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acai berry product people?
Do you think cannabis should be legalized for medicinal use?
Reflexology courses?
why would happen if...?
Tramadol addiction help?
Girls i need your help!!!?
what is a chinese massage like?
Pleasee helpp :( i duno what to do?
I've got a shift back and was wondering what kind of massage would be good for it.?
is it true elite yoga gurus can do some funky thing which releases natural halucanogenics into their system?
Where can I get non prescription lenses inserted into old eyeglass frames?
Help pleasee really quite confused x?
Visual snow causes/ other questions?
Good contacts for dry eyes?
how do you get sunscreen out of your eye?
what's wrong with my eye?
Eyes will not stop watering?
please answer my health question!?
My eyes have trouble focusing on one line of words?
Luxottica co sent me a check?
is my iris weird????????????
optometrists that accepts anthem health keepers plus?
how long should this box of contacts last?
why do eyes puff up after you cry?
I want colored contacts but I have an astigmatism in my right eye.?
What contacts are the most comfortable?
eye floaters or something else?
i have astigmatism an presbyopia..i have to wear glasses but since i got them, i have been getting headaches.?
i have a big bump insdie my top eye lid,thou inside does any know how to remove it?
Where do you think is the cheapest place for a contact eye exam?
ANyone have an idea about how long it takes for a swollen knee to go down, my daughter has a knee that has an?
When I move my jaw it hurts?
How much is reasonable to ask for pain and suffering?
acl and mcl tear information?
How to know how much sleep I need?
how do i unplug a plugged ear?
Why do I randomly black out?
Who is legally allowed to dispense prescription medication to patients or residents in group/nursing homes?
What is meant by DNA?
Old wives tales??????
will my nail fall off from the dried blood, and will the blood disappear?
What in the world is wrong with me?
can an emancipated minor obtain healthcare on his own?
Feeling really dizzy?
Hollywood 48 hour miracle diet. Does it really work?
numb spot on back, any advice?
can i straighten my toes in any way?
If I have 2 doctors can my insurance company relay info back and forth to both my doctors?
i cant fall asleep at all...?
Can't sleep, have to get up in an hour and a half, only got 4.5 hrs of sleep!?
Balance/inner ear infection?
i cant seem to get enough sleep even when i sleep 12+ hours?
Had 6 days of nausea...sour mouth...its gone...yesterday headache...and today sour mouth is back ...?
How to reduce under eye blackness and baggage...10 points best answer!?
PLEASE HELP, when I crack my neck?
change of blood pressure query?
Still having issues breathing...?
i woke up last nite and my chest was hurting.. heart area..it was hard to breathe for a bit but it got better?
WHen someone dies, I heard they have involuntary movemenemt. Is this tru?
every morning i cough up gewey stuff... ?? ?
something wrong with my throat?
What do you think is wrong with me?
Major chest pain! (asthma) I need advice!?
Do you think I have asthma or something else?
what is sleep apnea and can it kill?
is there any way that a doctor can tell if you've smoked before?
sinus infection? Need Answer!?
I have a mucous discharge in my eyes. It comes and goes all day. I have had this for over 40 years, and can't?
Do I have some sort of panic attack?
what are the dangers of being exposed to xylene and benzene?
i need anotther opinion?
If u took 20 sleepin tablets and 20 painkillers or paracetamol?
I am deaf in one ear.?
if your 18 can you still take pedia-lax fiber gummies,and will they still work?
How do u know if u have sun stroke?
Swollen cheeks caused by bulimia?
My boyfriend woke up very disorientated and confused, not knowing what was going on. what is the cause of this?
what is the maximum heartrate a person can get to before they die?
What was your most EMBARASING moment?
is it possible to have seizures from hypervenalation?
Do your parents have to sign for surgery if its paid for by a sponsor?
Do they drug test in physicals?
Does anyone know why the veins in my leg feel like they're constricting?
will vicoden&perkocet still be able to be prescribed by my doctor,it has tylanol?
tsh,t4,levels ? I cant read results?
comparing weed to alcohol?
how long will it take for effects to show?
How can i get rid of burst blood vessel on bicep from lifting weights?
question about sleep and effects of being very tired on your body?
alcohol poison question..>_>?
Can you get high off of half a vicodin?
my dog is tired and vommiting white stuff what is wrong with her?
Could what i think is strep throat be something else?
i have a Sore throat?
Any ideas what this is?
Compare and Contrast Ebola and HIV?
is oral thrush contagious?
Question about my tonisls/throat?!?
How long can hiv last on a solid needle like a lancet?
am 45, from middle east, uncut, recently i notice am getting more smegma, please solution?
levaquin for strep/tonsilitis?
What are the symptons after being knocked out?
Remedy for 'Imperforate Hymen'?
Flu or spinal meningitis?
Why would hair suddenly start growing where it wasn't before?
do/could i have tss or am i just freaking out?
15 month old keeps getting fevers?
help! with strep throat?
how can you get rid of a fever?
what happens after an infection?
Symptoms: Do I have worms? Read!?
What mental disorder is this?
can you have a mental illness and have a career?
Help! I think I am going crazy!?
I am really depressed, pls help?
I want to shoot myself in the head?
marijuana.... hallucinations... is there a connection?
depression/anxiety, why cant i snap out of it?
A voice is speaking to me..?
I cannot sleep at night?
Am I depressed?
I want to cut my toe off why is this?
Im afraid the hospital wont let me leave!!?
10mg of adderall? effective?
A question for people who have/do suffer from depression?
Am i tripping right now?
Should i tell my parents the truth?
What is a boy? Please Help?
Is bipolar inherited?
inner top eyelids swollen/puffy?
