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What over the counter Medications can you take to treat Chlamydia?
Can you get HIV from drinking out of a glass which someone eles has drunk out of before ?
pearly penile papules? what are they? and what do girls think?
baby chlamydia eye infection?
I have a foot problem. Please help!?
can i get a staph infection from piercing my lip?
chances of catching hiv?
How long should a flu last?
Help! I have a tick in my thigh?
how do people get popped eye vessels?
Can a Bacterial Infection Cause Bad Body Aches Once You've Begun Antibiotics?
pretty sure I have a yeast infection! HELP!?
What is mechanisms of Acid phosphatase in S.aureus?
How many 12 Step treatment centres are there in the USA?
will a blister in my mouth cause me to get a sore throat and a fever?
Are there any effective treatments for recurring bacterial vaginosis?
My dog has Swollen neck lymph glands?
why does it look like diarrhea when m?
what are the symptoms of food poisoning?
Hepatitis C treatment?
Can Americans obtain antibiotics directly from a French pharmacy?
Can you carry a virus even if you're immune to it?
what are the best pain relievers for a hepatitis c liver?
What caused the Virus? [the one that harms us not computers] Read more!?
My 19 mo old has had fever for 2 days now she started bubbling at the mouth it could be foam. Should I go 2 ER?
What Could This Be or Mean? PLEASE HELP!?
Are Nutrilite vitamins any good?
help my throat hurts!?
How to keep cuts clean?
Why does this happen?
Get rid of scar on lip?
Please help! I have a wound on my foot that will not heal!?
My ankle is swollen but i can walk but when i ice it goes down. so what can i do to keep it from swelling up?
okay what the heck? O.o nerve and pressure points!!! 0=?
what injuries yaws causes? Also if someone can get me a gram stain of it would be helpful too =]?
What happened to me this morning?
My foot hurts really bad! What could have happened?
my knee is really hurting me and i was wondering if you guys might know what is wrong with it?
how do i make my hands numb?
Why does my rib poke out so much?
Hit my foot last week and now it is swollen?
why does my forearm hurt when i work out my bicep?
Does seeing spots, ghost-like images mean serious eye problems?How can i get it to stop?
i have noninfectious pink eye from pool chemicals, do i still need to throw away my recently used makeup?
what eye doctors will take molinia health ensurance in west seattle?
Red eyes after taking out night contacts?
hard contact lens is stuck to my eye -- cant get it out!!?
Help me figure out what happened?
Laser eye surgery info please?
my left side of my eye is runny and my nose too. any suggesstion on what to do?
contact lenses delivery?????????? Help?
Problems with my sight =/.....?
Where can you buy colour changing eye contacts?
Why do we have to shake the thermometer before taking the temperature in the clinical thermometer?
can ur heart explode on its own or from to much pressure?
Is it common for pupils to dilate unequally after an eye test (with drops)?
What color light bulb is better for the eyes? The yellow one or the white one?
Got shampoo in my eye, have had discharge all day? (kinda gross)?
people who push the hospital beds are called?
What am I going to feel after I have surgery done to remove my left eye?
Seraxot. panic attacks please someone help me on this?
My eye color! [pics]?
What is my eye grade if its eye glass power is -1.5?
What kind of vitamins?
I am sick all the time. Is that a problem.?
Eye Vision?!?! Please Help?
I have rp have anybody heard of microacupuncture? is it a cure?
Eyelid/ eye hurts to touch?
Order FxEyes colored contacts, any advice?
When does the Neck/Head finish growing (height)?
Can youur body change in an hour?
i got a bad sunburn a few weeks ago and im still noticing a sensitivity to clothing on the back of my legs?
Why doesn't crystalline fructose have the same affects as fructose?
Will MEPS drug test you again after going back when your waiver is approved?
how can i get off lexapro?
Does anyone know where to buy Soapopular (Alcohol free hand Sanitizer) in US? (NOT PUREL/ALCOHOL BASED)?
why did i pass out while walking and throwing up stomach acid?
left side of my face seems stressed/below eye bloodshot sometimes/chin area all soft and stretchy/misaligned.?
Should I see a doctor? Kind of freaked out about sore throat. haha.?
what was the most painful injection (shot) you have ever gotten at the doctors?
whats Pleva and what causes it...?
BLACKHEADS on my forhead HELP!?
how to clear acne in days?
how to prevent hemorrhoids?
What does salt water do to the skin?
small red lump on my hand?
I have a birthmark /mole the size of a dime on the side of my head, but i keep on noticing more brown spots?
Is it normal if your pinky toes on your feet are swelled up and red?
Acne on the gum in your mouth? - or what looks like it?
Pregnant - insanely dry skin on face with acne?
oozing rash bumps inside elbow?
what is it called when you have a hard bump on your heal?
what is the best ting for dry skin?
can toenail come off due to low iron?
I am 20 years old, and i have acne on my face, its not that much but its just leaving scars.?
How to reduce puffiness and redness on face ASAP?! Please help!?
Little red bumps on my arms and legs?
is it okay to take cefdinir and benadryl together?
Ear Fluids?
Hair dye allergy?
whats wrong?
Bad Alergies!!! Help?
Is it common for young people who carry more weight to have arthritis?
Adderall, weird side-effect...?
i accidentally pushed the cotton buds inside of my ear, its really painful,?
shoulderpainfrom a wreck in 1999 arm is weak and fingers are num all the time help?
Is it okay for me to crack my neck?
Why can't I sleep at night?
dont feel goood... help?
How long do virgin lungs last for?
i have morning nausea and vomiting? is this caused from smoking pot and being dehydrated the morning after?
Whats wrong with me? Please help.?
How to loose you're voice?
can exessive sleep cause sleep paralysis?
i have this backwards S on my stomach, and it looks like a scar but its not. what else could it be?
what happens if you inhale fake cigarette toy smoke?
