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Can you pop a canker sore?
Pain between forearm and bicep. Opposite side of my elbow?
Pulled/strained eye?!?!?!?
how can i get rid of a black eye asap?
Pukey feeling in throat as if i had the flu, but have had it for over 2 months ?
since water doesn't have any vitamins why is it good for you?
True OR false : Always put yourself in others shoes , If it hurts U it'll probably hurt them too?
How to stop sweating excessively?
Why are overweight people so quit to tell other people to eat more?
what do you consider thin?
What do you prefer: healthy food or healthy exercise to stay healthy ?
Does Rheumatic Heart Disease need surgery or just with medication??
i just had heart surgery abd feel very sick?
Is it possible to dissolve a blood clot in the heart?
do blood clots go away on there own?
how to get rid of ance really fast! like in minutes or a day!!!!!!!?
what are these unsightly lumps on my index finger?
Is it concerning for a blister to turn brown?
i have been wondering what the white spots on my back and stomach mean.. does anybody know? they dont hurt tho
There's a strange freckle on the bottom of my foot...?
What do you do for a meniscus tear?
my right ear is louder than my left ear?
Do you believe in natural healing?
Can you really lose weight just by walking 30 min every day??
I need exercises for my thighs and the inside of them!?
my right lower quardant of my side is always bothering me?
Any suggestions for my chronic nausea?
broken shoulder bone? hurt elbow, wrist?
Pain in my shoulder and collarbone?
How many times can you go under anesthesia in the same month?
Knee injury help. Doctor couldn't explain?
If i cut my finger tendon just below the knuckle over 2 months ago can it still be surgically fixed?
How do i cure a torn ligament?
What Clearasil product is best to help prevent and treat acne?
Bacne? Ugh i need some answers.?
How much is stem cell surgery for the pancreas? (Diabetes)?
How to tell what blood type i am without a blood test?
Have any of you changed you diet & went off of meds?
can paranoia be controlled or totally cured?
How can I stop talking in my sleep?
What do they do to you in a psych ward when you're in there for cutting yourself?
If u suffer from major anxiety and depression ... how do u get urself ready for a trip...?
Should I get my eyes checked?
any doctors that can help me?
I wake up with a headache every morning.?
what does it mean if i have a sore throat but no fever?
what is Metamucil and how does it work?
Should I see a doctor?
Is it normal with a combination of Prozak, Trazadone, and Vistaril to have severe pain all over?
Can I stop taking klonopin right away?
What are the signs of a brain tumor?
Help Me! It's About Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)?
Cortazone shot in the knee?
Cab you get ink poisoning from a sharpie pen?
Is there such a thing as blood that clots too fast? It seems that when I get a cut or something I?
well.my face????????
I need info about tearing your ACL.?
sprained or stretched ligament in ankle?
any recommondation for 2 sprained ankles?
In my book, my main character's mom died of cancer when she was little. What are some "incurable cancers"?
Alternative medicine, what is a good homeopathtic remedy for contusions on a child's fingers for healing?
Are there like,herbal/natural remedies for panic disorders?And ADD?
Does alcohol soothe a sore throat or make it worse?
Does Garlic help reduce High Blood pressure?
I belive Chakras of Yoga are Ganglia. Can somebody relate them and explain them to me.?
can i get high from...?
What are some home remedies to unclog ears?
Lower back pain. Herniated disk?
Is there any other way to detect slipped disc except an MRI?
how to take a shower with a leg cast on?
bruises wont go away?
anyone ever have really cold hands and feet but at the same time they are sweaty??
Majorr sunburn..?
I just looked down at my leg and its bleeding without a cut?!?
How much does a traumatic amputation Hurt?
I can't equalize pressure in my left ear, please help.?
How would you describe a gunshot wound to the shoulder?
Whats wrong with my foot?
Yesterday I broke a mercury thermometer and cleaned the spill using my bare hands.?
why do my bones pop a lot, my knees pop 24/7 when i move. is that bad?
I have a problem with my Right Leg, Please Help (10 pts for best answer)?
What would you do if you were going to be in excruciating physical pain for the rest of your life?
My back hurts!!!! if i go to the hospitel will they do anything?
Chiropractor Question?
Is the gummy smile surgery worth the pain? or if someone did it, tell me how you experience it. I am scared!?
What is a carcinoma and how is it taken out?
Concerning Vitamin K, which is absorbed better, oral or sub q (injectable)?
Can a Vegan or Raw Foods diet help treat Cancer?
Are there cases where cancer-sick people survive without doing anything?
Alopecia related question?
Question about relentless fatigue/tiredness...?
Anything natural that can be taken for anxiety disorder?
What is the life expectancy of 22 year old with End Stage Renal/Kidney Disease?
Droops under eyes.. :/?
What genetic disease kills you at 13-16, but is only diagnosed when you are dying because there is no symptoms?
I am 37 years old man, my TSH result was 72.4 and T4 was slightly under normal+ normalT3, Am I hypothyroid?
Psoriasis Solution ...?
How did your dermatologist heal your acne?
doxycycline prescribed and sunlight is unavoidable?
Acne and antibiotics breathing problems?
What are the white spots under your fingernails?
What are diseases caused by smoking and what are their symptoms ?
Is there natural ways to deal with ventolin overdose?
Kids sinus drainage? ?
the oldest person with CF?
whats the best thing for a severe sinus infection?
Can wheezing be a sign of allergies?
Which is the best ayurveda website?
Stresstabs for easing stress?
Skeptics and homeopathy?
What kind of injuries would you acquire if someone threw acid on you?
do i have Muscle Strain ?
If the cold bothers an old injury - why does ice help it?
Help!?! What have I done to my knee?
Does an abscess need drained or will infection go away........?
