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Why Did I Feel Like I Was Going to Pass Out in Gym?
When can I start going to school again?
i need some things to help me fall asleep?
is something wrong with me? please read im kinda worried its like diabetes or something.?
Is this solution to depression?
Do medications for Anxiety Usually make you gain weight or lose weight?
I'm seeing spirits- help?
Do you think I might have depression, or do you think it's hormones?
Help me i'm really scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I need to stop cutting?
Why would my therapist say this?
lately I have lost interest in everything!!?
Symptoms of depression?
why do I find cutting addicting?
Please help- Self Harming?..?
whats wrong with me..i don't understand?
Why Do I Disgust people without even doing anything?
what are the signs of being bipolar?
Another whiney, emo, crybaby suicide rant?
Is this a social anxiety disorder or whaT?
Getting rid of stress. Any tips?
I think I have Pink eye?
Help me with a Sore Throat please!?
I think I have strep throat?
can you become hiv positive from getting in a fight with someone who is positive?
does natural salt water infect percings?
Im pregnant and i have had chicken pox and i am immune but is my baby okay if i have been exposed to them?
how do i get ill overnight?
Can I donate blood as a way of testing for HIV?
what happens when going in contaminated water?
The toxin curare prevents ____ from binding within receptor sites in neurons, resulting in paralysis and often?
is it dangerous to have fleas and be pregnant?
Is it the common cold or worse?!?
Search the web for i had got chicken pox few days back, now becz of that i have got patches on my body please?
Kids school warned about scabies scare couple of months ago and did nothing now my kid has it can I sue?
there was a rave at national city california?
can robitussin kill you?
Internal pain with Shingles?
Humoral immune system- microbiology question?
What does it mean when your urine is very yellow?
I took oral typhoid pills, but I took the last one too shortly after eating. Will it still be effective?
What's wrong with 'yellow fever'?
what is the scientific name to Huntington's Disease?
Should I go to the hospital? If not, what should I do?!!?
What is this a sign of?
Birth Mark Question?!?!?
Is this a form of restlessness?
have you ever wondered?
What should I do????
Can you contract an illness if your already sick?
if i do apply for food stamps while i have wic will they take anything away from what i get with wic?
how do you not throw up?
Whats wrong with my ear?
How does drug change your weight and which drug(s)?
having bad dreams before i go to sleep, during the day its like im asleep but im actually awake :S?
How long does a medication stay in your system? How long do you have to wait to take a RX that interacts?
Pain in mouth not tonsils?
Does anyone know a drug/alcohol intervention hotline I can call?
will this get me anywhere?
how do i become a diagnostician?
whats wrong with me?!?
does marijuana show up on regular blood test?
I need some help!!!!!?
Stinging feeling in skin?
I broke my pinky toe and it won't respond and doesn't hurt, what's wrong?
help on my broken/fractured finger?
have i broke my 5th metatasal bone?
Have I dislocated my arm.....?
What have i done to my outer ankle?
What is causing this pain in my lower leg?
Ouch, my arch and foot hurt, and so do my knees!?
i really need help with this head injury?
Injured Ribs? Could there be a lung puncture?
Ok, are there any physicians out there that know what should be charged for suturing a wound? 2 stitches?
My friend was working out with me the other day. I was doing bicep curls. My elbows popped when I came up.?
twisted ankle 2 times? and this time the back ankles hurt!?
What causes Osgood Schlatters condition?
how do i heal my ankle?
how long can you go without knowing you have a head injury?
Should I go to orthopedic dr. for pinky break?
I broke my radius a week ago?
I had an allergic reaction to latex medical tape now have a permanate dark outline is there way to bleach it?
If you have a cold bath in Winter Would you get a cold?
Is it a rash or spots?
Real small lump almost in the middle of back my head a little more to the right though?
What kind of acne is this?
What to do about my new tattoo rash?
Skin peeling painfully?
Why is it that a few times a week my face gets really hot but my body gets cold?
I get dead skin on my nose all the time how can i prevent this?
how do u trick or treat?
i have these lines just below my waist...?
okay! i have had a stye on my eyes for six months what do i do?
I have little red spots all over my body what is it?
help? messed u skin from scratching?
Dark black spots on hands?
10 mo olds skin rash?
My face gets RED and hot only ONE day of the week, WHY?!?
My sister has hives and rashes.! Please help.!?
I need some help looseing weight please help me x x x?
My aunt has recently been diagnosed with diabetes.?
sugar levels?
just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
Is it ok for dibetics to take cod liver oil.?
diabetic type 2, not taking prescribed dose of medication!?
ever since i went on a fair ride?
What is this little bubble in my eye?
I just had lasik surgery ?
Blurry out of the corner of my eye with contacts?
Can glasses help eye floaters?
allergy and hives?
Both of my eyes can't focus on the same spot when I'm reading with glasses on. Why?
Contacts Wearing Questioin?
Can Colored Contacts Get Stuck In Your Eyes For Ever (Is There Anyway In Real Life)?
question about my eye?
What are colored contacts like?
UGH HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
does anybody know where i can get red contacts cheap?
popping sensation in eyelid?
Too much ibuprofen, what's going to happen?
sedation help plz!!!?
Glasses frames at an angle?
Worked out last night, woke up this morning...?
Is it legal to sell perscription drugs to another person who has the same perscription?
I need fast Help! im not realy sure what to do :( i ate somthing like 20 min ago and now my troat hurts bad.?
With 3 cracked ribs is it best to avoid body movement to help heal and lessen pain,?
i had a smoke today and now my chest hurts and my left arm huts, is that bad?
What is the eye condition in "The Unborn"?
What do you think of the MAGNIVISION Computer Readers (glasses)?
Ear pain on the airplane?