What is wrong with my bug bite?
Why does this first aid spray numb my lips?
How old do you have to be to be a live kidney donor?
i think i ripped my ears a bit :/ (gauges)?
Is it ok to take 2 different vitamin brands that do and are the same thing.?
Would you die if you sneezed in your sleep?
Whats in a cigarette?
cough won't leave me alone?
crackles/rales left lung?? any ideas at all would be appreciated xx?
I cannot take deep breaths?
I have severe nasal problems?
I had 3 x rays in a 3 month time spand...2 on my back and 1 chest x ray...should i be concerned?
new asthmatic?
can you smoke smokless tabacco?
what are capillaries?
I was bored so I took pliers and punctured a can of silly string and I think I might have inhaled the air.?
phlegm for 3 months?
Can Someone Please Help Me?
Problem with shortness in breathing and unable to breathe fully?
I heard that cigarettes are going up a $1 more Monday.?
Why do my ears pop at night?
when i blow my nose there is blood in it..i have these colds since i was young..?
Coughing for about 2 months straight, help...?
Sound congested, but I'm not congested?
I have a dry throat but no cold?
Lung Function???? Can the lungs clear out dust that settles in them and sticks to the lung wall???
chest congestion....is it serious ?
What is wrong,Cold or something more serious?
what is the safe cough medicine for a pregnant mother?
had a dvt ultrasound. pains come back any pleaae help?
heart problems at 15 ? HELP?
my dr. has ran all types of test?
If there is an increase of blood entering the heart, this will cause an increasedecrease in the stroke volume?
How do you say coronary artery disease in spanish?
About how much is a heart surgeon's salary?
What is the goal of cardiac biomarkers?
have test 2morrow need to know how blood flows through heart anyone?
If a woman has high blood- presure can she still take lipozene.?
Is there a simple test to tell if you are having a stokre/heart attack?
I need a new heart, can I borrow yours?
I've got a on again off again heart murmur but I want to use Hydroxycut Max Advanced-Wild Berry...?
what are the ways to overcome low blood pressure?
Will i get a heart attack ?
Mini-stroke symptoms?
Systolic Heart Murmur, can anyone explain?
a sudden rush of crushing chest pain. what could it be?
My blood pressure is 98/56... is it ok?
may i get help??
i want to know if someone that upto 196 cannot gain admission at unizik,even if the person has good result on?
Getting A Heart Cath..................?
Will the anxiety med citalopram lower my already low blood pressure?
Can you donate your heart with free will to just donate it? Someone out there could use it instead of me.?
Do I have a disorder? I'm really skinny?
I don't know what to do anymore with my depression and anxiety?
Is it weird that I sometimes have a conversation with myself in my mind?
Anyone afraid of dyieng?
Should I should I give up?
im terrified of swallowing pills... any way to get over it?
My girlfriend wants something to be wrong with me..?
Is it okay to day-dream about committing suicide?
okay, so here's my problem. I feel really angry what should i do??
I'm scared about death?
okay how do i get help for cutting myself if i dont have the money to get a counselor and such?
i m also tired of life,,have no goals ,,no dreams,,I m 24..and in my age ,,i think i am getting mad?
Do I have a disorder?
i want to sleep early, how can i do it ?
anxiety and depression help...?
How do you make your emotions vanish or how do you become like stone. How do you not let what other people?
why cant i sleep?
ok people i realy need help?
what is wrong with me.PLZ Help?
Why am I so weird about being touched?
Are pinto beans bad for your kidneys?
Why does my stomach make noises?
what to do to rid stress?
I should weight... WHAT!???!?
at what temperature should you go to a hospital?
Can you also "see personalities" when you're smoking weed/pot?
is there anything like medicare and drug perscription in the philippines?
my friend needs a make over!!?
Please help me! I don't know why I...?
Weird bone type thing on left side of my stomach?
After tooth extraction? Help?
I got a shot in my hip, and they hit a nerve?
Why is this happening?
hung over please help sap?
A friends daughter has developed a problem with her bladder. She cannot feel herself peeing. What is this?
Detoxification and body odour?
Please define skepticism?
Please help, have you try natural remedies?
Which ayurvedic medicine is good for my bowels ?
Does the body emit any type of energy wave besides heat?
ive been abstaining from ganja for the last two months.is it still in my system?i used to smoke it heavily?
can i take diet pills with amoxicillin?
has anyone ever had acupuncture and been cured of IBS???
Natural remedies for after birth recovery?
What causes the hard spots that you can't get rid of on your face?
Can anybody recommend any SAFE appetite suppressants?
I need more information on Homeopathic medicine?
If hypnotherapy works, why don't the NHS prescribe it for smoking cessation?
can you apply savlon on a 1yrs old child?
Whats the best way to control nerves?
alcohol detox on librium?
what is metastitic secondary thyroid carcinoma?
How do you get your vitamin D levels tested?
what foods contain the most vitamin B12?
Lazar eye treatment?
im totally a baby when it come's to injections?
Name the primary endocrine glands ?
Sore Throat with Mucus and pregnant.?
are you supposed to drink warm or cold fluids when you have a soar throat?
What is a parasite that feeds on red blood cells and gastric tissues and cause infection absc?
what do chicken pox look like and how long do they last?
Is there any kind of flu that acts like morning sickness?
my dad has been vomiting and having nausea ?
do over weight people have sickle cell?
Inflamed liver question?
How can I get the Black Plague?
I have white spots on my tonsils but no sore throat and they're not tonsil stones, what could they be?
how do antibiotics affect the body and disease?
what is microscopic disease?
If you had candida how did you get rid of it?
Can being around someone who drinks alcohol, after having a surgery (me) cause an infection?
Can HIV symptoms last one day?
A strict form of infection control bases on the permis that all body fluids&blood r infectious is termed wat?
my doctor told me if you have a big baby, you will get diabetes in later life.....?