Do they allow you to try on the colr for your contacts before you buy?
how can i stop eating to much junk food?
If i stop drinking sodas will i loose weight?
How important is the diet when it comes to a workout plan?
My throat hurts everytime i swallow?
Does it hurt to throw up?
Right leg, right arm, and right side of face tingling from cocaine use last night?
I fell on my ribs and they are not bruised or swollen but hurts really bad?
I thought my kids had ADHD, but how would i know if it's autism, aspergers, or something else instead?
What does it mean to have this mental condition?
How many sessions of therapy will i need, and after it's ended...?
i have really bad acne..even with washing my face everyday wat cud i do?
I have this thing on the bottom of my foot...?
Dermatologist Acne Prices?
I've heard that drinking 2 cups of tea a day helps clear up your skin...?
what are these weird things on my stomach?
What is the best product for minor acne wtih combination skin?
Sore knees?
due for a nerve operation on my hand/arm... anyone out there who has had it done? was it ok?
how long does a blister take to heal?????
Ankle Question?
anyone know how to heal a minor fractured arm faster?
what to do?????
My phychiatrists is not helping me with my bulimia ..?
Drug Addiction what should I do to help my husband?
What were your symptoms of leukemia when you were diagnosed?
Tinnitus - Is a hearing aid the best solution?
I have just been diagnosed with crohns disease and am worried does anyone have any info on it?
What would cause me to see spots really bad?
Why do my eyelids feel heavy if I am tired?
Could I have heartburn?
What are the benefits of smoking marijuana or the reasons why people smoke it?
Knee Injuries.?
Should I take legal advice?
Does this sound like carpal tunnel ?
Can jumping hurt you?
How long does a tan from a tanning booth last and if you go one time, will you get a tan...or just burned?
Shaved down-there, got ingrown hairs, And they itch!?
Are these Neutrogena Products for women 25+ or are good enough for a 19 year old?
Extremely Oily Skin?
Any natural ways to stop a mosquito bite from itching?
Does rubbing the vitamin E oils from the capsules on stretch marks really work?
I Have Lost So Many People From Cancer! What Can I Do?
How do doctors know if you have pancreatic cancer?
How does one get anal cancer?
what is the temporary care given to a preson who has sudden illness?
What is the significance of the ear lobe?
How effect are air purifiers?
Need help with acidosis vs alkalosis?
Did anyone hear about robitussin being bad for babies on the news? if so, did anyone find out why?
Headache behind eyes & forehead?
Stung by something with a curved, red stinger?
How can I stop being insecure about looks?
How to treat this bite.. ?
How serious is a swollen ant bite?
ear piercing bleeds after 6 weeks in.?
Can i go deaf from sticking a q-tip too far in my ear?
little flashes in eyes?
Have you ever had Sleep Paralysis?
Is there a name for this? i have honestly no idea.?
If a person was having troubles absorbing nutrients what problems may cause this?
i have lupus pls help me!?
What can you do for insomnia?
what foods are not healthy for someone that is going through dialysis?
do i have kidney stones??? please help?
Are there any "natural" remedies that work for teenage acne?
Which has better nutritional benefits? Eating carrots or drinking carrot juice?
Stomach ache when chewing gum?
What causes people to just randomly pass out?
I know someone addicted to coke...???
Are cold hands healthy/normal?
why people yawn?
I am sick and can't afford medical insurance and don't qualify for medicaid what do i do?pensacola,fl no help
Severly Obese, am I hurting myself by exercising too hard?
How much is this?
How can I get rid of my cravings for pasta and junk food and other bad carbs??
How can I lose 15 to 20 pounds in 2 weeks??
i am 17 years old and im worried about having cancer?
Is this breast cancer month ?
if you have Leukemia is it necessary to have Chemotherapy?
should I get immunized for H1N1?
Does anyone know some home remedies for a cold sore?
How long will it take me...?
can a sprained ankle heal over night?
depression??i dont know wat to do??:|?
How do I deal with nerve pain?
I went back to work and I only sleep 3 hours a day will I be ok health wise?
quitting smoking?
Help, advice for a leg problem!?
how many strabismus surgies have anyone of you had before it was fixed?
Colour blindness tritanope?
Is cracking someone's back by stepping on it dangerous?
Toenail that is broken off half-way?
I was hit in the left temple when someone pegged a basketball?
omfg whats wrong with me.. HELP ?!?
Child with JRA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)?
What is the health site where you can put in your symptoms and it will say your sickness?
how common is to take a drug called epogen procrit for kidney damage?
Mother is an alcoholic and takes medications!!!?
What are some problems that people have with down syndrome?
How long after taking Valium should someone not drive a car?
My whole family is sick/getting sick.....help?
Why does caffeine make me groggy, while Benadryl keeps me awake?
Baby's fingertips appear to be going extremely white then going back to normal then white again?
do you put contact lenses directly onto your pupil or around it?
I have major Anemia....what should i eat more?what should i do?
Cold? Bronchitis?
What is the reasoning behind people that drink their own urine?
Medical Freedom, are we loosing it?
what natural and alternative methods can help pain, bruises, sprains and strains from a bad car wreck?
Can children take Ginko-Biloba?
What to do for a rash from allergic reaction?
Have you ever scratched yourself so hard you left a bruise?
my skin is so tender I cant even have my husband?
What's the best way to get ride of acne. I've had it on and off since i was in 6th grade.?
Why are scars red/brown?
how long do i keep my sprained ankle elevated for?
If a two year old child falls ...?
Can you 'arm' a knife?
What are some good exercises for bad knees?
Nose job????????
Information on vitamin b17 or brain cancer?
If you had a tumor and when they found it you only had 5 months to live, can you still get a treatment?
does an electric blanket really cause cancer?
how can i not lose weight yet jog?
