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looking for a webpage on safty lifting by hand?
How many wart virus are they?
I'm doing a college project on yeast infections, any help?
please answer important to know?
To what extent has the HIV/AIDS pandemic inhibited the prospect for growth in the afflicted countries?
isn't there two kinds of herpes inner and outter? how do you know if you have inner?
what does the name matondo means?
do you know any herpes, HPV free dating site?
Type 2 diabetes and alcohol?
If you were a doctor?
please convert 5.4 and 5.7 m mol/l to mg/dl of sugar level?
does diabetis cause headaches?
Diabetic Question please?
I have normal sugar levels but a blood test says i have high glucose levels ant one know what this could be .?
Could I have diabetes?
i have just been told i have borderline diabetes.?
I have a blood sugar reading of 8.5 @ mid morning, is that bad?
what relate to diabetes and nutrition?
Does any body know of any uses of the Anti-diuretic hormone,' vasopressin' within the human body?
What are the true benefits of keeping your sugar levels under control?
What could this be? Help please! /:?
Why does wearing contacts make the little vessels in your eyes pop out?
Why can't I wink with my left eye and barlley wink with my right?
My left eye can't see far and my right eye can't see near. What is that called?
My eyes hurt everytime I touch the lids?
Light reflections off of new glasses?
Glares while wearing color contacts?
If my eyesight isn't perfect , will it make me tired if I don't wear my glasses?
My eyes can't focus on words!?
Contact lens....which brand is good?
how do you make the sclera( the white part of your eye) more white because its red?
Has anybody ever had this same eye problem?
Weird vision after riding a thrill ride?
Pink film/later/mucous in corner of right eye?
I have been getting bad headaches, could it mean i need glasses?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
what is myocardial infraction?
Does lovastatin a cholesterol lowering drug reduce the risk of heart attack? In a Texas study researchers gave?
chest pain when swallowing?
what is considered " Controlled Blood Pressure"? since it goes up & down on a daily basis?
Help! Could something be wrong with my heart?
stress test???
Heart failure and survival rates.?
How do you measure the blood pressure of a person with arrhythmia?
Heart Palpatations Questions?
can embrel and methotrexate be given together?
If you have right sided-heart failure will you eventually have total heart failure (left)?
High blood pressure at 155/125?
Why is my mothers blood pressure 92 over 41?
is this normal or is it abnormal?
coronary bypass ..home care requirments?
I have High Liver Function Levels and High Blood Pressure, what could be wrong?
Torn ligaments recovery?
Ankle injury from running?
Have you ever been touched significantly?
is this a concussion or am i okay?
My neck REALLY hurts? What could this be?
I Hurt My Vertebrae and have a few questions?
I have numbness in my rightfoot after a compression fracture L1&5 I also have a slight buldging disc, my EMG?
how to treat a reinjured hamstring?
Will i need a cast? pics.?
I sprained my ankle from trying to do a jump in the air ( i was dancing)?
I'm recovering from a stress reaction in my right shin and trying to start running again?
is anyone missing 2/3 of there talus bone and how did you recover from it?
Why do i have severe rib pain when i cough?
Stress fracture still hurts after 2 years...help?
hi i got a mri and they found a supraspinatus tendinopathy.partial tear within the supraspinatus tendon?
Like this happens mostly everyday?
What are your personal beliefs on health promotions in our nation?
Help with this please? Important?
Can a HPV shot give you air bubbles in your bloodstream?
How long will it take me to get fit if i run 2.5mi 5x per week? And eat heathly?
Is it bad to eat banana when you have a fever?
What jobs could I get if I saw a mental Doctor?
My 6 yr old daughter has had a persistent cough for 2 months..please help?
Why do i get like this after smoking marijuana sometimes?
From the information, do you think my kidneys are failing?
Cold sweat in really hot weather?
How does eating right and exercising help your brain?
How many hours we can live without sleeping?
Should I be worried about the drug test?
How much taller will I get?
Why do my muscles spasm when i do not tell them to?
What exactly is internal bleeding and how bad is it?
Whats the best position when lying in bed with notebook?
have you had vaginoplasty? please share good or bad experience and if you would recommend?
Why do i get these very mild headaches?
How long has AIDS been around?
I might have to have my tonsils out?
I need help, do I have Pink Eye?
meningitis information?
Is this turning into or already a sinus infection?
what viruses are people interested in?
Is it possible to have a slight case of strep throat?
I recenlty got pink eye, is there...?
Anyways to get over a cold/flu quicker?
my question is about urinary track infection.?
Why am I warm, but I don't have a fever?
The Vomiting Bug!!!!?
Will positive emotions, then, strenghten the immune system?
Demodectic mange possibilities?
What kind of viruses cause conjunctivitis (pink eye), RNA or DNA?
how can you differentiate group b streptococci and other beta hemolytic streptococci?
I think I have a Bartholin abscess but, what are the effects of the surgery?
What are the ways pathogens are spread?
what do doctors ask patients with elephantiasis?
How can I get a sore throat, almost tonsillitis?
if i'm want to lift somthing heavy what work out should i try ..what shoudl i be working on ?
Please help. Deaf question?
HMO kaiser... do i pick which kaiser hospital? like any city or is it only a specific kaiser?please help?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Major Chest pain help?
is there somewhere online you can find how much doctor's visits/ exams cost?
No energy, wounds take months to heal, scars hurt, aching joints. I'm not that old.?
Are ibuprofen 800 mg the same as vicodin?
Does Medi Cal cover ambulances?
Feels like lump in Throat when i swallow plz help im quite scared?and my traot feeling like ti's tightening?
Is a slightly elevated lipase normal?
whats the Technical word for foot doctor?