How do i get rid of my acne?
how do you prevent cold sores?
Very Sensitive spot behind ear. (painful)?
accutane side effects?
I have a cluster of about 6?
uses for triamcinolone acetonide cream 0.025?
How do I get rid of cold sore swelling?
why do Multi-Allergies occur?
what clears acne fast?
is this normal? Ive been on accutane for 2 weeks..?
Treatment for psoriasis (Methotrexate)?
Permanent dark spot on skin caused by sunlight?
i need help with my oily skin!?
What is on the back of my neck?
face rash? what should i do?
I have fordyce's condition?
Can you get bed bug bites from somewhere else but not carry them home?
i have problem with may acne, i'm is 16 years old, who can help me?
keloid details ear lobe?
Question about diabetics and HGV licences?
Hypoglycaemia Alarm where can I buy?
Does numbness in the toes improve, or become progressively worse?
glucose fasting blood test, what time can't you eat past?
How do carnivores get carbohydrates from there died?
should i take ramipril and telmisartan together?
7 yr old diagnosed type 1 diabetic 9 wks ago. First HBAC1 was 9.3. Is this good/bad?
I am having a retinopathy scan on my eyes tomorrow as i have type 2 diabetes.?
how is rheumatism diagnosed?
is honey good as a laxative?
Diabetics...Am i right in saying they have to eat at regular intervals? if yes what are the time periods?
weeing problem, somethings wrong?
i have a badly scared pancreas what drinks can i have ?
i need a diagram of the sites on the hand that capillary blood tests can be taken from.Can any1 help please?
has anyone else been prescribed metformin to aid weigh loss when not diabetic what have the results been?
How do you prevent yourself from getting diabetes?
loss of circulation in fingertips :/?
gastric band advice please no time wasters or insults?
Hypoglycemia, Low blood pressure, diabetes? Which one!?
If two people are virgins can you still catch an STI between the two of you...?
what the symptons are in girls for chlmidia?
what doess clotrimazole cream does?
tricky situation... !! :(?
How common are stds really?
Is there any chance that I have HIV?
If i had a std/sti is there a chance that i might not pass it to my partner straight away?
I have these small bumps in my mouth. What could they be?
How do I help my partner?
can routine blood tests pick up on hepatitis?
Help With Stomach Pain.?
Why do I get so many headaches?
What Causes and How can you prevent Charlie Horses in the feet?
My Ear Hurts, What Should I Do?
I can't situp straight anymore...?
I am a cashier and have to stand up for at least 7 hours straight I have tight back pain.?
do people live long with pleurisy?
what may be some possible signs that i may have asthma?
whats the best way to deal with a cold?
cant breathe at night and need something to help me get some sleep?
Mouth breathing and deviated septum?
Difficulty Initiating Swallowing Of Food. Does anybody have any suggestions?
My sister tells me that i snore really bad.?
Why can't I fall asleep?
i am always tired all the time.. whats wrong with me?
How can I finally get rid of cough?
how many cigarettes is 1 cigar of backwoods equal to?
I got cigarette ash in my eye, what should I do?
Why does my sister keep nodding off watching TV, washing dishes etc?
How can you stop smoke from coming from factories?
Constant nose bleeds?
How long does 5mg Zyrtec Last?
home remidies to asthma?
okay i just started doing track and when i run i cough and taste blood.what do you guys think that is?
My 13 month old has suddenly started having sinus problems, what is causing this?
Can I take these supplements together?
Is it possible to reserve a nasal flu vaccine?
What is the diferrence between single-room air purifiers and whole house air purifiers?
Problems with my knee?
Almost every time I take a prescription pill (soma, percaset, etc.) my hands go numb whats causing this?
dehydration in seniors?
What exactly is a hiccup?
HIII I lost my voice for Thanksgiving!!! WHAT can i eat or use to regain my voice?
Breathing / asthma problem?...?
Can't breathe and heart racing?
can use some advice from doctors?
My hands get really red and hot at nights. Why?
Low White blood cell count in a 9 month old.?
Does hypnotherapy have side effects?
i would like to know if noni juice is good and the facial product as well?
An achy pain in the coccyx area and a sore neck: neither is stiff. Should I see an Osteopath or chiropractor?
Anyone ever had a colonic?
Salvia divinorum whats you views on this?
which common herbs are best for fatigue?
courses for reiki palmistry tarot and crystals in the swadlincote area?
What drugs contain Ketamine?
what is alcohol used for?
Where can I buy Emu products ( oil and pills) in London?
Tablet Help???????????
How to make chicken soup?
my backbone and lower ribs are hurting very badly?
Herbs for oily skin?
I know how to have unlimited clean energy should i share my idea?
Is there any way to combine acupuncture with piercings?
By no fault of mine accident at work claimed r/index to the first knuckle.Insur offered 2 grd 4 loss.Anyone?
whats wrong with my leg?
tibia stress fracture?
jammed finger, or broken?????????????/?
how do i heal my twisted ankle?
Pinched nerve...please help!?
mild herniated disc?will be heal by it self?
HELP!!!!!!!!! i play sports alot and i have and both my big toes have been so brown/black for almost 2 years!!?
i got a cut on my foot, no there is a redline, colors, swelling, and cant bear weight.?
I had the biggest bruise on my bum over three months ago but it keeps coming back...should I be worried?
can I work out with stiches?
My left ear feels like its been popped?
Which layer of skin are bruises?
helpp! idk what happened? im going to a docter tomorrow but need to know what to do.?
what is wrong with me? help!?
I need help and reassurance PLEAZE HELP!!!?
Does Acid (drug) make you more truthful?
Why is it physically painful for me to wake up?
