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why is insulin INJECTED?
what foods can give anaphylatic shock ?
One more question about diabetes??
Does leaky gut syndrome mean you have to avoid alcohol completely?
readings of 19mmoh/l at night ( around 340mg i think )?
why do i keep having flashbacks?
Can I get fired from a job I just attained because I have diabetes in Quebec?
apart from Holstein pills what is a safe alcoholic drink for diabetics?
Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugary food?
The main problem with my weightloss?
how can i boost my self esteem?
i am 14 and i always need a wee i am always thirsty?
I'm considering suicide. Is there anything else out there?
diabetes healthy recipe with edible casing!?
Need Hypurin Pork Insulin?
am i bipolar????????????
is this a warning to keep an eye out for diabetes in a 4 and half yr. old child? (sibling has type 1)?
diabetic with a bloodshot eye?
Why is my diabetic sister so tired?
Any type 1 diabetic done the DAFNE Course?
What is the best way to increase the level of vitamin K in the diet of a vegetarian ?
Was this messed up to say to my bro?
How do I tell my parents I didnt get honor roll?
medical marijuana for depression ?
I always think someone is trying to kill me.?
ADD question?
How do you comfort someone who's mom has 1 week to live?
Is there usually an underlying mental disorder that causes a man to commit domestic abuse? Can they change?
What are my options for an out of control 8 year old?
Im afraid at night!!!!!!?
Has anyone ever felt like this?
When i drink wine - the glands in my throat hurt for three days afterwards?
Food allergy question?
Can an allergic reaction to an antibiotic cause a high fever?
I Sleep way to much what should i do?
Hlp pls 10:points best answer????????????
if i got my flu shot this year could i have a bacteria tonsilitis. ?
what kind of drugs do this?
where to put nursing shoes?
is theier a hospital that will work on a sideing scal.for a siodic nurve persedsure.or even a doctor ?
what can i do with lemons?
I was stretching my back and I felt a painful shock in my knee. What does this mean?
The strangest thing just happened to my hands ! What could be the cause ?
Any doctors out there?...please read this ASAP!?
Issue with my eye months after infection...?
I have health insurance, and a doctors appointment, but dont have my health card - CANADA?
I need to stay awake?!!!?
Is this a disorder?????????????????
Dizziness, Fatigue and Headaches?
What is the best way to smoke weed with out your lips getting black?
How can I make this STOP!!?
I had alcohol a few days before scheduled septoplasty surgery (deviate septum)?
if it your first time smoking weed, would it affect you?
Whats wrong with me and how can I get better?
Restless nights of sleep?
Should the government mandate certain health behaviors?
Is it bad that I've been washing my face with soap for 10plus years?
Hard lump under my skin!!!?
My skin just got darker, Anyways on how to make it lighter.?
I have a blister on my foot.. what is it?
what can I do against oily skin?
Vitamin E oil (or other products) for acne scars?
can poison ivy be red, with a red stem too?
What's the best acne cream?
what type of dr do i see for skin problems?
Is It Possible To Be Allergic To Something Just On Ur Skin?
terrible dry skin :/?
Hickey caused vein to pop up. Any way to make it heal?
Rash on tummy and back?
Wrinkles at 18? Help?
I noticed the skin on my nose was slightly dry the other day and i splashed some water on my face and it went?
what are the bumps on my cuts?
I had a RX to amoxicillin 2 months ago, but I still get random hive outbreaks. Is this normal? What can i do?
i have fuchsia goo coming out of my eyes?
Class Action Lawsuit again CDC Hepatitis?
hand pain from computer games! am i ok?
what is the main organ from the immune system?
106/84 blood pressure healthy?
is it routine to be called back to see the doctor after your child endoscopy.?
i know this may be gross but its been going on for a while and its kind of scaring me?
what are some current treatments for hepatitis B?
The person who puts you to sleep before surgery?
how many people did the black plague kill?
treat Lyme disease dogs?
Is this normal for a 12 year old?
During chicken pox what should you eat & what shouldn't you eat?
what are effective ways to prevent disease transmission?
can tapeworms live in carpets?
I think I'm getting strep throat. How do I stop it?
sick and need advice...?
Can my child with chicken pox take Allerief with calpol?
Ways the Goverment stops the spread of virus's?
Does Group A Streptococcus bacteria include only S. Pyogenes or other microbes as well?
I took 3 really hot baths within two days and my throat felt really raw after and I was losing my voice?
I have this small pea- sized lump behind my left ear... should I be concerned?
I've had this bloody/reddish discharge for the past 3dys. I'm so scared it maybe a virus.?
how long after food digest can you get food poisoning?
How do you determine what % of kilocalories in a meal come from fat?
Why do I randomly get bloated after eating?
How many cough drops can I take?
how to not be sick help me?
Fibromyalgia??? Help!?
How can you tell if you have a minor case of Aspergers sydrome?
What disease or condition and i sick with?
can you dispense .0012 mg xanax with benadryl?
how to get sick for a week?
How to test negative on drug tests?
I have a bad cold but I need to go to school tomarrow should I wear a surgical mask?
how to show up negative on marijuana drug test?
Every time I think about winning something my stomach drops?
I've smoke weed for a few years I'm getting drug tested in a few days what do I do?
Can I shower with open wounds?
Mosquito bite problem!!!?
If someone went....................?
Can you have any STI's if you only do foreplay?
STD clinic results not recieved again?
What are the symptoms of gonorea?
what are the Prevention/Solution for Chlamydia?
my bf has recently had thrush.. ?
Does boots still offer free chlamydia tests to under 25s?
if chlamydia remains untreated for a year?
What percentage am i protected from the Jab?
