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help with an itchy rectum?
i have an embarrassing scab on my lip how can i get rid of it?
pain in finger, help?
I have pain in my left leg, what could this be?
After I ride my bike for a while my hands really hurt and i get pins and needles in them?
if someone took 17 stilnoct sleeping tablets what would that do?
Oxycodone question please ?
what is a good alternative for percocet?
Pins and needles in my hands EVERYDAY help?
jaw popping question?
Just took a methadone.....?
i had a lower back pain move to my left thigh and now it is in my left?
I recently had surgery and the pain medication is making me itch like crazy. Remedies?
It hurts to open my mouth? help!!?
bad pain in my arm please help!!?
How can I make my back pain go away?
Please help my Fiance is having a pain in his lower back and a pain in the middle of his stomach what is this?
i need a quick way to get rid of my headache.?
HELP!! muscle knot problem!! please!!?
the right lower part of my back hurts to the front of my stomach!?
Pain in left side-ish?
Plantar fasciitis surgery questions?
My eyes hurt everyday and so does my head. It occurs mainly on the left, but varies. Does anyone know why?
what do u do if u have swine flu?
My earring is now inside my ear !?
Huge bubble blister on bottom of foot HELP?
I asked this earlier but still no answers! :(?
What happens to the part that has been cut off after an amputaion?
Ear problem.I think I have wax builup in my ear How can I fix this?
How can I live longer?
are you worried about swine flu?
I just put my fingers in my mouth after putting on hand sanitizer. Should I worry?
is toothpaste really can cure or lessen the burn (1st degree)?
help please my ear...?
my slave keeps trying to bite through the cable?
1 Eye Top eye lid is pink a swollen?
does vinigar help yo take the sting out of a sun burn?
what is the best thing to use for a block ear (impacted wax buildup)?
My index finger is longer than my ring finger (Male)?
Bug bite that has changed appearance and maybe caused symptoms?
diaper rash...preemies?
A song question?
Why can't I stop crying?
What does it mean to have deja vu often?
can a trauma cause schizophenia?
how do you stop yourself committing suicide?
I think i should see a psycholigist. what should i do?
whenever i am home. i feel so bored..?
Need help falling asleep! Help!?
I don't want to go back to the hospital, but i'm entering a very dark and hopeless place im mind. Help!
Addressed to people who self injure...?
How to get my boyfriend to understand what I mean by " I'm bipolar"?
I am taking anti-depressants but it seems to be making me feel 10 times worse! Why is that?
Please help me... I don't know what else to do...?
how can i stop myself from killing myself?
Is it possible to live a fufilling life with a mental illness?
It isn't as simple as 'needing to "talk" to someone' is it? I need some perspective and some help
do i have something wrong with me?
im a monster. im truelly disgusting?
why when i enter the bathroom?
Am I Crazy?
Bulimia- TERRIBLE chest pain over heart??? Vomit in blood? Do I need to see a doctor?
Why is it, when I wake up, one eye is lighter than the other?
where can i find blue colored non prescription contacts for realllly cheap?
Does PA Welfare/Compass Health Care Coverage Cover Laser Eye Surgery.?
my eyes hurt when I look around?
help with my eye sight?
Glasses bent frame not fixed but worse?
What's color of eye?Or i have problem with the monitor or eye is realy dark purple with green pieces?
Can Optic Nerve Head Drusen cause optic nerve thinning and field of vision loss?
how do biek babby? i can biek babby, yes?
Do Optometrists get paid during their residency?
please eye doctor help**?
Question about flashes in your eye?
Should I Wash my Face Before I Take Out my Contacts?
why are my eyes doing this please help!!!!!?
gunk in my staffs eyes?
My eyes feel wierd when I look at certain things...?
Do I have green and brown eyes or hazel and green also can i wear freshlook dimensions aqua or sea gree?
Why is the white park of my eye ball blue?
do i really have to see an eye care professional before using my cosmetic lenses?
Whats going to happen?
sharp pain in my left eye when i blink. not every time i blink but a couple times an hour.?
Eyeglass lenses which have no distortion?
Am I really too sick for school?
Medical question, no insurance ?
How long will it take to get on Medicaid?
My sister can't eat. WTF is wrong with her?
navel piercing & gym class?
I dont have health insurance and i would like some advice?
I am asking if anybody out here gets Migraines and if they do ?
I often feel really bad could it be my bp dropping too low?
22 month old with sinusitis...anything to ease the cough?
10 pts best answer please help?
My little sister has a bubble like thing near her eye?
Can someone please inform me what it means when someone has a right sided aortic arch ?
I need to create something to have to do with nursing but idk what....?
i have a yellow bruise on the right side of my intestine area, and it's been yellow and there for quite awhile?
does anyone ever get really nervous at the doctors office? ?
if i am having a shower and i have a cold sore is it possible that from the water i can get herpes down there?
Have a sinus cavity infection should I just go to my doc and get anibiotics?
how to get rid of cold and virus?
among teenagers they like to share drinks what are some of the diseses they can get?
Do you go to the doctor if you get shingles? 10 POINTS?
What is the posibility we have mono?
An intestinal bacteria infection enhanced with stress conditions, general neglect, and poor care may lead to?
How dangerous is it too ...?
is thalidomide an antibiotic, mutagen, vaccine, or virus?
Can dogs smell drugs once they are in your organism?
I have started taking antibiotics for a UTI today & hours later I have what must be a sinus infection?
Bladder infection please help!?
I don't understand why I need a CT scan?
Is there a name for this kind of illness?
What are common hospital medical cases?
Yeast Infection? Blahh!!?
bactrim is it good for mercer in babies who has skin lesions?
My girlfriend took her tongue ring out? Help plz?
What happens if a child swalllows hand sanitizer?
When is it a fever in this situation?
Viruses and Bacteria questions?
lump in groin after cather ablation?
Rapid heart rate when sleeping.?
How can a person shot in the heart stay alive?