How do you stay hydrated for a long period of time?
my abdominal hurts when i take heavy steps?
what are the best ways to fall asleep?
My ears keep popping, and sometimes it hurts.?
What Is "Gas"????????????????????????????
when cant i do this??.... any one ?
I need some help please!? I really want to know.?
Should I go to the doctor?
What are the top ten medications used in 2008 verses 1995?
how do you cope with this?
Dizzyness and White Light...Help!?
I have a Medical Question?
Is Parkinson's disease hereditary?
will Proleva act against any other medicines?
What does tachycardic but asymptomatic mean?
How quick do u catch a tummy bug?
I need advice, How would you drop a bad habit?
Will a doctor call social services on me (i have a daughter) if i ask to start a suboxone treatment program?
Ecstasy... Zoloft Medication?
which food should i eat if i have piles?
Virgin have or transfer Hep B or hiv?
Can your tonsils come out? Mine have deep holes?
What does this mean here?
ok so i just got diagnosed with mono today?
Can I still work at subway with a nail infection? please help.?
how to prevent strep?
how to protect our self against contamionation of urine collection?
Marajuna in a UTI test?
Do i have strep throat?
Grossly abnormal urine?
is this a symtom of an appendicitis?
Sick. Please Please Help Me.?
How do you know if you have a ringworm?
day 1- no sleep, chills, vomited once, headache, day 2- diarrhoea x 2 more days now, whats wrong with me?
Am I having Heart Palpitations? What should I do?
what is the best high blood pressure medicine on the market in the U.S.?
Heart attack symtoms?
Heart flutter increasing?
I have a EF of 25 when do you need a transplant?
do i have an irregular heart beat?
im 41 and have to stay home with my grandmother she had a stroke some times i feel im missing out on life?
a "hypercoagulable condition stands for what?
I get angina alot, why though?
what will happen if you stop drinking nitro tech?
Is it normal to faint when you have high blood pressure? Why?
I want to know what's wrong with me?
4.Why does Tommy have heartburn? Explain the physiology behind the heartburn. ?
BP and Oil dripping on computer?
Should I go to the ER?
Why Does my heart always stop when I see Tara Jan in science class?
what is it called when someone's heart rate speeds up?
ways to lower my blood pressure?
is there a difference in nicotine?
What do webbed toes mean in a man?
I'm looking for feedback on professional duct cleaning, particularly from anyone with allergies.?
what is leukoria?
Eyes involuntarily seized and went blurry?
what kind of contacts for hazel eyes?
I'm gonna get a new pair of glasses but...?
I dont wear contacts. But my vision darkens in one eye and lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes and then clears.?
How many drops does lotemax 5ml bottle contains?
Some contacts can be worn for up to 30 days without taking them out. Try www.namebrandcontactlens.com .?
My hands are always red and cold?
Eye gets bloodshot at random times?
I have an eye problem in my right eye?
Durasoft 3 complements reviews?
How much will my contact lenses last, 90 days of use or 90 days even without use?
question about contacts and vision?
First time with contacts?
What if Iooked at the sun centrum through a window with curtain about 1 second what becomes whith the eyes?
Which Contact Lenses are softest?
I accidentally put 4-5 drops of alcon decongestant eye drops in one eye, then washed it. Is this ok?
where can i get safe colored contacts?
Blue ring around my Brown eyes?
Whats wrong with my eye?
Why are there squiggly lines of goo in my left eye?
When you get hit in the eye...?
LensCrafters sale: Which of these two deals will save the most?
Eye problem - what is it?
Can Stretch marks go away?
Skin feels hot, but no fever?
i need some acne help!?
PLEASE HELP there are small pink/white circles on my chest and i don't know what they are or what they're from?
do i have bed bugs? please help?
back acne is ruining my life!?
should a 12 year old get an eyebrow piercing?
Dermatologist prescribed me medicine, gel, and cream for my face.. Help please !?
I need help with a wart :(?
What is this growth in my nose?
Is dandruff contagious?
Why is my skin so soft?
how do i get rid of my zit fast and easy?
How to get rid of back acne?
Why is my ear like this?.... I'm getting scared?
Why do I get Aching Lungs?
Pain around the pelvic bone when I'm walking and the pain travels to my lower back when I'm jogging?
My mother needs serious help! please answer!?
i broke my finger should i go to hospital?
I have lower back pain mostly on the left side but is on both have only had it for a couple days though?
bad tummy ache help????????????/?
Numbness in my both of my legs?
i was wondering if someone could help me to find out what this pill is?!?
i slept with these 3 hair band around my arm?
my poodle has bad breath as of today,and does not want to eat.?
what is the reason for knee pain, it started 2 months back, aches me when i get up from bed or sitting down?
I woke up with a head ache and chest pains along with that i got chills where id be shaking uncontrolably. ?
I've got a series toothache. Pain Med?
so scared of jabs help!?
my dads waist is killing him and he's in agravating pain right now!!!?
I have horrible lower Back Pain?
I blacked out, felt dizzy and fell?
I have really bad chills right now. What can I do to stop it?
ok so i have seen a few different answers for this question..i had a routine HIV test do drugs show up on that?
When people chew the inside of their cheek, are they chewing the muscle?
What's wrong with me?
im under 18, i have aetna health insurance, can i get free birth control without my parent knowing like kaiser?
navel piercing & gym class?
I need to recover help me?
Rightt now i have the same problem and i can't go to the doctor because i don't have insurence,?
help please i dont know what to do?
i've been really tired all day?
every time i get overtired, my knee hurts. does this make sense?
Why is it that my feet and hands...?
Help - Quitting cigarettes?
Lost my voice yesterday?
I am new at this and im in need of help.-?