How does smoking and high blood pressure affect the heart?
What heart rate during heart attack ? ?
Should I be concerned about chest pains?
do I have Stroke and is stroke can come slowly or i have to be sudden ?
Is pancrelipase a good substitute to pan crease?
A heart attack generally occurs when the heart muscle is deprived of an adequate oxygen supply for longer than?
what is cause of Blood pressure?
My mother has taken 2 paracetamol 2hours ago and wishes to take a temazepam.is this ok?
Does holter monitor rule out????
Are these signs of a seizure heart beating fast, feeling numbness in hands, ?
is my heart rate okay?
do they lower tryglicerides?
what o you call this when your hard to breath and sometimes your heart feels like vibrating inside?
Need doctor or surgeons help pleas?
weird thing happened last night when i woke up..?
A family member had a heart attack at 40 years old. He had open heart surgery and he has too much damage. ?
what are the risk of having the heart on the right side of the chest?
Blood pressure question?
Feels like my heart hurts.?
I want to know some anxiety attacks stories?
DTV - what is deep venous thoraxes?
Why do I get migraines when I read?
why is my neck is really itchy?
do shots realllly hurt?
I keep gettin a pain just under my rib cage can anyone help please!?
Why is my ear hurting? Are there any remedies?
I tend to freak out before and during shots and passout after - how can i remain totally calm before and after?
Can I still smoke marijuana even though I have Addisons disease?
Where can you feel a someone's heartbeat by putting your hand on their chest?
Does food pay a factor for seizures in Pugs?
do I need to see a doctor about my cough?
My daughter has been coughing and fever of 101.4 for 5 days and has taken a a whole bottle of motrin within?
Can I detox without interfering w/ my meds?
Asthma - What can I do?
lost my voice....help!!!?
what causes chest pain in teens?
What Different Betwen Good and Bad strees?
how to stop stomach from rumbling so loudly?
any help how to handle this issue because my son has a pnuemonia,asthma @ seizure he is taking lots of meds.?
i often smell the odor of a burnt match. Indoors and out.Does anyone know what causes this. It comes and goes.
can men get breast cancer?
I've just recently found something on the bottom of my foot...?
Is Timothy hay gluten free?
Allergies or what ?
what is libruim 5mg used for?
herbal highs that make you want to do work?
Have any large-scale studies investigated the personality types likely to follow "conspiracy theory" fads ....?
My 2 and 1/2 beagle has red bumps and itches. What should I do to reduce the irritation?
dizzy, ear pain, headache,?
Does Nytol Herbal sleeping tablets help you sleep early?
How is Garlic Healthier When Taken?
Which is more nutritious Egg yoke or Egg white (albumen) ?
Which are the best hypoallergenic glasses?
anyone take evening primrose oil??
ate something old .... really old?
My health teacher is VERY wrong about suicide. HELP?!?
Is it painful to commit suicide by drowning yourself?
Is agorophobia the same thing as being bi-polar?
Severe depression help?
How do i stop this freaky obsession?
Im really depressed and i need some advice please?
How long will my 58 year old oriental huband live while drinking 3 bottles of scoth a day?
i need self control?
please help me this is serious?
panic attacks at school, please please please help me?
Is this depression???
im scared of death is there anyone else afraid of death?
I'm terrified of spiders!!! Help!?
my parents told me to go kill myself?
I think IM GOING TO COMMIT suicide. I need people to convince me not to PLEASE talk to me.?
help my sadness?
A Question About Depression?
Is it just me, or do most teenage girls these days need someone famous to obsess over?
what is going on with my stomach?
Eyes red from contact lenses?
Is it normal to get white build up in the inner corner of the eye?
Are chalazia contagious?
I am trying to watch 3Dmovies with the aquiered glasses,but for some reason it doesn't seem to work on me.?
What is the physics involved in laser eye surgery?
Do contact lenses change the appearance of your eyes?
Tear duct gets itchy?
what's the usual length and width of a 20/20 optotype in an eye chart?
How do you get a star in your eye?
What can I do about a serious eye problem?
I had a lasik Surgery 4 yrs ago. After a while I see a black shadow in sunlight. What is it? Can it be cured?
what causes blindness and pressure in the left eye or both eyes?
blurry vision since 5 weeks but no improvment?
whats with my eyes???
WHat is wrong with my eye ?
I have a question about contacts... wearing them? (plz answer quick, gotta go to bed in 10 mins!)?
Feels Like Something Is In My Eye?
Red contacts w/ Prescription?
what eye color is this ?
is it ok to get into boxing or MMA even though you wear contacts?
developed eye power after lasik surgery...pls help?
What brand of contacts is this!!!?
not sure of any remedies...what would you suggest?
How can you get rid of a sour, nauseus stomach FAST?
This past month I've lost my appetite and can barely eat anything at all. What's wrong with me?
does second smoke show up in a drug test?
food alternatives to dairy?
Can some people grow kidneys back?
Is it true that the voice you hear when you talk as a kid is your voice when you grow up?
How common is anxiety in teens? I feel alone?
bloated stomach for a week?
prescription medication?
Urinate ten seconds after drinking water?
Heyy anyone have any good ideas?
Bottom tingling lip?????????
Cud my joint go bad after 2 weeks?
Confusing stuff...please help?
What are the long-term effects of ecstasy use?
Ambien should be available over the counter ?
What are the steps and processes of getting a legal medicinal marijuana license in california?
what is the difference between roundworm and ringworm?
Need help with canker sores!?
Weird rash on my hands and knuckles?
nail broke off what should i do?
Does anyone have the Zeno Heat Treat?
Why do i have red blotches?
is this a stretch mark?
why am i getting scratched after using the ueja board?
red spots on hands??!??!?
skin rash on wrist wont go away?
