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Stomach pains from drinking?
What can I do about this pain? What is wrong with me?
is there a cure for shin splints?
my hand is numb and tingling?
Bruising and Fatigue!!?
Question about Biofreeze?
I'm getting rhinoplasty.?
What can you do to get rid of gas?
My calf is so sore, but I have a lacrosse game today?
Pain in the Jaw ,?
Can anyone offer any help with my stress problem?
i have slip disc for past 2 yrz or so but stil i do gym,cardio exercisez isdat right? bt i leave gym pain inc?
Unbearable pain, anyone have any advice?
14 year old boy with side cramps by my stomach ?
How much acetaminophen is dangerous?
Should I go to ER? Right side numbness and tingling?
What happened to my leg?
Please help it hurts!!!!!!?
really bad neck pain..........?
cider vinegar?
How good are lemsips for you?
Do your legally prescribed drugs ever make you hallucinate or feel high?
Quacks : do you ever feel guilty about what you do or is just a case of getting as much money as possible?
whats the best thing to take for a lost voice??
which is the best vitamin or mineral to improve a slow metabolism...?
is a Chiropractor safe? im planning on seeing one but after seeing how they click your neck it dont look to?
home "cures" for sore throats?
does anyone use valerian daily?
do u think practicing being a paedotricican is any good?
Best method or remedy to fade scar's? PLEASE HELP!?
any cure for frozen shoulder,herbel or other.?
ingrown toenail...help??
vitamin e iu advice please help?
Do all things with blood breathe?
Anybody know any good heeling meditations?
how offten do u eat in a day?
I think I'm having panic attacks....?
heeelpppp. pleaseeee. a.s.a.p!!!!! like seriouslyy]:?
when and how do you get testosterone?
i think im having anxiety attacks at age 15?
what to do if someone is sick?
6-day old piercing (ear cartilage) is throbbing and hurting a bit.?
How long before going to a doctor for vomiting and stomach cramps?
Cold remedy-Can you please Help????!!?
What does Mon% mean on blood test and why would it be low?
Whats wrong what should i do?
Whats normal body Temperature? (In Farenheit please)?
if you're aerobically fit,you can?
is there a way besides drinking milk to prevent me from getting hurt?
why are my kidneys hurting?
How accurate are these online health surveys?
does frequent masterbation lead to anemia?
What's better a tough life or having everything you want?
Would you still love me if you were my girlfriend and i had sacrificed my life for your safety?
I've been considering this for some time....?
can i make myself think i have a sickness?
Is mental health totally dependant on ones external environment?
should i take my medicene?
Can someone help me with a sleeping problem?
What are the consequences I must face since I just...?
I am a very moody, sensitive, happy, jumpy. My mood changes time to time am I bipolar?
What anti-deprsessant has worked for you, or have they all failed?
I keep Hearing Voices.?
i feel so depressed even suicidal after abortion 2 years ago cant get over it some1 please help me 2 forget?
Please help, My mom needs to go to the ER, but won't...what do I do?
best way to kill yourself?
i need help its about cutting?
How can i help my friend with bipolar disorder?
Do you think suicide is "the easy way out"?
okaai i really need to talk to someone about this but im scared..help?
What can I do to fall asleep?
how do you cure a broken toe?
irritability in breath is cause of asthma, is this spread from person to person and person can recover?
had a dvt in my right arm was on coumadin for 7 months but im now havin pain in my chest when i breathe in.?
Constant shortness of breath and hyperventilating?
Possibility of Asbestos Exposure after a Fire ?
Strange Symptoms Seemingly Unrelated....?
Other ways to treat asthma.?
do i have an ear infection?
what can i use as a laboratory mask for chemicals?
When i lay down to sleep after a while i get weird thoughts and cant breath right like im suffocating?
1-week supply of medication to help him sleep. Which of the following medications is most appropriate?
Does anybody know what this is?
will building cardio help get rid of asthma?
Had Hicups, multiple times a day for the past couple of weeks. Help Please?
Coughing up blood? Quitting smoking?
Why scientists can't figure out root cause of asthma problems?
Sinus HELP????????????????????????????????
I have asthma can i play basketball this year ?
how does alcohol and smoking tobacco can effect the development of the baby?
My cough is getting better but i woke up with a sweat in the night?
What is the death rate for the type of pneumonia I had?
could the damp/mould be causing my chest and sinus problems?
Chest pains?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Achilles tendon not achilles tendonitis?
What could be causing a side stitch that ISN'T bought on by exercise?
should i stay home from school?? please help?
Why Am I So Addicted To Tylenol Pm's To Go To Sleep?
Where can I find cheap physical exam in Evanston, IL?
what could it be??????????
major pain from the lymph node in my neck...?
How much damage does Smoking WEED for a Month everyday DO?
Got called back for blood test retaking, really scared something is seriously wrong :'(? please help!?
I have really bad nose bleeds?
I cracked a toenail in half and I think it's going to fall off.?
public health clinic need parent consent?
Im getting sick two days before the biggest soccer game of my life..?
What causes you to have knots in your back?
Unwanted Bleeding Out The Rectum.?
headaches and fatigue?
Can I sleep on my left side of my body?
I dont have insurance?
whats wronq with me ?
could some1 help me answer a question for me.?
If you were to use marijuana once, will it show on drug test results after a month?
Can someone contract the H1N1 virus twice?
i cant sleep at night!?
Nauseous mornings? NOT pregnant? 13 years old?
Problem clipping nails, serious.?
I have an odd bump on my lip?
Night and Day Sweats...please help!?
Knee Swelling Hasn't Gone Down After Excersise?? I Have A Swelling/Lump Near My Knee Muscle!?
i am 27 years old male rush to restroom immediately after dinner r lunch.?
i feel hungry.but when i go to the kitchen and get food, i feel full. whats wrong??
acute Osteomyelitis?
has anyone felt like this? its like u feel something flicking...?