Whats wrong with my eye?
i have eye power to -2.50 wearing glasses and i want to cure my eye without glasses.?
Is there any hope for pain relief for me?
why do my left hip hurts and a tingle in my left foot?
i had a headach two days in a row and medicine isnt working what should i do?
My thumb has been hurting for 3 weeks and the pain isn't severe but it won't go away. Is it serious?
I was punched in the chest and now I'm getting pains?
when somebody is beheaded is the severd head aware for the first few seconds?
i drink six tylenol in the same time thats happen one month ago?
how to get rid of a stomcah ache fast?
i have a headache everyday - why.?
What is the best treatment for thoracic herniated or bulging discs?
Is tramacet extended release tramadol and aceteminophen?
Can I demand to see a xray taken of my wrist?
standing up on my legs hurts?
Can you take tylenol with benedryl?
Is it possible for Doc to do Colonoscopy & fix hemmoroids @ once?
i have had an on-going headache for longer then a week now.?
Alternative therapies that actually work?
Does ginko biloba actually work? What is it good for?
I have a bad head cold and I leave for seattle tomorrow....?
How many hours of sleep did i get?
I smoked for like 3wks?
Is my leaky ceiling making me sick?
how many hours of sleep do you get each night?
I recommend a doctor or physician to answer this...?
Sore Throat and cannot hear properly from both ears!?
Injection Site Bruising?
how life threatining is this please awnser quickly im worried?
What is wrong with me? Do I need a second opinion?
why cant i sleep through out the night?
How can I increase the circulation in my hands?
How can I keep my 10 gauge plugs from pushing through my ears in my sleep?
Why does my feet fall asleep?
Could I have ANOTHER bladder infection?
What... the heck... is wrong with my FACE?! Reddish, swollen skin, tight feeling, itching...?
I can't sleep at night?
Something really strange happened last night before i went to sleep.- help?
PLEASE HELP! medical question?
how much sleep do you need ?
what's wrong with mee?
Is this a normal cold???? (extra info below)?
How can I stay up the rest of the day?
the placebo effect anyone?
where can I get a full info for the drug foramefer and britamox?
I accidentally put my medication that says "store at room temp", in the fridge, did that do anything?
What things, besides death, can happen to you after a car crash?
What should I eat when my medication causes nausea?
Propane stoves indoors?
Faster than normal digestion, HELP!?!?
What problems may arise from only drinking one or two glasses of drink a day?
HELP sleeping problems?
Can you take Ibuprofen while on beta blockers?
How do I be happy, please please help?
greasy food effects on my body?
terrifying dreams about unicorns!?
How do I get rid of a wart on my heal?
A health question..can someone tell me if they know anything about or
anyone know about lepsory??
once i have received medication for herpes how long will it be till i start feelig better im in so much pain.?
when would symptoms appear?
Is HIV/AIDS the only fatal infectious virus/bacteria?
What does an STD test involve for a guy?
Is there any way to stop my hands from getting so sweaty?
i have dreamt that a black spot was on the white part of my right eyes. than a fat worm came wiggling out.?
how do i get rid of the bump on my lip?
Need to get rid of a cyst zit fast?
Why do my hands get blotchy and get sore spots when I touch sharp or hard things in the morning?
Have any of you had a mole removed with a laser?
Question about mole being cancerous?
after getting off accutane i still have some scars, what can make these scars disappear?
My face is swolen? Pls help x?
could i have a keloid on my nose?
The skin between my lips and nose is so dry, hot, and itchy! HELP!?
what does it mean when you have uncontrollable itching all over your body?
Ever since I got the TB (Tuberculosis) Skin test About 8 years ago, I have had a reoccurring skin reaction.?
Is it unhealthy to apply anti-itching lotion onto the skin once a day, everyday?
How to use Oil of Oregano on acne?
Skin always looks worse when I continually wash it...help?
What are some good ways to avoid pit stains?
can canker sores spread in your mouth?
What sort of disease might that be?
I have a white patch on my arm what could it be?
not depression?
Do you think that I am depressed?
Questions about prozac?
I think I'm depressed?
Am I depressed?? Please help...?
Social Anxiety Disorder....?
Just found out my girl has bi-polar/manic depression.?
I really need help with my situtaion please?
i got drunk the other night & have felt like im in a dream for 3 days now ?? HELP?
Im depressed all the time?
not knowing what to do?
i am always bored all the time.. what does this mean?
Why don't I talk anymore? What could it be?
Could I have an eating disorder? Should I seek professional help?
My friend has bi-polar disorder?
What effect can Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have on families/friends?
How do you cut without going too deep?
Is it wrong that I do not miss my mom and am no longer grieving for her?
I really don't know what to do.. Please help.. :(?
what does igg antibody test for?
has anyone had schistosomiasis? how long after the treatment did you start to recover?
whats the possibility of getting a residence visa, when a person is hep B carrier but not contagious?
Am I at risk for catching Rabies?
can you get hepatitis c thru saliva?
Humoral immune system- microbiology question?
I am worried about rabies and need advice?
Can Veet cause cancer or skin diseases?
Do Germs Have Germs.?
Just had a smallpox vaccine. Bad symptoms?
could i still get mono?
When you scrach off a scab?
How would I give myself the common cold?
What are your remedies for a cold?
how do you catch menigitis?
can i get any diseases for kissing a stranger?
can humans catch dog worms?
Have you heard of any Lyme Disease success story?
Can allergies (i.e. certain foods) affect OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) -- for my 7 year old??? Thanks!
do i have allergies or like cold symptoms??
I have a mild trace of Aortic regurgitation?
Should it be removed?
Is this Dehydration??
Doctor patient confidentiality question?
Why do i get so out of breath?
Only one or two drinks a day?