Does anyone know what is happening when you crack your knuckles?
can lack of sleep cause higher blod pressure?
how long will THC stay in my system?
My son swallowed something.....?
What other systems and organs are dependant on the stomach?
what will happen if our body loss lots of fluids ( electrolit imbalance ) ?
My eye is pulsating/twitching!?
fiber-one for cure of constipation?
i want to smoke weed, but im on probation and have to take random drug tests, how can i get around the system?
Can the body heal whilst awake?
Medical professionals please?
are all scales different and if so why?
my daughter has diarrhea moms going crazy?
do i need to put on weight, and if so how much exactly?
Will I be okay? To much dimetapp?
Abortion complications and ex girlfriend?
Delay in Depra Report. What are they hiding?
can you catch chlamydia from kissing if tongues are used?
getting your blood took at a health clinic check for all STD's?
what is orasure ???
does anybody know where i can buy second hand band aids?
Could DVD be an AKA for a STD,? does anyone think.?
HELP Cougar Herpes!?!?
what is thrush??? i dont know.?
does anybosy know what Eurothomeglia hyper mobility disease is?
If the woman is being a diabetic can that affect her chances for to getting pregnant?
dry mouth. what does this indicate?
can non diabetics get low blood sugar?
Why won't ANYONE help me with my problems?
What is the wrost thing you have ever done?
What is wrong with me?
low blood sugars but not diabetic? what could be causing this?
What Could This Be? PLEASE HELP!?
Diabetes type 2 question?
If nothing is done about diabetes how long would you live for?
Is there an anti-dperessant that does not make you VERY TIRED?
does this sound like diabets?
can you give me some good websites for diabetes?
Why are my hands so shakey?
Diabetic question please?
have been very dizzy and lightheaded to were i have to hold on to something and very weak and my hearing loss?
what is the average life expectancy now?
Hmmm. I am confused really dunno about what is wrong, maybe diabetic?
Low blood sugar levels without being diabetic..symptoms does anyone know?
Wax Strips??
What is protien where is it found?
what is the difference between brow sugar and white sugar?
i am 'fighting diabetes' how can i stop full onset diabetes?
Medication advice?
Does eating lots of sweets and drinking lots of sweet drinks like fanta or coke cause diabetes?
can you get a disease from kissing?
How to make my throat feel better?
Can you catch a yeast infection back from someone?
I think i may have glandular fever coming on?
what could this be i can't get a diagnosis?
Had a cold for over a week?!!?
how long can HIV last in the environment?
How to stop pink eye quickly once you see the first symptoms?
HIV is a_____________ that hijacks the host cells to make more HIV.?
Can I prevent pink eye?
Do i have strep throat or tonsil stones PLEASE HELP?
What could these Symptoms be?
The purpose of conducting the dissection of the cow eye?
when is ok to stop taking antibiotics?
can you get aids from a tattoe?
things humans do but dont know the side effects?
Scarlet fever wont go away !!?
what causes ciguatera?
Energy boosters for people who have IBS?
has anyone used raw cayenne juice as an alternative for chronic long term pain?
What the heck is "ruta grav"?
i accidental chewed on paracetamol is it ok?
Can anyone recommend a good colonic irrigation practitioner in London?
does anyone know anything about hypnotherapy?
fungal toenail infection!?
Shouldn't I feel something with Reiki?
Best way to cure a heavy cold?
dose bio oil really work and when will i see improvements?
does anyone have any nice dream suggestions pleas `cos i need to go sleep now? xxx?
im a sufferer of of sorisis soz about the spelling whats the best creams for it?
Should fish oil capsules be taken in morning or evening? Should I split doses?
What is an alternative medical treatment to fibroid other than operation?
does anyone have info on effects of ti chi with ms?
im having trouble sleeping?
DRUGS which can keep you toned without EXCERCISE. What a GODSEND?
Whats the best remedy for spots on my back?
how can i learn massage?
I know how good fish oil is for the brain but what other alternative methods are used for mental illness?
is it normal for the bottom of your ribs to stick out?
My right eye is almost blind?
I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago. I can walk a bit but my foot still swells sometimes. Is this normal?
Is it normal that my groin cracks?
I landed on my ankle weirdly?
I tore a ligament in my ankle. Should I wear a wrap around my ankle or an air splint?
Fractured Wrist - Now what?
Type of doctor for rear end pains? and my big toe? and a child with protruding jaw?
When will my bruised ankle heal?
How can i make my nose bleed....without someone hitting it?
what steps should be followed for a basic lifting movement?
Help with bruise of fist?
Should I go to the ER or should I wait Monday to see my usual doctor for potential ulnar nerve damage?
please what exactly is it called when you run and it hurts?
knee cap physical therapy?
Broken ankle vs Sprained ankle?
Can I snowmobile with seperated ribs?
ear clogged feeing?
Allergies to Sulfa??
why wont my 2month old tick bites heal?
What's wrong with my throat? Help!?
Do you dream whilst you're under local anaesthetic?
Can you help me identify this pill?
can anybody tell me whats wrong with my fingers?
questions about dermatologist .?
What is wrong with me..?
Took Adderall For the First Time.. HELP!?
This happens to me often, what is it caused by?
If I have taken fish oil supplements daily for seven years, should I be taking an aspirin too. I am 54. I?
what is wrong if my heart beet is 54 beets per min.?
what are the symptoms to high blood pressure?
What percentage of people have aneurysms?
heart pounding at night?
should i go to the hospital because my pressure is 189/130?
My friends 14 wk old baby has vsd, and chronic lung disease?
resting heart rate of 122 at age 14?
Re: holes in the heart?