How To Reduce Appetite?
how can i lose 4 lbs a day?
Why the "pot-belly"?
how to get tall fast and easy?
What type of Physical Therapy is best for a recovering Ruptured Achilles Tendon Following Surgery?
How can u fix an ingrown toenail...?
36wks pregnant with several herniated discs can giving birth cause more problems for my back?
if you slam your finger in a door and now its ?
how long does it take a person to bleed out from a chest wound?
I have to have knee surgery?
Anyone ever have broken toes?
how do you cure an eye twitch?
Eyes *very* sensitive to light (contact lens)?
How can you remove a non-cancerous mole with home remedies?
Soft skin?
Tiny black/brown dots on finger tips, and hand?
is laser treatment is best for removing unwanted hair on the face,suggest some clinic in chennai?
Does bactrim cure mersa?
What causes a sore similar to a blister inside of my nose?
should you be afraid of dying?
How do you get un soar?
Why am I super tired in the day time but when it becomes dark I can't sleep?
How come when you close your ears you can still hear noise?
Nephew hearing voices, otherwise seems normal. Is he okay?
what is Mulan rouge?
Is it true there is a surgical procedure that can cure bipolar disorder?
What are some signs of diabetes?
what are the consequences of edema in the legs if not treated properly?
My skin had sunburns, It really hurts!?
Am I allergic to the sun???
iam sensitive to all sunblocks HELP????????
What cardio should I do to see my abs, please real help!!?
Knee dislocation?
I haven’t relived myself for a really long time is their any side effects?
is it normal for a bruise to last 12 months?
If my colar bone broke, and it's overlapping at the fracture, does that require surgery?
Read Please?
Have you ever been acused of staging a faint?
Plantar Warts: Best way to get rid of them?
How do I turn cold to someone?
does this happen to anyone else? why does this happen?
Tips to Improve vision.?
who here got swine flu ? and how he/she got cured.....? share your experience.?
What are the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome?
Mitochondrial Disease information?
Injury after Injury after Injury?
I keep hurting my hamstring, how long does it take to heal completely?
I need some advice, i have bruised a nerve in my arm (under elbow), Please help?
Exercising with lower back pain?
Will i make it with a Torn ACL?
Voice Ruined.?
is there any natural cure for fibroid? please help.?
Why is there so little information available on anabolic steroids?
My brother is trying to cure Grave's disease naturally. Any suggestions that have worked for other people?
How do I treat a two day old 2nd degree burn?
help im worried about a nosebleed!?
What is cervicalgia?
Rice water for healthy skin?
Joint supplement HELP!!!?
My liver enzymes wont go down?
Buying weed first time?
Can I use Silver Biotics spray on my face for acne?
With Diet and Exercise, How much weight can I lose in 3 months?
what are the best excercises to get abs/six pack? and how often to do it?
Did any of you over eat on Easter today?
I just found out I broke (fractured) my fifth metacarpel how long will it take to heal?
Is this a concussion?
Why are my hands cold and oddly colored?
How do you get rid of zits quick?
My sister has bad acne and is always covering her face with something to hide it from people looking at her?
what should i do to remove back acne?
What's a really good acne treatment??
I all of a sudden I got a rash on my neck, and it itches really bad. How do I get rid of it?
Has anyone ever broken their leg?
can a person live with both his hands and legs cut off?
Is it possible to have cancer with a normal White Blood Cell Count?
The girl i love is dieing of cancer what do i do?
what is target of leukemia in the organism?
How can I boost my metabolism? Read more please...?
Workout question for today?
What is the best way to lose weight in your stomach area?
I need help picking a diet, I am extremely Obese, can you help?
I am starting Clinicals and need to know what stethoscope to purchase?
respiratory system?????
How acidosis can cause hyperkalemia?
Why Can't I Cough From Smoking Weed Anymore?
What illness do I have?
how do I get my husband to STOP SNORING?
anxiety?? what im so lost!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Lately I've been getting headaches in the right front side of my brain.?
Will my elevated liver enzymes come back down?
What cures have been developed from stem cell research?
what is the scientific name for crohn's disease?
Does this sound like leukemia or mono?
Are you or someone you know allergic to alcohol?
how can i cure a sore throat ?
Please answer only if you yourself have had a broken finger (non thumb)?
Broken, Jammed, Fractured Toe? Help!?
Work related injury that occured 3 years ago...?
how long will it take to recover from a broken ankle?
what do you do for a broken little toe?
i keep getting dizzyyyy kinda light headed. whats wrong?
explain bone spur surgery?
Medicine: Conventional vs Alternative?
is there a natural homeopathic remedy, i could take to help shrink a parotidectomy?
Need info for homeopathic medicine. my friend is in 7th month of pregnancy. some one advised her to take?
What would you do if you were reorganizing the Health Care Systems?
body lotion; can they permanently smoothen the skin?
Question about Acne?
have you ever popped a zit and could hear it explode?
home treatment for fire ant bites?
Where can I order insulin pump packs with *unattached* belts?
Why do you have gunk in your eyes when you wake up?
My upper back hurts. What's wrong with it?
Had surgery and now stables and drain tube are out......?
Why Cheney moving boxes around? How come I don't get a wheelchair when I pull a muscle?
if my arm was bit off by a shark and they needed someone to stick my bloody stump into there mouth to keep it?
is my arm sprained or is it borken?
Whats the stuff called they put under the nose of an unconscious person? Say football?
Would you consider donating your organs upon your death?
My foot is broken and secrets or anything to help the healing?
I want to help people in Haiti. But not by sending items/money...?
Mom has always been addicted to ecstasy. How can I step in this personal problem?
Is it true that if you lost your big toenail that you would have to learn how to walk all over again?
How to become an early riser.?
Does Swine Flu really come from pigs?
