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Fast heart rate-what does it mean?
ultrasound tech right or wrong?
Question about Low Blood Pressure?
Is it dangerous to drink beer with bp 150/85? I am 21?
Heart failure With a Heart problem already?
i have smoked for 4 pack years. risk?
What actually is cancer?
raw skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
advantages of reiki treatment?
are there any known medicinal properties in pineapples please specify?
what alternative herbal remedy would you recomend in place of hrt for hot flushes for my wife who is 60yrs old
Does Rescue Remedy really work, if so how?
I had my aura read yesterday and did not understand this....?
best way to take tablets ?
Is there an alternative to anti-malaria tablets?
has any one tried reductil slimming pills?
What are the effects of aromatherapy?
Are fallen arches, or flat feet, reversible in an adult?
Does Ultimate Acai Extreme really work? is it a scam?
Why are we unable to purchase Melatonin in the UK when it is freely available in Spain?
I am thanking Alex Mcgregor for his very good answer regarding sleep.?
what is hentai.........................?
Does anyone know if you can have colonic irrigation with a slightly prolasped bowel?
can i purchase non prescriptive medicines over the counter?
Where to buy a safe protein supplement for a 12 year old (U.K)?
what treatments are there for inclusion body myostis?
Amoxocillin, Paracetamol, Codeine...?
What is Novonaprox used for??
Legal high/ethobotanical to help concentration, anxiety and stress?
I just had two nosebleeds today but I dont get them that much(more like its rare)?
How to make yourself look sick?
Where can I buy a glass metered dropper?
Can you get excess skin removed for free?
Why i can't sleep at night?
Can a high fever prevent hypothermia?
why do i get sick after i work out?
Quick question -$$-$?:?;?
how to get rid of a scratchy/tickling throat?
how can I stop letting panic disorder run my life?
Why do I get so dizzy?
Mom isn't feeling well? Should I take her to the hospital?
How can issues and problems impact productivity and quality within the health care setting?
Pharmacy or Computer Engineering?
Why do I feel sick all the time?
where can I buy Squibb Cod Liver Oil?
Can I donate blood even if I have low blood circulation? (hands are always cold)?
How to get rid of stress?
my groinal region smells fishy?
HERPES :/ Does this mean i have HERPES?
what is stds deseas cause this guy i like has it?
Testing for STDs and HIV, where is the best place to go? GP?
i noticed something today that i never did?
So if i sleep with some one(unprotected) who absolutely has AIDS that means I'll absolutely get it after that?
Dear !some day befor my friend share icecreem with me and i eat after him .after i knw he is HIV peseion?
paint chipping of my glasses?
Looking 4 barnes-hind hydra-mat model #3139098 contact lens holder/soaker ?
What can be causing my red eyes ?
Puffy,red, watering eyes in the morning?
Why do i feel cold sweat when i take calls ?
If someone is urinating and sunddenly collapse? What is wrong with him? ?
How do i help or what can i do?
how do i get rid of a lisp with the letters S,C,Z?
Why is Wilson's disease (hepatolenticular degeneration) considered a genetic disorder?
He uses meth and mandrax is that the reason he smells like raw meat?
What causes night sweats?
For someone who makes themselves vomit, how long and how often would you have to do it to cause damage?
does food go thur the pancrese to get to the stomach?
Alopecia am I worrying to much?
Can you please tell me about this rare disease?
Liver--liver liver--Nervous!!!?
Why should you see a doctor if you have a Raynaud's vasospastic attack on just one side?
Is there a way that a doctor can tell if you are smoking?
Get sick every time I eat?
Tell , me do i have Lice ? or how to find out ?
how to make a burn go away fast?
I stuck my hand at the top of the garbage to put something in and i cut my pinky finger on the top of a can.?
when will it heal and can i use something that will help?
splinters? what is it? Help?
Is it safe to use polysporin ear/eye drops in your eye after someone has used them in their ear?
bug bite on my head?
ear problem help?
debrox for ears?
Just the other day I had to give a close friend cpr fortunatly she is still alive, but i don't feel anything
My boyfriend claims he got bit by a bug one night in Manitoba. It's been almost a year. Its still there.?
if youre toungue ring is crooked is it because its swollen?
Do I have to cut my web to get my tongue pierced?
Pulsing thumb?
is economics value in school?
I dislocated my thumb at practice and I got it back in, but it keeps coming out, how can I treat my thumb with?
Do fruitflies bite like mosquitoes do?
Ingested Vim Cleaner?
What is the proper way to preform...?
Do i have an ear piercing infection?
How to reduce redness after getting a hair out of your eye?
Im thirteen,and i think i'm depressed.?
What's wrong with me?
Does anyone suffer with panic attacks? I need advice!!?
Im a COMPUTER addict :( read below and help me please .?
what can happen to someone when they are under a lot of stress?
Will a psychologist recommend your gp to give you anti depressants if your diagnosed with depression?
head numbness and twitching?
What did I do to my hand/wrist?
Is Bangalore or Chennai a better place for hospitalization and specialist medical facilities?
Is there a way to clear my Medical History?
has anyone tried anti depressants and how long till they work and do they have bad side effects?
whats it like mean if your paralyzed?
Legs feeling tingly!! and weak?
dislocated shoulder recovery?
Test results from my doctor..scared!?
Methocarbamol side effects and what I am experiencing.?
SHould I seek a lawyer for injury and workmans comp case?
I broke my patella 4 months ago and just found out with a MRI. What can be done?
I worked in a factory 10 years on a production line..?
when you get hit up ward on the nose?
Is My Nose actually broken ?
Im 14 and have a pinched nerve in my neck, i was wondering how long it will take to heal?
i recently got pushed chest first into a locker about a week ago, ever since when i jump it hurts. what is it?
Couple questions for doctors or nurses or anyone with medical knowledge?
Is there a way I can make the numbness go away quicker after leaving the Dentist? Or do I just have to wait?
what is wrong with me?
am i really dehydrated?
i twisted my ankle the other day and it hurt really bad and all day when i walked on it hurt did i sprain it?