My Grandfather is in the hospital..... Plz help?
have you ever had Coronary Bypass Surgery ?
What is best way to treat edema?
Is this a good blood pressure?
can your heart drop? my bf is sick i need help?
My heart tends to beat faster/skip beats/flutter when I have chest congestion/asthma. Should be concerned?
I ran out of BP meds a little over a week agoTh?
i fainted. help please?
I shake alot went i am waking and sometime went i am resting that normal?
What's the story on cholesterol?
is it bad if someones heart rate is 201 or 193 if your 15...?
Hiii I have higher Cholostrol levels?
Blood Pressure question?
If you a heart murmur, should you be worrisome of heart attacks?
Bladder infection,diabetes or strain?
i don't like my new prescription for glasses?
I like the pain of biting/peeling my lip?
EMERGENCY: Low white blood cell count, fever and abdominal pain?
why is it hard for me to fall asleep at night?
blood veins appearing?
Help With A Crooked Neck?
i have chestpains? help?
home remedies for pinker lips ?
Blue fingers? Why, How come? BLUE FINGERS!!!!?
On 1-10 what would you consider your health status?
Is something wrong that my toes sometimes go numb?
Think! What's a service you would LOVE to get online through another person?
Is there some sort of vitamin deficiency that causes your eye(s) to twitch?
help i really have to go pee?
out of anger and fustration I nearly choked myself...using hands. foR LIKE 5 SECS. Will anything happen to me?
Do you think it's gross when . . . ?
Medical Insurance cancelled?
ilnesses that cause people to become weak from just little mobility?
need help urgent about my son whos poo is creamy colour?
In one hand I have chapstick. The other a cornflake.?
Pain in the middle of the chest?
What is this ( Shortness of breath and fluid on the lungs )?
Honey caused a small asthma attack?
panic attack questions?
asthma diagnosis question?
help, my eyes are swollen!!!?
What are the cheapest contacts?
How are contact lenses....?
somethings wrong with my eye need advise??
Please read and please help?
My contacts keep ripping?
What is better on the eyes. the dsi or DSI XL EYE QUESTION?
Flickering dots in vision, what can it be?
The whites of my babys eyes are red. No weeping or matter is coming out.?
how long does it take to get colored contacts from doctor?
how does gargling hot salt water help a sore throat?
What might be my eye shape?
does anyone know of a good website where you can purchase colored contacts from?
How has asthma ruined experiences for you?
Health wise, where is the best place to live if you have COPD?
Have had sore throat for 2 weeks?
I have pneumonia for 3 weeks now, what can be wrong?
Can anyone please give me advice on this matter?
strang tightness in chest... please help?
Are there any home remedies for chest congestion?
Questing about contacts?
What does an eyeglasses prescription include? Mine only has the "power"?
Is bronchitis really contagious?
has anyone been induced at 36 weeks with twins? i have had some steroid injections for the babies lungs today.
When can I wear my contacts again?
Xalatan going from refrigerator to room temp back to refrigerator?
Is the Clear Care solution suppose to bubble out of the container?
Hmmm.... Did I damage my eye?
Why do my eys go pitch black when I stare at a shadow?
lasik eye surgery for 49 yrs old female?
Which Ray Ban eyeglasses does Tinie Tempah wear? The original wayfarers or the new wayfarers?
Seeing beams of light coming out of bright lights!!!?
Eyes switching to far range unwillingly?
Which contact brand has the best color contacts?
My ear hurts really bad... ?
Which one is more stronger... loritab or darvaset?
Very sharp and pretty severe chest pains, what could it be?
im only 10 and iv got cramping and blood comes out wen i pee but it also hurts to pee?
4500mg of tylenol within an hour?
Mysterious bruising on my legs and knees?
In pain! Help! What do i do?
I was thinking about getting a small cross on my thigh but have NO TOLERANCE for pain?
how can i get better joints?
How to cure ankle pain fast?
do you think i could have a concusion?
lower left side pain?
Constant, painful neck tension.?
Do you know a home remedy against belly cramps of an adult?
Cold sore question. Help!!?
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my side has been huting really bad?
i have a hard pain in my lower intestin but the doctors say im fine what else could it be?
I have pains in my lower side and Im bleeding do you know what could be causing this.?
Why do i randomly get dizzy?
ear ache what should i do?
I have a lump below my right ear in my neck...should I be worried?
STDs to HIV?
i gave him a bj...............?
what are the chances of transmission? should I be worried?
is there a time line for Chlamydia?
i am happy to read about the new news that people that have hiv can travle .?
what is std and how do i know who has it and how do i avoid getting it?
Was Michael Jackson purposely infected with Vitiligo?
I think I had a herpes outbreak about one year ago. Is it possible to test negative when I do the test.?
Can you get chlamydia testing in doctors surgery's? UK only?
i got a hep c and hiv test 3 or 4 year?
How can you be sure Chlamydia is gone after being treated?
Rats and the Bubonic Plague?
Immune system questions! help?
Do you think I could have appendicitis?
what are the mitigation strategies for communicable diseases?
Nurse Anesthetist's!!!! Can partial color blindness prevent you from being a nurse anesthetist?
What's wrong? It is a common headache or something else?
has anyone heard of a genetic mutation that europeans have that actually keeps them from getting cold sores?
what medicines would you take for infection of the eye?
help will i get pink eye from this???
How do you know if someone has hepatitis?
Dog has not had shots in a couple of years and has worms now what to do?
how does the lack of hospitals in africa affect the people of africa?
What does it look/feel like when chicken pox get in your eye?
White spots on only one tonsil?
Can Hemorrhoids (or Hemorrhoid operation) be disqualifying for a pilot?
what is a prion is it living or non living?
anything else to do about the flu?