Does anyone know if there is a link between diabetes and dark shadows under the eyes? Mine are terrible.?
i am patient of diabetes. can i drink lucozade as well?
what are the chances of me devoloping diabeties if it's in my family?
Should i increase my dogs insulin from 10ml because she keeps urinating she's 13 years old?
Glucose Tolerance test?
Non diabetic Blood Sugar is 150?
does anyone know of any sugar free/low cal sweets or lollies?
What causes fat in th blood?
Diabetic,smoking alcohol and drugs?
why can't you use optrex eye drops when you have diabetes?
Scared, could this be a brain tumor?
whats new in medicine?
nose bleeds!!!!?
Pediatric Question 2 year old toddler - vomiting and complaining of stomach ache for months. Please help?
whats an Allergy mediator? and whats its purpose?
Why would a very young kitten sneeze and have some bloody discharge from it's nose?
how to cure facial swelling caused by sideeffect of medicine?
I have hazel eyes. What will gray colored contacts look like on hazel eyes?
how strong are glasses/contacts made?
What is wrong? Please Help!?
Do chonic dry sufferers have meibum on their eyelashes?
my daughter has gray spots inside the eye wear the white part is at. what could this be?
what is wrong with my eye?
Question About My Eyes?
A question about sunglasses.?
Circle lense question?
What is wrong with my eye?
where is the cheapest place to get your eyes examined?
Under Eye issue, white spots kinda thing under my eye?
Movie tomorrow, eye dilated?
Why and how much are/will my eyes change colour?
Blue eyes came from 1 mutation but what about green eyes? Is that just a variation? What about blue-green eyes?
when i curl my eyelashes, everything gets bury!?
Is it true that colored contacts ruin eye sight?
Do you need a prescription to buy glasses/contacts online in canada?
Eye dilating drops causing weird vein like floaters around edges?
Is there a way to determine my visual acuity just from my contact perscription? Websites?
drooping eye lid advice?
is my nose broken? i hurt it the other day?
How can you tell if you have a broken finger?
Fluid on the knee, should I see a dr?
i'm really sore for no reason.?
bumps on my arms, leg, ear, and tounge swelling?
how can i avoid sports injuries? any thoughts?
I had very bad muscle aches in my lower left knee/calf area for 48 hours not knowing why.?
i twisted my ankle last week?
I had gall bladder surgery 2 weeks ago, how long till I am healed?
How do you stretch your hands and wrists?
how much time off work is best after an ingrown toenail removal ?
What's wrong with my ankle?
Need to know what kind of doctor I should go to!?
Does anyone know how to correct abdominal separation?
Why am I obsessed with popping zits?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a cold sore?
Does dermatend mole remover really work!!!!!?
What is this bump on my toe?
My chest and back hurt really bad, it's only in certain spots too.?
Rash/Acne..? I don't know..?
Where do blisters naturally occur?
Help, treat Chigger bites?
Skin still brown 3 months after sunburn?
how can i get rid of spots?
Best way to get rid of dandruff?
the side of my nail is green..?
Annoying Bite Marks...?
How to effectively get rid of blackheads,?
please some medical advive would be great!?
Does pink eye hurt........?
I have alopciea and I'm bout to apply to work mcdonald?
getting inidividual health insurance with a condition....?
My sleep cycle was reversed , can i fix it by staying awake all day today?
Which of the following does not decrease the metabolic rate?
Why do I get extremely tired out of no where?
What kind of Jobs can you get at a nursing home?
I've had the feeling of "I have to pee" for about an hour. HELP?
I'm always chilly - even when it's warm outside!?
Need help with leg pain?
I'm sick; How can I sleep better tonight?
Trying to quit cigarettes?
do you like this can quit smoking?
Why can't i sleep at night but during the daytime i can sleep well?
which are some easy ways to fall asleep?
i think im anemic??or something like that!?
advice to get back on track? diet?
Okay Can Somebody Help Me?
why would my doctor medical license be revoked?
Can someone give me an answer?
Please help me!!!!!!!?
My Sleeping Habits Have Changed, Is this OK, And If It's Not What Should I Do?
I have been coughing for a little over a week?
Weed/Grass and my brother?
is there any way i can feel naturally more awake?
i've been dippin for a couple of months and i get buzzes off and on. Is there anything i can do to buzz more?
Would you die from eating Preparation h?
I am weezing what do I do for this problem?
Dont know if these r panic attacks or heart attack?
For the last two weeks I have had pain in my chest & back, both arms go tingly, dizzy, and short of breath.?
should i go to the hospital because my pressure is 189/130?
Hey I am suffering from blood pressure, but I would like to know what kind of diet should I take?
Is angina after 1 year of angioplasty dangerous?
i fainted. help please?
I shake alot went i am waking and sometime went i am resting that normal?
is it bad if someones heart rate is 201 or 193 if your 15...?
dysuna is a word on my urine test what is it?
Can STD's be genetic?
I may have clymidia. Can the gp tell me there and then or do i have to wait for results?
should hermaphodite`s use the male or female toilets or can they use both?
Can you only catch herpes from kissing someone if they have a coldsore at the time?
Human Pappilloma virus?
Does chris Brown have AIDS?
My ex husband gave me herpes?
What happens when you have chlamydia?
Could my daughter have a mental disorder?
I've been feeling sharp pain that started like cramps on my lower right of my stomach. What is wrong?
stomach pains?? help it really hurts?
Why do I have a pain in what seems to be my lungs?
I have been having pain on my left side of abdomen and bleed what can it be?
back pain relief-pain is excruiating?
What is right above your left hip bone? I have had pain there since delivery...?
My knees ache alll the time =(?
whats wrong with me i been having lower back pain and not been feeling to good.?
Charlie horse in my calf at night really painful.help please?
Bad stomach ache...help?
So what if it turns of to be arthritis?