I have had a queasy stomach for 2 days- not really bad nausea just queasy. WHat can be causing it,?
I found a product that says its safer than smoking?
Football/Sprained Ankle?
What type of settlement can I get for my WC Knee. I have had 2 surgeries and may need more, later on.?
WHat can cause a queasy feeling for about 3 days? I"m getting so nervous about this, I really do not think i'm?
I hurt my knee someone help?
I can't sleep well at night. Sleeps less than four hours most nights, can anyone offer an advise?
A germ problem? Vomiting in particular.?
Brain problems? some one help.?
Where can I get a medical marijuana recommendation near Thousand Oaks, CA?
Please help....? are these two issues related......?
please help! :(??????????????????????????
Organ Transplant Question?
Can you diagnose whether this is Over Active Bladder?
Can i eat this after flu?
why do my feet stink?
what do I do about this?
Why does this happen when I am sick?
My doctor told me to stop taking Wellbutrin XR?
why do i feel like there's a bubble in my ear?
Your Help Please Answer Me?
My face constantly feels uncomfortable?
Can the water from well be used without filter?
What is it?????????????????????????????
How to get rid of stomach pains?
IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do I get cramps easily?
My DR normally gives me percocet but I really hate the side effects. Is there something else I could try ?
I have a knee problem what should i do?
my 2month old son's eye is a little swollen and red, he just got his shots 2 days ago so what coiuld it be?
I was diagnosed with pneumonia a couple of weeks ago. The pain was going away on my lung, but it's back!?
shortness of breath while laying/sitting?
What can i do with this sore throat?
Is it Anxiety or asthma?
explain the difference between risk factors and chronic disease?
Are there any foods that help fight asthma?
Why does my nose run when I am not sick?
How to get rid of my cold?!?
coughing up white mucus?
Panic attacks caused by seeing my boyfriend....help.?
i'm 17 years old and have recurring chest pain?
I have breathing problems and im pretty sure its all in my head...?
I'm in a panic! What is this?!?!?!?!?
okay needs reassurance of shortness of breath?
What is causing this? Trouble breathing?
need a answer from some one familiar with muscular dystrophy?
can you sallow speed?? if you didn't wanna smoke it?
If i have a cold that includes lung congestion, stuffiness, and...?
smoking and metabolisum?
how can i prevent getting sick?
Does anyone know have Coughing help?
what is a cough remedy?
Hard Skin under my foot!?
Desperate! I've had diarrhea for 4 weeks now and i'm being told by the GP I have no infection / bugs present.
Baby injection that went 'bad'?
Travel Insurance.?
what are the symptons of diabetes?
Where can I find a cute, kid sized, medical alert wristband/bracelet (for a diabetic)?
signs and symtoms of depression?
The difference between these two vinegars?
diabetes and exercise?
how many folk are unaware of diabetes/be clever and wise be aware?
how does your body replace blood after a blood test?
how many of the 4 blood tests do you have to pass to regain your drving licenece having lost it thru drink?
Is slim fast safe for type two diabetics and if so, what woud you advise to loose 20 pounds in about a month?
Has anyone experienced or tried tai chi before? What do you think of it?
Does anyone remember those people who ate sunshine?
Cure for earache?
Can you have undiagnosed diabetes and have low blood sugar? or does it only?
Can anyone tell me about Gliclazide?
constantly tired, always thirsty and having mood swings what could be wrong?
Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeee Help......?
with kidney stones how much water do i really need to drink had 1.5 litres to day already?
18 year old stomach pains ongoing diabetic d&v 4 days dr seen but told to leave for over weekend advice needed?
this question is about blood glucose levels and hormones ?
what are the causes and symptoms of type1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus? compare.?
Coffee Vs Nicotine Which one is the better stimulant?
Probiotics: What are the side effects and benefits? How about for people with IBS etc?
Amega Zero Point Energy Wand.. does it work?
Anyone into aromatherapy?
What is glared vision with diabetes?
Are Kalms Tablets Placebos?
Has anyone experienced Reiki Healing? Please describe how you felt afterwards.?
how do you make amphetamine?
i want to know if i have diabetes but i dont want to go to my GP until im almost sure. Help?
Will I have the same blood group/type as my two sisters.?
why have i got a pain in my left side?
Pregnant, stressed out, will reiki help?
Can i take this with this?
what is best for detoxing the colon acai juice or the 500mg capsules?
can a qualified massage therapist practice other massage therapies like hot stone massage?
Is deep thinking a phase?
after i eat food i feel like the food passes through me in a few hours.?
Is there a problem with my eating habits and the way I feel?
whats this bump on the inside of my mouth?
Yesterday, they diagnosed me with OCD?
Can it be determined which parent a genetic disorder comes from?
could my doctor be right ?
Sore throat, coughing, dizziness, chills?
What causes fine hair all over the body in anorexics?
Bump on neck / just above collar bone..?
What is it like living with Crohn's disease?
I have drunk every night for about 9 years now. this is the 3rd night without 1.. y do i feel so unwell?
Whats this Lump behind ear?
Is it possible to feel like you have some sort of super power?
are medical conditions hereditary?
so advise please about getting tested for stds?
Can a person get HIV/AIDS when getting tattoos?
I may have a sore throat fom some sort of STI........?
I got myself tested for chlamydia and gnorrhea at my GP (NHS) and I haven't been texted my results two weeks l?
is there such a thing as bad aids or super aids?
I work as a domestic and most of my cleaning is toilets, and clearing up faeces and urine spit and vomit?
sti symptoms?
what is a virus?
Weeing loads, what could be the problem?
What's causing constipation?
How would the french's universal healthcare plan be bad for doctors---facts optional?
what does Nitro Quick do when administered to the body?
Hands taste weird. What to do?
Please i have no i dea what to do :[?
Is it bad for your body to crash at night from being to tired rather than falling asleep when you want to.?
Ear Cysts................?
Paranoid about fast approaching winter...?