I have red spots on my skin?
Does tonsilitious go away on it's own without medicine?
Strech Mark Removal good creams?
First kiss and cold sores?!?!? Please help :(?
whats the best way to get rid of my black heads and white heads?
What are red dots on my forehead and how should I get rid of it!!?
itching received mby my daughter....?
what causes canker sores in mouth and what is home cure?
my arm keeps twitching?
Nurses - Need advice on keeping naval clean?
keep waking up in my sleep, does it still count as getting enough sleep?
Do you think i might have detaching retina?
hi, im finding every time i go to sleep im getting really bad heart pulpatations?
Health Question..............?
If cigarette smoke is a sign of seizure.does that mean I'm a candidate for a seizure. Best doctor option?
which is the best PPO medical insurance for a reasonable price?
if you have veins ?
sleep well.............................?
Could a foot person help me out?
So I think i have a major problem...?
can metamucil cause blockage if u dont drink enough water with it?
nursing diagnosis for a hyperphosphatemic ?
how high would your blood sugar normally have to be, before glucose showup in a urine test?
Confused about blood test results!?
i came out of hospitals because i had high blood sugar and high ketones though having teeth pull out?
a question for those with diabetes?
Diabetes question - alternative meds ?
Are gelatin sweets (You know the ones I mean) midget gems. Are they bad for you or OK in moderation.?
I find that I get extremely hungry if I don't eat for 3 hours even when I eat low GI foods am I diabetic?
how can i stay clear of sugar?
how can i avoid diaharrea?
I am diabetic and am starting to exerise in a walking club.?
what are ketone's ?
where is King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London in relation to Euston Station, London?
Unrefined sugar. Better for your diet?
I pre diabates/ impaired glucose intolerence.?
What foods should you avoid if you have kidney stones?
svq level 3 can you help please?
Are Enalipril tablets the same as Enalipril Maleate tablets??
Could i have diabetes?
Diabetics - how do you avoid being nauseous all the time ?
Infecttious diseases result from?
How does acute liver failure actually kill you?
I have a tapeworm and taking Praziquantel...will I see it come out?
how is smallpox treated?
how do you get rid of a soar throat that feels like its on fire?
Mange, allergey, or bug bites???? please help!?
Bad case of stomach flu?
What happens in the doctors if they think you may have aids?
how do viruses harm your body?
catching mono from eating?
Is Ciprofloxacin is bad for pregnant?
what is lyme's dx disease and why is it so dangerous?
What is the disease-causing agent of influenza? Like, fungi?
i'm very scared. i think i have tss?
Can you get pink eye in only one eye?
Is this shingles, if not what could it be ?
what's the different between echerichia coli and entamoeba coli?
im so sick w/ a sore througt wt cn help?
Do you think I have pink eye?
What the strongest pain killerr i can take while pregnant?
should i go see a doctor....?
HELP!!! I'm in pain!?
Someone help, i have headaches behind my eyes that are bothering me?
after playing soccer in a hall my feeet.........?
Knee pains for almost two months?
What is the best way to heal back pain? Are they any books available for the same?
deginerative disc and authritus pain in thorasic spine area?
Awful pain in my knee?
is cortizone shots save?
TMJ? How is it treated.?
Swolen Painful lymphnode in neck..help i need relief?
My body is aching n i just dont feel good?
what is the reason of getting a headache for 5 whole days?
It really hurts to go number 2?
why does it hurt??????????????
Neck problem PLEASE HELP!?
what happens to blood cholesterol and dietary cholesterol inside your body?
Blood Pressure/Stress Question?
How contagious is pneumonia?
Ive been spitting blood recently?
Why does my chest hurt?
Is it possible for my throat to just close up?
If CT scan is normal and mri scan is normal too but EEG have some abnormality .it mean ?
when i run, my throat feels like its bleeding, and it hurts to breathe, could this be a sign of asthma?
Am I in serious Health trouble?
Feeling odd, tight chest, etc?
Fire down my throat.?
what are the symtoms of hodgkins lymphoma?
Frontal left lobe of brain aching?
help, i think i took to much dayquil?
if you get a drug test and it comes out positive does it mean you have been smoking?
why am I have difficulty breathing?
Is there something wrong with me?? (fast heart beat and dizziness)?
breathing problem caused my anxiety?
Confused about diagnoses given to 20 month old?
How to get rid of a cough?
Anxiety/ Panic attack?
so I broke my toe how long do I keep this spacer in?
I'm not sure if i have a sprained ankle?
Is my thumb dislocated?
i live in md im a bus driver i got injured while on the job im on wc but i was fired because of my injury?
Burning pain in the leg?
Right arm and shoulder popping.?
What have i done to my leg?
Was brain damage caused?
can a broken toe cause swelling in the leg?
Blood test results said HepatitisB: not detected, HIV:not detected?
I just cut my face, Its not that deep so I dont need stiches. What can I use so it wont scar?
Sore pinky toe!? HELP PLEASE?
Burning sensation in right palm when moved?
why is it hard for biologist to find a cure for hiv?
i think i might have a yeast infection?
can anyone help me with this one please?
Can you get a wee infection from an STI?
What causes liquids that you drink to come out of your nostrils?
Chest burns and stomach hurts?
People my age with anxiety?
how do I get rid of my anxieties?
How to make hips look more even?
what does it sound like i have?
How to make stool soften now and able to go?
how do you get high from nail polish remover?
where can i find nutrition facts for school lunches?
why do i get dizzy and get sick?
Is this supposed to happen when I smoke weed?
What is wrong with me?
Well, I'm nauseated again...anyone sure why?
When will my anxiety go away?
