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How can I get my Knuckles to get bigger?
Lung pain? Directly below left breast.?
I need some medical help... advice... plz...?
I got hit kind of hard on the head and felt dizzy later that night. will i be ok?
can someone continue to live with lung cancer and pneumonia?
Is there any non-medical help for a urinary tract infection?
Where can I purchase buckleys cough syrup in CT?
Any way to drain ears yourself?
i need a good multi vitamin?
my coughing is real bad i need to know why?
I NEED TO WAKE [email protected][email protected]@!?
What's a good way to send yourself to sleep?
Taking a bath after staying up late all night long.?
stuffy nose..and i cant breath..i tried every med..there is!..do you know any old fashion tricks?
getting a tonsillectomy ?
sinus infection or a cold?
Why can I feel the blood pulsing in my foot?
Do you swallow or chew Walgreens Mucus Relief tablets?
is my finger broken/fractured?
Food allergies or sensitivity in 1 year old?
what is Lactose?????
Why am I having such crazy reactions to cyclosporine?
My baby is allergic to everything, WHY?
Whats the best thing to do for poisen ivy?
Can anyone help solve Nico's itching!?
does cortaid only work for helping itches r helps getting rid of ashes also?
Stuffy nose for a week....?
whenever i get a stuffy nose i cant breathe out of one nostril but soon it switches 2 the other nostril why?
What could be the source of my hives?
Weird nose burn, is there a name for this?
How come I Have Redness on Neck Like Surnburn Aft Taken Panadol?
Can vitamins cause swelling of the tongue?
Why are we allergic to cats?
how long does an allergic reaction last?
my eyes just started watering and burning...?
Is anyone familiar with taking alderberry juice to treat allergies?
Red rash around my new tattoo! Am I having an allergic reaction??!!?
allergic reaction.....?
I am Allergic To Cats... ?
but every time i drink orange juice after not having it for a while i get flu like symptoms?
history of drug/alcohol abuse runs in my family...and im scared i have a growing drug problem.?
Does Exstacy change a persons mind frame?
Can someone who suffers from bipolar disorder end up...?
i NEED to cut!!!!!! what should i do?
Should I tell about suicide?
My daughter self injures. Please help.?
how do I explain to a bully that bullying is wrong and also regretful?
how do i get rid of depression?
I don't know what to do?
why am i seeing and hearing things that are not there?
help please?????????
What are some ways to get high?
if my husband has Bi- polar disorder CAN IT BE TRANSMITTED TO our KIDS when we have them?
Depression or "Thinking too much"?
please read . why am i feeling this way?
My body is driving me crazy!?
My mom died and i have so much regret and guilt?
im cutting myself and i feel sooo much better. is this a serious problem?
my jaw keeps locking, what is wrong?
Have you saved any lives recently?
can microwaving food cause cancer?
big ACNE question??please i need advice?
Is it bad to nap? Does it give you any benefit?
Difference Between these Two?
What causes you to get achy when you're sick?
is it possible to obtain a std from a cigarette found on the ground?.... thx?
Will ketamine show up in my urine after 4 days? And what can i do to flush it out as quick as i can?
do you have to complete a doxycilin course to make sure chlamidya is totally gone?
do i have herpes for life?
if u get smear test does it also test for sti s?
I accidentally poked myself in the eye real hard with my nail last night..?
how contagious is merca in he blood?
I have white stuff on the back of my throat HELP?
is it possible for an hiv virus to stay active in raw vegetables?
i suffered frm chicken pox 3 weeks back so wht can i use 2 remve hole tht i got in my 4rhead widout scrathin?
Do i have food poisoning?
Just finished my penicillin for strep. Now I'm sick again...?
anyone........could it be a uti?
Just the common cold or what?
What to do if I got cut by a rusty nail?
Swollen Lymph Notes In Throat?
is eating too much sweet can cause you sore throat?
Are autoclaves completely necessary for tattooing?
did i have alcohol poisoning?
Can I get Herpes from a past transplant in my eye?
What is the Post jaundice Diet?
what are the discontinuance symptoms?
overdose ibuprofen with hepatitis c?
what is the best way/product to get rid of acne and scarring?
How to get rid of acne scars?
What Acne System Works?
I'm itching really bad all over my body and I have bumps everywhere what could be the cause of it?
Bump on cartilage piercing; not a keloid?
Red needle-like marks under my skin? I am very afraid and worried.?
I'm breaking out on my nose, what do I do? :(?
What's a really good acne face wash?
*what is a good dry dog food to give my yorkie who is 4 years old with really bad dry skin problems,I have tri?
how bad does a dermal piercing in the chest hurt? & how often does the body reject them?
has anyone seen little black dots on skinless chicken breast. if so what is it?
Acne redness HELP!!!!!?
Area above eyelid is red,dry and itchy?
Extremely hot legs only at night?
finger fungus help!!!?
What does it mean when you have ridges in your fingernails?
I want to make cake for a friend who'd diabetic.?
anyone know if you can get laser eye surgery if you a 70year old diabetic' Thank You all.?
What is acceptable for diabetic glucose monitoring in hospital?
Can I test for type 1 diabetes using things I have at home?
Can You Put Two Color Contacts On?
what does the gray around my eyes mean?
do my eyes need time to adjust to my contact lenses?
i have a chalazion in my right eye PLEASE HELP ME?
Do calcium supplements cause cataracts?
eye floaters, eye injury?
When its cold outside, my eyes run really badly and they water, how can i stop this?
retina physician and surgeon?
Cloud like bruise on my eye ball?
Why do my eyes loose focus?
Got hit in the eye with a book?
what to do if you get super glue in your eye?
Lasik Eye Surgery.. is it good?