Sweating for no reason.?
Any doctors around?..got a question.?
What is this thing in my eye?
What does a tingling on right side of stomach mean?
Why is it that I feel like a hard air pressure in my ear?
I'm having stomach problems....?
I felt sick all of a sudden....?
How come I can't stop my nosebleeds?
Who are the Lab Testers?
Whats wrong with my little sis?
Can caffeine pills make you feel sick?
Has anyone out there had 'Laser Eye Surgery'?
need some advice please?
Why did I bleed when I shot up with steroid? ?
both sides of my face is tingly and numb.....HELP?
plz answer plz !!!! plzzz?
answer 10 pts plzz :'( am worried plz :'(?
Can my family doctor prescribe me acne medications?
I need fast help please?
Why do my microdermals keep coming out?
can i buy cocodamol 30 500 without prescription?
will dayquil help with my runny nose?
How does osteogenesis imperfecta cause hearing loss?
how can i get ride of my sunburn quickly?? or atleast the redness?
i have this friend of mine that constantly picks on her sores/bites from bugs. how do i get her to stop??
Mosquito Bite?
Could I apply for medicinal marijuana?
I think i know how to fix the Canadian health care system!?
My chiro says I've lost my thoracic curve. Anyone have any exercises to correct this?
I Feel Hot, like FEVER ALL OVER HOT!!?
What is a nose bleed?
How can i tell if my daughter has internal bleeding?
How to make bed bug bites heal faster?
Anyone know how to make home remedies for bug bites?
Problems with myhearing?
Anything I can do to treat bruises? I Bruise Easily. ?
Will my foot smell bad?
Am I in danger of losing my finger?
I burn my hand with really hot water highest setting on the tap?
Splinter in my thumb?
fingernail problum help asap!!!?
What is the duodeum?
My friend was told she has "inside scabies"? She has pain on her left side, slow to move and hard to breathe.?
How can I make my girlfriends backpain get any better?
my right leg has been killing me for 2 months now what can it be?
Knee and hip problems??
why does my Shoulder HURt!?
What is wrong with my hands/arms?
I have constant pain in my upper left side, but all my medical tests came back normal. What is causing this?
i am so worried about this. please help?
How do doctors diagnose anxiety? Is anxiety the same as an anxiety disorder?
does anyone else wake up in the middle of the night feeling dizzy?
im 15 and am having chest pains, help?
cure or swimmers ear?
can teenage girl depression be caused by loss of hope of finding love ?
will these techniques help my back pain?
I'm 22 years old and... I cut myself, I need to stop but how?
Pill Help ?
my right side hurts and i went too three differant doctors they don't know what it could be?
Any idea what might be wrong with my wrist?
Hip pain after exercising?
Have you heard of costochondritis?
After bruising your knuckles and them increasing in size will they eventually return to normal?
I Have a broken toe????????
My arm is swollen from IV shot?
I need 2nd opinion on my knee?
I have hurt my right upper right arm in November 2008. I still can't use it and it hurts very bad.?
i have had a broken finger for 2 years and i havent exercized it now it wont bend will it ever?
Help is my arm broken?
Do this look infected?
Doctor...Nurse...My wound reopened please help...?
Please help! I have ankle problems & a rash!!!?
I might need a blood test soon. And im soo scared about it. Does it hurt?
What can i do if my pelvis is after moving 15 times in the last 4 months?
is there such thing as a water proof cast?
Around what age should the female skeleton be considered "mature"?
I hurt my left knee skiing a couple years ago. I haven't gone to the doctor for it and it hurts pretty much...?
i dislocated my knee cap yesterday and...?
I need advice on numbness...?
Entire right leg went numb in my sleep last night. Concerned. Please help!?
what is a damaged eyelash follicle. r mine damaged if they r still growing back thru or wud they stop altogeth?
My eyes. Like I watch tv and then I turn away and I'll blink and still see the image turn away and stil see it?
can you get HIV if you?
is this a red flag? (shortness of breath.......)?
Question about my asthma?
my ESR and sputum test reports is normal but mantoux is 3+,x-ray shows CONSOLIDATION RUL.can it be TB.?
How can i keep my lungs healthy?
I stop breathing in my sleep constantly?
Advice on a transplant?
while i walk upgradient, i get chest discomfort or pain in the middle of lungs; what medical speciality?
My Mom is not smoker,eats well. DR. seen lesion on lung. Dr told her it is prob canc. Pet sched. Scared?SUgg?
how long does benzene stay in your blood?
chest pain...what might it be?
snoring or hearing things in my sleep?
hyperthyodism/panic attacks. HELP PLEASE!?
Emphasema and COPD I need someone who has been there done that.?
I am having upset feelings?
What do they do in a bone marrow tap?
I notice people who smoke marijuana doesnt have health problems unlikr people who drink or smoke cigarettes...?
i have a small ulcer on my leg, what kind of a doctor do i need to go see to treat it?
can i die? please help!?
Ok so everyone knows that tingly stomach feeling when going down a roller coaster? I hate it.?
How to not check your email so much?
Somebody help me, please?
should i stick a cotton stick with a little bit of alcohol in my ear ?
What could cause me to lose my balance?
Gallstones, What would be alright to eat?
I just took 9 gravol ( motion sickness pills) whats going to happen?
I'm not hungry or tired.?
Why do teens have trouble waking up early?
How To Overcome Bad Habits/Addictions?
Help please quick my ribs hurt!?
Need some info on the drug Rohypnol for exam tomorrow? (10 points)?
SEVERE HAIRFALL!!...... I have been using Garnier fructis for last 4 years, suddenly hairfall started. :-(?
HELP..,the left side of my stomach under the ribs is a little bit big than the right side..,is it oke?
Deaf in one ear? Should i be worried?
I think I have a cold sore but how do I get rid of it?
How long does it take for a person to pass out of hunger and thirst?
Pathogens and Immune System?
What was a problem disease from the early 1900s in Djibouti?