My under eye hurts sometimes..?
brown circle on the inside of my arm near the wrist?
Why are antidepressants not a curative drug?
What to do about bumps?
i need help healing my foot?
How to prevent an ingrown toenail?
I'm a heavy set male and I'm trained in..?
lipp pierced?????????
what are risks for falls in the elderly?
What could be on my head?
do you guys think Im in serious trouble?
Am I in risk of having stroke? Here are signs and symptoms....?
i have some mosquito bite?
Pediatrician: Plano,TX?
Call back after blood work taken?
When trying to detect a heartbeat..?
How do I stop a second degree burn from scaring?
My earing wont go throw in my ear??!! why?
i cut my figer is crazy glue the answer?
Looking for children geared/ related game/info on hypothermia and frost bite. any ideas of some good sites?
Bad ear infection? I'm very worried about it.?
What can you do about insect bites?
i have a large sliver in my wrist how do get it out ..it s right on the vein?
Any cure for jet lag?
how long does it take 4 a tongue ring to heal and what happens while it is healing?
Home Mosquito Bite Cures?
Why is frost bite so bad?
My hands are cold (question)?
i have a huge bite on my arm and dont know what it is! [pictures]?
Smoking occasionally?
How do i stop Anxiety Chest tightness? Im 17 years old?
Sudden coughing while falling asleep?
My right ear has been blocked for ages?
Do I have a chest cold or something worse?
i used to smoke weed a lot n i stopped ecxactly 32 days ago i need to take a drop will i bee clean already?
she has normal temp., and no nausea the lump has been there fo two weeks what is her ailment?
how to use a asmanex inhaler??!!?!? my daddy needs it now!?
What is causing this?
Can strenuous singing trigger an infection?
am i having sleeping problems.?
Having sleeping problems?
getting out of breath easily?
H1N1 Like Symptoms:Doctors Please?
Im Young & i Smoked 1 Day Will My Lungs & My Body be Normal?
minocycline mental side effects?
Severe cough at night and now spots on throat?
we had a water leak in our house and observed mold when repairing. Is all mold harmful or bad?
I have bronchitis. my 2.5 month baby is now coughing and wheezing with a stuffy nose.?
Toddler with H1N1 and pneumonia?
does predizone help coughs?
What could this possibly be?
how long does it?....?
if someone infected gave u a hicky can u catch something?
will a doctor just give me a blood test if i ask ?
Fingering myself, doesnt turn me on...is that normal?
HIV Problem - Please Read?
Was Henry eighth called that because he always had an eighth with him, if so I would have like to meet?
can i have the HPV vaccine if im on antibiotics?
HEP B information please?
what are the signs of chlymidia?
supmptons do i have thrush? x?
Im 21 & I feel like giving up, dealing w/mood swings, financal problems, relationship problems, depression?
I'm not happy with the life I was given - is there a way I can return to sender?
Is this an eating disorder?
Does anyone just wish they were never Born ?
how many sleeping pills is dangerous for life?
This is bad for my mental health isn't it?
HELP! can depression cause severe headaches? Read details:?
Am i depressed?
What can i do about internet addiction?
help teen daughter is suffering from depression, but won't let anyone help her?
What are the results of suppressed emotions?
Is this a panic attack?
Was I too harsh when I told my friend her depression isn't just about her anymore and to get help?
WHAT WAS RONG?? pls help --->?
Please help me with my weed problem?
Addiction To STARBUCKSS?
I feel like killing myself......
what about that cutting stuff?
Help with self confidence? Help?
Why do I see halos around lights at night with my soft contacts in?
how do you know if your eye is infected?
can you get morphine without a prescription?
Height 1.75 m and weight 51 kg...is ok?
Is it normal to have stretch marks on the inside of the thigh?
Why does everyone think im sick ?
I have problem with wearing contact lenses?
Elevated Pt and PTT on Blood test?
signs of a brain tumor?
NEED ADVICE ASAP.. bladder and poss kidney infection and poss more.. proff med advice only plz?
Please HELP! Swollen retina.?
What do i have? doctors recommended for answers!?
can i use something other than restasis?
how old was the oldest man ever?
how tall was the tallest man ever known?
i have sore spots all over my body..but no discoloration?
Would heat or ice reduce swelling in my nose?
why do all of your organs and muscles rely on the nervous system?
What if I want to sell all of my organs and I know when I am going to die?
Does anyoone know any stories of people who have recovered from M.E.?Myalgic Encephalopathy?
I need a waterproof cast cover?
Have you ever tried Reiki or Cranio Sacral Therapy?
how does the stomach work with the small intestine?
Manuka Honey????????????
Natural supplements or foods to help with exams?
what is the alexander technique? can anyone explain how you do it?
Do magnets stimulate the brain?
Why does my stomach still hurt?
strain or sprain?
what is the dangers of smoking k2 herbal incence?
Any suggestions for combating PMS, does bread work?
How does kanagarra (aka herbal viagra) work for women?
How to get rid of anxiety?
Anyone here tried 5-HTP..............?
Question about gingo biloba and alcohol?
The herb called Agnus Castus! Does it help females hormones?
How long does xanax stay in your system?
Does it matter which wrist you wear a magnetic bracelet on?
What is Oil of Evening Primrose good for.?
What is the difference between a spliff and a joint?
What vitamins can i take to boost my energy?
Is my tailbone bruised or fractured?
c6 vertebrae injury help?
Fooooooooooot, helpp(:?
Is my finger re-broken?
my elbow feels numb and swollen?
Was I slipped a Roofie?
my lower back on my right side hurt really bad when i move?
what results have u had from byretta?
can i get motability allowance or disability allowance if i have type 1 diabetis and i have had a kidney trans?
how many mg of alcohol are there in 100 cube of blood after two hours?