A friend of mine just had his 3rd heart attack in 5 months. ?
Should heart palpitations always be checked out?
I have 3 time missed my heart beat what can i do?
i am 51/2 mo. ihave felt movement until the last week is he dead?
Am I A Heart Breaker?
Can you tell me a new technology that has just presented itsself within the past 6 months?
regarding stress test?
What are the heart bands called?
the doctor toll me i had Holosystolic murmur?
The first time i tested my heart rate it said 104bpm and then after it said 97bpm... is it normal?
Ranking of UPMC Hospital in Pittsburgh for aortic valve replacement?
can you be allergic dreadlocks? my eczema seems to flare up every time i see my boyfriend who has them ?
Help!!! Do I have the flu?
Allergy relief? Medication suggestions?
i have been in a old building for 3 weeks and i have been getting sicker and sicker the building has dry mold.?
What causes smelly gas?
how long does ems have to work on someone?
Just bought a pack of Players Cigarettes?
how tall am I in feet if I am 55 and a half inches?
Is it normal that I spot everyday?
I just need to relax?
What do you think it means when you get light headed while your sitting down?
It was 7 o'clock, I blinked and then it was 8 o'clock!?
Neutrogena acne products.. ?
First time, thinking to take anxiety medicine?
Question about urine drug tests?
what can i do for extreme restlessness?
Been sick for two weeks, what can I do?
how should my stool look like after taking laxatives?
How can I overcome digestion problems?
When I am stressed out my knees start hurting....... why could this be?
I had a bad trip.......?
how bad is your kidneys when functioning at 31%?
I been sick since Tuesday, do you think I need to go see the doctor?
Unusual infections after giving blood?
Is Olive Oil good for TB patients?
What are some health risks if you dont clean your air condtioner filter?
if a girl feels like thoughing up and her back herts and she cant sleep and tose and turns all night what is ?
I have really bad asthma. ?
why anti tubercular drug does not respond in TB lymphadenitis?
serious digestive problems. Can someone help me on this?
Allergies that are leading to slight wheezing and chest pains?
Hi everyone ... I know this may seem like an odd question but can anyone recommend a good mold lawyer ?
Can I exercise after taking meds?
Dry, scratchy throat 5 years after tonsil removal.?
Suddenly for the past 5 days I am having breathing problem.?
i am 40 year old with diabetic. my bloop pressure is 150/95. should I start taking drug for blood pressure?
Random blood sugar of 10.1& Fasting count of 8.6. Is it diabetic& what's the cure?
Can diabetes or something related to diabetes affect your memory?
My geneticisist says I'm likely to inherit type 2 diabetes?
Sometimes during the night my dad has a HYPO* (diabetes fit)?
Symptoms check,is there a website?
Is this a sign of tiredness?
What effect would pressure chamber treatment have on diabetics?
Afghanistan - what is really going on in this troubled and blood soaked country?
Advice On A Diabetic Test
what is microalbuminurea?
Charcot Foot will my mom ever get better?
My father 50 years old is a diabetic patient, he gets irritated,angry on small issues very easily.?
My sister is really sick with URI?
I have very bad headache problems what could be causing this?
what is a headache? We have all had them before but what is it?
Does getting an epidural hurt?
Symptoms of Chlamydia?
shoulder dislocation?
Can Oxycodone cause heart problems?
any details about anti retroviral drugs?
how dangerous is the vaccine gardasil for men?
How do people get aids ??????
What STD/STI have you got?
Which STD is this please?
When going to an accupuncture session, what happens?
What's the best cure for a stomach ache ?
How do you tune in to Reiki?
ls paracetamol addictive?
Best cures for sore throat?
how much weed do you smoke to get stoned!?
Has anyone ever tried ??????????????
Herbs for hormone imbalance?
doses anyone know the best way of getting a enema?
i want to be a doctor help please?
Alternative to smoking?
Antibotics and achohol whats the syntoms? i forgot i was on them!!!?
i need a cure any suggestions?
high blood pressure and coenzyme q10?
is ephedrine legal in the uk or is it an illegal drug anywhere or is it just like paracetemol?
Can you????????????
Chinese medicine?
does anyone else have terrible mood swings?
Has anyone heard of Louise Hays Heal Your Body?
Ear Problem. Moved and now gone?
please help me im scared!?
How to get rid of wrinkley hands..?
What helps with break outs?
i have black lines under my finger nails and puffy red skin on my cheeks what could be wrong with me?
Okay, i have no idea what to do. I have 9 warts on one hand. should i use compound w, see a dermatologist?
Now im finding tiny lice!!?
Why do I have a bump on my ear?
Are there any good acne products from Clinique?
Cleansing face only once a day fine?
Acne remedies for face?
what can happen if you leave a sticker in your skin without removing it for more than a week?
How to remove a keloid, and build up of scar tissure?
is it true that if your veins are close to the surface of your skin, you will be warm?
I have a quarter-sized red lump on my upper quads/outside of leg, accompanied by a painful ache.?
How long does a second degree burn scar last? Caused by boiling hot water?
what acne treatment to use?
I have big bump filled with white stuff that smells like cheese on my back. What is this?
My upper ear piercing went halfway inside my ear, what do I do?
if 1 has a irregualr heartbeat what should 1 do?
What can you do about blisters?
Ladies which would you prefer if you were in a..?
i just bite my lip and the skin didnt aucally break but?
HELP! please!?
body temperature too low?
My daughter is a swimmer, and lately when she's in the water, she says her ear aches. Is this swimmers ear?
I cut my toe, and it won't stop bleeding - HELP?
Pink eye..?
I scratch my actual eyeball please help!?
i itch my arse and bite my nails is this healthy?
Where can I buy laxatives?
What blood types can i possibley be?
i have bb in my thy and its been there for like a year what should i do i told my parents but they wont listen?
Can a goiter grow on only one side of the neck?
I have a drug test soon.. PLEASE HELP!!!?