Worst of this flu seems to have passed, but chest / lungs are aching?
About 5 months to lose 50 pounds starting on MONDAY?
Best way to trim inches off belly??!!
SURVEY: How many of you want to lose weight or just get back into shape?
What are some good excercises for your thighs to help them to look more muslcuer?
Is the electricity around us slowly causing some diseases like cancer?
how long is too long, in the sun for kids?
How do you get rid of dark stained arm pits?
I have a whitehead, if i leave it alone, will it go away? What if I put benzoyl peroxide 10% on it (URGENT)?
Why are the bugs only biting in one place?
What's going on with my knee?
I just got hit by a pickup truck and they didnt stop so i walked home?
Should I get surgery to repair a torn meniscus?
What is the difference between a Plaster casts and a fiber glass casts?
what do it feel like to get shot?
Can a hernia be cured non surgically.?
is there an age limit for XANAX?
medical marijuana for insomnia?
what is maynards desease?
Well, I have a throat infection, and my doctor prescribed amoxicillin, but i feel nausea and unusual weakness.?
What are kidney stones?
Headaches and brain tumors???
Is there a way to purposely sprain your wrist?
What are some alternatives to smoking?
eyes hurt after sleeping with contacts in?
what is the best laser eye surgery around?
What eye colour would you describe mine as?
How do I improve eye sight?
WHY doesn't everyone wear daily disposable contacts?
Has anyone tried Singulair?
how can i get rid of whiteheads?
I recently used L'Oreal Acne response 2.55% Benzoyl peroxide treatment and now i have black burns on my face
what is a good products to use for acne?
If your skin cracks around your nail?
I have white flaky patches on my hands and feet,any ideas?
HELP i'm injured! how to bandage a burn with out going to the hospital?
slipped over on ice arms now hurting?
Will my knee feel terrible in the future?
what is the treatment for a deep bruise under the toenail of my big toe?
whats wrong with my ankle?
What is is like to wear a cast?
My hands are wrinkled and so are my feet and I'm only 13 can someone help me identify the condition?
Dry hands?
Is it TRUE that if you write on your hands or skin a lot you can get skin cancer????
take care of my skin?
Proactive: Pros & Cons?
I have a scar & it makes me upset!?
Why do my cuticles get so dry and hurt?
What is wrong with my back?
is it true if you press your ankle somewhere your period starts?
how to remove a scar on my forehead?
So bored.....Jus wondering....?
Should I wait till the bleeding stops?
How to care for a deep bruise?
What are the signs you need new glasses?
im just curious... if the spells of changing eye color is real.?
Base curve of contact lenses really make much of a difference?
PLEEASE HELP ME.. my eyes burn!! omg?
Why does marijuana make your mouth dry?
Need help figuring out what's wrong with me. (constantly tired...etc)?
What is ALCACHOFA AMPOLLETAS supplement?
question about multivitamins?
Has anyone ever been treated by a homeopath? Has anyone ever been prescribed Naja Trip?
What is your diagnosis?
Hashimotos Disease? Information?
Tested for iron deficiency but still no answer! Please help!?
Pink eye: Just curious, are there any home remedies for it?
why do my hands get extremely puffy, red, & i feel they hurt & as if they're going to explode........?
Weight loss with underactive thyroid?
increase my blood circulation to my fingers and toes?
I Just Came Back From Mexico And I Keep Getting Sick?
child has odd fever for over 5 days.?
Would pedegg work for dry skin also?
Baking soda and zits?
I have a red rash on my leg?
if i burned my skin with and iron will it ever comeback?
best natural way to get rid of acne fast!?
is there such thing as emotional asthma?
What disease could I have? Pneumonia?
How to tell if your lungs are ruined?
Difference between ADVAIR DISKUS and ADVAIR HFA?
Can talking with a sore throat ruin your singing voice?
I am experiencing throat problems?
pulumanary fibrosis, my mother passed away from it?
how do you heal an ice burn?
how to tell if you sprained your knee or seriously hurt it?
Can eye glasses cause dark circles under the eyes?
How to get a functional ACL brace?
My 6 year old cousin is in surgery?
Cheer practice.....?
If you fell from a cliff which part of your body would be the safest place to land on?
I think I broke my toe, why can't it be treated?
Workers Comp Knee Injury Question?
can a broken ankle after healed cause you to not be able to wear high heels?
How can I tighten my stomach without it poking out from muscle?
is it possible to have an eating disorder without knowin it?
I have little bubbles/blisters on my finger tip filled with some kind of clear water/liquid?
what do YOU say about putting aloe vera on ACNE?????
Strange Methods Which Help Your Skin?
What helps cuts heal faster?
If you are familiar with leukemia treatments I would appreciate your insights.?
i don't produce tears... can someone help?
How good is V-8 juice for you?
Please help! How can i get rid of the pain of sore muscles?
Is it true that studies have found "cereal" to be deadly! and make with poison?
Is water good for the digestive system?
How do you deal with a person with Downs Syndrome correctly?
Can Lactose Intolerance be cured by a colon cleanse?
What do I need to do before and after excercising?
my birthday is in two weeks and i really want to lose about ten pounds?
How to maintain my goal weight?
how can i lose weight FAST!?
Is there a disorder where you cant make decisions?
how do u get rid of dark spots?
Does Any One Know Anything That Can Get Rid Of Eczema ?
How can I get rid of my acne fast?
I'm thinking of getting contacts. What should I expect from them?
There is blood in my eye! Whats going on?!?!?
What kind of lenses can enable a farsighted person to see more clearly?
Hide my hands? Help me!!!?
I use Clinique products, but sometimes me eyes itch and swell real badly, what could be the cause?
I woke up this morning and my left eyelid was puffed! What happened?