Is there sugar in toothpaste?
Any doctors out there please?
Can a type 1diabetic use a liquorice lip balm??
Iv'e just had a glocose tolerance test and the results are 7.5 fasting and 10.9 after ..are the results high ?
Can i become a Highways Agency Traffic Officer with Type 1 Diabetes?
I suffer from Fructose Malabsorption. What vegis and fruit can I eat ?
in a blood test how long can alcohol be traced in blood cells?
are there any insulin regimes that use short, medium and long acting insulin?
About a water deprivation test?
IS it possible to be allergic to marijuanna if i have been smoking for 2 years and have not had any symptoms?
I need some serious help w/ this sickness. it is making me crazy! HELP PLEASE?!?!?
why do my ears oos a lot?
Strep throat, doesn't hurt anymore, am i better?
I have a few questions about mono?
Why is this making me so sick?
what are examples of infectious disease and what is the definition of disease?
feeling as if i have an air bubble in my throat?
is this a tick bite? cause i don't know if its a tick or not?
Do you think that prenatal screening for genetic diseases is bad? porque?
Do i need my tonsils removed?
what causes positive alcohol screen in urine?
Identifying whether I have lice...!!!?
Could Deadly new fungus reach the UK?
finger infection, green/black?
If you rammed a meat thermometer down your urethra, what temperature would it read?
Is it possible that there could really be a virus that can turn people into mindless, flesh eating zombies?
Could I possibly have mono?
do all animalsc arry rabies?
home remedy for parvo?
could pee ordor get my kids sick?
I was wondering if its possible to give someone....?
I want to update my first aid/cpr skills but...?
Why does hyperventilation during CPR cause a decrease in venous return to the heart?
Do stitches need a bandaid?
De-skunking remedies?
If thirty is the new twenty, is 100 the new ninety?
really really bad nose bleeds help !?
Hydrogen Peroxide or anything else for burns?
Why not cold water for a burn?
help me, what do i do?
how long before a bite show up on your body after a flea bites you?
Aloe Vera made the sunburn hurt?
Why is my entire body numb? Anyone know? I'm a 40 year old othewise healthy female.?
What is staring gaze??
Can Certain Foods be a probable cause of Certain Diseases?
Does the St John's Ambulance have a good reputation in Canada?
I melted a candle inmy microwave and pushed into the skin on my legs(so it would get to the hairs) is it safe?
Spreading of Hiv or Hep c?
trying to get to 2111 finch ave from 129 mcroberts ave?
My thumb nails have a dip or a wave in them. I've heard this is from an iron deficiency. Is this true?
Best Way To Bandage Up A Finger?
Redcross First Aid and CPR?! What do i sign up for? What level?
What are the after effects of chest tube insertion?
Smoker coughing up blood?
i have moderate to severe lower back pain , i can barely walk, sit, or even lie down, sneezing, coughing, and?
Could my sore throat be caused by yesterday's car accident?
my mom has herpes on her lungs?
I'm having trouble breathing at the moment, what could it be?
What could this weird feeling in my throat be?
What causes a deep cough, occasionally coughs up flem?
I've been having breathing problems?
Help. Serious trouble breathing. Possible causes?
What to do about a cough that hasn't gone away for a month?
How do I treat a chronic sinus infection?
I have been taking Nyquil for over 4 yrs each night to help me sleep.?
My dad's right lung is hurting him......what does this mean?
Could I have asthma??? Help!?
asthma problems need help?
Slight hip pain after a workout?
Pain in head????????????
Extremely painful leg cramps at night what to do?
Did my brother break his wrist? hes crying?
If i had appendicitis which side would it not hurt to lay on?
How bad can repetitive strain injury get?
Does skateboarding damage bones?
Quick answer! Sharp shooting pains in middle of chest!?
Help!! My friend Sera's heart hurts and idk if somethings wrong with her:(?
please help.!head problems?
Sharp Brain Pains and Dull Aches ?
Constant stomach pain?
Going into surgery?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?
i have pain in my hip?
If horses where pulling ropes tied to your arms in two opposite directions, which arm would come off first?
black spots on tip of tounge?
Is it possible to have a stroke with no ill effects?
Mdma dosage for small female?
I'm very sick, what could I have with these symptoms?
Why does my theigh keep going numb...?
Tonsil swollen. What should I do?
Is it normal to have a buzzing in your ears?
What doctor to see...?
Is there a way to cut yourself with your nails?
Whats the difference between REM sleep and Deep sleep?
If you've been around people smoking weed does the smoke stick to you and get you high too?
Why is it that my nose gets congested during the night time when im sleeping and not when i wake up?
what is wrong with me?
What treatment do they give you for Herpes Type 2?
Can I donate plasma if I smoke weed?
how far off are they to finding a cure for HIV / AIDS?
Difference between lethal injection and euthanasia?
tendon pain on Base of big toe left foot?
Has anybody had a burning sensation on your tongue ?
I live in Dagenham area where can I get STD checked?
help what shall i do................ STIs!?
Will I get a cold sore?
HIV question? help please?
any one know wear i can buy a hearing aids that goes round your head?
i went to the doctor today and my blood pressure was really high?
My husband just had a 2nd heart stent put in less then 2 months, 2 days later hes hm & bp dropped to 96/69.?
my heart hurts when i take a deep breathe sometimes?
97/79 strange ratio blood pressure?
t.e.e.of the heart I know that you are put to sleep that it is all i know? ?
What is the prognosis of a stroke?
whats happening to me help please ?
How can you go to sleep faster?
Gross ankle grinding noise?
Where can I teen get checked out medically for free and anonymously in New York?