How to get rid of my hip!!!?
i'm sick, i think... i need to know why food is making me sick suddenly?
i need your help, do i have swine flu?
I can never fall asleep in my room?
Help me, please! I am freaking out lol?
Can anyone else not sleep? Why not?
what draws people's attention to certain smells?
question about standing up to quick..read details?
please help ?!?! anorexia need to gain weight FASTTT?
what workouts build abbs?
I might have a brain problem? Feer turned blue.?
Do I need to see a doctor? What should I do?
I keep a heater under my desk.As a result of the heat I have a red lacy pattern on my leg.Will this go away?
Low blood pressure? any homemade remedies or anything 2 help?
Is arthritis caused by weight gain and if so, would it be reversible?
Can I get sick by touching a recently dead bat? Not vampire.?
Is wart causing HPV different from Dysplasia HPV?
What causes twitching in the feet?
I felt my jaw crack a lil, and later it hurt, What was the noise?
How long will THC stay in my system?
Feel too ill to shower, and my boyfriend might be coming over?
Has anyone heard of this company Affordable Health & Benefits, LLC.?
Sleep question. Please read.?
Whats wrong with me? 10pts best answer :(?
can high blood pressure make you not have your period?
At rest my heart rate is 70 to 80. during evrey day activitiesit ranges between 80to130. IS this ok?
Can vitamins cause heart palpitations?
Do i have low blood pressure?
is there a "gold standard" ACLS BLS book?
Is it okay to donate blood if you have low blood pressure?
What is the prognosis for someone who has their aorta (main blood vessel in the heart) in the wrong place?
what don't kill you weakened you?
My Father had a stroke?
HOW COME i feel high when i havent smoked ?
why is my blood pressure so high?
What actually happens when you have a stroke?
Hypertension question?
what's a stress test?
My blood pressure is a little above normal. How do I lower it?
What do blood pressure results mean?
iv been deferred due to a possible heart murmur,is this the end of the road for me with the army?
i think i have a heart problem...?
How does a coronary heart disease (coronary artery disease) affect the body's circulatory system?
Who's healthier the person that gets sleep or the person that does not?
is asthma herditary and could i have?
Am I going to be alright?
What Are All The Symtoms For A Brain Tumar?
What makes up the upper respiratory track? PLEASE HELP.?
what do i do to cure my three itis's quick. larynx.bronchi. and conjuctive?
Is Asthma transferable?
4 month old on Albuterol?
MY nose has been clogged for over a week and i cant do anything to keep it unclogged?
does cigs cause these?
i have bad asthma, what should i do since i keep getting frequent attacks and nothing is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
difference of albuterol and pro air?
my children keep getting colds, they sleep in air-con, are air purifiers a good idea to prevent this?
what is this infection called that effects your vocal cords?
My child has had a collapsed lung since November!?
What are the symptoms of Lungs disease?
Is Nicotine water available?
What are pulmonary infiltrates?
my son has asthma, is he eleigible for social security?
What's alternative about doctors?
is there anything natural i can use to 'draw out' pus from an abscess?
Natural remedies for getting rid of a sore throat?
How to get into Massage and other therapies?
do ear candles actually work?
Are there really vets who can deal with gunshot wounds ?
Anyone know Acupuncture for back pain is really work or doesn't work? website:www.backachetherapy.co.uk.good
Natural Deodorant Crystal Deodorant ?
Do you or anyone you know suffer with the following: fatigue, inflammation, pains, ulcers, depression?
what type of drugs can be used to gain weight?
Is bleach a cure for herpes?
Anyone know where I can buy melatonin?
preventing a full-blown cold?
Should I trust this remedy?
Is toking on the weed really that bad?
is there a link between buddist chakras and the endocrine system?
Has anyone tried the super skunk herbal mix as an alternative to smoking marijuana?
Alternative therapies (such as indian head massage or reiki) and catholicism?
i have carpel tunnel any one no any pain relife untill i have opperation?
why dont i eat proper food?
Can anyone recommend any natural remedies or techniques to help getting to sleep?
is nettle tea good for you and why?
what kind of metal is in flexible nosepieces of eyeglasses?
Whats wrong with my eye?!?
Is $225 too much for eye exam to get gas permeable?
Is it possible to have a blood group..?
One eye bigger than the other / constantly twitching and feeling tired.?
why can't someone with diabetes do a skydive?
Why do i keep urinating alot?
What are treatments for hypo and hyperglycaemic episodes?
is there any insole suitable for diabatic patients so as to conform to foot their form?
link between hypothyroidism and diabetes?
has anyone tryed citalopram tablets have there worked for anyone?? can you drink on them???
I have a serious sugar addiction how can i get off it and long will it take?
thirsty for sugar drinks.is that normal?
What will neglecting type one diabetes do to you in the long run?
i am 20 stone i am64 years old and on a w/stick?
Diabetes Type 1 - know of any child friendly websites?
type2 diabetic might need insulin?
If you take a 'hypo' and have no quick access to carbohydrate food?
Could I have type 2 diabetes?
Can you have low blood sugar levels without being diabetic?
my daughter is 7 and type 1 diabetic, need help dealing with a situation at her school?
glucose tolerance test?
Can Type 2 diabetes lead to type 1 diabetes over time?
Shoulder discomfort. What could it be?
what's wrong with my foot?
I was poked in the foot with tiewire in Nov.08.Went to dr. Wound healed. Then starting in Feb having bad pain.?
I pulled a tick off, am i ok?
what kind of surgery is needed for a bent bone in the finger to straighten it back up?
Sprained my under arm, How long time will it take to heal?
Hands turning red, going numb, swollen and hot to the touch everytime I touch something cold?
A bruise/lump has been on my knee for 6 weeks. Is it a blood clot?