I cut my foot with a broken candleholder?
i can cut my wrist and bleed to death but if my arm were trapped under a rock i could ampute it and not die?
If you got stabbed by a needle that was a nanometer wide, and it went all the way thru ur skull, wud it hurt?
what does it feel like to have cancer?
compare a red blood cells to cancer cells?
Can swallowing a AAA battery kill you?
How do you grow taller when you're still a teen?
Will increasing my calcium intake decrease the healing time for my broken finger?
Bieber fever I need help real help?
Why the big deal over the flu vaccine?
any remidees to stop the flu's vomiting?
My knee is always popping. Why?
how,what and are the causes and cure for acne?
what causes white hair of a person?
Does honey really help acne?
how to get rid of poison ivy?
Seriously, does skin ID work?
How to get rid of acne?
What is the name of mental disorder of talibans who beheaded Sikh men when they refused to convert into Islam?
What's the flap that they cut in Lasik called?
I have something stuck in my glasses how do i get it out ?
How much do you pay for eyeglasses?
I heard that fasting can lighten your eye color, is this true?
i was running and i fell down and hurt my tailbone...?
why exactly can't a person live for ever?
Growth in stomach ? not eating...
How long will it take for my finger to heal?
how do i twist my own ankle if i don't have any stairs?
Have you actually stopped ahecing i meant to say aching your villations lately?
Should i go to a doctor or just wait?
I have horrible eczema, I need a cure ASAP?
When I'm nervous, I start to sweat! HELPPP!?
need help with acne...i'm 26, never had acne until last year. suffering for almost a year now!?
Scalp psoriasis and hair loss?
why do we become tanned after sitting in the sun for a long tme?
how do i get clear skin? what r some good stratagies?
what vegetable is important for I.Q and why?
i want a 4/6 pack?!?!?
What's a good way to loose weight?
Can I get home made colon cleansing recipe?
How long does it take a sprained wrist not to hurt anymore?
Has anyone used a dynasplint for frozen shoulder?
Groin pain when I sprint?
Anyone ever fasted for acne reasons?
do eye problems cause back of head pain?
purple eyes?
When to Clean Contacts?
I'm short sighted?
Do I have to take the Flu shot?
Please help, i need some support?
i have mono, when i decide to have kids will they have it as well?
Will keeping eye closed help a case of conjunctivitis?
How do you know If you have tonsillitus?
how did sars first begin?
I am a mom of a 2 year old just recently diagnosed with cancer, i need some thoughts, advice about school?
Do you guys know that fungal infections are commonly mistaken as cancer?
I need help about breast cancer..?
Too soon to get body scans done??
Help!!!!bee sting!!!
Bananas made me sick?
Ways to reduce stress?
what is it when you have sleep almost all day and just wake up now and you are still tired.?
Does anyone know what this means?
This is really annoying. Need Help.?
Sharp chest pain out of nowhere?
How long does it take to heal from thyroid surgery?
opinions of any medical experts wanted details inside?
My ear is blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(?
I think I'm developing bulimia?
How to treat severs disease?
i always have dry/saw lips?
my face is oily, so i always got this acne what should i do? it is my problem since my college years -T_T?
Why do I get thirsty when sleeping?
What is the difference between an oral hypoglycemic agent and an antiyperglycemic agent for diabetes?
I just need potassium Cholride?
How much are blood glucose meters?
i work with a young person who is diabetic. is there funding available for an insulin pump for him?
What acne medicine worked best for you?
What is the best way to rid acne?
I have red scars from old acne that wont go away. Its been almost 5 months now. How do I get rid of them?
what is best cure for cracked skin on hands and fingers?
Gastric bypass surgery - If you could do it again, would you still do it?
I weigh 133 and want to lose 8 pounds how can i do it fast before the summer come in?
One of my eyes muscle moves,I can feel it like a beat and I can see it when I look in the mirror.?
Help me, I see Auras around people and can sense their feelings by looking into their Eyes?
Help! Retinal detatchment and floaters?
Healthcare professionals, how do you feel about nationalized healthcare?
How do i get rid of permanent tan lines?
I have a non-itchy rash behind both knees and on the crevice of my arms.(where the arm bends) Any ideas?
I got a Strange Rash on my hands which isn't spreading?
Oily skin and breakouts.....(10 points)?
How do you get moles on your face/body?
I miss the past.....?
How do I stop my compuslive lying?
My friend has panic attacks..?
what can i use on my 16 month old baby diper rash it looks like skabies or blisters?
For Girls.. How big till your satisfied?
Blood Donation Question about TB?
Im sick .............?
People with sleep apnea i have a question?
for which of the following patients with an infection of the urinary tract would th enurse question the order?
Are tobacco vaporizers effective for marijuana usage? Will you get high?
Have you tried Nicotine patches?does it work?
Is Chantix safe during pregnancy?
Help 32 and being diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta?
What does an iron lung look like and how does it work?
What tests do they use to diagnose Gastroparesis?
GBS..just lost my grandson one day old..?
Is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) a disability and can it be treated?
i ave diverticulosis, how do i get rid of it?
i need an ab workout?
What should I do, loose fat first, then gain muscle or vice verse?
At the gym when you catch someone staring at you in the mirror.....?
Jogging or sprints.............?
Feeling very tired due to sudden diet change, help?
This summer, I'd like to shed some pounds?
Ankle weights?
Why is it that people that are in need of help, push the help away so vehemently?
What is wrong with me?
Is there any way for a person who is blind in one eye to see 3D movies?
OMG I Hate These Friggen Contacts!!!!!!
Impaired Vision: lazy eye?
Contact Lens Solution question....?
How to get rid off with chicken pox marks?
I have stopped overwashing my face. How long will my skin take to become less oily and acne free ?
What are the best treatments for body acne?