Anyone know a glazier? (glass installer)?
I have a hard time getting up in the morning.?
Don't know what is wrong with me.?
am I allowed to give blood if I got my lip pierced a month ago?
How can I get over a cold quick? I'm leaving for vacation in 2 days! ?
What organization investigates hospitals when they have way too many errors?
how did you quit smoking?
Health question about weight issues and headaches?
What's worse for you?
Need a good pediatric Ophthalmologist in the Detroit Metro or Ann Arbor area.?
Medicaid and getting a shrink?
why the capilaries appear clearly in my face ?
I think i am Bipolar how do i tell my mom?
Why do i feel so sad?
I am thinking about cutting myself and i already did three times. I am eleven?
Is there any hope for schizophrenia?
Does counselling ever really help? ?
I think I've got Borderline Personality Disorder... or a lot of the symptoms anyway?
Does anybody know a "cure" for stagefright?
Overdose Suicde Question?
Is the psychiatrist right by saying that I do not have borderline personality disorder?
can teenage girl depression be caused by loss of hope of finding love ?
My mum is dying... is it normal for me to feel like this? Please read?
How can I be okay with myself?
How to get psychological help of some kind?
What should I do? SOS?
I cannot stop crying. What's wrong with me.?
I am 15 and I tested my iq more than once nd my results are between 115 <--> 125 am I average or smart ?
Am I going to die bcuz of what i just drankk.?
Should I just quit work because of my anxiety?
Do you think the swine flu is going to get worse? Should people be worried?
Is my good knee going bad?? please help!!!?
Serious health Condition!!!!!!?
i have a nose ring. i got it a month ago now i have a bump beside it an out they dont really hurt but help?
My eye has got one red spot after punch?
why i have muscle injuries when i started to do pushups?
why do my arms stick out when i walk?
my forehead really hurts. i'm only 13 when i blew my nose really hard thats when it hurt how do u make the pai?
is this a sprain or is it twisted?
My foot is swollen, bruised...?
I don't know what happened to my knee?
Everytime i get around febreze i break out or swell up and i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
I seem to be having a side effect to crying...please help?
can you treat mrsa when it is not in your blood streem?
Do I have swine flu or just caught another strain of influenza?
Can i pull a muscle in my chest?
I have sharpe pains in chest when breathing. what could be the cause?
Eating Help - Shortness of Breath After Eating?
is it normal that 13 years old kid can't breath normally?
Heartbeat in my left ear?
what would help for anxiety attacks?
) Differentiate clearly between minute respiratory voloume and alveolar ventilation rate?
Best age for Lasik??!!?
black lines and hair looking things in vishion?
Talking about eye contacts?
I would like to know how common is it for..?
I floor burned the top of my foot dancing and I need to know if its infected or not!?
can you get burned by ice?
Why do my tears burn, sting my eyes?
Remedies for pink eye HELP?
whats the best way to make sure a blister doesn't get infected after it has popped?
I don't know if it's a Spider Bite or what?
Is it possible to bite your lip in your sleep?
Bee stings?
Can you smoke in your own private vehicle in alberta?
Blood blister, help!?
How to make a cut heal faster?
How do you cure a snake bite or a spider bite?
wound on foot care question?
bee stings?
My left eye is itching?
Taking 2 centrum performance pills accidentally?
Hydrogen Peroxide + Hand Sanitizer = white fingertips?
Could this be making me sick?
How do I stop this habit?!?
What happens if I can't drink Magnesium Citrate before surgery?
What are the effects of this?
what causes Peripheral neuropathy?
How to get sick overnight + I have this horrible headaches.!!?
Throughout the whole month I havent barely eaten and now that my pms craving has kicked in?
when i was in school i started feeling sick...?
what are chances when you use protection?
I am suffering from cold , cough , nose blockage , headache , slight fever what is this mean iam feeling bad?
how do i know if i have to get my tonsauls removed?
how to fake sick easily to skip school?
I have stomach cramps and lower back pain. What is this?
why is my hand shaking?
I have swollen tonsils with white pustules on them?
Whats your guys' opinion on smoking weed?
What is the matter with my feet?
Is it true that drinking various fruit juices can interfere in the effectiveness of antibiotics?
I'm a bit baffled. Can anyone help me?
Can Deep Heat Rub be used by Diabetics and people on Warfarin Tablets?
I have a gall bladder problem, I need to be on fat free/low fat diet?
what kind of fruits can a diebetic eat?
Propranolol and Diabetes?
if the doctor did a stomach pump on me for diabetes could he see if the food i ate was from today or yesterday?
Can you get diabetes instantly if you consume a kilo of sugar in a day?
high cortisol..................................?
Found Out I Have Anemia Last Week Need Comments?
what is low sodium count mean?
What can i do with these a levels?
Is my mmlo level OK.?
Im Thirsty all the time. Whats wrong with me?
sugar level results???
does anyone suffer pcos AND insulin resistance?
Gross Veins......Is it normal?
headache that wont go away?
Do I have something wrong with my vocal chords?
how can i get health care if im low income and have no insurance?
cartilage infection?!?
My right eye has been twitching since yesterday?
What could be wrong with me?
What are the possible Treatments of CSD?
What causes nose bleeds ????
Is there any medications that will lower your pulse rate without lowering your blood pressure?
what is wrong with my heart?
I yanked a Big Mac out of my aorta. Is it because I smoke?
heart attacks at young age due to diabetes?
Can anyone tell me why clear liquids would come from a dead mans nostrils after an apparent heart attack?
I wanna start a foundation?
my heart....?????????
neurologists or anyone who knows anything?
43-yo w/recent stents, still having SEVERE pains in both chest & groin?