How can i make chicory or endive juice? Where can i buy it?
theres a black spot in my eye not floaters?
What stores carry non prescription contacts in Virginia?
The sun hitting your eyes when closed harmful?
Eye sight problems help pls?
I've had my contacts in since Saturday..READ?
Would i look weird with green eye colored contacts?
Can someone answer this question about astigmatism?
Whats wrong with my eyes?!?!!??!??!?
i think something is wrong with my body? nothing seems real?!?
My left bottom part of my eye lid keeps twitching a lot.?????/?
just had an operation on my chest. Now I MUST sleep on my back instead of my sides (favorite). Any suggestion?
Is it bad to take expired Nitrofuran (macrobid -this is antibiotics 4 a UTI) 3 years after expiration date?
Painful when urinating but not a UTI...?!?
help on sleeping please!?
my nails of the big fingers are pealed out can you tell me why?
Which Stethoscope Is Best For EMS Work?
my son just started twitching?
Nausea at the same time every day...help?!?
Should I go see a doctor over this?
Left out too long or?
What should i do about my eyes?
Am I sleeping too much, feel tired all day?
I am 13, and have a question about indigestion.?
I noticed that I get a itchy throat after chewing winterfresh gum. Has anyone else experienced this?
What are these? NO ONE has a clue..?
is there a way i can get prescriptions automatically mailed to me?
What could it be this time?
Im bored out of my mind and sick what do I do?
what are some home remedies for cleaning out your system?
What is making my 11 year old son so tired?
I have had a cold and a cough since 10-27-08. Is this normal?
It feels like someone is shooting me in the chest.?
oh dear..what did i take?
can u help i need a help from nurse?
has hypnotherapy worked for you?
I stood on a nail, is there anyway i can speed up the healing process?
Do you have to take multivitamins for at least 6 weeks before you feel benefits.....and are there noticable?
Does Levaquin do anything to your breathing or make you tired?
Using Vaporizer ....!!!!?
A pain in the chest area?
How to take out AIR from my Back?
Sinus infection: please help!?
more sensitive to dust & smoke?
Have you ever tried "hot stones therapy"? Does it work?
Alternative Medicine for poor circulation?
natural sunburn remedies?
How to increase Hemoglobin level by which type food ?
Why do i always get a Vit C tabs as i see doctor for cough and cold?
Do you think whoever makes the idiotic 30C homeopathic remedies bothers with the successions and dilutions?
Why does everyone think that pharmaceuticals are the only option for better health?
Glucosomine supplements. Do they help joints - particularly knees?
having shortness of breath?
im having trouble breathing lately and coughing alot?
carbon monoxide gas?
questions about blood clots. any help?
Acomplia? Reductil? and Xenical? which is better?
What ways can cure or relieve a common cold ? desperate :(?
Is codeine a addictive painkiller?
If you take amoxicillian and your not perscribed what will happen?
Alt Medders where are they all?
Will they ever find a cure for a Hangover?
Are all drugs and medications bad?
how safe is methodone if you have COPD and bronchitis?
When I sing I have a cold?
how do sleeping tablets work?
sinus infection or bronchitis?
Lupus? Is it termnal?
Is it healthy or not for an adult to take a midday nap?
i have symptoms of uncontrollable nodding, is this going to stay with me for life? is there a cure?
Senokot help!! Is this normal?
What is wrong with me.?! Please help me;(!?
what is bloating like what happens?
Do you have to have a prescription to get Phenergan?
Why do men/boys spit?
there is a general anesthesia?
What should i do at this point?
Small hole in my stomach?
Why do me and my friend feel... dead?
All Accutane Users Read!!?
Please help, What medicine should i take?
sleeping problem!!?!?
Scoliosis + possible spine anerism = ?
why does my face get hot and i get really sick?
Ugh, reallllllly annoying hiccups. Help?
Need something to take out the Stress & Tiredness?
What is the purpose of valves in the heart?
Is it bad for a baby to have open heart surgery?
is it normal for a 14 year old to orthostatic hypotension?
Do I have depression?
What is your opinion on what is wrong with me?
Why does my mom insist that she isn't supposed to be friends with her children?
what is a white oval pill with a line though it on one side and the number 512 on the other side?
How much does Epidural hurt?
How do you deal with stress on the job?
can i take half of 7.5 hydrocodone?
I think I might have an eating disorder...but i don't know...do i?
why would i be having stinging in earlobe?
is it possible to experience so much pain (emotional) to not feel pain from the situation anymore?
How much lithium does it take to kill a person?
A wave hit my ear and now it is in a lot of pain?
Constant impulse to cut myself... help?
How to stay wake all night?
Can you eat any food with taking tylenol?
13 getting pains in legs,arms,etc?
i want to kill my self life is not worth living.?
Head throbbing left side help!?
i have had chronic neck pain for 6 years,have had xrays ,mri,etc....my neck feels as if it has a terrible cric?
My lower back has been hurting..?
my left eye is blood red , with pain anybody know what this could be?
Why do i have reeaaaaallly bad hip pain? :(?
Would you like to live in my world?
my bf has Schizophrenia ,is that dangerous?
Lower right side pain...what could it be?
Can't sleep..afraid to sleep...?
Help I have thought about suicide What do I do?
Why does my jaw keep popping?
What should i take?My back is aching....?
Is something wrong with me?
Do snake bite peircings hurt?
I have been having pain in my knees when climbing stairs and bending down?
help me im scared?
My husband claims he cannot work as he has a bipolar condition. Is this true?
How accurate are urine samples for testing chlamydia?
can you catch chlamydia by giving oral to someone who has?
Why do people say 'AIDS' is a fraud?