Strange lumps on back of tounge?
why does my stomach hurt early in the morning!!?
Help ...Head Issues :(?
glallbladder pain cut out the junk it helps?
What did I do to my wrist?
what if iam wearing the beads but not doen roots?
Gohnnarea spreading information?
How long is the blistering and scabbing stages if i drink acyclovir?
Is this a possible sign of an appendix about to burst?
If you have watery whitish discharge itchiness and odor what does that mean?
Is it frequent/possible to have scabies on your wrist?
aids signs that appears in patient?
when i go #2, it's white. WHY?
Can my 1 year old get Mono?
Do you think that I might have Mono?
do i need to go to the doctor or am i getting better?
Friend with disease!!! Help!?
Can an HIV + person still have Gastric by-pass?
my 9-year old son has blood in his urine..what can cause it?
what is a protozoan in biology?
what preventative medicine to take for malaria?
im feeling cold inside?
We found a tick on my daughter today. Should we spray for ticks inside?
Bladder infections problems?
If a dog scratch burns, is it infected?
Why am i always tired and cold?
puked red liquid yesterday !!?
headache for 4 weeks and eye twitch?
i am 14 years old and lately i have been having knee pain and i dont know why could u help me?
10 points if you answer please people?
equivalent to Vicodin ?
I've been taking 5 tylenols and 2 motrins at once and nothing takes the pain away from my carpel tunnel i thin?
Does anyone know how I can control my allergies while I sleep with a fan on?
Throat Problems, help!?
How can I stay awake as I keep on getting really tired?
Can Someone Please Help !?!?!?!?!?
How do you get Bells Palsy?
How do I fix my sleep schedule?
outch please answer?????????????????
Cod Liver Oil For Clicky Wrists....?
Could it be something serious?
phobia of vomiting?
help help helppp pleaseeee?
Colonic irrigation or irritation? Did it work for you?
Herbal Medicine & plants?
how long does a prescription medicine called zannex stay in your system. will it show up on a drug screen.?
When I drink Tap water I get a head Ach Ive just moved into a flat when I run out of bottled water I drink Tap?
could anyone tell me if i could by a contraption that will allow me to make my own herbal tablets?
Could I have indigestion?
What size dose of cider vinegar to treat arthritis?
I have a reflexology related question- what does it mean if a part of your foot starts throbbing or aching?
has anyone been in a chiipie and a fish behind them in the queue asked for a human supper?
Is Valerian root effective for anxiety?
is cider vinegar the same as apple cider vinegar cos my missus is drinking it with water?
I`ve bought some milk thistle capsules as i`ve heard they help with hangovers. When to take and how many?
Are you going to take Pro-mycin?
whats the most effective and easiest form of self hypnosis?
cipralex side effects??
do the TENS machines for arthritis really work?
why does karma therapy work for all problems?
Boots are now doing the flu jab. Is it worth getting? Some people say don't bother and just take Echinacea
I suffer from telekinesis. Anybody know the cure?
benefits of apple cider vinegar & honey?
UK: Anyone know the approximate cost of chiropractic treatment?
why does my throat and chest hurt when i swallow? no im not sick?
What do you think it might be?
Throat tightening discomfort?
laryngitis or tonsils taken out??!?
I may have pertussis (whooping cough)?
Do you think I have RSV? (Symptoms included)?
How long does the side effects of digestive advantage IBS last?
What is the average expiration of amoxicillin?
How do I avoid getting Bronchitis?
i went from 10mg to 20mg will i get side affects?
After smoking for one year, will my lungs ever fully heal?
Carbon dioxide level of 31?
Will I get 2nd Hand Smoking?
Bad pain in my chest / ribcage when i cough?
Tonsillectomy to relieve sleep apnea?
Panic attack from weed?
he is dryheaving, hacking, and puking once every 2 or 3 days. whats wrong with him?
what is chronic masterbation?
Extreme tension and anxiety///?
Why does the circulatory system need the respiratory system?
Deviated septum and tonsils?
I am a type 2 diabetic I love to swim most days but I have developed a soreness between my toes on one foot?
How do i help my brother with diabetes?
is a surgery receptionist allowed to open patient mail addressed to a doctor?
Going to doctors to ask bout sti test!!!???
Did you know that this year you would be getting a STD? Did you ever think that it was possible?
What can we do about AIDS?
How can you tell that you have just caught chlamydia?
I have a friend with Chlamydia.?
Chlamydia Free Home Pack??? UK ONLY?
did anyone else get a Chlamydia home test from the NHS?
At what temperature does the HIV virus dies?
why do I keep having on and off urine infection symptoms?
Are acetate glasses used in California?
Why am I experiencing foggy vision in my right eye?
what color contacts go with brown eyes?
Can I wear regular colored contacts if I have astigmatism.?
how much does acuvue one a day cost?
Why is my under eye pink? 10 points?
can i use anything else ; reaaad please !?
My eyes look smaller?
What do u hink about those contact lenses?
Softmed One Day Contacts?
Getting my eyes tested?
how long does it take(Cpntacts)?
Getting cross-eyed from staring at a small screen in the dark?
left eye takes longer to focus in the morning?
my daughter's eye blurs out when she is writing?
Will wearing a -1.50 contact in an -1.25 eye be harmful?
store in charlotsville virginia that sells non-prescribed colored contacts?
contact lense information?
do you guys think i need to wear my glasses more often?
Getting Avastin Injections?
eye glasses coloring?
Preferred acne products?
Somebody stop my bedbug parinoia?
how do a get rid of this nervous feeling ?
what do chickenpox look like and symptoms?
Itchy nail cuticle brown puss?
bleeding under the skin?
Why is my skin is peeling?
How To Cure Yeast Infection Yourself?
How to always have clear skin?
Need help now with HIVE RASH....please!!!!!?
Do any of you have flat feet,what are the remedies?
red line coming from head down neck?