How long does it take for a drug called kava to leave the body's system?
how to know if u have a heart problems ?
can quiting cause heart attack?
is there a pacemaker to regulate all heart electrical impulses?
Pulsing feeling under chin shortness of breath please help?
No P Wave with no AF on ECG - Need answers what could be wrong?
In addition to niacin, what else is helpful in increasing HDL cholesterol levels?
What happens when a 100% paced heart patient receives an electric shock?
i need to know charitable institution that could sponsor my baby who have a heart problem?
I know a poor person who has severe cardiac disease that demands open heart surgery. any help for free treat?
Is an 84 pulse good for a 41 year old woman?
about heart disease...help???
what is the difference between HIV and AIDS ?
How to tell a friend she has nits?
STD's and the pill?
is herpes a deportable illness?
whyhaveigottingling inmyfingerslefthand andsmall like blisters alsosorenes underarmpit?
why is there such taboo about std testing?
How long does HIV live outside the body?
where can i get a free and anonymous STI and HIV tests in london?
Saw green during Reiki session?
has anyone ever tried to program your dreams or have lucid dreams and did you have any success?
Is ther a good, natural alternative to statins?
can Bromelain help relieve the pain of carbal tunnel?
cancer of the endometrium?
Does anyone know any good relaxing techniques?
Do muscle relaxant pills work on a tooth nerve?
Are sleeping pills completely safe?
any help please!?!?!?!?
Can intestinal yeast overgrowth cause chronic vomiting?
tendons or ligaments?
Why do some Countries still permit quack practices like Osteopathy?
What is the best nicotine patches?
were can i cet oregon cream for psoriasis?
home remedies for FMS?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
Can you use essential oils for cooking?
are natures sunshine products any good?
What are the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil?
Should I just quit work because of my anxiety?
How is cutting yourself bad?
do you think im faking?
Iam feeling anxiety almost everyday please help?
tell me if this is weird or not?
Could this this anxiety?
people think i'm a cutter!?
Biggest stress....where to escape to?
Do you think I could be from another planet?
Has anyone felt this way about going to a therapist?
Is this considered cutting?
My friends make fun of people with depression, why?
I think I'm a schizophrenic?
i was wondering if anyone can help me ? i am 13 and i self harm ,,?
Why do I do this to myself?
How doI tell my mother that I think I have schizophrenia?
I havn't talked to my best friend for 8 months.. Tonight i'm going to call her. Am i doing the right thing?
do u think people who are drunk or on drugs should have to pay for emergency hospital treatment?
could i have fainted from fear?
What's Wrong With Me?
Ate a lot of pecans on an empty stomach and have been nauseous for two hours. Why?
How can i buy Zolpidem Legally?
What happens when someone takes Adderall then Vyvanse the next day?
How can you get rid of..?
Do you want to quit smoking?
People with foot fetishes...?
Can your ears ring permanently? ?
I think my friend is bulimic?
why does my stomach hurt all the time?
Average pulse rate?????
Is it at all possible for your throat to close while your sick?
Please help my daughter?
How to become an early bird?
How long will 5 mg of Focalin XR last in my body?
How do I retrieve a record of an old hospital bill that I paid?
How long can I wait until I can fill my prescription for oxycondone? in the state of MD?
Is it normal for new piercings not to have discharge?
Do all mrv MRI require contrast?
I had a CT scan on for my lower abs and pelvis and I havn't felt hungry since.?
quickly heal clavicle?
Swelling above nose(forehead).?
Is this really serious. should i go see a doctor?
I hurt myself last year, still hurts, any ideas what it may be?
I stubbed my toe really bad I need help?
What can happen is pus is draining from a wound and you can't or don't clean it out?
What is causing the pain in the back of my hand?
is this nerve damage?
i was wondering about my ACL?
Why is my foot numb?!?!?
Are there any supplements that will help me heal after achillies tendon surgery?
Bruise went away and came back worse...?
What can be done about my friend's arm?
i think i broke my pinky finger?
I was asleep and turned over and felt something pop in the bottom of my stomach. Any one have any ideas?
tripped and now my foot hurts to walk on?
What are the causes of black stool / faeces?
Piercing infection without swelling?
do you think i shud to the hosbitul or a chiropractor?
Is my keilod scar healing?
How to get rid of a mosquito bite in less than a day?
What is the average resting heart rate of an 11 year old?
how do you heal plantar fasciitis or at least get rid of the pain?
Can metal pieces in my skin get badly infected?
I burnt my had in liquid propane. I had blisters and now they are gone. Will these marks stay or go away?
How do you snap your finger under water?
How dangerous is taking medicine for migrains be. Doctors did consult. Not sure of med info. ?
Is it bad to crush Midol? ):?
How do I get my legs not so sore?
Tongue Hurts! Please help me!!?
Headaches on the right side of my face?
How do I talk to my dr about increasing my pain meds?
My boyfriend took too many laxitives?
15 year old with terrible abdominal pains?
Headache lasting more than four days,chills,body aches, shaking, soar throat and muscle spazzims.?
After having an epidural, back pain?
Question about my ear?
what are some ways to help wake me up? ?
How do i get rid of this pain?
If I chew 2 vicoprofen will it give me a good lean?
should i rap my foot while i sleep?
what is the term when you are immune to the pain injections they give you in the hospital?
How can i get rid of a headache fast without taking medication?
I've hurt my tailbone, Can anyone help?
Can barely put weight on leg from dancing.?
Food Allergies? Delayed Reactions?
Is there any kind of metal someone might be allergic to?
puffy eyes how toget rid of puffy eyes in a day time?
Why does this happen when i space out?
Is there an Emercency Health Care Insurance Plan?
how to get to sleep...?
what is the preferred provider health care act of1985?