Can runny nose end up as fever?
is there a treatment called ReLume available in London?
Why these symptoms!.........................?
I always feel dizzy...Please help?
Does Acid (drug) make you more truthful?
How can I stop sweating when i've cooled down?
How many hours do I have to work to keep up my CNA license?
Light purple spot just recently appeared on my nose...what is it?
i banged the side of my head aginst the wall quite hard?
Best Spot Treatment For Me?
Chlorine or Peroxide?
Are these over the counter drugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
How to get Rash on arm to go away?
how do you get rid of chicken pocks scars?
Reaccuring Pustular acne help!!!!!?
Facial ingrown hair and red marks.?
Please help me from Itch?
how much is the cost of laser mole removal in philippines?
How to make sunburn fade (4 months on)?
Acne problems on my face...?
Face problems for the first time at 23!?
how to remove darkcircles and blackheads ?
Do freckles caused by the sun ever go away?
Can urine cause a skin infection?
Anyone know what chinese herb/s to take for improving eyesight?
Other than cancer what would you have chemotherapy for?
i have trouble sleeping and i just bought valerian root sleeping pills i want to know if they are addictive ?
Is Bio oil good for excema and under the eyes for ageing skin?
what are the best alternative professions for mature Nurses to move into? & how do you do it?
where in the UK can I learn how to do Reiki and/or crystal healing?
Do acai berries really work?
While on antibiotics, can you take cough drops?
Does anybody know anything about Crystals and there healing properties?
natural eye remedys?
How can I unblock my ear with wax that I pushed up further with a cotton bud?
Im thinking of starting my own business selling aloe vera products focusing mainly on the drinking juice?
Is it safe to take St. John's Wort with Omega-3 pills?
How often is it advisable to have colonic irrigations?
has anyone used detox foot pads and can you recommend?
vitamin help wanted?
what's a laxative?? please help?
can any of u syffered any kind of injuries accidents or medical negligence in past few years?
Does anyone know any good relaxation websites?
Do Chinese herbal remedies really work ?
I have super powers? wow what?
Why do people self harm ?
im 14 and im a complete liar and it ruining my life. please help?
Real bad depression, help?
Why hasn't my therapist done anything?
Whaaaaaaat is selllllf harm?
please... is this normal?
Am I Bi-Polar or Am I just stressing out?
If you have severe depression...?
How do I tell my mom that I have bedwetting issues and need disposable diapars?
Do you think that my mother is bipolar?
how to be happy with no worries?
How can I make my family understand my odd rituals and certain needs to do things and such?
My grandmother seems to be acting.."different" lately...please...any professional psychiatrist help?
What puts yall in a happy mood?
why am i so tired all the time?
HELP!! emotionless is it a part of manoc depression ?
anyone else feel sad and lonely today?
I don't know what to do I really feel like hurting or killing myself I really need help someone help me?
i need advice about diabetic neuropathy?
Has anyone had success with using acupunture for treating diabetes?
What is the difference between genetic and hereditary?
could i have diabeties? ?
Whats the difference between diabeties and aneamia?
Tingling in big toe?
Can my abdominal fat be due to insulin resistance?
Thank you all for your tips on diabetes?
overactive thyroid wondering?
At what stage of Diabetes T2 do GP's decide to put a patient on insulin instead of tablets?
why might the docs need to redo a blood test?
what can you eat if you are a diabetic?
describe: how can unbalanced diet contribute to the development of someone with diabetes??
can my friend take rescue remedy shes a diabetic?
What are the best foods to eat for breakfast for a person suffering from blood sugar imbalance?
Type 2 diabetes - as a sufferer what is the outcome of having a load of beer, does my blood sugar rise or fall?
Can someone be living with diabetes and not even know?
Diabetic symptoms - am I one?
Do i have a concussion?
how doi heal bruising?
what does a sprained feel like?
knee pain.MCL problem (maybe)help please?
My shoulder........................................................................?
How can i get my slightly pulled quad to heal faster?
Do I have a hernia or is it just muscle pain?
I fell off a skateboard and landed on my left elbow and now it hurts, what did i hurt?
Random back pain. Please Read.?
Just got home from having 4teeth extracted. I feel really numb. When should I start taking the pain killers?
Sharp pain in back when trying to stand?
why prescribe cymbalta as a pain reliever for severe joint pain?
how can i treat the pain in my neck?
any one else??
How to exercise with asthma?
Does anyone know what increasingly heavy breathing could be a symptom of?
Why are my extremities ALWAYS cold?
symptoms of acid reflux?
How to get rid of a cough?
My thumb has been hurting for 3 weeks and the pain isn't severe but it won't go away. Is it serious?
when somebody is beheaded is the severd head aware for the first few seconds?
how to get rid of a stomcah ache fast?
i have a headache everyday - why.?
Its 3:30 at night where i live and I can't sleep !?
What's the best way to get rid of a cold?
how can i fall and stay asleep faster!?
i got superglue on my fingers!! WAT DO I DO?!?
So Much Drowsiness! And I'm Getting The Right Ammount Of Sleep (Maby Even More)?
why shouldn't we keep people on life support ?
I have a sharp pain that comes and goes every so often in my throat, what could it be?
How does drinking plenty of water each day promote a healthy urinary system?
Contact lenses question?
why can't i sing normally?
I am worried about my mother? Doctors/Nurses help please!?
Falling asleep pills?
Is it still bad to sleep for 6 or 7 hrs?
Isn't this weird? What would make this happen?
Bad Headache eye pain?
canker sores all over my lips?
helpp ! i cant fall asleep !ive triedd counting sheep,boring stuff, warmm bathh, everythingg !!!!?