Developing skin and eye sensitivity to sunlight?
I have strange achiness in my legs which are worst in the mornings. What could be wrong?
Thyroid Operated and Lifting weights?
I have severe OCD?
I feel faint, don't really know why - What can I do?
Will antivert get rid of my panic attacks?
what do i say to my doctor HELP!!?
My friend needs to have surgery he has no insurance and lives in central tx...anyone have any ideas???
Topamax for weight loss?
how can you tell the difference....?
what causes vertigo?
My blood test results?
how to get the smokey eye effect for brown eyes?
Tight eye muscles causing eye aches with near tasks?
My eye is really red on one side?
if your eyes are tired it means that your body also tired?
I'm 21. I suddenly feel i am now developing a minor squint (actually very minor) now .Is this possible ?
How long does it take for a mosquito bite on my eyelid to lower?
My eye veins are red in the tip of one eye, is it pink eye?
Lenscrafters same-day guarantee... is my prescription too difficult?
Do I have a serious problem with my eyes, or is it just eye strain?
Wondering bout contacts or lens?
color contact lenses how dose it?
UV damage: can a doctor help me?
I have a lump in both my eyes, and they're not styes...?
How does the eye work with other organ systems in the body?
can you go to the eye doctor by yourself when your under 18?
Eye Discharge, what could it be....?
what do i do for pine sap in eye?
best deal on contact lens?
For anyone who has had surgery to repair a hole in the macula of an eye, is it painful after the operation?
Why do I see hundreds of flashing spots like rain drops..try to picture that..?
Eyes red when waking?
how do you determine if you have a diabetes,heart disease,and tuberculosis?
Should I be worried of Heart Attack?
Does coronary heart disease cause weakness?
whats a description of hypertension?
What are the Causes of High Blood Pressure?
What workplace could a man suffer a heart attack and lay to die only to be found dead more than 7 hours later?
are there any vitamins that cause blood pressure to go up?
What are some good healthy natural things I can eat and do to help out with having Arrhythmia?
how high should my blood pressure be if im 13?
am i having anxiety attacks? whats going on?
is it normal to have a little hole in kids heart.dr said its normal 1 out 3 kids have it.is it really normal?
does drinking alcohol cause heart disease?
spasm or twitching something under ribcage?
What is wrong with my heart?
2 yrs after a heart by pass surgery my left leg fr which the vein was removed for the bypass has started swell?
I had stent placed in Nove 08 now my BP is between 150/90 to 160/94?
Where are the best pediatric cardiac hospitals in the US?
how many of these beta blockers tablet (100mg) taken should qualify as an overdose?
Systolic is 194 and diastolic is 91. Would this be stage 1 or 2 hypertension?
what is this????????
intense pain on my left back area next to my spine, what can this be?
I get lots of headaches....?
my back has been hurting for about a week now and today has gotten even worst. what should i do?
Please help!? Sciatica?
Ear Hurt help now!!!!?
how to get an arch in your feet?
Severe period cramping.. back ache?
what is wrong with my neck?
im having scoliosis surgery soon. and im scared....?
How do i convince my mum to let me go to the doctors on a school day?
I had a sudden sharp pain in my head, my co-worker said that's a pre-stroke symptom, is he right?
What can ease the pain of a kidney stone?
how to cure for leg cramps at home?
Feeling really tired all the time, I'm not alone am I?
how long will broken back pain last?
Is it okay to take Ibuprofen?
red twichy eye that waters only in left eye can you help?
Amitriptyline Question - concerning sleep deprivation?
recurring foot pain (swelling)?
my toe is asleep, will it wake up?
Please help! I have horrible back problems. Need advice?
what is more powerful, vicadin or tylenol with codine?
How come when I don't eat for 3 days my knees hurt?
what's happening to me? I feel really wierd?
Will tearing open a scar and healing it get rid of it?
hands randomly got black and blue?
Best way to get rid of acne on your body?
doe's cotton infects wounds when left,,,...?
i have a lumps under my skin?
What's a really good skin toning product?
please help me.. i have itchy skin.?
clean and clear burning skin?
I have a problem with sweat...?
Why is my scalp so dry and itchy?
zit on your waterline ??????????????????
How do some people have a shiny shoulder(s) after a tan?
Why do my palms hurt after shower?
i need statistics about scabies for a health project can anyone help me out cuz i cant find any?
I have had cold sores since I was born, no one else in my family gets them. Can anyone tell me why?
My face looks paler than usual and bags under my eyes (Thinking it's some kinda deficiency) - HELP! :/?
How do you get rid of blackheads without pore strips?
My son is 21 years old. He has got very sweaty hands and feet. It is not smelly, only very sweaty. What can?
thrush in men?
hi i have tested hiv negeative 3 years after possible exposure,,,is that reliable,,,????and people with hiv on?
How accurate are tests at a family planning clinic for Chlamydia?
How can i start my own brand new STD?
Home Remedy For Allergies?
My throat hurts and I just woke up and couldn't talk...?
had hives last night and now its covered in purple dots ?
Taking Prednazone for poison ivy...need moisturizer suggestions?
What are hives and any related symptoms to them?
Runny Nose Cocaine?
I went to ENT for a problem with my ears...?
allergic reaction to hair dye?
Its been a month and i cant smell a thing (and im not congested) whats wrong?
Need a home remedy for dog's ichey skin.No fleas,possible allergies,or mosquito bites. Don't know. Please help?
my son started eating solid foods after eating peaches&squash he tends to break out, is that a food allergy?
ive had a sore throat for 10 days now..?
i have permanent hives on my arms?
Can you take Benadryl to relieve hives allergic reaction cause by Advil PM?
Do i have to do this to my nose ring?
Am I having an allergic reaction to tattoo ink?