How common is throat chlamydia in men from giving oral to a woman?
my girlfriend has had cylmidia for 5years is this possible?
to follow up my last question.................?
STD? Cooking sallt on the top shelf found in the bathroom?
What are the signs of hepatitus?
I just had ORIF for a distal radial fracture, what is the best treatment for nerve pain?
what do i do about shin splints?
My hands in a cast. My fingers are blue. Is this bad?
I have a question about Calf Muscles?
My jaw cracked about, 24 hours ago and i've had some ear pain ever since?
how long does it take for neck and back to heal from a car accident?
how do i treat a hole in my leg?
body parts and private areas?
I have zits that don't pop on my chest?
Why does my dog have bumps under his skin that i cant see?
I get red blotches on my chest when i get hot..?
what can i make at home to make my hands soft?
its not acne, but red dry skin?
whats the best and fastest blemish treatment availible at grocery stores?
Getting rid of ex's stuff?
Does the skin get used to(tolerant) natural treatments (honey, etc.) as well. or just chemical things ?
sore painful bump on back?
What is a cold sore? Do I have one?
I have a skin rash that won't go away.?
My left armpit has suddenly started to feel very sore?
gray spot on my legs?
little white bumpes on my lip?
does indigestion ,stomach bloating increase the heart rate ...?
Need help! from anyone who has been anorexic or bulimic and has gotten over it?
Please help - sorry this is so long?
do bubble floaters go away?
Mono Question?
What can I do to heal my kidney?
for the last few months my joints have ached so bad i cant tolerate it. my bones snap and crack..im 52.what ca
Does this disease exist, its alias- "Berry Berry" lol..?
Can anyone tell me what very elevated faecal elastase levels means?
Change in metabolism and weight since surgery?
Anyone coming off Effexor & have swollen feet/ankles?
Kidney disease?
what is the best treatment for rosacea while pregnant?
medical advise?
why do i eat alot in only one day?
How does marijuana acts in the body and if a routine blood test is done will it be detected in the blood?
grion stings when wanting to pass urine?
Too Much Lithium?
Possible bladder infection..any home remedies?
Do HSAs work like PPOs or HMOs? In other words, do I need to go through a primary care physician?
can someone help please?
What is wrong with my ear?
Where Can I Buy FENUGREEK?
I can't breath when I sleep help!!?
how long can the average person grow their hair before it stops/gets REALLY unhealthy?(ie:frizzy ect..)?
how fast do anorexics loose weight?
i lost my voice for 2 days already will it ever come back?
Dizzy with slight headaches?
what to do when you have to much body acid?
Bad stomach pain sick to my stomach Dr don't know?
whats the best way to get rid off facial spots?
Can malnutrition and dehydration cause blurred vision?
what would be the reason i snapped and hurt myslef on purpose?
I wanna know d name n contact details best ENT specialist surgeon in Kolkata.?
how can i get this to happen?
What makes a drug "Class A, B, C," etc?
Will the doctor be able to tell if I have smoked weed before?(different then all the other weed questions)?
Will I pass my drug test?
How can I solve my weird cold symptoms with out going to the doctors?
If you called the ambulance 3 times already?
Is this good Blood Pressure?
does anybody take toprol 25 mg twice a day(generic) if so does it work for u.......?
Bc of pain in my chest when exercise took a tread mill test and at HR of 160 i had a left bundle branch block?
if a person has a heart problem, they wouldn't be able to survive a panic atack right?
Heart burn or something else?
Is something wrong with me?
blood pressure and feeling faint.?
my father in law had triple bypass surgery 9 days ago 5 days ago he had a pace maker put in we brought him?
What are the chances of my grandma surviving?
What is going on with my heart?
Panic, real or Fake? or heart problems?
flu and heart attack help!?
what is the difference between an A-Fib and a stroke?
What factors are needed for blood clotting?
I have had high blood pressure my whole life but in the last few weeks I have had blood pressures in the 80's?
Why am I having Severe Heart Palpatations?
Heart discomfort, What could cause it?
Blood Pressure.What is the higher and lower limit actually means?
are the diastolic and systolic machines at raleys accurate?
can't breath am paranoid or what?
is it appendecitis or just something else?
Is this an ear infection?? please help!?
Cant get to sleep and i got college in the morning help?
i smoked weed a week ago, i was a regular smoker. will i pass a take home test?
can sleep paralysis occur after sleep depriving yourself?
So It's 3:51 A.M, I'm tired & i have to wakeup at 7 to go to work! O nd da problem isdat i cnt fall asl?
I am doing a survey on people who quit smoking and or try to quit smoking but failed?
Cant even swallow(i posted bfore, but pics now included)?
will my smoking show on a chest x-ray?
can someone answer me??my hammy his very ill.sometimes he will fall when he wake ups is that a sickness?
Is it bad to sleep this much?
Can a blood test in the morning cause low blood pressure the same afternoon?
Help convincing guy to see doctor!?
I can only sleep one night in every 2?
Can you Die if you breathe in paint fumes?
reversibility spirometry ...........can anyone explain ?
Am I sick...........?
Could this be from the dry air?
Why am I still having pain in my chest?
What illness do i have?
my son has rash on tummie and loud breathing and a fever can auy one tell me if they know what it is?
I've been on antibiotics...........?
my 10 yr old son chest congestion?
how long to get better?
Is it ok to use a pacifier with a nebulizer?
Can a fever come from airways in the lung not opening up?
what parenchymal fibrosis mean?
Minor Numbness in my Right Cheek Causes My Mouth To Droop...I Can Still Smile, Frown and Blink...Temorary?
what bug was this???? HELPP!?
how to treat a open wound?
Mucus stuck in my throat?
Should my baby get a fever while on antibiotics?