Have i broken my toe ?
quadriceps question?
spray paint bruised my bone?
Please help my eye hurts REALLY bad and i need to know whats wrong?
Will my sprained ankle be okay if...?
need help moms in pain?
what's with these weird chest pains?
pains between rib cage and lower back ?
right sholder back pain?
is ur madication good for someone who feels dizzy all the time?
My eye is sore..what can i do?
pain in my left side of my chest.?
Walking boot for stress fracture creating more pain?
Pain in Lower Right side that comes and goes?
My chest really hurts, help please?
My nose is plugged and hurt's why is that?
in the morning why dose your fingers and toes swell?
I have this pain in my right ribs everytime i sneeze and breath in sometimes. Does anyone no what is going on?
Scoliosis question: bracing?
i always take advil when i have cramps, at least 2-3 pills a day, is this bad?
my arm hurts and theres a knot...help?
Would Standing In Front Of A HD TV for hours cause headache?
I had this weird 'panicky' feeling in my chest all day yesterday.. ?
Am I ODing on Acetaminophen?
pain in lower left abdomen that radiates to inner thigh?
PLEASE HELP My Neck Has Hurt For 5-6 Years?
How to cure blood that has been stuck under the skin ?(blue blood)?
how do i get this off my head?
who will remove excess skin for free?
Zeno Hot Spot and Accutane?
my facial skin is very dry and taut, I,d like a good moisturizer but not expensive?
why is my fingernails coming off?
Tummy bug help????????????
What do you think is a good solution to this problem of mine?
How to get a red tongue?
Acne problem for chinese dude with oily skin?
What is the red bumpy rash on my back?
i have a multiple boils in my body and my skin is dry what will i do?
My fever blister is healing & i feel great!! How long will it take to be gone?
I had this sty and then it went away, then i got another one, then it went away then i got another one..?
sports and cold urticaria?
How do I get help for this?
Can you see and ENT Doctor for an Eye Stye?
What's happening to me????????????????????
2 month old baby has a cough and a stuffy runny noise?!?
I sweat so much! Someone tell me what to do?
Can anyone tell me where it is best to pierce your ear?
My Father is visiting me in the US. He is sick. Does anyone know where to see a doctor other than emergency.?
Dangers of Cold showers?
I just accidentally the whole bottle what should I do?
feeling really sick every food taste normal exept water?
HELP! Lost my xanax can I use Klonopin instead?
Can I take Mucinex, Nasal Spray, and Ibuprofen together?
colo-blast members number to call to cancel?
help I can't make myself sick ?
Sleeping problem????? HELPP!?!??!?
How do you tell: Stunted growth vs.Shortness?
HELP!!!!!!!!!! How do I stop being so lazy?!?!?!?!?
i need some help with exsersizing at home?
Besides respiratory problems, what else can 2nd smoking cause?
How long is my son stuck with this?
Is a herpes blood test available at GUM clinics in the UK?
I want to know something about HIV?
burning tonge what can stop it?
I had Chlamydia 5 weeks ago took antibiotics and now got symptoms again?
My friend said she has herpes,and she said there away, isnt it for life tho? x?
Where is the best place to get descreetly tested for STDs and HIV?
Risks of hiv if NO ONE in family has it in there genes or ever had it?
Can Gout turn in to Gangrene?
Is it possible to have worms in your eyes as a result of an infestation?
swallowed some bleach, what to do?
how would you clean out your system in less than 2 days? I'm scared i might pop positive during this drug test?
can i get ink poisoning from delivering newspapers?
Can you get cold sore from drikning alcohol?
do we kill germs when we breathe ?
Am I just nervous or do I have a bladder condition?
When when i yawn something moves out of place in my throat is hurst so bad until i move it?
uhhhh, guys troubles help me please?
blood born diseases??????????????
Can a person get tuberculosis by drinking after someone who has the disesas?
is it possible that i could catch the strep throat my boyfriend has?
Soar throat help please?
is congestion dangerous after major heart attack ?
Sore......could it be herpes?! Please help!?
Dramamine isnt working?
i let my sister wear a pair of earrings, and she has hep.c. if I clean them with bleach, can i still get hep.?
sense of touch has a diseases?
If meat is undercooked, but has no traces of a tapeworm in it, and you eat it, can you still get a tapeworm?
meningitis shots aftermath?
what is heart when heart is broken the pain in heart why?
I just had an echocardiogram done and they found i have a clot forming on a valve, ever hear of that?
is 167/90 blood pressure is dangerous???with 100.5 fever?
when you have a heart problem and your heart is said to have enlarged can it come back to normal size again.?
Could I die at 21 years old?
im epileptic and i neeed help :(?
im 14 and i just had my 2nd peripheral vision loss?
high heart rate and severe headches?
my heart hurts i think, im in a lot of pain emotionally...how do i make it stop?
Cholesterol numbers question? ?
heart beats too fast?
What is the normal heart rate for a teenager?
do you regret having gastric bypass or the lap band? and Why?
I have pain in my heart, it take for 3 min during that I fell that my heart is under pressure and its absence?
Spanish Problem That has my grade resting on it please help!!!!!?
I have chest pains, but it is not my heart?
High Blood Pressure.?
Is this normal??????????
Was I just dehydrated *20 characters*?
Which of the following causes heart rate to increase?
what should a childs blood pressure be after physical sport?
Why have sinus and allergy problems seemed to be worse this year?
Allergic reaction?
I have here some symptoms that i would like some help on...?
Random nosebleed... serious?
Why is my toe numb? Help?
How do I stay up all day after staying up all night?
I have a large lump on my back that has just gotten worse in the last week. Is it a cyst?
Where can i find a good Knee specialist in Pittsburgh?
what could cause someone to seem under the influence when they're not?