How much more should i grow?
I have diarrhea but my Mum doesn't let me off school?
I have a question about eating and being full ):?
Achilles Tendonitis! Please Help!?
Am i the only one sick?:{?
what to do when you can feel mild symptoms of a sore throat?
doe acupuncture work on dogs with allergies?
I have a couple of cats?
Allergies after pregnancy?
I have a very corrupted and sick mind, what to do?
How can you stop unwanted thoughts?
boyfriend wont take meds for bi-polar...help?
please help me! i don't know what to do. (suicide, depression, cutting)?
suffering from depression 14 year old?
Does depression medicine help?
Im 13 years old and have been having a really rough year... can anybody offer any online counselling?
idk....am i depressed?
Am I depressed, or just Hormonal?
i feel so alone. someone please help! what can i do?
i'm 16 and SOOOOOO lazy. is it possible i have a REAL problem?
I'm depressed and angry. What should I do for a hobby or something?
I think I have depression and anxiety, but can't get into the doctor for 4 months!?
can i already have an alcohol addiction?
Is there anyone you can really trust?
Why do people who don't understand someone with a mental issue tell them to "grow up"?
Why do people consider suicide selfish?
How do you cope with depression?
Does anyone else talk to themselves, or go on rants in their heads?
Can you tell just by looking at this picture, That I spend a lot of time crying?
Can Ultraviolet radiation help skin conditions?
Scars...will they go away?
naturally bringing out a bruise?
I have used benzaclin for years and now my skin is immune to it. What medication is recommended next?
Does anyone here has acne scars?
Cause of inside of the mouth turning black?
Why am I randomly breaking out!?
how to get rid of stress bump on hand?
I use many different acne medication, why so dry?
What is the truth about Ageing and the Sun?
I have weird marks on my feet, what can they be?
Chronic Dandruff...... help?
is it normal to get bumps after using lsd?
Circular rash not ringworm, could bug bites be in a perfect circle?
how do you get rid of strechmarks?
I Sweat too much on my face?
Excess wind, both ends, any natural cures? Don't say fly a kite !!!?
There are some days I feel normal, and other days I feel like the world has begun to spiral out of control...?
Exposed to strep throat and pregnant! help!?
Are people still concerned about the Swine Flu right now?
How can I get over a cold FAST?
stomach ulcer pain! PLz HelP?
I am an arthritis patient and want help!!!!!!!!!!!?
Lyme Disease Doctors in Texas?
I got a pink thing in my eye?
I'm starting to get a coldsore on my upper lip. Any way of stoping it from getting worse?
Symptoms and home remedies for yeast infection?
yellow spots on tonsils?
How can you tell the cellulitis is getting better?
Possible tick bite symptoms?
Can mononucleosis really take a year to recover from?
Who are the most common victims of swine flu?
the ratio of staff to patients is 8 to 7, total staff plus patients is 1575 people, how many staff are there?
Minocycline to treat /prevent strep throat?
Do i have strep throat?
What life threatening diseases that can be passed by a kiss?
Indigestion, Bloatedness, Slow Heartbeat?
Feeling lightheaded, and "not all there"?
health insurance covering cost of service?
I cannot control my excessive sweating!?
Ringing in my right ear?
can anyone help? I have recurring mild nausea and fatigue and don't know what it is.?
Problem with my left eye?
Water/Dehydration/Throat Question?
sometimes before i fall asleep.....?
Display of Medical License: California?
why is this happening ? ?
I accidentally cut myself and I can see my bone. What should I be doing?
how to control diarohhea?
Is it bad to take a G-Lady pill one weekend and then an Orange star Ecstasy pill the next?
Questions about procedures after someone dies?
Bleeding more than usual?
my ear is really clogged and driving me bonkers any suggestions on unclogging?
whats the best way to try and stop wetting the bed at 13?
What makes me have this very bad side effect from haldol?
When I e.g look a person in the eyes, I sometimes get this short, weird feeling in my stomach?
How can I get rid of inflamed tendons?
I have an optometrist appt tomorrow, suggestions?
I've had a splinter in my heel for months--how in the world do I get it out?!?
What segments of the health care sector have business failures?
can you give a bone marrow while pregnant?
Why is all my fingers curvy?
About my eyes????????????
i'm really frighted about the bluish tint in the whites of my 4 month old eyes?
I spilled rubbing acohol (enough to burn) in my eye. What should I do besides an eye rinse with water?
Peeing uncontrollably? HELP!?
Nobody *still* seems to know what is wrong with my throat.?
cure for eye vision-lost due to high blood pressure?
owww owwww!!! omg my neckk!!!!! HELPPPPP?
How to get rid of blisters??? on my lip..fast?
HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP! Am I going blind, or what?
my comtact is stuck on my eye!?
What is the best grey color contacts for brown eyes?
dark eye circles and sleeping?
Why does your eyes go red when you start crying?
Is this contact lens Rx written correctly? Biomed toric: Sphere -1.50, Cyl -.75, Axis x135.?
Hi. I have some questions about the eye.?
Why do I close my eyes in photos?
Cure / excercise for crossed eyes?
Can Anyone Please Tell me Where I Can Get Colored Contacts With Out Prescription?
Home remedies for a stuffy nose?
eye straining???????????
Right eye problems, perhaps an infection? I don't know?
What happens if you smoke prescription drugs?
Is it normal to have yellow on the white part of the inner corners of your eyes?
need help with Eye prescription!?
What is making my contact lense blur?
Something is wrong with my eye?
i got a sty. i wear month long contacts. when my sty goes away can i put my contacts back in?
Has anyone done extensive studies on eye disorders?
Eye test and DMV permit test?