Prolonged swelling after allergic reaction?
hows is histamine a vasodilator in allergic reactions, I would think it would be a vasoconstricter in asthma?
Klonopin side effects/allergic reactions?
major help with seasonal allergies!!?
i m totally ill mentally,i am hopeless?
How do you people deal with your depression?
What would antidepressants do if you are not depressed?
Help with depression?
Am I afraid of fear itself?
What is wrong with me?
Am I haunted or am I just crazy?
ADHD really lazy parent disorder?
tried to kill myself 5-6 times?
Need Help! Bipolar un medicated Flat broke Suicidal thoughts
Hi is me again...a few month ago the left side of my lower back was down, I went to the doctor and trought...?
how long does it take for a broken neck to heal completely?
Weird Bruising on upper legs from "patting them"?
knee ligament injury?
I have a pain at the top of my leg into my groin and it catches and hurts..I can't walk on it until I rest?
Torn, Sprained, or what BiceP?
I had a hair dryer lid fall down and hit the tope of my head last night is sore should I see a doctor?
did i sprain it or not? sum1 answer me plz.?
How Long Will It Take This Black Eye To Go Away?
I got owned by a soccer ball it was form long distance hit me right on the nose will my nose get bigger ?
shoulder aches when i swing a bat? HELP 10 pts.?
name for natural painkiller?
any really good nausea remedys out there?
Has anyone ever tried hopi ear candles?
How long would an eighth of weed last a person on average/how many spliffs could you get out of it?
What difference does it make if you have a masters in midwifery.....are you more in control or what???
Just got into essential oils...recommendations?
I used to smoke weed, but I've stopped it now for a few weeks. But I am beginning to feel a little strange?
Is forcing the Medical profession to up its game and ensure all its physicians were literate why A. T. Still?
How many Hospitals are in England?
looking for organic moisturiser with s.p.f. and tint.?
I'm wheezing? Why is this?
how much does a nuerologist appointment cost with bloodwork?
My girlfriend is vomiting blood....?
i need to get rid of a cough now!?
why is it that I find it difficult to breath?
Have you ever tried Valerian tablets?Do they work?
Whats the best way for me to boost my immune system?
Can't stop coughing! Help?
guys promblems....he gave me an infection! appreciate your opinion!?
Could this be threatening to my health?
lately i have had a cough and i wont go away.?
i have M E and need to sleep all the time.....?
Kalms Or Rescue Remedy OR Quiet Life? Which is best for driving test nerves?
What is the most pot you can smoke before whiteying ?
black phlem- what are the causes of this?
If i have asthma!!!!?
plz help my serious prblem !?
how do you get rid of a cough?
Smoking side effects?
is there any home remedy for reliefing a serious chesty cough?
really bad allergies/asthma ( please help me help her ) .... read story ... please and thank you?
normal side effects from using Prednisone?
HELP!! what can my mother do about her sinus infection she was just diagnosed with LUPUS!!?
Anybody knows?
How to stop snoring If afraid you do?
HELP...my daughter allergies, could it be more?
Terrible Chest Pains.?
Head and Sinus congestion for a week- Could that be causing muscle pains down my arms and wrists.?
What will happen if it stunts my growth?
why do i constantly have diarrhea ?
side affects of spray an empty can. (please include web site)?
Take the phyiscal again?
i am doing weekends in a city jail and am being refused water and antibiotics that were prescribed by ER ,?
How can i reduce the swelling of a mrsa staph infection?
what types of doctores?
Could I get salmonella from this?
age difference wayy weird?
What organizations regulate human gene engineering in the US?
my fingers won't stop peeling, help!!?
what kind of hydrogen peroxide is best for fungal infections?
when hiv will be cured?
how long is the human intestinal tract?
Have you ever had a near death experience?
What is the treatment for mild transfusion reaction?
What are possible long-term affects of constantly standing with your knees locked?
Are the infections one could have in a polinidal cyst cause Nervous or mood symptoms like anxiety, or malaise?
i just had my tonsils out help!!?
Will I get strep throat?
what do my endoscopy results mean?
What disorder does this sound like to you?
does hedrin help against head lice?
How many times a day can I eat red meat, poultry or fish?
I need some HELP!!!! My girl friend is rolling off of Exsasty and she needs to come down what can she do?
SO i want to delay my period....?
need help please.................?
my daughter has small sores on the inside of her cheek and has been running a fever could it be a virus?
do i have mono or not? please help me?
do dogs get fever after been neuter?
systemic diseases are those that?
How long to live with no treatment.?
Could I get hiv if blood got on these parts of my arm?
I have a really bad fever and would like some advice please thanks.?
blood glucose monitors that don't need strips?
Is this an early symptom of diabetis?
Diabetic boyfriend - help?
i jam my fingers really really easily, why would that be?
What mattress do you get the best sleep on for 100-150 $?
Why can't I sleep alone?
why is it that sometimes when i get up from a seat or from laying down it gets dark?
How can I change my body?
What are the best proven things to do to get a good night sleep for a 43 years old male with 130/90 BP?
period help??????????
light headed, kind of dizzy, limbs are hard to move and weak (or feel rubbery), cant stand up (for long)?
Whats the easiest way to fall asleep when you're not tired?
is it healthy having your bones always pop and crack?
Staying awake for 36 Hours?
i need a list of local doctors fax numbers?
I took 3 tylenol pm and I still can't fall asleep , what can I do?
How do I stop retaining water?
why cant I fall asleep?
What type of sodium (i.e. sodium acetate, sodium chloride, etc) is used in IVs in hospitals?
I am really hyper right now, but I didn't drink caffeine.?
How to get sleep at night?
I can sleep ://// wht wud help me to fall alseep right now :)...?
Why do I keep waking up in the middle of the night? I've never done this before. Tips?
I am looking for a receptionist,CNA,nurses and nurse practioners for my clinic?which are the good sites?