Could I have been effected by being in the same room as someone smoking heroin?
Any one experience random numb sensation in body if so whats your experience and what was outcome?
2 year old sick for a month. puking and nose bleeds?
I worry about things all day which makes me feel sick. I have bad OCD it seems. What do i do to stop worrying?
Would 5 hour energy be anything like adderall?
Free counseling online for teens?
I get bloated every time I eat. Why?
I am having a breast lift and implants if you have had this what was your experience,pain and recovery time?
Will I be able to take tablets that contain Oestrogen? What exactly would they do to me?
What is with my low body temperature?
My eyeball is loose, what should I do?
when you have strep do you get the white patches then get sick? or what comes first?
If you shoveled a few days ago can you get an irritated and upset stomach with diarrhea?
Raise adrenalin levels?
The side of my nose hurts if i press on it's side- could it be a nose infection?
Cant breathe when I sit down?
is it bad to crack your back?
why does my eye sometimes just bcome large?
back needing to be cracked,,?
what kind of medicine can i take so i don't get running/stuffy nose every morning?
every time i stand up....?
Painting bad idea with infection?
question about tinnitus and hearing loss?
caffiene and high blood pressure?
Why would lisinopril or toprol xl cause lightheadedness.?
what are signs of a heart attack?
I'm a 42 year old female.?
Is this normal????????????
can pregnancy cause high potassium levels?
anyone have indirect ophthalmoscope eye exam test before?
anyone know the name of an eye condition my mother had from childhood which cause cone that scratched her eyes?
Would anyone like a voucher that entitles you £150 off Laser Eye Surgery at Optical Express?
my eyes have an unusual color and black rings around the iris?
What is a website that offers colored contacts at a cheap price.?
Determin the Power and BC of vision?
Have I got Central Heterochromia?
What color contacts should i get?
When reading I notice I am closing my left eye, and it seems to be happening more and more lately, why is this?
What is the Visual Acuity for -2.00 eye contacts?
Laser Eye Surgery................?
I have a lazy eye, but can i still wear special effect contacts?
A blurry eye problem?
Eye color statistics????????????????
Do eye prescriptions vary from country to country?
My mom says I have a freckle in my eye but I think I have Heterochromia, what is it?
What does the abbreviation BE mean for eye color?
i have an extremley sensative eye!?
Does CFP insurance cover eye contacts?
My eye is two shades of brown...is this normal?
i want to learn more about Lazar eye surgery?
Is it a problem if...?
I wear contacts and my prescription is -2.75. does anyone know what this translates to on the Snellen scale?
Good brand for non-prescription colored contacts?
How do you know if a bug a has malaria???? What Happens if it bites you?
pathogen of strep throat?
what are some pandemics that have happened over the years?
have a fever of 101.8. is that bad?
urine passes through the?
How can i sue if i live in a lead poisoning apartment?
How long does white blood last?
Is Lymph node tuberculosis infectious?
Maybe it's a staph infection?
How common is dizziness when recovering from mono?
Why did my doctor prescribe antibiotics for my conjunctivitis?
ghonnorea throat question?
Vasculitis? How long is the chemo regimen for this autoimmune disease?
How many days to stay home from work.?
tummy bug incubation/prevention?
I have a few questions about mono? Please answer, I really need your help!!?
What happened to swine flu (h1n1) ?
how to get over being home sick?
Do I have appendicitis?
I had bilatteral carpal tunnel surgery last winter and now my pinky falls asleep & R elbow hurts!?
What does it mean when its numb below your jaw?
how do i clean out a bullet wound?
How should I treat an injury to my shoulder and arm?
Did i pull a muscle in my leg?
My fingernail had dettached, what should i do?
Broken Fibula healing time?
broke tibia plateau 6 mths ago.Now I am having swelling in leg and mostly ankle.I have been taking it easy-?
Car accident.. 8 month old baby.. whiplash?
first knuckle on thumb pops in and out of places started three weeks ago now hurts hard to put back in place?
I dropped my dirt bike this past sunday, and bruised most of my left leg...?
isolated lcl tear - knee injury?
is my ankle sprained, or broken?
Why should smokers be refused routine medical treatment if they don't give it up?
Can eat casein protein every day?
About sneezing & sneezing sensations in the nose?
Anyone taken hives/allergy medication while pregnant?
Can you put antibiotic ear drops in to often?
Im 12 and im 5'3 i wanna get taller but i dont know what to do?? plz help?
Can i grow 7 inches more?
Did marajuana use cause my anxiety?
How do I get over my imaginery symptoms?
what type of doctor should treat chronic pain due to a tumor in my brain and salivary gland?
Why does ear wax form?!?
Why do I get hungry & sick again so quickly after I eat?
URGENT, PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i find a certified physical therapist near me? Do I have to go to a clinic?? ?
wen does the breadth of the back skull stop increasing ?at 18?
MDMA linked to seizures?
Why do I feel this way now?
Is it possible to get a replacement sick note from my doctor?
Need help with Sleeping Problem?
Are there any companies that can provide HIPAA compliant medical transcription service?
why cant i get high off of weed?
How do I know if I was bit by a Brown Recluse?
BAD stomach gas, pelvic pain, and cloudy urine. What's wrong?
what is AIDS?
HIV TESTS are they similar pregancy tests?
If i have an infection called thrush would this stop my period from coming and can it cause a danger?
Its been eight months and HVP hasn't been contagious with my boyfriend. Should i still worry?
Is chronic cough a sign of asthma?
Why do I have a reccuring sore throat?
is this just another symptom?
maybe pneumonia? should i go to the hospital?
What are the effects of injectable contraceptives?
spot on lungs any 1 no what they are?
Trouble swallowing...?
What's wrong? I had a cold for 2 weeks with no cough, and now I'm coughing like crazy!!?
pneumonia, coughing, and a bruise?
is respitory therapist a good career?
I think i had a big asthma attack today?!?! help please!!!?