How am i supposed to prevent fainting at the sight of blood?
i took 1 mg of xanax 5 days ago and now have to do a random urine drug screen. Will this show up on test?
Why can't I sell my kidney?
Lost my medical card, and I have an appointment soon?
i think im going to faint my head feels blood rushed help?
how come my left feet feels cold (but the rest of my body is warm)?
what does it mean when you have pain in your kidney area when you have to pee?
Did you develop Ophthalmopathy with your Graves Disease?
I have Scheuermann’s Disease but i still have quetions about it...?
what does the *C-*R,MEAN on a prescription bottle right after the type of medication?
could acupuncture help with inflammation of the illiotibal band, (ITBS)?
Have you ever taken glucosamine and did it make your eyes twitch?
Producing too much acid in the oesophagus going into the stomach. is corroding the pipe on the way down?
Ive tkn 100 mg of prop 20 mg cital 10 mg buspi a zopi sleep tablet nd just over 2 ltr of cider is this ok ?
how trippy would i be after 1 gram of shrooms?
which brand is the best for magnesium there is so many I would like a high quality product?
Is anyone able to recommend an alternative remedy to treat?
Methadone..... can you tell me about this...especially..?
What do you think of FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS? Who sell aloe vera etc!?
is there a pill you can take that cures nausea?
has any1 tried 'Adios slimming tablets'? do they work? how do they work?
Does anyone know about TCM?
Can taking poppers kill you?
when should i start taking rescue remedie pastilles?
what is "Electro-Shock Therapy"?? and when, where and for what originated and used for?
bio oil vs vitamin e oil?
What is the UK version of a naturopathic doctor called please?
Good probiotic pills?
anyone tried neem toothpaste?
How do you meditate or learn to when?
what is the best cure for hangover?
What would be the best food supplement?
can people die from hepititis b these days?
is she HIV+, if yes how comes n how does she take it? if no z she aware of the rumors?
i want to design a centre for people with hiv, what should i put in it.?
I have HPV, Will I ever get married?! :(?
marble sized lumps on 'bikini' line, some puss comes out of it when squeezed, sore?
Is herpes always itchy and/or painful?
What's the situation of HIV/AIDS in the South African countries?
Are STI tests at UK GUM Clinics free?
How long after getting a blister should I wait to pop it?
Locking up a first aid kit?
how to treat a sunburn and prevent it from peelingg.?
In the health profession, what is a Jackson-Pratt?
How do we know if it's head injury or alcohol/drugs?
my gf has a cold and her ear got clogged?
i just got stitches on my risk and my hand is swollen. There isn't any redness or infection. What should i do?
How to convert lab investigations from mg/dl to U/L or mmol/L?
Minor heat burn treatment (first and mild second degree)?
Bee sting or mosquito bite?
How to get rid of a sunburn and it's redness ?
how to write a clinical journal of a nursing student?
Since last night whenever i eat i get a chalky tast in my mouth, lasts for a few hours afterwards. Any ideas?
Which is more important- Omega 3 or Fish Oil?
Advice on sleepin habbits. Any ideas welcome. thanks?
Does this mean I have low blood pressure?
Question about health care?
I have no medical insurance and?
Is it normal to feel like this?
I can't sleep longer than 5 hours?
Not been sleeping that good?
I have a stuffy head and stuffy nose what would help?
how many drops of eye drops would it take to make you sick?(not planing on doing it)?
Can you get contacts with prescription without a parent ?
this isnt first signs of schizophrenia right?
I have a voice in my head. ?
Hey i am duing a science procject about cutting?
What can I do about sore muscles?
Where can I buy numbing cream in the U.S.?
Hit the back of my head - advice?
My knee is sore, should i wear a knee support?
My 7 yr. old broke his arm today. How can I make him more comfortable?
Lately I've been getting tired easily and I realized its hard for me to swallow my saliva, whats wrong with me?
Is it wrong to be in love with your imaginary friend(s)?
Why do I want to turn emo/goth?
How come my parents CAN'T tell I am depressed?
Whats wrong with my grandma? she is seeing stuff please help!!?
My back hurts when I do an workouts?
Waking up with a headache?
headache and nausea before i went to bed?
Can... anyone help I can't live like this anymore?
i am fourteen years old and i really need tips for coping with stress.?
tingling in my left hand please help me ASAP!!?
Am I having panic attacks?
depressed and can't tell anyone?
Is this normal??
Is the removal of a pin from a bone painful?
I have had a migraine for two days and my face hurts.?
Sore Neck, Hurts To Swallow, Stuffy Nose..? Strep Throat?
Pain meds (opiates) are being taken by many more Americans than ever. Do you think it causes goofy behavior?
hydrocodone compare tylenol3?
bad pain in left side about three ribs up?
Does cortisone shots in your knee hurt and will I be able to run after if I have torn my cartilage ?
head and mouth pressure, my teeth and head hurt really bad, but only on the left side?
Sharp pain in lower back?!?
Did I break my elbow?
Is it bad that my lips taste like salt?
When you give CPR, what kind of situation is it for?
Does anybody know what's the best way for a 19 year old 5'3" in height to grow taller in months?
What am I sick with, I feel hot on and off and my head hurts?
Why do i feel so sick?
passing a drug test for walmart?
are childrens blood sugar levels different from adults?
How can i help a friend get there sugar level down?
Why are my legs so painful?
What's going on? (weird bruising)?
if my height is 5 feet 7 inches what is my height in meters?
1.What is the name of the liquid waste that the kidneys pull from the blood?
is anyone using the inhaled insulin? is it available in UK? and how can we use it for people using injection?
Why does it feel awkward when i smile?
vicks forehead thermometer accuracy?
best insulin pumps for kids?
How do you get rid of a cough?
Can I take Ranitidine 150 MG and Nitrofurantoin 100 MG together?
I think I have constipation?
is okra good for people with kidney failure?
Did I pull my diaphragm?
Dizziness and spinning?
Do I need to be/should I be in some form of psychiatric care facility?
Can SAMe cause anxiety?