What do you think this could be?
My mommy is having surgery! =[?
I had a total of 6 shots of espresso today?
My Eye has been twitching for 4-5 weeks!!!!!?
Even though it's a really disgusting thing to do....?
dry,rough hands which look chapped and cracked HELP!!?
Do men get overlooked when cancer’s discussed in the media? If so, why?
Why when I get so sad do I scrach my arms up?
Can a smoker get allergy shots?
HELP! Last Tues woke up at 3am itching by Tues afternoon was swellin and joint pain by night?
I'm throwing a party and my friends are allergic to some things. What should I get?
electrolyte imbalance - how long for sports drink to take effect?
Why do I retain water so badly in my face that my eyes are so swollen I can hardly see when I wake up?
Is it good to never get sick?
Why are my toenails yellowing?
Why did I get a fever for one day?
Am i getting a coldddd?
I've been feeling spaced out lately and took a blood test to see what was wrong. Turns out I'm hypoglycemic. l?
What could be the reason for a well built male having thin wrists and hands?
Am i overweight? Ahhhhhhhhh?
My one old daughter having fever on head part for two days?
is there a good chance this is a tick?
what will amoxicillin do if not prescribed?
Half of my eye is pink, is it pink eye?
is it possible that I still had that rabies?
diaherra.. while on..?
"Bacterial transformation" depends on the ability of a bacterium to?
I have worms, could I be getting it from my dog?
Worried about friends getting Hendra virus?
What type of cerebral white matter tract is the anterior commissure?
how do you get HIV and how do you treat it?
What is this white spec in my stool?
Do I have the stomach flu? Food posioning? What can I do for it?
What's soiled linen & hamper using for in hospital, nursing home, ect..?
How long will I have to not use contacts?
I can see something on my iris (on my eye the colored part) but only when i turn my head so the light gets it?
A question about eye contacts?
whats the best contact choice if u have cheap parents?
Is it possible to learn how to shake your eyes, or do you have to be born with voluntar nstygmus?
Question about eye stye?
Can Naphcon be used as an eye lubricant?
Where does debris go when it gets stuck in your eye?
Why does my right eye keep losing focus?
Jumpy vision/shaky eyes?
stye on my eye?!?!?!?
what's the maximum perscription color contacts come in?
My prescription says this, but the lens options say that! What's Right?
Is Bausch + Lomb or Alcon better?
I need to purchase an eye patch for after an upcoming eye surgery I have coming up. I?
what could be the cause of waking up to seeing pitch black in one eye?
Circle Lenses are making my eye red?
Am I going blind??????
Blurred Vision and the Flu?
Is there any eye sight tests online?
Water in contact case?
I need helping outing contacts in?
How long does it take for a child's eye stye to go away?
trying to find ekg screen saver?
heart can u i need help rlly scared im 15?
my heart beats harder not faster just harder whats that mean ?
new heart murmur...??????????
What causes retinal inflamation?
Why does white text on a black background kill my eyes?
How long does it take for caffeine to affect your heart rate?
What are the symptoms of high cholesterol?
my boyfriend has heart problems?
cervical cancer make u sterile?
Heart attack or problem? HELP!?
my girlfriends mom had a stroke in the philippines & I wanted to know what kind of meds would she take &?
I have Hypothyroid, why am i so skinny?
Nausea and Indigestion for a week. Heart Tests a few weeks back were normal.?
Can somone PLEASE give me an example of a pump that is comparable to the heart? Im at a loss and need help!!?
Whats wrong with my mom?? is it symptoms of heart attack?
Is my blood pressure to low?
Can someone with herpes answer this question?
Can stress cause heart disease?
Which STD's are curable?
Is this diabetes or a circulation problem.?
Stage 3 hypertension, Please help!?
Can I give my dog herpes?
how long can u have Chlamydia without knowing?
HELP! I neeed HELP FAST!!!!!!!?
Does high blood pressure directly cause brain damage?
I'm 16... Do I have Hypertension?
Can chlamydia be dormant for 5 years?
Cholesterol lowering medication, which one is best?
i think i might have thrush but not sure...?
How can you tell if you have HPV?
Blood pressure ________.?
Chlamydia help?
If swine flu is left untreated - whats the worst that could happen?
Help! I have Horrible acne! I tried everything and nothing seems to work!?
what are gillette razors made out of?
Itchy ear lobe due to earrings?
what is the quickest home remedy that will get rid of a fever blister on lip(thats bubbled up?
do u know what to do about a pink cheek rash?
I cut myself, if I wear short sleeves, without covering my scars, will I get in trouble?
How do you get rid of gnat bites fast?
how to remove scares on my legs from bug bites?
I have some pretty bad bruises on my arms. What should i do about them?
Itchy around my urethra.?
Which is bettter....MaryKay or Acne free?
How long shall i treat my wart with a dandelion?
Can anyone tell me what this skin condition is?
strange bruises all over arms?
does durasal (salicylic acid, 26%)(wart remover). Work to remove moles?
Do hives peel as they dry?
i have a red rash around my chest bone, it does not itch but i am quite worried about it?
Foot pain - nail in my foot for 15 years!?
Lower back problems!!!!!!!!?
What's wrong with my ear?
Is this back issue normal?
what is this from.......?
Does ice help with cramps?
shooting lower abdominal pains?
Back, neck, and shoulder pain?
What do I do if my Infection is still on my leg?
Should I go to a doctor?
I twisted my neck while sleeping, whenver i move my left hand my neck hurts ?
What is a good type of WRIST SPLINT for CP that would help to keep my right wrist in a stable position?
Experiences with Topomax for migraines?