What sickness do I have?
dog attacked by coyote. dog bit me while cleaning wound, could i get rabies?
I'm tired of this, help me with this question about the common cold I have?
My daughter has been exposed to chicken pox will she catch the virus is there anything i can give her?
What should I do if I have a cold?
idk what to do; lyme disease?
1 Yr old and I have had severe diarrhea for almost 7 days, what can we do?
amoxicillin reactions?
Could I have oral herpes?
What disease could I have, here are my symptoms?
hard spot after chicken pox shot.?
What diseases could i likely develop from now until i die?
how to beat a cold when your sick?
What are some other complications in have aids? Other then death?
which are the best progressive lenses for glasses?
Where can i get contacts that change the way your eye looks?
where is eye mart express in ohio?
what do i need to order color contacts?
Question about vision in one eye?
Some good colored contacts?
Should I take Eye Supplement after Lasik?
after an accident,my one eye after surgery is now closed to much is there way to stretch it to make it bigger?
Something clear on my eye?
Why is the white of my eye blue?
Help!! having eye problems?
MY MOM wont take me to another eye doctor or even a ayurvedic doctor when i have double vision, dry eye?
What will remove polyurethane spray from eyeglasses?
I see cobwebs but what is this?
what do i do with a piece of wood im my eye?
does the virginia southpark mall sell just for fun contacts?
Both eyes are pink, And I'm Dizzy.?
eye doctors? or any doctors really. blindness?
kid pointed a laser pointer in my eye?
How do I find out my eye grades?
My soft contact lens prescription is -4.25 and for both eyes. What would my eye glass prescription be?
I have a pair of 80s style Silhouette Eyeglasses with "Woodstock" on the hinges from the Snoopy Cartoon series?
what part of your eye twitches?
Daughter aged 6 has type 1 diabetes, ( newly diagnose)?
Can eating too much sugar cause diabetes?
could this be diabetes?
how do I get a type 2 diabetic pills for my mom visiting in Quebec Canada?
Diabetes and Ketones?
I keep having hypoglycemic attacks... but I'm not diabetic?
Having children with a diabetic?
Why can I see what looks like cells on my eyes?
help with alternative medicine?
Have a waterworks infection,but can't drink cranberry juice?
Very sore throat. Quick advice :).?
What are the best natural remedies for hay fever?
How to cure migraines?
how can i flush out nicotine from my system?
what is ginseng good for and why?
Are there similarities between alternative medicine and cult religions?
Does increasing the alkanity of your diet and avoiding acid foods make you healthier? Have you personal ...?
Apart from holland & barrett which online shops are reliable for buying health capsules, vitamins etc?
What herbal medicines/remedies can aid in healing the esophagus?
One for Dr Frank- I think- Breast cancer and dairy products - yes or no?
can toddlers use "Bachs rescue remedy"?
what is the best vitamin or mineral to keep the eyes in pristine condition?
im a 14 year old male,5'4",weigh 6 and half stone,am i near anorexia?
natural energy supplements?
Have you had acupuncture before....?
anyone any home remedies for passing kidney stones!!?
Is there a drug which is easy to make with home products?
Gastric Bypass surgeon in Pikeville.?
if there is a miled dehydration how can anyone be tested against it and if symptions r not there?
Any one who can discuss about gbs recovery and life after gbs?
Whats a quick easy way to clear your system for a drug test?
How effective are cervical cortisone epidurals?
Cystic Fibrosis HELP PLEASE?
How can I join the rapid response team?
type of drug?
Im prescribed prozac for anxiety?
Swollen glands in neck and sore muscles! What is wrong?
my son has 7 years old and all time he has seek with his gorge?
okay my stomach hurts so so bad and i have been sleeping aloy what does that mean ?
Aneurysms and surgery?
How is coffee like adderall?!?
can you get brain tumor by getting hit in the head?
Do you get tested for hiv when you have an abortion?
i have chlamydia, what should i do?
Can you get spots around your lips from giving someone oral?
I would like to know the weight of an heart?
Fingernail ridges and heart?
Am I having a heart attack?
Heart races when i'm really relaxed?
How to make sunburn go away?
Will I pass a drug screen?
Is webMD a reliable website?
5 years ago a suffered a stroke which has completely changed my life.?
How can I stay awake?
Do I have a eyelid disease?
Is this a serious problem enough to go to the hospital?
If someone is completely paralyzed on one side of the body after a stroke...?
Anyone ACTUALLY know something about doctor induced comas after an overdose?
What is something that can make a dog have fatigue?
What is it called when my feet face outwards when walking and running? Is this correctable?
Has anyone had a baby with this heart defect?
i peee and after im done i still feel like i have too go and there a deep itcch is thiss serious?
how long will you live if...?
Can you get persciption lenses in these sun glasses..?/?
Can weight loss cause halitosis?
is your heart beat suppose to skip a beat?
can atrial flutter cause cardiac arrest?
I'm 2 years post double heart bypass, I'm currently on daily aspirin but should I also be on plavix?
if i feel in heart attack , what is the wrong if i take immediately one or two pills of aspirin?
would i be able to get ssi?
Mircovascular Coronary Heart Disease?
How do you get to sleep fast?
okay so ive smoked weed once before and....?
126 / 70 blood pressure, 47 pulse rate - is it ok?
pda does it cause blood clots in your feet legs, .?
I've been getting these weird heart palpitations...?
if you dont have aspirin for irregular heartbeat what else is good?
I went to the dr today my blood pressure was 147/106 then 154/109 now its 168/109?
Can my 4yr old have a migrain?
How to stay up 24 hours?
What could be wrong with me!??!?!?!?!?