What can i do to make my skin clearer?
r u more wide awake late at night than in the daytime?
Would you go to another country for an operation just to save money?
Anyone here in college and are daily smokers?
What are some good workout exercises for my legs?
how serious is supraventricular tachycardia?
can a sixteen year old have the problem of high cholestrol levels? if yes, please explain. Thanks.?
will it hurt me if i?
Pulmonary Embolism in the lung?
***___*** Best Way To Die Is...... ***___***?
If on a cup, there is a warning lable that says ___, can you drink from it?
how do i train my senses????
What should I do to prevent air from filling the stomach (gastric inflation)?
I can't remember ANYTHING before the age of six.?
When you're really upset, do you get really sick and start shaking?
What's with these weird red spots?
How to get rid of acne scars?
What happened to her feet? Is this fungus, or just abrasion or dryness?
How Do I get rid of Red Spots on face?
What is good to stop my oiling face? It there any I can do? What cause oil in my face?
Why does my knee hurt?
Is it good to dry a cold sore?
If I put my toaster into the microwave for 3 minutes will I get HIV?
What are the best exercises for abs and for thighs?
how much time should you jog in order to lose weight?
Does milk actually help you grow?
How to get rid of lower belly fat?
girls--fastest way to get nice abs?
i been under a lot of stress could this be causing my nosebleeds?
Could I have pneumonia?
Do you have to use a airchamber when using a inhaler ?
Can a sinus infection cause dizziness and make you feel "Brain sick"?
Severe asthmatic bronchitis?
Getting rid of redness & swelling from insect bites?
What is the easiest and less painful way to die?
What should you do if someone faints?
Where would we be today without the introduction of Medicare or Medicaid?
My scrotum sac got shot by a paintball yesterday. It broke skin and bled some.Small scab. Am I okay?
what are those thing you break open in front of an unconscious person's nose and they wake up?
Does chocolate cause diarrhea?
how to have thinner fingers?
i cant sleep, ever, dude im so exhausted.?
Antiperspirant on your face?
How do I get rid of chapped lips fast?
What are some things I can eat or drink that will make my skin soft and acne free?
How to avoid sunburn?
Eczema home remedy solutions?
How Come my Neck Is getting Darkerrr?
dad has diabetes.will i get it too?
how long would a residency in pediatric endocrinology take?
If I have a small tingling feeling in my arm or leg sometimes...do i have diabetes?
What is tsh mine is 6.31 ?
What happens when an eyelash goes too far back your eye?
How much weight does an anorexic lose in the first month?
why nutritionists always suggest six small meals a day instead of three large ones?
How do you know when your burning Fat not Calories?
How can i get a six pack?
After eating well-cooked oatmeal, I realized there were tiny brown bugs in it. Can this cause stomach problem?
If I Gave You Blood Blood Gallons Of The Stuff...?
I think my psychic powers are being blocked.?
how long does meth stay in the body system after smoked?
Why do I feel sick every time I eat?
Question about toe length?
what does an asthma inhaler do for someone without asthma?
what do u think is wrong with me (throat problem)?
Does anyone know about chronic cough?
have you ever been bitten by a humon?
Someone who can't see is blind, can't speak - mute, can't hear - deaf. What are you called if you can't smell?
How do you get a tiny metal splinter out of your finger?
Question about monthly contact lenses?
what could this be??
I have a problem with my Cornea.?
why does my knee hurt all the time?
Is it common for anger from depression to get worse as you get older?
whats most heart breaking grief you have experienced till now?
What happens if a police officer finds you cutting/ burning/ hurting yourself... What will happen person?????
how did you know if the cell culture is cancer cell?
My dad has cancer, should i be worried very much?
My mom has Unterne Cancer and has 3 months left the doctor said?
tips for a better healthier slimmer and less stressed life?
Need to lose weight!?
im 14 and want a flat tummy im about 5'1 or 5'2 and weigh about 138 pounds?
is it Safe / Healthy to JOG in Cold Weather?
how many calories does a femal burn during masterbation?
A question to people who have lost 50+ pounds?
Does anyone have any homemade cold remedies?
how do I fall asleep faster?
Can you have some sort of reaction to your tears?
Can your eyesight change in over a year?
i'm 2 1/2 weeks into a bad ankle sprain and i just got off crutches. anything i can do to speed up healing?
I have a cut/sore on the inside of my cheek..Is there a way to make it go away faster or stop hurting??
Toenail broke, fell off... Help!?
should i make an appointment or go to the ER?
How Do i treat severe bruises do to a hard fall?
question about acne!!?
How can I fully control my acne?
Does clearasil ultra daily face wash work?
Anyone have dandruff on the eyebrows?
sharp pain in left chest after a night of drinking or when working out. what could that be?
Is there any easy able-to-do-at-home ways to improve your sight without any eye surgeries ?
do i need glasses?
sunlight for your eyes?
I'm confused!! with my glasses!?
Is it okay to wear contacts even if you dont wear eyeglasses
Can someone tell me what to do?
how do i stop eating?
How often should I change my weight lifting routine?
Could you live on nothing but burritos?
whats a good appetite suppressant?
Does Kenalog Injections for Acne work?
i had a bone marrow test done and i had no cancer but my white cells are low. does anyone know any cures.?
How do horses get cancer?
Is it possible to get cancer from eating microwaved foods often?
what is the medium life-hope when having diffused metastasis of a liver tumour?
My entire body has been itching for the past 4days..i have taken benadryl & it's not working?
What should I put in my family's First Aid kit?
home remedies?
why do i have bruises all over my body???
What is wrong with my wrist, I cannot move it back without pain?
My knee pops every now and then, like when I get up from sitting down on the ground, why is this?
my intense blood craving?
Why does my nose bleed in the heat?
how to cope with migrine headache, no pain killer works any special medicine developed for this ?please help.?