Nauseous, dizzy. help!?
will mastrubulation lead to sterility?
human rabies question?
Stress incontenence - problems when running and laughing... help?
I'm sick what do I have?
I woke up at 5 this morning with intense pains in my mid lower back on the right side, it's also on the front.?
Extreme foot pain... HELP???????
I need immediate relief from?
Hydrocodone Xanax withdraw?
how to heal slip disk?
Help: I have herpes and I just can not wee... I'm in agony and really need advice?
Bumpes on my vigina and i am not sure wht to do i am very scared please help me?
Who was first had AIDS?
Question about Herpes?
Is it good to hope for an AIDS cure, if so what good would it bring for us HIV carriers?
Did HIV and AIDS first come from Apes?
what is perineum?
will my smear test be able 2 show up any stds?
Okay I had chlamydia but I just got medicine for it today. Should my baby be okay now?
Scar from a bee sting?
Can chap stick cause cold sores?
Proactiv Solution and acne scars?
Northern European's have more hydrated skin (usually)?
Getting Rid of "Backne"?
Odd scaling on my skin?
Uneven skin texture, uneven skin tone, large pores, dull skin..what's the best product for this?
How do I get rid of Dandruff forever?
I damaged my skin,how to recover?
I can't stop itching and I can't figure out why. any ideas?
How do u get rid of black heads?
How do I get rid of acne marks?
how to get rid of blackheads on your nose?
Can someone please answer my question? (Acne)?
what's great for skin spots?
When you pop a zit how do you get rid of the leftover black marks?
how do i know if my dimple percing is infected or healing?
I think i have athletes foot? Help!?
I'm getting contacts today!?
Why does my eye hurt so much?
please please help eye question!!!?
Best lens index choice?
Help with Stye on eye? Please?
Can someone please explain my eye prescription?
If a contact is marketed as a two weeks lense, but I don't wear them for a while, do they expire?
Can you just get new frames?
Which type of spectacles frame is more comfortable?
is there a place in serrmonte mall where i could get colored contacts unprescribed?
is this a good deal: 1 contact exam, 2 boxes of acuvue oasys contacts, & 1 pair of glasses for $199.00?
do your eyes lose color if you bleed out?
Pink eye issues? help?!?
How can I get glasses by what.?
How come when you cry, your eyes hurt after?
Drooping eyelid from Pred Forte - will it resolve?
if my eyes are dilated and i wear colored contacts?
what brands of eye drops are there for toddlers?
White stuff on my eyes.does anyone know what it is?
What are normal causes of yellow spots on retina of eye?
wearing contacts past expiration date?
Why is my left eye a lighter shade of brown than my right eye?
what happens when you get shampoo in your eyes when your wearing contact lens?
I rolled my ankle and now i cant skate how do i get unscared of roling it again?
what could be causing a headache for the better part of 1.5 weeks?
i need some ones advise for stomach pain i am experiencing?
My ball bag gets all droopy when its hot. Is there any way to firm it up a bit?
Fainted having a Blood Test today. Yuck. :( :(?
Can someone tell me what they think this is?
Feeling Dizzy After Waking up?
Ladies, please help... Tips for taking...?
Sleeping to much then sleeping too little?
whats the GRF ?medical items ?
why did my friend abandon me once i told him i cut myself?
Hugs vs. Drugs?
have you ever felt like running away?
i m very consious about myself help?
i am 19 and afraid of the dark, is that normal? any tips?
I cut myself n it looks worse than usual?
I'm 13 and I hate my life.?
Panic Attacks/ Anxiety?
Is there any visual signs of a hip flexor injury?
ANY DOCTORS AROUND HERE????????????ankle problem?
Nagging ankle injury. (Help!)?
what wouldn't i be able to do if i tore my ACL?
How long till my balance problems go away after a head injury ?
What do you think is causing my eye pain? It feels like it's bruised, but there is no evidence of bruising.?
cant move my arm properly, what's wrong?
I dislocated my knee....what should i do?
my pinki finger was broken, maybe 4 or 3 years ago, and i didn't know at the time, it healed very crooked ...?
What Should I Do ?? I Jar'd My Finger and i got basketball in 3 hours ?
I hurt my elbow, unsure if it is worth going to the doctors for. Help?
Will my toenail grow back?
Odd numbness in hand?
just had foot surgery 7 weeks ago?
When do you know when you've gotten rid of a UTI?
would u notice if your lungs were effected by the Swine flu?
can urinary tract infection happen without the pain? 10pts?
Could this be a deer tick bite!?
IMPORTANT! can you have chicken pox without a fever?
what does good blood cell count mean?
does ross river virus affect mouth joints?
Is my hsp coming back as a relapse?
How does age affect the immune system?
Can you be a teenager and be diagnosed with Sickle Cell?
A fly landed on me today am I going to get rabies?
How do I make myself catch a bad cold?
what is the solution of cough?
Salmonella question? answer mine, i answer yours?
where does mono come from?
can you get thrush from using soap?
How come everyone in my office is getting shingles?
On a scale of 1-10 what are the chances you could catch a disease from getting a tattoo or piercing?
Do I have fifth disease?
i keep getting boils, when i was 7 months pregnant i got my first one and have been getting them ever since.?
how do they test you?
I cought a baby mouse and put him outside and he tried biting me but wasn't able to break the skin...?
targets nervous system which makes u jitter and make tissue lips gums black disoriented sedated, emit foul odo
What organs are right under your right rib cage? and Left?
does anyone know whats wrong?anybody had these symptoms?
are there any interactions between cocaine and suboxone?
when i wake up i bring up sputum but sometimes i find it black!! what could this be.. am not a smoker!?
My baby cousin is sick and dr's aren't sure what it is!! red spots & then turn to bumps n if pop liquid comes
Is this Adrenal Disease - ferrets?