After stretching my ears to an 8g, why are my ears swollen and itchy? And how can I fix it?
Hours of sleep after no sleep?
help, my mom fainted?
something weird happened today?
Is it okay to sleep at 2am-9:30am=(71/2hrs) every night?
what are the causes of muscle twitching?
Small white patches on one side of my throat?
I checked my blood pressure and got 3 different readings 3 different times?
» Is it possible to widen upper jaw through stretches/excersizes?
Was he really in the hospital as he said he was?
Sometimes I can fall asleep within 20 minutes but sometimes it takes me hours! Whats happening?
Panic attacks at night. Sleep disorder?
Trouble with my right hand?
can drug tests detect when it's not pee that's being tested?
Do you die if you eat a rotten candy bar? Do U get sick?
What does it mean when you wake up and there is no sleep in your eyes and stuff on your face.?
do old tobacco pipes have a carb?
A question about my daughters breathing difficulties?
what does it mean if you have trembling on the right side of chest?
Albuterol inhaler questions?
Persistent coughing for 2 weeks and swollen throat?
What are the side effects to a pacemaker?
My father in law has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis. I want to know the best doctor/hospital in Pune, india?
Ive had bronchitis recently, any suggestions on preventing it from happening again?
Burning sensation in throat and chest?
When does this get given?
Cough/breathing trouble worse at night and laying down?
Answer please....about Pneumonia ?
i keep having this pressure in my head and above my temples. its like a achey pressure and my nose feels dry?
my baby is 3weeks has nasal congestion what is the best treatment is it some thing to worry?
Continual weight loss following flu and pneumonia in December?
Hard time breathing and tightness in chest; what may be the cause?
Do you ever, or have you ever, thought you suffered a mental illness?
I'm so tired of feeling down. How do you beat depression?
Anxiety medication that's NOT an anti-depressant?
I hear voices that scream and whisper my name, what should I do if they can't be ignored?
Problem with laughing???
Am I going through depression :S?
I'm 14, does that change the idea that i have depression or bipolar?
Should I check into a psychiatric hospital?
Working makes me depressed?
why do girls choose to have an eating disorder?
Have you ever smoked Marijuana?
Gas bubble after surgery!?
Managed Care & Health Insurance - Kaiser State Health Facts?
Cheap Health Insurance: Save up to 35% on Health Insurance Coverage.?
does the oatmeal diet work?
is it true that you can remove the bottom part of your tongue to make it longer?
BetaBlockers side effect?
Dermatology help please.?
do i have low iron in meeee?
Been vomiting lately, wondering what this is caused by? PLEASE HELP!?
how long after giving blood does it take for your iron levels to replenish to normal?
i have a blood draw tomorrow?
If your taking anti biotics what happens if you drink?
Could I have internal bleeding?
What could this be!? (Middle Back)?
i just had pharnygitis 3 weeks ago.. can i have a flu shot?
I am bleeding from my nose whenever I blow my nose?
What is an antidepressant drug that does not make you gain weight?
Is sensitivity to medication inherited?
what is the strongest pain med you can get OTC in the UK?
Is there anything really bad for you in herbal highs?
Where is to be found the best massage in the world??
I am taking St Johns Wort and want to go for a few Alcoholic Drinks this Weekend?
how to get energy without energy drinks/tablets or drugs?
can you get free alternative therapy treatments on the nhs?
how do you treat flu quickly?
how do you do a liver detox?
What tea do you drink for diarrhea?
Are there any safe legal highs?
Do rosehips help arthritis?
Opinions on Milk Thistle? Does it work?
antiboiotics Details?
Can I take cod liver oil all year long or only for a few months?
how do i get myself off temazapem w.out dr's help i'm taking 20mg a night..please help?
Which crystals emit the highest yin energy?
does melatonin help sleep ?
I have just had an allergic reaction to a Banana.....?
My cough goes: uuuuurrggghKwukKwukKwuk-ohohKwaaaaaaarghhhh...gokgokgokgok-hweeeeeeeeeeeegh........what's yours
average cost of contact lenses?
who has [cheaper] colored contacts?
Why is one eye's vision much worse than the other?
my eyes are red still red?
I can't see out of the corner of my right eye!?
would i need a prescription for golden contacts? ?
my eyeglasses prescription is 59 16 is that atleast 20 30?
How many individual drops in 10 ml. ?
I'm getting used to my contact lenses: What are some things that are good to do?
When i wear headphones for too long why do my eyes burn?
What Colour are my eyes?
if you have a partial tear in your shoulder is there such a thing now as laser surgery or just othestopic surg?
How can I stop my eye jumping?
I got Jolene bleach in my eye?!?
What are the binocular boundaries of the field of vision measured in degrees from the point of fixation?
Why are my contacts always foggy/blurry?
Can I write a check at Walmart if I'm ordering contact lenses?
i am having eye problems please help?
confused. is this normal?
Why do we cry . .......................?
I have a problem with contacts.?
My right eye experiences blurry vision sporadically. It looks like a film over my eye. What could it be?
why I see lighting flies when I keep staring a light or a white wall?
will it hurt to get my nose re-pierced ?
How do you get rid of fleas?
I had this skin disease it was rare and I for get the name what is it?
every time i lift weights i get stretch marks. is it cause i lift heavy weights?
which acne medicine is better and gets rid of acne the best? acne free or clean and clear?
Permanent Goosebumps?
I have dark cirlcles under my eye's HELP?
i have a ringworm what do ....?
Red circle on my knee, what is ring worm?
Why does my face turn red so much?
My hand is dry and peel-y..?
Dry lips all year round. What gives?
Are cists hard or soft?
How to get clearer skin?
What is this lump on the back of my head?
What is the best way to get rid of head lice?