Does masterbation take away a lot of energy from your body ?
is it true that when you sneeze .. ?
How to comfort sick person virtually?
Headache Question.. Please READ?
Why do I take SO long to fall asleep?
Can epilepsy ruin peoples lives.?
Someone help. Do these look like hives?
Would more people diet if it didn't have the word "die" in it?
dance dance revolution or gym?
Can a young child wear contact lenses?
Son is 2 yrs old and his eyes are sensitive to light..he basically?
How much do contacts cost?
Why do you see squiggles when your eyes are closed?
lazik eye surgerey? i was wondering more about how its done and stuff
I was having a lazy day Today so I was near the pool looking at the Sky...?
How do you fix dandruff without special shampoo?
Ladies with naturally oily skin: What type of soap do you use on your face?
Torn Cartilage Knee Injury?
What are the pros/cons to smoking a Hookah?
Does anyone no?
what do you know about monavie and cancer?
Can you really?
Is there anyone out there that has cancer that I can interview for school?
"Every one is a life long captain of a 'ship' (ones own body); do you know condition/destination of the ship!"?
Hypnosis. Does it really work?
if i'm 150 lbs and my BAC is 0.354 could i die?
Good ways to pull yourself out of a bad mood?
how kan i make a die person alive?
How do you relieve sore, stiff muscles?
What does it mean if your heart is easily touched?
Ringing in Ear?
Anyone can give me feedback on the Cochlear Implant?
smokers out there...?
Scalp psoriasis solutions?
flaky,dry eyebrow skin?
I have this wart on my finger that wont die?
Does drinking milk cause acne?
swollen feet: my feet are swollen feet today. Hurts, skin feels tight. Should I be concerned?
How can I help my Fibromygia? What can I do about the pain if anyrhing? Can a back Doctor help this?
I've had a heavy pressure physically exerted on my chest?
What smoothes skin ruined and reddened by eczema and sun exposure?
what products are best for chest acne?
I went hiking yesterday with my dad and I found a small circle thing on the inside of my leg...?
how can I help my best friend to stop smokeing when he want to stop.?
Is there a cure for asthma?
i have asthma, but i want to start jogging, how?
How did you wean off your Advair and Albuterol
How to get parents to stop smoking?
What damage remains? METH/four years after?
Portable travel nebulizer?
Really Tired?
whats worse for you, 2mg of xanax or getting stoned off bud?
Does busting your head open affect your IQ or memory?
i plan on staying up all night and all day tomorrow. any advice?
Lumbar Puncture?
immune system?
Why do I sweat so much? Is there a way to prevent it?
my boyfriend threw up blood?
I woke up in the middle of the night and i cant move? it happened for a few times.?
think i should get double spider bites? guys, girls?
Me and my friend both jumped off a really high ledge and I am in pain right now still?
I Feel really itchy all over For No Reason?
what the most embarrassing u have seen ?
Why is my stomach so bloated? IBS? Fibroids? No pain...?
what makes you stomach full?
what is Glaucoma and what is the causes?
can normal tea e.g tetley tea prevent parkinson's disease? how manys cups by day would prevent it?
my 9 year old son is afraid everyday he is going to die?
Black Stool?
is there a private lab to test for hook worms in humans?
Can Chlamydia cause a sore throat/ swolen tonsils and a stuffy nose?
Once you sweat out a fever, are you better?
Why Swine Flu????????????
What is the likelihood that I have throat cancer ? 19 yo male read details...?
I injured my knee rather badly skatboarding, I don't know the extent of the injury and have no heath care.
ok heres my question.. I have type 1 diabetes .. I'm on the insulin pump have been for 12 years ..
what is that gooey or crispy stuff you find in your eyes when you wake up? What is it's purpose?
Why is my depth perception so terrible?
How do i fix my contact?
Are my contacts safe to wear?
What causes tingling in the hands and feet?
Does living in a desert climates help people with Arthritis?
My ring finger and pinky have been numb for 2 weeks! Any idea's on what's going on?
what are some foods, drinks etc. that make you grow taller?
What do you do to get rid of hiccups?
how to buy fruits?
Electronic things losing charge on my person?
Intact wisdom teeth causing you pain?
What Causes People to Die at Computers?
what do I do so I wont fall asleep other than drink coffee?
What makes joints "crack"?
Why is my upper eye lid twitching??
My knee hurts really bad.....it's like on the side on the inside of my knee?
going back to competitive cheer... is this too soon following knee surgery...
knee injury...?
my mum died , but it seems i have just realized it now ?
Opinions- since it isn't proven yet, do you feel cell phones can lead to cancer?
Why do I have blood in my stool?
Who was the innovator that invented chemotherapy?
How does animal fat cause cancer?
what does cancer registrar mean ?
If our skin absorbs everything we put on it, shouldn't we be able to eat anything we put on our skin?
It is true that if you get to the plateau its good to have2 or 3 cheating days to boost your metabolism?
healthy meals for teens?
Alli diet pill weigh-off anyone? Let's keep in touch while we try it.?
Am I fat/overweight/chubby?
urgent! "how to become fat"?
What are symptoms of a low K+ level?
ultrasonic device for the treatment of tinnitus?
Do i have testicular cancer and when should i contact my doctor...?
feeling weird?
Do people really hear people around them when they are in a coma?
How do you become anorexia?
Somebody help please?
Concussion/MRI question? Very quick :)?
I'm 15, Can i take anti-estrogen pills?
What is a brainfreeze?
is it normal to spit out blood for no reason?
How many days can an average human stay awake for, till dying?
How can I stop myself from worrying myself sick?
Who is to blame for the high cost of prescription medications?
My tongue really hurts ... ?
How Do Human Bodys Deal With Stress?
Question about an h pylori infection?