I'm a 25 year old boy, yet i have giant wrinkles under my eyes?
I was using rubbing alcohol on my body and accidentally touch my lips with a little rubbing alcohol on it.Bad?
i have some small pores on face which really irritates me and keeps burnin and they are all together in a plac?
Someone please scare me out of my thoughts of suiside!!!!?
Why is everyone so afraid of death?
Is there a term for hating talking to and working with people?
has anyone ever seen anything like this before?
does me self harming put my bf off of me?
what is depression like?
How can I feel pretty?
Why can't I cry, I should be crying right now?
Will I become a murderer?!?!?
Is there something wrong with me? Is this normal?
Why am I staying up ALL night on my laptop even though I'm tired?
what is the common substance that a teen would be addicted to?
I enjoy punishing myself?
Could I see a psychiatrist for this?
whats with teen depression?
Please, Somebody Help Me! I don't know what to do!?
Do you have panic attacks? advice needed?
i need help i feel like dying?
i hold my breath when i am drinking or sitting down will holding my breath cause any damage to my brain?
How long can a patient stay in a hospital on Medicare without having to pay a co-pay?
Are these better numbers for cholesterol?
Heart question? Should i be worried.?
Chest Pains In Heart Area, Bad Pains?
doe's anybody know when dr.branch is going to presrcibe over the innernet again? instead of going out of state?
is a racing heart after sleeping then standing normal for some people?
What does heart flutters feel like?
Is drinking while taking a beta blocker dangerous?
15 years old heart problems?
Heat stroke or heat exhaustion? POINTS IF YOU HELP!?
I am in need of the error codes for my Omron blood pressure monitor. Please help.?
my blood pressure was 106/64 after walking for twenty minutes and I feel "foggy" and fatigued. What is wrong w?
Is it customary to 'tryout' a high blood pressure med for 30 days?
Heart fluttering and trembling?
Any Doctors or someone out there who can help me?
Can having a cold increase your resting heart rate?
what is normal heart rate for fifty one year old male?
Lupus or rheumatiod arthritis?
Why did this happen when I fainted?
how do i get my days in night switched back to normal.?
memory loss and alcohol abuse?
is ok for me to give my 6 months old cod liver oil?
What is this pain in my head?
Smoking weed and not talking as much?
What meds requiring a prescription in USA do not require a prescription in Canada?
Who else has indescribable feelings that they don't want to be judged about?
how to relieve stomach muscle pain?
Help, I think I might smell,?
Why does my faint bruise sting?
Ear cracking when yawning and eating. Why?
Swaying body? How can I stop it?
when a bulimic of about a year goes to a doctor, what do they prescribe?
Do you think I am underweight?
Sometimes, when i stand up, my vision gets blury and...?
how many...people worried about swine flu,...........?
run out of blood pressure tablets?
When i move my eyes, my head really hurts.?
Severe Hip Pain While Sleeping On Side?
I need some help in Muscle Cramps?!?
headache problems(10 points)?
Back Leg Pain - What is causing it?
if you can't go to the doctor how can you pop your hip back in place?
how bad does it hurt?
shooting pain feel like under my breast up to my armpit?
Should I take advil if my knees and ankles hurt?
pain in my ear. it hurts bad! help!?
I woke up with a sore neck, and i have to drive PLESE HELP!?
Is it hard to wake up peeple that took sleeping pills?
I got a really bad headach yesterday and i went to sleep and now im up and my headach?
why i have foot pain when iam walking or standing?
have had gullbadder test done it not that but still have bad pain under right breast what can it be?
im only 13 and my left arm keeps randomly hurting?
my neck is fat?? or so?
I slouch! I slouch!?
Why does walking soak my upper clothes?
severe back pain, hydrocodone isnt working...?
Woke up with one swollen foot?
My throat hurts................?
mono? any advice? always tired and has been months!?
my father have amoebiasis,he was taking metronidazole..how long before he recover from this desease?
Can you get HIV if....?
Can strep look like small circles? similary to what a mouth ulcer looks like?
compare the symptoms of mono and strep throat?
Can being stressed make your immune system weak?
why does the flu make your body ache?
chances of getting hiv from solid needle, needlestick?
Effects of antibiotics?
Shingles/ chickenpox question?
6 Year Old With Flu/Stomach Virus?
Stomach flu..still nauseous a week later?
i have elevated liver enzymes. is there any long term effects or anything like that?
Is this the flu or what?
my dog has been il for the last week what could be the cause of his illness he is a 4 year old staffy?
how many kind of vaccines are in the world?
WHO: We were "lucky" with swine flu?
Does strep get worse with antibiotics before it gets better?
how much time does the A.L.S need to spread throughout the body?
I may have Pink Eye; see a doctor or wait?
Lymph Node treatment?
Help I am sick help me please!!?
What does it mean when a blood stained-ish blister comes up your throat?
Nose hasent stoped running?
can adults take childrens liquid zurtec I have a problem with pills?
Question RE: Dry Mouth, etc.?
Can you tell me about bronchitis?
I am having a awful chest pain while running?
chest pains when i breath?
How can I cure this cough and also should I have it checked?
HIV in college setting ?
Question regarding C.O.P.D. inhalers?
is lung a pathway for air?
Is a snoring baby a bad thing?
what are some symptoms of the flu?
Has the incidence or prevalence of asthma changed over time?
I have been coughing alot latley ?
Still coughing up green mucus despite antibiotics?
what is a legal steroid?
Chest pains? Or is it mental?
Blood shot eyes after smoking weed?
what are signs of ms?
Pneumonia And Asthma?
Where is the best place to study naturopathy, in the world? What makes it so?
Does alternative medicine kill children?
stye cures?
I can't take vitamin C as it hurts my stomach, but need a food type that has it in high amounts?
Toe painful anyone any ideas what it could be?
ibuprofen 400mg Quiestion?