I am having problems with my eyes. They are constantly watering up and I always get gunky stuff in them...?
Can you please help with eye colour contacts ?
yeast infection medication?
Who do some men in some african countries think it's right to rape a baby because they got HIV?
how can i kiss without getting herpes?
What free websites can i go on to find medical journals on the internet? ?
Normal inner labia, or problem?
what r sings of reaction to latex jonh?
Can i still have a child if i 'm getting treated for HPV?
if someone was to have a biopsy on their tongue?
When do HIV symptoms usually show up if they were to?
Can someone tell me if i have a cold sore?
What time should I be at the STI Clinic in St. James' Hospital to beat the que?
Do I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Breathing problems??????...
I keep getting earache and congestion in my nose/ear
How to memorize brands and generics for RX students?!?
what are some good OTC medicine for bronchitis?
My cough is causing tightness and pains in my chest should i continue to take cough mixture or get to see a gp?
Non-prescription Cold Medicine?
Fluid behind my ears ?
Can I get TB test results from my place of employment?
Grandma has pneumonia and is 90 years old?
I have a really bad cough..... sounds awful should i go to GP or am i wasting my time?
Can i possibly have a pneumoina? :(?
Whats wrong with me?..I've been coughing a lot and every time i cough i have to gasp for breath.?
im having a hard time breathing help?
what could I be sick with?
with asthma can you use a decongestant to help the child breathe better?
feeling sick and use a cpap machine?
I used to smoke 1 - 1,5 pack/day cigarettes for 7 years, its been a week i smoke like 5-7 cigarettes/day AND..?
Can pneumonia recur this quickly?
question for 10 pts about lightheadedness?
what can i know about public smoking?
What are some tests people receive to determine if they need a CABG?
Waking up with the onset of a panic attack, so I get up, but then I feel tired/stressed all day. Advice?
Fix a sore throat and start eating?
Broken Finger - Hot and then cold?
Chest muscle hurts please help?
My foot hurts a lot -- and i don't know why? advice, please?
Daughter poked hand on pointy plant...?
Other question got deleted about wrists....?
I hit my head hard on the ground. Do I need to go to the doctors?
how to stop back pain ?
what could be causing my shoulder pain?
whats the Technical word for foot doctor?
Can I put my Lidoderm (Lidocaine) patch on my face (specifically nose)?
my medication was stolen and I don't know what to do.?
someone plezeee help me?
hemmroids! ouch help?
The side of my face hurts, from the top to my chin???I have no idea what it is?
Why are my toes double jointed... o_O ?
Pain on the roof of the mouth?
Beem having sharp aches in my head?
slight pain while urinating...please help!!?
I lost my leg can u help me find it?
I gauged my ear and now its swollen.?
I cut my wrists. Help?
Leg Cramps every night, please advice?
overdose on codeine!?
having really weird leg pain?
what is wrong with my hand?
What do they do to a cavity that slightly hurts?
Could I have been misdiagnosed?
why is no one talking about bird flu anymore. remember the newspaper headlines saying 'IT'S HERE!'
Do i have a bad coccyx?
Diabetes what are the syptoms how to now if you have it?
Just been diagnosed with type II Diabetes?
Dates with honey is good for diabetes?
what causes a type 1 diabetic to have fits?
where can i get information on a diabetic Dita?
type 2 Question Please?
Am I type 2 diabetes guys?
How much alcohol do you drink every week. Units if you know them?
i keep getting these feelings of coming over all weak, shaky ,almost as if im going to pass out...?
How can I get rid of Thrush caused by Diabetes?
had blood sugar test done last week,came back as 1.6.?
beta blockers?
diabetes symptoms?
Shortness of breath please help!
Could my problem be a food allergy?
How can I get my sense of smell back
Can people be allergic to Timothy Hay?
Allergic reaction??HELP PLEASE
What is the treatment for nose sensitive?
Ageing and life expectancy?
Is this drug good for you?
what does a dot drug test test for?
Why am I always spitting ?
Is it normal for my fever to go up and down?
I have a lisp, worried about nothing?
Outie bellybutton pain.?
How do I get rid of my anxiety ? ?
Will stomach alcers make you sick when you drink?
Why human is crying and give eye drops?
Is it normal to have a bad reaction to starting Zoloft?
Why are my BREASTS SORE and heavy before period?
Stabbing pain in left jugular area.?
Where can i buy littman stethoscope in the philippines?
is there any way to have an adrenalin rush at will?
I can't sleep at all? Help?
Is this a problem if this happens?
weird little bump on my inner thigh (close to my area)?
why is the skin around my eye a darkish color ?
Why are my hands ALWAYS COLD?
Painful scabs and ooze on my legs&feet.?
how to remove a wart off my finger?
what should i do about my REALLY annoying sweating problem?
What could this upper body itching be?
Why does my bellybutton itch?
how to treat and cure eczema?
need to get rid of nodules fast!?
Lancing a cyst at home?
Does Dermactin-TS treatment for serious dark eye circles work?
What could this rash be?
my upper lip has been tingling off and on for the last couple of weeks. It comes and goes but it is very?
can lupus cause you to go blind?
How do i get rid of white spots from my face and if i can how long will it take?
Dark circles on legs?
How much of this lotion should I use exactly?
This rash randomly appeared on my leg...?
how to get rid of black knees in one week?
Face Swollen from...?
What do you do when you think you have a mental disorder?
I am 17 and need health insurance!!!?
I get really bad headaches just randomly. I have been on the cell phone alot and been in front of my comp too?
I found a lump on the upper part of my chest, below my collar bone.?
Why am I "spacing out" all of the time?
Hospital went against my wishes, what should I do?
for anyone that has dieabeties?
what happened to my mom?