Sore throat remedy???
Chest hurts a little?
Can i repierce my left ear lobe for the 3rd time?
Is it weird/bad for a 16 year old to snore?
Children's cold medicine?
How to get rid of nasal congestion?
what disease is this and what body system does it effect?
Do i have Whooping cough? or just a bad cough? Help!?
if a person gets blood while coughing,does it means he got tuberclosis(TB)?
how would i stop smoking if its hard.?
can anxiety cause these symptoms?
What would be the fastest/cheapest way to get my Basic First Aid and CPR in Toronto?
How to you unclog your ear?
HELP!! Mosquito or bug bite?
can you get sunburn threw glass?
How do you treat fost bite?
how to heal cuts really fast?????
Earring Infection?
My dog bite my thumb nail. It is bleeding continuously, half the nail isn't there. What do i do?
Index finger longer than ring finger (MALE)?
After foot surgery, stitch left in?
just got my cast off like a week ago and my foot is red?
Question about asthma?
cutting yourself or something better?
I'm depressed and angry. What should I do for a hobby or something?
Anxiety disorder medication?
I just stopped taking Effexor becuse my hands where shaking so bad. Its been four days and I am still shaking ?
For experienced doctors and nurses!!! please help?
Will THC Show Up On My Blood work?
Why are my sons Finger and Toe nails falling off... ?
Spiderman soft chewable vitamins, how much is too much?
is it ok to take naps with contact lenses in?
Why to i get lightheaded/dizzy and really bad headaches in the back of my head.?
how much iron is in our blood?like as much as a nail!?
what is the fastest working cream/ointment/whatever for healing a cut?
What does HIPPA protect?
Too Young for Heart Palpitations?
how much sleep should i get?
This happened to me? Health Question?
how long would it take to be dehydrated?
medical question..kinda?
Is aflac a good insurance to have?
Soccer and Osgood Schlatters Disease?
Do I have diabetes...?
greasy food with diabetes?
what happens when a diabetic type 2 eats lots of sweets?
Does diabetes make period painful?
do you have "diabetes mellitus",may i please interview you for a school project?
I'm a 24 YO RN and to be CRNP and thinking of going to medschool? Should I go for it?
Whe a diabetic has cetonic breath, does he realises it?
( risperidone ) does anyone know of a tablet similar that doesn't put weight on?
which health worker is with the patiet 24 hours service?
My diabetes is under control now so why are my feet burning?
does anyone know support groups for teenagers with diabetes my 15 yo dauhter is not coping very good?
When checking the sugar contents on say a can of rice or fruit, what LIMIT OF SUGAR IS ACCEPTABLE to a diabeti
what can i eat?? diabetic?
teen diabetic girl?????????????
What is KET? Just curious.?
lgv drivers, if diabetics go on to be treated with insulin, do you automatically lose your vocational licence?
How do you bring the blood sugars down without medication? What dietary changes can a veggie do?
Could it be diabetes?
after you eat something sugary-how long does it take to affect your blood sugar?
I do not have diabetes but wondered if those of you who have type 2 have these symptoms?
any remedies for swollen tonsils, sore throat?
My Sleeping Pattern is all wrong, how can I possibly fix it?
Can an osteopath really solve the upper back/ neck pain which results in tension headache?
Ive found marijuana in my kitchen cupboard...?
can alternative medicine help my chronic tinnitus?
i normaly buy my diazepam from a canadian pharmaciy is there a cheaper way of getting them?
How does Reiki rate as a system of healing?
i need quick answers pleaseeeee !!?
home remedies for underactive thyroid hormone imbalance?
What exactly is Yoga?
whats another name for bud?
Herbal alternatives TO TREAT HOT FLUSHES cuased from menopause?
What is the Best way to take MDMA, to receive the most intense high.?
Smoked pot, felt heavy, tired, lazy weak?
are there anyside effects to massage?
how is khat taken..smoked or in a tea?
Is there any cure for rheumatism?
Are there any benefits available for depression suffers?
has anyone tried colax (aloe vera)?
Really itchy hands! Help?
does food cooked in microwave increase the risk of cancer?
What does a Physical Therapist do?
Why does this happen?
What's the points of life >...>?
I wake up in the middle of the night, can't sleep every night?
Can a hospital offer to pick up their patients for a colonoscopy at their home? In a limo?
Making out tips and help?!?
How many pills need to be taken to land in the hospital but not have it be serious?
odminno workig my lab tiep?
Looking for a shake that will give me energy to workout and curb my appetite any advice?
why does my leg feel cold and I can't warm it up?
brain damaged without therapy because of no health insurance..help!?
***HELP!!!!! Im pretty SICK and i need some backrond from what u ppl think i might have***?
i need some health advise?
Drinking 8-oz 8 glassess of water to lose weight and taking prescription medication for mental illnes?
3 Bad problems! I need help!?
Do I have ptosis or do I just take bad photographs =(?
Is it only a matter of time before I throw up?
Could my daughter have Achondroplasia?
Is this bad? Or normal?
what's the difference between a non-pathogenic parasite and a commensal?
A response, either positive or negative, toward a certain person,?
I have sore throat, Can I eat subbway?
can food alleries cause ear infections and what does it look like?
How long does strep throat last?
how lounges internal bleeding happens?
chest pain after vomiting?
Carrier status of polyposis?
what antibiotics are used for dogs urinary tract infections?
How long will I have this sore throat?
my dog teeth scratch my skin am i infected with rabies?
Sickness nearly all the time?
Compare the effectiveness of vaccine to antibiotics prior to action.?
what is the highest fever can baby get before going to the hosptial?
will you always carry the c-diff bactria even after treatment?
toddlers with random fevers?
How can antibiotics worsen fungal infections?
did any one bleed after gettin there tonsils out?
What is Lime Diease ?
can you get hepatitis from drinking off of someone?