Can cellulite be gotten rid of...?
why do we itch what causes an itch?
How Do I Get Rid Of Pink Eye Quickly?? Help!!?
eww i found a little bug?
Is this strep? Why are other symptoms?
I think I have Salmonella Infection that just started today. I need help?
could i have Urinary infection or kindney infection? or something else?
Is this bug normal and can anyone tell me what it is?
what does this mean hepatitis B?
wound is having puss and it is feeling hot and temperature during night near 100 degree celcius?
how would i know if i'm infected, my doc. appt.is 6/11?
how to Prevent one self form HIV-ADIS?
What are the effects Chicken Pox can have in Adults?
Anti bodies regarding Hep B?
How to weaken your immune system?
What is a western treatment for HIV?
what is pairadonal disease?
I had 5 aspirins over the past 4 days and I think I might have chickenpox? Reyes syndrome?
Can you pass on glandular fever after recovering?
Pneumonia experience?
I have a sore throat and I'm producing a lot of saliva and my throat has been clogged for the past 3 days?
I live in the UK where can i go for an AIDS test ?
How can I get rid of my thrush?
How long to get results for HIV test?
STI screenings.......?
if you have had or do have the hpv virus, will you certainly get cancer?
Whats the chance of getting Gonorrhea of the throat from Felatio?
What is your opinion of what this injury is?
what can you to heal arm pain?
t-bone collision injuries?
Any nurse or doctor around? I think my shin has a dent. How can i be sure?
Will my hand injury cause me to lose function of my hand when I am older, especially with typing and gaming?
Leg hurts after I run all the time?
how long does a concusion last?
some tips on how to prevent slunging down and bending your spine?
Some help please found a dint in skull!?
my friend has inner head bleeding?
If ice was placed on your eyelid would your eye freeze and would u become blind?
Whats Wrong With Me?
what does the word trace mean on food packets with nutrition information ?
can an animal bleed if he/she is diabetic?
Insulin dependent diabetic and injecting sites ?
Can anyone recommend a good Diabetic Cookbook?
How do you get Diabetes?
How do I know if I am Diabetic or not?
What do I do when i hit my head?
Why is there pain in my leg?
I am going to a Pain Specialist i need help with something?
Upper stomach pains what are they?
Uncomfortable lump feeling in back of throat?
My top shoulder and arm hurts?
my knee is killing me?
Should I buy a neck brace?
Are Nutrilite vitamins any good?
very sharp pain when urinating HELP!?
Cracking my friends back?
I was thinking about getting praying hands on my right chest? should i get the normal hands?
Im having severe back pain?
Does anyone know what might be wrong with my knee?
i think my arm is dead, i just slept on it?
I have a sore neck, whats the best way to relieve this?
I overdosed on Ibuprofen?
Crazy shin pain!! I dont know what to do?
does it hurt to get snakekbites?
I today have had headache after headache! I can't be around any light or noise..?
I have a killer headache. What can I do to get rid of it?
Pills dont affect me?
I was extremely motion sick the last time I flew...My doctor gave me Anavert but it did not help.?
my ears "crack" when i yawn, swallow or press on them?
Im not tired but its 4am. Shall I just stay up all night?
Woke up this morning with bump on back of the head?
Why am I so tired all the time?
does drinkin a beer bofore you go to bed really helps youhave a good night sleep at night?
I have been getting bad headaches for the past 4 days, am constantly tired, and able to nap..?
went to the ER this morning my blood pressure went up to 150 over 113 its never this high at home why is this?
I am having pain on the right side of my head?
Weird ulcers in my mouth?
please help ease my mind carbon monxide?
Something is up with my vision...I'm really worried. help?
Why have I been feeling so dizzy/tired?
I'm constantly dizzy and need some outside input.?
what are some things to do in the morning to wake up easier/feel better when you wake up?
Trying to wake up when I haven't slept?
Help! Bugbite situatioN!?
how to get rest and be full of energy?
Is it bad to spin stuff with your fingers?
10 min after having a CT scan and IV dye injected, my arms and hands went "pins and needles" and i felt faint.?
what does a blood test test for?
Why is my chest feeling strange?
need carbon monoxide gas?
Pectus Excavatum affecting my breathing?
Inhaling hairspray (accidentally)?
best thing to make a sore throat feel better?
Why am i having chest pains?
How do i stop the ringing?
what causes a person to quit breathing while sleeping?
i feel like i cant breath?
is it bad to smell your breath after you exhale. i know you exhale carbon dioxide but is the carbon dioxid bad?
can asthmatics smoke through a vaporizer?
Pulmonary Function Test?
how do i get rid of this congestion in my nose?
panic attack or anxiety attack pain?
how much smoking does it take...?
My Dad has pneumonia and is in the hospital.?
My throat is closing up.?
what helps a cough?????
I ran two miles through cold, windy air and felt as if I was gonna die?
Do adult stem cells repair cerebral arteries?
Question about overdosing?
Do all asthmatics require an inhaler?
What is the crackling sound in my chest?
Writing a paper on suicide?
I'm so upset about this work situation!?
What sickness do i have?
Panic attacks, i need advice D; please! :(?
what is the percentage that you will have a heart attack when you stop taking high blood pressure medicine?
Faint red spots on forehead, Help?
Doc don't know why lip is swollen can i just ask for medicine for all possibilities?
Is there a cure on the horizon for cold sores apart from poxy zovirax?
Does water with salt help canker sores?
I have one red mark on my wrist and it won't go away when I place a glass over it, what is it?
lost contact in my eye i can feel it waht can i do?
my acne! HELP!!!!!!!?
I think I might have mono can someone please help.?
Intense aching at the area of some cuts?.(Repost)?
how can i get rid of my cold quickly?
if you have direct blood to blood contact with hiv infected blood is it ensured you'd get hiv?