Is this something to worry about? almost frequent in the summer.?
are knee problems...?
When you have mono do the symptoms reaccure?
how can i tell if i have melomania?
stress symptoms, but im not stressed!?!?!?
what do you guys know about gastritis? Is it a disease?
Is a diagnosis of intermittent stridor in a 5 month old an emergency?
fibre and diarrhoea?
what kind of foods can I eat with my stomach disorder, and is there anything else I can do to make it better?
GGT blood level of 160?
Sharp pain in lower back down that goes down to mid thy and mid calf!!?
Severe chest pain after eating sometimes?
How to not get hunchback?
ok my throat really hurts now im afraid i have tonsillitis?
I'm In so much pain what do I do?
Occasionally, I have this pain in my chest that only happens when I inhale. What is it?
how long does oxycodone stay in your system?
Which bone is least painful to break?
How would you know if you ?
Painkiller for use during 4 hr long written exams?
sharp stomach pain the last few days?
gauging ears without pain , help ?
I have severe ear pain. :(?
what can be used to relieve burning pain from cutting hot peppers?
Small, painful bump right under my ear!!? please help!!!?
I Hurt my neck sleeping?
Is it dangerous to take motrin 800mg and a darvocet together?
my kidneys hurt!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have had a stiff painful neck for days. Nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?
Will 5,000mg aspirin and 500mg ibuprofen kill me?
Should i be worried about this?
how to get rid of Phlegm? please thx?
eye allergy is making my eyes watery and sore?
eye puffiness and allergies?
help pitted edema and idiopathic angioedema?
anyone notice after taking singular at night, they are up all night from it?
am i allergic to soft drinks?
Think I might have a dust allergy.?
im on thyroxine tablets 150mcg taken them for 10 days now can they give you diarreoa???
I had my rental house tested for mold. The report came back with Penicillium and Geotrichum.?
where can i buy Grade B Organic Maple Syrup, Formaldehyde free?
I've been off of dairy for a week (for allergies) how soon should I notice a difference in my sinuses?
My grandmother has iron deficiency anemia and is allergic to iron, help?
Constant blood shot eye
Humidifier, dehumidifier, or air filter?
Can you tell me anything about Blastocyctis Hominis?
could i have diabetes?
Can I have Diabetes? OR tell me the signs.?
Sweat too much?? please help :(?
Which foods are good for skin?
i'm starting to develop rosacea :( what do i do?
my ankles burn when wearing socks?
PLEASE HELP!!! I just noticed some lumps under my skin :S?
Small bump on side of elbow?
what should i do with my mole in my eye? it come and go..?
What will happen if you put ice on lips?
Ok how do I reduce dandruff, I've tried alot of different types of shampoo for it but nothing seems to work :(?
i am allergic to nickel and i get rashes on my stomach?
How can u hide acne for a dude?
sweaty feet and palms, Palmar hyperhidrosis.?
curing insect bites on body?
very tiny red dots rash?
My daughter keeps getting sores in her scalp that are open, then scab over, then flake off of her scalp.?
new on site...PLEASE HELP!! constant "electric shock" feelings in head?
I am really hyper right now, but I didn't drink caffeine.?
I can feel my heartbeat throughout my body i'm 13 and i dont know if it's normal...?
can exercise and loss of weight help eliminate sleep apnea?
Do you think I have Asthma?
my wife snores threw her nose not her mouth?
What is a sickness (big word perhapss) that has to deal with hard to breathe symptoms that....?
why am i having chest pain?
can urinary tract infection be fatal.?
Nausea and anxiety attacks? whats up with me?
whats the best way to get rid of a cough?
How can i distinguish between simple cough and TB?
what can cause difficulty breathing?
is smoking a hooka better than smoking a joint?
Cough remedies please!!?
How to make a Concussion worse?
I am 20 years old and have had a.d.h.d since i was maybe 9,as i got older it got worser,forced out of school?
how can i tell if i have asthma?
Health care reforrm??? POLL? "be able to choose"?
Best Place to live in australia?
patient advocacy...need advice?
cost of contact lenses?
Sabbing pains??? why are they occuring?
What should I become a veterinarian or a syurgen?
Falling feeling? Why is it called Falling Asleep?
Why do doctors do this to patients? couldn't this be discrimination?
sleepwalking or something els?
How do you get pneumonia?
Help! Im very sick. Is it Pneumonia? (SP)?
stop snoring or avoid snoring?
Im intrested in learning about nurse practitioners and their profesion and what all i need to learn to be one?
Maybe a thyroid or breathing issue?
Oversleeping and not eating?
Can an ant crawl into any holes on the body?
whats wrong with me.. -_-?
What's wrong with me?
i tend to breathe hard but im not fat. could this be due to?
Toddler Bronchitis and bloody nose?
My chest hurts when I get upset?
I feel like a piece of food is stuck in my throat, is this the beginning of a sore throat?
I have a pacemaker I hear the longevity of its battery is between 5 to 10 years. Can I get new ones repeatedly?
heart rates and variations?
Why is my heart beating so hard?
Does being fat for boys usually make them shorter than average or skinny weight boys when they are adult?
What is the worst that you've ever had to pee?
Is there something medically or genetically wrong with my family or is it just bad luck?
When I gotta go somewhere, always I feel like I gtg to the bathroom first why?
Lip problems??? What is this?
if i drink to much...... juice?
Am I being unfair - Any Advice please ?
If I need my last pay stub for a sliding-scale clinic but am unemployed, what should I do?
Please answer question!?!?!?
Being active delays growth?
Can someone tell me what kind of pillow I should buy because of sweating?
What does my dream mean ?
Why am I getting dizzy a lot lately?
my right eye gets swollen frequently?
Why do I get the hiccups everday?
If you get your period while you have a yeast infection...?
I think i have constipation?
Hmm..where does my nasal cavity leads to?