Which store do you prefer for prescriptive glasses?
Body modification. How bad is it?
How to cure "jumper's knee"?
I don't understand...?
my spetum is really getting really sticky+hurts.?
Why did "they" change it?
i feel weak?????????///////???????????
if you took about 40 miligrams of xanax in a 6 day period. how long ddo u think it would take to get out?
How do you clean mariguana out your body & how long does it take?
I missed a nights sleep...?
persistent twitch on my back. should i be worried?
Why has my stomach been hurting so much?
How do I get a subchondral cyst and a 1x2cm osteochondritis dissecans fixed?
can mute people yell?
What does drinking a gallon of water everyday do to your body and skin?
Why do I faint so much?
Why does WIC have foods that are high GI?
how can i get rid of excess saliva in my throat? the doctor is no help should i go to the hospital?
Think im hearing voices and I feel as though I'm not moving fast enough?
more info on broken ribs?
Are your pinky toes meant to be flat or curl round?
could taking IC SULFAMETH/TMP DS while pregnant kill my baby ?
How did I wake up sick?
where can I find information about dysgraphia?
What are bags under eyes exactly?
should I be worried about him?
Can a basic blood test test if I have hypothyroidism?
Is it normal to feel like puking everytime I eat?
How to get rid of dark under eye circles?
Pneumonia Or is it just a cold?
Hunchback and left rib poking out after scoliosis surgery?
If I Smoked 6 Months Ago Would I Pass A Hair Drug Test . ?
Is this Reynaud's syndrome?
What could this rare blood disorder be called?
what's the life span for an Epi Pen? How long can i keep it?
whats happening to my hands?
i am pregnant and my leg is swollen and it hurts?
my hand keeps shaking loads?
how would u tell if only one kidney failed?
Does it cause weight gain? I'm worried.?
Can a sleep aid affect urine drug test?
illnesses from pee soaked diapers?
Is there anything one can do to discourage mosquito bites. This chikungunya virus is very worrying.?
Is herpes a serious disease? And how to treat it?
how many people have died of aids in the united states?
I went to the clinic and had tests including hiv blood tests now i'm scared?
Why did the gods have a messenger called Herpes?
extremely itchy, slight odour, blood, slight burning, mostly whiteish, cream coloured discharge. frustrated.?
can someone one help me understand this i was reading up about hiv and i wanted to know what they mean by this
HIV question?
herpes first outbreak?
HIV question?
STD resaults??
does the third HIV jab hurt?
have i got bad circulation?
Will an optician re perscribe at your request here in England?
is there a type of diabetes?
Why can you get electrolytes from salt?
Globally, how many people suffer from Diabetes?
i get vary tired in the afternoon?
How often can you give blood?
What A - Levels do you need to become a nurse?
blood glucose reading of 20mmoh/L?
Are a diabetic's organs useful for transplants ?
Do I have diabetes? Fasting level was 6.6?
i am making a diabetic cake with 250g caster sugar, how much in canderel sugar do i use.?
what could be the cause of my mums symptoms?
i can't manage my diabetes...help me please?
has anyone had a test done for autonomic neuropathy (diabetic)?
glucose/insulin testing?
Can or rather should a Type 2 diabetic eat popcorn?
what should a child sugar level be?
Sudden increase in blood sugar levels?
help with calorie burning ?
what are things you wish you would of known/done when you were a teenager?
What future damage can tabs cause?
Normal Blood Pressure?
What's wrong with my heart?
What is meant by a doctor tells you you had enzyme leakage?
Everyone says taking amphetamines after having a heart attack is dangerous, why?
I take fat burner and now my heart pain me for 2 days.it is dangerous?
What is the reading for this ECG results? Please?
Is this normal???????
Carotid artery surgery and lack of blood supply to the brain?
Stop Taking Beta Blocker?
Is a lower alcohol tolerance a symptom of liver failure?
what supplements help lower blood pressure?
a clot in your arteries that runs back wards?
is it ok to hit my friend with a 2300 volt bug zapper. i asked if he has any heart problems and he said no.?
hi blood pressure?
how can you recover from drugs?
i have a pain in the back of my knee. it has gotten worse to where it hurts to walk. is this serious?
Redness/itchiness on the left side of my left eye when i put in contact lenses. what is this?
Hiya, i was just wondering how much i might be expecting for a compensation claim from an accident at work.?
Is my nose broken???
i am feeling that the nerve of my right eye is getting dry. let me know its symptoms?
What is wrong with me?!!!!!?
My left knee has been swollen since last August..?
pain after a concussion.. 2 months ago..?
What the heck is wrong with his knee?
Why is my foot turning a greenish, grey color?
two injury releated questions?
I fractured my collar bone around 4 weeks ago in a lacrosse game. It sticks out a bit..will it ever die down?
How long will it take me to recover from surgery on a torn menicus?
what is wrong with my shoulder blade?
Sports injury? Right hand tingly after auto racing?
hi everyone ! My mom broke her hip but it's healed now and her thigh muscle won't support her. Need exercises.?
what is best for frozen shoulder?
i have a bite that has spread. what insect is it?
I got a sliver at gymnastics class...?
nausea and dizzyness?
If a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide gets in your eyes, can you go blind?
Do ALL insect bites leave bite marks on your skin?
how does pressure medicine work in the body.? Does it expand the nerves ?
does anyone know a good treatment for when you have poison ivy?
How do I treat a damaged toe nail??!?
if your washing hair dye out and some of it gets in your mouth can you get sick?
How do I make this mosquito bite go away?
Ear infection? Something stuck in ear? Really painful!?