Adderall and Anti-Doping Problems?
What would happen if I powdered then mixed 10 or so Benadryl into a big cup of coffee then drank it?
Diabetes and leg/foot pain?
600ml Ecstasy? Uh.........?
Can i go swimming on my 3rd day of my period?
if i took out my newly pierced ears for a hour and a half, will they close up?
what are the normal blood glucose levels for a person with diabetes mellitus type 1 & 2?
To what extent does breakfast affect blood sugar levels?
Hey I'm Diabetic and am thinking of buying a 'SOS Talisman' medi-alert bracelet/necklace.?
Caution should be used when administering GTN to what type of patients?
How can I get rid of this cough?!?
Trouble breathing, is this sports asthma?
Starting to get mold.?
I've been sick for 6 months now what do i do.?
Cold symptoms but with a lot of wheezing and can't breath?
What can it mean when it hurts your lungs to breathe?
Lightheaded when smoking?
Is this just a cold, or something else?
HELP! I might have a throat infection or a sore throat. Anything to cure or help?
My boyfriend is 37 and this morning all day he has been complaining of trouble breathing and hi chest is tight?
My roommate snores! What do i do?!?
i am making my own cigarettes with a electric rolling machine but tobacco keeps falling out of cigarettes?
Im kinda getting sick of this...?
question on smoking tabacco?
does sniffing abilify get you high?
do you sleep on the right side of the bed or left belly or back ?
My heart beat increases when i get in to sleep,i can feel it then my hands and legs often becomes very chill ?
Is it true that if you get punched in the armpit you will pee blood?
my parents are talking about me getting to thin and they are ?
Anyone used Amla Paste?
So they really can't revoke my license?
I'd like to see an example of a focus note?
Dear yahoo.....Is coconut oil ?
Why i see a little bit of blood in my sputum and when i blow my nose?
can you be allergic to weeed?
Can my son be lactose intolerant?
Are these symptoms alergies?
What's an over the counter thing to get rid of clearing your throat?
Do I have an allergy?
cartilage piercing and swollen lymph node behind ear?
What diets, nsaids, or strechting will help with my Ankylosing Spondilitis?
I have been feeling a little light headed for the past 5 days. Why?
Treatment for syringomyelia?
I had surgery Dec 30th (removed left ovary) Now both my legs and also my feet are very swollen. Is this normal?
Where are the genes for the Alzheimer's Disease located?
what are some genetic disorders that dr. house has diagnose on his show?
can plantar fascitis cause top of foot to swell?
Can fake burping take seconds off your life?!?
can fake burping take seconds off your life?
How is nutrition related to neuroscience and how does it affect the brain?
What are some good biotics to take along with flagyl?
How long would a brain tumor headache last?
What should I look for on fod labels if I'm lactose intolerant?
I keep throwing up.. but i dont feel ill in anyway...?
What is the name of the deadly disease that causes your organs to swell?
How to get rid of ringing ears?
tips on how to fight jetlag?
Do I have a form of insomnia?
loss of appetite, shaking, tired, weight loss symptoms?
What does it means when your body feels numb And Your Head Feels very numb and big like your brain getting big?
How to make a seven month old cigarette burn fade..?
Insect bite with Orange pus?
I had a large cut on my finger...?
What can a volunteer do in a First Aid Hospital?
Alcohol denat in facial toner?
Weird pulse type feeling in my arms and legs?
Is my gauge infected or am I allergic to the plug?
How long does a rotter cuff take to heal?
How far is the eardrum from the opening of the ear about (cm)?
Air Filled Bubble On Top Of Ear?
i have a cut on my finger but it wont close together?
taking a hot shower first then taking a cold shower?
My lip's swollen; is there anything I can do other than putting ice on it?
The other day I noticed a cut behind my sons ear, right where it attaches , how should I treat this?
What are Range of motion exercices? (passive and active)?
Do mud wasps sting or do they bite??? either way it frickin hurts!!!?
can you put defib pads over a port-o-cath or a central line port, underneath someones right clavicle?
I have some questions about hair dye poisioning..?
cartilage piercing infection?
Will a bleeding ulcer happen again?
Treating a second degree burn?
Is this my gallbladder? What's wrong with me?
Why do guys seem like they're warmer than girls?
Could missing doses of my antidepressent cause these symptoms?
why am i having chest pains?
Why do I get tired when I'm cold?
Is It possible to grow taller after puberty UNDER 14?
Headaces and dizziness ?
What bone is the easiest/least painful to break?
hookah question please look asap?
Can a person with myasthenia gravis qualify to drive tractor trailer?
can you get proscribed medical marijuana for ADD?
What happens if you eat a high-fat meal a night before Abdominal Ultrasound?
Why am I feeling like this?
Did I break my fast if I accidentally swallowed about a half-teaspoon of Listerine while gargling?
what is the difference between xanax and marijuana?
If I am Vitamin B-12 deficient could that be the reason I have a Gallbladder problem?
How many ng/ml before your considered intoxicated with marijuana?
what are the following drugs used for? kivexa. valcyte. reyataz. daraprim. norvir.?
HPV jab information help?
can you help me 3 disease 1 caused my bacteria 1 caused by fungi 1 caused by virus can yuo help?
I have done 3 tests....?
what is miconazolnitraat/hydrocortison aktavis for?
Does he have herpes and how to test with out him knowing?
not really a question..?
Doctors DON'T know everything..?
If a guy that was about to die in the electric chair had a heart attack should they save him?
I think I have a bladder infection..?
GIrly help plelase??
How do you get weed out of your system fast?
Fell asleep at 9pm and woke up at midnight...how will I ever fall asleep?
Can bad eyesight make me dizzy?
I have to write about my family but it's too painful!!!!!!!?
I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night 1 or 2 times a night, usually at the same time--why?
i have a bottle of Amoxicilln from 07 is it still just as good as it was when i bought it and if not how much?
hand injury question?
i got broke on my bike i fell on my head should i go to the hospital?
ok me and my mom was we were wondering can you break your ankle by jumping off your bed & landin on it wrong?