How long is my Ankle supposed to be swollen?Can I sue?
What is the cause of Hiccups?
Gilbert Syndrome Yellow Eyes?
What is wrong with my eye?
Irritated eyes with contact lenses?
What's wrong with my eye?
I just got contacts and I am having SUCH a hard time getting them in?
Daily disposal contact lense and afternoon sleep?
Is surfing the web/reading ebooks bad for the eyes?
What's the tissue directly under your eyeball called?
My contacts have a hole in it, and I have a dance tomorrow... HELP!!!?
One pair of contacts for a year?
Do I have an eye infection? What type?
should I go to the eye doctor?
Should I worry about my bilateral amblyopia?
My eyes will NOT stop blinking. Other than Blesphorospasm, what could it be??
Cheapest way to get an Eye exam?
are contact lense bad?
i cant decide which colored contact lenses should i use? please help!?
If your contacts dry up can you make them soft again?
If you hit someone in the back of the head while they are crossed eyed will they stay crossed eyed ?
My cousin's sclerae are blue?
IMPORTANT question about contact lenses ?!?
Do i need glasses/contacts?!?!?
What is floaating In the eye and what can I do for it?
who found out about eye color affect you visin?
anyone ever had space cake?
any good ideas how to shift a hangover?
whats the best cure for hangover ?
i have gained 3stone and want to know if there are any herbal pills i cud loose the weight with.?
best cure for a cold plz?
Is there a correlation between fatigue and certain types of metal?
any one tried colon cleanser pills or liquid?
what is the best way to build up your immune system?
What does Chinese/alternitive therapies help? And do they work?
does marijuana stop you putting on weight?
If anyone has done a 24hr liver cleanse was it any good? and did you feel ok?
Do you know any good remedies for Arthritis?
in yoga, meditation and relaxation etc, they talk about your body's energy. what is this energy?
Hi just wondering if any one has tried Okuma's Wu-Long tea its meant to help to lose weight.?
Is hepatitis B can be cured by ayuvedic way of treatment?
Women emotionally stronger than men!?
Lately I been getting emotional for everything, is that normal?
Please only answer if you suffer with and have lived with Depression.?
Would you go to a doctor or psychologist to find out if you have bipolar disorder?
I haven't left my house in a few days...is that a problem?
How to tell my mom I want therapy?
Why do people live in fantAsy land?
I hurt my acl almost 5 months ago. I'm a roofer, and have been working with it rapped since, is that bad.?
why does someone have cough, fever, and aches, that come and go?
what is aid, and how do one contact it, and how to prevent it?
Can a person die if they have high liver enzymes and refuse to stop drinking?
Can I get my liver checked out?
Help with pinworms please!!!?
question for adults who have had tonsil removed as an adult?
Can vomiting be the answer?
Is it likely that I have strep throat again?
Hi,my boyfriend has his mouth wired shut he;s only been drinking broth & other liguids what else can he eat?
Is my nose piercing infected ?
Am I going to get stomach flu?
Am I gonna get sick again?
I can't open my eyes fully, have a runny nose & eyes, a cough, and a headache - is this a cold?
If a person has rabies that you are exposed to can you get it?
A few questions about rabies?
A question about a stye?
Lab results for HBV! Help!?
I think I have leprosy, what should I do?
is it true that aids cure has been found?
i woke up in white sticky stuff please help?
r home test chlamidia kits reliable?
Canned tomatoes Can't cause food poisoning? is this true?
How many people have you slept with on Yahoo! Answers?
why are my red blood cells elevated on my lab work?
Kidney Transplant Advice?
What do you think is wrong with my head??
Tired of feeling miserable , someone plz help!?
how i sell my medical picture?
I've been nausus for 2 months straight only in the morning. I'm not pregnant.. Also I get sick all the time??
I have a strange illness, unsteady, groggy in the head. What could it be?
can anyone else hear their?
how do we get HIV/AIDS?
I feel like s***t helpp?
lump on the back of my neck?
i drank hard liquor last night and now my liver hurts - HELP !?
OD on cocaine?
Stomach Problems?
small spot?
Can myopathy attack only the fingers? i.e. only fine movements?
whay is gout disease?
what is purine mentabolism?
increased levels of neutrocytes and lymphocytes in blood signify what?
Right side of my face has changed help!?
Burning sensation in my lower right side around my ovary?
Emergency can someone tell me what it means for my stomach to hurt, headache, soar throat means?
I have some lower back pain and it's killing me. What could it be?
Please please help me im in sooo much pain?!?!?HELP?
Can someone help me figure out what's wrong? / Relief for my head pain?
How long will my head hurt?
what are the sign of a herniated disc?
tingling in my fingers and foot?
feet feel really cold and they're kinda numb?
What to do about migraines?
Back pain killing me help?
How long after wisdom teeth removal will I start to feel the pain?
im passing blood when i pee it stings and ive cramps wat wrong?
I am prescribed Viodin and Xanax. I took a drug test and tested Pos for Oxycodone. I am on antiboidics. How?
what would happen if someone took 11 pain killers?
i have a sharp pain in the bottom of my stomach that have me barely able to walk or stand up?
If my head and spine hurt what dose that mean?
How do I cure dark circles and veins under eyes?
What are these bumps on my forearm and side?
Red Dry Spots on Face!! HELP!?
What's the best way to remove blackheads without porestrips, blackhead strips, or products?
Do the UV pens and that UV type light contribute to skin cancer?
Disgusting question, i know. But how to get rid of a big zit FAST?
Cold sore. 4 days (including this one) to get rid of it. What to do?
Question of cadaver skin color?
How do i get my skin to tan faster and darker?
what can cause your feet to turn red and swell?
what are the foods to prevent while having chicken pox?
will viralif stop a cold sore on mouth?
do u think a mole on the nose is unattractive?
how do you get rid of a blackhead?
help with hickey aftermath...?
what do the doctors do to give you a referal to a dermatologist?
