Azithromycin for chlymidia?
Will you be able to tell me a free herpes dating site ?
My boyfriend is having heart pain.?
What are the differences of CVD, CAD, CHD?
Is hypotension dangerous?
Is congestive heart failure considered a disability?
why my heart beat increased??
what's a natural cure for fast heart rate?
Anyone know anyone who had a stroke that paralyzed them and the doctors said he/she will never.......?
My blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day, is that normal?
is being shaky after heart attack norma?
Please help: siezure or something else?
what is the colour of artery vein and nerves?
does every human have worms in their body?
Should I buy antidepressants online?
My husband was in a car accident yesterday and he wants me to go fill his prescriptions out can I? ?
eyes cut and blood shot?
Why does this happen to me when i wake up?
how to relax myself when I was tired?
I lost 6 pounds, then put 3 back on, how?
sleeping problems ...?
Scared I couldent get everything up whilst purging (Bulimia)?
how much taller will i get?
why is it am having a diarrhea while i'm having uti.what would be its cause?
What do I have if I am vomiting and have diarrhea ?
How can I get taller?
What are the benefits of drinking nothing but water?
Does someone who daydreams alot have an over active imagination?
I have a cold, & NEED to get better ASAP.?
Please Help Me!! Making NATURAL Makeup??? 10 points!?
I have trouble going to sleep and was wondering what pills would do the trick?
Should I be concerned.......?
im so afraid to get a job?
Obsession with the color red?
I feel so depressed.. what should I do?
My life is not worth living. Help?
Who knows anyone with bipolar here?
You're going to think I'm crazy..?
how do i tell my mom i want to see a therapist ?
Paxil 20 mg for social anxiety disorder?
HELP!!! I am VERY depressed and I am only 12?
How do you get over depression?
is she a cutter?????
Please some one help me im really scared!?
Does anyone else feeling like giving up?
Ugh did I just break my leg?
does cracking your joints really mess them up? or is it just a make up story saying it would?
my heart suddenly hurts.?
One of My father's hand stop movement, he cant move his index finger?
Ankle Help ? ? ? ? ? ?
I was at my cousin's house and hit my head on a coffee table. Ever since then i have had horrible head aches.?
how can i get my shoulder checked out because it really hurts and nothing pops up in an x-ray?
Should I go to the doctor? My eye is sensitive to light again!?
which part of lumbar vertebra can sustain most of rotational stress?
How long does it take a rolled ankle to fully heal?
I have a lower lumbar strain in my back?
Whats Wrong With My Foot/Ankle?
Did I jam or break my thumb?
i got elbowed in the throat about 3times in game.. it feels like my throat is pushed back.. i still drink and?
does a 3rd degree ankle sprain reduce my vertical leap afterwards?
Flat iron burn - help with the scar !?
any over the counter remidies for uninary tract infections?
who has tried hibena and happy beans and all those legal high pills and do they really work?
Why can't you drink while on anti biotics....?
Prozac and side effects?
What Complementary Are Provided By The Nhs In The Uk?
Does anyone know what the homeopathic remedy atrax is used for?
I have just purchased a 30 tablet pack of st. johns wort at my local alternative medicine shop.?
anybody here talking Acetazolamide/Diamox (diuretic)?
Emu oil has been recommended to treat oseoarthritis of the knee.How effective is this oil? Please comment.?
What is the best treatment or exercises for problems with back :taichi , acupuncture and where in London?
whats the best brand of valerian tablets to get + where from?
what are any home remedies for?
Help, I have a really sore throat, anyone know any remedies for a sore throat?
What are some foods that promote gall bladder health?
What is it like to be a patient in an intensive care unit?
is it safe to drink ginseng tea with citalopram or antidepressants in general?
Keep getting the urge to stretch my neck muscles?
can you put salvia divinorum in to cakes, and it still work?
Alternative medicine treatments for glandular fever?
Blood groups question?
Stopped smoking?Has anybody attended a session with Allen CARR and if so did it work?
is relaxation music safer than newage?
how do we explain to children about cancer?
Does smoking "pot" cause lung cancer?
Why is my finger numb and pressure sensitive?
can an MRI tell how big the cyst is!?
what are all of the causes of depression ?
If i take zoloft and abilify daily and i skip a day is it okay to smoke weed that day? what will happen?
blood in stool and vomit?
One Swollen tonsil every 2 months?
How do you talk to a doctor about certain conditions you might have?
how long would u have to wait to head off to the hospital to treat food poison my sister inlaw has all the?
can you get rid of a beer belly?
I feel weird I do I have a burning stomach?
can a 16 year old with one kidney take...?
Is this something i should worry ablut?
my ferritin level is : 6.64ng/ml what does it mean?
Medical Question about Hypoglycemia?
How come im sleepy aftr i eat all time?
Why do I see everything so small :-(?
AST And ALT high levels?
My Friend Is Coughing Blood, And Having Bloody Noses..?
can pot trigger bipolar disorder?
what is air pollution?
Is it safe for a kid with bronchitis & upper respitory infection to participate in a track & field day?
i cant breathe right unless i yawn =/?
Chest pain, hot flashes, breathing problems?
How come when I work out I don't get soar no more?
If a you kiss a girl who had bronchitis last Saturday but has been on meds, can you catch it still?
I have panic attacks is there anyone who could talk to me with panic attacks ?
my 5 years baby continously dry cough? how can stop his cough ?
i may accidentally inhaled some food ?
what is respiratory observation and why are they important?
i had fever about on sunday about 99 and 100 in morning but it rose to 102 but it it became normal next day?
Has anyone ever blown there nose and had fluid steam out of the corner of their eye?
HELP!!! Ear Infection?
What kind of air purifier should I buy?
what type of respiratory illness is pertussis?
Asthma or Bronchitis?
Ways to prevent teens from smoking pot?
Please help me and my mgraine?
Why does my jaw hurt on the right side?
what can i do to get rid of crams?
My left foot is aching really bad when I wake up in the morning. What is the best remedy for this?
i cut myself because the pain is to much?
i've taken 10 paracetamol in the last 14 hours?
Headache Won't Go Away! HELP!?
having nightmares. please help?
always in pain and tight in back?