Correcting dry lips and mouth?
Can a Hernia actually make you want to eat more?
Vision , light-headness, headaches ? help please?
My sister in hospital got an unkown pain !!?
What's happening and what do I do about it?
How long will weed stay in my system? I was a heavy smoker, but haven't smoked in 2 months?
What does this mean? Ridges in my nails?
Found bites after being in the woods?
I got electricuted, am I ok? should I tell my doctor or something? ?
what if i cut a vain on my hand?
what do you call that thing you put your dishes to dry after you wash them?
Quick serious question...?
Instead of stitches? URGENT?
what is acetaminophen?
what's the best thing to put on a really bad sunburn??
Help meeeee!!!!! bad burn.?
What is the best thing to do naturally to loose weight?
WHat do i do if a toddler get a nose bleed?
What is the most efficient way to cleanse a deep open wound and protect it from infection?
I am flying soon and am scared. What are some suggestions that I can do to help this?
blueberry seed stuck in throat?
I burned myself, HELP!!!!?
My thumb is swollen fromhitting it with a hammer! How do I get the blood to go down?
i got a really bad sunburn today at the beach and i look as red as a lobster how can i get it to go away fast?
Another swine flu Question ?
Urgent! My chakra just snapped, can homeopathy cure me?
When my mom wakes up in the morning she spits a mouth full of blood. Why? What can I do to help her?
Does homeopathy work Would you recommend it?
Whats good for knat bits ??
has anyone tried REIKI?
Giving up smoking hypnotist?
Best way to cure a Headache.?
Can nappies help bedwetters become dry quicker ?
hit by lightening?
What is your opinion on hypnotherapy?
what affects can happen without usng strerial gloves during adminitration of spinal anestetics?
can diflucan make you itch all over?
Do i have a mild infection in my throat?
If your tonsils are small, would getting them out hurt less?
what is this sickness called? really thick phome-like spit.........?
I accidentally mixed benadryl with sambucol cold and flu medicine?
will this help get my throat?
metronidazole used for what?
how to get rid of a stuffy nose in 1 days!!?
how does it feel like to be hiv positive or have aids?
how is HIV acturelly created?
Is Yawning contagious?
mucus in throat bad breath?
What can a small drop of hand sanitizer do to your eye?
overdose of anthrax vaccine? please help?!?
here are my symptoms can someone help me?
What else could my symptons mean.?
my dna pcr test for tb is positive but all the other test like mantoux, igg,igm,igb, HIV are negative. am i?
help i probably have mono?
What is the law in Mississippi about informing your partner that you have HIV?
Can Vaseline grow bacteria or fungus?
are benign tumors fatal?
can salmonella be transferred through breast milk?
Adnormal Bleeding and swollen ankles?
What to do with a blood blister thing?
Immunodeficancy problem? What Is This?
i have been taking valtrex for a year straight dose anyone else have the same problems?
getting an STI check?
I'm really worried i have an std in my mouth "/?
Doxycycline Hyclate takers- need some advice Please!!
please help me, chlamydia treatment?
Has anyone had experience with bath aids? The one that inflates like a blow up seat?
do the none-urine std tests hurt?
I need help taking off my piercings ?
strep with out tonsils ?
can my electric get shut off if i use a cpap machine?
Does snorting things get you high? ?
does the shake weight really work?
Getting lost in a place you have been a number of times?
Is there a way to force a adrenaline high using your mind?
Got a headache from staring at someone????? ?
Does this mean I have good hearing?
I want to try diapers?
can you die from sticking a syringe in your arm?
Why is my stomach feeling like this?
what do u do when u cant figure out what u wont to eat?
What is the best way to consume gelatin?
is something wrong with me?
why bad diarrhea. this is kind of too much information, but i need help?
Could this be a bone ?
siatic nerver injury due to gunshot wound?
is it sprained or something?
The instep of my foot hurts... help pls?
I think i tore a muscle a couple weeks ago...help!?
My mouth hurts alot,what now???????????????????
Herniated discs in the lumbar region of the lower back?
Can anyone help explain this knee problem?
Why is it whenever i woke up songs that i've heard keeps singing in my mind.Eventhgh it,s been days or weeks.?
how much does it cost to fixk a broken jaw?
my right calve muscle...on the inside hurts when it gets tight...thats not chin splints is it...or a strain?
Is my knuckle broken?
What can a boxers fracture do.?
Can A Bad Knee Effect A My Jumping?
What is wrong with my thumb?
4 year old fell down stairs & kidney is bleeding. will they have to do surgery , is this serious?.?
Is it a sprained ankle and did i cause more damage?
do i have carpal tunnel at age 17?
Percocet-Allegeric reaction?
Random pain in chest on left side?
I hit my head and I feel Sick?
Inner Ear Pain??????
What is causing me to have charlie horses?
coughing and pain in back of shoulder?
My tongue hurts any cures?
why when i stand still it feels an looks like everything is spinning around?
Sciatica please help?
For the last week I have felt dizzy, why?
will writing a certain way give you arthritis?
please help i'm very uncomfortable?
Light Headed and headaches?
My big toes have been numb for the last couple of days. What is wrong?
Oh no! My hip! It's weird...?
Can you feel Hydrocodone at all if you're on Suboxone?
I feel a bloated and cramping feeling in my stomach and chest area - what causes this?
Expert Physio advice required!?
My arm hurts when i move it?
Hydrocodone Vs. Oxycontin?
Vaporizor .................!!?
Why can't I stop coughing?
does anyone know where i can get a septum ring?
can asthma cause a barrell chest?
what does it mean when pulse is always high?
Sleep Paralysis? What is this?
Zaditor 3x a day?????????????