I just pierced my lip and its swollen. HOW DO I MAKE IT HEAL FASTER?
What are some things that scare you when you have to go to the hospital?
Help with my panic attacks nd truama?
why hasnt it hit me yet?
Could my back problem be serious?
I have had to use Crutches?
medial meniscus tear?
i feel hopeless and lonely. I wondered if there is anyone else in the world felt something similar..?
shoulder pain for the last few weeks from loading people,s food in the cars and carts please help it pop?
what should i do?????????
What are the differentiating features between conus medullaris injury and cauda equina injury?
i feel really really suicidal?
What will happen to the people (daeth)?
Is it ok to eat candles???????????
Best Stress Reliever?
How do doctors determine if you need anti-depressants?
Am I dyslexic? Please, please help?
How can I spend the summer after a failed relationship and a knee injury?
Knee injuries (my growth plate has a stress strain)?
chewing the inside of my lips and cheeks?
how can i overcome my ocd?
my friend lost left arm?
do you think im a psychopath?
Some questions about my second concussion?
hurt my leg in track?
need help please help!!?
Do i have a pulled muscle in my back?
foot problems? help 10 points to best answer?
I can't swallow pulls at all. Help please!?
What is causing this sharp, pinching pain in arm?
Headache question??????????
Knee pain! Help with prevention and diagnosis?
Lower right side back pain spreading to my side?
plz help!!! last night i woke up in the middle of the night.. and my arm was completey numb.. all up thorugh?
Migraine Problems, PLEASE HELP?
difference between tummy ache or stomach ache?
whenever i jog i always get cramps it happens everytime im only 11 please help!?
should knee supports be worn in bed?
Weird pain in my chest area? (stomach etc)?
I have a very bad cramp!!!! Help!?
Head swelling..is this serious?
Why is there pain in my chest area?
If i have the flu is there any way i can milk it and get some good pain pills?
I just got an intense squeezing pain in my head while doing pushups. What was this?
my GF,s stomach hurt really bad its an on and off pain?
I have a back pain what is it?
Does anyone know what might be wrong with my neck and should I go to the doctor?
how much are prescribed contacts?
how can a therapist determine the amount of pressure required by a individual client during a massage?
What is the status of caffeine?
question about contact lenses?
tranexamic acid?
can i use vi sine eye drops after cataract surgery?
good tips for thai massage? ?
what is involved in holistic care?
D.I.Y Colonic irrigation....?
question on reflexology?
Is medicine right for me?
Does Acupuncture cure Pins and Needles? Should I give it a go?
Anyone know anything about Vitalize Ginkgo Biloba?
Niacin side affects - should i up my dose?
Has Acupuncture.............?
How does smoking tobacco affect the chakras and aura?
can anybody tell me what ingredients go into making cannabis resin ? what does it actually consist of ?
Is it better to be the 1 in a million who dies from a vaccine?
if you have high blood pressure and are on medication for it is it dangerous to take seratonin supplements?
Is cleaning, cleansing, balancing, clearing and opening Chakras all the same thing?
Vitamin/Mineral supplements to boost energy?
anyone used devels claw at any time?
Has the William Bates eye exercises worked for anyone?
anyone know what trimoptin is used to treat?
Whats wrong with my breathing?
Sore Throat/ Ears Walk in clinic or no?
How to get rid of | or put a cough on hold ( i guess that would be the term)?
No Curiosity Watchers at Colonoscopy?
Is this heartburn or something else?
Whats wrong with me ? :l?
my whole body is hurting, it seems like it not the bone, but my whole body hurts. will blood test show?
I can't find what I need.?
Does omni extra strength liquid actually work?
Please help! The last 4 days my head is pounding my hands and feet sweaty?
ok someone needs to help me please?
Trying to quit smoking?
Fatigue is My Enemy! Yours?
Anatomy and Physiology?
A question about sleep.?
this is a gross sinus question but...?
Squeezing in chest Effect breathing?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Any heart specialists out there?
Im 19 and having chest pains?
do i have high or low blood pressure or something else?
can clonazepan get u high...how many is too much?
Is it normal to feel heartbeat/pulse in hollow of the throat?
Where does the heart break feeling come from?
Please help with a broken heart?
i just had cardiac ablation month ago?
Is 106/54 low blood pressure?
I Need Help On Dealing With Emotional Sensitivity As A Child In Middle School?
Why does having the window open if you are car sick make you feel better?
I don't get why i puked on mdma..?
is clonidine safe to use for to stop smoking?
body weight details question about hydration and thc in my system?
Can you help me with anemia?
I have a deep cough & runny nose - what's the fastest way to get rid of this?
Can a blood test figure out if theirs something wrong with my gallbladder or kidneys?
Fluttering in stomach?And Headache/fatigue?
are these the symptoms of a flu?
I'm 6 feet tall and have recently noticed that I'm taller than almost everybody.?
why do i have pain at night and not in the day time?
Help i stopped paxil 10mg on saturday?
NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP!? I can't control myself being sad alot?
Need help acting sick!?
Does Antioxidant helps the body remove waste materials?
I have a stomach sickness but I dont know whats going on...?
Questions about SSI and SSD when married but separated and own home not in?
in my dream my heart was racing really fast but when i woke up it was normal?
What are the side affects?
Please help something feels swollen under my right rib?
how do i know if a friend has a sleeping disorder?
What's wrong with me?
Numb and swollen finger?
Normal Colored stool, but...?
medical question about head rushes?
Why did the price of blu cigs go up from 59.95 to 69.95 and will the price ever go down?
Anyone having problems since taking methotrexate?
Would symptoms from a brain tumor come and go?
I recently had my gallbladder surgery, and some things are still going on. What's happening?
Why am I still feeling bad after stopping bad reaction?
Is lupus always diagnosed during a flare?
Should I be concerned about black stool?
please answer, it concerns my moms life!!!!!!!!!!?
is there such thing as a disease that makes you prone to feeling cold?