When you are sick is vomiting good for you?
how to easily get rid of chicken pox scar?
Is it possible...?
Scrach on glasses lense?
My arm hurts after i armed wrestled?
Serious question about strangulation ?
what can i do to heal my patellar tendonitis?
Is It A Minor Fracture?
Can I put baking soda into a cast?
Ear won't stop popping?
Can you give someone a shot of adrenaline like they did in Pulp Fiction?
every time my cell phone vibrates, my right ear drum pulses?
How to cure a blister?
Is the thumb really a finger?
So, did anyone hear about the zombie outbreak in Europe?
Anyone who has ever taken Valerian root. Is one of the side effects throwing up?
Crohn's disease?
I think my boyfriend has short gut syndrome because of being born with his intestines on the outside...?
I started facebook 4 years ago and now that I quit, I feel a little delusional?
what is the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia and are they related?
do you ever feel like giving up?
Why am i seeing things?
How do you keep yourself from being Suicidal?
I am sick of being lonely...?
is it true the law of attraction?
How long does it take for a black eye to heal?
Im trying to find a persciption drug with GGN7 on it
Lactic acid and other biochemicals accumulating in an active muscle stimulates pain receptors, and the muscles?
I feel like I'm going to relapse?
can eczema medicine help cure athletes foot?
A good way to get rid or acne quick and effective?
Will this exercise routine help me lose my gut and build muscle?
GIRLS, six pack abs, biceps, or other?
i have a mold problem in my apartment?
Is it flu season or something?
Are there alternatives to Loratadine (Claritin) that could be used on my son?
For the last 3 nights my daughter wakes up crying that she itches all over, yet there is nothing there!?
Are there dangers in using both dayguil liguid tablets and benadryl at same time?
Could it be a broken thumb?
When I go out walking or jogging for exercise.?
I have this cut in my mouth...?
what hurts worse stingray sting or jellyfish sting?
how to riduse swelling of a bee sting.?
What would happen if you licked or wrote on your tongue with a Sharpie?
Would muh hot tub help my cold at all?
What exactly causes your eye to twitch and more importantly, how do you stop it?
Is it normal to be dizzy when everything is going fine?
How do people get medicare when they are not old?
Hiccups ?
why is there cotton in medicine bottles?
bed wetting in college?
Month-long headache?
Is it okay to swallow warts when you bite them off of your fingers?
How does onion help with acne?
Can Smart Water cause seizures?
Why does my urine smell like skunk urine?
Should food stamp recipts have to take drug tests?
what are some good foods that help alleviate Crohn's symptoms?
Questions for those with MS, are you able to work having MS?
Is taking celebrex (400mg) a day for the long term detrimental to health?
There's something wrong with my eye?
is it bad to be fat and like it?
good workout songs....?
What foods can you eat to make your eyes strong?
how do you lose a double chin?
How much weight could i loose in a month?
Losing: fat on the belly, thighs and upper arms?
Is there ANY POSSIBLE way to shed fat around the belly in 3 days?
How much protein do I NEED?
im sick and i cnt sleep i have an important q...?
Do I have a sinus infection or a cold?
what is health to you.?
On the average, how many squares of toilet paper do you use per "application"?
I think i might have the swine flu.?
Do you think that drinking alcohol can have a negative effect on children?
Chronic sinus infection?
Why does our skin remain HOT after being sunburned?
what is a natural anti-itch remedy for mosquito bites, I can do at home?
does lemons help get rid of acne?
how long do sunburns take to heal depending on how bad they are?
How do i keep my foot from smeeling while in a cast?
broken foot bone?
have you quit smoking yet?
how many times a day do i use this?
Do colored contacts damage your eyes?
How do I get reading glasses without insurance?
Have a red ring around my pupil from my contacts?
Pink Eye Inquiry??????????
Can - or should - an optometrist diagnose retinal detachment?
is it possible for leukemia to come back?
I need someone to read about this brain cancer and give me details in reg person language please lol?
which is better? chemo or radiation? and how do they use those?
Don't tell me I have lymphoma or something?
When someone with a bad temper receives bad news with uncharacteristic calm...?
Am I in need of mental help (serious question for serious,mature,understanding, non judgemental people only)?
why is some people need more sleep them others?
Does anyone get emotional like crying during yoga?
excessive ear wax in left ear?
why does my leg turn red and shake when i eat dirt?
I feel so so so so sick what I have?!!!!!!!!!?
help i think im dying?
Please help me out..Nausea?
What foods are good and what foods are bad for sinus problems?
Im sure that your all tired of hearing this question?
I think Trishee has a health problem?
Anyway to get a bit shorter?
Uh... I've ingested over 4000 mg of vitamin c? will anything bad happen to me?
Fastest ways to lose love handles?
What is the best online calorie counter and journal thats free??
My husband's ankle?
If you have a scar and you get a cut over the scar can your body heal it back to normal or would it come back?
How can I get rid of chiken pox marks?(the dark color left on skin imediatly after recovery) am 21 years old??
Why don't dogs get greasy hair?
Deeply clogged pore/follicle or lump on cheek?
do blood pressure and blood sugar levels increase when a strong emotion is felt?
My Brother is Starting Chemo today?
About smoking pot?
weird question but....?
is it possible to kill yourself with enough concentration?
Hi, my daughter just told me she will never get a flu shot because they use mercury in them. Is that true?
Can someone give me ideas of what i can do to control my panic disorder and anxiety?
Does chronic Schizophrenia appear unresponsive to humor as well as to other social stimuli?
Decision not to vaccinate..?
Copin with loss 1 month out?
Can I stop my panic attacks before they start?
How much weight will you lose in 1 month if you do this?
How can I lose weight for school?
Will this make me fat.....(please answer before it's too late!!)?