In first aid, what do these acronyms stand for?
where can I find a temporary inflatable cast to keep in a first aid box while we are quading.?
i got 8 stitches on my hand and it is swollen?
too sleepy and red eyes?
What is the stone blood?
Would if I have SCABIES? Im about to cry... can you please respond?
Medical supplies shop?
So my son and I have a rash and the doctors arent giving me any answers......?
Feeling sick after HIDA scan?
Post surgery, should I contact my GP?
can i have long term disability benefits and welfare benefits at the same time?
What am i ill with anyone?
What color should my mucus be? Also, feeling horrible?
Are there medicated slippers that helps improve the efficiency of your kidneys?
What do you think is wrong?
why do i keep crying of no reason?
Antibiotic Bactrim and alcohol?
150 mg of lamictal+psychedelic mushrooms?
help with Bud Brownies?
Why do I sometimes randomly taste banana?
Can you be sick without a high temp?
When calling the poison control center, what info will you need to provide?
Family doctor in Egypt ?
Can someone tell me how long it takes to get Your health insurance?
Would insurance cover family counceling?
what can i put in my drink to make me sleep for hours ?
I think my mom got food posioning?
I don't think i'm getting enough sleep....HELP?
what means hemoglobin?
What should I do to help this?
what are the proper positioning and nursing interventions to medical surgical health problems?
Why did EKG say "ectopic beat"?
can you get high from smoking canabis seeds?
Reiki attunment side effects?
what is all this pre biotic and pro biotic from activa and wot does it do for you?
is liquid diazepam in injectable ampoules safe to be taken orally mixed in a drink?
Colloidal gold for arthritis ?
does anyone use valerian long term?
Can anyone tell me if KANAGARRA tablets really works?
What is Concierge medicine? What was it role in our body?
Adding salt to a bath?
how do you get rid of the chicken pocks?
medicine 'stemetil" is for what use?
Poll: Which of these essential oils do you prefer, fragrance wise?
is it possible?
problems with relationships and health since moving home?
thoughts on meditation?
acai berry ...true or false ?
Would having colonic irrigation work?
prescriptions, i am 16 and have just left school and waiting to go into collage UK?
its been 35 days smoke free just wondering how long i might continue to cough?
Paint fumes inhaled?!?
What is a nasal airway?
My daughter has asthma and only seems...?
what would happen if i inhaled cinnamon powder?
project for science- sleep apnea! (10 pts)?
i need help with the respiratory system?
My son is 4 months old diagnosed with rsv, asthma , bronchilitis, and the flu?
sons abnormal chest xray results-very scared!?
When i cough i feel a burning sensation in the middle of my chest, is this heart burn?
Asthma but no wheeze??? Please help?
I have congestion in my chest which causes me to keep clearing flem from my chest. It causes pain in my chest ?
I have way too many nosebleeds, plz help !!!?
How does a person stop snoring?
how to clear my system? i smoked...?
Do I have asthma or some other disease?
pocking feeling in chest area..please help!?
Why does it feel like I can't get enough air in my lungs when breathing?
Why is it that when I lay down on my back it feels like a heavy ball is rolling in my lungs?
Is this an ear infection?
Why do I have random pain in my wrists?
Could Colon Problems be causing a stiff neck and shoulder?
Why do I have tingling in my right shoulder blade?
why is my stomach making funny noises?? ?
leg hurting after knee surgery?
What could cause migraines almost daily?
ouch question about my leg?!?
horrible leg pain...what is this?
my tounge is numb????
Earache and headache!!!?
my knees hurt when i do sports what should i do?
back problems HELP!!?
bad back pain outa nowhere?
my stomach hurts, like someone punched me there. but they didn't...?
Can Tylenol PM or Benedryl make calves hurt and tighten up?
How to cure tmj naturally? My lower jaw bone is has shifted.?
What would happen if you got stabbed in the hand.?
Is my doctor an idiot? He prescribed anti-inflammatories for me. Take 4 every 6-8 hours..?
Could this be more then a migraine?
Headache question...........?
What should I do about my heel pain?
where can i purchase vicodin w/out a perscription?
What's going on with my sight?
what happens after laser eye surgery?
My eyes are blurry and my father blames the computer..?
What do i have ? ( SICK )?
What does it mean to have an increased abdominal girth?
What am I sick with? - Please help.?
Best ways to fall asleep? (excluding relaxing sounds)?
What do people eat before bed that results in weird dreams?
Should i go to the Doctors or the Dentist?
Did I have an anxiety attack?
How can I correct my sleeping pattern?
What is causing this...?
What impact might high elevations have on breathing and how might the body acclimate to high altitude?
Strange pains... Please help, description listed below...?
Does It Hurt To Make Yourself Throw Up?
What can i consume to dissolve kidney stones....!?
How to get rid of a sore throat fast?
I feel I cold coming on how to pervent it?
What is this?! Doctors please answer?
Ok I have toothache to hot and cold hurts bad please answer?
I have a cyst in my big toe under my nsil?
How can you get rid of lisp ?
Shaking before vomit?
Tingling in Feet/Legs and Fingertips?
stomach bubbling, belching and nausea? what can this be?
Health & parents! Help?
Why do my eyes hurt and get dark circles when I eat?
Is everyone in my family seriously JUST dehydrated? Almost all have been in the hospital recently.?
what causes a 45 year man to have black out spells?
I'm not sure what's wrong. Constant headaches, trouble breathing, ringing in ears....?
how do you stop the burning feeling on back of throat from acid reflux?
Is there a sickness where fasting is part of the treatment?
Cant remember a Sleeping disorder name?
Does anyone have lupus, how did you know, what are your symptoms & how are you treating it?!?
how do I find out what this "illness" is?
Any recommendations for cures for insomnia? Sleeping pills, teas, etc.?