I fell a few months ago on concrete steps and bruised my shin. A knot developed and hasn't gone away.?
the back muscle on my quad has hurt after hard workouts since january?
For two weeks now, I've had a chicken bone stuck in my throat...?
Ankle Swollen for 2 weeks. Still tender.?
I bumped my ankle and now there's a bump on it? Should I worry?
Would I able to wear non-prescribed colored contacts if I were to get Lasik Eyes Surgery?
is it pink eye? or allergies? or just something foreign?
My optician said i have pressure behind my eyes, what could this mean?
Are Freshlook Colors Contacts one or double tint?
I accidentally sprayed body mist in my left eye...?
Blurriness when wearing left contact lens?
Can you get colored contacts without an eye problem?
how much do contacts cost?
How much is laser eye surgery in Canada, Alberta?
whats happening to my eyesight?
Is there a contact lens with minus power for central vision and plus power for peripheral?
Will she be blind =/?
How do you use a contact plunger?
could i get a lazy eye?
1-2 week contacts vs 1 month contacts?
Are there any optomotrists here? I was seeing Red.?
Blue colored contacts help?
One Eye Blurry After Computer!?
How to get somthing out of my eye?
How Bad Did I Hurt My Eye?
Will my contact be okay if I accidentally sprayed glasses cleaner on it?
any "third eye" tips?
I have been sick for three weeks, had blood work done, came back pos. for "Peptostrep.tetradius" what's that??
Lower eyelid is beginning to swell.. HELP!?
How do I get ride of the itchiness of flea bites on my skin???
What could it mean if the back sides of my tongue are sore? Could it be related to my immune system?
I am going treplanting in 20 days an want to put an extra 10 to 15 lbs on any suggestions?
Is it bad to go on a rollercoaster drunk ?
Ate copper by accident, help!!!!?
do you think health care providers are in danger of getting lung cancer by indirect exposure to tobacco?
I don't get the expiration date on this product.. Its pretty confusing... :S?
what do you wash your gloves and clothing with when you come incontact with poison ivy?
what should i do if i have a ear infection ?
what do i do to heal my sprained finger i have cheer leading today and i have nothing to wrap around it?
Spider bite?
Pain In Ears?
Tingly Finger After Stitches?
How old do you have to be to get snake bites/your lip pierced?
i'm pregnant and having dark stool and nausea?
I got drunk for the first time about 2 days ago im not puking or feeling sick but my head feels very weird?
Why is Wellbutrin an effective smoking cessation therapy?
Infection on earlobe, what should I put on it?
My right eye is shaking since 3 days straight..it comes and goes every 20 minutes..what can be the cause?
How many work hours were lost last year due to illness or injury in the U.S.?
Finger swollen and ring wont fit right even after sizing?
Does anyone know of a good African American Dermatologist in the Michigan 48207 or 48036 zip codes?
if i have a doctors note for two weeks out of school, can i return to school before then if i feel well?
Peroxide in ear not bubbling?
Homecoming is Saturday and I have a cold! Help!?
What are the possible reasons for excessive use of cigarette and alcohol to the body?
i have flat feet and certain shoes really hurt feet, like fake ugg boots? hurts feet and calfs on legs...?
Why are my fingers so stiff?
I need a funny, clean, short healthcare video?
My toddler has Diarrhea?
I have a sore throat. I need it to be gone by tommrow morning. What should i use?
what will I be asked..do u know?
why is drying your hands just as important as washing them?
I have just squeezed the worst spot in my life....(dont read if screamish)?
my friend is sick, here are the symptoms?
Neon blue signs are really blurry to me.?
What does this sound like to you?
What could low WBC, low neutrophils, high lymphocytes indicate on CBC?
Why do I have a blinking tic now?
how do i get rid of sweaty armpits?
why do i still feel hungry?Stomach Ulcer?
Why does my heart hurt when I'm sad?
I have 2 symetrical dents on the top back of my cranium(head)?
What happens when you don't drink enough?
I make myself sick when angry or sad?
Can bronchitis cause you to have an upset stomach and flu like symptoms?
Hey, i think i have HPV? Advice please?
how do i make a simple device to see how much tar is in a cigarette?
is there anyway i can buy treatment for gonorrhea instead of going to the clinic?
Should this be a wake up call?
serious question about chlamydia?
Does therapy really work?
Is this true a boy told my sister this?
Bone sticking out from bottom of big toe?
Can you die of depression?
Am I guaranteed to throw up if I am nervous?
what to do if im sick?
Would going to bed late on a weekend effect my 5am wake ups during the week?
HIV? do you think they will ever get a cure?
Am I depressed? Please read?
can it be seen u have std by only a blood test?
What is wrong with me? I am sick?
Medication For Shyness?
ok im 15 years old ive been bullied all my life since grade 1.?
I have a crush on my teacher? ?
I think i might have thrush but i dont wanna go to my gp, incase he'll wanna go down there? Is that likely?
the "NEW" depression...?
What Mental Disorder Has Symptoms of Lack of Empathy?
Can me or my girlfriend get any STD's if it is both our first time?
Why am i always tired no matter what?
Please Answer! Have I got HIV?
Is there any way they can test for Chlamydia besides a pelvic? Like a blood test?
What is wrong with me? Am i crazy?
Very bad discharge!!?
WILL PUTTING SALT ON A Bartholin's gland cyst HELP?
help! i need to drink tonight and on metrodizanole?
can "zoning out" be dangerous?
What will people think of me if they find out I went to the psych ward?
I really need some help finding a good allergy medicine.?
Allergies so bad but tested negative for everything on a scratch test?
I have hives for 8 weeks now. ?
i have a runny nose!!!!!!! please help!!!!?
does Sytropin spray work?
I get an allergic reaction when I eat carrots, bananas, sometimes with lettuce but especially rockmelon?
I have hives on my arms, after reacting allergically to cough medicine. What do I do?
My left eye is red and swollen?!?!! HELP!?
there was info regarding remedies for allergies on yoga 4 you.Does anyone have any info?