Something wrong with my eyes?
what exactly is 'piles' ?
Which RohtoV eye drops are the best at relieving bloodshot eyes?
do you feel like there's something in your eyes when it burns/hurts?
Are there any eye whitening drops without rebound effect?
need help blurry vision had something in my eye?
Surgical eye procedures?
fromer drugg personnnnn?
why do we have tears when we cry?
My father is 63yrs, he has cataract in both eyes. he don't qualify for medicare. Is there anything to help?
i tihnk im geting a lazy eye?
I would like to change my sun glasses lens to presciption.Where Can I go to have lens put in the frame?
What should I do? My upper eyelid is swollen?
My eye is hurting and watering?
wearing eye drop everyday to relive redness?
Is abscess of a lacrimal caruncle harmful? What do I need to do?
i just got new colored contacts?
grey spots in about 1/5th of my line of vision?
I wear contacts, but recently my left eye turned dry with redness around the iris. What could it be?
How do I read this glasses RX?
im thinking of getting contacts with a different eye color?
don't no whats wrong with my eyes?
how can i get my doctor to prescribe me xanax?
Got face burned,rash and pigmentation after fairness bleach.Please help!?
how to get rid of red google marks around your eyes?
Large patch of dry skin on leg?
How can I look away without turning ?
How do I fix my finger?
I have small, barely noticeable lumps on the pads of my fingers?
Fingertips desensitized to heat...?
Lasting horrible skin rash?
How do you get rid of bitter nails?
Diagnose my skin problem please! Picture included. Dry and scaly, won't heal?
I've had moderate acne for almost six years now, would birth control pills help?
Can you tell me what this is? Face rash?
Would rubbing achohol cure athletes foot?
What could be causing this?
what are home remedies to soften feet?
Please help! how to stop sweating?
My face feels really, really hot, I just took a hot shower?
How can i get a CHISELED face and jawline?
What type of birthmark is this?
How do you get over depression?
pleasee helpp!!?
What can I do to stop cutting without involving anyone else?
how can you help someone with borderline personality disorder know you love them?
How can I get a new "high"?
Bacterial Meningitis?
Question about Shingles.?
I know and understand about hepatitis...I would like to know where it first came from...it's source?
Can you get rabies from a turtle?
what is medical term for pin worms?
How to get rid of tonsil stones?
after microscopy on my knee i have been spitting up some blood?
Whats wrong with me !!!!!!!!!?
What's the best way to get rid of a coldsore?
If you went to prison did you catch any illnesses there?
if u have a fever of 99 is that bad?
A question Mononucleosis (Mono)?
Positive/negative things humans have done?
is Prednisone detectable in a blood test.?
my dog has parvo, but is only vomitting now is that a good sign?
How can I comfort and provide support for my bestfriend who's going through a rough time?
I arrived in Al Ain a few days ago. What does the stool test involve ? What can I expect ?
Diseases and treatment?
how do i get a splinter out of my hand?
How did Nujabes die? Did he get shot?
Bleeding nose and a upset stomach?
How do I unplug my ear?
Does my 3 year old daugter need a Tetnus shot?
I got a blister from burning my hand in welding?
Do I have an Ear Infection??
Help me, I think I'm brainwashed!?
what do you think is wrong when someone is said to be alergic to penecellin or anti biotics?
Can you have Surgery if you have a cold or flu? (A question for medical pros)?
If you leave a stinger in, what do you do?
No matter how much I sleep im still always tired?
Ingested Miniscule Black Worms In Wild Raspberries?
I scratch my actual eyeball please help!? (UPDATE)?
I was wondering if anyone has a way to remove or adjust a fibreglass cast with out going to the doctor?
Please help me with this?
I am in need of medical advise?
Are dryer sheet sploofs dangerouse or bad for your lungs?
Please help? Girlfriend sick :(?
What do these symptoms sound like?
Crawling feeling on my back?
I have a stomach problem.. I don't know what it is?
How to hide the effects of weed?
Do people really have to wear diapers in the hospital?
what should I do about my sickness?
What's wrong with me (body wise)?
Why is my stomach so bloated?
what is the effects of putting growth hormones to a kid?
What Could Cause my dizziness?
could i die from anti-freeze poisening from a pinpoint heater core leak in my car?
Im sick? but I don't know what kind?
What foods to eat and what to avoid when I have a cold ?
Cold Hands - Shivery - Acidity - tired - Feel Sicky?
Varicose Veins!plz explain it to me?it seems that i have it!?
i dont know how this happened...help?
Why cant i get a full night of sleep?
ok so my thumb has been numb for over a hour.Can some please tel me why is this?
What determines Sinus drainage?
has anyone heard of prilosec causing a false positive in a UA test for THC? Where can I find info?
Do I need vacinations to go to Thiland ?
My dad wakes up in a mornign to find he has a mouth full of blood. Had surgery few months ago?
Is BP responsible for spill?
can you replace golden syrup with brow sugar?
anyone know about non invasive blood glucose monitoring?
Does anyone know...??
why do my kidneys hurt after drinking coffee or pepsi?
Diabetics who inject.....?
insulin controls blood sugar levels?
Does anybody find it VERY frightening when they know they are going to have a gran mal seizure?
Did you know that November 14 is the World diabetes day?
has any 1 ever tried the new milkshake diets avalible in chemists?
Does the ECA(ephedrine,Caffeine,Aspirin)Stack have any impact on blood glucose or HBA1C results?
Does Diabetic Doctors get paid more for treating diabetic patients?
what are murmurs?
I have a cyst on my pancreas - anyone offer advice re. surgery. believe if i have it removed i will be on jabs
I have been reading through some old posts about blood presure.It looks like 120 - 80 seams average.?
when should i stop taking metformin before surgery?