I work 75-80 hrs a week, and get 3-4 hrs sleep a night. Should I skip an hr of my rest to workout or sleep?
outter ear infection?
I got hurt at work last week. I was out of work yesterday, will I get paid for my day missed?
very annoying nose twitching?
Normal blood work, but lots of pain and tenderness. What's wrong?
Should I go back to the hospital?
i smoked weed for a year about 3 times aday and quit 4 35 days is it out of my system?
What is this thing? help please?
How long does it take for your voice to heal after quitting smoking?
Should I go to the Doctor? Stiff neck Question?
What does it mean if I get really bad headaches all the time and I just all of a sudden blacked out.....?
How do you get rid of a fever as soon as you can?
is this too much sleep?
Can any one help me with this? (fever's & bad colds)?
Please help me get better!!?
How long can a cold go on?
i have stiches on my neck and cut is healing fine..only time it bleeds is when there is a band-aid on it .?
Why Does this happen? Please answer!?
Depression Help!?
What is wrong with me am I mentally sick?
On a scale from 1-10 how crazy is this? What would you have done? True story?
Is there anything that you dislike about mental health counseling? or Mental Health Counselors?
A tattooed therapist....?
I am Feeling very depressed :/?
I hate my life..help please?
My parents just called me a complete failure again. How can I defeat sadness that comes from hearing this?
Really scared of dying /:?
How to quickly go to sleep?
Cutting yourself? Need help please...!!?
Depression, and suicide issues...?
do all emo cuts themselves?
is it weird to think you are in another dimension?
depression is killing me, help?
How would you punctuate this?
is it dangerous to use nutmeg as a drug?
I have just had the results of a CT scan, which shows: lung nodules, some emphysema and some bronchiestasis?
What is the best thing I can do to help my daughter..she has "walking pneumonia" ....?
can i have a throat surgery with a cough/cold?
Do I have breathing issues?
Constant feeling of chest cold?
Coughing and vomiting?
Can an 12 yr. old take a full dose of airborne?
Do i have a chest cold or bronchitis?
Can I use a Flents Maxi-Mask (N95) more than once?
Does the smoking ad's on tv help you?
symtoms of swine flew?
Can having a sore throat deepen ones voice ?
Is anyone else have success Quitting Smoking with eSmokes?
Does being an asthmatic effect the outcome of a ppd test?
Does promethazine have an adverse effect when...?
I have been coughing for two weeks. Does anyone know what could be causing it?
home remedies for a sinus congestion?
is their any way i could get rid of my asthma permanently?
Bronchitis: how long does it last?
does anyone know why i get sick..?
Are Cigarillos As Dangerous As Cigarettes?
Im thinking about using STEROIDS....?
I have red dots, could I have chicken pox?
My son has fever, Help...?
Help - Some one Please shed lights regarding HEPATATIS C?
i want suffer from fever?
how do ear mites transmit?
Can you really get appendicitis if....?
Sore Throat, Fever and Colds help!?
can a dog get rabies from biting other animals them not biting the dog?
Do i have food poisoning?
What the difference beteween these?
Healthcare workers have a 2% risk of acquiring HCV after a needle stick contaminated with HCV-positive blood.?
what test is made for swine flu?
how do you treat a uti?
Sore throat and white tongue? HELP!?
my urine white color and in my urine analysis have 8-10 PHF RBC?
which of these is the type of reproduction used by streptococcus?
how could i gotten the pid when my fiance didnt have it?
Stomach Flu questions?
Best mosturizer for very dry/acne skin?
Why am I itching when Im in the shower, when Im in bed, and when I get hot?
How to prevent cold sores?
How to get rid of cold sores!?
What are these bumps on my thighs and hands?
I think I broke a capillary on my chin?
I have oily skin and have white head acne on my t-zone. ?
what are the causes of boil?
I've been using a hydrocortisone and now my eye is puffed up, are they related?
Any effective method on how to get rid or lessen the appearance of STRETCH MARKS?
what is this weird bump on the back of my left ear?
I have a deep itch inside my right thigh! I been having this internal itch for a couple of yea?
Small lumps underneath skin?
what are these white bumps under my skin?
acne. Honey or baking soda?
I need to fix my skin in 7 months? :(?
What are these big red bumps on my body?
how to get rid of stubble rash from making out?
how long will it take my big toenail to grow out?
I am getting a side ache wen I run how do I stop it?
my ear is clogged!! pleaseeee help?
I have a huge vein bulging out of my forehead, on my temple. Is this something to be worried about?
A little bleeding after stretching my ears?
I'm a lifeguard & I have Plantar Fasciitis. Can you help?
How to not hate life?
I have a headache and numbness in my fingers, could they be related?
!!!Bloody Headache!!!?
I fell on my tailbone?
Should I worry about my heartburn?
how to Masha your bales im constipated?
if u have a sharp pain in your stomach and it feels like something is moving? What could that be.?
why would i take steroids, if pain persists in my neck after taking 600mg motrin?
I have the worst cramps, nothing works ive tried midol, ibprohen,heating pad, everything and nothing works ..?
Why Does my feat hurt so much?
Should I go to a doctor?
Leg problems...... very odd. help?
why wont my mom let me take advil PM.. HELP!?
first time heartburn please help!?
i cut my hand this morning please help?
Swollen Throat but not sore?
Does snorting pills hurt ur liver?
Blister on the bottom of my foot from walking barefoot on hot ground?
im a highschool junior and i dont care about anything and i am extremly un motivated to do anything?
I have some health concerns...?
Bumps on my neck....?
Is this a panic attack?
In what way does Clonopin and alcohol interact?
Can a bad matteress bruise your ribs/?
I need some information about ecstasy?
Is Zoloft a stimulant?