What are the difficulties encountered in trying to develop an effective vaccine against HIV?
Why is my throat red and dry?
Have a bad cold HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i heard an argument that AIDS is just a mutation of the polio virus, what do you think?
Does it make a difference if you wipe your face dry instead of pat after washing?
What is best for a Strep Throat, cold or hot drinks?
Red/brown-ish skin (on my foot) no bumps, not itchy, doesn't hurt when I touch it.?
my pup got razor burn on his sensative spot between his legs..?
DO scars eventually fade away?
What is this bump?!?! help?
is there any way of contacting the dead?
What is going on with me. I'm starting to get concerned with this sore throat and its beginning symptoms?
Could you tell me what is "decollement de membrane du placenta"?
Is it gastroenritis or typhoid - Sandy?
100.9 is it fever in 15 month old?
Do I have Glandular Fever?
if it feels like im starting to get strep throat or a sore throat?
what are the chances of getting put behind bars for breaching an avo?
how do you get pink eye?
When did major outbreaks of malaria occur?
I need help i feel sick and don't know what it is?
how to get a sore throat fast/ possibly losing my voice?
Stomach Pain, Possible Stomach Flu?
Mono help?........................?
What role does Center for Disease Control & Local Public Health Depts. play regarding communicable diseases?
help me identifying this tick?
Chest pain question? Would love any help?
allergic reaction to amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium in infants>???
How is it possible not to know what you know?
What treatment for blocked tubes?
is there a gay guy that is not just out for the pull? me 46 and genuine see profile. e mail me lifes a tickin?
Is there a huge problem with HIV/Aids in Romania?
Will this successfully treat my chlamydia?
Is there a disease or sickness that sounds mars/marce/marsh?
HPV from her to him to me?
I woke up today everything was fine went to the toilet and was peeing blood.?
Why is reinfection so common with some bacterial STDs?
I'm having some issues with my friend?
Close to breaking point ( mainly because of my sister )?
What do you do about depression? I've felt this way all my life. Now I'm 21 and tired of it.?
what would happen if a suicidal person asked for help?
should i... kill myself?
What drugs do you take to fight DEPRESSION?
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do so many kids get on here telling the whole world they want to..?
haemorrhoid's and natural cures?
Washing clothes with natural detergent in a washing machine?
Chiropractic: Is it a poor career choice?
Does anyone have any successful experience with natural eyesight improvement?
Is it safe to take 5HTP with prescription medicines?
i am really having trouble in understanding this in plain english can any one help me?
Free Spiritual Soul healing therapies?
Approximately how much to doctors of alternative medicine earn?
what is an air enema?
has anyone tried electronic cigarettes to give up smoking?
has anyone ever tried these hangover pills do they work?
what are the legal drugs?
I have a Sick Dog, help?
do i need glasses or contacts?or iz it a nervous condition?
Natural products for high cholesterol?
Something on my eye.?
A question about Clear Care Solution?
help me with my eyes please!?
I've been called to a GU Medicine Clinic?
sore shoulder what is the best remedy?
I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis for several years. Help! Does anyone know of any natural remedies?
Which contact lenses are best to enhance eyes?
Has anyone heard of this or had this happen to their eye?
Can St Johns Wort and Melatonin be safe to take together?
I see a little bit better on my left than on my right eye.?
My daughter has been wearing glasses every since she was 4 years old.?
I have eye problems and this is the reason...?
Biology question: the eye + lens accomodation please...?
What section of the the eyesight chart am i in? (i have .75 eye sight!)(10 points best answer)?
Can someone help me with these floaters?
what does FCC refer to in relation to eye exams?
Migraine but with only visual loss?
Can anyone help with eye problems?
what causes tired eyes?
How do i know how big my eyes are?
Eye difficulty!?!?!?!?
1800colors(contacts)w/ pics?
Red eyes after pupil dilation?
can i use 'visine for contacts' on circle lenses?
Eye operation question?
what time do you userly fall to sleep?
Chronic Daily Headaches?
my room mate is a medicinal marijuana smoker?
im soooo confused???!?!! plz answer?
what is ginseng korean ginseng?
What questions will be asked in an interview for Medicaid?
Am I underweight or just right? I need help!?
I accidentally breathed-in a soy nut while I was driving last night. Can it possibly be in my lung?
is someone standing on my back to crack it dangerous?
how do i quit biting my fingernails? ?
my finger hurts really really bad ?
going on hour #28 and can't stay awake?
is it a bad idea to sleep during the day ?
My inner ear won't stop itching - any remedies?
Im just wondering......?
My eyesight keeps improving, and it is getting kind of weird. anyone knows what's going on?
I am a cyclist and my knee has been giving me some problems?
i cant sleep at all..its so hard ..i have a fractured skull which is a week old? i want to go to sleep!!! help?
If doctors use weed for patients?
Intake of Raw garlic , daily morning empty stomach Good or ?
How can I make myself stay asleep thru the night?
Why can't I fall asleep.....?? How can I fall asleep better?
I can't get rid of my bacne?
what on earth is going on with me .... PLEASE HELP?
My eye prescription got lowered. is that possible?
how can i recover faster from a tonsillectomy?
i need help i think im breathing in deadly fumes?
is pneumonia contagious, especially for the elderly or young?
How do I get rid of ear congestion?
If you drank enough to get one day of the dt's, if you quit for a year or more, can you have a few without the?
Urinary Trac Infection?
why am i getting sick so much?
What does nasal drip feel like?
chest pain and anxiety?
I have a question about my c-pap machine.?
how can i work and take my bipoler meds if thay make me sleep all the time?
Running nose.........?
Pain in heart, whats wrong?