How do we get rid of leg pain?
my right ear hurts really really bad!!!!?
My shoe flats hurt my heel...?
I have a bump on my left wrist and it hurts?
Whats wrong with my shoulder?
Migraine question ????
Need advice on unblocking my ears?
How long does the normal withdrawl period last from Vicodine?
why do i wake up sleepy in the mornings?
I just started a new job doing food prep and about a month later I am having back pain.?
i have pain in my ear. To explain, when i put a q tip in there,and push up, it hurts.What's this and cause?
adominal pain for not eating?
I want to straighten my back?
My ear hurts...Answer asap?
If I use a treadmill will that help with aching leg?
How much does a tounge piercing hurt? Does it hurt more than cartilidge piercings.? as i got the top of my ear?
What pill have the most Hydrocodone? what is the strongest?
Pain in my hands when I do curls?
What is wrong with my tailbone?
Can I buy injectable antibiotics without a prescription?
will baking soda help an infection?
I'm feeling ill, do I have the cold or flu?
is there a diarrhea flu going around right now?
What am I sick with??????
just want to ask whats the best cure for bacterial vaginosis?
is myocarditis contagious?
Am I getting a cold right now?
I was diagnoses with PUD last week, but now the pain is spreading... any ideas?
antibiotics making me weak and sick?
why is it so Difficult to prevent a viral infection?
anyone knows about yeast infection (candidiasis - esophagus)?
my sister is death in toxemia who is responsible?
my son has had environmental allergies for several years, and strep 4 or 5 times a year, today tonsils out?
Do i have tonsillitis?
Do I have a bladder infection?
question about a stye?
Lump/Bruse On Head [How Long Till It Goes Away]?
busted hand...help??
I stapled my hand and theres lots of blood!!!!?
splinter in my foot for a loooong time.?
I got mine monroe 2 days ago and it has a lil red on d outside and still swollen is this normal?
What could be the cause of all my knee pains?
please help, possible emergency!?
what is a slip disc how bad can it get?
What is the safest part of your arm?
Numbness but No Nerve Damage?
I did something to my thighs while doing squats, when i stand up they just give out.?
Deformed Calf Muscle?
is it possible you can catch chicken pox again once you had it?
EMERGENCY.........sore throat?
Why does drinking water make me more nauseous when I'm sick to my stomach?
effects of alcoholism? what does it do to your body?
Leg swelling my entire life, nothing wrong?
im 14 yer old girl i am 5'4 but ive been 5'4 since i was 12 i this normal have i stoped growing?
Do massage therapist often get arthritis or carpatonal?
Gallbladder test normal, ppl think i'm faking!?
How do I talk to my doctor about having low testosterone?
What are my chances of gettIng appendicitis? I dont want to get it?
Constipation help?? I need some input?
im loosing my voice for the first time what are some good tips?
When getting bloodwork done (for cholesterol and arthritis and more) and?
how long do you have to stay awake after bumping your head?
Is it possible to sneeze under water?
Are There ANY OTC pills that look like Adderall 20mg? I FEEL HELPLESS?
Really painful stomach...?
Need help with a few questions!!?
ear ringing and blocking sound?
i feel sick in the morning and cant eat th foods that i enjoy anymore..whats wrong?
no prescription needed online pharmacies?
I have tingling in my arms and legs but no other symptoms could this still be MS?
diabetic needs help explaining to family?
are the little mouldproof satchets that sometimes come with new shoes lethal?if eaten?
Glucose intolerant?
Irish only............?
Bicarbonate of soda? What is it exactly?
Diabetes Questions...?
What foods are good to lower my BSL quickly?
GI diet....................?
I have been diagnosed with diabetes but my glucose counts seem normal?
if my blood test comes back positive for diabites what am i most likely to use?
do i have diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How does obesity cause diabetes?
trace of ketones in my urine?
blood glucose level and insulin resistance?
can i claim DHS with diabetes and fibromyalga?
what is the hemoglobin level should be in blood?
Does it really matter if I quit smoking or not?
How can I get my medison free?
I have loss of weight, fatigue, diarah, wheezing, coughing?
is this a sign of an asthma attack?
Can one of the symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis caused by cigarettes be a runny nose?
I have untreated asthma. :( Read Story, I need help.?
Will drugs used to treat asthama cause palpitations.If so how long will their effect last on discontuning?
why is my lung hurting?
month long cold what to do....?
nasal gastric tube question?
Severely deficient iron.........?
Sleep apnea or something else?
Chest pain in the middle of chest?
14 month old has chronic sickness....?
how to get rid of pinworms/threadworms?
how do i get rid of this?
I have a sore throat and a hard time breathing,i lose my voice alot.what do i have?
Coughing........HELP PLZ?
can you tell me some solution about computer adiction?
What's wrong? bad case of "the sniffles" or what?
has anyone had the slimmimg tea called yu-long and if so does it work?
Is it okay if I use fat burner medicine to reduce my weight ? I went to the doctor and he told me ...?
Is it haram to smoke weed?
What are the symptoms of bronchitis?
My lungs havent been feeling normal over the past 2 months or so. sometimes i get a wierd feeling in my lung.
if your an adult over 35 yrs old you have a chronic cough that lasts forever sore back direha, runny nose and?
How do you treat eye floaters?
can you get high from drinking too much cough medicine?
Crohns herbal remedies?
bach rescue remedy?
Is the herb Yohimbe dangerous?
i have hypothyroidism is there any alternative or treatments?
has anyone used a hypnotherapist to help them lose weight? does it really work? any recomendations in w lond?
Alternate things to paracetamol?
What is a sonogram machine used for?
Are there plants that influence health and well being ?
my left arm is killing me, went to the dr had heart test ran and its good, they r treating me for heart burn,?
why do i feel my heartbeat when resting?