Feeling more depressed than ever, need help?
is it wrong/strange to like to be alone , and possibly be anti social?
Does anyone know the zip code for a place called Hatchett Pass in San Antonio, Texas or what the closest hospi
Does anyone know the best orthopaedic surgeon in Surprise, Arizona?
I think i might have Borderline personality disorder.?
My skin peeled on the back of my feet and it burns when its rubbed. I can't wear any shoes....?
How do antipsychotics work for anxiety?
Please help me make myself throw up?
is their sutch thing as a mucle spasm in your ear?
how many hospitals are in B.C. ?
* HELP ME PLEASE.!! Im 13 Im suicidal and Im cutting Im on the edge and I need HELP.?
Injured Veins?
what would happen if you cut a big, elevated spider vein?
how do you know if you have an over bite or an under bite?
I have Lead Stuck In My Skin What To do?
How does your body react when it receives a bad burn- like hot oil on the arm and torso?
I have a cut on my arm... and it looks pretty bad. What do i do ?
I accidentally burned my thumb. Is it serious?
Help- bleeding under the fingernail after bending it back? Best answer 10 points!?
I got this nasty cut the other day....?
Self-harm help please?
Does n e1 feel as if your heart is going 2 stop when u hav a panic attack?
should I kill myself?
Has anyone ever heard of bandiseptic?
I need help? ive lost feeling in the tip of my finger?
is coleaf any good for wind and griping pains as i have tried infacol but seemeed to constipate her ????????
how bad do you feel after a seizure?
do you think all organizations should follow world health organization new policy not to hire smokers?
Help! My Pink eye wont go away!?
Hair Removal Cream in my Cut!!?
Is the ion foot bath a scam?
If someone has poison ivy, if they touch something and you touch it after can you get it?
Have you ever visited a medical site on the internet? For what purpose?
I cut my lip while shaving, how do i stop the bleeding?
Tips to cure REALLY painful lower back!!! plz?
touch the back of your ear... theres a flat bone right...?
Why do my calves feel like they are in knots?
How can I get my IT band(and/or lcl) to heal faster?
Female atheletes more prone to sports injuries?
how do i completely heal from hyperextension?
How do you induce pain, migraines or a concussion?
What injury could this be? Knee injury?
Did I break my foot? I don't want to go to the doctor.?
My friend somehow feel off his bike, hit his head, was convulsing..?
What kind of toe injury?
Head-On Collision, 6 months ago - ongoing back pain since then...who do i see about my back?
hi do i have damage plz help?
how long does vicodin stay in your urin?
Good nights sleep, feelin good?
It feels like sunburn but there is no burn! What coud it be?
plz,i desperately need help...?
is there any difference between these drugs?
what can i do to stay awake?
Help getting my sleep back on track?
Just bought some milk of magnesia because I've been dropping my deuces 4-5 days apart, I always feel full etc.?
What would you say are the major health issues in Edmonton, Alberta?
whats wrong with me??...please help?
What's wrong with me?
whos wrorried of the swine flu?
MY COUGH......but IM not SICK?
Lung infection deadly?
I am So Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is piroxicam 20mg used for?
Losing my hypo warning signs?
can you help??
why are different medications used to treat diabetes?
I had visable sugar in my urine and i have many symptoms of diabetes, does this sound like it? what type?
Swine Flu Jab and Ketones For Diabetes!?
what is the whole things tto diabetes ?
Does Glucosamine contain Glucose?
Has anyone done a science coursework on diabetes? What can i include? I want to get an A*?
How does diabetes cause a speed up in rate of atherosclerosis?
how can you get ketones in your urine to spill?
How does type 1 diabetes cause weight loss?
Diabulemia - what are your thoughts?
My son is type 1 diabetic and has taken up Rugby..?
what would having too much iron in my blood mean
test - am i?
No signs of a hypo no more?
how long do you have to be on incapacity before you get invalidty?
Diabetes or Angina or...?
Diabetes symptom?
Do I have an allergy to one of my cooking herbs?
Is there a healthy/homeopathic way to get off of Claratin?
Random pain on my whole body?
Pain on the right side of my rib cage help?
Will I die from taking 5 or 6 extra strengh exdrine pills??!?
strong heart pain for 14 year old?
How to cure crazy legs?
Pain in the pelvic and leg area? Need info!!!!?
My stomach hurts when I laugh or cough?
What foods make people get gas pains in their stomach?
im sick and its killing me! help?
does tongue piercing hurt and how much does it?
My Knee hurts when I kneel.... help? D:?
Weird stabbing pain...could it be more serious?
I crushed my heel 6mths ago,will the pain ever go away?Can I do anything to make it not hurt as much?
I am having a MAJOR health concern right now!?
I have a tingling muscle on my upper arm, why?
all my bones hurt!?!?!?!?
pain in side of my head.. scared !?
Does a herniated disc require surgery?
Why do i suffer heart symptoms after drinking 2 16 oz draft beers?(and i never even drink)?
severe or acute mitral regurgitation?
Palpitations with exertion?
What would cause liver failure in a 35 year old white female with hypothyroidism that has recently had her gal?
Bypass Surgery queires -?
ekg indicates early repol. what is that?
Out of Control Blood Pressure...?
wats up wit the heart?
Could I win her heart!!?
Why was my heartbeat irregular?
I never had a problem with my pulse rate but always had high blood pressure?
is this sign of heart attack?
How to treat my high blood pressure? ?
My blood pressure is 149/79.I'm 28, i go for 30 min jogging twice a week. What to do to bring it to normal?
Saturated and Trans Fat Question?
Random Chest Pains Are Getting Worse!?
Can a blood transfusion cause future clots?