Treatments For GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)?
does obesity make diabetes worse?
diabetic want to lose weight can i use adios.am on insulin?
Could we serve a normal food to a diabetic taking insulin injection twice a day?
if i have diabetes can i still build muscle?
where to research diabetes?
Diabetes? Home testing kits.?
Give the advantages nebulisers have over inhalers?
What CAN a hypoglycemic eat?
Im getting my Gall bladder removed next week?
is sugar needed to help the heart pump?
Question about Diabetes blood test?
What are the different types of diabetes?
How low does my blood sugar have to be before im admitted to hospital?
dieting and inuslin probelms PLEASE HELP ME ! xxxx?
My Dad's been diagnosed as a diabetic,one of the things he's been told to avoid eating is Greek yoghurt - why?
I drank a lot of ALCOHOL last night.?
Pain near my left hip was kicked a few weeks back but bruising should have gone by now?
why dose my neck tighten up when i yawn?
What's wrong with me? I have this weird chest pain.?
pain in my arm wont go away!!!!?
My father has left side abdominal pain... what are the causes? Pls really help me!?
Lower right side pain.?
does swallowing help a throat ache get better?
Sharp lower abdominal pain possible causes?
I am having ear pain but not sure why.. Can someone Help me please? I'm so confused?
help!!!!!,cant move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the pain i have in my stomach?
Very sore neck help me!!!?
is my appendix going to burst?
What is this sharp pain on my ear?
What is the normal dose of percocet for severe pain? Tylenol 3s do nothing anymore, I've been on them to long.?
For the past week i've been having lower abdominal pain?
how much does a naval piercing hurt?
my leg hurts! i can hardly walk with it! it hurts right below my knee!?
i have a really bad migraine, help what should i do?
facial pain and headaches?
what do you call a back specialist?
I am in the most severe pain of my life,(throat?) what could this be? How can I fi it?
What could be wrong with my knee?
I have a red rash that burns all over my tummy and chest? I've been taking an antibodic. Any ideas?
Should I Shave Before Using Exposed Acne System?
has anyone used clindoxyl gel for acne?
how do i clear up my acne?
Red spots on fingers & toes?? Any Idea what it could be?
What could be making him so itchy?
how to treat razor rash?
HELP! I want to lose this annoying scar!?
Weird rash on back (bumps)?
Red itchy mostique like bumps?
Red little splotches on the sides of my cheekse?
Small, fleshy bumps been on hands for years... what is this?
left foot tingles with rapid movement just started why is it tingling?
The inside of my right hand itches profusely since this morning. What could this be?
Itchy Skin Problem is killing me...?
cure for hemorrhoids ?
I have a mole that is 2 different colors?
what are aids ????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What hepatitis does this sound like?
what is the 2 main types of skin glands and their function?
What is wrong with me?
How to fully clear and get rid of a STUFFY NOSE?
I had ear infections in both ears and cannot hear, help!?
What could cause these symptoms?
how serious is mercier infection can it be treated by an antibiodic?
At first i thought parvo but his stool doesn't stink like parvo.?
Is there anyway you can cure a mild case of UTI?
Guillain–Barré syndrome?
Antibiotics after one dose?
Another Rabies Question?
Can you get chicken pox more then twice?
i have ringworm on my tongue?
What are the two ways antibodies deal with toxins created by bacteria? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!?
I had a staph infection in my face was in the hospital lots of antibotics still taking clindamycin ,?
How would I know if the Staph has gotten into my bloodstream?
My friend said she has herpes,and she said there away, isnt it for life tho? x?
what are the odds of a 16 yeal old geting a brain tumor?
what side of the body is our appendix?
Why do I sweat so much?
Over Heating...Help Please...?
did i give myself brain damage?
My iPod helps me fall asleep.....?
Im scared help! Going to the cardoligist tomrrow?
Can some one please provide information about MRI abdomen?
monroe piercing question?
am i crazy for thinking i have a pesticide in my stomach?
Stomach wakes me up from my sleep?
Which city is more polluted ? Delhi or Beijing?
What to do when you're dizzy...?
Is there something i can buy for "Pink Eye"?
I'm deaf in one ear and never going to hear again?:'(?
It is painful to swallow, and I believe the cause is this red spot on my uvula.?
what is wrong with my knee?
How can I get marijuana out of my system?
Different coloured hair?
how come i get a high pitched noise in my ear in winter?
How do i stop food allergies that cause brain fog???
What is my heart doing?
is blood pressure is hereditary?
20 year old petite female with blood pressure of 174/79?
Myocardial Infarction question?
What gets rid of palpitations or helps relieve them?
My heart hurts sometimes?
why does my heart race?
What are beta blockers..anxiety?!?
what could this be very worried?
Heaviness in right arm?
blood pressure and add meds?
How serious should I take a couple of brief incidents of my heart quivering while at rest today.?
Can bloodpressure medications be taken with loprin?
had a heart cath done and think i have an infection.Please help!!?
how not to worry to bad?
Do I have a healthy blood pressure or not?
is 110 pulse to high?
Do I have anything to worry about ?
suggestions for lowering high blood pressure reading?
is there something wrong with my heart?
what to do if blood pressure is 150 over 100?
What is life exectancy with Mitral valve stenonis with no option for replacement?
Heart disease medical check up?
Is Hoodia safe to take with thyroxin?
Does homeopathic remedies help insomnia?
My buddhist boyfriend can't stop smoking weed!?
Does anyone here take herbal sleep aids and do they work?
What is the best non-surgical way to treat Kyphosis (about 33 degrees) of the spine?
can anyone give me a natural remedy for hot flushers. my wife suffers from them, some times up to ten a day?
Wu-long tea, the truth?
medicine question?
Has anyone had any luck with natural remedies for cellulite?