My heart often feels as if it is skipping a beat, should I be concerned?
a i having a mild heart attack when i experience a feeling of sharp pain in my heart as if it was locking up?
what does it mean when your heart beats fast for 2 seconds 3 to four times a day and then goes back to normal?
why does a cyanotic baby have a faster beating heart rate?
Could it be heart disease?
Lower abdominal pains and a mild temperature?
i feel tired when i walk?
Why is my heart beat still fast 2 days after drinking too much alcohol?
How the ventricular extrasistola can be efficiently controlled?
My dog has just been told that it has a heart murmur. What effects could happen in my dog?
Question re: blood pressure?
I'm scaried that something is wrong with my heart.?
i hear my heart beat thru my left ear as if sme drumms are playing?
what makes the LUB and DUB sounds of the heart heard with a stethoscope?
does weed...make ????ur heart?
i am having heart problems any ideas?
Recovery possibilities for Left Side paralysis with a massive stroke?
Are Black and Milds just as bad for you as cigarettes?
Is Blue-Sheild better than Kaiser Permanente for health coverage?
How do I get better faster?
curious about mono...please answer!?
I am always tired and want to sleep. Is there anything I can do? Is there a vitamin or herbal supplement?
What is the recovery time for Hernia surgery Abdominal?
Are re-usable cold packs used in hospitals? If so, which areas? Not Instant, ones you freeze & refreeze?
What's the acne system where you take a quiz to find your number?
Nursing question about PTT?
How long did it take you to get over sea legs and dizzy feeling?
How To Insure The Pre Existings?...?
got ear pierced, now its infected?
Crazy Glue to close a wound?
What Kind of a Bite is This?
NEED SERIOUS HELP my arm in the matter....?
Where can I find arguments that the immune system is weaker as you get older compared to that of a 25 yr old?
how to find a family doctor?
Mosquitoes, why do they like to bite some people more then the others!?
Is it possible to be immune to coldsores?
I just stepped on either a bee or wasp, what should I do?
How do you stop the hiccups and why do people get them?
Why does a mosquito bite grow big when I scratch it?
I think I was bitten by a bed bug, what do I do to stop the swelling?
How To Unplug my ear ?
What do you do when you break your finger?
i bit my lip?
can you remove jellyfish stingers?
How do i sleep if i have a burn on my finger?
Help With My Mosquito Bite..?
std chance of infection?
Chlamydia-once it's treated is it gone for good?
my friend has an std?
If I have an STD test, standard urine test a standard blood test, does that mean that I am fully healthy?
should i date or stay single...?
Do you have to be registered with a GP/Doctor to get an STI check up?
could this give me an STD?
How long can Chlamydia be present without knowing?
Which country has the highest level of HIV in the World...?
how can i treat gonorrhoea or syphilis. which antibacterial tablet?
Any kind of infection or STD spread by kissing, that gives ulcers / dry throat?
Off by 80 pixels will it make a difference to the human eye?
How do transitions lenses look?
there is a large pink square & a red large dot on my eye & ever since i saw them it's been causing migraines?
i have a cold and my eyes hurt when its bright outside or when i watch tv?
what mean the eye sight numbers R+2.00 -0.50 L+3.25 -1.00 is that bad can anyone tell me please? thanks?
Laser eye surgury question?
Can you explain my eye prescription?
I put my contacts in and now the corner of my eye hurts?
I just used a couple of household disinfecting wipes, how many time should I wash my hands before...?
FX Lenses for 14 year old boy?
my son's discharge in right eye?
How do you get crystal clear eyes, and loose bags under your eyes.?
Blurry vision in one eye?
My eyes aren't focussing and it's giving me a migrane..?
can you use clear eyes contacts without wearing your contacts?
am i going blind? what wrong with my eyes?
What's going on with my eye?
eye laser treatment in india?
Fuzzy spot in both eyes?
My eye is swollen and sore at the bottom after rubbing sleep out of my eyes...?
Wierd eye problem help plz?
How do I get brighter eyes?
Docter wouldnt prescribe anxiety medication?
I Cut My Forearm A Few Times Out Of Anger. Im no emo!?
Only reason I dont want to cut is because of the scars?
is there a depression caused by weather?
Why do we still get flu? Don't we have the antibodies already?
what are the symtons of sluggish tyhroid glands?
cant sleep?
I feel so depressed and ashamed!!!Please help.. :(?
what if a person took klonopin, xanax, ativan, fluvoxamine, lexapro, prozac, zoloft, paxil, and nadolol tgthr?
I need help what can I do about this problem? HELP please?
how do u know when u need to talk to a therapist?
I talk to my self way to much!?
who suffers from panic attack?
are these signs of drug abuse?
im having a nervous/emotional breakdown. HELP?
feeling really depressed!?
Is is ok to think and talk to yourself sometimes?
I feel like life will never get better?
my teacher went bipolar on me?
what is ocd and how do you get it?
do everybody have a slight bump on their tummy?
I'm sick with a stuffy nose and a bad cough, how can I get rid of it?
What is going on with my stomach?
ways to stop feeling sick ?
if you have constipation can eating yogurt help with that problem and make you go number 2?
don't feel good. Should I go to school today or not?
Medical Help Please I need it?
Can Weed cause Schizophrenia?
Im feeling like I am going to vomit?
Can't swallow a huge pill?
How do I talk to my doctor about having low testosterone ?
Can endometriosis cause you to have a swollen lymph node in your neck?
crackling crunching sound in neck and very bad burning head aches?
i've been feeling strange lately...?
Questions about household drug abuse?
I have a recurring stomach rash. What do I do?
I need one, pretty much into xbox and outdoors stuff.?
why do i pass gass so much?
I pierced my nose by myself last night and now its swollen?
Effective Over-the-Counter Eye Creams?
how can you tell if someone is still on oxycotin?
nose piercing hurts and is swollen!?
When I try to hit someone in the end they get hurt pretty badder than I want?
What is up with my leg?
Pressure in my head after an injury...?
Pain in thigh above the knee?