Blood sugar levels in non diabetics?
pressure in for head and nose?
My eyes have been irritated for the past two weeks. What could cause that?
what is a class 3 allergy to eggs?
I don't have a cold just runny nose and sneezing,anything I can use without buying drugs would help alot?
recently diagnosed inferolateral ischemia, how fatal can this be if not taken care of?
Does Benadryl increase blood pressure?
Hole in heart....what is this disease name?
My dad is 53 & both his dad & G~pa died of heart attacks before retirement. Now he has had a collapsed lung?
what is a normal blood pressure reading for a 15 yr old female?
can quiting chewing tobacco, cause a heart attck?
heart problem wanting answer?
Woul hypnotherapy possibly cure my fear of flying? Anyone been hypnotised to cure something?
Ritalin!!!! Why is it used to treat ADHD?
What causes my itchy skin rash? How do I find out for sure?
what are the best supplements to help me loose weight and reduce appetite?
slimming tablets?
what is the best item to buy over the counter to stop snoring?
has any1 had a colonic irrigation? if so does it hurt?
Dose fivefruit a day make you ammune ?
Natural healing for thyroid? Reflexology?
how do i get wax out of my ears without syringing them?
Anyone tell me how many drops of essential oil there is in a 5ml bottle?
Has anyone experienced really good weight loss with the Grape Cure?
Difficulty sleeping? Nytol isn't working, any suggestions?
Do you have cravings for things such as: cornstarch plaster clay other?
I wanna cleanse and charge crystals. What ones are bad to use salt on or leave in sunlight?
where to buy codeine phosphate tablets from?
What exactly does an "anti-oxidant" do?
Allergy problems... need ALTERNATIVE ADVICE?
Where can I train as a Chiropracter?
Waterproof cast? Will it smell in 3 weeks?
is he gonna be okay...i hit my boyfriend on accident in the liver and...?
my right knee and hip hurts after using a row machine....it's been 5 days and the pain isn't getting better?
how long does it take to heal for a sprain ankle?
Why do women seem to have more ankle injuries than men? I have had a lot of ankle probs over the past year,?
Is something wrong with my elbow?
How can I tell if my shoulder is cracked or just bruised underneath?
Do I have post-concussion syndrome?
Sprained ankle advice?
pull off a half broken/bleeding nail?
Is This Carpal Tunnel?
Can you sprain a lower leg muscle? How do you treat it?
Making your fingers click!!?
foot doctor question?????
is it possible that my arm is broken..?
did i sprain or tear a ligement in my thumb and what is the wierd ripping sound and feel?
I hurt my big toe joint...but i don't know how?
What causes hicups? can u force urself to hicup?
wrong or ok, im wondering if im overacting?
i think this is asthma?
Dry throat & cough, audition soon? Please HELP!!?
is our air getting worse? ?
Do I have a Sinus Infection?
I have sinus congestion and I have to sing in 3 hours... Any advice how to clear things up?
i have a ear infection what can i do about it?
Why is my puppy coughing?
what is a tyroid intake scan?
Has anyone ever had acid reflux?
how many miles should an 18 year old 220 pound male with asthma be able to run.?
Smoking and Asthma? Helppp?
for ppl with septum rings?
Can smoking weed give you bronchitis?
how long will it take to clear out my lungs?
My lungs hurt when I breath?
is ulcerative colitis considered a disability?
Has now been 6 weeks since I had blood tests.?
i have a sore throat......when to visit a doctor?
why am i coughing so wired?
What type of nose do I have?
I go 2 a methadone clinic where they just started giving observed drug test and i got a doctors note?
How do I get and maintain a good complexion?
i can't sneeze at school?
Why do i get such a bad headache after taking dayquil?
sound in ears after shower?
What are good ways to stretch and strengthen your shoulders/rotator cuffs?
long hot bath made me tired dizzy weak and my stomach feels a little blah?
normal body temp for a young adult female?
everyday i blow my nose blood comes out? please help always having headaches and light headed.?
Shaky hands/Weakness? 16 yrs?
Why am I never thirsty?
Wood stove questions....?
Im 13 5 foot 7 and i wana be 6 feet tall by the end of the year how can i grow taller?
what is masterbation?
A feeling of peace when I had a massive fall.?
Could Anaemia be mistaken for HIV on a blood test?
science hw about hiv?
who is the first man who attrect AIDS virus?
Why are people with HIV portrayed as having grey/white hair?
How long does the HIV virus survive for in Chlorinated jacuzzi? (Chlorine Level of 2.5ppm)?
I know this may seem a strange question but can having negative people around really kill you as i have had?
getting thrush after a smear?
how long befor i clear drugs test?
What do you do if you want to go to a clinic to take an AIDS test but you can't tell your parents?
Will an NHS walk in centre offer STI screening?
i only needed one treatment for chlamydia but got drunk a day later and vomited will this effect treatment?
i am getting juged cause i have HEARING AIDS?
How to get rid of scars?
i have canker sores on the roof of my mouth?
Breaking a habit of.....?
if you have acne from the time you were about 13-14?
what treatment to take for fungal infections on skin?
Palms itchy?! plzz heelpp?
any help to cover/cure red face?
what is the best medicine for our face's oily skin?
does this sound like a good acne solution?
Sebaceous gland in rectum-keeps rising and bursting, please help.?
I have really bad acne, so i put some stuff on it and i woke up and it was worse?! how is this possible?contin?
why is my face all red and itchy after putting on clindoxyl gel overnight?
How can i clear my acne fast?
Is there anyway to get rid of scars?
about black hairy mole?
Have a mole that hurts?