How do you lessen back pain/stress while sleeping?
hurt big toe is killing me its throbing and the pain is bad?
Should i see a doctor?
foot arch support insoles?
I had surgery last week and the nurse took the IV out and it feel like something is still in my hand.?
Just eat an orange now I feel bad?
What the strongest pain killerr i can take while pregnant?
Why is Cymbalta doing this to my friend!?
why does my arm hurts when i throw a football and how can i stop it?
what could be wrong w/ my arm?
Why am I constipated so much?
my stomach !!!?? flu?? help?
i have been having really weird problems with my body i notice a big diffence is there any women to help me?
How can i get skinner is on month?
Feeling sick for 2 weeks !?
I took a 5 Panel Durg test for an employer and it came up positive for Amphetamines or Opites. One of the 2.?
how do you make an aspirin mask?
Will I get sick from drinking this water?
how long will it take for the caffeine to wear off?
how do i know if i have bad posture?
Is it safe to mix Codine with Vicoden?
Do eating healthy food really make that much of a difference to your body? :)?
how to buy vicodin without prescription?
I work in a clinic and we are very slow.......?
i have a big problem?
do all blood and urine tests check for canabis?
do anyone know food with zinc?
Sleeping Problem? Help Please?
Does Karo Syrup work on adults for constipation?
Allergic To Honey?
My friend is very allergic to Kahlua, but NOT alcohol, chocolate, dairy products, or caffeine...Any ideas?
Milk & bloody noses?
What happens to our lungs when we Smoke?
My husband is coughing constantly for the las three weeks...he refuse to go to the doctor. Need advice guys.?
Do the ingredients make the cigarette even more harmful?
What should one do if he/she keeps on choking on his/her own saliva?
how long will a 74 year old male live with severe copd?
blood in nasal discharge and a headache this morning, after a day of jogging outside, it was a little windy.?
Why would you be admitted to a hospital for breathing problems?
coughing and it tastes like blood? help!?
Multipul over doses, will the effects come later, should i get checked out?
is it really bad to hold your breath?
coughing spells...did you have this...what is it?
Can someone help me with my biology? I need to know the cause and effect of these diseases?
Blood in mouth after waking up.?
I am sick... Help?
could this b pnemonia?
My friend has a 'mini-heartattack'?
can you use vicks vapor rub or anything with vicks while being pregnant?
what is conciously connected breathing?
where can i find cpap machineshead gear?
what is kennel cough?
My dog has a heart murmur, what can i give her for coughing at night?
does insurance know what prescriptions you get?
what would you do if someone ostracized you in every and any way ?
haven't smoked in in over 40 days but i was a regular smoker is my system clean now?
Are people on yahoo answers real?
What time can I start my daily calorie count?
I have a congestion cold and I might've hurt my ear...?
What is the best health insurance for me?
Is it okay to talk to myself, a lot?
Low body temperature.?
Whats the difference between Genuine Health's products: Transform and Potiens?
How to convince the doctor to give you contact lenses?
i have a crooked arm?
How can I deal with nausea caused by an SSRI?
Tips to help me sleep faster?
What's wrong with me?
Sleeping habits with pillows?
I am curious to know how many pillows people sleep with at night? Just a random question.?
Are cadaver labs really that bad?
Am i damaging my ears with my habits?
numbness in her right hand fingers?
What makes you hold on?
Are you familiar with this type of feelings? (depression?)? ?
What do you do to cheer yourself up?
Help I am so scared????
I feel weird after being high?
What's wrong with me? Please PLEASE help me.?
I hate everything?
toilet fear?
Advice on preventing suicide or hurting oneself ?
Do you know much about the treatment of depression?
Should I see a therapist?
Can Anxiety Disorders be cured?
Help? I still want to die!?
Help! My child is a cutter! What can I do to help?
I have no desire to live anymore...what do I do?
Being harmed in sleep??? HELP ME !?
.What's the best place to buy high-quality, natural vitamins online in the UK?
Got any information on B17 (Laetrile) in cancer treatment?
I bought a tin of medicine (pellets) made in India. The name on the tin is NAVRANG BAKHUR. What is it for?
is st johns wort good for anxiety?
Alternative remedy for leg ulcer?
What's the difference between arthritis and rheumatism?
How do you mixed Honey and lemon drink for a sore throat and cold?
has anyone used bio oil ?
any qualified in herbal remedies?
What is the treatment called where you pour liquid through one nostril and it comes out of the other?
... Different Parts Of My Body, Vibrate...Why!!?
Is there much money to be made in Reiki and Life Coaching?
hoopi ear candles?
Natural remedies for the runs?
Tooth ache.............?
do herbal sleeping tablets work?
Anxious about Reiki attunement....Experience or Masters advice please.?
spiritual experience with treatment?
Any suggestions for alternative remedies for hypothyroidism?
What health benefits does Ginko have and what is the best form to take it, i.e. tea, pills e.t.a?
does anyone know if I have diabeties?
Ketoacidosis in diabetics?
HYPOGLYCAEMIA - in NON diabetics - should this be monitored?
Where in the Uk can I get a Diabetes Bayer Contour meter?
What side effects have you had if you take metformin?
what happen if white blood cell is high?
can coconut oil help control blood suar levels?
How does the pancreas and liver help to lower blood sugar levels?
what's the difference between type 1 and 2 diabetes?
Where can I get a glucose-after-fasting 2-3 hour insulin test in the UK?
name for somebody paralised from the waist down?
how old do you have to be the make an appointment to get tested for diabetes by yourself?
why is it importanrt that children have regular health checks?
How can i naturally increase the my blood?
What is the best way to adapt to having an diabetic Type 2 in the family?
What happens if I fail my AS levels?