Help with Aromatherapy?
which is the best vitamin/mineral supplement or herb extract for improving the condition of the hair?
Green tea? Will it make me hyper or upset my stomach?
Does taking Ioderal help with Hypothyroidism?
Ever heard of anti-smoking mouthwash?
Best way to choose an acupuncturist?
i neeed a chemist!!!!!!! a chemist which closes after 10:30pm on saturday?
Does st johns wort work?
Has anyone ever studied Reiki as a distance learning subject?
Donating Blood After Having Nosebleed?
PLease HElp!!! Doctors?? Nurses?? Please?
what do u have to do to transfer an ohio stna license to new mexico?
I've been gargling hydrogen peroxide with water for my sore throat. However, today, I accidentally swallowed!!?
is valerian an appetite stimulant or just a sedative?
Should i smoke cigarettes after the fell in a chlorine pool ?
How can I pay for a (ACL) knee surgery?
are there any non presription drugs that give a good buzz UK?
How can I become a yoga instructor in super fast time?
Has anyone ever heard of a craftmatic adjustable bed? Are they good for the elderly and physically disabled?
strange thing happened to me. really!?
Why can i play a song with my eyes closed?
Can you see a naturopath on the NHS?
How to make colds go away faster?
Yellow palms and fingers?
lump on side of nose bridge, stuffed up?
I'm 72,on medicare,plan a&b. Who's got the cheapest supplemental health insurance available?
how can i stopusing chapstick- read info befor answering?
This isn't normal, is it?
my foooooods for today?
herbalife I need to find a store that sells this product.?
what could possibly be wrong with me?
There has got to be something like pituitary or hormonal causing my bi-polar.?
I got bit by my towel!?
When i don't eat I feel like I want to throw up?
Im 15 and i smoked since i was 9 how can i quit this habit?
Feeling bouncy and dizzy?
crusty stuff on my scalp :S?
really bad rash on face and arms?
How do I get rid of my oily face?
I got a burn. From the tip of a lighter. I'm sure some of you guys know how that is. So. Will it go away?
treatment for oily scalp?
Something is wrong with my skin? please help?
I have red spots on my arms..?
what can you put on your child with a rash?
Why is my skin so incredibly dry?
Is it possible to get a Skin Peel without burning the skin.?
cartliage piercings bump,?!?
I have a wart right on the middle top of my forehead how can i permanently remove that?
Mole day Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
help ...tiny white spots/depigmentation?
How do I get rid of my heat rash?
Foods for skin? Clear and matte?
White blotches on arm?
omg I'm so scared; will my mum be ok. Shes drunk and shes falling asleep?
do you know if my ear is infected?
What is the normal body temperature in centigrade?
eye questions please help.?
way my eye's very different?
Scared...weird thing happening with my eyes...?
How can i make my blue eyes brighter?
I have a blue spot on my eye?
What colr eye contacts would look best on me?
Can eye strain from the computer cause eye floaters?
why do i get tears when i sing?
I poked my eye and now I can't splel?
How can I make a reflection of my blood vessels?
mole on eye??????????????????????????????
are all vison problems genetic?
I hit myself in the eye with an elastic!?
can you keep eye drops longer than 4 weeks?
Anybody has eye laser surgery in Optimax, Penang? Any comment or advice to share?
can you use Visine for contacts eye drops even when you aren't wearing contacts?
AHHH!! MY EYE!!!!!!!?
How durable are glass lensed glasses and can they withstand being dropped?
why do my eyes look so blood shot?
How can i lighten my eye color? the iris?
Eye floaters problem?
where in kansas city missouri can i buy non prescription colored contacts?
Chronic pancreatitis, is it serious?
why should I have A hypo?
why would alcohol show up a in blood test..when the the alcohol beverage was consumed 2 months prior to tests?
if my nan has diabetes does that means i will get it?
Testing sugar levels. What is diabetic and what is not?
Bread, Is wholemeal the same as wholewheat?
What is good about having your tonsils took out?
i'm on day 3 of a sugar detox and have developed a terrible headache, how long will this headache last?
17 years old having my tonsils out next monday, what can i expect?
if you have now found out you are diabetic type 2, how long would you have to wait to see a diabetic nurse?
When will we die? Will we die? Will we die before 2012?
Adderall -vs- Methamphetamines?
Can you gauge your ears while on blood thinners?
What does codeine actually do?
I hit my head, is it serious?
How to wake up with energy?
How large of an object can an average human swallow without choking?
Zyrtec and sensitivity to caffeine?
Will i grow any more??? /?
What are some products you can buy at your local store for excessively sweaty palms?
I need to get hyper fast!?
My mom always cough mucus?
my little sister is constantly claiming to be sick?
Does it sound like i have mono?
my throat is green and i have puss in my throught a fever of 102?
how long does a cold last?
did i scratch my throat or is it something else?????
Please help if you can....So confused....Doctors, nurses, radiologists welcome!!!?
how long after use can you still have a positive test for crack use?
i have an abcess that I have been treating with hydrogen peroxide.?
can a sinus infection cause weakness?
My flu is on day 4 and still have fever of 101 can't eat and can only fine some things I can stand...what do I?
Strep throat and really painful bumps on tongue :( 10 points?
I have two big white spots in my throat.....?
are there some sickness bugs that can only affect old people?
i have a bump on my neck and it hurts what could it be?
Should i be worried about my headaches?
what is the best remdy 4 a hang over?
Im very tired with a headache and also cold and shaky. What could that mean.?
if you have a sinus infection and you get rid of it, will everyting go back to normal?
Ouch I burnt my fingers:/?
what is wrong with my head?
I got a weird headache when i was working out. (I'm 12.)?
Why did I feel so dizzy when I sat up in bed?
what is cough on pulmonory?
goodday.I have had shingles now for about 3 months.I used acyclovir,antibiotics and pain relieving tablets.?
my alt/sgpt level is 17. What is the normal level?