Sore throat for 5 days now?
is it possible to poke your eye out by rubbing it too hard?
light bulb or fluorescent tube?
my contacts snapped by an accident when i took them out. an i have ordered new ones?
What makes your eyes ' see ' crooked lines off in a distance ?? It's bugging me !?
Difference between the different Featherwates lenses?
film over my eyes that looks like a peice of plastic wrap?
my son has litlle blisters that are clear on his tonsils. does anyone have a clue?
how hard can my head be hit?
ok, the colour part of my eye is like yellow right by the pupil, and then blue a little further out?
how long does it take for you to stop blinking every 2 seconds when removing contact lenses?
Flickering sun in eyes.. Does anyone get this? ?
What could be the problem with my eye?
I have a 10-15 prism diopter eye turn, how do I fix this?
everytime i read or look at writing or look at a pc my eyes water?
need help about my eye sight?
when you have a lazy eye, do you feel it? or do you feel your eye moving?
Should I get eye contacts?
Contact lense hygiene question?
Questions about reading glasses?
Help with contacts/ eye redness?
why is there red in my eye?
Are there color contacts like this?
what does peircing the cartilage feel like?
need some help... contacts?
the bottom of my 12 year olds eye lid like the socket keeps on moving but shes not making it move?
Do you think I have diabetes?
Where can I get another diabetic logbook for my son? (in UK)?
why am i so thirsty any ideas?
diabetes and eating disorders ?
could i have diabetes ?
Once you have HPV, can you ever get rid of it? I thought No before. But there's so much research and news @
abortion of birth?
how long do you have to have untrested chlamidiya for to make you infertile! is it weeks,months,year???
Chlamydia question please help?
what is the percentage of aids sufferers who are actually gay?
Tips for falling asleep?
My jaw is crooked Help!?
i tend to have bags under my eyes even when i sleep more that 8 hours a day how do i get rid of them?
Why is my Indian friend so withdrawn?
Will My Teeth Shift Back After Wisdom Teeth Removal?
tingly feeling around lips ?
What is a Hernia?????
creative people, health question?
are capsule tablets easy to take?
how am i gong to get to sleep tonight?
I have a heealth question?
if i have a sitting down job . how often do i need to exercise ?
I am a heavy sleeper and it is starting to make me late for school, appointments, but I'm always tired.?
How can I find a crooked doctor?
What causes my lightheadedness?
Every day I feel tired or exhausted?
I get Nauseous out of no where.?
i think the doctor was wrong..does this sound right to you?
Should i be worried about this?
Is it ok to go to the tanning bed if you have a concussion?
how to get the maximum from ginger, without reducing medician proprerties?
Are urine enemas really good for you ?
Cranberry juice or colloidal silver for a urinary tract infection?
where can i buy an enema home kit in ireland?
Do old people really need to take 'Warfarin' to thin the blood?
Does anyone know antything about this drug?
Army meningitis c vaccination. advice needed.?
Is by the law legal selling mushrooms?
does rescue remedy really work?
Chamomile Tea?
does anyone know a good alternative medicine to stem the poss onset of osteoporosis?
MONAVIE Acai berry super juice, has anyone tried this product?
what benefits have you felt from taking green tea?
Hi can u take diclofenac tabs and have alcohol as long as i put a space between them?
Does anyone know of a genuine way of curing arachnophobia?
Is anyone wearing an EFX wristband for wellbeing?
Does anyone know about any alternative cancer treatment in the UK?
What's the best cure for a come down?
anybody know any good remedies for tonsilitis?
Home remedies for an ear infection ?
I have cut down my smoking, from 20 a day, down to 8 a day...??!?
Can't take a breath or else I cough?
ive been spitting a little blood mixed with saliva mainly in the morning but anytime ive laid down for awhile?
what are the symptoms of asthma?
I had a TB test on 11/9/07 and 1/3/08 and both were negative. I just had another one.....?
Im having mild chest pains.....?
can not eating enough cause chest pain?
I broke my wrist please help!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it possible that lower back sprain heal more than 4 months?
I cant tell if im having a panic attack or am about to have a seizure?
asthma symptoms? ?
Mysterious Shoulder Injury Recover?
How long for skin to grow back?
What are the risks of Surgery on a broken rib?
blood in throat, about 1/4 of my spit is blood?
Can I use mucinex spray as a doush?
please help! dehydration?
im sick with no fever?
my mom fell over a week ago and just sitting hurts...?
Whats Wrong with me..lol?
Why does my ankle hurt?
Tendonitis and other unknown injury?
Can a black eye be permanent?
i had a black eye it heal just find but i still have blood on my white part of my eye i have no signs 19dysago?
I have been constantly throwing up for the past 3 months, please help I am very sick.?
What's the best way to get rid of a cold?
sprained ankle...........?
I got punched in the head, how long will I have these headaches for?
i pulled a tendent 7 months ago pitching are there any excercises i can do to help it heal or better?
Unbearable Knee Pain?
What is the best treatment method for a 22 year old with a ruptured disk?
Cannot walk up/down stairs?
please help me about whether my wrist is good or not?
Pink eye question Please respond fast?
what is the name for a disease causing organism?
Can I get mono from this person?
White tongue and sore throat.?
Please take some time to answer my chickenpox question?
what the doctor meant about this, pus cells 15-20/hpf?
Soar throat with white stuff in the back of my throat what is it? And how can I cure it?
What's the sickness I currently have?
getting aids from a toothpick puncture?
i got fired for having hep c is that legal?
Are there any long term affects and/or short term affects of swine flu?
Do i have tonsillitis?
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
my aunt feels like she is going to pass out and she is vomiting?
How long will I be contagious?