Why do impressions on my face stay for hours!?
Itchy red bumps, sickness....?
for all the health fanatics?
whats the difference between benzodines and barbituates?
COCAINE! Please Someone Answer.?
need well-wishes from around the world for my father-in-law, who has cancer....anyone?
my friend said shes bulimic?
why do i have that gut wrenching feeling in my stomach all the time?
My friend twitches a lot?
How can i help my drug addicted fiance?
Okay so i get my braces off tomorrow and i know i won't be able to fall asleep tonight. i need some tips!?
What is going on with me, and how can I fix it?
I was recently put on Zoloft. I can't stop yarning. Has anyone else had this problem?
I seem to have wet paper towel in my poo,it raps around and is inside it. like a cacoon.but like rope?
A lot of cracking noises! What's going on?
Joint discomfort, How do I stop cracking my knuckles?
I keep spacing out and when I come back I feel nauseous?
when i woke up i started sweating and now i can't stop twitching?
Lean to one side (20 characters) Please help?
i need to go to the doctors because i think i have an std but?
Constant stomach pains should I be worried?
Mysterious condition,?
What do this sound like it could be? What can I do/take to help?
What is the best cure for a hangover?
I fall asleep around 6-8 everyday and get extremely tired, yet and hour later I'm wicked hyper?
Do you have a dirty mind????
How to survive summer heat?
Why does this happen?? Please Read..Scared!!?
How many more inches taller do you say you are? (And can get away with)?
Why I tingle when I pee?
How to find a free clinic in my city?
Just had a tonsillectomy...?
i cant stop couphing and my nose is really stuffy?
if i smoked weed for 8 days straight will it be out of my system in 20 days?
How do I get back to sleep?
How do I get rid of undereye swelling?
HELP ME PLEASE. ahh, 10 points? serious.?
On average, how many hours of sleep do YOU get a night?
Teenager passed out from stretching?
My heart has been beating really fast off and on today, any ideas what it could be?
Is a sinus infection contagious? I have to work tonight?
Does it affect your health to sleep late?
water still in my ears cant get it out need help?
Will turbinectomy/septoplasty affect my voice?
i have sinus drainage and a very little sore throat. been going on for 1 week. could this be a sinus infection?
what are the symtoms of a collapsed lung after has healed on its own?
A new mutation in mice causes the coat to be twice as thick as normal. In what environments would this mutatio?
grandma has pneumonia, help?
Pain/tightness in lungs/chest?
what could be causing chest pain and increased heart rate?
why am i breaking out on my chest?
I have a 19 year old sister..?
My son is one week old and he is still in the Hospital because his O2 drops , is this dangerous ?
is it ok to work out when one is sick with a cold?
Stem Cell Treatment for COPD?
Respitory Infection - No Cough?
Why do I have problems breathing at night?
what are the side effects of snorting perks?
if you have breathing problems as my parents did, go to onehourlungcleansing.com it really helped them a lot.?
Has anyone experienced chest tightness & shortness of breath after stopping a workout regimen for a few weeks?
how to make a person falll asleep using medicines or something that does not harm much to that person?
Paralyzed When Trying to go to Sleep?
Shared a drink with someone, than found out they just got over Mono a few weeks back.?
My 6 yr.old has croup, his barking cough is gone, but he still has trouble breathing.?
is it possible to reduce the breathing rate change after running? how can this be achieved?
Can you tell me if I have sleep apnea?
should i get allergy shots?
can you have an allergic reaction on your face?
Severe allergy, please help?
Itchy skin and black patches on belly?
i get sick when the dogs come inside?
what does this???
I got an allergic reaction to this body wash?
allergy to ibuprofen/paracetamol/Aspirin?
what are the symptoms of Spring allergies?
Am I allergic to Lobster?
my nose is bleeding after a cold?
i keep getting hives. i've been getting hives for about three weeks now. i've got medications but..?
Could humans get sick if they eat a lot of chocolate at once?
Cure for chronic throat infection?
why do I suddenly get goose bumps?
what should my thermostat be set to when I have a cold or allergies?
why the heck did my nose start bleeding?
Getting stoned on infrasound?
Do you only go to a psych ward if your suicidal?
I think im depressed?
Im 14 And I Have Imaginary Boyfriend And Friends?
i want to die.......?
Whats wrong with me? am I bipolar?
Is depression something to be embarrassed about?
i need this answer answered asap!!?
im suffering from insomnia and i havent been going to school. ive been so exhausted because of my sleeplesnes?
What should I do?
When you sleep, if you dream, will that cause you to wake up more tierd?
People experienced with anxiety (Please Read)?
I really need someone's help, I dont want to die :(?
I feel totally...?
What are you most scared of?
im always bored and sad?
Am i going crazy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
i feel really really really weird. please help!
Good Morning everyone? Please help me help my mom!?
What is a noramal blood sugar?
blood donation is necessary ? pl explain ? how many times u donate yours blood,?
What's the best way to ward off mosquitos?
High Fever & White Blood Cell Count up in 3-yr-old?
Can you help diagnose what I have?
why have i got yellow mucus when i poo?
How has the Spanish Flu shaped our history?
which of the following illustrates infection via contract with fomite?
Worm in my brain!!!!!!!?
do you think you have interstitial cystitis (IC)?
Sick one moment, fine the next?
is H1N1(Swine flu) vaccine avilable in India?
Catching Toxoplasmosis through a cut?
How long can HCV survive outside body ?
my puppy has parvo is he going to make it?
What is going on with my bladder infection?
I have a fever how can I get rid of it quick...Because tommrow is the last day of school.?
What are some ways/remedies for strep throat?
Is canine distemper treatable?
how do i get rid of a ear infection?
Is it possible for Mono symptoms to return?