I have pain in lower back?
how long does headaches with oxycodone last?
red specks on hydrocodone apap pills?
is my knee messed up?
if you rub germ x all over your body, can it harm you?
Can long-term physical abuse cause chronic pain?
my left jaw hurt soo bad?
my hands are cramping and swollen, lately my legs have been cramping as well. how can i relieve the pain?
help, stomach pains!?
How to ignore this excruciating pain?
what happen if i take 10 avil 25mg?
the inside part of my knee hurts so bad, I don't remember injuring it?
I'm in so much pain times 1,000. Should i tell my doctor?
My muscles are really sore and I don't really no what to do can you help?
I have pain in my left shoulder ?
Sore throat, coughing, bad headache(MIGRANE) ? ?
Large red dots, in pairs, appear all over arms and back. I interacted with drugs?
Am I depressed if...?
What should I do, thinking about suicide?
i am seriously in depressed confusion,,, let me know a proper solution guys ,,, plzzz?
Help! I am a teen and I might be suffering from depression :(?
Feel like dying to avoid facing this?
Is there a way to manage my anxiety without medication?
Why am i sleeping so much?
Where can I find a good and cheap therapist?
should I kill myself?
i need help (self harm)?
why do people cut themselves?
Do you think that you can control depression with exercise, meditation and positive thinking?
Hi, I am 21 and I still play with my plush stuffed animal everyday lmao?
Do you think i have a personality disorder? I have a hard time communicating with people?
Is it normal to feel tired and a bit fizzy whilst having pneumonia?
sudden cough with a weird feeling in throat and chest?
Jogging with Asthma ... ?
What is the difference between bronchitis and asthmatic bronchitis? I was reading about it but not really?
Could I have exercise induceded asthma?
tightness in chest and trouble breathing...?
Is this normal for a fever?
my friend is always getting cold and cough.sometimes he is getting chest pain due to this?
How do I get rid of crabs without my wife knowing?
Can men be tested for HPV? (cervical cancer causing virus)?
Kan someone get hiv through food?
I think i may have yeast infection..?
can you inherit chlamydia ?
Please could you tell me a free herpes and hpv dating site?
i was wondering is the chlamydia test at the hospital different to the home chlamydia test?
Can you get warts surgecly removed in the hospital in the republic of ireland?
With all the STDs and Aides caused by kissing going around,Why don't people just shake hands before they shag?
can u get aids in the mail 0.0?
Hi, My hands are like getting where it hurts to use them,and cant move two fingers Does any body have this?
Am i gonna get sick too?
how many surgeries does a surgeon often perform?
I just ingested a whole bottle of germ sauce...?
irregular heartbeat on my blood pressure machine?
How can i wash my hair in my morring when i wake up for school ? a.s.a.p?
i got something in my eye?
Why do I taste alcohol in my mouth?
how do i use appointment schedule blocking for a doctor's office?
Can anybody provide any help here? its urgent!?
My nail tips turn clear due to constant contact with water. How to turn them white again?
Leaving a half already smoked cigarette in my room. Will it smell?
How to fall asleep fast?
Can anyone tell me what they are?
How Can I Stay Awake?????????????
I am having trouble with my eyesight. Things especially at night at a distance are blurring. What is the cause?
im too skinny, i sleep a lot, i eat a lot, pale skin, yellowish face, what might be wrong?
People are saying I have the chicken pox, but they are just on my face and they don't itch. What are they?
what is a quick and easy way to get rid or warts?
hole inbetween my toes due to blisters?
What is a safe, effective dark spot skin corrector?
White spots on my tongue?
I need your help please?
for people with Tenia Versicolor?
How to get rid of blackheads on nose?
I need help with my Acne,pores and Acne scars!?
i have a rash on my fingers my finegres now have really bad dry skin and cuts on my fingers scratching it ?
How do I remove a wart from toe?
i have bumps on the back of my hand help!?
What are the implications of doxycycline use?
What is the best drugstore moisturizer?
What are these lumps in my eye lid and armpit?
What are some quick remedies/treatments for bug bites?
Does anyone else have this problem with there Arse?
I can shoot a straight jet of saliva out of my saliva glands, is this normal?
What is the effect of social networking sites to your health(emotional, physical, spiritual)?
Drug Related Stomach Flu?
Why do I feel sick every night?
pain under right breast and hard to breath?
knee pain very painful?
Help! nosebleeds are killing me!!?
How to make sleeping on the bare floor more comfortable?
A lot of mucus in my throat and I'm not sick?
My ear got stretched out help!?
Will my blood test show any deficiencies?
Does your throat hurt the day after taking LSD?
How do I stay awake during school?
Percocet Addiction, Please Help.?
Need sleeping pills...!!?
What are the benefits to having Massage Therapy?
How does crystal therapy actually work?
does herbal medicine common in Euro country?
use of linseed for diverticulitis?
If I have a muscle imbalance in my back that is causing a slipped disc , best choice acupuncture or chairoprac?
is it legal to make opium tea in ireland and if so how would i go about it?
Lithium Carbonate Recreation Use Question?
Why are medical conditions such as leaky gut, adrenal fatigue and candidiasis ignored in modern medicine?
where can i get acai berry online no scams????
What are some good LEGAL highs?
what vitamins and Minerals is beer high in?
I am going for a surgical operation...?
What is the best insurance to get for massage?
Does anyone have any experience of transcendental meditation?
When will NANOTECHNOLOGY be available to treat disease?
Where can I do a course on reiki?
Roughly how long after taking St John's Wort until it has an effect?
chinese medicine hot or cold?
why did i feel fine on amphetamine [speed] but i often feel ill on Pro Plus?
Rusty Nail Gives Aids? Any help?
chance of catching hiv?