Is gout a deadly disease?
16 Year old girl-Parkinsons?
why is this..? whats wrong..?
my mum is diabetic and is having some problems.......?
my mum is diabetic and keeps getting low readings?
Upset stomack ringing in ears?
Im pregnant, diabetic, and have a ketone reading of 8 (urine)?
I am a controlled diebetic is the 48 hour hollywood diet safe to use or is it dangerous!?
Further info. on the lady with weight loss & due a thyroid op.It now appears that she does have diabetes.?
supressing the appetite?
gastroparesis and diabetes please help us?
what are the chances of me developing type 1 diabetes?
what are the best beers in uk for type 2 diabetics. they need to be low carb and 3 to 4% alcohol per vol?
Anyone have any tips for enjoying eating out if you are a diabetic child?
Diabetes test?
is your pork insulin being discontinued?
how long does it take to heal?
Alberta Paramedics?
does not getting enough sleep make your face swell?
Air Bubble on top of ear?
So i cut my finger.....?
how can i make my sunburn stop hurting?
I have a question about my surgery?
what good for a very bad blood blister on your finger?
How should i treat my burn?
I just burned my hand with boiling water?
any good home remedies for ingrown hairs caused by waxing?
how to take snake bite percings out?
How do i know if my finger is infected?
What would you recommend as a first-aid kit against snake bite for people working in forest areas?
i got a paper cut on my knuckle and now it is blistered over?
CPR questions .. HELP??????
why do guys bite girls on the neck?
what is the difference between a sliver and a splinter?
I recently got my ears pierced and my one hole healed fine but the other has a hard ring around the hole ?
if you think you have been in contact with a person with aids.how long would it takes before it shows on test?
How long can chlamydia ly dormant in man?
is having a sore throat with no temperature normal and is it related to hiv?
will i find a lover know i got the herps?
How effective is the implanon after 3 years. Does it run out to the day that it was fitted.?
Is it safe for someone with HIV and Karposis to work in catering?
if you've had gonorrhea in the past but it wasnt treated is it possible for it to come back 7 years later?
herpes or cysts needd help!?
found like 3 bits of small enlarged skin on my scrotam never bin with anyone else apart from partner who clean?
swine flue,why is it killing people in Mexico, but not anywhere eles?
To all of the smokers out there?
What do chicken pox look like?
How do i get rid of these spots by tomorrow??!!?
I think I have a brain tumor..?
how long before taking a blood test do I have to stop eating?
how we can improve our memory?
so do what i have is plain old anxiety or is a panic attack as well?
Does schizophrenia cause isolation or does isolation cause schizophrenia?
Withdrawing from college today?
Please Help me, i need it desperately. (thoughts of suicide)?
Can you be buried in a cemetary if...?
How would somebody force you to eat?
Have u ever broke your arm?
Please help i'm scared she'll overdose- i'm really desperate?
how do you know you have add?
even though my medication has increased I still feel?
Serious life or death situation please PLEASE help me with this guy? ?
i had my pinky finger removed should i get a lawyer?
which of these are classed as self harming ?
How do you combat depression?
Why would someone find it so unbelievable that an attractive girl at a good college could be depressed? Advice?
13 suicidal and cutting?
if you suffer from depression, what are some good ways to help yourself (besides medication)?
suicidal friend :( help me please!!!?
I'm scared I don't know what to do?
i have no idea what is wrong with me?
Please make these tears stop please help me?
Do you ever get really scared and depressed when you are alone in the house?
what fruits and vegetables am I allowed to eat if I have an allergy to citris?
why my skin itches when i eat hot pepper or salty food?
what should i do....?
i need help my toe hurts!!!?
Anyone who had Carpal Tunnel 2+, Workers Comp paid all treatment, gave lifetime medical?
Want to get ears pierced but..?
Is there any chance I broke my bone?
FOOT PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Ankle hurts when running?
I think I fractured my cheekbone. I was mowing and a rock flew up and hit me in the face.?
Hard knot under incision....is this normal?
It hurts really bad when I bend my wrist?
I have a sore foot +hip should i still exersize?
How will my doctor be able to tell if I have a torn ligament?
i just had shoulder surgery?
Lost feeling on parts of my toes...?
How long does a broken leg need to heal?
I injured a muscle and I can't figure out what I did?
Small painless lump on leg.?
how do i fix a pulled muscle in my bicep?
Why Does My Knee Click Everytime I Move? and How To Stop It?
I'm a disable child and I'm on bluecross ppo/medical why medical won't pay the 20% and copay?
Why am I SO tired often?
Why am I so tired enough to fall asleep standing up?
When talking about vertebrae, what's correct? C5-6, C5-C6?
Do I expect a battle from MEDICARE?
Whats the Largest Hospital In Chicago?
can you help find out whats wrong with me?
Do I have confidentiality of my medical records?
When you get tired, is it normal to fall into this semi- awake stage?
My family needs new healthcare? Advise please!?
Can you die from eating anything mice touch?
Can anyone tell me a worldwide spread reliable company for medical transcription outsourcing?
I'm a smoker of only 2 years, but some times cigarettes make me feel ill. why?
All my ten fingers were covered with chilblains, how can I do?
What's an enema and why is everyone obsessed with it?
Should I go to school today or not? I'm feeling stomach sick but..?
I have a vein that expands and looks like a bubbles bursting out of my neck, I am kind of scared....?
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Could I have the stomach flu?
chronic headaches what could it be?
What happened with my legs?
is HerbalCity1.com legit?
Being sick on my periode ?
Why is it that everything I eat tastes saltier than normal?
Can rapid climate changes make you feel sick?
My ear drum has been popped for over 24 hours?
Is skunk smell dangerous to humans?
I find taking magnesium very beneficial but I can't keep it down?
im on the change cant sleep & hot any natural remades?
What is safe alternative to (NSAIDs) Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs?
Just wondering does hypnotherapy actually work for weight-loss?
An everyday base?