Can you take multi vitamins with antibiotics?
can you sue someone 'cause they gave you aids?
well my partner has just told me he has just got a cold saw!!!?
Why thankfully, can't mosquitos carry the HIV/AIDS virus?
Chlamydia - duration/length of time undetected?
Could we treat HIV by infecting people with LUPUS???
if you sleep behind your partners back can you be charged with attempted murder hence HIV or GBH for other STD
how do you know for sure if someone has stds?
is it an std?
can you catch herpes from a coldsaw?
ok so i have 4skin and its kinda puffy i wanted to know if its an std or something?
Is my ear infected?
a family member was playing with our kitten when the kitten lounged out and injected its claw in the palm of?
From what can you have sour taste in your mouth (expcept from food)???
Lump on forehead?
Mental fatigue?
Is there something wrong with my kidney/liver?
Upgrade the Hearing Aid on Right Ear or Buy an FM for Cochlear Freedom Processor on the Left?
what exactly is Facet Disease?
can someone help me?
How do I know if I've broken/fractured my foot or just bruised it?
What's wrong with my neck?
i need to get my heel strech higher really quick?! someone please help!!!?
I keep on smelling smoke. Help?
Pom has broken knee and its in cast how long should it be?
Can a Candida Cleanse cure my hypoglycemia and nail fungus?
I think i sprained my finger? T_T?
Pelvis/Adominal air bubbles form while laying down on left side of abs/pelvis?
How come the area where my lymph node is bleeds when I spit?
Shoulder Pains??????
Should I be feeling the broken ribs moving?
pulled a muscle in my arm?
any ideas whats wrong with me?
Do I have a kidney stone?
What could be wrong?
do trick ankles ever go away or are there there for life?
will someone just walk me through this problem please?
Im having a majore back problem?
how long does it take to get a answer from workmans comp? do they have a time fram?? its ben over a month and?
fractured nose how do you fix it?
Bruise spreading?? What?
need opinion on hand injury?
Regarding a possible infection from stretching..?
why does my left eye tear when I put on my bifocals?
Whats wrong with my eye?
Is it okay to use another contact solution?
Question about my father's eye color?
Acuvue Oasys and Air Optix Price at walmart? which one is cheaper?
I've had Strabismus ever since I was a child?
can i use Visine's soft contact eye drops for my silicone hydrogel contacts?
New contact prescription feels weird?
Seeing blury sometimes?
can i use clear care solution with colored contacts?
Help!! I have these weird vision problems!?
I got a little spray candy in my eyes? Wat will happen?
Im considering contacts, whats should i do?
hay fever too young 4 wrinkly eyes!?
Which frames would look better on me?
Is it bad that when I see lights they're really bright?
Eye keeps hurting and watering?
How are my eyes going to be?
'Power' on non prescription contacts?
Blue colored contacts?....?
Scared will my eyes get worse or not?
VERY strange eye problem?
Has anyone found a cure for ME (Myalgic Encepholomylitis)?
When I have the cold is there anyway to minimise the pressure in my head?
Has anyone used St Johns wort for mild/moderate depression? If so how long did it take to work?
Prolonged use of MDMA?
Has any1 tried hypnotherapy 4 any problems ?
Any treatment for the flu.....?
Hi, want some help on confidence boosters?
i need fillings for my teeth, how much should it cost?
tell me about St John's Wort?
what is the best thing i can get over the counter to clean thc out of my system?
Interested to hear peoples opinions on how best to control your mind, and/or get the best out of it?
i am taking 10mg amitriptyline at night i have also been advised to take rhodiola with it anyone else tried it
will albino ever have melanin?
question about cocaine.... fact or fiction?
how long does cocaine stop in system?
Opening a homeopathic online shop?
what is hypnotism and does it work?
Quantum Elbowology - why the negativity?
what do you do if you're suffering from sprained ligament?
natural anti gas meds?
no takeing pills does it make you feel sick? side effects?
can a nurse have a tattoo?
can you please give me some home remidies to cure my cats flu?
my blood alcohol level is 0.18% how long will it take to become normal?
Shake when I wake up - heart beats out of chest?
What is the average weight and height of a 12 year old?
Is it normal to know your kill count?
Question about Zoloft?
Is Sprite doing anything to affect my anxiety? ....?
question about painful neck spasms?
Addicted to the scale?!?
Can I take promethazine with doxycycline for the upset stomach? I have some left over and I feel nauseous.?
whats ur experience with marijuana?
Can glasses correct vision with people that have myopia ?
is it advisable to use lemons, vitamin e and honey at the same time to remove facial scars scaring?
Why is my face bleeding?
Red bump in under skin in groin area?
Does sunblock make your skin wrinkly?
my husband in the past five years has started to get skin tags and warts i think it is in his back round cure?
is it okay to use a acne mask i made yesterday if its been in the fridge all night?
How can i lighten my overall skin complection?
how to treat a second degree burn?
Question about Diet for clear skin?
what does it mean when a wart splits?
I have these bumps...?
how to treat an infected tattoo?
i have a problem with facial blushing at times...ive heard that if you put hemorrohdial cream on your face it?
how do you clear up acne?
Solution for oily skin with a few breakouts?
I am doing the make a wish foundation but i am not sure they can do this wish? a.s.a.p Got to know soon?
What causes nose bleeds and dizzy headedness? My nose bleeds out of the blue and i get really light headed.?
What do I have? Pneumonia?
what's so bad about bronchitis?
What exactly causes the "rubber legs" feeling after jogging or something? I mean, specifically, chemically?
extreme insomnia - is there something that can help?
Which one is more sanitary?
Sleep well last night, but now I wake up?
Why does tuberculosis cause weight loss?
Could this be Carbon monoxide...?
if i smoke cigarretes can i work it off?
What are the chances that I will pass Pulmonary Embolism to my children?
How come I almost passed out?
What are the negative effects of insufficient sleep?