The actual number of HIV Viruses...?
so i think my tounge web might be infected?
is this appendicitis?
Really Really Sick and scared Helpp!?
How can fight off a systematic yeast infection?
Do you think its possible that I got mono after....?
why non-veg food should not be eaten after a rabid dog bite?
So I was around my boyfriend today and it turns out he got pink eye. Anyway I can avoid getting it?
is my sister addicted to this pill?
can anyone help me with my NVQ2 in health and social care?
did anybody have these symptoms?i am so confused?
my tonsils, jaw and mouth is really hurting?
if you've had mild/moderate acne, what do you use to keep clear?
I have recently been getting itchy all over my body and it starts to swell up. Any idea why?
How do I get rid of these purple dots on my legs?
i have tiny blisters inside my right nostril that lead to the rim?
I just got my cast taken off my ankle and I have red bumpy skin around my ankle, how can I heal it?
what can i put on a chihuahuas rash bottom?
Toenail matrix removal surgery recovery?
have a mole gets a scab on it then it falls off does not itch either no change in it either?
why is there dots on my lip ?
Why is it that at school my skin looks red and blotchy, but at home it looks healthy?
I have two scars on my neck and two scars on my chin anyway to take them off or cover them up?
group of bumps on arm?
Does Acne Exposed actually work?!?
is olay natural white ok with rosasea skin?
Do I have keloids forming on my industrial piercing?
Why would puss be excreted from the pores of ones under arm?
get rid of the redness on face left from a cold sore?
How to use cauliflower to remove a wart?
how to stop being lazy?
is crying REALLY healthy?
i know my depression wont get better.?
give yourself a mental disorder?
im afraid for my family?
help! should i try weed?
I want to kill someone?
What do you feel like when you take drugs?
questions about depression?
Im seeing a psychiatrist soon,If i tell him im having bad thoughts will i be put to a mental hosptial?
If I were to quit my job due to depression/anxiety issues, would I qualify for unemployment benefits?
can smoking weed cause memory loss from the time you did it?
what does an average girl do when?
I can't sleep without the tv on and?
Why am i so tired all the time?!?
I don't want to sleep ever again. How can I achieve this?
I am 40 and can not sleep- what is the deal?
who do you cry to?
Do you ever, or have you ever, thought you suffered a mental illness?
Is it okay to take Ibuprofen?
what causes sweaty, hot palms and feet?
yeast infection... what's the cure?
If you wear a comdom does it reduce the chance of giving your partner cervical cancer?
is the risk of aids high or low with "Oral" (man + man)?
Sti's they say no symtoms?
when you go for an STD test what do they test for?
what are the symptoms of aids?
My STI results havn't come back yet?
Quickest Way To Get Clean And Pass A Drug Screen.?
Why do I see a branch like "silhouette" when I blink a few times? Usually when i wake up.?
Why has my family been feeling extremely cold?
Does anyone know where I can find Children's Benadryl Allergy Fastmelts?
Getting blood drawn but blood won't come out...?
i always slouch//////?
I am feeling tired a lot? A lot in the middle of my day & occationally in the morning. What is causing this?
One of my triceps were twitching?
This is a nasty question but...?
Will eatting this chicken make me ill?
I need to find a good family doctor in the Spokane Valley, WA area.?
Hmm. Should I Take em?
I woke up this morning and something happened, advice?
can i take tylenol extra strength tablets if i already took benylyn?
Got lip pierced now I feel sick? And dizzy!?
Kidney stone attacks?
How dangerous is a hernia operation for a man in his late 70s?
Why can't i fall asleep????????
What can a doctor find thru blood and urine samples?
Anyone who has had tendinitis of their ankles?
Motion sickness getting worse?
Healthcare survey: Have you or anyone you know ever owed money for healthcare services?
GET Rid OF A STUFFY NOSE IN 2 HOURS? plzzzzzzzzz help me. ASAP!!!!!!!!:)?
do i have diabetes? help!!!!!?
73yr old diabetic with advanced glaucoma which causes blindness?
What happens if you take the wrong insulin?
Where in your stomach do you get a pain if you have diabetes?
i have polycystic ovary syndrome & therefore have insulin resistance problems. does anyone know the best way?
How can i find out if i have or am developing diabetes?
ok so im diabetic and have pcos but why is this nessasry exactly?
Could this be something? Any doctors out there?
is it low fluid intake?
Bright green BM?
recurring headaches?
How does the blood work BUN relate to the kidneys?
Trouble breathing and Tight Stomach anyone else?? Help?
how do make it stop?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
can some thoughts cause physical pain? if so how?
Tendar glands?
i'm sick today feel great the next day?
Do you trust doctors?
Why do I always need to use the bathroom for #2?
What is the ideal protime level with coumadin?
Body temp and hypothyroidism?
What's the best treatment for lowering your blood pressure?
i'm pregnant.what all are the dos and donts?i have slight pain in my stomach and acidity.?
would this be considered 'freak of nature'?
Help with my health?
am i going to get sick?
feeling of something in my throat?
Blood in Saliva any answers?
Can a sinus infection decrease the effectiveness of birth control?
Is Listerine an antibiotic?
is there a herpes in the throat ?
Painful white bump between my left tonsil and uvula...What might this be?
Giving Blood and Typhoid Fever Pills?
How do I keep my kids safe from MRSA?
can mold cause strep throat?
Does the hiv transmits when an infected persons blood stick on the body of another person if there is no cuts?
how do u get pink eye?
is parvarious virus contagious to humans?
bacteria that can cause infectious diseases in humans are said to be?
could i possible have appendicitis?
Do I have an ear infection?
Do germs sit on whistles?
Can dehydration cause fever?