Has hypnotherapy ever worked for you? If so what for and how many sessions did it take?
i have a cut or somthing inside my mouth and it hurts!!!?
Anyone ever go to a Pain Management Dr.?
Can a stiff neck lead to headaches?
severe pain in the upper right side of abdomen, what could it be?
Knee is hurting?? help!?
Why does my arm/leg always hurt?
what could be wrong with my knee?
I had a Sharp Pain in my lower right stomach and back?
what is myopractic therapy?
how to cure Candida by natural remedy ?
side effects of evening primrose?
Does any know of any natural or herbal treatments for bipolar?
My chiropractor ended my session after only 15 minutes, is this normal.?
I want to make my own nettle tea - anyone know the best way to dry the nettles to retain their goodness?
Do you have any complaints with the Alli pills? I bought some in www.2vitamins.com?
Can you get colonic irrigation on the medical card?
I have a sever low-back pain...what 2 do...?
pain on the upper side of my feet.?
Where do boogies come from?
Sometimes i get random flashes in my head about brutally killing myself and i dont want to. please help me...?
What should i do about my Shin Splints?
i took a benadryl about a hour ago is it ok for me to take a ibuprofen?????
Do Kalms sleep tablets work?
What should I do when I have a painful toothache and no doctor around?
Slipped Disk good workouts?
Does numbing gel really work ?
What could my right sided pain be..?
How do I get rid of these shin splints?!?
My ear looks fine & my hearing is normal. But, I feel like I can't hear out of my left ear. Slight pain. Help!?
Whats wrong with my knee?
Theres something wrong with my throat! please answer!?
HELP! my left leg is numb!?
My left is eye sore and hurts when I blink?
Rectal pain that awakens me?
What can caz me bleed when I urin? and sharp pains on my left side?
Swallowing difficulty?
Is anyone a constant hyperchondriac, I am.?
I am in Austin Texas, I have asthma and had a heart attack almost 2 years ago.?
When smoking kill bud on the 2nd inhale u hold in the smoke but on the exhale the smoke comes out a lot?
24/7 Coughing *what my be cause?
I was prescribed prednisone for 5 days and I picked up my prescription this morning but...?
Do I have asthma??????
Black mold treatment over the counter meds?
I dont know if i have Asthma?
Can you damage your lungs by taking in too deep of a breath?
Best thing to take for a night time cough?
I have had chest pain when I breath in on my left side for a month, now it is on both sides?
horrible nagging cough?
what are the health teaching into patients having tuberculosis (TB)?
Why did she prescribe this?? Advair Inhaler?
I cough for no reason because I feel like I have flem backed up in my throat?
Why does breathing into a paper bag and lying on your back with your knees tucked in cure hiccups?
cholesterol have any control on giddiness?
why now-a-days new born babies are having heart problems & how the disease diagnosed ?
want is the isovue 60 ml Side Effects?
is my blood pressure normal?
I m 40 yrs old, from last 6 months I feel my pulse skip after 2 or three pulse, I have acidity problem.?
Heart question please read?
Any good gift ideas for someone that is having a Cardiac Catheterization?
Do I have a heart problem? Please help!?
What preparations do I have to do to have normal result in ecg &blood pressure when submitting for medical?
can someone who had an aorta aneurysm go on a plane and not die?
why loud sounds can be irritating,and even to the point of causing an increase of blood pressure?
symptoms of panic attacks, but DR said its something else?
what defects does thamaldimide cause?
stop crestor cold--or taper off?
question about doctors?
How accurate is a heart cath?
only i want pronunciation of 5′ in 5′-nucleotidase (It is an enzyme)?
Is Zyprexa an Anti-histamine ?
Hurts under my shoulder?
Feel blood pumping from right side of neck down arm when laying on my stomach?
Strange bites in my arms?
My aunt is 55 years old and has MS and fibromyalgia, but she also has an unknown sleep disorder, please help!!?
as a Instructor of First Aid do you get hard time with St John Ambulance or other organization?
Can a tick bite hurt?
I have a hair in my stitches and it wont come out what do i do?
Busted tongue???????
How long does water retention and bloating last for? ?
Green discharge normal?
how do i soothe blisters on heels?
Earring stuck in ear?! Please, please help me. Please.?
I hit my finger and it's bleeding inside?
My best friend gave me a big scare...?
Chemical Burn Relief please!?
hey iam 19 years old and i got some difficulty that i cnt move my right hand...please help me?
I have these Mini seizures?
Did I get stung by a bee/wasp or whatever?
what happens when u inhale too much javex?
I think I'm just over-reacting, but does can someone answer this?
How can I make my ear swelling stop?
earring help?
As an Adult with otitis myrangitis *Ear infection" , can I syringe my affected ear while taking antibiotic
my four year old has a hard lump that appeared in he center of chest?
website for tart cherry concentrate?
How do I tune out snoring?
what does it mean when you are having bad upper stomach pains?
Is he an alcoholic or does he have some sort of mental disorder?
does lettuce/onions aggravate gallstones?
i need suitcases to carry eyeglasses.?
How will open bite jaw surgery change my appearance?
Tongue Piercing Infection?
where can I get N-acetylcysteine?
I need help on my homework, it's about concussions. I need a Person, what sport they play,?
Why do doctors prescribe anti-biotics for a common cold?
I've been having lower stomach for the last 2 days after taking next choice. What do I do?
weird red bumps on neck, please help!?
Why do I get sick so often?
rue care oil and hemorrhoids?
Was feeling sick and have a question.?
how long does second hand marijuana stay in your system?
How long does it take to become addicted to opiates?
what are some long-term effects of using tobacco?
Can't get rid of armpit smell?! x0?
Why are drugs smokes and drinks bad?
What are you're opinions on the drug Boniva for bone density?
Placebo effect experimentations?
I think I'm sick, and it's worrying me?
wrong med and too much of it!?
Is it bad to take 2 advil and a claratin?
I need to fix my voice? How?
The contact lenses that i want to get only come in 14.00 Dia & I'm 14.5 Dia?