Can you tell if you tore something in your ankle about 4 months after it happened?
Is this a sprain or something more?
Someone please help me with my ear!!!!!!!!?
What are the most effective over the counter pain relievers for headaches?
Why am I having so much knee pain?
Why do both of my arms feel like they are a sleep and little pins pokeing me all the time?
my right wrist hurts?
I had a really bad headache and got dizzy the other day. Was I dehydrated?
Should i be in the ER...?
why do i have a pains in my leg ?
Ongoing headache after being hit in face and eye.?
What are the side effects of taking Motrin/Tylenol in one day?
Would mixing 12000 mg of tylenol along with 100 mg of flexril and 750 mg tramadol be fatal?
Reason for stomach cramping?
Can someone tell me what this pain might be?
problems about my ear lobes?
My mother addicted to painkillers / Am i overreacting?
Whats wrong with my body?
What is this Sharp Pain in my Left Knee?
How strong is oxycodone 5mg compared to vicodin 5mg?
I have a BAD back problem!?
what malaria tablets can i take while pregnant?
What are the signs of a stomach ulcer!plz help me?
What's Wrong With Me?
what are the consequences for strep throat?
it hurts when i swallow, my throat is also red and has bumps/sores in the back what is it?
Is hepatitis-b can be cured?
Female medical question, infection, bleeding, etc.?
Anyone ever heard of humans having a bacteria/parasite that can be seen under the skin?
what is a fatty liver?
How do hookworms enter the body?
Ears hurt after swimimg help ?!?
What are some ear diseases?
Have darken stool, started with greenish color, no fever,etc?
how is seam hepatitis transmitted?
i have a bad sharp pain my left ovary?
Meningitis symptoms? Help?
I wake up with pain on both sides of my back.?
Mono the kissing disease?
My Arm Is Hurting And I Feel Like It Is Locking!?
My eye is swollen....?
can a toddler get tonsilitis from being in a home with a person with tonsilitis?
Is it just a cold/flu/cough?
I really need help with a fever?
disinfectant use in virology?
Blood in mucus what does it mean?
Can you get blood work done for one thing and your doctor find something else?
Doctor's appointment almost impossible?
i have good blood pressure 113 but i often get dizziness i use computers 4 bot 5-6 hours is it from that?
how do i talk to my doctor without my parents knowing?
popping noise in my hip?
My index toe is moving strangely!? (can move to the left)?
unknown bruised eyes?
dizzyness and head spins? :S ... ?
bench pressing and hernia?
My sternum popped out?
what's happening to me?
drinking alcohol and asthma?
Is it ok that my tissue blocked the tube while i was giving blood?
Help! I Need help! I have A Big test at school and my throught and chest Kill?
I have a Productive cough?
My breathing treatment for asthma caused me to get a bloody nose is this normal?
CT scan next week?!?!?!...?
Sinus Infection with abdomen pain?
Is no medication an option for asthma?
i have tonsillitis now....?
what could be possible causes for acquiring pneumonia 4 times in last 18 months.?
do i have asthma?!?!?
I'm in school and feeling nauscious, but can't miss anymore school.What...?
my boyfriend is a sickler and has chronic tonsillitis. He now has problems swallowing. What should he do?
Very bad sore throat...help?
do you think i have swine flu?
how was tuberculosis gotten in the civil war?
Why is my chest burning?
when you breathe in through your mouth, does the air go straight into your lungs or does it stay in your mouth?
Breathing problems..?
what inhalers could give a positive methamphetamine reading?
Why do i have trouble breathing at night?
Is it safe to take Albuterol with Adult robitussin?
Im scared that something is wrong : when i breathe in, my stomache goes out and when i breathe out my stomache?
I have acute bronchitis and medicines given have bad side affects?
Pain in middle right finger?
How is exhaustion related to the thyroid?
How long will it burn?
Absorbine Jr...?
is there any way to remove/ cure/ make the pain go away for sunburn?
earlier this year i had to do?
I cut my leg, and now it won't stop bleeding?
I cut my finger really bad should've gotten stitches but i didnt how long should i wait till i can get it wet?
I have been having for many months now, what seems to be a sharp (not painful) "pain" in my calf, what is it?
Which type of scale is better? (for weighing yourself), Analog or digital?.....?
what would be a good diaper to use for a child with sensitive skin?
can excess hydrogen peroxide eat away your skin?
What is wrong with my foot?
Should I be concerned?
I have been having some interesting symptoms and can't decide if it is worth worrying about and paying for ...?
emetophobia...how have you handled it?
What does this mean? I have a nerve problem?
i just took 7 benadryl 25 mg pills what will happen to me?
im having stomach pains but i dont know why?
How do you treat diarrhea and nausea that lasts 3 days?
Whats the largest artery in the body?
i have moons on my thumbnails, but not my finger nails?
How much should I pay for an ounce of k2?
Why do I need to go to the bathroom a lot?
what should i do to soothe my sunburn?
Why do I run a temperature but have no symptoms?
Does Shoprite drug test 16 year olds? If so will test detect Marijuana?
What could this be from?
does this mean im healing ?
is ginger good for settling nerves?
where in the UK can I find a aminologist?
Valerian for insomnia. Are there a tolerance or 'rebound' problems ie will my sleep be worse if I stop after
can tramadol cause damage to the body? is it good for anything accept relieving pain?
has anyone ever used golden linseeds?
Taking paracetamol and being vegan?
how do i make nettle tea?
what happens if you exceed the maximum daily dosage of ibuprofen?
would osteo arthritis show up on an xray?
Can homeopathy cure or prevent malaria?
Has anyone found an alternative therapy a treatment for bulimia or other eating disorders?
Does coconut oil kill candida?
why does massage boost the immune system?
What happens if you put essential oils on skin, without diluting?
Where can I buy Acai Berry Juice & what does this superfood do?
How much is a gram of methadrone (mcat) when you buy it of the streets?