Found one worm in stool, help?
could my tonsillitis have turned into mono?
i think i just hit a rusty nail?
am i still at risk for hiv?
does ulcerative colitis affect pregnancy?
what does it means that you have a fiber in your throat?
Is it possible for a tuberculosis patient to have throat pain and lead to difficulty in swallowing?
I'm afraid I have Munhausen's Disease?
What temperature range is a low grade fever?
ive got horrible symptoms similar to strep throat..but idk if ive got a temp?
I'm home with the flu and everything i eat or drink i end up puking out any help?
do i have a disease or something?
will my 18 m0nth old be ok to get chicken pox what are the problems?
Glandular Fever, will I catch it?
Why do I have tinnitus (ear ringing)?
Pressue in throat?????????
Will Hepatitis C end up killing my father?
What is congestive heart failure?
Will my blood pressure go down if?
how high should you blood pressure go during a stress echocardiogram?
Why am i so dizzy... could it be diet related?
what is the treatment for enlarged aorta?
when should i go to the hospital with hight blood pressure?
is 50 to 60 bmp bad? I just had open heart surgery and they said that would probably be mine?
Why is my Blood Pressure High?
vitamins give me irregular heartbeats, what you think?
Best Children's Heart Hospital in Fort Worth?
heart flutters?
Child with a functional heart murmur experiences random chest pain?
When i drink water too fast it feels like my I'm having a heart-attack?
Internal Bleeding, the Heart, and Anesthesia...?
Possible heart problem?
How long is weed in the system? 10pts.?
Why does my heart hurts every night?
What is the differences of heart and pulse?
can you get atherosclerosis/placque buildup in your arteries from overexertion, anxiety, panic attacks?
Periodic head "pressure" that lasts for a few seconds. Help?
What is a good prayer to use for a very little girl having open heart surgery?
whats wrong with my leg?
swelling & stiffness?
Can I mix sudafed and vicoden?
Why do we sometimes get side aches when we exercise?
Is Famotidine(pepcid) non-narcotic?
Why are the dosing instructions different on Excedrin and Excedrin Migraine?
Sudden pain on the back of my neck?
I have a hard little ball of something in my earlobe any1 know what it could b?
about what they say is carpel tunnel?
can a person walk if they claim they can't feel their foot or leg?
ok so over the last 3 days my right ear hasnt been hearing as well as it should have?
which pain medicine is stronger?
Help, I'm weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my throat isnt sore but it has alot of stuff in it and im ssinging 2maro! what should i do?
I need help urgently! My neck hurts really bad?
Is this a bad sign i just had knee surgery?
Why doesn't hydrocodone seem to help?
help me please, in so much pain!?
Does Hypothyroidism Always Include Weight Gain?
horrible calf cramp when i wake up and stretch, why?
My hands go numb when I lay down... please help me.?
What should I do abought my cronic back pain?
Is the ionic foot detox bath real or a scam?
I have a cold and haven't been able to smell or taste for almost a week now.?
My pulse is 147? I have Bronchitis?
Chest pains? The cause?
Taking a full breath?
??? what do i use to tan with PLLZ HELP 10 POINTS?
my son is 2years old and im worried because he had heavy breathing, runny nose, body heat, and a cough. ?
why does sinus infection come back?
Anyone who has had a bone density scan?
Will i be ok, will ibe ok please help?
Are these sinus infection symptoms normal?
1 yr old boxer has hacking cough diagnosed as kennel cough however there is not any nasal discharge and seems?
I have had a cough for like 3 weeks should I go to the doctor?
Why do blind people close their eyes even if they can't see?
Just woke-up, my eyes look seem to be slightly 'squinting', without trying!?
Specific colorblindness?
Nail Fungus transfer to Eyes?
What are the lightest best contact lenses that don't dry out your eyes?
Is this a cold or something more?
My son just had an EKG. It shows he has a blockage in his right ventrical. Is this something to worry about?
Does smoking weed turn your lip black ?
should i go to the doctor?
i gasp for air when i talk?
Getting colored contacts?
why do i have that squiggly line in my eye every day?
What are the reasons behind people needing prescription glasses?
pain in corner of eye!!!!?
how much does a respiratory therapist RRT make an hour?
Does my nebulizer make me high or something? Why am I affected like this?
Is it advantageous to use anti-glare glasses while reading a paper or book?
Why cant i see out of my right contact?
Can stress cause neuropathy?
Getting over anxiety or panic?
Which of the following involves excessive clotting of blood?
Is there something you can take for bruised vocal chords?
had a dvt in my right arm was on coumadin for 7 months but im now havin pain in my chest when i breathe in.?
my glasses are foggy and looks like glue inside them i can hardly see out them, what can i do home remedies.?
Why are my eyes so dilated?
Does anyone know when Lumineyes is coming out?
Really itchy eyes..help?
What's the difference between getting your eyes checked for glasses and getting them checked for contacts?
Purple contacts for dark eyes?
How is an eye exam performed?
what should i do about my eye??
if i am a 53 year old woman and my kidneys are at 40 what does that mean?
Helpp pls!!! Why does my private part ich so much? Is it an infection? Girls pls help me!!?
Frequent nosebleeds in past few weeks?
I want to know what was going on with me? Did I faint? Or have a seizure? I've never done either before.?
When do you think i need to seek help?
What else can swollen optic nerves be?
Can someone please help me with my problem?
Why do you feel cold when you have a fever?
diet help?? Best Methods?
Why don't people understand there are other reasons?.....?
Please answer to end my friend's pain.?
Parents with marijuana?
help, please explain my symptoms!?
Why does my urine have a sickeningly sweet smell accompanied by white deposits?
my friends keep saying im pretending to have stomache cramps for attention..?
So my friend thinks that if she...?
Diabetic / Diabetes Urine Test?
Can insulin for diabetes give you diarrhoea?
Shaking, Dizziness? help?