My hair stands up and i get shivers !?
a laborer lifts a bag of cement from a bent position, why is there more chance of back injury, if the bag is l?
OMFG! My foot really hurts ! please answer this!=/?
ankle sprain ............?
What is it when i have a little discomfort in my lower abdominal and perodically throughout the day?
Why does my hip hurt when I do my right split?
can i brake my arm going boxing?
What is the best cure for hickups ? According to you ?
if i have a stress fracture in my L5 can i workout?
how to tell if a cut is infected ?
Broke my wrist like a year ago and...?
Concave Bruise ??.....?
Regarding the children wear eye glass?
How long is the recovery time after having a sixth toe removed?
Should I take my son to the hospital for stitches?
Question about knee injury...?
Massage bed?
why is GABA banned in the Uk? is it safe for anxiety?
MRI and Knee injury questions?
help me, i hurt my heel.?
Did I pull, tear, or sprain my arm muscle?
Could someone answers this question?
Can you have a fever for no reason?
Can someone tell me what's wrong?
what causes hicupps?????????
sound damage to my ears, more or less...?
how do i deal with stress?
My girlfriend often throws up after she eats,without taking any action of her own. is there a medical reason?
Random depressed feeling that goes away when I move my legs????
why do i have chest and back pain after drinkin?
Whats the best way to get rid of cellulite?
Is smoking marijuana bad if...?
my grandfather is loosing his balance a lot lately. any ideas on what it could be? Dr. appt in 2 weeks.?
What medical conditions can ONLY be seen with ultrasound?
The type of shock that is the leading cause of death by shock is?
what is exactly bone marrow edema? i have a project to do it on... why is it caused? how do u treat it?
my boyfriend has small red non-itchy bumps on his upper & inner thigh area..?
Lately seems like every man i meet has a mole sticking out on him on some part of his body. ?
Ance scars???????????
Rash all over body, help please?
Red and scaly Neck/Eyelids. What could it be?
Salt water irritates my skin...?
Why does my whole body itch?
How to get ride of acne w/ home things?
What Are Some Tips To Healthy Facial Care?.*?
i have milia what do i use.?
Should I just ignore it? (( Acne question ))?
my daughter scratches places on her legs and arms and they bleed and turn into scars, what is it?
what would happen if you just had a sip of nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol?
have you ever had a wart freezed off?
Eye Doc prescribed Biocurve Aspheric...can I get colors?
Hi every now and then my eye shrinks!!?
Eye Black, pros and cons of wearing and comparison?
Non-Prescribed Colored Contact Lenses Pain?
how long can you keep your eyes open?
Using Contact Lens is the best or Spectacles?
I got new glass..seem fine except driving at night I see two green lights above the oncoming headlights moving?
What does this eye result mean?
Does anyone know where I can go to get a good deal on an eye exam glasses and contacts in Irving, Texas?
Does making your eyes wet after watching TV/PC Monitor for hours damage your eyes?
Frame Size & Selection for My High Index Lenses?
squint eyes after a head injury?
Pain in my left eye -- help?
Spinning lights in vision?
Why can't I wink with my right eye?
What can i use in place of a glasses lens?
does it matter if i use a prescription for a certain contact lens for another brand of contact lenses?
Laser eye surgery questions please ?!?
What could this be with my eyes?
Contact Usage/Adjustment?
if you are born blind do you get white eyes?
Question about colored contacts?
Can contacts fix a crossed eye?
Neck Pain???????????
Help with withdrawal symptoms?
Please help me im so worried...will i be ok? (its kinda long)?
is this a possible withdrawal from quiting cigarettes?
My back hurts..............................................................................?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how much does this hurt?
Do you think this will hurt?
is a knee brace jus for a hurt knee?
Why are my fingers like this?
Well there is something in my earlobe?
help me my head hurts?
i fell on my foot weired and now im in constant pain what should i do?
do spacers hurt? also do metal rings hurt after the spacers when they put your braces on?
Lower back pain - 16 yrs.?
My skull is tightening...one eye suddenly much smaller....please help?
does it hurt to have stitches removed from the inner wrist?
Sharp stomach pain and nausea?
How can i break my leg in my room?
my son woke up with a stiff neck,he is 2yrs. old,what do i do?
Does Chiropractors really have it that bad?
My blood pressure and cholesterol are good, but my heartbeat is ALWAYS around 105.?
mutiple choices about nutrition?
My 3 year old brother has a Bicuspid aortic valve, Is it any thing to worry about?
Anyone know a way/trick to quickly lower blood pressure?
Event monitor... what is it?
i have huge medicals bills right now from a heart attack. My insurance was not in effect when it occured. help
stroke patient?
My brother needs heart bypass surgery and has no insurance. Where can he get help with the costs in Tennessee?
If you had ablation surgery for A-Fib what were your results?
I was taking my blood pressure and my heart rate was 105 is that normal?
This wierd discomfort in my heart?!?
deceassed blood pressure?
why is a stress test needed before surgery?
What is normal blood pressure?
Fast heart rate for 3 days!?
will I fail a pre-employment exam just because of a high blood pressure?
All doctors, Nurses, please help.?
Do I have a heart problem?
If a dog gets a stye or pink eye can the mouth on them swell shut?
Help me!!!!Why does the large intestine swell up when lactose intolerant people drink milk??
im looking for a really good HEPA air filter for around $300?
Do I have pink eye..or just allergies?
i got my ear pierced a few days ago... and its throbbing..?
Why can't my knees straighten all the way?
how to recharge during the day?
Medication Expiration date?
I woke up in middle of night not knowing where I was or who was with me?
What type of Bug Bite is this?
i keep having dizzy spells...?
i have a white bumb underneath my eye lid?